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2h A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis4934 2h
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18m DIABLO IV - What Do We Expect? Here is what I personally would like to see from DIABLO IV: ... ... "High-Level"-Overview - What D4 NEEDS: D1&D2 Style Music (Composed by Matt Uelmen) D1&D2 Style Atmosphere and Mood. Plausible Biblical Dark Gothic Medieval World that is being invaded by the forces of Hell. We the mortal-heroes embark on a unlikely to succeed journey, in an attempt to wander a medieval world that is being engulfed in evil misery, flames, and is about to break apart and be swallowed into the infernal pits of hell. Maybe, just maybe, we the foolish heroes reach the end of our dangerous and long journey where the Devil Himself awaits our misery so he can absorb our soul and turn our carcass into another hellish creature that will wander the world in an attempt to spread more evil. Maybe, just maybe, we dare to attempt to slay the Mortal-Incarnation of the Devil Himself, and save the Mortal World from destruction. Signature and Iconic Isometric-View Lore with a focus on strong medieval-biblical mood-setting, rather than shoving poor story-writing and story-telling down our throats with weird Butterflies and borderline retarded villains etc. Surface Maps are not only tile-based and procedural generated, but also wide-open with castle ruins, bridges, creeks, vegetation, Lore-structures, quest-structures, etc. Filled with Monster packs, unique mini-bosses, Champions, Elites, Super-Elites etc. Some Monsters have dangerous auras, and those monsters can by pure chance and randomness be in the proximity of a trash pack, and thus turn that trash pack into a highly dangerous encounter. Dynamic situations can arise where even two or three elite-packs mingle in a huge group of trash mobs, turning it into a death-trap or slaughter-fest depending on if the player is underleveled and under-geared or properly leveled and properly geared due to magic finding and character building. Fully Randomized Big Area Maps (Procedural Tile-Based Map Generation utilizing hundreds or even thousands of small-size tiles per map) that create a true mesh of maps that give a sense of "world". Between acts there should be big and elaborated "hub towns". That world, is also full of dungeons, caves, abandoned castle ruins, abandoned temples, crumbling remains from the crusades, crypts, crumbling remains of various architectural styles according to the cultures that lived there (Medieval Europe, Mystic Persia, The Amazon, Celtic culture, Asian or East-Indian cultures etc.) High-Detail Act-Hub-Towns where players can hang out, group up, trade, PVP, craft etc. D2-LOD Style Itemization (Normal/Ethereal/Magic/Rare/Set/Unique/Runeword/Charms Items etc. and new stuff added on top) D2LOD itemization cleaned up a bit, and pushed to the next level. Huge amount of Quest-Lines that offer visual as well as real character-development perks. Many quests are tied to the story, and many quests are optional. Some quests must have highly desirable rewards, where as other quests can offer only small rewards. Main Time-Sink in D4 must be Questing, and killing countless monsters and leveling up in the process, which also results in long-term Loot-Hunt. All of these activities must be meshed together. Questing must be tied to character development. Character Development must consist of Leveling up, developing Skill Trees, Questing for world-advancement and highly desirable character perks, as well as Loot hunt that rounds off our own character builds and optimizes them. Leveling 1-99 where the final levels require a lot of time-investment and applying Game knowledge. Leveling 85-99 should be "icing on the cake" and a status symbol. It should offer more skill-points we can spend, but should not "make or break" a build. In D2, a character with a level of 85 is not much much weaker than a level 95 etc, yet it still gives a clear incentive to keep grinding out those last levels and receive the associated power with investing the time. 50% or more of the Character Power comes from Character Level and Skill Tree Choices 50% or less of the Character Power comes from a huge variety of gear choices that further improve the chosen Skills from the Skill Trees. 6-8 Players Magic Find as an affix MUST come back - No Brainer ALL Content balanced for Solo AND Team Play Optional Item-for-Item Trading Optional Ranked "Wild-West" Open World PVP with Permanent Opt-Out (collect heads/hearts/ears for display in hideout) Optional Ranked Arena PVP Single-Player Offline Mode (Characters separate from Online-Characters) Expandable Player-Hideouts and Clan-Hideouts D3 Style Fluid Combat D3 Style Overall-Game-Polish D3 Style Technical-Polish POE Style listening to Long-Term Core-Diablo Veterans, as well as immediately acting upon the feedback that comes from the Core-Diablo Veterans 100% Optional NON-Pay-To-Win Micro-Transactions for Cosmetic In-Game perks like Transmogs (Enable Everyone to set an option in the settings to view the Real Visuals of other players' gear) ... Deep Long-Term Character Development & Leveling (especially in the final 10 character levels - aka 90-99) Deep and interesting Itemization & Long-Term-Loot-Hunt Dark Gothic Medieval Hopeless Mood/Setting/Music/World Visceral, Engaging, and satisfying Combat and World-Engagement Endless Replayability trough Random World generation, Long-term Loothunt (aka "I have yet to find items X, Y, Z to perfection my build") and huge amount of Lore-Rooted Epic Quest-Lines as well as optional Item-For-Item Trading and PVP and other time-sinks. *Many additional Quest-Lines must be dispersed throughout the world that have nothing to do with the game lore itself, but rather are tied to their own lore and areas within the world or characters in the game world. Example: you stumble upon temple ruins in some act and area map, and you stumble upon a writing on a wall in that temple, and the writing reveals an old myth from the civilization that once lived there, and you can accept and embark on a journey to complete that quest-line, or you just keep going with the normal Game-Lore quest lines for now, and choose to come back later to complete this optional Quest-Line at a later time.... Remember: 50% or MORE of our character power MUST come from our own Skill-Tree Builds, and items are ONLY responsible for 50% or LESS of our character power. Items must round-off, optimize, and improve our Already powerful builds. This ensures that no item is mandatory, and many constellations could potentially work for a particular build. Will "optimal-cookie-cutter-builds" exist? Absolutely, but those players that could not level-up high enough and could not find the items needed for "Cookie-Cutting", will still be able to play end-game-difficulty just fine even with "average" or "Random-Entry-Level" gear. REMEMBER: D2 itemization just needs a silk-gloved light clean-up and then needs to be pushed to the next level in order to be OP-Crazy-Good and allow D4 to reclaim the Isometric ARPG CrownTOPCommander328 18m
23m The fact is . . . We need more goblins more often. First off their loot is paramount for noobs to get more matts quicker. it helps every time you find a goblin when first starting the season because the goblins can move progress along more faster. second. to matts. is portals. where the loot is paramount to progress and we all want more portals. not just us lacking in materials. but more than that is finding portals. itself is near to a dozen white doves in that quite difficult a matter to process. portals are nowhere to be seen. basically to fix the game. unleash more goblins. I myself. have given up on finding the rainbow wings. but those of us who have not quit yet, we are sure we need more of what is so hard to find that quitting is the only option when it becomes too hard to keep going. more goblins I say. more, more more!!THXVolition4 23m
35m QoL Changes - UI, Bounties, & Ubers (Concept Images) QoL Changes: (Updated 4/8/18) Stash Overhaul: ... Witch Doctor & Pet Item Overhaul: (Added 4/5/18) Barbarian Item Overhaul: (Added 4/11/18) NEW! 35m
45m Ignore offline mode whiners They are crypto cheaters making up weak arguments in hope to get better access to game files to ruin game even more like console versions with hacked items, revived dead hc savefiles and other hacks. They still have internet all the time to write those posts and activate Diablo 3 license keys. Diablo 3 doesn't need offline mode. I'm pretty sure almost every gamer has constant internet nowadays and there aren't many things to do on PC without it.Kaelos99 45m
50m Tyraels digestive issues. Tyrael has recently been complaining about his stomach issues again..........a lot! Someone help Tyrael so he will stop complaining so much. Perhaps he got some bad Chinese food in Westmarch...who knows, but someone needs to fix him up!!MaxCarnage17 50m
52m WC3 Reforged Pet Any ideas for the pet we will be getting from Warcraft 3 Reforged? Maybe a cute little Aurther with the Frostmourne.Hindsight13 52m
1h Difficulty Redesign A torment difficulty redesign is needed cause there's just too many torments at the moment. Lower the amount of torments and give players the option to change difficulties before entering game. T13 becomes really easy once you get your items so hopefully we get more difficulty levels somehow.SoloPlayer7813 1h
1h profile page 500 error My main accounts profile page has a 500 error whilst this account doesn't. I haven't logged in on this account after the patch hit whilst on the main one I've done heaps of tweaks such as put potions on all my characters and set up 8 builds on my main Wiz. Has the patch caused a 500 error for anyone else?SwankyDevil44 1h
2h Speed Demon Conquest Am I doing something wrong or is it a glitch? I'm trying to get the conquest completed to move on from Destroyer. I've now done Torment X about 4 times under 2 minutes. Yet, for benefit of the doubt, I ran one today. I just looked and it was 1:47... No completion of Speed Demon Conquest. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks,Tempet5 2h
2h Have RGs drop bounty mats Please, give us an alternative way to get bounty mats. Do you know who run bounties nowadays? Bots... because normal humans can't stand doing bounties. It's not fun to run around giant maps to find some den, and run around giant den level 1 to find level 2 and run around giant level 2 to find every single !@#$%^- enemies and kill them all Legit players run them because it's a "necessary evil". Just have RGs drop them. Even if it's just a single one of each at T13... It's not hard to code. Please. Please.YUKI6 2h
2h Suggestion about salvaging legendaries Hi, I have some suggestion about salvaging items for mats: you may create some sort of container that will remove all legendary items put into it or an option to remove all legendaries from your inventory or possibility for selecting items you want to destroy. It is both boring and frustrating to remove item after item when the inventory is full. Good day to youKrzysztof7 2h
3h Unfairly Kicked Kicked from bounty <Redacted by forum moderator>? Does anyone know this clan or person? He brags about doing more than anyone in public bounty then goes on to kick me while others did not even take time to see I was in middle of a bounty. Was not afk at all whole time during bounty run. This guy needs to be reigned in now. Contacted support then filed every claim I could against them. Not my first kick from bounty runs. Letting bounty stay unclaimed also leads to this childish behavior by some players like this guy. I usually do more and always help fellow players, so why do some have to cause harm. Calling support to talk about this, fed up.profitz15 3h
3h Getting dupes legend gems Guys, how u get dupe legend gems(i see streamers with stash full of the same legend gems). I can only get a new one after augmentation, thats it. Is it some kind of trick/knowledge?jeroni10 3h
3h Speed Demon Help Hello all, I need some help because I'm clearly doing something wrong. I'm trying to complete the conquest Speed Demon which is to complete a Nephalem rift at torment X under 2 minutes. I swore I had completed this in the past, but gave the benefit of the doubt to Blizzard and ran one again, just now. I got it completed in 1:47....No completion of conquest. Please tell me what I'm doing wrong? do I have wrong info? I'm reading right off the game, but its not giving the conquest to me. Thanks,Tempet3 3h
4h What was your guaranteed primal this season? So what did you guys get for your guaranteed primal when hitting GR70 this season? Was it useful? Mine was Warzechian and it was perfect for my DH speed build.Alvy56 4h
4h Forum navigation messed up on my phone So there used to be a menu on the forum on the top left if I was in a thread I could hop to any other part of the forum. For example hopping from general discussion to Demon Hunter. Now it's gone and that menu only let's me go to the main website pages.TrvAix7 4h
4h LoN needs just a lil bit more We are alrwady well into the season. I just read an article about the best LoN builds per class. It seems like most could go to a 100GR, which means they are basically about 30-50% on average weaker than the set builds. I feel like a 1200-1300% bonus would push the LoN to the same level as the standard for the set builds and make the game even more diverse. I would love to try a LoN Frenzy Barb :)Herowar46 4h
4h What is the best way to compete with bot users in DIII? I wonder what could be the best way to compete with botters since a ladder seems to be an integral part of the core game and seasonal leagues. Any tips or suggestions? Thank you in advanceRandyMarsh36 4h
4h Greater Rift Incoming Damage NOTHING except the rift guardian should 1hit you on -ANY- level. Honestly, there is no doubt in my mind that your great rift concept is a hit in WoW but not in Diablo. It's your design, stop being pig headed in Diablo and make it viable. You know what I'm talking about. Impalers, poison and frost; ENTIRELY over tuned. FIX IT. This game is fun, you just -REFUSE- to tune the end game. WHY?Luridbane5 4h
5h Transmog and the Wardrobe Hey, recently returning player after a long time away, and I've just got one question: Are there any plans to make transmogrified appearances save to the wardrobe so they change along with the gear and skills? Like, if I have two setups, one based around lightning and the other based around fire, I'm gonna want to have a different look for each, right? If nothing else, I probably want my gear dyed blue for the lightning and red for the fire.Sharkon2 5h
5h I used to be a D3 enthusiast like you.... and then I took an Activision in the knee.TardarSauce11 5h
5h Set Dungeons need to go... Since completing Set Dungeons is a requirement to obtain the stash tab I haven't completed any season rewards... It's the more tedious and boring mechanic ever in an ARPG game...Phrenetiko11 5h
6h This community is grasping for straws According to this community: Activision=Evil Blizzard= AMAZING PERFECT 100% NOT THE PROBLEM Activision-Blizzard=Evil This is the sad state of these forums. It's because you abolish Blizzard of any wrong doing, it can release Diablo Immortal with ease and take none of the blame. Even now, I see countless people standing up for the "righteous and just" Blizzard. We deserve Diablo Immortal, as well Diablo 4 to be canceled, and I for one am glad this seems to be the case.Phase22 6h
6h Ban if you regularly take bounty mats from your bot I was asked to RGK last night for a bunch of 2k paragon players, I'm like 1350. So obviously as my friend pointed out, no one else was online at the time to RGK lol. Anyway, the Wizard casually mentioned that he takes bounty mats from his bot account on the regular, and it was part of his game plan to remain on the leader board for 4 player. I left, and i must admit i was a bit drunk at the time so i said something along the lines of "quit botting you effing losers" spelt out like that lol. Anyway I got a bunch of nasty whispers calling me different slurs. It's just kind of sad that I was being punished for not wanting to benefit from botters. I'm sorry, I just can't knowingly benefit from botters. As in play with them and get gem ranks and stuff. I just can't! But at the end of the night I was rewarded by RNGesus with a Primal Deathwish on my Wizard alt character, who I'm trying to build up. My point is, you shouldn't have to bot to be on the 4 player leader board. And if you do, you sould get canned. Even if it's your second account doing the botting. you're still benefiting from it.TrvAix11 6h
7h It's Time... It's been years and these are still a thing: - Cesspools still has massive video lag - Arreat [maps] have massive video lag when Lava Falls are in the background - The Bridge of Korsikk has massive video lag half across ++ 200 FPS everywhere else (seems the in-game FPS Panel doesn't go higher) - Cursed chests sometimes don't open after clearly killing the Spawned MonstersMcCloud12 7h
7h Season 16... everything is dust in the wind. Season 16 is a big tease. We don't get to keep the toons we work all season to develop. Once the season ends they are borked. Now we have to sacrifice a ring spot or cube spot to put the RoRG. It's all back to normal and we gained nothing except tired wrists and aching fingers. All the other themed seasons we kept everything we worked on all season. But when season 16 ends it will be like we just started from scratch and played a few months of non-season! We didn't get a huge stash of goblin loot or double bounty caches to show for all our work. I guess it's like a "non-themed season" in the end except we don't even get another stash tab. Anyway it is a fun season. Keep it up Blizzard!diablojoe7 7h
8h HC Seasonal with 3k para Yes, the top DH player on HC EU Seasonal cleared a GR124 with 3000+ paragons. the paragon system is clearly out of control and leaving casual players way behind.Romano26 8h
9h Please introduce a custom render scale option! There's been a trend with many new PC games allowing players to set their render resolution independently from their display resolution. In my opinion, Diablo III is one of the games that would most benefit from such an option, and I would very much like to see this functionality officially added! Custom render scale choices are already available in games/programs like World of Warcraft, Grand Theft Auto V, the Dolphin Emulator, etc. These options provide a considerable benefit to players running both high-end and low-end hardware. Players that are running low-end hardware tend to benefit from such an option because they can lower the resolution that the game is rendered at internally, while still keeping the crispness of their native display resolution for the interface. This would benefit me personally when I play on my laptop, which runs a rather modest Intel HD Graphics 4600 iGPU. However, my desktop is an entirely different beast from my laptop, and I could potentially improve image quality significantly by instead rendering the game at a higher internal resolution. Assuming vsync is off, my GPU is more than capable of churning out well over 200 FPS in most situations. I'm able to crank up the resolution to 5120x2880 with NVIDIA DSR and keep over 60 FPS. While the image quality is great, this does still add some moderate blur to the interface (even with 0% smoothness) and it does limit me to playing in native fullscreen mode. Diablo III caters to an extremely large market of players, and I would love to see this single option added to the benefit of everyone. Players that need more performance would be given the option to lower their visual quality further without compromising the sharpness of the UI, while players that could stand to push things further would benefit with what's essentially SSAA (which is a massive improvement over the FXAA that's currently offered!). Thanks for reading! :DKodiack7 9h
9h Make crafting great again! Crafting in D3 sucks. Except for 2 piece death breaths hunting set, no one really uses anything else. I did see someone crafting shoulders or cold skill axe, but that's it... From around 50+ recipes... only 2-4 are used by 1% of the players. Why? Recipe's in cube, are not really crafting but more re-rolling. It's def improvement for before kanai cube era, but nowhere near as where it should be. Not only crafting can add so many more layers to the game, but it would also be easy to create more builds and longevity by modifying how underlying skills perform, thus creating many new possible builds. Crafting should always be the best items in game. It's probably too late for D3, but maybe they can be used in a LON Set. Why should they be the best? Simple: it allows them to be random enough, thus create interesting builds and not have 1000's of players have same exact build with 3 things determine win = P level, Grift layout luck, and smallest of all, skill. Crafted item should be the best in game but max to about 10%, thus allowing everything else to co-exist and very good craft = very good ancient and only the best craft should surpass ancients/primals. Crafting should be relatively cheap to do but also hard to roll well. Kinda like D2, don't split into primary and 2ndary stats. Leave it all primary, thus increasing random pool, which makes it hard to roll but also creates potential for a great roll. What do add to make crafting worth it? It should have it's own pool of affixes but also borrow from current red stats on ancients but allow that to be cross-characters. For example - YC has 50% MS cost reduction. Why not use 50% and attach it to some random skill in that class? Or maybe random skill currently being used by that build? Or, maybe add gem effects to random pool (within reason). They can never be modified and always roll with socket where possible. Main goal is to create very diverse yet interesting items that can and should be the best in game. This would only not only loosen dependency on sets (while not rule them out) but also create builds with skills no one can imagine being viable right now. Also, it will make people roll 100's of not 1000's items per char, thus using materials, gems, and gold, thus player more rifts. I realize my ideas are bare bones and not defined enough or nowhere near balanced, but that's the point of this post. Oh ya, they should ALWAYS be traded.javazon32 9h
9h An Idea for Season 17. In case anyone from the Diablo 3 team actually reads the forum posts, I have a pretty neat idea for the Season 17 buffs, which will bring a much-needed breath of fresh air to D3. For the next season, instead of the RoRG buff, give us the LON buff. This will open up a huge amount of build diversity next season.unhomie10 9h
10h Disgusting layoffs, Activision 800 people lost their job today and the real problem is still here. The CEOs salary is $1,750,000 and on top of that $2,808,688 was received as a bonus + multiple millions of stock bonus. A real leader would take responsibility and would have halved his salary first before destroying hundreads of familys. They don’t cut down their loyal workers to make investors happy. This is so disgusting. I will refuse to spend a single cent on your games. I am so done with that company. I wont feed the shareholders and that greedy managment. #FireBobbyKoticklazy85 10h
2h Path of Exile did it again new and innovative game play has been added to the game in Synthesis the game just gets richer and more complex nothing ever feels old in that gamewhaso28 2h
10h Aus server super lag it's been almost a week,i live in Thailand,my ping usually around 200(sign..)which is green and playable,but this few days when I enter a GR when the fight start,the latency went up instantly(3000 the highest I've ever encounter..geez),while the us server is fine although the ping a bit higher(before the gr open),what's happening there?any 1 else have same issue?Winforce9 10h
12h Cursed gear + affixes + meaningful numbers on D4. I an talking about a possible next diablo. D3 is already in maintenance mode. On Diablo 2, there are tons of different affixes for items And i really miss it. Should i pick this piece of gear that increases my skill level or this who makes me recover from hits faster? Should i pick this gear with Spell Procs or with +skill level? This +casting speed or more elemental resistance? But one thing that i miss was CURSED gear. It allowed for example the BNM challenge "Beyond Naked Mages (BNMs) are Sorcerers who use only "cursed" equipment with negative stats. " I think that cursed gear should not only proportionate negative status like on D1, making then useless for everything except challenge, but offers pros and cons. For example, an ring that increases your magic finding but removes a little of your health. Or an cursed sword with who heals his master when damages enemies, but removes defenses and constantly damage his user. One think that is awful on Diablo 3 is that every class gears in favor of higher weapon damage. Can you imagine if in next diablo, Barbarians tries to maximize his mana pool or casting speed because faster they can cast spells, more strength they have? That is the situation with casters. Your golem is not powerful as your create golem skill, but to your weapon. Talking about castin speed, on Dark Souls II, with my Hexer build, i purchased 4 boss weapons that i don't meet the requirement to use. Why? Because is the unique way to get Black Hood that bosts your casting speed by 11 pts and is very cool. Few more frames that i don't need to cast affinity could means the differente between being hit by the boss or dodge rolling and hitting him with an powerful spell. This is what an RPG should aim. Numbers that reflect something(i can compared my Dark Orb damage to a ballista shoot, both around 330 damage in the same enemy on Iron Keep, 30/30 int/fht and +8 sorc staff) and small increments being very impact-full. Not +20 000% weapon damage. Stats should reflect what your character can and cannot do. Someone with low STR should't be able to wield effectively two gigantic clubs and how high and low str. On D2 there are a little "number" inflation, but nothing like D3. The damage escales from dozens to low thousands. On D3 the damage scales to billions.L0rdV1ct0r12 12h
17h A Plea : Remove Progression Globes(and other changes) The Math - Kill all monsters you come across while you run as fast as you can entrance to exit through greater rift floors = best clear time speed 100% truth. The Elite Hunting Mentality - Elite packs offer the most clear time progress because progress orbs are worth ~5% rift clear. The Truth - Rathma Necromancers do the most damage in the game hands down but are severely limited by their low mobility and toughness, this might apply to tons of other possible builds that can clear trash just as easily as they clear elite packs, absolute Rift Killers. The Solution - Remove progress orbs AND juggernauts from the game. Roll the progress orb rift clear percentage back into the monsters that spawn on the map. The But Why? - The spirit of Diablo is to kill demons and monsters and all the baddies of hell threatening sanctuary. Many here have fond memories of exploring every single corner of those pixelated dungeons from back in the day, every monster you killed was worth your time because it gave you XP for those next 5 attribute points, and that monster might even drop a nice unique you can use with some good life steal, attack speed or hit recovery. The Strength In Numbers buff is already in the game for that reason, but as a rathma necro, i have to kill the rift as I go, or I die. The game is a bullet hell when you do the most damage in the game, dodging is 100% equal to doing damage at that point and the barrier for progress is specifically that it takes much more time and effort to kill everything, than it does to just zip zip zip, out of the aggro range of trash mobs, goings elite pack to elite pack. It also means you kill more monsters, get more xp and clear rifts faster than you ever could going elite to elite. But those obviously don't mean anything, because if you CAN go elite to elite fast enough, there is a breakpoint threshold where you can push much higher than a rift killer based solely on the fact that you don't have to do as much damage, or kill as many monsters. Anyway, I could be way out to lunch here, but the whole system needs a rework. Its lame to be either kicked from a game, or left behind to play by myself because its literally impossible to just run through a rift and gather massive amounts of aggro and do damage without dying to JUST elite packs. Not that I would ever want to play like that anyways, it would be like playing a first person shooter and ignoring everything but major characters and boss battles, LOL.Elanuzuru21 17h
19h So... Season 17, what is it? What's it gonna be?DieHarder14 19h
1d How about... ...moving the Paragon Level-Up icon to the bottom left or right of the screen. Cool. Thanks.McCloud9 1d
1d Didnt get a primal from my GR 70 Anyone else have this problem? Also have not gotten any primals after doing the 70 which may just be really unlucky but could be linked.Zexen17 1d
1d Did Diablo Community Managers Survive? Heard about Activision/Blizzard clearing out employees like a rift speed run. Did any of our beloved Diablo community managers survive?MaxCarnage11 1d
1d Density option under settings Guys i saw there is a density option under settings, i messed aroind with it and it makes a big difference, what density u are running and why?jeroni6 1d
1d More character slots on Switch I have run into a problem that effectively doesn't allow me to play Seasons, or Hardcore, or anything other than the core characters. I should first mention I have one of each of the seven character classes. I like to play them all, and gather gear for each of them while playing any one of them. Where I run into a problem is when I create a second set of each one of these characters, essentially so that I have a mule-type character for each class, to be able to set aside variations in gear and whatnot to expand my options for my main characters, if I so choose to. On Nintendo Switch, 14 characters maxes out the available slots, thereby limiting where I can play. I've chosen to just play them all in regular, non-season, non-hardcore play. I know this is my choice, and I could do anyway with the mules to expand my play options, but I like the strategy I have come up with and it actually has worked in the past. This is now the third time for me playing Diablo 3. I started on PC all those years ago. Eventually I gave console play a try, with Xbox, and I found that I enjoyed that as well! So, it was only natural to be excited for portable play on Switch. While I didn't play long on Xbox, I did play for a very long time on PC. I remember having all the characters I needed back then. In fact, I believe the max available at that time was 15. This was post Reaper of Souls expansion, but prior to the Necromancer releasing. I don't know what the state of this is now on PC, since I have not returned since the Necro became available. The 15 slots I was accustomed to suited me very well though. It was enough for one of each character, plus mules for each (at the time that would be a total of 12: 6 main, 6 mules). That left three open slots. I was able to use one for Seasons, one for Hardcore, and one as sort of a floater, or just open and available for whenever I needed it. I think it would be wonderful if this was again available to me, this time on Switch! I'd say at least 17 character slots should do the trick, for my purposes. That would be seven main, seven mules, for a total of 14 (the current max), with three left over, leaving one for Seasons, one for Hardcore, and one extra. I know I could dump my mules to achieve what I'm trying to do in Seasons/Hardcore, but I'd almost rather forgo S/H to keep some extra gear on some extra characters, in case I fill up my stash and would like other options, in terms of gear, to switch up my character(s) . Plus, those mules, if I level them up all the way, could actually wear the gear as well, further giving me more options. I'm sure others have to be in the same predicament as me. I just thought it useful to make a mention in case no one else had done so already. This way, can't say I didn't try! Thanks for listening, and I hope you'll consider expanding the character slots on Nintendo Switch (by at least 3).Bone2 1d
1d Stash Tab NOT Armory Tab Why did Diablo developers think it was a better idea to add 5 more armory tab instead of 5 more stash tab? They said they wanted us to try out new builds for the new season, well if we are going to experiment with new build we need will need more space for gear. The logic behind adding armory over stash tab to promote new build is simply backwards. Currently, at 5 armory tabs I do not even use it all, so what is the point of having 10 armory tabs? Diablo developers are you guys even listening to your players, or our you pulling ideas from a hat, or from a small minority of players who have no clue about the game?FatNeckbeard29 1d
1d Revive a Deleted Character Is it possible to get a character I deleted by accident revived?DunceanHill1 1d
1d Mix up the Meta! I'll keep this extremely short and simple, its obvious the game developers are fine with how this games meta has evolved with and around support classes/builds. Well if the dev's are truly fine. Can we have some minor tweaks to existing abilities for the Necromancer and Wizard to offer viable support alternatives to the standard zmonk/zbarb. Its getting really boring playing those two classes as the only true support for cutting edge push content. The class abilities are there, nothing but a numbers tweak at this point to shake up the meta that has been around for years.Gzip1 1d
1d Diablo Immortal Release Date Hi, Any news or possible release date for Diablo Immortal? ThanksBushido43 1d
2d Echoing Fury So, I recently obtained a Echoing Fury while doing a greater solo rift, and I'm confused as to why it holds so much value when there isn't much to it. Is it still actually worth anything anymore?Eternal9 2d
2d No CM in Europe. No update on EU forum. It's totally misrespect against players in Europe from Blizzard. On EU, we have a subject talking about 2.6.1 and as you know, 2.6.4 has been deployed since 15th January 2019. One month later, an update of this subject? Absolutely not. It's possible to ask to a CM in Europe who can do his job or not? FFragdoktor9 2d