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10h A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis4904 10h
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12m Why more amory tabs when I dont have enough inventory Hi guys, I recently thought about why we got more amory tabs when we dont have inventory tabs to store more armor. Is it completely senseless or how do you handle it? I currently run 3 DH builds and 3 monk builds, just because I like the variety and the different set mechanics... and my stash is quite full. I would rather manully equip my gear and in return have larger inventory to gear a barb or wizard.Frechdachs1 12m
54m Idea: Death Breath Pickup on Speed Farm Legendary Gems Ok, so having it pick up on walk or by pet has been talked about elsewhere. Here's another idea: add the ability to Bane of the Powerful/Boon of the Hoarder (or heck both). They are both common gems almost entirely dedicated for regular rift speed farming and that additional property wouldn't affect GR. Of course I'd rather it be baseline but since others have requested the previous ideas, I thought to suggest a different idea. Especially since we just got additional armory slots so this would reward using the armory to have separate speed builds. You might even add it to the level 25 power and have it apply only when the effect (elite death timer/picking up gold speed) is active if it seems 'overpowered' or something. Welcome any brainstorming.ArchaicHonor1 54m
1h Thanks. See ya. lol Well, idk what else to do in "seasonal" game play. I have completed the season journey and gotten my stash tab. My barbarian can do GR 73 pretty comfortably. Not really interested in purely going to GR80+ nor the leader board. that's not exactly entertaining "to me"/ Grinding out paragons isn't fun either imo. So i guess its back to NON-season to just mess around with odd/strange type builds outside of the 'meta'. EG: Pick any legendary gear and see how far you can make it viable~IamLegion3 1h
1h Anyone else noticed that... diablo immortal is no longer on the launcher featured cycling panels, or whatever they're called. They only have season 16 and d3 on switch on there now. If i recall usually after they announced something and placed a sort of notification media about it, it stays there up until release, so what's up with that?Teruke21 1h
1h forgotten soul farming whats the fastest way to farm forgotten souls so i can do alot reforge.weaponwh3 1h
2h Potion slot is not locked during GR Was running GR and my mouse was all over the place clicking mobs everywhere, and by some coincidence, i heard a legendary item dropped. saw the beam in the screen and the item was already identified. saw the name, bottomless potion of amplification, and picked it up. to my realization, it was my potion set up in my character. tried to return it in the potion slot, but wont allow me. then i played another GR, upon entering, i tried removing my potion in the slot.. and voila! got it removed! is this intended to be like this or a bug?skitzoko7 2h
2h Forum navigation messed up on my phone So there used to be a menu on the forum on the top left if I was in a thread I could hop to any other part of the forum. For example hopping from general discussion to Demon Hunter. Now it's gone and that menu only let's me go to the main website pages.TrvAix2 2h
2h Offline mode How come switch gets an offline mode and pc doesnt? Weve been asking for an offline mode since release. How come you guys catered to Nintendo?Hellsspawn56 2h
2h Botters are they banning bots anymore i came back to the game after a long break seem like so many people are botting than ever before.FHvoids17 2h
3h $5.99 Monthly Fee - D4, you in? Idea - not fact. $5.99 monthly fee - would you pay? Annually you'd pay about $72. So every year, you'd be required to "buy the game" again (via your monthly fees). Imagine what Diablo 4 could be if they realized the cash cow they have at their fingertips. Charge a monthly fee for online, similar to WoW, then give Cosmetics as purchaseable things (similar to the Fortnite craze). Don't allow people to pay their way to gear, DIII tried that with the Auction house and it was horrible. Diablo is about the grind. All in all, I'd gladly pay a monthly fee if Diablo 4 came around and they continually updated it with new Chapters and locations. This game could be truly amazing. Also, bring back Runewords :)Absting159100 3h
3h ddd I am hungryThunderFox0 3h
3h Terror, Horror & Gross-Out in your RPG Blizard North understood what works for Diablo. Diablo and Diablo II Lord of Destruction delivered all the aspects needed for a Dark Gothic Medieval Action RPG. IMO D3, despite its strengths, such as combat-feel and technical polish, has failed to deliver on any of the needed aspects in a Diablo game. The link below to a Horror-RPG article illustrates what Diablo is all about, and Blizzard North understood this. The people behind Diablo and Diablo II were people that were smart, educated, creative, imaginative, and last but not least willing to create something that wasn't guaranteed to be a success. They were right, by creating something that everyone else discouraged them from. They created something that defined a genre for over a decade. 3h
4h Season 16 Forgive me for probable noob question, this is my first season and rifts etc. Chapter 4 has you kill specific rift wardens. Is it RNG for them spawning or is there something that needs to be done for them to spawn? Thanks for the help.Ravalis2 4h
4h Disgusting layoffs, Activision 800 people lost their job today and the real problem is still here. The CEOs salary is $1,750,000 and on top of that $2,808,688 was received as a bonus + multiple millions of stock bonus. A real leader would take responsibility and would have halved his salary first before destroying hundreads of familys. They don’t cut down their loyal workers to make investors happy. This is so disgusting. I will refuse to spend a single cent on your games. I am so done with that company. I wont feed the shareholders and that greedy managment.lazy67 4h
4h hey Blizz.. UNNERF fb.. thx fun buildprFly0 4h
5h Chapter 4 season 16 Forgive me for probable noob question, this is my first season and rifts etc. Chapter 4 has you kill specific rift wardens. Is it RNG for them spawning or is there something that needs to be done for them to spawn? Thanks for the help.Ravalis1 5h
6h Don't Ya Hate When... Post things that happen to you in the game that you don't like. For me: Don't ya hate when you are doing a solo 75+ GR and there are hardly any Elite, Rare, or Shrines for your Nemesis Bracers to pop Elites? Just tons of slow grindy trash (I'm a Zookeeper WD).Karmafan1 6h
6h Uliana's Set is buggy for season 16. What the hell is wrong with Uliana's set bug for monk in season 16? I calculated the percents alone without weapon damage. 5677% is added to weapon damage and 777% is added to 7-sided strike damage and it equals a 4,411,029% increase in damage. I should be one shotting greater rift bosses at tier 50 but instead, the boss is transparent to my damage and even some of the monsters at that level...Teleproxy135 6h
6h pssst, hey! Do you want to know a secret? Magic find is better than ever. I'm combining legacy lvl 60 MF with lvl 70 MF gear and I'm now reaping the rewards simply by tagging along in Rifts. Legendaries, Sets, Anciens and Primals are dropping like omnomnomnomn Oh, btw.. MF is still shared between users. Other players have commented during rifts about the unusually high drop rate. ...suckers.Lanagan6 6h
6h Among the 800 firings? Can anyone please tell me if Nevalistis has been fired in this wave?Canadier11 6h
6h Point by point : Why D:I isn't a reskin The first thing one needs to do when trying to prove a point is to make sure to know where to look and what is relevant. What is a reskin and how to know if a game is one? The main giveaway that you are dealing with a reskin is the gameplays. If a game is played exactly like another game, but looks different... it's a reskin. The second most important aspect of a reskin is the game mechanics. If the game's environment follows the same set of rules as another game when interacting with it... it's likely to be a reskin or heavily inspired by that game (to the point of plagiarism). The last thing to look for is the character's movements. While it's possible to implement new moves and new characters, reskins usually don't involve much of that, since the whole point is to save time. Which games are pointed out as being the game D:I is based on? - Crusaders of Light, a MMORPG available both on PC and on mobile. - Endless God, an ARPG available on mobile in Asia, but the APK can be downloaded anywhere in the world. Crusaders of Light Everything from the camera angles to the gameplay to the mechanics to the environment is vastly different from Diablo : Immortal. As a MMORPG, it isn't a bad game, but isn't great by any means. Crusaders of Light takes inspiration from World of Warcraft in the way it deals with progression, many trivial quests and a lore that can be ignored for the most part. As mentioned by some people, the UI does look slightly similar to the one in D:I, but isn't that different from any other UI on mobile. The controls are different from what was shown in the D:I demo. There are areas that will trigger a quick match feature before entering, which is similar to what D:I has, but in D:I you have the option of going in solo. The single target combat disqualifies it as a D:I-like game. Endless God This one has the merit to be more similar to D:I. This ARPG shares the isometric camera, though it is a bit more on the side than on the back. The game is much more focused on solo playing action and involves a lot of combat, typical ARPG. The game is pretty generic, the hero talks to a NPC and kills enemies. There isn't much to say about the mechanics of the game, except that there is a whirlwind skill, which is the main reason why it is considered. The controls are different from what was shown in the D:I demo. The fact that you need to beat many enemies at once is similar to Diablo. What makes D:I unique from other Netease games? Mechanics : D:I is one of the very few mobile games and the only Netease game that will include ground effects and things like pylons. The world you interact with is built around mechanics that are not present in any other Netease game, beside the areas that triggers a quick match feature. Controls : While D:I's controls are not unique on mobile, it is certainly the first time an ARPG will have controls so similar to a MOBA. The way ranged skills need to be aimed using the skill button as a joystick is something Netease never did, they actually do not have a MOBA game of their own. Gameplay : Nothing is new about the way this game is played, it is a classic ARPG after all. However, there are a few thing that D:I has that are uncommon in mobile games. There are monsters with ranged attacks, which is rare in a mobile game. You need to consider ground effects when fighting a boss, this is something you almost never need to expect in a mobile game Characters' movements : Every character look like it has unique movement patterns that are not present in any other Netease game. Every class has unique attacks that are pretty much the same as in Diablo 3. Conclusion There is no real basis to the claim that Diablo : Immortal is a reskinned Netease game. Some elements may be similar, but that can be said of any ARPG when compared with another ARPG.Imperius128 6h
8h Best exp per hour solo build? Not looking for decent builds, I'm curious which build is potentially the best at exp per hour. Meta groups can pull upwards of 2 billion exp per hour, what solo build is the closest to matching that? Obviously some push builds are not necessarily the best at high-end speed runs, so looking at the leaderboards doesn't really help much here.Russell1 8h
9h Reasons for leaving Diablo Hey! this is how i see it, and hope Blizzard wont be doing the same mistakes for D4. At launch RoS was great fun, first of all we had items too play with that made our characters shoot/proc charge bolts, chain lightning, fireballs, poison novas and holy jolts from the sky when hitting monsters or getting hit etc, it was so much more having thos affixes to play with compared to only crit stats and attack speed for end game affixes like D3 vanilla could offer. Secondly legendary items dropped often enough to be fun and so much more rewarding. Today players are funneled down the identical gear paths so all classes look more and more similar every patch because each class are getting the same damage treatment (400-800% damage bonus to skill inc some more damage if you hit three or less enemies) forcing you too only use that one spell repeatedly.. same goes for 50-80% damage reduction spread across the classes. This is simply an easy and lazy way to balance a game. How did we get here? This is the result of a game series based on RNG trying to be competitive. (And ofc devs making lazy and some bad decicions) Endless mainstats stacking, paragon and augments. When something is competitive it needs too be fair or balanced. So now we have a tragic game that forces players funneled gear pieces and playstyles rather then letting us theorycraft for ourselves among all thirteen gear slots such as LoN ring set almost allowes us full freedom over our characters itemization. Not to forget devs bad decicions on what should be the Diablo experience or what the game ultimatly is about which is grinding augments and paragon levels for stacking main stats endlessly while looting fifteen legendary items in two minuttes. Feels very frustrating cus Diablo had the potential to be the greatest game out there.GoZuHaZa5 9h
9h The forges are "hot" With all the bad news that come from Blizzard at the moment, an often repeated comment (to the point of being stale) suddenly strike me as... mm.... deserving some attention. As per every PR and even CEO comment: "Our development pipeline is strong, and we have the largest lineup of games that we’ve ever had" I also heard there is 9000 people at Activision-Blizzard. Obviously they are not all at Blizzard, but you get an idea of the size of the company. Yet in.. what, 6 years? All we have seen is Overwatch. Nothing else new. Sure they have a few new maps and heroes... But such a behemoth company could deliver more, I am sure. Activision-Blizzard wouldn't pay that many people to do nothing... (they have C exec for that :p ) Now I just hope it's something else that converting all of their game to mobile... The CEO did mention some new IP... So, I think something might be coming. Just "soon" if you get my meaning! :/Lloyd25 9h
9h Ranged mobs make me want to quit D3 Blizz, you need to adjust the difficulty of ranged mobs in greater rifts. 100 succubi spamming 1 shotting fireballs is simply not fun. For classes that rely on mobility, like demon hunter or wizard, placing mobs that they can neither 1) burn down fast enough (trash is skipped because it has high enough HP to not be worth the time) 2) survive the barrage of hits. I can't win a GR where I cannot escape from damage and just tank it the way a monk or something could. If certain classes need to rely on kiting, then stop taking away their ability to escape. It essentially forces us to be melee, and ranged mobs that don't stack or clump, and show up in overwhelming numbers, are simply GG as we frantically try to dodge it all. I shouldn't have to just exit to menu if I see succubi, wasps, etc. That is terrible design. Nerf ranged mob damage and density down so that I can actually play rather than "GR fish for hte perfect composition and hope I have enough paragon to just facetank it"Sarnen54 9h
9h D2 HD LEAK A guy friend from my friend which work in Blizzard said D2 HD is under development with the codiname ULTIMATE OCTOPUS project. So if this is true here is my suggestion. Make a second inventory tab where just charms can be placed (So main inventory would not carry charms or if they do it's effect does not count). 'Cuz i don't wanna to play with inv full of charms again so if i drop a good rune i don't need teleport to city deposit some charms and back to grab the rune.PardalBR22 9h
10h This just happened. A horse called a unicorn I am not sure if this is a bug or not. I am not even 100 percent certain how it ended up in my inventory. In my inventory is what looked like a white horse. On hover it said something about it being a unicorn. I clicked the "unicorn" Which was white in item quality and white in my backpack and it disappeared. Uhm? Where did it go? Why did I get it and where is it at? Was it a pet? If so why is it not following me around?Valwardon7713 10h
10h That's it... Remove 'Shrouded Moors' from the list of maps a normal Rift can have. It's huge, which wouldn't be a problem, but there's no density of monsters. Sparse would be an understatment. I understand you like to slap a few bad density maps in the non-greater Rifts, and it makes sense to some degree but this map, the Shrouded Moors, is far beyond low density. It often has 2 to 3 large areas connected and AT BEST 40 monsters in each entire section. It has never netted more then 10% of a rift completion but running through it takes well over 80% of a Rifts time. It's crazy low density and it is THE MOST COMMON map in a rift. Easily occurs in a rift 50% of the time. Either add 500-800% more monsters in that map OR remove it! FFS!McCloud13 10h
11h The Future of BLIZZPRO More and more people have had it with Bobby Big Bucks and Activision. 11h
12h Ramaladni's Gift It's been a long time since I have not had a single one drop at this point into progression for me, much less multiple. I am curious if something changed with how it drops. Just shy of 600 paragon. Monk easily farming level 60 GR's Barb working on finishing up full IK and wastes sets, able to easy farm GR 40 DH working on finishing UE full set, able to easy farm GR 40 Just bad luck or am I not at some invisible threshold to have it start dropping like primal gear? Thanks!Sauceman29 12h
12h Saddest part of Diablo Mobile is New Storyline There are a few of us here enjoy playing Diablo for the story and cinematics. By creating a storyline exclusive to mobiles you alienated the section of people that will not be able to experience that story. If you just made a Diablo 3 mobile port - no one would have cared. Now that you have platform specific storyline - it shows absolute separation from the community. I honestly do not want to see Immortal on PC either - because bringing a watered down combat system to PC is worse than not making it for PC.Shadow10 12h
12h I think we're missing some things here... I want to premise this post by saying that I absolutely hate mobile gaming. Even console gaming sucks IMO, but I know I am in the minority. Here is what we don't give enough credit to. We are moving to phones for anything and everything. The hope was for that to be tablets, but now, phones are basically that (with the exception few tablets). I work for another game company and 2-3 years ago we introduced our mobile experience. Now, it's 75% of our business. Sure, we are smaller and it may not apply to every company, but one thing we found that people who play on phones, just buy things they want and play on. People on PC, play and act different. In the end, I can guarantee you one thing: if mobile were to go nowhere (as I keep hoping), then blizz would never bother with it. Look at the commerce in the USA/world. See how sales changed from being desktop oriented to becoming mobile oriented. I don't know if this site is right, but 98% of Internet users in China are mobile. 800 million. If this doesn't make it clear why, then nothing will. Look up the definition of shareholders and stake holders. Company like this, only owes it's responsibility (loyalty, whatever) to shareholders, not stake holders (like their employees or area they are in. We'd like to think that both can be achieved and for the most, they can, but in the end, shareholders > stake holders. As for the 800 souls who lost their jobs. It sucks, it really is, but sadly, it's a matter of business in the USA. In other country's it's much harder to fire an employee and that's a good and a bad thing but that's a different topic all together. P.S Give 'HER' a break. She has no control in what she can say or can't. Her job is to be company's face on different mediums of communication, by reiterating talking points the company wants to promote; nothing else.javazon10 12h
12h Diablo: Immortal is covert expansion to Diablo III I got no proof, but just in case this happens I can say I was the first to think it. I reckon the mobile version of Diablo: Immortal is just a phony cover story to throw us off the trail of what's really happening.SirSteel13 12h
13h For the first time ever, it feels D3 is done It's not done in a way I wanted but for the first I really don't expect anything for it anymore. It was always hard to admit that D3 is being pushed aside, but now it would truly surprise to have more content. At least they did the bare minimum and buffed the LoN, which made the last patch decent. Thank you for the Kanai's cube, Legendary gems, cool areas and other stuff you have patched in these free patches. A toast to Diablo 3!Ruined17 13h
13h Gem leveling Going to write an example of improved gem leveling for high GR runners. For example we take in this case minimum "bonus" rift starts at 80+ GR For every +1 GR lvl starting from 80 you gain +1 "bonus" roll for gems so at lvl 100: "bonus roll": +20 Regular roll:( +3 Survive: +1 Gold: +1) Gems at lvl >80 can not be leveled with bonus rolls. Can be also added: This formula could be improved increasing bonus roll mas lvl to 90, 100, etc if needed by quest/paragon/mats/achivment (complete lvl 90+ GR 100 times) This feature can make some utility since there are so much variation of the same item so people don't have to keep thos 4 lvl 100 gems just in case they get beter rolled ancient so they don't have to farm lower lvl GR(60 or so) in 1-2min to lvl new gem. Response to possible: "YO CASUAL GET GUT IS FARM PART OF THE GAME" Yea, since we have enought farm for gear, paragon, mats for reroll items sometimes less is more. Avoiding completly useless farm that just take time, this time could be invested on joining some communitys, met new people to play with, try new builds. Things that makes game looks less repetitive and reduce the sensation of waste of time( yeah i also know games are "waste of time" but i enjoy more wasting my time doing challenging stuff ) Thanks for reading. Cheers.Kendo11 13h
13h LoN needs just a lil bit more We are alrwady well into the season. I just read an article about the best LoN builds per class. It seems like most could go to a 100GR, which means they are basically about 30-50% on average weaker than the set builds. I feel like a 1200-1300% bonus would push the LoN to the same level as the standard for the set builds and make the game even more diverse. I would love to try a LoN Frenzy Barb :)Herowar22 13h
14h Speed Demon - Definition of "complete" Hi all, I completed a normal rift (yes the yellow orbs etc.) in less than 2 mins without getting the achievement. Completing is for me killing the RG. After that I collected some legs and materials before closing the rift. Do I have to close the rift within 2 mins? Thanks!Frechdachs2 14h
15h Some Crusader thoughts: Invoker's needs AoE damage applied to the 6pc. 15,000% to the first enemy hit and some percentage of that in a small aoe around the enemy. I keep running into the issue of hitting the end of the GR before I reach 100% because there aren't enough elites. That's a problem, and one that could be alleviated by actually having the ability to kill more than one enemy at a time somewhat efficiently. Boyarsky's level 25 effect is pointless. I see no purpose to it. Give it an overhaul, please. Needing perma-AC for everything is annoying. I wish the Diablo team cared. :(Malmström11 15h
16h Make the borders of primal ancients visible perhaps? I can't be the only one in this game that has a hard time seeing the RED borders of the primal ancient pieces right? Make them stand out in white or something? ThanksZilphia18 16h
1d Synergy Runs: Bounties + GR I came up with this idea three days ago, and it's worked great. Somebody online suggested I should share the idea on the forums. Breakdown of the run Three people run a standard split bounties game One person runs a greater rift (All four people go into the rift, but port back to town to go run bounties) After the rift, everyone goes to get rift guardian loot and gem upgrades Motivation I didn't feel productive running bounties, but I wanted crafting materials. For bounty runners, I imagine they want to be able to gear up and get xp while also stocking up on bounty rewards. My Experience GR 95 in 4-6 minutes (It feels roughly equivalent to GR 100 solo) Typically 2 Grifts per game, 15 minutes per game I am a plvl 1300 Impale DH Most people that joined were plvl 700-900 on their first game Advertised in general chat, looking for group chat, bounty communities, and grift communities. I also created a community for these, but the same people keep wanting to play so after the first half day, I found I kept playing with mostly the same people About half of the people that have joined me these past few days have friended me and ask for more games I think most of the people that joined had not run GR95, so they liked the gem upgrades Some high level characters joined , including a plvl 1900 wiz liked it I have had a lot of fun and feel like I've been able to progress my character more quickly than previously We cannot do bosses while a GR is open, so we either do them at the start or the end of the gameDrPotato2 1d
1d Question on Paragon points Roughly how many Paragon points will I need to have before I'm doing Torrent 13 without much trouble? When I say not much trouble, I mean complete a Torrent 13 equivalent grift with 50 seconds or more left on the clock. I'm somewhat new to the game (played a little last season). So I'm trying to figure out how well I'm understanding the game and how efficient I may/may not be.RoadRunner3 1d
1d Diablo Immortal, Not 4, is the Future of this Franchise Diablo 4 way too much development time and focus is waning from Diablo Immortal. ATVI stock falling recently is proof of this. We need Diablo Immortal to be as pristine as possible for this franchise to stay afloat. I for one look forward to all the micro-transactions gracing us with this game. I for one am absolutely thrilled at the prospect for having the competitive edge for a nominal cost. Remember, the next time someone mentions Diablo 4, the best response is "Diablo 4get about it" :DPhase35 1d
1d Jobs are not charity Dear kids, Jobs are not charity. When an employer needs work done, they hire someone to do the job. When an employer no longer need that work done, them and the employee part ways. It is as simple as that. I would suggest reading ''Basic economics'' by Thomas Sowell for further expanding on the principal I succinctly described. P.S. every dislike on this post shows how needed economics education really isHerowar49 1d
1d Diablo Immortal Release Date Hi, Any news or possible release date for Diablo Immortal? ThanksBushido37 1d
1d Difference between progression in D2 & D3 illustrated I created a graph that illustrates the difference in how progression works in D2 vs D3 in a very over-simplified way. Progression in D2: Progression in D3: Imo progression in D2 was much better and in D3 there also is the factor that you are being funneled into a very specific build if you wanna be efficient, because if your build is not supported by a 6 piece set, it kinda sucks since it looses out on so much power. What you think? And did you prefer progression in D2 or D3?clueso62 1d
1d Moving season characters to non season at any time I have done everything I wanted to do in the season. I could continue playing to finish unlocking things in the Cube, but I would rather wait until my season character is back in non season (so I don't have to unlock the same things twice). If I could move my season character to non season right now, I would continue playing. Of course, we wouldn't be allowed to move that character back to season without a rebirth, like any other character. It's something small and, like many other suggestions here, something that will probably never happen with the small skeleton support crew D3 has. It's still nice to dream, though.Erasculio5 1d
1d Primal Gear drop question I started a demon hunter this season, finished GR70 and got my primal drop. If I make a new monk. Can I still get primal drop? Or I need to level my monk to GR70 too to start getting primal.SleepyBear7 1d