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13h Waiting for New Season to play/purchase Necro? Playing Overwatch my friends list is full of my old D3 friends coming back to play the necro. Even better, I think there are many other players like me waiting for the season to start before coming back and checking it out. Hype!MRH0 13h
13h Can we get an Amazon or Druid next? I like the necro and bought him the day of his release. I would like to see more classic classes make a comeback someday too. I miss the druid with his wolves, vines, werewolf transformation, and fire/frost spells like hurricane. The Amazon was also a really fun class with the spears. Lightning fury with a Titans Fury was pretty sick in the cow levels:D If the Amazon is considered as a class, it would be neat to see some of the skills from the HotS amazon make it into her kit, like ball lightning and valkyrie.Pastafiend12 13h
13h Downloading Necromancer causes Network Issue When I was downloading Necromancer it would download for a few minutes then it would stop and my internet would cut out. It only happened when I was downloading Necro, all other downloads from other places worked with no issue. But the error would be cannot connect to DNS network and no fix would work except to reset the router every time.tjgwls3 13h
13h if you are complaining about $15 You should probably not be on a game forum, you should be at your second job. Some may argue its the principle of the thing, to that I say bunk. Blizzard is a company trying to make money. The employees they have don't work for free. So stop crying and play the game. To Blizzard I say thanks for dedicating some resources to a game that generates almost no income for you. I hope to see one more class and area added. The class is the druid and the area is their homeland.Wxmyjnsn25 13h
13h How is the community? Hi! I buy the game on its release, and play till lvl 60 and some more... I have had some HC characters later, but then never touched the game again. I have Vanilla DIII I leave the game somewhat disapointed. ...And I wondered: How is the community right now? Is there a community of the vanilla game? is there a community of HC characters? how much people is playing the game? it is worth to come back? has something new been added to the vanilla experience? I would like your opinion and perspectiv on the subject. Thanks a lot!Lomby1 13h
13h What's in the challenge rift reward cache? Any info? Hi, so basically the question is obvious. Maybe I'm not searching it right but I can't seem to find this info. Did anyone close a challenge rift and might share this info? What's in there?Aleks15 13h
13h You Want Necro Dancing And A Proper Portrait? Sure thing! Just wait for the DLC dance pack, which includes extra tab icons, all for only $5.Desalien4 13h
14h XB1 Season So I picked up the game for a first time in a long time for the Necro launch. In the character screen it says that the season has ended. I hope only and see that supposedly the first ever seasons for XB1/PS4 started in April. What gives?Reck2 14h
14h Challenge Reward So I beat the time but not sure how to get the reward. I spoke to Edira but she didn't give me anything. What am I missing?MerLock6 14h
14h Blizzard North was king. yup.Xeytrix1 14h
14h Where do I find greater rift keystones? Sorry if this has been asked a bunch of times but I can't find an answer. Did they change the drop location or have I just been getting very unlucky? Haven't had a single one drop since the latest patch.DogBoy51110 14h
14h OH MY GOD THE NECRO By level 10ish I have a skeleton army and can explode corpses with impunity. Inevitable damage adjustments aside, the ability curve is fantastic.Japhasca2 14h
14h KRYSBIN'S SENTENCE FOR ALL You should make KRYSBIN'S SENTENCE ring work not only for necro but for all characters in daiblo it have a great potential to many builds pls ! :)DaFF0 14h
14h Necro Needs Transmoq love Why did the necro not get any of the basic armor tiers besides like 2 or 3? Most of my awesome looks comes strictly from meshing basic mogs with some of the set/unique ones.Jackal8 14h
15h Any viable builds for Rathams? So far just barely missed a gr70, anyone have a great build?Ninkasi0 15h
15h Trag'ouls set feedback Now i'm gonna preface by saying i do not have a crazy amount of play time on the Necro, and my build is not 100% complete. This is all just my opinion and experience. So without further adieu. I'm Loving the Necro so far. Probably the most fun i've had in quite a while. I think y'all did a good job with the class as a whole, as it feels unique and interesting. I was excited to try the blood build, namely Trag'ouls. It's very fun but it feels like it's so very squishy. Let's go over the set bonuses: 2 Piece gives Blood Rush the effect of every rune. - It's actually pretty decent since it's easy to have high up-time on the extra armor, while also allowing us to heal a bit. Overall nothing over the top but does help. 4 Piece This is where the set becomes counterproductive. More health is not normaly a bad thing, but we want to aim for lower health to increase the effects of LPS. All of the other Necro sets get damage reduction, except this set. I think it would work better if instead of giving us 100% more health, it should give us 50% Damage resist such as the other sets. 6 piece The damage is Okay, but man oh man does the extra life cost hurt. The healing barely feels noticeable as we bottom out on health very fast, so much so that two or three casts in and our health is gone. Not a part of the set but: Dayntee's Binding: I strongly feel that this belt should work with every curse and not just Decrepify. While we could take said curse, we lose out on precious lifesteal and LPS by omitting Leech. By opening this up to other curses, it would increase build diversity. Again, this is just me opinion, lemme hear your experiences with the set.Algestes0 15h
15h Any Changes from Beta? Have there been any changes from the last necro beta build to what just went live? I looked at the patch notes and it looked basically the same. Did I miss anything?Kendis17 15h
15h Necro Achievement "Self Controlled" Necromancer Achievement ('Self Controlled' = Kill your own Shadow Clone with Simulacrum (it`s a skill) during the Diablo encounter.) this achievement appear to be either glitchy or not working .NOMAD5 15h
15h Female necromancer lore name please? Hello all. I have looked all around for the female necromancer lore name ( Ex: Liming, Johanna, ect.) and I could not find it. I am sure one of you guys most know? Thanks.Northerner20 15h
15h Best part about Necro, CoE free specs. CoE ruined the enjoyable experience for most classes.Cuddlebear12 15h
15h Top 1000 builds Oh hey look, every single one is the same. Bone armor, with 1 or 2 variances here n there...Such diversity.. Beta working as intended. LULGrapleSyrup9 15h
13h Path of Exile is the real D3 Quite surprising actually. Didn't realize this until I decided to give it a try last night, I was instantly hooked and played the game for 7 hours straight o.o For those of you out there who haven't discovered PoE yet and want to play a real Diablo game, I highly recommend it.Spawn22 13h
16h I love the Necro but!!! I'm still going use my WD for the season cause HT is an awesome build, IMO!SeaBigBear0 16h
16h Cant transmog necro on other toons? Why is it Necro gear cannot be transmogged onto another toon but all other gear can be?ICE1011 16h
16h So much disappointment...but not why you think I've got over the 'late' release (was actually the 28th in the uk) & I don't care about the price but no seasons until next month? Jesus surely it would of been good to make the seasons coincide with the release!Scobog4 16h
16h extracting corrupted ashbringer? Can't extract corrupted ashbringer? anyone knows if it's a bug or?jmadp3 16h
16h Season schedules Im a casual player and latelty I only see negative posts around the forums, I wont say anything about haters cuz you know haters gonna...hate I do will like Blizzard to make a schedule for the upcoming seasons so I can keep track of the game and not wonder when is each season gonna start. Jan-ap season 2, may-sept season 3 or something like that people need to know when each season start so we can get goals and play time set up for each of them. Ty and let the haters post sunk my postKingbaztard6 16h
16h Horadric Hamburger So I just found this thing. Does it remind anybody else of a double double In & Out or is it just me? Mind you I've been in Florida for 15 years now and have not tasted one in such a long long time!!!Bovie0 16h
16h Necromancer names What name are you gonna use? ... LaubrixSola This may help ... it continues to change by clicking ... but name field limited to 12 chars 16h
16h How to view set dungeon progress I don't know where to find information about the set dungeons I've already completed. ShalomBrotherGenji1 16h
17h Where do i view my set dungeon progress I don't know where to find information about the set dungeons I've already completed. ShalomBrotherGenji0 17h
17h Edira Challenge Rift Gift How do I get it after completing the Challenge Rift? It wasn't in the characters inventory after I completed the Rift in time.AnimalMan7 17h
17h Challenge Rift Live Feed What do you think? I do like the exploration of what is coming out and the insight as to the choices. I didn't like that the algorithm they designed will not currently allow for top leader board runs to be used. They said the top builds would be too much the same and too hard to learn. I mistakenly thought the theory behind challenge rifts was to allow those that say they could beat that high level greater rift if they had that huge number of paragons, high level gems and the best equipment a shot at it. You know, skill vs time played. Am I the only one that mistook the intention behind challenge rifts?cdm37 17h
17h ok blizzard please fix your servers i'm sick of the lagging and no its not my internet because I have really fast internet. I know there is a lot of people playing now but there is still no excuse. please make your servers better in the future.creep2 17h
17h The Butcher's Cleaver The item dropped from the Diablo anniversary a while back and the original butcher would drop his weapon, a 1 hander, you could transmog with. Yesterday it was fine using on my barb who would duel-wield them and frankly, looked great! Now today I still have the original item in my stash but the model has reverted to a very basic axe. Why? What happened? It was very cool to carry around a unique transmog!Villain2 17h
17h Why are my skeletons so clean? I want gritty looking skeletons like the ones which already exist in the game. I get it, it helps mine stand out from hostile skeletons. But surely there's a better way than giving me pure white skeletons yeah? I would LOVE to have filthy skeletons that blend with the rest. Could we at least have a toggle option for clean vs dirty? Just use pre-existing models for dirty if cost is an issue. My 2 cents!Nem1 17h
17h Lyndon Banter He may not be the most useful follower, but he is the most entertaining to listen to. With the Necromancer release, I thought it might be fun to dream up some new banter for good ol'Lyndie, especially suited to the Necro class. Here's a few to get started (imagine hearing these in Lyndon's voice in-game): "Is it just me, or has it suddenly become very chilly?" "I know doctor who could help you with that complexion of yours." "Well, with all this bone magic, I won't be needing the little blue pills I stole from the Kingsport apothecary!" Have fun.Attlas0 17h
17h List of all Wings, Cosmetics, Pets, and Promos I have been asked to post my personal cosmetic tracking document so here you go. Please note that it is sorted into various categories so some items appear in more than one place. I am always open to corrections if you notice something that needs updating. >^.^< WINGS 1. Angelic wings (white) - Buy a copy of the D3V Collector's Edition (CE). You would have to search Amazon and Ebay for a box copy and pray it is not a scam with a used key. 2. Wings of Valor (gold) - were a bonus for pre-ordering any version of D3 Reaper of Souls (RoS) (Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition (DE), or CE). The game key needed to be applied to the account by the 31 March 2014 deadline. No longer available. 3. Blade Wings (bone) – were part of the SC2 Heart of the Swarm (HotS) Expansion DE. They are now only available as part of the Deluxe SC2 bundle containing Wings of Liberty, HotS, and Legacy of the Void expansion. 4. Mercy Wings (mechanical + blade feathers) – Overwatch Origins Edition or Collector’s Edition. 5. Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings)WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition Requires base WoW game (all expansions including WoD are included). 6. Green Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the basic Set Dungeon Achievements. (Not tied to Seasons) 7. Green Leather Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the Master Set Dungeon Achievements/Goals. (Not tied to Seasons) 8. Cosmic Wings (Princess Lillian in Whimsydale) requires rainbow goblin to open portal. 9. Falcon Wings (Mysterious Chest Act 4 Gardens of Hope Level 1) 10. Andariel Wings: Season 8 Season's Journey Reward. Season starts 21 October 2016. No longer available. 11. Ghost Kerrigain Wings: Play 15 Heroes of the Storm Games with friend in VS AI, QM, Ranked, and Unranked Draft as Heroes from the Diablo Universe. Event starts June 13, and lasts until June 26, 2017. No Longer Available. 12. Wings of the Crypt Guardian: Necromancer Character Pack. Requires RoS 13. Trag' oul Wings: Complete all the Necromancer Achievements. Requires RoS and Necro Pack. 14. Other wings will become available in game in the future as rewards for completing various goals. No details available yet. PETS 1. Undead Dog pet: RoS CE (physical box) or DE. Still available. 2. Murkgoblin pet: Blizzcon 2015. No longer available 3. Frost Dog pet: Season 4. No longer available 4. Probe pet: SC2 LotV DE. Still available 5. Wickerman pet: D3 RoS Season 5 No longer availiable. 6. Blaze (Blazing Skull): Menagerist Goblin 7. Buddy (Fallen Hound): Menagerist Goblin 8. Bumble (Yeti): Menagerist Goblin 9. Charlotte (Spider): Menagerist Goblin 10. Cow King Pet: Menagerist Goblin 11. Friendly Gauntlet: Menagerist Goblin 12. Galthrak: Menagerist Goblin 13. Grunkk: Menagerist Goblin 14. Haunting Hannah (Ghost): Menagerist Goblin 15. Humbart Wessel (White Skull): Menagerist Goblin 16. Lady Morthanlu (Lamb/Goat Creature): Menagerist Goblin 17. Lamb (Human squire): Menagerist Goblin 18. Liv Moore: Ravi Lilliwhite (Weeping Hollow) 19. Malefasance: Menagerist Goblin 20. Ms. Madeline (Voodoo Doll): Menagerist Goblin 21. Overseer Lady Josephine (Teddy Bear): Menagerist Goblin 22. Queen of Succubus: Menagerist Goblin 23. The Mimic (Chest): Menagerist Goblin 24. The Stomach: Menagerist Goblin 25. Unihorn (Unicorn): Menagerist Goblin 26. Red/Black Unihorn: Season 7 Chapter 4 reward. No longer available. 27. Classic Diablo: 2016 Blizzcon ticket digital reward (virtual or physical ticket) 28. Baby Butcher Pet: January Anniversary Event. Start the D1 nostalgia event at char level one and complete it in one session without dying. You do not need to be level 1 by the end of the rift. 29. Baby Cow Pet (Royal Calf): January Anniversary Event. Get the rotting mushroom from the D1 nostalgia rift then complete a series of tasks. 1. Throw the rotting mushroom in Adria's cauldron in her hut (top floor not down below). Take the item you get. 2. Click 4 the bodies in Tristram in the correct order to get Wirt's Leg pattern. Text will give you clues. 3. Take the Wirt's Leg pattern to the Blacksmith and then craft it and salvage it to get Map of the Stars. 4. Go back to Adria's hut and click the dead cows outside in order 2,1,3 to open a portal to the Abandoned Farmstead. Go through then go to the farm and click Wirt's Stash chest to get the cow pet trinket. Right click the trinket to learn the pet. You may need to make a new game in order to access the proper phase for Adria's hut or to reset the dead cows if you already clicked them. 30. Rocky (stone golem type pet) - Season 9 Seasons Journey Reward for Chapter 4. 31. Half Formed Golem Pet: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. PENNANTS 1. Warlords Pennant: WoW Warlords of Draenor DE/CE: Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 2. Diablo 3 RoS Season 3: Pennant for completing Chapter 4 of Seasons Journey. No longer available. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. 3. Blizzcon 2015: Blizzcon Pennant. No longer available. 4. HotS Pennant: HotS > D3: Level a HotS account to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 5. Set Dungeon Class Achievements. There is a pennant reward for completing all the Class Set dungeons. Achievement [Class Name] Ascendancy. Gives one pennant for the basic completion and one for Mastery. 6. Season 6 - completion of Seasons Journey Chapter 4 awards a pennant. 7. Fallen Pennant (Harvest) – Patch 2.4.2. Graw the Herald Act 2 Stinging Winds 8. Loremaster Pennant - Season 10 Seasons Journey Chapter 4 reward. 9. Necromancer Pennant: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. TRANSMOGS 1. D3 ROS DE/CE Armor and Weapon Transmogs 2. D3 Season Conquers Armor Transmog from Season 1,2,3. Repeated in S4,5, and 6. 3. SC2 LotV DE Protoss Helm and Shoulder Transmog Still available. See below for link. 4. Blizzcon 2014: WoD themed Weapon Transmogs. No longer available. 5. D3 Patch 2.4 Lachdanon’s Stormshield Transmog. Secret area in Leoric’s Manor. 6. WoW Legion DE or CE: Demon Hunter Helm Transmog INFO BELOW FOR PATCH 2.4.1 FROM Dieidiotscum’s Spreadsheet 7. Axe 2-H: Kanai's Scorn - Immortal Throne Mysterious Chest (March Only) 8. Flail 1-H: Templar's Chain- Cathedral Level 2 Mysterious Chest 9. Axe 1-H Aidan's Revenge Currently NOT available 10. Mace: Mace of the Crows – Act 3 Barracks Lvl 2 Mysterious Barrel 11. Sword: God Butcher - Zakarum Cathedral Mysterious Chest (Act 5 Town) 12. Sword: Ghoul King's Blade (1) - Gardens of Hope Level 2 Mysterious Chest 13. 2H Mace: King Maker - Regreb the Slayer (Act 2 Stinging Winds) 14. 2-H Axe: Sungjae's Fury - Drowned Temple Mysterious Chest 15. Crossbow 2-H: Crossbow of Corvus - Blood Marsh Mysterious Chest 16. Spear: Steffon's Heavy Lance – Act 3 Arreat Crater Level 1 Mysterious Chest 17. Fist Weapon: Panther's Claw - Eternal Woods Mysterious Chest 18. Flail 1-H: The Que'Hegan's Will -Nevaz (Act 1: Halls of Agony lvl 3) 19. Helm: Star Helm - Orlash (Rift Guardian) 20. Sword: Amberwing - Erethon (Rift Guardian) 21. Staff: Reaper's Kiss - Infernal Maiden (Rift Guardian) 22. Polearm: Man Prodder - Lord of Bells (Rift Guardian), Versalius (Rift Guardian) 23. Shoulders: Star Pauldrons - Uber Diablo (Realm of Fright) 24. Sword: Quinquennial Sword - Jay Wilson (Development Hell) 25. Sword: Second Quinquennial Sword - Josh Mosquiera (Development Hell) 26. Flail: Flail of Carnage - The Butcher (Boss) 27. Helm: Helm of Cranial Crustacean - The Succulent (Tidal Cave - Greyhollow Island) 28. Fist Weapon: Hand of Despair - Rakanoth (Boss) 29. Portrait: Rainbow Portrait -Sir William (Whimseyshire) Requires Staff of Herding 30. Butcher's Cleaver - Blue item from the Butcher Boss on level 2 of the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 31. Red Soulstone Helm Effect - Equip the Legendary Gem that drops from Diablo in the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 32. Wirt's Leg - Crafted item. Recipe is from the January Diablo Anniversary Event. See the Royal Calf pet instructions for how to get it. SEASONS 1. Season 1, 2, and 3 Conqueror’s armor transmog rewards for reaching lvl 70 on a Seasonal Character. S1 armor reward was now available again in S4, S2 available again in S5. The other armor pieces will also be available again in future seasons. Requires RoS. 2. D3 Season 3 Achievement rewards a Portrait and Pennant. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. Season 3 ended 23 August 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future seasons. 3. D3 Season 4 Seasons Journey - Frost dog pet and portrait frames for finishing Chapter 4. S4 started Friday 28 August 2015 and ended 30 Dec 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. 4. Season 5 Seasons Journey – Wickerman pet, Portraits, Conqueror's Transmog Armor (repeat of S2), Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, 7th Stash Tab. 5. Season 6 Seasons Journey – Pennant, Portrait, Conqueror’s Transmog Armor Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 6. Season 7 Seasons Journey - Red Unihorn pet, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 7. Season 8 Seasons Journey - Andariel Wings, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 8. Season 9 Seasons Journey - Rock element themed Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Pet (Rocky). 9. Season 10 Seasons Journey - Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Loremaster Pennant. FREE CROSS GAME PROMOTIONS 1. HotS > D3: Level a HotS hero (since HOTS 2.0) to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 2. D3 > HotS; Reach lvl 70 in a Season and get a free Malthael’s Phantom mount in HotS 3. HotS > WoW: Level a HotS account to 20 to get the Graves pet in WoW. 4. WoW > HotS: Level a char in WoW to 100 to get a free Ironside Dire Wolf mount in HotS 5. HS > WoW: Win 3 matches against another player (not a friend) and earn a free mount in WoW. Free to Play. 6. HotS > HS: Level a HotS account to 12 and get the HotS cardback in HS. Free to Play. 7. WoW > HS: Level a WoW char to 20 and get free Liadrin hero in HS. Free to Play CROSS GAME DE/CE EDITIONS (only covers D3 cosmetics. See links for other game rewards) 1. Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition: Angelic Wings. See Wings Section above for availability. 2. Diablo 3 RoS CE/DE: Undead dog pet and Transmog items. Still available 3. SC2 Legacy of the Void Deluxe Edition: Drone pet and Protoss Transmog This is a standalone product. It does not require any other version of StarCraft II to play 4. SC2 Three game bundle DE: Blade Wings and Banner Sigil. Still available 5. WoW Mists of Pandaria CE or DE: Banner graphics and a Feat of Strength. No longer available unless you can find a box copy of the CE. 6. WoW Warlord Draenor CE or DE: Warlords Pennant. Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 7. WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition: Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings) and Demon Hunter Helm transmog. 8. Overwatch Origins Edition for PC: Mercy Wings. BLIZZCON REWARDS 1. -Blizzcon 2013 - Mark of Death Banner 2. -Blizzcon 2014 - Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications 3. -Blizzcon 2015 - Murkgoblin Pet, Pennant, and Portrait frame 4. -Blizzcon 2016 - Classic Diablo Pet EDIT - Corrected Wings section to note WoD is now included in the base WoW game. EDIT 2 - Added Mace of Crows location 1 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 3 - Added Steffon's Heavy Lance Location 2 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 4 - Fallen Pennant Location added 3 July 2016 EDIT 5 - patch 2.4.2 updates with new pet 8/8/2016 EDIT 6 - Belated update for Season 7 rewards 8/23/2016 EDIT 7 - Updated for Blizzcon and Season 8 rewards 10/12/2016 EDIT 8 - Updated for January Anniversary event coming in the next patch 11/18/16 EDIT 9 - Updated for Season 9, MoP CE added. 1/16/17 EDIT 10- Updated for Season 10. 4/2/17 EDIT 11 - Added Ghost Kerrigan wings and Crypt Guardian Wings 6/5/17 EDIT 12 - added Necro Achievement wings, man prodder new RG drop 6/28/17MissCheetah223 17h
17h Necromancer Set Dungeon and Achievement Guides Hello everyone, i just wanna share some guides for Necromancer Set Dungeons and Achievements, here are two playlist: Set Dungeons: Achievements: Hope that someone will find it useful :)Deathstar0 17h
17h New in-game store??? Q: How do I purchase the Rise of the Necromancer pack? A: For PC, you will be able to purchase both directly through a new in-game store front or via the Blizzard Shop. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’ll want to purchase through the PlayStation™ Store or the Xbox One Store respectively. What else can we expect to buy from this in-game store, I doubt Blizzard made this only for Necromancer pack? Can we buy more pets, wings, character slots, stash tabs...?Shark24 17h
17h Challenge Rift...wut? Few things: Are the weeks challenge rifts the same for everyone? Does everyone (at least in this region) have the DH impale build up? My second question is whaaaaaaaaaat is up with this build haha, its the classic impale build but with a cubed FoK effect with NO FoK skill taken, a pointless Bolas thrown in there instead, and Natalya's boots? coz....why not? Is it supposed to be this silly? Did some people at blizz get wasted and decide to troll this build? Still easily doable just found it weird.Fablezim3 17h
17h Estimate Season 11? Good afternoon, would you like to know an estimated date for Season 11? Can someone tell me?Midtrik31 17h
17h Duration of sale for Diablo 3 + Reaper of Souls bundle? As title says, how long is the sale going for? My friend wants to purchase the bundle before seasons, and before the sale ends, but he is waiting on a paycheck this weekend if the sale doesn't end too soon.Xzörröth3 17h
18h Melee-Focused Necro build recommendations Hey, guys. Like many, I've been messing around with the Nevromancer's different skills, but I've been struggling to create a melee-focused build for the character. Any recommendations for the skills, passives, and such to make it work?Blues19900 18h
18h Fifteen bucks?!!! Are you nuts?!! You put all that work into the free patches, all that effort into a new class and all these new features and you only charge 15 bucks?!! How do you expect to make a profit off this game?Thunderbayqq2 18h
18h Wouldn't the game be MORE fun with LoN? Guys, I'm not here to criticize the game or give a hate speech. I'm just here to make a single reflection: Wouldn't Diablo III be way more fun if LoN was the only thing available? I mean, devs could stop creating sets and simply start tweaking the skills / legendaries so basically all skills in the game were viable. It's beyond my comprehension that we have many cool skills in the game that can't be used because there are no equivalent sets made / being done. Just imagine the infinite ways you could build your character, using legendaries that buff different skills and trying a lot different ones together. There would be theorycraft and the game would be alive again. In my opinion, that would be a better game to play. I know it won't happen in D3, but maybe for D4? What do you guys think?Hex10 18h
18h How do I purchase the Necromancer Expansion? How do I purchase the Necromancer Expansion for the PS4? I went to the ps4 store but I cant find it anywhere. Is there not an option to pre-purchase? Also, If someone helps me out and I am able to download...does anyone know if I can pre download so once it goes live I can immediate jump in and start playing?NoSoupfOu12 18h
18h Question about new areas Is there a new quest line or story for the new areas? If so, where do I find them?Spiralmind2 18h