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2d Ambushed! For several years there have been complaints about elite groups and champions gathering at the entrance of a Greater Rift, and even a Nephalem Rift. Here are a couple of examples: From October 9, 2015: From July 25, 2017: And I just got ambushed at the entrance to a Nephalem Rift by three elite packs coming right at my face. Players have been complaining about this for years, and Blizzard has actually fixed it a couple of times. But it seems that each patch breaks whatever Blizzard fixed in the previous patch, and introduces more bugs and behavior problems. I'd like to see this problem fixed once and for all, because with my Unhallowed Essence Demon Hunter farming build, I am very squishy until I pick up some gold, and when I have three elite packs shooting me with fireballs and arrows and Thunderstorm, it makes for a very tense entrance to the situation. Other classes and builds that have to build up their defensive buffs in a similar way are at great risk, and this problem is amplified by an order of magnitude when you're playing hard-core. The problem seems intensified on large open maps based on the Festering Woods, the Eternal Woods, the Dahlgur Oasis, and the Highlands maps, only in situations where you don't enter by way of a waypoint. I'd like to see it fixed for good. Oh! And remember when they said that cave and tunnel maps would appear less frequently, and when they did, they would be shorter? I guess that piece of code went straight into the Recycle Bin.Slamboney13 2d
2d [QQ] I am DONE with Challenge Rifts In the beginning, I really liked the idea of weekly Challenge Rifts. It provided a fun, alternative perspective on how to play the game. And, for players wanting more of a "challenge," there are leader boards to compete on. In other words, Challenge Rifts were quite well rounded. However, lately, Challenge Rifts have seemed more like Sadistic Rifts, featuring some questionable builds, maps, etc. Full disclosure: I am a self-proclaimed "casual" who does Challenge Rifts to gain relatively easy Bounty crafting materials, because as a solo player, Bounties are time consuming and not as rewarding as a cache for completing a Challenge Rift. Needless to say, after managing to complete 2-3 Challenge Rifts in the last three months (I am 0 for 2 at starting a new Season with a cache), I am starved for Bounty crafting materials and feeling rather frustrated. On the other hand, I am also blown away by the fact that the original player was able to complete the Challenge Rift with such a low time, given that they (supposedly) do not know the layout of the map(s), or the whereabouts of Elite packs and Pylons. Good for them, I suppose. Now, if some poor soul managed to sit through my entire sad rant, then, first of all, thank you for listening. Secondly, I would like to take the opportunity to tip my hat to all of you in the community who manage to complete Challenge Rifts week after week. Incredible work, guys and gals!HelloKitty30 2d
2d Gear for higher paragon players Question re gear for higher paragon players. Do you look for gear that have more bonuses like lph/chc etc and not necessarily keeping attributes such as dex and vit?Shonsu3 2d
2d Getting tired of the AFK bounty players I want to start off by saying this doesn't apply to all, but doing public bounties, I have encountered tons of multiboxers or friends of afkers that refuse to kick people. I constantly encounter public bounties that consist of 1 person afk in a random map that isn't even a bounty map, and when I try to vote kick, 1 person always quickly denies. Not sure how to fix this, since macros exist, but I hope I am not the only one that encounters this. And this is a big reason to quit playing seasons, which is pretty much the only reason to play D3 anymore.ZeroCool11 2d
2d Challenge Rift Reward Nin. Switch How do I claim this? Completed the challenge rift but can't open the cache next to the rift portal.Luridbane6 2d
2d 27 Months. Let's say you're a new player to D3, either one of your buddies finally talked you into it, or you bought it on a whim on one of the last sales, something like that. Then you start playing, and realize you don't have nearly enough space to keep all the different items you're finding, and you want to keep your options open. You come on the forums to say 'Hey, where do I keep all these different sets and legendaries I keep finding? This stuff looks fun, I don't want to just trash it cause I don't have space for it.' You're told about seasons, and how you can earn extra stash tabs if you complete challenges in those seasons. 'What a great idea!' you think to yourself, not realizing that it won't be until July of 2021 that you have all those stash tabs. Do you keep playing after you find that out? On a game that has had one major patch in the last year and a half? I probably wouldn't. Look, I'm just as tired of these topics as everyone else is, but the only way we are going to get heard is to keep letting Blizzard know how bad an idea this is. Quality of life improvements aren't quality of life when they're dripped out to you one every three months.Flansy60 2d
2d Primal current state and how to make it better Primal is rare and being so rare, it should be the best. Changing Primal Puzzle ring is one step in the right direction but how about the other Primal items? The current state of Primal is sad. Most of which is useless and end up being salvage. Some Primal are even being salvaged for rolling the wrong affix. For example a Primal Yangs Recurve that rolled without damage % main and discipline secondary. It makes us think, what is the point? Primal should be made that when you got one, it will be your BiS. How? Maybe give it a free slot for players to add in an extra passive? Maybe let players choose what affixes should go on a Primal? Maybe give all primal an extra affix? Point is that a Primal should be useful. It should be your BiS. Thats why it is a Primal. I hope Blizzard could work in that direction. Atleast then we will have the urge to farm for full primal. Because currently, if I have an Ancient that rolled well, I don't see the point of grinding for a primal for that 1% dps increase.NickC8040 2d
2d Lets talk more about procedural quests Lets say we were exploring the Catacombs. Two different players want to join the same game. One player has a quest filled by Catacombs with 14 floors. Great! But the other has Catacombs with 6. Independently, their maps should remain different, but to organize online lobbies, something needs to be added. So, to factor where waypoints, quest objective, etc appear, a relative median should be established between the difference to compensate. The party leader would obviously be the basis for the objective. The players should be able to integrate the factoring without losing their individuality. So if player 1 already has a waypoint on Catacombs 12, there should be something available on the respective Catacombs 4-5 from player 1 to joining player 2's party.Rhayne9 2d
2d Ramaladni's Gift Can we reform the way this item functions within the non-seasonal environment? I've been at max stack x100 for years, I just drop new ones when they're found. I can't dismantle for any crafting material. It's a nuisance. Anyone else agree?Ghostpos4 2d
2d Season 18, season of procs! Highly increased proc coeffecients, no proc cooldowns, all proc damage increased by (super high number but not be really OP). Lets see some dual dagger wielding frozen orb spitting frenzy barbs! Or some super smelly WDs that kill everything by walking up and farting on enemies! I think proc items are really awesome and if they actually procced a decent amount and done some damage/cc then maybe they would see some use post 70. (this is nothing more than a dream as I know that it would take too much work to do effectively and Diablo's 2 developers are too busy playing other games)GameGenie2 2d
2d We need more Legendaries! So many abilities for classes are useless, and also why did you design sets to shoehorn you into a very specific play styles??Nokkternal3 2d
2d So what's going on with Diablo Immortal? Because I have not heard about this game since Blizzcon. That and Warcraft 3: Reforged which I am more looking forward to obviously.Argronok09 2d
2d WILL THERE BE AN EASTER DAY CONTENT? I don't care if it's a simple double goblin or double primal drop. It doesn't have to be a huge world quest where a special new map has a specail new elite that drops a special new pet or wings. i don't care if it's just elite's sword-like weapons are equipped with carrot swords. I don't care if it's a week long or 2 weeks long. JUST DO SOMETHING. Limited time special events that comes and goes. Rotating game modes. Set up these "new" and just flicker them on and off throughout the years. p.s. please do a banwave for botters, ty.SeuTiBeun24 2d
2d Diablo 2.6.6 Wishlist - necro WD revamp Have completely brainstorm and redone the necromancer section. Necromancer can really use some build diversity. ... I suggest to make witch doctor the pet caster, in which pet will cast spell together with the witch doctor, like the carnevil build. While necromancer can use pure pet build and also benefit from pet enhanced spell, in which a pet is used to cast a enhanced version of certain spell. a revive build - make revive work with the pet set a pure command skeleton build - make revive summon skeleton that is also commandable by command skeleton skill strength in number - each summon of the same type increase your armor by 4% and damage by 2% Bone spirit and bone golem - after activating bone golem, your next bone spirit will deal 1000% increased damage to all enemies within 20 yards radius gameplay use bone golem to group enemies in a distance, move backward and release bone spirit at a distance for max damage Skeleton and bone spirit - when a skeleton summon is killed, it release a bone spirit, work with kill command and devour - ruthless Flesh golem and corpse explosion - flesh golem release 10 extra corpse explosion with final embrace rune Grim scythe build - an bracer to increase damage and attack speed of grim scythe would work great, the build also need another essence spender that can dump all essence at once Bone spear Bryner’s journery - bone spike now deal the same damage as unruned bone spear Blood spear is removed and changed to a single target all in essence spender, increase damage of bone spear by 100% to the first enemy hit Blighted marrow is removed and changed to an all in multiple target spender, increase damage of bone spear by 20% per extra essence spend ... Also added clan and single player revamp suggestion ... Feel free to comment and feedback on the idea. ... new build and game play style: (updated april 2)XelNagaIvan432 2d
3d If it's an item that used in game time to build To build for 10 years. It could be an item with red SSS-Class if it exists.DRAGONLORD0 3d
3d Add more requirements to get stash tabs Blizzard, your incredible ideas are always welcomed. I have one that perfectly fits your ideology. After completing the whole Season journey, people need to reach paragon 3000 in order to unblock half of the tab. Don't give us the whole tab, that is too much for us, give us just half of it every season so we can have more fun playing and within three years, we can finally get those five stash tabs. I'm looking forward to seeing this new feature in your unquestionable decisions.Alets10 3d
3d FIX the AMBUSH ON GRIFT NOW Blizz, we've complained enough. FIX IT NOW!! 1 YELLOW AND 3 BLUES AT THE ENTRANCE?DethAxe56 3d
3d Nvm - Forum too toxic to suggest things atm. Nvm - forum is too toxic to bother suggesting things atm.atom0s10 3d
3d Diablo 2 free trial? Is it possible to obtain some couple day free trial for Diablo 2 to see if I want buy it?Thunderscore9 3d
3d [Collection] improvement you want in next patch I would like to see blizzard addressing the issue of single play vs group play. I would like to see better social interaction, e.g. trading and clan revamp I would like to see new builds for each class I would like to see character customization I would like to see a pvp with pre-made character (may be a good time as class damage are close to even now, make need to look at damage reduction) I would like to see the boss rift mode in blizzcon 2017 I would like to see Gem specific stash, storage solution for puzzle ring and ovine Bardiches Here are some of my suggestion. Single play revamp: Trading and clan revamp: Paragon revamp: New play style: 3d
3d WD change wishlist I am very excited about the Dagger of Darts buffs even though it wont be top tier, it will still be plenty of fun. Here is a list of some other things I hope get changed in the future. Tall mans finger - in addition to giant powerful dog, dog gains all runes. This would make it a lot stronger in AOE and single target without losing the awesome defensive perks. Suwong staff - make it to where acid cloud is an orange text. This skill has no other items to buff its damage and blue text damage buff is very outdated from the way this game has gone. Depth diggers - Just make it primary skills and take out the "that generate resource. Witch doctors are the only ones that suffer from this now that the wiz has a belt that turns all of their primary skills into generators. Scrimshaw spear - same as the suwong staff. Grin Reaper - Very very amazing helm, it would be nice if this also added a buff to skills your mimics can cast. Wormwood - Add some % locust swarm damage to this. Locust swarm is a pretty weak skill as is. (though this might cause issues due to how silly the jade set buff has gotten)Ham3 3d
3d D2 Remastered, Guidelines for Greatness Enough with the LIES & DECEIT! We all know D2 is coming back! In fact, Diablo II is coming back in a way that would make Diablo himself PROUD to sit down and take a dump on his own minions through this ANCIENT CLASSIC. How do we know this? Blizzard is interested in making money and Diablo II would be a major cashcow AND relatively inexpensive to make. Most of the content is already done; there is no need to design a game or a game engine or a plot. All this already exists, the only job left is to rebuild the game through Diablo III engine, which also already exists. Other things why Diablo II Remastered is a good idea. Diablo III is losing players, probably because of the rigid character development system. Character development in D3 is based almost entirely on items and getting items is a grind, which nobody enjoys on the long run. By developing Diablo II R. while D3 is still breathing Blizzard would not lose players or own infrastructure (servers and whatever) that are gathering dust due to lack of players. Diablo II Remastered Expansions set: Lord of Destruction (included) Improvements: Loot system, bug fixes, etc. Untouched character development system. The game does not have to be identical to the old Diablo II and it cannot be. The main focus for the development should be on preserving the dark atmosphere or "feel" to the game and the character development system of Total Freedom. (Yes, we want to put 50 points in one skill just to see what happens!) Item or loot system as a whole might need enhancements but there should be an option to turn these enhancements off. Additional graphics for spells, monsters, minions as their power level grows through skill points or increased difficulty. (These could be sold separately.) These are my main concerns, feel free to share your own or start the endless debate about if it's coming or is not coming.Mastah36 3d
3d the only way to truly have a good season All sets need to be disabled, Do that then we got a season with talking about. Let's make Diablo 3 great again.EvilGod5 3d
3d @ Nevalistis GR 150+ Cap needing Raise 150 has been cleared on PTR S17 with players averaging 2800 paragon. Credit goes to LON buff, but also proves the cap is meaningless. In marketing you have a term called market segments. Products/services are priced targeting the poor/middle class/wealthy class. Same concept needs in D3 today. We have casual, semi casual, elite players. Builds/GR capacity should be available to all player bases. GR 150 might be perceived as been available to elite player base only but its not true. GR 150 is a speed tier now. Elite players might clear 10-20 depends on RG rng and semi casuals might clear 1-3. What ever it is, the cap serves no purpose at this point other than forcing bored players to afk. D3 player base has always been split since day 1 GR was introduced. Casuals were sitting on GR 20s when top groups were speeding GR 40s back then. @ Nevalistis: Please look into this and study the PTR + live data. The elite player base are so bored atm. Majority of them are afk or hiding offline waiting for an more exciting content - "151+"celtic0879 3d
3d Botting Botting is like getting an A+ on an exam and feeling excited about it but someone else took the test, golf clapleostud0 3d
3d Season 17 - Season of Nightmares? Season 17, have 0 set items drop seasonal, give everyone the Legacy of Nightmares buff. ...I'd say more but that's pretty much all that needs to be said on it.Wolfpax75 3d
3d Please delete I'm an idiot and don't know the basic functions of the game. Please delete this mods.McGromit4 3d
3d Toggle Walk/Run make kids cry Dears, When Diablo 2 brought it (Toggle Walk/Run and Stamina), brought reality! If you are in a dangerous moment, maybe hc, maybe running from some mobs, trying pursuit.. Wherever, manage your Stamina is your responsibility. Run all the time take off this control, this reality. We love and respect 'Diablo Game'. But lets take a look: ... We can face that we left a extreme (only walk) and into another (only run). The perfection on Toggle is not only set on/off, but the true: "You can not run all the time. You will be tired. So, the tip is: don't spent all your Stamina". This is reality! When Diablo 3 arrived, a lot people don't like, for example, build idea, drop idea, class idea... We know that the critical aways come. And we need to know that D3 is not a "Diablo 2 Remake", is a new game. I learn to love all D3 and new things in this great game. But remove this Toggle was, I guess, a mistake. For example, I played D1, D2, D2LoD (a lot) and, sure, D3. And to me, the normal level in Diablo 3 I think very easy. But I know that is a strategy to get a new generation players. And old players also. Sometimes who is playing wanna only fun, not a kinky challenge all the time. So, Blizzad was great (again) and bring a lot levels. And if Torment level is easy to you? GRs is waiting. With this Toggle, any player will be happy! Who wanna run, run. Who wanna walk, walk. If you wanna run all the time, buy your Stamina Potion with NPC. Run all the time and never be tired is not fair. Remove this Toggle also take off the game elegance. This Toggle/Stamina is ideal in a MMORPG. Diablo is The Best MMORPG: Walk/Run Toggle should return. Blizzard and Diablo players: Here is my solicitation.magias51 3d
3d Why no Druid? I am really curious on why they never added Druid to D3? Was there an official response on this?Nokkternal10 3d
3d Free Stash Tab is no biggie my Non-Season dudes PREAMBLE/CLARIFICATION: ... We know how to get it done. 1. Rebirth a class you know how to play very well. 2a. Get PL to 70 or, 2b. Normal level with the crowd -- follow the quick level 1-70 ==> -- Skill setups 1-70 ==> (I'm sure there is a necro 1-70 leveling guide with skill setups) 3. Group up and zerg Season journey. ... 4. Unlock you free tab. 5. Delete all the season stuff you don't want/need and anything worth keeping (mats, puzzle rings, etc) throw it into the season shared stash. 6. Log out to the lobby, delete the rebirthed char and remake as a non-season char. 7. Get a PL to 70 in non-season and grab all your stuff from the mail. REMEMBER TO GRAB YOUR STUFF FROM THE MAIL ON THE NON-SEASON SIDE. IT ONLY STAYS THERE FOR 30 DAYS. It times it takes to unlock the tab goes from a couple of hours to few days depending on skill, play time, organization, etc. The key to keeping it as short as possible is being organized. ...BossDogg32 3d
3d Projected Dates for S17 & 18 True to my calendar wielding genius, I have the projected dates for the next two seasons lined up. Included is Patch 2.6.5 launch. 2.6.5: 5/14 S17 start: 5/17 or 24 S17 end: 8/18 or 25 S18 start: 8/23 or 30 S18 end: 11/24 or 12/1 The first set assumes S17 ends and S18 starts before Blizzcon and follows SOP when it comes to seasons. However, there is a second set that is influenced mainly by Blizzcon, but allows for unforeseen issues with a possible new patch (2.6.6). That set is: After Blizzcon (Assuming 11/1-2 or 11/8-9): S17 start: 5/17 or 24 S17 end: 11/17 or 24 2.6.6: 11/19 or 26 S18 start: 11/22 or 12/6 S18 end: 2/23 or 3/8/20 Notice gap for holiday weekend on S18 start. Also, S18 end may be extended to April due to Kanai event for March. Calendar Guru PS: I have tweeted this info to Diablo's Twitter account.DiabloVern2 3d
3d Seven color characters in game DRAGONLORD19 3d
3d Report Bot Option How about a report bot option in the game under "Report Player For" I've never botted and never will but some I can plainly see are botting. I've noticed the most botters in bountiesleostud5 3d
3d Public Service Announcement *Checks calendar* Yeap, this game still sucks in 2k19. Over & out.Rosso3 3d
3d I play D2 and D3 - D2 is way better still title says it all. not trying to beat a dead horse again.. but I would totally pay a $2 dollar/month sub to be able to play a D2 expansion. something about that game.. its magic is irreproducable.LuckyTiger31 3d
3d To play season or NS in S17... Having difficulty deciding what mode to play my Capt America crusader in next month. Between my S/NS stash currently I have a lot of great primals. First primal of this RoRG season was an LoN ring too -_- When everything rolls over I'll have a great Blessed Shield set. However, it'll be more effective and efficient to play season due to free 2x ring slots. How do you guys decide what to play (as a non-botter)? The thought of getting duplicate primals irritates me. Not using the primals that took so long to get feels like they are calling out from the stash tab "use me, play me!". I could go ahead and play on NS, but then that real life time is not playing seasons which is superior for grinding paragon. I understand I can just play a totally different class, but then I run into the same problem on my necro. I have even more great primals on my necros. Do most people not even care if they get duplicate items anymore? I understand to a botter it doesn't matter as they get so much and can grind paragon and primals on any mode easily.PhoenixForce9 3d
4d ps4 play today Can some one please power level my barb in help him get some ww gear pm back on this tread with ps4 name in ill give u minesabertooth1 4d
4d Transfer characters between accounts My son created a character to play D3 on my account. I recently purchased him a PC license but a Gamemaster informed I cannot transfer his char. to his account: only WOW has that function. D3 should have the ability to do this also for situations like ours.Dannon5 4d
4d Lon Completely Ineffective at T15 So I have 12 out of 13 items Ancient, including one Primal, on a sort of Grenade, Rapid Fire, Sentry build. Doing 1.103 million sheet damage, with +59% Fire damage, which gives me 1.753 million elemental damage, and +95% Sentry damage. So I am playing at T15, and this build is unable to kill anything effectively. My base All Resist is 1141, the high is 1531 Fire resistance, with 1493 Poison resistance, and the remaining resistances around 1350. I have 885 million Maximum Life, and this results in a paltry 55.7 million Toughness, with 2.802 million Recovery. But if one little spider hits me, it takes half of my Life, while I am pretty much unable to return the favor. So I see this Legacy of Nightmares as a "fun build" situation, and for me at least won't be any good above T10, and it pretty closely resembles the build I would use to conquer The Thrill conquest. On the other hand, I don't know how to put this LoN together with the right class, gear, and skills, to make it shine, nor would I probably be willing to do it. All I know is that building it the way I want, with the gear and skills I want to use, pretty much sucks above T10 and GR45. ...Slamboney36 4d
4d Harcore vs Softcore drops/seasonal rewards? I'm playing the Nintendo Switch version if that makes a difference. I have also not played the game in a long time...and at that time I was playing it on PC. I do not know why the answers to these questions are so hard to find but... 1. "Is there a difference between drops/seasonal rewards in hardcore vs softcore?" 2. "When creating a seasonal the hardcore and softcore players compete against each other on the leaderboard or for certain ranks?" 3. "Are the drop percentages for rare items different for hardcore players?" 4. "If a hardcore player is playing a game open to the only other hardcore players join...or can softcore players join a hardcore players game?"Kaine8 4d
4d The class-dependent issue with LoN As sets evolved there were two different paths that could be taken for balance: - Have legendaries that buff skills out of the park and then produce sets with modest damage buffs. - Have legendaries which give minor buffs to skills (like have them gain a rune or reduce cost/cooldown) and then have the sets give a huge damage buff. I haven't done the full research, but I've seen the disparity here when I did some work on the PTR. All of this math is just off the top of my head, so someone else may have better numbers, but I think it is good enough to at least demonstrate the primary issue with inter-class balancing of LoN. Blessed Sheild Crusader has 350%+300% (multi) +500% (1-hit) specific legendary bonuses from items for BS. It doesn't need much boost from either a 6-piece set or LoN to wreak havoc. Wave of Light Monk has 550%+150%+150% (multi) + 250% (3-hit) specific legendary bonuses from items for WoL. I haven't actually played the LoN version of this build, and I don't think the LoN bonus compares well to the Sunwuko set, but it is still high enough for those item bonuses to stack and make the LoN version of that build pretty powerful. Multi-shot Demon Hunter gets only a 200%+200% bonus for MS and has a set that can produce a huge bonus (25000 - 30000%? what's the max Discipline again?) that LoN can't compete with. Is there something that can be done to fix this? LoN is balanced with a limit on not making the builds above that have high non-set bonuses too powerful, so its effect is limited by the classes where they chose high item bonuses and modest set bonuses, like BS and WoL. If they buff LoN too far, then those builds just obliterate anything in their path. When they introduce balance changes it always seems that legendary items are made new again - the old versions continue to have the old bonuses and you have to farm the new ones with the new effects. This mechanism means that they are now stuck with the huge item bonuses mentioned above. They can't buff LoN by a lot and come out with new BS/WoL items that have smaller bonuses because players would just use the old legendaries with the new LoN anyway. The one area they do have room to change is set bonuses. When they introduce new set bonuses they affect all of the items already out there, so set bonuses can raise or lower as they see fit without creating legacy items that remain problematic in the new balance. So, one way to fix this and bring all classes up to speed for having decent LoN builds would be to dramatically reduce the size of the set bonuses for the DH (and Barb?) builds and to balance those against new versions of the items with much larger skill bonuses. Say, bump Yang's and DML to 400% apiece. Maybe have Visage of Gunes add a general damage bump to Vengeance in addition to the Dark Heart rune? For Barb, it seems that Gavel of Judgment and Bracers of the First Men already have a huge buff for HotA so I'm guessing that makes a decent LoN build damage-wise, but I haven't tried it much. The WW build for Barb, which is a mainstay for fast farming would seem to be the bigger issue. It has Skull Grasp for 400% improved damage, but that isn't a lot compared to the skills above, and a bigger issue is Fury generation from the BK set which can't be used with LoN. That would need a new weapon (perhaps 2h?) that buffs WW and reduces its Fury cost? I'm not sure what the right answers are here for Barbs because I don't play them much. One of the issues with skill-based damage buffs on items, though, is that it makes all of the builds focus on a small number of skills. One could say that the high damage buffs on the DH sets would potentially lead to build diversity, but they are pretty targeted already anyway so its not like they had a huge number of skills to choose from that will be lost if their legendaries start having large skill bonuses. Thoughts? Suggestions?flarbear13 4d
4d It's not too late to fix Perdition I'll say it really slow for the devs: Unavoidable one shot mechanics aren't fun.[i][/i]Sarnen7 4d
4d Skip All Dialogue Is there anyway to skip all dialogue, not just the ones with an x? Some of the dialogues take way too long to finish, and I don't know how to skip them.JSY7 4d
4d Does heart of iron affect necro pet thorns damage ? Searched quite a bit but couldnt find exact answer Thx in advancePonchik10 4d
5d Diablo 3 forum = full of hoarders? Honestly I could not care less about additional 5 stash tabs. I already have more than enough stash tabs, and I have around 3-4 empty tabs in non season and season. Sadly 99.9969% new posts on Diablo 3 forums are stash tab nerf in season 17. :( I guess it kinda sucks Blizzards suddenly changed stash tabs after initial patch note, BUT WHAT IF IT WAS NOT MENTIONED on original patch note? would you still cry and ask for additional 5 stash tabs on 100 different threads? IMHO stash space has never been a problem, unless 5d
5d Legacy of Nightmares (LON) Suggestion When the Legacy of Nightmare set was put in the game, it provided a way to use non-set equipment with interesting effects and perform on par or not far behind what could be done with set builds. However as time moved on and sets were improved, LoN was not. Neither were the effects provided by most non-skill modifying affixes on gear. I would suggest the following upgrade to the Legacy of Nightmare set which would bring it back to usability without overpowering it. Set Bonus (2 items): Your character's damage dealt is increased by 245% per ancient item worn. This increase is reduced by 80% per set bonus from items other than the Legacy of Nightmares set. If a character is wearing 13 non-set ancient items they will gain a damage bonus of 3185%. This is not far off the bonuses being provided by most sets. The character would be totally reliant on non-set affixes for any other special effects. Wearing 11 non-set ancient items and 2 pieces of a set would gain the character a (245-80)*13 = 2145% damage bonus. Most 2 set bonuses are not that earth-shattering and the 2145% bonus is less than most sets grant with their 6 piece bonus. You would still be able to incorporate legendary items with interesting effects towards a build which would not perform hopelessly behind set builds. Carrying on, having 2 set bonuses provided would give a max bonus of 1105%, and if you pushed on to 3 set bonuses the LoN bonus would drop to 65%--so wearing LoN instead of Endless Walk would grant a slight bit more bonus damage than Endless Walk does when it is split between offense and defense, no defense, and open the neck slot for use (a tradeoff that might work in rare circumstances but generally not be worth it). Don't like the numbers suggested? Suggest others of the form 3n+5 for the base bonus minus n as the penalty for having other set bonuses. The above is based on 80%. Perhaps 90% would work better, changing things to: Set Bonus (2 items): Your character's damage dealt is increased by 275% per ancient item worn. This increase is reduced by 90% per set bonus from items other than the Legacy of Nightmares set. Anyway, feel free to add other ideas or modify the suggestion.Ebonbolt5 5d
5d Season extension - WHY? When Blizzard announced that they are going to extend season 16 by more than a month cause they have some cool stuff planned for the next one, they must've realized they would create some expectations. And what did we get? Almost nothing really ... They make the season theme - Legacy of Nightmares - but they buff just 6 legendaries and 2 sets? There's a ton of legendary items that could've used buffs - every class has a ton of abilities that need legendary item buffs - and there is none of that. This season with this theme would've been the perfect occasion to buff non-set legendary items or even add a couple of few new ones. Then we get quality of life improvements - 5 stash tabs only to find out they get gated behind seasons. At this point D3 is telling non season players that they just don't count. They release content - limited as it is - and then basically force you to play a specific thing to obtain it. So at the end of the day - looking at all the 'amazing' new stuff planned - did you guys seriously need all this time to prepare season 17? It feels like there's just one dude that works on D3 atm and he does it in his free time or something. What was the damn point of making season 16 this long, if all blizzard managed to poop out was just 3 buffs and some basic as F quality of life stuff.Anubis8 5d
5d Season 17 Bounty Question does anyone know how many bountys we need for T13 or T16 for the Conquest ? i know it's 100 for T10 but was just wondering for T13 and T16.deRp3 5d
5d PTR Feedback and Bug Report Forums Concerning the PTR Feedback and Bug Report Forums:...Exactly. Don't bury these guys (both or all three of them) with all your suggestions on how to fix something you don't like. Just tell them what feels bad about it, or what you can't do because of it, and leave the theory crafting to them on how to fix it. Too many words of wisdom may obscure the root cause of your post and cause it to simply be ignored. I understand the track record of past PTRs, and their Feedback Forums. Pretty much everything is already ignored, but I like to give the developers the benefit of the doubt, and hope that they will take away something from the complaints they receive.StoneOld5 5d
5d It Would Only Be Fair ... Console players free tabs have been reduced from 140 to 70. This is still 65 more tabs than PC is getting(I understand, storage space, blah blah blah). On top of getting 14 times more stash tabs, they are getting all of theirs up front with a simple gold purchase. Meanwhile, PC players get to unlock 1 tab each season for 5 seasons by performing a 10-30 hour set of tasks. Maybe I am wrong, but this seems incredibly jacked up laid out like this. In order to be fair, console players should have to put in the same amount of time to get their stash tabs. A season journey needs to be created for console seasons with 10-30 hours of tasks set up, so they can earn a tab each season. They will get their tabs just as PC players will, but they get to earn them over the next 70 seasons. By the fall of 2036, they will have unlocked all their tabs and know they didn't receive massively better treatment then their PC counterparts. They got to earn them, just like the PC players got to earn their 5. You may be thinking, "this would be unfair to console players. We told them in the patch notes they would be getting getting 140 and now 70 stash tabs unlocked for gold". Well, the precedent has already been set. It doesn't matter what you told them. Change the patch notes again to reflect the "new console season journey with stash tab gate", then wait a week. If they bother to complain, just throw a post up telling them they misinterpreted what you meant, at 4:45 on a Friday, then peace out for the weekend and let the dust settle. After re-reading this over, it seems really ridiculous doesn't it? So, why don't you guys fix the problem you know in your souls needs to be fixed.Alexismad4 5d