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Nov 29 PTR Closing Tonight (11/28) Hey all, The PTR will be closing tonight, November 28, at approximately 6:00 PM Pacific. Thank you so much for your participation in our Patch 2.6.4 PTR. We've received a ton of extremely useful data and feedback from your posts and activity during this week-long testing period and will be making adjustments accordingly for the live patch. We know a short PTR like this one is a new experience and we appreciate your patience and cooperation. We will be leaving the PTR Bug and Feedback forums in Read-Only mode for one additional week in case there are any posts you would like to take time to keep before we archive them. Thanks again for your participation and look forward to additional details regarding the next Season in our Season 16 Preview blog, which will be coming in the next few weeks.Nevalistis4 Nov 29
Nov 28 [GR Tracker] Current highest pushes (all classes) I want to keep track of the highest pushes, so we can get an idea if there are nerfs in an upcoming PTR update. If you are a top pusher and got a better result than listed here, please tell us, so I can update the list. Since you can only be on the leaderboards with one build, tell us, when you got slightly worse results with another set if it was higher than listed. @Everybody: Feel free to post here when there is a higher push with any build. I will update the list soon. Top pushes for some builds are still missing in my list. Please tell me their best. Barb: R6 (LIVE): 126 [Paragon 7000] MotE (LIVE): 119 [Paragon 5300] IK6/R4 (free RoRG): 126 [Paragon 7900] R6 (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5000] IK HotA (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 5000] WW (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 5200] MotE (free RoRG): 116 [Paragon 2300] // ~127 [Paragon 5300] <--- LIVE +7 LON Frenzy Thorns (PTR): 100 [Paragon 3500] Crusader: Akkhan Condemn (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200] SotL Hammer (PTR): 126 [Paragon 7100] Roland (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 5600] Akkhan Condemn (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 5100] Invoker (free RoRG): 121 [Paragon 3800] DH: UE (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6300] N6/M4 Cluster (free RoRG): 129 [Paragon 6000] M6 Grenades (free RoRG): 128 [Paragon 7200] Impale (free RoRG): 125 [Paragon 3800] N6/M4 Multishot (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 3400] UE (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4400] N6 FoK Shi Mizu: 120 [Paragon 4100] <--- 125 estimated by Tares Monk: S6 WoL (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 7000] I6 WoL (free RoRG): 131 [Paragon 7400] I6/R2 Gen (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 6900] I6/U4 SSS (free RoRG): 124 [Paragon 3200] S6 WoL (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 6200] U6 EP (free RoRG): 122 [Paragon 4700] <--- Hardcore, can probably go higher R6 Gen (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5300] <--- 122 estimated by streamer with 5300P Necro: PestiLance (LIVE): 128 [Paragon 7400] TragLance (LIVE): 124 [Paragon 5900] RathMage (LIVE): 120 [Paragon 4900] Inarius Thorns (LIVE): 118 [Paragon 5800] TragLance (Free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5900] // ~125 <--- LIVE +1 RathMage (Free RoRG): 117 [Paragon 3700] WD: Arachyr Firebats (LIVE): 122 [Paragon 6700] HT Garg (LIVE): 112 [Paragon 4100] Zuni Garg (LIVE): 110 [Paragon 4000] Jade (free RoRG): 127 [Paragon 6900] LoN Spirit (PTR): 121 [Paragon 6200] Arach Firebats (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 6400] // ~126 <--- LIVE +4 HT Garg (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 5400] Zuni Garg (free RoRG): ~117 [Paragon 4000] <--- LIVE +7 Zuni Carnevil (free RoRG): 113 [Paragon 3700] Wiz: FB Meteor Starpact (LIVE): 130 [Paragon 7200] DMO FO (LIVE): 125 [Paragon 5800] Vyrs FO (LIVE): 121 [Paragon 4200] TR Meteor (free RoRG): 130 [Paragon 8200] DMO FO (free RoRG): 123 [Paragon 3700] // ~130 [Paragon 5800] <--- LIVE +5 TR FO (free RoRG): 120 [Paragon 4000] Vyrs MH (free RoRG): 119 [Paragon 1600] Vyrs FO (free RoRG): ~126 [Paragon 4200] <--- LIVE +5 Info: We can assume all free RoRG builds to be at least 1-3 GRs lower in season 17. Some builds may suffer more than others because of missing damage mitigation and will require more fishing to be viable again. No liability assumed.Cybah50 Nov 28
Oct 19, 2015 Direct All Bugs to the PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums, depending your computer system.Nevalistis0 Oct 19, 2015
Nov 29 [2.6.4] [Barbarian] Might of the Earth Set [2.6.4] [Barbarian] Might of the Earth Set.... yeah.... *How did the changes make you feel?* Going to be honest, not much of a difference with a slight power creep. With about the same gear and same paragon, I could see pushing from 107 ish live to 110ish. That is being said, I wasn't using my Best in slots from main but close, only slightly more paragon than live(1800 live to 2100 PTR), and even with the Royal Ring of Grandeur buff. I feel as though we still lack damage that can be compared to the multipliers other sets get to take advantage of. E.G.: Istvan Set with Raekor 6pc with Hota Mulitpliers. Compared to MotE, we still get the higher base but 90% of our damage comes from Earthquake still. That's with trying things like the 1000% increase base damage from both the Bracers of Destruction and with Fury of the Vanished Peak. Using FotVP, We lose Furnace. So not a decent trade off pushing. *Was there something off you noticed?* I'm not sure if the damage buff was truly from 5,600% to 20,000%, which should be around 3.57x....? damage, plus the belt multiplier (250% from Girdle of Giants) but I felt as though Earthquakes Damage was underperforming. *Did something seem wrong or insufficient?* Its hard to tell with testing when people like myself are sub 2.2k paragon trying to compete with 4k+ paragon and say, "Yeah this seems about right". For testing purposes, Everyone should have a cap of paragon or allocate stats sufficiently for each class so its easier to see balance instead of just buffing everything and hoping its balanced. It seems like this PTR balancing will be insufficient just because of the gaps of players with high and low paragon. Seeing myself push high on the leaderboards on live with builds people don't see like the EQ set, and still be relatively close to the top is a good feel. but I'm always going to be behind with Leapquake as it stands. I know we had a buff to Girdle of Giants before, and maybe that's not the right way to go, but I still feel there's still potential. Even if we dive in single target focused builds like the Boulder Toss Variant with the Skulvar's Salvation. Long Story Short: Earthquake is underperforming still in my opinion, but who knows, hard to tell with current numbers so far and the paragon being unbalanced.Pyrozaekus24 Nov 29
Nov 29 Barbarian changes we wish to see live What I feel about this PTR and the sets numbers tweaks: I guess ALL barbarians agree on these: - Rend situation on Wastes set. Either buff it and give it a support legendary or remove it and make room for improvement in the 2 pc bonus. Currently it's a crippled set, the 2 pc being useless. - Bracers of destruction Remove the " 5 first enemies" limitation. There's no need for that, since HotA is already superior. - Lack of supporting legendaries. A general subject, but important nonetheless. Edit: - Vile Charge IK6 single target damage and mechanics It has tremendous AoE damage, but struggles ridiculously against single target. This should be balanced. Another aspect that bothers me is the fact you can charge 1 or 3+ enemies, but not that 2, otherwise you stand without charges, and can't do nothing. This feels stupid. Edit 2: Added: Suggested changes in sets: - IK 6 pc - 4000% increased damage and 30% increased attack speed to fury spenders (This would bring IK6 closer to the META while not messing Vile Charge and R6 HotA) - Wastes 2 pc - increased Rend damage and "enemies affected by Rend deal 30% less damage" (This would be a nice incentive for players to actually use Rend with this set and help with its current toughness issue) 4 pc - as it is but add Rend Bloodbath Rune 6 pc - increased damage also applied to Rend. (With these changes Rend will be a solid skill for the set, maybe for the first time. Damage increase for both ww and rend in the 6pc should be buffed, though, maybe to 13kish) - MotE 6pc - needs more damage If anyone wishes so, please add more topics.Hadd36 Nov 29
Nov 29 [Barbarian] - Feedback I will keep it short this time, there is not much to talk about, we have provided pages of feedback in previous PTR's, and issues remain the same. Since this patch is number adjustment, nothing have changed mechanically and glaring issues are remaining. Needless to say, all of you are welcome to chime in and share your observations, there is literally nothing new, so it would be best if you can post your thoughts on damage output (compare live best to ptr best, try to do the clear ignoring RoRG buff because it is not permanent, and balancing long term should not be done around short term seasonal buff). This is work in progress, will work on things over next 2 days to have broader picture ready by Monday. Keep it civil, focus on raw data please. Set Issues: Wrath of The Wastes is underperforming despite high set bonus. Reason of it lays in overall set design, this build does not have any skill that can thin out density quick, because of that it relies on big open maps, huge clusters of mobs and AD to slowly mow down density. You cannot successfully play this build without all good factors aligned, which on top of steep gearing requirements and high learning curve makes this build unattractive to play. It is our least consistent build, to picture it better you can imagine that where other sets can clear 7 out of 10 maps on given level, this build can only do 3 out of 10. Solution - include Rend in 6 PC bonus. It is easy fix, and will allow to decrease map and density dependence. As is, you need 2-3 screens of mobs pulled together to start dealing damage, with Rend turning into actual damage dealer - as is it is nearly useless skill, despite set giving some bonuses to it - Wastes could start clearing smaller packs of mobs and be more reliable. Current PTR damage output still too low. Might of The Earth have 2 issues. One is nearly non existent sustain, other is extremely poor single target damage. #1 - Lack of sustain is result of inner set design, since we can rely only on LpFS as healing source, and we need to use a spender only so often to reduce cooldowns, instead of recovering in more or less linear cycle, we are recovering in more of a "potion-peak" cycle. It is not a problem in speed runs or farming, but for pushing we cannot stay in the fray of the battle, and we are forced to leap away because we are unable to recover even slight portion of health in the process. BR - StP helps, but it is costing us a skill slot while providing very little in terms od DPS (10% Dibs when we use 200%+ already contributes very little). Solution - bring back mechanic that recognized EQ spawned by set bonus and Blade of the Tribes as fury spenders. It is not new mechanics, It was in the game previously, and it allowed MoTE barbs to recover small portion of health while leaping and during rotation. #2 - Lack of single target damage. MoTE clears are heavily DoT, AoE and AD dependent, MoTE lacks single target damage, and as much as during the rift it is not a problem (skill allows for dragging, recognizing when to skip and so on) it turns into disaster with unavoidable RG fight. On higher levels RG fight can take anywhere from 4 to 6 minutes, and it is due to Stricken Stacking. Due to Stricken mechanics and the way this build plays (it is a slow skill cast build, leap - leap - leap - auxiliary skill - slam is default rotation that takes few seconds to perform) MoTE is slowest stricken stacking build, and higher up it is cumulative stricken damage that kills RG. When you cope this low RG damage with a fact that higher up this build cannot equip CoE but have to play with Band of might, you ending up with slowest solo single target killer in the game. Solution - give us viable nuke or change stricken stacking for this build. Overall damage output still too low. Immortal King - will retest over the weekend, no changes, damage output still too low Legacy of Raekors - will retest over the weekend Outstanding issues Itemization. Will write some more on that.S4v4G377 Nov 29
Nov 29 one dps build for barb, stop the madness could we barbs get one dps build please ? its up to you developers to do whatever is most easy for you. just one build so we can dps in group ! 1. buff thorn frenzy in some way = single target elite killer in group 2. add some new mighty weapon legendary bonus for hammer of ancient 3. tripple the leapquake PTR buffs !! without adding survivability to make sure it cant be used in solo push !! please do whatever you want , but give us ONE build for dps we have been hoping for five years !!! developers please do right thing : (((((Keel12 Nov 29
Nov 29 Inarius 6p buff (no, not that one) I'd like to see a buff to the 6p bonus for Inarius so it's better-suited to mid-level speeds and farming activities. A lot of the necro sets were left in the dust this patch for a few obvious reasons. Yes, they perform fairly well at a high level, particularly in group content, but they are slow starters that tend to revolve around the same gimmick (LotD and/or Simulacrum) and the builds are largely interchangeable among sets. With the buffs to 6p and other bonuses we've seen an increase in viable builds and the return of several old favorites that can all easily clear GR60-80 with very little work on gear. The general theme of the PTR from my testing has been "get the appropriate items in their slots and do 70+, working up as you optimize stats, get your gems, etc". It's in this middle band that the necro falls far behind. However, necromancer has enjoyed a lengthy reign in the top end group content thanks to exceptional scaling and raw face-melting damage. It's difficult to do a high-pass balance change via sets like the others have had without disrupting balance in their favor again. Inarius offers a way to do this through the two values in its 6p bonus. ... Providing a healthy buff to the tornado damage to increase its presence in encounters and kickstart the generation of corpses for the necro to use without increasing the damage amplification component should improve mid-level performance without significantly impacting high-end GRs. Increasing this portion of the set bonus to something like 2-3x its current value would have a dramatic impact in the t13/GR60-70 band of difficulty without adding much more damage than a pain enhancer dot in terms of throughput. This would also lessen the sting of the proc rate nerfs without rolling them back.Tebo0 Nov 29
Nov 29 [LON - All Classes] How to truly fix LoN I think we all agree that LoN is one of the more fun and interesting sets in the game because it opens up so many options. That being said, I feel that just two things, albeit very important, need to happen for LoN to truly shine: 1 - LoN imo should become a class passive. It should read "As long as you are not benefiting from a set bonus, you gain x% damage and x% damage reduction per ancient item equipped." I feel that with this, we can now have LoN be balanced for each class, as it needs to be. I would set the passive to be a level 70 and unlock at a paragon level that is deemed fair and accessible in proportion to having a full inventory of ancient items (maybe between 300-500?). 2 - Blizzard really needs to take the time to make every skill viable, and every legendary modifier fall in line. This is what worries me, but if we want true harmony, a fine tooth comb has to go over the core of the issue, which is skill damage, and then work outwards towards the items that buff those skills. I think these can be complicated to implement, but would be much appreciated by all players. Thank you.Demonmonger5 Nov 29
Nov 29 When will PTR be down today? Any news or info on when exactly PTR will be down, and when changes, if any, will be announced?Mercy7 Nov 29
Nov 29 [Request] Auto-pick up and LoN change Hello, Most of this has been requested by a lot of people over time. However with the game slowly dying off on updates and content.I just feel we as the community have to push these things. If 3 diablo really is finished, I can only hope they go out with a bang on a last patch that would add these features. Please keep it clean and feel free to submit your own feedback or opinions. [Auto-Pick Up] Vastly requested, Stopping to pick up death breaths+ GR keys etc just sucks. It's just not fun; Never has been and slows you down. These items are in a tab anyways....I don't see the point? Since this is one of thee most requested features, Lets take a quote from our good friend Tychus :Hell, It's about time. [LoN > Hellfire ring] I for one love this idea and it was submitted by a user on here. I think its safe to say nobody uses the hellfire ring for anything. Lets delete LoN and make a new worthy hellfire ring. The old hellfire proc is bad. Its nothing amazing and I cant see anyone caring about it. Yet, Its got this bad !@# description how only true heroes can have a hellfire ring etc, I don't see why it would be hard to fix the ring to : " Set items bonuses no longer apply wearing this ring, However you gain " X " damage and " X " damage reduction from each ancient item you are wearing " This would fix the set by giving us back 2 ring slots and open up way more play styles. Tiny change, World of difference.Hootwoot4 Nov 29
Nov 29 My Idea for Djank Mi'em PTR Vendor Why not have him give us the free set in season & we get to choose what set we want as well as have him give us a set for both hardcore & softcore. As soon as we get our set he disappears. So we get a complete set as soon as we get to level 70!SeaBigBear3 Nov 29
Nov 29 PTR Veiled Crystal week long run The name of this PTR should have been "Veiled Crystal". I love the energy Blizz gives in the PTR allowing us to get to 70 in season and quickly through PTR Vendor "packs", gear up and start running high GR's. The thing that really hurt this PTR for me and guys in my clan was the inability to roll stats on gear. Heck, you could have even had a Vendor Pack with, white, blue and yellow mats! The other thing I noticed is the HT Garg WD under performs. The buff from the last big balancing patch performed better. But you nerfed it down after a few days back then.Chetanji11 Nov 29
Nov 29 Pet WD is still lackluster in general Please remove firebats from Helltooth set and buff Helltooth as well as Zuni even further. The firebats buff on Helltooth is holding back the set to be a viable pet set. We don't need two firebat sets that play nearly identical. Zuni is too clunky. See the other thread. Pet WD in general needs to receive serious buffs. Even with free RoRG buff (which is STRONG for any pet WD since it enables you to use both T&T and Jerams), pets are very lackluster. -- Some results from 4k paragon wd streamer: Jade GR 120 first try HT Pet GR 113 multiple tries (even with free RoRG!)Cybah20 Nov 29
Nov 29 My Fear: no replacement for rat runs I have tested some set ups by myself, other set ups I discussed with mates of mine. But we struggle with finding any set up that can compete with 2-3 min ~107+ (season)/~112+(NS) rat runs. I hope we will find together either a set up that can compete with rat runs or create a topic that is big enough to show Blizzard how much we are done with rat runs. Because I think there is no one out in Sanktuario who wants to continue with rat runs again. Please give only constructive feedback and let´s hope that Blizzard hears us. Cheers from EUI3ierI3aroN36 Nov 29
Nov 29 Thank for for RIP rat runs Thank you! Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!Thank you!slagger19828 Nov 29
Nov 28 Suggestion for Wizard Tal Rasha Set I know I probably am in the minority with this opinion. But I would like to see the 6 and 4 piece bonus changed to 'damage' not 'attack' so using a familiar would generate stacks.Nienna5 Nov 28
Nov 28 CoE fix placement Can we see the CoE rotation in a fixed location on the bar. As I was testing with the Demon Hunter Impale build I notice it was hard to keep an eye on on the CoE rotation because it was moving around so much in group runs. Main issue was it was hard to line up when to vault to get max out put damage. Thanks for considering this small but useful fix.TitanRage0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Maintenance 28/11 Brace for nerfs. Back to RATs bois.Reckless0 Nov 28
Nov 28 [BARB] [SEASON] [P1000] [WW] [SOLO] I focussed mainly on pushing whirlwind. The build felt very tanky, because of the 'heal 1% life on crit'. You top yourself to 100% life every second. So the things that can kill you are molten explosions and heavy hits from charging bulls. However on the rift gaurdian you are no longer that tanky as you heal only from 1 mob. On top of that you proc your Obsidian ring less, making it harder to keep wrath/IP up. So the riftgaurdian fight feels very difficult, also because the single target damage of whirlwind feels poor. The overal damage of whirlwind feels very poor as well. The only reason this spec might compete with the others is because of how many mobs you can stack and damage together by adding ancient spear in your build AND tank all those mobs. Proccing area damage and bloodshed is your main source of damage. You are very mobile, this feels awesome. However since we are looking to pull like 6 elites on top of each other and dragging them through the entire rift untill we meet a conduit, it becomes very difficult to get a completable rift. Also the Rift Gaurdian is another lair of RNG on top of that. This I really hate. It makes the spec fish a look for a good rift - probably more than other classes/specs. It feels like this spec has a great aoe riftclear ability, but then lacks a single target ability. Rend is already inplemented in the set - why not make this the single target ability for the rift guardian? If rend hits only 1 mob - x10 damage. Or whatever number feels right. It would make this build feel way smoother. Edit: Currently rank 2 barb. Tried a few 112's, they are easily doable. Main problem now is server issues. As soon as I hit a decent rift with decent density the sever overloads and my screen freezes. This has been an issue in diablo as far as I can remember. Servers will probably not be upgraded, so my suggestion is to design specs with more concentrated aoe builds. Hitting a whole screen with small dmg instances (whirlwind) is not made for current servers. (tuskbogan/maggot lords freeze fast. as well as the small crabs/wasp maps)DutchFreak5 Nov 28
Nov 28 Wheres Don Vu commenting on suggestions ? Is the "improved communication" at the end already ?NINEGRAVES7 Nov 28
Nov 28 [Skills List] Under-performing builds D3 has tiers of restriction.. First you have to choose a build that falls into a category of sets and Second you have to choose a build within that set that has multiple legendaries with damage buffs. That's why they can change the sets all they want, but 800% and 600% for meteor means meteor is always going to be at the top. Same with 800% and 800% for condemn. The same goes for WoL monk, HoTA barb, and CA Demon Hunter. All they're doing is making the same builds stronger, not allowing for more diverse gameplay. Gen Monk is honestly the only "different" build I've seen in season 16, but gen monk has been here before. Please... BUFF INDIVIDUAL ITEMS! here is a list of just a few skills that already have legendaries with properties that either don't have a damage modifier or the modifier just isn't good enough... Barb: - Seismic slam - All Primary skills - Ancient spear - Rend Crusader: - Blessed Shield - Fists of Heavens - Heavens Fury - Phalanx - Shield Bash (also been bugged forever, still no fix) Demon Hunter: - Primary skills - Elemental arrow - Rapid Fire - Chakram - Spike Trap (don't think this has any dmg buffs from items) - Strafe Monk: - Tempest rush ( Legs could use rework to make more consistent at the least) not sure if there are others for monk, don't play the class a lot Necromancer: - don't own him, down know! Witch Doctor: First off - it'd be nice to know what is a pet and what isn't and to make some better ai for them if lots of sets are based around them! But anyway... - Primary spells - Grasp of the Dead - Sacrifice - Zombie Charger - Spirit Barrage (ish) - Acid Cloud Wizard: - Energy twister - Explosive blast - Hydra - Archon - Disintegrate/arcane torrent/ray of frost Most of the skills listed ALREADY HAVE LEGENDARIES associated with them, they just need an adjustment to the damage modifier (if they have one at all) and/or a rework to the legendary property itself. If i'm missing anything please add it in. The set changes are pointless in my mind if nothing about the options of what build or skills to use changes which seems like is the case. I don't know what it would take to add the dmg % in, but I don't imagine it would be that much work. Even if it isn't balanced right away, something is better than nothing in my opinion! I feel like it's almost pointless to spend my time typing all this, but I really want the game to get better. Hopefully it doesn't all just fall on deaf ears.eMeRGeD9 Nov 28
Nov 28 Frenzy Barb Buff I love Frenzy Barb, and from testing it out on the PTR, it still is far, far behind other builds. My suggestion is to change the Maniac rune from doing 2.5% more damage per stack to 2.5% damage per hit, stacking infinitely on a target. This way, the damage scales faster, potentially making this a viable rift guardian killing build and solo-pushing build. For comparison, Bone Ringer currently offers 30% damage per second on top of Stricken, and Shield of Fury offers 30% damage x your APS on top of stricken. A Frenzy Barb can do 10 attacks per second, giving it 25% more damage per second (linear) on top of Stricken. If it still isn't enough, I would suggest changing the additional stacks from 5 to 20 on Bastion's Revered. It is a small change, but enough that it makes it a viable single-target destroyer.Quiesce7 Nov 28
Nov 28 Are Devs rly taking information? I've not seen any Devs since they opened PTR. Are they really interested in what community are testing?. It's look like a joke with a bad ending.PaBlEiToR4 Nov 28
Nov 28 Noticed a change not in the patch notes I noticed that putting a potion from your inventory on the potion hotkey slot actually removes it from your inventory basically giving you one more inventory slot you didn't have before. Was this just forgotten when doing the patch notes? I doubt a change like that is a bug.ŦGambitG0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Barbarian real improvising. Lets take the Barbarian and Do a buildup of damage on the sets. Get rid of Rend. Seriously thats so lame. Rend is so dumb and no one likes it. But here is an example of the buildup. (2 Set Piece IK) Call of the Ancients lasts until they die, or until the Barbarian dies -And gains 400% Damage- or -Gains the effect of every rune.- or both of those literally. *Because call of the ancients is a pretty cool thing.* Reduces the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury spent with an attack (4 pieces) -and take 50% less damage while both are active- *Because literally, if you're the barb you just stack DR or just die and do no damage.* While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, the Barbarian deals 4000% increased damage (6 pieces) -Change that to 6000- *Because LOL we all know thats still so weakkkkk. Changing it to 6k at least puts it on par with the new UE Damage ability.* Now literally i don't even want to get into the Wastes set but i have to. Because What the Frankenstein. Rend duration is increased to 15 seconds, and damage per second by 500% (2 pieces) uhhh wth is this? change it to this. -Rend now increases damage of WW by 200%- The Barbarian takes 50% reduced damage and deals triple damage with (already applied) Rend while channeling Whirlwind and 3 seconds afterwards (4 pieces) LOL more rend? O.O come on now it doesnt even work. Change it to this -The Barb takes 50% reduced damage and increases movement speed by 50% while Whirlwind is active.- Oh dang was that so hard? Whirlwind gains the effect of the Dust Devils rune and all Whirlwind damage is increased by 10000%. The damage of Dust Devils is further increased by 180% (6 pieces) uhhh once again that damage number is just super broken. Try doing this, -Wirlwind gains the effect of EVERY RUNE and now deals 10,000% Increased damage.- because pulling enemies in would be great. also the damage bonus from WW being increased to 400% to the fire rune would literally make the difference of this build. Also increase the stupid Dust Devils to 300% because otherwise it is all still pointless. Thanks! Band of might needs to have Warcry on it. because thats just really really really unfair. Thanks. Weight of the Earth - Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Ground Stomp by 1 second for every 30 Fury you spend with an attack. change that to this -Reduce the cooldown of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, and Ground Stomp by 1 second for every 22 Fury you spend with an attack.- Leap causes an Earthquake when you land. Additionally, Leap gains the effect of the Iron Impact rune and the rune's effect and duration are increased by 150%. Change that to this Leap causes an Earthquake and Avalanche when you land. Additionally, Leap gains the effect of the Iron Impact rune and the rune's effect and duration are increased by 150%. Increase the damage of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear and Seismic Slam by 5600%. and finally change that to this -Increase the damage of Earthquake, Avalanche, Leap, Ground Stomp, Ancient Spear and Seismic Slam by 5600 and gain Lutsox ability.- Because yes this would make a huge difference. yes i know on that one i didn't put the PTR damage. now finally lets roll with the Raekors (2) Set: Furious Charge refunds a charge if it hits only 1 enemy. Change to -Furious Charge refunds a charge if it hits 3 or fewer enemies- (4) Set: Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% increased damage. Change that to this. -Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% increased damage while taking 50% less damage for 10 seconds- (6) Set: Every use of Furious Charge increases the damage of your next Fury-spending attack by 2800%. This effect stacks. Every use of a Fury-spending attack consumes up to 5 stacks. This is literally tooooo much. Change it to this. Every use of Furious Charge increases the damage of your next Fury-spending attack by 2800%. This effect stacks. Every use of a Fury-spending attack consumes up to 8 stacks Also increases movement speed by 30%. If you don't like this then just simple provide an edited version. Don't bash. Thats a skill not something you flap your fingers / jaw with.Mew0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Make more Amulets useful by removing fixed affixes Please remove guaranteed affix rolls from certain legendary amulets, so these amulets can be useful as well. I am talking about that legendary amulets like Countess Julia's Came (the amulet that makes you immune to arcane damage) ALWAYS rolls with x% increased attack speed, or that The Ess of Johan (the amulet with the proc that pulls enemies together and slows them) ALWAYS rolls with cooldown reduction. As you know, the vast majority of builds is only looking for amulets that have crit chance, crit damage, x% elemental damage and a socket, because everything else is just too much of a dps loss. Since mainstat is also always spawning on these amulets, you can only reroll either mainstat or the second guaranteed affix, but no matter what, you'll lose out on a huge amount of damage, because in the end you will have an amulet with inferior affixes anyway. If you would remove these guaranteed affixes, more amulets would become useful. Here some amulets that could be useful in the endgame if they wouldn't spawn with guaranteed affixes: Overwhelming Desire (chance to charm enemies on hit - enemies take 35% more damage while charmed) Countess Julia's Cameo (makes you immune to arcane damage) The Ess of Johan (chance to pull enemies together on hit) The Star of Azkaranth (makes you immune to fire damage) Xephirian Amulet (makes you immune to lightning damage)clueso11 Nov 28
Nov 28 Delseres Opus Set and Slow Time wish 1) slow times moves naturally with you like an aura. 2) The crown of primus lets you place slow time wherever you want and enemies inside your slow time take weapon damage every second I would really like to see DMO turned into a primary skill based set. Suggestion: 2p: Mirror images last permanently until destroyed and the cooldown of slow time, teleport, frostnova, diamond skin and mirror image is reduced by X seconds every time a signature spell deals damage. 4p: permanently gain the effect of ice armor, storm armor, energy armor, familiar and magic weapon with all of their runes and additionally your slow time, frostnova, diamond skin and mirror image gains the effect of every rune. 6p: your signature spells deal 60.000% more damage and enemies inside your slow time take 9000% increased damage from all other spells and additionally heal yourself and allies inside of your slow time for 5% HP per second. Sooo, what do you think of it ? Please keep in mind that i just started playing again after months so i am basically a noob who barelly cleared grift lvl 70 on the ptr :PFatbro2 Nov 28
Nov 28 The change we really need! i played a lot of diablo and usually love it. But you cant really test any Builds if People got 5000 paragons up on you. Im really sick of that, why cant you change it? The endless Paragon grind feels awful, if you dont grind enough you cant compete (seasonal aswell). Most of us People just dont got time to grind paragons 8hours a day (season example). Also dont like that you have to rely on group play to compete in solo Leaderboards. Isnt it time to make some changes in that direction? I mean i almost see the same people at the top every season. Just cap legendary gems at level 100 (or less for some gems), so we all will have actually goals we want to archive in a session. It was frustrating heading into the Ptr checking Leaderboards and see these Paragon Levels, i wanted to test some nice builds but with a gap of 20000 main stat (and more) there is just no reason because there is no build that can close this gap. And the same goes for gems i cant push gems to 150~ on my own, and im pretty sure the majority cant aswell. So in order to make d3 competitive again these are things you really have to change, friends i used to play with dont want to come back, because all they see is the endless stupid grind which established in season 2 and was getting worse season after season. Do you guys remember season 1? It was such fun competing in leaderboards and not care about Paragon and gem level.arc11 Nov 28
Nov 28 [LON buff] Move LON bonus to hellfire ring I think the damage multipler on LON is already on par with other set, the problem of LON set is that it occupy too many ring slot. Take necromancer for example Krysbin's Sentence is a must have for the class. Barbarian and wizard also have similar problem with band of the might and Halo of Karini. Witch doctor cannot use tall man finger and short man finger with LON. That is why I suggest to move it to Hellfire ring, which will open up another ring slot. ... The number 666 also fit the theme of hellfire ring and make it feel awsome. The LON set can be changed to support item proc effect, which is long forgotten by the community and the developer. ...XelNagaIvan7 Nov 28
Nov 28 Removing sets is the answer to D3 Sorry guys, sets ruin D3... Instead of sets, the game should be ALL legendaries that effect our skills. This would be easier to implement to supplement weaker/unused skills... With sets, you need to add an entire 6 piece set plus have it be for 1 or 2 skills... And a set for EVERY skill would be unrealistic... Better to just remove sets and then add a ton of legendaries that change skills.... PS: Bounties also suck. (Solo bounties should be 1 or 2 per act, not 5)Raserei8 Nov 28
Nov 28 Devs! Break some things, pls. Some minor balancing and QoL changes will not bring me or other players back to DIII. Free RoRG leads to 2-3 GRs higher clears with the same old builds, nothing to get excited about. There is no balance or competition or Money in DIII anyway, so why not break some things and bring back the fun? give LoN another epic buff and adjust some underused items/skills to bring back some old or create new builds Shake the group meta by giving us more options for speed and pushing builds like: Carnevil, Whirlwind, Bonespear, Bloodnova, Necro solo mage build without LotD+Singularity, necro revive build, WD fetish builds, Spiritbarrage, ... (iam mostly Necro/WD/Barb) Give us some basic dmg reduction in group games. Maybe 30% for 2player, 40% for 3 Player and 50% for 4 Player. Always forced into sup monk + sup barb is just not fun. In a Diablo game i want to to play & push with my class and my build. some more communication from the devs would be nice - few little forum posts dont cost much timeMelancholy12 Nov 28
Nov 28 Overall Feedback First off, let me just say, that I've played Diablo since the PS1 Diablo 1. I then converted to PC because my dad was a PC guy. I was about 6 or 7 at this time, and yes, I died a million times and even remember getting stuck in the Caves because the entrance was crowded and I'd get stun locked. Anyway, moving on. Played Diablo 2 and D2 LoD for many years. D3 came out. Huge let-down. Once again, moving on to todays point. Blizzard, you have chosen to "balance" the game simply by adding 0's to the end of set damage numbers or just doubling the numbers. That isn't balance, at all. Literally all you did was make it even easier to reach a minimal of GR70 to be able to obtain Primals. The way your system works, in the new season, I seriously don't want to just rush the season objectives and then all of a sudden go from a T4 steady grind to a T13 massacre and blow up GR content like it is nothing. Your steadily diminishing player base have worked really hard to get where they have currently achieved in the greater rifts. Balancing shouldn't be like all of your previous patch notes. Set damage increased from 300 to 600, 600 to 1200, 1200 to 1500, 1500 to 3000, 3000 to 6000, etc. That isn't balance. I want the game to be more challenging. But as previously stated, slapping on a set that doesn't even have to have good stats on it, and blowing up all the content on the game, is ridiculous. How about you actually balance the way skills work, and their damage numbers? Example, Arcane Orb. It deals 435% damage in a radius of 15. Next rune, deals 700%, but has a radius of 9. Fair enough. However when you level, you see other runes and it makes you think, okay, that one is the most superior, none of the others can compete. I want to use this certain skill, but it sucks. So, I will have to use this one called Frozen Orb because it deals 950% and still retains its 15 radius. I mean really? What is the point of any other rune? For 250%, I get to have a set of 4 purple balls rotate around me dealing no damage while I get blasted in the face as a melee wizard. It's not like it provides any sort of legitimate defense or use. Scorch, deals even less, at a random number of 221%, because you know, you couldn't make it like 220 or 230 or something, and burns for 734 over 5 seconds. That is 146.8 per second, and typically enemies don't just kind of roll around in your fire like it's a water slide. Then again, it's so weak, it may as well be. Not getting into any other skills, but really. Think about your so-called balancing. You've ruined your player base. The game is supposed to have diversity. Not every top tier player having all the exact, or close to exact gear and rune choices. What is the point of having no rune? No modifiers. It sucks. It's unloved. At least make a unique that thrives on rune-less skills. On top of this, you've gotten so lazy that new seasons are literally all the same. No new uniques. No new areas. No new gems. No new sets. All that is changing this season is slapping on damage numbers to sets, making T13, your highest difficulty, a total joke with the new set damages. Giving us a passive RRoG buff, is not a reason to want to play a new season. Diversity is. Give a couple new areas. Actually change and BALANCE skills. Give us brand new drops. I want to see a top tier Hydra Wizard. A top tier shield throw Crusader. Top tier any of the skills you've neglected. You don't care about your Diablo fan-base anymore, and we can all see it. PS, I've looted 5 Dawns without any legendary affix. Thanks.Whitechapel1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Firebird's revamp & feedback Firebird's is by far the set with the worst and most annoying and cancerous playstyle, so if there is one set that could use a redesign, it is this one. I know, it is very unlikely that any other changes besides some numerical tweaks happen to this game, because probably only very small team still works on D3, but whatever... I will present two different ideas the Firebird set can get overhauled: one which is easier for the developers to implement, but wouldn't have so fancy effects and new mechanics as the second one, which would require a lot more work. Suggestion #1 2piece bonus: stays the same 4piece bonus: enemies that take damage from (one of) your fire skills ignite for 10 seconds and take xxx% damage per second 6piece bonus: your fire skills deal 4000% increased damage against ignited enemies and you gain 60% damage reduction (regardless of how many enemies around you are burning) Alternative 6piece bonus: your fire skills deal 4000% increased damage and you take 60% less damage I know, I know, this is a pretty lazy redesign, but trust me, although the changes are simple, it would make the gameplay a 1000 times better than what it is right now. If you wanna have a more interesting design, with cool mechanics and no cancerous gameplay issues, I have the following suggestion for that: Suggestion #2 2piece bonus: a Meteor revives you when you die and enemies burn for x seconds when they are hit by a source of fire damage and take xxx% damage every second while burning 4piece bonus: gain a 10 yards fire aura around you that damages enemies for xxx% damage every second. Everytime you cast a fire skill, the damage of the fire aura increases by xxx% and the radius increases by another 6 yards – this effect lasts x seconds and stacks 5 times, for a maximum damage of xxxx% and a 40 yards fire aura. 6piece bonus: every stack of the fire aura also increases the damage of your fire skills by 800% and you also take 12% reduced damage per stack. Both of these redesigns would fix several things: 1) you are no longer required to have 3 different fire skills on your skill bar, giving you more ways to customize your build. 2) you are no longer required to ignite several enemies with several fire skills 3) you are no longer required to always drag an ignited elite monster with you in order to deal damage and you are also able to deal with smaller groups of enemies. The second redesign would make you feel like a pyromanic because the more often you attack with fire, the more your fire power and your fire aura grows in both size and damage, would very much fulfills the fantasy of a pyromanic in my opinion, but it would require more work to implement this change. I don't know if any of these will make it into the game, but at least I had fun sharing these ideas with you. Anyway, do some of you have any other ideas for this set that you want to share?clueso6 Nov 28
Nov 28 loot drops at the end of regular rifts? so for speed clearing this would be fantastic maybe not on ptr the drops would be too cluttered but if you made a check box under the regular rift just like in greater rifts, so that if you checked it alll the loot that would normally drop in regular rifts would drop on the death of the rift guardian. i as well as other poeple just wana do them fast and hate picking up all the deaths breath and legs and rares. you that way you cans peed clear and still get loot at the end just like in greater rifts. edit: would also make the rift feel more rewarding because of the loot explosion at the end. the check box is for the folks that prefer it the old way.alkire0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Inna Pet Build How is this build fairing in PTR? This to me is the specific Inna build vs the idea of using Inna for everything{ep,wol, ltk and shenlong as examples which have their own specific gear}. Just asking as I used to play the strict Inna pet long ago.Justice3 Nov 28
Nov 28 What We Want? (DH) Do we really want buff this items... ... ... and play it with Embodiment of the Marauder and Unhallowed Essence 1) Elemental Arrow: (6p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Kridershot + Augustine's Panacea(in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack 2) Chakram: (6p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Sword of Ill Will + Spines of Seething Hatred(in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack 3) Elemental Arrow: (6p)Unhallowed Essence + Kridershot + Augustine's Panacea 4) Chakram: (6p)Unhallowed Essence + Sword of Ill Will + Spines of Seething Hatred or maybe it's better to buff this items even more... ... ... and we still can play it with Embodiment of the Marauder and Unhallowed Essence, but with two additional builds Natalya's Vengeance + Embodiment of the Marauder 1) Elemental Arrow: (6p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Kridershot + Augustine's Panacea(in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack 2) Chakram: (6p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Sword of Ill Will + Spines of Seething Hatred(in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack 3) Elemental Arrow: (6p)Unhallowed Essence + Kridershot + Augustine's Panacea 4) Chakram: (6p)Unhallowed Essence + Sword of Ill Will + Spines of Seething Hatred 5) Elemental Arrow: (5p)Natalya's Vengeance + (3p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Augustine's Panacea (in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack 6) Chakram: (5p)Natalya's Vengeance + (3p)Embodiment of the Marauder + Sword of Ill Will (in Cube) + Bombardier's Rucksack what do you think guys?ParaBellum3 Nov 28
Nov 28 Innas Set For New Patch I hope everyone realizes that the current PTR is using the RoRG buff and that the highest GR for non season will be about 127, which is what is what before the patch. Just saying before you say nerf Innasleostud7 Nov 28
Nov 28 [PTR Monk] Inna set OP / Others same strong Hi all. We have never seen the diversity of monk's builds in the top of Leaderboard. I dont want to have any set dominated. My goal is to reach the balance between monk's sets. 1) Inna set is overpowered and beats other respective sets. We can use Inna set with every skill and it actually beats respective sets with same skill. ... PTR note: 130 Great rift cleared right now using Inna set 6x. This is the highest result between all classes and so far from the best. ... 2) According to my math Raiment, Uliana and SWK sets have approximately equal potential and can compete with each other. ... PTR note: Noone push using SWK x6 / Uliana x6 / Raiment x6. P.s. We need nerf Inna's set to see competition between others. With respect to PTR Developer's team and other classes.MonkChanges31 Nov 28
Nov 28 New patch and Torment 13 Won't all these set buffs completely ruin Torment 13?Foensh6 Nov 28
Nov 28 [Necromancer] buffing Blood nova and Grim Scythe We can add a bracer that increase attack speed of primary skills by 100% and give 40% damage reduction. With increased attack speed, Grim Scythe build will be buffed directly. Blood nova is buffed indirectly when combined with Iron Rose, we can also add an attack speed bonus to Funerary Pick for individual tuning. The increased attack may allow singularity mage to generate more resource, but adding a bracer would require you to drop the reaper wrap, so the effect should be minimal. But in the season of RORG, may be it be become very OP. We can also tune the damage of the base skill to create balance. I suggest increase the base damage of skeleton mage from 400% to 600% while decreasing Singularity Essence bonus from 3% to 2%. Also the base damage of death nova should increase to 500% , also it would be nice to change a rune of death nova to spend all essence. e.g. Unstable Compound: Consumes all Essence to Unleash a Nova that damage as Poison to all enemies within 35 yards(original effect at max stack). The Nova damage is increased by 2% for every point of Essence consumed.XelNagaIvan1 Nov 28
Nov 28 UE STILL NOT COMPETITIVE UE buffs are a start. Set is still not competitive with other DH builds or other classes. Recommendation: change 350% damage increase to 500% and increase damage reduction on set bonus.Diablo351 Nov 28
Nov 28 Option to toggle on/off Superforms Please, could there be an option to toggle on and off at will superform visual as in Barbarian and Crusader Akarat Champion, for example? I would so much love to see Seeker of Light armor design in action instead of Akarat's form! Same with all the other great armor designs. Thank you!Mercy8 Nov 28
Nov 28 Cooldown reduction effect for Vyr? Just throwing this out there, but think vyr can receive a cooldown reduction effect for it's 4 or 6 piece effect? Either that or, increase the duration of the swami wizard hat?Oblivion13 Nov 28
Nov 28 Saders on Meta Group for S16 Show some more love to the saders. Saders have been left out of the meta groups for far too long. Can we get more damage buffs, strong group buffs, monsters debuff, or better buffs on sader gear? Something like removing the 10 stack limit on the hammer jammers pants can possibly open the trash killer spot on the meta group... Just and idea.johnsnow7 Nov 28
Nov 28 Chantodo vs Reverse Archon After Seeing all forms of Reverse Archon, if im not wrong, Chantodo set feel underpowered agains the others. an idea to make Chantodo more fun it´s some like this. Set Bonuses: Every second while in Archon form expels a Wave of Destruction, dealing 1000% damage to enemies within 30 yards (2 pieces) Every time the Wizard hits with an attack while not in Archon form, 600% damage is added to the Wave of Destruction, stacking up to 20 times (2 pieces) Change to this, for example: While you in Archon form, You gain 1 stack when you hit with a Elite with an Anchor Ability and gain 2 stack when you hit a Boss. Reduce the cooldown of archon in 20%. With a change like this, Chantodo Set´s will feel very unique i give a Anchor a new role.AsrieL6 Nov 28
Nov 28 Zuni is still bottom barrel Excited for a new patch. Still some big changes needed to a few sets. As has been stated ad nauseum already, the biggest deficit for some sets is not a bigger 6 set bonus, but rather the lack of specific multipliers to select legendaries. This is why we saw condemn sader and wiz over perform. Currently, the only viable way to play Zuni is to copy the Helltooth Garg build, and it's still far below Helltooth. Dagger of Darts and Carnevil both need a quick fix to add independent damage multipliers. Low Dev investment with big payoff to build diversity. It would also be incredibly helpful to have the Zuni 6 piece bonus proc after a cast of Fetish army, vs. relying on hitting with spenders. The build currently sacrifices a lot of micromanagement and a skill slot solely to this purpose. Thanks for hearing my two cents and cheers :)irasthmus5 Nov 28
Nov 28 [QoL] Instantaneous bounties arrows Hello, since we'll see a few qol improvements in the next patch, please consider making the guiding arrows instantaneous for all the bounties types. Here's a thread I've made on the EU forums a few months back : Tldr : - Every class has a speed build capable of completing bounties mindlessly, eyes focused on the map for the majority of the time. - Some of them remain tedious. - Cut the frustration by making all the guiding arrows instantaneous, just like the boss bounties / lvl 2 dungeons ones. Balance : If the time gained is too important, either : - reduce the amount of materials rewarded - add extra bounties - add a way to "empower" a session (like grifts) to unlock those instant arrows. Alternatives/Fixes : If that's not possible, it would be great to at least get some fixes for some bugged / non-conventional bounties types : - Vidian is the only boss bounty not triggering an instant arrow, but the "Hematic key" event (as a bounty) does. They're swapped. - No arrows for the "Family of Rathe" one, neither outside nor inside the dungeon. - Same thing for the "Kill Fharzula" in the Grey hollow island, and "The Cursed Bailey" in the Elder sanctum. ThanksDUkE1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Free RoRG rly not "game-breaking"... ... Free RoRG means the best builds can add one item, which results in a dmg buff to let you reach 2-4 higher grift levels. No new builds, old existing problems, so no reason to play. Things that would be game-breaking: free RoRG stacks with additional RoRG or remove all sets (and give everyone a global dmg multiplier) or LoN bonus for freeMelancholy10 Nov 28