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11h A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis5197 11h
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2d Clarification on Star Pact Wizard We are aware of an interaction between Meteor (Star Pact), Deathwish, and Etched Sigil that some players are using at high level (Greater Rift 148+) play that produces a brief increase in damage. The theorycrafting community reached out to us regarding this interaction and its validity to clarify whether or not it would be considered an exploit. After thorough review, discussion, and internal testing, we have determined that the amount of skill and timing required to pull off this combination is an alternative (and very challenging) way to play Star Pact Wizard rather than an exploit. We will, however, be keeping an eye on this over time and may consider balance changes in the future if it proves to be mandatory or hinders build variety. As we continue to support Diablo III, we’d like to see the number of builds that feel powerful and fun over time expand. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We’re excited to watch the community continue to experiment and inevitably discover more builds as time goes on!Nevalistis73 2d
3d Season 16 Extension Season 16 has proved to be our most popular Themed Season yet, and we’re glad to hear so many of you are enjoying experimenting with the Ring of Royal Grandeur buff. We’ve seen some really cool and unique builds come out of community theorycrafting and seeing them play out in practice has been exciting! We have plans for Season 17, but they are going to need some time for us to test both internally and via PTR closer to launch. To accommodate both the desire we’ve heard for an extension of Season 16 as well as to give us more time to prepare Season 17 (and Patch 2.6.5), we are moving the Season 16 end date to May 12. We hope that you’re enjoying the change-up to your gameplay during the Season of Grandeur and can’t wait to share with you what we’ve got in store for our next theme.Nevalistis214 3d
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking D3Planner DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76Kauza1 Nov 13, 2015
2m from lvl900 till 1014 no primur i my !@# of for lvls but last few weeks ilvled from 900 till 1014 still no primur and i same my frend have few primurs stat strange ore onlunkyShockes3 2m
5m Before the Blizzcon Ticket Sales go live... ... please tell us in broad, but clear words what to expect for Diablo at this years Blizzcon. Last year we were given the impression (whether intentionally or unintentionally doesn't matter) that something big is coming for Diablo at Blizzcon 2018 and many people bought Blizzcon tickets because they were expecting Diablo 4, a Diablo prequel, a Diablo 2 remaster or something big, but not a mobile game (which most of us would probably just consider a minor side project). Therefore, to avoid further inconveniences, I would like to ask if we can get a heads-up on what to expect for Diablo at this years Blizzcon before the ticket sales get live. And with that I don't mean that you have to tell us exactly what is going to happen, but just in broad, but clear terms tell us if it is going to something bigger (aka D4, D2 remaster, Diablo prequel, a Diablo game in the style of God of War or Skyrim, etc.), something smaller (aka more mobile game related stuff, a Diablo card game, etc), or nothing at all. tyclueso4 5m
19m Blizzcon 2019 Announced! For some reason this news makes me depressed somewhat. Just seeing a new Blizzcon is quite the strange thing to say the least! What do you guys feel on this subject?Chetanji51 19m
59m Blizzcon®-4-25-2019 will you go ? Hey guy i never lost one blizzcon but last it was very dissapointed. Will you go ? Well i loved the new patch. If after PTR the official patch cast more new legendary like they did with DH rapid fire, wiz cantodo, crusader blessed shield, necro buffs, wd carnevil to monk and barb so the list is complete. Then i would feel enforceable to show up on Blizzcon to support their work. They already did one amazing job. But if they show more little stuff after patch launches that show more compromise with the Diablo game. So i would ask a couple of day off to go.PardalBR3 59m
1h WHY WHY WHY Ingore Barb again? Barb got no update at all, why you even provide Barb Item pack in PTR shop? Why ignore all Barb posts on PTR discussion? Crusader got reply about Blessed shield SOON after the patch 2 nerf, WHY THERE IS NO INFO ABOUT BARB AT ALL FOR ALL PATCHES AND NO NEWS AT ALL IN 2.6.5???StoneHeart3 1h
1h One Thing That Was Missed -- I see nothing in the patch notes about fixing the blue goblin kill bug. Is it just going to be assumed that at some level of power, blue goblins aren't worth attacking?Stinkyfinger0 1h
1h T16 Mats Hi, I tried posting on another thread I created but did not get a proper answer. I saw in the PTR notes that they updated the drops for t14-t16. Just wondered what they are now? Like GR stones, Death Breath etc.. Thank youGreatBalls0 1h
1h Kiss goodbye to all your PTR progress ... Just when people thought you couldn't be any worse, you come out with yet another "Hold my beer!" moment.Meteorblade70 1h
1h gr151!!! gr150is too easy we want more dierence.edey14 1h
1h Why reduce the damage of a blessed shield ?! Why reduce the damage of a blessed shield ?! What should a standard user do? You just kill the standard user because of season events.Skywalker33 1h
1h need help with 32 inch monitor Hello Everyone. I just bought a 32 inch 2K monitor. I can only play D3 in Windowed Fullscreen mode, not regular Fullscreen mode. If I try regular fullscreen the cursor pointer disappears and that makes it pretty tough to play. Plus the taskbar at the bottom of the screen stays visible at all times unless I change the properties. I've tried many of the various resolutions available from the games dropdown menu under the Video tab, all with the same results. I've used the NVidia program that "optimizes" all the various games I have, and that didn't work either. No pointer arrow. This didn't happen with the old 27 inch monitor I had but it was FHD, not 2K. So to get the cursor arrow to remain on the screen I have to go to Windowed Fullscreen mode and then unlock the taskbar at the bottom of the screen and check the box that says "Autohide the taskbar" in properties. Not a big deal really, it's just an inconvenience I would like to eliminate. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. I don't know if this matters but the monitor is an AOC Q3279VWFD8 32 inch. Thanks for any help.Jaris0 1h
1h Question about Whimseydale wings As of Season 16, are they still around? Cause I've been to the 'dale via rainbow goblin over a dozen times yet haven't seen hide or hair of Princess Lillian. Should I look in a Public group or perhaps in a specific level?Marrok7 1h
1h T16 Bounties Hi, I just wondered as I am not a PTR Player myself, how many bounty mats drop when you do the bounties? I have seen a lot of posts about the vault but none of thisGreatBalls9 1h
2h capt america 75-100 crusaders are not in to the 4 man meta gr130+, give it back the 75-100% dmg to his 2h weap and we will see... Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases damage of your Blessed Shield by 75-100% was just perfect, not too low but not too op, please give it back the 75-100!!Schyzo4 2h
2h Season 17 and beyond questions. Will there be adjustments to the Season Journey to account for the new Torment levels? Will the length of future seasons be increased or decreased for the same reason? I would think yes to both questions. I foresee a new tier being created for the Journey. As far as length of season, most dedicated players can still do it inside of 2 weeks. For casual players, 3 months might be too short. There have been complaints about the recent seasons being too long. The seasonal theme has a lot to do with it. With the addition of T14-16 incoming, casuals may need extra time, especially if a new tier is added to the Journey down the road. What are your thoughts?DiabloVern3 2h
4h D3 needs a difficulty increase An increase in difficulty is needed like right now with upcoming patch. My NS friends list is emptier than ever now when everyone and their mom did 150. Few persistent grinders are still running speeds but many just hiding offline. Not everyone cares about solo leaderboard and paragon is useless since you only need like 3k to do 150. Either redesign the top tier difficulty or add more GR levels to make grinding useful again. If you don’t push solo there’s no more competitive gaming left.Evenstar13 4h
4h PTR Patch Notes Updated 9 April - Stash Change Instructions on how to access the PTR have been updated reflecting the changes made to Account Mgt and PTR access for D3. Below are all the game changes/updates I see so far. ... ... ... Blizzard, please please don't do this to the PC players. Let us buy the stash tabs for gold like Console Players. Please? The PTR version was very very well received and we were all thrilled to have stash space for gold. We felt you listened to a very common player request. Don't undo that.MissCheetah727 4h
5h Why Nerf Inarius? Just to prevent that Blizzard keep nerfing/increasing numbers, instead of balance By Soon™PaBlEiToR3 5h
7h Future D3 Ideas I have been pondering on ideas that would help improve the quality of Diablo and i would like to share them with you Blizzard in hopes that you consider them. The ideas are as follows: > Crafting Materials and Death’s Breath auto-pickup since they deposit straight to wallet >Have gems slotted into their own specific inventory apart from backpack >Invent more ways to spend gold. Often we have too much gold. I suggest a transmog shop or perhaps buy gear rolls on Kadala. >Add visible timer for Greater Rifts for those speedfarming players and people who want to keep an eye on the time I’m sure i could think of more but these are from the top of my head. let me know what you think. Thank you Blizzard and fellow players and hope to hear some feedbackAweburn0 7h
7h Elemental conversion. Builds are too restrictive on the type of element your main skill is dealing. It probably won't happen at this point, but I think it would have been great and be a great boon to build diversity if equipment can roll affixes that convert x element into another element. Grim Dawn and PoE does this, and it was great.Leisa2 7h
7h I'm excited for the new changes I like diablo 3.Reijax2 7h
7h [Idea]season effect brainstorming post I like season of RORG and season of nightmare. I hope that we will got something more crazy, not just season of COE or something. Therefore, I am starting this post to collect idea for further season. Season of time: gain 20% attack speed, 20% cooldown reduction, 30% increased resource and life generation. Also gain the effect of In-geom and Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac. Season of passive: Can select up to 4 inactive passive skill, all other passive become actives. Can also use hellfire amulet of other class. Season of Gem: Every gem gain the effect of all normal gem, also got an extra upgrade chance for legendary gem Season of sets: Gain the bonus of all 2 pieces class specific bonus.XelNagaIvan12 7h
8h Season 16 issue on PS4 Hey I'm playing my first season of D3 on PS4 and I'm having an issue with the Challenge 'Expert' in Chapter II. It states I need to complete a nephalem rift on expert difficulty or higher. Now my game difficulty is set to hard and I am not allowed to change that in-season. But outside the Greater nephalem rift there is no way for me to select the expert difficulty for a regular rift. I've completed 2 greater nephalem rifts at Expert and Master but that does not unlock the challenge. What am I missing? Thanks! AlAltec1 8h
8h Just release the new season already wtf? PTR should take a week max. There's no new major changes as always. What's taking so long?Conical5 8h
8h WE NEED NEW CONTENTS ABOUT 'DEAD' At highway, we can see Indication showing the number of deaths. This is updated daily. It Give drivers a sense of security. Diablo3 have hardcore contents. HC playing like a driving. Because I do not know when to die. So, users each other to be curious about toon dead. "How many player characters died today?" This question makes immerse in hardcore play. But HC dont have contents 'Show the number of deaths'. Clan or Battlenet friends share each other's deaths but only know each other. We want to know about the death of the whole hardcore players. Even if it is not detailed information, HC player want to know how many characters died today. Like that of the highway. This content provides Diablo 3 users with something to see. And it will encourage the game to be more interesting.supermaniya11 8h
8h Torment levels Due to family issues I was away for almost 3 years. Has there been any official indication torment levels might be increased?aziure9 8h
9h So what's going on with Diablo Immortal? Because I have not heard about this game since Blizzcon. That and Warcraft 3: Reforged which I am more looking forward to obviously.Argronok034 9h
10h Suggestion - Bring "Mortick's Bracer" Back For a long time ago, there was Mortick's Bracer, which has its legendary affix that gives Wrath of the Berserker every rune effect. This item was supposed to release in Patch 2.2.0, but removed due to its over-powered affix. However, the developer Wyatt Cheng mentioned that it can be released later after modifying its affix such that it gives only one (instead of every) rune effect (see the video below). I suggest that it is a good timing to bring the bracers back to Barbarians. In terms of solo GR records in PTR, Barbarians are falling back behind many other classes. Thus, it won't harm the balance if the bracer only provides one random rune effect (or give one out of three rune effect except Striding Giants and Insanity) to Wrath of the Berserker. Please see below if you are interested. 10h
13h Request: Changes to Murlocket and Murlock pet There is an item called the murlocket that grants a murlock pet. The only issue is that one has to wear the murlocket to display the pet. Due to the poor stats on the item, no one would wear this item in actual game play and the owners don't get the enjoyment of seeing this pet displayed. Can a change be made that owners of the murlocket can unlock the pet as a pet in the wardrobe? Thanks! 13h
16h What the recent stash debacle has taught me The game isn't worth playing based on its own merits so the devs need to starve the playerbase for stashspace and then gate off the solution by making everyone complete a long and boring series of objectives over the course of 27 or so months. The only thing the devs care about in D3 are engagement numbers, and they know the game isn't worth playing, so instead they just waste everyone's time and hope we migrate to Immortal by the time the final stash space is unlocked.Eclipse18 16h
20h You guys should make sure this is known to blizzurd Im sure this has been mentioned, but: Stash tabs given through seasonal play (*edit) makes no sense... I think I could finish this topic with this line, but blizzard is definitely "confused" and for those of you that don't wanna ponder why this is true, I'll briefly explain it before I never touch or think about diablo ever again: Some players have played all classes over the span of a bunch of seasons (and non-season) and have accumulated tons of items. All those items are on NS. Lord Fluff has mentioned this: "I couldn't careless about more stash space on season because I know how which items are good and go for mainstream builds". Non-seasonal players want to find different ways to play the game and, therefore, keep items that could be good in the future or because they want to test different builds. I hope this clears it up for everyone. Congrats on a subsequent f__k up following that fiasco, blizz. Also congrats on wishing to improve your coms when, to be quite frank, you can't improve on something that was never there in the first place. Good joke, guys.Drael21 20h
5h WD Dagger of Darts too strong? Looks like Dagger of Darts is now working as intended and it seems too strong IMO. GR 110 in about 7 mins without paragon into main stat, I don't think any class can match that. I can do GR 105 with Impale in about 5 mins average with about 3k paragon and with Chantodo, can do the 110 in 7 mins but both require putting into main stat. What do you guys think? 5h
21h No Loot or Gold Dropping I came back to Diablo after about a three month hiatus this week, and I'm growing increasingly confused and frustrated. Regardless of level, difficulty, class, mode, or map, nothing is dropping. Gold is few and far between, but not even white items are dropping. I've made four season characters to check - two demon hunters (Lyrei and Nysse), a crusader (Lothrik), and a wizard (Magnus) - and it is almost impossible to progress with the game as no gold is dropping so the characters have only half slots filled or are wearing items many levels below what they're on. Loot dropping is so rare currently, not including weapon racks etc which always drop a white which I then need to sell to try and get armour to stop my characters from being wiped out - that the game isn't even fun to play anymore. I die every 10 feet since my gear is so low, but I have no way to fix this. If I do a scan/repair on my game, gold starts dropping again for the first fifteen minutes then disappears again. It doesn't have any effect on loot drops. I'm not having any connectivity issues. This is on the PC. What do I need to do?Dauntless15 21h
23h To Improve GR I was playing today. And I was thinking at the same time' would it not be cool to have a map boss in the map you are playing in. like act one on your way to the Butcher in that map some where you would run in to him. Once you kill him he would give very good % progerssion towards the GR. But make him harder then the rg boss. we can go 2 ways with this. You have to kill him be for you can go to the next map or make it where we can just pass him and move on. what are your thoughtsEvil9 23h
1d Congrats Blizzard, again. I saw the season 17 patch notes more than one month ago and i was thinking to come back, but after checking the forums and i saw that stash slots will be put behind seasons, congrats blizzard, i'm done, done for good. As a non seasonal player thanks a lot for gating cosmetics behind seasons, and now for gating something that is urgently needed behind that also, thanks a lot, this was the first and the last time i buy something from blizzardPrecious22 1d
1d Akkans set needs a boost. Tried blessed shield with akkans set and it still kinda weak. And if it gets nerfed next week it will be worse. Its a shame since its a lot more fun then condem. Dont know why its the only set that didnt get a boost. Besides condem being strong for high paragon players.D3excess22 1d
1d Server busy? Am I the only one? server busy? hello [Title edited by Forum Moderator for caps.]gene6 1d
1d Solo Xp needs some love It cant be just me that think its way to much gap betwin farming experience solo over group play. Lets help each other hit the like thumb button and lets hope developers see this or leave a comment. i would love to see developer to comment here why they so afraid of buffing up solo xp only thing i see is they are afraid of bots going wild if they make solo a thing wich they lost controll many seasons ago and i dont see that as reason to punish all the ppl out there that wants to game solo. It feels if im gona play this game i have to quit my job to keep up whit a group and only play when my group want me to play or im out from the group. Group play should be an option not a must . if i want to game solo, 2-man, 3-man it should not be so much diffrent in xp over a 4 -man party. I dont have the exact number but the xp diffrence is when playing to around 2000 paragon Group efficiency "rat runs/chargebarb meta" it takes = 200 hours Solo efficiency "speedbuild gr90-100 around 3-5 minuts takes = 400-600 hours u dont have to be rocket scientist to see its huuge differnce. I could mayeb take it if it was 1-5% xp difference not like now over 50%KingIlle13 1d
1d Solution for Bleed% on Weps IAS% on weapons are multipliers. We lack Bleed builds, so I suggest making Bleed% on weapons multipliers as well.DieHarder4 1d
1d We need more Legendaries! So many abilities for classes are useless, and also why did you design sets to shoehorn you into a very specific play style??Nokkternal8 1d
1d Any news on druids? It's been basically a year and 4 months since the hinting happened. Just wondering if there's been any news or updates on it.AndrejLeo39 1d
1d 2.6.5 Fails Non-Seasonal Players I think this patch highlights a much larger problem with Blizzard and its approach to this game: the coercion to reset and replay old content in the place of new content. Seasons are the perfect example. The short-term goal of a season is to get players to restart, and draw some minimal satisfaction from the basics of the game (leveling your first 800 paragon points, building a full set, leveling artisans). This is not a replacement to new content, it is just an Edge of Tomorrow type forced rewind. Now, the seasonal buffs have been a way to attempt to further tempt players to replay fundamentally old content (starting from scratch). The problem is that seasonal buffs like the global LON buff is a short-term solution: the builds it allows to flourish will have a horrible let-down when the season ends. The OTHER consequence is that to balance the short-term buff, the permanent buffs to items must be nerfed around the buff. Blessed Shield is an example: it performed very VERY well when non-seasonal players got the global buff while keeping their inventories full of ancient items. However, seasonal players will not have access to the items or the existing paragon levels needed to run BS into the 135 range. In turn, the buffs excluding the global LON buff are simply insufficient. Increasing Leniency from 20% to 35% and improving the buff from Jekengbord from 325% to 400% (if I recall) is simply not ground-breaking. I believe equipped with LON on non-season, Condemn will still be better. As a result, the Patch is boring for long-term players. You buffed BS a little, Chantodos, and maybe some new play on Necro (though I am not sure if any of the buffs will supplant the Lancer cool down builds between Trang and Pestilence). Add the gating of tabs, and your oldest players, those that kept their characters since the beginning (aka me) are sorely let down. Please think about that.Negator11 1d
1d Mhmm So they did it again after the fiasco that happened very publicly? Sooth the community by giving them something only to take it back? Is this one another april's fool or are all the employees at Actiblizturds the fools to explain this joke of a company. I'm not even trying to make jokes out of these words. Your stock has took a nosedive and we thought you had enough discernment to not screw with us any further. I was out of this ship a long time ago (I simply cannot grind... I find it tasteless and pointless), but for all the people that are left: I really wish you start voting with your time and money and avoid, by all means, throwing both away with this group of investors that do not care. 1- Least transparent company but claims it listens. 2- One of the most greedy there is (mobile game shed light over this). 3- Arrogant... "don't you have" yea we have fists and forks if you keep talking. 4- Disregards its playerbase and fans as if their prolonged interest had 0 value. 5- Zero Consistency 6- Uncapable of taking an advice (its there for the taking... people make compilations for you on all forums xD... just say: "thanks to X and invite them to blizzcon and they would be happy".. Nah). 7- Streamers give the spotlight to your game: Invite them!!! They allow more fans to join the club. I dont think you ever did this. Shame. 8- Even if adapting and evolving is good... You recreated what diablo was. Not that D3 isn't good, but its so far from what d1 and d2 were. Why the last second change of heart? 9- 8 players multiplayer game where you could personalize what you wanted from people that joined your group. Down to No game names & 4 players. 10- I will not talk about the A.H., Pvp, Balancing, Endgame, Itemization, Depth or any of that stuff because well... You clearly do not care. [Thread locked by Forum Moderator before conversation could devolve even further.]Drael4 1d
1d Blizzard News of Primal Cube Recipe Two or three days ago I found a Diablo news article on my android phone that spoke of a primal cube recipe that cost 10K bounty caches to turn a yellow into a Primal. Five minutes later the link was dead and story disappeared. This is not a Troll post, I actually saw this story. Guess it was either fake news or someone leaked the truth and after Blizzard found it on the web, was inta-killed. Personally, I think it is a waste to farm 10K bounty caches for one primal. Kinda ridiculous time and energy waste.Chetanji25 1d
1d SC / HC Conundrum... Haven't played in a while but I am thinking to play season 17... My paragon is higher in HC now... started SC for a long time, then migrated to SC where on a whole people were more helpful and friendly and excitement was greater... But then.. I got a primal death wish and died... which really really frustrated me (do you know how rare is a primal death wish hey?! :o ) and also I can hardly find any public game in HC now... So for season 17, I am tempted to just give in and do SC... But last I tried I was spoiled by HC and the "oh I dies, "let's wait 30 seconds" kind of destroy the excitement... To summarize: - (Pro) HC is exciting, trying to stay alive and push the limits (having the death passive pop and survive is really gratifying! :D when you see it, haha.... :/ ) - (Pro) HC is cool because even I, an old and bad player can make it to the leaderboard - (Was Pro, now.. not so much) HC used to be cool when there was people (since they are nice overall), but now it's hard to find a public game - (Con, bad bad bad) HC is so frustrating, when you lose the one good primal you ever find - (con? pro?) I am super casual now, haven't played in a year, not sure I can cope with death and restart... Not sure if any one can nudge me one way or the other, but feel free to pitch my indecision into a more decisive place, or try to... :)Lloyd11 1d