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19h [Idea] Buff Ubers and HF amu. Make them Real Ubers! Hello Peoples. Will be quite a long about an idea on buffing both Ubers and Hellfire amulet. TLDR: This is one option (my take on it), but generally I just want them to be buffed in any way the Dev want to do it. Buff them Ubers! Basically I just want the HF amu/ring and Ubers to be buffed. I want ubers to be hard again and significantly buffed. Ubers are now a joke, they are too easy. Hellfire amulet should be one of the most powerful amulet in the game. Rework Hellfire Amulet - Str chars can only craft str amulets - Dex chars can only craft dex amulets. -Intel chars can only craft intel amulet -Now you have the ability to choose which passive you get (there is a list of all the passive you can choose basing on the crafting character) Eg. Craft Hellfire amulet of Ruthless - Now gives another additional lagendary power * Increase the damage of a radom skill by 25-50% (multiplicative) Eg. Increases the damage of Hammer of the Ancients by 46% Ubers Now spawn ubers equivalent to gr 100 (at least, can go higher like 110-120) but drop triple or 4x the mats. Just make sure Savage Bahemoth cannot one shot with his grab, other ubers that can 1 shot is ok, (just be creative on how to counter it) The second random lagendary power means it is still hard to get a good HF amulet. Ubers should be hard! they are ubers. When they were introduced , they was hard, it was funnn time, even on HC. HF amulet should be powerful(the game need more useful jewelries badly anyway). This will means most likely needing a team of 2-4 to beat them unless your character is very strong already,then you can solo.Weaver46 19h
19h Weapon Drop Type Questions. So I have a Crusader and since I chose Holy Strength (can wield two-handed weapons with one hand) I only seem to be getting two-handed legendary weapon drops (as well as lesser tiers) and no one-handed weapon drops. My questions are does the weapon you are currently wielding and/or Holy Strength affect what weapon types mostly drop or are one-handed weapons just more rare? Thanks in advance.Swordmaster30 19h
19h Looking for people to play with Veteran player here looking for people to play with. Mainly GR loot sharing speed 80s but I can gear you up as well. Can be 2,3,4 player; no preference. Also no preference in your character. I am on now.LegoConvoy0 19h
20h Keep D3 hero after update to expansion Can I keep my D3 hero after I update to expansion? And can I play with it in Expansion?Sakmario2 20h
21h Is it worth returning to this game yet? Hello I am thinking about playing D3 again after not playing for a pretty long time. I haven't played since RoS release and wanted to know how much has changed and is it worth to return; especially regarding the new class. The reason I didn't enjoy this game anymore was because I was brainlessly grinding bounties and rifts hoping to get my setitems and even after 200 hours of gametime I never finished it fully. I played PoE after that and quite enjoyed it but the learning curve there is way too much for me. I am a casual and I really just want to enjoy a game where the reward system motivates you. And no I don't try to spray hatred or anything towards this game; these are just my opinions.Raynbeaux54 21h
21h Can we pls do away with 5 Count elite packs? Why do we have to have 5 of them? I remember when blue elite packs were max 3 count. Engaging 3 were doable. Most of them now though in 5 count packs, run away and are a waste of time trying to track them down in different directions. In higher GR's it's just not very practical to engage them and lose time unless you are in a top meta build that can wipe full screens out of existence in the blink of an eye. 1 Example: 5 Count illusionist Mallet Lords are just ridiculous and instant skip if you can't pop a power or conduit pylon and bum rush them BEFORE they start multiplying themselves like a virus. (this crazy illusionist affix needs to be toned down on spammage especially with these and Guardian Elites as far as I've noticed thus far)KingArthur14 21h
21h A Tootoo for the Ballerina Class I propose renaming the Barbarian to The Ballerina, or give them a tootoo dress while they do their iconic move, i.e. whirlwind. very annoyingRudeRudy12 21h
22h Highest Paragon You Have Seen? I saw a 3,500 last night, I had to put my glasses on to check. Can people with jobs, family and real life responsibility ever come even close to this (without the new patch) I know some legitimate players who grind the game everyday without any cheats and they are at around 2,000 - 2,400. What is the highest you have seen? I am sure that with all the new buffs coming in the next patch some will be at 3,000 in the first week of release, running GR 130. Whats the point anymore? Are we just chasing the carrot on the end of the stick? Remember back in the day when getting to Paragon 100 was hard? Now, people get power leveled to paragon 500 in the first hour.Avalon37 22h
22h Questions It's amazing isn't it, I'd always been raised that unless you ask, you would never get a modicum of an answer be it a partial or full answer. Now whether or not you like the answer is negligible as long as you were answered. I'd also been raised and taught in school that any question asked is NEVER a DUMB question, maybe an ignorant one, but questions show a semblance of curiosity, and the desire to learn. I'd also been raised and taught in school that even though the answers may sometimes seem dumb or ignorant that THAT is WHY you KEEP QUESTIONING until you get as many answers as you can and THEN compare ALL the answers and pick the BEST one according to the situation!Raine17 22h
22h New grift idea :) Fill it with different forms of treasure goblins. :D a colorful slaughter :DCarverMG2 22h
23h Buff Non-Set builds! I think non-set builds should be more viable. I'm tiered of finding amazing legendary items that I can't use because I lose my set bonus and ALL my dmg. I know there are the set rings that make this possible, but it required ANCIENT just to make it work. I want to be able to create my own build with the legendaries that I like to use, not just the ones that that aren't non-set slots. I mean 90% of legendary chest,legs,gloves,ect... are useless because they ruin your set bonus, and if you aren't using set gear you wont get past T7. I just think that build should be more customizable and unique. maybe take off the "Ancient" requirement from Legacy of Nightmares set, or change it to "50% per LEG - 100% per Ancient - 150% per Primal" or something.Phazon9 23h
23h Challenge Rift Wtf is this! Immobile build, poor density and very few rares many of which are not even on the main path! It feel like I'm crawling through this rift.Alex1 23h
1d how good is this game? Did I just play for 3 days straight?PavloGolubev7 1d
1d Suggestion: What if sets empowered legendaries? Starting this off with an idea, basically i'm that dude that makes those weird builds. I enjoy non-meta non-optimal "this is my build" kind of guy - basically because they make me laugh. My issue now is i'm unable to play certain parts of the game because sets usually makes up the core result of a massive build - combined with skills and passives of course. So how about this: What if it was the other way around - certain non-set legendary items gets buffed by x number of set items equipped. instead of the legendary item complementing the set you're using? (this is just randomly selected as examples to provide a visual representation of the suggestion, this is by no means how they would look or how i want them to look) Example items: Leorics crown: Secondary Increase the effect of any gem socketed into this item by 75–100%. This effect does not apply to Legendary Gems. *** If no more then 2 pieces of following sets are equipped: bonus effect 100% sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +18–26 Dexterity +18–26 Strength +18–26 Intelligence +3 Random Magic Properties Empty Socket ---------------- Maximus: Primary +(732–894)–(877–1111) Fire Damage Fire skills deal 15–20% more damage. Secondary Chance on hit to summon a Demonic Slave. *** if 2 or more pieces of the following sets are equipped: upon gaining 3 Demonic slaves a group of demons will join you until slain (permanent 6 demonic slave pets) sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +495–787 Strength +495–787 Intelligence +495–787 Dexterity +2 Random Magic Properties ---------------- Goldskin: Primary +21–30 Resistance to All Elements Secondary +100% Extra Gold from Monsters Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them. *** if no more then 4 pieces of the following sets are equipped: chance to get any random quality gem on kill. sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +160–179 Dexterity +160–179 Strength +160–179 Intelligence +2 Random Magic Properties ------------ I believe this would introduce a fun new aspect to the game in variety of builds by empowering non-set items to the point where they get mixed with set items to produce other results. as example the above goldskin empowerment would yield a far better useful farming item then just gold if combined with the appropiate sets. -- if people have other ideas on how to trigger new and/or better effects like this, submit your favorite non-set item and give blizzard some ideas! -- Feedback appreciated but not required!Dvokk0 1d
1d Can we please end this season already? I am SOOOOO bored of this crap... Just end the season so we can get the patch already.PonyKiller18 1d
1d Haedrig's Gift on multiple characters If you read the title and are ready to tell me what I already know, save your breath. I just want an opportunity to give my feedback about this feature before I abandon these forums again. I leveled a wizard this season, got my 6pc Firebirds and was excited to play at the beginning of a season for a change. And then I realized the buff is broken and sometimes it doesn't come up and when it does, it sticks around until I kill the next elite. Meanwhile my demon hunter friend has a few hundred paragon levels already because his 6pc works correctly and he's killing it. I'd reroll, but now I'm a full set behind in gearing and I'll never catch up at this point. Not having haedrig's gift available in some way to multiple characters is disappointing. Guess there's always next season. Glad I'm not paying extra for this.Alphasol50 1d
1d Make Bounties Great Again One simple change to make bounties somewhat rewarding; reduce the materials cost of the Law of Kulle / Reforge Legendary option in the cube. 5 of each bounty mat plus 50 forgotten souls is way too high. Completing a full set of T13 bounties gets you just 3 rolls AND costs you 150 souls. Who does that? In terms of time and cost against RNG chances for a good Ancient or a Primal, it's just not worth it. Better to grind rifts and GR's and hope to get lucky there or with the bloodshards. But if the Law of Kulle cost 2 of each bounty mat and 20 souls? Now a set of T13 bounties gives you 8 chances and costs 160 souls. Much more appealing, and now there's a reason to do bounties alongside rifts and GR's. I'd also like to see the bounty caches include a bunch of deaths' breaths and the bloodshard quantities at least doubled, but I'd settle for the Law of Kulle adjustment.spacecadet1359 1d
1d GR purple globes punishing rather than rewarding... atleast for high solo push though (esp. necro). you put yourself at more risk on collecting the globes one by one and mostly end up dying. if not removed, atleast maybe a "pick one, take all" would be nice.odingits31 1d
1d Zoltun's voice is not Kulle I did a quick google search and found nothing. Is there any way in game to make Zoltun Kulle shut the blank up when using the cube? I'm getting sick of him constantly telling me how stupid I am when I'm upgrading 50 rares or converting a ton of gems. Obviously I can just mute my speakers when cubing but I thought maybe it was possible to just make him be quiet. If not no biggie. Game on.greywolf12 1d
1d Just got done playing about a day of PTR 2.6.1 Wow this is quite nice, every major issue I have with 2.6.0 is gone. I have figured out the barb class and wow just wow, thank you Blizz, I mean this is impeccable work. This is fantastic! I can't wait for this to go live!!! I am going to just grind in 2.6.1 as Season 11 for me is over. I hope they leave this up until they drop it. I know my work will not be saved but I will be starting new in Season 12 anyhow. TTFN!PonyKiller6 1d
1d Block Communication Question. If i use Block Communication on someone, will it prevent me from being partied with them when i join public games? I keep getting partied with people that i assume do not speak English, or i guess they could simply not care about anything others say. Such as, i need a few seconds to spend shards, don't close the rift. Yesterday i was partied with someone that instantly closed all rifts as soon as they were done and i lost a set item.Slacker19 1d
1d When does Season 12 start? Yeah just wondering when the new season will start?Walkerzed48 1d
1d Higher than T13 Considering the HUGE buffs across every class in the upcoming patch, T13 will become as boring as doing bounties. The average player will be able to push 90 GR with reasonable gear next season, a lot higher than now for sure. So shouldn't there be a raise to the Tiers accessible? Would make farming mats far easier if we had a T20 for example where 3 to 5 times the amount of crafting materials dropped. As it is I can do T13 while multitasking. It would also go some way to stop people using or justifying using Bot programs. People use those because it's boring after a set point and no longer fun / challenging. Or simply add death breaths to GR rifts as rewards. So we only have to farm torments for keys. 1d
1d Cosmic wings at the grasp So I finally found Princess .. it was on public when doing bounties .. was kinda happy .. since it was on public, I reported it to others, so they can come and get it too .. instead, they kicked me out of the game for not doing bounty .. super lucky after so long and I have to play with idiots who will kick me :( no good deed goes unpunishedsh3riff20 1d
1d 3,034 fail rare dagger upgrades for primal KP Dagger Since Season 10 been trying to get one in Softcore mode lol. Hopefully next season will have better luck than that because I pity anyone who has this kind of luck for real. Been saving my materials for next season since changes to DH Impale were announced. Oh, on Hardcore, just took about 25 attempts to get one. It's kind of uncanny bc more ppl play sc than hc, so pool is smaller for rng chances, but that's just a suspicion and probably not fact.KingArthur32 1d
1d Just pre-ordered Destiny 2 , Hell yeah can't wait ! As the title says , just thought i'd share. OP Guns Dailies Nightfalls Xur Crucible Iron banner Trials of Osirus Strikes Raids - Hopefully as mindblowing as the venus raid the first time you ran it ! Anyways no doubt thousands of hours will be lost Whooooo ! I know it's not D3 but its Bungie/Activision .Griz17 1d
1d So, a patch comes out. You see... On your character tab there's a new stat- THAC0. Placeholder for a new system making its way in. You are... Excited? Apprehensive? Ohgodnowhy? Curious?DaesLune28 1d
1d Well.... does ANYONE have any idea when S11 is going to end ?Raine23 1d
1d BlizzCon 2017 VT In-game items Yeah Mhmm Got your attention yet? Isn't it annoying when someone takes all this time just to garner your attention, I mean, to be 100% true to form, I should also be asking you for your money right about now, but I digress... Oh I'm sorry, what was that? You want to know what the items are? Gee you're a pushy needy lil fella aren'tcha? Got your wallet ready? Do you really want to know? What, you won't pay till you get info? Lil frustrated yet? Yeah. Thanks blizz. >.>Arawn23 1d
1d Please change/remove the Blackthorn set Blizzard The game is evolving but Blackthorn stays unchanged for several years. While it could be useful as a general set, it is now completely outdated and useless.Forrest59 1d
1d "It's Cold Out There Every Day..." I've picked up about 6 Stones of Jordan recently, on both my Demon Hunter and Necromancer, and every one of them is Cold damage! WTF? Why isn't the SoJ dropping with anything but Cold? I want Lightning and Fire!StoneOld5 1d
1d Finished season and necro achievments And still no in-geom drop lol. Not complaing, just accured to me that i haven't seen one this season and thought it was funny.Pestilence1 1d
1d Avarice Little background info here: This is my first season effort since Season 3, years ago. Necromancer brought me back in, resurrected my enthusiasm, I guess you could say. Most of the Season has been fairly simple. Do the grind, get what you need, bam. Then I got to Avarice and it was like hitting a wall. First thing I did was, was get as much 'gold' related Ancient gear as possible and run Focus/Restraint and went searching for a Gilded Baron. No luck there for a long long time, until I finally found one in a TXIII Rift. Took forever to kill him and I only got 37 million. My mistake there was not having a Boon of the Hoarder leveled up. After that, I ran a modified Singularity build with Kymbo's Gold neck, socketed with Hoarder gem, Primal Goldwrap belt, Grandeur ring and Leoric's Crown with a Emerald gem. I swapped my armor effect from T&T to Goldwrap, and tried farming the Ruins of Corvus. Too much RNG, too many doors, too easy to run out of mobs to kill. Again, I'd get close, 25-35mil, then I'd run out of luck. I finally figured out what I was doing wrong. I was trying to kill AND gather gold at the same time. Instead, I ran regular TXIII Rifts until I got one that was an open field. A big giant square of space, no tunnels, no meandering paths. Then I went counter-clockwise around the field, hugging the wall and killing everything with the above gear set, but with a complete minimum of Gold Pick up. Once I'd killed everything I could find by going counter-clockwise, I ventured inward, avoiding the gold piles and killed everything in there. After that, it was just a matter of collecting it via 25% run speed, with Blood Rush on CD. This was just my own effort, but once I stopped trying to kill and collect at the same time, it was simple. tl;dr version: I stopped being stupid, used my head, killed everything first, then collected it all. Avarice was easy once I stopped being stupid. Infernalist15 1d
1d Necro Golem wont attack as often as skeleton Necro Golem wont do much most of the time... and angel and other summoned npc. golem just stand beside me sometimes hit and most of the time wont unless the enemy is right in my face. the Skeletons do very well and the Mages. but the other summons are weird. either there agro range is very low or ai is not set to really be that agro. I dont know. Is it just me who notice this or you guys too.WLGORREZ3 1d
2d Season Troubles I am having severe issues with the start/end of seasons. I have completed the season as far as I wish to, acquiring the Barbarian set (the only set I wish to bother with). Now my issue is exiting the season so I can continue to gain paragons on my non-seasonal characters. This is insanely annoying and upsetting, because even if I bothered to gain all seasonal item sets, it would not take me 3 months to do so. I'm tired of waiting to gain my "rewards". Is there really no way of exiting the season before its technically ended??Longing8 2d
22h OPEN LETTER for Blizzard from Monks Hey all. This topic is written about PTR changes. We, monks, are pissed that your forgot to balance the Survivability of our favorite Raiment set ! <Set Raiment> Shenlong's Spirit The damage of your Spirit Generators is increased by 1.5% -> 2% for each point of Spirit you have When reaching maximum Spirit, all damage is increased by 150% -> 200%, but you no longer passively regenerate Spirit and 65 Spirit is drained every second until you run out of Raiment of a Thousand Storms (6) Set Your Spirit Generators increase the weapon damage of Dashing Strike to 12500% -> 13000% for 6 seconds and Dashing Strike increases the damage of your Spirit Generators by 1250% -> 1300% for 6 seconds. Let’s calculate these buffs and potential for Raiment set: 2/1,5 * (200+100)/(150+100) * (13000+100) / (12500+100) = 1,659 ~ 3 more tires (1 tier Grift is about 16,7% mob’s health increase). Currently 109 clear with Raiment set by player with 5k paragon and perfect gear. Maximal potential for Raiment set will be 112 Gr but we will need much more Toughness for survival! Low paragon players cannot survive using CoE build at all so cannot clear even 105+. <Uliana Set> The Fist of Az’Turrasq Exploding Palm's on-death explosion damage is increased by 250–300% -> 400-500%. Uliana’s Stratagem (6) Set Increase the damage of your Exploding Palm by 250% -> 2100% and your Seven-Sided Strike detonates your Exploding Palm Binding of the Lost Each hit with Seven-Sided Strike grants 3.0–3.5% -> 4-5% damage reduction for 7 seconds. Let’s calculate these buffs and potential for Uliana set: (500+100) / (300+100) * (2100+100) / (250+100) = 9,428 !!! ~ 15 more tires R1 clear Uliana was about 99 Gr 2 eras ago (with paragon lower 4k). Maximal potential for Uliana set will be over 114 Gr with the same Toughness! Dear Blizzard. Monks hate Uliana set. There are no balance in monk’s sets. There are no raiment monks in PTR because it is the weakest set now ... ... ... ... ...DimonRo15 22h
2d This support build meta is absolutely HORRIBLE.. It is nice to see support builds for those who want to play them, but the 3 support 1 dps garbage has go to go. An ARPG shouldn't be about buffing and debuffing mobs to have 1 dps kill them. It should be about everyone killing mobs. This isn't an MMORPG. We shouldn't have Tanks, Healers, Buffers, Debuffers etc. This isn't a raid. It is an ARPG. The debuffs / buffs should be group wide and share the same cool downs for the whole party. There should be mirrored debuffs / buffs for all classes. We have enough skills and slots, make that happen. So you can choose to bring 1 toon who does it all or 4 toons who do one of each. There is no reason to have stacking debuffs/buffs. It makes it insanely hard to balance and breaks normal play. Where is the design process did we come to think that 3 support 1 dps was a good comp? If it is such a good design idea, why don't we have tanks and healers with a CC class to go with it? You know why we don't? Because it is awful in an ARPG. You have broken the game to make it about group comp and nothing else. Please fix your broken game. Edit: Imagine if you went in to a high level Greater Rift and it was HORDES of Monsters. Like wall to wall at level GR100. Wouldnt it be AWESOME to slay mindlessly and mercilessly? I want to ravage my foes. Let the blood of many fall on my blade and cower before me. or we can play the current meta where I to run in and debuff, do zero dps while they laugh at me and then my one friend kills them all. What sounds more fun? Blowing everything up with a bunch of friends.. or trying to not get one shot while debuffing and buffing 1 person?Destruction216 2d
2d İs this normal? I'm currently playing wizard, when i complete a rift or a greater rift after killing the rift guardian it drops axe, sword, shield, spear or other class items but no wizard items... Is this normal? What do i have to do to get my class items to drop?Zemheri12 2d
1d It's time to end the PTR The servers are going to break. You have NS, Season 11 and a PTR all at the same time. It just creates lag spikes. Is it really necessary to do a 2 month long PTR?Socs5 1d
2d Weapon Progression - Idea Creating a specific weapon only - Legendary gems that augment the weapon damage directly or modify various "buff" for character in any sense. Such as possibly reduce monsters damage by a % per level. Although to achieve is legendary gems weapon socket(not replacing a usual weapon socket), you will need to unlock GR 70 - also unlocks Primal loot RNG. You will also need full upgraded Blacksmith, and gathered the required materials in game to "craft in this legendary socket". These materials could be made to only come from certain areas as well. Perhaps even a couple from "Story Mode" only. Achievement unlocked - item(material that is needed) Basically several quite easy to achieve goals, structured in a way to achieve a meta goal if you will. Just a concept of giving some kind of structured goal to work towards. Something similar to this concept. Doesn't even need to be "legendary gems weapon socket." Some kind of meta goal progression (reward).StarspearBlu1 2d
2d Blizzards Stance on TurboHud Does anybody know what Blizzards official stance is on TurboHud. As far as i can tell it is a breach of the TOA. However Blizzard have not spoken about it and have no real way of detecting it running on any system. Now i am a legitimate player who refuses to play this game with any additional add ons as i see TurboHud as an exploit, especially the Map Hack function given players the ability to see where elites are on undiscovered portions of the map. I would use this addon if it was allowed by Blizzard but would want an official post confirming this first Due to my stance on this a few players that i use to game with wont party with me cause well i dont use it. I am finding more and more players using this and its kind of hard to continue playing without it when alot of the community and players in public games areKeyblade40 2d
2d Suggestions for next patch - It could be a good idea to introduce an special ingredient (similar to Ramaladni's Gift) that when applied to an item, it's now possible to roll two different stats, not only one. This item can be really rare as primal. - Season journey must be based on progression more then kill boss in 20 minutes or get 50M gold. For example, add a gem level 75 on an item, reach paragon level 600, to add a level 70 Calesann's, etc. Maybe they can be add to conquest list to have a greater choice of game play. - Why only have merc in solo game? Having him in multiplayer game can really help.Sobert3 2d
2d Sockets for Jewelry Can we get a way to put a socket into rings and amulets like there is with Ramandani's Gift for weapons?Halps13 2d
2d Another rant. You're welcome I'm not exactly sure if any of this is real, but it seems like it due to how much changed. In season 9 or 10, my monk was able to cut through a GR75 like butter and handle all the damage that got thrown at him. Once the season ended and the new patch came out, everything from 65+ started just absolutely wrecking me. The only thing that changed about my character was an increase in stats because of the paragon rolling over, even my average hits went up about 5 billion. So on average I crit (most of my hits crit) for 42-57 billion, which increases to about 120 billion fully buffed, and my defense is about 500-800 million, increasing to 1.1-1.6 billion on with epiphany. With all of that, it takes me 3-4 crits to take down a simple monster at 65, where it used to be one shot. Monsters also seem to take down a good 15-40% of my health at that same level where they normally would've only averaged about 7-10 up to GR73. I kept watching for what the issue could be, and from what I could tell it seems to be that there's a much larger increase in ranged monsters and casters out in rifts, and all of the caster's spells seem to do purely physical damage. I tested some monsters while using the immunity effect necklaces, and monster abilities that would normally deal no damage with the necklace, like the prophet's fireball, dealt their full damage. I know it sounds like a whole lot of complaining or overthinking or something like that, but this sort of thing is really annoying because I worked really hard to get my toon where it was and now it's like that effort is down the drain with no explanation. Has anyone noticed anything like this, whether it's about the monk bit, the ranged monster bit, or just the plain change with monsters in general?Nezeroth12 2d
2d ideas to free stash spaces and make reroll less tedious hi like to make a suggestion to item roll with element damages instead of different type why dont we have it as element damage. coe procs on rune choosen by skill.blueberry4 2d
2d D3 compared to Clicker Heroes Clicker heroes and D3 are pretty similar. The progression path is quite similar in how you look for damage and get damage and try to multiply your damage. and the greater rifts are kinda like clicker heroes in that the mobs get more hp for your more damage. If you guys like D3 you will love clicker heroes. Its almost as engaging AND ITS FREE :D.PraiseGherd2 2d
2d Can you end support for 32 bit Windows please... I would be willing to wager that only a tiny % of people use 32 bit Windows and an even smaller amount game on 32 bit. You are ending XP and Vista support officially. Probably because Microsoft asked you nicely and paid you a large sum of money to do so EDIT: #sarcasm, but I feel that supporting old 32 bit only hurts everyone. This would allow you to test for less versions of Windows and free up resources. EDIT: not sarcasm. Unless there is the odd gamer in here who ONLY uses 32 bit Windows for whatever reason...PonyKiller29 2d
2d what's the fastest way to get gold? Bounties, rifts or GR?? believe it or not, I've run out trying to get my shoulders to 15% sentry dmg lol......Loochi26 2d
2d Name one interclass Passive Swap you want Gruesome Feast to Necromancer. Wahahhaha.Weaver8 2d
1d D2 & LoD Remastered So after the success of SC:R & Broodwar I would kindly wonder when our best RPG would have its timely release? Let's be honest that D3 is an adventure game, that easily guides you from points A to B with unlimited destruction on the way - There's no way you can lose (apart from HC) or mess up stats, and it's easy-mode (+T10 withstanding) for a new demographic. Let's push for the re-release of Blizzard's earliest and finest RPG title! I'll start the crowd fund ;) Regards,TWhy20 1d