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Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Spontainy Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76 Lynxaria PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Syrinnea EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
Feb 16, 2017 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16, 2017
Mar 1 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 2/28 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated February 28. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Fixed an issue that caused players with 32-bit clients to have trouble joining parties (12/11) Fixed an issue where occasionally a party invite would result in a string error (12/11) Fixed an issue where the right-click context menu in the Social pane occasionally disappeared (12/11) Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Seasons Conquests Fixed an issue where the conquest "Curses!" would not properly register (2/28) Items Bone Ringer Fixed an issue where the Bone Ringer bonus was not cleared upon entering a Greater Rift (1/22) The Legendary effect for Bone Ringer has been reactivated Monkey King's Garb Fixed an issue where some achievements and conquests would not properly triggered while the 6-piece bonus of Monkey King's Garb was active (11/17) Shield of Fury Fixed an issue where multiple Crusaders could benefit from the bonus provided by Shield of Fury (11/17) The power for Shield of Fury is now active again. See this thread for more information Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Nevalistis5 Mar 1
13m my friens quitting the game getting 4 lvls per night at 5000 paragon is pointless... PavloPavloGolubev7 13m
25m Rerolling stats This might have been suggested some times now, but I would like an option for ancient pieces/primals to reroll both primary and secondary stats. So when you get that upgraded piece, but sees it's missing all res and you also need to reroll a primary stat, it would be nice with this option to make it just worth to upgrade. Also, some classes / builds require to reroll off weapon damage. Zdps/invoker, would be welcome to be able to reroll this easier to another stat THAN weapon damage. Should not require to spend 100 times more death breaths to be able to reroll this off.FuturePhunk3 25m
25m need more flexible options... Please liberate the cube slots... it would give so many more choices and creative builds... sure we will have really strong builds... like really strong... oh ya I want to have 3 weapons or 3 rings in my cube...builds will be more flexible... we have more fun... im casual so I like fun... maybe some day im dedicated...MirrorMe11 25m
29m Diablo 4: when? TopicPowerCosmic13 29m
1h Deckard Cains Betrayal Did you guys know that Deckard Cain and Madgha only staged the part in A1 so Cain can port to his hideout? Did you guys know, that Baal will help us find Cain? Baal will arrive in Sanctuary and explain everything to us. We will have to organise three important Runes (Jah, Ith and Ber) to build an Enigma for Baal so he can Dupe it for us so we can find Cain in his Hideout. To find the three Runes we will be traveling back to Travincal and the Dungeons of Hate. Btw Cain will be the Endboss. Abilitys: - Unidentifys 3 of your Items you are wearing (cooldown 20 seconds) - He can throw TP's that port you 25 meters in the sky (fall dmg 25% HP), cooldown 15 seconds) - Has a knife now and Charsie is his daughter. She will break your Items. Its a 2v2 (Baal + Player vs Cain + Charsie) Btw in Diablo 2 LoD you guys didn't kill Baal. It was only one of his clones. He cloned himself in the bossfight, but we didn't know that he can clone his clone. Enough said, Baal is a smart dude trying to protect the demons from humans that have invaded earth. Act1: Sanctuary with Baal and understanding why Cain did everything bad to us (for example if you had a unid Ring and it always turned out to be a Nail instead of Soj, yep, Cain did it on purpose) and where he went to. Act2: Travincal / Dungeon of Hate searching for a special 3 socked armor and Jah, Ith and Ber. Act3: New Tristram, fighting against the people there and destroying it again and duping Enigma with Baal and Cube Endboss Cain + CharsieOvian3 1h
1h Solo leveled gems ONLY No more leveling gems in groups and using them in solo leaderboards. People should be able to do solo leaderboards ....solo! Nobody should have to endure others in this game simply to compete on boards.Necksnapper30 1h
2h So is this how you upgrade gear? So is this how i essential upgrade to primals or even ancient legendarys most efficiently? 1.get a full set of gear for whatever class/spec I want to play. 2.Complete a GR60(GR70 in perfect world for primals) 3.Run t13 bounties, collect reward caches 4.reforge set pieces until i they become ancient or primal?paulp13 2h
4h D3 a breath of fresh air after PoE Dear D3 Devs, THANK YOU. I started out with Diablo 1, then Diablo 2...Then Diablo 3, played it for a long time, countless hours. Recently forgot about it and moved on to "hip" games. I even tried Path of Exile, but wow. What a mistake. I took so much that D3 has to offer for granted. Identify all? Nope. Right click to sell items to Merchants? NOPE. Fair items, leveling progression..? No. Instead what I discovered was a massive D2/3 clone. For example, in PoE, The "Marauder" (think Barb) uses "Sunder". Directly ripped off the D3's barbs skill "Seismic Slam". I also found out one hideous secret about PoE. If you want to be one of the good players, you have to have mass wealth, think tons of exalted and chaos orbs. Guess what, no normal person will find many of these. So, conveniently, theirs several websites you can purchase whatever you need money wise to buy (or craft) your own items. I wouldn't be surprised if PoE Devs actually owned some of these item sites. I mean, who really has 415k exalted orbs anyways...? In the end, coming back to Diablo has been an extreme and much needed breath of fresh air. Better play mechanics, better sound, better physics, better items, fair items, fair everything. You see, in Diablo 3, I can have a god-tier GG character, and I don't, have to spend any money to get there. Thank you Blizzard.r3dstar218 4h
4h Urshi is a liar! 60% chance to upgrade - yeah, I call total BS on that. More like a 60% chance to fail. Just completed a Grift89, trying to level the next sacrificial gem, currently at level 86, and ALL 5 upgrades failed. The odds of that? 1.02% WAY more than half may supposedly 60% upgrades fail. I would say, somewhere around three-quarters of them do. 60% - you and I Blizzard, have a different definition of the word it seems.Hawkeye76 4h
4h If you were a necromancer who will you raise? As the title states who will you raise from the graves and explain the reason behind it. You can do a short story if you want to. Keep it respectful and civil. Not too deep detail No gore Also, raising someone or something isn't limited to zombie meaning they can be in the state before they turn zombie looks. They can also have no strings attached to them like slaves. I want to see how anyone will view this fun game. For me I will raise my pet cats since I miss them so dearly. One of them acted like a sister to me. Another one acted like a mother who I miss getting my skin lick non stop. For humans I will raise certain leaders, inventors, and random people to see how they view the world now compare to when they were dead. I will get yummy data off of it and see greater chaos that may affect the whole world. The reason being is I want to see past and nowadays will experience their lost glory.Wise6 4h
6h An (old) Interview with Bill Roper (1999) I just saw this on YouTube, I listened to most of it, very neat: 6h
7h Blizzcon 2018: Diablo announcement? Will there be any sort of Diablo announcement at Blizzcon 2018? I feel like Blizzard should clarify this so people aren't strung along and buying virtual tickets for nothing.erdi39 7h
7h Armor vs Resistances Why does Armor reduce damage from enemies "of the same level as you", but Resistances reduce damage "from level 70 enemies"? Please help me understand this?RuntimeError1 7h
7h DH Animations shooting recoil feels odd I must say I realized I don't like this class animations when using skills (probably multishot mostly) too much. The class uses bows and crossbows but the animations look like he is shooting guns. These weapons don't have such a recoil so it just feels odd.Kaelos12 7h
8h The Druid is coming There was a recent deleted discussion on twitter made by Sean White an associate game designer working at Blizzard referencing Ursa Major which is probably the easiest recognizable and most known constellation that could be related to the Druid. There's also a secret item on the PTR that nobody talk about - the Muddied Parchment referencing the Druid : This is an item that the developers put into the PTR for Patch 2.6.1 that seems to hint at things related to the Druid class. Sean White is "apparently" responsible for making Druid/Werewolf related stuff based on his linkedin profile and twitter account : I'm calling it now 14.99$ Druid class similar to the Necromancer is coming near us soon'ish. If I am wrong, then it's pretty obvious the Druid was planned at one point to be released. Thoughts?Boogerman109 8h
9h we need another diablo game. I would much rather them announce another game at blizzcon 2018 because at this point their is no point in spending anymore money for new content for diablo 3. I just rather see a new game in a newer engine with improvements of the best mechanics and game play from both diablo 2 and diablo 3. diablo 3 is just a mess right now and in terms of game play killed the series as a action RPG because all the elements were just eliminated when blizzard north stop working on it as people say but I think reaper of souls and adding 6 piece sets that force curtain builds and play styles killed diablo 3 because of the fact they were mandatory and made the rest of the mechanics such as paragon and crafting out dated. I like diablo 3 much more before 6 piece sets were added because at least their was some type of synergy before.mau52 9h
11h When does season 13 end? As the title says: When does season 13 end? I know it started already but what I want to know is how long does it last? End date? Thanks in advanceBangYaHead39 11h
11h Would you play a "vanilla mini season"? Firstly, I'm defining vanilla as the base game and not reverting back to patch 1.08. Secondly, adventure mode would need to be available and we'd have access to T13 and GRs at the max base game character level of 60. Thirdly, Saders would need to have Akkhans drop at lvl60 and Necros drop Inarius at 60 too. This would fit in with the theme of the original vanilla sets that they buff all skills, not just a specific subset (with only Zuni being the odd one out being pet centric). I think this would be an interesting experience to just have access to the items and skills from the base game and see what sort of meta comes about. Wouldn't have to be a full 3month ordeal... just 4 weeks or so.Mugsy36 11h
12h Interview right before DIABLO 2 shipped - Nov 1999 I casually play Diablo but really enjoyed this interview that MetalJesus posted on his YouTube channel interviewing Bill Roper. A real time capsule for sure! 12h
13h OPTIONAL "pre alfa" skill-tree leveling mode! As hardcore and softcore characters play in different ""leagues"", there are people who wanna play with actual D3 system and people who wanna play with a "more rpg-like system", a lot of people criticize exactly the lack of character development on D3. On metacritic, on youtube, on other games forum, the "skill tree" was present on D3 pre alfa. Why not include it as optional? Like nobody is forced to play HC; if you rather be able to switch skills at will and more sharp and heavy your axe is, more hot your fireball is, then you keep playing with the normal character. For those who doesn't know, here is a answer about why they removed skill tree on D3 ( ) I honestly disagree. Why all other aRPG's on market doesn't have a similar skill to d3? Because people love to customize his characters capabilities. Even if in the end you have few optimal builds, only choose what skills get and what skills be good gives much more immersion and replay value. The action part of D3 is good, but the "character customization" is more similar to a loadout in a FPS game than to a RPG system. So if all combat animations are already implemented and skill tree code is already developed, only wasn't released on final product, why not allow a mode more similar to D2 in therms of how damage is calculated and how monsters health/life scale? So a character in D3 can be : - Sorfcore - Hardcore - Old progression/skill tree softcore - Old progression/skill tree hardcore According to wikia, the "pre alfa" system for storm skills for wizard was : ... source Honestly, if a more RPG like leveling come as DLC(not saying that it should come as DLC), i pay $50,00 easily for it. D3 have the best action of aRPG market, but worst character progression and replay value. If you can have the "best of two worlds"... Think how different do the story with a "storm wizard" and with a "conjurer wizard" will be.L0rdV1ct0r80 13h
14h The one thing I love about D3 is the graphics I have played: POE Wolcen Grim Dawn Last Epoch And all the above don't even come close to the graphics that D3 has, the items, the map & characters all look like crap in all those games, IMO end rant.SeaBigBear13 14h
14h Diablo 4 Make Diablo 4 just like diablo 3 but with guns thanks PPavloGolubev9 14h
14h Feedback: Improve Damage / Toughness / Recovery Stats Having recently returned to the game I find one of the trickier and frankly annoying aspects of the game are these 3 numbers and just how meaningless they feel to the game in terms of greater rift progression. I was originally going into rifts with homebrew builds based around sets and stats. What I discovered by doing this was that its a complete and utter disaster. It doesn't matter if your stat sheet shows 25+ million toughness in GR65 you are getting 1 shot by just about any ranged attack. Mean while I've been playing the game with 2 Necro builds and a Monk build and the damage numbers are completely misleading. My Rathma Necro can have 650,000 Damage and yet he completely melts GR65 because of stacking boosts with Singularity Mages. I had my monk at something like 1.5million damage on one build and he was utterly pathetic next to my Rathma Necro. My point here is that I wish it was possible for these numbers to be a better representation of the build. Maybe representing damage potential averages based on active skills and toughness averages. On top of this it would be great to see GR's list expected Damage and Toughness averages to inform the player of general goals. At the end of the day I suppose this is more of a nitpick then anything else...hardcore players know to just go to build websites, copy them without thinking and they'll find the success they need. It's just a bit of a shame that this information isn't better reflected in game.babinro24 14h
15h Is D3 more WoW-like or Diablo-like? In some aspects like the leveling system, art-style, always online, etc. The fact that your gear determine your stats and spell-like skills power, instead of enhance it... Don't get me wrong, i understand the majority of changes, for example, always online is a way to prevent piracy. It hurts a lot gaming industry. Troika games(my favorite developer) was ruined by piracy; So if Bliz wanna protect their IP, is their right. Sure some times companies exaggerate on this and ends punishing people who bought legally the game, but is not the case of D3. In fact, the connection on D3 is pretty good. The way that classes work and character customization works changed a lot from D1 to D2. On D1 doesn't matter how much you love fire bolt for example. You will only be able to get better at trowing a fire bolt by finding a book or if a merchant is welling to sell it. D2 with skill trees fixed it. D3 changes was made trying to let players change at will actives and passives. In other words, become more similar to a CoD loadout system with a cod like linear progression than a system present on RPG's. Also skill levels was removed. That way, there are no difference between a fireball launched by someone who learned how to trow fireball few seconds ago to someone who practiced for decades on it. Only the gear makes the difference in the spell power. Sure, loot is a very important think on aRPG's, but is not only the unique think important. IF you read the positive reviews on D3, nobody talks about how good the skill system on D3 is. They talk about action and cool factor that D3 is pretty good.L0rdV1ct0r49 15h
16h Set Dungeons............ Need to be removed from the Season Tracker, or at the least put it under the last one under " Guardian". At the beginning it's not easy to get all of the gear you're going to actually NEED to complete the set dungeon. Hell I've even tried doing set dungeons on my non-season chars. to get the wings, and still can't do it. I've watched the videos and just can't seem to get it. Trying right now on my monk " Sunwuko " build, but I do NOT have Tzo Krin's Gaze or The Crudest Boots.Raine15 16h
17h 4 Requests to make Grifts always Great 1- All tiles should have a minimum of 4 elite packs, even the smallest (like Martel's) ones. Larger maps should have even more. 2- Shorten by half all pathway maps (especially adria, deeps, cathedral, bones alike) and increase by 2 their large areas (where usually density is higher). 3- Balance the XP between mob types (ex: succubus and shamans have large HP with uneasy gathering and they return very low progression). 4- Consider implementing some form of massacre bonus in killing successively large amount of trash mobs. Would be very nice to have those in a future patch...DreamKiller0 17h
19h My Only Primal...Twice! I play Demon Hunters. After I reach Guardian I swap to the next account. I'm on #4 of 4. On the previous account, the only Primal I got was Warzechian Armguards. So far*, on the account I'm playing, the only Primal I got was Warzechian Armguards. I see a bug, but I don't have a flyswatter... *About 60 Paragon levels from finishing Guardian.StonePro4 19h
19h Ancient Ramaladni gift Can we got those already? Those are so powerful they even work on Jewellery! :-oLloyd20 19h
19h Revamp to LoN builds I like that armor sets are viable to play, but the LoN rings were a great twist on seeing all the builds people could come up with. I would love to see more builds in the upper part of the leaderboards and I feel a great addition would be to bump the strength of the LoN rings to see what people can come up with. It's always fun to see a lot of different styles that can compete in the leaderboards and not just one or two that are the meta. The legacy set offered that a few seasons ago, but it seems to have died out. Please revive LoN and make it viable to play one of those builds for any class in the game. It would add a lot of variety to the game and I feel people would enjoy the chance to push with something other than the current meta we are force to play in order to climb the leaderboards. RL issues have unfortunately minimized the amount of playtime I have this season, but I hope that something can come out of this for next season so LoN might once again have some place in the mix. Thanks all!Moodz12 19h
20h Bots and cheating have destroyed most Bliz games Haven't played D3 in months. Just reinstalled D2 again because it's a lot more fun but if I remember correctly, it's rancid with botting and cheating and item duplication. No worries because it doesn't affect most of my gameplay. From the first day of Diablo 1, Blizzard has NEVER understood that the one thing gamers want more than anything else, more than fancy graphics or cool lighting or clans or epic monsters, is a stable and fair game platform without cheating. Yeah most of us keep buying new titles but that's only because of the legacy of games like D2 and classic WoW. From now on each new generation of crappy game title will see fewer and fewer subscribers until there's no more reputation to market on. ......or, you can FINALLY take draconian steps and fix the problem. Your choice but this is one player who doesn't intend to buy D4 or SC3 or anything else because I know inevitably how it ends up Oh and one more point. I will add my name to the list of people who will gladly pay a monthly fee for a CLEAN revitalized Diablo 2 franchise. Also getting rid of the auction house was stupid. That's all for now.Baboonie23 20h
22h Pages 11 & 12 of The Cube I have ideas for pages 11 & 12 of The Cube. Page 11: Ramalandi's Gift Transmutation. Shift Ramalandi's Gift to a crafting material. Have RGs stored in the cloud (like every other crafting material). Idea is simple; go to The Cube, place in your weapon and hit the Transmute button. This will save space in a players stash and, on a minor note, alleviate possible mishaps with accidental salvaging. Page 12: You Select Primal Transmutation. Instead of dropping Primal armor/weapons/jewelry, D3 drops "non-specific" Primal Runes designated either armor, weapon, or, jewelry. The reason for this is that the drops for primal gear are often NOT the gear players actually use. Many Primals are so poor in quality (ergo, wrong stats for that build) that even though the player may use that type of item, they get salvaged because the stats are "categorically" incorrect, e.g.; a primal ring with main stat(Dex, Str, etc.)/vit/resource cost reduction/socket as (in my case) I need CHC or CHD for at least one of the three original stats. Instead of receiving an actual Primal item, player receives a designated rune. This rune is designated as one of three categories; weapon, armor, or, jewelry. The player takes the designated Primal Rune to The Cube, drops in said Rune along with the players choice of a corresponding ancient and/or non-ancient item and out comes that item as a primal. As a player, I would rather select from 5 Recurve Bows I just transmuted over the 22 primal bows/crossbows/hand crossbows I have received that I will never use and wind up salvaging (including triplicates of some). Anywho, just my thoughts...JustJeff5 22h
22h HC/SC Seasonal Journey If this is posted elsewhere feel free to delete the thread. Why is it that Softcore and Hardcore share seasonal journey completion when they share nothing else?Nightwulf0 22h
23h QoL Changes - UI, Bounties, & Ubers (Concept Images) QoL Changes: (Updated 4/8/18) Stash Overhaul: ... Witch Doctor & Pet Item Overhaul: (Added 4/5/18) Barbarian Item Overhaul: (Added 4/11/18) NEW! 23h
23h Something Big Happening in Diablo? I noticed on the careers page for Diablo that they are hiring A LOT of people including a creative director among many other top spots including programmers, designers, etc. I seriously doubt they would be looking for all these people to remaster D2 let alone an expansion. Maybe D4? 23h
23h Pets for gold farming What is the fastest pet to use for gold farming? Are they the same speed for picking up gold? was just wondering, thanks I have -Half formed goblin -Hannah the ghost -Butcher -UnihornXENOZEX3 23h
1d Both seasonal hardcore and seasonal sets There really should be a separate set for seasonal and hardcore seasonalShadowBlood2 1d
1d Murlocket, The Clipper Does anyone know if these items still drop in the game, cause if not I'd sure like to know so I won't waste my time trying to farm them.Raine3 1d
1d Avarice Conquest is there a time limit on the Avarice Conquest, as have XX amount of hours or.... just in one logged in session? It just says $50M gold streak? as in ...has to be in one act or..? Icy-Veins says probably in like 9 complete bounty runs so...just cumulative?!?! I can't find anything definite via reading forumsValkii17 1d
1d Diablo 3 PC - Looking for some friends/help on Hey, I play Diablo 3 on PC and I am just looking for people to play with that could help me out, I know what I am doing for the most part but still learning and just want help with how to make myself stronger and how to properly set up all my stuff. Any help would be great thanks!!!MANDACARRIE2 1d
1d Things you would like to see in Diablo 4 Name one thing you would include in Diablo 4 either from D1/D2/D3 or a new idea Me: Bring back Normal/Nightmare and Hell modes and get rid of the torment stuff.TakeNotes14 1d
1d Rats ?? Any rats out there ? Add TheMeadNut#1766TheMeadNut1 1d
1d I'm a bit disappointed. no ptr today It was figured out that we would have to get a ptr either last week or today if we we're getting a new patch for season 14. Well it didn't happen. Season 14 will be the same as season 12 and 13. This will be the first time we will have three seasons on the same patch. Out of 13 seasons we have had two in a row that were the same patch, but never three. :-\Shade29 1d
1d Is Wrath of Wastes really the hardest set dungeon?! This forum has quoted that Barb's Wrath of Wastes set dungeon is ranked the hardest set dungeon. Well I beg to differ as I have my own opinion on which is the hardest set dungeon. I've just Mastered the Wrath of Wastes set dungeon and did it far less times than other set it makes me think its not really the hardest for me. Am I that good or I did I prepare well for it? I would say I did prepare well for it and found it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be...I think that its just psychological talk going around saying its hard and you think its hard. But for a veteran player it can be some what easy but to a newbie it can be hard but that's for them to find out if they find it hard or not. SO am I that good? or just an experience player and that I am no longer a newbie player. Ok...WotW set dungeon achievement requires you to Rend 10 enemies and also avoid physical damage at all costs. But the enemies in the set dungeon are very delayed in attacking you which is a bonus for you. Also if you have Whirlwind damage up high you can pretty much one shot every mob in the dungeon. Also having Bane of the Trapped also helps greatly in gathering enemies which has a slow aura around you slowing enemies. SO maybe the delay attacks and plus BotT helps things make it easier. For gathering Ground stomp - wrenching smash rune which pull enemies closer to you from up to 24 yards and stuns them. Immediately after Ground stomp you Rend and then Whirlwind to finish them off. But make sure you have Rend with Ravage rune to extend the range of Rend by 18 yards all around you. Like I said after you Rend them you Whirlwind to finish them off which should one shot them if you buffed up Whirlwind with Skull Grasp ring and Mantle of Channelling shoulders and Taeguk legendary gem. But the no physical damage problem only comes from the stupid booby-traps in the Ruin of Sescheron map. I found the booby-traps the most troubling to cause fails and I don't think I've got hit once by the enemy. If you tend to gather enemies and delay your ground stomp too long you can get hit by the enemy but only if you stand still for too which will almost never happen since your always moving. The only problem I face is timing ground stomp and only drawing in too little enemies at once or ground stomp cooldown not quick enough when needed. I found when ground stomp was on cooldown I'd rather just keep Whirlwind up most of the time. SO the Rending part is the probably the trickiest part as it takes Ground stomp timing and cooldown for the next mob of 10. But getting the dungeon on time wasn't a problem for me like other set dungeon where your struggle to get all mobs in the time limit. I've so far had more trouble with set dungeons such as DH UE, DH Shadows and if not all Wiz ones. I haven't Mastered or tried all set dungeons yet...but in saying this I seem to have done the hardest set dungeons first, so does that mean all the other set dungeons are gonna be easier compare to WotW set dungeon if WotW set dungeon is ranked the hardest. So if I've Mastered the hardest that means all the rest are downhill...well probably per say. But I still haven't done WD Jade or Monk Uliana which I've heard are troubling. Having Mastered all Barb, Wiz and still the DH M6 left to go. To do list: All Monks except Inna's All Crusader except Thorns All WD and all Necro. But Necro is purely optional as it doesn't aiming for getting the Wings.MaskedReaper21 1d
1d FIX MAP'S please remove all these short maps these short hell rift maps and corvis from the map pool and add the old layouts back the really big hellrit you see in normal rifts got 5 of them in 1 gr 4 times its becoming at total joke Map 1 Map 2 they need to be removed from the GR map pool there are a few others aswellSilent24 1d
1d Real Money AH Revival Ideas and Concerns Hey all, Its been a while since I've made a post but since my wow sub is up you can't now apparently post on their forums. I've been wondering if a Revival of the Real Money Auction House for D3, and Hearthstone Could be a thing. I believe the concept was a solid idea, but strongly believe that it came out ahead of its time and tech. Nowadays with much easier ways to store, trade, pay, and manage money between parties. I think a new concept of this could work in 2018 onward. I hear that Paypal is offering a simple banking option now. This post is just to get an idea of peoples thoughts concerns or new ways to streamline the old systems flaws to make it a more polished tool this time that benefits both sides Blizzard and Gamers alike. The Idea of trading/selling gear in D3 again for real money would for sure bring back the player base. Hearthstone Card selling / trade options could increase sales on both card packs bought from Blizzard store along with greater chance to get a card you want on a open market vs only relaying on luck. The biggest deal here is that this money unlike the WoW Tokens bought with either cash or Gold. The money needs to be able to be taken off the blizzard account money holding place. My thoughts is that instead of a huge new system of 3rd party conversions or payments. Just re-make the blizzard account money holder and add a withdraw option to a linked Bank Account/ Paypal / Etc. Add a service Fee much like an ATM to cover costs. This would allow Each sale from over any service by blizzard either in WoW/Hearthstone/D3 to end up in your blizzard account holdings and be able to withdrawn at will or used in each other service respectfully. This is all I have on the Idea so far. I really enjoy the idea of making real money in games. Very few games allow this or have worlds I enjoy playing in to do so. Eve Online is close but there is a lot of risk in that game. Just give me your thoughts and new ideas! :) Id really love to see the return of a RMAH!Ria62 1d
1d {{[Diablo 2.7 wishlist]}} pdf illustration It is about time for a new PTR. Hope that this time we got slightly more than optimization and bot prevention. I have created a few file to summarize my wish for the next patch. Feel free to comment and feedback on the idea. ... new build and game play style: (updated april 2) difficult reform: paragon system reform: follower revamp: Quality of life changes (by evil): 1d