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1d A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis5340 1d
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Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking D3Planner DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76Kauza1 Nov 13, 2015
3m NA Challenge Rift Week 104 Give away to the best time Beating my time in this week challenge rift. Only 1 winner. Best overall time thats beating my time in video. Thanks to everyone that has continued to support the channel Enjoy and good luck. Please do not post anything here pay attention to rules in video and description Eazy OUT 3m
9m I hate bots I'm sure this will get removed like my like bot post but I still hate botsleostud40 9m
32m Some Kanai Cubes QoL Sometimes when we are trying to get one item we convert rare to legendary one by one. Give option to multi-convert rare. Usually players fill 1600 shards after spend per example all with rings, after that it convert one by one. Give option to convert multi-rare to legendary. It would save a lot of time. Thanks.PardalBR7 32m
50m s17 Banwave Request Dear D3 team, D3 is becoming plagued just like D2 by hackers. This can easily be remedied by more frequent ban waves for botters and 3rd party software users. Weekly bans? Please give us players the game we love to play back, and a chance to climb a realistic leaderboard.METALHEAD12 50m
53m Can we get some EU forum moderation please? Over the past few days, a number of threads on the EU General Discussion forum have contained posts that violate the following parts of the Code of Conduct... ... ... ... ... ... One thread in particular contains examples of every single one of these breaches and, despite a number of posts within that thread being reported over a period of days, the offending thread remains completely intact. Why has there been complete inaction when faced with reports of open anti-Semitism and death threats?Meteorblade45 53m
1h New idea for unused "insta junked" orange items This game has become to boring to play as each season revolves around meta sets and small buffs to individual items to compliment sets is the wrong way to go about making each season fresh with a few little changes alot of fun builds could becopme viable. what this change i am bringing to the table is as new rule (not season buff) introduced into diablo 3 to give it more variety and freshness. The scale of which can be tailored but this is just an example. Since normal orange items are so sub par usually insta junked and will never really receive any real love (like Internal Cooldown changes) this will blanket buff all items that are not sets kinda. Aslong as you are not wearing ANY set items this includes :- 6 piece sets, LoN, Krelms and all crafted sets asherea born aughilds captains sage etc and of course 2 piece weapons. Then any orange leg(ancients and primals too) item u have equipped can have double stat rolls for instance if its 500 for a max roll it becomes 1000, in the case of weapons not a double damage roll (Damage % yes 10>20) but everything else with damage rolls (like rings offhands necklaces) yes it is doubled (to make it a desirable stat maybe). In the case of sockets any equipment with a socket also gets 1 extra where available so thats 2 socs for rings necky helm and weapon and 4 socs for armor and 3 socs for pants but the max leg gems is limited so that you what you can equip is still 5 1 in each ring and 1 in necky 1 in weapon and 1 in helm. (for fairness but i guess u could equip more might be fun) to stop bugs u wont be able to equip anything that has an extra gem equipped unless u are wearing no sets and u cannot equip a set until the extra gem items are removed! for clarity u don't roll an extra socket u roll a socket like normal on a item(in case of a weapon ramalandis gift) but when u have no sets equipped it doubles just like the stats so u can put in an extra gem!Spriggen8 1h
2h Stash Search - couple things Just gonna make this quick Having stash open the search function steals keyboard focus immediately ( as in you dont have to click search it just starts searching when you hit a key ) -- I kinda just figured this would be fixed, guess I shouldn't have assumed, but play the game for a bit, its really annoying like Id almost rather not have the search function level of annoying. ex. [Pleb] : hey how does that monk build work I go to hit r and instead of it auto-replying it types r greying out all items without 'r' in the name me having actually clicked on search ^ this may seem trivial but if you play the game everyday like I do this will happen several times a day and a lot of the time Im looking at a second monitor just typing.. It also just is poor design above anything else. If you don't want to quickfix this give me the option to remove search entirely. Other thing: So you know you were gonna expand stash space and didnt.. im sure following replies will complain about that, but how about since Im trying to save stash space by placing gems in rings + ammies, that you make it able to search for gems that are socketed.. that can definitely be done easily. thank youDarth9 2h
2h Akkarat Champion 6 pieces need improving. The 6 pieces bonus set also should allow to move unhindered. Crusader is protected by a great armor so it should be no problem to move between enemies.PardalBR35 2h
2h Blizzard Mistakes You know what I’d pay up to about $100 for? A StarCraft FPS game, especially if you could play protoss and zerg characters. You know what I wouldn’t and won’t pay a penny for? A mobile game. Apparently a StarCraft shooter is cancelled and Diablo Immotal is not? Why?Wolf8 2h
2h BEGINNER ADVICE PLEASE!!! I'm just starting on PC, I currently have to do the campaign and am working through it with a necromancer hero. I'm quite confused about items and weapons in particular. I have a couple good one from my other hero that I started first (crusader) like a fire sword, I can equip it to Necro but im seeing threads about weapons the suit your hero. Should I be worried about what weapons I have while doing campaign or just go through it with whatever and start doing proper builds after. Thank to anyone that helps I'm new to the game style to.TeeKs6 2h
2h Super Low FPS Hey guys just purchased and downloaded RoS with RoN pack and am trying to play but am only getting between 7-9 fps. Anyone know any fixes? It seems like 60+ fps is typical but with what I have the game is unplayable. I have an Intel Celeron CPU N2840 @ 2.16 Ghz 4GB ram 64 bit.Maninsuit7x10 2h
2h S17 Bot Banwave?? Will there be a ban wave anytime soon? Been playing pub games and I constantly run into bots farming with each other. Its really off putting having put in lots of hours in the game to just about reach T13, and see all these bots farming endlessly with max paragon/stats. Its really not fair.Haano37 2h
3h LoN change i would like to see Hi i been thinking that would be grate if could use Legacy of nightmare whit non class set like cains, ashearas, sage etc i think that would open lot of farming builds i dont think lon builds are mean to be end game builds. but since we have like 20 dificulties im sure most lon builds can be played between T10 to T13 what do you guy think? what changes would you like to see on LoN?jeetkundo2 3h
4h Seasonal solo players After about paragon level 800, why do we have to get crapped on? I'm seeing paragon level 3k+ on seasonal, when all-together, I've played every season and I'm only para level 1119 total. I've been on the leader boards multiple times and usually play the classes well during season. Just don't understand why these 4 man cheese groups get to be almost quadruple my level.Forte7 4h
6h Future Seasons Feature How about developing a box similar to the cube that lets us put any legendary item with a secondary trait in it for us to use as a bonus trait without needing to wear that item same concept as the legacy of nightmares set bonus but let us do 1 item or 1 set item to activate the bonus of our choice? For example if we put a ring of grand in the box we would have that power forever until we take the ring out to replace with another item. This can work with any legendary item with a secondary trait including set items and hellfire items.LegoConvoy0 6h
6h Newbie Questions Hi all, started playing a few days ago and just beat the campaign. A few questions: Played D2 before, and immediate noticed all loot and enemies scaling to your level. I was wondering if there were still specific drops from specific enemies, or if everything has the same loot table? Got advice that there's no drawbacks to creating a seasonal char. I did so and am working on completing the chapters, and I was mainly wondering if I still have time to finish them. I saw that this current season has been on for about a month already. Is there an end date? Or if not how long do seasons usually last? On the same subject on seasons, I wanted to create another char to try out another class. Since I can only obtain 1 armor set per season and I already claimed part of it on my first char, I was wondering where you could farm a set from scratch and how long it would take? Is it simply doing rifts over and over and hope you get lucky?Divini7 6h
6h Bashiok Bashanishu Achievement [Bashanishu Achievement] ”Hurt Bashiok using Rakanishu’s Blade.” The information I’m putting in this post is intended to help with anyone attempting to attain the aforementioned achievement. [Steps] 1. Play Normal Difficulty Act 2 a. Selecting the quest point of Blood and Sand or beyond is recommended 2. Travel to the Dahlgur Oasis waypoint a. Using the waypoint system is suggested as this is the fastest way to the Dahlgur Oasis 3. Search the Dahlgur Oasis for an event involving Rakanishu’s Shrine (may take multiple resets/tries) a. The event is a raised area with 3 paths going up to the Shrine Stones and occurs fairly often b. Upon completing the event and destroying the final Shrine Stone in the middle Rakanishu’s Blade should drop (so long as you’re on Normal Difficulty) 4. Search the ENTIRE Dahlgur Oasis for Bashiok (you can do this in the game you find Rakanishu’s Blade) (this may take multiple resets/trys and usually takes far, far, far, far, far, far longer than finding Rakanishu’s Blade) 5. One you find Bashiok simply attack him once with Rakanishu’s Blade equipped and earn the achievement a. You will get a toast notification saying, “[Player name] has engaged Bashiok!” [Helpful Hints] • Dismiss your follower and do not use any summons or pets to avoid Bashiok being killed prematurely when you find him • Equipment/Gear and abilities which increase your movement speed are very helpful • It ultimately doesn’t matter at what quest point you are/select for Act 2 (having the Dahlgur Oasis waypoint just helps speed things along slightly) • It doesn’t matter what MP level you are at/on when searching for Bashiok o I have been on MP10 every time I’ve found him • Make sure that you are not wearing any equipment which has the Thorns Attributes (where your enemy/attacker receives damage when they hit you) • Make sure in your game options that your skill selection is set to Elective Mode o You will need to remove the ability from your Right or Left Mouse Click so you can strike Bashiok with Rakanishu’s Blade itself and not an ability o To remove an ability from your Right or Left Mouse Click simply open your skill selection window then drag and drop the ability off your command bar • Bashiok will appear as a Yellow Highlighted/Glowing Fallen Shaman in game and is a Unique monsters with a purple name (you can search for images of him on the internet) o Bashiok appears to always have the ability to Teleport so killing him on accident can happen all too easily o Bashiok DOES NOT have a set spawn location and can appear anywhere in the Dahlgur Oasis • Bashiok is a RANDOM spawn and as such is not influenced by the other monsters which have spawned in the Dahlgur Oasis o Other Fallen Shaman can spawn in the Dahlgur Oasis and Bashiok can still spawn near them or somewhere else on the map o The other Unique purple name Fallen Shaman that appear in the Dahlgur Oasis, which usually appear more often, have no impact on whether Bashiok will spawn o It does not matter whether you have 1 Rakanishu’s Blade in your inventory or multiple but it is believed you need at least 1 for him to spawn • Remove all your gear or as much as you can to lower your damage with Rakanishu’s Blade to avoid killing Bashiok in one strike o It’s possible that killing Bashiok in one strike even with Rakanishu’s Blade will not provide the achievement • You need only to HIT Bashiok with Ranakishu’s Blade once without killing him to gain the achievement o Do not equip anything in your Off-Hand slot when striking Bashiok (just in case) o You DO NOT need to have Rakanishu’s Blade equipped at all times while searching for Bashiok for him to spawn [In Depth Notes] • I found Bashiok twice; once after 60 runs/attempts and again after 150+ runs/attempts using a Demon Hunter o The first time I found him I accidentally killed him before I realized it was him and I had 3 Rakanishu’s Blades in my inventory – This was using the quest point of Blood and Sand o The second time I followed all of the information I have listed above and even helped 20+ players get the achievement as well through various Chats and the Forums and I only had 1 Rakanishu’s Blade in my inventory – This was using the quest point of The Black Soulstone -> Realm of shadow o The first time I found Bashiok the Rakanishu’s Shrine event did not occur in the same map while the second time I found him it did o Both times I found Bashiok was early in the morning my time (I don’t believe this matters) o I was wearing pants the first time I found Bashiok and shorts the second time (I don’t believe this matters) o I had one of my cats in my lap the first time I found Bashiok and another cat on my desk the second time (I don’t believe this matters) • While searching for Bashiok I was hoping I would find Leoric’s Signet Legendary Ring o I never found it… o I did find 16+ other low level Legendary Items however • I would clear the entire Dahlgur Oasis with each run/attempt of all enemies, chests and events o The process took me 8 minutes on average • “If you’re blue and you don’t know where to go to why don’t you go where fashion sits?” ♪ [Signature] Find players who are players you can play with and play your way to victory!Jason11 6h
6h What Type of Seasonal Player Are You? Streamer. Legit 2k+ paragon, Theory Crafter, Top 50 on Leader Board. Gets paid to play 8-10 hours a day with 24 hour streams on launch night. Have an outstanding, positive, Personality. And no they don't have room in their clan. Try Hard. Somewhere around 1,300-1500 Para, probably doesn't have a job and lives with parents (I fit into this category lol). On the Leader Board for most of the season, and usually stands in the top 1,000 at the end of the season. Will have 4-5 hour days, and also 16 hour days. It depends on if they got a good group or not. These players have a lot of extra time to look up builds / learn from the theory crafters, watch streamers, and it shows. Above Average / Core Player. Has a job and / or Family, but they're like a cool family that understands Gaming is this player's passion. Can usually keep up with the Try Hards, because they actually know the value of being efficient. Usually on the Leader Board as well, and not far behind the Try Hard in paragon. Plays after work until bed time / goes hard on the weekends. Casual. Not too interested in pushing. They'll get around to it some day. Probably in the 750-895 paragon range, and that's fine. They don't play on weekends, because they probably have a social life / or don't take the game too seriously. Probably grew up playing Diablo 2 or WOW and have Rose Tinted Glasses. They often complain about Diablo 3, and will 100% let you know that POE is better / or they are just playing the D3 Season until [insert hype game] comes out in a month. Noob. Usually clear a GR 70 to unlock Primals then show as offline for 3 months on your friends list. Paragon 675 in season and Paragon 400 in Non Season. Got carried for the majority of the season. Don't know what to salvage and what to keep. Probably doesn't have a meta build, or they are using a meta build for the wrong thing. Usually follow a guide, but don't understand the why of the build - The history of balance patches and why we use that build today. You can find this player running for example, a Manald Heal with Chantodo's weapons on their Archon Wiz. Will most likely ruin a Primal Yang's Recurve by enchanting a primary stat instead of adding +Disc on the secondary. Scum. Probably 2.2k - 3k Paragon. Never group with the clan. Always talk down to other players. Clocked in more than double the hours than you did at your full time job for three weeks straight. Apparently don't have time to ever sleep / shower / or eat. You see where I'm going with this... lolTrvAix51 6h
9h Mistake. I decided to get the day's eating out of the way all at once.Minkles9 9h
10h Blah! Not sure which build to augment. I have to choose to augment either 1. LON Rapid Fire DH 2. LON Mage Necro 3. Bazooka Wiz (Star Pact) 4. Replace my Vyr's augs (70s) with 110s. 5. Vitality augs on Znecro / Zbarb? rofl jk i probably won't. 6. Shadow Impale? /shrug Why did I make so many builds!! LOL FYI I just hit 1500 paragon tonight, and I heard that's the minimum for Star Pact. I have 5 gems at 99 and I plan to level more in the next few days. I'll probably get all 13 to 110+ before I throw them on something. I originally started leveling the augments to use with the LON DH, but now I'm not so sure. Oh and I just joined a clan that mainly does rats, but I can play all 3 roles in Rat Runs, just my DPS is not augged. Vyr's Archon wiz is kinda my main, I cleared a 121 solo with it. LON Mage I had a lot of fun with tonight, and I feel like I'm pretty good at it. DH is my favorite class and Rapid Fire is a new fun build... I just don't know! blah!! Star Pact... Would be hard for me to get groups for I think, but has the best potential for gem ups. I mained Shadow Impale last season and cleared a 117 - barely on the LB at season end. We lost the RORG buff, so It's just weaker. I don't feel like really pushing with that again... But it's pretty helpful in groups, because you can keep up with the other people with infinite vaults.TrvAix15 10h
13h Season 18 - Season of No Bots. Create anti-cheat cloud system. The players while on game it has to run and let running cloud anti-cheat system. If you close it the game close. This way the player could not MANAGE/hack the anti-cheat files. This system uses all anti cheat files on the cloud server. It's same mechanism than characters save but focused on anti cheat files integrity.PardalBR29 13h
13h Can liv moore rare spawn on normal? Haven't seen any info on whether it requires a specific difficulty and it's been quite a while. I was able to farm out falcon wings fairly quickly (9th try, probably just lucky) but have been at it a good week now doing nothing but farming this. I run it on normal with a speed run witch doctor build so I can clear it absurdly quickly using minions and passive abilities, and would like to be able to keep farming it without having any real combat if possible lol. I've found a vault portal, menagerist, whimseydale portal (no cosmic wings sadly), and several blood goblins in the process, so I'm starting to wonder if it's a I'm not on the right difficulty thing as opposed to just a it's that rare thing.Korwin6 13h
14h Extracted Power Open Combination I really think that not limiting extracted power to an armor, weapon and jewelry slot would open the game up to a few more build variations. Seems like a relatively simple thing to do, would allow for more customization and create more variety. At the very least it would be interesting to see this done for a season bonus.Reddrago0n5 14h
15h Diablo 3 future? We all know this game is on it's last moments. 17 seasons it's huge. Now with a D4 probably on the way for 2022, 2023, what is your main thrill to continue playing D3?Lidrach10 15h
16h Can we finally get SOLO mode implemented into the game? If there was a separate solo realm in this game, like their is a HC and SC realm, I would enjoy this game and play it significantly more. Characters in this realm would just be able to play solo and would never be able to group with other players. Everything else in the game would be the same. I mean I'm not asking for offline mode or anything crazy. This is an amazing quality of life change for the players that would enjoy this style of play. I understand it's not for everyone but neither is SC vs HC. It just gives players a way to play the way they want. It doesn't take away from people who want to group with others, or the people who want to primarily play alone and sometimes want to group with others because they can just play on the regular realms. It would make the game significantly better and funner for people like me that want to just play alone and still have a leaderboard that is full of people like me who only play alone. I know there are a million threads like this. I know there are clans, and people playing solo self found and all this stuff. It doesn't matter. I don't want to have all these extra steps. Plus, you could always have people who say they are following the rules and don't. Not that it matters, but it is what it is. I'm just stating my opinion that I would enjoy the game more if this was implemented into the game. I don't think it would take that much to implement this. Leave everything in the game exactly the same except don't allow people to group. Please blizzard, and thanks in advance. Edit: This video from KingIlle explains it better then the above post: My cliff notes summary: - The competition of the leaderboards, as faulty as they are, still provide long term fun to this game. - Finding a meta group is harder and harder to find with the diminishing player base, not to mention trying to find a group is no fun. - These facts discourage players from even starting because it's just no fun without having a dedicated d3 team and at least somewhat of a competitive leaderboard, again as faulty as they may be. ​- Requiring a team to be competitive with fewer people playing this game, makes a solo realm even more important now more than ever before. - Lets just give players a solo realm so we can play the way we want to. It's not hard at all to implement. 100% same game with not being able to group with others being only difference. EDIT 5/9/19 Here's the vision I have for this realm: My idea is to just create two-four more realms that behave exactly like all the current game. Basically named SOLO Seasonal SC, SOLO seasonal HC and they would convert to SOLO nonseasonal SC, SOLO nonseasonal HC. The ONLY difference between these realms and the current ones is that the characters in the SOLO realms can't group with other players. Therefore, one could create multiple solo characters in the solo realm. The characters would all share the same stash space like in the current game. They can share gear between them just like the current game. The only difference is that they can not group with others. This to me seems like the easiest and simplest solution. Basically, any situation you can think of will behave exactly the same as in the current game. We're not asking to do away with the group realms. We should give people a way to play the way they want. Frequently used arguments against having a solo realm: 1: Leaderboards are a joke, this game isn't competitive and never will be. - This is an opinion. To one person the leaderboards are competitive, to another, they are not. Much like poker is competitive for some but just a game of luck to others. 2: Bots/cheaters just ruin the leaderboards. They will never be competitive because of these bots and cheaters. - I hate bots and cheaters as much as the next guy. I wish they weren't apart of this game I love. Blizzard is already working on combating cheaters and I hope they ban them all. We understand there will always be cheaters in everything. This realm has nothing to do with that. We are looking to create a more competitive playing field between players that build up Paragon, Gem levels, and gear in group play VS solo play. 3: Nobody is forcing you to join a group. Just don't, problem solved. - Correct, no one is forcing anybody to join a group. With the shrinking player base, and higher disparity between group players and solo players, we're looking for a more equal playing field for players that like to play solo with a solo realm. 4: Class imbalances. - Class imbalances are the same in the SOLO as they are in the GROUP realms. Someone can use whatever classes they want, and for whatever aspect of the game they want in both the solo and group realms. Example, lets say DH's are best at speed farming t16 Rift keys. Someone in the group or solo realm can create a DH to farm t16 keys. Lets say Crusaders have the highest solo clears. Someone can create a crusader to get the highest solo clears in both a group or solo realm. There is no difference between the realms in regards to class imbalances.Maximus199 16h
16h Simple Changes for 2.6.6 Diablo 3 Suggestions As Of Patch 2.6.5 Diablo lifer here with some thoughts on a few low-effort changes to the game. I appreciate that D3 does not really provide much, if any, cash flow to Blizzard, so unless an expansion is rebooted, it would appear that minor changes are what we are getting. As a preamble, I believe that “power creep” is nothing to be feared at all. The numbers are, simply put, utterly arbitrary. If the average player can easily clear GR100, doubling damage across the board just pushes this low bar to GR105. So long as the internal calculator can handle larger numbers, they are relative to monster health. Whether a weapon deals 3,255 damage or 325.5 really should not upset people. Bring on GR200 and T25, who cares. 1. Lower Paragon Bonus In my opinion, Paragon-based main stat gain is out of control. Put in perspective, 13 augments at level 120 gems results in 7,800 to mainstat. That is 1,560 paragon. I am 1,660 paragon, meaning that someone 2,000 higher (a low-level botter) gains more mainstat without any augments than I do from both sources. Put another way, all-ancient gear gives you approximately 10,400 mainstat, the equivalent of 2,080 paragon. This means that under 4,500 paragon gives you more mainstat that all of your gear combined. To me, that is maybe not a great balance. This sounds like sour grapes, but the game is as much about the item hunt as about the grind. Paragon bonuses at above 2,500 also reward both botting and group play over solo. Paragon levels and their value also undermine the desire to speedfarm for materials in T16. In short, they pit the crafting hunt against experience farming. My solution is to lower paragon bonuses after 2,500 or so to 2 mainstat per level. Equalize the benefit of great items versus a great profile. This also would equalize solo v. group play. 2. Add a “Buff” Selection to Kanai’s Cube People have been feverishly discussing whether the seasonal bonuses should be permanent, or moved to an item (in the case of LoN). My solution is that after the end of every season, the buff for that season should be added as an option for your “Buff” selection. These buffs could be earned via an achievement, rare consumables found in adventure mod (like Staff of Herding), whatever. After Season 17, we would have the option of the Buff of Nightmares or the Buff of Grandeur. After that, I would expect we would add the Buff of Will and the Buff of Journeys (I forget the name of the Walk set). After that, who knows? The theme would be smaller sets or esoteric buffs. Maybe Sage’s? Blackthorne? 3. Change the Primal Concept I believe that the first reiteration of Primals (30% more to stats than the ancient range) was much more intriguing, if a bit boring, than what we have now. Primals are just perfect ancients, not very interesting or especially cool. They are swag that shows how long you have played, but that is about it. They are at their best with high-range weapons and offhands (Gyrphfalcon’s Foote and Jekengbord, for example), but stat-sticks elsewhere. My suggestion is to do one of the following: -Go back to the original idea of super-ancients. Increase the range above even ancient. -Add an additional primary roll to an ancient item. Simple. It would be less fun on things like pants, which really only have a limited number of basic stats to roll, but very good on weapons and offhands. -Go nuts, and add an additional property that is usually unrollable on that item type. Turn items into the Witching Hour and Vigilant Belt. CDR on boots, CHD on helms, +skills on rings, go for it. All of these ideas would add power creep. My answer is…yeah, so what? That is how this game works. If you nerf builds, legacy items, gems, and augments become inappropriately value, and create a dis-incentive. Embrace the climbing numbers. 4. Allow Augments To Be Undone Allow a recipe to return a token in the place of a legendary gem, of the same level, used to upgrade an item. This way, the game does not need to retain what gem was used. The token would not be further upgradable, you are stuck with what you used. The point of this is that the more you augment a character, the less incentive you have to play a different class and take a major step back. This is more of a quality of life and psychological change. 5. The Obvious: More Legendary Powers, and More Skills Included In Sets Everyone is asking for this, but I figured I would be thorough. Fist of Heavens in the Light set. Hydra in DMO. Revive in Rathmas. Go for it. Leave no legendary as a vanilla. There you have it. A list of changes that would be relatively simple to include, and consistent with past changes. Hope you enjoyed, feel free to engage below.Negator19 16h
17h I LOVE the Rapid Fire buff "Finally", was my first thought after seeing the patch notes for the first time. Rapid Fire buff has been requested for years. It's a good start. I hope also some other skills will be revisited, too: Crusader: Phalanx Heaven's Fury (normal) Fist of the Heavens Barbarian: Weapon Throw Ancient Spear Revenge Overpower Frenzy Wizard: Mirror Image Blizzard Demon Hunter: Bolas Strafe Elemental Arrow Spike Trap Chakram Necromancer: Revive (non thorns) Army of the Dead (?) Witch Doctor: Bogodile Zombie Bears (?) Monk: Tempest Rush Feel free to add something. Keep up the good job! Best regards, RuinedRuined351 17h
17h S17 slayer requirements thought I posted this but don't see it. problem is the requirement for a set dungeon is totally against what the season is all about. not that the game has given me enough drops to enter one, except for the HGifts which is a set I totally don't want to play. and there's no drops for rings or amulets that are worth wearing with slots. so what's up with the requirement paradox? there should be an alternative to a set dungeon for a season that does not want you to have any sets! still great game and doesn't slow my playing just limits how far I'll goTKD14 17h
17h Stash Tab Idea incentive for next season For next season... 1) Change Champion mile stone to give portrait frame and if a player has acquired at least 5 free stash tabs through season journey, they also get a free stash tab at Champion completion. 2) If a player has not acquired at least 5 free stash tabs from season journey then they only get portrait frame from Champion mile stone completion. Conqueror (awards a free stash tab) and all the other mile stone rewards remain unchanged. The point is to incentivize season journey. The stash tab flip-flap from the last PTR cycle still leaves a very bitter resentment. This gives long time players and the non-season crowd another reason to play season, even if only to acquire another stash tab (or two).BossDogg14 17h
23h How high for GR you get? How high GR? I play on Xbox and run a fairly well equipped tal Rasha meteor mage (about 1500 paragon and have all gear enchanted between 80-95 Cald) Seem to be hitting a wall at about 108 GR That normal? We all know what YouTube videos show but for regular everyday players - what lvl are you all hitting a wall at? Lvl GR? What builds?GAMERLANCE10 23h
1d New legendary gem Idea New legendary gem idea.... What's your feedback?? Gem adds 5% magic find per level with a max level of 100. 5% or whatever percentage would be appropriate to make this concept useful. At level 50 the secondary property: You have a 5% chance to spawn a random goblin when attacking.... This gem can have a percentage chance drop from the/a special goblin in an ancient or primal vault.Amadeus4 1d
1d The best about d3 Is dropping primals that cant be picked up after killing a RG and watching everyone run to it.Soul2 1d
1d Great Idea for Pets. Everybody say Pet should do more things. How about Pet grab gems on their own bag ? When we want to use we use G key (pet bag) and move from Pet bag to our inv. Or other idea: Make one exclusive Goblin pet to collect precious gems and gold. The pet cold be the smiggle goblin. (And each time it collet a bunch of gems it says "oh my precious" ; "oh my shine" ; "Smiggle like brightness" ; "Smiggle looooves gold".PardalBR18 1d
1d Level 70 Primal What Did You Get? Season 17 I got mother blaththorne boots for the second season in a row. I barely ever rage but I just literally Hulk Hogan'd one of my favorite shirts off. I know Primals aren't everything but it's still frustrating to say the least. I need a new shirt. /ragerantRaDaC176 1d
1d Seasons should be tougher Seasons are the same difficulty in spite of the power boosts we've had. And now with T14-16 it's stupid that the highest rift clear is T13 in 4 mins. Either Blizz should add one or more levels above Guardian with higher targets, T16 in 4 mins, GR80, gems to 80 etc, or the existing levels could be altered progressively to get the same result. The conquests could be looked at too.Scourge17 1d
1d Just Airing my Frustrations. News Flash....Boring This game has turned into the most boring game I think I've ever played, one month into the new season and I'm looking for something else to play, prob. Path of exile. The drops seem the tightest they have ever been...and if your lucky enough to find a can't use it, why, cause its BAD. Anyway, hopefully D4 arrives sooner than later. Later all.DeadRabbit15 1d
1d Season of Istvan's Paired Blades and why Corpse lancer, starpack and vyr are the top build of the current game. These build are a lot more powerful when compare to other builds. Yet all of these builds have one thing in common, which is all builds will have difficulty in maintaining Istvan's Paired Blades buff (may be starpack would be able but that is so hard to play). Giving Istvan's Paired Blades buff could bring shadow DH to the top. A lot of current a tier build would bring up a notch and become closer to vyr power. Perhaps the best solo build will become jade harvester, DOD or hammerdin. Istvan's Paired Blades is always exclusive to Barbarian and monk. It will be interesting to see what they can do for other classes.XelNagaIvan5 1d
1d How about my Wizard build? I’ve been playing Diablo III since it was launched. Most of people play Wizard as Vyr Archon or Meteor build. I show you how I play my wizard and it does not have perfect items yet though. You may see what I’ve got for items and gems. It reached up to GR 70 in this hardcore seasonal with no enchantment for ancient items. And resolution is up to 4K 1d
1d do the Urshi flavor text runes that appear... do the Urshi flavor text runes that appear when you do gem upgrades mean anything? My google skills are insufficient for this question :(. Edit: When you're upgrading legendary gems as you press the button you succeed or fail. As you do this the legendary gem information such as "Lvl 48 Wreath of Lightning" gets replaced with runes that glow brightly and then quickly fade away. It's those runes that I'm asking about.Sabre4 1d
1d Primal question In season 17 if you use a primal ancient legendary instead of an ancient legendary will you still receive the 750% damage increase? Assuming no sets of course. I know it seems a bit detailed but sometimes the rules are very specific. Also, once you reach Paragon LVL 70 and (hopefully) receive primal items, will one continue to receive such items on lower levels of play? Say a lvl 14 or Paragon 67? not only now but when the season ends? assuming using the same season 17 character.sterling5 1d
1d Make low builds get full combo with 4 pieces. It's a way to balance low builds with the top builds. Make their get full combo with 4 pieces. Give first combo with 1 piece, second with 2-3, and last with 3-4. This way low build would breath again. It new combos would rise up the criativity would flow through the players. With all set almost closed it's hard to be creative players are tied to equip almost full set equipment withuot a freedom to custom combos/legendaries. Let's do it Blizzard.PardalBR7 1d
2d Why is there a 'Raise Difficulty' button? If we can't use it? And why can't we use it? We have a Lower Difficulty button which we can use while we're in-game, so why can't we raise the difficulty the same way without starting a new game?AttilaTheHun13 2d
2d A couple of interesting screenshots... I'm about to ditch my desktop and go full on Chromebook. And yes, this is a clandestine hint for Blizzard to make D4 playable on Chrome OS as I'm ditching Windows completely and Hell will have frozen over twice before I touch anything Apple... So anyway, before 'the purge' happens, I'd like to share some screens I've accumulated over the years and recently discovered in my D3 folder. Batch #1 is probably just a cute bug. A ball of golden light hovering and flashing over a waypoint: Batch #2 refers to the known thing of Pandamonium Fortress always spawns 0 or 2 goblins. Considering how large the map is, like a million to one chance that they spawn next to each other and it happened anyway: Batch #3 is rock giant/sand dweller that picked a really funny hiding spot - in midair :) And last screenshot just shows two pylons of the same type spawning in one screen: 2d
2d Introducing myself. Hi there. I just unlocked Reaper Of Souls and The Necromancer today. I also happen to speak German as well. You can add me on Battle.Net as well.andy542118 2d
2d Group Vyr's/Chant build Here's a cool build to do in groups with zero dps for really great damage and further utility support for the whole party. I find my damage really ramps up when I get a "double bubble" rotation. The bubble casted by non-archon stacks with archon bubbles, thus everything doubles, attack speed, dmg buff, dmg reduction. I find it more useful than the Furnace, since at minimum one bubble with OiD is 55% (70% for double bubble), not to mention same damage reduction as Karini for about half the time. I don't like the CoE version w/o the Obsidian, I just think Obsidian is a stable to any Vyr's/chant build.MasterJay11 2d
2d DiabloFans shutting down. With the eminent shutting down of DiabloFans, to me, it is representative of where the game has gone. As a site that has helped me so much, it is a shame to lose such a useful tool. To those who put the hard work and commitment in to producing such a productive site, I salute you. Thank you.CrankyMofo42 2d