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15h PTR Extended - Ends 4/26 Hey all, I'm sure you've noticed by now that the PTR is still active. This is intended! We have extended the activity of the PTR to April 26. In addition, we will be deploying a small patch to the PTR early next week to address some of the feedback we've seen here, fix a few bugs, and make adjustments as a result of both internal and community testing. We're looking forward to sharing what's new with you, and we'll update Patch Notes accordingly once the patch deploys. I'll update this thread once the new patch is available for testing. Thanks for your patience and ongoing testing!Nevalistis0 15h
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Oct 19, 2015 Direct All Bugs to the PTR Bug Report Forum To help us get the most of out of your PTR feedback, we ask that do not post bugs in this or other discussion forums. If come across a bug during your PTR testing experience, please post it in the PTR Bug Report forum. Similarly, issues with the game client itself (including downloading, installing, or playing the PTR client) should be posted in the Technical Support or Mac Technical Support forums, depending your computer system.Nevalistis0 Oct 19, 2015
14m Think we'll see more PTR updates/items? April 16 today and no new posts about the current state of PTR. I understand it is still up for testing which makes me think they want to update more existing legendaries. DH and barb really need some love when it comes to LoN.PhoenixForce26 14m
23m Mantle of Channeling & Necro Now that Iron Rose has received a buff, can we get siphon blood added to Mantle of Channeling? Seems like an oversight.LordFluffy12 23m
3h Set Items for Frenzy ? Why not implementing something new for Frenzy ? Anything related to that skills is useless, Doesn't even matter what T13 lower, higher, It's a none sense. Skills combo, Synergy Item wise( Set or Legendary) nothing what so ever. Every items design with Thorn has no combo or synergy. % are too low. Nothing has been think on Developer side ? How is that? Look at previews Season and All of them are doing the same damn thing over and over. on top 100 ranked player on GR. Same build on literally ALL OF THEM. Isn't time you guys open your mind and listen to Us ? Leap/Earthquake/Avalanche... so so... WW/Rend.... No dmg... Charge/Hammer maybe... IK/Call of Ancients +Seismic.. Little bit, but no more with new season. ROG is gone. and LON cannot apply. Weapon Throw/Bash/Cleave... LFMAO !!!! Frenzy... Nothing... Wake up call maybe ? Anyone else would like to add something for the Devs....GodOfAllBob5 3h
4h Primals - can it be a little more intuitive? Like seriously, I see the red and I get all excited......just to get an item I would never wear. Even my first drop at a 70 grift was some junk item nobody would ever use. Like maybe an increased chance to get a primal copy of something you are already wearing, that would increase the value of primal drops I think. That way if I'm already using a specific set, Id have a better chance of getting a primal version of that set item.TravisW0 4h
7h Legendary workshop for patch 2.6.5 7h
7h LoN only helps a few already OP builds. Bad idea. The upcoming Season of Nightmares (SoN) is unfortunately very aptly named. It is a nightmare. The Season of Grandeur was great. I have played more this season than ever before. I was up to almost gr140 in my 4 man group and pretty high solo, duo, and trio. But as more details came out about SoN, I've been playing less and less. What a shame. There are two very huge problems with the Season of Nightmares: 1) Build Diversity and Options have taken another huge hit. 1a) LoN primarily helps the two most overpowered builds/classes in the game right now - LoN wiz and LoN necro. They are the two primary DPS for pushing GRs. Season of Nightmares simple exacerbates that imbalance. If you already dislike those playstyles, you are even more out of luck. 1b) Loss of the RoRG buff will reduce build diversity even more. N6M4 DH and impale DH were briefly viable meta builds. No longer. WW barb - which is already weak as hell - will be even worse when you lose the option of hexing pants or swamp waders. Add your own example - there are MANY. 1c) Fun, iconic builds that have entire sets based around them have been garbage for far too long. That needs to be addressed. They were a little more fun and a little more viable thanks to free RoRG (WW Barb, Multishot DH, DMO frozen orb wizard, and more). They were still garbage above gr100, but at least they had a little more fun below that. They will all get significantly weaker without free RoRG and they get no benefit from LoN. 2) The Stash fiasco. This game has never had enough stash space through its entire existence. This is a Quality of Life issue. Gating it behind seasons that can take people YEARS to "catch up" on is an atrocious idea. It kills the ability to recruit friends or get people to return to the game. It is also not what was originally promised. There are a zillion threads covering this. Proposed Solutions? 1) Make the RoRG buff permanent - season and non-season. The reason this was so successful at getting people back to D3 is because it made a few more builds and playstyles viable for the first time since Reaper of Souls launched. Removing it at this point is a gigantic step backwards for Diablo. This isn't like removing double caches or less goblins. The perm RoRG buff exposed and highlighted how flawed the "full sets only" gameplay of D3 was, and how limiting it was on builds and gear choices. Another reason LoN has been popular and campaigned for is because it lets people have fun mixing in all sorts of fun, cool legendaries for the first time. Make RoRG permanent and you unleash a ton of options. 2) Buff the hell out of underperforming sets, legendaries, and play styles. So many incredibly fun play styles and iconic builds (e.g. Whirlwind) have been garbage for many years. Just tweak the numbers. Don't make these fun playstyles continue to languish 20-30+ GRs behind and be utterly unviable in 4 man groups. I realize no Blizzard employee is likely to read this. I am sure people will trash me for wanting there to be more viable and varied gameplay options. I realize this is "power creep." But so what? It isn't like we are getting any actual new content. But these changes would dramatically improve the game and make it fun for a lot more people to play in a lot more different ways.Cambios4 7h
7h Akkhan and Roland set. At this point, it could be good to raise the multiplier on the akkhan set. Since LoN is roughly three times stronger damage wise, it could be good to bring it closer. Now, I don't want condemn to overtake again, so if the damage bonus was brought to 2500%, it would be in line with other top builds for the crusader. This would also help with blessed shield on non-season, since it's arguebly a tougher build. And on the other side, you have Roland's which is performing fairly well, but lacking towards the other options. Either a doubling in the damage on the set, or the flail needs some love. That would be roughly the right amount if I compare to other builds.Rashiel0 7h
10h Make Ramaladni's gift salvageable After the first week of a season in groups it's easy to pick up dozens of these items, and sure they are great day 1/2... But when you have 40-50 you stop picking them up and surely making them worth something like 5-10 souls would be better than nothing. Any thoughts welcomeJay10 10h
13h Illusionary Boots It could be just bad rng, but I have purchased many of the Illusionary Boots with the WD PTR packs, and have yet to roll an Ancient. I am assuming there are supposed to be ancient Illusionary boots, right? Just wondering if anyone else has rolled these yet before I report it as a bug. That is the problem with rng - I can't tell if it is a bug or not.Osogolden1 13h
15h Armory gear indicator suggestion Quality of Life suggestion. Those who play many alts spend a lot of time juggling gear. One thing that would make it easier would be to have an indicator (flag, color, ideally pop-up text) that a specific piece of gear is in use in the armory (on the loaded character or an alt.) This would go a long way to preventing people from accidentally deleting gear that they want. Thanks!magimac21 15h
15h Primals become obsolete again? Hi Bliz! When you first intoduced primals you've said that we, players, should feel that item hunt is over for specific slot if we get lucky enough to find useful primal. And now we see that more existing items become worthless. For example: i know that i will never get something close to this again: and every non-primal(even non-ancient lol) jekangbord will be much more useful after the patch. My suggestion: Existing primals' legendary powers should be updated to new max values when items are being changed just like it happens to set items.dx12512 15h
15h Please revisit Haedrig's Gift free sets. Initially I was on board with the free sets every season, but it turns out they have negatively affected my play experience and left me with a bad taste and I'm sure I'm not the only one. I feel others will share my opinion as well but if you have a differing opinion, share it but keep it constructive please. Obviously, the intended endgame is the solo/group play through tiers of Greater Rifts and I'm fine with that. I'm not fine with the decreased perception of progress the free sets bring. Since the introduction of free sets, a very large portion of the gearing process has been negated resulting in shorter seasons for a lot of people. People I know typically make it between 1-2 weeks until they're' totally geared for the build they wanted. They'll push Grift 70 (I think the primal rift needs to go up but thats another thread in itself), finish the journey and pretty much be done with it. I recently started a seasonal hardcore character. I'm about paragon 100 now, just farming regular rifts and just made it into Torment 5, jumping about 1 difficulty every few rifts after I get a slightly better piece. The progression has felt pretty fun and I have less than 15 hours in. This feels more enjoyable having a slowish but steady power progression with a lot more to go until I even get to the grift progression endgame. I think the free sets just flat out negate a large portion of the fun progression this game has to offer but I don't think its too late to revisit this. Obviously people can opt out and not take it, but its pretty hard when you're playing with people and they're probably going to take it. So, people play less, run out of stuff to do faster, and we have way too many difficulties to warrant getting a free set of gear that just jumps you through most of them extremely fast. I'm telling you, its actually funner to have longer gear progression. Its longer but its not absurdly longer. Its very reasonable. Blizz Devs, please revisit it, maybe redesign it, but the free sets are just removing a large portion of what this game should be IMO. Its great getting huge power increases, but trust me, we get those increases without getting handed a full set of gear for doing practically nothing. Most of the stuff on the season journey just seems like an annoyance to have to do right away. Most of that stuff will get done throughout the natural progression through the difficulties. Edit: I'm not going to use the free sets anymore. Its going to hurt my progression obviously but it will be longer and more fulfilling this way. Thats what she said.Mupasthech5 15h
17h WORST PTR EVER! blizzard is givin 0% feedback. i lose my time testing @%%¨¨## FOR NOTHING! i give up.Belmont1 17h
19h Stash Filter Suggestions Make it...smarter? Some things I noticed right away that would be super helpful: 1) Allow me to type in "Ancient" or "Primal" to quickly filter to those things. Or make some code we can use, like "-a" to show ancient pieces. With LoN being the theme of the season, a filter to Ancient items is going to be very quickly appreciated once the season kicks off. 2) This one may be more difficult to implement, but let me type "Gogok" and then highlight the random ring that has a Gogok in it. I can't be the only one that has lost a legendary gem due to the messiness of the armory function, and I spend a couple minutes trying to find the ring that has the gem I need. This would be a really nice QoL buff. There are probably other things people have noticed, so I welcome discussion or additional suggestions so that the devs can get some input here and implement this feature correctly from the first patch it goes live in!Flowbie6 19h
1d A Word from NASA Westford, Massachusetts For the monster at the Milky Way’s heart, it’s a wrap. After completing five nights of observations, today astronomers may finally have captured the first-ever image of the famous gravitational sinkhole known as a black hole. More precisely, the hoped-for portrait is of a mysterious region that surrounds the black hole. Called the event horizon, this is the boundary beyond which nothing, not even light, can escape the object’s gargantuan grasp. As the final observing run ended, team member Vincent Fish sat contentedly in his office at the MIT Haystack Observatory in Westford, Massachusetts. Finally, he managed to observe - on the borders of the event horizon - whole part of Blizzard staff responsible for Diablo franchise. After a few brief moments, everything disappeared. It seems that all hope to contact those brave game programmers are lost for good, alas. There will be no word or sound from them, since they collapsed into the jaws of the black hole's darkness.Curumo0 1d
1d Darker D3 and similar filters Quite a few years ago, I used to use Darker d3 to make the game appear less cartoony and make it a bit darker. When I went over to the 64 bit D3, it no longer worked and I pretty much forgot about it until now Since you guys are on a trend to implement many QoL fixes, I was wondering if it would be possible to implement a similar kind of filter natively into the game that players can configure and/or switch on and offMGNThalentyr0 1d
1d Primal puzzle cool. And Primal extraction ? Ancient/primal puzzle more rewarding, cool. And how about the primal legendary power item extraction ? The primal version shoud be more rewarding. Primal/ancient legendary power extraction = give a new result. ----------------------------------------------------- I dont know what could be done. Maybe we extract legendary power and one secondary affix also since they don't increase much damage. What do you guys think it could be done for primal/ancient legendary power extraction version ?PardalBR2 1d
1d Improve Deluxe Edition pack. One bad feature but which was good before but not more nowadays it's the deluxe feature give you 2 extra character space creation. Since they added reborn option to save the nickname we like so it made these extra character space not one plus anymore. And a lot of players don't get it because nor a wing or flag it offers. ------------------------------------- A lot of players ask to monetize microtransaction. But 50% or more player doesn't have Deluxe. So let's start with it then make it more attractive. What could be done: 1- A nice flag or allow the clan leader and members upload/use a clan symbol into the flag. 2 - Creation of tyrael head transmog - a cap hidding the face. 3 - A vertical wing (be creative on design you just cast horizontal wings). 4 - Blood shard cap increased by 10 for each GR level reached. 5 - A nice esthetic aura when you transform (archon, berserker, etc). 6 - One stash space tab. 7 - Engraving weapon with your clan name. 8 - For solo games allow to equip 2 pets. 9 - One pet which pick all itens (joking on this feature it would be p2w lol).PardalBR0 1d
1d Do you guys want to play STARPACT again S17? I need to be clear. It's Why not fix Archon Starpact I'm sure you've seen that Archon Starpact Build on YouTube, on Twitch Not only them, but many players easily clean GR 150 But, More than 90% of the players who are playing this use Macro(The Third Program. AutoHotKey based) All we have to do is move the mouse only. Is that fun? Of course I am not trying to blame users for using the program. Why do we or they use it? The effect of the ETCHED SIGIL lasts for less than 0.3 seconds. The effect of the Deathwish lasts for about 0.3 seconds. But the time before the meteorite falls is only 1.15~1.3 seconds. In other words, we must press two buttons sequentially in less than 0.3 seconds before the meteorite falls. and then press "Archon" 0.3 seconds can bring many variables.(The server was not always stable for 4men Party or It could be a personal Internet problem or a hardware problem) That's why we use the Third Program(Not a simple macro) If you(Blizz) might be interested in STARPACT(OR LOVE WIZ) I'd rather increase the duration of these effects(Deathwish, ETCHED SIGIL Buff) that's longer than the meteorite falls. Of course, these fixes may cause other problems. but we will not use the Third program. HOWEVER, To be honest, I'M SICK OF STARPACT (HEY GUYS, STARPACT have used for 5 seasons(S12,S13,S14,S15,S16) I'd rather have another build be more powerful than STARPACT. (For example, WD, DH, CRUSEDER.. THE OTHER CLASS) But..making other builds tens or hundreds of times stronger is no stronger than Starpact. LOL. What is this diversity and Balance? if You(Blizz) can't come up with any solution, You are right to destroy Starpact Thank you for reading and I want you to think about "diversity" again. People who say there's no problem with Archon STARPACT would think it's just fun using the Third Program. PLZ I hope you don't see me playing STARPACT in the 17th season.wolverine34 1d
1d Add gameplay mechanic new GR antibot Create a second GR kind. Where we face just elite packs. So we would have to follow some mechanics (otherwise character straight die). So bots are not so intelligent they would not follow the right mechanics if you add 12-15 random mechanics.PardalBR1 1d
1d Kanai Primal reforge Crafting and General forums have had plenty of threads requesting this. At the least, if you are going to change stats on items, please at least least upgrade the primals like you do when you change green sets. That would be better than destroying something that took a substantial amount of time to get. I am pretty sure this has been asked for ever since you introduced them by plenty of people.Bassdude0 1d
2d No more Gated Tabs, Please! Please don't gate the 5 new tabs behind the Season Journey. There was nothing wrong with the way you had it and I saw no complaints. edit: Have any of you read the latest Patch Notes? 2d
2d way to dark to see the monsters you made the game to dark in some areas you want us to do speed runs but you cant go to fast or you get killed when you run into monsters cause you dont see them.. some of us players dont have night vision lol !!!!!! there are better ways to make the game harder than making the monsters invisible ........ last season you made more fog now you make more dark give us a break and lighten it up so we can see the great grafics in this game...........fatrat75 2d
2d PTR Extended??? I thought with eh PTR starting last Friday that it would be over today. I just noticed that it is still there. When is the end date?NightRaven17 2d
2d PTR Challenge Rift Cache I completed the challenge rift on PTR, and noticed that there is an increase in Death's Breaths (10 to 35), and small increases in gold, veiled crystals, arcane dust, and reusable parts from the award cache. There were no changes in bounty mats or blood shards. Is this an intended change? There was no mention of this in the original post of the patch notes (dated 3/29/19), and no further update when changes were made afterwards.Bankable2 2d
2d @ NEVALISTIS GR 150+ CAP NEEDING RAISE 150 has been cleared on PTR S17 with players averaging 2800 paragon. Credit goes to LON buff, but also proves the cap is meaningless. In marketing you have a term called market segments. Products/services are priced targeting the poor/middle class/wealthy class. Same concept needs in D3 today. We have casual, semi casual, elite players. Builds/GR capacity should be available to all player bases. GR 150 might be perceived as been available to elite player base only but its not true. GR 150 is a speed tier now. Elite players might clear 10-20 depends on RG rng and semi casuals might clear 1-3. What ever it is, the cap serves no purpose at this point other than forcing bored players to afk. D3 player base has always been split since day 1 GR was introduced. Casuals were sitting on GR 20s when top groups were speeding GR 40s back then. @ Nevalistis: Please look into this and study the PTR + live data. The elite player base are so bored atm. Majority of them are afk or hiding offline waiting for an more exciting content - "151+"celtic0830 2d
3d PTR Extended? I thought PTR closed Friday? When will it close?DiabloVern2 3d
3d Chantodo's Resolve Feedback Overall I am very pleased to see that Chantodo's builds have made a comeback. The increase in damage for this set has made at least Vyr and Tal Rasha Chantodo relevant again. Vyr has and will likely remain my favorite build to play archon with. I love the stacking mechanic, and now that double stack swami builds have returned to prevalence, this has brought back some really old school builds. With newer items available, a few more variations are around now as compared to seasons past. This is healthy for the game. It's a great thing to find new ways to push the limits with a type of build that's been out of style for so long. ----- Things I enjoy about the Chantodo's Resolve change: Appears and feels more engaging, tends to kill enemies quicker on very fast speed runs and Nephalem rifts, which is an improvement over the previous iteration. Increased rate of attack applies Chill permanently to enemies within the radius if using Cold element. This can be useful when utilizing the Bane of the Trapped. Damage feels great. Love the increase, and the fact that both the base and mechanics were modified (hopefully for the better). Even though it's still a proc based mechanic, it feels more fluid than Manald Heal does in many cases. IMO MH is a lot of fun to include in a build, but can get tiring to manage if you run it day in and day out. Ease of getting placement in a group. Even though it's a proc based mechanic, the clear speed of Vyr Chantodo is amazing, and this increases the odds of me participating in a group, now that there is a build that is more accessible, but still requires optimization and understanding to excel with. Great balance there. Love the extra room in the build that going Vyr Chantodos affords. I've already been able to create builds for almost every purpose (Bounty, Nephalem, Speed, Push, DB farm, etc.) with just these two sets and the archon supporting legendaries Fazula + Swami. It feels great. Building a Vyr Chantodos build is quite different than many others. This archon build does not have skill % damage on gear, and fitting in many typical DIBS (additive or debuff) bonuses is very difficult. Compare this to Elemental %, where at least with cold, you have 40% + potential scaling with density via Absolute Zero. I have enjoyed the challenge of balancing around this disparity. Things I don't like: Bugs such as when Chantodo doesn't deal damage. This feels really terrible since it usually happens a few seconds into your rotation, and doesn't fix until you reset archon. You're stuck there just stacking archon, and doing no damage for most of a rotation. Bug: when selecting a rune with Vyr that doesn't match your max element, losing out on the damage from elemental% on gear. This affects many builds and can also cause players to lose damage if they don't know about it. Imagine putting in the effort to push hard for an entire weekend, then finding you are missing out 40% damage. Very bad. Wave of Destruction attack speed scaling (attack rate) is snapshot upon entering archon. Was really hoping it would be dynamic, perhaps adjusting every few seconds or so. This would allow the build to not feel so clunky at the beginning of a rift, simply because you are snapshot at a low AS. Fixing to dynamic would also make it easier for players to just play the build, and not have to manage the snapshot as much. Repetitive sound can be very annoying after many hours of play. I'll likely be turning off sound for non-pushes or group play. Flashes from the new spell effect are expected, but I am worried about long term exposure during season might affect me. I will say it is useful to be able to identify the outer radius of the chantodos wave while playing the build. If the visual were to be changed, try to keep this outer edge visible. ----- About Balance: If we're shooting to balance for builds such as Meteor Shower, Frozen Orb, Reverse archon, etc, this would merit placement between about GR120 and GR125 at 1600 paragon, fully geared, aug'd, etc. Vyr currently is clearing higher than this, about GR127. However, if the aim is instead to balance against star pact meteor (Tal's or LoN without S17 theme bonus active), we've hit the mark well on. Either the Star Pact skill rune needs it's damage reduced (rune adjustment is the only way to limit changes to star pact builds specifically), and Chantodos set has it's damage reduced. OR: we keep Vyr Chantodo and Star pact where they are, and these other builds (FO, Meteor Shower, etc.) will need a buff of some sort. ----- I feel compelled to mention that there are many builds of old (Orbit, Hydra, Spectral Blades/Signature Builds, EB, Twister, and more) that have all been cast by the wayside. These builds should be looked into having their power increased or have items reworked for or added. The new chantodos can't help but remind me of Wave of force, and how underpowered, costly, and unusable of a skill it is (mostly due to animation). The only rune worth using is the arcane rune, and it's only used with builds like star pact because of how it functions, and how it scales with density. It would be nice to see this non-archon equivalent should see a return to power someday (hopefully with a mechanics and item rework also). ----- That's all I have for the time being. Thank you for reworking this set. Loving the builds thus far. Fix the bugs please.Cratic12 3d
3d Whirlwind Barbarian 2.6.5 problems; -Being stepped on by every other possible builds -Weak dmg output -Soft Toughness -doesnt feel rewarding to play at high lvl grs. -req 5k+ paragon +gg map + pylons to solo push barely around gr110 idea; -Mortick's Brace were Legendary bracers in Diablo III. They required character level 29 to drop. In patch 2.2.0, they replaced Slave Bonds, but in less than a day following the patch's release, due to continuous complaints from players, were removed. Developers considered this item too powerful, but promised to revisit it in future[1]. The unique affix allowed the Wrath of the Berserker to benefit from all runes at once. Damage type of Arreat's Wail and Slaughter runes did not change. These bracers were most powerful when combined with Immortal King's Call set. solutions; -bring this bracer back to life and bound the effect to whirlwind skill user including waste, ik, lon sets. -buff whirlwind dmg. P_PHIimHIGH14 3d
3d Demon hunter and PTR 2.6.5 I apologize in advance for my English, I write with the help of a translator. For dh, the seasonal bonus legacy of nightmares will be completely useless, and besides, not a single legendary thing is amplified for this class, let alone that dh will not be needed again in a group game. I propose to strengthen a few legendary things that will make some noncompetitive builds equal to the current ones. Practically all these builds were tested personally and the numbers approached roughly under the existing top build dh, it would be nice to test them on the PTR. Kridershot, add an increase in damage from the arrow of elements by 400%. Augustine's panacea, increase the damage done by the arrow of elements from 250% to 500%. The sword of ill will, increase the damage done by the chakram for each hate unit from 1.4% to 3%. Spikes of fierce hatred, add an increase in chakram damage of 400%. Demon's demise, add an increase in the radius of the spike trap explosion from 8 to 20 meters, increase the damage from the spiked trap by 1250%. Coils of Trag'Ula, add an increase in spike trap damage by 1250%. The onslaught of Vodzhanni, increase the damage from high-speed shooting from 75% to 525%. Those who are in search of sin, endure the property of increasing damage from high-speed shooting to a legendary bonus (make a multiplier) and increase the damage from high-speed shooting from 60% to 1120%. Emimei’s quiver, add an increase in bolas damage by 2000%. Hunter's rage, increase the attack speed of basic skills from 30% to 50%, and damage done from 60% to 100%. Garvulf cloak, add an increase in pet damage skill by 5000% (should not enhance the turrets).'s inheritance, endure an increase in shelling damage to the legendary property (make a multiplier) and increase the damage from shelling from 100% to 1250%. K’Mar Tenklip, tolerate an increase in shelling damage to a legendary property (make a multiplier) and increase the damage from shelling from 100% to 1250%. Lord Greenstone's fan, add an increase in the critical strike probability of a fan of blades by 3% for each stack.Undertaker79 3d
4d WD PTR Feedback Focused Feedback back For the Witch Doctor S17 PTR 2.6.5 Ive had a ton of old players come back to my channels hearing about the Carnevil buffs which is great, But for Carnevil to be a top build for S17 it needs alot more love. Imo raise the Carnevil Mask Fetishes to shoot darts to 15, so it uses the passive Fetish Sycophants to the max and also a extra buff for the dagger of darts damage bonus. Right now WD is far behind in gr speeds compared to many other classes these changes would bridge the gap. Also wd has no place in the 4 players meta for a while now with these changes a possible RGK build could arise or a "Rat Run Carnevil Build" for paragon grind etc. WD Pet Dps Needs a big buff, compared to necro its not even close. Tall Mans Finger needs a huge boost, i suggest to make all zombie dogs big dogs not just the 1 and bring the dps bonus to at least 3x, currently 2x. Short Mans Finger Dps atm its okish, compared to necro mages it pales to comparison, imo increase the damage bonus and make the ring also grant "Cleave" to all gargantuans so we can actually use the other runes for the gargs! Right now the only viable rune is Humongoid as its the only pet that provides area damage! Been testing LoN Carnevil in GR100 with a decent suit 11/13 augs no paragon added and i have around 4 to 5 mins remaining, which is very slow in todays game standard compared to other classes which can do these runs in 2 mins! I know right know the Dagger Of Darts damage is not applying to the fetishes, so once fixed it will deffo be better. With Carnevil being used as a GR Solo Push Build, we have to drop the main legendary gem Simplicity's Strength that buffs our Dart Dps And Toughness from the healing effect to Bane Of The Striken for the Rift Guardian Kill, so we lose a massive much needed dart dps buff.BigDaddyDen29 4d
4d LoN buff for non-season too please! Can we have LoN buff for non-season too, please? This buff will out perform every 4-man setup on non-season. Giving people little incentive to play non-season because it's so much slower compared to season. And I know a lot of people don't want to play season. I remember a long time ago, there were only season items and non-season items. And then later they changed it so that both non season and season have same items. So can we borrow the same line of thought and let these seasonal buff be on both non season and season, please?JohnTravolta6 4d
4d Silence The sound of silence is all you will hear around these forums. Blizz, fix the imbalance of classes already. Blizzard devs thinking......hmmm let’s buff up current most powerful builds and not do anything for the rest. Let’s change our mind about stash tabs because we know our content will not keep players around, maybe they will stick around if we dangle the stash carrot for 5 more seasons.....huh huh that’s all folks!Coco0 4d
4d Consider rolling out tabs with each patch I'm going to take a guess that we're going to get some form of patch each season going forward to help implement the seasonal theme. Please consider rolling out the 5 PC stash tabs for immediate access across multiple patches rather than in one go and gating them behind seasons. If you guys have performance concerns with giving all tabs in one hit, my suggestion will deal with this concern as it'll still give you the option to not roll out another stash tab if players are finding performance issues. This would mean that NS players will be able to get the tabs too without leaving their game mode of choice. Maybe start with 2 tabs with patch 2.6.5 (we really need the stash space) and then roll out 1 tab for each of the 3 seasons/patches afterward.Mugsy1 4d
4d Special characters and symbols in name of items Hi... Blizzard should avoid using special characters and symbols in the names of various items.... For example, in French, Blizzard uses a curved apostrophe instead of a single quote. Although they look almost the same ( ’ vs ' ), the search feature does not recognize the single quote as a "hit" when searching names... and there are many item names with apostrophe in French. Similarly... the use of œ should be avoided... as in « Cœur de Fer » for example. « œ » and « oe » is not the same and using « oe » will not find Cœur. Also, most keyboards do not have a curved apostrophe... some do have the œ, but this symbol is hidden in the third or fourth level of the keyboard (on my keyboard, Ctrl + e yields œ). Most people do not know that : Alt + 0146 gives the curved apostrophe Alt + 0156 gives the oe collé... œ Boubou3 4d
5d Keep Torment 16 rewards exactly where they are The point people repeatedly made about raising the Torment levels was for the challenge not the rewards. The refrain we heard was T13 is still there, so you can continue to play that. Which is true but now these same people want to make T16 mandatory by increasing the rewards to a point that it's most efficient to play there. Which will inevitably lead to folks asking for buffs so that more builds can play T16 efficiently and soon we'll be right back to "T16 is too easy. We need more Torments!" As it stands now, playing at T16 is a decision a player can make. If they want more challenge for a reasonable increase in rewards, then they can play T16. While people who wish to play more efficiently can continue to T13 or anywhere between T13 and T16. But if the rewards for T16 are increased, then it's mandatory to play T16 and like I said, it won't be long before more buffs are asked for.Idolis9 5d
5d Change to Season Journey Most of us have been able to complete the full season journey each season within the first 2-4 weeks with no issues. Might is suggest either scaling the current objectives to reflect the increase in Torment levels, or add a new level tailored toward Torment 16 and GR 85(or higher). If a new level is chosen, having a new reward or maybe just a texture variant of the season pet/wings. Just throwing out some ideas is all.ExarKun1 5d
5d Wormwood and Ring of Emptiness Ring of Emptiness should give 300% increased damage to enemies affected by both your Haunt and Locust Swarm. Does it work now when you wear Wormwood in hand and cast Haunt by yourself?Shark0 5d
5d Whirlwind barbarian Just a question, in hope someone from blizzard reads it. I think the current ww should not be too big of a burden on the servers, so couldn't a small buff to ww be done, so it is a bit more viable. I mean changing the text to increase whirlwind and rend damage by 10.000% in the 6 set. Still wouldnt the most competitive, but it would be a lot more attractive, and suddenly it would make more sense to have rend in the set. And rend and ww has a ncie sinergy anyway. It could even be done before the next season, i do not know how the game was made, but does not sound like an incredibly big work.dezienn21 5d
5d Udderly Ridiculous Has anyone figured out what this part means: Portals left behind by Treasure Goblins may occasionally lead somewhere udderly ridiculous Does this mean treasure goblin portals can occasionally lead to a normal cow level, or is this something else?Kilmaat6 5d
5d Please add crafting material auto-pickup! Since this PTR you plan on implementing the most requested changes please make the player and/or their pet auto-pickup crafting materials. This is simple change and will be easy to implement but will make farming faster/less tedious. I and others have wanted this basic QOL feature for years please Blizzard implement it! :(ThatTypoGuy8 5d
5d Underwhelming - Not well thought out Played the ptr. HardCore, Seasonal. Nothing special, nothing worth playing the season for. LoN sounded like a great idea, but it wasn't. So many legendary's are useless, that it's just pointless Specially for the sader. The HC seasonal leader board was packed with Captain America builds. Build diversity is the whole point of the LoN set. Just seems like a shame that so many classes are going to be pigeon holed into the same limited builds. WW set still way under performing. If a set needs 2k+ paragon to be viable in GR 90+ solo, it needs a rework or buff. The added stash tabs were nice, really nice. Pants slot options for nearly every class is dismal. I don't understand why the devs thought putting in the LoN season buff would be a good idea, without addressing the issues they have first. I really like the idea of a LoN season buff. But, it's so underwhelming with having to farm up ancient versions. Then, having to choose between sub optimal builds for fun, or cookie cutter builds for pushing. Why even put out the LoN season buff, if each class doesn't have at LEAST 3 viable builds for GR 90+? Also, why not let regular legendary's apply the LoN buff, but at 100% dmg and 4% dmg reduction? Require level 70 for the buff, so low level characters aren't blowing through content at an unintended pace. Or not, if you want players to be able to do T4-6 at lower levels. Try some of that risk/reward stuff. Specially fun for HC characters. That would at least get people farming much faster in the early season, and give a real purpose to the LoN buff aside from end game builds. The farm builds that could be done early season for sets and ancients would be really fun to see. Also... I would really like to see a viable Phalanx build for the sader with LoN. Pet builds for the sader would be a ton of fun. The multipliers just aren't there on the sader gear for Phalanx to be viable. Which is a shame. I just feel like there were so many simple things that could have been done, that weren't. I mean... It's a game. It should be fun to play, right? It should have good replay-ability, right? Not saying the game has no fun to be had, or any replay-ability. But, it really seems like the ball was dropped here. TL;DR Added stash tabs were nice. LoN buff felt useless for barb/sader. Many legendary's need to be reworked to encourage build diversity, specially pants. Adding the functionality for non-ancient legendary's to apply LoN buff would be huge. Even if it was at a diminished capacity.Ysonoko0 5d
5d Three Requests for the DH These have been requested by myself and others for a couple of seasons at least, but I figure I'll ask for them again and plan to do so again when the PTR starts... 1) Allow Shadow Mantle's b2 piece bonus to work with Sentries in the Marauder 4 piece. When Shadow was first introduced, this used to work but the devs decided to stop those two sets from working together because at the time it was "OP". The same is not the case today. I can see no reason why they can't work together now. The damage isn't super powerful and if the concern is S4/M4 being "too tough"...well I really don't see that as a problem since in 4 man groups toughness is a non-issue anyway thanks to zDPS builds. In addition, a rework of the Archery passive is in order for it to include melee weapons. Perhaps re-naming it, Scout's Path, where the bonuses for bows, hand crossbows and crossbows stay the same but melee weapons do something like cooldown reduction or faster attack speed. I just don't see why Demon Hunters shouldn't have something to help them if they go the melee weapon route. 2) Kridershot and Spines of Seething Hatred should get skill multipliers like Yang's and Deadman's Legacy to their respective skills. In addition, Sword of Ill Will and Augustine's Panacea should get their legendary powers buffed. 3) Secondaries that are changed to generators from Kridershot and Spines should work with Hunter's Wrath and Simplicities Strength and Depth Diggers. These three changes would make these items and sets work together again and make the items worth finding instead of the junk they currently are. Thanks for reading and I sincerely hope that these changes are at least seriously considered and not discounted out of the gate.Idolis13 5d
5d LoN and Barb Frenzy Notice the lack of thorns in the title. This is very much on purpose. When I first started playing with LoN (we are talking about when it first came out), I really wanted a primary attack build to work up to the Torment cap at the time. Needless to say, it didnt at the time. Thorns Frenzy could get it to work eventually, but it has never done as well or easily as most SETS do in a season. I have never given up and have messed around over time to see if I could get SOMETHING to work. I did, but it isnt easy or pretty. It is taking all the items that help frenzy and adding in Blade of the Warlord. It is very annoying to keep the resources balanced, but it can be done. Since it works with the IK set, it doesnt take much work to gear for, just, it isnt fun. Then there were changes to HotA and its buffs. It does what that build does with less effort and the same set. It is effective and boring. No sense of going berserk. And with that, we come back to the same problem, I want to have my weapons let me use my primary attacks to go be insanely berserk. In a nice simple world, I would take a ring that just says, "when you use frenzy, you will randomly use another primary attack on your bar." Would it be great and wonderful, no. But it would be hilarious to see how fast you could get your APS up to. If it included a damage increase, it would be even nicer. Why do I not want a buff to an item like Depth Diggers? If you buff an item that help any class, it can cause major balance issues. And why not just buff an existing barbarian legendary? Barbarians have too few and that is why you see things like Gavel of the Ancients giving an 800% damage increase. More would make the possibility of more builds for them and not require insane numbers. Edit: I realized after I wrote this that I didnt mention thorns or LoN. Thorns work for the existing build, but annoy me. It is not what personally like for direct damage. I have always wanted something like this for LoN and having an item that helps push it from being set dependent would be nice.Seiya13 5d
5d Barbarian ever get dps role in this game ? we are supposed to focus on sharing how we feel about playing rather than giving developers a tip on how to fix things. My feel: when i join a pug as barbarian i feel only shame, shame and shame. personally i do only play barbarian since day one and only have one character. iam well enchanted,3/4 of my stuff is primal with nearly bis rolls yet i cant argue with unenechanted demonhunter or crusader.every other class but healing monk outdps barbarian regardless gear,paragon lvl or skill. every ptr few desperate barbs keep asking for barb to be included as dps class but they are just being ignored. how that make sense for barb not being able dps in group ? berserker character in every other single game since gaming industry has been one of the main damage dealersKeel20 5d
5d Demon Hunter Legendary Items Poll This survey is for the community to know about the degree of satisfaction it has over objects for demon hunter. I will give the results on April 20. 5d
5d LoN Blessed Shield feedback The addition of Justice Lantern as an extra damage reduction has smoothened greatly the build's functionality. However, it still suffers from an extreme flaw in its sudden drop in damage against Rift Guardians and other single bosses due to their intrinsic need of multiple targets to build up damage potential, the largest of any build by a very wide margin. Suggestion: Add an effect that allows Phalanx avatars to ricochet Blessed Shield in absence of a target.Valenhil23 5d