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Jul 9 A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis5381 Jul 9
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Jul 9 Diablo III Forum Migration – July 9, 2019 As with other Blizzard game titles, the time has arrived for the Diablo III forums to migrate to new forum software. There are a few important things to note about this migration process: Existing threads will not be carried over to the new forums The existing forums will be available in read-only mode for some time after the Forum Migration completes The same forum categories that you are used to will be available on the new forums Logging into the new forums will be no different from the current forums; just sign in with your existing account and you'll be good to go! We’re targeting the forum migration to happen between June 24 – July 9th – we are letting the community know early so they can be prepared for the switch to new forums. We’ll keep the community updated as we get closer to the dates above and post about when the final switch to the new forums will happen. You may have questions about the upcoming migration. Please feel free to ask them in this thread and we'll do our best to check in and answer as many as we can! We're looking forward to our shiny new community space and hope to see you there. Edit: Made a small adjustment to the last bullet point to correct some erroneous information.Nevalistis117 Jul 9
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking D3Planner DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76Kauza1 Nov 13, 2015
Jul 9 Is this the game for me any more? Since this thread doesn't have the original post any more. I'll just add my latest comment that kinda sums up some of what I'm experiencing from the Multiplayer aspect of Diablo 3. I pretty much feel like soloing is the way to go for me for right now, until the next season when there more legit players come back. ... ... Because the people in that group were botters / using a script to control their StarPact, that they got from a botting website. So the whole thing was skewed. Take botting out of the equation and those three people never would have been asking me to run 129s on my Zmonk. They would have been lucky I let him group with me on my Vyr's Chantodo's Archon wiz. My Wiz is at 4,000,000 Damage self buffed by the way. And Yes in case you didn't know, Orrion, Botters actually play the game to do high level stuff. That's part of the problem too. I just want to do low levels like 75s-100s for gem ups, but they get that done by botting 105s 24 hours a day. To answer your question, Meteorblade, Support Monk is my 3rd alt. I shouldn't be running 129s with my 3rd alt that I have 11 hours played on. 129 would have been my personal best for any season on any characer. ever. The problem was I was dying a lot. It's actually pretty hard for me to find non botters this late in the season. If you look at my hours played this season my Vyr's Chantodo's Archon Wizard, you will see that it's a billion times more hours played than my Monk. The botters get to DPS, because they are higher paragon. Even though I'm highest paragon this season that I've ever been in any season ever. It's not good enough. (Wizard: 165 hours, Monk: 11.5 hours) So If i was able to play Wizard with non botters, I probably would have been carrying on my Wiz and I would be worshiped for being amazing. PS: I'm going to let a little emotion show through here. But if you hate me bragging all the time, why do you constantly try to get me to brag, by making me look bad. So I have to defend myself? If I make you feel bad when I brag, don't make me do it! Ok? Just accept that maybe I say what I say for a reason.TrvAix74 Jul 9
Jul 9 I Broke My Favorite Game! I have been playing Diablo 3 for a long time. I keep it fresh by trying different gear, abilities, and skills. Lately, I have been playing with the ring set: Litany of the Undaunted and The Wailing Host. Getting Ancient Legendary gear for all seven of my characters was very easy and fun. Then, one day I decided to try for the "Beating a Level 70 GR" goal and accomplished it with my Ancient builds. Since then, nothing is dropping! I get lots of Legendaries like before, but nothing is coming up Ancient any more! I didn't expect to get Primals based on what I have heard about the drop rate, but I always expected to keep getting Ancients. What changed? Did I move to a new "drop-rate chart" because I beat a GR at level 70?mrpid11 Jul 9
Jul 9 Wow, just Wow Has this happened to anyone else? I thought having 2 next to each other was odd. Then boom. The third one appears. BTW, if you didn't get it, check out the mini map on the image.MOE5 Jul 9
Jul 9 Barbarian Community Buff Proposal--UPDATES ARE LIVE! UPDATE 7/3: We've just released a massive update to the proposal that addresses cross-class comparisons and offers additional buff proposals. Every section has been updated with new information in BLUE text so you can tell the original bits from the new bits. Check it out: We're very excited as this completes our project and offers a complete vision of the Barbarian class! As always, your feedback and support are much appreciated! And please spread the word: Tweet, email, and chat with your favorite streamers, YouTubers, and the Diablo devs and CMs (on Twitter) and let them know this proposal has been updated! ---------------------------- Hi folks. While Season 17 brought awesome buffs to LON and some classes, Barbs were completely left out of the loop. Nevalistis acknowledged this and made a post about it: ... But the Barb community here on the Bnet forums hasn't been sleeping on this. In fact, we've been hard at work on a MASSIVE, detailed, and carefully calculated buff proposal--and I'm here to unveil that to everyone: The ideas presented in this pitch would fix long-standing issues with sets and skills, increase parity between major builds, elevate some minor builds to major status, and buff LoN and Primary skill builds to minor, and potentially major, status. It would also increase build diversity by offering Slam- and Avalanche-centric options for MOTE-based builds, a two-handed option for Rend builds, and more legitimate choices skill selection. We sincerely hope that Community Managers and developers read our work and take our requests into consideration. Check that out and spread the word! ------------------ Update 1: Currently in the final stages of proofing and editing a massive update to the original proposal. This will include/address: + Intra- and inter-class parity + Regional and global leaderboard analysis + Why Barbs are considerably weaker than other classes and how to fix it + Diverse group play options for Barbs, including 5 potential DPS options from speeds to end-game The master doc went from 23 pages to 38, and we're hoping to whittle a few more pages out before adding the material to the web site. Hoping to have the website fully updated in the next few days. Stay tuned!Free227 Jul 9
Jul 9 NA Challenge Rift 107 Super easy build this week. enjoy the free mats. If your pushing for the leader boards or would just like the maps come on over i have downloadable link in description of video. Thanks guys Jul 9
Jul 9 Am I the only one looking forward to Diablo Immortal? Anyone else? Still no planned release date from what I can seepawlie43 Jul 9
Jul 9 Ancient / Primal Puzzle Ring Results We have cloned all the goblins inside*. And then we doubled it. Okay'ish I guess, but still a little disappointing/uncreative. Not even a different boss. --- * except the bossCybah18 Jul 9
Jul 9 S17 end S18 begin Obviously these dates have not been released, but based around time lengths of previous seasons, I'm willing to bet that season 17 will be ending and 18 beginning right about the same time classic wow is launching (late August). Hopefully, that isn't the case. As I plan on playing classic to a pretty extensive level. But, if season 18 has the barb buffs and balancing that it should, it will be a must play for me as well. So please blizz, spread these apart....vampt8 Jul 9
Jul 9 A brief analysis of the S17 four person leaderboard Lately I've been doing some work with scrapers and data visualization, so as a bit of practice, I took a crack at taking a closer look at this season's four person leaderboard. As most of you know, botting has been a problem for quite awhile, and despite the bans handed out last season, it appears botters are running rampant yet again. That being said, I wanted a better grasp on just how big of an issue this is, so with that in mind, let's get to the data. For starters, the following #s were drawn from Season 17's leaderboard for the Americas server on July 7th, 2019, which is the 52nd day of the season. While leaderboards track the top 1000 clears, I was more interested in what's going on at the highest levels of the game, so samples were selected from four person parties with a GR148 or higher clear. Players with foreign characters in either their clan tag or player name were excluded since the OCR package I was using couldn't process those correctly and manually entering in that data didn't seem like a fun enough time for a weekend experiment. Ultimately, a sample size of 120 players was drawn. From these 120 players, the following #s came about: The average paragon was 3517. The average total hours played across all classes was 773 hours, approximately 14hrs and 50mins per day since the start of the season, but in reality it's actually a bit higher since downtime for server maintenance and unplanned maintenance was not taken into consideration. Necromancer was by far the most popular class by "play" time, with an average of 383hrs and 31mins logged. Witch Doctor was by far the least popular class by play time, with an average of just 2hrs and 30mins. This average is a bit deceiving due to a couple outliers of heavy play. 75% of sample players logged less than 1hr on WD, with many not even reaching lvl70 - most likely just using WD to get Swamp Land Waders via Kanai's Cube. Ouch. Rifts completed and bounties completed were all over the place, so I can't say too much about these.The following is a scatter plot depicting total hours played (y-axis) and paragon (x-axis): The red guide line marks 936 hours played this season so far. 41 of the 120 players have exceeded an average of 18hrs of play per day, every day. An average like that is humanly possible for a short while, but nearly two months? Highly unlikely that any of these players above the line are legitimate (not botting or account sharing). 100 of 120 players have exceeded an average of 10hrs per day, every day. Streamers, students, retirees, homemakers... possibly legit to hit hours like those, but still leaning towards guilty. While this sample was from GR148+, there are quite a few players in the GR139-145 range that are also well over a 1000 hrs logged this season. It seems there is a belief that not clearing a 150 might make it safer to bot? Last season we saw people without 150 clears get banned so hours played probably (hopefully) carries more weight than clears when it comes to manual reviews for banning. Can I include a "Players most likely to be banned" list? I'm not sure about the rules here regarding player aliases. If allowed, I guess I'll add it in the comments section. At some point I'll probably do a more comprehensive look, it would be kind of neat to see class play time distributions changes from season to season and region to region. Unfortunately there's no reliable API for this stuff (at least not that I am aware of), so it would involve quite a bit of scraping. Anyways, that's about all I've got for now, I still have some other charts to put together but probably won't get to it until next weekend - will post when its all available online and you can sift through interactively. If there's something you're curious about, lmk and I'll try to get back to you. Cheers.FunkyMonk32 Jul 9
Jul 9 Nintendo Switch community This topic should help Diablo 3 switch players to find frends or power level guide, and maybe cosmic wing grinding.Miki40 Jul 9
Jul 9 Best Sage Build in Season 17 ? Hello Folks, the coming changes for the "Sage Set" looks very nice: "Sage’s Set: Now doubles the amount of Death’s Breaths that drop " So what would be the best build (all classes) in combination with the Sage Bonus for S17 in T16 level? Akkhan with Condemn or Captain America Sill? or Inna Monk with WOL or Tempest Rush? I tried Tempest Rush and it works very well in S16. A disadvantage is the missing of the Nemesis Bracers. But its a fast and easy going build. Natalya, Tal Rasha and so on should be also a good possibility... Your favorites?AceOfSpades4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Can we get some EU forum moderation please? Over the past few days, a number of threads on the EU General Discussion forum have contained posts that violate the following parts of the Code of Conduct... ... ... ... ... ... One thread in particular contains examples of every single one of these breaches and, despite a number of posts within that thread being reported over a period of days, the offending thread remains completely intact. Why has there been complete inaction when faced with reports of open anti-Semitism and death threats?Meteorblade58 Jul 9
Jul 9 WORLD of Diablo WORLD OF Diablo plz. give a thumbs up if you like idea.Ember23 Jul 9
Jul 9 I Was In Bounties With 3 Bots I've played this game since vanilla and this is a new low. I broadcast cosmetic gob if you want to join, no one responded; I happened to notice one of them in a bounty for very long time so I ported over to see if he needed help and he seemed to be running in circles; the actual best clue was... you know how you enter a boss fight and the other 3 parties need to decline, it usually takes a few secs (and they respond a sec or two apart from each other)? Well I entered boss fights and 3 declined simultaneously, instantaneously. Funny thing the last bounty remaining was Mathael and the bot algorithm couldn't figure out the path so all 3 had to wait on me to finish... They were all 1500+ paragons and one of them was 2500. I am no pro but I still want to compete. Done Solo 118 and want to remain top 100 by end of season. I play solo (ie no rats) so I am already being penalized for having 1000+ less paragons than top players, all I want is no botters on leaderboard. Hope that is reasonable to ask.BillGross35 Jul 9
Jul 9 I LOVE the Rapid Fire buff "Finally", was my first thought after seeing the patch notes for the first time. Rapid Fire buff has been requested for years. It's a good start. I hope also some other skills will be revisited, too: Crusader: Phalanx Heaven's Fury (normal) Fist of the Heavens Barbarian: Weapon Throw Ancient Spear Revenge Overpower Frenzy Wizard: Mirror Image Blizzard Demon Hunter: Bolas Strafe Elemental Arrow Spike Trap Chakram Necromancer: Revive (non thorns) Army of the Dead (?) Witch Doctor: Bogodile Zombie Bears (?) Monk: Tempest Rush Feel free to add something. Keep up the good job! Best regards, RuinedRuined384 Jul 9
Jul 9 Bovine Bardiche I was wondering if the Bovine Bardiche , cow level could be updated something like the puzzle rings got. if it is a Ancient bovine and a primal, give more cows and chests?Lessa11 Jul 9
Jul 9 LON w/ inherent CDR I think LON need 20% inherent CDR. Some builds really hurt because of the lack. What do you guys think?DieHarder9 Jul 9
Jul 9 Anti Cheat in Diablo 4 Please give us and anti cheat program empidid into Diablo 4leostud4 Jul 9
Jul 9 Season 18, season of procs! Highly increased proc coeffecients, no proc cooldowns, all proc damage increased by (super high number but not be really OP). Lets see some dual dagger wielding frozen orb spitting frenzy barbs! Or some super smelly WDs that kill everything by walking up and farting on enemies! I think proc items are really awesome and if they actually procced a decent amount and done some damage/cc then maybe they would see some use post 70. (this is nothing more than a dream as I know that it would take too much work to do effectively and Diablo's 2 developers are too busy playing other games)GameGenie6 Jul 9
Jul 9 New Classes Will there be plans to add new classes? Druid was my favorite class in Diablo 2 and I miss playing this class. I think we could do more with 2 or 3 new classes. Druid, Bard, and Cleric.A1Jao10 Jul 9
Jul 9 How much do I hate Set Dungeons? I've done the entire season journey except completing and mastering a Set Dungeon. See you next season, where I won't do any Set Dungeons.Caracal41 Jul 9
Jul 9 Get your tinfoil hats here So, for days and week I've been following media, everyone been getting hyped over a new Diablo game which will be about killing Butcher, Skeleton King and Diablo for the fourth time while D3 forums are moving ahead instead of being ditched and we get asked for feedback. So hang your tinfoil hats ready as things (and I) will get silly. So here's my conspiracy of a plot twist: they're collecting feedback on D3 and renewing forums for a new expansion pack. Too far? Too spoon? Fork?naksiloth15 Jul 9
Jul 9 PAIN ENHANCER If you have a weapon bleed roll and the pain enhancer. Does that count as two bleed for the pain enhancer attack speed buff. So one mob two bleeds 6% and ten mobs 20 bleeds 60%? The legendary gem says per bleed right?zermus17 Jul 9
Jul 9 Diablo immortal dupe version of Diablo immortal has been released by Tecent(Chinese gaming company) and has failed hard . many Chinese didn't like it at all due to the microtransaction Blizzard is pretty much screwed when they release Diablo immortal on both china and the rest of the world. best day of my life when i hear this failure ,blizzard deserved this.ShootingStar12 Jul 9
Jul 8 D2's runes (and gems) in Diablo 3 I was wondering how D3's gems could be more interesting if they wouldn't just offer Mainstat, Vitality or All-Res for the most part and so I used some of Diablo 2's runes and gems and updated them them for D3: Gems (updated): Runes (updated): Of course, the numbers I used are not 100% balanced yet, but they are primarily used for the purpose of illustration anyway. I think such gems and runes would work best if items had more sockets by default (e.g. two-handed weapons have 6 sockets, one-handed weapons and off-hands have 3 sockets, chest armor has 6 sockets, helm have 4 sockets...) and that sockets are separate from the other affixes, but that you could only put a certain amount of the same type of gem or rune into the same item, which would incentiveze you to fill your items with different gems/runes and not just with gems/runes of the same type. Equipping legendary gems in the cube instead of putting them into jewelry would also make normal gems and runes more interesting to be socketed in jewelry. This may not be perfect, but at least in my opinion such gems and runes would be more interesting than D3's current gems, even if it is just because they offer much more diverse bonuses. How would you improve D3's gems and the socket system? Edit: This post is not a demand or request that something like these gems/runes should be implemented, but rather an intent to stimulate imagination and discussion.clueso57 Jul 8
Jul 8 Any chance for this season's theme to go perma? Just wondering... This season's non-set set bonus, which eliminates the LoN ring set is fantastic, imo. Some of the coolest speed farming variants become available. Devs, please, please, make this a permanent feature of Diablo 3.Etelen40 Jul 8
Jul 8 Are there still any undiscovered in-game secrets? Really hoping to hear from a D3 developer on this one. I was just wondering if there were still any in-game content that is still undiscovered? Whether it's something like cubing a puzzle ring/bovine polearm for the portals or finding materials for the staff of herding, or finding princess lillian for the cosmic wings. Is there anything like a hidden secret or easter egg type in game that D3 players have yet to discover? Anything that is not yet known to the public? I know usually these types of things are announced but if there's something you guys know and we don't know, can you guys give us a clue to finding it? Or let us know that we have discovered all the secret in-game features?SeuTiBeun27 Jul 8
Jul 8 Any statistics on D3 playerbase? Per region/server? Any live statistics tool / website?LyriX88 Jul 8
Jul 8 Season 17: DH drops a Bovine Bardiche Although extremely rare, my Hardcore Seasonal Demon Hunter on the Americas Region dropped a Bovine Bardiche after killing the Greater Rift Guardian. I was really lucky this morning....Normally, when I want to run a Not the Cow Level, I upgrade 10 Rare Level 70 Bardiches I've crafted at the Blacksmith for 1 - 3 Bovine Bardiches....Perusoe25 Jul 8
Jul 8 How many people play diablo III Just curious what is the population playing diablo III? Thanks :)SilkBella25 Jul 8
Jul 8 how is this game? it is worth playing? hello! im relatively new here i played the game in 2014 with auction house. i stopped playing the game and simply forgot. 2 years ago i think i bought the game with the expansion but for an odd reason never got the interest in downloading it until now. i still have my mage in my brother account. a few question 1)it is possible to transfer that character to my new account? 2) how the game changed in this 5 years? 3) it is better or worse than 2014 version? i still didnt played reaper of souls 4)how is PvP? too much unbalance? 5)its worth playing in 2019?Jaim35 Jul 8
Jul 8 Buff Lon more I think Lon should be buffed to 10,000/10 instead of 750/4.Soul14 Jul 8
Jul 8 Primordial Items + 2000 base stats Items allowing for higher statistics just wondering if anyone noticed that it could reach higher valuesBeast6 Jul 8
Jul 8 T16 Bounties Even with all the drop buffs in caches, hardly any players playing bounties in pubs. There goes the reforging plans.happynikon3 Jul 8
Jul 7 Reforge legendary to ancient chance? I've re rolled my Deathwish more than 50 times and not once was it rolled to ancient.... Did they change something? I absolutely feel like the loot table and chances are different among certain items.Kardinal14 Jul 7
Jul 7 Aidan's Revenge Has there been any word on this? Last forum post asking about it was 2017. Is it really that difficult it add it to a drop table? If it is beyond the scope of the current support team, how about making it a seasonal reward? It seems a waste of time to create a transmog and then not include it in the game.Croaker3 Jul 7
Jul 7 Paragon cap in next Season I suggest Blizzard to set a certain limit or cap in Paragon level for the next or future season (around 2000 Paragon, and if it is too low or high, please suggest some good range). If it is too fundemental or radical, it is also good to maintain this for only one season. Although it is capped, players can still "save their exp" earned after the cap and "their exp will be applied to their non-seasonal account" after the season ends. To motivate Seasonal players, Blizzard can double the drop rate of legendary items, the percentage of upgrading legendary gems, or the amount of bounty caches, etc. Rationale: Let me explain simply. There are two types of users who: 1) play 4p meta, nephalem rift, bounties by himself 2-3 hours everyday 2) play 4p meta, nephalem rift, bounties by himself 2-3 hours everyday and use "xxx-bot" for 9-10 hours while he is sleeping or working. Most of huge Paragon junks at this point of season 17 (and before) are case (2) not (1). Although there are other factors (e.g., random generation of monsters, gear, caldessan, etc), if all other conditions are same, Paragon can make a difference as it strongly influences players' damage and toughness. The difference can affect players' maximum availability to achive a certain GR record. My analysis: If so, then, is it a fair competition? I am asking "do rankers purely locate themselves there "purely" by their skill and effort"? That is why I am asking Blizzard to cap seasonal Paragon to around 2000 (if it is too low or high, please suggest some good range). It won't harm players' motivations if they can "save their exp earned after the cap" and their exp will be "applied to their non-seasonal account" after the season ends. To motivate Seasonal players, Blizzard can double the drop rate of legendary items, the percentage of upgrading legendary gems, or the amount of bounty caches, etc.Fangskin97 Jul 7
Jul 7 Looking for people Looking for people to play the game with. Add me on the application at Teter208#1539, or you can leave your gamertag in the comments below and i'll add you.Teter2083 Jul 7
Jul 7 French News Article D4 thoughtsBeast2 Jul 7
Jul 7 Upgrading to DDE version ... I found this posted, but I can't find out where I can upgrade my ROS to DE. If someone can help or provide a link.Puffin1 Jul 7
Jul 7 Why not T31 difficulty to normal rifts? T16 still so easy. T31 = GR150. Or reduce the numbers of torments but make a equivalent difficulty to GR150 in normal game, to do bounties, normal rifts and uber bossDigox22 Jul 7
Jul 7 Seasonal Level Boost? Can someone level boost me? My user is Comyt#1511Comyt4 Jul 7
Jul 7 The future of Diablo Hey all Recently Blizzard has made some changes as a company to remove/censor blood/gore and lewdness to meet its new "standards". Frankly this has me very worried for the future of the Diablo franchise, asides from that phone garbage, that it will become even more toned down than it already is. I know they mentioned in the future they wanted to make the franchise more dark but with out the horror and blood its going to be missing more essentials.Alotosius6 Jul 7
Jul 7 A disconnect - with players and what they want. Adding a armor set and a new portrait then calling it a "new season" isn't content. A free to play game ( no title needed ) delivers plenty of updates but doesn't throw cosmetic items at them - instead they feed players with actual content. Has blizz given up on Diablo?CajunWaffles3 Jul 7
Jul 7 Staff of Herding irrelevant Is crafting the staff of herding for Spectrum transmog worth it or not? Whimsyshire only benefit is spectrum. Whimsydale has better rewards: clouds drop gems & mushrooms Death Breath. Blizzard should reward Herding seekers with an upgrade Whimsyshire. It hasn't changed in 10 years.Zeus7 Jul 7
Jul 7 Tedious Bounties Bounties them selves aren't difficult; if bounties yielded greater bottom line benefit, I don't mean more bounty materials, they would be worth doing. As is they tiresome, repetitious, drudgery; do a load of bounties and spend it all and end up with nothing far more than could be considered rewarding. The one thing I got from bounties was the Sacred Harvester Kali uses. It took 5 months to get that a year and a half ago. Since then I haven't gotten anything close.Lovecraft6 Jul 7