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Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Spontainy Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76 Lynxaria PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Syrinnea EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
Feb 16 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16
1d Bone Ringer Power Re-Enabled (1.22.2018) Update - January 22 The legendary power for Bone Ringer has been re-enabled after a hotfix preventing gameplay abuse. Thank you to everyone who remained patient while we addressed this issue! --------------------- Hey all, We recently investigated reports of an issue involving Bone Ringer. As a result, we will be temporarily disabling the item’s Legendary power until a hotfix can be prepared to correct the issue. We will update this thread once the hotfix is live. Special thanks to the players who reported this, and to everyone for their patience as we work on a fix.Tyvalir1 1d
1d 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 1/22 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated January 22. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Fixed an issue that caused players with 32-bit clients to have trouble joining parties (12/11) Fixed an issue where occasionally a party invite would result in a string error (12/11) Fixed an issue where the right-click context menu in the Social pane occasionally disappeared (12/11) Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Bone Ringer Fixed an issue where the Bone Ringer bonus was not cleared upon entering a Greater Rift (1/22) The Legendary effect for Bone Ringer has been reactivated Monkey King's Garb Fixed an issue where some achievements and conquests would not properly triggered while the 6-piece bonus of Monkey King's Garb was active (11/17) Shield of Fury Fixed an issue where multiple Crusaders could benefit from the bonus provided by Shield of Fury (11/17) The power for Shield of Fury is now active again. See this thread for more information Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Nevalistis3 1d
1d Upcoming Maintenance – January 25th, 2018 Hey all, We will be performing scheduled maintenance on the North American servers for Diablo III from 2-6 AM PST on January 25th. During this time, the game will be unavailable for play. Please follow @BlizzardCS on Twitter for further updates.Tyvalir0 1d
Jan 5 Wirt's Leg Hotfix Now Live (1/4) Hey all, We recently hotfixed a bug affecting the crafting recipe for Wirt’s Leg. With this change, using the recipe will correctly produce a Legendary (rather than Magic) item which yields a unique material when salvaged. Old versions of the item will salvage into Arcane Dust instead. If you’ve already given the Wirt’s Leg recipe to Haedrig, it will still appear to be a Magic item in your crafting list, but crafting a new one will yield a Legendary item as intended. Thanks for your patience while we investigated this issue!Tyvalir0 Jan 5
16m Bot, no patch, ... Just BOTs are still playing ... No patch annonced, no content on PTR ... Nobody left on this game...SuperFrog19 16m
34m The Dexterity Evasion Problem Revisited I'm going to express this problem and the solution the way it always should have been expressed from the beginning. Evasion AND Block are the Sacred forms of defense for the lesser life pool classes and by virtually taking evasion out of the game, they could have done the exact same thing with blocked damage and it equally would not have mattered based of the reasons why they took evasion out.... So when they head in a particular direction with design for the reasons that they do... it only ends up with one question at the end of the day? What are we going to end up with at the end? Nothing.... at all? Because an intelligent follow through on that direction would have ended up with just that... nothing... No design... You see, the problem with an evasion exclusive dexterity is that it only covers 1 axis of what should have been a complete dimension of defensive form for lesser life pool heroes. But you cant have a dimension set up between evasion and block because they function the exact same way.... by a % chance to proc. Block should have always been a 100% chance to proc, which doesn't mean it is going to proc all the time because now it would be based on a block speed rating that addresses enemies individually so that a quick volley of heavy blows from many individual enemies cannot trump a quality speed rating that has been earned by grinding and leveling for the necessary stats and items etc. etc. This kind of brings me to my next point. That Intelligence should not be enhancing the resistances against all elemental damage by a % but rather a flat fixed amount that is exclusively identified as "blocked damage". Now, you're going to rip my head off on that point because you are going to say that this is going to favor characters who use shields... This comes back to a problem of identifying what makes a shield a shield on a larger perception... A shield is not just something that is suppose to be used for just blocking, you also use it for its great armor value which is % damage reduction. Which means that most off hands could simply supply the 100% block factor and then could be further measured by how much dex they have as a stat for the sake of the block speed rating. Shields most certainly don't have to be the only thing that blocks... but they might have a higher capacity potential for a stat like dex which supports it. Finally, two handed weapons might just simply cut block speed rating in half... not the block chance, meaning that a lot more dexterity is needed to make up for it, but lo and behold, look at how a DH can equip off-hand quivers that have a lot of dexterity on top of their two handed bows!?... It all adds up to perfection at the end, and I just don't understand why they never saw this, or why its just so "too late" now... I hate the whole business philosophy of the "It's too late" mentality... it's one of the many things that just makes this world all the more depressing. Please don't overlook my Language of Opportunity from change thread and all my threads on the starcraft remastered forum 34m
42m It is now time to raise public game difficulty to T15 Since every characters and builds are now way more powerful than they were before and people easily get to GR80, even GR90 pretty easily if you give it a little bit of time, there is no point in keeping public game at T13. Please raise public game difficulty next season. EDIT : I might not mention it here, but if you read the title am asking for T15, that should equal to GR70 following the model we have right now... for the reason above... and that Top tier is pushing GR110-120 and low tier is somewhere in the range of GR80. GR70 is reachable to casual and desirable to reach for any decent gamers for the reason that it is the only way to unlock Primals.Brisk65 42m
1h Seasonal Rebirth Does the Seasonal Rebirth thing work both ways? i.e. If I have a seasonal character with decent gear, can I transfer that back to my non-seasonal character simply by rebirthing the seasonal character, or would all their gear just end up being mailed to my seasonal stash?Zadok3 1h
1h Stop logging me out of the game I like to play a few Rifts, then get up, do some stuff, come back and play a few more Rifts. Every time though I am logged out of the servers. This does not happen in other games mainly because they have a city for everyone to go to and chill. So can we have a common area for players to chill in? Or a game lobby like D2? Or maybe extend the log out of servers thing to 2 hours?Socs0 1h
2h QoL changes that would make this game great! Since Blizzard decided to move the other post to the bug forum because of the word "Bug" in the title.. I am remaking this post to continue the conversation on QoL changes that would make the game great. I'm sorry that we have to start the conversation over, but the list will still remain updated/populated with your suggestions. For QoL changes. Here is a list of things that would make playing this game A LOT more enjoyable. 1: Gr Keys need to be stored as currency 2: Doors and clickable levers for bridges need to be taken out of rifts/grifts (These served a purpose for exploration when the game was new, but no longer need to be there in a game that is about speed completion.) 3: Gamble for any class from any class with a drop down menu ( you must reach level 70 on a class to be able to gamble for it from another class ) 4: Armory should actually hold your gear. It shouldn't be in your stash. 5: Cow level should be able to be closed after completing the event inside 6: Uber realms should close 30 seconds to 1 minute after completing 7: Grifts should have a forfeit option 8: Ability to select starting act 9: Option to remove the 30 second timer from rift completion. 10: Inspect player option brought back and updated quicker. (View profile is never accurate) 11: New recipe to slowly change all stats on a primal item. With this you can slowly taylormake your primal to what you want it. 12: Upgrading using cube. Option to select as many items as you want, and upgrade that many at once. 13: Shrouded Moors density is still wayyy to low in normal rifts. This map is massive, and is a snoozefest in regular rifts. 14: Ability to manage stash and character equipment from the Menu 15: Ability to set the entire UI as locked so clicking on a UI element doesn't prevent skill usage/movement 16: give primals a red pillar of light when they drop (and possibly a new sound effect) 17: the ability to reset bounties in public games and do them all again without leaving the game. Occasionally, you get a really good group that works great together, kinda sucks to leave game and get hope everybody can regroup. 18: Ability to reset bounties in private games. Bypasses need to remake game. 19: Keywardens respawn after X amount of time after being killed, and appear in a new location. 20: Normal rifts instantly close when speaking to Orek and any legendary items, blood shards, and death breaths still on the ground will be deposited into a pile in the closing town. 21: Ability to re roll secondary Orange text affixes range on legendaries 22: Ability to re roll damage range on offhands 23: Gold Find paragon category changed to something more usefull 24: Gr Gem upgrade anticipation timer sped up or removed completely. 25: Possibility of a special pet that picks up crafting mats ( we can dream right? ) 26: DB's Marked on mini map. 27: Grifts with narrow hallway layouts reworked. Maps like Keep Depths would be fine if they were more open and without as many small rooms/hallways/doors/switchbacks 28: Rift/Grift progress globes removed, or dropped in pile at elites feet 29: Spider Caves double tile set brought back. 30: Bloodshard cap removed. No longer serves a purpose. 31: Follower should be global. Should not need to gear multiple followers for each character. 32: More variety for outdoor tilesets in Grifts. 33: Ability to purchase level 0 legendary gems from a vendor after they have been dropped for the first time. Would help greatly for augment gems. 34: Ability to text search for items. Once you search for say "Storm Shield" all of your stash will kind of black out, except for Storm shields. Just a more convenient way to find what you are looking for. Would be very helpful for finding pesky gems that are socketed into jewelry, that you thought you had lost. 35: Salvage all legendary in inventory option, similar to salvage all blue/yellows. 36: Shrouded Moors map in Normal Rifts needs to have its density adjusted again. For the pure size of this map, there is simply no mobs on it. 37: Ability to receive/cast buffs while in ghost form after a death. You shouldn't have to worry about proccing the second you come out of ghost form. For example, Ignore Pain should be able to be cast on you while you are in ghost form, so you can get back into the fight easier. 38: Urshi should not appear on a failed Gr 39: More stash tabs please :-(. If you play multiple characters each season, there is simply not enough stash space for all of your characters different sets and items. 40: The ability to complete missed stash tabs from previous seasons season journey. Why should one be penalized for not being able to play a season? This is especially not fair for new players to have to wait every 3 months to unlock one tab. 41: Some sort of rework for Pools of Reflection.. When I come up with an idea or the community provides ideas, I will update this. 42: When rerolling an attribute, the choices for new attributes should not be exactly the same as what is on there already (so if you are rerolling 5.0% CC on your helm to get 6.0%, 5.0% CC should not be one of the new choices). 43: For an increased cost of some sort, allow us the option of getting more choices when rerolling attributes. Right now with only 2 choices given per roll, it can take forever to get what you want (especially if you are trying to roll a skill on an offhand). 44 : Move the cube and Kadala closer to the blacksmith in Acts 2,3,4,5 45: Allow shields to be dyed like armor. 46: When playing in seasons, have a special icon for a legendary power that you don't have cubed for your nonseasonal characters. 47: All legendary jewelry should automatically have a socket. 48: Option to roll damage range on off hands. Nothing worse then getting a nicely rolled quiver, source, mojo, or phylactery. Only for it to have a low damage roll that cant be changed. 49: Actual number displayed on an ability for seconds remaining on a cooldown. 50. Picking up one progression orb will automatically sucks up the rest just like picking up gems or DBs There are many more QoL changes that I have thought of in the past, but I cannot think of them atm. When I think of them, I will add them to the list. Also if you have some QoL changes that you think would make the game more enjoyable to play, please comment, and I will add them to the list :-) Happy gaming ~GimpzorGimpzor146 2h
2h I've said it before, I'll say it again ENOUGH. WITH. THE. GROTESQUES! With all the small and tight corridors the maps have been rotating in GR, I think it's time we do away with mobs like these. They do not provide any other challenge except for wasting your time. While I main a DH and have no issues with them (easily vault through them), I find classes with less mobility and melee in general suffers the most with these mobs on higher GR levels. Sure, we can avoid them in general, but returning to the point of having to go through tight corridors again, and they'll chase you down the path, and when we do meet an Elite, get ready to have them all either knocking you back constantly or explode in succession due to your AoE killing them in the process. I know this is Blizz's attempt to create 'artificial' density by adding a mob that splits into several smaller mobs to help with our GR progression, but they simply do not give enough progression as is (read: WHITE/TRASH MOB IS LITERALLY TRASH IN PROGRESSION), and becomes a lot of a nuisance. Of course, one can easily dodge them but remember, they aren't the only denizens of the GR (I'm looking at you, you stupid succubus and khazra deek flingers). EDIT: Also, almost EVERY GR I've been to, there's at least one level that spawns these. STOP IT!Kevmeister6 2h
2h Why Does Myriam Have To Be A Troll?? Anyone with a drip of common sense would know 49 > 48 and 50 > 49 so if you already have 49% WHY THE HECK would you be looking for anything less??? Seriously, Blizz, please remove the redundant options when re-rolling stats! It already costs so much gold and resources but only to see a lesser stat come up?? It's like a slap in the face! This is the stupidest mechanic and should be fixed immediately. >:(SevenShadow7 2h
2h DH Melee Weapon on one hand, Bow on the other? Reasons: 1. She can wield them. 2. Bring Chakram and Fan of Knives to the game. There should be more than one type of assassination DH. Or include more than one non-archery skill in the Shadow Set.MICHAELMJL5 2h
3h Expansion anytime soon in 2018? This game is overdue for an expansion and some actual content.bunnyriven4 3h
3h ARPG hybrid I want opinion from some blizzard fans on merging the isometric ARPGs genre with blizzards other famous genre Real time Strategy. Maybe not in the Diablo world. This is how I imagine it. Basically you start off at an outpost (eg. rogue outpost). The resource gathering aspect is not at home base. You have various side quests, like rescuing prisoners, that would basically build up your "army" and/or money and materials for crafting upgraded armor and weapons for the AI soldiers. Using the term "army" loosely, in some cases could be a handful of mercenaries, in others, 100 man army (like the fields outside Act5 D2LoD, extreme). You could do a lot with it depending on the universe setting. Factions for example where you pick one kind of unit over another. Units wouldn't be micro controlled, and instead would function sometimes like followers, sometimes like the barbarians in LoD. But basically the game would be a bunch of optional sidequests that make the progression to the end boss possible. Like a total detour to kill a sub-boss that stomps a constant onslaughter of demons on your flank and then all your army can turn attention to the other front making progression through easier. There would possibly be some solo adventuring as well. Else it would either be a massive seige type event (with respawns) or leading a small group "on a covert mission" - dungeon crawlingUngivenFame2 3h
3h Maintenance On Thursday? Anyone know why maintenance is on Thursday? Pretty sure I’ve only seen it on Tuesdays.Rogers10 3h
3h Why all the hate??? So I recently came back to D3 after Marvel Heroes shut down and I'm really at a loss to see all the hate towards the game. While no game is perfect this game is still really fun to play. The story line is rich and engaging, the visuals are off the chart, the game play is what I've come to expect from a Diablo game, it's had one fun expansion, the end game play has plenty to keep you interested. On top of that they have released a new DLC hero in the Necromancer for short money. Is it perfect??? No, no game is perfect, but with all the class diversity, there is certainly a play style that fits for you. I saw first hand how forum negativity can contribute to the downfall of a game with what happened at Marvel Heroes. I really hope that doesn't happen here.Paetra15 3h
4h i have a prediction Ok, it's nothing really but I think its alright if I say this in public. Paragon levels are really awesome it has an endless progression and I wish I was immortal to live my Diablo life. Although I have tried going to college and tried learning how to make a video game because I have my own ideas for a game. I respect Blizzard entertainment for their awesome games because of them I have filled my brain with "awesome" ideas for a game. Anyway here's the prediction...I think there will be paragon equipments!!! LOL And I think they will make these equipments help the player reach an insane number of Grift levels! So what do you guys think??? No hateful comments please.Quagsire9610 4h
5h Anyone else ever run into this (Video inside) 5h
5h Long Winter Nights... Is there a single person that would like the seasons to be as long as this one? If so please speak, I would honestly like to know why. (And if there is none, why keeping it so long Blizz?)Zguben14 5h
5h Guild Add-On Idea In a guild, can we get a calendar that way we can schedule events and have the options of RSVP and so forth. We would like to plan out events so our guild members can have a great experience and a fun way to keep people busy.Deathrun210 5h
5h Lack of Saving Progress in Season Objectives You have to fix this game for the occasional player. Fathers, mothers, people with other responsibilities who don't game several hours a day let alone a week but still buy, play and enjoy games. I love Diablo - I've been playing it since the very beginning, but nothing infuriates me more than returning to the game after completing 3/5 of tasks for an objective only to find they are reset because I didn't have a free 2 hour span to complete them all. That's just not reasonable. If I complete 3/5 bounties in one of the acts. Why can't the progress be persisted so that I can pick up where I left off? The only reason I've never completed a season is because I don't have large chunks of free time to play and my progress is always getting reset. Can't you change this?Kvothe4 5h
5h Necro DPS Tips Good Evening all. Hit a bit of a snag with my Necromancer. While minions are all well and good his DPS seems somewhat lacking. Would anyone be willing to share a DPS build or some tips for the Necro? Here's what I use currently: LMB: Grim Scythe (Blood Scythe) RMB: Death Nova (Tendril Nova) Active: 1: Corpse Lance (Brittle Touch) 2: Command Skeletons (Freezing Grasp) 3: Decrepify (Borrowed Time) 4: Bone Armor (Dislocation) Passive: 1: Commander of the Risen Dead 2: Spreading Malediction 3: Final Service 4: Eternal TormentRedFlash9131 5h
6h Why So Few...? Why do I only get 4 items for completing a great rift?... Sometimes I get 5 but surely that doesn't help much since most of the time they aren't very's extremely difficult to find a good item and it's even harder if we only get a few at a time... We need to get more items per rift, maybe like 15, 20 or more no matter the level considering how much effort we have to put in...MirrorMe37 6h
6h Bane of the Powerful Change Request Bane of the Powerful (BotP) is quite an interesting gem. But the mechanic of the gem is inconsistent in some aspects upon yellow elites. Unlike the blue elites, when the game says you have killed the yellow elite and the bubbles pop, the gem doesn't necessarily reset its timer. You need to kill all the minions of the pack to get it reset. This can be very painful especially when the minions run or fly away in all directions, even sometimes hiding outside the map where you cannot hit them. To be consistent with what the game is saying, the timer should be reseted the very moment the bubbles appear. Kind of a QoL request. Hope I get supported on this from you guys... Thanks for reading.DreamKiller27 6h
7h Why GR and Torment rewards are part of the problem. Hello Everyone, This is a short post regarding GR's and Torment levels scaling too high that have become part of the problem in my eyes. After reading, let me know if you agree, or discuss what you would do personally. Paragon, it has become booth a boon and thorn. Early in the process, such as seasons 1-3, reaching paragon 600 was GOD MODE. It gave you more output, but not nearly what we see today. Someone with 350 paragon was able to compete with those at the 600 level. So what compounded this into an issue? The introduction of higher torments, and the exponential scaling GR system. Experience became too easy to get, and then multipliers led to the team adding even more torments, repeating a very negative process. Rewards/Loot became far to easy to obtain, and the game no longer feels like a challenge. Many of you may remember early in the RoS process when the challenge was things being hard, not finding the right rift of density and monsters. I personally feel that if we remove rewards from the Ladder, which is GR's in our case, and limit the rewards granted in Torments, we would have had a far more stable game not incentivized by bots, scammers, elitists, etc.... I hope that we have a similar GR system in the next Diablo game, and I do like the concept of Torments as well. But I hope that the development team understands the flaws each presented, and remove rewards from their competitive ladder. The reward in a ladder should be cosmetic, as well as ones own pride for their success. So that is it, what do you guys think? Should the ladder be void of rewards? Do you agree that Torments scaling to T13 with nearly 7-10 legendary items dropping each rift has become an issue? Please share your thoughts below :) Thanks, DemonmongerDemonmonger18 7h
8h Sheer Luck with Cosmic Wings So I been playing D3 since Season 7 and after many GR's, Rifts, Bounties, and occasionally farming for Rainbow goblins on the different hot spots, I enter into my 2nd bounty of the day yesterday, and come upon a Rainbow Gob in Act 1 while doing my 1st Bounty, killed it, then let everyone know to come to the portal. The Group said wait to go in until after all the bounties were completed, so we did that & came back to portal after getting all 5 Bounty Caches. Needless to say, I was struck with a great surprise when one of the barbs in the party linked his cosmic wings drop in chat. I really was shocked and excited to finally get the wings since I never really was hellbent on getting them anytime soon anyhow, but wow, that was a nice surprise. The person that linked it didn't even know what they were or the actual spawn rate of Princess Lillian, so I told him/her: .1-.2% spawn rate with a 100% drop on the wings if Princess Spawns? That's what I've heard anyhow.KingArthur1 8h
9h Rift Progress Bar - Minion Value? Hello, while researching on the subj I found this link: I suppose its info is up-to-date - why would Blizzard shift this balance significantly over last 1.5 years? Yet I am curious about special mobs - do they have better coef. than regular whites? If it matters less for a pack of blue champions - you have to kill them all for progression orbs - it still matters a lot for minions: When you kill yellow boss you often have 2-3 wounded minions remaining and it's a question whether or not it is worth killing them. If a white mob has progress% of 0.01-0.05 then it probably does not matter whether or not value is doubled or not. Kill only if it does not take more than 2 seconds, or in case you are equipped with Bane of the Powerful. But if a white mob has a value of say 0.2%+, and if minions have even higher value, it's important to know. If your build needs (for example) 2 minutes to kill RGuarian, then you have 780 seconds to gather 100%. So each % should not take more than 7-8 seconds - that is, including moving between packs of monsters.Cuthalion8 9h
10h T13 is now too easy Killing everything in 1 shot is not fun, I get bored pretty quickly now.Crypto113 10h
10h When season 12 end and 13 starts? I am sick for rathma meta, please change that in next season, Blizzard.Digox27 10h
10h Hammderdins Anyone else wish they would update the runes for blessed hammer so were not forced to use limitless? you have no idea how much i would love to make a lightning sader but sadly the runes are just horrible, then they Nerf limitless without buffing anything else, i don't get it :/Hesha3 10h
10h My patch wishlist - Monk edition Hello again everyone! I'm resharing my thoughts and ideas on the future of the game, which of course might not get anywhere but hopefully can be the basis of more good fun discussion. This is the second of three writeups I made going back the past two PTRs. If you're interested in the others, you can find them here: General - WitchDoctor - This one focuses on the Monk class. Please do give feedback and share your own ideas! I'll start with a list of the changes and give explanation below. *edited note: Unchanged set bonuses are noted, otherwise everything is "what you see is what you get". If there's a Live effect missing from a piece, it's either been moved or deleted. SSS Sustained Attack: Increase the damage of your SSS by 7% for 7 seconds, stacking up to 7 times. (refreshes on hit) Flow of Eternity: SSS now deals 777% its total damage with each hit, and its cooldown is reduced by 80-85%. LionClaw: Your Seven-Sided Strike now strikes 21 times instead of 7. Binding of the Lost: Each hit with Seven-Sided Strike grants 7% damage reduction for 7 seconds, stacking up to 7 times. (now refreshes on hit) Uliana set 2pc: Every third hit of your Spirit Generators applies Exploding Palm. Your Spirit costs are reduced by 50%. 4pc: Exploding Palm gains the effect of The Flesh is Weak. You take 50% reduced damage when a nearby enemy is affected by your Exploding Palm. 6pc: Your Exploding Palm deals 1400% more damage. Your other damaging Spirit spenders now also detonate your Exploding Palm. Raiment set 2pc: Your Spirit Generators gain 25% attack speed, deal 100% increased damage, and reduce the cooldown of Dashing Strike by 1 second on hit. 4pc: Dashing Strike gains the effect of all runes, and the cooldown of Epiphany is reduced by 60%. You also take 60% less damage for 4 seconds after using Dashing Strike. 6pc: Dashing Strike increases the damage of your Spirit Generators by 1500% for 6 seconds, and will instantly kill enemies below 10% health. Shenlong set: (now drains 25% of your max Spirit per second instead of flat 65)(other effects unchanged) SWK set 2pc: Your damage taken is reduced by 60% while Sweeping Wind is active. 4pc: Your Secondary skills also spawn Monkey King decoys with Sweeping Wind. 6pc: (unchanged) Inna set 2pc: (unchanged) 4pc: You gain the base effect of all four Mantras at all times, and take 10% less damage for each. 6pc: You gain the five runed Mystic Allies at all times, and your damage is increased by 250% for each Mystic Ally you have. Lefebvre's Soliloquy: Cyclone Strike reduces your damage taken by 45-60% for 5 seconds. Guardian's Path: Gain 40% Dodge Chance when dual-wielding Fist Weapons, and 40% Attackspeed when wielding a Daibo. Kyoshiro's Soul: Sweeping Wind now gains up to 10 stacks, and lasts forever. Vengeful Wind: Your Sweeping Wind deals 725-750% increased damage. Bindings of the Lesser Gods: Enemies affected by your Cyclone Strike take 250-300% increased damage from your Mystic Ally for 5 seconds. Inna's Reach: Mystic Ally deals 600% increased damage. (moved to Legendary power) Flying Dragon: Generators increase your attackspeed by 100% for 3 seconds. SSS effects are shifted around so a dedicated non-hybrid Inna build can exist, and gave Sustained Attack a new effect. SSS now also has a single CDR-effect source, and its "base" (0% sheet CDR) drops from 5.6 seconds to 4.5 seconds, letting you reach the usual sub-2 seconds in as few as 3 item rolls where that currently takes at least 5. A buff for Uliana's defense scheme, now also splitting it between BotL and the set itself. Now also a full caster build, where SSS is still the best vehicle for your EP but it can have support. It's important to note it won't make EP proc itself, so that it won't bug out and you'll still need Gungdo Gear. The shifts in Uliana's multipliers also make Area Damage and Stricken more effective. I gave more damage and toughness to Raiment along with some utility and new mechanics with a practical shift in direction of the 4pc, in exchange for higher Shenlong drain. Along with being able to extract the WoL and LTK helms in the future, a little more toughness should pull SWK out of being forced to make weird choices at high GR levels (such as Generator and Spirit Guards), and back into its classic territory. The 4pc here is again a significant rework. Inna sees simple, moderate buffs to both damage and toughness. I also matched Lefebvre to Spirit Guards so players can freely pick the better fit. All of these toughness buffs should cut down the Monk class' heavy dependence on Unity ring and bring it more in line with other classes. I think Guardian's Path is a cool concept and would love for it, as well as Daibos, to be more viable. I improved support for Sweeping Wind and Mystic Ally. This opens up some fun new builds. Flying Dragon is a really messy variable, so I made it a flat effect. Between this and the other Generator-related changes, it'll be easier to maintain Spirit and thus your damage output, which I believe is a better and more fitting way to buff those builds than raising the ceiling. Thanks for reading!Karmakaze6 10h
11h All the speculation on Druid I just can't imagine a good implementation of druid in D3. They are barbarians forced into exile and developed a close bond with nature thus gaining a magical control of nature and its beasts. Lore goes something like that. There is really nothing about this game, its attribute system, skill system, item drop system etc., that would facilitate this type of character. Thus there is all this ridiculous speculation and recommendations for what a druid would function like. Some of the ideas are totally off the wall, like so far away from how any other class functions. Its clear that a character like this cannot function within the framework that we have. Why could they not build a framework where my wizard could effectively wield a sword like in the concept art. Gandalf used a sword like a boss and he was old. If they had built a framework to accommodate that, then we could be in a position for a druid more exciting than that we all so fondly remember from D2.UngivenFame37 11h
11h Chiltara will not drop Gibbering Gemstone! Chiltara is not dropping Gibbering Gemstone. She is always there but won't drop it. I know I have killed her over 80 times and no drop? I have even found Liquid Rainbow and Falcon Wings before Chiltara will drop the Gibbering Gemstone for me lol. Is anyone else having this issue?LUK3NUK3M24 11h
11h Pet from Star Craft 2 hi.. i would like to know if there is a pet in Diablo 3 for purchesing Star Craft.... if there is i dont seem to have it since i have the complete Star Craft 2 game.. Thanks and waiting for reply...apollon22 11h
12h The Druid is coming There was a recent deleted discussion on twitter made by Sean White an associate game designer working at Blizzard referencing Ursa Major which is probably the easiest recognizable and most known constellation that could be related to the Druid. There's also a secret item on the PTR that nobody talk about - the Muddied Parchment referencing the Druid : This is an item that the developers put into the PTR for Patch 2.6.1 that seems to hint at things related to the Druid class. Sean White is "apparently" responsible for making Druid/Werewolf related stuff based on his linkedin profile and twitter account : I'm calling it now 14.99$ Druid class similar to the Necromancer is coming near us soon'ish. If I am wrong, then it's pretty obvious the Druid was planned at one point to be released. Thoughts?Boogerman74 12h
12h What if we could take several followers with us? I recently came across the Mass Effect series again and I thought how cool it would be if we also could take two or three followers with us instead of just one when we are playing single player, to sort of form a party. Yeah, I know, there are currently only three followers, but what if there would be more followers that all fill a certain roll? I have here a few ideas – however, I am not suggesting that these ideas shall be implemented, instead, they just shall help to illustrate my point. ============= Templer a tank who deals low/medium damage and has the ability to taunt enemies. (he no longer heals) Priestess / Cleric Utility follower with low damage, who has the ability to heal and to convert enemies for a short time. Mage Has powerful ranged AoE ablities that deal lots of damage compared to the other followers. Assassin Deals heavy single target damage in melee range and has the ability to give the party stealth. Scoundrel Deals heavy single target ranged damage. Blademaster Focuses on dealing AoE melee damage. Beastmaster Summons additional units that fight for him. Also has an AoE warcry that buffs the party. Death Knight (not sure if this one fits lorewise, but I include it anyway) Deals medium melee damage and has a frost aura that slows enemies. Amazon Can be equipped with bows, spears and javelins to either fight in melee or from a distance. ============= Let's say that followers were actually powerful and useful and about ~30% of your overall power would come from them and that you can take two followers with you in a single player game and one follower in a 2 player game, but non in in 3 or 4 player games. You then could decide what kind of party you wanna have if you play alone: Do you wanna have the classic defensive set up with a tank and a healer? Do you wanna go full DPS with one follower that helps to clear out large groups of enemies and one follower that helps against stronger targets? Or do you wanna go full single target damage support with the Assassin and the Scoundrel, so you can take out bosses much more quickly? Or maybe you are a ranged class and you wanna have the Death Knight to help you to keep enemies away from you? Etc, etc...I know that this probably would require drastic changes not only to the follower system, but also to itemization itself and a change to these damage multipliers on certain items to make followers more useful, but I still think it is fun to speculate and theorycraft about such an idea. So what are your thoughts? Do you think it would be cool if we could form a party with two or three followers in a single player game? Any other ideas?clueso20 12h
12h Time to take action against Botting Or risk losing your playerbase not only for D3, but for the future of Diablo and potentially other games from your company! Look at what sort of mistakes EA has made with Star Wars Battlefront 2, and PLEASE do not make similar ignorant mistakes! ... If that is not enough proof for you, there is simply no reason to continue playing any of the games Blizzard makes, let alone the Diablo series. It is time to show some integrity! I look forward to hearing a response! Thanks, Diablo 3 Community of Fans Moderation Edit: This post title has been edited by a moderator because thread titles should not use words like "Blizzard," "Blue," or any employee names. Please be mindful of this in future posts. 12h
9h Can someone confirm this?? PD: is not spam... It is disturbing news (Sorry, my inglish is not good)MFPF8 9h
15h Reasonable estimate on time left in S12? I’ve got one conquest left to finish it all, but I’ve settled on R55 w/ 6 sets. I have the sets, but it’s not exactly an exciting go (though I like the pseudo-challenge). How much time is (probably) left in S12? A few weeks would be plentyPandalishus8 15h
16h CR Build Hard to take a build seriously when upon looking at it there are missing gems, and it is a Barb with an Intelligence neck...................MissycnrEF6 16h
17h After 800 paragon Their is no xp in bounty or rift after 800 paragon. After 12 season you would think Blizz would of figured something. I'm sick to death at the fact that I have to gr to get xp. My god its painful. (P.S) leave the grind to botter or ppl that have no life..Aysrian5 17h
17h Finishing failed greater rifts. If you finish a failed greater rift (completing the progress bar to 100% and killing rift guardian but not within the 15 time limit) you should still be allowed to upgrade your gems based on your best completed greater rift. I.E if your personal best is a 99 and then are doing a greater rift 100 and fail to finish in time but still kill the rift guardian; you will be allowed to upgrade you gems as if it was a successful 99. This will work similarly for 2 players, 3 players, and 4 players.Shoots41 17h
18h New expansion when? As an old fan of diablo, i think it might be good for the community at this timepoint ,that Blizzard should release a brand new expansion of diablo 3. Also they must add a brand new race such as the lovely Amazon or the Drood ;)Tillix46 18h
19h Why 59 hz and not 60? Hi blizz. I don t understand why this game "see" only 59Hz at resolution full hd(1920x1080).I mentioned I have 4k uhd display and i tested all resolution from 1024x768 to 4096x2160,and all resolution seems to work fine with 60Hz.only resolution with problem is 1920x1080 with only 59hz.Why? p.s. also resolution 3840x2160 is only on 59hz too.hunter0 19h
19h Hail from the land of Linux I am having a lot of fun. I just completed Hitman 2016. I have been having a ton of fun in Albion Online, the game is a mockup of Diablo style combat with World of Warcraft like lore. I even pay $30 a month to play it. Shame that you are losing out Blizzard on my money. I plan on getting Dirt Rally later this week. Entropy looks really good as well, that is a MMO space style game. Other good things are happening too. I now have more software than I would have been able to afford on Windows, freeing up my funds to buy more games. Strange how that happens. When ones funds aren't all tied up in other things they can afford the stuff they actually enjoy doing and all. I learned some things, life is way more fun when you aren't angry all the time. I am no longer angry at my PC for constantly updating without my permission. I am no longer angry because I can browse the internet without fear of getting malware infections. Seriously what am I missing out on? The same grind over and over in D3? Some Magic the Gathering rip off where you can't chat with anybody? World of Facebook games, er Warcraft? I would have put up with Windows if Blizzard games were worth playing, but the thing is they aren't anymore. I have no idea why your games have gotten this bad, but I no longer care. If I no longer care why write this? Because I made some friends along the way who quit a long time ago. You seem to really have no interest in making really good games anymore. I miss the Blizzard of old. I want that company back, the one who cares, invests time and energy into making games instead of apologizing for them. I'm not kidding. So yeah I want the Blizzard who made Diablo 2, Burning Crusade, Warcraft 3, not the Blizzard who puts little to no effort in and expects people to just take it. I miss the story, the attention to detail, the caring loving effort. So now that thats out of the way I am going back to my life, I will come back in the next few days to see how this goes and comment back. Peace out. PS none of this was meant as inflammatory. I honestly mean this in the most positive way possible, in hopes that maybe 5 years from now Blizzard can return to form.PonyKiller9 19h
20h New Seasonal Items Anyone else miss when they added new items with each season? I would really love to see this happen again as it gave a huge incentive to play rather then just for paragon portraits and a pet. i honestly don't know why they stopped.Hesha14 20h