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6d corrupted ashbringer have an ancient weapon but have noticed that the skeletons do not explode, they just fall over, plus they don't seem to do much if any damage at all. i am running t10 but still 1000% weapon damage you would think you would see results.has anyone noticed any issues with this weapon?tnutt6 6d
6d Paragon Calculator Question Is this calculator accurate? I was gone for a long time, I left and my Paragon was at 165 Currently on my Seasonal character I have 480 It says if the season was over today I would only get a combined 492. WTH! I hope that is not accurate, as it seems ridiculesLuciffer7 6d
6d Set Dungeons Why the heck are these stupid things still in the game. Challenge dungeons would be better and we still have no word of those. What they announced at Blizzcon are not challenge dungeons.Suedomsa16 6d
6d Ideas Ideas Ideas Here are some quality of life and game-play adjustment suggestions. One of the biggest pains is shards + pub games. You want this as a social game but I cant spend shards in pub games on the toons I want. It makes it more appealing just to group up with the people you know in a private game so you can switch back and forth A simple drop down list with kadala to change the class & or toon we want to roll on would be “GREATLY” appreciated. Even in private games it would be nice to be able to do this. The same option should be available to switch toons. Go to the wardrobe and pick the drop down for what toon you want to equip, make a build for & to switch to. Its really annoying when you are trying to do something with multiple toons and you have to start a new game every few seconds. The red soul shard. I applaud you for mixing up the game with a new leg gem type. But this gem becomes quickly useless. As you get higher in paragon the secondary effect becomes meaningless. I have some thoughts on how to make it more usefull The first trait leave alone but the second one we need to change At level 25 the fire pulse gains your largest elemental bonus and changes to that damage type. After hitting a single target more then once it begins a counter at 5 hits it will benefit from a coe and begin a second elemental attack (irregardless of whether your wearing a coe or not) These pulses are Guaranteed to cycle with a coe. At 10 hits you gain all elements (this implies a protracted battle since this rings pules rate is not the fastest) (adjust the 5 and 10 as needed) at 20 hits on a single target the gem detonates an elemental explosion (of the next cycle) that is 25 in radius and does 3x dmg this occurs with every element cycle change This gem now becomes scalable with higher grifts now and is useful to the lowest and highest player. Numbers may need adjusted so it scales right or toned back because to powerfull. Crowd control ---cant make everyone happy. There has been a lot of complaints about supports and crowd control,buffs and healing. There is just one problem with this mindset ---solo mele classes. Most of these need to be able to group to effectively progress. You eliminate crowd control you shoot them in the foot. I propose that a simple boolean be added to the database that determines if it is a solo game or not. If it is a solo game then CC cap is removed. The next section is probably going to make a lot of players angry but. Scale the meta possibilities up. 1. If no one wanted to play metas they wouldn't exist they obviously do so folk are happy with their existence in greater number and since they are happy they are not being vocal on the forums im sorry but there is evidence that the dissent is the vocal minority. 2. its an effective solution. Many games have multi class builds along similar lines for greater success. You also see this in life. In the military every unit typically has a diverse group of members for a larger pool of options. Its a winning strategy both in games and life The reason I say diversity needs expanded is Monk “Always heals” Barb “ always pulls and farms or globes” wiz & wd “ damage amplification” why not a heal wiz, pull monk and heal barb. I know that this would take time but the intro of items that allow this diversity would be a real nice feature. Next the gulf in paragon is unavoidable and honesty if you have invested that much time “WITHOUT BOTTING” then you deserve some reward but the gulf in gear is HORRIBLE. I can spend months farming for the right piece of gear that my buddy gets first try.. He has a Huge advantage now that allows him to run higher and get more paragon lvs then me. Im not saying gear drops shouldnt be random but there should be a way of addressing this My proposal (this would still entail an huge investment from the player grinding) change one stat same cost change 2nd stat 4x mats 5x cost in gold change 3rd stat 8x mats 15x cost in gold change 4th stat 16x mats 50x cost in gold Now you to can get that perfect amy but its going to cost you ---litteraly. Ramaldams gift Great addition lets build on that “Blah” (insert name here) gift collect 10 of these (same drop rate as Ramaldams gift) and combine them in the cube for a major gift regular gift will enhance the trait selected by 5% (only up to its max) if non ancient a trait might cap at 500 where on an ancient you could bump it to 750 but no higher then that traits max. using a major gift allows you to upgrade a legendary to ancient status but it will not raise any stats unless they are below ancient minimum. (this only allows you to bind a gem to it nothing else to improve the stats you would need the reg gifts or the enchantress) so yes this would lead to the potential of any player to have a PERFECT item but start doing the math it aint going to come easy or cheap. Another thing that would be nice is some gear balance in availability. Tals I can get an amy and a belt but no other IK same situation etc…… Either flush all the sets out this way or limit them all in the same way. I would personally prefer to see them flushed out. Every class gets a 2 handed weapon a 1 handed weapon offhand 2 rings and so forth this does mean that theoretically you could combine sets with an rrg and get some REAL power going here. But a simple tweak to one item might change that RRG if the player is wearing 2 , 5 piece sets and receiving a full 2 6 piece bonus their dmg is halved when ussing RRG. If they are infact wearing 2 full 6 piece sets no rrg no penalty is added but think about it they are giving up a lot of other additives now like travelers,compass focus, restraint, etc.. this just means that the possiblilites for mixing and matching go through the roof I could opt for 3 4 piece sets instead Now for some fun items that arnt needed but would be fun the heart of (insert name here) 10x more rare then any other item when in inventory it is the one thing you can use in a greater rift (or you simply force the player to replace their health potion and make that sacrifice) it would be preferable to just have in inventory. When activated 100's of cuddle bears come rushing in and “hug” the demon, undead, etc. A giant heart appears over them and detonates for 10% of their health. The fact that they drop VERY rarely means they would be for special occasions or pushes but yeah that one time 4 players could save them to take 40% of the guardians health in one shot. 1 caveat is you have to stop what you are doing to open your inventory and use it ---that includes your heal monk :). The fact that even hard core players would probably get no more then 10 a year and you can only use one per Grift means that they are a rare treat. Also just a personal side note IM SICK OF FIRE ONLY on the firebirds set could we reset the changes and just make the dmg bonuses slightly lower so it scales the same as fire currently does. There is ZERO diversity on the firebirds set and yet a wealth of skills to choose from ---none of which you can use because you need “fire dmg”ZENRAWTH0 6d
6d Who else is buying the Stash Tabs and 2 mules? Looking forward to buying the 2 stash tabs and 2 mules. I heard somewhere they are like throwing in some crappy thing in there for free. Like this new set build that uses this new Dash skill. I think it has something to do with this "Nec..." word. Point is, 2 new Stash Tabs!! And 2 more Mules!!! Happy dance.Steve32 6d
6d Starting Diablo III is a time waster I have played Diablo III for about a week now. It never lets me start a game on the first try. Usually, I have to start a game, wait a couple of minutes, then it shuts downs and takes me back to Battle net. I have to restart Diablo from battle net about three to five times before I finally get to go. Is this because there is a long queue for people wanting to log on? Today, I have been at it for close to two hours, and I still haven't been able to start a game. B**mer! Perhaps, Blizzard should put back some of the money customers have paid into buying a few more servers to ease up the load.PurpleEgg7 6d
6d DLC Price Point for Necromancer Pack Out of curiosity, how much do you think this will cost? Blizzard has not yet listed an official price. It includes the necromancer as a "new class" plus in-game pet, two additional character slots, two additional stash tabs (on PC), a portrait frame, pennant, banner, and banner sigil. My guess is $20. Too high or too low?MicroRNA137 6d
6d Diablo + Skyrim Ive just recently started coming to these forums... all I ever see is people b*tching, and complaining, so much negativity and hate in these forums it was driving me crazy. So Here's maybe a fun topic for yall.... What if Blizzard made a the next diablo first person like Skyrim, I know its not a ARPG, but started a different line next to the original ARPG series. Played like Skyrim but in the Diablo universe... What kind of ideas can we come up with??Necropotence14 6d
6h Diablo IV - What do you want? ... Truly Randomized maps with memorable iconic landmarks/structures and NPC's (Maps use "tiles" that are randomly generating the area-maps every time we create a new game. Every tile-type has a "pool" consisting of many possible tiles, and the Tile types are: "boarder tiles", "walking-path tiles", "quest-tiles", "random landscape tiles", "Optional Quest tiles", "Elite Encounter tiles", "World-event tiles", "Map-boarder tiles", "river-crossing-tiles" (that let you cross rivers by using bridges, fallen trees, stepping-stones etc.) This ensures, that no map ever looks the same Runes (dropped item) and Runewords using specific white/grey items as a base for the Runewords End-game viable Rare Items as well as mid-game set options Main Skill Trees that give 1-2 skill-points per level (level 1-99), as well as passive skill-trees that unlock passive-skilltree-points as you level up (at level: 5,10,15,20,25,30,35,40,45,50,55,60,65,70,75,80,85,90,95) Charms (dropped item) that are stored in the "Talisman" (limited space, so you must choose wisely) 3 Difficulties (Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and you must play through all of them every new season to reach Hell Difficulty which is the final End-Game difficulty for everyone) Matt Uelmen composes the music for Diablo 4, and if not, then whoever does it, tries hard to match Matt Uelmen's style. Jewels are back (Magic, Rare, and Unique) and are alternatives to regular gems. Trading must come back, but you can only trade items for items. Item classifications exist and only an item of a certain rarity can be traded for another item of that same rarity. (This form of regulated trading is preferred for newcomers and people unsure about how much their loot is worth) The second form of trading is direct between two players and takes place in-game. However, the second form is much less secure, but allows custom worth-definition for individual items by both trading partners. (This would be used by knowledgeable veterans, but also by potential scammers) Smart loot is removed (And is not necessary because mainstat is removed from classes, and all gear is usable by all classes and builds for the overwhelming majority of items. (some outlier-items exist that are class specific) 50% of damage and defense come from character development (skill point allocation and stat allocation). The remaining 50% of damage and defense comes from gear, charms and other items. 50% of the damage that comes from gear, is not coming from the weapon slot anymore, and instead is originating from various gear slots. Battle.Net chat channels where you land after logging in, or after clicking the "Join Chat Lobby" button. Our current selected characters are displayed along the bottom and everyone in the chat can see how we look and our level. (clans have their own chat-lobby, but it looks the same, except that clan ranks and titles are displayed somehow) Clans have "Clan Chambers" where clan members can donate items and gold in exchange for "Clan-Bank-points" that go into the clan-bank, and the clan can then spend these clan-bank-points to change how the Clan-Chamber looks, and what features it has. Stuff like banners, Props like tables, chairs, carpets, fireplaces, fancy Stash-Chests, Fancy-Armor racks etc. Think in terms of "Knights of the Round Table". Leaderboards exist, but are for leveling 1-99. open-world PVP, Arena PVP, TeamArena PVP, as well as some competitive PVM modes. Cosmetics-Paragon - Level 1-999. This "Cosmetics-Paragon" system unlocks cool cosmetics, transmogs and other E-Peen gimmicks as you level up. This system would start after you reach level 50 in the Main-Level System(1-99). This Cosmetics-Paragon is purely aesthetic and has no real-in-game benefit At least 6 players in multiplayer games.TOPCommander24 6h
6d Can you gift ROS to a friend? Like on Steam.. You can buy a game for a friend. Can I buy ROS for someone else and have it added to their account?Badactress15 6d
6d Season 8 Question So, never done a season before which is why i'm asking this. Might be a noob question to most of you, but can you complete season achievements for later chapters without having completed chapter 1 of the season? For instance, in chapter 2 of the season there is a requirement where you level up all artisans to 12. If I get that requirement before completing chapter 1, will it already be done when I get to chapter 2?SamLucio4 6d
6d D3 Launch pre nerf Inferno Who here also cleared Inferno pre nerf? and how do you currently feel about changes to the game since?SpleenThief26 6d
5d Compass Rose and Traveler's Pledge... Okay so... I want to talk about these two items because they're required in quite a few top end builds these days. The topic is simple: why have they not been reworked to come preconfigured the way a lot of jewelry is these days? That is with a socket and maybe a useful stat. Focus and Restraint come with a socket guaranteed at least, which makes farming a good pair MUCH less frustrating. On the other hand, these two items are so necessary, yet getting a good pair is SO DIFFICULT. Even amongst the highest end of the leaderboards you still see people going around with imperfect and even crappy pledges and roses (the number 2 gen monk in 4p seasons at the moment has a pledge that looks almost exactly like my FB wizard's). Getting a good one is just plain frustrating and can be the handicap of many builds. For instance, these days I literally determine how long I'm going to play that season on how good the first good pledge I find (if I find one) that season, because I know that finding another one will be next to impossible, and it will practically determine how high I can climb. To put this in perspective, I have spent DAYS farming bounty mats and have spent 3k forgotten souls (that's 60 rerolls) on various pledges and have nothing to show for it. My goal was a fire elemental/chc/chd amulet with higher crit damage than what I have. What did I end up with? Nothing. And the problem is that the chance of finding that is so astronomically low because of the way they drop with utterly random stats... and hell they don't even have a socket most of the time. I like working for reward but these two items are outright frustrating. I have legitimately quit seasons at times because I couldn't get a good pair no matter what I did. It's like winning the lottery. The grind for everything else you need to tackle the leaderboard is at least reasonable.StoleOwnCar14 5d
Dec 1 I've come to realize I dislike sets Sets entirely or sets that require 6 pieces I'm not sure. Sets that require nearly half of my available slots means less variation, just for 2 (admittedly) powerful bonuses. Sets are a way to guarantee the player base makes builds around these items as the bonuses are usually stronger than 5-6 other legendaries. And if they aren't stronger than the equivalent number of legendaries then there's almost no reason to include them. Using the no-set set bonus takes a long time. Getting all those ancient items is a lot slower than trying to collect a set, especially given the guaranteed set with Season Journey items. I feel like this was just created as a crutch (and a hard-to-find one, at that) to offset the power of sets. With the build I'm using now, I feel frustrated that I can't pack in all the items I want. Generally, sets in Diablo 3 focus on a few class skills, making them much more powerful. The way it is, a set must exist to support skills for a class or they may very well go unused.Domiran3 Dec 1
Dec 1 Panther Claw Hi, After 5 Month farming the mystic chest in Eternal Woods was available- open, but no transmog, white item, "Panther Claw" drops. Is the drop not guarnteed if mystic chest is found?Nazgul5 Dec 1
Dec 1 error 3025 I keep getting this error 3025 , how do i get rid of thisbromius2 Dec 1
Dec 1 "the game connection has been lost: your client... I see a few posts about this from a couple of years ago but nothing recent so I am hoping someone has an answer for this. I keep getting "the game connection has been lost: your client has been disconnected from the server" when I try to log in. I can log into every other online game I play and my latency is roughly 90 in them but almost every time I try to get into D3 I get the same error. If I keep trying sometimes I get in but rarely so I have checked everything on my end. My internet is solid on all other games and my dsl has been checked by my provider this morning and we are running at 7 down and .7 up reliably. My firewall is off and I have had no luck fixing this. Does anyone have an idea as to what is causing this? Any help is greatly appreciated.Darthanulus7 Dec 1
Dec 1 is this game not single player? So I've had diablo 3 for a good while now. When I first got the game I had no idea it was multiplayer only. That's a game breaker for me. When I first started playing I had no idea how to navigate the game and when I it had a chatroom and people were talking in it I just assumed that I accidentally made a multiplayer game. Luckily they told me how to make it private so I could play alone. I was too focused on the story to really care at this point that I had accidentally made a multiplayer character. It wasn't until a few days ago that I realized this game doesn't have single player, and you can't play it at all without an internet connection. With the goal in mind of being polite about this, even though I must admit I am rather... angry... I must respectfully request at least some reconsideration in allowing us to play this without an internet connection. I have been considering upgrading to the expansion but now I'm not so sure I want to shell out extra cash for a game that could ruin its own immersion if my internet decided to go out. It often does...NonShallot54 Dec 1
Dec 1 Max stash tabs? Just wondering, I have now 10 in total, is this the current cap? If so, what about the extra 2 tabs for the necromancer DLC pack and future seasons?Peregrine192 Dec 1
Dec 1 More Follower Options would be great for development We've had a lot of great free improvements, and I'm happy I haven't had to pay. We got new legendaries, the paragon system, rifts and grifts, uber bosses, cow levels and pony levels, and kanai's cube added since d3 came out. However, there is much potential with changing the way we choose a follower. Imagine being able to use another champion as a follower. It could follow the same design in terms of item slots, but allow for a few set bonuses so you can bring your own tank when you run solo games. Being able to run more skill slots would be nice, even if they don't get runes (I'll take a follower barb with no rune earthquake over the arrow guy tickling enemies with poison every 20 seconds). If it was at all possible, and all the glitches could be worked out fast enough, I'd really like to see other ways to use champions over the typical followers. What if you could summon a clone of another champion you own, items and everything, as long as experience isn't somehow doubled by mistake (because you aren't actually playing on two accounts). This could be a vast improvement for solo players that don't get the chance to join a group because they don't hit paragon 2000 on the 1st day of the new season, like some people do when they marathon day 1 as a 4 man crew.Notsure13377 Dec 1
Dec 1 Please give me at least an option for Light Radius! once a year I can enjoy awesome Diablo features? Cant you just make it an option for players who are not satisfied with the lighting and general brightness of the original. I want a gothic dark experience.Nazgul2 Dec 1
Dec 1 i cant see any 1 why in the game i doesnt see any 1 online ?? have problem with my diablo?kelx904 Dec 1
Dec 1 Season 8 Boost to 70 Hi Guys, I know I am a bit late to season 8 but would really appreciate it if someone could boost me to lvl 70 please add me slackgaz#1346 Im in game now!!! TIAslackgaz2 Dec 1
Dec 1 Latest patch reduced game field of view Latest patch November 29, 2016 reduced the field of view for the game screen. This new patch has created a partial zoomed effect that causes huge trees and other objects that can cause individuals with sensitivities to seizures the inability to now play the game. Blizzard should allow the player to restore the game back to the same field of view prior to this patch.afsec97 Dec 1
Dec 1 REMOVAL OF ORDER ON BOUNTIES Its been 8 seasons and people still cannot get the order correct. It is very simple, open the world map and check where the bonus is active. Starting from Season 5 bounties became a necessity to complete all 5 acts versus spamming act1. We need a petition to fix the system on bounties. This will help out both groups and solo play as there will be no "blacklisting" of bad players. Another idea I have is to remove the bounty system entirely. This idea came from the "special PTR vendor" What if we pay for bounty caches with shards. kadala will have another tab for act specific caches. 375 shards = 8 mats from 1 act. and loot from that act. 500 shards = 12 mats from 1 act. and loot from that act.Kamui12 Dec 1
Dec 1 Help! Tristram Cathedral Hey, is there a way to find out in wich order the artworks about the tristram cathedral have been released during the development of the game? I need to know this because i write my bachelor thesis about this building. Thanks for your help!Asanur6 Dec 1
Dec 1 If you are lead d3 dev what would you be working on? On your list of priorities 1-100, where would you put limited time only (1 month) d1 content that developers have been working on? I would announce that as an anniversary gift to players, the dev team will be working hard on known issues, like sets dwarfing the legendary pool & choking build diversity. What would be your priority? Would working on the limited time d1 maps be #1?Zyron42 Dec 1
Dec 1 Regreb the Slayer is not found after hundreds of runs. I was at both adventure and campaign modes searching for Regreb the Slayer in Stinging Winds but to no avail. It's already been 2 months but still no where to be seen. Is there any criteria to make him spawn? I've found every other transmog (except the missing 3) but him. If it's because of RNG then the rates between others and him are too great. I'm suspecting there is a bug or a criteria to meet before he can spawn in Stinging Winds. I need helps, thanks. PS: a demon hunterzenjet12 Dec 1
Dec 1 Tal Tasha Dungeon Help! They just die way too fast!CrimsonKing2 Dec 1
Dec 1 3025 anyone else? 11-30-2016 kind of annoyingCorpseWeaver20 Dec 1
Nov 30 Few of my thoughts for next Diablo Posting this for community reps to hopefully add to an internal wiki or however Blizzard collects brainstormed ideas. -I'll be satisfied whether D4 is a series reboot or next lore installment. However, if reboot, make sure the rebooted content goes up to the current story point in general, else I'll feel short-changed. -The game worlds are isolationist in style, so revamp the chat interface to give a better sense of community. I miss having a bar that shows people in a channel. Heck, even IRC has a list of people in channels. -I love min/maxing as a goal (though I'm not good at it) - I think this is one of the pillars of ARPGs. I want to see a combat log like WoW has where actual data can be collected instead of having to guesstimate by observation. The next step is to have interface elements that utilize those numbers like DPS meter or Exp/hr meter.Tripnosis0 Nov 30
Nov 30 D2 Forum Seeing as more people actively play D2 than D3, I think D2 should have its own picture on the site. Promote D2 then sell a remastered version with a few upgrades. Also, D2 players won't have to come onto the D3 forum to complain about D3 cause their forum has been relegated to a black hole that is difficult to get to and hard to find.Strolln1 Nov 30
Nov 30 Question about D2 Not trying to start a big thing, just a simple question. For someone new to d2, would you suggest installing the expansion right away, or play through the vanilla game, then install LoD?CUinHell20 Nov 30
Nov 30 Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 expansion? Diablo 4 or Diablo 3 expansion? Does anyone have any news? ... or Blizzard?zyon22 Nov 30
Nov 30 Necromancers Class items I feel like the necromancers class items should include shoulders. To me the giant shoulder skull is very iconic to his armor types, and will also give more love to shoulders in general. What do you guys think?SkeletonMan44 Nov 30
Nov 30 Remove single player Please add support for single player by removing the wait times when dying and adding the appropriate toughness on end game gear so it has sustainability instead of being one shotted by anything. Otherwise remove single player since this is a joke in the face of the community Thanks !Loque25 Nov 30
Nov 30 Can we please have more inventory space? I like playing all of my characters, but Blizzard keeps adding all these new items, all these gems, for all of these unique builds, but now when I want to switch builds on just more than one character, I literally have no room. I'm now having to throw away countless items that I would actually like to keep, for certain builds, just because I simply don't have all the room - especially since they added all these new gems, my inventory is flooded with an entire section of just these gems by themselves. If you're going to keep giving us new items, or upgrading current items with new properties - at least have the decency to give us more inventory space to hold these items. Having people create new characters for the purpose of simply holding items seems technically inefficient, because this will clog the databases on these accounts with unnecessary characters; just to hold items. Building "Mule" characters to hold the items, or making seasonal characters for the purpose of holding items, or set pieces is silly; and counter-productive - why can't we just have more inventory space? I'm about to quit, because now I can't have any fun with having such a limited inventory, while Blizzard continues to add more, and more items to the game; in addition to updating the already existing ones with new properties. I want to keep my items, and not have to trash them.Panemon218 Nov 30
Nov 30 Diablo 3 Forum Lurkers We lurk cause this game is bad and it makes us angry. The lurkers are the D2 players you idiots. I have seen plenty of people complain about people lurking on the D3 forum and complaining about a game they "claim not to play". Well listen up dummy, we don't play that trash. We care about the Diablo franchise and legacy. We are and were embarrassed when we showed our friends D3 on release, we wanted them to see why we loved the Diablo franchise and ended up embarrassed. The updates have brought me back to check out the game again before and it's still bad. I don't play it, I play the D2 ladder. Diablo 3 is complete garbage. It's not as good as even PoE, torchlight 2, Grim Dawn, or a number of the games that tried to be knock offs of D2; and you know what, these games exist and have done well because the niche is open as Diablo 3 went a different direction and is trash.Strolln12 Nov 30
Nov 30 All EU content Vanished Hi all wonder if any one has an idea on whats happened to my account while I wait for a response to my ticket. Was playing D3 perfectly fine yesterday, there was no Windows update on my system for last night and nothing on D3 showing a change. When I logged in this morning before work, I kept getting a box come up every time I pressed the launcher button saying "the game had experienced an unexpected error and to report it." After some research with no joys I decided to uninstall D3 and start again. Now the game works perfect but I only have a monk on the US servers, all my EU content has vanished, not a single EU class is even shown. As you can see from the link below I have 10 Char on the EI server and 1176 Paragon points. I've not been banned as I've recieved nothing from BLizzard. Any one got any idea ???? Just noticed no matter what Region I choose US EU or ASIA I am taken to my US char screen. I have no Classes on the Asian server so there should be nothign there but the option to make a new char.....VINEUK6 Nov 30
Nov 30 'Member itemized skill runes? 'Member? Those were sweet. I 'member I don't think it is too late to reintroduce these. Create new, more powerful skill runes but have them drop from a special, very difficult enemy. You could even make it fit the "mold" of the current legendary gems. Just make them the next tier of RG items (like start chances at torment X or something) and have them slot into weapons to add a great new rune to an underused ability for that class. This could be made into a form of end-game build diversity all by itself. i.e. it has been a long time since overpower or revenge were useful for barbs. If you make an item that makes it your best skill you will have to wiggle around your skills and gear to make it work, right? Disintegrate, a currently unused skill for the most part, has some serious buff potential. What if channeling it made it get huger and stronger? What if Chakram became THE endgame room clearer for demon hunter's? It's not that hard to increase build diversity, as you have shown with the powerful 6set bonuses. Just itemize it. Bring back skill runes as high level drops.Genghis2 Nov 30
Nov 30 Thoughts on PTRs, Player/Dev Communication, and more Despite all the comments and suggestions for improvements I’ll outline below, I want to mention first and foremost how much I love the game you’ve created. All the criticism that one can read everywhere around the web regarding Diablo 3 can also be seen as a sign of success how you have managed to touch millions of players so much that they care deeply about the game; enough to think about ways to further improve it. Everytime I struggle with something in Diablo - be it something about the game’s mechanics or engine or just the challenge of a high Greater Rift or bad luck in item drops - I just remind myself that this game in the end always feels rewarding enough to go through those struggles because at the end of the day there’ll be the sweet taste of success. TL;DR: There’s no TL;DR. Much of what I say has been suggested before - but I felt in one last effort I might just try to put everything into one post that I’ve heard from the community over the past few years. Also, maybe for some of the community’s arguments a more in-depth reasoning as to *why* a certain change is needed might help to make the case. ==================================================================== PRELUDE ==================================================================== Usually PTR is a pretty open testbed, and the 2000% legendary buff indicates that you just want a lot of players to join PTR testing - regardless of background. Basically: the more the merrier, to get as much data as possible. Last PTR, however, there was a post by Wyatt and in particular his last paragraph caught my eye: “Finally - I want to circle back to a statement from the start of this post - as developers we do not know what the new optimal group composition will be. We're making some significant changes here and the game is intentionally too complex for us to figure out optimal strategies on our own. The collective wisdom of the player base is far more resourceful and capable than us. As a result - we really need people to jump on the PTR and try this stuff out! Particularly 4-player groups. If some highly competitive group discovers a composition of 4 Crusaders that is the most effective but deliberately "hides" it from the rest of the community, then there's not much we, the development team, can do. While we are ultimately responsible for the quality of Diablo III, we can't improve this game without your help.” - Wyatt Cheng, June 22. That was four weeks before the end of the season. In the days after this post I logged on to PTR and in between my own testing checked the group leaderboards, in particular 4 player non-season. If my memory doesn’t fool me, two weeks later (which is when season end was announced and all competitive players raced for the leaderboards on live) there were a grand total of 131 players ranked on the 4 player leaderboard. Approximately 40 groups (in various different compositions) had even cleared *any* Greater Rift, and only three of them had done 100+. Given that only hours after the non-season leaderboard reset multiple groups cleared GR105 on live in every region, it’s safe to make the following statement: No single “highly competitive group” took up your call for “optimal group composition” testing on PTR. By the end of the PTR, there were only a handful of groups ranked that are experienced competitive high-end players with the ability and knowledge to push the boundaries of group compositions. However, that was after the season had ended, the PTR forums had been closed, and likely any discovery would’ve been too late to be fixed. Also note that some groups did test, but decided not to reveal their findings. Sorry for the long story, but I hope you get my point: If you want PTR to be more than just random data collection but actually a meaningful testing environment, I think some things need to change. So, what are the “lessons learned”? I don’t know about yours, but here are mine - not just from this PTR, but from many past PTRs. ==================================================================== PTR INCENTIVES ==================================================================== If you want “high level group composition” testing, i.e., meta theorycrafting, create incentives. High-level players have to sacrifice playtime they would invest in paragon/gear/gem farming on live, and oftentimes it is just to find a build that won’t make it to live anyways, especially in early stages of PTR we all know that it will never resemble the final patch balance. I do not know which incentive you can create; what about some cosmetic reward (like a pennant or flag design that gets transferred to live)? Something like “final PTR leaderboard rank minus 999 in Death’s Breaths” for the next season, which gets unlocked once you reach paragon 800 in the next season (to not skew the starting race)? I would certainly push as hard as I can to get rank 1 PTR then. ==================================================================== REPLACE THE 2000% BUFF WITH A VENDOR ==================================================================== Turn off the 2000% legendary drop rate buff, or make it optional. We intentionally did most of our testing on live instead of the PTR because the legendary drops completely falsify any seasonal testing (e.g., I copied my character a few times on PTR and every time I had my full class set *before* I completed the Haedrig’s Gift’s requirements). In every 1-70 leveling run on PTR we agreed to not pick up legendaries - but had less crafting materials. In rifts, the 2000% legendary drop rate is fun for about 5 minutes, but then it’s only annoying. You spend 80% of the time looking at the drops to figure out if it’s an item you want and 20% actually playing/testing. On the other hand, I wanted to test Sprinter on Seasonal PTR but did not get any Manajuma - despite the 2000% buff. Please turn off the buff after a while or make it optional. What would be much, much better for testing would be to have a vendor. Want to hop on PTR and test a build? Go to place X and buy your set from the vendor. Test the build and report issues. It could even have fixed stats for more streamlined testing. After all you want people on PTR to test builds - not to test looting. People will still jump on PTR, get the items from the vendor, and test builds; but they’re not subject to loot RNG in what they can test. ==================================================================== PTR PERFORMANCE ISSUES ==================================================================== Lag, latency, and queues. First, consider a EU/Asia PTR. With the exception of the Hydra wizard in Season 3, most of the meta discoveries did not come from the NA realm, but EU and Asia. If you compare the leaderboards of the past few seasons you’ll notice that other regions are quite a bit more competitive. However, the NA PTR has quite a lot of latency for non-NA players which makes some builds really hard to test and in general the testing environment not enjoyable. Second, the PTR should have separate stages; only activate the 2000% legendary buff when you want lots of people to come on PTR and do testing to get lots of data. However, coupled with new content that always created queues and lots of lags - up to a point where high GR tiers are unplayable and testing is pointless. And if your game has queues that also means you can’t forfeit a rift, which means you can’t really go high and test your limits (or you’ll be stuck in the queue for an hour). ==================================================================== TARGET DUMMY AND COMBAT LOG (PTR ONLY) ==================================================================== Okay, I know you hate “DPS meter” and anything like that for Diablo and will probably never give it to us on live (*cry* but I loved LUA scripting in WoW so much). However, it is really difficult and cumbersome for us to test something (and prove those test results) on PTR without having a good baseline and all test results being subject to the typical RNG. I used to kill Ghom a few million times with a legacy “min damage ring” to get a fixed amount of damage (rather than a damage range) and a Mara’s in order to get results, but since he has adds and area damage is such an important part of high GR damage output, it’s not really that helpful. Just imagine there would’ve been a test dummy in town on last season’s PTR - people could’ve shown you within a few minutes that the Twisted Sword’s cap is actually bugged. An entire season of nerve-wrecking, motivation-killing “Twister meta” that caused you so much trouble would not have happened. After all it’s PTR and you want us to test something, but there are no good tools provided. It would be awesome if you could give us something. A target dummy in town (or a group of target dummies in another corner in town) and a PTR-only combat log (even if it’s just a simple “/savelog” command that puts the last 1000 combat events into a text file in the Documents folder) would help so much. And again it would create an incentive for competitive players to hop on PTR. I actually think it would be *beneficial* for proving the build diversity: currently, one player finds out that a spec is really nice. She/he goes ahead and clears a high GR with it, and everyone copies that build like a horde of lemmings. Since 1000 players play this build (and only a few try others) it places much higher on the leaderboard, leading to the conclusion that this build is 5-10 tiers better than the others (despite the real power difference only being 2-4 tiers). This has happened multiple times in the past. A test on PTR with target dummy+combat log would settle many arguments and give those of us who prepare builds on PTR and publish them on Diablofans some evidence to point out that there’s not only one build, but the others are really strong as well. Just look at the current season: everyone was crying about the RoE “nerf” for HT Gargantuams, but the build is still stronger than the others - but Jade, Firebats, and others are now relatively close. A simple target dummy test after the nerf would’ve helped to stop the players’ outrage. ==================================================================== TELL US WHAT YOU’RE WORKING ON (PTR) ==================================================================== A thread with “known issues”, “things that are being worked on”, or just any other form of acknowledgement of player feedback. (I realize this point is almost more about communication - but I want to stress how important this is for PTR.) Many people have even suggested a button that simply indicates “read and forwarded”. In the past there have been “known issues” threads for Diablo 3, but recently I can’t remember - and if so, it did not contain some of the most severe bugs. On almost every PTR forum thread I see people posting “feedback is useless, Blizzard doesn’t read it”. We all know to ignore those cynical users, but with a bit more activity from blue posters on PTR forums such posts wouldn’t even happen. Sometimes there are weeks of PTR uptime without a single acknowledgement of the posts made and bugs reported on PTR forums, so people wonder: “Should I go on PTR, test the same thing, and report the bug again, providing more data?” “Does Blizzard know about this?” There have been bugs in the past that were only fixed after several seasons or bugs that are still not fixed (such as firewalls in Keep Depths Greater Rifts that are wiping entire groups for close to two years now). There are many examples but I want to highlight one: At the end of the Season 6 PTR, the SoS clan (from NA) did a few tests with Twister meta and immediately realized that Twister is still broken and insanely overpowered (that was even before the even more powerful Twister 3.0 that was discovered 6 weeks later on live by EU players). They made multiple threads, including links to spreadsheets and elaborating on their testing and the issues, begging for a fix. However, nothing happened. Their threads were even deleted, so we knew moderators saw them - if their language was out of line that’s all fine if they’re being punished, but many people in the community really wondered why it was not only not fixed, but also why there was no response. Now please put yourself into those players’ position: You go on PTR, test something, find something that is horribly broken and 10-12 tiers above the rest. You report it to the developers - your thread gets deleted and the broken mechanics remain unchanged for an entire additional season. Two months later, you see a developer asking to go on PTR and do high-level meta testing to find broken mechanics. To be honest: I understand why they did not respond. Up until Wyatt’s bluepost the entire community assumed that you were completely fine with the Twister meta and we would see it again for a third season in a row, and I can’t remember any direct response to high-level “meta” testing in any of the recent PTRs. A simple post at the start of PTR with “Twisted Sword is being looked into” would’ve sufficed to put everyone at ease, give the community hope, and players might’ve went on PTR to figure out “what’s the thing that might follow once Twisters are done”. ==================================================================== HIDDEN MECHANICS IN A CASUAL-ORIENTED GAME ==================================================================== Now, with things like Haedrig’s Gift, keeping things simple (e.g., by having elective mode as opt-in), and having challenges that are rather easy to survive (some have finished their Season Journey in one weekend, completing all goals that the game offers in about 30 hours) you have made it very clear that Diablo 3 is geared towards casuals. And I mean this in a very positive way: I remember a quote from before D3 release stating that everyone who knows how to use a mouse will be able to play Diablo 3. If I look back to my first steps in Diablo 1, the game was exactly that - you click your way through Tristram’s dungeons; challenges occur when monsters are too powerful but you just farm some more loot to become more powerful and try again. Now, this paradoxon of “casual gameplay” and “constantly being challenged by more difficult obstacles” is what has made Diablo great. The simplicity of loot - looking at an item and comparing its stats - fit into this quite nicely, it was a conscious design decision to reduce the number of affixes compared to D2, and the tooltip comparison made this even quicker. In Reaper of Souls you added the legendary affixes that greatly increase the fun in creating builds and entirely change the dynamics of classes and their specs. Some classes right now have probably 10 viable builds or more for higher difficulty levels - something unheard of just a few patches ago. However, some of those items and bonuses are at odds with the original mantra of simplicity. A simple example is The Furnace: It’s a great weapon that offers 50% bonus elite damage, but it’s not being displayed in the tooltip comparison or my character screen. I can take out a calculator, but then I have to ask myself “how often do I fight elites”? Well, we have learned to grapple with those decisions - either by taking out a calculator, by asking in communities, or by just trusting our gut. After all, it’s “only” a 50% buff for elites, and at most the difference will result in 2-3 GR tiers. But more complicated examples can be found among the now over 350 (cube-extractable) legendary powers, such as The Short Man’s Finger. It’s very similar to The Tall Man’s Finger, and with Ring of Emptiness, Convention of Elements, and Stone of Jordan a Witch Doctor immediately has an array of 5 rings to choose from just for DPS. Now picture the returning Diablo player who gets into Reaper of Souls and is lucky enough to find all those rings. He might figure out that a 200% increase for one element by CoE is better than the 30% elite damage plus 20% elemental damage on an SoJ even if it’s only active 25% of the time (which is still an average 50% average damage increase). TMF and SMF look very similar. The Gargantuan often seemed to have the AI of a broken squirrel in the past, staring into the air and doing nothing - so he might not realize that this ring is flat out the best damage increase the entire class has to offer! The Ring of Emptiness is a 300% increase if he uses two spells, but is it multiplicative or additive? Also, it requires to use two skills on the bar, is that worth it? Let’s hope he makes the the right decision and sees its insane power. However, absolutely nothing (unless he reads the short bluepost) will let him know that it does not work for pets. And so on. I could continue this list until eternity - internal cooldowns are another thing (a new Witch Doctor might think that Gruesome Feast and Solanium is an amazing synergy to have, only he might never realize that Solanium received an internal cooldown of 8 seconds after Season 5). What I want to say with this: This game is intentionally meant to be really easy to play and simplifies descriptions to not confuse players. You’ve made the conscious decision against combat logs and target dummies to have players not overquantify this game. This would work well - if the bonuses we’re talking about are 10% or 20%. However, with some hidden mechanics buffing your damage by something like 480% (SMF) or 0% (RoE on a pet build), I’m not sure this decision is the right one anymore. I think you’re at a crossroads here and have to make a decision for one of three ways: 1) Reduce those insane damage buffs from their over-the-top numbers to more sane values, such that swapping one item doesn’t enable you to jump up (or lose the power) for an equivalent of 20 Greater Rift tiers. 2) Clarify the “orange texts” on ambiguous legendary affixes, state a number or in some other way make it possible for players to gauge the quantified effect - even if it’s by adding some numbers, especially internal cooldowns. This should not be hidden in advanced settings or the description as it should be possible to see even if you select an item in the cube. 3) Offer a target dummy or combat log. If you don’t want this game to be super quantifiable one way could be a target dummy in town that just offers some response at the end of testing by giving you a funny, yet meaningful response to gauge your power level (“You fight like a dairy farmer!”, “You fight like a cow!”). Or (and I guess others reading this will almost kill me for this) re-open the Realm of Trials - but only for means of testing. In an altered form (with the choice of a single monster per wave or waves of 20 skeletons) it could be useful for testing builds, and in the end you could show a “blurred summary” of selected stats to not overquantify the game, but maybe highlighting “highest crit”, “average time per wave” and so on. ==================================================================== TREAT THE CAUSE, NOT THE SYMPTOMS: DENSITY, PULLING, AREA DAMAGE ==================================================================== I made a post a while ago on the PTR forums similar to this, but unfortunately it’s not around anymore, not even on and I don’t have the draft anymore either… just the first post (of 3, IIRC; link: ). I’m not sure if I clearly articulated this in there, but I’ll just repeat this here: many of the CC changes and other fixes in 2.4.2 are treating the symptoms of gameplay issues instead of getting to the core. Further increasing CC immunities has led to certain classes being close to useless (Crusader) whereas other, formerly powerful effects are still just as powerful and ubiquitously employed in Greater Rift strategies (barb’s spear pulling, monk’s CS pulling). It is punishing casual players, for example the solo Jade WD who is surprised to see his Piranhado sometimes not pulling in mobs, but the high-end groups who want to create high density are still enjoying insane high density, they’re just more careful in applying their CC abilities. What has happened now is that many players feel that some of the pulling abilities have become useless, but the issue still prevails (your GR record scales absolutely with the density in a rift, be it because of mobs running/jumping together on their own or your limited ability to group them up). You have stated yourself (in Wyatt’s post) that density is a problem for gameplay but even for the servers (lag). The issue is *not* that the CC immunity is too low or pulling abilities are too strong. The issue is that density and large groups of monsters are too rewarding for players. Here are some examples with ideas for alternative solutions: * Area damage has become one of the most important damage stats in the game; top players are leaving rifts if they get a boss with no adds or no pylon to spawn adds. Solution: tune down the effect of area damage. I’m not saying that it should be made useless as it was in the first few seasons, but its current benefits are too strong. * Many effects still scale infinitely with more mobs, such as Swampland Attunement WD passive, Pain Enhancer legendary gem, or Ancient Parthan Defenders bracers. In general it might be a good idea to go through the game and add caps to *everything*. Basically almost every exploit or “overpowered meta” was based on non-capped abilities, especially the infamous Twister era. A cap simply ensures that pulling in more than 5-10 mobs means there’s no benefit but only added danger. * Intransparent CC immunities lead to inconsistent behavior, thus favoring “spamming spells” over mindfully employing your cooldowns. Most prominently the really cool ability Draw&Quarter has been rendered useless by the CC nerfs, whereas CS+spear are still working just fine. The 2.4.2 CC changes have led to Crusaders being even more useless, while barbs and monks just spam their abilities twice as much to achieve the same effect (I know this is a bit exaggerating, but I’m sure you understand my argument). Now, I know there’s no way to display the current probably of your Draw and Quarter being resisted by a certain mob. However, what if CC immunities were calculated differently? What if it’s not per mob, but per spell? What if you can’t pull a mob more than once every 5 second with the same spell? * Reverse density effects: punish “overpulling”. This is probably the most straightforward approach - make the CC immunity of a monster not depending on how often it has been subject of CC effects, but instead (or in addition to that) by how many mobs are around. For each monster within 10 yards, add 20% CC resistance. That will allow players to easily drag a single left-over monster with them, but it will make it impossible to pull 5 more mobs into a pile of 20 monsters. Overall, I feel that current CC resistances are hurting the game rather than making it more enjoyable. Simply because of an issue with insane density for high-end groups in high GR pushing you’ve made changes to CC diminishing returns to an extent that has many players robbed of their ability to control crowds of monsters. I think there should absolutely be no punishment for a group creating “safe zones” by constantly pulling monsters away from their Steady Aim Demon Hunters. Pulling abilities *need* to be extremely powerful for a group in order to have their Wizards be using Halo of Karini, removing any monsters within 30 meters. As others have mentioned recently, there aren’t really many ranged classes, and one of those reasons is that so many effects scale with density (often in melee range). There are very few items like Drakon’s Lesson that reward the opposite of high density - and none of those are “part of the meta”. ==================================================================== (PTR) TIMING ==================================================================== Usually the PTR now starts mid-season, halfway through, to last about 6 weeks. It’s a good point for players who have felt the fatigue of paragon farming to get a change of pace and try new content. However, the first iteration on PTR is always rough and never the final one; changes are to be expected, so everyone takes such testing with a grain of salt. Nevertheless, I guess it’s usually good enough to find a few broken things and apply some first fixes. The most important of the PTR, however, are the last few weeks - that’s when the patch gets finalized and players get into more serious high-level testing (if they have an incentive to do so, see my first point). Unfortunately, at this point a few things happen: you close the PTR feedback forums on the same day that the season ends. This means that all the competitive players really don’t have an opportunity to test and give their feedback (which is not bugs) before the end of the season. This is highlighted by the fact that many PTR feedback posts still appear on the General Discussion forums days after, because it’s when people have time to test. Even if you can’t address this anymore because the PTR is “feature lock” and “bugfix only”, I think you’re still missing out on a lot of feedback that could even be helpful for future patches. Another thing is the patch release, post-PTR changes, and season start. When you changed the in-between season time to two weeks my immediate thought was “How smart! Now they get all the data from people playing the new patch on live for 10 days before the season starts”. However, the last three seasons have seen the patch being deployed in the same week as the new season starts - for the Asia realm that means merely one day of “in between” patch and season testing on live (patch hits on Thursday, season starts Friday). This was exacerbated in 2.4.2 with the Ring of Emptiness fix being applied post-PTR, and most players did not see this post before they started the season. In fact, when I logged in on the Asia realm 5 hours after season start I saw that most WDs (both season and non-season) still were wearing RoE+SMF, which as we know by now is a rather useless combination of rings. I don’t know when the Asia CM made the bluepost on their forums, but on EU forums the hotfix was posted 50 minutes after (!) the season had started in Asia. All this last-minute craziness is completely unnecessary. If you close the PTR feedback forums a week before the season and the only thing you’re looking for is really bad bugs that need last-minute fixing, but those bugs are usually hotfixed post-PTR… why not release the patch one week earlier? That way you have almost 10 days between patch release and season start for last-minute fixes. And since seasonal players often try to get on the NS leaderboards in the break (as seen in Era 6) you get a lot of high-level testing that you can respond to if you decide to do so, since you made it clear to us that you don’t want to do any mid-season hotfixes anymore after the Sever+Grim Reaper incident. ==================================================================== TELL US HOW WE CAN IMPROVE COMMUNICATION BETWEEN PLAYERS AND DEVS ==================================================================== One thing caught my eye that I really can’t wrap my head around. On July 23 Tchevs made his post about the HT Garg+RoE issue. It was by far not the first and not the last, but the one that you decided to highlight. On August 4, 12 days later and just one day before the season, Nevalistis made the bluepost that shattered the world of all Witch Doctors. In her post this line stood out: “The Helltooth/Gargantuan build surfaced during a time on PTR in which we were already submitting our final builds to the production line. This means changes we could make were limited for the actual deployment build, so an adjustment didn't make the patch launch.” It sort of goes back to my earlier point - “tell us what you’re working on” - but maybe also more clearly telling us what kind of feedback you can listen to. The thread with the WD issue was made well before the PTR feedback forums closed (6 days before). If at that point the patch was already feature-lock, then please close the PTR feedback forums earlier or at least make a thread letting us know that the patch is being finalized. But the other thing is that this build was discovered very very early on in PTR. Obviously the PTR forums are not there anymore - but you can still find threads discussing the overly powerful RoE+SMF+HT combination on the official WD forums, Reddit, Diablofans, and there are even builds on Diablofans from one day after the PTR went live (!). In the beginning of July the build was absolutely dominating the WD leaderboards, and it was prominently featured by WD streamer bigdaddyden on July 17. What I’m saying is: either a patch build gets “finalized” much earlier on PTR than we thought (then please tell us) or you simply didn’t know about this. Either way, it seems obvious to me that the communication between players and developers is lacking a lot. If a build can be found on the Diablofans Builds database 6 weeks before patch deployment, if it tops the PTR leaderboards 4 weeks before patch deployments, and if it’s the #1 topic of discussion in all Diablo online communities 2-3 weeks before deployment, where in that process did we fail to inform you of our insight to take action in a timely manner? On the one hand we’re all just players, a patch is always subject to change, and we know that everything can happen (not just since the Mortick’s Brace removal). But a lot of those players put a lot of time into preparing content - Diablofans Builds, Youtube guides, forum threads with helpful advice for new and returning players. A great deal of time goes into theorycrafting, testing, preparing, writing, and publishing those things. To see all these efforts vanish in an instance a day before the season start - when there is simply not much time to update the guides, let alone do the required testing - is just heart-breaking. Some players just don’t get the update and play for quite some time with a “broken” ring combination of SMF+RoE. Some players are so devastated that they switch classes or stop playing altogether. We don’t want that. I’m sure you don’t want that either. So let’s talk about how we can improve communication - on both ends. Tell us how to make it absolutely clear to you if we are 100% positive that we have found a broken and overpowered skill/item/combination that needs your attention. Maybe for PTR, just give us a weekly update of things that you are working on, things that you know but can’t address right now, and things that you are aware of but disagree with being an issue. ==================================================================== SEASON JOURNEY ==================================================================== Please allow players to “look ahead” in the Season Journey. If not, then at least be mindful in making them not waste efforts in vain. I’ve created the Season Journey website for this season ( - to be honest, I’d be happy to be able to take this down and see you implementing this in our “career” view on the armory. But more importantly, I took the information from a bluepost that said that Guardian requires 3 gems to rank 65. Now, since you can’t see Guardian before you augment 2 gems (required for Conqueror) but many people want to minimize gem leveling, quite a few players leveled 2 gems to rank 65 as soon as possible and augmented them. Only to find out that over night the Guardian requirement had changed to 3 gems to rank 70. I built this tool in my free time to help players out and took the information from official sources and received personal attacks because players relied on this info and “wasted” 130 gem upgrades by augmenting 2 rank 65 gems, just 5 short of the Guardian requirement. I can understand if you don’t want players to look ahead in the Season Journey. It’s the same in Diablo 2: Blood Crescent feels like an insanely powerful weapon early on, but if you knew all the exceptional and elite unique items right away it would greatly diminish your valuation of this item. It’s the same with the Season Journey: It feels really great to finish a chapter, rather than realizing that you’re only one tenth of the way into the season. However, if you decide to keep it that way, you need to remove the augment part, or tell players in the description of this season journey requirement that at a later stage you will have to augment higher level gems (and need to level gems to a higher level) to complete the season journey. I personally would omit the augment part from the season journey altogether or have it only in the very last step (Guardian). Leveling gems takes quite some time, as someone who writes a lot of guides for players I would not recommend anyone to augment a rank 30 gem ever, so this part of the Season Journey did not really sense to me. While we’re talking about Season Journey testing on PTR: Please for next PTR reset the Season Journey entirely when hitting the “copy character” button. One big source of bugs was/is the “full bounty run” part of the Season Journey - but you could only test it once, since copying your character did not reset the Season Journey. On Reddit people still reported issues with getting credit for this even on live. On a personal note - after many small fixes the Season Journey Tracker is now correct, but there’s still the Difficulty Overview that I maintain which is based on player-sourced data ( I hope it does not contain similar crass errors like the SJ Tracker did. I know that occasionally you are willing to give away numbers (that’s where I got some of them from), so if you’re willing to throw us a bone to highlight numbers that are far off that would be great. Both websites get thousands of hits every day, and I’d feel bad to be embarrassed a second time. ==================================================================== UI DESIGN ==================================================================== One of the things that made me love Blizzard’s games since the early 90s was the interface. It was not that something stands out about any of the interfaces of Warcraft: Orcs and Humans or Diablo 1 - it’s rather the fact that there was *nothing* that was bothering me. There were hardly any misclicks. Interfaces were simplistic (also easier to achieve in the 90s with less features in games at the time), adhering to the basic KISS design rule. World of Warcraft was the first game where simplicity wasn’t necessarily a big strength, just due to the sheer amount of features and complexity that was previously unheard of. However, since WoW interfaces can be altered by LUA scripting, the community has come up with a myriad of great ideas and you have picked up some of then since and integrated them into the default WoW interface. I have to be honest and blunt with my criticism here: Despite my deep love for this game, Diablo 3 does in some aspects not continue this great line of interface design. From release until today there have always been smaller and bigger issues that bug me, and I’m wondering if one PTR thread could be used to address this (and maybe the person in the D3 development team that has an HCI/UX background could step forward and engage in a discussion with the players). Some issues that come to my mind are: * The difficulty selection screen. To switch from Torment 1 to Torment 12 it takes me 3 clicks that could be reduced. Why not have a scrollable list, maintaining consistency with the campaign selection pane? Or even better, why not cut the lower part of the difficulty selection “buttons” and just have all 17 difficulties on one page? Use the screen real estate. On PC we have mouse and keyboard, which is great for using shortcuts (those exist even in Diablo 2 for only three difficulties!) and enough precision to hit even small buttons with the mouse. * The stash implementation. Mixing pages and tabs is such an awkward and cumbersome addition. The only way how I could defend that design is if you were to told me that you plan on adding more stash pages (there’s certainly room for that). However, things would even become more complicated then. We have nice icons for tabs - but not for pages! I find myself mis-clicking back and forth all the time, especially at the beginning of a new season when I’m still trying to figure out a good stash tab organization. The loss of visibility of the other page (which is not selected) just makes it so more difficult as you shift information from the user’s eye to the user’s head. I don’t have the perfect implementation either, but certainly there are some that work better (at least in my opinion) for 10 tabs: 1) Make two rows of stash tabs, next to each other. If you click on a tab in the right row, the rows get switched, to adhere to the Proximity Gestalt Law - the selected tab icon will be next to the open tab. 2) Just make the buttons smaller, half the size. 3) Make it scrollable; just like the captions for Excel sheet tabs. 4) The Blizzard way of fixing a problem by overhauling the system. Split the stash screen, making the top “shared” and the bottom “character only”. Reduce the amount of stash tabs back to 5. You lose 5 (shared) stash tabs at most (after season 8), but you gain 12 half stash tabs (15 with CE) for personal stash per character. Overall a gain of 1 to 2.5 stash tabs. And honestly, a split personal/shared stash solution is one of the most common feature requests I see pop up. * Seasonal portraits covering up paragon numbers. This one has been around for several seasons now - why is the graphical design of the paragon portraits not clean for the bottom part where the paragon level is being displayed? It’s sometimes hard to read (and in one season, I think S4 or S5, almost impossible) which exact paragon level someone is. * Monsters on minimap. Now this one might be arguable as some players probably regard it as a part of “skill” to figure out where the monsters are located. We get skulls for the last few monsters in a bounty, but why can’t we just in general get some dots for monsters on the minimap? At the very least, maybe small dots for elites? Especially with items like In-geom relying on finding every minion in a dense pack of random monsters, having indicators for this would be a great QoL addition. You’ve shown with the pylon indicators and the Menagerist icon that you are aware of potential minimap shortcomings, so I hope we can take it one step further. * Interface elements blocking other interface elements. The most common one is chat. I just want to turn it off entirely. Since there is no combat log, and I’m usually on Teamspeak with the people I’m playing with anyways, the chat has zero meaning for me. Many streamers make an empty channel and display only that because they don’t want to show clan, party, or private chat on stream. But even if you deem chat useful, try posting an item from the bottom row of your stash tab into a chat message. It’s so cumbersome and usually you end up taking the item out of the stash just to be able to post it. Is that really necessary? Another example is the “Journal” popup that covers up your blood shard count. * Important dynamic stats being hidden in deep-nested menus. A prime example is movement speed, which for the Sprinter conquest I really want to keep an eye on - but it covers up 60% of my screen. Players with the Shi Mizu build need to play with inventory open because the red screen flashing only indicates low health - but not necessarily low enough to have the Shi Mizu buff (one of many items that still needs a buff icon, by the way). Convention of Elements has a nice icon, but that one would be unnecessary if I could just constantly see my elemental elite damage prominently displayed somewhere. Okay, I’ll stop here with this list and come up with one quick idea to fix this: Add a shortcut (like CTRL+ALT+click or whatever) to those detailed character screen values that lets you focus up to five of them, just below the rift bar/in the quest pane. This is similar to the web armory where you can click on five of your stats to show the total value, just that this one would be nice to keep an eye on up to five of your character’s dynamic stats. * Let us save builds. You probably had your reason why you removed the “weapon switch” functionality from Diablo 2, and an entire build+item switch mechanism as in WoW will probably not be implemented in D3. However, with players switching between bounties, Nephalem Rifts, and Greater Rifts, it would be so amazing if we could store builds. I can’t count how often I’ve switched to my GR spec… only to forget one skill which made the build not work, and had to restart. Wasted key (especially devastating if you encounter a good rift). High-end players are usually very quick in switching builds and don’t make mistakes, but again, the interface should help us out here. * Quality of life tooltips and UI features. The most often requested one here is to display the *actual* cooldown of a spell instead of the base cooldown; or maybe both (i.e., show the current expected cooldown that takes all your cooldown reduction into account in brackets). In general Diablo 3 has so many cooldowns and some classes/builds use cooldown abilities on all their skill slots (most prominently the LoN Bombardment Crusader) that a more responsive and accurate interface would not only be helpful, but sometimes even be crucial for success and subsequently enjoyment. Other QoL changes would be additional information like proc coefficients and so on; I know you’re unlikely to implement this due to the “less is more” mantra, but in some cases it’s just a necessity. Proc coefficients are a good example though because they’re even mentioned in the official game guide ( but not listed anywhere. Why tease players about proc coefficients and hide them, making it next to impossible for us to derive those numbers? Also, if there was an ability to “pin” certain buff icons it would greatly enhance QoL for certain builds, such as being able to highlight the CoE cycle on screen for builds in which it’s really important. * Tune down the unnecessary delay by animations. We all learn this in basic presentation 101: Don’t overuse animations. Using the default fade-in/fade-out looks nice on one slide. On three slides it’s still okay. If you have a presentation with 30 slides that all use fade-in/fade-out, the audience is likely to hate you. It’s similar in Diablo 3: upon my first playthrough, all those animations let me enjoy the depth of the story, reflect on what an important figure in Diablo 3 history King Leoric is, and so on. When you’re attempting the “Sprinter” conquest these days, you’ll notice that about 15-20 minutes of the one hour is spent in animations; watching the Scoundrel slowly walk up to the event, Leah telling me that she can’t (even though we know she can), Diablo dying for what feels like an eternity - and so on. There is the “skip cut scenes” checkbox in the option, but it doesn’t really skip them; it just shortens them down to what the escape button would’ve done otherwise. It is still nerve-wrackingly slow and it is still imperative to bind “close dialog” to your mouse wheel when trying Sprinter. It would be great if this “skip cut scenes” option would actually do what it says (reduce Sprinter to 45 minutes then), and it would also cancel dialogs. Another example are actions like gem upgrades and cubing items. Here’s a brilliant example of where you did it right in Diablo 2: When you craft the Staff of Kings/Khalim’s Flail, there’s a visual animation as well - but you can immediately take the staff/flail out of the cube and place it in your inventory. The animation is there, but it doesn’t cause unnecessary delay. In Diablo 3, upgrading 20 rings in Kanai’s Cube takes five times more time than necessary - because you have to wait before you can remove the new ring from the cube. This animation matches the anticipation of crafting your first five items… but after that it’s just annoying. You’ve realized that those delays have to be removed in other occasions (identifying items in Diablo 3 vanilla, lengthy gem upgrades in patch 2.4.1) - please revisit other unnecessary delays as well. ==================================================================== Well… that’s it! Had to get this off my chest. I’m not sure this is going to be read by anyone ever (in its entirety), and I know there’s no chance anyone’s gonna agree with everything (as we’re all entitled to our own opinion). But at least it’s out there. ;-)Bagstone41 Nov 30
Nov 30 Problem staying alive since 11/29/2016 update After the 11/29/2016 my Seasonal wizard (70 + 177) in Adventure mode started getting killed in Torment III so I went down to Torment II, and am still having trouble staying alive. Didn't change skills or equipment. What could be happening?FizzyElf0 Nov 30
Nov 30 No sound problem. Anyone find a definite solution to this problem? I've tried several troubleshooting methods and tweaks I found online. I also deleted and reinstalled the game (ugh on 200kb DSL) and there is still no sound.Criosdaidh3 Nov 30
Nov 30 Error Message Hello Blizz! I got this error code just now when I opened my created game to make it public but i doont know what this error code mean 8FDF1EC0-AC59-40FB-B3F5-7165D10B255A please help. thanksHoney275 Nov 30
Nov 30 Cant change Regions :( I cant switch from Americas to Europe region. Only Place i see where there is possible to switch these is on the bnet client Before starting up d3. But even if i switch regions there i still start up the game on Americas. Is there a trick to do this?Rai1 Nov 30
Nov 30 i cant play diablo 3 what happen keeps requesting time out?OneHitYouDie1 Nov 30
Nov 30 Is it better to increase the viewing angle freedom? Is it better to increase the viewing angle freedom? 보이는 각도 자유도 높이는 것이 좋을까?DIABLO3ROS0 Nov 30
Nov 30 This is just ridiculous. I've RIP'd a lot. However, I enjoy hardcore because there is this sense of, "mess up, you lose". You don't get that in scrubcore, period. Sure, when you RIP it's a pain in the butt, but it teaches you something new. My last two characters, however, have just...died. First character: 6P Inna's Mystic Ally Monk. Two-hundred million toughness in Torment 9, cooldowns are active as the Rift Guardian spawns. He hasn't even fully spawned, there's nothing with-in two screens of me. And yet, with 200-million toughness, I drop from over 1-million hit points to 0 in the span of two seconds. And then the boss spawns. Spectre has been slain! Nothing telling me what killed me, just I am dead. This has never happened before: every death I have had, it tells mew hat killed me, unless I am killed by something that dropped a pile of Nope and I stood in it after killing them. But in this case, I was standing in nothing, cooldowns active, and a significant amount o toughness, with plenty of time to hit a reactionary potion. Just dead. The second character: Multishot demon hunter. Same problem: nothing around for several screens (in fact, the mobs were on the other side of a set of closed doors). As I tab over to write a Reddit post, I have the game open on my main screen. I watch as nothing, not even a ghost, kills me. And once again...Spectre has been slain! The first one, witnessed by three people in the group. "How did you die?" And what can I tell them? I don't know! As many problems as Path of Exile has, they've gotten rid of "you don't know why you died". None of that has happened (at least to me) in the past two years. And yet, here's Diablo, supposedly a much better game with that. Yeah...Spectre61 Nov 30
Nov 30 Gaming laptop help!!! Which would gaming laptop would you recommend? Alienware 17 GTX 1070 or Razer Blade Pro Nov 30
Nov 30 When you finally start creating Diablo 4 Above all else.... code it in DirectX 12. DirectX 12 is not an elites API designed for only the best machines. It's an API that actually utilizes technology developed in the last decade.Pneuma14 Nov 30