PTR Feedback

Nov 28 PTR Class and Gear change suggestions PTR Class and gear suggestions Misc. Ideas Allow Ramaladni's gift to put sockets on Jewelry Weapon damage ranges; Normal---> W-X Ancient---> X-Y Primals---> Y-Z These ranges Could In addition to the above example be modified Similar to how gold is modified from one difficulty to the next. Useless powers on legendries i.e. the power on items like Maloth's Focus, or being unable to maximize a builds potential because the different items cannot all be equipped even with the cube. this game doesn't need useless legendary powers it needs powers that give builds more synergy and damage potential. Stat issues on builds; Players have to generally sacrifice potential damage to reach minimum stats for some builds to works properly or be viable. i.e. some builds require 50%+ on CDR to even work let alone be viable. 1)Perhaps giving the range for utility stats like CDR and area damage should be higher so it doesn't need to be spread across 3-4 or 5 pieces but can be gotten on 2-3 pieces in conjunction with paragon points 2) the above would allow damage states like attack speed, Crit and Crit hit damage to boost damage while still having a smooth viable build. 3) this could be accomplish In part by ranging stats on armor and off pieces(rings/amulets, Belts, Bracers, Shields/Offhands) with similar ranges to what I stated with weapons and difficulty levels. Primal drops are obnoxiously low, something like 1 in 500. this is terrible considering if a given item drops as a primal its not bound by spec or class. I would suggest that since ancient versions are a ~1 in 10 drop that perhaps primals should be a 1 in 20/30 drop rate, still rare but at least less disappointing considering you have to also do a solo 70 GR for them to start dropping. Build diversity If build diversity is a goal It seems like creating an environment where choosing skills is supported by off pieces and set pieces is achievable through; 1) adding powers to legendries to support skills in given classes and specs with weapons and off pieces. 2) Sets could be matched with skills in the set bonuses to build synergy with weapons and off pieces. i.e.Roland's could have condemn added to it to support those weapons and off pieces. Blessed shield could be added to the seeker set to support those wepons and off pieces. Akkan's could have fist of the heavens added to support those associated pieces. Set Bonus numbers set bonuses should be in order Utility as the 2 pcs Damage as the 4 pcs And Toughness as the 6pcs On the subject of toughness this stat needs to scale better especially for melee classes and classes in general when the object in the end game is GR pushing Conclusion IF these suggestions were implemented the power gain for a given class would be spread out across several categories and would be less noticeable up front but would be smoother in terms of character progression and more rewarding to the player. As players plateau on the leader board smaller changes to numbers could be made across all the different things I've listed Including bumping raw set bonus numbers puts the plateau up a few more notches which give players incentive to keep playing. Just my Humble OpinionSteilgar1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Autoloot for Crafting Materials and GRKeys With another Item (GRKey) getting stored, I'd highly appreciate that any Item in the seperate Crafting Storage gets picked up automatically, by yourself walking over, or even with your pet like gold atm!AssiCursed1 Nov 28
Nov 28 no tougthness buff ? Please also buff damage reduction (generaly bonus 4p), i would realy like to see the 2 player ladder without support for exemple ... 2 DPS players always need a support to go higherSuperFrog0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Tal Channeling feedback (way stronger than FB) Context : I played Tal Meteor Shower this season, clearing a GR110 on Europe (it was the highest Tal clear of S15 when I did it, not sure if it still holds). I wanted to see if it can now be competitive against the current top build, FB starpact. Using my S15 stuff, I was able to clear a GR119 on the PTR (and 120 should be possible with a little GR fishing, since the GR setup for 119 was very far from perfect) : - without using the free RoRG - with only 1700 paragons points assigned. Since I have pretty low augments (most of them are 100), I assume that it could be roughly equivalent to 1500 paragon (which means level 115 augments) - with level 119-120 legendary gems. If you check the current S15 leaderboard, this competes with the top #3 of each realms, with guys that are something like P2500 to P4000 with FB starpact. On Europe, the highest push with this kind of low paragon is only a GR 113 ! However : - Tal channeling is way tankier and easier to play than FB starpact - Tal starpact may be even more powerful (although it is a glass canon build which is harder to play) - Tal starpact in team is probably a very strong build, since toughness concerns are adressed by zDPS supports, and a 12K % multiplier will surely outperform FB Icing on the cake : Tal can really take advantage of the S16 free Rorg by adding the EW set, whereas FB will not get such a strong improvement. Currently, I felt that FB is complete garbage compared to Tal, and I am not sure that it was the goal of the patch, I felt that Blizzard wanted to make all sets roughly equally good to improve diversity, which means that Tal probably deserve a nerf in the final version of the patch (maybe something like 2500% ?), or it will become the new meta.Snaky5 Nov 28
Nov 28 [Witch Doctor] A few simple 5 min buff request Witch doctor is still under performing, especially for pet related builds. So here are some 5 minutes fix that can keep the balance while make witch doctor on par with other classes. ... ... ... In a way Depth Diggers buff also help to bring Raiment gen monk and UE 6 Grenade on par with outer builds. ... Added some other buff option. Right now Fetish is doing zero damage compare to gang, so it can use some more damage multipler. Yet, it may also make carnevil dart build to become too op. I guess some iteration may be needed. Added and idea, thx to ParaBellum and ThatTypoGuy ... This would be massively helpful, if you die to RG you will lose all of toughness and are MUCH more likely to die repeatedly.XelNagaIvan14 Nov 28
Nov 28 Problem retrieving shop menu Did a quick search and no posting on this. I keep getting errors during new games or scene changes with "trouble retrieving shop menu." And I can't get my pet or wings etc in that shop menu or mirror icon on the lower right. Any ideas? Thanks.Ozkar0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Sader RGK I don't usually post on these things. Have been experimenting with the sader rgk and the damage potential is huge as demonstrated by the #8 3- player clear. It is notably absent on the 4-player leaderboards. The build lacks real utility in the rift only functioning as a squishy pseudo-zbarb for pulling. While we are "balancing" builds and classes it would be nice to see the shield glare rune, emblazoned shield, have a % chance to kill below a certain % health instead of exploding and causing a miniscule amount of damage. This could be similar to the frailty rune. Just a thought.panzerdoc0 Nov 28
Nov 28 Please Restore Calamity To Its Original Form Can you please restore the Calamity Bow, so that when it hits an enemy, the Mark-For-Death, stays on the enemy it by the bow. Thank youRogue777770 Nov 28
Nov 28 Inna for monk just a little too strong? Hi Blizz, Happy to see that you are investing some time in getting every class, and hopefully even every set, to the same level. Browsing the leaderboards and some youtube content, and roaming PTR some time myself, I think that Inna's set for monk does just a little bit too much work. Recently cleared a GR 119 on season, while all the other classes on PTR season are stuck on GR 112 or below. I'm not saying we should definately want a nerf right now, but if you're going to take a second look at these changes, don't forget that look at Inna. Have a nice eveningArmilian33 Nov 28
Nov 28 Star Pact needs dialing back. (No more macro wiz) I would love to see star pact get dialed back a little bit, in hopes to not see a macro using wizard in the 4man group meta next season. It would be the 3rd season in a row if it is not changed. Don't dial back the wizard sets, just the star pact skill damage should suffice. No game should require a full macro to play competitively... Especially, not for over a two year time-span without being corrected. I am NOT referring to the paragon swap macroslagger198213 Nov 28
Nov 28 Monk changes for patch 2.6.4 Innas right now is pretty close to the Sun build. I think some people are forgetting that the PTR is giving everyone the RoRG buff, with these changes for Innas the leadership board for NS will go up maybe 3-5 levels. Uli still could use a huge damage increase.leostud1 Nov 28
Nov 28 Monk's TR needs Speed Rune in 6p set bonus I love TR. Always have, always will. Tried other Monk builds and the only one that comes close to the fun I have with TR is 7-sided strike build. That said I have always played TR otherwise and the ONLY thing that I can't stand about it is the god awful slowness of trying to get around. I recently even tried incorporating dashing strike with speed rune to try to alleviate this, but it feels a bit clunky and still isn't that great aside from getting over certain obstacles / walls. Barb in WotW set got a very necessary rune added to their 6p set that was necessary for WW do to damage at higher levels. All I'm asking is that Monk's Sunwuko set get the same treatment but just add in the "Tailwind" Rune effect for Tempest Rush. This just adds 25% move speed. It would alleviate a LOT of the frustration of not being able to move around at a decent speed and it wouldn't be game breaking or even add unwanted DPS to the build. It just needs this as a 6p bonus to the set to make this build a lot more fun to use and to get around a bit faster in high GR levels. Also the ability name "Tempest RUSH" kinda leads ya to think you can move around quickly and take stuff out...this is kinda counterintuitive to how the actual ability works which is moving at a snail's pace waiting for mobs to walk to you lol. Just my 2cents from a lover of TR. Hopefully this gets added in, if not oh well...I'll keep playing it anyways.Lucca0 Nov 28
Nov 27 Please buff defence [String of Ears buff] With the increase damage, people are now playing in higher greater rift level. However, a lot of class have to stay close to deal damage. In some case, e.g. seeker of light, it will be impossible to just jump into groups of mobs without dying. Thus, I would like to see a return of the old favour. ... or ... Of course don't stop there, I think most set should got higher defence bonus. Set that got 50% reduction should increase to 60%, 60% become 65% etc.XelNagaIvan4 Nov 27
Nov 27 LOL It the last thing I have to say about new patch. nvm I didn't say it.DreamKiller0 Nov 27
Nov 27 PLEASE REMOVE zDPS BUILDS!!! Game could be much funny and better without these builds. Like old Diablo where peoples just choose your lovely class and play together. Help me guys, to talk more about this!!Vacilo10 Nov 27
Nov 27 Manald Heal is Awful So, I've been playing around with LoN Wizard builds, which I've actually managed to get a few lightning builds into the mid 90s for GRs with Manald Heal, but what I've noticed is that playing a build with this legendary is perhaps the most god awful experience in video games. Ineffectually channeling your worthless skill on the enemies for 8-10 seconds waiting for a 15% proc to literally one shot them is the most maddeningly terrible gaming experience I've ever sat through. Please make this legendary enhance lightning damage in some way where casting the kill always does significant damage, rather than 8/10 casts doing nothing and the other two one shot everything.DisposableH3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Tomorrow is one week One week has nearly gone by without word from Blizzard. No changes on the blog, nothing. Anyone else curious if they are just going to pump what is already on the blog through as-is? Are they even actually listening/reading this forum or was it just put up as a show? This isn't how communication works, Blizzard.Kithelle15 Nov 27
Nov 27 Role alternatives I think that with this change of multiplier they are trying to give the alternative that other classes can be dps but, is necessary to give the possibility of going support to other classes like a pull dh, or pull wd even a healing dh but with real chances of being an alternative, or this will continue to be more of the same.Kintaro0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Solo Charge Barb Vile Ward Change The Charge Barb is a decent build as it is, but it really struggles in higher greater rifts vs single targets like the Rift Guardian. Even with bane of the stricken the bossfight can be up to half of your rift time. With recent buffs the Rakor 6 piece HOTA Version is outperforming Charge so some suggestion for the Charge Build: Current Vile Wards: "Furious Charge deals 35% increased damage for every enemy hit while charging." Suggested Change: "Furious Charge deals 35% increased damage for every enemy hit while charging. When your Furious Charge hits 3 or fewer enemies, its damage is increased by 150%."Rob9 Nov 27
Nov 27 Inarius Not sure if something has happened with Inarius but Lord Fluffy wasnt sure if it had been buffed or what. Has it? And if it had not been, will you please do so?Toramas17 Nov 27
Nov 27 Buff all classes to 30% dmg reduction The original concept of barb and monk (plus crusader later) getting +30% dmg reduction, or put another way taking -30% less dmg was due to the original skills, builds, etc that essentially dictated 'melee' classes vs 'ranged' classes. But this just isn't true anymore. Especially not when pushing high GR. All classes have builds where you're right up in the face of mobs much of the time. This new buff round seems to be trying to focus everyone to ~1-2 GR levels of each other in terms of set dps buff....but still leaving 3 classes with an inherent dmg reduction buff that no longer makes sense to limit. I am never for taking away so instead of saying take the DR away, just add it to all the other classes.Jacozilla9 Nov 27
Nov 27 Paragon points swapping in GR bugged This doesn't seem to be working on PTR, I'm still able to reset paragon points after the GR is open.MarcOfDeath3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Stop buffing items PLEASE Items needs to be nerfed back to normal amounts to lower the power gap between items and at the same time solving the issue with unnecessary difficulties. Nobody progresses through difficulties anymore, you get your set and immediately play torment 13.Vuhdu1 Nov 27
Nov 27 [QoL request] Bring back the Gauntlet Cursor There are many people out there who would very much prefer to play D3 with the old gauntlet cursor instead of the current plain arrow cursor. I know, the current cursor was implemented because some (new) players lost track of the gauntlet cursor during fights from time to time, but there is literally no reason not to allow us to change back the gauntlet cursor by setting a mark in the option menu if we desire to do so. The current arrow cursor can stay the default cursor, so that the gauntlet needs to be enabled first, but for many people the gauntlet cursor would improve the feel of the game. Thank you!clueso2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Please buff elemental legendarys Most elemental damage affixes, particularly on weapons, are woefully out of date, and need serious buffs to be relevant for consideration in most builds. I think having some options here would do a lot for build diversity. Some examples of the legendarys I'm talking about: Azurewrath Cinder Switch Mad Monarch's Scepter Odyn Son Fulminator Rimeheart Schaefer's Hammer Scourge Shard of Hate Sky Splitter Stalgard's Decimator Wizard Spike Andariel's Visage Death Watch Mantle Fire Walkers Frostburn Magefist Pox Faulds Sash of Knvies Thundergod's Vigor Thats only looking at the ones that Wizards can use, I'm sure there are plenty of other examples for other classes that deserve consideration as well.DisposableH1 Nov 27
Nov 27 WD Zunimassa 3.6m 146% area GR102 is limit This is a cross post, I accidently posted to eu forum at first. WD Zunimassa 3.6m sheet 146% area DMG. So far about GR102 is my limit, Other classes/builds are clearning 125 with comparable stats. I am thinking that either dont waste your time playing WD unless you plan to play Locust swarm build. Either that or play another class. It has been soo long since zunimassa was worth playing(years), was hoping these balance changes would make it competitive and fun again! The issue wasnt so much dieing, theres just not enough damage to be had. Maybe with a shorter cooldown on pirhanado or a larger splash from Gargs.... or just more damage. I don't really know, but currently it seems like zunimassa is a no go if you plan to really push it during the season and hang with the top dogs. Prior to the Necromancer, Witchdoctor is all that I played, you can see as much from my total hours played as the witch doctor. I hope some of this feedback is helpful, any questions feel free to ask.Zedikis10 Nov 27
Nov 27 Blessed Hammers lags the game Blessed hammers still has major lag issues with medium to large trash piles. Please fix the lag issue if possible. Thanksjohnsnow3 Nov 27
Nov 27 How to buff Necro without breaking the game 1) Remove thorns as a mechanic from Necromancer. You can't force mobs to attack your minions, it's a boring and out-dated mechanic that's really only in the game for nostalgia. If you phase out thorns, necro Inarius thorns RGK is no longer a thing(which it shouldn't really be to begin with) and builds like poison scythe, corpsemancer, or even builds around death nova can shine. 2) Trag'ou's.. No one likes it when 2 sets play IDENTICAL builds. Nerf(or better yet, remove) the blood lance rune for corpse lance so that when you buff trag'ouls, you're not just shifting the solo meta back to blood lance(which plays sooo much worse than cold lance). And since we're removing thorns already, you won't have to worry about a sleeper revive thorns build. Then builds like blood mage, blood nova can start to shine. People have been begging for a strong blood nova build, players have been begging for a strong corpse explosion build, these changes get us closer and open up possibilities for more builds in TXIII that are actually interactive and fun. Thorns is the complete opposite and hinders buffing sets that need love. Love, Lord Fluffy - The Face of Necro :pLordFluffy23 Nov 27
Nov 27 Nerf Pain Enhancer Yes, I realize I just used the "N" word but don't kill me just yet, please. I love playing a Whirlwind barb and I've read a lot of posts suggesting changes to the Wrath of the Wastes set to make it viable for competitive GRs. Of these, I think the best suggestion has been to include rend in the 6pc bonus of WotW. That would make rend useful and, I think, would bring the set more in line with the original intent. It's silly to have a set bonus that's 100% useless. However, adding rend would probably not change the play style of dragging hundreds of mobs on top of each other to boost our attack speed. I hope I'm not the only one who absolutely hates that mechanic. It can't be too healthy for the server either. With only the rend change, we would just be applying a DoT to hundreds of enemies at a time. We would still want to get a dense pack of mobs - we'd be using an additional skill but with basically the same play style. The lag would still be there, the fishing would still be there (though slightly diminished due to better single target damage), and the Blizzard servers would still catch on fire if you use WW barbs in a high-end group. Shifting our damage away from the pain enhancer and more toward a flat increase, IMO, would help in some of these areas. We would still favor density but not to such an extreme amount. Shifting our damage away from the pain enhancer would also allow Blizzard more liberty when it comes to buffing the set bonuses and making rend viable. I can't imagine that the intent of the set is really to pile screen upon screen of mobs into a heap before slowly mowing them down.SolFire3 Nov 27
Nov 27 Wizard Visual QOL Request Add differently colored Archon forms, while different elemental damage type runes are used for Archon skill. (e.g fire rune, - fire archon form, cold - cold.) Right now, no matter what rune you're using for Archon form, there's only one purple Archon form, and I thought this change would be pretty nice addition.CMyTA9 Nov 27
Nov 27 Increase Rend Base Skill damage to 6,600% This would give Wastes the support that in desperately needs. It's an easy fix.DieHard10 Nov 27
Nov 27 Replace LotD with Rain of Corpses In the blog post leading up to this PTR you asked us to provide feedback based on how the classes and builds feel to play with these new buffs. I think this is a good opportunity to talk about some of the sets that bring a very terrible and unenjoyable gameplay with them, of which one of these is the Land of the Dead + Corpse Lance Necromancer, which revolves around dealing tremendous amounts of damage within the small window of time in which LotD is active by spamming unlimited amounts of Corpse Lance and doing basically nothing while it is on its long cooldown, which is extremely boring and frustrating. Now, the problem here is Land of the Dead and its mechanics and the solution that I propose is to replace LotD with a skill that almost does the same as LotD, but with a different mechanic. As you know, LotD basically provides you quasi additional corpses – an almost unlimited amount if it were not for the short duration and its long cooldown – so if this skill is so problematic, why not replace it with a skill that also provides corpses, but only a limited amount, but therefore on a much shorter cooldown? The skill that I have in mind as a replacement for LotD is Rain of Corpses. The Witch Doctor and Azmodan already use similar skills, which lets it rain down corpses to deal damage, but what if the Necromancer's version would not deal damage, but spawn xx corpses that he could utilize? The skill would maybe be on a 30 second cooldown and perfectly complement builds that rely on corpses when non are around, either because at the beginning of a fight no enemies are killed yet or because you fight a boss or rift guardian that does not have minions. Removing LotD would get rid of the terrible gameplay of the LotD+CL combo and replacing it with Rain of Corpses fills the hole that LotD left. Hell, you could even use the same animation as the skill from the WD or Azmodan. No one would really care if this leads to better Necromancer builds and not so much annoying mechanics for the devs to balance around. Think about it! It only has advantages!clueso2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Thorns of the Invoker Great single target in density, terrible AOE in all encounter types. Vo'Toyas Spiker still bugged, does not buff 6pc damage. Hack is such low multiplier that it is obsolete Sanguinary Vamp's could use a buff 6pc has no proc coefficient; cannot trigger stricken/AD, however it does trigger Life per hit. Give it a !@#$%^- normalized proc co efficient. **Quick and dirty way to improve trash killing/Blue pack efficiency add a zero to the 2pc bonus.** I've written countless feedback posts about this set, the devs know the issues. Which is why I suggested the 'quick and dirty' because it doesn't look like mechanical adjustments are going to be happening. As is the set is still going to end up 10-15 grs below Condemn and at least 8-10 behind all others. In my estimations the goals for the patch won't be met with Thorns of the Inovker. **Edit: Because of the amount of trash mob progression you waste in this build you end up having to go far beyond the developer stated 2-4 floor mark of a Greater Rift.This remains true after the buffs, the 120 I cleared was ended on floor 7. That's going to be far to much for most people.**jay9 Nov 27
Nov 27 It's time for WW build!!! I think in S16 is time for WW to be the best barb build in pushing high solo GR. There are around 3 years when WW was top barb build. Please blizz...buff more that build!!!VENOM4 Nov 27
Nov 27 {{[DIABLO 2.6.4 WISHLIST]}} PDF ILLUSTRATION ... With the new round of damage buff a lot of old suggestion is no longer relevant. So I have updated the wishlist. Nov 27
Nov 27 Feedback on (6) Set Changes and Seasonal RoRG Consider the following if you are really listening and willing. The current changes are somehow irrelevant, because all it does is adding a few GRs in raw damage without proper support. All the while, if that's your patching purpose you should revise previous PTR's feedback and consider the following; 1.1. Proper GR scaling in terms of player power comes from strong support legendaries. 1.2. Check a few patches and consider what changes made HotA Barbs, Condemn Saders and Wizs gradual comeback (hint: Major Support Legendaries Buff) 1.3. Allowing 5-10 higher GR damage wise without any scaling mitigation mechanics is the same as building skyscraper without solid foundations. 1.4. Necromancers are top dps's without ridiculously large (6) Set modifiers mostly because ... 1.1. The current changes are somehow irrelevant, because it neglects most fundamental flaws in (2) and (4) Set bonuses. Because lack of back and forth communication is an issue, but just in case you happen to read this, i'll leave a quick, self explanatory, recurring example; Rend in Wrath of the Wastes set Serves what purpose? The Barb community is willing to explain it again if you are willing to listen and report from given feedback. I'm sure every other classes can go over their own Set issues. Not allowing RoRG for non-season is a complete non-sense move. You won't draw a substantial part of your diminishing player base to play seasons just because of this. But you would have a very substantial part of your non-seasonal players comeback to try out the new available combinations . And this happens because most players are exhausted by lack of decent content for several seasons in a row, and rolling a new character is not entirely RoRG worth on its own. QoL Changes What's the significance of red beams and primal backgrounds. Who really considers it as a significant QoL change? Also, you can include the Armory slots in the comment above. Don't get me wrong as any QoL changes are good changes, its just that the QoL priorities the community has suggested over the past seasons if far more overwhelmingly important. Quick, self explanatory example, ------------------- Thanks for your time. If any blue replies and show some willingness to discuss the above issues, i dare say the community is (still) very willing to participate and create decent and low development cost changes. In the meantime, we're (still) waiting to see what great plans you had for seasons and D3.SapodoDiabo12 Nov 27
Nov 27 Feedback Colors and UI when Primals drop The new UI changes are awsome, but you could improve them a little more. I'm slightly red green colorblind and i struggled to distinguish the orange and green beems we had before. Luckely you guys put in the option to show asterisc or star in the minimap and in the inventory, but this feature doesnt exist for primals as far as i can tell. For me changing the gamma value in settings also didn't help very much. My suggestion for making the new feature a little better is to give us an option to change the graphics, little like you gave us the option to pick a bigger cursor. Maybe also make the beam bigger or let us change the color like we can in chat. Sry for sloppy english :DSpaghetti0 Nov 27
Nov 27 Uliana Feedback This is easily my favourite build to play, and while the buffs clearly helped, they didn't address the actual problem with this build that keeps it from being truly competitive; it's just a broken play dynamic, and no buff is going to resolve that until the problem is fixed. It's fairly clear from the various markers around the build -- passives, multipliers on gear, etc -- that the intent for Uliana is for it to work much like a melee StarPact. It does moderate to low damage on its own, but that damage scales with density. The problem is that it doesn't scale like StarPact does, the multiplier only ever applies to the few enemies who are closest to the monk. I've tried it in some MASSIVE mobs with a zMonk to keep me alive, and while a StarPact was seeing multipliers of 50-70, Uliana only saw multipliers of 15-20. EDIT for clarification: Unlike StarPact, Uliana is incapable of scaling as density and difficulty increases, because mob size cannot exceed a certain threshold of enemies. Therefore the damage buffs that were applied to the six-piece bonus are nearly irrelevant, because beyond a certain point, the mob-size increase cannot actually increase the multiplier, as mobs are outside the "strike" range of of the melee attack. The Monk needs a power-build, like the Wiz has StarPact. Uliana SHOULD be in this role, which is, I think, how it was intended. It's hard as hell to play, hard as hell to gear properly, but the reward should be worth the attempt. The simple solution is this: instead of "each enemy hit with the third hit increases your damage by 5% for 5 seconds", the wording should be either, "each enemy afflicted by Exploding Palm increases your damage by 5%" (which would be the ideal solution, based on what is clearly the intended play-dynamic), or the time-frame should be longer than 5 seconds to allow the multiplier to climb. I'd say as long as 20 seconds, because it takes a significant amount of time to clump enemies up properly. You have to attack frequently in order to stay alive, which prevents any possibility of letting that multiplier grow, so the multiplier based on numbers of enemies afflicted by EP is the preferable dynamic. Much of this didn't matter in the old versions of Exploding Palm, but subsequent patches have neutered several of the game features that made it powerful once upon a time. Without that change, Uliana will just never be a serious contender on the leaderboard, which is too bad, because it's far and away the most fun build in the game.Deartháir40 Nov 27
Nov 27 Roland PTR Sweep Attack Single target has still way too low damage. Comparing to other classes this gear again is forsaken.... Maybe 200-1000% more damage from first enemy hit for 5-10 sec will solve problem?DarkBlizzard0 Nov 27
Nov 27 This game has become foolish I don't really know how else to provide feedback but to go from 1000's of damage to 230 billion damage by completing an armor set is ridiculous. This game has just gotten out of control and the power creep has gone off the rails. Thanks for the enjoyment over the years, but the game has just gotten silly.Praetorian6 Nov 27
Nov 27 Buff LoN to 650% per ancient and 1000% per primal ancient. I just want to see what it could doScorp17 Nov 27
Nov 27 Make useless legendary items something fun. I believe every legendary item could do something useful. Two examples. Bone Ringer: BR helps command skeleton but doesn't amount to anything. I say update BR to give your skeletons bone armor. This would pair with Inarious to make your skeletons gain the Bonenado. Cast command skeleton into a pack and watch the pack melt as your skeletons circle their target. Trang items: there are old items in the game with the name trangoul. They're useless. Why not update those items to create new builds. Example: blood rush build. Give one of these items the legendary power of every point of health gained by blood rushing through an enemy increases the next blood spell damage by 1%. Can you say uber blood novas. Kill all the trash on screen like the starpact wiz. Or an uber blood lance. But you have to make sure you aim.Ender99919 Nov 27
Nov 27 Diablo 3 MOD - new patch from Community Seeing a massive MODs for Diablo 2, where with a redesing of some skills and items, they achieve a real Masterpieces, like Diablo II Black Soul. I think it´s a great idea for the future of Diablo 3, that you allow us to make a fix, redesing, give new ideas. And then just implement them in a new patch. Maybe with that Diablo 3 become a masterpiece and recover all player that leave the game and even brings a massive news player to this game. What you do think?, this feature can be a possibility in a future? i still have hope in this game can be a better than ever.AsrieL2 Nov 27
Nov 27 Since There's a PTR Maybe Obvious Companion - Ferret is the only skill that doesn't bypass the 25% item movement speed cap. Bombardier's Rucksack should increase the maximum charges of Sentry by 2 as well. Would Be So Cool Asheara's Vestments - Make all three followers automatically always summoned like Inna's and Marauder's. Archmage's Vicalyke - Make Mirror Image automatically always summoned like Inna's and Marauder's.Razorphilia1 Nov 27
Nov 27 Interface - primals + z axis If you clear a GR and get a bunch of items dropping, you can't see the nice new red pentagram icon, it's buried: This really killed the "ooh primal!" effect for me. After clearing away the clutter definitely nice to see that pentagram icon. I would strongly recommend making sure primals appear at the top of that z-axis on the minimap. Cheers!Kep4 Nov 27
Nov 27 [Barbarian]IK HoTA Well after some leveling in Season and have a normal gear, i try my self to push somes GR. What i feel after this, to be honest nothing special. I finish 97 in 11min, and yeah the Buff makes good IK, because is alrdy the most tanky version of barb, but after u check other Classes is like... Cmon... Barbarian keep with the same problem. This build dont have enought dmg to do 107-110+ from casual players like me that have around 1200-1500, it takes many time to improve this build to make that levels. So yeah barb is still so far to be a dps class.PaBlEiToR14 Nov 27
Nov 27 Am I the only one who thinks MS DH starts OP.. This has been my go-to build for each season, because I like ranged, and being able to flip all over the place. This is my first time giving PTR feedback. I think this build, once you get the required pieces (super simple, even before you can solo T6), is way over powered for lower level multiplayer/high level solo. Once you get into 90+ MP games.... even with primal ancients, we just can't keep up. I think they need to be toned down at lower levels, and somehow (and I don't know how...), tune it up a bit for high level multiplayer rifts.Gwyndyl2 Nov 27
Nov 26 Console Concern I think these changes are probably pretty close for balancing on the PC version of the game. Probably a small tweak here and there. I think the Delsere's number if implemented on console will make Wizards grossly overpowered with the Twister build. They are the top performer at current levels, if you more than double the 6 pc bonus, then they will be around 10 GRs higher than everyone else, maybe more. Just thought I would mention it due to the fact that historically, these changes are simply ported to console. Just something I hope you'll consider for us console players. ThxCHawk0151 Nov 26
Nov 26 IK Barb needs help The IK barb needs a minimum of 7500% base . I was told in the last ptr by a lot of high end botters I was an idiot and here it is a few seasons later and I was right. The IK Reakor set is way more powerful. This set is better for group gameplay and would be the choice for a 4 man run.metalofgod5 Nov 26
Nov 26 Legendary Gems Update? We keep talking about items and set bonuses that are useless. What about legendary gems that are useless. There are quite a few that just take up space. Why not update them into something fun and useful. Two easy examples: Boyarsky's Chip and Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver. The thorns gem could be boosted to make thorns builds more appealing. Mirinae was useful for Inarious. They should put it back where it was. There are 22 gems and lots of them need boost or updates.Ender9991 Nov 26