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Jul 7 Poor Wyatt Cheng Haven't seen somebody look so uncomfortable on stage since this poor fellow! Jul 7
Jul 7 Diablo 3 is the best game ever.Mpower1224 Jul 7
Jul 7 Double Jeopardy, possible new play mode. Just tried a double enemies & loot mod for Grim Dawn and it's pretty good. Also able to try out Ultimate mode just to try to get better gear to play in normal mode. Just a general inquiry if Diablo 3 would be interested to try something similar to this type of game play unless this has already been considered. The mod in question is called " NNN_Nomads_Nothing_Naughty " I realize there are very high Torment levels you can try to get a somewhat equivalency in a game-play experience but just questioning if this can be implemented in any way as a new type of dungeon delving mode or event.Bryjndrrwulf0 Jul 7
Jul 7 (Pro Player) Us Pros are completely done with D3 all my pro friends and I are done playing this game for now. There's been no good changes for a while and the season always starts off with us climbing the boards in usual fashion but then gets really stale. Finally someone gets perfect ancients or primals and we slowly get pushed back a couple ranks and we get bored. Just leting the lower tiers know where the higher tier players are going in case they don't figure it out.AttackSymetr265 Jul 7
Jul 6 Hack question With a hack axe do all your attacks gain thorns in every aspect? Blessed hammers? The lightning between the hammers? If you chose that. What are the limits of hack axe? Mechanics wise.zermus4 Jul 6
Jul 6 Almost everything is determined by Paragon In this game, everything is determined by Paragon. And I am sure 99.99% of the top 20 rankers are xxx-bot users. Yes, there should be someone who may be not, but they must have given up a large portion of their real life to earn that unrealistic paragon. You can easily calculate how Paragon massively affect the competition between players. For instance, if you compare Paragon 3000 and 6000, you deal 51% more damage and have 45% more toughness. GR monsters deal 2.338% more damage and have 17% more hp per level difficulties. This means Paragon 6000 "deal" the same damage to +2.63 level higher GR mobs, and "take" the same damage from +16.31 level higher GR mobs in comparison with Paragon 3000. Is it a fair competition between 3000 (or less) and above 6000? Do rankers go to higher GR just because they have better skills? Definitely not. I think my grandmother can reach top 10 if she has above 7000 Paragon account. Therefore, don't mention any word like "professional" in this game. This word is only applicable to Starcraft 1-2, League of Legend "professionals" who earn monthly wages from their sponsor. Add: Wizard top 30 non-seasonal North America 7225 7724 8841 7737 5947 8125 7550 6979 6853 4569 8280 6608 7258 5829 5677 4267 4956 5617 7836 4924 5807 5004 5570 8174 5344 6883 5560 7372 6872 6068 Average: 6515 (hope they are all legit ^^) Min: 4267 Max: 8841 Are there any 2000-3000ish players here? If Paragon is not important, why all 2000-3000ish players cannot overcome it?Fangskin168 Jul 6
Jul 6 What happened to public GR matchmaking? So I am not sure if what I remember is correct, but I feel like some time ago, when you would enter for a game tagged "Greater Rift" through the public game matchmaker, the system would not consider games with a Greater Rift in progress open. However in this season two out of three games I join have a greater rift in progress, which obviously, I can't join. So I have to either sit there for over 10 minutes at worst being unable to play the content I queued for. So I am asking, can this really be intentional, or is it just a bug or a mistake? I for myself can't find any reason to match people into a game with an open greater rift they can't join.MrTato11 Jul 6
Jul 6 Ancient Vault So first thing I did was run an Ancient puzzle ring. It opened an "ancient vault". Soon as I enter the vault there are at least 6 maybe 8 goblins. Opened that round door and there 6 to 8 more, including Snitchly. Down the hill was another group of 6 to 8 then a group of 8 to 10 at the bottom. After salvage and selling I got just under 582,000,000 gold.aziure16 Jul 6
Jul 6 If you could buff one attack If you could have blizzard buff one attack what would it be For myself it would be ball lightning I love using it and kindershot I cube a manticore and have 5 sentrys attacking everythingwarmouse21 Jul 6
Jul 6 Diablo 3 on external hard drive? Hello everyone! I played this game when it first came out and now I want to play it again. Unfortunately my pc hard disk is currently full, so I was wondering if it's possible to play this game using an external hard disk. Will the gameplay be affected by the fact that D3 isn't directly on my pc? Thanks in advanceaeblin5 Jul 6
Jul 6 Just purchased D3 - Cosmic WIngs How will obtain this resource.? How long will it take ?DuBlorK19 Jul 6
Jul 6 Crazy Tinfoil Hat Idea About D:I inception So, I just saw the video... ("The Addictive Cost Of Predatory Videogame Monetization (The Jimquisition)" It speaks pretty heavy about the hard part of the mobile market, is that first "hook" of getting gamers to first invest in the mobile game, as it breaks down the wall of future spending. I wonder if activision doesnt care if DI succeeds, only that it brings X players to mobile marketTwkD2 Jul 6
Jul 6 Season 18: Season of Kanai (Or Whatever) Title. A season where seasonal characters have a fourth cube buff in which we can pick any item buff, (Weapon, Armor, or Jewelery), available to their class. Anyone brought this up? Thoughts?UnReLeNT21 Jul 6
Jul 6 Are we going to get a Krysbin's Season? When the Necromancer first went live there was a bug that allowed other classes to wear the ring and gain it's legendary effect. I really liked the RoRG and am enjoying the LoN season. I think it would be cool if they did the same with Krysbin's. It is different in that it's a class specific ring and it's possible that when they fixed the bug and with all the changes to the game since then that it would be exceedingly difficult to temporarily allow the ring to work with all classes, so it could be moot to even ask for it. That said, I don't think it would be anymore game breaking than the themes we've seen up till now. Anyway, what do you folks think? Is it a bad idea? Edit: Changed the incorrect spelling of Krysbin's. Thanks, Jazz.Idolis13 Jul 6
Jul 6 need help ok so I need some help. Doing season 17 everything is going fine then do a few GR in public game tells me I have to do a solo GR 55- 60 to advance. ok so I go to do that and now I cant even make through a T9-GR, have wasted10 GR keys already I am doing 1.5 mill damage and I am getting killed when there is nothing even around me. so I was wondering if anyone could helpbeast17 Jul 6
Jul 6 Elephant in the room Diablo Immortal is on the blizzard webpage front and center in the middle. Diablo III is off the page where it doesn't belong. Why did you put Diablo(PC) on your back burner blizz? It still had great potential. Guess it's not rake in all your money for your shareholders.Hellsspawn1 Jul 6
Jul 6 Hero Swap Feature There should be a quick hero swap interface that way you dont have to back all the way out of the game just to change heroes. I do a lot of GR farming and Regular farming and I find myself wasting time when I have to back out of the game just to swap to a different hero. I would love to see something of this nature Implemented into the game. I think it would be great for all farms and GR Pushes alike.MadHatter2 Jul 6
Jul 5 Follower GR Mode Game and our/all Hero rest on city. We talk with one NPC we take control from the selected Follower and our character rest on city until we exchange again on npc. So we can play GR with it. And we earn follower paragons points. So we can fill up points on str/dex/int. Why ? This way we would have more fun. And stacking a lot of follower's paragon point it would give a little more help like a support. According we reaches high follower's paragon allow us to personalize their skill behavior: - use heal when player is with X% life. (The player will determine what X should be). Etc. Each follower could have one skill to decrease rift guardian crowd control resistance. So it would be one more active support. And you could allow other GR match mode. Follower GR match. So we would name the follower and we could play other players all of them with one follower also to join GR follower mode. Advantages: A lot of players complain about power creep, with this follower GR mode basically all power creep is gone. For that it would be a fun mode where we can relax. They don't have set. No kanai cube power. No legendary powers. Maybe just caldesamn. A lot of players ask the old inferno game difficult again. With this mode we could experience that period again without the need to back versions. Ideas came out from discussion here: GR Follower reward g.rift close could be new exclusive support legendary gems for follower which would to help to follower support better like a zdps role our hero. This gems would be exclusive to upgrade on GR follower leveling. Our main hero would not be able to level them.PardalBR46 Jul 5
Jul 5 Avarice Challenge & GR? Is there a GR completion that will reward the necessary amount of gold needed to compete the Avarice or Avaritia challenge? This is only my second Season, so I'm not to familiar?DieHarder23 Jul 5
Jul 5 Was Interesting Taeguk, but it was nerfed into oblivion, and all builds that could use it, left to dwindle into obscurity.Gzip3 Jul 5
Jul 5 Challenge rifts with top 1 ranking set? I wonder if Blizzard does challenger rift with the same set of the tops of the ranking these people who talks about you don't need any skill to play this game will be able to complete the rift in the time.Digox15 Jul 5
Jul 5 Happy 4th of July I know it's off topic but with the state the general forum is in at the moment I feel it's appropriate with some positive vibes. Have a great day everybody.Jazz13 Jul 5
Jul 5 Patch 2.6.6 wikiLeaks Read an article about some leaks regarding next patch. not had time to study all changes but one I liked: DH Shadow 6 set get a new bonus: "each impaled enemy from 50 yards around you increases your Fun of Knives damage by 10000%[value to be tuned]" the bonus seems to be multiplicative with Lord Greenstone's Fun bonus, so this kinve would replace Dawn in cube, perma Vengeance hard to obtain kn this case, maybe usinh lot of CDR and Obsidian ring instead of COE. but lot of trash killing potential with FOK,iighting rune. what other leaks from next patch you liked?Danutz236 Jul 5
Jul 5 Resetting progression after changing difficuty I was just trying to play with my nephew tonight, and were changing difficulties trying to figure out which one suited us best. However, it kept revering us to an earlier point in time in a mission which we had already completed. Just trying to figure this out if someone would. ThanksOmniHelix2 Jul 5
Jul 5 Season 18 Double Kanai's Cube Lets make this happen!! PLSDreathbane2 Jul 5
Jul 5 Season 18 or 19 Buff Discussion Double Kanai's Cube? Eh eh?Dreathbane5 Jul 5
Jul 5 Feature Request Party LFG Flag and variables Please make this happen spamming chat is not a party builders idea of a good game.Dreathbane0 Jul 5
Jul 5 Rift on Master? I'm actually trying to complete as many objectives as I can this season 17. But even though I completed a Nephalem Rift while Difficulty Level was set to Master. I'm pretty sure getting the gold & exp reward from Orick can only happen upon completion. So why isn't the game acknowledging? I even backed all the way out of the game to see if the award would show up after rebooting. Nope. Am I missing something? is this some sort of glitch? I'm in the dark here,aztob3 Jul 5
Jul 4 Chapter 4 reward not entirely received Hi, so basically I did all 4 chapter of season 17 and only received the pants and amulet of the set reward. My stash was pratically full so I'm guessing it is why I didn't receive all of the set? Is there a way to claim the rest of my reward? Thank you!mcbattle2 Jul 4
Jul 4 Vyr's I appreciate the recent buffs to Vyr's, its great, I love it, but it doesn't explain why the inna buff was lowered by 50% after the PTR, it would have been on par with Vyr's, and would not have broken the game. LoN Wizard would still be trash clear meta. Just food for thought.Gzip8 Jul 4
Jul 4 Primal Upgrade I was upgrading some Bracers today, and I almost had a heart attack, I got a Primal!!! I was doing it on my Wizard. I forget the name but it is the one that grants XP for gold. I transferred to my Necro and only had to change 1 stat, convert Cold boost to Physical(20%). Running a LON Thorn. Did lose 2.4% damage but a good trade IMHOMadHobbit6 Jul 4
Jul 4 What 6 features should D4 have? What 6 features should D4 have to make you happy? 1. I want them to stay with the top down view 2. No set items, let us create our own builds. 3. Better story/lore. 4. Darker look and feel. 5. More endgame features not just GRs. 6. Must have solo (make the followers worth having, more skills, gems).Avalon34 Jul 4
Jul 4 What the .... Haven't played for several days. I do 86 and 87 GR before bed 'cause they're easy and fast to level gemstones. I tried 2 tonight. I can't kill the normal stuff. I'm failing rifts that I should finish when the timer is only half way. Has something changed?aziure5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Any clue when a new PTR should hit? Although we can't know if we have a long season, when the ptr should launch in the most traditional case? Waiting with excitement!Ruined1 Jul 4
Jul 4 55GR solo conquest So i just completed a 55GR solo with the rolands set equiped, i did not get credit for the clear! please help!Langtang16 Jul 4
Jul 4 sorting function in inventory and stash I think it would be cool if the game would have sorting function in inventory and stashes rather than search bar given inside. Dragging each item manually into the stash and figuring out where each set piece has landed out of the five stashes is a huge burden. for items with single cell space in stashes such gems etc its a bit bothersome Wish it would happen. please lay down your comments.GGGoldDragon9 Jul 4
Jul 4 Console/PC Link Is there any intention to link the separate accounts of PC and Console in the future? Will I ever be able to play on my pc, stop, save/exit, pick up my switch, and continue playing that same character on, say, my way to work?Dice2 Jul 4
Jul 4 Where can I find other players? Hey all. I recently returned back to D3, and I was noticing the game seemed to be empty. I changed the game to public, but it said 0 players across the board were playing. It was on my original characters, not a seasonal one. Do most people play campaign or on adventure? How can I maximize the amount of people I'll get to play with? I remember the old days of D2. I loved that game. iirc, there were lobbies that you could see and choose from.REDTA1L6 Jul 4
Jul 4 Hardcore Mode or Softcore Mode? Hey fellow Diabloans (Diabloens? Diablouns?), I'm at a conundrum right now and wondering what everyone else's thoughts are? Typically I only play on Hardcore as I felt Softcore was too easy in D3 where you are basically always invulnerable from death as a 10% duability penalty is ridiculous since you can cough out 10% durability funds at high tormeny levels easily and revive at corpse means you really don't ever fear death and can run head first into a molten explosion. Now - I was playing a fresh season Hardcore character, died, got frustrated, and switched to softcore, but now I feel again for the reasons I stated above, its ridiculously boring. What do you think? Is softcore too easy? Hardcore too hard? Where the heck is the middle-ground where D2 was - if you die you start always at town and have to either get your corpse back or exit/start a new game to get your corpse at your feet. I mean in D2 it still was a pain to lose a ton of gold even with this and people tried to avoid death. Seems like D3 it just doesn't matter? Needs to be addressed in D4, that's for sure...OmegaWeaponX17 Jul 4
Jul 3 D4 - Bring back Ethereal items Here's an idea I had regarding their possible return in D4. Maybe this time they could make them super powerful with no chance of becoming permanent? Sort of like a little supercharge that lasts a few minutes at best. Mind you, I guess that would be like what we have with pylons currently. Any other ideas?ImmortalKing8 Jul 3
Jul 3 NA Challenge Rift 106 Here we go again with another challenge rift. This week we also have a decent build that brings a challenge with it, The Marauders Demon Hunter. Check it out this one is squishy. Enjoy Jul 3
Jul 3 PC to Console "mailbox" - Request YO Blizz. I get that PC and Console Diablo are built different, and having cross play is probably not a great idea. However, it would be a great service to the game, if we could "Mail" items between PC and console that are account bound on our accounts. I want to be able to take D3 with me, but playing on switch now for a few months, im kinda burned out having to play the story again, or do some adventure stuff, just to get up to snuff as I am with my PC builds. PC its very easy to get a friend to power level you so you can blow through the story mode. And, after all, its all about the build after that. So please, can I mail some items to my Console dude? Or can I mail a whole character back and forth between PC and Switch? If I mail a toon to console, its not avaialble on PC any longer, and you can even add a 2 week wait time or something so I cant mail the toon back right away. but at least sending a few items will give me a boost on my Console toon that I really believe we need. think about it, getting a great weapon, then Kube'ing out the level requirement, and mailing it to your console toon? I'd play so much more Diablo if I could boost my account toons. (and getting seasonal mail would be great also, between just seasonal characters of course. Hardcore does not get access to the mailbox.) And it could be like a million golds or whatever to send, or just add "mail" as a 11th Kube recipe or something? I dunno, you are the developers, lets get some $9.99 mailbox DLC with a new pet thats like a small mailman, or a new set of gear that makes you look like a mailperson, or give me a mail bag instead of wings, that letters fly out of when you run around. for this idea, I would like the mailbox DLC for free on my account in exchange for the great idea. Or a cool gift card to the blizzard store, or you can send me on an all expenses paid trip to blizzcon, and put me on stage and thank me for such a good idea. and say "see we listen to our players" and I'll high five everyone, and then you can put me in the diablo 3 booth, and play diablo 3 all day, and people can join with me, and we can stream it, and make it a whole thing. (i like the last option above, but the other ones are ok as a prize for this great idea) peace out! golds!Golds19 Jul 3
Jul 3 Seasonal theme idea: The Season of Immortality It occurred to me it would be very cool to have a seasonal theme where you no longer could die. Basically, you become like a superhero and the point of the game changes to where you just need to kill things better and faster than everyone else. It would make hardcore and softcore the same for a season, although after the season ends, hardcore players would be able to watch their hard-earned OP character die in an instant. This seasonal theme could coincide with the launch of Diablo "Immortal" as well. Thoughts?draude32 Jul 3
Jul 3 Question regarding journey bosses Hi all, I'm a lvl 50 monk and currently Act III of the campaign. I'm slowly ticking off the journey stuff in order to obtain the set gear but am a bit confused as to the requirements for the bosses and wonder if someone could clear this up for me. In Chapter 2 of the season one of the objeectives is 'Ghom (Hard, level 60+)'. Once I've finished the campaign do I just replay this part of the story once my character is level 60+ on Hard mode? Can I skip straight to the boss in Adventure Mode? Sorry for what is probably a very simple question. CheersChumpalot5 Jul 3
Jul 3 Different Platforms, How Do We Game Together? I play D3 on PC. My buddy plays on PS4. Is there a way for us to game side-by-side? His system makes him log into a Sony network. I haven't tried logging into to anything. I just want to two-player game with my buddy. Does Blizzard support this? If so, which steps do we need to take to log in and buddy-system this wonderful game?Perzys3 Jul 3
Jul 3 It took me 7 years to find this setting... I just found out that you can turn the volume of your character / follower all the way down to 0 in sound settings. That had been driving me nuts recently and my I was telling my sister it bothered me. She told me how to do it and she has played maybe like one season ever haha. I no longer have to hear my wizard say "I astound myself!" lol. I know a lot of people play with no sound. I usually have the main volume set to 11/100 and my Spotify at 30-45% So I can still hear people in Discord pretty loud. I like having game sounds so I know if there is a goblin near by or a legendary drops. Plus the combat sounds are kinda cool.TrvAix27 Jul 3
Jul 3 Diablo 4 = FPS? I know this is all hearsay, and it's probably not worth bringing up, however I want to see if you all feel the same way I do. There is a supposed "leak" revealing that Diablo 4 will be a FPS created within the overwatch game engine. When I initially read Rhykkers post about this, I thought to myself "there is not a chance in hell" and dismissed the "leak" However, then I got to thinking. Would it really be that hard to believe that actiblizzard could be that out of touch? I mean come on, they actually thought a Diablo mobile game was something we wanted. From that point on, I won't put anything past actiblizzard. All I can do is say,. Please dear mother of Diablo gods, don't let Diablo 4 be an FPS. I was never going to get my hopes up with what Diablo 4 would turn out to be, but a FPS, would be the absolute end for me. So my question is. Can they really be that out of touch that they would seriously release Diablo 4 as an FPS? They can't be can they??Gimpzor25 Jul 3
Jul 3 No hope for D4 Come on guys, we know how blizzard works. They release good games but eventually manage to destroy them by their own bad decisions. Overwatch is an unbalanced hell with a boring meta, WoW has been receiving major backfire in BFA because devs are making such poor design decisions; Diablo 3 has been neglected for far too many years, Hearthstone is falling to irrelevance; Starcraft, needless to say anything. Do you guys have any hope that D4 is going to thrive in a long term? I don't. Blizzard has to make a huge change on how they listen to their community and stop acting all arrogant with suggestions. They simply lost touch with us, even though they say they didn't.Hex31 Jul 3
Jul 2 Why are we still joining ongoing GRs in pub games? Makes no sense.squarcle10 Jul 2
Jul 2 D3 a breath of fresh air after PoE Dear D3 Devs, THANK YOU. I started out with Diablo 1, then Diablo 2...Then Diablo 3, played it for a long time, countless hours. Recently forgot about it and moved on to "hip" games. I even tried Path of Exile, but wow. What a mistake. I took so much that D3 has to offer for granted. Identify all? Nope. Right click to sell items to Merchants? NOPE. Fair items, leveling progression..? No. Instead what I discovered was a massive D2/3 clone. For example, in PoE, The "Marauder" (think Barb) uses "Sunder". Directly ripped off the D3's barbs skill "Seismic Slam". I also found out one hideous secret about PoE. If you want to be one of the good players, you have to have mass wealth, think tons of exalted and chaos orbs. Guess what, no normal person will find many of these. So, conveniently, theirs several websites you can purchase whatever you need money wise to buy (or craft) your own items. I wouldn't be surprised if PoE Devs actually owned some of these item sites. I mean, who really has 415k exalted orbs anyways...? In the end, coming back to Diablo has been an extreme and much needed breath of fresh air. Better play mechanics, better sound, better physics, better items, fair items, fair everything. You see, in Diablo 3, I can have a god-tier GG character, and I don't, have to spend any money to get there. Thank you Blizzard.r3dstar413 Jul 2