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Jul 13, 2012 Time to go.. when reading the forums is more fun!Blackmoon0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Empty Account, Missing Characters etc Can anyone tell me after i updated my patch, when i logged in, the whole account everything gone. Does this happen to you all guys?Luffy4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Is anyone going to buy gold from the RMAH? The strong presence of illegal gold farmers through the use of bots will always undercut the RMAH.Lorenzomangg0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Weird, I think this was a Stack Scammer? SamanthaRay#1325 Was selling stacks of 100 Fiery Brimstone in trade for 15m. I half-jokingly offered 8m. He invited me and said he would do 80 for 8m. That's still less than half of the going rate on the AH. I declined and asked why he wasn't making twice that off the AH. He said his guild wasn't allowed to use the AH, and he didn't want to get caught. They were only allowed to price things using the AH... While I'm not 100% sure this was a scammer, I am 99% sure. Just a fair warning to everyone, because of the stories going around about bugs/scams with selling stacks of items.Hearte2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Pay-to-play would have been more fun? Game starts out fun. You feel powerful and enjoy mowing down enemies like a boss. Then you get to the ridiculous inferno mode that cannot be beaten with gear dropped during your actual play-time and you have no choice but to use the auction houses in order to progress. It becomes painfully obvious that it is Blizzard's intention to only allow you to progress through inferno with better gear when they nerf all the creative builds that effectively sidestep the need for super stat gear. So you step into the auction house and start looking for gear you need to progress... and then you see the gold prices. Ever feel like Blizzard is allowing all the inflation and gold farming to encourage people to use the real money auction house instead? Hell, I sometimes think all the spam I get in-game is actually from Blizzard subsidiaries. They make money off the gold they sell to people and then money again in the RMAH from the people who can't stand all the inflation. I mean, I'm sure the technology exists to prevent that type of spam from getting sent out in the first place, but whatever. Which leads me to believe that this was Blizzard's goal all along. To create a source of sustained income in the form of the real money auction house that takes a percentage of every transaction that occurs. A lot of people think Blizzard puts that crazy stat gear on the auction house out of no where. Who is really selling that stuff on there? I certainly never picked up a piece of equipment that mattered. If they were looking to make money from long-time players, then I would have preferred they made the game itself enjoyable and charged me a monthly subscription.Haro1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Lag anyone? I'm having 1400ms at the moment. :SNoodles7 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 If there is a remake of D2? If there is a remake of D2? Everything is the same, just improving the graphic to match the time. I don't even need it to be 3D, just 2D with more resolution is okay. Do you think everyone will buy it?? I bet that it still sell 6 million copy in the first day.BlackPaw9 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Let's make a poll to rebuild trust in Fans I would like to ask Blizz to roll all the server back to May 15 or create a new server like GLOBAL SERVER. We all restart at the beginning. You can keep all patches and hot fixes. You must remove all characters, items etc... in AH and RMAH. You remove all characters. Ban any account which is suspected of bots or any kind of 3rd involved party. Return the strength for the monster in Act II, III, IV in Inferno, but NO impossible affixes. Drop rates back to the original one or... lower than that but it is worthwhile. For ex: farming in every 100 hrs will warranty get 1 godly item. Make it harder to find the legendary and set item but warranty to get a godly one in every 200 hrs. If you can do this, you can win players back. I am willing to get the damage for this. I paid $100 for CE, another $200 for my gear. I dont wanna see my statue collapse. If you fans like it, press +1 for this... The solutions are on the table. This could be a revolution in game industry. I think this never happen, but just HOPE... never lose you faith, if so find another faith...H3nr7V0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Godliest Item Collection on Diablo 3 Prove me wrong Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Don't lose hope yet! I'll admit something right out front, I got really bored of D3 just a few days ago, since I thought it lacks enough content to keep us fans playing it. And most hate threads I've read about the game, why it sucks, what it needs to be a better game, I mostly agree with. Yeah the game could/should be a lot better, and I really expected it to be as well. In so many words, it has been disappointing. Despite all the disappointment and love/hate relationship towards the game, I still got some hope left and I think that anyone (most people from my point of view) who feel bored grinding acts 1 and 2 on inferno and not getting any kicks out of it, need to be reminded what D2 was before LoD. So let's take a look at the classic D2 and the differences it had with LoD expansion. 1. No Assassin or Druid class. 2. No class-specific items, such as paladin shields, assassin claws, barbarian helms, sorceress orbs etc. Before these sorcs ran around with a huge !@#$ty staff, and paladins with %^-*-why-so-heavy tower shields. 3. No runes, or runewords for that matter. 4. No Act 5, game ended after Act 4, shortest act in the game. 5. Smaller stash size, remember that pathetic 6x4 slots? I mean really? 6... times... 4. 6. No über-event. Therefore no keys of terror, hatred, or destruction, organs or anything. Or tristram. 7. No Charms, those awesome items you place in your inventory to gain bonuses. 8. No TORCH-charm. See #6 and #7. 9. No skills synergies. Adding that really exploded the different build possibilities, before that all the skills were just standalone individual skills. Firebolt, da#*@ was that for? 10. Just a fraction of the uniques and set items the game has today. 11. No elite tier items. Only normal and exceptional items. Loot sucked, and rare items were ”the” items in the game. Items such as Andariels visage, Tyraels might etc. did not exist. Legendaries I mean uniques that DID exist, sucked with a few exceptions. 12. No inventory swapbutton. 13. No circlets. 14. No jewels, or unique versions, rainbow facets. 15. No 800x600 resolution. Only had 640x480 at the time. True story. 16. Hirelings couldn't follow you through acts, you couldn't resurrect them in case of death, you couldn't equip them with any items... word? 17. No crafting items. 18. No ethereal items. 19. No socketed armors. That's correct. Only shields, helms and weapons. And if I remember correctly (not sure if I do, this was what, over a decade ago?), weapons had a max sockets of 3 instead of 6. 20. No Baalrunning, obviously. 21. The color on bosses didn't change in different difficulties. Diablo wore the same !@#$ty color on nightmare and hell as he did on normal. 22. Numerous interesting item affixes were missing, such as ”chance to cast level x when y”. 23. No Annihilus charm, or überdiablo, or "73248949758328 Soj's sold to merchants". Can't go on anymore, but I'm pretty sure I missed a few. But even when considering D2 not having these things, what DID it have? Made me think a bit at least. The game had got to feel a bit hollow, but when compared to D1 it was of course a huge success. So yeah, D3 could have had a lot of more content, but reading through this list I'm not worried at all. I hope anyone who read this and feels that D3 is more boring than babysitting your 4-year-old nephew with downs syndrome (although that could be a lot of fun), feels a bit easier as well. Waiting for the expansion then.Juicypus19 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 How To: Complete Inferno This kid is a natural. Fastest Diablo Downage....Temperfied5 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Feedback Threads - A Request TLDR at the bottom of the post. Yes, I'm giving feedback, but no, it's not about the game. Rather, it's to address those of you who are unhappy with the game and either want to air your grievances (and you should) or quit, and describe why (also reasonable). I'm not here to bash any of these decisions. My problem is that when reaching the General forums looking for some game-related topics to check out, at least 50% of the posts I see on the first page fall under these categories: Suggestions on what to fix (Here's what's wrong with the game and how to fix it) What's wrong with the game (Guys, this game has issues, you should be aware) Farewell Threads (I don't want to play anymore, I'm leaving)Now, am I saying any of these threads are bad? No way. Am I telling you guys to stop doing it? Absolutely not. If there's something with the game that needs fixing, I want all of you to voice it. The problem is, rather than being seen as one unifying voice and grabbing a Blue's attention, we're beating a 100-year-dead horse by regurgitating the same things everyone has said in a million other threads. So rather than having our voices heard, we're wasting thread space and setting ourselves up as troll bait. In light of this, I'd like to ask anyone who would like to post some feedback - problems, how to fix them, farewells, whatever it is - to do it constructively. Just follow these guidelines and I can guarantee that not only will your post have a greater impact, but you'll be seen as a balancing force and not simply a bunch of "entitled gamers": Look on the first page to see if your grievance has been addressed already, especially for large threads. If you don't see it, make a new post, but do it intelligently: make a clear, descriptive title (no "So I noticed..." or anything like that) and word your thread well so that it's easy to read. I'm not saying run it by a writing tutor, but at least use decent spelling and grammar. I can't emphasize this enough - DON'T FEED THE TROLLS! There's a "Block Communications" function for a reason - if someone has nothing positive to contribute to the post, use it, don't add fuel to the fire.Thanks for listening guys. I agree Diablo has its issues, but I want to see them fixed instead of having us ignored while we fight among ourselves. It's a great game and it can get better, as long as we prove we can drive it in the right direction. TLDR: Don't repeat points in popular threads, add to them; post intelligently; ignore trolls.Argus90 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Another 'I'm Quiting Post" .. Plain and simple .."I'm Quitting" to many things wrong with this money grabbing game for me to continue to play it. I will never buy another Blizzard product. BUT not before I sell off my gear on the RMAH! lolMonkonator4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 We are still on forums because we expect more I love that while the game is in the state its in blizzards priorities continue to be how to make more money while they slowly(if at all) fix their blunder of an end game. Let me start by saying I only play HC at this point. Regardless of this though, There is no end game because you have no leveling progression past 20 hours of game play. You have some growth(farming) as a character past about 100 hours. And then you have NEARLY zero progression past 200 hours. The reward system in this game is whats killing it. We all played diablo 2 because we could Magical find manually and progress and build wealth and the next character we wanted to play. However in this game I dont find anything to put on my own character once i hit level 60. I have found 1 item worth using on my character the rest were purchased. There are 3 things to fix here: 1.) MAKE THE GAME EASIER: Your game is not fun because your character never feels powerful past act 1-2. You just get ruined. You are supposed to feel overpowered. What happened to the trailer of wilson saying "there's no such thing as too much power" I guess this didnt include: IAS, Crit(for wizards), Life leech, breaking vases, using magical find, swapping gear, rushing characters, etc etc 2.) MAKE UNIQUES DROP MORE OFTEN: The reward system is supurbly flawed. Congratulations if your goal was to have people crawl into the finish line. Diablo 2 was great because we sprinted everywhere. We didnt have to commit to an hour long farm fest. We could come and go as we pleased. But not only that, we were rewarded for efforts. I could find items to make other characters, i found items to upgrade current character, And I could find items to sell/trade if i so pleased. In 220 hours of play I have found 4 YES 4 Uniques... 2 set items.. almost forgot about that silly me. 3.) MAKE UNIQUES BETTER: Pretty sure this one is actually planned congrats on fixing this one. Without doing #2 though this is useless. Keep in mind though that since you stripped characters of being different lack of skill point or stat point distribution. We are just going to see cookie cutter everything. Where are the individualizations? When are you going to address anything with real fervor beyond the RMAH??BasherKid0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Diablo 3, The true story Hi! my name is Karkion, and i'd like to tell you the true story of diablo 3. I bought the first Diablo a long while back, and since it was one of the original RPG's (Role playing games), i thought it was "AMAZING!" The game made me feel so involved, and i wanted more and more of it. Then Diablo 2 came out. WOW, was it a great game. I could't stop playing. I told myself i was going to kill Blizzard if they didnt make an expansion... And they did. I bought it as soon as it hit shelves. theq1234515632t6ftekmeifvenmuo.. lol hahahahahhahahahaha, if i got you into this story, then hahahahahaha, PUNKED! wazup! lol. lmao! (:! srry if this troubled you...Karkion1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 You knew it was bad when "legendary" came out The moment I heard uniques were called legendary I knew the game was WoWified. When did you know the game sucked?Pookrat1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 iLevel 63 items! why do the always suck!? This is one of my main complaints about this game. I've played over 400 hours of this game farmed act2 and act 1 mostly and everytime i get a ilevel 63 item its crap. I've never found a 1h weapon that did over 900 base dps. never gotten good decent stats on any ilevel 63 piece of armor except for one which my mage wears. Sure ive sold tons of gear on gold ah and recently started selling on RMAH and made some cash but I really think the ilevel 63's are broken. This is total bull !@#$. The ah is littered with tons of 1h 900-1k and beyond weapons. Never found one ever. Never have found another decent piece of ilevel 63 armor at all. There must be something wrong. I dont see how my luck can be that bad? Unless the probability is so rediculessly out of proportion. Seems that if this is the case then there is just too many random things that can turn an ilevel 63 into totally useless crap. Blizz please fix that. ilevel 63's are hard enough to come by and then when you get one its useless. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.............................evilorc21 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 AH Bug? So when I go to put in a bid and it tells me my bid isn't high enough to be a winning bid, why don't I see the current bid for the item go up as the already-placed bid goes over my not-high-enough bid? Am I just not refreshing the page properly, or is the current bid on the item not going up to out-bid my attempted bid? (Hope that's not confusing)Thorongil0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Blizzard. Please. ... Posted by Bash... To sum up the tl;dr of the many posts on this sticky, it says simply, "Why?" Yet again Blizzard, you found something NOT broken that needs your meticulous attention. Good luck trying not to !@#$ this up.Zergling2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 drawing the last straw... Right when RMAH went live, there was a huge banwave that occurred to people that never cheated/bot, which included my friend. he sent a petition letter and 1 day later, his account was unbanned. now that the Gold went live in RMAH. Blizz did another banwave and banned people for no reason again, this time myself included. i have well invested in my demon hunter, many hours, gold, real money and now it's just gone. if blizzard doesn't sort this out, that's it no more playing blizzard games for me.Boss4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Diablo's Direction Dear reader, blizzard, ghost of Deckard Cain: I would like to give my thoughts, opinions and ideas on Diablo III, it's past, present and future. The concept of Diablo and it's genre have practically been unique since it's creation, while there are thousands of 3DMMORPGs out there, and about as many 2d games, I think it is fair to say that Diablo has very little competition and is generally an awesome genre of gaming. This being said, for any reader who is looking for a "**** this game" or "Diablo3 sucks GTFO nubs" thread, you have stumbled upon the wrong thread, please try another. For anyone seeking ideas and thoughts gathered together by a small community, please keep reading. Point 1: Inferno/Endgame The inferno difficulty; oh so challenging or too easy? This seems to be something that arose as an issue rather quickly. I understand that the blizzard community is made up of many types of players; Hardcore gamers, casuals, occasional and Diablo fans. And as such a difficulty has to be made to accommodate everyone, but inferno did not accomplish this goal. For the Hardcore gamers, you could simply die and repeat until finally you made it through everything to beat inferno within a month and then endgame farmed for 2 weeks and now you are bored. For the casual players, some of us have beaten Diablo, some of us haven't, it doesn't really matter we play at our own pace and the endgame is acceptable. For occasional players and fans, it probably doesn't even matter you just enjoy your time gaming through a quite decent story wrapping up the series. A very simple solution that would satisfy everyone who needs it now and would also last a long time to allow other players to enjoy it, I think having a gauntlet would be a wonderful idea. For anyone who does not know what a gauntlet is, it is an endless dungeon. Having an endless dungeon with increasingly difficult mobs would be more than satisfactory for even the hardcore players. Imagine every level you descend the monsters increase by 1 level and drop % of those rare ilvl 63s increased by a flat .5%. Perhaps after dungeon level 10 (mosters lvl 73) ilvl 64 legendaries could be introduced with a dismal drop rate (And be BoP but tradeable to anyone who was with you). The concept of having a gauntlet would allow hardcore players to have a competitive endgame; who can reach the deepest mark inside the cavern. Perhaps introduce a ladder ranking players by difficulty achieved and reset it every 3 months. Diablo 2 had an amazing competitive feel to it through a ladder system. Point 2: Drop % and Magic Find The idea of a gauntlet brings me to the beloved Magic Find. Overall because of the way the game is currently designed, it is practically more viable to stack magic find and farm Act 1 inferno than anything else. If a gauntlet were to exist, say an "Act 5" if you will, it would seem to me that (for difficulty and longevity sake), capping magic find to a maximum of 200% would seem fitting. Increasing the chance of reward for increased difficulty makes a lot of sense, but magic find removes the difficulty factor. Someone who stacks 300% magic find has a 15% ilvl63 drop chance in Act 1. Act 1 should be max ilvl 61, Act 2 ilvl 62, act 3/4 ilvl 63 with the ilvl 64 legendaries in an act 4 gauntlet. The amount of amazing gear available on the auction house is insane for a game that isn't even 3 months old yet. This DOES NOT mean there should be better gear, because I have a few friends who have dumped large amounts of money into BiS gear and releasing better gear is just a money sham, but good gear should be harder to come by. Point 3: Game flow As a casual gamer who is now farming slowly and peacefully, the flow of the game is REALLY annoying. I think a few fatal flaws to Diablo 3 lie within its playthrough. The actual dungeon crawl itself is fine, but I have completed all the quests, for the love of god do no make me redo all of the just to run through an entire Act. Allow me to kill the bosses without doing the quests, give me a "Skip all cutscene" option and most of all reduce latency. Clearing an act is supposed to be the best way to farm, now if it were killing bosses, that would be awesome, but Blizzard decided it was Elite packs. So if I am forced to clear through an act to get the best chance at good gear, allow me to kill the bosses and such anyways without following the quest chain. I really like Ghom and Azmodan, but I hate the long trek between them, allow me to skip that whole ordeal and kill them whenever it pleases me. Cutscenes go hand in hand with this, holy mother of cutscenes. When I enter a boss encounter, I don't care for it, and skipping it 400 times gets annoying, please just allow me to not deal with any of them at all? Latency. I will not go on about latency. There are issues, just as WoW had when it was starting it. It's life, I have to deal with it I suppose... Point 4: The Auction House The Real Money Auction House. Blizzards moneymaker, the bread and butter behind the Diablo 3 game. I am certain it must make more money than actual game sales. But it is essentially flawed. Yes, it adds a Gold-Free option for players, but casuals do not want to invest too much money per piece of gear, and 1.25$ per piece doesn't leave any room for profit. I believe Athene suggested it, but forget the RMAH, just allow gold sales and remove all forms of gold cap on everything. For gold sales, claim 20% of the profit, but also change the sale so that it is "x1'000K" not sold per 100K. The current 100K .25$ floor means that online companies selling gold for anything less than 2.50$ per mil have no competition from blizzard. Beat them at their own game. Also, constantly switching between the GAH and the RMAH is so painful, I have to re-enter all my search criteria. Overall I think the RMAH could use some re-working. It is too easy for a smart mind to profit from and too complicated for a simple mind. Point 5: Why?? Why oh why have pots and destructibles been nerfed? Just set up an anti-hack/botting program and leave us players alone. Point 6: Feedback I think, as a company with such a devoted player-base, you should perhaps let the players in on your work and thoughts. Have a daily blog in which you discuss the ideas being tossed around at blizzard HQ. This isn't because we want to nitpick and complain about everything, but generally most of us actually really do love this game and want to see that it's headed in a positive direction. I feel that as a player I am constantly surrounded in mystery of what is going to happen next. ___________________________________________________________________________ I may write more, but for now I just wanna go back to playing. That is my compiled 2 cents, flame me, enjoy it. Whatever, I just needed to write this down. It felt good.Heppy18 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Game improvement thread Since I couldn't find any suggestions thread, I'm just going to post what I thought was needed to be improved upon. *NPCs need to stop attacking treasure goblins that includes quest npcs, companions, and other random npcs that appear from nowhere.Satosan0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Lets take a look at Neph In addition to bonuses to magic and gold find, an active Nephalem Valor buff grants one extra drop (one additional piece of random loot) from certain bosses for each stack of the buff that you have. This was pulled from it says that you gain an additional piece of random loot per stack you have so a total of 5 extra pieces at 5 stack, just wondering if this actually happensAdammgardner0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 is gold RMAH working? ive had my gold at 26c = 100k all day and its not selling? but when i search to buy it , it says 31c = 100k. so clearly i have the undercut. Is it working for anyone else...?MuscularMark5 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Are there any programs like auctioneer?? Having trouble figuring out what is worth what of the loot i find.SNUSman0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 A review of the current classes So blizzard has made a pretty big deal out of class balancing, however I'm still a little confused at what they mean by "balancing." To start off I have a 60 of every class (with the exception of a WD) with wizard being my most played class (200+ hours). what I have realized is that Blizzard much prefers the melee class over the range. Now before all you barbs and monks throw a b!@#$ fit from this statement let me explain. Also I placed the classes in order of how broken I think they are from top to bottom. Barbarians: This is obviously the most over-powered class currently and before I even get into the logistics of this just go to and take a look around, Barbs are the most feature class and have been for quite a while. Just right now the top viewed player is a barb (kingkonger) that is claiming to have 560k dps and a 85% chance to crit (with wrath I'm assuming), where as the second most viewed is a DH (christarastv) claiming to have 285k dps. Now it's a known fact that barbs and monks get 30% reduction to damage just for being a melee, so why is it that a barb who is suppose to be inherently more tank-like can have double the dps than the class that is known for dps and also notorious for getting one shot? well even though the DH passives are pretty substantial in increasing damage they are no where near what the barb passives can grant. Let's take a closer look at these damaging passives starting with barbs: Weapon master: swords/daggers= 15% increased damage, maces/axes= 10% crit chance, polearms/spears= 10% IAS, or the least popular mightyweapons= 3 fury per hit. So far we could argue that the DH passive Archery does pretty much the same with Bow= 15% damage, crossbow= 50% crit damage, and hand crossbow= 10% crit. This seems pretty fair, right? well now on to the next passive for barbs which can actually be a toss up between either Berserker Rage: 25% damage increase when at max fury or Brawler: if 3 enemies are within 8 yards you increase damage by 30%. the comparable passives for DH would have to be Steady Aim: if there are no enemies within 10 yards, all damage is increased by 20% or Cull of the weak: damaged against slowed enemies increased by 15%. Suffice it to say that the second round of passives have already started to lean on the side of barbs considering the damage increases are 10% higher than that of a DH. Now for the final "comparable" passives between the two classes Barbs: Ruthless: 5% chance to crit and 50% crit damage. DH: Sharpshooter: gain 3% chance to crit every sec, bonus is reset 1 second after you successfully crit. Now many might argue that the DH passive equates to more damage but this really only applies to the first shot the DH makes after that the bonus is pretty useless, plus the barb passive has no down side. I only used the DH because they have the 2nd most damaging passives in the game, with barb being the first. Remember now this is completely without skills that the damage on barbs is already greater, wrath of the beserker really just breaks the scale on damage completely by increasing crit by 10%, attack speed by 25%, dodge by 20%, movement speed by 20%, oh and did I mention that with a rune wrath increases damage by 100%! plus battle rage that give 15% damage and 3& to crit with a rune that increases the damage to 30% so just strictly from a dps out look the barb is far superior to even the most damaging range class who is lucky if something does not 1 shot them. But wait barbs also have equal if not better survivability to the other tank-like class (monks) I'm not going to get into which class retains the most survivability but even if monks beat barbs out in this aspect the damage factor is no where near the same the highest unbuffed monk dps I have seen is 61k (newtiunplugged) which is a fraction of dps kingkongor has (roughly 250k unbuffed.) If every class could be on par with Barbs I'm sure we would hear less complaints. Oh and revenge is the most ridiculous skill ever created in gaming....ever. Wizards: I view the wizard as the most versatile class in the game (yes even over barbs), honestly the only complaint that I have for wizards is they should scrap some of their BS passives and give some that would provide more damage but really it isn't all that necessary, it would just be favorable. Wizards have both the ability to be tank-like (which seems pretty nonsensical for a range class, but it allows for diversity so I won't complain) and the ability to do pretty decent dps (archon really helps this out). The wizards dps ranks somewhere in between DH and WD which is fine but they can't be a true glass cannon like the DH and WD which I find to be a little annoying considering they have a passive with that exact name, if you are wondering why I'm saying they can't be glass canons it's because they don't have a skill like smoke screen or spirit walk that allow them to mitigate all damage and still dps, yes there is teleport but that is an escape mechanism which gives the player distance, if you believe it is enough than use just vault on a dh without smokescreen in act 3 and tell me how it works out for you. Anyways wizards deserve more potential damage. Monks: yes I monks rank above both WD and DH, this is because inferno forces focus on being able to live mobs rather than just melting them, it is very unlikely that a character will have enough damage so that they are killing elites fast enough to not worry about being hit 1 or 2 times (just ask a DH) but they still have a ridiculous amount of survivability making them a good class (regardless of their terrible dps) plus stacking one type of resists with the One With Everything passive makes them pretty awesome for inferno where resists are as necessary as oxygen for living. Demon Hunters: they are awesome if you want to see big numbers but that's it. DH have 0 passives for damage mitigation and even with a shield and mad vitality they lack the ability to survive in inferno and with repair cost how they are this class has been practically shut down. Their maneuverability grants a small window for progression but really with the IAS nerf this class has become pretty useless unless you are looking to play a hardcore version of frogger (except that in frogger when you die you just restart whereas in D3 you deplete the thing that allows you to get better to progress). Witch Docters: unfortunately I haven't had that much experience with WD's so this might be a little more vague than most but that's simply because they are very underpowered. Wd's seem to be the laugh stock of classes mostly because while they do have a decent amount of damage reduction and can have decent damage they are so balanced between the two that they can not specialize in one or the other. If you want to do mad dps you are going to die too quickly to actually accomplish anything and if you choose to go for survivability you aren't going to have the dps output to kill anything before they roflstomp your face in, and don't think that you can use pets to try and distract mobs from murdering your face off because even with jungle fortitude, zombie handler and bad medicine the pets will still get stomped. For those of you saying "wait I have seen a WD crit for 2.4 mil!" (the famous pile up image) yes they can hit like truck but their mana hinders WD's from doing any real consistent damage with any spell besides poison dart, but since that is a single target spell they have trouble not getting molested by multiple mobs. Balancing Ideas: 1. Use barbs as a marker for where characters SHOULD be, we don't need to nerf barbs we need to IMPROVE the other classes. Also STOP FAVORING MELEE! 2. If barbs and monks get 30% damage reduction give range 10-15% damage increase, or maybe make it that while wearing a shield melee get 30% damage reduction and like 15% damage reduction to range classes 3. Glass canon build doesn't necessarily mean people are going to zerg (besides you killed zerging with the repair cost increase) but actually allow classes (besides DH) to live up to their classes identities as glass canons (I'm referring to wizards) 4. Grant DH's some passive damage reduction, getting one shot should not be a problem any character should be worried about unless it's from something obviously avoidable. Hell even in the original Mario game you could get hit once and just shrink and they didn't even incorporate health in the game! 5. Grant wizards some more damaging passives glass canon builds should be a viable option especially considering the passives name. 6. Grant WD's more mana gain so that they aren't constantly struggling just to attack. They don't have any worth while free to cast moves and the ones that are worth while cost entirely too much particularly when using pierce the veil Honestly I have a bunch more to say but I'm tired of typing so I guess I will end it here, hopefully I'm not too far off but thanks to anyone who took the time to actually read my nonsense and I would appreciate feedback and suggestions on this matter! TL;DR: Blizz <3 melees, barbs are OP and blizz should strive to match the other classes to the barb not vice-versa, WD and DH need a lot of work.Envy8 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 So glad We can sell gold now!! I love that while the game is in the state its in blizzards priorities continue to be how to make more money while they slowly(if at all) fix their blunder of an end game. Let me start by saying I only play HC at this point. Regardless of this though, There is no end game because you have no leveling progression past 20 hours of game play. You have some growth(farming) as a character past about 100 hours. And then you have NEARLY zero progression past 200 hours. The reward system in this game is whats killing it. We all played diablo 2 because we could Magical find manually and progress and build wealth and the next character we wanted to play. However in this game I dont find anything to put on my own character once i hit level 60. I have found 1 item worth using on my character the rest were purchased. There are 3 things to fix here: 1.) MAKE THE GAME EASIER: Your game is not fun because your character never feels powerful past act 1-2. You just get ruined. You are supposed to feel overpowered. What happened to the trailer of wilson saying "there's no such thing as too much power" I guess this didnt include: IAS, Crit(for wizards), Life leech, breaking vases, using magical find, swapping gear, rushing characters, etc etc 2.) MAKE UNIQUES DROP MORE OFTEN: The reward system is supurbly flawed. Congratulations if your goal was to have people crawl into the finish line. Diablo 2 was great because we sprinted everywhere. We didnt have to commit to an hour long farm fest. We could come and go as we pleased. But not only that, we were rewarded for efforts. I could find items to make other characters, i found items to upgrade current character, And I could find items to sell/trade if i so pleased. In 220 hours of play I have found 4 YES 4 Uniques... 2 set items.. almost forgot about that silly me. 3.) MAKE UNIQUES BETTER: Pretty sure this one is actually planned congrats on fixing this one. Without doing #2 though this is useless. Keep in mind though that since you stripped characters of being different lack of skill point or stat point distribution. We are just going to see cookie cutter everything. Where are the individualizations?BasherKid0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Why is this game still on my desktop? Should I uninstall it? Will the next patches make it worth the harddrive space?Brainbrew1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 [not so rare] dyes? Dye crafting system? The fact that dyes are available from vendors is kind of lame. Blizzard should incorporate more dyes, some of which drop from different instances in the game at various level difficulties. They would be a cooler commodity in the auction house... i don't know reselling things that can spawn from vendors is stupid to me. Maybe make some super rare dyes with texture-changing effects. For example a rare dye that turns your armor into an amorphous shadowy color / texture / affect like a shadow priest would be awesome. Maybe a dye crafting system could be kind of cool? You could combine rare reagents to craft the rare dyes you want. But if it was gonna be the most fun the reagents would have to come from bosses in instances, rare monsters (like the worm in desert from act 2), or rare randomized spawny things like the black mushrooms for the staff of herding. Not like loot now, random item name with random stats. Dye crafting would be more for-fun, and its way funner to gather dyes from memorable things and not randomized monsters. TL;DR Dyes from vendors are no fun, should be rare spawn dyes or rare dye craft system (that is not like grinding reagents from disenchanting, but more like gathering rare stuff from a cross the game). What do you guys think?Epicure0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Repair cost in Inferno mode rediculous!!! I spent over 20K in just 5 minutes in Inferno first part of act 1! Blizzard, please address this! Higher repair cost in other 3 modes may be fine but in inferno I will be broke by tomorrow. The mobs are much more powerful than players too! With Barbarian I tried maxing out damage and defense to still see my demise!DragonSlayer14 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Game guide typo? (Magic Find) Item quality is checked in the following order: Legendary 6-affix rare 5-affix rare 4-affix rare 2-affix rare 1-affix rare magic item shouldn't it be Legendary 6-affix rare 5-affix rare 4-affix rare 2-affix magic 1-affix magic common itemLock1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 I see everyone crying but play softcore? Tell me, everyone is crying about this game getting boring and dull. But most of you all play Softcore. This is a really great game other then the lag. I dont see why everyone is so upset with it. I guess the cry babys play Softcore. Everyone says the game is to easy and broken and there is no end game. Please come to hardcore and then complain about that end game, I mean that is if you can even make it to inferno baddysKiryu27 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Sick of Lag and Error #3007. Fix IT As the title says, this past 2 weeks have been PATHETIC. Constant lag spikes to over 1kms, constant dc's with error #3007 etc. This game has been a horrific letdown and i regret purchasing it. However, i cant even play it enough to get my money back in entertainment. Also, before you tell me to check drivers, call my ISP etc. Its this game ONLY. My MMO's that i play are fine with no lag or disconnects. Its a known problem you wont fix. Also remove the stupid block limit on chat. If im forced to see the gold spam i should be allowed to block them, not be stuck simply leaving channels to get away from it.shtzngigglz0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Good amount of gold per hour? So I've found a pretty decent farming spot (at least I think it is) for gold and magic items, but I was just wondering what a solid number would be per hour. I don't want to keep doing this if I'm making way too little gold. Also, to clarify, this is in game farming, not playing the auction house cause I suck at that.HandOfBlood2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Lag Continues to be a Problem Any word on when it's going to be fixed? This wouldn't be a problem if the game were truly single player...but I digress. Years of waiting for this. What a disappointment...DefConFive0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Am I crazy for farming Act 1 So I do about 45k dps and can defeat most elite packs in act 2 and 3. The drop rates I am aware of for ilvl 63 loot are as follows Act 1 - 2% Act 2 - 4% Act 3 & 4 - 8% I can cream elites in act 1 and clear elites more than 4x as fast as act 3. This would suggest I would actually get more ilvl 63 loot from act 1 but everyone I meet thinks I am touched farming act 1. Did the drop rates get readjusted? Also I've heard the best stats cannot roll in act 1 yet I've had both 80 resist and 50% bonus dmg affixes roll for me in act 1.Broods12 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 the hell? with the latest update that they have done to the client, has anyone had to get it multiple times? I got it first time I think a few days ago, then I saw it had updated again as I was trying to log on yesterday and a couple times today, and in the lil Patch Notes box, its the same stuff listed each time, one of the time it had caused an error, and just now it did it 3 times before finally going through. am I the only one having this issue?Demonik0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Please Make the REAL Cow Level And by REAL Cow Level in Diablo 3 I mean: The player is sucked into/chases a goblin into his own portal, and arrives in a nether-hell surrounded by 100-odd treasure goblins. As soon as he arrives, all 100 of them run off in different directions, some opening their portals that instant and disappearing elsewhere, and the rest running off into the depths of the dungeon. The player can walk around the dungeon, where gold, potions, gems, crafting tools, and items of every color in the rainbow lie discarded on the ground, either fallen from a treasure goblin's sack or simply thrown away to free up space. The only enemies that spawn are treasure goblins, and there are even Elite versions (could you imagine how infuriating a Jailer/Waller/Frozen/Shielding goblin would be?). At the end of the cavernous expanse sits... Greed. Can you imagine the bricks that would be #%@& when players watched Greed explode like the 4th of July? A guy can dream...Depression4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Did anyone ever play... The "Hell Unleashed" mod for D2 LoD? I remember a couple of years ago I felt like playing some D2 and stumbled across this wonderful mod. There is a single player and multiplayer version of it. It was like D2 on 'roids. All the monsters were WAAAAAY harder than normal, and there was loads of new items. New skills for the classes, necro's could summon multiple golems, and more. The bosses had HP bars off the screen. There were all new dungeons through-out the game, and they were MASSIVE. This mod could NOT be solo'd if you DL'd the multiplayer edition. There were no TP scrolls, no Rejuves, etc in the MP edition. You really had to work together with good teamwork to take down bosses, and the idea was to explore every area. The singleplayer included TP scrolls and rejuvs, to make it possible to solo. But was still hard as all hell to beat. When you took down Bosses/Champions, you were SHOWERED with rares/sets/uniques All the time, and they were GREAT! Everything you got was very very powerful, but the game was still very hard. The great gear you found helped you overcome ridiculously hard mobs. Bosses would have crazy auras, there were new affixes for mobs and items, just an all around good time. I believe that this is what D3's inferno was based on. Incredibly hard monsters that you have to work to kill. If not, this mod is exactly what D3 should have been. Inferno is close to what this mod is, except you never (seemingly) find loot that makes you feel godly. So you end up getting poo'd on by the mobs. So for anyone that is going back to D2 to get your ARPG fix, you should give this mod a look. Its very easy to find, and some of the most fun I've ever had in D2.Xailion3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Clicking skull/gem on forums more fun than D3 Agree or disagree?Quilla2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 How many public games at the moment? Just curious, I uninstalled a month agoGeddy26 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 So You Want To Play D3 In 3D? A Guide. Updated for 1.0.3 Seriously. If there is one game worth upgrading to 3D for it's Diablo 3. - The 'blur' is much improved. Things are razor sharp in 3D. - Many spell effects look *amazing*, almost as if they were designed more for 3D then 2D. - Weather and the like has to be seen to be believed. - 'Deep' landscapes like Warrior's Rest and Act 4...yeah. Wow. After an earlier thread I've got a few ingame messages and requests on forums to help people with their 3D. Didn't expect it to be this popular - but to be fair D3 is *really* good in 3D, if you know how to set it up. If this is better suited to the Tech forums, please can it be moved? Basically, this guide will explain how to set up and tweak your Nvidia 3D vision to work well with Diablo 3. A few things: - Please don't discuss the pros or cons of 3D here. This means you, Random and Kestral! :) - This does not cover TV based 3D solutions or ATI cards. - Nonetheless please feel free to post here if you have any questions regarding 3D in general or Diablo 3 specifically. - Credit to a lot of these tweaks goes to Alchovich. Good on ye, mate! The Basics: What Do You Need? - A pair of 3D glasses, preferably 3D Vision Nvidia (which this guide is based on). - A 3D Vision compatible screen. - A fairly powerful graphics card. > For those looking to purchase a setup, I would recommend the 24" BenQ 3D Vision 2 screen or the Asus 278H, both include Lightboost technology which is well worth the cost of admission. Starting Out. If you tried playing Diablo 3 in 3D without tweaking any settings, this is what you are seeing: - Text floating high above everything else. - Certain things merging into other things, making your eyes water. - Loot and the like 'popping out' too much. - Everything sunken deep into the screen, giving it a 'fishbowl' look. - Lack of awesome 3D feel. - Crap performance. - Horrible issues with shadows when multiple lights are present. - Dark and/or washed out colours. This guide should help with all of the above. The Guide First. - Go to your Nvidia Control Panel and open up the Stereoscopic 3D options. - Enable Advanced Controls. - <Optional> If you are running at a high resolution on anything less than a GTX 480, I suggest you disable Ambient Occlusion if it is enabled. If your framerate is less than optimal, set this to Performance. - Go to your Desktop Colour Settings. - Check 'use Nvidia settings'. - Turn Digital Vibrance up to between 60-70% - <Optional> If you are running a 3D Vision 1 setup, turn Brightness to about 70%. Second - In the Diablo 3 options: - Set shadows to Off. - Depending on performance, you may want to turn AA off too. Third - Enter the game and find a safe spot, preferably by a tall tree or building. - Enable 3D if you haven't already (Ctrl+T). - Position the cursor above your character's head. - Use Ctrl+F6 to 'lower' the cursor until it's floating just above your character's head. This will also apply to loot and most text. - Use Ctrl+F5 to raise this if needed - if your cursor 'shimmers' through high objects like the buildings/trees you may want to raise this. - Use Ctrl+F4 to add some depth. I like 10 bars personally, but I can go as high as 3/4 full without my eyeballs wanting to explode. As you get used to it, increase this number. - Hit Ctrl+F7 when you are happy to save your settings. Enjoy! Tips and Tricks 1) If you see the cursor 'shimmer' into things, it means that the convergence is too low. Turn it up with Ctrl+F5, but be aware that this is going to increase the 'text float' issue too. Find a balance that you like. 2) If you start to feel headachey or sick, lower the depth a bit. If it persists, go and take a walk outside to help your eyes relax. 3) Using 3D generally results in a loss of colour and brightness, especially on 3D Vision 1 based displays. There are a few ways to counter this. - Use the Nvidia 'Digital Vibrance' setting. Crank it up to around 70-80% before using 3D and you will see a huge difference. - Turning up your contrast can help with colours, but can also increase 'crosstalk' if you are playing a very bright game (see: Portal 2). - Ingame Gamma can also help. 4) Play the game in a darkened room if you can, to maximise brightness. 5) If you want a really good test of 3D, go and play the outside area to the West of Tristram. The trees should pop out of your screen, as should the crows. FAQ What are those weird spidery black things everywhere inside a dungeon? Shadows. There is a horrible bug at present which stops them from rendering correctly in 3D indoors. Just turn them off for now. Help! My framerate is crap in 3D mode! Not a question, but yes - 3D can hurt your FPS a touch. A few things that may help you are: - Turn off ambient occlusion. - Turn off AA - Download the latest Nvidia Beta drivers. - Lower your settings slightly. What is Diablo 3 like in 3D? It's not for everyone, but if you have the power to run it maxed out it is pretty damn amazing. Everything looks sharper, for starters and you can really see some nifty use of pop-out at times. Some particle effects still need a 3D pass though, but this is beta :) Can 3D mess up your eyes? Maybe. Diablo 3 and other 'good' games with 3D don't seem to affect me. Extended 3D movie watching (due to lower refresh rate) and certain 'bad' 3D games (Starcraft 2 for one) definately give me eyestrain after a few hours. Will this work for Starcraft 2? Yes and no. Starcraft 2 uses it's own 3D support system which quite frankly...isn't very good. It's 100% fine with a bit of tweaking for regular SC2, but not custom maps. Try using the ingame settings to reduce both Convergence and Seperation a touch from the start. Oh, and if you change your zoom you need to change your settings. EDIT 1 - Some clarification EDIT 2 - Corrections and Tips and Tricks section. EDIT 3 - Updated for release.Starbird38 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 So restarting the servers takes 2 hrs? Maybe its friday the 13th?Rekka0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 What The Hell Was Done In Last Update? Answers please? People list things you think changed that blizzard isn't telling us. Why is there another restart tomorrow?Complexity6 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Vote kicking Vote kicking does not work in this game, never has, and its really annoying, hate people taht sit afk in games and dont do anything and there there forever, and boss fights take the full minute to wait and yeaPhizzo1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Game Guide Updated, sorry if repost... Game guide update....... Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Legendaries Just read this on Blizzards "Item and Equipment" game guide page. "Legendary items are colored orange. These items are the things of myth, and are extremely rare, but immensely powerful. If you are fortunate enough to find one, rejoice!" was the best laugh I had all nightLysergic4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 I have a feeling.. There is probably a reason the 1.04 patch was delayed. I think they will be making sweeping changes across the board. They have to know that word of this game is not so good. Maybe they are making changes to their patch contents in order to fix the core things. Or maybe they will just kill this game outright.Tahnit0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 My gold auctions on the RMAH aren't listing Four hours ago, I posted 400,000 gold for $0.25 for a total of $1 on the RMAH. When I search for 4 x 100,000 gold, I see the price per unit at $0.31 for a total of $1.24. Thinking that maybe I can't see my own auctions, I just had a friend search for 4 x 100,000 gold. They see the $0.31 per unit/$1.24 total price as well. Why isn't my gold listed? It's cheaper and isn't on the same account as my friend.LordSkippy3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Yea, so ummm Whats the game missing besides the left clicking workout....... oh I know > something besides left clicking.ACESsiggy2 Jul 13, 2012