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1d Number of guardians in a season? Are there any stats that show the number of guardians in a season? Or perhaps the percentage of active players who have completed the season journey to guardian? I'm pretty new to Diablo 3. I purchased it over the holidays and just finished the season journey and received my Guardian portrait frame. Woot! I have to admit the season journey is a ton of fun. I've been playing Diablo since the original (yeah, old-timer), and while I've always enjoyed the campaigns, the seasonal objectives give the game a whole new dimension. The season journey was basically like a very in-depth tutorial to all the features of the game, and some of the challenges required quite a bit of gear strategy and planning. My Immortal King HOTA build was totally inadequate for anything requiring speed, so ended up using a WW Build to complete the Curses and Boss Mode achievements. I know there's a lot of negativity around Blizzard right now but kudos to the devs for a very fun, deep, and replayable game in Diablo 3. Can't wait for next season so I can try a new character and do it all over again! :-)draude10 1d
1d Error Code: 1016? ERROR CODE 1016 I can't play Diablo 3 the past several hours do to server issues. Any one else having frequent unplayable laag? -ThanksSUFU14 1d
1d “It’s a busy day for Blizzard Services” That was the message received when starting the game and placed in a queue to load the game. Once loaded, can’t get signed on. Anyone know what’s happening on this busy day ?Obxer3 1d
1d Fastest GR 60 times Fastest GR 60 times. I'm trying to see which class I should choose for upcoming season 11. Post them and your build LON Bomb Sader Average clear time ~2:30 Impale DH Average clear time ~2:40 1d
1d Different Consumables?! I've asked before, no replies from a Dev. It's been years. Can we have other consumables that add different dynamic to the game? Simple, very simple ideas: 1. Adds a socket to a ring or amulet. 2. Re-rolls an ancient or primal ancient, keeping the item ancient or primal ancient. 3. Makes an item ancient, chance for primal. (People would drool to farm for these, and the more consumables you have from a list of them, the harder it would be to get them.) 4. Adds a socket to an off-hand. 5. Adds three sockets to a chest item. 6. Adds two sockets to a pants item. I mean, there's many many more things you can do with consumables, like X2 exp for an hour, or crazy things that make them "consumable" one time use drops. These things should be like scratch off lottery tickets in the game, you don't know what you've won until you identify it. But please, look into this Dev team. Its worth it, and we've been waiting since Diablo 3 release for more than just one.Caden30 1d
1d Upgrade for pets - collecting crafting materials I looked thru some of the forums, and I didn't see this topic. I would love to see some sort of 'Pet upgrade' so they can pick up more then just money. It would be great if they could also collect Deathbreath, Veiled Crystal, Arcane dust, and other crafting items like this. Pets are great, but I feel they should be able to pick up more then just money. I understand items, gems, weapons, armor, and other things like that, would be too much, just the items that go towards crafting. I was asked by Game Master Llirdray, to post this in the D3 forums.Seagoat7 1d
1d Season 16 sets So just picked up the Witch Doctor set for this season. Personally i thought was the best one on offer but interested to hear others thoughts?G4NGLESKH4N7 1d
1d Adventure without Campaign Finish I started a seasonal toon today and even though I haven't beaten the campaign on PC ( I did on ps4) I am still able to change it to adventure mode. I was just wondering how that was possible and if it will cause me any problems with switching the difficulty.Sleepisamyth2 1d
1d So is the necromancer garbage? I was thinking about buying the necromancer dlc but as a pet class he just seems kind of terrible and i don't really want to play his other styles. The fact that his skeletons only do 50% weapon damage compared to the WDs zombie dogs doing 120% seems crazy low. On top of that, his max permanent pet count is lower than some none pet classes. So with having less pets, and weaker pets, what is the point of his pet builds? I could understand more numerous but weaker pets, or less pets but more powerful, but it seems he gets the worst of both worldsFroststorm57 1d
2d Diablo getting more developers (from earnings) "The number of developers working on Call of Duty, Candy Crush, Overwatch, Warcraft®, Hearthstone and Diablo® in aggregate will increase approximately 20% over the course of 2019." Sounds encouraging.Jinx45 2d
2d Forum update. When do we get ours?Pestilence3 2d
2d Crushing blow, Attract, Static Field... Should be back? I know, it should't be back on D3 since this types of attacks are equally good, against a normal difficulty mob or against a GR 150 mob, it on D3 will breaks the in game balance. D3 was balanced around only one skill level and every offensive skill %WD(weapon damage). You can like or hate it(my case), but bring this type of skills on D3 will be awful. I an talking about an supposed Diablo IV or spin off Diablo game One thing that i loved on D2/D1 was that there are many offensive damage spells that doesn't scale with your Skill Damage(SD) or WD(weapon damage), some even allow you to take control over enemy mobs like necro IA curses(Attract) and Paladin's Conversion, some scale solo with the mob HP like Corpse explosion and some uses the enemy damage against itself like Iron Maiden curse. Sorceress has in her Light skill tree an skill that deals %HP damage, Static field. Not mention cut content. On D1 there are an spell called Blood Boil who deals 100% of enemy health HP damage, is possible to OHK any creature, but returns 100% of the damage to the caster. Bone Spirit on D1 works completely different than on D2/D3, deals %enemy health damage and can be the highest DPS spell in the game and the lowest depending the situation. Melee warriors on D2 can use some interesting combinations. One Paladin running "Last Wish Runeword" with 70% of Crushing Blow chance, can kill most mobs in 2-3 hits and can kill hell baal pretty fast. since Crushing Blow is based on enemy HP. In fact, Smiter is very used to do Uber runs thanks to the crushing blow mechanic. IMO the next Diablo not only should put this iconic spells back, but should adds more of this spells. Necro should receive spells similar to Wail of Banshee and Finger of Death from DnD/Pathfinder, Sorc should receive an spell similar to Flesh to Stone and domination. And not only "D sequel" should bring back Crushing Blow, but should add decapitation to melee fighters;L0rdV1ct0r52 2d
2d I've worked my hands to the bone to offer you this fine threadCoolJames11 2d
2d Question About Necromancer DLC The Necromancer DLC comes with 2 stash tabs. Do those 2 stash tabs stay with you from season to season?RoadRunner2 2d
2d Season 17's Forgotton Soul Shop This would be an awsome addition to the game. ... If anyone has any other ideas to add that would be awsome too, please post it.Jumpman8 2d
2d Our hearts are with you, impacted employees. I have been a Blizzard fan since early diablo days, spent more time playing blizzard games than anything else in life. Including school, studies, family, kids, work combined. I played a lot as a teen, mostly diablo 2 and world of warcraft. This news of 800 people losing their jobs has made my heart sink. Especially after the same fat-cat talked about the company doing its record year for sales. I cannot imagine how this has resonated with the staff. Obviously this forum and myself have been critical of the new mobile game, but I have a strong suspicion most developers think it's awful too. I am guessing they would rather be making big franchise games we all enjoy on the major platforms. It pains me to see executives make bad buinsess decisions which cause their stock prices to fall hard, then to pass that buck to the people who had no say or control of those decisions. I know staff will not reply, but I hope they know how bad their fans feel for them. Thank you for making the games I have enjoyed so much, and I hope diablo 4 can be everything you guys want to make.Heisenberg14 2d
2d Clan chat DC spam Soooooo any idea what is going on with the clan chat spamming/DCing?Robdoggierob5 2d
2d Save Diablo 3 In a sea of any rants and whines within the forum, I'm hoping this can be a thread where only positive ideas get added. The kind of thread a developer would want to read. When the game first came out, I was part of a group of twelve people who 'met' on line after work to play a new game with many undiscovered nooks and crannies. It had auction house, no paragon, weapons that you had to grow into, gems that grew with you. You had to get five nephalem stacks before charging after a conquest. It was fun and there was always an upgrade around the corner. Over the past six(?) years, our group dwindled to eleven and ten... and so on. But there were still four of us plugging away at the end of season 15, because the grind had some reward. The excitement of overpowering selected sets kept us intrigued for season 16. Well four weeks into the season, I am the last one standing from my original of cadre of cohorts. People fell off because there is no fun in constant failure. 60% with Urshi has been 50.1% (I have been tracking it over the past three plus years and am at 2061/4087 when the odds are supposedly 60%). Myriam is a killer and it drains any enjoyment rolling 140 times to get nothing. Pages 2 and 3 of the cube fail over 99% of the time for even an average ancient. The game is littered with failure at ever turn, and it has sucked the fun out of playing. Stop trying to cure the game with the power creep. Take advantage of what has been here all along. Invest some creativity and bring back the feeling of hope that you can improve gear. Unlock better weapons and gear at P250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, and so on. Once you hit a certain level, have gifts that can roll a second stat on a primal. Or make it so that you can trade a chosen stat from one primal to another. For conquests, add something new. (1) Complete a GR45 with all forged gear. (2) Complete a GR45 with bounty cache gear. (3) Complete a GR45 with Blackthorns gear. In general (1) Make the staff of herding worth chasing during the season. (2) Make a recipe with 10 Rad gifts + 1 ancient = primal of that item. (3) Raise Rift levels to match the power creep (4) Make a recipe where three echoing furies to three storm crows can be turned into something useful. (5) Make a third entry for Myriam rolls that keeps the same attribute you currently have, but a different numerical value. (6) Raise the shard cap OR drop fewer shards and lower the prices. (7) Raise the chance of getting a legendary from Kadala but at a higher cost (resulting in the same amount of legs added to the game pool, but less running to Haedrig to crush yellows). (8) Lower the mat cost for crafting and forging and then proportionally lower the yellow/blue/white drop rates. Filling up and going to town during a rift should not happen. (9) Offer some item reward or upgrade for completing a dungeon. Entice us to take advantage of a wonderful. but unused part of the game. (10) Make us complete Campaign Mode each season before unlocking Adventure Mode. Have a useful piece of gear awaiting the end of each act. (11) Let the random vendors that pop up in play areas sell a fragment that can be combined with other fragments to make a useful ancient item. Hunting and collecting is what has made this game so great. The hope of getting something good to drop, or roll, or land in your bag from Kadala gave this game excitement. You wrote a great game that tapped into our inner gambling addict. The game has been reduced to running rifts and GRS over and over for ten to twelve week blocks, rinse and repeat. No major changes are needed, as this is a great game with wonderful graphics and many creative aspects. But most of us use less than 10% of what this game has to offer. By simply adding some rewards for the 90% we generally ignore season after season, you can make the game new and exciting. I miss getting genuinely excited about what gear may come tomorrow. You have a great game and it is sad to see it dying a little more each season.TimeWaster19 2d
2d Bliz, please equalize XP pool spawn rate Hi, Health pools have a much higher spawn rate than XP pools in adventure mode. And health pools are totally useless. But I'm not asking you to get rid of them, just fix the numbers to have health and XP pool spawn 50% each.YUKI5 2d
2d Maintenance on launcher Is this wrong? It says on my launcher we should be in maintenance for 4 hours right now 10am pst to 2pm pst. I am still playing and BlizzardCS has not tweeted one thing about Diablo maintenance.Etny2k2 2d
2d The End of Diablo 4. It looks like unless Blizzard breaks free from Activision now and refocuses itself into putting games first, Diablo 4 and most other Blizzard games are now dead. The profit driven focus of most of the major game companies has pretty much reached its peak. The unlimited growth period is over and companies are now just fighting over the same pile of money which will result in the death of most of these companies.Hrnuefel15 2d
2d Lost With Gear And Stats Hi guys, What more do i need for efficient farming t13 for a wd on HC? I am kinda lost....jeroni7 2d
2d Purchasing Bulk from Kadala Ctrl+Click for Kadala to gamble 10x at a time would be nice. I see people on twitch that use macros to achieve this but I don't care for macro usage in any game. So for now its sit and click for 1500 shards worth of belts, boots, and jewelry.Paine1 2d
2d profile page 500 error My main accounts profile page has a 500 error whilst this account doesn't. I haven't logged in on this account after the patch hit whilst on the main one I've done heaps of tweaks such as put potions on all my characters and set up 8 builds on my main Wiz. Has the patch caused a 500 error for anyone else?SwankyDevil26 2d
2d Join Game Glitch Anyone else experiencing this? I did not find it anywhere in the search, so posting here. When I logged in this morning, the Join Game tab is greyed out. When I run my pointer over it, it reads, "Only available to party leader." This is the same if I try to run in Adventure mode, Challenge Rift, or Campaign. Also the same if I try different characters that are either in or out of Season. I should also add that this Join Game glitch occurs either in public or private games as well. Any input would be much appreciated. Peace.Parousia1 2d
2d ActiBlizz cutting hundreds of jobs Looks like ActiBlizz will be having layoffs (to be announced on Tuesday). Hopefully no impact to Blizzard and Diablo teams in particular. 2d
2d Power levelling people I was boosting some people from 1-70 in HC - too many people getting killed, obviously - and one of them asked me to stop so he could pick up some legendaries along the way, which I thought was a bit steep, really. And dangerous too. I'm already doing him a favour, after all. What do you think?Scourge35 2d
2d *ATTN* Challenge Rift is Broken no RoRG buff It isnt receiving the seasonal buff errrrgo its not possible in time given.. and not like wudijos was impossible.. its actually impossible, I mean if INVIS was still playing, maybe one person would get it but, ya even in 15 mins this would be a long shotDarth30 2d
2d DIABLO 3 SWITCH DISCORD Greetings fellas, So basically as the numbers are growing, I've created this server and we're trying to grow the community here. I've been to two other servers but they are dead and basically moderators aren't super active. I'm aiming to gather lots of people and organise a schedule to make it easier for people to team up, since it's harder to communicate on Nintendo, unlike Console or PC version. It's already set up so join us! 2d
2d Link PC and Switch? Tried to do a general search on account, linking, console/PC but couldn't really find. I prob know the answer but is there a way to link my switch account to my PC account? Would love to have all the hard work I did in past seasons and stuff synced up. Prob not, but figure i ask anyways. Thank you.Fadian25 2d
3d [Idea] We all know how [these] go! So, I want to look at builds of various classes and people do use several types of builds in the top 200, or so, of the Leaderboards. Problem: most have Paragon 5,000+ that are at the very tope. I am not 5k! I am 1.5k so these builds *can be* irreverent; seriously, having that high of Paragon can really open up doing things much different. Solution: One more filter on the Leader boards that has "< 1000", "< 2000", "< 3000", etc. That way I can filter, say everything under 2000 Paragon, to see what people are for real using around my Paragon Level because those above 5k, 6k+ all use some crazy builds that literally work BECAUSE of the paragon. (And, no, I'm not jelly [that slang still used, I'm old? lol]. I just want to see what similar-paragon-level-players are using without going through hundreds to find builds that are alike)McCloud4 3d
3d how will firing 800 employees affect d3? What's gonna happen?Bravata25 3d
3d Any Event for Valentines Day? Is there going to be any events for Valentines Day? Maybe some Pets or something?Strider15 3d
3d Seasonal pool farming Is anyone doing it yet and if so what paragon lvl are you at? I'm at 1375 and full pools only last for a few rifts.Skullcrusher1 3d
3d Read a new article today I came across an article today that I found kind of interesting after hearing about the layoffs. I have never heard of this website so I do not know how accurate the information is in this article. I hope it is accurate because it sounds like a retooling for Blizzard and Activision.Kredian2 3d
3d So funny I almost died ‘’ ‘’ Completely safe for work. Just thought they were absolutely hillarious, and wanted to share them with people. If you are curious and do not want to click the YouTube links, they are just super funny He-Man commercials for some grocery store in (I think) England.TracersBum5 3d
3d Season of PTR A Season long testing of Orange Legendary Items that need Buffs and Revampings.DieHarder1 3d
3d How many of you run a GTX 900 Series card? For years now, I have done everything in my power to tweak every single setting on my PC and still have issues with stuttering, freezing etc. After following every tutorial and doing everything I could think of, the issues still persist, and I believe I can almost link it directly to Nvidia GTX 900 series graphics cards.. Everyone that I know of that has a 970, has the exact same issues as me. If you have a 900 series card, can you please post here, and tell me if you have the same issues? Thanks in advance.Gimpzor44 3d
3d So... Season 17, what is it? What's it gonna be?DieHarder3 3d
3d Someone offered real money for a rare(yellow)drop Someone offered real money for a rare(yellow)drop. I thought this was strange it was called primal something. Idk it was trash and I salvaged it after making a joke in general. Why would anyone offer real money for it? It wasn’t a unique skin. I asked why and was told “I can’t disclose”. All around odd. This happen to anyone else ?Gellybean7 3d
3d Diablo Immortal TOPIC lets face it. An auto game that plays itself isn't very attractive. but what grabs me is there will be new lore involved and probably some lead up to another unwritten yet story. im LF a way to play immortal myself. but auto play is where its at. whats your take guys ?THXVolition1 3d
3d [D2] Temporary Restrictions Important Suggestion ... Im a vet player coming back and wasn't aware of all these problems until I was already ****ed by it. I agree with phasing out the punishments as BOTS are literately immune to it and its only punishing your d2 gamers/fans. I heard that their was a new patch and decided to give it a go after all these years. I'm sure there are so many other players with this problem who get so discouraged that they just stop playing all together. After contacting the support team I learned why it's so hard to find any information on this matter let alone share our suggestions. There's probably hundreds of people (if not more) with this problem who share the same feelings and are UNABLE to share it. Please consider when you read this the fact it's so hard to get any information or knowledge on this topic and I hope you can see that I'm speaking on behalf of the silent majority who did or still do play this game. If there are others who has played D2 with these problems please share a voice.Sin8 3d
3d help ... so was only the description of the items changed and not the stats on the items themselves. because thats what it looks like.Jayhigs3197 3d
3d Repeating maps and low GR key drop rate. Is it intentional that we are back to the constant map repeating fiasco or was it broken with the patch. Issue number two, We were told seasons back that T13 had a good chance of dropping 3 GR keys. My average for the 3 key drop seems to be approximately 1 in 10 runs. You require that we farm them and this is understandable but there needs to be a better drop rate at T13. Hope someone actually pays attention to this. Both issues are quality of life issues and need to be addressed. Thank you, any help would be appreciated.Vendetta7 3d
3d Why do people cheat? I can not believe that every time I go on public someone tells me of another cheat program. Really what is the benefit of doing good if you have to cheat to get there? I can not stand the people who have to cheat to win. I think this game is advantageous to cheating. Seems to me that it is easier to get high early on where boting means a lot in a new seasons and then it progressively gets harder as the season progresses so the rest of us non-cheaters can not compete with the boters. I now hear besides boting, god modes that we now have a new one that now shows everything on the map as soon as you go in and where everything is so you can go right where you want to fight and no dead ends. Really can't wait for another game like this where the manufacturer is not just giving lip service but actually has a "no cheating policy" and enforces it vigorously so regular non-cheating people can have fun and have a equal chance to succeed in the game.charliedog49 3d
3d D4/Battle Royale Why not have an amazing ARPG where we can use our characters in a side mode battle royale and even find more loot/wealth inside? That would be next-next gen... Battle Royale is so popular and mixing ARPG with battle royale might be mega huge gg .Raserei14 3d
3d primals so, I play almost every day and about 8 hrs a day. I have tried every single thing I can think of and no primals for over a week??? it cannot be rng-i have gotten I bet 15 of the weapons I do not use (not primal). where is rng in that??? so when they do drop, it is almost always something you cannot use. I do have a couple I can use and feel blessed, but really, playing all day 7 days a week and no primals?? then watch others get several?Lithlidessa434 3d
3d Way too many Primal drops.. pls reduce drop rate! Edit: sigh uploaded video since people were accusing me of trolling and posting a fake screenshot from PTR.. Getting way too many Primal drops in S16.. please reduce the drop rate. - I don't bot, if I did I wouldn't make thread like this. and as you can see from screenshot I have 11+K forgotten soul(botters are always super low on soul because they run bounty bots all the time and use all the soul on reforge). - I didn't make this thread to brag, Primal drop rate in S16 is too high imho. and there are ways to get more Primal drops if you play smart.OV3RL0RD80 3d
4d Release date for D:I When can we expect a release date for D:I? I pre-registered back in November. We are now approaching March and not a peep from you guys. I understand the negativity surrounding the game may have set you guys back a bit. But it'd be really nice to know when this game is coming out for those of us who are waiting to play it.iamzer0xx3 4d
4d Blizzard, don´t forget the ancient build please! I am building a WD with ancient stuff at the moment. In my opinion, the set items has ruined the game because you have to play wit a certain set and class for being at the top of the rankings. And even without being interested in going as high as possible in the rankings, you still need that special set for farming fast. Now I see all the buffs on the PTR for a lot of gear sets, how about the ancient build? Will it be competitive with the sets or will it be (far) behind?Tommie20068 4d