PTR Bug Report

Nov 29 Total GR keystones not correct So I added up all of the Greater Rift keystones in my stash and characters' inventory from the live server. Total count: 16,079. Copied profile on PTR and total count only shows 2,108.FACEBREAKER1 Nov 29
Nov 28 Challenge rift death, no death screen Thanks for years of support guys!Aestrodilf0 Nov 28
Nov 28 (Code 300016) There was a problem retrieving the shop menu. (Code 300016) This happens when you click on Game Settings Nov 28
Nov 28 Primal drops are difficult to see I have had 4 primals drop in nrifts + grifts (the rest have been Kadala or the goat packs). In each case I have had a hard time actually seeing them. Twice I saw the red beam, but in one of them it was in a pile of legendaries that really overwhelmed the color. In neither case could I see the pentagram on the minimap. On a third one I could see the pentagram only if I moused over it, and it would disappear underneath other loot as soon as I moved my mouse away. The fourth primal I missed entirely - I didn't see either a beam or the pentagram, and didn't even notice the faint red border until I moused over it after it had been identified. I like the red beam, but more needs to be done to distinguish it from other loot drops.Eaglesong1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Crusader Shield Bash BUGS Shield Bash bug is serious until season 7 but not fixed.... I want test 2.6.4 PTR Shield Bash but cant T.THERMES0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Season Journey (16) not updating conquest I completed "Boss Mode" and got the achievement for it but I didn't get credit for completing the conquest in the season journey. I have already completed "Curses!" and was working on the Conqueror objectives in the season journey when I earned Boss Mode. It is showing in the seasons tab of my achievements but my season journey still says I need to complete another conquest.Meatloaf2 Nov 28
Nov 28 Weapon pack dropping legacy item For Crusader the PTR vendor Weapon pack drops the legacy 3-4 wrath fixed 200% Golden Flense. Additionally Hack and Sanguinary Vambraces do not drop for Crusader from the Weapon and Armament packs. Both do drop on a Barbarian.GhostDragon3 Nov 28
Nov 27 [Bug] Roland set Attack Speed buff & Shield Bash The attack speed buff from the Rolands set does not apply correctly on Shield Bash. Shield Bash attacks significantly slower than Sweep Attack with the buff. This needs a fix to work correctly! Thanks!clueso3 Nov 27
Nov 27 GR Paragon Point Swapping Fix Bugged I'm still able to swap paragon points after opening a Greater Rift.MarcOfDeath0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Blessed Hammers lags the game Blessed hammers still has major lag issues with medium to large trash piles. Please fix the lag issue if possible. Thanksjohnsnow3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Monsters attacking my corpse Leveled up at the same time as I died. Turned into a corpse as usual but with full health. Could not move since I was "dead" so I kept taking damage until I died again. Now that I was double dead I had to restart the game because there was no resurrection button to click.KuraiDedman1 Nov 27
Nov 27 After 70 GR - no PRIMAL drop Hi, FYI When i finished 70 GR there is no PRIMAL drop. Nothing, but only a lot of legends.RELAXxX9 Nov 27
Nov 27 PTR Copy Copying not working right, My demon hunter is at level 70 on main and level 3 on PTR. Not sure what I have to do but I logged in multiple times and still level 3. I also copied multiple times, each day.Silencersam1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Dawn has no legendary power Hi there, From Djank, I got me a weapons pack. It included a dawn. However this dawn does not have a legendary power. I haven't found one yet from monsters, so i don't know whether this is a Djank issue of item drop issue. A second weapons pack did also include a dawn without legendary power. Kanai's cube -obviously- failed to extract a power... Kanai's cube does list the legendary power (as empty/not extracted). Reforging this dawn, did not result in a dawn with a legendary power. I also got a Jewelry pack. It included a weird rolled witching hour. It did not have the normal 4 primaries and 2 secundaries. It just had 6 rolls. Although not indicated, all 6 are what normally would be in the primary category. Both items seem to be old versions when obtained from Djank. Edit: Found a dawn from monster or chest, this one does have the legendary power.Faith1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Epiphany and Txo krin bug I dont know why is not posted but at least on me I was running inna with epiphany and txo krin and is teleporting to enemies, is so annoying bug, i noticed it happens sometimes and most of the time first seconds of epihany or just first hits but anyways sometimes is tepeporting also randomlyZoiS0 Nov 27
Nov 26 Monks stacking mantras in party I have noticed on a few occasions now that at times while playing monk in game with other monks running the same mantra as I am that the mantras active effect seems to stack. It actually caught my eye on the hud, when a 2 showed up layed over top of my mantra skill, I then checked my defensive stats, and noticed I was sitting a noticeable amount higher. Then in other games, I noticed that the 2 would sometimes be a 3 if more monks were present. Unaware if this was intended, but I'm assuming the active effects when mantras are pushed together are all stacking if players use the same mantra. In my opinion, if this is intended, it is a good intent. The mantras active effects should be able to stack if the same mantra is worn by another player in game. I don't think it is a strong enough buff to break the balance.slagger19820 Nov 26
Nov 26 Witching hour I have been getting multiple bugged witching hours with 6 stats, but not the usual stat arrangement for the number of primary/secondary (4/2) affixes rolled on them. For example: I will get one rolled like this 400int 400vitality 100all res 7%attack speed 50%crit damage ---------------------- 2 yards increase to pickup radius Been getting all kinds of crazyness on these, some with 3 primary and 3 secondary, one rolled with all 6 primary and no secondary stats....slagger19820 Nov 26
Nov 26 Phantasm The Spirit Barrage rune Phantasm as used in LoN build doesn't seem doesn't seem to get the buff from Jeram's Helm. I don't detect any appreciable damage difference with the helm equipped or not. ***EDIT:*** Phantasm is getting the Jeram's Buff as it should. A few bad rifts skewed my initial conclusion. Upon further testing this ia apparently a non-issue.Raistlin8 Nov 26
Nov 26 Armory tabs are bugged If you will try saving more that 6 sets play session will get corrupted and terminated after a while (all progress will be reset to the point where you didnt have that 7th set saved). I have recreated this multiple times with 100% success and tried it on all armory tab. It seems like there are only 6 active armory tabs at the moment.RedW9 Nov 26
Nov 26 Witching Hour dropped with 6 main stats..? On PTR. Witching hour rolled six main stats. Pretty sure its not supposed to do that? Zero secondary stats on it. The rest I find are normal (4/2) eh? It rolled: Int Vita All Resist Attack speed Armor Crit Hit Level 70.Terra3 Nov 26
Nov 26 Game was terminated I keep getting a "Game has been terminated" error and then my character getting rubberbanded when I restart the game. It happens after I name my 7th armory tab Frozen Orb approximately 2-3(maybe more, I can time it if needed) minutes after. Happened twice now, I can probably keep recreating it. Also with the rubberbanding, all of my items go back including those in stash, on my character, and in my inventory. The only thing that doesn't rubberband is my blood shards.drdread9 Nov 26
Nov 26 Resources Hi, Legendary and shards drop is doubled but, The other resources almost nothing less then ever, that’s a big problem . Need more drop chance of resources plsMiaSic1 Nov 26
Nov 26 primal drop not showing at all on the mini map Hi, Primals get a red beam on drop but don't display at all on the map like all legendaries doYadeehoo1 Nov 26
Nov 26 Hydra Ligthning 100% damage instead of 250% When using a Hydra combined with Manald Heal, feel like Lightning Hydra almost is non killing anything. In Lightning Archon Hydra Manald Heal, with 2 Hydras, i can´t kill the Elites even with 100stack of Set bonus of Vyr.AsrieL3 Nov 26
Nov 26 PTR Free Primal Bug? Hi I don't really know if Blizzard will read this but I was just playing the PTR and seasonal did my first GR 70 on my monk and got awarded a Necromancer legendary as the 100% primal! I don't know if this is intended or not... but I do think that if you are going to use smart loot and so on at least make the first legendary you get primal usable for your class! Picture of the primal: Best regards, DrageBoisDrageBois7 Nov 26
Nov 26 PTR is Broken Keep getting disconnected from PTR, and it also takes progress away. Been happening since early this afternoon EST. Please fix so we can continue to experiment.Knightmare654 Nov 26
Nov 25 Gotta complete adventure mode I do the PTR copy and all my heroes are non seasonal, and in order to play I gotta complete the adventure mode. Anyone else have this problem?Clowdx0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Crashing Rain not working The Legendary Affix that adds a Crashing Beast whenever you cast Rain of Vengeance... isn't producing a Crashing Beast when you use the skill.Bonegrinder1 Nov 25
Nov 25 Game freezing I'm getting random errors and freezes in the client if I go afk for any short amount of time. 5-10 min. d3d.exe errors and others. I'll try and reply with some more specific error codes as that is not the only one.DeadKnight1 Nov 25
Nov 25 Game Freezing on RG I'd normally just blame my computer, or my internet, or Canada, but it's been the exact same problem four times in a row, so that leads me to suspect it's actually a glitch. The game is playing smoothly with no problems right until the rift guardian, then it freezes like a lag-spike at exactly 50% health on the RG. The RG and any spawns are still attacking and doing damage, but I can't move or attack or respond. And then I die, and sometimes that times me out of the GR. Someone wanna wiggle the cable on your end?Deartháir2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Characters Reset When Logging In This Morning - all my characters were reset this morning, and now I can't get them to copy over. I keep getting an error code now when I try to copy over.RomanBlack2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Witch Doctor Jade set Hi, the 6 piece bonus of the Jada set of Witch Doctor still have still has 1630 seconds instead of 10,000. it's a bug or an afterthought on the set ?Olinor0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Thorns of the Invoker The set is finally off the dusty shelf to be relevant but what about the supporting legendaries still bugged? Vo'Toyias Spiker is still bugged and not working with the Thorns of the invoker 6 piece. A shield with crusader only ability on it that doubles your thorn damage on provoke doesn't work with the only thorns crusader set.Achilles0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Error Codes: BLZBNTBNA000000C8 Everytime I've been trying to install the PTR Client since early in the day Nov 20th (PST) Sorry, you haven’t been invited to play this game yet. Error Codes: BLZBNTBNA000000C8 Is the error I get no matter what I've tried Even a GM tried to install the client while using my account and received the same problem. What I have tried myself and with a GM Everything runned with and without admin permission. Anti-virus and firewall turned off. My ptr account was removed and then I created a new one. Cleared the Blizzard Entertainment folder from the ProgramData Folder. Correctly remove the Launcher and freshly installed. Tried running the client installed with administrative permission and without. Updated my OS with all the recent updates. Made sure my video drivers were up to date. Made sure I had all the Framework patches from windows. Created a new fresh Administrator user . Tried installing it on two other computers and a friends PC with windows 10, also has much newer hardware. (Since im using win7) I've played all the PTR's except the Necromancer beta. Never had an issue. This is my last hope looking for someone that could of possibly help.Tac2 Nov 25
Nov 25 Red beam or Pentagram on drop Primal Rings not displaying red beam or pentagram on drop. Also not indicating they are primal till they are identified. I have had several rings drop and show as just regular gold beam.TitanRage9 Nov 25
Nov 25 Rolling skills problem!!! Hi i play PTR mode and i have a problem rolling skills. I don't have those 2 arrows up in skills window so i can roll and change my skills. Pls fix that. For ex. if i have on my action bar on my key 1 a primary skill and i wnat to change it with a secondary (or other) skill i can't because i dont have those arrows to roll, i can chage it just with other primary skill.VENOM2 Nov 25
Nov 25 primal ancestral didn't drop on GR 70 I did monk on seasons and on my first GR 70 run I had over 5 mins left when I was done. all that drop was normal legs and set itemsakow0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Demonhunter Bug If you use Vault, Rune Tumble, the buff that reduces your next Vault never activates. Thus Vault with this rune active always uses full Discipline to cast. Huge problem as this is one of the most popular Runes for Vault.Bonegrinder0 Nov 25
Nov 25 Shielded elite going immortal I noticed today at least 3 times that some shielded elites, both blue or yellow, remains alive and stuck with 0 hp, becoming immortal and not spamming the purple globesWhoIII0 Nov 25
Nov 25 "Workaround" for Paragon-lock in GR still possible It's still possible to tailor your paragon points to the GR. I imagine that this is only an issue at the sub-800 level where points haven't been maxed. Steps: Before you open a rift, just reset your points. Once the rift opens, you can add your points where you want. You can't reset them, but you can start from zero and put them where you need to for a particular rift. Solution: Disable the ability to add points as well, in a GR. Conclusion: I'm still not sure where the unintentional benefit is in allowing people to change their paragon points while in a GR. If it's because GRs should be consistent with locking you in to a build, then that's fine. But this seems like such a minor issue, I'm not sure where the payoff is in trying to correct it.Talzar134 Nov 25
Nov 24 Speed pylon FPS drop/lag spike Experiencing a massive drop in FPS and huge latency spike with 3 WW barbs haha. Not sure if this is a big on PTR since I can't get on for whatever reason but its definitely happening on live.Mupasthech0 Nov 24
Nov 24 NO Pets on PTR BUMMER NO Pets, I Found one I don't have and he is lostDaD5 Nov 24
Nov 24 Movement My Crusader hitches, she gets non responsive, like she is stuck, or mouse is broken, it's new. This only lasts for short moments. Very weird. Still no Primal dropsDaD0 Nov 24
Nov 24 no riveve option as above Nov 24
Nov 24 Dawn Missing Leg Stat Dawn in my copied inventory has the legendary stat of "Reduce the Cooldown of Vengeance by xx%" Dawn from Djank does not. Don't know how to post a pic though I have screenshot.PMG8 Nov 24
Nov 24 Blizzard Live Chat and Web Ticket NOT working? Blizzard Live Chat and Web Ticket NOT working? Tried to contact Blizzard with a bug report for the PTR, but cannot get connected. Both the Live Chat and Web Ticket are NOT working. I can enter all the information about the problem but 'Continue' at the bottom of the is grayed-out, tried updating Java, disabled pop-up blocked, disabled ad-blocker, tried Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome, and even Firefox....still the same issue...Is everything at Blizzard broken?Sturm441 Nov 24
Nov 24 The Vault Pathing blocked in front of Greed's Landing. Cannot access it directly.DriaEl3 Nov 24
Nov 24 After copy all my caracter deleted Hi, i pressed the copy caracter for have my latest version of my barb i got it but i leveled a monk on the ptr and he got deleted after that. How can I retrieve it ?galoa3 Nov 24
Nov 24 Bounty: Catapult Command 4/5 missing objective Last Catapult objective does not show. I thought we fixed this already few years back.Nama4life0 Nov 24
Nov 24 (Unrelated to any error) Unable to Copy Characters So I intended on copying my characters over to the ptr, but it isn't functioning properly for me. I click the ptr character copy button and the region select drop down menu appears. I can choose, but nothing happens after that. The region selection menu just stays on screen permanently unless I open another menu and then exit from there.Aku8 Nov 24