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2d Looking for flaws in my pointless system.. Ok, So I am having a problem here with crafting materials. I had originally planned on farming up 5-8k death breath and 1-2k each bounty material to prepare for necromancer. THE PROBLEM is that after farming up not even 1/4th of that i end up blowing it all on this stupid wizard trying to get primal items. I don't know the psychology behind what I am doing but I really cant help myself and I devised a system top keep myself from having the materials available without a little hassle. I want to farm up 6 sets of caches, put them on a level 1 alt character, and then dont touch it. lol. I was WONDERING if caches had a deletion time or if putting caches on an alt for a few days is possible/would cause problems. Self control with currencies has always been a huge problem for me in games, just looking to get that full ancient necro day 1 like i originally wanted. Many thanks for the help and I know im coming across as a nutjob but its similar to a gambling problem hahaRequiem12 2d
2d paragon 2500 +in a season Is it possible to get over 2500 para in a season without botting ? I play solo mainly so I get around 700 mark in a season. Or do you need to group play to get to these lofty heights.? Some of those leader boards are quite daunting and I take my beanie of to those who get there legitimatelyjules23239 2d
2d Do Legendary ring ability work on followers? Hello Friends~ I was a Necromancer DLC closed beta participant, and over in the private beta forums we were having a discussion yeseterday over a new "Necromancer only" ring that was in the beta. It's a new ring with lots of +stam and +int, with orange text (Legendary) ability that does double damage to slowed units, and triple damage to any other control impaired enemies. Now, the Sorceress follower has a TON of CC abilities that could trigger this damage buff, so I wanted to experiment with this with her. EDIT: Name of ring is Krysbin's Sentence (credit @Caladon). I was able to successfully equip the ring on her. However, playing as the Necromancer Zoo/Pet build with an army of 10-15 different minions I have damage numbers popping up all over the screen and so I couldn't quite tell if it was making her actually proc that double/triple damage on her attacks on CC'ed enemies... and sadly the beta shut down on me a few days ago before I could ascertain the facts one way or another. So I was just curious, if any hardcore D3 players out there (I am currently casual D3 player, and a bit out of the loop) know if Legendary ring abilities work on followers? If they DO, then Necromancer+Sorceress could potentially be the very best follower teamup.GabesRage15 2d
2d Realms of Fate Realms of Fate look great and the seamless transitions are awesome. But, given the very mixed content that can appear there I think they should be the perfect environment for Greater Rifts. Seamless-connected dungeons like that could greatly reduce the "fishing" aspect on GRifts IMO.XicaoXiita6 2d
2d Legendary Gem % Increase I got a legendary gem up to level 30 and upgraded a weapon. However, it only gave me a 1.6% damage increase. Is it normal for increases to be this low? I'm about to upgrade a weapon with a level 50 legendary gem, and I wonder if there is an exponential increase or will I only do a little bit better than the 1.6% increase.Johnsdad6 2d
2d Bring the javazon amazon the next class would be so good! Spears and javelins as their weapons, with builds allowing melee or ranged play. Lightning, poison, physical, cold, fire tunes but a focus on lightning and poison. And the melee dmg reduction of 30% I think would be fun. Why?! Because I loved javazon, and I want it back lol. But I honestly feel a Druid shapeshifter is probably next...BadKarma17 2d
2d Cant find the ghost kerrigan wings I completed the HotS event but i cant find the wings, i logged into a character to see if it was sent by in-game mail but nothing anyone know where i get them in my collection?Strykeraid31 2d
2d Wardrobe For gear that is saved in the wardrobe, can we get an icon on the item when we look at it in our stash our inventory so that we don't salvage it by accident? When I change builds, the gear gets tossed around and it's difficult to tell what might be items that were part of a saved build vs non saved items. Thanks!MerLock7 2d
2d Stranglethorns? I know the blackthorn pages from Act II references "Lost" But, after I transmute it (as if opening a portal), I get "Green Hills of Stranglethorns". What is that referencing? More importantly: why can't I open a portal to a cave filled with flying creatures by placing a "Cape of the Dark Night" in the cube? I think all legendaries should be capable opening such fun portals.DogBone2 2d
2d Blessed Shield LoN Build I think they should increase damage of Akkhan's Leniency like 60-75% and last longer than 3 seconds. I have 1684 P's and I did a 70 GR Solo with 4:36 left. I think for a LoN build you should get more from it than that.Drizzt2 2d
2d I want to pay 5 dollars I don't need more stash space or character slots, all I want is the necro. I only play one character per season and delete all my stash and characters when the season ends.Orion9 2d
2d Season 10 rewards Ive gotten through the 4 chapters in season 10 as a monk and didnt get anything from the armor set as rewards. I read that you can only get 1 set per season. I think I might of started a cherector, deleted it and started the monk. DId I shoot myself in the foot? am I doing something wrong?BigDog15 2d
2d The (Necromancer) I am here to say the (necromancer) is very fun to play. I did a gr 90 solo with him very fun. Thank you so much for adding him to the game. I really loved him in Diablo 2. I don't know how many hours I played him, but I did play Diablo 2 more then I do Diablo 3 and I'm setting on 12,000 hr played in this game right now. And seeing the (necromancer) being add to Diablo 3 I well play him tell I just fall asleep lol!!! FROM A VERY HAPPY!! FAN.Evil8 2d
2d Is it 7/20/17 yet? I just want to play season 11 with my Necro, just saying BTW!!!SeaBigBear4 2d
2d Please introduct DSR resolutions!! As from title, it would be fantastic to introduct DSR resolutions in D3, especially for 21:9 monitors. Currently I'm experiencing many limits with my Acer predator X34: there are no DSR resolutions, and the highest rersolutions available is 1920*1440 :-( !! Why??Pucidbu10 2d
2d Patch size Since I'm on a limited budget of data on WiFi, I was wondering if we might know the patch size ahead of time. It would be most helpful for me so that I can limit my online use enough to be able to download the patch without gobbling up all my data allotment. thanxVindictivus1 2d
2d noob questions regarding wiz lightning build Looking at the builds ontop of the wiz leader boards how are they getting in lightning damage?Frosty4 2d
2d How much would you pay for the Necromancer? Blizzard is obviously trying to figure out a good price for the pack at the moment. So how much would you pay for the pack? In the games current state I'd be willing to spend 5$ on the necromancer. Maybe, just maybe 10$ if I saw something really cool that knocked my socks off. Their higher ups are probably pushing for 20$. Just let me tell you Blizzard, there's no way in hell.frogg626284 2d
2d Why +2 stash tabs with Necro? How'd they come up with +2? By that logic, shouldn't we have 14 stash tabs total?Buffalo15 2d
2d Will primal unlock roll over at season end? I've already read the various blue posts on primals and didn't see these questions specifically addressed. If you have already completed a GR70 solo before the patch will primals be unlocked from the get go? If you complete GR70 solo with a season character in S10, will the primal lock roll over to non-season at the completion of season 10? And finally, if you play hardcore in S10, hit GR70 solo, but that specific hardcore character dies and is deleted, will the primals unlock still roll over? If anyone but a blue responds please include a link to your source, otherwise you're just speculating like I am. ThanksEmmetOtter15 2d
2d Out of hand , play other Bliz game for D3 Stuff Just not right .MichaelBnet88 2d
2d As a returning player caught b etween seasons and eras. Is there any reason to start a character right now? Or should I just wait until the necro and updates are out if intend to paly this game to cap and endgame? Keep note I have no intention as playing as the necro.Nesalze3 2d
2d i tried poe because of you guys worst game ive ever touched in my lifeZeroagainst69 2d
2d Stashed items... end of season I thought you keep all the items in your stash??Bradman1563 2d
2d Lagging Windowed Mode How do I make my game not stutter/lag when in windowed mode when Diablo 3 is not the selected window? I remember there being a setting for this, and I cannot find it after reinstalling.Echo3 2d
16h John Carter, the real Barbarian. Just finished putting this together. Enjoy. 16h
2d Rainbow Goblin Forgive me, it's been a while since I've played this game. Yesterday night I was doing some casual bounties in torment IX on my HC Demon hunter. I killed a rainbow goblin and went into his portal. I proceeded to get an absolutely ridiculous amount of legendary drops, gems, crafting materials and gold. Was this thing buffed? It was like everything I touched was a LOADED with goodies. It was quite satisfying. Just wanted to see if this was the norm now or if I was lucky.Shurb8 2d
2d Usual end of Season stash cleanup The tedious task of what to keep and what to toss is upon us once again. Since there is no way to compare your best Season gear against your non-Season collection, those usually stay in stash for email comparisons later, which prolongs the sorting stash process. Best Season gear may include cross-class and common stat items as well. I know this is a feature of playing Seasons, but Is there a more efficient way to do this? Anyone else hoarding Puzzle Rings/Bovine Bardiches till cleanup time?Graveheart4 2d
3d Necro defense ramp up Hi everybody, i don't really get why defense has to be ramped up. So you start squishy as !@#$ and have to get your defense rolling in the first place in order to play how it is supposed to be. Petset: For every hit one of your pet does you get 1% less damage taken stacking to 50. This is quite easy to ramp up but still.... but then this: Boneset: You rely on Bonearmor which si a 10 second cooldown cast and for every enemy hit you get 1 stack capping at 10 (with leg ring 15). With the set you get 5% mitigation for every stack, so 75%. SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. And what exactly does happen if you die or when you enter the rift? You lose your stacks. What does this mean? You have to ramp up again. You start in a situation after in that you take 4 times as much damage as you usually would. Bone set builds usually dont go for CDR so you can use bone armor about every 8 seconds (10% Paragon cdr + maybe somewhere else a bit) which means on a single target rift guardian you would need 2 full minutes to ramp up your defense again, right? I don't like ramp up mechanics regarding defense at all.Cashius27 3d
3d How are YOU all going to play your Necro? As with some of you, I'm sure, I've been putting off looking into what the Necro brings to the table, to not spoil myself, but as release gets closer, I've taken a look at some of the base skills they've decided to put into the kit along with the runes, and I have to say, it looks like this may be my new main class (yes, I know, it's shiny and new, but Necro was always my secondary main in D2 next to Druid). But I digress. As the topic suggests, are you going to be focusing more on Blood magic, or more of a minion based build? I'd like to hear the community's thoughts. I personally will probably be playing more of a Blood Magic/Curse heavy build.NewAgeDoom43 3d
3d I just played the Necro beta and it SUCKS Your forced into 1 set to compete in High Gr's. It's nothing like the old Necromancer at all. No ZooMancer. You are going to have to play it to see for yourself. If you like poison well too bad. They only gave you 1 poison passive and its really crappy. It slows enemies and reduces there attack speed. How the hell did they get paid to create a Thorns passive for the necromancer that only buffs the thorns of your pets when the Thorns Gem Aggros all enemies you hit to You and not your pets....... Did they even know what game they were working on? They didn't even make a thorns Golem... they should have... but they didn't. Sorry if your a fanboy and this makes you upset. I've played this game since Diablo 1 and I was hoping like I have been for along time for substance. I was let down again. If you have any questions for me about the beta I will check and answer.Leach84 3d
3d Ghost Kerrigan Wings Hey guys, been fairly busy with work and just seen this give away. This has to be done with a friend? Soo, does anyone want to team up to complete this challenge? I have a few friends that play D3 but they cant get on until the weekend so i'm hanging a bit here! Thanks for any help :)xSammox13 3d
3d Are Purchases Cross-Region? I was hoping to buy the necromancer, but I'm hesitating a bit! My best friend lives in the US and I am in Europe, so I wonder if buying the necromancer on my EU account will automatically unlock it when I switch regions. It may seem like a silly question, but I'd rather make sure :)Sarahsauce4 3d
3d good sales equal? good sales may equal future payed content for the game, which could be good for the game, since more flow of money coming in to them, means they can put more devs on the d3 team, only time will tellCheezusCrust8 3d
3d Last day S10 push, GR95 solo hydra wiz video Got a GR95 on last day of S10, solo hydra wizard. Great seasons! looking forward for next challenge. 3d
3d When does season 10 end? title ^^Enderz34 3d
13h Diablo 4 - World of Diablo MMORPG in development I have something really huge to spoil here. Blizzard is currently starting to allocate more developers for the future of Diablo series game. They are currently working on an Unannounced Project which I will simply call "Diablo 4" or "World of Diablo" since it's a MMORPG game. It's going to be a MMORPG like World of Warcraft, but with the isometric view just like Diablo and Path of Exile. But they are striving for something that look like to be more in the Lineage Eternal Twilight Resistance or Lost Ark scale (MMORPG, Open-World, Town Hub with tons of players, Trade, PVP, Raid, Dungeon, Loot, Craft, Exploration, ect). It's my personal opinion but I'm pretty confident that DUSTIN BROWDER former Game Director of Heroes of the Storm have switched over to work on this unannounced Diablo project about 6 months ago in December 2016 and quote from him in a YouTube videos "The most ambitious and promising project of my career". I can't wait to see how polished and well balanced this game could be. Finally a Diablo game that will live up to the expectations of franchise fans. I expect nothing less than AAA graphics, open-world, with tons of stuff to do from Blizzard in this isometric dark-fantasy MMOARPG. I think the project is still very preliminary and they are still working on servers stuff and design but I also think that they have a clear vision in mind. To gain back the Diablo fans they have lost with the dissapointment that Diablo 3 was despite the 30+ millions of sales worldwide. I'm guessing we will have a proper official reveal at BlizzCon 2017 or 2018 max and that the game will not be in a playable state before at least 2021 or more. Also, David Bravik, former Blizzard North / Diablo 2 and the first iteration of Diablo 3 (cancelled in 2005) developer recently speaked about the fact Diablo 3 first iteration made by Blizzard North in the 2003-2004 era was an MMORPG much like World of Warcraft, several screenshot of this build have leaked on the web after the departure of Blizzard North employee in 2005. But this game was cancelled for whatever reason and Diablo 3 became what we now know as a 4 player co-op ARPG game. He also talked about Diablo 2 development who had "Town Hub" developped at some point but the feature was cancelled due to the lack of time before official game release. They wanted to put all the players from the public chat channel into an in-game Town Hub instance for trade, etc. PRODUCTION DIRECTOR, UNANNOUNCED PROJECT : Lead the developers of one of the industry’s bestselling, genre-defining RPGs of all-time: Diablo! Blizzard is seeking a Production Director to bring the Diablo franchise into the future. Massive multiplayer game development experience Cover Letter telling us why you are interested in working at Blizzard and specifically Diablo What do you think of all this? Personally, i'm very excited and I can't wait to hear more from Blizzard in the coming months about this project.Epsilons91 13h
3d 2nd option for necro pack Instead of just two stash tabs, another $5-10 for a few more tabs? Purely optional. I personally hate seasonal play because I play this game to try new builds, and despite only playing 3 of the 5 classes regularly find the current stash to be limiting.Gbrav139 3d
3d necromancer is free trial? I heard somewhere necromancer is free until next season? This is true?Ashes10 3d
3d Didn't receive Kerrigan wings Hi, So I completed Malthael's challenge last week but did not receive the Kerrigan Wings? How do I claim the reward in Diablo 3? I play the PC version... both D3 and HotS accounts are linked under 1 account.Ghost4 3d
3d Put a SOLO lock on levels 1-70 The whole power leveling crap has been out of hand for an extremely long time. People want all the good stuff without doing any work, and power leveling shortens the lifespan of the game. 99.9% of the people powered leveled are so bored because they having nothing to do any more, that instead of playing are doing nothing but hanging out in chat, causing problems. If people are too lazy to play the game, and do the work from levels 1-70, then they shouldn't be allowed to use that character when it's level 70 either. Any power leveled character needs to be deleted if it's power leveled because if the work was not done by you personally then under that definition, it's not legitimate. The only people that will have a problem with this is the people who want to cheap the game and take shortcuts and use excuses such as "It's part of the game" or some other stupidity statement to justify this crap. It's very simple prevent anyone that is below level 70 from being able to play with anyone else...that right there stops power leveling. Do the work your damn selves.tx300088 3d
3d Druid at Blizcon 2017? I can't help but wonder why they are starting a storefront on a game that is 5 years old now, if they do not plan to release another class. I understand that online buying of the necro made way more since then the classic box game version. But still it leads me to wonder if some new wings, pets, and transmogs will come along now. Personally I would like to transmog the follower. I just don't see those as big sale things, like I do another class coming.jcauthon139 3d
3d So bot ban wave soon? Or do I have to join them next season?NightRaven28 3d
3d CDR meta Good day everyone. I created this post in order to get my thoughts down on the current state of itemization, particularly the dominance of CDR over RCR and to see if others would like this changed as I would. Currently the top builds for many classes completely ignore resources or are even penalized for using too many resources due to Aquila. Of the 4 classes I play, the dominant builds all ignore resources for the most part. Wizard: Once the most efficient resource spender in the game via APoC, now dominated by a build that gives infinite teleport (versus 25 AP outside archon), zero resource cost, ranged damage mitigation, and huge toughness buff. Completely CDR gated. Leapquake Barb: Dumps resources only to lower cooldowns, has near mandatory ultimate form, which is CDR gated Demon hunter: Mandatory use of Dawn, which gives 65% CDR to another ultimate form Monk: Mandatory 100% uptime on epiphany. IMO this needs to change. A greater emphasis on spending and using resources, and strategic positioning is better than having 1 or 2 "I win" buttons. Suggested changes: 1) New item: gain 50% DR for 5 seconds after spending primary resource 2) Double spender damage for all classes, slightly reduction in cost. 3) Reduction in CDR of all utility cooldowns - EG Diamond skin, Frost nova, black hole 4) Possible removal of ultimate forms I main a wizard and alternate between DH and WD so my knowledge of other classes is limited, if you have other examples of how over reliance on CDR harms your class, please list it.Gbrav130 3d
3d Buying the necro pack I am very curious about buying the necro pack in the sense that say I buy it for the PC, will I also have to buy it again for the ps4??ghostnapa5 3d
3d error 1061 I get kicked off during playBarneyb531 3d
3d error 1061 I keep getting an error msg 1061 and it kicks me of during my gameBarneyb530 3d
3d Necro will be nerfed cuz of brown nosing the Boss! Come on we all know the Necro is going to be pre-gimped to secondary support status so as not to out meta you know who's precious overpowered Wizard!Minka8 3d
3d Community Buff Event Does anyone else think that they should have a community buff event during the extended downtime between seasons and to "celebrate" the necromancer into the fold? i think it would be a great idea to have because it would mean more people playing ontop of the new wave of players there for the necromancer. gearing up faster during this time would help out with balancing aswell i assume as more data is available to them. if nothing else, they're kinda fun.Maht24 3d
3d Lost Characters Help!! Hi guys I haven't been on my diablo account for a couple or so years if not longer but was told no matter how long your characters are always attached to your account so I went to install it again ( using blizzard app) and I logged in but my characters aint there it says I can't change realms because I'm loading from blizzard app. I no longer have the disc as I don't know where it is and so I forgot how I loaded the game without the blizzard app I mean I thought it was steam at first could anyone help me get me chars back at all?Wrighty20 3d