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Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Spontainy Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76 Lynxaria PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Syrinnea EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
5d 2.6.0 Hotfixes - Updated 7/10 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated September 15. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [2.4.3][2.5.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] Items Fixed an issue which caused the six-piece bonus on the Grace of Inarius set to proc the effect of Mirinae and other on-hit effects too frequently (7/10) Adjusted the Bones of Rathma six-piece set bonus based on player feedsback (7/10) The six-piece bonus will now grant 625% (up from 250%) damage to your minions and Army of the Dead skill for each active Skeletal Mage with a total cap of 2500%. With this, players will only need to summon four (down from ten) Skeletal Mages to receive the full six-piece set bonus. Additional Skeletal Mages can still be summoned to attack your enemies, but aren’t needed to maintain the bonus. This makes maintaining the bonus less time consuming and allows damage to ramp up more quickly at the start of combat. The total number of Skeletal Mages that can be active at a time is unchanged (ten). (7/10) Enabled the item Hellcat Waistguard to begin dropping once more (7/10) Fixed an issue which allowed certain Necromancer Legendary items to be equipped by non-Necromancer classes (7/10) Skills Command Skeleton minions are no longer destroyed upon entering a Greater Rift (7/10) Fixed an issue where Marked for Death with the Grim Reaper rune was incorrectly spreading the damage from the skill Frailty (7/10) Monsters Fixed an issue where several types of Fallen were unable to spawn as Champion packs in some zones (9/13)Tyvalir3 5d
Jul 20 Patch 2.6.0a Now Live Diablo III patch 2.6.0a is now live in the Americas for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One! This is a small patch to address a number of hotfixes, string corrections, and minor bug fixes to Patch 2.6.0. If you'd like to see the patch notes from 2.6.0, please click here. Important: Please note that you will not be prompted to download Patch 2.6.0a until the patch is live in your home region. If you are logging in from a European or Asian client, you will need to wait for this patch to release in that region before it can be installed. Additionally, if your home region is in the Americas, you will be unable to log into Europe or Asia using Global Play after Patch 2.6.0a is live until those regions have also patched. Diablo III Patch 2.6.0a - v2.6.0.46494 Visit our Bug Report forum for a list of known issues. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to Blizzard Services after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newly-patched game, please visit our support site or post in the Technical Support forum for assistance. General Fixed an issue with the Armory where certain item powers were not always properly cleared when swapping builds Fixed a number of item name issues in localized clients Fixed an issue where the special items from the Diablo Anniversary dungeon had lost their unique appearance, icons, and associated transmogs Players who previously had these transmogs should have them once again after the patch deploys Adventure Mode When defeating enemies in Rifts, progress orbs that spawn will now be closer to the defeated enemy Items Moribund Gauntlets The audio for Moribund Gauntlets has been adjusted to be quieter Necromancer Necromancer portraits have been updated The existing portraits in game were intended to be placeholders, but weren't properly updated with the final patch. This is now resolved.Nevalistis2 Jul 20
Feb 16 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16
19m D2 Remaster? Is it happening? They did SC:R which is pretty awesome. Just some feedback, not even playing D3 anymore, hate what the game turned into.Midnight8 19m
21m robotic players in china region is out of control yes I know this american region, but isn't blizzard in china still belong to blizzard? the partner of blizzard,, does nothing to stop players using robotic tools such as daemon buddy. for the whole season, there are so many 24 hour players online. and netease only bans less than 40 or 50 accounts every season. this really harms the fame of blizzard and hurts the really players. please do sth.kirin14 21m
23m please make hellfire amulet and ring great It seem that not much people using them ,everyone now focus on traveller set Because it doesnt boost much dps and defences. Wish there are changes make TYblueberry7 23m
23m Item buffs a slap at non seasonal? My friend has a perfect/primal yangs and DML...the new buffs arent retro-active so even though he spent months getting these he has to try again? Why are these buffs not retro active since it won't hurt seasonal or anything else. A few of my friends are super discouraged by this and I do not blame themBaine2 23m
34m Make Dawn Baseline? It's just that I have yet to see a DH build that doesn't use Dawn, and that's honestly silly. I actually don't remember ever seeing something in any other games that I've played that's quite this strong, save for maybe this one pay-to-win Chinese mobile game. Thoughts?Epilogue23 34m
42m Tooltips suddenly popping up nonstop I have tooltips toggled off and never had them appear and literally 30 minutes ago after leaving a rift suddenly they started popping up all the time. Even ones I click off will come right back a few minutes later. I am pretty boggled.RedPanda0 42m
59m How much blood would you spill for the reaper? 35hrs+ and $4,000+ later: 59m
1h When are monster spawns determined? So, I'm trying to farm the cosmic wings with little luck and it got me thinking of when and how unique monster spawns are determined. I did a lot of searching and I can't find an answer to whether the unique spawns are determined when the game first loads or when the individual maps are loaded. I'm asking because if unique spawns are determined when the map are loaded, then restarting the game to get as many rbg as possible would give me the best chance of getting the unique spawn. But on the other hand, if unique spawns are determined when the game first loads up, then wouldn't it make more sense to do longer runs when looking for rbg? So if say Princess Lilian was spawned when the game first loaded up, then finding a rbg every game would give me a better chance, right?MDM1 1h
1h Game Etiquette Hello, I played this game for awhile on the PC but got a bit drained and stopped (this was back when key wardens dropped just keys and not the machines themselves). Recently a friend got me to get the PS4 version and I've been quite fond of the changes they've made to the game since my time on the PC. I usually play solo, sometimes with a couple friends, but have recently started to venture into the public games. As I have been gone for awhile I wanted to see if there is any etiquette Faux Pas I should avoid. There is the obvious: Don't join a pub game and sit around not doing anything while everyone does the work for you. Don't push ahead and leave everyone in the dust, play as a group. I also try and get my inventory and skills set up solo so while in pub games can just focus on cranking out some killing. On console one main hiccup is the lack of ability to communicate. Yes I have a mic and can use it but it seems to be used rarely and I don't want to be a solo narrator for the game. I wish there was a common phrase wheel option like on Overwatch. So lacking direct communication I was wondering about standards for bounties and rifts. When doing bounties is it implied that everyone should pick their own exclamation point and do it solo so as to finish the bounty as quickly as possible? Or is it friendlier to just roll as a group so we all gets gobs and elites? When doing grifts in pubs I usually pick the highest grift I can do solo with the number of players that join taken into account (I can solo 79 alone, but figure with one other random person who may do nothing I can pull off 70). Depending on how well that goes I'll bump it up or down. I find it difficult to determine when a good time to start the grift is. Usually just wait till everyone is by the obelisk after doing their required maintenance, but sometimes people just seem to sit in front of the blacksmith for like 10 min. After about 2 min of no motion I'll just attempt to start. Anyways, I'm looking for friendly ways to play in a world without direct communication. Any advice is welcome. EDIT: Just wanted to add that the inability to boot people from a game on console is horrendous. I guess either way they do it someones going to abuse it, but I'd rather get booted by joining a game with three dbags than have to be stuck playing with one dbag. Whatever gets me away from the dbags makes me happy.HandOGod1 1h
1h Delete zdps from bad game Zdps needs to be removed and deleted from this game. Game is already bad, even worse with a mandatory support role for meta high difficulties. This isn't a lame wow raid. This is Diablo, do dps.Rowesy6 1h
1h Primal essense - new and exciting concept First of all, thank you to devs for saving diablo 3 from extinction. I've enjoyed it so much more now than in vanilla, and have recently bought RoS. After hitting GR70 I've finally been exposed to primals. After the initial excitement wore off, I realized what a giant let down they are, as the affix tends to roll on fairly worthless legendaries. To just disenchant them like some comon vendor trash seems both boring and trivial. Selling them makes no sense since gold is worthless at this point ( 2 weeks into the game I have 10 billion gold and all I do is run empowered rifts + vault). Hence the idea - a new crafting material called "The primal essense" - you can obtain it by using the primal item you do not want in conjunction with a select quantity of consumables from bounties or uber bosses. Obtaining x number of primal essenses will then give you an opportunity to imbue any given legendary item with the "primal" affix, via a cube recipie. The recipe itself could be a grind able drop or a quest rewars for Kule. I believe this will add further depth to the game and make crafting so much more exciting - it can't all be about RNG right? Please quote and up vote if you'd like to see this happen - I believe this to be a fair and interesting solution to dilute the grind and make the game more fullfiling.Peril39 1h
2h Necromancer Grace of Inarius With this armor set dyed red, the gold detailing is outstanding, and I must've spent five minutes with the character model spinning slowly, marveling at the lighting reflections and the styling of this armor. But I don't really like the design of the helmet, because it reminds me of the 1954 Buick my dad drove, with the visor over the windshield, and I don't know what's up with the shield on the back of his head. So I transmogrified the helmet to the Mempo of Twilight. With its horns and gold accent detailing, the Mempo fits the style of the armor perfectly. And the appearance as a whole is very nice. So a big "good job" to the person that designed this armor.StoneOld2 2h
2h My History of Diablo 3 When D3 first came, I took a day off of work with the intention of having a blast. I loved D1 and D2 LoD. I was expecting a great game. D3 was uninstalled almost immediately. Never touched it until the expansion came out. When the Reaper of Souls was released, I tried again. The game did improve but was not fun at all to play and was uninstalled almost immediately. I don't know what happened between the release date of the expansion and the start of season 11 but the game is FUN to play. I have played the entire season 11 - pretty much every day. What happened at Blizzard's end because my expectations haven't changed? The game went from boring pointless grinds to something fun. Whoever changed it, thank you. Just a couple comments before the season presumably ends in the next few weeks. The crusader is a complete blast to play. I haven't had so much fun with a character in ages! That said, I hope the dev team, if there is one, will consider a few things. a) I'm rocking a 1.54 million damage char before buffs yet when I am in a greater rift, I'm being left in the dust killing power-wise by characters with significantly less listed damage. I recognize 1.54 million is not top end and my gear is not perfect but honestly neither is theirs. I would even argue that in some cases my gear is flat out superior. Yet when some DH, wizard, or necro has half the listed damage and is basically ripping apart rift bosses (lvl 65, 70, 75, 80, you name it ...), I feel kinda annoyed. It has been my experience this past two months that any melee char (crusader, barb, monk) are pretty much standing around leeching off of some DH, wizard, or necro. I'm at paragon 829 this season and I have seen 1 barb, 2 crusaders, and 2 monks in greater rifts. Bad luck? Poor sampling. Maybe but I doubt it. In comparison, I have seen dozens of DH, wizards and necros. Please look at the distribution of characters that people play because there are clearly winners and losers in terms of what one character can do versus another. People often don't play characters that are weak or flawed. They play and gravitate to the most overpowered character. Clearly there is an issue when almost every party is full of the usual three characters. Please show all skill damage, elemental damage, and so forth so that I have a better comparison to see if I'm actually on the right track. 2) Crafting, Blood shards, Bounties. Can you please make the distribution of produced legendaries or sets more equal when crafting or spending shards? I can't tell you how many times I had to craft a weapon only to produce the same legendary again and again. Ditto for spending shards. Can you please do something progressive with bounties? Either add a goblin? Make some of those items drop? Make them purchasable? All and all, my point is to make the game less of a grind when it comes to the player collecting and spending mats. 3) The Mystic. Can you please add a fourth option? Make it cost more gold wise (not mat wise) too. I have like 4 billion gold with no real need for it. All and all, thank you to the dev team for some great changes in the seasons 1 through 10. I really have had a blast playing the crusader. I would never reach paragon 829 in a single season if I didn't think he was fun. He is a ton of fun! I hope the next season will see something to address some observations that surely have been noted by others more than just myself.Mathematics10 2h
2h The big buffs inc... I know blizz has done it in their games, power creep out the butt to make it look like change and improvement. I know some of the changes are balance not power creep. But d3s setup seems more like a classic console rpg that gives you the stuff and you just play. With the set changes and such coming they basically tell you to play 1-3 skills or stay mid tier or bottom. Am I wrong in thinking there are tons of wasted skill and opportunities with this game?Baine0 2h
2h The stuff nightmares are made of... I was rolling boots looking for ancients to augment for the new Akhhans builds When I got: I think I am going to cry....ShadowNinja22 2h
2h so that's it with build diversity ... If your build can't get into the leaderboard or past GR 70 in current PTR, it most likely never will be able too. Thanks Blizzard for clearifying that each class gets only 4-6 viable higher GR builds >.>Alukat185 2h
3h Rerolling For Primals "Primary and / or Seconday Stat" I have a great idea. Just for primals. How about giving the players a second chance to re-roll a primary and / or secondary stat on Primals only. The already existing Ramaladni's Gift can currently be used 1 at a time to add a socket to a weapon. Now if we use a number ( say 25 ) the player could spend that many to gain a the ability to re-roll another primary or secondary stat. Since the gift is already in game play nothing new would have to be created. Just a larger number required for players to gain another re-roll for the primal Item.BRONX7 3h
3h Ramaladni gift! I got one in seasons and feel like I won a lottery! Now if I could only get a primal dagger for my DH...jynxedmonkey15 3h
3h BlizzCon® 2017 Virtual Ticket DIGITAL Content Hello, Is there any news about what kind of exclusive in game content we can expect to get? The only content I am not interested to know at all is for WoW. Thanks.Shawmeck32 3h
3h Item Buffs in 2.6.1 So the buffs that we gonna get for some items and builds will be only on the new drops or the changes will be applied on items we already have in stash, anyone know?PaulS7 3h
3h Please separate hc and sc season journey sets When doing season journey on softcore and hardcore, you don't get a full set for both, only one which seems stupid to me. You can't share the set between softcore and hardcore, like you can't share paragon points. Just makes it harder for those players who play both.DrOfDeath6 3h
3h 2.6.1 Speed GR meta What are your predictions for season 12? Trash killer RG killer supports I'm not a fan of the necro artwork/gameplay; so hoping to not have to buy the expansion to play speed GR meta. Is barb or monk going to be a safe choice? Is there a non-necro dps role?Bossypants12 3h
4h Area damage question Friend of mine is relatively new to Diablo, and is building a shield throw Sader. I've been helping him farm gear, and find proper attributes on it. He wants to know if he should dump a lot of gear commitment into area damage. When area damage procs via thrown shield, is the 15 yard radius of damage around the shield that procd it, or 15 yards around the sader who threw it? Also a question for me, Does physical % buff thorns when on attack? For example, does doom bringer buff only dmg when they strike you, or does it also buff invokers attack? Thanks allGreenRangerG3 4h
5h What is the average age of Diablo 3 players? I'm 28 with a wife so I cannot spend too much time on games. That's why I prefer games like Hearthstone which I can play anywhere and doesn't need a lot of time for one section. But the thing with HS community is it's full of kids. Not just teenage "kids", but literally kids 10 or 11 years old. The forum is full of trolling posts which is entertaining but doesn't give you a lot of useful information. Now come to this Diablo board, the first thing I realized is that the board is much calmer. There is no 20-page trolling posts, nobody brings religions into discussions, and nobody compares things with Hitler :). Is this because people here are more mature and more restrain in doing that kind of stuff?PUPU200 5h
5h (Pro Player) Don't care for this Season I don' want to play big Nec groups or watch no other classes be buffed. Let this be a message from all the pros letting blizzard and the gamers who can't get to the higher GR levels that if this season seems more empty it's because progamers like myself didn't play.AttackSymetr188 5h
5h This Game So after a couple weeks playing, the only real objective gripe I have against the game , is it is just to unfriendly to solo players. I have a lot of small gripes, but they will come when I reach what folks have labeled as "end game". Crap on me as you will, but if you want to play solo in this game you are just way to disadvantaged.Xtorma4 5h
5h [Idea] Elite/Champion affixes as emojis I find it difficult to read the affixes of champions. Even after they are engaged they are moving around and often blocked by trash mobs. My idea is that you create simple icons or emoji like pictures to display in the chat. One distinct icon for each affix. Only on engaged message not on kill. This would make affixes a lot easier to decode. "Foobar has engaged Barfoo the baz ⚡️" Thoughts?shroom2 5h
5h Loot PIles, fix it Kill an elite pack......ALL their loot drops into one pile. I see a legendary I want to pick up, and it's buried under a bunch of white, blue, and yellow crap that innevitably I have to pick up in order to get to the legendary. OR, how about letting us filter the junk out like every other good ARPG. We should be able to toggle what loot we see... Toggle whites off, toggle blues off, toggle yellows off, etcJackahole2246 5h
5h Kicking person off the group I'm really getting tired of these noobs kicking me off the group for not holding their hands and carrying them through greater rift. Too many noobs are abusing this "Vote Kick" and kicking off the one that's doing the most killing. Fix this so that they can't vote kick anymore by calculating the kills and damages of each person in the group. Use the kills / damages stats to make the ones that are really doing something can't be kicked. Wasting too much time and keys because of these noobs abusing vote kick. Another way to solve this is low damage can't enter high greater rifts.Keith64 5h
5h Magic Find and Primal Ancients Does Magic Find have any influence on Primal Ancients? If I remember correctly, if you had 300% MF that would increase your chance of finding a blue item by 300%, rares by 30%, and Legendaries by 3%. If this trend follows, would I increase my primal ancient find by 0.3%? Just curious if MF works on Primal Ancients drop rate.AnimalMan8 5h
6h Inna's Mantra So. Something I have been thinking about for a long time. And it is even more apparent now that the necromancer is out. They have Command Undead or whatever. that makes their skeletons all group up on one target. I am not asking for the same thing for the Monks. But something close. Can we have it so that our Mystic Allies Attack the target we are attacking? For the most part, a Monks Spirit Generator is a single-target till the third hit. So maybe build that Command Undead thing into the Monks Spirit Generator? So that they switch targets with you? Because right now, they are just like a beehive. They are all over the place, and we can not get them to focus a target. You could have 3 of your Mystic Allies attacking one target, then the rest are each attacking one target of their own. Maybe a little more organisation of our biggest source of damage with the Inna's Mantra set? Maybe somebody could word it a bit better, a bit more concisely?TracersBum3 6h
6h [Idea] Buff Ubers and HF amu. Make them Real Ubers! Hello Peoples. Will be quite a long about an idea on buffing both Ubers and Hellfire amulet. TLDR: This is one option (my take on it), but generally I just want them to be buffed in any way the Dev want to do it. Buff them Ubers! Basically I just want the HF amu/ring and Ubers to be buffed. I want ubers to be hard again and significantly buffed. Ubers are now a joke, they are too easy. Hellfire amulet should be one of the most powerful amulet in the game. Rework Hellfire Amulet - Str chars can only craft str amulets - Dex chars can only craft dex amulets. -Intel chars can only craft intel amulet -Now you have the ability to choose which passive you get (there is a list of all the passive you can choose basing on the crafting character) Eg. Craft Hellfire amulet of Ruthless - Now gives another additional lagendary power * Increase the damage of a radom skill by 25-50% (multiplicative) Eg. Increases the damage of Hammer of the Ancients by 46% Ubers Now spawn ubers equivalent to gr 100 (at least, can go higher like 110-120) but drop triple or 4x the mats. Just make sure Savage Bahemoth cannot one shot with his grab, other ubers that can 1 shot is ok, (just be creative on how to counter it) The second random lagendary power means it is still hard to get a good HF amulet. Ubers should be hard! they are ubers. When they were introduced , they was hard, it was funnn time, even on HC. HF amulet should be powerful(the game need more useful jewelries badly anyway). This will means most likely needing a team of 2-4 to beat them unless your character is very strong already,then you can solo.Weaver46 6h
6h Weapon Drop Type Questions. So I have a Crusader and since I chose Holy Strength (can wield two-handed weapons with one hand) I only seem to be getting two-handed legendary weapon drops (as well as lesser tiers) and no one-handed weapon drops. My questions are does the weapon you are currently wielding and/or Holy Strength affect what weapon types mostly drop or are one-handed weapons just more rare? Thanks in advance.Swordmaster30 6h
6h Looking for people to play with Veteran player here looking for people to play with. Mainly GR loot sharing speed 80s but I can gear you up as well. Can be 2,3,4 player; no preference. Also no preference in your character. I am on now.LegoConvoy0 6h
6h I think Blizzard are pushing some players away. They have their own vision of what THEY want. They don't care if you play or not. They want only what they want. When they do finally give in, it's because the outcry is loud enough that they risk losing their jobs over it. I miss the Blizzard of old where they were about giving you the best funnest experience money could buy on a PC. Not it's about you experiencing their vision, in their way, the way THEY intended you to. I wonder how good that works out for companies like Sega and Blizzard who think they know better than their core players. I wonder how many people are playing other MMOs now due to WoW being such hot garbage now. Diablo 3 is decent, but for how long? One of the outliers of offline play, is, you get to play the patch you most liked. Forcing us to be online forces us to play the game the way THEY want. Not the way YOU want. They take your fun away in the name of "fairness". Fine but give me offline play so I can go be by myself. I played Diablo 2 LOD all morning completely lag free and my Jesus it was beautiful. I wonder what Diablo 3 would feel like doing a solo offline lag free experience...PonyKiller20 6h
8h Keep D3 hero after update to expansion Can I keep my D3 hero after I update to expansion? And can I play with it in Expansion?Sakmario2 8h
8h Is it worth returning to this game yet? Hello I am thinking about playing D3 again after not playing for a pretty long time. I haven't played since RoS release and wanted to know how much has changed and is it worth to return; especially regarding the new class. The reason I didn't enjoy this game anymore was because I was brainlessly grinding bounties and rifts hoping to get my setitems and even after 200 hours of gametime I never finished it fully. I played PoE after that and quite enjoyed it but the learning curve there is way too much for me. I am a casual and I really just want to enjoy a game where the reward system motivates you. And no I don't try to spray hatred or anything towards this game; these are just my opinions.Raynbeaux54 8h
8h Can we pls do away with 5 Count elite packs? Why do we have to have 5 of them? I remember when blue elite packs were max 3 count. Engaging 3 were doable. Most of them now though in 5 count packs, run away and are a waste of time trying to track them down in different directions. In higher GR's it's just not very practical to engage them and lose time unless you are in a top meta build that can wipe full screens out of existence in the blink of an eye. 1 Example: 5 Count illusionist Mallet Lords are just ridiculous and instant skip if you can't pop a power or conduit pylon and bum rush them BEFORE they start multiplying themselves like a virus. (this crazy illusionist affix needs to be toned down on spammage especially with these and Guardian Elites as far as I've noticed thus far)KingArthur14 8h
9h A Tootoo for the Ballerina Class I propose renaming the Barbarian to The Ballerina, or give them a tootoo dress while they do their iconic move, i.e. whirlwind. very annoyingRudeRudy12 9h
9h Highest Paragon You Have Seen? I saw a 3,500 last night, I had to put my glasses on to check. Can people with jobs, family and real life responsibility ever come even close to this (without the new patch) I know some legitimate players who grind the game everyday without any cheats and they are at around 2,000 - 2,400. What is the highest you have seen? I am sure that with all the new buffs coming in the next patch some will be at 3,000 in the first week of release, running GR 130. Whats the point anymore? Are we just chasing the carrot on the end of the stick? Remember back in the day when getting to Paragon 100 was hard? Now, people get power leveled to paragon 500 in the first hour.Avalon37 9h
9h Questions It's amazing isn't it, I'd always been raised that unless you ask, you would never get a modicum of an answer be it a partial or full answer. Now whether or not you like the answer is negligible as long as you were answered. I'd also been raised and taught in school that any question asked is NEVER a DUMB question, maybe an ignorant one, but questions show a semblance of curiosity, and the desire to learn. I'd also been raised and taught in school that even though the answers may sometimes seem dumb or ignorant that THAT is WHY you KEEP QUESTIONING until you get as many answers as you can and THEN compare ALL the answers and pick the BEST one according to the situation!Raine17 9h
9h New grift idea :) Fill it with different forms of treasure goblins. :D a colorful slaughter :DCarverMG2 9h
10h Buff Non-Set builds! I think non-set builds should be more viable. I'm tiered of finding amazing legendary items that I can't use because I lose my set bonus and ALL my dmg. I know there are the set rings that make this possible, but it required ANCIENT just to make it work. I want to be able to create my own build with the legendaries that I like to use, not just the ones that that aren't non-set slots. I mean 90% of legendary chest,legs,gloves,ect... are useless because they ruin your set bonus, and if you aren't using set gear you wont get past T7. I just think that build should be more customizable and unique. maybe take off the "Ancient" requirement from Legacy of Nightmares set, or change it to "50% per LEG - 100% per Ancient - 150% per Primal" or something.Phazon9 10h
10h Challenge Rift Wtf is this! Immobile build, poor density and very few rares many of which are not even on the main path! It feel like I'm crawling through this rift.Alex1 10h
11h how good is this game? Did I just play for 3 days straight?PavloGolubev7 11h