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Jul 18, 2012 unable to validate core files 5 stacks, zoning into skeleton king...unable to validate core files, go me! that is all.Lunchb0x0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Why so many people are leaving I got the simple answer for you blizzvision. It takes way to long to gain power. Why is this? oh yeh because they need to make an insane amount of money from the RMAH even if only for a short while before all the players leave. D2 item sales web sites have been running for how many years now? So why does the game need to take a million hours farming act1-2 to get any realy power? Sure maybe items will sell for $250 instead of $20 dollars but for all the people who don't want to spend $1000 dollars on gear or didnt get really really lucky in our farming inferno. We are ready to quit or already have. They know this, stop being greedy and think about the player before profit because without the player there is no profit, money doesnt make the word go round people make the world go round.DeathAddict0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Concern about the game limit restriction. I'm not worried about getting locked out because I'm farming chests.. but more because I keep starting games and ending games because I'm going back and forth between the auction house and my stash. If I'm making gems, I might need to keep logging in and out, changing characters and getting what I need.. trying things out, forgetting I need more mats etc.. I found myself half paying attention last night while crafting and had to keep changing between the AH and game. So will I be punished now because I suck at math and might not purchase enough books to craft my gems in one shot? Will I need to plan ahead when I want to do anything that involves leaving a game to use the AH, like make sure I know exactly how many of x item I need, instead of 'oh, I need five more.... let me leave and come back again'...pixelrage0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 With no accountability... What's to prevent Blizz from placing items on the RMAH? I don't mean stuff they're own employees farmed but just putting gear up that they create. They own the backend, they have the development tools and they certainly have the incentive. How would we know?Venator1 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Is it possible to pass Inferno Act 2 without Ever using one of the AH's? I'll admit, i probably suck at the game since i don't have all the time in the world to go farming for equipment day after day, hour after hour... but is it possible to find gear good enough in Act 1 inferno to pass Act 2 inferno without spending MONTHS farming and hoping for the right gear? The reason i ask is it seems like i've been playing Act 1 inferno for at least 2/3 weeks now, but still haven't been able to find gear decent enough gear to get me past the first part of Act 2 inferno... Its got to the point a lot of people have said just use the AH to get the gear you need / want, but the point is, i don't want to do that, since whats the point of playing the game if i'm just going to buy everything regardless if its with game gold or real money (not that i would ever even consider giving BlizzAct another $0.10) Considering this game's ending is basically about farming gold and equipment, why would you want to pay to get the items to do the very thing your meant to be doing as part of the end game anyway, doesn't that take away from the game itself? Which is why i still think adding in the AH's to D3 was one of the worst ideas ever... although i guess Blizz just wants to make more money rather than have a good game... maybe they should have just called the game D3 Auctions instead... But back to my main point, so is it possible to get decent gear from Act 1 inferno without spending months farming? or is using one of the AH's literally the only way to go in order to progress? Any input would be great, and incase any one is wondering, i have a level 60 Barb and Level 53 Monk...Mastermind12 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Realease your Diablo 3 pains through music I made some lyrics for those who are grieving over the Diablo 3 game. Personally I still have hope for the game, and I really don't have anything against anyone who made the game (so don't take it personal). I just made this video in good fun, from reading what others have been posting on the forums. Don't hate on my singing. I'm know I'm no where near pro... (I literally stayed up all night making this. No sleep in over 24 hours.... But like I say in the song, "I would have played this game all night....." But instead I made the song)FeralGamer16 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 NAMES NOT ALLOWED:not a list, a contridiction It's funny to see Blizzard not allowing certain names to be used, athesit, oprah winfrey.. just to name a couple, when they really aren't that offensive.. yet you name your items names such as "BLACK INSULT" ? Just sayin'... why is a stick named black insult acceptable and the name of a black lady isn't? Makes no sense to me! WHATEVER! btw.. s/o for the wand 100mil.NimDAE6 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 AH commodities bugged or exploited? IF u check EU AH atm go Eq Essence avrg day of trades per unit 1160 last 10 trades 6k per unit, total amount per unit 10k wtf?Dubaaii3 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Constructive thoughts/Creative Ideas HERE Please no angry nerdrage keyboard warriors Anyone who comes in this thread to post and flame and troll just thumbs down their post. So to my point I was thinking you know how In D2 they had US-WEST US-EAST etc. Why not split the North American server to do just that too to limit bandwidth usage. I understand it would create more overhead costs and whatnot I'm unaware of the budget for maintenance of D3 is and as I said this is just a thought. Any other suggestions like this ? Lets stop the crying and actually put ideas out there without flaming guys.Michael35 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Let's lighten the mood. That is all.Krenuds3 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 how can occy be ethereal? its a ring.......David2 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Do NOT buy unidentified items, SCAM! - PSA Public Service Announcement! It is 100% possible to completely determine how many and which affixes an item will have when identified before identifying it. I have reported this in the Bugs forum but for sake of those of you who may not already know I am posting an announcement here to let you guys know DO NOT BUY unidentified items because it is well beyond more than likely that someone has already used a well known bug to look at what the items stats are and would NOT be selling it to you unless it was GUARANTEED to be bad. If you don't believe me please post your name here and I will more than happily add you and prove to you that it is entirely possible to accomplish this and that you are being SCAMMED if you are buying unidentified items.Elfy16 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Blizzard, Ignoring the Obvious Still I find it funny how this game keeps on getting worse and worse as the time goes by. And i fully agree with everyone and there posts about this game saying, "epic failure." Furthermore, I love how the admin staff and the developers are still not addressing the real issues such as, Point (A) to (B) gameplay, over nurfing classes, still no pvp (which is the only reason I played endless nights to get good gear), and finally the complete screw up of an AH. Lets get on the ball Blizzard! Blizzard needs to just post a long explaination as to WHY they are not doing !@#$ about the real issues in the game and stop badgering us with other lame updates that screw up the gameplay even more. Come on Blizzard Staff. Do you Job and Fix the real problem, not only the game itself, but your entire team! Your forum Mod's apparently don't get the message through or are completely oblivious about all the people complaining on forums about how POINTLESS this game has become. I do not need to re-tell anything that others haven't already stated.BlackestDawn1 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 really?? fight hard -- rewarded less so I'm finding that I'm progressing so painfully slowly through inferno.. and I come up against a hard elite group and after dying 10 times or so I finally kill the elite pack .. it was a hard fight .. I died lots ... I have a big repair bill now ... but I beat them ..... but I feel like for all my hard work, I'm rewarded less. so .. if you die against an elite pack a few times is the reward less?? that seems greatly unfair ... and if it is I'm going to add it to my list of reasons one day I'm going to rage quit and never pick it up again.Whosyerdaddy5 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 To the Lawyer who posted here When did you pass the bar? Just because someone states something in a TOS does not mean it is law. Contract law is very fickle, and contracts are determined invalid all the time. The court could determine that Blizzard's TOS does not constitute a legal contract. An example would be duress, where you are forced to do something under some sort of undue stress. For example, you spend 60 dollars for a product and then are denied access unless you sign a contract (what does this sound like to you?) Another example would be Good faith law provisions, which require that both parties deal with each other in an honest and fair manner. How would a court rule blizzards actions in certain cases where an expectation of fair dealings occurred on the RMAH? See the case where blizzard made a 15% cut on the sale of a digital item, yet no item was ever exchanged, nor was money ever funded to the seller. What about the non-repudiation ramifications of a digital signature as it pertains to simply clicking an "I Accept" box? While this may not have precedence, it could be brought before a court. How about Force Majuere? Could an argument be made that the "botters" are an uncontrollable third party that ruins the contract for both parties? It is a stretch, as this usually applies to acts of god, but possible. What about impracticability? Could the implementation of the RMAH create an impracticability situation, where in order to continue playing, a player must make unreasonable expenditures on the RMAH? How about undue influence? Blizzard is clearly in a position of power over its players. They can basically take advantage of you with the TOS, see "My way or the highway". This is just scratching the surface of possible legal explorations that could be taken when attempting to nullify the TOS altogether. If the TOS is nullified than all clauses within are nullified. One simply has to make the case that the TOS itself is unfair and not legally binding. Not to mention that EU courts have already determined that ALL TOS' are invalid. That could be a reality in the U.S. fairly soon! Just curious as to your thoughts on the matter. TL;DR... If you didn't read this move along.Doc135 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 I think this game deserve another topic Graphic are nice Abilities and overal way to use them is cool I think that was a minimum to be expected from a game from Blizzard. But overall Its a huge disappointment ,it feels like a side project :( And i'm not speaking about end game and farming or MF (serisouly i don't give a !@#$ and no way i'm going to farm, i had enough in wow , at least wow now as token so the progression can be planned and timed lol) I miss rune and some character customization. I mean also i wish there had more monster to kill the whole game i'm like always craving for swarm of monster that never come. I wish they had some mechanics like i don't know combo system between abilities or allies More re-active trigger abilities. I could go on and on with ideas and criticism but overall i have one word to describe this game : BLAND !ffogell6 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 RMAH funds never came? This is starting to get really annoying. My first ticket was closed due to the fact Blizzard considered it resolved with no explanation. I did see funds appear in my web browser to the correct amount and then they disappeared the next day. I re-opened the ticket due to my balance in game has not budged from $0.00. 10 days later and still nothing. I have the authenticator and SMS alerts active and still nothing- no explanation as to what the fck is going on exactly. In web browser tonight is it has gone from $50 to $0 to $50 again but nothing has changed in game. I did somehow manage to purchase a few items throught the RMAH through the PayPal option because I thought this must be the way to do it but i'm guessing now i'm going to be billed for those items. Arrgh.Beriberi0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Quitting - PATCH 1.03c TOO LONG The game hasn't seen any real changes since patch 1.0.3b hotfix which was ages ago, and I cannot enjoy it in its current state. Goodbye, I know I'll be missed. Thanks.AuxiN15 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Bought flawless star emerald using rmah.. But didnt receieve it in my completed item list.. i bought this last night and went to bed and woke up and its still not there. id like to know who i need to talk to to get my refund or atleast get my gem so i can put it in my weapon. i mean i thought if i went to bed and woke up it would be there but it never showed up but it sure did take the money out of my account. who do i need to talk to?Hulk7 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 No Mobile Phone, No RMAH? Was trying to set up using the RMAH just now and I noticed that having an SMS or whatever is one of the requirements, and in order to do that it says I have to have a cell phone where text msgs can be sent. I currently don't use a cell phone nor do I plan on getting one anytime soon. So what does this mean? I simply can't sell stuff on RMAH? Why can't a home phone be used with the SMS? And more so, why do we even need to receive text msgs specifically? There are all kinds of communication methods, if Blizzard wants to confirm something, why can't they just send an email?FreshTofu50 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 LF Act 3 farmer Hey guys looking for someone that farms act 3 that I could tag along with,you would get half my loot for the trouble of the monsters being stronger. Battletag: Loviator#1550 US softcoreLoviator0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Error 31073 when trying to sale some items Anyone else have this problem? Some items (1 bracers 1 weapon) can't be sold on AH cause - auction failed (error 31073) No problem with other items.Dubaaii3 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 A Word From Diablo: Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Creating lots of games = ban fashion, is now breaking ToS... This is the first time i've ever heard such a thing. Some of us like to farm goblins. Yet another example of blizzard's failure at stopping people that, for better words, are simply better than them, and using a "blanket of safety" to ensure their interests ($$$) are protected. Total BS. Watch out people - I sense they are going to be absolutely ridiculous on this one. Blizzard - please wake up and realize that you *must* make an "open" like Diablo 2 had. Not everyone has an internet connection 24/7. I bought your game. If i'm stuck in an airport or in the middle of nowhere with nothing but my laptop, i'd like to be able to play in offline mode. Make this happen. Oh wait - you wouldn't make money. Don't worry - think about how short sighted you have been and just take it as a loss. This game will die soon enough once you've made it even worse than when you started - if that was even possible.Rook2 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Blacksmithplans vs Acts So I was happy to move onto act 2 and find that fairly quickly a 5 magical property blacksmith plan dropped, I was so tired of seeing the ones with 4. Still having 3,000+ dust, 1,000 tears banked waiting for a 6 magical property plan I sat tight knowing it wasnt worth investing it all into one with 5. So I figured that if act 1 dropped 4, act 2 dropped 5, then if i pushed myself to act 3 even if it was a bit tedious to kill the rares it might be worth toughing it out untill a 6 property plan dropped that I could now craft up the wazoo. BUTTT then BOOM a 4 property plan dropped in act 2....dimenishing my hopes, now I felt if i moved to act 3 I couldnt just play untill 1 plan dropped bc it could be a 5 property..? SO that being 6 property plans drop in act 3? or just act 4? and do 5 tier ones drop in act 3 as well more so then 6?Seige2 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 When will nerfs on legit players stop? Bots have ruined the economy already. Bots will continue to be there whether you like it or not. Make worthwhile changes that can be hotfixed or small patches that can improve your game rather than making it worse for legit players.Adrenaline0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Stay a while and listen - SC1,D1,D2 OST One word... Nostalgic. Starcraft I Zerg Theme 1 OST Zerg Theme 2 OST Protoss Theme 4 (Brood War) (c/o tommos) Diablo II Old Tristram Diablo I Tristram Village Catacombs (c/o Cthulu) Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 What has happened HC mode in asia server. 1. Because of FANTASTIC blizz-like solution of irritating server problem, 300-500 ping for USUAL / 600-1200 ping for "no luck" when creating / joining game, for nearly every game in asia server are not created in asia but in America :P 2. People of playing HC mode are trying to re-creat over and over to get "30-50" ping to SURVIVE in inferno mode. But they have been failed or been beaten by yellow-o-ping :P 3. MCs in Blizz KOR are... well, I don't want to mention about these guys. Sorry, these MACROs. 4. So they're crossing the styx over and over and over... Seriously, what they are thinking? IS IT CHALLENGE or FUN to MAKE n MAKE? Why people are irritating to get "good" ping in HC? Before I make this thread I've made about 50-60 game but it's impossible to get it. Well, is it "random is random" principle again? OH...xerfilstyx0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 D3 is evil. Remind me of the guy that wanted to watch the whole football cup series for several days and also died.. Why do you do this to yourself?!..sad story.WarWind14 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 how much money are you making from diablo3 How much money are you making from daiblo 3 real money action house and can you buy an item with gold swicth to real money and sell it for hard cash?drunkelf0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Create a market i can start...mmm "create a market" The biggest income comes handling a market,when you completly handle a market you can take a fee from every trade,you can change at your will the price of the commodities for create the final stuff will be traded in your you can influence whatever you want for increase your income. That happens nowadays in the real life,for example you can see the OIL market "i m italian",the price is chosen at the base of the market,they handle the market,they decide the price! "crucial things" In the attempt to create a market there are a few crucial things... 1) you must be' sure to have the control of the market! 2)you must be' sure that your market is appealing to the people,and keep it in a long time! 3)you must give others people the possibility to make money inside your market! I will start with the point 3: can make few bucks on RMAH ATM! But they need to change commodities sell system that is already broken"see below point 1". point 2: Diablo 3 is the sequel of the best hack'slash ever Made...they did the right choice to create them market around this game! Sometimes they change something in the market"in that case,items/char ability" when the market is overcrowned,this is a Common market strategy to "move the market"! Point 1: They have some problem with botters...they help in part the market but when numbers of players are dropping due to lack of end game content "this is the biggest problem for em market" they can completly ruin the market! The commodities market has no sense and it has been released broken due to botters and 3rd seller site! In order to succeed in the 3 point above they create the game around rmah,affecting the drop rate,the 4 player in game,the way you find your items:"LIKE find items for level below istead of above"! they also Made the game around customers that were already addicted to pay money overtime,they are named wowgeneration... This 2 things AFFECTED the way the game was Made,and in part ruin it... Where they fail to create the market: 1)end game content: You need to let players the possibility to make money with your market but people isnt here for money,they are here for HAVE FUN,so they should keep in mind and had to priority to make the game FUN,in the early and in the late game,where now it has a bad lack! 2) liberty They Made the game stricting and bounding in almost everything,i m not ecplaining here how,you know...and that is a big mistake,you must control the market but let people inside the market much freedom as possible!!! When you have people inside the market have FUN and are free to move the money will come... Ok now i must back to work :)!that was my coffe break... I loved d2...d3 is a bad fail for now...Genesis4 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 who remembers fluffymuffins postcdann580 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 i read the diablo 3 forums listening to the torchlight music cause its so much better than the diablo 3 musiccdann580 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 since i hate farming gold anyone want to give me free stuffcdann580 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Sufficient Condition - Lesson in Economics Necessary Condition - There is a problem that needs fixing. Sufficient Condition - There is an efficient solution to the problem that needs fixing. Dear Blizzard, IAS was definitely something that needed to be looked into. It was a little OP and too necessary of a property. Well done. But, you only moved one problem to a different area. You see, Blizzard, you don't FIX a problem unless you have a solution that is better (more efficient) then its current state. For example, if you had a road that is old and falling apart... You don't lay cover it in razor sharp gravel and call it a solution. Now that IAS is a useless property, you have turned critical chance into the must have property. Any items that can have critical chance but don't are now USELESS. Especially with all the builds relying on critical procs to function properly. The game is even more broken now because 90% of players are now using these builds... NOT abilities... but BUILDS. EXACT TO THE RUNE and PASSIVE BUILDS. I recall a lot more diversity pre 1.03. I honestly do. Even though it was pathetic, it cant be more pathetic than it is now. I implore you to do two things. 1) buff IAS. you don't have to restore it to its former glory, but stop it from being a useless stat. 2) Drastically reduce the difficulty of Inferno and remove inhibiting nerfs such as Life Steal and chance to freeze. This is because at this point. 99.9% of builds are not viable. I enjoy playing the game, but I'd rather play it in the way I want to play and not be forced into these builds. Making the game more difficult, as you guys continue to do secretly through stealth nerfs, is not gonna bring the player base back or make anyone happy. Do what's right. Do the right thing. And last of all, Please Please Please. Stop making changes (logged or stealth) without first assessing whether or not the solution is better than the current issues. Merely having a problem does not require an immediate solution but one that will actually improve this game. Thank you, Disgruntled Fan.chrisevo0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Im having fun again Im having fun again, no no, its not progressing through act 3 where my Wiz is, I decided to level a 3rd char. to 60. My barb is a hoot. I will probably level my last char. Whitch Doc next.Zaino5 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Reporting scammers ... does it even help? So i just got scammed with the gem-stack exploit and reported the idiot who did it, but i wonder ... do these people ever get punished? I still have this guy in my "recent players" tab and see him coming on and logging off, like nothing happened ... Are the people supposed to take care of this too busy to take care or is there just noone who cares at all? Not that the money matters all that much to me, but what DOES annoy me is that these parasites actually benefit from their behaviour...Tintifax0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 to the diablo 3 dev's here's where you !@#$ed up <-- ban me for saying %^-* i dont give a !@#$ cause i dont even play the stupid %^-*ing game im so !@#$ing disappointed... 1) 4 players per game 2) no character points 3) no skill points 4) stop holding my hand 5) RMAH 6) The auction house 7) Elites can put me in a jail cell 9) The game makes me rely on my items 10) Elites can make me run away 11) Elites arnt fun, they are frustrating 12) Im pissed 13) Not buying heart of the swarm 14) Look at number 13cdann580 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 I hate identifying Objects! Make it better! Bring Deckard Cain (or another identifying NPC) back or add scrolls/tomes of identify. That'll help create another gold sink. Nothing kills the momentum of this game after having a bag full of rares from a MF run and having to waste another 2 minutes identifying all this garbage. Its not even good garbage. Whats the point of having to identify rares if most rares are gear for lower level players? I have 3 other alts leveled to 60 and maybe 1/200 I find something I can use for any of these toons. If I didn't need the gold to make up for the repair cost, i wouldn't even pick up any items under level i61(for the essences). So PLEASE for the love of god. Make items drop identified so I don't have to waste my time identifying all this trash or add an NPC / Tome that I have can pay to instantly identify.j4sonh4n8 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 One of the chosen: can you show the reward? Somebody with the "One of the chosen" feat of strenght can post a screenshot of the sigil gained please? I just want to know what it looks like.Ovnidemon0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 [Android App]Dia3 Auction, user to user trade You can trade Diablo3 Item, commission free!!! Diablo3 User To User Auction House. In Android Market(Play store) Search "ItemTalk" Trade game items User to User!!!! An app that lets you chat like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and trade game items, ItemTalk! You can use the chat features similar to WhatsApp or KakaoTalk while easily trading items. You can chat in real-time, thanks to the advanced push technology similar to KakaoTalk and WhatsApp. This allows you to trade in real-time, a feature that completely outclasses the classical post-and-reply item markets. We have added a community feature to allow easier communication between users. You can also show off your items through the community! Currently supports the following games: Diablo3 If you have any idea which adding game to here, please contact us.내스탈간지0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Duel Wield Stat Stack? I was wondering on how the stats at up when duel wielding. For instance say i have : A sword in my left hand 1k dmg / 100 dex / 800loh / 50crit dmg / In my right hand i have a 500dmg / 7ias / 80crit damage. My question is do any of the stats get added, example do i have 160 crit damage? Do i have the 800 life on hit every time i attack or does it go back and forth between the two? Do only some stats stack, all of them, or none at all ? Thanks any insight on this will be helpful. Also i did a quick search and couldnt find any info on this .HoneyMonkey1 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Income Tax on RMAH?? I'm thinking to earn money through D3 full time. Anyone know what type of income tax should I file?highwind22 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Auction house needs serious work First off i actually like this game... it could be better but to be honest, its still fun gameplay. My problems right now are stemming from the auction house. Lets say i actually farm and do my best to appropriately place items up on the auction house at around the right price, but I can only search 3 affixes at a time... How can i possibly price compare an item with 8 affixes to anything on the AH? I cant. My auctions are limited to 10 auctions with no ability to cancel the auction or put it up for a shorter duration. So if i end up with a bunch of stuff that just isn't selling... I have to wait a day and a half to use the auction house again. My suggestion(take it or leave it) 1.Allow shorter durations for new auctions(this will help lighten the load of ten gazillion items no one wants to search through to find that perfect item. 2.Allow for advanced search options like being able to search for more than 4 affixes... I actually want boots with int, vit, AR, AND Movement speed... lemme pick three and start looking at the results one by one for what seems like forever. 3.Allow us to cancel an auction with no bidders. 4.Allow us to somehow sort out stats added from socketed gems. In the meanwhile I've got a full stash of stuff I'd love to sell(that I'm sure a lot of people would love to have) but i cant put it up because my auctions are limited. Also, I'm openly refusing to use the RMAH at all anymore. But grats on joining the group of free to play but pay to win games blizz... i thought you cared about your company.Lindrinos0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 Tell me when end game is fun You've got my email blizz, just fix like 20 of the shiz things about the game and get back to me, going to join a pub game and give all my shiz to someone who can cling to hope longer than I can. GG. NO STAT POINTS, Cain died to a butterfly, DIABLOS half female, gear/characters customization BORING AS HELL, can only play one act at a time, multiplayer is STILL HARDER AND SLOWER than solo play, LEVEL CAP. Just assume the rest of the post is capital Z's.Newlight1 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 [Android App]Dia3 Auction, user to user trade Diablo3 User To User Auction House. In Android Market(Play store) Search "ItemTalk" Trade game items User to User!!!! An app that lets you chat like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and trade game items, ItemTalk! You can use the chat features similar to WhatsApp or KakaoTalk while easily trading items. You can chat in real-time, thanks to the advanced push technology similar to KakaoTalk and WhatsApp. This allows you to trade in real-time, a feature that completely outclasses the classical post-and-reply item markets. We have added a community feature to allow easier communication between users. You can also show off your items through the community! Currently supports the following games: Diablo3 If you have any idea which adding game to here, please contact us.내스탈간지0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 [Android App]Diablo 3 Auction(user to user) Diablo3 User To User Auction House. In Android Market(Play store) Search 'ItemTalk' Trade game items User to User!!!! An app that lets you chat like WhatsApp, KakaoTalk and trade game items, ItemTalk! You can use the chat features similar to WhatsApp or KakaoTalk while easily trading items. You can chat in real-time, thanks to the advanced push technology similar to KakaoTalk and WhatsApp. This allows you to trade in real-time, a feature that completely outclasses the classical post-and-reply item markets. We have added a community feature to allow easier communication between users. You can also show off your items through the community! Currently supports the following games: Diablo3 If you have any idea which adding game to here, please contact us.내스탈간지0 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 I am done with this forum Created two threads, both got deleted for no apparent reason.LordDreyfuss20 Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 get a good lough i shouldnt be the only 1 loughing my !@# of so here you go guys its em koreans and diablo 2 lol Jul 18, 2012
Jul 18, 2012 So.. What happened to Cain? He died right? Why wasn't he in Heaven when we went to act 4? Is he in Hell then? I really hope he went to hell. ALSO SPOILERS: CAIN DIES BY BUTTERFLIES!!! YES EFF-ing Butterflies...j4sonh4n10 Jul 18, 2012