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Nov 13, 2015 Fansites, Social Media, and Other External Communities The Diablo III team here at Blizzard is fortunate to have a wealth of fan resources that are updated regularly to help keep players informed and entertained. We’ve highlighted just a small number of those below for you to check out. Keep in mind that these websites are not owned or operated by Blizzard Entertainment, and we don't control or endorse all information found on them. This list is also not exhaustive. We’d like to include more sites as necessary over time to provide you with the best, most up-to-date community resources. If you have an active site, community, or podcast that is not listed, please message me. Fansites and Communities /r/Diablo DiabloWiki BlizzPro Diablo Fans Diablo Hub Gameplay Databases & Tracking Diablo Rank D3Planner Diablo DiabloNut Diablo Progress Diablo Stats Podcasts The Diablo Podcast Shattered Soulstone Westmarch Workshop Kulle Story Bro Gameplay Streams Rhykker Spontainy Bluddshed Leviathan111 Bigdaddyden76 Lynxaria PJS2 Totes_MahGotes Syrinnea EmpyriangamingKauza1 Nov 13, 2015
Feb 16 Ending Support for Windows XP and Vista With the launch of Patch 2.6.1, we will be ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in Diablo III. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, Diablo III will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version.Tyvalir0 Feb 16
4d 2.6.1 Hotfixes - UPDATED 11/17 Below you will find a list of hotfixes recently applied or coming soon that address various bugs or mechanic tweaks. These hotfixes should not require you to download a new patch. Some of the hotfixes below will go live the moment they are implemented while others may require restarting the game to go into effect. Please keep in mind that some issues cannot be addressed without a client-side patch. Also note that changes to certain abilities will not be reflected in its tooltip until a patch is issued. Last updated November 17. Hotfixes are denoted by the date they were applied to live servers. Previous Hotfixes: [2.5.0] [2.6.0] [LIVE HOTFIXES] General Mystic Fixed an issue where legacy versions of Dead Man's Legacy, Staff of Chiroptera, and Manticore would sometimes display a blank affix in the Mystic's Enchant window (11/8) Items Monkey King's Garb Fixed an issue where some achievements and conquests would not properly triggered while the 6-piece bonus of Monkey King's Garb was active (11/17) Shield of Fury Fixed an issue where multiple Crusaders could benefit from the bonus provided by Shield of Fury (11/17) The power for Shield of Fury is now active again. See this thread for more information Ivory Tower Ivory Tower now has an internal cooldown (11/8) Ivory Tower's proc now scales with the amount of blocks the player had occur within the internal cooldown timeframe (11/8) This additional change should result in no change in power for this Legendary Warhelm of Kassar Fixed an issue where Warhelm of Kassar was modifying the Crusader's damage by an incorrect amount (11/8)Nevalistis1 4d
4d RESOLVED: Shield of Fury Temporarily Disabled Updated 11/20 @ 10:21 AM PT The hotfix went live just after 6 p.m. PST on Friday, 11/17 and the Legendary ability on Shield of Fury was re-enabled at that time. If you notice further issues, please post in the Bug Report forum. Thanks! -------------------- Updated 11/17 @ 2:36 PM PT We are in the process of deploying this hotfix to live servers. Once we have confirmed the hotfix is live, we'll re-enable the Shield of Fury ability. Stay tuned! -------------------- It's come to our attention that the Legendary power of Shield of Fury is unintentionally affecting other Crusaders' Heavens Fury instead of only your own. We are immediately disabling this power across all regions while we work on a hotfix to resolve this issue. We anticipate releasing this hotfix as soon as possible (after thorough testing is completed) and, in the meantime, believe that it is too early in the season for this to have a lasting impact on the leaderboards. Once the hotfix has been applied, we will be re-enabling the power. We'll update this thread once we can confirm the hotfix and the power are both live. Thanks for your patience and understanding while we work to resolve this issue.Nevalistis2 4d
1m Please ban blatant botters Just adding another voice to the forums on this subject. Season 12 class balance changes got me excited enough to come back to Diablo 3 again. The first week was a blast gearing up my character. The variety of viable classes is excellent for the game. Sadly once I was geared enough to push leaderboards the fun began to evaporate when it became obvious there was no fair play here. Players of every class with 300 hours played for season 12 already - 20.4 hours per day for 15 days straight! This is blatantly botting and / or account sharing. I have played 75 hours this season, averaging 5 hours per day. This has got me to rank 594 on Demon Hunter leaderboard. I am now staring at players over 2000 paragon with primal ancients from botting above me thinking "whats the point?!" I am so sick of every online game being ruined by cheats and bots. The average Joe can tell these 20hours-per-day players on leaderboards are botting or account sharing - so why is their a blue post saying that catching these botters are complicated? You are glorifying these botters on an in-game accessible leaderboard which publicly shows "300 hours played this season" on mouseover, in a season thats 350 hours old! Just ban them please!Doublebrutal4 1m
3m D3s biggest QoL issue: DBs Make pets pick them up.Karishin7 3m
4m Just started! So, I started Diablo 3 for the first time, yesterday. Currently I am in Act 2(normal) and at level 30 with Wizard. I need help with a few things: 1. Where do I get legendary gears for a respective characters? 2. Is it possible to reach level 70 at the end of Act 5? 3. What to do after I complete the story mode? Any suggestions for a newbie like me? Thanks.Tiekon6 4m
8m Rank 85 Barbarian - 100% SOLO - Yet I'm quitting I'm sure this would be top 5 without botters / multiplayer XP grinders. Goodbye D3, see you next season if problems with paragon/botters are fixed. SOLO leaderboard should be SOLO players. Even a child can understand this, yet the D3 team can't, and never will. I don't understand how you people are paid to sit in an office and literally ignore your entire playerbase for weeks, or even months at a time. Do you just nap at your desk, or surf the web? Do your damn jobs.Kylol2 8m
21m Can we have an offline mode and support for mods yet? It's pretty clear, content and development for Diablo 3 is slowing as we look to the future and it's obvious Blizzard isn't interested in doing much with the game besides endless re-tweaking of items and rifts. I imagine we'll see an announcement for Diablo 4 in another year or two... With that in mind can we finally have an offline mode and the ability to make user created/custom content/mods... Like Skyrim, Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2 and Diablo 2? The reasons for not having it are no longer relevant; the only reason was to prevent piracy by locking the games data behind a closed online server... Any other reason they claim is a lie. Diablo 3 should never have gone with the "WoW" approach when every other Blizzard game prior to WoW had supported modding and user created content in some form or another. This was a kick in the nuts to the D2 modding community and still to this day... nothing.Soulmancer35 21m
24m So....anyone want to help? Hey guys, just wondering if anyone wants to help me level in seasons. I just started a fresh barb. I'm in game now. I'd appreciate the help!IllusiveMan0 24m
26m Virtueboy's menu for not going crazy playing D3 Given: My favorite Barb toon can now faceroll T13 and GR70-75 solo. Given: I know the value of having a life beyond D3; at the same time, this game has become a lasting source of inexpensive entertainment online, the gaming equivalent of a zero-calorie comfort food. I have been trying to switch around between things to keep the magic alive. Items on my menu: 1. Play Season (I haven't tried this one yet; I have a son+spouse who would love to see me grouping with them). 2. Gather Greater Rift Keystones at T13 doing Nephalem Rifts. 3. Do Greater Rifts at 69 until a goodly number of Leg Stones are at level 60. 4. Do Greater Gifts to nudge Leg Stones to 80, where they have been and will be used. 5. Push my Zodiac WW Wastes6/BK2 barb as far as she will go (I hate dying and map fishing, so I haven't tried this). 6. Push one of my other Barb setups as far as they will go (again, disliking death and map fishing has precluded this so far). 7. Group up and do Bounties to reforge looking for perfect gear (I have avoided this so far, because I have been disappointed in PuGs in D3 in the past). 8. Group up and do all-barb runs for the fun of it (Long ago groups have left a bad taste in my mouth, so I tend to avoid groups and just solo stuff). 9. Grab machines and look for nearly perfect Hellfire Amulets. (Just started doing this; it's a little tedious, but it is fast and intermittently rewarding). 10. Build a ZDPS Barb to join groups of Necromancers for fun and profit and higher GRifts. (I haven't done tried this one yet; I hate the fact that I have to ZDPS in order to be worthy). 11. Experiment with fun and interesting Barb builds (I like Barbs). 12. Run a few Vaults. 13. Run a few cow levels. 14. Try my hand at Challenge Rifts. (Haven't done this yet; I prefer to play what I prefer to play.) 15. Pretend I am a noob and beg for power leveling help, just for the fun of it (Maybe in Season even). 16. Try building up a HC character (I hate dying, I avoid it at all costs, so I have avoided this.) 17. Become active on the D3 Forums and see if I can't help people with the little I know. 18. Fine-tune my builds, applying more advanced techniques, given the excellent build forum guides available, in and around the stuff I am most comfortable running. 19. See how fast I can do a given Greater Rift level or Bounty with the right setup of optimized speedy gear and skills. 20. Go through my tabs and delete stuff I know I will never really need (this is less of a fun thing and more of a chore... if I am going to do this, why shouldn't I instead go through the cupboard and toss out really old cans of cream-of-mushroom soup?). Suggestions of additional things that should be here but that are not?Virtueboy0 26m
31m Suggestions for Next Patch mid-nov to new years Hello, BovineSlayer here.. I have a few suggestions to make for the next patch if you guy's working on this game don't mind doing a little more work! Chat Time-Stamps Creative & Intuitive Set Dungeon Requirement Improvements See: my post ( ) about this in the Demon Hunter forums about UE Set Mastery. Less network disconnects. WinMTR isn't going to fix everything. I've seen issues between 64bit and 32bit that have not been properly identified by support and these should be addressed probably from the game's network code itself. I've only noticed these issues in later patches sometime after Season 7 started and now. I'm not sure on exact dates but that's a timeframe I can give you. Also, It would be nice if we could get a directx Engine update. For some reason I cannot launch Diablo 3 and another game running on DirectX without getting conflicts. But my other directx games render fine with each other when I want to multibox games and voip programs. Diablo 3 however is showing it's age, and has some rendering issues in windowed mode when moving it to a second monitor and trying to launch another game on the primary monitor that both utilize Direct3D. TL;DR Just update the Engine and make Windowed mode more compatible, fix some of the client issues with disconnects not being resolveable with ISP's or other network troubleshooting, and add chat time stamps. Fix up set dungeons, and fix some bugs! Thank you Blizzard for continuing to support your game! BovineSlayerxexorian7 31m
37m Franchise Improvement This is a long post, fair warning, but I appreciate the read. Thank you. I am new to the Diablo 3 community and game, but not to the series. I've spent the last few weeks off and on scouring forums and youtube videos about D3. Figured I would try it out and see whether I agree or disagree with what I saw. Patch 2.6.1 was a balance patch that was much needed. Agreed. There is no trade in D3 compared with D2. Yes and no. D2 loot was a lot harder to come by and harder to get ideal. Diablo 3, you get significantly more loot, but more restricted trade and stats. The trade off from 2, to 3. I read and saw there was at one point in patch 2.4.1ish, an auction house for gold and real currency. Now, I know not everyone will agree with me but from Diablo 2 to 3. The loot grab in 3 is just as bad, and some form of trade would be an idea. Less restricted but more managed than an auction house doomed to failure. The things I personally would love to see to revitalize the franchise since, D3, has made me lose interest in it (only takes one bad game or poorly managed one to fell a king. Like the spyro series. Hopefully I don't need to explain what spyro is), is less restricted trade. Perhaps not an auction house. Those are too hard to manage and there's too many illegalities with auction houses in videogames. Perhaps some form of game mail. I saw the console version has game mail and that duping is a concern with it. A simple fix. Certain items cant be traded to players; like blacksmith materials or Deaths Breath as examples. Since most online games save server side that pretty much fixes duping anyhow. It would certainly make the grinding less tedious and save more time for the important things of the game and of real life. Those players that seem to get all the luck or items a build needs, they be willing, trade em game mail. In relevance to blacksmith materials. I read plenty of complaints about how quickly they get burned through. I haven't personally found this an issue, however I can certainly see the complainants POV. There is in my understanding a convert materials, gems and such in kanai's cube. Wouldn't it be amazing to have an option to convert bounty materials? Like you running low on act 5 materials but have a ton of act one from the grinding for your RoRG or act 2 Illusory boots. Just my hae-penny of a thought. I saw a post and video on cosmetics, what got added and what was removed. I love customization. I also play things like Soul Calibers( I think that's misspelled) and absolutely adore how extensive their customization is to make truly unique characters. Diablo is lacking in this area and it would be truly amazing to see this. Things outside of the implemented WoW "transmogs" idea. That idea is a great start, don't get me wrong, but there is so much build room left. Custom body build, skin pigment, hair color, eye color, decals, tattoos; oh I can list a million. Wings as well. I realize much of the wings are achievement and marketing technique, which from a business standpoint is all fine and good to a certain point. Those that find those too challenging though and whose game enjoyment is impacted, you have to feel for them just a little. Gold is virtually useless in this game at the present time, how about a use for it, such as purchasing wings and pets? There will always be those rare exclusives to encourage playing for them, of course, but a fair few would be lovely for newcomers and players just looking to enjoy the game and all its features. Custom dies are a possibility as well to further customize the character you'll be spending your time staring at. The final thing I would love to see expanded on is the alphabet. I read a post by a Singularitus. It was rather neutral and under-informed, but had fair points and was met with so much negative criticism. I think allowing special characters in names is a great idea to further expand customization and personal feels for your character being played. Plus it would broaden the scope and open the game to so many more peoples interests. I could go into botting or using third party programs for farming but thats a topic all itself. Some like it, some dont, some think it needs to be officially addressed and addressed properly. All I can offer on this is, why does it matter? If you're competitive, great. It helps you grow. In videogames, that isn't the case. You aren't growing from that competition. You're not becoming a better player or more proficient player that has their daily lives directly impacted in a positive or negative way by game cheaters. It's not a reality. Now a cheater at your work place does effect you however. Just my thoughts though. If it bothers you as an individual, report it. Nothing more you yourself can do. The ball is in another court, so to speak These are just my base ideas and impressions of D3 to other games and D2. If these were implemented it would peak and revitalize so much interest in the game and the game franchise. I can not speak for everyone in that it'd be a definite redemption, but, I'm sure it would help. I look forward to what you community have to say and what blizzard Diablo makers have to say. The blue guys. Just don't be too harsh and hateful, these are opinions and ideas, not personal attacksWlianaWolFox11 37m
37m About the recent blue post on botting... A post from Nevalistis: "I (and our forum moderation team) have been locking threads because multiples on the same topic are a violation of our forum code of conduct. Similarly, I have replied to a few to make it clear what the violation is, rather than delete threads or suspend posters. I've made no further posts because our stance hasn't changed. Botting is not permitted, we continue to issue bot ban waves on an as-needed basis, and we do not communicate when these waves occur. Actions that we take are discussed only with the holders of accounts that are impacted. Combating botting is an ongoing, tedious, and forever-long process. It's a "war" that goes back and forth between our detection methods and sneakier, less detectable bots. It will always be an ongoing challenge. Feedback is appreciated; however, spamming the forums with the same topic repeatedly is not." My Response: This is what gets me. "On an as-needed basis." We have been on the forums for months now because you haven't done a ban wave in 2 seasons and skipped a season. If that is not a huge indication that shows one needs to be done, then this company has gotten just as pathetic as EA and there scams. No one wants to play or fight with botters for the leader boards. Heck the # 1 barb on NA this season is over 2000 paragon and has been playing just about since launch of this season. Why has no action been taken against that person? Ok well maybe there are a few people playing that account some of you might say but isnt that against the rules as well? Here is a link to that barb doing something shady IMO. Link removed - Calling out players on the forums is against the rules. Now you cant really tell if he is botting or not but out of everything in his inventory, how did he "have a good feeling" about those gloves? You have 2 options really. Do a ban wave all ready. Or tell the community that you guys dont have the resources to combat these bots and let everyone do it. We are so sick that every person on the leader boards(top spots) are botting and get away with it. The last 2 seasons are now locked into an Era with bots winning those seasons and leader boards. It makes us sick and should make you guys sick that you are not doing anything about this.TheRugester35 37m
39m Sir William, or how to waste your precious time. I know I'll get down votes for days but I had to make a post. So, since Blizzard decided to add Sir William into the game, I've been farming the portrait and after few seasons of completly forgetting it's existence, I decided to give it another go. Problem number 1, I don't have my Staff of Herding anymore, so I started farming comp for it. But of course, since then, Blizzard nerfed to the ground the drop rate of Chiltara, making the gem practically impossible to get ( 100 runs at least ). Thankfully, my GF still has the staff ! Cool I thought, let's farm the portrait ! Oh wait. After 8 hours straight of farming and +- 250 runs, still no damn Sir Williams in sight. Combined since the early days of this piece of **** release, i'm at arround 500 runs, just for a stupid portrait. Don't get me wrong, this game is awesome, and has improved a lot over the years, and after all this time, I'm still having a blast playing it, but THIS, like WTF ? I get that Diablo is a grinding fest, and it feels natural for me to grind for hundreds of hours just to get the final piece that I need to keep improving in GRs, but I don't feel like it's normal to farm one mob, in one location, without killing anything for several hours straight for NOTHING. It's ok to have cosmetics that are hard to get, but this is just one pointless, boring and unending farm fest. Get real Blizzard, and buff this damn spawn rate ! A game still has to be fun ffs. ( Note that this rant also apply to the cosmic wings, which are even worse to farm. )Ichiro1 39m
54m Suggest class-specific gambling with Kadala Some items are class specific, like babarian mighty belt and crusader shield. But when we spend our blood shard with Kadala, we only have a general option: mystery belt and mystery shield. That greatly lower our chance to get mighty belt and crusader shield. I suggest we should add a class-specific option of gambling. For example, when we play babarian, other than mystery belt, Kadala should have another mytery mighty belt gambling option.bluemoon1 54m
1h Choosing Elemental damage on Bracer and Amu Hello, I'm building a charge Barb with Raekor + IK set bonus. I got all the pieces now and I'm trying to determine the Elemental damage I should get on the bracer (and eventually Amu). I have seen some vids of the build but it seems a little confusing to me. 1) Is it related to the rune selection from Furious charge? (Or, it's not relevant since Furious charge gets all the runes with Raekor bonus?) 2) How can I determine the Elemental damage that goes with that build then? Top leaderboard build has a physical rune on and Physical elemental dmg on bracer + Amu. Some guilds would go Fire rune + Fire Elemental dmg. That seems to answer my first question right? ==> It is related to the rune selection even if all runes are activated? Thanks in advance,LyriX10 1h
1h Cosmetic Loot Boxes In future Diablo game releases I'd like the option to purchase D2 LoD cosmetic loot boxes. For example, if there was a cosmetic loot box in Diablo 3 RoS where I could change the look of the D3 RoS Immortal King Set to the D2 LoD Immortal KIng Set I would purchase it.Endugu13 1h
1h Item Trades/Bartering - Bitcoin I was on a website a few years ago and had sold an item in exchange for bitcoin. now that the bitcoin has increased in value i am trying to remember the website where i made the exchange. can anyone help point me in the right direction with websites that did/do this? (most i can remember about the website name was that it was set up similar to Reddit and had random letters/numbers in its web-address).Nicarus4 1h
1h XP This season I joined the new season today because of a friend. To my surprise, so many Paragon 700+ already! Is XP easier to gain this season?Lloyd16 1h
1h GR 138 NA NS Hey guys I recorded our 138 non season 4 man rank 1 clear if you want to take a gander. Let me know what ya think :)Sectorn9ne54 1h
1h Diablo 2 Remake HD for Nintendo Switch Nintendo and Blizzard relation it's was very good since Super Nes. I loved to play Black Thorn in Super Nes. Maybe this relation could return this gold ages. Could we fans wait for a D2 HD remake debut in the sun rise lands for Nintendo Switch ???PardalBR5 1h
2h Statistically significant class comparison There is a lot of discussion about class balance on the forums. In most cases, people compare highest achieved GR tier as a metric. Altough I agree this is a good indication of the class potential, there are several secondary factors influencing this particular result, including: - individual player ability (and not only class capability) - player "endurance" (many top players tryed a given tier more than 1000 times in order to complete it in time) - simple luck (a favorable conjuction of good maps, good monsters, density, good pylon placement, etc.) - top equipment - Paragon level of the individual player In my opinion, a better form to compare classes (and not players) would be to make some statistical calculations over an entire database. The 1000 player results for each class from LB could be used for that purpose. For example, one could calculate: - the average among top 1000 for each class (add all tiers achieved on LB and divide by 1000) - standard deviation: a low standard deviation indicates that the data points tend to be close to the mean. Those 2 values would give a more accurate evaluation about how good a given class is. If we could copy the LB tables to a spreadsheet, this would be easy to compute (and might bring some surprises).DerfelCadarn12 2h
2h Did D3: RoS ruin the future of the Diablo franchise? This is a serious question. The reason for this question revolves specifically around the implementation of sets. Sets have effectively turned Diablo into a WoW'esk game, in which every build option, that could compete in end game, is cookie cutter. I'm afraid that a future Diablo title won't have the same customization choices that it's predecessors had. D1, 2, and 3 before RoS were all basically play it your way. I get a strong feeling that a future title will be released with sets right off the starting line. You may think I'm overreacting, but I'm seriously afraid this will happen, as I feel sets have ruined the Diablo experience, in a sense. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy D3, especially the faster pace when compared to D1 and 2. However, I dislike that I can't make my own build and have it actually be effective.HELLBOUNDMAN86 2h
2h Which monster do you hate most? Hi guys, İ want to know if there is any person who hate the monsters in D3 like i do... We have monsters explode after death or pop-up another monsters inside of them or monsters spray out poison after death or elites that attack you with four element at the same time.... Which monster do you hate most?Zemheri53 2h
4h Diablo 3's Future - things come in 3's Hey guys, BovineSlayer here. Has anyone noticed throughout Diablo 3's release, and up till now, that everything the development team does tries to come in threes? For those who weren't around for it, articles like the following one should kind of give you an idea of what I'm talking about: So anyways, I was having a bit of an "ah-hah!" moment when I looked at my stats and realized there are only 2 strength and 2 dexterity classes right now, but 3 intelligence classes. I'm wondering if the pipeline for development includes releasing a 3rd dexterity and 3rd strength based class before they will work on a possible Diablo 4, or otherwise, game. That way there will be 3 classes and 3 primary stats for them, and it will be the third diablo game. Now I know what you're thinking, but what about Diablo 2. It had 5 classes originally and they released the druid and the assassin. That's what I mean. They released 2 extra classes for Diablo 2's expansion. Just food for thought. It's not like they had 2 expansions, however. But still, I think I could be on to something here with this speculation. What do you guys think? Is it a Crazy fan theory, or is there some truth behind it? In any case, I'm interested to hear your ideas on it.xexorian1 4h
4h Transmog This might not be something that most care about but I do. I understand transmog carries over from season to non-season, however, it doesn't work IF you have found that item already with another character. For instance, if a Wizard found Immortal King's armor piece, it unlocks it as a transmog for them BUT it doesn't unlock it for any other class except Barbarian. The game should make it so that it unlocks this transmog for that particular piece for all class instead of the one that finds it. I think this is something that might have been a overlooked as minor as it is.ScX1 4h
4h How do you actually get dungeon gear sets? I've got a Crusader and was looking to farm either Akkhan or Roland set, but I can't figure out where/what you actually have to do to obtain these gear sets. I thought I had to get a 5-6 set on crafted gear (5 if you have the ring) and go to the Act location and find the portal and farm the instance to get the Akkhan/Roland sets, or is that just what you do with the objectives to get wings after doing all 4 sets? I've got full sets and can craft Sage, Cain, Guardian, Captain Crimson, and Asheara. Either way can you please help and tell me what to do to actually get/farm these sets? ThanksNyobee11 4h
4h BOtters occupied seasonal leaderboards Somebody can say that i`m noob. Ok, that`s his point of view. But... what can he say about people, who plays more than 20 hours per day? I dont care, what that !@#$%^- thinking about! For me interesting the point of view of game managers and community managers. Maybe, time to open special leaderboards for botters? The reason why i`m writing here about is i really don`t know what a place have people, who playing fair. I can`t see them in LB, because botter everywhere! Thanks for the attention, bb!Borfet9 4h
5h make final act boss relevant again i wish bliz can make an act boss mode, and have their difficulty be electable like GR to save them some work, it doesnt even have to be an exclusive mode like challenger rift, just let Orek tp us straight to the boss location with the chosen scaling. however, hoarding boss loots might be an issue, so make them drop only Act mats for kanai cube functions. e.g; talk to orek, pay him 50m gold(depending on level), he say some !@#$ then tp u directly to the diamond gates, then killing Diablo on lvl100 would yeild 10 corrupted angel flesh+some gems+some gold i sincerely miss fighting those iconic bosses when it actually took effort and coordination, also it can be used as a good measurement for boss dps to practice for GRZetton1 5h
6h 3x necro 1x barb As a pick-up game player, most of the groups I see in communities are running this setup. I eventually gave up on other builds and made a necro since it was hard to find groups. It was fun at first and you get way more items/exp, but ratruns gets boring fast since there’s no variety. Almost every slot is cookie cutter. In the future, I hope blizzard balances around group play rather than individual leaderboards. 2.6.1 did a great job balancing class power on solo GRs, but it did nothing for balancing group play which is where many people spend most of their time. IMO it’s better to have imbalanced solo leaderboards than imbalanced group leaderboards (you will never have trouble finding solo games, but you can obviously have trouble finding groups).Rue1 6h
6h Primals between season 11 & 12 I got about 20 primals the 1st month of season 11 now a month in season 12 only 5, did Blizzard do something to the drop rate?SeaBigBear33 6h
6h Menagerist goblin spawn rate vs available pets I noticed that these goblins have spawned for me exceedingly less, time after time of getting one. I gained a number of pets in act 4 heaven 1, while farming falcon wings. I gained a number more while farming the Liv White pet in the Weeping Hollow... I am now left with only 1 goblin spawned pet needed. I noticed last season, as I came close to having them all, that the spawn rate seemed to decrease significantly. I chalked it to bad luck - now that seems to be continuing this season. Does anyone know for certain if the spawn rate is related to the # of pets available? Thanks in advance!chellesman7 6h
6h Anyone else drop blackthorns during rifts? Hahahahahahah Want to reign in whoever's running ahead? Drop a trollthorns.squarcle5 6h
6h Please relocate some town portals 1. In Tristram where you want to open up the armory or even perhaps go into the slaughtered Calf Inn (for whatever reason...drink maybe?). Now how easy it is to misclick because these areas are so crunched together. -Would be easier to move the portal to the other side of the entrance of the Slaughtered Calf Inn or even the other side of the Obilisk so it is out of the way yet still easily accessible. 2. In Hidden Camp, the town portal location is okay. 3. In Act 3 & Act 4 Bastion's Keep Town Portal is smack dab next to Tyreal, and for some doing bounties, that is one easy misclick. alternatively, it is quite easy to misclick when either going to or from Kadala-Blacksmith, and suddenly you're back in the rift/GR/map location instead of getting shards or doing your blacksmith features. Kind of annoying when that happens tbh. -Perhaps moving the portal to the intersection of the isle of the blacksmith and the isle of the Jeweler-enchant lady, right on the corner where you can easily come out and start identifying your items from the book of Cain? 4. Act 5 Survivor's encampment Town portal location is ok where it is at imho. Nothing is really cramped around it to misclick except other players flags if they happen to be somewhere else. Not that hard to move around those in my experience. Blizzard team, if you happen to read this, please consider these as possible quality of life adjustments that could be done in a short amount of time (hopefully). Thank You!KingArthur4 6h
6h Druid Dreams IDK if we'll ever have this class, but if we did, these are the builds I'd like to be made possible. *All sets should have solo push, and group play potential. *Main stat should be strength to compliment the 3 intellect classes we already have (if we get a 3rd dexterity class, it'd likely be the Amazon as we don't have anyone with Javelins as their main weapon). 1) Shapeshifting set: ELITE HUNTING set, based around keeping high uptime in warewolf or warebear. *These should be two separate skills, not two runes of the same skill. It should be a very difficult choice whether you want to use both or only one of them in the build; with support legendaries for either choice. Warewolf - group dps Warebear - zdps Hybrid - solo push Possible support legendaries, passives or set bonuses - Killing an elite increases the duration of warewolf or ware bear by X seconds. - Killing enemies while in warewolf or warebear has a high chance to drop healing globes - Armor and resistances of Warebear increased by X for every second you spend in Warewolf; movement and attack speed increased by X for every second you spend in Warebear 2) Force of Nature set: PURGE set that maintains a constant storm surrounding the Druid. It's slower against rift guardians but amazing with trash. *Hurricane and Armageddon should be two runes of the same skill, with other possible runes like Lighting Storm, Tornado or Hailstorm. Possible support legendaries, passives or set bonuses: - The dmg of Storm is increased by X for every Twister you have active. - Storm gains the effect of every rune. - Firestorm and Arctic Blast deal X increased dmg while Storm is active. 3) Summoning set: BUFF / DEBUFF based set that uses pets to help their allies or attack their enemies. *Wolf pack, Dire Wolf and Grizzly Bear should be runes of the same skill (Spirit Animal). Other runes could be Stag, and Panther. *Vines, Wisps and Ravens should be their own skills with unique bonuses. * The set should always use Spirit Animal, while Vines, Ravens or Wisps should be optional. All these passive pets should have an active component like Command Skeletons, but nothing that feels spammy like Skeleton Mages. Ravens and Vines - debuff solo build Wisps - group support Possible support legendaries, passives or set bonuses: - Damage taken reduced by X while spirit animal is active - Raven's chance to blind is increased by X, and you deal Y additional dmg to blinded enemies. - The passive effect of Wisp is increased by X, and activating Wisp will emit an explosion doing Y dmg to enemies around it. 4) Cyclone Armor set: OPEN BUILD set to let your imagination run free. There would always be one BiS build, but if you want to have an Armageddon Wearbear or a Warewolf with wolf Animal Spirits, or any other combination... you should be able to. The idea is basically that of the necro's Innarius set.Wyrmheart0 6h
6h Invoker set for Crusader, no Ring or Weapon? Why doesn't it have a weapon or a ring? It's the only set I can think of that doesn't have a weapon or a ring designed to have synergy with the set. And no, Hack doesn't count - even though it should - since it only applies to the target you hit with Punish or Slash, and Hack only deals out your current thorns. Best case scenario, you have around 10 million thorns, with crazy good thorns secondary rolls on every piece of gear that can have it, and with 25 stacks from the 2 piece bonus. So, Punish, because of the 6 piece bonus, is multiplying that 10 million thorns by 5400%, which is near Half a Billion Thorns damage per hit, before strength scales it, then Hack tacks on 10 million, or less depending on how many 2 piece stacks you have going on, to that same hit. No point in using it, it adds like .01 - .5% more damage to a single hit from Punish. Pig Sticker is just flat out better because more attack speed, and an additional stat roll. Invokers severely needs something that boosts it's trash killing ability. A redesigned Hack, or a ring, something that influences how much damage enemies take from your thorns aoe maybe, with some kind of synergistic dynamic within the play style of the build. I can think of a couple ideas for new items or new effects that might work for unused items like Nailbiter, etc. 1. An effect that causes the enemy hit by Punish, to splash maybe 20-50% of the damage to enemies around it, in some radius. Maybe a limit on how many enemies it can hit. 2. An effect where an enemy killed by the thorns from Punish - erupts into a bed of thorns that leaves behind a DPS AoE damage ground effect, for a multiplied amount of your current thorns when it died, maybe 500% for 2 seconds? 2. A cumulative 'corpse drop' effect where enemies killed in an area, stack up some kind of effect that increases how much damage other enemies take from your thorns while you are near those corpses, without interacting with the 6pc, and having a cap on how many kills increase the effect. The thorns AoE from the 2 piece deals a lot of damage to trash mobs around you in t13, but once you get to gr90+ (at least at paragon 1k or so) that thorns aoe does almost nothing, and it becomes a 100% lots of elites / champions dependent build, because you either break even, or slightly gain on progress versus time spent when one shotting big packs of regular mobs 1 enemy at a time with Punish. Meanwhile, your thorns aoe is tickling for something like 1% of the enemies health surrounding you, per second or so. Then, waste anything you gained traveling to the next big fight, and repeat. (unless the next fight has a champion, then you gain a few percent.) The rift goes nowhere unless you hunt elites like your life depended on it, provided there is even enough elites to go around. TLDR, Invoker set doesn't have a piece of jewelry or a weapon that interacts with the set in a meaningful way. And the build suffers hugely on not being able to clear trash mobs effectively in greater rifts, and because of that, it has long clear times and low success rates in most types of greater rifts, 90+ range, even more so in 95+. There's a definite hard cap on how high it can push because it is 95% single target damage, and that just doesn't work for the majority of rift compositions. Fire something up guys, was really excited about Invoker being buffed, but it still needs something else to make it pop like so many other builds. Would love to see more ideas about new effects on items designed for the set. I hope this goes somewhere.Chaos15 6h
6h Make us a "Druid Class"! Please blizzard dont stop at the necromancer. I do agree with many gamers who all agree that the necromancer was not only iconic but one of the most loved classes in diablo 2. Please hear my plea to make a druid. But why stop there let's keep the diablo train going and make a assassin, amazon and a druid? I crave the possibility to walk around like a necromancer in bone storm only this time it's a huge ice storm surrounding me obliterating trash like crazy throwing ice lances and causing devastating volcanos under the wake of my foes. Give us the tools to cause unspeakable devastating mass carnage! Let us continue to remember each class you presented in Diablo! p.s. We are desperate to see what you can come up with blizzard!Boombang28 6h
7h Level 70 Weapon... In the things to be accomplished, one is to craft a level 70 weapon--but how does one do this? None of the plans that I have will give a weapon that strong, and my own level (I even tried TXIII) doesn't seem to make any difference. I suspect that I need to get some different plans for Haedrig, but where do I find them...NMJenny27 7h
7h No black friday sale on D3? Had some friends who were interested in the necro but they were waiting on black friday thinking there would be a sale. Why's there no sale on D3 blizz? Don't you like money?Ragashii19 7h
7h Question about odds/percentages For the math gurus out there I have a quick question. I know that there is a 10% chance for any legendary to be an ancient, but what are the odds of upgrading 50 rares in the cube and not getting a single ancient? Is it really as simple as 50/10=5%? Something tells me there is some sort of exponential formula involved there or something. But I certainly could be wrong. My gut just says it should really be something like 1 in 50 chance or something substantially lower then 5% anyways.terascque7 7h
7h Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all Just wanted to wish you all a happy and festive Thanksgiving. Have some good food, some good conversation with family and friends, and just generally enjoy yourselves. I'm personally going to watch the Vikings at Lions in a few minutes. Having some turkey with all the fixin's when my wife gets home from work and prepare for Black Friday Sales this evening. Anyway, I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have had a year with plenty to be thankful for.Idolis27 7h
8h alternatives for Brawling area & Useless Primals Nobody uses that area for what it was intended for (PvP) so why not give us players a nice area where we can have that area completely landscaped & we can take our primal ancient items and convert them from a NPC in there to create and customize our own personal Primal Palace :O The idea is that we can convert the primal items that we deem useless to the character builds we are actively using into Primal Tokens. Collect enough primal tokens to synthesize various items and/or harvestable items that with time and experience gained in your adventures can produce materials to varying degrees in conjunction with the level of your town achieved. These materials gained could be Reusable Parts, Magic Dust, Veiled Crystals, Deaths Breath, and yes, even more Forgotten Souls. Additionally every town will start out with it's own Obilisk to freely do rifts and GR's from. The Look and layout of YOUR PRIMAL PALACE will be up to you and your dedication to obtaining all the primal ancient items that you would otherwise salvage for 15 forgotten souls, towards perhaps a farm plot that could reap you some rewards on occasion, or towards obtaining enough primal tokens that could allow you to spawn a Vendor Merchant that could sell you legendary items at a reasonable gold price. There are many possibilities that could stem from making use of what our current Brawling area is, what it could be, and an alternative to mindlessly scrapping a primal item we cannot use effectively for 15 forgotten souls (of which we have more than enough of). Please feel free to respond and share any and all ideas along these lines. Maybe, just maybe, with the improved communications the Blizzard Team has stated they would commit to, they will read this and hopefully make some cool changes along these lines, thinking outside the box a bit, and expand our experience and fun in the Diablo Universe! Thank YouKingArthur2 8h
8h Set Dungeon Mastery in Season Journal I only want to ask community about their experience with Blizzard forcing us to do this in order to get an extra stash tab. Do you enjoy Set Dungeon Mastery? I'm about to quit the season only because I really hate Dungeon Sets, i don't want to complete it and of course, i don't want to get the mastery. It's boring and it makes no sense. What's the point on doing something that i KNOW i can perfectly complete, forcing me to remove half of my items and to set up a build that i'll never use again to anything? Do you like to mastery them? Please, devels, keep Set Dungeons as an option....PhReNeTik29 8h
6h Belgian justice minister up to forbid lootbox games/EU The belgian justice minister is going to forbid all games which contain purchasable loot boxes like OW, SW:BF2 and others set up like that - and that not only in belgium but in the entire EU. Seems there will be massive patches in OW and SW:BF2 soon. But good news for D3 and an probably upcoming D4; i dont think blizz will exclude specific EU countries, let alone the entire EU out of their buyers radius, so most likely a purchasable lootbox system will never come to diablo - hooray. Opinions welcome.NINEGRAVES39 6h
9h 2.6.1 So Where Is the Build Diversity? We all know what the objective of the patch was. Now, as of this writing, I checked top 20 saders on LB, 19 out of 20 uses condemn and all top 10 uses condemn. I tried Hammerdin and Sweep Attack (which is one of my fav builds, not just sader builds) and with superior gear (almost full ancient, gg weapons) than my almost full non-ancient condemn gear, they still feel noticeably weaker in GRs. I'd like to think it's maybe because words out of PTR is that condemn is the strongest so everyone is rolling with it rather than even bothering with other builds. That is a possibility but also likely wishful thinking. Same with other classes, I reckon. End of the day, even if you are casual like me, you'd still hope that your fav build could perform. Especially, I get gg items for build X, but that doesn't matter cuz build X is just generically weaker than build Y. One should build around items you find, not the other way around. [EDIT] The premise is that people by and large care about competing and LB. If you think that is not true, then end of discussion. If you agree, then consider this: the dominance of one particular build will only intensify as season progresses, by the end of it, maybe 995/1000 on LB play condemn, because if you don't, you can't even compete OR you don't think you could. See here is the thing, maybe it's true that Sweep or Hammerdin or Shotgun are within 5 GRs weaker, which is not bad, but as soon as word's out that there is that one build called Condemn that is generically better, everyone who plays decent amount will opt for that, because why do you set yourself up for a -5GR disadvantage straight out of the gate? When you see a 995/1000 LB, you try to tell me that you've created "diversity" with a straight face. Result is what matters. Solution? Don't give us the pre-canned op sets. I'll end it there, if you played D2, you'd know.Congie63 9h
10h Ideas for a druid on diablo 3 Hello to you ! I invite you here to share your opinions and tips for the druid. I realized (like so many others before me) a druid project that can be implemented in Diablo III. You will find on this topic all the details of my idea. It includes a background and the description of all the spells and skills. I plan to add later sketches and details of Ensemble Sets. I also invite you, if you made a druid project, to come and post it following my subject to gather all the ideas of player. There is no pretension on my part. The goal is above all to develop this subject more and to pofine it to the maximum. I hope you enjoy reading. (translation from software I apologize if my current expressions do not match yours).Balduran42 10h
11h Tips for Charger Barb against RG? Hi, I'm having some trouble using the Furious Charge Barb against RGs that can spawn a few small minions, such as The Choker. It's very hard to only hit the RG, in order to refund a charge. So, charges are used up very quickly, and I could only stand there and do nothing. Any tips or advice on this situation? Thanks!churinga3 11h
11h Elites on Minimap I find that Elites are difficult to see at times, and with certain builds, when speed farming. This is to suggest that elites appear on the minimap, once revealed and in range, just as goblins do. When there's lots of things going on, on the screen, and you're zooming by like a bat out of hell, they're very hard to spot (especially with in-geom builds).HELLBOUNDMAN10 11h