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Jul 17, 2012 Vendor or Salvage? Do you vendor or salvage crappy inferno loot? Does it matter if it's yellow/blue/orange? I've just been vendoring my loot thus far and have stayed away from salvaging. Should I salvage instead? Which is more profitable?Chuck11 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 When is maintenance today? Can't find the maintenance schedule!ChuckyBear0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 6 affixes and only 3 search options in AH Title says it all. Blizzard, please give us search options in AH to match the number of affixes on items.Mou0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Gamer Pays $175 for a Weapon And is proud of it. Rich kid or overpaid blue collar? ... Just too many things wrong with this gamers reality. I do however like the part where he states, "Movies are free" and then follows that up with "Hookers are illegal" As if free movies were legal? Do the movie companies know that too or did the memo get misfilled? All in all... I had a good chuckle!Nopate33 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 @Game limits re-enabled & goblins How I'm gonna farm goblins now? I mean like the only fun atm in teh game is chasing those bastards:SChase7 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Missing "smooth" shadow options I'm running an Nvidia 9600M GT 512Mb dedicated My girlfriend has a 8800 GT 512Mb dedicated. She has Off / Low / Med / High / Low (smooth) / Med (smooth) and High (smooth). I have only Off / L / M / H. Why?Ronnin4268505 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Is the barb the end game character in D3? - 30% damage reduction - High DPS -- +150k dps - High all res -- +800 - Permanent and incremented movement speed - Melee and ranged (weapon throw) - Best kitting mobs - High armor - Many useful pasive and active skills - Cheap clothing - Permament FuryVicente9 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Blizzard All Stars will save Blizz reputation It will be the next league of legends but betterLoomies9 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 [Suggestion] Container Specific Loot Increases chances of getting specific types of loot from specific types of containers/destructibles in addition to regular drops: For example: Bookcases (act 1), dusty tomes (act 2), etc: X% chance to drop pages/tomes/secret for crafting Chests: X% chance to drop more gold and gems Corpses: X% chance to get potions, Z% (very small) of getting dyes Lecterns, Archives, Missives, Cain's Notes, Azmodan Messenger: X% chance tp drop pages/tomes/secret for crafting Others (currently no suggestions): Crafting materials UnplannedMasterSpark0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Oh woo, this how D3 should look A small glitch in the graphic after I got killed by an elite group, but you know what, this make the game look much more awesome with the entire dungeon turned dark, the only light I get is the weak light from my fire damage weapon. I turned off the health bar, and the damage show off, and get killed 3 times already by a group of Elite Bat in the dark lol this so interesting haha. Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Connection timing out bc of no maintenance? I've never gotten disconnected before, but my connection has timed out 5 times today. Is this because there was no downtime, and the "rolling restarts" that some MVP said was probably happening?clydebershel0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Will u buff legendary weapons??? the best legendary 1 hand weapon in ah has 800dps, i ve played 200h and didnt find any legendary, i have a blue 1,1k dps weapon that looks like a lvl1 white weapon, obviously something is wrong with this and u ve had more than enough time to fix this, if u cant do such a simple thing at least create something like wow trasmogrification, i dont want my lvl 60 barb weapon look like a lvl 1 white weapon. If u need more than 2 months to change the stats of a weapon its obvius u stopped working on this game, i bough this game to play until gw2 release and couldnt play more after 1 month, really fail gameDuveth1 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Diablo 3 will be worthy before the end. I am an old school gamer, and have been playing PC games for quite some time. I currently have every Blizzard game (save for Diablo 1, Warcraft and Warcraft 2). I remember when Diablo took the ARPG world by storm 15 years ago, and it Diablo 2 was highly anticipated. While it was received well by critics, it wasn't received quite as well by the fans. There was a lot of Hoorahing and complaining. Now, not to the extent as it is with Diablo 3, but you also have to remember that the internet has really blown up since then, and gamers have changed as well. But, anyone who remembers some of the old online chats and such things as usenet will surely remember that Diablo 2 had a very rocky reception among fans, and this was for the gameplay alone. Couple that with the tumultuous launch of WoW, where server issues abounded at launch (and even for the first month or two), and anyone who didn't see this (the disappointment and controversy) coming from a mile away obviously don't remember history very well. I guess what I am trying to say, is that while some facets of D3 are here for good (online only, RMAH, etc), there are a lot of things that are going to be tightened up and made better (the game will be balanced better, the end-game difficulty will become fair, etc). It wasn't until two years of patching and an expansion that Diablo 2 became the game it is today - the game we fondly remember - the game that Diablo 3 has to live up to. I understand that Blizzard had 12 years for Diablo 3, but until the game is actually "out there", there are so many things one cannot foresee, I don't care how long the game's in alpha/beta. This game will eventually become worthy of the Diablo brand. I believe that. My question for you, is, what will it take?Darkul20 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 UNIDs, their RUIN, & how I've been affected This thread is not going to be super negative. All I am going to say is that unlike a lot of other people I have somewhat enjoyed Diablo 3. I still view it as a huge let down and nowhere near the gold standard that Blizzard has for so long, been known for. I have played through the lagging and rubber banding. I have dealt with trying to navigate the social avenues of this game in spite of the massive gold selling spam (trade channel). I kept telling myself that the devs would fix it. I have continued to play after many of the places that were fun to farm (goblin spots) got nerfed, and chests/breakable things got nerfed as well. Thankfully, I wasn't fully invested in IAS before it was nerfed. The one thing I have enjoyed more than any other aspect of this game, the last great bastion of joy, has been buying and selling UNID items through trade. Yesterday it broke all over these forums that there is now basically a way to tell, relatively, what the item is before you ID it. In essence completely killing the unid market, and quite easily screwing those who are uninformed. So I found myself sitting there last night dealing with much worse than normal lag spikes (that happen only when packs appear) and excessive rubber banding. To top it off a lot of the regulars in trade who enjoy UNIDs couldn't buy or sell them. Everyone was complaining about it, in between the GOLD GOLD GOLD FASTSTEVE spam. For the first time since the second week of release I found that the game was basically unplayable. There was really nothing I could do. Run around and lag to death (litterally), and then to top it off the only enjoyable social aspect (for me) is now broken. I thought today there might be some type of patch to fix some of it. Sadly, the servers are up, no patches, no word from anyone who works at blizzard about any of this mess. You guys really need to do a better job communicating your understanding of what you know are issues and that there are fixes on the way, and what they may be before you lose all of us completely.Northern25 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Hopefully beneficial to whats going on now.. I don't like to be that person, The person that starts pointing fingers.I don't think that's going to be beneficial in this situation at all. Especially when I feel both sides are at fault. I believe one of the main reasons this game is failing so hard is simply because of the lack of communication regarding changes and feedback between players and blizzard. It's obvious yeah but it needs to be said. If we're going to get anywhere with this game, we're going to need to have more than a community manager or two involved in the forums. People that we can actually talk to and give straight up advice and feedback on aspects of the game to. The current rage on the forums is mainly because of the fact that we REALLY do not like certain aspects of this game, and no one is acknowledging it. ... We have issues in this game that we have conversed with the CM Bash about, but we're getting mixed signals and messages every other post. This is also not helping issues. I understand that he's a CM, and what he does know about the game and potential changes can be limited at times. but to get something like this. ... And shortly after get something like this. Patch 1.0.3 Notes -Magic Find will no longer be considered when looting objects in the environment such as chests, barrels, vases, pots, and corpses -Destructible objects no longer have a chance to drop items, and will only have a small chance to drop gold when destroyed Just further raises confusion as to whether or not Blizzard actually knows what they're doing, it raises questions for the community such as : Where's the testing? Do you not Test this stuff? I personally was in awe of what Blizzard called a "Beta" for Diablo 3 here, It was a short demo of about a third of act 1. Which is yet another reason why I believe this game has soooo many issues. Lack of feedback from players on important aspects of the game, has left a lot of the important aspects of the game untouched and/or flawed. Even downright bug ridden. ... Damn right, they're pretty effin insane right now. Goes to show you people can get pretty passionate about things they don't like or that have more potential than they're displaying currently.. Part of what makes us Human is our ability to express emotion. This is especially true when it comes to expressing concern, dislike or dissatisfaction about something we've purchased in this day and age. People call us entitled, Snobby, and that we shouldn't complain.. My question to that is : If no one complains, how are things supposed to get better? It's the job of an unsatisfied consumer to let a company or business know how to better their products or services. it's part of how the majority of the world works right now, anywhere that's not strictly right wing that is. Not everyone can show their dissatisfaction by requesting a refund though, some people voice their concern exactly how it's being done on the forums right now, others wish to stick with a product to see if it'll get better down the road as well. Especially customers that have been loyal to the company and know they can do better. The problem with this though, is that when these customers start voicing their opinions, some of the threads are closed(some legit needed to be closed, others not so much). Things get ignored and not responded to. Or we even have representatives of the company telling us how things are going to happen and that we're going to have to just adjust. ... Then to top it off, after changes ARE implemented we get statements like this. ... We are thankful, you're kind of showing that you can listen to the community.. kind of.. The real with this last patch at least, is the significant changes that were made, and are currently providing no added depth to the game, but instead frustration. 50% nerf on attack speed, Nerfing gold drops, MF, in addition to adding insane repair costs for the majority(yes I said majority, There's some of you out there with epic gear that aren't having issues.) You've made a patch with a few good aspects, but the negative aspects are so overwhelming they're crushing everything that was done. The problem is though, we have players voicing their concern over aspects of the game since the last patch, and we get something like this. ... Well, generally this could be considered a legitimate suggestion. But the way this game is right now, especially in relation to the nerfs in this last patch. It's simply not. How so you ask? Well, considering the recent nerfs to IAS a lot of players that were able to clear inferno content before are now unable to do so. The nerfs that were supposed to come to this 1-shot you're dead bull!@#$ in inferno was also not addressed very well. I've been playing today and notice almost no difference on either my Wizard or DH with the amount of damage I'm taking, especially in regards to elites. To top this off, this patch also nerfs MF, Item drops, and then raises the repair costs. So in addition to hundreds if not thousands of players losing DPS, and the ability to safely and efficiently clear area's of the game, They're gaining less gold, and spending more and more on repairs. Simply put, This content was hard and challenging before this, Now it's been artificially raised in difficulty, to try and address issues with the game that only the highest/best geared/rich players are taking advantage of. Some people are also thinking that these changes are in a way, destined to push people in favour of the RMAH. Whether intentional or not, you can't say that it doesn't really look that way. Artificially introducing more gold sinks(repair), nerfing MF are both great ways to push people towards the RMAH in order to supply themselves with the gold and items needed to progress. I personally don't want to agree with with some people are saying about this, but I'm finding the logic harder and harder to argue with every minute that passes. ... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Games technically don't have limitations unless you're talking about coding issues, but even then anything should be possible with a skilled team. What defines games is how great you're able to provide a fun, exciting experience for your players. Something that makes you want more. The ways you can achieve this are all different of course, it's a general guideline. As some players would like more complexity, or others a more casual game. But there can always be middle grounds as well. The real issue that needs to be looked at is companies tend to try to take the easiest route possible when implementing changes, instead of doing a serious overhaul of the game. The easiest route can work in some cases, but with what's happening to this game what we need is for our feedback to finally be heard, and replied to. CM's have limited authority on the forums, and even more limited ability to really get the idea's of the community into the hands of the Dev's. I can see in this post that in D2, the changes made to the game were of an easier route, Because instead of addressing WHY players weren't playing other parts of the game, the parts they were playing got nerfed instead. This did end up working out because there was already so much going for the game at this point that it wasn't a significant blow. It's also had years to recuperate. The real question is though, Blizzard had a VERY good game after LoD was released for D2. Yet Blizzard has taken next to nothing from the original game and transferred it over to D3. The general complaints being, that the loot system is just horrid, Weapon/item attributes are bland..Where's Crushing blow? or Light Radius!? Randomization of dungeons isn't randomization and just variants of maps, of which there is only 2-3 for most area's, and some just 1! Just look through the forums, and you'll see dozens of threads containing suggestions on what could be done to make this game awesome. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The community is MAD, Just take a look at the General Forum. I think it's time we all take a step back and start offering constructive criticism, and I think it's time that Blizzard gets some more Dev's in the forums to start responding to these posts. I know it's the job of the CM to manage the majority of the forums, But what's currently happening requires more. I believe what's wrong with this game can be solved in a matter of weeks if people just started behaving(no more trolling, duplicate posts. just general nonsense on the forums), and others started listening. ... Soon™... at least I hope. Anyways, I'm going to go get something to eat, I've been writing this for about an hour. Don't take my word for any of this, Just look on the forums for yourself.G19537 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Why your items aren't selling Here's why PRETTY GOOD items have dropped in value so drastically lately. Say I want some new boots. There's some DECENT boots for sale for 5m gold (moderate upgrade for me). But, for 5m, which we'll say is a fair price for these boots... I could have someone craft me *25* pairs of lvl 62 6-affix boots. Do you think I'm not going to get something this good in 25 tries? I think I'll get something I like significantly better... and then I have anywhere from 2m to 50m of boots to sell on the AH myself. Crafting makes mediocre items worth 200k or less. Nothing that's not great will cost over 200k soonPaulAcid21 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 A Call to Blizzard Employees...Rise up! It is obvious from the week long absense of the CM's that something is afoot here Watson. Blizzard do a media blackout because of all the bad press? Or because every Blue post is the next Punchline of the week? I do not hate the CM's or even blizzard. You guys dropped the ball. We can all sit around and talk about how great Diablo 3 could have been or how disappointing it has been and waste our time while the game circles the drain. Or you guys can step back from the Marketing side of the game and make it fun. The game is fixable. I blame Call of Duty. They started making complete games then cutting them in half and selling the first half for 60 dollars and the rest for 15 dollar DLC. So Activision did the same thing with Diablo 3. 60 levels? Only 3 stash spots when obviously 3 more will be offered with an expansion. You guys misunderstand how Diablo works. It will never be a 24/7 365day 10 year game. People will take breaks and come back. We want to be able to destroy monsters not kite them. I plead with you to set aside your pride and wallets. Duct Tape up the Activision CEO and put him in a closet and get back to what you do best and make a quality game. Blizzard Employees heed my call and revolt against your Activision mastercard holders! We have faith in you...somewhat. I know the true Blizzard employee's realize there is a standard in gaming to the gamer and they have always made quality games. Now they are hindered by Actimoneyvision. Your people support you random blizzard employee. Change the code. Correct the Game. Never give up!. Our Struggle lies in your hands! Viva La Revolution!Racattack1 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 +exp on a level 61 item GG. Legendary amulet : OuroborosDoomBringer9 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Any one banned account in America server??? I've been playing Diablo3 in Asia server since the beginning. My account suddenly banned 4 days ago in no reason !! And, at least thousands innocent people suffering from same reason in Asia server. Moreover, Blizzard is keep ignoring all complain of customers without any kind of official Notice. I wonder this panic happend only in Asia server. Does any one banned their account in other server ??? I loved Blizzard and playing their games, starcraft, Diablo2, WOW, and Diablo 3... But, now? they are keep disappoiting me...BossYang4 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Soooo, how do droprates actually work? :)) Like, the percentages and stuff...Bonesy2 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 AH bid issue 3 times ive been trying to bid on high value items that has a low bid starting price. Everytime I try to bid, it autimatically tells me that im too low. Click bid again, and again it tells me im too low, repeat, repeat all too low. I pause for a moment and click the search button repeatedly to refresh and see if the bid continues to climb up, it doesnt. Ok, let me try again, place bid, again too low!?!?! Am I not understanding something or is someone cheating here!? 3 times this has happened to me.emmetotter21 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Will D3 Ever have a rune system? Or something similiar to make the game as fun and offer as much content as D2? Its way more fun not knowing which of the ~30 type drops might pop on a kill. As apposed to ~6 types you find in D3. This is a the reason why D3 feels so hollowed out. I'd like to add that I DO like the game. It just seems more limited in replayability in its currrent state. I often log in and look at my chars trying to decide what I want to do. Then log off and go watch Netflix instead. ( re-watching breaking bad so i can be up on the next season). But ya. It needs something more. I think a rune system and even a more complex crafting system would definatly be a step in the right direction.OMGBBQLOL0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 D3 a success? I'm getting tired of reading this, so I will just put it simply here. To all those claiming Blizzard's 6 million in sales makes the game a success, you don't know that, nor do we know whether or not it was a failure. We cannot know until we learn, 1) the costs of its 11 year development cycle, and 2) how many additional units where sold since the announcement of the 6 million figure. Truth is failure or success, outside of Vivendi, no one will know until Blizzard release its second quarter results at the beginning of August.Frag10 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Amazon reviews >diablo forums 3 After finding out that the forums were better than the actual game, i thought i had finally reached endgame. Boy was I wrong. These 1-star reviews at amazon are priceless and genuine. I thought the forums died because all the people who quit the game also eventually got tired of the forums. Now I know what they're doing!Ifrit821 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Positive Response vs Negative Response I'm on the critics side, but wanted to relate something I've noticed. When I read a post from someone who likes the game there's one ... if not all three of the following things involved. 1. The game is easy, beaten with little more than smashing one's fist into the keyboard. Not only is the game easy - but you're stupid for not liking such an easy game. 2. The falling online community is because no one plays publicly anymore, all the good players play with each other. You're obviously not good enough to play the game because you're playing publicly. 3. Anyone who liked D2 at first was wrong and D3 is supposed to suck at first like D2 did.* *I love how they admit the game is crap by saying "D2 needed patching before it was good". This is directly implying that D3 needs patching to be good and it is not good in it's current form - even though they love the crap out of it. So far, the critical responses - well, the ones that aren't worded like a drunken text message - have been composed of one, if not all of three things: 1. Incredibly analytical, measured, methodically calculated. They feel stupid for being a fan during the staged demos, obvious hype, and eventual obvious cash-mongering and can cite forum posts, demo vids, articles, blue posts etc. 2. Heartfelt and sorrowful. Those who are (seemingly) physically hurt by the backlash of realizing a company they has so much faith in betrayed them worse than Cain betraying Abel. 3. Sympathy for the devil. Those that realize their own rabid fandom was what had elevated blizzard to what it is today ... and that their fandom was so easily shirked for the sake of micro-transactions over game play. The engineers of their own demise Most people that post these types of posts always make mention of their love for the original games and some are even (exceedingly) proactive in attempting to help blizzard make the game better. You can tell they're bigger fans of the game than the company since they're willing to put aside their obvious rage to try to work with the company that destroyed one of the most anticipated games of the decade. It's nothing of any real significance - just an interesting dichotomy.ingway1 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Did you always know? Or did you realise? When did you come to terms with the fact that you didn't like the game? Was it a slow process, put off by denial and a constant hope that the feeling would just "go away"? Or did it hit you hard, at some point in the game, and make you stop for a second and think "Wow. This is bad. This is really bad. I am not enjoying this." For me, it was a slow process, niggling away at me during my first playthrough. I noticed that I just couldn't muster any enthusiasm to talk about it with my work mates, who all seemed to love it undyingly. Then Dragon's Dogma came out, and I started to play that. For 115 hours. Why? Well, because I loved the game, but it wasn't just that. I didn't want to go back to Diablo 3. I was putting it off. Like a knew something bad was coming. Finally, with nothing left to do in Dragon's Dogma, I returned to D3. I killed Diablo, solo, in normal. It was fine, if not anti-climactic. I started nightmare. My motivation was nil. I started a new character, and suddenly realised with horror that I'd be essentially redoing the entire hand holding process of normal all over again. Once was fine, but 4 more times? That was not going to happen. With much force, I pushed myself to team up with some people and play through nightmare. We killed everything from the beginning of Act 3 up to Izaul in Act 4. I, as a Demon Hunter, received 7 rares. Every single one of them was a hammer. They were all received from mobs. Every boss dropped nothing but blue items. Now, this wasn't the reason I quit, but it was the straw that broke the camels back. Something was broken here. I didn't bother getting to Diablo. I turned the game off. It was the end. I didn't even make it to Inferno. I finally bowed to the realisation that this game was not fun. It was not the Diablo I knew. My once so enthused work mates had long since quit. My friends list was bare. My heart broke to think of what had happened to the series that inspired me to write, to love gothic horror, and to devote a large portion of my life reveling in its universe. I still have hope that the expansions will fix things, and I don't deny I'll buy them out of sheer desperate hope. But not day one. And not full price. You know it's the end of an era when we have to wait to read player reviews on BLIZZARD games of all things...ProjectXii0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Buffed legendaries should have higher ilvls I hope Blizzard item designers don't forget to increase item levels for the top legendaries as they buff them, so we don't havve 50 AH pages of Grandfathers and Hellcracks after they become good because they are still ilvl61.OnionSlicer6 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 RMAH "auction-related issues" suspension Hey just wondering if any of you guys had a problem purchasing items on the RMAH, either receiving or not receiving the item, with a well comforting email saying that your current auctions being canceled and your account be locked for "auction-related issues"? I hope that I am not banned for some glitch... :(Yoshi5 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Is there a patch today? Not that it affects my playing time because i'm at work but just curious as I don't see any blue posts about maintenance or a patch today.DeathsDesign3 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 A screenshot is worth 1000 words The biggest problem with this game is the crappy item drops. I farmed for hours this weekend and found 20 mil in items. Sounds great except the cheapest upgrade possible for me is going to cost 100+ mil. Everyone hates getting ilvl61 and ilvl62 weapons. I dont even ID them anymore I just salvage them. Well one game almost every drop was an ilvl61 or ilvl62 weapon. About halfway into the farm I was so fed up that I quit salvaging them and started to save them for a photo op. Here is the result. I know with all the duping going on that this isnt really a big deal but to me it is. If they designed weapons better this wouldnt be a problem but in a world where everything is dps loh crit dmg oriented these lower level weapons arent worth jack. Mind you these are just the ilvl61 and ilvl62 weapons from half a run. I dont even bother to pickup stuff lower then ilvl60 (except jewlery and follower items)WarBux34 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Uhhh..Boom! selling unidentified items in ah should be implemented, i dont know, in my opinion, its fun to gamble.. :)Ned5 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Inferno drops Question Just a question, if they fixed the drops in inferno then why the heck am I getting item drops for lvl 51 to lvl 55 items in inferno. And not lvl 60 items the items that I could really use to help me. Should it not be based on ur lvl how are people to progress through inferno with crap drops. All my characters are stuck in ACT 1 Weeping hollow area. I have tried to use the AH and it's broken. Items in there are way over priced sorry but no weapon is worth 50mil or even 2bil gold, and half of the crap in there has terrible stats and no socket on items.Fiend9 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Blizzard you have affected us all WOW seriously blizz. 90% of your maps look like a pair of balls and a D ICK LOL FIX THAT BROMerlin1 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 did someone's 6 year old kid design act 4? the pinnacle of the game, and that is what you came up with? the random spawn areas? who approved those? "ok, we got a square area with a treasure chest. looks good to me. wait, lets spice this up a little, make some annoying little method of getting from the entrance to the chest that has no logic to it and isnt fun or interesting." "ok, next one. simple square area again, chest, good i like that these have a consistent theme. ooooo this one has a hole in the middle, fabulous. fine work."Trev15 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 My 58cent, Make this game a better place! D3 has some pritty solid ground as far as mechanics and lootz and yaddayaddayadda. Now many things are said to contribute to the games current state of being a severe pain in the hind quarters. Everything from hard insta nerfs, botters, no endgame, even the player base itself is being blamed for the poo storm flying around. But lets face it people, this diablo. To put it into perspective, D2 was a botters paradise, and it had no real endgame aside from the endless quest for mad loot sammichiz. Rubberbanding happened..ALOT! nerfs and buffs happened..ALOT! Scams, accounts being hacked, crappy patches that everybody hated happened...ALOT! and i stress that word ALOT because it went on for YEARS! But this didn't stop people from playing, why? Because the old Blizzard North team had one thing in mind. The satisfaction of the fanbase. Not the cash, not the shareholders, not the 'Blizzard code!" They just wanted to make a good game that people enjoyed. Constant balancing and rebalancing, ultimately you had your op classes but with the right skills and gear, no class was too Op to escape the wrath of being left naked in town crying about how unfair it was that you wouldn't let them get to there corpse. Economy you say? The economy in D2 sucked donkey nuggets! "Oh you want this soj noob bait? give me all 5 of your gull daggers, 3 spectral shards and whatever other crap you have in your inventory!" Bots and mods you say? Who DIDN'T have maphack? or pickit? or treasure spot? How many times was lobby chat flooded with "Get your Soj/immortals/Runes etc cheap at!" End game you say? "Oh I beat LoD for the hundreth time what should i do now? Think i'll just roll another bone necro..I know I have two already but who cares it's fun!" So what really sets D2 and 3 apart? I propose one thing and one thing only. The mindset of the developers. I think last weeks patch hit the nail on the head for me when legions of people could not update and play the game for some hours due to patch loops. When Blizzard finally makes an official announcement and what do they say? ... Ahem? Excuse me blizzard? Did..did you just address speculation about the possible number of people playing the game? While many of those people haven't been able to download the patch for hours!? I'm sorry fanboys but if you don't see something seriously wrong with that kind of prioritizing, then your probably on the blizzard payroll! This highlights the biggest issue right now with the current Diablo team. PRIORITY! Blizzard should be more interested in making the changes that make the game more enjoyable for more people, and less worried about all the tiny little bull details that piss a handfull of people off. Yeah we have a bot problem, THIS IS DIABLO! WE ALWAYS HAD A BOT PROBLEM! WE ALWAYS WILL! Play D2 right now, THERES STILL BOTS! But that never stopped people from playing, because they knew that they had a pritty good chance of finding the good shazbah without having to pay for it! They knew that If they farmed all day something good would come of it. Yeah maybe not the best of the best items in the game, but still some pretty handy stuff! Don't worry about how you "Think" people will have fun, worry about what people are telling you they will enjoy! Don't worry about Op classes, there will always be an Op class, every change gives rise to a new one! You keep mucking around and nerfing every skill you'll end up with a bunch of guild wars builds! Underpowered and uninteresting! Give us some buffs blizz! Let people blow stuff up and jump between acts! Increase drop rates! Increase Legendary drop rates! Legendary in D2 just like D3, we're mostly garbage, but at least they dropped often! Come on Jay, don't give us a script to play, let us PLAY! It's gotten to the point were I log into D3 and I can't play for more than 20minutes without feeling like I AM a BOT! Following Jay autoit Script (JayFunScript) "#IfwinactiveDIII login. ~follow/:JayFunScript;killEliteA3~#All/loot#All~value*sendVendor/repeat Sleeptimer:1hour=bored~c:/playSomethingElse Cd/f:disk/D111untilBetterPatch Woah I just got hit by a truckload of lazy, I'm tired of typing..Anyway, yeah the point of this all is...well, just follow the new Dev Team Jay Autoit script and you'll understand soon enough. By the way blizzard, you should hire my butt! I'm a chef at Legal Harborside, rated one of the top10 seafood spots in the country! I'll make you some of the best Alaskan king crab stuffed squash blossoms you ever tasted!*winks at Jay* (I know shameless plug for my restaurant but still, come eat there all you hungry bastards!)DollyD6 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Blizzard named this item so RIGHT!!!! like if you likeMan6 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 my most popular post links to a deleted thread. There should an achievement for this.pilnomi0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Blizzard doesnt learn: Punish the innocent! In diablo 2 blizzard did the same thing they are attempting now, to stop bots with a game creation limit. Did it work? No, it was a disaster, the innocent players were kicked offline for hours and in extreme cases days, the botting community figured out the limits needed to set their bots and hardcoded them into their scripts so they NEVER hit them. The same will happen here because blizzard doesnt learn from their mistakes. Any change that harms the majority and does nothing to stop the problem, is not a solution, its just another problem. In this case the cure is worse than the disease.Plaguefear17 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Massive drop in rare drops: After the patch last tuesday, the rare drops flopped... really bad. With 5 stacks of NV, I'm able to get at least 3 rares but right now I barely get 1 for every elite monster kill. To be honest, I'm really bored now. The farming was all that was left and a patch broke it down. Nothing is left for people like myself to enjoy. And no, it's not the magic gear. The game just got a lot more boring after this new patch.Bouleville14 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 "Auction" House... Not Quite. To be clear, I’m writing this post as more of a way to generate a discussion, not because I’m mad. I’m not crying, or raging, or going to quit Diablo. Really because I think we're all a bit frustrated, and Blizzard really needs to look into this and make a change. Scenario: I was bidding on a weapon in the gold auction house (Although this applies to the RMAH just the same), and put in a bid. I really liked the weapon and would have bought out the weapon, if it had one set, for around 20 mil. The auction was sitting at around 4 hours left, and at 9 mil. So I threw in a bid at 9.5, knowing full well it would go up. However, this is an auction and there is no need to put a bid any higher than needed, I’m confident everyone agrees with me on that. Anyway, I’m watching the auction from about 6 minutes left and notice I still have the winning bid. Of course I am pretty pumped It’s still so low so I leave my screen on the auctions tab. Couple minutes go by and I notice that it still says 6 min left. So I close the screen, open it back up and it jumped down to 2 min left (Issue 1). Then I get a pop up saying I have been outbid. So it begins. The bidding war. I quickly go over to my stash to collect my gold again (Issue 2), and place a higher bid. Recall I was willing to pay 20 mil for this weapon. After the bid I close the auction screen and go back in to see the auction timer was less than a minute left. I get outbid, awesome. I rush to my stash, collect my gold, hit bid, and... Auction expired. That is obviously my issue number 3 with the auction house. Now again I am not mad, and really don’t care much that I lost the weapon, there will be another one up tomorrow. I’m not “mad bro”, even though I know someone will reply with that or some version of it, I know there are way more important problems in D3 than this and I already know this has happened to pretty much everyone that has used the auction house on D3. Solutions: Issue 1: Seriously, add a refresh button to the auctions screen. Not hard, Blizzard your developers can do that in probably less than 10 minutes. Do I have to explain why this is important? Doubt it, so I won’t. Issue 2: Why do you make us go and collect our money from our completed screen? This seems rather pointless. Do I really care to click to collect my gold? Honestly? There is no obvious reason why I would want my gold sitting there. Just add it straight to my total. If you don’t already know it keeps a record of your transactions right beside it anyway. So you would still know if your items sold, or you were outbid. Collecting your money seems pretty redundant. Issue 3: This to me is the big problem. When was the last time you’ve been to an auction, or watch one on t.v. (i.e. auction hunters, storage wars, or even something simple like a car auction) and heard the auctioneer say, “going, going” someone bids “gone” to the person who just bid right before he said gone. Never. I guarantee. Why? Because that’s not an auction. Now I don’t have a solution to this problem that everyone agrees on, but why not try making it an auction? I mean, it’s an auction house right? Why not have the timer reset to 1min, or even 2 min after someone bids. That will allow players to think about if they want to bid higher or pass. That is how an auction works. Not simply trying to time your bid to be the last person that can possibly bid. This issue creates a serious issue for the buyers who are willing to pay more for an item that does not have a buyout price. More importantly however, is the issue it creates for the seller. The timer system does not allow for a proper bidding war/ auction. In my scenario, that seller could have easily gained another 10 mil out of me if the timer would have allowed me the time to do so. So not only did I lose out on my item, but the seller lost out on more profit for his/her item. One more issue I want to bring up is the one we’ve all been frustrated with. The limit on searching for specific stats on your items. Why do you allow for only 3 stats? As a monk I constantly am searching for upwards of 4,5,6 stats per armour. Wouldn’t this be easier than sifting through pages of nonsense items? Blizzard I really hope you read this and think about these issues in a future patch. I say future because I know there are a lot more important issues that need to be addressed before this. Thanks for reading, post something if you’ve got something you want to say.ThompsonQ22 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Remake D3! Anyone? Yes/ No ~really boring here~KWOKCHIHO0 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 why dps reigns I would love to explore the potential effects of poison damage, lightning vs arcane and evaluate the impact those types have on gameplay. Are enemy resists higher for one or another? Do any of them have special effects that would help me in combat? I suppose the reason I don't bother is that it is so F'($*#g hard to get decent items in the first place... and I'm sorry, but I'll just never have 100 mil to 2 billion to buy one. I'm also not going to part with 50 real dollars just to experiment with a game's variety. Either, create an offline mode that we can hack the hell out of to experiment and character craft to our hearts content... or... there ought to be details in the game guide for exactly what the game mechanics are for each thing. Poison does this damage, enemies tend to have these resists, life steal works in this way while on hit works differently, increased damange refers only to melee in what contexts, what stacks, etc. Basically, the problem is that this game is WAY too expensive to experiment with gear. Love the skill swapping though. I wish I had a simulator so that I could design my own fake loot, try it on my character and maybe even see how it impacted combat! As a player, and as the game is built right now, I have no way of boundary testing my own capabilities, finding break points and new kick'a(* skill combos. Sure, I could go to the forums and see what the 'experts' are running... but I'm not going to do that because, frankly, experimentation is a major part of the FUN I expect from Diablo. I'm not into the MMO grind for the sake of experimentation. Improving your build, well that is to be expected, but coming up with a totally new concept... that'll cost you 50 hours. Sorry, I have a job.cocogorilla2 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 cannot improve blacksmithing...! help Where can we find "pages of training" to upgrade blacksmithing???pls help have money but no good blacksmith training. thanksderf10 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 to ident or not ident legendaries... so i found this lvl61 legendary crossbow (hellrack). i was just wondering should i try to sell it unidentified or is that just a waste of time? i also remember reading somewhere that unidents from pre 1.1 will be worth way more after 1.1BeerSniper16 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 4player co-op stream, Inferno act3 farming! Hello, my name's Drunkendead and I've recently started streaming over at together with a couple of friends. We're currently streaming high-level farming of Act 3 Inferno, with unidentified item giveaways to our stream followers after each run! Our teamspeak conversations are also broadcasted on the stream, together with some groovy background music. Right now the team consists of a Demon Hunter, Monk, Barbarian and Wizard combo, and you can find all of our gear,stats and builds in the stream info. If you're looking for a good stream with actual gameplay (crafting streams are sooo boring!) check us out over at: Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 To lawyers out there, explain RMAH plz Direct quote from RMAH terms of use [quote]2. The Auction House. A. The Auction House gives you the opportunity to buy and sell licenses to use Loot from and to other players. B. When buying a license to use Loot from another player, your obligation to pay the purchase price shall be to Blizzard only. When selling a license to use Loot to another player, your claim to the proceeds of the sale shall also be to Blizzard only. You shall therefore not have a payment obligation to respectively a claim for payment against the other player and it shall be irrelevant for you when and whether payments are made between Blizzard and the other player.[quote] So if I don't own the license to use the loot, how can I sell it? So if I buy the license to use loot, why do I lose it? Why I don't own the license to use the item anymore after I bought it?Shamanics4 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Why Are Low Level Legendaries So Rare? As the name suggests. I'm sure some people got a low lvl legendary at the time they needed it, but I know I didnt. Seriously, why are their drop rates so low? It's not like they are worth anything anyway, or that they give you brimstone. Low lvl set items and legendaries should drop FAR MORE OFTEN, that way... a) they are cheaper, and you can actually afford them on your first play through b) You can actually USE them. The first legendary I got was a lvl 18 item when I was like lvl 50. c) You will actually GET TO SEE MORE COOL ITEMS. It seems like such a waste of developmental time that such a low percentage of people will be exposed to cool lowbie legendaries.Phuryess24 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 I hate these godly-be-of-the-opinion players ...who rush the act progression by skipping all monsters right through the boss pit. They ignored all his "elite fighting" teammates... But, in the end he's still died over and over again... And then he left the game. Seriously? I have met this kind of player at least on 1 of my 3 public games. PS, anyone in Asia who want to play nice and matured game, can add me: Mikelodeon #912Mikelodeon8 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Solo'd to Inferno and still no Legendary/Set Title says it all, took down Diablo in Hell last night and started Act 1 Inferno, did it all solo, never saw a single Legendary or Set item, or plan for that matter, other than the Izual plan for cow level. I know Bashiok said Legendary's and Set items were meant to be traded around...well don't I need a legendary or set item to start trading with? Perhaps I am supposed to stockpile 5 or 10 good rares to try and bulk trade for one really good Legendary or set piece? He says the AH has to be factored in to how items drop...I understand the logic, but hate the reality. Part of the "fun" of Diablo is seeing the item drop. If I never see the cool items drop, but either trade for them, or save up 5 million gold over the course of a week for one piece, that is not fun, that is not the rush of seeing a cool item drop, that just sucks. Diablo was always a simple game at heart, with simple pleasures: kill stuff, sure with some challenge, and collect your cool gear - it was an easy, fun, and repeatable process. Now we have kill stuff, with A LOT of challenge, and don't expect the get cool gear part...awesome.Sunderpants41 Jul 17, 2012
Jul 17, 2012 Constructive critisism on loot. My view on the loot issue is that the game is not rewarding enough because the item generator is far too random and MF plays too big a role in this particular aspect. I myself spend hours and hours farming act 2 fully stacked and end with very few items worth picking up to identify. I understand that the game at its current state has no real end-game besides hunting for gear and this in turn favors making good items harder to find in order to keep players playing. The core problem in this thought process is that the game does not reward the players enough for their efforts and progressing is stalled as there is a low supply and a high demand so the prices skyrocket to amounts where only the lucky or RMAH spenders can afford. Solution #1: Nephalem valor at its current state is negligible. Reduce the max stacks to 3 and provide a 50% MF per stack. This way, MF as a stat on gear still remains wanted but not essential, players who cannot afford to spend entire hours farming can still casually farm and the NV-elite hunting becomes the best method to obtain gear. Keep the 1 guaranteed rare at full stacks. Solution #2: Remove all items that are below ilvl60 in inferno as there is no reason for trash items to spawn in a difficulty that is meant for high-end players. Currently, any weapon below ilvl63 is utter trash. Also, make NV MF count towards chests and let players keep their own MF in groups as the current implementation hinders group-play significantly. Thanks for reading.Karun0 Jul 17, 2012