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1d How to Increase the Size of Mouse Pointer Is there a way to increase the size of the mouse pointer? Losing track of mouse pointer location mid-combat is the number one cause for my toon getting killed atm and I am getting seriously sick of it. Any help would be appreciated. ThxEtelen6 1d
1d Search feature for stash Why is there no search option in our stash? I thought this would just be common sense to put in a search option but apparently not. People have been asking for this for years. Seriously why isn't there a search option, and yes you can say "Well you should just be more organized you pleb" Yes but that doesn't change the fact that it would be insanely more convenient for the player. Please blizzard. #SearchFeature2017Dankk7 1d
1d Now that Starcraft is over bring more Diablo content Now that the story of the Starcraft Universe has concluded please bring us more Diablo expansions, there is a lot more story to be told. There are 3 Archangels still alive who don't want humans (Imperius, Auriel , Itharael), Tyrael's fate is yet undecided and here are also 4 demon generals still alive - Wrath, Pride, Envy & Sloth (we killed Gluttony & Lust in Act 3 and we also killed Greed at the end of the Goblin realm). Diablo 3 should definately continue since this content is enough for 3 more expansions at least and now with the new Necromancer class it's the best chance to get an expansion focused on fighting Heaven.Syncroniam13 1d
1d Vault Suggestion Playing last night I had a vault portal spawn while in the second level of the Plague Tunnel bounty of Act V. Awesome! So I cleared the vault. Only way out of the vault it to teleport to town. OK. Then to get back to the Plague Tunnel I have to again run all the way through the zone and the first level that are empty so nothing to kill. Not Awesome. My suggestion: Add teleport totem to vault after Greed is defeated that takes the player back to the point where the portal spawned.JDog9142 1d
1d Clarification on 2H vs DW? I know this has been asked several times, and I've browsed the topics, but I always see mixed info, or simply "this is better" with no explanation. Would someone be so kind as to explain the mechanical aspects/differences of two-handing vs dual wielding? I don't want the "this is better for this because the dps and clear times say so." I want to truly understand how the options make a difference mechanically. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to take the time to educate me.Robotmenace5 1d
1d Resource Cost Reduction Can someone explain what is Resource Cost Reduction, how it works and what does it really do? Thanks,TheATeam15 1d
1d Diablo 3 How is Diablo 3? Have there been new changes in the last 6 months-1 year? I've been reading around and haven't heard a lot of good thingsAnierene11 1d
1d THE DARKENING OF TRISTRAM Achievement does anyone know how to do the Achievement - I Sense a Soul in Search of Answers ? it says "Collect all the Cultist Pages from the precursor Event.PuppetMaster36 1d
1d photographic evidence the barber has been nerfed. Check this barber out, it dropped today for me. 1d
1d XBOX ONE D3 ADD hey guys im looking for people to play D3 on xbox one with add me by my gamertag xlecilia also if anyones willing to level me would be awesome D: ima nubLecilia0 1d
1d Reforge a weapon property to a socket at the mystic How do I do this I am stuck, If i don't do this objective i cannot complete chapter iv Exquisiteness.DaeronLothar11 1d
1d Love the game more and more But why so much hate? Maybe I'm not an "elitist" player... IDK but I love the new graphics options. I'm jamming 8x msaa and max everything else. With AO, the details look amazing. But its not just the graphics I love... I just got the complete shadow set for DH and its insane to say the very least. Completely different playstyle than anything else I've seen on D3. Couple things though: stash. I'm constantly full. I have 2 chests with 6 tabs total. I haven't done seasons much so maybe thats why. But, There's alot of characters sets and legendary items to consider. Also, crafting supplies and legendary gems... It adds up quick. Trying to get all ancient pieces to my shadow set. But I also like to play other characters, so ya... stash is packed full. Also need to see some new graphics, new map layouts, etc... New zones to explore. More secrets... all that good stuff. Thanks for reading.LifeCr151522 1d
1d dont waste time developing necro setdungeons just dont tyWottsefack21 1d
1d Set Dungeons... Has anyone noticed that the set dungeons seem more difficult this season..? I can solo to T7 with no issue..and GR up to the time time being..and as soon as i enter the Set dungeon for Invoker..i take massive damage and am dead in no time..i dont remember the damage being that high...Mindcrimes9 1d
1d Affix indicators plz Can we have some sort of elite affix indicators please? Just some elemental coloured glow could also work. Nobody reads that stuff below the health bar. They can put that in their resume or their blog or whatever.CrazyHorst2 1d
1d 10/12 characters shown on website Since we can have 12 characters in game at the moment why can we see only 10 of them on website and why not all of them!? Don't you think it's an issue? Maybe not many cares but still and with necro pack coming +2 char slots this will be even bigger issueKaelos2 1d
1d Hideout Hello fellow Diablo 3 fans. So my tough was about creating some sort of hideout to Diablo 3. Would that be awesome to share hideout with friends you have created. The hideout is something unique and bring so much content. You can find decoration true out the world by killing monster like the white transmog system. I know Diablo 3 don't want to copy stuff from other games but an hideout is just something extra.Radwan6 1d
1d Transmog all Will there ever be option for transmogs where we can transmog axe to sword .. mace to axe etc.? There are already some options for that .. with the barbar .. i play him mostly, so dont know about the rest. And she is fking mystic, she can turn you into chicken .. so why she cant turn my 2h mighty weapon (sword) into normal 2h sword? Why she can turn 2h mighty sword into a mace or axe, but not swords too? I dont think it matters if mace looks like a sword .. its just a cosmetic.sh3riff5 1d
1d Arms Anybody else a little bit unhappy with the current state of arms warrior? (srry id post on the wow forums but i cant)Keithas5 1d
1d Don't let Necromancers... As of now we have no idea what the Necromancers skills will be, let alone any of their sets. There is no way of knowing if any of the sets will be able to work together. That being said, please don't let Necromancers have the same problem as Crusader. With every other class a 6/4 hybrid build is "possible" with almost any of their sets. Most of the hybrid sets don't work and because DH and WD have rings in their 7 piece set, any chance of them using a hybrid set is shot out the window. However, if someone wanted, a 6/4 is still possible with those classes. When RoS came out Crusaders were the only class that were not given a 7 piece set. It is only the last patch that gave Akkhans a 7th piece. Because of this, Crusaders do not have any set with 2 items unique from any of their other sets. This makes the only 6/4 Crusader hybrid Akkhans/Invokers, which is significantly weaker then using either set by it self due to gear choices. When Necromancers finally launch, they need to launch with a 7 piece set that has 2 pieces unique to that set.HeroofTime4 1d
1d Pls remove/adjust P-lvl requirements for Public Games Please remove or adjust the Paragon Level requirements for Public Games. I wanted to join a T7 public game with a P72 char. I wasn't allowed to do so because the minimum requirement for T7 pubs is P100 (T8:P150, T9:P200, P10:P250 - in case you didn't know). Therefore, I opened a GRift L30 (T7) instead, one-shotted every elite, didn't die once and killed the boss in less then 5sec. So... am I really not able to play a public game at T7? Yes, I do know from first-hand experience leeches are a problem in pubs, but seriously, said requirements aren't a satisfying solution - especially with Haedrig's Gift they are simply an annoyance for people who know at least a little bit about how this game is played. Remove them or give us alternate requirements (something like completing Solo-Grifts at certain levels to unlock public games for example), but please, don't leave it as it is. Those requirements are outdated... at least since the implementation of Haedrig's Gift.Quotenfrau3 1d
1d For all the D2 fanbois For all those D2 fanbois Here you go. You keep telling us just how freaking amazing D2 was, well its still there. Go play it. Blizz released a patch for it to run on the latest hardware last year so no execuses about not playing it. And if its so incredibly popular you certainly don't need any of us to start playing D2 with you. Installers for D2 Stand Alone Patches for those with clients already installed. Read more here: Buy D2 here for $10 Buy LOD here for $10 Classic games GD Forum Classic games support And of course there are Reddit threads and nearly all of You've got zero reason to hang around here, unless you're a jerk or D2 isn't as amazing and popular as you keep saying it is. Now, please, don't let the door hit in the crack on the way outEmmetOtter13 1d
1d Unique Forum Posters Curiosity question: How many unique posters do you think posted last year on Blizzard's D3 forum? My back of the envelope calculation is less than 50,000. Too high or too low?MicroRNA3 1d
1d Why no auction house? Can someone remind me why there is no auction house anymore ?Undefeated51 1d
1d Some things about the game... Hi there everyone...i won't be talking too much about me, so let's just get to the point... I have 3 things (that i think will talk for all players who still play the game) to ask blizzard: 1 - Please make ancient itens give 2 souls instead of only 1. That will make reforging a fair trade for the players. 2 - 3 guaranteed death breaths on t13. 3 - CHANGE THE PUBLIC GAME SYSTEM....that "matchmaking" like system is just like diablo 2 and show a list of all games created and put password like before...matchmaking doesn't favor friendship! THANKS!Luizota0 1d
1d What if the Blacksmith and Jeweler... New Recipe - Weapon socket Cost: 25x Forgotten Soul 5x each Bounty Material New Recipe - Reroll Jewelry affix to socket Cost: 10x Forgotten Soul 5x Bounty Material *separate roll from the mystic roll I feel that this would seamlessly blend into the current game, and give a way to rescue more unusable jewelry that wasn't lucky enough to roll with a socket without a power creep of adding extra affixes to jewelry. I'd really like to see sockets taken off of the mystic list completely and moved to the actual craftsman NPCs (who would thematically be appropriate for adding sockets to gear).Tohki2 1d
1d Correctings skills I have a big problem. I have reached level 27 with my crusador. Act 2. I don't know how i did it, but I assinged him a few skills and now he can't use his weapn. How to I correct this mistake? How doI putgems in his socketed armor and weapons? and how can I use his stash?Linda5 1d
1d Giant Goatman in town Saw a video and the dude had a 50ft tall goatman with a spear and quiver chilling in town, google has failed me... does anyone know what this is about!?Boxxerz8 1d
1d Blocking: Make it not suck The flat damage reduction from blocking has been trash since t3. It makes items and builds that utilize the block cap or blocking buffs exceedingly trivial in terms of damage reduction relative to the opportunity cost of committing to hitting the block cap. If it were changed to be even a 10% reduction on blocked attacks, it'd be legions more effective than it is now. Realistically, it should be around 25% reduction on blocked attacks, and really give a purpose to items like Justice Lantern and Blood Brother, which are used to reach the static cap (as well as the Hold Your Ground passive). Additionally, there are several legendary effects and weapon skills that have interactions with block value or are directly benefited by block value that hardly see the light of day because blocking is so insignificant for damage reduction. As someone who's been complaining about block damage reduction since RoS launched, I'm pretty surprised nothing has been done to bring block into relevance after the difficulty creep of GR focused gameplay and increased torment levels.Tohki11 1d
1d Everyone is allowed to safe and clean environment But we don't get it in this forum. There is so much hatred and toxic threads, that ppl like me who enjoy the game cannot stand. I think it is time to clear the space. Make strict rules. Ban the traitors. No one in here should be able to advertise a competitor game. No one in here should be able to use a shadow account to disgrace the game.DreamKiller82 1d
1d Achievement Suggestion. How about when you click on a banner sigil/pattern/accent/etc that is locked to an Achievement, you click on it and it takes you to that Achievement so you don't have to look for it separately, or memorize it? Just an idea. Wouldn't impact gameplay at all, would just make it easier to navigate specific design achievements.Onigami1 1d
1d Log in issue~~!!!!! Plz help... Log in issue~~!!!!! Plz help... i tried to log into US servers but it kept bringing me to asia server.. I just bought a new computer and tried to log into us server but for some reason, it kept bringing me to asia server. does anyone know why this happens???? plz help..Kris1 1d
1d Noob Question Regarding Season Stash Tab Unlock Sorry in advance if this is obvious, but in order to unlock the Stash Tab for season 9 do you have to complete JUST the Conqueror achievements? Or do you have to complete all the requirements leading up to Conqueror as well, such as the Slayer level and all that? The main reason I'm asking is because there are no Set Dungeon requirements at the Conqueror level this season, but there are Set Dungeon requirements at the prerequisite levels that I'd rather not mess with if I don't have to. Thank you for any clarification!Valkar3 1d
1d Avaritia conquest works inside cow level I had the impression that chain-linking a 50 million gold streak inside either the vault or the cow level doesn't work. Which is why I got quite pleasantly surprised that during a routine death breath farming run inside a red cow portal I saw an "avaritia conquest" achievement icon pop on the screen (the seasonal journey is finished, yay). The only gold farming item I had on me was the Hoarder, not a single gold % roll on any of the gears, not even a full paragon gold find stat. The toon I use is a standard LoN bomber.Romano3 1d
1d D3 lag issues on higher grift 65+ above I have this kind of issue where in when I play with 4 players and 65+ above my ping goes up to 2500+ but when its 50 - 60 even with 4 players teh ping is normal about 170 - 200 and my location is in Philippines. I don't know if it was my pc or was it my connection? My pc is wired connection -Windows 7 64-bit SP1 -Intel Core i3-3240 CPU @ 3.40GHz -4.0GB RAM -Nvidia Geforce GT 640 and also I don't use the 64bit client instead I change it in the settings to use the default 32bit. can anyone please tell me what's wrong? I can't play at 65 above Greater rift :(Binchi2 1d
1d How about to create Pet Paragon ? But a limited paragon how it should be. If we have the pet and we drop it again after using that it will give pet exp - maybe pets could level until level 10. Here are some ideas could be improved/adapted and worked on. If your pet is equipped it will give you according it's level (just equipped pet enable the effect): Baby Cow Pet (from 20th anniversary) - 20% (max level at 30%) chance to drop one ancient legendary item from The Cow Queen (it just spawn one from this boss). If there are 4 players together using Cow Pet in the same game and in the same map the chance increase to 50%. Cow King Pet - 20% (max level at 30%) chance to drop one green item piece from The Cow Queen. Frost dog Pet - Reduce ice damage by 5% (Max level at 10%). Baby Butcher Pet - Increase Axe, Fist, Sword, Flail, and Hammer damage by 5% . (Max at 10% for max level). Classic Diablo Pet - Each attack burn enemies for 4 seconds from 5% (max level at 10%) from weapon damage. And reduce fire damage by 5% (max level at 10%). Queen of Succubus Pet - Increase Staff and Wand by 5% damage (max level at 10%). The Mimic Pet - You no longer can be terrified/scared (to run for X seconds). Grunk Pet - Reduce ranged damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Bumble Pet - Increase critical hit chance by 1% (max level at 10%). Lady Morthanlu Pet - Reduce melee damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Malfeasance Pet - Increase area damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Unihorn Pet - Increase healing effect rune spells by 10% (max level at 20%). Buddy Pet: Drop extra 5 death blows after killing rift guardian. Lamb Pet: After killing the greater rift guardian level 80 or more drop one extra legendary shield or one extra legendary weapon. Charlotte Pet: Reduce poison damage by 5% (at max level 10%). Each spender attack deal 5% (at max level 10%) poison damage from weapon damage. Overseer Lady Josephine Pet: - Each attacked enemy is cursedfor 3 seconds receiving 5% (same at max level) more damage and dealing 5% less damage (at max level 10%). Of course these are just a scrap. But Blizzard could modify all this text into good stuff.PardalBR0 1d
1d Killer clowns add on ideal What if Diablo had a new ally that was a clown like the Violator in Spawn's comic/movie or even Stephen King movie "It" as an area add on like Greyhollow Island; Kill the clown boss and all his minions before they too take over the world. I know that I would love to play it, getting achievements and a killer clown pet.NightRaven8 1d
1d WD needs some CC-Immunity Just a simple request..... Change "Spirit Walk"-effec to ................................. after it ends you gain immunity to crowd control effects for 5 seconds. With this, you need quite a high value of 50% to maintain permanent immunity to cc. Monk/DH/Crusader/Wiz-Archon/Barb, they all have something, that makes you immune to it and some can easly maintain this effect The WD's "long/ultimate skill" is the Voodoo, i wouldn't go over this ride, just add it to Spirit Walk with the effect i posted. You wouldn't get the perma immunity for free and it will be hard to maintain it, IF you want to maintain it..... otherwise, i think it would be just a fair addition. Thanks Blizzard..........................................................................................................................................................................Mortred5 1d
1d Gem Removal Cost I'm returning to D3 after a couple years away. I heard talk of the gem removal cost being eliminated. Is this true? Did Blizzard actually mention this somewhere?Righteous2 1d
1d Gamer Journal: Balance & Builds Let me make it absolutely clear I thoroughly enjoy this game. Its gameplay is rock solid, theme and design incredible. The team has done a consistently amazing job at embettering the game at every turn. However, there are two topics that surface over and over again: Balance and Builds. I would contribute my thoughts on the matter. The Issues: • Greater Rift scaling. The design creates an environment where players are incentivized to "fish" for suitable parameters, and further down the line certain enemy types and abilities become overwhelming or insta-killing. To push higher one is expected to employ one or two highly specific builds. The given builds may yield clunky gaming experiences, but players are willing to suffer this for the sake of higher grift levels. • While the Legacy of Nightmares ring set was a brilliant move in the direction of introducing diversity, it is not enough. The greatest power can still be found on class sets, and these sets too often exhibit narrow boundaries in which they function. They promote predetermined skills or layouts in the hopes of meeting the gameplay preferences of the players. The Result: • Players force themselves into particular playstyles or skill setups that are supported by excessively massive buffs from sets, whether they like its gameplay or not. This happens because there is an endless push higher into infinite difficulties, and many personalities are drawn to achieve. This results in another problem: once reaching the power cap of your given setup, your character feels weak since you are playing at the edge of its capacity. Eventually everything will oneshot you and the fishing begins. The Solutions: • Limiting difficulty provides a clear finish line. For example, if the highest possible Greater Rift is a fixed number we allow players to reach a "maximum potential" while still allowing freedom in playstyle. For the dedicated competitors, clearing that difficulty more effectively becomes the challenge rather than pushing higher until feeling powerless and obsolete. • Class sets require a major philosophy change. Instead of providing arbitrary boosts to certain setups, I would suggest they be made more "general." For rough examples of what I am implying, following is a list of set bonus examples: - All Resource spenders deal X% more Damage - All skills may be equipped with two Runes - Attack Speed and Cooldown Reduction +X% - Pets deal X% more Damage - +X% Life & +X% Life Regeneration - All skills are cast two times The idea is to not determine any specific setup, but to allow players to employ the skills they enjoy. Additionally, supporting legendary items (the ones that benefit certain skills) could be used with greater flexibility and players could choose which ones they wish to incorporate in their build (instead of the ones designated by the class set). ---- What are your thoughts on the matter? If commenting, try not to get caught in the details of a particular boost or number: rather consider the general idea that these changes would reflect.Elrathi0 1d
1d Free money for the future Blizz If u have some freetime, check this guy out, cause he has a few really good constructive opinion about Diablo...I hope blizz will watch it also Diablo 2 Versus Diablo 3 - Which Diablo is Better? The Perfect Diablo Sequel (Diablo IV Concept / Diablo IV Details / Diablo 2 Versus Diablo 3 1d
1d Paragon levels. So this season i've progressed more on one character then i have ever in the past. i'm curious to know what happens with paragon levels. non-seaonal i have 389 paragon levels. season 9, i currently have 469 paragon levels. what will happen at the end of the season ends? will the 389 be added to the 469 or will the 469 be added to the 389. also if i was to get 1000 paragon levels this season, if added to the 389 would i still have at least 1000? or would i have significantly less.Sharpy2 1d
1d Legendary Potion x Kanai Cube Create some master recipes to create unique legendary potions variety. I would have all Cube spaces with different leg. potions to craft one improved version from some. Nowadays there is no hype when you drop legendary potion i just drop it and let it stand in ground.PardalBR0 1d
1d Greater Rifts width.... THE problem I DONT GET IT Why do you make those rift tight as............. You have so much well designed opened and large areas in the game...why cant you add those to the roulette table? If you like this new density...ok, but why such small areas? You added forest, desert and some more forest maps to the table and all of them are so tight, like 1-2 vault width. Please give us back the real maps... The community wants Fields of Slaughter Fields of Misery Weeping Hollow Open and big forests Open and big deserts Open and big silvertower maps..... Open and big areat crater maps.... Everyone was giving feedback during PTR, everyone marked the problems but you still brought that public... its just not fun anymore to run those 2-5 tight floors....Mortred8 1d
1d How do I play 2 accounts at the same time? I bought another account and am unable to play both accounts from the same computer. I am able to have both games running but one of them I can only stay in menu area not actually join a game. Any help would be appreciated. thanks in advanceDrools11 1d
1d Help us to balance all builds ! Since majority of builds are useless in end-game(greater rift) due to the fact that for each class 2-3 builds are much better them all other available, I will propose to provide ideas on how to balance all the builds for each class to be at almost same level. This is because I suppose that current Diablo 3 devs have no idea how to do it(and is like this for more than 2 years and half since ROS release). Please provide ideas on fixing a build something like: - specify class - short description of build(set used, combination of sets, main skills... any important info) and what do you think is the current problem of this build. - propose an idea of how can be easy upgraded. "easy" meaning an update to a set bonus, maybe a new item, but not to much changes needed to game since they will not do it(keep in mind that Diablo 3 devs are lazy!). Also, the proposed upgrade to a build shall not overpower another build.Danutz2311 1d
1d I have no doubts now "Red Soulstone Shard Fixed an issue where the secondary effect of the gem would add time to its buff duration instead of refreshing it (1/11)" Diablo 3 is developed now by students/entry level developers, with low developmment skils. I know how this spounds, but beleive me, this is sadly TRUE! That bug for Red Soulstone gem, Rabid Strike(new monk item) which is completely bugged(even bugged by design) ... ... demonstrates that devs are not able to apply very few changes to the game in 3 months. Stop playing D3 again(I came back after ~8 months to try patch 2.4.3) until real devs will work for this game. bye!Danutz2314 1d
1d ROS ?? how can I tell if I have reaper of souls I want to do adventure mode but I can't seem to find act V it keeps telling me to talk to auriel and end game ??icemon3 1d
2d wat should i play for hardcore? crusader or barb with a shield? is barb with a shield still a thing? sry havent played since s2 :DJellyvish4 2d
2d Can't complete Exquisitness Chaper IV I've reforged a weapon property to a socket multiple times on multiple rare items and I can't seem to complete this objective. Is my game bugged or am I doing something wrong?Greatdonkey5 2d