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9m Necromancer Q&A – Submit Your Questions Join us live on Facebook Thursday, January 26, at 5:00 p.m. PST as we sit down with Senior Game Designer Travis Day and Lead VFX Artist Julian Love for our next live developer Q&A. You can tune in live at: Got a question? Submit it by posting in this forum thread or tweeting using the hashtag #D3QA. In order for us to get to as many questions as possible, we ask that you keep your questions short (no longer than 50 words). Thanks, and we hope to see you Thursday, January 26 at 5:00 p.m. PST!Nevalistis343 9m
4d Client Update, 1/18/17 You may have noticed your game client update today. Just a heads up that there are no major changes included in this patch. The goal of this patch was to address crashes that some of our players were experiencing. If you haven't seen the patch yet, you should see the update come through within the next few hours. Again, no major changes.Kauza0 4d
Jan 12 Patch 2.4.3 Hotfixes - Updated 01/11 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated January 11. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General A fix has been deployed that should resolve many of the 64-bit client issues since the release of Patch 2.4.3 (1/9) Please note that this fix will require you to download a small patch If you have updated to the latest patch and are still experiencing issues, please detail your experience in our Bug Report or Technical Support forums and be sure to include your dxdiag report Items Red Soulstone Shard Fixed an issue where the secondary effect of the gem would add time to its buff duration instead of refreshing it (1/11) The Barber Addressed an issue where having The Barber equipped on a Follower could repeatedly kill that Follower (1/9) Flail of the Ascended Fixed an issue where Shield Glare would only damage the last enemy hit by Shield Glare (1/9)Nevalistis1 Jan 12
Jan 11 Red Soulstone Shard Exploit UPDATE - 1/12 @ 10:08 a.m. PDT We recently deployed the fix for Patch 2.4.3 that prevents exploitation of the Red Soulstone Shard. For more information, please refer to the post below. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, We’re working on a hotfix to address an exploit involving the Red Soulstone Shard. We plan to implement it as soon as possible in all gameplay regions and will be updating this thread once the fix is live. Along with this, we’ll be investigating accounts which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and take action on these accounts accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates our in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important to us to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate players. This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll be continuing to monitor and will take additional action as needed. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to game responsibly. Not only can using exploits lead to account penalties, but it can negatively impact the enjoyment of your fellow players. We're working as quickly as we can to fix the underlying issue, and we'd appreciate your help in keeping the effects of this exploit as minimal as possible until it's removed from the game. For more information on how to report exploitative behavior, click here. For questions regarding account actions, please refer to our Account Administration. Thanks!Tyvalir0 Jan 11
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams DatModz Lynxaria Quin69 Rhykker Alkaizerx PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Bigdaddyden76 Syrinnea Spontainy Bluddshed EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
9m It's disgusting how groups are mandatory... - wanna craft hellfire amulets ? Well get a group because you get 4 times!! more materials - wanna do bounties ? Well get a group because it's 4 times!! faster = more materials - wanna level gems ? You guessed it right! You will never level your gems as high as with 4 men meta group! - wanna get paragon levels ? You are flocking right ! Get a group because you will never get even near as much experience from grifting solo on a lower tier compared to 4 men group speed grifting ! Not saying solo should be the way to go but as it is now, group play is at least 3-4 times better, not even considering paragon grinding where we talk about a 700-900% multiplier in terms of xp/hr. Remember when blizzard said they are going to close the gap step by step? Well it's been 2 years now...NightRaven236 9m
11m This game needs auto-pickup badly Blizzard finally relented and allowed the pet to collect gold - let's take it one step further and when the patch to move the mats into a currency tab comes along, let's make the mats auto pickup when walked over (same as gold and blood shards). It's very tedious to stop while blasting demons (especially when in fast-moving groups) to pixel hunt mats to pick them up. The previous excuse given for not doing this already (filling up your bag) is no longer an issue. I don't remember if gems were getting the same currency tab treatment or not, but if so, same thing applies to them.Killian11 11m
23m Gargantuan - oddnesses Gargs still very frequently ignore critters that look like Terror Demons, and I've noticed Gargantuan - Restless Giant quite often procs when there is nothing around to trigger it.Lovecraft4 23m
27m Hide pet in hero screen I would like the option to hide the pet in the hero select / overview screen. I don't want to unequip the pet, because I still want them collecting my gold, but I don't want them to cover more than half of my hero in the main menu. Either offset them so they stand much to the side, or give the option in settings to just not show them at all, please.Ronnin4268500 27m
27m So Much Hate I still can't believe there is so much hate in almost every post. Just read the ARPG questions and I do not understand why people are throwing so much shade at blizz for a game the supposedly hate, yet find themselves posting in the very forums of the game they hate. All the static and negative feedback make it difficult for the devs. to get a bead on what the community, the real players who love this game, want and would like. It makes it hard for players to come read useful info in the boards. Plus it makes the bitter people posting it over and over look foolish for sticking around something they supposedly hate so much. If you are still interested enough in this game after YEARS and YEARS of the initial release then there is no way you can really hate it that much. That would be a one-side abusive relationship that only YOU have the ability to end. Simply leave if that's the case and let the healing begin. Please.Prology75 27m
27m Question about Conqueror Conquests I did one conquest for the Destroyer objective, "The Thrill", I got it in 3 trys. Luckily it was pretty easy. For Conqueror it says you need to do 2 conquests I've tried Avarice a few times and no luck so far. I tried curses probably 20 times last night going the bounty route and have yet to even see the chest bounty come up. I assume my one completed does not go toward that 2 so I need to do 2 different ones, would that be a correct assumption?Luciffer8 27m
31m I want to play with more than 3 people 1) New max level? 2) Please let the max cap of players be higher than 4 PLEASE 3) Higher difficulties? like 15? thxsimon617 31m
35m let one of our characters be the follower! for the moment solo only :) -it would be so great to see our own characters busy, AI-clearing the screen -i would see this as one of the best gaming-improvements, with tools we already have ! -ofc about stat-gain and drops has to be discussed yet this is just the start of an on-topic debate -i might choose to react on certain off-topic postersRUNtoFUN43 35m
39m Set Dungeons Difficulty (Duo) There was hardly any information online when we started the journey to get our Diablo 3 Wings. So myself and a Demon Hunter friend started the journey of completing all of the set dungeons. I managed to complete all the set dungeons in a two man party and I decided to write down what I found. This 'guide' if you can call it that, is going to look at what are the necessary items needed and my own tips on completing the set dungeons. Crusader: (Ordered from hardest to easiest) As having never played crusader this one was a bit “meh” for me. I’ll speak about the hardest ones and go down the list. ... ... I found the rest of Crusader really easy. ... ... ... Demon Hunter: (Ordered from hardest to easiest) Demon hunter would have to be my favorite set of dungeons in the game. I have main’d Unhallowed Essence in season 8 and I felt pretty confident on Demon Hunter. I had no experience in Natalya, Marauder and Shadow before. ... ... ... ... ... To be completed: I'll try get through every set dungeon before the end of the week. Leave a comment with any questions or your own experiences :) Thanks Kickass.KickassZa2 39m
50m How would you redo Set Dungeons? The general idea of having a dedicated dungeon for specific class sets is a potentially good idea; some players are asking for build-specific leaderboards and set dungeons might play a role there. Unfortunately, Blizz's implementation is just terrible. Personally, I would made these changes 1. Get rid of the special set dungeons. Why waste effort on content people hate? 2. Make a "Set Greater Rift" option like an Empowered Rift. Only an option if all group members are the same class, have the same 6-set bonus, and only have 1 6-set bonus (in case that ever becomes possible). 3. Dungeon Objectives are not required but optional and completing them advances the progress meter. 4. Completing the set greater rift would rank you on the general leaderboard ranking (if it was better than your previous generic best) and also on the new set-specific leaderboard ranking. What are your ideas for redesigning set dungeons?EmmetOtter5 50m
51m 20th Anniversary Event Date Range? I couldn't find the date range and want to make sure I have enough time to finish the achievements. Thanks!Saints3 51m
52m Timed Events please add some kind of clock for timed events so we can know how close we are to beat themjeetkundo10 52m
53m Disconnected for being iddle is too fast I'm sure ins't a new topic but did not find any recent and it's still a issue. I'm not a competitive player or even interested in leaderboards, just a casual player doing my stuff solo and that sometimes need to get up or away of the game to do some adulting, and when I get back I been disconected and all progress of a bountie or map is gone. Going back to town allow a bit more time away before getting disconnected but don't solve the problem most of the time. I know there's the server limits and issues, but give us a pause option to just keep it connected while away, or let some of the progress be saved in bounties for some time if you don't complete all 5. It sometime ridiculos to try to play a bit, and have to start a sequence of bounties 3 or 4 times just to get dced and need to restart again and again. (And I know is way faster and stuff to do bounties in a party, but I like casualing play solo and when you may need to get away for adulting time to time probably would not work very good to group)KamikaziZero22 53m
57m What is wrong with this player base? With so many things that need to be fixed , people are worried about stash tabs cap ?? Is this some kind of joke ? why do u need so many stash tabs if 99 % is salvage ? jesus christ this is unreal i mean .. u dont see this anywhere else but in this game.Nyuu7 57m
1h Visual effects need to be toned down It is difficult to group play with others using demon hunter grenades. Such would add quality of life. It is dangerous playing hardcore when you can't adequately see the ground. 1) easier on tired eyes, 2) benefit older players, 3) reduce stress, 4) lower graphics demand on video card. Suggest adding a visual effect gradient bar to Diablo 3 options / video similar to the "full screen brightness" gradient bar. 25% to 100% (where 100% is full visual effect). Set at your own choosing what you see of other players' skills -- not your own. Emphasis is on skills with the heaviest visual effects like demon hunter grenades, wizard explosive blast. Demon hunter spitfire sentries used to be an issue. Low impact visuals like witch doctor piranhas, monk wave of light, monk inner sanctuary, and crusader blessed hammers ok as is.SilverFox6 1h
1h Armory technology Blizzard has annouced the armory add-on for 2.4.3 that will allow player to switch to 3 different build. (Allow you more space in your stash and less character using) That was a big announce but i'm forced to see that's not able at this time. Where is the armory technology announced? When it will be released?DarkA9 1h
2h Anybody have a problem with the lvl 6 gem to rank 40? Well i have like 6 or more gem at rankt 45+ easily... but didnt complete the achievement anybody have the same problems?Elezen4 2h
2h Stash space limits - #1 negative impacting experience Quick background on me - I put a lifetime of hours into D2, bought D3 collectors edition, quit, came back for ROS and loot 2.0, put 400ish hours in combined, and left again after GRifts couldn't keep me interested (I don't remember the extra class sets, and I think I left before seasons started, or right as season 1 began). It's been a long time and the anniversary event called me back. I started with that on a fresh character for nostaglia stake and eventually went back to some old characters. I decided to try a season hero and got completely hooked. I'm running GR65 on my crusader and trying to push that 70-80 range now and have run into my old enemy... stash space limitations. I was stoked to see that we could purchase a whole new page of stash space (woo, I can buy 5 more tabs now!), but was disappointed when I realized it only gave me one tab, and the only way to get more tabs was apparently through season achievements. I think part of the reason new seasons are great is because you get access to whole set of new stash space and it dawned on me that it was part of the reason I was enjoying the game again. My old stash was filled up with so much crap for so many different characters, it was overwhelming to go through it all coming back. Starting fresh was amazing. I've put the time in, and now I'm two items short of having all 4 class sets. I've amassed an amazing collection of unique flails and crusader shields, and I have a almost a whole page dedicated to rings and amulets. Now I'm looking at my regular characters and thinking I have one for each class, and hardly enough stash space, and I've filled up an entire season's stash on a single class. What the hell will I do when the season ends and it all gets mailed to me? One of the huge draws in Diablo is collecting loot (and then for some, organizing said loot. I've spent a good chunk of hours total just organizing and comparing gear in town). It seems ridiculous that with a game focused on collecting loot, and creating different classes and trying different builds, that they would actually limit the amount of gear you can hold (that you have worked so hard to find). I agree with putting gold sinks, but why does it not tier infinitely upwards and allow you to buy more and more pages? Why the inherent limitation? Inventory space limitations I understand, but this, in the context of the game? This is the single largest source of frustration in the game for me. Hitting this point decreases my fun factor by a huge amount, and now I'm running around short on inventory space, filled up on stash space, spending time deciding what to get rid of after every run, etc. It is great to have one class, and have 5 tabs worth of stash space to organize things and it really sucks that every character doesn't have access to their own 5 tabs. Why is the stash space COMPLETELY shared between characters? In a perfect world, I would redesign the stash so that the first page is for that character only. They would be able to unlock up to 5 pages per character, accessible only by them. The second page would be the "shared stash" and again you could purchase up to 5 tabs and would be accessible by any character. Finally, they could add a third page that would be for achievements (season or otherwise), and they could introduce a number of ways to unlock more space through achievements. TLDR: Diablo is all about collecting loot and limiting how much loot we can hold when there are so multiple classes and tons of items is ridiculous. We need a 5-tab stash per character, and then a shared stash.RDS9 2h
2h Large Cursor works now and is a feast for tired eyes I (and I am sure many other people) asked for a large cursor option to enable those of us with eye sight ah "enhanced" by many years of life to be able to find the cursor in a screen filled with exploding monsters, body parts and other materials. The new large cursor did not work on my machine when the patch came out but one of the two hot fixes or patches, has made it work wonderfully now... (either that or my switching to windowed fullscrn fixed it). Either way, THANK YOU DIABLO DEV, for implementing a change that was requested by people on the forum.DamagedGoods3 2h
2h New Cursor So I just got away from the game long enough to make this post about how much I love the new larger cursor mode. I have been posting about how I am one of the fellows who loses the cursor alot during gameplay. especially back when it was a little sword. i loved the look of it, but it just got lost so often for me. Ive only been playing about an hour or two but i just needed to take some time to make this post to praise the diablo team. at least for this one thing. i may never lose my cursor again.Minos11 2h
2h Large Cursor - Thank you! Thank you so much for this! It was frustrating losing the cursor on the screen cuz of old age. This makes it so much easier to keep track of where it is.Caz8 2h
2h Remove class sets Class specific 6 piece sets are dumb, boring, takes up too much stash space and ruining creativity. It's bad enough that our characters are nothing more than munniqueins, but now you are essentially requiring that we dress them in 1 of 3 outfits. This is kind of silly. This also renders vast majority of legendaries junk, because they not only have to fit in with the sets stat-wise, but also not compete for a slot. This is a case where more is actually less. I would say remove all class specific 6 piece sets. Sets should be 2-3 items and very, very rarely, 4 items. We can have more sets, just not huge sets that dictate play style and leave little room for other fun stuff.mofocheeto31 2h
2h Diablo 3 is the most disappointing game for me. I just cannot let go what a disappointment D3 was. No its NOT the worst game ever, far from it. but when i had such high hopes, its the one that stings the most. They had so many years to do it, but besides some pretty good combat it brought nothing new to the ARPG genre. Rest of the changes was made for the sake of making as much money as possible. Cartoony graphics, RMAH, dumbed down character building, constant online requirement etc.. I Just don't see any passion in the making of the game and the crew seemed to have very limited knowledge in what makes a ARPG good. Yes things have gotten better over time, but its going too damn slow. Blizzard was once the most beloved company in the industry because they did their best to please the fans. All the issues with D3 and WoWs latest bad expansions has made me lose some trust in them. Especially when they just keep charging more, as if they mostly care about maximizing profit and not what is good for their franchise.Evilsausage72 2h
2h Reverting back to 32 bit until this is fixed Newest Edit:. The solution listed in the first edit below will only fix your issues if you play solo. If you play in groups, please follow my instructions below in the original part of the post on how to revert to the 32 bit client. This is what is advised until Blizzard puts out a fix. Edit: We have found a temporary work around until the issue is fixed. The more communities you are in, the worse the client will run.. Simply turn off the chat for all the communities you are in, and it should fix your issue. Simple youtube video guide. I have to say, I was very excited for the patch today. Everything ran smoothly at first, but now the 64 bit client is simply not enjoyable. The game literally stutters and freezes making game play very crappy. I know a lot of people are having this issue as well, so if you want to swap back to the 32 bit client until Blizzard puts out a fix, here is how you do it 1: Open Battlnet 2: To the right of where Diablo 3 is Located in the launcher, Click the "Options" Cogwheel 3: Select "Game Settings" 4: Select "Launch 32-bit client (instead of 64-bit) 5: Relaunch Battle net and your game. Hopefully they get this figured out soon.Gimpzor124 2h
3h [Suggestion]build Idea for the next patch Document version: Gameplay: New treasure goblin - paragon goblin, grant experience equivalent to one 1000+ paragon level experience when killed (47,752,320,000). Demon Hunter Build request: Demon hunter got grenade build, multishot build. Shadow set still need some love. I would also like to see hungering arrow build ... ... ... Witch Doctor Build request: Currently, Helltooth have stolen pet build when it should be a spender set. I think we can change that by fixing zunimassa. ... ... ... Wizard Build request: Seem like all top wizard involve the use of Archon. I think we have to do something with it. ... ... ... Monk Build request: Review: Monk is in a good place there are gen monk, inna monk, SSS monk, LTK monk, bell monk viable for the end game. Tempest rush need some more love. ... ... Barbarian Build request: Leapquake and FC build are great. IK related build like HOTA, SS and bash need some love. WW build need some damage reduction ... Crusader Build request: Invoker, LON bomb, hammerdin is great. Roland is still waiting for bug fix. For others build like Blessed shield, Condemn, Phalanx and Heaven’s Fury they still need some love. ... ... ...XelNagaIvan1 3h
3h Stupid set dungeon. Byebye diablo. I uninstalled the game right after I tried to beat the set dungeon. What a stupid design! Your character is too strong, sorry you cannot pass cause you kill all the minions immediately. All those stupid requirements and traps set up to annoy players. When does this game become like this. Byebye diablo 3.ForrestGao29 3h
3h Kadala Kadala, She should be removed from the game, such a disappointment , blood shards are a great idea but unfortunately you very rarely get anything useful from spending them, they need to bring the auction house back, but oh wait they won't do that , the players actually got useful gear .....TheHammer12 3h
4h Remove bounties Bounties are the most boring thing ever. Why not get rid of it and simply replace with "exploration mode" where all the quests and more are on the map, and the player can roam around doing whatever that pleases him/her? The special craft mats will simply drop off monsters instead of in caches. This also eliminates leeching.mofocheeto23 4h
4h Blue items with legendary status Does anyone know of a complete list of these items? ie; Murlocket Veil of steel Godly plate of the whaleDeadfront11 4h
4h Exploding mobs Hi guys. I wonder is there any protection for exploding mobs?(name grotesque or sth like that). Need ress, ar or there is nothing to avoid that just move from the area? Ty in advance.Shazam10 4h
5h why the greater rifts have an end? i sometimes i reach the end of the grs Usually in floor 6 (the blue pylar) so i need to go back and kill more things, that's annoying because that's make me lose, some maps specially the maps similar to the aqueducts of act 2 they have Kilometers without an a single elite at sight. sometimes i need to skip the five packs of blue elites because they make waste my time and i only kill the yellow elites faster, I can't stop for the normal little ones monsters, some classes like the demon hunter, or witch doctor, or wizard have an area of damage too big and can kill everything around him, but melee classes like crusader have some issues to kill everything around him one by one, sometimes i feel this is "rigged" for some class have it relatively easier, and others have it harder and (I'm speaking about high greater rifts 80+ in a solo game) can't clean all faster, but at least the Large lineal kilometers maps should have more elites or more floors, or will be a secure defeat...Schyzo17 5h
5h No more stash tab? :( Well.... they capped the stash tab for season journey to 4? Didnt get any extra stash tab this season.... will they add more later on?Elezen18 5h
6h The current state of "end game" - GRIFTS We all know Blizz has a.....soft spot for greater rifts, so let's tell Blizz what their beloved grifts are like now - since they obviously never play them. Any given grift now can be as follows: - 50% skeletal archers (pelting you with arrows from all sides), 30% skeletal summoners (spamming Energy balls & raising skeletons), 10% skeletons and another 10% random monsters (usually Quill fiends). - 40% Fallen shamans (spamming Fireballs from all sides), 40% Conjurer cultists (spamming Fireballs from all sides), 10% Fallen peons and 10% random monsters. Screenshots of the Shaman grift - sacrificed the No-Deaths bonus upgrade for ya'll. - 45% Goatman Spearmen (raining spears upon you), 35% Goatman Shamans (spamming Ice Blast), 20% random monsters. - 45% Exarchs (spamming Thunderstorm), 45% Lacuni Huntresses (spamming Firebomb), 10% random monsters. - 60% Scavengers, 20% Demon troopers, 10% Ghosts, 10% random monsters - 40% Accursed, 30% Lickers, 25% Fallen shamans, 5% random monsters. - 40% Archers of all makes & models, 40% Hell Witches (spamming Blood Star like there's no tomorrow), 20% random monsters. with monster types often switching between them (like getting 40% Hell Witches & 40% Fallen Shamans). But having done 40+ grifts since 2.4.3 hit, this is all I see. And nothing else. Now I know how bowling pins feel, because I spend 75% of the time dodging projectiles. If I feel like doing that, I'll go play Space Invaders. I'm glad you people had fun implementing this joke, because I sure as hell aren't having any fun playing it. Thank you very much......not. *update* Here's a few more swell combos that have started popping up. - 40% Accursed, 40% Wasps (everyone's favorite) with at least 6 of each per screen at the same time, 20% random monsters (mostly Fallen shamans & Grotesques). And it's almost always the Plagued Tunnels HUGE map, good luck running past them all to find the exit fast enough to be able to make up the time lost. - 40% Bogan Trappers (spamming Poison Darts from all sides), 30% Bogan brutes & little ones, 30% Goatmen (Shamans, Warriors & Spearmen). Real variety at its best, huh Tyvalir? - 50% Blazing Ghouls, 40% Hell Witches, 10% random monsters (usually Balrogs & Goat spearmen). ... 6h
8h 2.4.3 Focused Feedback on Greater Rift Changes Hello! Firstly, I would like to state that I wasn’t able to test these changes in PTR, but I was reading the feedback and actually everybody was taking about the “new density”. Even the screenshots from Blizzcon were very promising! Thus, I was eager to see these changes in the Live patch. I have to admit that the expectations were high, because more density is always nice. For a short conclusion, I got a little disappointed after 400 Grifts in Seasonal Journey and NonSeasonal play. The builds I used for the observations in Solo play and fewer runs on Group play: Killing Everything / Barbarian Wrath of the Wastes WW, GR 65-75 Wizard Tal Rasha Manald Heal builds and Tal/Vyr builds – many variations in GR 60-90 Hunting Elites/ Wizard Firebird’s/Vyr In-geom, GR 75-80 Wizard Firebird’s/Chantodo, GR 90+ Barbarian LoN Thorns, GR 80 (few runs) Group / zBarb, GR 90 - 96 Thus, these are my observations: 1. The size of each floor in a Greater Rift is now more consistent On average, a rift should take between two and four floors to clear Each floor is now consistently small and it took between four to six floors to clear. The reason for this is that there are many floors with one elite pack and “thrash” is giving little progression. Even, builds that Kill everything usually took four floors to clear, because of the absence of Elites. 2. There is now a guaranteed area at the entrance of each floor with no monsters Indeed, this is working fine. But, I also observed that there are big empty outros! I feel that there is no need for that. 3. Monsters should now be more evenly distributed on each floor in Greater Rifts Still, many long empty areas, especially in corridor-type floors. 4. New Type Floors. Having new floors to explore is always nice and refreshing. However, in my opinion, the new corridor-type floors along with the old Sewers-Westmarch-Keeps are dominating. Open maps are so rare. There is a consensus that Double-Tile Caverns do not exist anymore. That was an awesome floor. Now, the One-Tile Caverns have a big empty intro, a big empty outro and the central tile with mobs and usually one elite pack. The Hell Rift floor had two guaranteed packs in 2.4.2, whereas in 2.4.3 it has one guaranteed pack with a very small chance to see a second. In my opinion, with one one pack it is not worth to play. 5. New Monsters Types. Having new monsters to kill is always nice and refreshing. However, there is a consensus that Ranged mobs are dominating about 50-60% of the Grifts. There are two problems with so many Ranged mobs: a. We have only Eye of Etlich and secondary affixes for reducing damage from ranged. But, wearing EoE or having 3 secondary rolls with rdr is not always possible for many builds. Now, with all these bombarding from ranged attacks, makes pushing any build a lot harder. b. Ranged mobs are much harder to group, especially in Solo play. Although, players and builds have many sources of dodging, evading and damage reduction, still we are surrounded by unmovable monsters and the above mechanics cannot apply. This is annoying in farming and sometimes instant-skip on pushing. 6. Elites I observed that the number of Elites per floor is inconsistent. Most floors have one Elite pack (because the floors are small) and suddenly you may see in another floor, 3 elites side by side (although rare). To summarize, overall density seems almost equal to 2.4.2, elite packs are fewer than expected and ranged monsters are dominating the floors. I feel that there is a big room for improving the GR play experience. Thank you for reading this.Dragonfire17 8h
9h Criteria for "dry cast" skills The criteria for which skills can be "dry cast" (cast without a target or holding shift) seems highly inconsistent. In particular, I'd like to point to Shield Base vs Sweep. Shield Base has a much small range than sweep, yet Sweep has a much larger range and requires a target (or holding shift) to be cast whereas Shield Bash can be spammed via right click without any targets. I find this highly inconvenient, and it's forced me to put skills onto m1 (left click) to avoid casting at nothing while in the fray. Shield Base - Pound is a big offender of this given its very small range and hefty resource cost. I'd really like it if melee ranged spenders were changed to require targets to be cast when assigned to m2 (right click) for QoL purposes, or perhaps some way to make it an option not to dry fire skills.Tohki0 9h
9h Seasons records - stars Hey guys, I know there's probably a post for this already, but it was 2 or so years ago so I wouldn't wanna necro it.. LOL TL:DR.. Does anyone know what do the star colours in the records signify? I've come across gold and silver (more like blue).. Here's a picture to portray what I mean.. So far what I've noticed is that it's only like that for GR records that are below GR30.. [edit: quite new here so I don't quite know how to embed pictures or anything..]Perseverance0 9h
9h Irony: Adventure Mode, NO Freedom There seems to be a lot of emphasis with grifts and character balancing. I'd like to remind the developers at Blizzard and perhaps some of the playerbase that there are indeed more aspects to Diablo III worth considering. My main concern has always been the role playing elements. For a brief moment seasons offer a refreshing take on the game, but after playing several already I've realized the shallow elements and repetitive gameplay ruined any satisfaction for progression. Streamlining is a double edge sword. Auto pick up of gold and crafting items is honestly the best. Forcing players to quest bounties and caches for act specific materials is honestly the worst and incredibly lazy design. In my opinion. It's ironic to offer players adventure mode with little freedom. Why restrict our progression to simple "objectives". Here's a overhaul I think would improve the quality of life for Diablo. Bounties: Caches should be randomized to offer any legendary material. Getting rid of the bonus cache would allow players the freedom to play whatever act of their choosing. (I really hate act 4) Exploration: Giving players incentive to explore the world would add significant longevity. The portal objectives should be used this way. Instead of streamlining them as bounties, make their purpose rewarding. Players who find them can earn bonus caches with even more legendary crafting materials. Randomizing Dungeons with rare or unique chests that also drop legendary materials would also encourage exploration. Give me something to click! Jewelry boxes for rings and amulets, dead heroes that drop class specific items. Why do bookshelves drop gold? Let me find a plan or something. Questing: Adding story mode elements to adventure mode would make significant objectives with content that already exists. Ex: Finding templar for follower access, searching crypt for towns portal, killing zoltun kulle for cube quest. (Devs can think of more) I didn't love the story personally, but these are role playing elements that can be easily utilized and make adventure mode rewarding for seasonal characters. Itemization/Difficulty: Personally, I hate the fact that legendary items rain from the sky on higher torments. I also hate the fact that there are so many damn levels. Reducing the levels to 5 and adjusting accordingly would make this artificial power creep less annoying. Slowing our progression and lessening the creep makes infinitely more sense for balancing purposes? (correct me if I'm wrong.) Get rid of smart loot. Providing the possibility of finding items for followers and alternate characters simply means there's more to loot. Balance is key. So is player freedom. Why streamline the item hunt? At this point seasonal characters should deal with BOA items and non seasonal characters should have the freedom to trade. Atmosphere is incredibly important to me. I want to immerse myself in the game I'm playing hence the role playing aspect. If there's anything you feel should be included or emphasized please contribute to this thread.nvvr94 9h
10h When will we have a DIABLO game again? "Greater Rifts are the bread and butter of any seasoned Diablo III player’s end-game experience" LOL!! Isn't Diablo supposed to be about exploring the world while cutting down hordes of demons? And not fishing for the right rift? Well sets are still not fixed, paragon points are useless, all legs are still instant salvage, yellows/blues are a joke and 80% of the leg gems are also a bigger joke. OH BOY and that new leg gem?? Red Soulstone Shard New Legendary Gem Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of Fire that inflicts 12,500% weapon damage to enemies it passes through With the above change, the primary effect of the gem deals significantly more damage at the gem’s base level, but scales more slowly with additional levels After gaining a level, your resource costs are removed and cooldowns on skills are reduced by 75% for 30 seconds (Requires Rank 25) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This gem is now THE WORST GEM in the game, next to a damn yellow gem into your helmet. BUT HEY! At least I don't have to have night frights and wake up wondering what they're doing with the dyes in game. Thank god I can now just use the mystic to dye stuff instead of walking a few feet in the other direction. How many useless patches are we going to get until we get a real Diablo game we can enjoy? It's been almost 5 years and only when they removed the RMAH I thought we were going in the right direction. Paragon points in the beginning I thought was an awesome idea, until they made it so all characters gained a account wide paragon level. Guess we have to wait another 5 years to maybe get the Diablo we all love? Or wait for a new dev team to make D4. P.S. Never forget the 2010 PvP at blizzcon, and R.I.P. Magic find gear, and pre IAS nerf, and Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno.Jakel366 10h
11h Density in Greater Rift Please Blizzard, I'm talking for all Diablo players, we are bored with maze and poor density in Grift !! We need more density trash mod in greater rift to perform and make better result. I understand that you want to make variety and stuff but WE NEED DENSITY at the moment all build are making around DENSITY. Its so boring to make 10 games and only one can be used for performing.... We don't reall don't care about mix of monster and others that you re so proud WE NEED DENSITY. Another thing I advice you to get some inspiration from TurboHUB because it's a really good add-on !!! You can't blame players using this tools because you don't want to improve your game.DarkA17 11h
12h Bring back the Community Events Bring back the community events. The best times I've had on this game were playing with those events were live. I beg of you Blizzard, please consider bringing them back. They were FUN!Bro0 12h
13h FPS issues First I know this is the wrong forum for this but I haven't received any responses to my other post so thought I'd try my luck here. For what reason I truly do not know and if it IS something simple then I just don't see but no matter my graphic settings I never get an FPS above 50-60. Which wouldn't be an issue and sounds decent if it didn't consistently drop to below 20 whenever I have a skybox or medium-heavy action going onscreen. I don't have a bad card either Nvidia GTX 960 and from what I've seen I should have no problems with it. I've also noticed in my task manager it's saying I have 2 cores and 4 logical processors, nay be irrelevant but I don't know. OS: windows 10 64bit Processor: AMD A8-760k Radeon R7, 10 Computer Cores 4C+6g (4cpus), ~4.1GHz Memory: 10240MB RAM DirectX 12 If I left out any info please tell me I have tried almost everything.Rax4 13h
13h Diablo III - Battle Chest Just enter the store the battle chest of Diablo 3, containing the vanilla and the RoS. Is this indicative of the new expansion? 13h
13h Hi everyone can i run it on full settings with 60fps? spec: i5.2320 Geforce gtx 750 ti 2gb 8gb ram 60hz monitor and the game on ssd windows 7 64bit thx for answer.Deadlyskys12 13h
14h Charcuterie Butcher Challenge Alot of Bosses have this challenge and i dont completly understand it for example - this one says Kill the Butcher at max level without crowd controling enemies on Torment difficulty or higher. So when or what is the butcher at a max level of what and what is crowd control? Chance to area attack? and what lvl is higher than Torment - is that something Ros will bring?Sultan4 14h