PTR Bug Report

Apr 11 Known Issue: Stash Tab Crash There may be an issue where players who unlock all available stash tabs (including those earned from Reaper of Souls, the Deluxe edition, Rise of the Necromancer pack, all four available via the Season Journey, and the five included in Patch 2.6.5) may experience a game crash. If you experience this issue, you may need to delete and create a new character on PTR or import your PTR account information again. Instructions on how to do so can be found here. In addition, we would be grateful if you could provide your dxdiag information when encountering this issue so that we can narrow in on the source cause. Please reply to this thread with this information; note that any unrelated posts in this thread will be deleted. To post full dxdiag text, surround the text you are posting with the Code tag, either by highlighting the text with the </> button on your formatting bar or surrounding your text with the (code)(/code) tag (use brackets [] instead of parenthesis).Nevalistis4 Apr 11
Apr 6 Patch 2.6.5 PTR Known Issues Hello everyone, and welcome to Patch 2.6.5! Below you will find the Known Issues list for our 2.6.5 patch. Please do not report bugs that you see on this list, as we already know about them, and help out other players reporting bugs by referring them to this list. As a reminder, this list will not list every bug that is active in the 2.6.5 patch. What it is listed here are a select few issues -- chosen due to visibility and impact -- that are active and confirmed as bugs by Quality Assurance with verifiable steps and (in most cases) an expected fix. Just because a bug is not on this list does not mean we don't know about it! In addition, potential exploits and the like will never be listed here. Please note that documented bugs may not always be fixed in the order in which they were reported. In some cases, we may not have a timeline for a when a bug will be fixed and some bugs may not be able to be fixed at all. If we are able to verify that a documented bug cannot be fixed, it will be removed from this list. Thank you for your continued reports, and enjoy Diablo III!Nevalistis1 Apr 6
26m Bag of Fortune Bought bags of fortune 4 ruonds and got absolutely nothingchiefmate1 26m
9h Dagger of the Dart dmgbonus isnt working at all this guy tested it and the new dagger doesnt increase the dmg. its bugged. 9h
19h Pets trigger Oculus while monsters knockbacked Full titled was shortend bc of character limit but should actually be: Skeletal Mage only triggering Oculus spawns when minions die while they are knockbacked by your follower I noticed that the oculus spawns only occured when a monster dies while it was being knockbacked by your follower (and maybe that counts as your follower killing the minion bc it doesnt die b4 it hits the ground again even though the skeletal mages did actually kill it). After that i tested it several times again and yes it was quite consistent (if you can call your follower randomly knocking stuff back while your mages kill it consistent). Video with that interaction happening 7 times in 1 rift Timestamps: 0:16 0:30 1:18 1:26 1:47 2:03 2:26GeSche5 19h
1d PTR: Bag of Fortune I can purchase the PTR: Bag of Fortune but it disappears when I try to use it. Thanks.ssBalmera18 1d
1d Legendary potion can be unequipped in GR It is still not fixed in 2.6.5. Doing GR it is possible to accidentally throw a legendary potion out of the slot from toolbar. Please make potion not selectable in GR. 1d
2d simulacrum bug bug on simulacrum from necromancer, i'm not english i trying my best to speak it well. on ptr like on live server in europe, sometimes when i use my big couldown (simulacrum) the spell don't run but the spell goes in cooldown. it's like i press it and then i'm dead but i'm not dead or not prock. first time i've seen this bug i had press simu instant prock lost simu activation, but i didn't die, this bug is not realy problematics. it is just slowing down the speed of lon rathma speed comp. (i running haunted vizion btw)hestionero0 2d
2d Soul Harvest Not Popping Right... I'm using my main Jade WD build to test the PTR... so I get my 10 stacks of soul harvest, I use Pirahnado to draw the mob in, I spam Haunt til Soul Harvest is off cooldown, then I pop it, instead of everything vaporizing, I takes me like 4 tries before it actually blows. We are only running GR 75, which only takes me like 3-4 minutes in the normal game, but 6-7 in the PTR. Just thought you may wanna know.Aerithstrife3 2d
3d Lo-res stash search icon Is the magnifying glass search icon supposed to be in glorious retrovision? It looks pretty fuzzy to me.Marhault0 3d
3d All on screen displays disappeared This apparent bug is PC based. While making a Normal, Act V, Nephelem Rift Run as a Witch Doctor, with a Crusader as a partner, immediately after making Paragon Level 2, the Crusader killed the Rift Guardian and all my on-screen displays disappeared. Nothing in the upper left, upper right, or the bottom. I could not see the names of the Legendary items on the ground, even if I rolled over them. I could see they were there but could do nothing with them. None of my action keys functioned. In fact, all keyboard inputs were disabled. All I could do was run around and use the mouse button. I had to invoke the Task Manager to leave the game because there were no other options available to me. After returning to the Launcher and restarting the game, I was returned to the Act V Encampment with the items I had picked up prior to the problem. Could have been a PC problem because there was much on-screen activity going on but it was unrecoverable.Dogmeat4 3d
4d Greed bug The regular vault boss(Greed) non ancient or primal, will not take damage from the blood nova on torment 13, tested with and without using blood siphon as per the legendary phylactory increased from 50-60, to 100% chance of a free bloodnova. Currently the only necromancer on the ptr server under my account. Wearing[ ancient broken crown for the cooldown, ancient aqulia's cuirass, moribund gauntlet's non ancient, ancient homing pads, ancient nemesis bracers, ancient wisdom of kalan, ancient vigilante belt, ancient krysbins sentence, ancient lorenel's sunstone, ancient golemskin breachers, ancient, fire walkers, ancient scythe of the cycle, non ancient iron rose.] Skills [siphon blood suppress, death nova blood nova, blood rush metabolism, devour devouring aura, command golem ice golem, bone armor dislocation] Passives[ Life from death, fueled by death, commander of the risen dead, eternal torment] Kunia's Cube[bloodtide blade, requim crestplate, and brigg's wrath, was using aura of fraility as my main attack] Legendary Gems[ Bane of the trapped, Bane of the striken, enforcer] I believe this is a bug as I can hit greed with 3-4 hits on torment 12 and kill him without taking damage however I can not seem to do any damage with the blood nova on torment 13 or above. Also note I have achieved the level 70 solo rift without dying once using this character which is the equivilent to torment 15. Also I have noticed that not all of the blood novas proc as intended or do no damage ocassionally to some of the enemies as I have been testing this build quite extensively and along with that when coupled with a cogok of swiftness blood nova does pretty much no damage at all.Xenos20110 4d
4d Help Rike the Apothecary bounty bugged for me I cleared the cave, bout 1/2 way through Rike just stopped. I could do nothing to finish the quest.Mistahbiru0 4d
4d DH VAULT RECOVERY TIME I was playing with my Demon Hunter and my Vault seemed slower than usual, so much so that I felt it wasn't as good as Smokescreen to move faster. The character Vaults, but sits still too long before being able to Vault again.Macgyiver3 4d
4d Gyrfalcon's / Obsidian Ring interaction Not sure if intended but when you have Gyrfalcon's Foote and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac equipped blessed shield doesn't reduce cooldownsKasploosh1 4d
4d Last Demon to Balial Immortal last man in front of Belial in Bounty: ?DevstvenaKur0 4d
4d Extra Stacking Bug (Chantodo & Tal Rasha) I am reporting a bug that is quite complex in nature. On this PTR I am playing Vyr's Chantodo Archon wizard, and I found an interesting gameplay mechanic. For optimal damage, it is necessary to cast a few skills before you hit archon. When you hit archon, your chantodo stacks will be reduced to zero, but the skills you have cast before hitting archon can add chantodo stacks after the player changes states. It's possible with the right skills to get and then have 8 to 10 stacks of chantodos after you activate archon, and these are ready when you leave archon. However, watching this I noticed that at some points (and I cannot explain how) I was able to get 20 stacks of chantodos throughout the archon mode (instead of 8 or 10). And I watched this happen (although have no video evidence) of the chantodos stacks rising steadily with archon skill damage (like blast and melee). Here is a screenshot showing how I am in archon mode, and have 20 stacks of chantodos. I noticed this issue for the first time in season 16, where at certain points in a rift I was able to get stacks for buffs I should not have been able to get. Playing a Tal Rasha Starpact build earlier this season with only 3 elements (dropping cold skill for teleport), it was possible at certain points in the rift to gain a 4th stack of Tal Rasha's buff. Here is an example screenshot of a greater rift I ran, where at some point I got a 4th stack of Tal Rasha (seemingly from nowhere) and then maintained it for extra power throughout the rest of the rift. Once I had this stack I was able to refresh it, and the build behaved exactly like the regular version with 4 different elements on skills. You can see on the skill bar in this screenshot, there is no cold skill to proc the 4th stack naturally. --- Can someone help me to explain this issue? I have a feeling it comes from player-state mechanics like when the game is recognizing the player is in archon mode. I think in both of these cases the game makes a mistake about the state of the player. It seems in rare ocurrences the engine is not properly recognizing archon-state, and not properly recognizing the number of tal rasha stacks the player has. In my pretty extensive gameplay with these builds, this bug probably ocurred 1% of the time. At least it feels about as common as getting a 1% gem upgrade :D Thanks, AraArarrr7 4d
5d Stash Search – French item names with apostrophe The Stash Search cannot search for names containing an apostrophe in French. When I play in English, the Stash Search can find the items associated with "Vo'Toyias", "Az'turrasq", and "Rechel's"; also, if I search for "sage's", I can find the 3 pieces of the Sage's plan. When I play in French however, the search feature does not appear to be able to deal with names that include an apostrophe such as Vo'toyias or Az'turrasq… So it does not find the "Umbo de Vo'toyias", nor "Le poing d’Az’Turrasq", nor these: L'heure du crime L'Ess de Johan L'étoile d'Aranoch Oeil d'Etlich Potion d'épouvante inépuisable Potion d'amplification inépuisable Réveil d'Akarat Toison d'or Anneau de l'énigme Anneau d'avarice Mésaventure d'Henri … and many others.Boubou2 5d
5d Gargs not working right Im using Gargantuan (Humongoid) on my WD build, I find a lot of times, 1, 2, or all of them wont attack the thing I'm attacking. Seem like mostly with grabbing a pylon with Nem Bracers, I start attacking and sometimes, the Gargs just sit there watching me. Same with Rift Guardian (though not as often).Aerithstrife0 5d
5d Monk bug plz fix it The basic understanding of this bug is that, during epiphany, if you have a high latency, tied with a high attack speed, you will not gain the damage bonus of Kyroshiro's Blade. Your damage is effectively cut by 1/3rd if affected by this bug, since the Blade is not counted.I always connect to a different country server to play the game.It happened on PC.and the bug exists for a long days.pls fix it as quick as possible.thx!Stan0 5d
5d New stash tabs issue Everytime buying a new stash tab, it brings back to stash page 2 even it was on page 3.Maskraider2 5d
5d (Bug) Chantodo's WoD skips the hits When it ticks fast, mobs didn't taking any damage at all from the wave sometimes.CMyTA21 5d
5d PTR Mac Rift Crash If playing solo i dont seem to have any issues but if i try to enter a rift or teleport to a player in a rift while in a party the Client just Mac Crashes, no error reports, no notifications just poofRunkies2 5d
5d blue goblin blue goblin didn´t divide completely, just once and died. it happend one time. I was playing the crusader... But former kills workedMcPeo1 5d
5d Getting only Grasps Of Essence from Kadala Tried to buy gloves from Kadala with 25 lvl wiz, but all I'm getting are Grasps Of Essence, looks like one more testing stage relict.Stan3 5d
6d There is a big bug in Patch Notes Someone has maliciously changed the Patch Notes about 5 new Stash Tabs for everyone on PC and gated them behind Seasons and changed the color of the typing to red, please fix asap and reestablish the wording to the original text and color, Thank You.Windigo1 6d
6d Golden Flense Bug. If you have the Golden Flense equip the legendary affix says "Sweep Attack restores 3-4 Wrath for each enemy hit and has its damage increased by 200%" But when you have it in the cube it shows what the affix should be which is "Sweep Attack restores 6 Wrath for each enemy hit and has its damage increased by 300%SpookyGhost6 6d
6d Bountys not awarding season journey T14-T16 Bountys Not counting towards Season JourneyMynx1 6d
Apr 12 Bounty pointer issue While on the bounty Rathma's Gift, with multiple Death Prisons to locate, the fifth (and final) Death Gate is not triggering the location pointer on the minimap as expected. Unsure if it is isolated to just this bounty or if other bounties with multiple objectives has the same issue,VecDaddy6 Apr 12
Apr 12 ui glitchs and bugs for barbarians i would like to report a issue with the ui glitching out at times where stomp will not work at times and other times will work also the UI will not display the cooldowns as one would expect at times as well.timemaster1 Apr 12
Apr 11 10 fetishes Carnevil found on PTR Carnevil on live only lets 5 fetishes fire darts as WD does. There is no mention of Carnevil change in PTR patch notes. Yet I find a Carnevil let 10 fetishes fire darts as WD does. It shows 10 on the tool tip and it works on field. I welcome this "bug" actually. The fact is that even there are 10 fetishes firing darts as WD does and Dagger of Darts the is fixed so that fetishes' darts are buffed as well, Carnevil darts build is still far lagging behind DH's Shadow Impale build on paper, not to mention that the mobility of Carnevil build is much slower. I compare these 2 builds because they are more single target build with some AoE. Therefore I actually recommend followings on live 2.6.5 for WD: - make Carnevil allow 10 fetishes firing darts as WD does - fix Dagger of Darts so that fetishes' darts are buffed as well - make pets benefit from Ring of Emptiness too A few seasons ago, HT Garg was so OP with Ring of Emptiness buff on PTR. It makes some sense to get rid of pets from Ring of Emptiness buff at last minutes of that PTR. But now Jade build is leading all the way for WD and WD has no place in mid to high GR team, we should open Ring of Emptiness to pets again. Please consider. Thanks.Tom2 Apr 11
Apr 11 Vyr Chantodo Was doing some testing in a GR 105 with full vyr, zodiac ring, travelers set, chantodo set, nems, and fuzulas. Aether walker, swami, karini in the cube. Pretty standard stuff and I blew through a 95 earlier without much effort so I bumped it up to 105 to do some testing. Gems were trapped, stricken, and gogok. I had a near flawless run through a 105, dieing only once, and I ran into blighter who killed me in archon while I had about 250-300 stacks total from the archon chaining. Wouldn't be an issue, but he killed me with a single attack which shouldn't really be possible considering how much DR I should have had right then. After that initial death I noticed a few things as I beat my face against him. First, my chantodo stacking seemed to be slightly irregular as I was sitting back channeling on him with static discharge. Second, my stricken didn't appear to be working as my damage numbers were very less than impressive despite hitting him for long periods of time. Third, this isn't so much of a bug as an annoyance, after getting 20 stacks of chantodo and then going archon my stacks would drop down between 1 and 6. I ended up giving up on blighter as the timer was long out and he was only halfway dead. In total I spent around 10 minutes just fighting blighter. I decided that, that was a bad run and loaded up into another GR 105. Goatmen and other such things that I didn't want to fight, but it did appear that after my first death I did not seem to be scrapping them at all. Loaded into another 105 with decent mobs, not that I can remember, but I ran into a bad room right off the bat and struggled to get 10-20 stacks and going archon. I noticed a few things in that run as well. First, I died instantly everytime after leaving archon despite leaving with 150-200 stacks. Second, my damage after dieing once seemed to be incredibly low. Mobs were not dieing at all and this was with 20 stacks of chantodo. I thought this was odd since my first run went so smooth up to blighter. Third, damn chantodo stacks still dropping after initial burst. Anyways, I think something might be buggy in there, but I also believe that vyrs could use a slight buff as well. Once the set gets going, its quite fun, however, its not fun getting into archon. Even with all the speed and damage bonuses we get with stacks, there just isn't much damage to be had during archon. I would like to see some type of damage multiplier on an item like swami.Jodangles1 Apr 11
Apr 10 Stash Search - Upper/Lower case accented letters The new item filter is case sensitive when searching for accented letters. ----------------- The post filtering system ate my 1st post on the subject.... I am not retyping all of that. I am sure you can retrieve it if you really want to.Boubou2 Apr 10
Apr 10 GR progress bar disappeared I haven't seen any posts for this issue: I have done a number of GR's but on at least 2 GR's the progress bar for the rift in the right side will disappear, so I cant see how much further until the end of the rift. The bar has disappeared when progressing to from one level to the next.BraveSpear1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Dagger of Darts not Working The Dagger of Darts in PTR has it's new damage affix listed on item description, but it is currently not working. Comparison with live shows no damage increase from the new dagger.irasthmus1 Apr 10
Apr 10 Legendary item dropped with green star on map Description: A Legendary item dropped but as a green star on map. Steps: 1) Load non-season UE Demon Hunter 2) Start T16 Bounties 3) Start a level 30 Greater Rift 4) Leave Greater Rift 5) Start Act 3 The Bridge of Korisikk's Bounty: Clear the Caverns of Frost 6) Get to Level 2 of cave 7) Kill all monsters Actual Result(s): - A Legendary item (unidentified Shi Mizu's Haori armor) dropped but showed a green star on map Expected Result(s): - A Legendary item (unidentified Shi Mizu's Haori armor) would drop with a gold star on mapTheCatalyst0 Apr 10
Apr 10 Textures Broken When I changed a few graphics setting after getting the PTR set up tonight, some of the textures became messed up. Usually on spots that were static, like the merchant stalls and certain spots on maps. I've included a couple of screen caps for reference. Apr 10
Apr 10 Primal Puzzle Ring != Primal Vault Description: A Primal Puzzle Ring does not open a Primal Vault; instead it opens an Ancient Vault. Steps: 1) Cube an Ancient Puzzle Ring (Ancient Vault opens) 2) Cube a Primal Puzzle Ring (Ancient Vault opens) Actual Result(s): - A Primal Puzzle Ring opens an Ancient Vault, not a Primal Vault Expected Result(s): - A Primal Puzzle Ring would open a Primal Vault - A Primal Vault would greatly exceed an Ancient Vault's dropsTheCatalyst2 Apr 10
Apr 10 2.6.5PTR Chantodo's Will bug I would like to report a bug of Chantodo's Will found on the PTR. There is a chance that after the wizard enters Archon form, Wave of Destruction only does damage to enemies extremely close towards the wizard (like within 5 yards). Normally, Wave of Destruction is supposed to do damage to all enemies within 30 yards as designed. I have yet to find a reliable way to reproduce the bug, but from time to time it seemed to happen more likely with less than 150 Archon stacks.Agrael0 Apr 10
Apr 10 2.65 items Not, sure if this had been reported yet, I am able to get the "bag of fortune" from Djank, but when I try to right click to open, the bag disappears and no items.SUKIE3 Apr 10
Apr 10 DH can wear Invoker set My DH can wear the invoker set for crusaders and akkan amulet.Sterinn1 Apr 10
Apr 9 Loot Dropped Outside of the Map I killed an elite while doing bounties on Cavern's of Araneae at TXVI, a spider mob and it seemed to leave the map right before it died, I heard the noise for legendary drops, but no items dropped on the visible ground.Macgyiver0 Apr 9
Apr 9 New PTR build with bugfixes for updated items? Please? Chantodo, DoD, etc, all buggedCMyTA0 Apr 9
Apr 9 Enhancement: Identify Ancients/Primal in Messages Description: This is an enhancement request to identify Ancient and Primal items in Messages so players can better identify and prioritize items to claim. This would allow players to better identify and prioritize items to claim first after a season ends. Picture of current Messages that does not identify Ancients or Primals: Steps: 1) Launch PTR 2) While in Town, Click messages icon in bottom left 3) Attempt to identify items of value that are Ancient or Primal Actual Result(s): - Items in Messages do not indicate if item is Primal or Ancient Expected Result(s): - Items in Messages would indicate if item is Primal or Ancient - e.g. Focus (Primal), or Focus [Primal]TheCatalyst0 Apr 9
Apr 9 inventory spaces are "Untouchable" the lower part of the inventory spaces cannot be clicked. the objects in those spaces are untouchable. this also effects the lower icons at the bottom (like the the mirror icon) they also are "Untouchable". it makes playing the game too difficult and maybe impossible in some situations. I tested the 2.6.4 season 16 and this bug does not exist... it is only for the new 2.6.5 where the bug occurs. i have windows 10, alienware computor and I never have seen this bug before now... sincerly, robber2108.Robber21081 Apr 9
Apr 9 Vyr Chantodo Rune Mismatch Ele% Bug Vyr Chantodo Rune selection mismatch with max elemental% on gear causes your Chantodos damage to not benefit from that elemental% damage. In the video, I apply 40% cold element to my gear, and test first the damage of chantodos without any other bonuses. My test setup was at around 10K int, 5% CHC, 50% CHD. Chantodo WoD Damage with Slow Time Archon Rune selected and 40% Cold: 17,166,352 Chantodo WoD Damage with Pure Power Archon Rune selected and 40% Cold: 12,261,809 12,261,809 * 1.4 = 17,166,352.6 Vyr 2 pc gives all runes but doesn't provide the same damage for Chantodos if you select the wrong rune. This is a bug. It should be fixed so that players can't possibly make this mistake, and additionally, so multi-element chantodos setups can have more of a fighting chance by allowing both of their elements to benefit from the different elemental percentages applied to their gear.Cratic1 Apr 9
Apr 9 As requested Reaper's bug I feel silly saying "Reaper's wraps say 100% health restore and it does exactly what it says" but the general consensus is that it is a PTR bug not an accident or an exploit. So here it is as the consensus also says this is where it belongs even though I always thought a bug was when something did not do what it was supposed to.Bassdude1 Apr 9
Apr 9 Devour Sanitated I've noticed that once you reach 25 stacks the time keeps increasing up to several minutes. Now on PTR I have a hard time even get to max stacks because the tooltip reads 2 seconds left irrepsectively how many corpses are devoured. Is this a hidden fix or do I miss something? Cheers EuclidEuclid0 Apr 9
Apr 9 Primal Jekangbord doesn't roll max. Talking about the legendary stat Blessed shield ricochets to 6 nearby and its damage is increased by [300-400%]. My primal ancient has 300%, doesnt even show a bracket when pressing ctrl.DutchFreak3 Apr 9
Apr 9 Primal beam not showing. I've found three primals this far, and not seen a red beam yet. Yes, two of them was from the goat. One was from a DH set pack, so you could argue that the beam was lost in the clutter of the many items, and the other one was a off hand pack, not a big clutter so it shouldn't get lost. Third was from a grift boss. Would be able to see that without thinking about it. Not a huge bug, but I think there is something about seeing that red beam and hoping for a nice primal you can use.Gallus0 Apr 9