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3d STOP the cross platform rewards. I'm getting tired of having to play other games I don't want to play to get an item in D3 that I should be able to earn from a game I PAID FOR. If your into the other games, then ok but if you DON'T like or want to play other Blizzard games your stuffed. And to make it even worse you can't even get the items unless you play with a friend, WTF are you doing? Your punishing people who paid for your game. I don't care that HOTS is free to play, I don't like games that rely on others for my enjoyment, It's why I play D3 solo. Plus considering your player base is only high for a few weeks after a new season. Most my friends are not even about to play another blizzard game with, that means I have to reply on a random person to team up with. I DON'T want to do that. STOP forcing me and others to do stuff outside of the game to get rewards. Feel free to do that on your FREE TO PLAY TITLES. But not on ones I PAID for. You wouldn't see the WOW community put up with this crap and they wouldn't have too because Blizzard knows full well it would hurt there revenue.VINEUK122 3d
3d Sockets should be baseline for jewelry Ok, so I'm relatively new to the "later game" in D3, and... I mean... I'm looking at the whole legendary gem system, coupled with the fact that the hellfire amulet comes with a socket by default clearly to acknowledge that people always use leg gems once they can, since it's a major proponent of Grift grinding... and I have to ask... Is there a reason that sockets aren't baseline for jewelry? Let's be real, if a set jewelry piece that you intend to use doesn't have a socket, the question becomes "what am I sacrificing to get the socket?" It's not like other socketable pieces where gem slots are just "more stats," these are mechanical, synergistic necessities. Has this been discussed before? If so what was the response? This seems a no brainer. Like did blizz go to the "interesting decision" well? Because It's not "an interesting decision" to make on your build, these three slots must. be. socketed to be included in pretty much any build. Is there any playstyle or build that doesn't include 3 legendary gems once you can use them? I mean it's not a gamebreaker or anything, and maybe I'm not thinking in the "seasonal" headspace (I don't do seasons) where rolls matter more and you can't just guarantee yourself a socket, but... I don't know, the hellfire amulet having a socket by default seems to indicate that blizz knows that "yes you want this here, it's kind of important." So... why not do that across the board?Omedon18 3d
3d Add the Gift to be able to be used on rings/ammy We all know a ring without a socket is trash, 99% of the rings are trash rolls. It would open up so much more if we could socket rings and amulets with the gifts. You finally gwt a ring with near perfect or ideal stat category atleast, only for it to not have a socket. We ran into this same issue with weapons and they fixed it. Maybe next patch please add this. OR Allow us to put a legendary gem in any socket, but limit it to 3, i would be kinda ok with that.mƔşŦßĮąđƐ20 3d
3d No PREPAY ! It sure would be nice to have the ability to go ahead and purchase the Necro Pack now so at least that part would be done. Then when I get off work i can just jump right into the game.... just saying.mdrhoden1 3d
3d The point in playing after inferno /w no PVP? What is the point in continuing to play diablo 3 after completing inferno? What exactly are we gearing up for after inferno diablo has been killed? Why even put in all these adventure modes and neph trials when there is nothing further to look forward to, other than repeating the same content just accomplished, but on a harder difficulty? Why is Diablo 3 designed so that the game "really" starts at 60, but technically the game is completed by then? My drive, and reason I have kept playing diablo 2 on and off for 10+ years was for pvp. Without pvp, diablo 3 is just an empty shell - you progress passed each difficulty only to get to the max level as fast as you can, but for what? To 1 shot all monsters on the hardest difficulty, then tell general chat you killed a boss 13.6 seconds faster than him? PVP to me is the next phase in diablo 3 after completing the normal story mode. After you have proven you have what it takes to defeat all the quests and NPC monsters, I crave to see how well I stand against other players. No in-game quest/npc/monster/boss can provide a challenge such as this. It is a test of who is the quickest on the keyboard and mouse with the best impulsive decisions to survive. It separates who is really just a credit card warrior, or a highly coordinated player. It provides so much variation and surprise in each battle, that you can never "beat" PVP - there are always more challenges to accept ---> more room for improvement ---> more incentive to get better gearDurabolin4 3d
3d Bounty Mats With the introduction of the primal ancients, there has been a higher demand for bounty mats. With this perhaps the scaling of bounty mats per a torment level could be changed to this: Torment, Current mats, New Mats 1, 1, 1 2, 2, 2 6, 6, 6 7, 7, 8 8, 8, 10 9, 9, 12 10,10, 14 11, 12, 17 12, 14, 20 13, 16, 23 Just a simple quality of life improvement.TheNewEffect1 3d
3d Season Ending? First time playing in Season, when exactly does the season end? Is it tomorrow or Tuesday? Also do I need to get my stuff from my chests in season or does it all transfer? Your help is kindly appreciated :)Grimnasty3 3d
3d Necro pre-sale / pre-download? Hi, I'm just wondering... Is the Necro pack download through patch 2.6 and unlocked when you purchase (and to that point, why is there no pre-sale so that it's available when the maintenance is over ?) OR is the pack downloaded only once you make the purchase? I'd bet it's 99% the first option but, any confirmation? thxNephalem7 3d
3d Is Necromancer region free? ...franzkfk1 3d
3d 3 Plus Season Journey Season Journey Managed, I think because of no particular reason, to finish the Season Journey (Gaurdian) in all three Regions. Did not start to do this but after getting the free storage tap first one local then did the others. Then cause the season just kept on I though I could do the last bit if I went Hardcore. First one then the others. Because the Conquests there just seemed to apeal to me. A long Season. Sure many have done this.SherKan0 3d
3d Death Breath Gob We have every kind of gob in the game... Why not a gob that just drops Death the one with shards.. that be kinda sweetDEATHY23 3d
3d will the new zones appear in rifts/grifts? this would be the biggest "game changer imo". its very cool that they add more zones, but i do hope we get them in rifts, since that is where we spend most of our time :)Sortvind3 3d
3d Self-Found League So with the party buffs being out of hand as they are, and unlikely to be never balanced, as the dev team prefers there to be an incentive for group play; I thought of a brilliant idea for solo players. Enter 100% Self-Found, or solo-player league. A league where solo players can compete with each other on a seperate seasonal ladder without having to play against group players. The rules are as follows: - You may not join parties This would be ideal solution for both solo and group players, imo. Players who wish to play with each other could, and players who wish to play alone and compete with other people who play alone, could. Nothing is taken away from anybody, and everyone should be happy.Jee64 3d
3d I Don't want all the little stuff!! Non-combat pet: I don't want it or care about it!!! A pair of cosmetic wings: I don't want it or care about it!! New Necromancer-themed Banner Shape, Sigil, and Accent: I don't want it or care about it!! Necromancer Portrait Frame: I don't want it or care about it!! Pennant: I don't want it or care about it!! Two additional character slots: I don't want it or care about it!! Two additional stash tabs*: I don't want it or care about it!! All I want is the new necromancer class.. Why is all of this crap forced on you when all I want is the new class (and not for $15).. How can you charge $30 for an expansion with alot more content and then turn around and charge $15 for 1 class and stupid fluff?SadisticIV49 3d
3d USD only? I live in Canada and I have never bought anything from Blizz shop before so I decided to take a look to see how much the Necro will cost on CAD... but all the shop prices are on USD and I have not found anywhere to change it to CAD. The question is: Is there a way to change the currency or I would have to add USD using my credit card? If so, I am f..cked as the credit card exchange rates and fees will make the Necro really expensive and not worth it. Or will it be possible to buy a Blizz gift card or some other way to acquire the necro (for what I remember it would be online only through the shop but I am not sure)? I appreciate any clarification / help! ThanksPetrus8 3d
3d Primal ancients and team members I've been playing a lot lately with a friend. I've solo'd over GR70 and he has not. I hadn't seen a single primal, and I believe I'm overdue. Just now, I was playing solo and got my first primal drop. If I have players on my team that haven't solo'd GR70, does that prevent any primals from dropping for me?enchant21 3d
3d Necro main stat? Inteligence? Thanks!Unwind3 3d
3d Spears and spirits kill the game! Dear Blizzard, I really like the game Diablo, as well as the rest of your projects and I appreciate the work of developers, but some solutions just do not allow to enjoy the game. So many spirits. 4-6 hours, you can spend searching for a portal without monsters that you can not play with (spirits, spear, long tongue). For the game it is very important to be fascinating and challenging, where you can compete for a place in the table, demonstrating your character skills, ability to make decisions and perseverance in achieving your goal, and also a little luck. But, how to compete with the players, if this ability is spoiled by monsters that do not leave a chance of survival when there are a lot of them, which often forces you to leave the portal and start again. Postscript I apologize for errors, I used an interpreter for translation). Sincerely, a member of the Russian community.Lord17 3d
3d How to get necro pack for free I thought the price would be higher so wasn't gonna buy it right away, but for only 125k pretend gold from WoW, I can manage that. So in the end, it costs me nothing, just some digital gold that some kid will buy from me for the price of the necro pack. (You could argue that it's still not technically free, and you'd be right, but there is no money leaving my wallet so I consider that to be free)Primate25 3d
3d Testing dummy I haven't seen any discussion about the test dummies coming in the new challenge rifts. I know we have been ranting for years wanting one and the developers flat out refused. Now they added it but it looks like you can only use it with that build. Sometimes I swear the developers are masters at trolling.SoAngry10 3d
3d Is the Necromancer pack worth it? On the link below you have all the info and details about the pack: 3d
3d Please i need support for 21:9 resolution at 3440x1440 Just bought a Samsung 34 curved 21:9 that has native resolution at 3440x1440, when i started reaper of soul i was surprised i couldn't see the native resolution; i wonder if it will be fixed soon.... thxAsx7136 3d
3d Start Necromancer on 27 or wait till season starts? I'll buy the Necromancer pack on 27 but won't start playing it until season starts. Playing it before would just ruin the fun of starting new season with fresh character.Shark16 3d
4d Thanks for the necro and ongoing support! It's coming out sooner than I expected and I'm pretty excited to try it either next season or the one after depending when I play again. The price is actually... reasonable in my books. I was fearing the unfortunately usual grossly overpriced (imo) Blizzard approach. And when I consider the big patch earlier this year and the new zones / challenge rifts coming out next patch, the whole thing starts to look quite good bordering on a small expansion. So I'm happy with that. The game isn't quite where I want it to be but I still enjoy it a lot every other season or so. The main issues with it for me is that I think the difficulty and item balance has become seriously out of whack now due to enormous power creep and overbuffed droprates. So with that said, I'm really hoping to see future support that overhauls and polishes up the game's balance. And I would personally love to see further content added in the form of patches, well-made dlc packs and... *gasp* a big 2nd expansion. Make it happen already!Pzypro0 4d
4d Exp % increase per GR level I took an extended break from the game shortly after RoS so I've missed every update between then and season 10. I am curious about the exp increase for greater rifts after 70 to gauge efficiency. I found a Reddit thread from back around season 5 that said after 70, exp goes up 5% per level between p750 and p2250 while monster damage goes up 10%. Is this still current and does anyone know what the legendary drop percentages are?KillerElite5 4d
4d Bundling Diablo 3 I've seen Diablo 3 and the Reaper of Souls expansion go on sale to I think 50% off during the anniversary and the holiday season but I'm wondering if the game would ever go on sale in bulk. Diablo is a co-op game so why not sell 4 copies together with or without Reaper of Souls and mark it down. I've seen it done before with other co-op games and I think would definitely give some incentive to people to play if their friends had copies of the game as well.AkuAku1 4d
4d Necromancer thorns, viable? People who are in the beta ptr, is there a viable thorns based necro build out there? something along the lines of LoN barb or crusader?Romano23 4d
4d Necro gift I was just wondering because im not able to buy the necro package will it be in blizz shop as gift option because some friend wants to gift itShadowPrince6 4d
4d Necro does not look fun The sets are boring, $15 feels like they are covering the costs incurred for the "free" expansion. This is an all new low for D3, my friends including some of the top tiered players on the hc ladder are done with this game. I've been playing since day 1 and honestly there were some high points last year but I feel like they've gone back in time to the days of jay wilson which i'd like to happily forget. If necromancers were real they'd be dissapointed too.Megabuster12 4d
4d Hmm.. thinking about Necromancer NS prep.. In your opinion, would it be considered a bad idea to stockpile a bunch of crafting mats to get an ancient necro build going in the first hour of release? Was thinking of farming up 1-2k each bounty mat and around 15-20k breath for tuesday, but i dont know if that would be considered a dumb idea.. I did this with witch doctor a couple seasons ago and it was really cool to just create top gear in a matter of a hour, but the season started 4 days later.. with the season starting a month ahead i might actually enjoy it this time around since ill have time to play for the month without a season starting. If you're doing this too, what all are you doing to prepare?Requiem12 4d
4d What is the Avenger Affix? I've seen it on some elite/champion packs, but have never noticed anything different about them...Nighthawk18 4d
4d Discuss: Play Necromancer now or wait for Season 11? My wife and I are itching to get back into Diablo 3 with the new Necromancer class. We usually play seasonal characters, as it gives a feeling of a fresh start and we enjoy the seasonal exclusive content. Here's the question: Are you guys going to wait for Season 11, which is roughly a whole month away to play Necro or jump right in? What are the Season 11 exclusive legendaries/content, and is there any for Necromancer?Wooloowooloo2 4d
4d (wrong subforum) Lost connection first time i played my DH, my first HC char. I ve got all classes (on a medium level), I play since about 2 months (so not that long) and did not die one time. my DH did find an ancient karleis point finally and i used this consumeable on it. Its also the only char with almost only ancients. The char, with I wanted to progress. just a few minutes ago, doing "fast" GR60 rifts. I was in quite a pack of mobs (at least 4-5) and i suddenly realized they arent reacting anymore. Hit escape exit (an old D2 habit) and was really sad. Long story short. She survived. She was alive. What a fukcing luck...HatoriHanzo6 4d
4d Season Jounreys a Wasted Oppurtunity Seasonal rewards would have been a great incentive for casuals like me who do not play often to get us back into the game. Just looking at the required achievements I feel alienated once again. Don't hardcore players have enough opportunity to earn powerful loot and sets? It would have been nice to feel included and be rewarded with a decent set which would then help me advance into a higher difficulty. But instead, hardcore players just get more stuff they don't need and us casuals are left with nothing but frustration.Dis60 4d
4d The future of Diablo (Blizzcon 2017). Hi, What are your thoughts about Diablo and this years Blizzcon? Do you think we´ll see some exiting news for the future, such as D4 being announced? I´m willing to be that we probably going to see perhaps a new Hero being added after the Necromancer is completed.Fyrapan61 4d
4d Ruby in helm Is there ever any reason besides power leveling to have a ruby in your helm? Maybe using one in a LoN build with leorics for paragon farming?htpkAzrael18 4d
4d Fix your potato servers please. Failing gr 127 because your servers are trash is an enjoyable way to spend my evening. Thanks for thatSectorn9ne7 4d
4d Proof of no love for D3 It would be better to make ingame event for the wings not for forcing playing another game which 99% percent of the community hate. Shame. Pls don t come with " no force". This means Hots have less players than D3(try to make players for it) or Blizz don t give a about D3. I only once seen an event in this game i think it was couple of years ago 2X bounty mats and that s it. It s been years and nothing. Blizz says " some ppl misses it" ... bull!@#$. If some ppl miss it they could miss this wings event also. Like everybody says: just give us god dam token or something thus players could use it whenever they want. Is this too hard?. I m jealous for other games events. They do it almost every week. I love this game i will not go anywhere else but we need some love, i think we deserve it coz mostly we ve been supporting u guys for years... Now it s ur time.. Give us some ingame eventsShazam20 4d
4d No Pre-orders: Reason? Can a Blue chime in on the reason(s) why pre-order isn't available? Seems really odd to me. Why would you want your servers Zerged any more than necessary on the 27th?ImmortalKing64 4d
4d Necromancer out June 27th, 14.99 4d
4d ASIA SERVER MAL BARGAIN lfm vs AI Zhalanx#1857Zhalanx1 4d
4d Do I have to buy the Necro package to play 2.6? Do I have to buy the Necro package to play 2.6? Or get I all features of 2.6 except that I cannot create a Necro character? If yes I can play with a Necro together even when I did not buy the package?HULK8 4d
4d Extracted Legendary Affixes Can we get a tooltip on legendaries that tells us if we've extracted the power or not? It would be a minor quality of life change but be so useful.TGambitG1 4d
4d music is constantly playing the music on my game is playing when the game is turned off and even after restart game will still play music i have even turned off music in options and it still playsd3ath31 4d
4d Question for those who did the Necro Beta Since its been announced that they will roll out the Necro pack on 27 June. Is the Necro class considered polished in terms of sets and gear? I hear that it only was able to do high GR because of an immunity bug, without the bug how high can it go? I know it would be foolish to ask if its balanced against the other classes, since after 5 years others classes are not balanced, poor Barb.jtcdgroup29 4d
4d end of season request can we have 100% chance to get festering woods + battlefield, with condi and power, please?Seek1 4d
4d local coop only with 2 guest accounts? Hi, me and my nephew and niece wanted to play diablo 3. however, we dont care about participating in the season, we just wanna play by ourselves. The error is "you cannot start a seasonal game while local players have a non seasonal hero selected"? of course not :( how the hell do i simply start a local coop game with 3 players (2 with guest accounts - only one xbox live account on the console - mine)?Groggubus1 4d
4d Haven't played in a long time. Should I? The necromancer is kind of exciting, but is there any reason to play now besides the necromancer? Are all of the seasons still 100% the same or have they mixed up in the last year or so? Do communities even exist, as in a large player base? Also I am confused. The new season starts on the 29th+necromancer? Or just the necromancer? Sorry for my bad English. Also I do not understand the downvoting, I have not played in a long time and im looking for encouragement to play again maybe.Ashes7 4d
4d Necromancer Question Hello Blizz Team. Well i have a question i don't like necromancer playstyle (not crusader playstyle this other expansion i just bought for one extra act and 10+ level). What does necro pack has to offer me ? Do this expansion will offer one exclusive new green item set or good legendaries itens for all other classes ? It's just to know it's personal but i exclusively i don't like necro mechanic i like playing DH, barb, and wizard only. If it is offered new features for all other classes i would like to own it, just to know, thanks.PardalBR6 4d
4d Are Malthael's Bargain D3 wings cross-region? If I complete the Malthael's Bargain event logged in to ASIA server, will I get the wings on all D3 regions, or just ASIA region?Lupin6 4d