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Sep 15 2.6.0 Hotfixes - Updated 7/10 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated September 15. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [2.4.3][2.5.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] Items Fixed an issue which caused the six-piece bonus on the Grace of Inarius set to proc the effect of Mirinae and other on-hit effects too frequently (7/10) Adjusted the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedsback (7/10) The six-piece bonus will now grant 625% (up from 250%) damage to your minions and Army of the Dead skill for each active Skeletal Mage with a total cap of 2500%. With this, players will only need to summon four (down from ten) Skeletal Mages to receive the full six-piece set bonus. Additional Skeletal Mages can still be summoned to attack your enemies, but aren’t needed to maintain the bonus. This makes maintaining the bonus less time consuming and allows damage to ramp up more quickly at the start of combat. The total number of Skeletal Mages that can be active at a time is unchanged (ten). (7/10) Enabled the item Hellcat Waistguard to begin dropping once more (7/10) Fixed an issue which allowed certain Necromancer Legendary items to be equipped by non-Necromancer classes (7/10) Skills Command Skeleton minions are no longer destroyed upon entering a Greater Rift (7/10) Fixed an issue where Marked for Death with the Grim Reaper rune was incorrectly spreading the damage from the skill Frailty (7/10) Monsters Fixed an issue where several types of Fallen were unable to spawn as Champion packs in some zones (9/13)Tyvalir3 Sep 15
Jul 20 Patch 2.6.0a Now Live Diablo III patch 2.6.0a is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address a number of hotfixes, string corrections, and minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.0. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.0, please click here. Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download Patch 2.6.0a until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is in the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after Patch 2.6.0a is live until those regions have also patched. Diablo III Patch 2.6.0a - v2.6.0.46494 Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. General Fixed an issue with the Armory where certain item powers were not always properly cleared when swapping builds Fixed a number of item name issues in localized clients Fixed an issue where the special items from the Diablo Anniversary dungeon had lost their unique appearance, icons, and associated transmogs Players who previously had these transmogs should have them once again after the patch deploys Adventure Mode When defeating enemies in Rifts, progress orbs that spawn will now be closer to the defeated enemy Items Moribund Gauntlets The audio for Moribund Gauntlets has been adjusted to be quieter Necromancer Necromancer portraits have been updated The existing portraits in game were intended to be placeholders, but weren't properly updated with the final patch. This is now resolved.Nevalistis2 Jul 20
Feb 16 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16
6m Getting 1 Shot In Greater rifts with no warning Hi, i'm pretty new here (got this game 8 days ago), but not new to the point that I feel that I should be posting in the new player forum so I hope this place is ok. I am a bit confused at the game design in terms of damage in greater rifts. It feels like a lot of the times I play, I get 100-0d with no absolutely warning. I have currently pushed up to GR85, and I've noticed even as low at 65-70 ish I've been getting 1 shot completely out of nowhere. (For example, In a lot of instances, the high damage threats are anywhere from subtly to easily identifiable, from the blue circle of the fatties (forgot what they're called), the blue lightning things, fireballs, windup of the winged assasins, blue/green/orange circles appearing right before high damage spells land on the ground ,etc. And that's completely fine if those things can one shot you, because they're completely avoidable if you're good enough. Because of these game mechanics, I've learned to basically look only at my character and the ground around my character, which has saved me countless times. Furthermore, I've moved away from 3x offensive legendary gemstone and took a defensive one (tried gizzard and esoteric alteration), specd into vitality, but even with 800k health + 200k gizzard shield I get completely 100-0d by spells with no indicator, such as the one in the video. (i'm assuming they're spells because normally the basic attacks that are unavoidable simply target the things closest to them, which is usually my skeletons/mages). Is there anything to really do in these situations other than hope that you don't roll mobs that can do this to you? Am I missing something, and are spells like this avoidable? Because how I currently understand it, seems a bit unfun if you run into these mobs.MrCoolSmooth3 6m
15m I worked my hands to the bone to bring you this fine thread.digency19 15m
17m auto pick up deaths breath auto pick up deaths breath thxSilverkitty5 17m
32m BLIZZ!! Get RID of Keystones!! Get rid of keystones already, they are pointless since the rune trials were scrapped, its a waste of time having to do stupid a@@ boring rifts to obtain them!!! its just another way to keep people busy doing stupid pointless stuff since u cant come up with any other ideas!! no wonder you game has failed!!Poopstain1 32m
33m Stuck for an Item? Lord Fluffy's Cubed Item Find Trick. Work out what Items you need by looking them up on Create a new character to speed level up to the required level, and then use shards to get your item. If not shards, upgrade rares. Level 1 character will get any legendaries under item level 16, but for level 17 items and above, your character level must be the item level +3 Wands: level 11 gets star fire or unstable. 34 for Serpant and WoH Rings: level up a wiz to 27 for manald heal. Only 2 legendary rings can drop. Leorics and Manald. Orbs: level 33, only winter flurry or etched drop Wizard Hats, 21 for crown of Primus, 30 for Swami. Getting Tasker is harder but if you are LVL 63, you won't get the lvl 70 set items. So if you are suck for an item, and you want have a spare character slot, happy days :)Steve4 33m
37m so that's it with build diversity ... If your build can't get into the leaderboard or past GR 70 in current PTR, it most likely never will be able too. Thanks Blizzard for clearifying that each class gets only 4-6 viable higher GR builds >.>Alukat273 37m
38m Aether Walker bugged and not dropping? So.. I've been farming this damn wand for weeks... I've run 100's of rifts, both Nephalem and Greater.. I've upgraded well over 100 rare wands (Blacksmith crafted ones, if it matters) and spent well over 500k shards buying 1H weapons... The damn thing Just. Won't. Drop. I really don't know what else to do... Hopefully someone has encountered something similar with this item? As far as I saw it's neither crafted nor a bounty reward.. So how can RNG be this ridiculously punishing?Nierr0 38m
53m robotic players in china region is out of control yes I know this american region, but isn't blizzard in china still belong to blizzard? the partner of blizzard,, does nothing to stop players using robotic tools. for the whole season, there are so many 24 hour players online. and netease only bans less than 40 or 50 accounts every season. this really harms the fame of blizzard and hurts the really players. please do sth.kirin37 53m
59m Naming Characters - Part of the Fun One of my favorite things about Diablo is the character naming process. Trying to find a perfect name for a character of a certain class.. is part of the fun (for me at least). Sometimes it can take quite a while before I feel that I've come up with something just right. Wondering if anyone else feels this way. What are your favorite names that you've come up with for your heroes, what class were they ? I've got a few I really like on my account; - Valana Vapor - Female DH - Dalai Lana - Female Monk - BoneGrind - Male Barb - Luna Frost - Female Wiz - Raistlin'a - Female Necro - (a nod to Raistlin from D&D) - Helen Hex - Female Wiz - Karma Electra - Female Wiz - Kaz the Brutal - Male Barb (a nod to Kaz the Minotaur from Huma the Slayer novel) I'd really like to hear what names the community has come up with for their Heroes !HumaDaSlayer17 59m
1h Which monsters do you dislike the most? For's the guys that pop into pools of acid...sometimes you will get a rift full of them. Nothing but green screen all the time. I normally don't have a problem with the fatty's that pop out the worms but sometimes you don't notice the blue ring until its too late to vault out.SerialKiller34 1h
1h Necro Skeleton minion icon I just started playing necromancer today, and i was wondering if there was a way to see the number of skeletons active without having to look to the top left. It strains my eyes consistently looking there. Is it possible to put a number on top of the minion ability on the action bar, or a status icon above the bar?RJL0 1h
1h Legendary Gem Questions I've been playing for awhile, done a lot or research, and am not a new player. I'm at P650 and soloing GR50s. These are the basis for choosing gems instead of just following selections by others. I know they have to be based on my hero and style. Most every LG is leveled to 40+ so the secondary is not an issue. However, there are two Legendary Gem questions I've been unable to figure out or find any simple answers to anywhere. 1. There seems to be a difference in how damage is stated. Some say (a) "20% increased damage" while others say (b) "2000% weapon damage". If I read this right it should mean that with 1,000,000 damage (a) would create total damage of 1M + (1M x 20%) = 1,200,000 while (b) would be 1M + 2000% = 1M + (1M x 20) = 21,000,000. HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Or does (b) really depend on the weapon I'm using so that a 2000 sword actually produces 2000 x 20 = 40,000 hit points? This would be before other added damage like passives, elite bonuses, etc. Please tell me and others where I'm wrong. 2. Stacks (round numbers for example). 50.0% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.(Gogok). If attack speed increases by 1% over 4 seconds that gives an increase of 4% at the end of 4 seconds. However, that limits the attack speed increase because in second #5 you get a 1% increase while second #1 drops off losing 1%. Stacking this 15 times means either it can have a total of 15 time periods all increasing together for a total of 60% after 4 seconds that is maintained as long as stacks are maintained -OR- it could merely extend the time one behind the other for a longer 4% total with one behind the other. With this question on stacks, how specifically are stacks handled in all, most, other, etc. situations and how does a person figure out which it is?drkenrich1 1h
2h Tagging gear in Armory? Not sure if this discussion have been brought up already but it would be nice if the gear tagged in tab I, II, III, IV and V would should up on the gear itself, so you know if a piece of equipment belongs to particular set in the armory. Gear shifts around and never goes back in the same spot and its a pain to keep track which gear belongs to which tabs, especially if you are using all the tabs. My 2 cents.. RakkaRakka1 2h
2h Lol game is too easy Way too much hand holding going on and needs to be changed. One week into every single season you have the ridiculous 10,000 % multiplier green set. Legendaries rain from the sky and aren't even exciting. 99% instant savage. The loot hunt is not exciting, it becomes a boring process that happens way too fast. You even get handed a full green set for doing the easiest challenges I've ever seen. It's hilarious. The cube and Ladakh only speeds up the process. You can even create level one characters in order to focus on a specific legendary to roll/gamble. Where is the loot hunt? Where's the excitement? The challenge? Torment 1-12 are completely obsolete after one week of play. Game is so boring. After one week of playing you just bot paragon until you feel like fishing for a GR. lul fun game blizzard. Tldr: game hands you best items with rediculous multipliers to faceroll content in one week. Game is boring, not exciting, and salvage 99% of legs.Rowesy38 2h
2h SWAMP LAND WADERS PANT GAMBLEABLE ON MONK? Just wondering if i can gamble this pant on Monk. I don't wanna make WD just to get this pant for Monk. Thank you 2h
2h Blue Angel wings - Wings of Valor Hi guys, I have all 3 parts of Diablo 3 game bought separately and since I have this game already bought I do not see reason to buy the deluxe game pack just to get this wings, which are included in the deluxe box. Can Blizzard just give a chance to buy small upgrade online and update to deluxe edition so everyone who wants to get that Blue Angel Wings to do so? Let say, like I already have bought the 3 parts and spend 60$, just to add a fair price of 10$ and my account to be upgraded to deluxe so I can get that magnificent blue wings? Also the Wings of Valor would be nice and can be included in the upgrade. Most of the wings I have from my Necro pack and set dungeons (except falcon wings and cosmic wings which I'm still hunting) all wings in the game are demon looking ones. Angel wings are much cooler for me so Blizzard please do this for guys like me that love the Angel cosmetic wings.Rejev5 2h
2h A mobile idea? I'm not sure where to post this, so i figured here is my best bet, i had a question regarding an old favorite game of blizzards; Diablo II.. Basically an idea of sorts, i cant imagine the game is making alot of income atm, but i do know a way it could.. Here me out.. Why not revamp the game for mobile phones? The processing power is far passed Daiblo II requirments, and it would generate alot of popularity as the game currently has starved gamers trying to start up private servers and the such just to get a taste of the old experience... It would be easy to make inapp purchases that would generate cash flow, just an idea but if you released it for a small fee to download, then made xpac toons like assassin and druid cost money, people wanting them would pay extra.. Just an idea, but mobile phones are a great way to reboot old games without dealing with a new pc release... Regards Brad; P.S. if this has been thought of and dismissed already.. then my sincerest apologies, but an idea left unsaid never gets anywhere.Vixxth3 2h
2h Please make LON work with Sage Set After next patch LON only for fun build, so make them work with sage set, at least we can use it for farming DB :)Trix1 2h
2h What is the average age of Diablo 3 players? I'm 28 with a wife so I cannot spend too much time on games. That's why I prefer games like Hearthstone which I can play anywhere and doesn't need a lot of time for one section. But the thing with HS community is it's full of kids. Not just teenage "kids", but literally kids 10 or 11 years old. The forum is full of trolling posts which is entertaining but doesn't give you a lot of useful information. Now come to this Diablo board, the first thing I realized is that the board is much calmer. There is no 20-page trolling posts, nobody brings religions into discussions, and nobody compares things with Hitler :). Is this because people here are more mature and more restrain in doing that kind of stuff?PUPU207 2h
3h Enchanting a socket on a weapon /w mystic low chance? Hi everyone, I'm trying to add a socket to my Danetta's Revenge that I found last night. If it had a socket, it would be a nice upgrade for me over the Cluckeye I found a few days ago, that already has a socket. Unfortunately, I have spent millions of gold and probably 20 forgotten souls trying to get a socket, and so far no luck. I do *realize* that it's RNG, but this is borderline crazy for me. At this point, I would have just happily paid 20 forgotten souls and 10 million gold to get the bloody socket. Do sockets on weapons have a low chance by design, or is this really just bad luck? I would assume that with only 10 or so options available, and with 2 chances to roll with each forgotten soul, I would likely get a socket with just 5 rolls on average. Is that correct, or do sockets simply have a 1% or less chance of rolling?Scala22 3h
3h Balance & Difficulty Most new buffs in PTR can wreck GR 80 now trivializing Torment 13(GR 60). Something feels awfully familiar about this... ... Oh yeah I remember now, this has happened 2 times before when Torment 10 was the max and before that when Torment 6 was the max. It's a shame they don't put in the time to create real difficulties instead of artificially extending them infinitely because they have no idea how to actually balance this game out in a meaningful way. The progression of this game is borderline mental. Say you're a barb playing from 1-70 for the first time in expert feels somewhat easy but decent and not too much danger. Now you're 70 and wearing mostly rares but you're able to play Torment 1 with a bit of difficulty. Then BOOM a legendary drops it's Gavel of Judgement NICE!! The weapon itself is almost twice as much DPS as your rare 2h sword, but you notice hammer of the ancients will be doing 9x MORE DAMAGE.. Is this an error possibly? Seems weird with one item you are now doing 18x MORE DAMAGE!? Sure enough you equip it and use hammer of the ancients and low and behold you see an insane increase in damage everything just melts. You decide to raise the difficulty to Torment 6 and everything still dies almost instantly. You keep playing and notice legendary items are falling almost every minute. You start finding some Immortal King set pieces and then suddenly BOOM. Bracers of the First Men drops. You're like WTF is that for real? I'll now be doing 6x MORE DAMAGE again? Sure enough you notice the damage has actually multiplied 6 times higher. You continue playing until you receive your final set piece for Immortal King because 1500% more damage... yeah 16x MORE DAMAGE. So with 2 items and this 6 piece set, Hammer of the Ancients will now do 640% x 9 x 6 x 16 = 552,960% Weapon Damage?? That is almost 1000 TIMES more powerful than the base skill. You then raise the difficulty to Torment X and give it a try... everything dies instantly and feels too easy. You then raise the difficulty to Torment XIII but everything still dies instantly!!!? WTF this is the highest difficulty what is going on??? TLDR Moral of the story in Diablo 3 with 6 set pieces and a couple legendary items all 17 difficulties put in place are trivialized.Archon3 3h
3h Is pirmal unlock level going to change? With buffing most of the sets next season is Blizz going to up the difficulty to unlock primals? Currently GR 70 can be tough for some builds/sets but is doable and really easy with others. But with buffs GR70 will become the next T13 (farm easy lul). With keeping Primal unlock at GR70 after these buffs you basically just getting rid of any gate there was and might as well just get rid of the gate altogether if you not going to up it. Let the war over Primal gate begin once more :). But seriously... I do think primal unlock should be upped to at least GR75 if not GR80 if actual buffs are as significant as they look on PTR.Dukus12 3h
3h Game Etiquette Hello, I played this game for awhile on the PC but got a bit drained and stopped (this was back when key wardens dropped just keys and not the machines themselves). Recently a friend got me to get the PS4 version and I've been quite fond of the changes they've made to the game since my time on the PC. I usually play solo, sometimes with a couple friends, but have recently started to venture into the public games. As I have been gone for awhile I wanted to see if there is any etiquette Faux Pas I should avoid. There is the obvious: Don't join a pub game and sit around not doing anything while everyone does the work for you. Don't push ahead and leave everyone in the dust, play as a group. I also try and get my inventory and skills set up solo so while in pub games can just focus on cranking out some killing. On console one main hiccup is the lack of ability to communicate. Yes I have a mic and can use it but it seems to be used rarely and I don't want to be a solo narrator for the game. I wish there was a common phrase wheel option like on Overwatch. So lacking direct communication I was wondering about standards for bounties and rifts. When doing bounties is it implied that everyone should pick their own exclamation point and do it solo so as to finish the bounty as quickly as possible? Or is it friendlier to just roll as a group so we all gets gobs and elites? When doing grifts in pubs I usually pick the highest grift I can do solo with the number of players that join taken into account (I can solo 79 alone, but figure with one other random person who may do nothing I can pull off 70). Depending on how well that goes I'll bump it up or down. I find it difficult to determine when a good time to start the grift is. Usually just wait till everyone is by the obelisk after doing their required maintenance, but sometimes people just seem to sit in front of the blacksmith for like 10 min. After about 2 min of no motion I'll just attempt to start. Anyways, I'm looking for friendly ways to play in a world without direct communication. Any advice is welcome. EDIT: Just wanted to add that the inability to boot people from a game on console is horrendous. I guess either way they do it someones going to abuse it, but I'd rather get booted by joining a game with three dbags than have to be stuck playing with one dbag. Whatever gets me away from the dbags makes me happy.HandOGod20 3h
4h D2 Remaster? Is it happening? They did SC:R which is pretty awesome. Just some feedback, not even playing D3 anymore, hate what the game turned into.Midnight30 4h
4h Legendary Gems STILL being deleted by Armory Blizzard YOU HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. This has happened to me twice now . Switched sets using the armory and it deleted a lvl 106 Bane of the Trapped and a lvl 100 Esoteric Alteration. Contacted Blizzard support and was told there was absolutely nothing they could do about it both in terms of direct item restoration OR rolling account back to before the deletion. Telling a player "Well tough luck" when YOUR OWN GAME deletes potentially weeks/months of work on a legendary gem is UNACCEPTABLE. Especially when this has been a known issue since at least April of this year. Search the forums or google and you will find HUNDREDS of threads and comments about this. Shoutout to Game Master Kudaraphax who was extremely nice but he again confirmed that Blizzard is completely unwilling to provide anything concrete regarding a fix for this issue or any sort of individual solution. I will 100% not touch Diablo again until something is done about this issue in general.DTP3 4h
4h Please make changes retro. Could we please get all the changes in the upcoming patch to be retro? It wouldn't effect seasonal play at all. And it would allow Non season to continue on their path. I feel if new items where introduced for other skills or new builds then sure let us farm away. But basically taking away an item we already worked hours or weeks/months to get and saying we want you to use this version instead so go get it is kind of bad design. A lot of people have reasoned it as "farming loot in a loot farming game." But my answer to that is that a loot farming game isn't usually about farming the same item over and over if you already have a perfect roll. A loot farming game would be introducing new items for new builds like skills that are useless right now in most cases(Rapid fire, Chakram, Blizzard, Phalanyx, Zombie bears, and so on.) So would the people over this be willing to retro these changes?Baine19 4h
5h Magic Squares HEAR YE, HEAR YE, The source of true magic is within the square!! Sssssssssssquaaaaaresss.... Numpy the Datasnake agrees. It is magic. Or perhaps... a cube?????Yntrepid5 5h
5h Increasing max stash tabs for season 12? I think by this point most of us who have played seasons have probably maxed out the number of stash tabs they can have. Is it time to increase the number so the reward would be meaningful again?chosonman8 5h
6h Join forces with local fitness outfits I just got back from the gym. I was walking on the treadmill and thinking about how much I hate walking on the treadmill. But I've got to do it. It's good for me and regardless how tedious it is, I've got to do it. Then an idea hit me. What if Blizzard and local fitness organizations joined forces. You get on your treadmill, sign into your account, and start walking. Every 1/100 mile, you get a blood shard. Once you've got enough, you can click on Kadala right there and buy something. I could get into seriously good shape by the start of Season 12.kayakpat18 6h
7h Will we ever get another expansion? Just popping in to ask this. I have moved on years ago but just wondering if Blizz actually plans to do anything with this game.Xanikk18 7h
8h Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes Set dungeon Dear Blizzard, Lately I try to complete Barbarian last set dungeon that will complete my original Set dungeons of the 6 character. I finish every other character dungeon challenges and Wrath of the waste is the last to master, so I can get my mastery wings from the effort I placed in set dungeons, however this is really cracking my nerves, (yes I understand that they have to be challenging but come on!!!) the second objective is nightmare as there is always some f*&^#*&^ monster that nick u and that's it, u fail the mastery. Barbarian is physical character and no matter how hard i try to avoid physical damage there is always something to hit me trying to rend and despite I use ground stomp for stun effect. Yes I've watched the videos in you tube how and I know so many people master this dungeon by some luck or just monster placement but I've tried nearly over 50 times today!!! and even more cause I do not count and still fail the F*&^*& set dungeon. This game play suppose to give me joy not frustration that some of the objectives are so lame!!! Other Set dungeons I pass on 30-40 tries when it is hard one especially two of the monk set dungeons, some from the 3-5 try but come on - do not get physical damage on physical character WTF especially when u try to group monsters around u so to get the first objective? I will continue to try till I'm tired of swearing and I will stop trying like i did for over 2 weeks as this sucks so bad honestly!Rejev7 8h
8h I think Blizzard are pushing some players away. They have their own vision of what THEY want. They don't care if you play or not. They want only what they want. When they do finally give in, it's because the outcry is loud enough that they risk losing their jobs over it. I miss the Blizzard of old where they were about giving you the best funnest experience money could buy on a PC. Not it's about you experiencing their vision, in their way, the way THEY intended you to. I wonder how good that works out for companies like Sega and Blizzard who think they know better than their core players. I wonder how many people are playing other MMOs now due to WoW being such hot garbage now. Diablo 3 is decent, but for how long? One of the outliers of offline play, is, you get to play the patch you most liked. Forcing us to be online forces us to play the game the way THEY want. Not the way YOU want. They take your fun away in the name of "fairness". Fine but give me offline play so I can go be by myself. I played Diablo 2 LOD all morning completely lag free and my Jesus it was beautiful. I wonder what Diablo 3 would feel like doing a solo offline lag free experience...PonyKiller30 8h
8h Bounties & Bots 2 Birds 1 Stone If you're playing solo you know by now doing bounties is a long road compared to playing in a group of 4. Why not change this to make it a little bit more fair by requiring only 2 bounties per act while playing solo. It wouldn't be that hard to counter exploits either. If someone joins game simply extend each act +1 more bounties even if that act bounties are complete unless it was already turned in. If said person leaves it would be reverted back to the original amount, unless 1 bounty was completed in that time it would remain the new total with +1 players. 1 player = 2 bounties per act 2 players = 3 bounties per act 3 players = 4 bounties per act 4 players = 5 bounties per act Also this would help combat bots and make things a lot more difficult since they would need to a full party to start and they would have to do all 25 bounties. The bots I'm talking about are the ones that do all the dirty work with another account and you join in with your main account and reap the rewards.Archon1 8h
9h Solo QoL Requests Solo play is at a huge disadvantage compared to playing in groups. You get lower gem levels, it's slower, no group buffs, and much much less experience. Here is a list of ideas that could level the playing field between solo and group. Legendary GemsProblem: In most cases players are doing 20-30 levels higher in group greater rifts than they can in solo greater rifts. This gives any group player a huge advantage that can be carried into the solo leaderboards. Solution: Allow solo greater rifts to increase gems 20 levels higher than before. So basically a solo level 70 greater rift would have the same % chances as doing a group level 90 greater rift. SpeedProblem: The speed of playing in groups isn't necessarily a problem as it should go faster, which is a reward in and of itself. Solution: However there are some little things that could help solo play with speed. Remove the 30 second timer on closing regular rifts. Remove all progression globes completely from rifts and greater rifts and work it into the progress on kill. Possibly reduce the total progression needed by maybe 5-10%. ExperienceProblem: This is probably the biggest problem very close to legendary gems. Playing in groups doing very high level speed runs yields an astronomically greater amount of paragons than you could ever hope to gain playing strictly solo. Solution: Create a new legendary gem that only followers can use. Experience Gem Level 1: Gain 50% more Total Experience. (+0.5% more per level) Level 25 bonus: Gain Experience in greater rifts equivalent to 20 levels higher. These numbers would have to be tweaked but you get the idea. BuffsProblem: In group play you receive many buffs and debuffs that help with damage, defense, and cc. Which is unavailable in solo play. Solution: Let's create more legendary gems that are follower specific that offer many different buffs similar to that of group play. Cyclone Gem Level 1: Enemies within 10 yards of your follower take 20% more damage.(+0.25% more per level) Level 25 bonus: Periodically pulls enemies in up to 25 yards away. Freezing Gem Level 1: Enemies hit by your follower or that hit your follower are frozen for 10 seconds (+0.15 seconds per level) Level 25: Enemies Frozen by your follower take 15% more damage. Healing Gem Level 1: You and your follower gain 25,000 life per second (+3,000 per level) Level 25: Each hit by your follower heals you for the total amount above. Defensive Gem Level 1: Your follower reduces all your damage taken by 2% each time he hits an enemy, stacking up to 10 times, lasts 10 seconds. (+0.04% per level) Level 25: You and your follower receive 25% less non physical damage. *Note all Follower Gems can only be leveled in solo greater rifts. TLDR I think it's long overdue to improve solo play. As it stands now it is ridiculously far behind group play. Give solo gem leveling 20 gem levels higher than before. Create follower legendary gems that offer benefits with experience, damage, healing and cc. Overall this would create a more level playing field without making group play mandatory to compete.Archon11 9h
9h We need RETROactive changes for oranges in 2.6.1!! Hi all. I want Blizzard to rethink the concept of new 2.6.1 legendary affixies, for people who can't read the changelog - a lot of orange affixies became stronger, a lot of blue Skill bonus affixies became a part of the orange affixies, and this IS NOT retroactive now. This means, that cool Ancient items and even Primal items will become useless trash after 2.6.1 will be applied. My Scythe of the Cycle is perfect And it will become close to trash! Why on Earth I need to craft it again? what kind of torment and time wasting is this? And there are a lot of items with such a sad destiny, we, the players need to make Blizzard rethink this super-bad-game-design-decision! The list of affected items is TOO BIG, almost all items from changelog: Bracers of Destruction, Bracers of the First Men, Girdle of Giants, Skull Grasp, Faithful Memory, Jekangbord, Dead Man’s Legacy, Karlei’s Point, Yang’s Recurve, The Fist of Az’Turrasq, Incense Torch of the Grand Temple, Dayntee’s Binding, Golemskin Breeches, Scythe of the Cycle, Bakuli Jungle Wraps, Mask of Jeram, Staff of Chiroptera, The Short Man’s Finger, Orb of Infinite Depth, Ranslor’s Folly and many others. For season it's kinda OK, but for non-season - it is unfair. I personally don't like the situation like we have and old Azz'Turask with 100% damage increase, the current with 300% and will have the new one with 500%. What do you think about it?Zt1mQ305 9h
11h Elemental immune amulet and Stone of Jordon All of the elemental immune amulet is out of dated. I think it is time for us to change that. I propose to add 40% elemental damage of the same type to elemental immune amulet. e.g. ... For SOJ, it can receive a small buff by shifting the elite damage and elemental damage to an legendary affix (make it benefit all elements). This way we can roll for cc cd in SOJ, which makes it more attractive .XelNagaIvan5 11h
12h Portable D3 on a USB flash drive: it works! I couldn't find any info on this (I keep getting search results for the 4GB CE flash drive) so I tried it myself: Diablo III plays wonderfully installed on a USB flash drive. No lag or anything. (Well, no more than usual.) I already had D3 installed on my computer at home, and I just copied the entire Program Files\Diablo III folder onto a 16GB USB 2.0 drive. This is useful for going to a friend's house, a school computer lab, your work computer... instead of having to download and install ~8GB each time, just bring your flash drive with you. Anywhere there's a computer capable of running D3 you can just plug and play, and of course you'll find all your characters/settings/keybindings intact. A note about space: You'll need at least a 16GB flash drive. A "8GB" flash drive has an actual capacity of about 7.5GB, and the D3 client is already at 7.75GB and likely to get larger from patches, etc., in the future. Hope this info helps someone else-- have fun!jmdragon18 12h
12h Kicking person off the group I'm really getting tired of these noobs kicking me off the group for not holding their hands and carrying them through greater rift. Too many noobs are abusing this "Vote Kick" and kicking off the one that's doing the most killing. Fix this so that they can't vote kick anymore by calculating the kills and damages of each person in the group. Use the kills / damages stats to make the ones that are really doing something can't be kicked. Wasting too much time and keys because of these noobs abusing vote kick. Another way to solve this is low damage can't enter high greater rifts.Keith79 12h
13h Hardcore seasonal a single player game? It is prime time and there are zero players in public games in TX-TXIII. Is this just how it is? Am I missing some secret cabal of players? Getting really lonely being solo all the time. :/RedPanda11 13h
13h Stash Tab After 11 seasons of power creep i finally decided to try for a stash tab. Decided a couple days ago actually. By that time the only thing between me and completion was T13 rift within 5 min, T13 Seigebreaker, and 2 conquests. Like a lot of other players i chose Avarice, and a solo lvl 75 grift. The 75 was 5 levels higher than I'd ran previously so it was a bit of a job, and I had to group with another player for the fast rift. Avarice was the most time consuming part of the deal. After a dozen attempts at corvus, cows, and the fields of misery I decided to surrender to running 50 complete t10 bounties for the conquest. That turned out well once I got rid of my pet, which would have collected loot as it dropped, making the gold clock reset while I pulled the last 20 boxes out of my bank for opening. If you decide to use Avarice as a conquest remember, despawn your pet and stand right by the bank while opening boxes. If you move at all when you open your bank to get the last 20 boxes you'll pick up the gold that's on the ground and probably won't be able to finish the conquest before the gold timer resets.Traveler6 13h
14h please allow reroll of primal It is so rare being to find the right roll is like hitting lottery.Let primal be roll as primal only with new status . i dont mind the rerolling if it stay primal.blueberry2 14h
16h Diablo 3 currency into Blizzard Balance like WoW After playing Diablo 3 for years and sinking countless time into it, I have focused my attention on World of Warcraft, finally. One of the first things I noticed was that World of Warcraft gives every character the ability to turn in-game gold into $15 of Blizzard Balance to use across all of Blizzard. I propose Diablo 3, and all other games should be able to do the same thing. What do you guys think? I don’t believe this would be an issue, if it is already a common occurrence in WoW it should have the ability to be in all Blizzard gamesJansenLViana5 16h
16h Cust Support has me in circles My problem is that I purchased the new Necromancer char and after I gave them my credit card no etc etc they said oh it will take some time and they will send me an Email. Now I have waited for hours and no email and I don't know if I get the Necromancer or not. Do not want to purchase again they may charge me twice. Tried to contact cust service but they ask the same questions, then verify me with sms message etc and then I am back to the same questions and gain verify with sms around and around. I left some time ago due to the pathetic customer service. I guess I made the error of my life in spending money on this company again and probably they will charge me even if I am sick of having come back already! All I want is either they give me what I purchased or tell me the purchase is cancelled! I bought the Necromancer to play, not to sit and wait all day and nothing happens!Imbad3 16h
17h BlizzCon® 2017 Virtual Ticket DIGITAL Content Hello, Is there any news about what kind of exclusive in game content we can expect to get? The only content I am not interested to know at all is for WoW. Thanks.Shawmeck38 17h
17h Delete zdps from bad game Zdps needs to be removed and deleted from this game. Game is already bad, even worse with a mandatory support role for meta high difficulties. This isn't a lame wow raid. This is Diablo, do dps.Rowesy33 17h