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8m A Quick Word from Blizzard We want to start by saying we hear you. Since the moment we stepped into the office on Monday, we have been discussing everything Diablo non-stop. We’re fully committed to listening and engaging—so please keep the constructive feedback coming. Our primary focus right now is poring over that feedback to inform internal discussions, and we’ll follow up with further thoughts as soon as we can.Nevalistis2819 8m
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Feb 16, 2017 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16, 2017
Mar 1 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 2/28 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated February 28. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Fixed an issue that caused players with 32-bit clients to have trouble joining parties (12/11) Fixed an issue where occasionally a party invite would result in a string error (12/11) Fixed an issue where the right-click context menu in the Social pane occasionally disappeared (12/11) Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Seasons Conquests Fixed an issue where the conquest "Curses!" would not properly register (2/28) Items Bone Ringer Fixed an issue where the Bone Ringer bonus was not cleared upon entering a Greater Rift (1/22) The Legendary effect for Bone Ringer has been reactivated Monkey King's Garb Fixed an issue where some achievements and conquests would not properly triggered while the 6-piece bonus of Monkey King's Garb was active (11/17) Shield of Fury Fixed an issue where multiple Crusaders could benefit from the bonus provided by Shield of Fury (11/17) The power for Shield of Fury is now active again. See this thread for more information Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Nevalistis5 Mar 1
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking D3Planner DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76Kauza1 Nov 13, 2015
33s TIL Blizzard was Agile before it was cool "We believe that good games, the best games, evolve as you design them, and you have to set the team up to design by the seat of its pants." (1:20)Jinx1 33s
3m Nevalistis is taking a"week off"... I guess there is no point of wating for an update from Her. Over a week without a single word apart from "we hear you" and she's taking a week off... Come on I don't mind, everyone needs holidays but that's really bad timing:/ EDIT: Just to provide source: 3m
4m David Brevik rips Blizzard in twitch stream. Just found this on another thread. Really deserves its own. Starts at 3 hour 31 minute mark. He really tears into Blizzard and gives quite the opinion on Morhaime leaving and the whole culture over there.Garret9933 4m
7m Blizzard Allen Adham Not sure if this made the rounds here but here ya'll are: "Blizzard founder Allen Adham: 'We tried' to have Diablo 4 news for BlizzCon" Not sure why this isn't more mainstream, I found the article just by searching up Diablo in GoogleMidnite17 7m
14m Is the crying over? I come to the forums to get D3 strats, but the last 2 weeks have been cry babies whinging about nothing. In 2012 when D3v first launched, they sold 11 million copies....China has like 1.4 billion people.... y'all angry that a business wants to tap into a gold mine to make a tonne of money.... y'all cray cray.Ryoka97 14m
14m REBIRTHING Can someone explain what reborthing a character does? It says that it removes all equiped items and inventory and then mails those items to your non-seasonal state Yeh that makes no sense to me because the only characters i can rebirth are non-seasonalSnowy6 14m
22m Folks who prefer vanilla D3. What features do you miss? Every now and then, I come across posts in which the posters talks about how awesome vanilla D3 was, and how that was the proper hardcore Diablo experience. Some of them even want a "classic" D3 server akin to WoW classic. There are also those folks who yearn for RMAH, but I suppose these are the ones who made a profit off it. Folks who yearn for vanilla D3, could you shed some light on what made it so good?Fieryeel25 22m
29m To be honest with you all. I am going to play Diablo: Immortal. I have come to really enjoy mobile games and they are a convenient way to cut loose for a bit when you're on the road or at work as often as I am. I cannot afford a computer and I am not going to spend the money and time to build one for one game. Mobile games have become so convenient and so accessible this seems like an appropriate move from Blizzard. I am certain you guys will likely dislike my comment to the ground. But hey, I am excited for this game and that is the honest truth. Besides, there are other Diablo projects in the works so I don't know what the fuss is about with this game. You guys needs to relax, and go outside to get some fresh air.iamzer0xx51 29m
49m Call Brevik You know that he will take the job. You know that no matter what game he delivers people will like it. After all it is his game. You have to do it at some point. Better sooner than later.Stargazer21 49m
49m R.I.P Deckard Cain & Sanctuary Leah you will be missed Obituary. Born 2008 Died 2018 Credits Roll Farewell Carol Courtesy YOUTUBE MEDIA ASC Outsourced media (not original performance copyrights abound to their respective owners) It is a sad day. Something good died. and will be missed FOREVER.ShadowStorm2 49m
54m List 5 simple things to make diablo 3 better 1. a new class like the druid or assassin would be great 2. Update uniques 95 % of them noone even use anymore increasing there power or adding new abiltys to them would make game have more builds and options. 3 Vault and Cow level Have it when you use a ancient or primal puzzle ring or bovine bardiche in the cube you get a much tougher and bigger zone with better rewards 4.increase the max lvl from t13 to t20 with good rewards, most players are just facerolling t 13 5 update paragon stats so you add beyond 50 per abilty theses are just few things that could be done to make game feel better Please list your 5 ideas please no joking if can we trying to give blizz a idea of what we want TUVMzandorpol80 54m
54m Blizzard: Is There AT LEAST A Patch 2.7 In The Works? It's seriously been over a year since the last QoL/Class patch was released. Can we get ANY kind of confirmation that there's at least a 2.7 coming sometime in the next 6 months or that there's literally anything coming? "We have multiple projects in the works" isn't quite doing it for a lot of people right now. We still have heard NOTHING since the Blizzcon disaster and instead, all of the effort seems to be focused on doing interviews to promote Diablo Immortal. You really underestimate just how little expectations most of us have at this point. I would honestly just be happy to know that even a patch is coming sometime. Diablo 2 gets more patch updates than Diablo 3. Seriously, what is going on over there? One of your reps said they were going to release a blog post but couldn't get it out before Blizzcon. Unless I'm in a coma, I think Blizzcon is over. Where's that blog post? Why are you guys still remaining silent? It's absolutely insane to me to see a company being this ignorant. They've gone silent on Twitter, on Reddit and on here. Diablo 3 is the only game being treated like a red-headed step child. The HOTS, Warcraft 3, Diablo 2, Starcraft, WoW, Overwatch and Hearthstone fans all have something to look forward to. Diablo 3 has literally nothing. Imagine if at Blizzcon, all the other teams had nothing to show but claimed they had multiple projects in the works. How well do you think that would've went down? What exactly would it take to get a response from Blizzard who can give us just something? Anything? I don't care if it's a 2 minute MS Paint job that just says "D4" "D2 Re" "2.7 - Soon(tm)" or literally anything.Ironskull18 54m
55m Well can we get new classes for mobile? I guess I can settle for no Diablo 4. Can we get new... YOU HAVE PHONES DONT YOU? I mean can we just get a few new classes? I played all of these in d3... YOU HAVE PHONES DONT YOU? I just want a new playstyle... YOU HAVE PHONES DONT YOU?Sezemer0 55m
1h It really is the END folks. Here's the PROOF. David Brevik Blizzard North and Diablo/Diablo II creator spells the end as we know it for this company. Profit sharing is gone, he predicts mass employee exodus considering their pay has been slashed IN HALF (literally) and that Activision fully takes over in 3 years. He states if we think it's bad now, it's only going to get worse. They are in for the money and mainstream audiences now folks. It's official. It's time to walk away. 03:31:20Matheyus6 1h
1h Are they just acting like this didn't happen at all? Week and a half and this is all they say.... New D2 season announcement. I think they legit are just going to never acknowledge this whole fiasco and live on as if it never happened.Sknilegap10 1h
1h This what EA has done after its mobile game downvoted EA recently hinted that it would hop on the real-time strategy revival bandwagon and remaster Command & Conquer games, and now we know just what that entails. The publisher has confirmed that it's remastering both the original Command & Conquer and Red Alert (i.e. the best games in the series) in 4K, with all the expansions included. And no, these won't be excuses to wring out a steady stream of cash from nostalgic gamers. Unlike C&C Rivals, EA is promising that the remasters will go "without microtransactions." Source: 1h
1h David Brevik admits our worst fears. We MUST walk. Start in at 03:31:20 Dave Brevik true Blizzard North and Diablo/Diablo II creator literally rips into Blizzard and spells out the truth. Mike Morhaime probably stepped down because of the changes taken place and the loss of profit sharing program. Public knowledge that employees at Blizzard at making A LOT less money. They basically are going to be making half of what they did. Brevik predicts we will see a mass exodus from Blizzard and that this company is NO LONGER the company it used to be (duh) But Craptivision is fully taking over in the next few years. In short it's going to get worse from here folks. It's time to stop the talk, forum topics, and just walk away. Send the dislikes all you want on youtube, forums, etc...but DO NOT open your wallet to this company anymore. It's truly over. Will they make Diablo IV? Probably in the next 5-8 years. Will it be a terrible game? You bet your mobile phone it will be. Activision is about mainstream games, microtransactions, and pumping terrible content to fill their pockets. Although I wasn't sure how Blizzard/Activision was going to be changing business since the merger, it is basically now fully known that this company intends on charging forward full blast regardless of what fans do. Ladies and Gentlemen it is time to give your money, free time, and loyalty to different companies. There are plenty of other ARPG's out right now, and other gaming companies to look forward to as well.Matheyus3 1h
1h Pledge Here to never Download DI I pledge to never download Diablo Immortal on a phone... Lets make sure they hear this...DarkxGaming231 1h
1h Don't care one way or another about Immortal. So I was reading the recent post by Tardoofus about downloading Immortal for the sole purpose of downvoting it. That's just silly. My stance and attitude toward this game is that it doesn't even matter to me that it exists. I don't play games on my phone, I think it's ridiculous. My idiotic brother is stupid as a bag of hammers, and he does not own a computer because he won't learn to use one. I don't think he can. So he plays games on his Android phone. The phone is not gaming platform. It's a multimedia platform for people who are commuting using public transportation, or who are so socially retarded they can't bear to look up and interact with anyone. On the publisher's side, it's a platform used to bilk money out of the gullible and ignorant. So be it. I don't play games on my phone, or on a console, or on my television. I play games on a computer system built for playing games. The fact that Diablo: Immortal exists makes no difference whatsoever to me, because I don't play games on my phone. Therefore don't recognize the existence of that game, or any other intended solely for Android or IOS. I've been completely hooked on Diablo III/D3: ROS since June 1, 2012. I have played it continuously (meaning every day) and exclusively (meaning no other game) for the last six years straight. Do I have gripes? You bet. Is a perfect game? Almost. Do I have any confidence that the developers will do any more with it? Not much. But all that doesn't matter. D3 remains a great game. And if Blizzard doesn't do anything else with it ever, I'm pretty much okay with that, and I'll continue to play it as long as the server's last. If Blizzard cares not to continue the PC legacy of Diablo, I'm fine with that too. I'll continue to play D3 as long as the servers last. I might eventually carve out some time to try Fallout 4, or Red Dead, or even Bioshock, but if I don't get time to try those games and some others that look interesting, I won't mind, as long as D3 exists. The fact that Diablo: Immortal exists just doesn't matter to me.StoneCold5 1h
1h Dow Jones down 100 points! All because of Diablo: Imortal!Odie19 1h
1h This silence is killing me This may sound like a whine, that's because it is... This is bothering me so much that i felt like i need to express it. All of the fiasco at blizzcon, worthy of being on a pewdiepie you cringe you lose video, stocks plummeting over the course of two weeks... And the silence... I could presume they are: - Pretending that nothing is happening and continue with the "multiple diablo projects in the works" hoping that all goes well or; - Having a structural crisis, employees admiting their mistakes and trying to get the damage through the head of the corporate money w*ores which i highly doubt (if this is the case than i'll start believing in santa again)... They don't have to say "yeah, D:I is a piece of unoriginal !@#$e, sorry", be clear like: "we are sorry for the fans that was expecting a new PC annoucement at blizzcon, we were really excited about the mobile version and we still think it is a wonderful game worthy of a Blizzard title, if you can forgive us and try it, we promise you will have a blast" But... they are too high and mighty to bow down to simple peasants... "We are Blizzard, we don't apologize, they are in the wrong, nobody said it would be a PC related announcement, it's their fault for having expectations, can't believe they don't even have phones!" Yeah, this silence is feeding my rage...ViZziBra4 1h
2h Why are you guys hanging out for a "Blizzard response"? What are you expecting? "We're sorry. We're really, really sorry. Diablo: Immortal was a dumb (and insulting) idea. We've cancelled it and fired everyone who supported the project. Furthermore, we've moved all our developers from other projects back onto Diablo, to expedite the production of Diablo 4 (yes, it's coming!), and Diablo 2: Hell Reborn (yes, it's coming!). Both of those should be out next summer. Finally, we've had a quick whip around the office and bought out all Activision's stock in Blizzard. Things haven't been quite right since they got involved, and we recognise that. From now on, we'll be the Blizzard you used to know. We have a number of great new games in the pipeline, which we'll let you know about Soon(TM). Once, again, we're really, really, sorry. I hope you can forgive us. See you on Battlenet! :D" - David Brevik (Hi from Irvine! *wink*) Nope. It's going to be a brief, carefully worded "holding statement," vetted by a dozen managers, Chinese partners, and corporate media types to make sure the "talking points" stay "on message". Whatever else it says, the word "sorry" is unlikely to feature.Inquisition74 2h
2h Is there number limit to the cosmetic pets in storage? I finally found Liv Moore yesterday, after I added it and went to equip it I found it wasn't in the list, I currently have 24 pets 8 rows of 3.WIZz8 2h
2h Just downloaded path of the exile Let’s see what all the hubbub is aboutExiled5 2h
2h LIST OF AMAZING (IMHO 10/10) GAMES ok guys i decided to share some of masterpieces i've played and enjoyed with you all who thinks gaming dies or something like this, i don't want you to feel desperate or get the wrong picture just because of 1-2 money grabbing company did some stupid choices that gaming is dying or moves to mobile or some kinda BS like that. it's totally not true, i'm going to be posting and updating this list of absolutely amazing (IMHO 10/10), more or less new (because visuals and yadda yadda matters to me ALOT, that's why i can't even touch diablo 2 anymore sadly) games for you to check out and play. here's 10 of them for starters. 1. Nier: Automata 2. Vampyr 3. Don't Starve: Hamlet/Shipwrecked/Reign of Giants 4. Don't Starve Together 5. Witcher 3 6. Dark Souls 1/2/3 7. The Evil Within 1/2 8. Resident Evil 4 / 7 9. The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth Plus 10. Little NightmaresVeryBrutalJK1 2h
2h Continuing Community So, im Downloading PoE atm, but ive never tried it before and am wondering if theres a newbie discord? or if people wanna drop their PoE usernames?Inflikt3d072 2h
2h "committed to ... engaging" lol? so? update at least? Maybe I have terrible reading comprehension Blizzard but when you said: "committed to listening and engaging" (6 days ago) how many business days can go by before I consider this so called commitment a lie? So far there has been 0 commitment and 0 engagement. Not even the slightest of slight updates to let everyone know discussions continue to take place and progress is being made. I just don't understand. At all.Fusion18 2h
2h Hypothesis on stock crash I feel that this is important if I am correct about it. I'm not worried about how this post votes, I just think it needs to get those brain trains going about this, because if I am right, it could mean the end of anything Blizzard related. Current or new. Now, I don't know the specific in and outs of business and stocks, so if I'm wrong about something, feel free to correct me. What if NetEase and Activision, not Blizzard, knew for a fact that the stocks would drop because of this? If I'm not mistaken, Activision pulls the strings. NE and AV I imagine have a lot of goals they share in mind, so if it benefits both of them, I imagine they would pull a D4 announcement to cause this. Now the why: If the stocks drop, Blizzard/Activision lose money, but how many more of those stocks were Blizzards vs Activision? If they wait until the market starts to settle, all they have to do is offer to buy those shares to make it look like their stocks value is going up again. I include Activision in this because I can't imagine NetEase doing this alone. So now NetEase buys the stocks that were sold off, mainly by gamers of the Blizzard franchise I imagine. So, let's pretend NetEase has 30% of the shares and so does Activision (this is the part where I'm not sure on the details). They could combine their votes to get rid of Blizzard, could they not? They could take over all the IP's if that is the case. In the end, don't take this as fact but try not to dismiss it if you feel I have a chance of being right. If I'm wrong, nothing will happen. If I'm right, might want to keep an eye on the stock market. If the stocks start going up miraculously without another announcement or the release of D:I, I bet your !@# they did something like this. EDIT: I forgot to add, with Blizzard employee's pay being cut (from what I hear) that means they are trying to phase them out already, which furthers this.Arcterious9 2h
2h If Blizzard does announce D4... in the coming weeks. Are you willing to give it a fair shot?Imperius51 2h
2h Mike stepping down as CEO I think mike knew exactly what was going on. He knew this !@#$ show was gonna happen and was like "nope, ill take my $70 a share compensation and chill with that". Look at whos running this company now? Are people honestly surprised? "You think you want xxx, but what you really want is xxx". Doesn't this sound like the exact situation we are currently in? Don't worry blizz, the money speaks for itself. You are now as bad as EA.Crow25 2h
3h meanwhile on twitter lol. the arrogance of these clowns. they must be having a convention in their little offices while this game hits ROCK BOTTOM /end ofShadowStorm4 3h
3h It really is the end folks. Basically proof here. David Brevik Blizzard North and Diablo/Diablo II creator spells the end as we know it for this company. Profit sharing is gone, he predicts mass employee exodus considering their pay has been slashed IN HALF (literally) and that Activision fully takes over in 3 years. He states if we think it's bad now, it's only going to get worse. They are in for the money and mainstream audiences now folks. It's official. It's time to walk away. 03:31:20Matheyus0 3h
3h A hug for Brack and Wyatt these guys are not having a good time, ive been there, weve all been there brack just got this job, he didnt make all these descisions ive gotten jobs like that, walking in to a complete mess you didnt make... wyatt, ive been nervous and tried to tell a joke that people just got offended by, lots of times you guys have made some of my favorite games, and ill be trying diablo 4 and starcraft 3 hugs for them, hugs for everybody :)WalterWhite29 3h
3h Offline D3 Hello Activision-Blizzard. Before you go under, can you give us an offline mode for D3. I still want for my children to play this game.Strombane3 3h
3h Blizzard will not stop making PC games. It seems odd to me that the same people can say that Blizzard's greed is endless out of one side of their mouth while saying that they are going to stop making PC products. The first statement is true and precludes the second. Right now the mobile market is the biggest market, however there is still a large PC market. Which I believe has even been revived with the evolution of digital sales and platforms like Steam. Blizzard is a dominant force in the PC market for better and for worse. They are not going to give that up. An empire dose not relinquish old territory as it acquires new. The real question at this point is can they hold on. Time will tell how their shift to mobile will effect the PC products they make. Needless to say I don't play games on my phone nor do I like my immersion in a game being interrupted a request for money. I'll pass on D:I.oneredflag7 3h
3h Their silence is actually a very loud message.... You just don't want to hear it. This world is an illusion Exile, move on.HardKoar11 3h
3h Potential Forum Upgrades ... should we get it? Simply put will d3 get the new forum style??? WoWs currently inline to get it, already done OW,HotS..... /forums/en/wow/topic/20769560046 - Ythisens post but considering the latest webpage design (currently used for almost everything except d3) should d3 get the new forum/website update?? thoughts?Storm13 3h
4h Is my favorite game company being taken over? Hey blizz any truth to this? "Blizz just now has cut employee profit sharing, thus cutting about half of an employee's total income. Morhaime likely forced out. Activision slowly winning in taking over Blizzard. Predicts Blizzard will be nothing like the Blizzard of yesterday within three years. Incentive for new, great game designers to go to Blizzard is gone. Blizzard employees are now paid less than industry averages. Blizzard is exiling old Blizz executives." If this is all true...Then we need to know. Blizzard you have been making quality games for years but it feels like you are not trying lately. The mobile game is evidence of this.Tahnit10 4h
4h Earnest Suggestions for D4 1. Ditch the cartoon-esque vibe. It really killed the atmosphere for me. I don't want a Diablo game that was "WoW-Esque" in art style. Make it dark and evil is permeating the world. I'd like to start in a more bright/cheerful world and see it slowly become evil/dark (not too far into the game). 2. Bring back stats and the ability to build your character the way you want. Stop assuming your audience is dumb and inept. However, you can have a "recommended mode" that is more D3 for players that want a Blizzard build. Make it so your character "build" is permanent (as in D2) after a certain level (like 20). 3. Make more random generated maps so there is more replay value. 4. Make it less arcade-like. It can be fun to be super powerful very easily/quickly, but part of the charm of D1 and D2 is the thrill of overcoming overwhelming odds. That you weren't this near-all powerful demi-god. 5. Put a lot of time and effort into the story. Have more emergent story elements. Just because it's a Diablo game, doesn't mean it has to have Diablo (in the flesh) in it. 6. While Acts were good in D2, I would prefer more seem-less transitions. The original dungeon siege game blew me away as it was fluid and continuous. 7. Make Unique and set items something truly special and hard to find. Finding a unique item in D2 was an amazing moment. Make it so white/blue/yellow are viable (hard, but do-able), and obtaining an epic or unique/legendary item provides a significant boost. 8. Make it so any weapon/armor can be used by any class (again, stat points). This allows for theory crafting and makes it more realistic. 9. Have a lot more hidden areas, secrets, that aren't available in every game (randomized). 10. I'd like to see a more vibrant world with seasons, day/night and weather. This can make for interesting game design elements. Certain monsters are out at night/day, spells/abilities are different (or have bonus/minus synergy). 11. Add a trading functionality for multi player (in-game only, not like the RMAH). While in game, you have a safe way to trade items (no/very few soul bound items). 12. Offline by default.Tagoris16 4h
4h BLIZZARD DONT CARE Downvote me ALL you want. Blizzard WILL NOT RESPOND with any kind of guarantees. They simply dont care about the player. ACTIBLIZZ is all about the money. Enough with the OMG BLIZZARD RESPOND. IT AINT HAPPENING. Lets be honest they dont even read the forums and Brandy is the worst community manager ive ever come across. " Lets give our community feedback thats so cryptic they just get more annoy" Yeah good job ..... LOL Kings cant rule forever. Its pretty clear this Kings reign is OVERKeyblade1 4h
4h Kinda tired of it. Tired of the 'we're listening' and 'multiple projects'. I keep hearing this from Blizz and nothing else follows. Anyone who has seen South Park can attest to is sounding a lot like this. We don't want to keep hearing this jargon. We want Blizzard to follow up on it. We're currently playing a perfectly legitimate game that could still use some TLC. Balance 1 build, per class, is enough to keep many of us satisfied until we receive future content or core titles. We've gone a year since 2.6.1 and everyone though it was just a starting point, but instead appears to have been the finally. We're upset because we're bored of the current meta and we're expecting we'd finally see something new. Instead, we got something that isn't even intended for us. The big misstep here is that we were ready to BUY SOMETHING, but not DI.HELLBOUNDMAN4 4h
4h Blizzard: Been waiting since Nov. 7th Blizzard, you seriously need to work on your communication skills with what fan base you currently have left. It's disturbing to see you post, sounding so sincere, only to have you sit for 7 days and allegedly form "internal discussions" without at least giving us some type of update. I really wish I had whoever's job it is to actually post threads and talk to the community. I'd be flooding the forums with whatever information I could. Even a "Nothing yet, we're still discussing it" post would let people know you're there. You say that you're listening, and that you hear us. But the other part of your problem is you don't communicate back. You're not being proactive/reactive communicator.InVersE26 4h
4h Silence = Cry Ourselves to Sleep Title pretty well says it. Blizzards silence right now is them letting us all scream into the void until we eventually tire out and give it up. Or at least that's their hope, I think.Todo6 4h
4h I'm on the Dark Side now. With the recent reddit post about the upgrade system. To those who don't know. Asians games tend to have a mechanic have a +1, +2, +3 system which you upgrade base gear. The +1 gives +5 stats. +2 gives 10 stats and so on. There's a success rate with this and obviously the failure rate goes up as you get higher and it gets usually all the way to 20s. What do most Asians games do with this feature? Sell you an item that increases your increases by 30% success chance and beyond - they'll sell you for even more money an item that will give you a 100% successful chances. I'm so done. I'm fed up. I'm hurt. I could get behind a mobile game from Blizzard. I still don't view mobile games are bad. I just think there's stigma - stigma that's well deserve. But that doesn't mean they can't be GOOD mobile games. But with this Asian mechanic being brought into the game. I don't have faith anymore. Unlike the majority of you, I can freely admit that I'm wrong. I stated it multiple times that I will make this post and admit that. I'm still with David though. Give mobile a chance. Don't be a **@*@!** to the developers. Be a **@*@!** to the shareholders. Be a **@*@!** to investors. But please do not direct your anger and hate towards developers or PR people. They are lambs to the slaughter and you guys are a frenzy piranhas biting at the wrong people. It's the investors and shareholders who are ruining Blizzard and not just Blizzard but many other amazing studios who have a long and well respected games. Blizzard is just another casualty. Bioware is another company going under. Dice is going under and many more complete gaming studios who did amazing games bite the dust due to greed and bad publishers and bad investors. Most of you sit and armchair say. "I would quit if my boss told me a product I didn't believe in" and I don't buy it and I doubt ANY of you have actually done it and could show actual proof beyond "I totally swear I did it!"StrikerJolt3 4h