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5d Patch 2.4.3 Hotfixes - Updated 01/11 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated January 11. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.3.0] [2.4.0] [2.4.1] [2.4.2] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General A fix has been deployed that should resolve many of the 64-bit client issues since the release of Patch 2.4.3 (1/9) Please note that this fix will require you to download a small patch If you have updated to the latest patch and are still experiencing issues, please detail your experience in our Bug Report or Technical Support forums and be sure to include your dxdiag report Items Red Soulstone Shard Fixed an issue where the secondary effect of the gem would add time to its buff duration instead of refreshing it (1/11) The Barber Addressed an issue where having The Barber equipped on a Follower could repeatedly kill that Follower (1/9) Flail of the Ascended Fixed an issue where Shield Glare would only damage the last enemy hit by Shield Glare (1/9)Nevalistis1 5d
6d Red Soulstone Shard Exploit UPDATE - 1/12 @ 10:08 a.m. PDT We recently deployed the fix for Patch 2.4.3 that prevents exploitation of the Red Soulstone Shard. For more information, please refer to the post below. Thanks! -------------------------------------------------------- Hey all, We’re working on a hotfix to address an exploit involving the Red Soulstone Shard. We plan to implement it as soon as possible in all gameplay regions and will be updating this thread once the fix is live. Along with this, we’ll be investigating accounts which have been found to be actively using this exploit to gain an unfair advantage and take action on these accounts accordingly. This behavior not only undermines the spirit of fair play, but directly violates our in-game policies for Diablo III. It is important to us to continue maintaining a stable, safe, and enjoyable online environment for all legitimate players. This is an ongoing investigation, and we’ll be continuing to monitor and will take additional action as needed. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to game responsibly. Not only can using exploits lead to account penalties, but it can negatively impact the enjoyment of your fellow players. We're working as quickly as we can to fix the underlying issue, and we'd appreciate your help in keeping the effects of this exploit as minimal as possible until it's removed from the game. For more information on how to report exploitative behavior, click here. For questions regarding account actions, please refer to our Account Administration. Thanks!Tyvalir0 6d
Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams DatModz Lynxaria Quin69 Rhykker Alkaizerx PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Bigdaddyden76 Syrinnea Spontainy Bluddshed EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
30s Pets should be able to pick up Death's Breaths! This feature alone would make my Diablo III experience a super bajilitriliizillian times better. Pretty pleaseee. Why not? DxEslite9 30s
31s Your favorite removed build? Of all the builds that have come and gone, what is your favorite build that is either impossible now because of a game mechanic change, or your favorite build that is not even close to being meta? Mine is the original mauraders DH, where I could put down sentries and they would just automatically attack. I could get my attack speed to certain breaking points and they would attack faster. I enjoyed dropping them down and leaving a room, cause I'm lazy like that.Primate21 31s
1m 30+ reforges/upgrades/drops but no ancient Just wanted to vent. That is all.Pio6 1m
9m This is how an Attribute System should look like ...or at least how I would imagine the perfect Attribute System for a game like Diablo. Four different attributes, all with different functions. 1) Might: increases all damage 2) Willpower: increases critical hit chance 3) Constitution: reduces damage taken 4) Energy: improves resource* * The effect of this attribute differs from class to class because they all have different resources. A witch doctor would have his Mana pool increased, while a Wizard would gain an increased rate of Arcane Power regeneration and a Barbarian would have increased Fury gain from Generators. Here is a visual representation of how such an Attribute System could look like: or Also keep in mind that this is not a Paragon System! The difference between a Paragon System and an Attribute System (which is what I am proposing here) is that in a Paragon System the points are basically unlimited, because you have infinite levels that you can gain, while in an Attribute System, you only gain points from level 1 to max level, which means that points are limited and so you have to decide where you specialize in. I also wanna thank TOPcommander for giving me the inspiration to create this.clueso38 9m
9m Blizzard. Please admit defeat. Open D3 to modders. Seriously. You're not yourself after Activision bought you. You used to care about overall quality and re-playability. Each patch for the last year has been band-aid after band-aid, character-breaking re-balance after character-breaking re-balance. Powercreep to beget powercreep. Your tactics don't work. Your tactics only infuriate many of us. Every game I go into, I see the same "I wish Blizzard would do X, Y, Z," and there's always someone who says "they don't care enough to." Parts you missed: Actual character involvement, stats, gear requirements, making characters less of a doll with gear and more of a point of power. Gear should not mean power. Gear should enhance the power of the character. Deeper skill involvement. Not skill trees by name or necessity, but points of focus to utilize paragon points with. Take Star Pact off the Wizard for example. Why does it have to be arcane? Why are you forcing that on us? What if the Wizard is a fire Wizard and wants to use Fire? Nope. You have Meteor Shower or Molten Impact. Sorry. This is a mistake and has always been a mistake. Let players decide how they put their gear together by making gear more static. Give them their specific stats, as in what they can expect it to be when an item drops. Sure, use RNG for what those stats are, but the whole "random this random that," is RNG stacked on top of RNG stacked on top of RNG. Its ridiculous. I could go on. And on. And on. Constantly seeing complaints in chat. Clan chat. In game chat. People are not happy with how shallow the game is. They play because of gameplay and the game engine. If PoE had the same engine, nobody would play this game. Personally can't stand PoE specifically because of the lack of eye candy and the rigidity of how the game is put together. D3 could be a little darker for sure, but that's less of the point. Gameplay is fun. You guys got five stars there. 1-2 stars almost everywhere else. But since release, you guys have dodged all of these issues (and more) like a plague. So. Please set your egos aside. ( Let the community do for the game what you can not, or will not. Open up modding support. Let the fans build the game into what they wanted to start with.Carigan6 9m
13m Set dungeons: "where's the fun?" They are TERRIBLE. Did anyone at blizzard actually ENJOY playing these things as they built them. You guys canned Overwatch MMO cause you asked "where's the fun?" and could not sufficiently answer that question. Well clearly that very good line of thinking has NOT permeated the walled in Diablo team.Pio18 13m
14m New passive for Followers Close Combat - follower always stay near the Nephalem Ranged Combat - follower keeps distance from the Nephalem We should be able to select one. Not affect by "gain access to all skills" tokens for obvious reasons. It would solve so many problems, specially for melee builds. Too much time and aggro is lost moving 3 screens away when the Templar keeps blocking mobs.gambler2 14m
14m Why devs ignore broken crusader roland set? I and some other crusader players posted about this several times in bug report and direct e-mail, but devs just ignored the following game-breaking problems "since 2.4.3 PTR". Perhaps they don't even know about it. So i write here to let devs and more people know how crusader's roland set is broken now. 1. Flail of the ascended This item stacks previous shield bash damage up to 5, and releases damage with shield glare. so it is a core to shield bash build using roland set. About a week ago devs said they fixed the problem which deals zero damage. However the problem is only 'partly' solved. shield glare damage does not reflect damage buff such as Convention of Elements or Oculus ring, which is used to be before 2.4.3. VIDEO PROOF by elmosmytwink : 2. 6pc damage reduction stack Through 2.4.3 roland damage reduction percentage was buffed from 10% to 15%. This should have been additive, to make 50%->75% damage reduction at full stack. But it isn't. It's actually multiplicative, which only gives 41%->56%. Someone said to me that devs made exactly same mistake before, with which doctor's lakumba wrist. Due to this serious problems, roland players are unable to reach GR records where they should be. Roland set was always ignored build since its birth, and devs seem make its future even more darker. I really hope these problems to be fixed, but i lost hope recently.상감마마13 14m
15m PC vs PS4 Hi guys, I currently need advice from the community. I play diablo 3 on my computer but I was interested in experiencing it on Console specifically playsation 4. Couple of quetsions: 1) Can I use my Battlenet account on both PC and PS4 interchangeably? I.E Can I log into my same witch doctor with paragon points intact? 2) Is the experience better or worse from switching to console (I.e. Graphics, game lag, loading screens ect. ) I would appreciate any response on the matter. Thank you kindly.Blivion3 15m
19m Ramaladni gift Does this thing even still drop? (Seasonal) Level p530 here, haven't even seen one yet.... :'(Lloyd34 19m
28m my view of diablo 3 after 200 hours [EDIT] if you get butthurt over facts..please do the world a favor and dont read this. sorry blizzard but im giving up on the diablo title. i came to try diablo 3 expecting something more challenging than diablo 1 and diablo 2 LOD 1.11... HUGE deception. i enjoyed the first 10 hours it took me to complete the game then i ended up in a FATE remake for dungeon delving AKA Greater Rifts.... then came slaughter house.... a cheap remake of diablo 1, for the 20 years of diablo 1, that doesn't even compare dungeon wise or story wise or graphicly and it took me 45 minutes to clean with a level 1 char no paragon to complete the story.... then came the chopping block.. 80 hours to get a decked out hammer crusader built that can dish out 130b dmg per hammer, decked out invoker crusader, decked out condemn and a decked out sweep with 600 paragon and cube effects tomatch the builds of each chars... i dont know WHO suggested the idea of copying old game concept that only ended up in the rotten potato bin but you sould consider kicking this person out immediatly and start making your games harder for diablo 4 and your next revamp of a revamped revamp in wow otherwise you may as well put the title in the garbage bin. for the new generaiton who likes to rant that everything is harder and that loves to get fed gears and think that everything that comes out in a game or IRL is new.. your opinion doesn't really matther since that it was already created before you were born. so its not new, it's just reheated to todays taste aka weaksauce kardashian style. ythis is where blizzard took theidea of making Greater Rifts. 28m
41m When will we have a DIABLO game again? "Greater Rifts are the bread and butter of any seasoned Diablo III player’s end-game experience" LOL!! Isn't Diablo supposed to be about exploring the world while cutting down hordes of demons? And not fishing for the right rift? Well sets are still not fixed, paragon points are useless, all legs are still instant salvage, yellows/blues are a joke and 80% of the leg gems are also a bigger joke. OH BOY and that new leg gem?? Red Soulstone Shard New Legendary Gem Periodically struggle for control, unleashing a ring of Fire that inflicts 12,500% weapon damage to enemies it passes through With the above change, the primary effect of the gem deals significantly more damage at the gem’s base level, but scales more slowly with additional levels After gaining a level, your resource costs are removed and cooldowns on skills are reduced by 75% for 30 seconds (Requires Rank 25) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? This gem is now THE WORST GEM in the game, next to a damn yellow gem into your helmet. BUT HEY! At least I don't have to have night frights and wake up wondering what they're doing with the dyes in game. Thank god I can now just use the mystic to dye stuff instead of walking a few feet in the other direction. How many useless patches are we going to get until we get a real Diablo game we can enjoy? It's been almost 5 years and only when they removed the RMAH I thought we were going in the right direction. Paragon points in the beginning I thought was an awesome idea, until they made it so all characters gained a account wide paragon level. Guess we have to wait another 5 years to maybe get the Diablo we all love? Or wait for a new dev team to make D4. P.S. Never forget the 2010 PvP at blizzcon, and R.I.P. Magic find gear, and pre IAS nerf, and Normal/Nightmare/Hell/Inferno.Jakel273 41m
55m D3 has a server issue; Blizz, you need to fix it This is ridiculous. The game threw away my GR because Blizzard can't be bothered to set up stable servers for D3. It's absolutely disgraceful that a game as old as D3 still can't manage a stable connection for the players. Fix it. Get off your !@# and fix it. Well would you look at that? The whole server just bit it hard and the downvotes keeping racking up higher. I guess nobody should make any legitimate complaints about your toy.Tohki11 55m
1h New Ledgendary Gem Hi I have been thinking about this one for awhile but it finally came to light last night What you say should its name be? I'll call it the MOLAG Primary stat - at level 25 monster density is doubled Secondary Stat - Guaranteed no lag Can be equipped by one party member or follower :)beetlejuice1 1h
1h Uliana's and Wastes Set Dungeons So after working with these set dungeons for the past two weeks and really playing them in depth, I have earned a turn sharing some constructive feedback. I'll just cut right to the chase. Uliana's Strategem First off, I love this set. It's a lot of fun to play. It's visually stimulating and creative. I played Uliana monk as my speed clear character in season 4. I have pretty good gear. Massive amounts of CDR, all ancient pieces. Fist of Az, Lions claw all that good jazz. I would consider myself a pretty decent Uliana player. This dungeon does not epitomize the Uliana set like it should. Not one bit. Problem #1 - Explode 21 monsters with Exploding Palm, three times. This objective isn't all that hard if you know what you are doing, but there's one HUGE catch that pisses me off more than anything. Since the density in this dungeon is rather low, the chances of running into a pack of 21+ mobs is too low. I mean hell you could make the objective 25 monsters exploded for all I care, just spawn more of them in larger packs. So what do I do to compensate the low density? I put Cyclone Strike on my skill bar. Now any Uliana player that has experience with this set knows that Cyclone Strike does not belong in your skill bar. There are many different reasons but that's for another thread. Unfortunately, Cyclone strike does come in handy with mobs that don't aggro to you - which brings me to the next problem. Problem #2 - Mob Choice Those skeletons are freaking ridiculous. It's like they can't see me when I'm right next to them. The monk doesn't have very good taunt mechanics. You could probably fix this entire dungeon alone by replacing those skeleton's with idk don't care really --- Winged Assassins for all I care. At least they actually want to attack you. Problem #3 - Dungeon Size The dungeon is just far too big. I understand you want us to rush to the end and be under some time restraint but the it's just to big. Copious CDR, In-Geom, Way of the Falling star etc, aren't enough to compensate for the sheer size of it. By shortening it a tad, you may be able to get away with problems one and two. Solutions - Shorten the dungeon and keep everything the same OR Change the mob type in the dungeon to something that aggros to the character eliminating the almost mandatory use of cyclone strike OR Revert the change back to the PTR value of "explode 20 enemies with Exploding Palm, three times." Any one of those changes would keep the dungeon challenging while making it feel like you aren't bashing your head against a wall. Even for an experienced Uliana player, it was like watching a Justin Bieber concert in the front row - atrocious. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wrath of the Wastes My clan is full of barbs. I love them to death but I'm not a huge fan of the toon. However, I did love the WW barb in vanilla and picked the barb back up with the reintroduction of the WW set. I'm not an expert at the spec and I don't claim to be very good at it. But I do know the mechanics and what not to do. Problem #1 - Do not take any physical damage This has been beaten to death and I have to say that it's a bold choice for a dungeon and a set that relies on close quarter combat. Hell, everything is right next to each other in this dungeon. It's like a sardine can in most circumstances (minus that one large open room right at the beginning). Isn't there something else you can replace this with? Like give the Rare's arcane sentries and make the objective "Don't take any arcane damage"? That seems reasonable especially taking into consideration the small areas you are forced to fight in. Problem #2 - Mob Type If problem number one stays, then problem two would most likely need to be tweaked. Armaddons are just a stupid choice. Their attacks still don't sync well with their animations and I found myself being hit by a ghost arm or even though I'm well enough away from the monster, my latency got the best of me and I failed because of that fact. It's just another reason to remove problem #1. Problem #3 - Rend 10 enemies, five different times. This one isn't THAT bad. It's still bad though. The RNG in this dungeon is pretty disgusting so you are going to run into instances where there just isn't enough enemies to ground stomp and rend correctly. During the PTR it was Rend 10 enemies, three different times. I suggest meeting us in the middle and making it four times. All in all though, The rend objective is not the real problem. It's the RNG that's problem. Solutions - Change the "do not take physical damage" to some other element OR Change the mob type (at least remove armaddons) OR Lower the Rend requirement TL;DR - These two dungeons suffer from massive amounts of RNG, poor mob placement and/or clashing level sizes. That shouldn't be the case. A well seasoned player with the right gear and the time invested in these sets shouldn't have to fight these things (RNG being the worst). I'm all for tweaking my set to achieve some weird requirement, but don't make me slave away against RNG when you advertised these dungeons as being a "static" environment. In fact, it's anything but static.dukeof3arl8 1h
1h About a new MODE! Hello, I come here to suggest a new game mode, since we will not have significant news in the game we will work with what we have. The proposal is very simple, a way where the experience and the drop of legendary would be reduced, something like the vanilla, the global exchange of items could also be reinvigorated, but with the timer we have today, the player would have determined time to trade the item with other players, thus bringing players' interactions and not benefiting bots that come to stock legendary for sale. The kanai cube is also something that could be improved or removed in this mode depending on the reaction of the players. The idea itself is to bring the hardcore feeling we once had and a part of the community that stopped playing due to the farm's facilitation. Anyway, I think that would be very easy changes to fit and take the game of the state he is. I would like the opinion of you :) *sorry for the "google translate english"Morb8 1h
1h 1 month to play 20 years of Diablo Anniversary. WHY? Why in the Depths of Tristram is the Diablo 1 patch into Diablo 3 only running for a Month? Blizzard always talks about their games being about fun. Where is the reasoning around this Limited time only to aggravate the fan base even more about this "20 year Anniversary Celebration"? Something of that magnitude 20 years needs to treated with more respect than Holiday events such as Overwatch's design.Hoot11 1h
1h It's disgusting how groups are mandatory... - wanna craft hellfire amulets ? Well get a group because you get 4 times!! more materials - wanna do bounties ? Well get a group because it's 4 times!! faster = more materials - wanna level gems ? You guessed it right! You will never level your gems as high as with 4 men meta group! - wanna get paragon levels ? You are flocking right ! Get a group because you will never get even near as much experience from grifting solo on a lower tier compared to 4 men group speed grifting ! Not saying solo should be the way to go but as it is now, group play is at least 3-4 times better, not even considering paragon grinding where we talk about a 700-900% multiplier in terms of xp/hr. Remember when blizzard said they are going to close the gap step by step? Well it's been 2 years now...NightRaven166 1h
1h 34200 Error on PTR Anyone else have error 34200 when log in to PTR?QQianway4 1h
1h Hours spent on this game? Not trying to boast with my around 1600hrs on one character. I even had 1.5 years off with moving so much. Don't ask. I'd be an easy 2000P now, but I'm going slow now and helping others. People like to try and find a way to make themselves look better....... Gold collected, Hours spent, Elites Killed..... ETC. Only the weak one's do this and have something to prove. Hell, I'm being made fun of by having 1600 hours in. This makes me smile. I was the #1 Druid Summoner on East in D2 when I left. Can't say what I did with my acct, but I hope it's all good and all my gear is still there.... Hee hee ;) *LifePincherLifePincher21 1h
1h Flying Dragon ninja nerf ? me and a friend wonder why FD dont proc and i have writing with some Youtubers and they have also notis FD dont proc verry often. so plz Blizz did you put an Internal cooldown on it and if yes why ?Code1871 1h
1h No stash reward??? hey where is my reward. I did my Conqueror and NO STASH ???? hey where is my stash i have 10 tab atm.SpeedRun50 1h
1h Necromancer pack feature - Stash tabs Hello Blizzard, Could it be possible that you ship the Necromancer pack with all the extra stash tabs that were made available up until now each season? I didn't get the time to do those achievements and my space is getting pretty clogged. Could you please consider this idea?BlossomDead24 1h
1h 20th Anniversary Okay so it's cool that we get free content and this isn't about that. So let me get this straight because I feel like blizzard is shoving the diablo franchise aside again. - Blizzard does not commission any updates to celebrate the 20th anniversary. - Blizzard devs make a diablo 1 easter egg during their time off the clock. - Blizzard claims said work is now the 20th anniversary event. Did I miss something?Evict1 1h
2h error code 34200 error code 34200 anyone else ?Drexs27 2h
2h CE Dyes cost gold now? Why? Why am I now being charged to use my CE dyes (Bottled Smoke and Bottled Cloud)? Kind of annoying.SpiderPool114 2h
2h DLC Price Point for Necromancer Pack Out of curiosity, how much do you think this will cost? Blizzard has not yet listed an official price. It includes the necromancer as a "new class" plus in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. My guess is $20. Too high or too low?MicroRNA189 2h
2h seasonal help is there a way to turn a seasonal character into a non-seasonal character?Bruiser6 2h
2h ignore-button should have a safe ignore-list the ignore list should be stored "server-side" (and manageable from the board), safe from human errors to erase it by accident -ofc ignoring can be reversed at will by the ignorerRUNtoFUN461 2h
3h servers down im just hoping with the more people posting the quicker they get to fixing itdankmangina3 3h
3h Authentication Fix If anybody else is having trouble with the authentication part of logging in check your game settings and make sure you are on 32 bit client. Just realized the game auto set it to 64 and I wasn't able to log in. Hope this helps out.Evict0 3h
3h Ulianas set dungeon is holding me back I know people have beaten it before obviously, but like many others I have mastered every other dungeon in the game and none were THIS rough. I have read and watched countless guides, I have talked with others struggling with the same dungeon. The mob density is just not there to make this happen. As of this writing I am on attempt 64...... I really fear that unless this is changed, (or mobs required reduced to 15 instead of 21) myself and many others will forever be 1 achievement away from these beautiful wings. I have put so many hours into this and it isn't even fun anymore but I have come this far and just can't stop when I am so close. I will continue the grind but can someone of importance please read this and at least investigate the community response to this. So many people struggle with this one and just give up. It should be a challenge, I get that, but it should still be fun and over 40 hours of reading and attempting...... For 1 dungeon...... Just isn't. Blizzard please help us.PrimoOD6 3h
4h Necromancer Release date? Hey guys, i haven't played diablo 3 much since the expac came out so long ago.. i was hoping for some interesting news at blizz con but there wasn't much to talk about other than 1 old class from d2 being brought to d3. Did they mention when its going to be released or they just say sometime this year, (2017?) lol?they didnt mention a quarter did they? also is the necro dlc, literally just adding the class to the existing game? or is there any actual new content being added? Like a new act/story etc? it seems like all they are working on are minor quality of life and interface changes, like dye tab, and crafting mat tab? which are great but like.. not actual new content? i'm really confused if they don't have anything new coming are they just abandoning the IP? or do you think they are keeping quiet while working on something substantial like d4, or a new game, or expansion?OldRin4 4h
4h Leader Board Question Ok, I am looking at the 4 player leaderboards under season 9 Hardcore. It has two people tied for first place with a Grift 98 and third place is a Grift 96. This doesn't make any sense. It is that way on several other categories as well. Softcore Seasonal for season 9 has 3 people in first place. Softcore non-season has two people tied for first place. Should all of these 4-player Greater Rift categories have 4 people tied for first place? Just sayin. PAFisherPAFisher3 4h
4h Am i the only one who really hates the choker He is just annoying as !@#$, spawns adds and runs away 24/7. i was playing grenade dh in 4 man 99s pushing to prove dh can be viable in groups. any other gr gaurdian takes around 3 mins max. this %^-*ing choker !@#$% took over 5 minutes to kill cause he kept moving out of my grenades every 2 seconds and ontop of that spawned ^-*! ton of adds to eat my stricken stacks and remove my single out passive buff.tassili3 4h
4h Greed Domain portal icon Is the portal icon on the map different to the portal icon for Whimsyshire/dale?SirSteel10 4h
4h Juggernaut Does anyone kill these in GRs? Apparently not what the patch notes sold us - they seem to have tons of health or resistance to damage.rahl73 4h
4h Lag and area damage I'm not usually one to post and complain on here but something needs to be done about the insane amount of lag on servers when pushing grs. We were pushing 107 on season yesterday and the game kept freezing up and the dps dying constantly when we had any kind of density. It basically adds another level of rng to deal with which is ridiculous after this last patch. Our barb had to pull mobs away just so the lag went away. Its hard enough finding a clearable rift but add to it lag deaths and you only have 13-14min to clear instead of 15. Or just remove area damage from the game completely. It destroys any fun thats left in this game when the servers cannot handle the very little density that does exist.z0uNdz1 4h
5h 1 monster remaning (d1 dungeon) Guess where it is... level 14 ..... 12 runs later.... ..... still not the one i need.... nice event, so much fun...NightRaven11 5h
5h Enchanting a socket on a weapon /w mystic low chance? Hi everyone, I'm trying to add a socket to my Danetta's Revenge that I found last night. If it had a socket, it would be a nice upgrade for me over the Cluckeye I found a few days ago, that already has a socket. Unfortunately, I have spent millions of gold and probably 20 forgotten souls trying to get a socket, and so far no luck. I do *realize* that it's RNG, but this is borderline crazy for me. At this point, I would have just happily paid 20 forgotten souls and 10 million gold to get the bloody socket. Do sockets on weapons have a low chance by design, or is this really just bad luck? I would assume that with only 10 or so options available, and with 2 chances to roll with each forgotten soul, I would likely get a socket with just 5 rolls on average. Is that correct, or do sockets simply have a 1% or less chance of rolling?Scala11 5h
5h Diablo 2 FULL Soundtrack? Please help!!! Hi, can someone help me with listing (numbering) the tracks for Diablo 2 and Diablo 2: Lord Of Destruction? I know that there has been released album with tracks below: 1. "Wilderness" - 7:58 2. "Rogue" - 2:58 3. "Sisters" - 1:45 4. "Spider" - 5:19 5. "Jungle" - 2:24 6. "Zakarum" - 2:56 7. "Desert" - 3:38 8. "Toru" - 2:57 9. "Sanctuary" - 4:08 10. "Crypt" - 3:31 11. "Tombs" - 5:17 12. "Monastery" - 5:56 13. "Cave" - 3:50 14. "Mesa" - 3:26 15. "Leoric" - 3:06 16. "Coda" - 0:56 17. "Roger and Me" - 1:03 Lord of Destruction Soundtrack looks like this: 1. „Fortress” 4:46 2. „Halls” 3:32 3. „Ancients” 4:06 4. „Siege” 5:42 5. „Ice Caves” 4:40 BUT I have found music files named "Docks", "Kurast", "Maggot", "Mephisto", "Sewer" and "Tristram". They are not included in track listing on wikipedia and other pedias. Can someone tell me EXACTLY how should I number them? And are there more of them? EDIT: I just founded this page Some more tracks, but still not numbered. I'm trying to create a playlist, because I'm a big fan of Diablo II's music P.S. Sorry if I made a mistake in grammatics or something. I'm not a native english speakerSlay3r4 5h
5h skill treeS crazy idea keep the skill system 'as is' till lvl 70. at lvl 70 each INDIVIDUAL skill rune has its own skill tree when you click on the rune. and each passive could have one also. paragon gives you skill points, so the first skills/builds will lvl relatively fast, but you could eventually max out several builds. (numbers are here just as a meaningless example) i wish i had some photoshop skills to really do this right; think something looking like 'kabbalah tree of life'. forget about the crazy amount of balance and monster tuning we would need for this, i know. its just an idea. --- for example. you lvl up. you click on blazing hydra. two nodes branch out. left; +attack speed... right; +damage. (these can be lvled forever, first lvls give more, like1% for the first 5, 0.5 for the next 5 , 0.1 form then on. connected to left only: tier2 lvl1 requires 10 in left node; you can summon one additional blazing hydra; and another at 20, and another at 30. caps at 30. tier3; each summoned hydra drains 5 arcane power per second and gains 10%more damage per second connected to right only; tier2 lvl1 requires 10 in left node; enemies buring from blazing hydra dot take 20% more damage from fire spells. tier3: blazing projectiles pierce. in the middle is another node connected to all the other nodes. that requires X points in each connecting node: in addition to random targets, double the fireball casts, each summoned blazing hydra also casts in the direction of every other summoned blazing hydra. -- have a crazy tree like this, for EVERY skill. where you could invest into any skill, but you dont need to totally invest in any skill for it to be good. THAT is build diversity. you get a few re-spec tokens at lvl 70, so everyone can learn things, and have some difficult way to get more tokens. -- i know its crazy, and a lot of dev work. but i can dream.epogow6 5h
6h BotS joke? I tested a level 25 Bane of the Stricken gem and found that it seems to take 15+ attacks to equal the payout rate of Bane of the Powerful gem. If that is the case, it would take about another 15-30 attacks before BotS's total damage output could surpass that of BotP's. 30 BotS attacks just to rival BotP's damage sounds hilariously broke... or does this actually work with attacks like Rapid Fire, Strafe etc...? Please share, thanks!VykinG4 6h
6h Leaderboard reset any time near? Probably a good time to reset lb. With new grs im curious to see how things end up. New sets and items should be a reset. They are much tuffer for sure. Pet wd the pets spend most there time chasing wasps and shaman around. That dont stand still for a second.D3excess2 6h
6h Suggestion: make campaign mode viable Please make campaign mode playable by either fixing item drop rate, experience, or make up some new unique reward for campaign mode you don't get any other way. Campaign mode is a huge resource of replayability that is not being utilized, and there are players that want to play it. There's a reason to play other modes: Bounties: materials for cube. Rift: to get Grift keys and upgrade gems. Grift: challenge of getting to a certain level, season rewards, stash size. Campaign mode: nothing - less experience, less items. Only good for unlocking adventure mode, never to be played again. And look how much effort you put into creating the entire campaign that is all but ignored by most players! Make use of campaign mode so that players can get back to sometimes playing that as well! So while it would be great to add more diversity to playing by doing campaign mode, when you see how horrible the item drop rate is, how much less experience you get, you realize it's a waste to play it. Please either change the item drop rate in campaign mode to be on par, or even almost on par with adventure mode (bounties or rift), or create a new unique reason to have to play campaign mode. Lots of players want to play campaign mode sometimes along with the rest of the modes to add more diversity and fun to the game, but realize the game really makes it a waste of time. Thanks for considering it!Reason12 6h
6h Avarice\Avaritia complete from bounty caches First of all, the following info is not new, it has been available since the first time the 50Mil gold streak was brought to seasons. There are also other ways people have been getting this conquest,other than by accident in game. Those include the Corvus run, Not the Cow level. These runs will require you to buff your gold find gear, assuming you have some, adjusting paragon (etc etc etc). If you wish to check my gold amounts, simply run an Act at whatever difficulty level you wish to compare and open at your leisure. Using bounty bags to get the 50Mil is 'not' the most efficient way by a long shot. However, you get a lot of bounty mats, blood shards and items exclusive to the bags (ie Avarice band, Prides Fall helm, RoRG ring to name a few). This can also assist you to complete the 45 No set challenge at a later time (having the cache only items that is). The following is a list of gold found at T6-T13 from each bag (Bonus and Horadric bag) opened. Note: The Bonus bag and Horadric bag do not have the same amount of gold in each level. Note: A 'run' is completing all bounties in all 5 acts. Hopefully, if running in group the correct bonus act will be clicked in the correct order otherwise your run number will be off a bit. At this point in time (2.4.3), the sweet spot is TX for 'efficiency' using this method. When opening, dismiss your gold pickup pet, the follower and for DH your companions as the Ferret picks up gold as well. Torment 6: Horadric Cache Gold: 320,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 320,000 Total Caches Needed: 158 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 16 Runs Torment 7: Horadric Cache Gold: 400,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 400,000 Total Caches Needed: 126 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 13 Runs Torment 8: Horadric Cache Gold: 440,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 440,000 Total Caches Needed: 114 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 12 Runs Torment 9: Horadric Cache Gold: 480,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 480,000 Total Caches Needed: 106 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 11 Runs Torment 10: Horadric Cache Gold: 520,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 520,000 Total Caches Needed: 98 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 10 Runs Torment 11: Horadric Cache Gold: 570,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 520,000 Total Caches Needed: 92 Caches Total Runs Needed: 10 Runs Torment 12: Horadric Cache Gold: 620,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 520,000 Total Caches Needed: 88 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 9 Runs Torment 13: Horadric Cache Gold: 670,000 Bonus Cache Gold: 520,000 Total Caches Needed: 86 total Caches Total Runs Needed: 9 Runs TL;DR: This thread is a way to complete the Avarice (SC)\Avaritia (HC) conquest by running several bounty runthoughs. Bonus of this method is many cache only gear and mats.CyberDoc19 6h