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Jul 6, 2012 Blizzard delete mi character? because I try to open my account with my character diablo 3 lvl 51 and when I restart my computer and I open my account and I have not my character lvl 51 now I have a lvl 2 ..... what happened to my character someone please respond? : SAlvinzap3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Hero Online Statistics I haven't done any digging on this but when will the statistics thing be up and running? I loved looking at my overall/specific stats of playing Halo. Just wondering.Koloss0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Looking for Goblin farm group Act 2 Inferno Looking for goblin farm group act 2 inferno. I have 296 mf Arieswar#1716Arieswar2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Setting it aside… (A reasonable response) I’ve hit inferno, I’ve had my fun, and now I’m setting the game aside. I’ll come back and check on it when they roll out major patches, but other than that, I see no point anymore. I’m disappointed enough right now that I wouldn’t buy an expansion pack unless some of the fundamentals were fixed. The game is good, not great, and I think that is where most long-time fans feel betrayed. We waited 10 years for the game and we expected…EPIC. And DIII is just not. Where the game falls down for me (YMMV): -Lag and rubber banding. 75% or more of my deaths were due to me not being where I thought I was on screen because of lag and that’s just BS. -Everyman syndrome. Why would you ever roll another Barb when you already have one? At lvl 60, they’re all the same! -Party play. The huge disincentive to play in a group is completely !@#-backwards. -Items. It’s ultimately a loot game, and it’s been discussed to death so I’ll only say that I generally agree with the community sentiment: items are bland, mis-affixed, underwhelming, and not worth the time-sink in finding. Two additional things on this. One, when I find a rare/legendary/set item…I should feel like it’s valuable to SOMEONE, even if that’s not necessarily my current toon, maybe another class, or a still-leveling character. I shouldn’t feel like a rare/legendary/set item is valuable to NO ONE because it has trash stats or mis-placed affixes. The axillary to this point is that the level restrictions on items are way too tight-fisted. Let the folks leveling up equip some decent gear and have some fun on the way up for God’s sake. Once you hit 60 it’s all moot anyway, so why not expand the level ranges by say…10. Hell, make it 20. Does anyone really care if I roll through nightmare mode with lvl 60 gear instead of lvl 40? Anyone? “Well, sir. I can’t sell you these shoulder pads. They’re far too advanced for you. You see, they’re lvl 54 shoulder pads and you’re only lvl 46. You couldn’t possibly know how to strap them on properly.” “Damn! Ok, so I’ll be back in like… 2 hours then?” “Great, see you then!” Facepalm. And lastly…ilvl 60 grays? Really, Blizzard? Really? As for the controversial topic, AH/RMAH, I can understand Blizzard’s desire to legitimize, sanitize, and get a cut of the black market for pixel-items, but the end result feels really cheap and tawdry. I have no problem with the AH (other than lack of enough search params), it’s a nice distraction and a way to fill in the gaps in your equipment while leveling. Honestly, the odds of you finding 13 distinct, level-appropriate items with class-desired attributes dropped in dungeons to fill your character slots is exceedingly small—cue the AH. The RMAH I will never use on principle. Not the principle that it’s a cheap get-ahead for pay-to-win players (it is), but that I should spend real money on imaginary items tied to a game from which I can be banned/hacked/nerfed/obsoleted at any moment with no recourse. I’ll pay for content..that’s it. If you want to pay for an uber-sword with $$$, go right ahead. It makes no difference to me. Just do me a favor, Blizzard. Stamp those items bought on the RMAH graphically, so that when we inspect a fellow player’s toon we can visually see a “MADE in CHINA” stamp on their sword. That way we know what kind of player we’re dealing with. :-P TL;DR - I’m done until they add something new to the game. It’s still buggy and boring as $%^- after 6 weeks of doing the same *!@#.ThatTexanDud0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Just to save the poor brimstone peeps I'm not sure how many of y'all bought into the most recent silliness to hit the forums, but I'm feeling nice, so a quick and dirty post on why you should just play the game and not the AH... If you buy into the fiery brimstone hype and pick them up at their current price of 276k or so, you can't sell them for even break-even until they get to about 325k (gotta love that 15% AH fee). That means the price has to go up by 50k before you even can think about taking a profit in your investment. Now, I'm sure at least one or two people are thinking they're going to cash out for RMAH, which sorta makes sense when that goes live. But me, I'm sitting here wishing I could short sell commodities since I have zero faith that legendaries will ever be legendary...Xavori0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 end of an era Well, i'm hanging up my game of D3Forums (game uninstalled weeks ago). D3Forums were fun for a while, but now it's time to place Diablo in the life-scrap heap.Shukra0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 [UNOFFICAL] 1.03b Patch Notes - dtguilds. Classes Bug Fixes Demon Hunter Cluster Arrow - Skill Rune – Cluster Bombs Fixed Cluster Bombs where all five bombs were affected by Sharpshooters 100% chance to crit. All five Cluster Bombs should no longer crit at once, only the first will be affected by crit percentage. Barbarian Sprint - Skill Rune – Run Like the Wind The stat bonus on Life on Hit items has had its co-efficient effectiveness reduced by 75% when Tornadoes hit monsters. Monk Exploding Palm - Skill Rune – Any. Killing an elite pack of monsters at once will no longer grant the player and the party additional stacks of Nephalem Valor and Rare items.General Treasure goblins no longer affected by Magic Find. Critical Hit Damage is now capped at 300%. Additional percentages obtained through gear or skills will not increase this hard limit. Bug Fixes Fixed several leveling exploits. Fixed a pathing bug that allowed players to attack enemy monsters in certain parts of Act II/III where they could not attack the player in return. Items General Natalya's Wrath (Demon Hunter) 4-piece set bonus changed from 2 discipline/sec down to +0.5 disc/sec. Please note that this item set bonus was accidently changed in a previous 1.0.3 patch. Drop Rates Slightly increased drop rates for ilevel 60 - 62 items.KaboomzZz86 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 game is garbage loot is all but trash the endcollin0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Can we get pet scaling information please? So I'm trying to do a pet WD from scratch. I pick up a level 3 axe with Improved Attack Speed. On my character sheet it says my dps goes up by 1. In my mind I'm thinking "Does this help my pets at all? It could be a DPS loss for them....." Can we please get a breakdown of WD pet scaling for all of the stats other than % weapon damage please? Thank you.Cowyannker0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Free loot giveaway on about to identifya tab of inventory from some farming runs and give away upgrades to subscribers/watchers. jump on in!Tokingpurple6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Losing Interest Fast because of low drop rates, uninspiring loot, uninspiring builds. I really want to like this game, but after spending over 200 hours on my Wiz and only getting one 700+DPS wand to drop, its hard to keep farming. Almost made it through Act2 Inf but just not finding the gear to do it. Cant afford the AH, wont use the RMAH. Is this game dying or what. I dont expect a reply just would like some Blues to see this and understand people are unhappy and leaving...TrapX7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Fixes that will save Diablo [Must read] Look I know that this has been touched on numerous times by players, but I hope you guys still fill up this thread so the dev's know how serious of an issue this is for the player base. I'm really not one of those QQ'ers when it comes to this game, sure people (myself included) had expectations that were probably too high from day one. And I think this game has made improvements in play-ability since its release. No game comes out perfect on retail, and at least the developers are trying to refine the game to improve the experience. This game won't reach its full potential until the expansion, and that's a fact that the players need to face. These solutions do not represent something that I think should be done in a single patch. They represent a drastic fundamental shift in the direction I think this game should go. DISCLAIMER: This post is very long, and I spent a lot of time putting thought behind these ideas. I'm doing my best to separate everything so it's not just one huge wall of text, but I'm laying everything I can think of on the table, and I want honest feedback, and constructive additions to the conversation. But there are three major issues that I really, really want the developers to look at, and I hope you all provide feedback on this and keep this thread going. Because I want this thread to actually catch their eye. They can't read every thread, so the only way we can get our message out is by filling the thread so it has to catch their eye. The first, and really major, is leveling. Obviously the developers decided on a level 60 cap, which is down from the mega awesome diablo 2 99 cap. But its not just the number, because it could be a 9000 level cap, and that wouldn't tell you about the experience of leveling. Its that they decided that everyone should be 60 before they can even play end game content. In Diablo 2 leveling was 40% of the fun in the game (the other 60% was split between PVP, bartering with noobs, and mad trolling; good times). And it wasn't just the grind of leveling from 1-99 that was so much fun. It was the social experience. With 8 player games, and increased party XP, you actually talked to people in the game. I don't think I've added a single person to my friends list in this game that I either didn't already know before, or that I wasn't trading with. My friends list in this game is 4 people long, in Diablo 2 I'd add that many people almost daily. And the developers took that away. If this were like Diablo 2, with a grindable level cap, bigger parties and shared XP, I would have all 5 characters at level 60 by now. I've been dying to play a wizard in Inferno, but I have zero incentive to spend the 6 hours it might take me to get him to 60. 6 hours just running through content completely by myself with no one to talk to simply isn't my kind of game. I don't care if it's easier to level in this game than Diablo 2, I'd rather spend 50 hours having fun getting to 85 than 6 hours being miserable getting to 60. My solution: Remove quest XP. Add it back to the boss kill. Increase Boss XP by 20%, and the monsters on boss levels by 50%. Remove the penalty for level differences between players, and put back a XP bonus for parties. Raise the party limit back to 8 players. And increase the level cap to 75, with the first 60 remaining the same, and increasing XP penalities for each level past 65. Monster stats should be rescaled accordingly. My second issue with this game is blacksmithing/jeweler. Actually throw in repair costs into this as well. Specifically the fixed gold costs of these. While these are designed to be gold sinks, I think the natural of a fixed cost of gold actually drives the inflationary mindset that funds these gold bots. Let me explain. As the volume of gold goes up, naturally so should prices. But when it comes to these fixed costs of blacksmithing, jeweling, and repairing; as volume goes up these actually get cheaper instead of more expensive because they are random numbers which do not reflect the value or amount of gold on the market. This means that gold is always needed for things OTHER than being used as a currency. It's as if a coffee machine was powered by dollar bills and quarters, instead of electricity which is something that dollar bills and quarters can BUY. Gold is supposed to be a currency, not a necessarily in itself. It's value should be derived entirely from what it buys, which is reflected by supply/demand. Here is my solution: Remove gold costs from the game completely, with the exception of vendors. MASSIVELY, (and I mean massively) increase material costs for both blacksmithing/jeweling/ and make repairs require materials instead of using gold. I'm thinking something along the lines of doubling the cost for essences, quadrupling the cost for tears (less than 100 gold atm, don't need to say anymore), and increasing the tome cost by maybe 20-50%. Removing gem crafting costs will be trickier its a much bigger amount of gold, and flawless gems are WAY cheaper than but I think 6 per level across the board will do the trick. Tome costs for both can be increased by 50%, because they are used for both crafting and jeweling, the price would rise more dramatically to any change in costs. Now, here is what I imagine happening. Prices for basic mats are going to skyrocket faster than you can blink, initially. All the gold that was used to pay artisans will suddenly be chasing basic materials. Supply of mats will shrink. But then something funny starts to happen. Prices stabilize. People will consciously start to salvage at a greater rate. General trash 61+ items will be more important to farm than gold. Trash items start being removed from the auction house because the materials salvaged from them are worth more. And crafting acts like a true gold sink, one that reacts to market prices. The total value of materials will increase, so will the money that is taken out of the system from the 15% fee. So the overall result is crafting will take gold out of the system at a rate that scales with prices, and a greater % of items will be salvaged, reducing clutter on the AH's. My last problem, which I saved the best for last, is their approach to itemization. The IAS nerf has set a precedent that they think the way to handle stat imbalances is by direct nerfs. And their approach to magic find swapping seems to be more of the same. This is bad for two reasons. A. They are assuming that one stat is too powerful while others are balanced. But I see it as the opposite. Stats in general are so weak across the board that it seems there is really only one way to go about itemization. Maximize everything. Balanced stats is pretty much THE only way to go about building your character. You need every single stat because a single stat alone gives you nothing by itself. EHP and DPS are pretty much your only two concerns when you get to the bottom of your gear. And EVERY SINGLE STAT IN THE FKING GAME is in direct competition with each other for maximizing these two values. Whats the difference between +250 armor and 50 all resists? There is none, both were designed to do the exact same thing, mitigate damage directly. Except you would bet your balls that the AR will do it more effectively. This scares me. What are they going to do about critical chance/damage stacking? It's obvious that everyone is doing it, but I can't stand the thought of another stat getting nerfed. They said they hate doing it, but that doesn't change the fact that a nerf kills the player base's spirit. Nerfs create such resentment among the player base. If they merely decided to raise + damage, and stats affixes on rings, amulets, and gloves to bring them up to par with IAS, there would not have been NEARLY the reaction from the player base that we saw from the IAS direct nerf. Sure, gear with pure IAS would've dropped in value all the same post-patch, but the knee jerk reaction would've not only been avoided, but players would've been CHEERING. Buffs create player euphoria, nerfs create player resentment; even if they accomplish the exact same thing. We bought this game for the euphoria, never ever forget that. IAS was the only stat that was different. It didn't just boost your DPS. It improved character functionality by increasing resource generation and the ability to kite. That's why it was better, it gave you more than just a DPS increase. So what do they do? They nerfed it. Now this has been absolutely debated into the ground about whether it was too strong or whatever, and I'm not looking to argue about this issue. But my position is, was IAS too strong or everything else too weak? No other stat in the game besides LOH gives an ounce of functionality besides increasing DPS or EHP. On hit effects are attrociously bad, the % is 2or less and the effect has no noticeable effect on game play. The players are DYING for functionality, something that they may have to sacrifice other stats to use, but allows them to chance how they play the game. My solution: First I think they should add more functional stats. Diablo 2 had things such as crushing blow, ignores % defense, and epic on hit effects that made the game fun. We need these in Diablo 3. It would be the coolest thing ever to find a weapon that releases a 300 damage chain lightning on critical hits. The damage can scale with my primary stat, + damage affixes, and +elemental. I can just imagine aggroing 50-100 trash monsters, and just dropping a massive seismic slam or earthquake with my barbarian and watching the explosion of electricity. It may not be enough for champion packs, but I think that's the fun of the game. Destroying trash mobs with a click of the finger, but needing to focus and key in more difficult battles. This has so much potential to add to the game because a single stat can completely change the way one's skill build and how they play the game. My immediate imagination thinks of things such as a 1.% of damage healed is dealt in a radius around the hero x% of monster's current hp as damage 3.stuns attacker for X on block 4. reflects X% of damage dodged back to attacker 5. a stacking armor debuff. 6. +% attack speed for 3 seconds after a critical hit My next suggestion is to also increase the number of affixes in the pool. These are potential rolled affixes that I think would positively impact the game. 1. Add +% armor to chest, helms, pants and shoulders. 2. Add + damage, and % based lifesteal to gloves. 3. Add +% elemental damage to rings and amulets. 4. Increase elemental damage affixes to up to 15% on an ammy, 10% on rings. But change elemental damage to only have it affect the elemental damage affixes (for instance +15% poison would make 250-600 poison on your weapon 287.5-690, equal to +64 damage.) 5. (Got from another thread) Increase single resistances to up to 250 to make them viable. 6. Add hybrid resistance affixes up to 150 each resistance, (highest possible to a single resistance would be 400, which is comparable to 65-80 all resistance). 7. Cooldown reduction up to 10% each for rings and amulets. Also finally legendaries. My idea of legendaries is that they should be rares on steriods. Not better to a degree which they eliminate the need for rares, but strong enough to make the best rolled legendaries the best items in the game. Legendaries are more scarce than rares, and should at least have base stats which, on average rolls, are comparable to a mid grade rare. First they need their item level adjusted to be on par with rares. Also each Legendary should have base 4 affixes that would put them at least at the 50th percentile of all possible rares at that iLVL. And have the +# affixes for a legendary be randomly rolled (oh yes.) 1-5 possible bonus affixes makes sense in my mind (so a max of 8). So I imagine it like this. Let's take Azurewrath, which in my opinion is legendary worthy looking sword. So it gets buffed up to i63 and has base stats looking something like this. 500-700 DPS +cold damage +damage% + 6-7% attack speed + all stats 20-80 +1-4 affixes The random affixes can roll anything specific to that item, even if its already on the item. So you could get the perfect 80 stats, then roll a + 300 strength affix on top of that. On top of that you might even roll + 100% critical damage, more + damage, ias, LOH, anything. The possibilites are insane. A 1400 DPS 1 handed sword with 380 strength, 100 CD, and a socket just might be possible. Of course you'd probably have better odds winning the lottery 4 times and getting struck by lightning, but if out of the 7M people who bought this game, just one is ever found, I'm going to be the one who is finding it. For those of you who are lazy I will summarize my ideas here. 1. Increase the level cap, and make leveling more of a social event. 2. Replace artisan gold costs with a massive increase in material costs. 3. Diversify itemization by adding more stats and hybrid affixes. Reduce reliance on AR by increasing single resistances to have a 250 cap (not originally my idea). Introduce hybrid resistance affixes with a cap of 150. Make legendaries epic. Obviously these are pretty huge fundamental changes, which would probably affect every aspect of game play. Overall this represents a huge increase in a character's potential power, and monster difficulty may need to be increased accordingly. But I think that these changes represent what the player population wants to see from this game and would drastically increase player activity. If you made it this far, thank you very much for reading. Seriously. I took a lot of time to make this thread so I would appreciate it if you keep it, alive, and leave feed back as you will. But more importantly, lets catch Blizzards attention. Show the developers where the player base wants this game to head, and like any good dog, they will follow.dNasty6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 So I made a tank demon hunter Like most tanks, she has good armor with resist all. But the real key to her was jagged caltrops proc'ing life on hit...five caltrops at her feet all proc'ing 1500 life per hit per mob. Add in the life she gets spitting out tentacles at two attacks per second which is even more of those 1500 per hit proc's combined with tentacles built-in life drain, and she easily outheals mobs. Running Inferno, she happily bathes in desecration pools, she uses fire chains to keep her nails trimmed, and she's singing in the rain...of mortars. Contrasted with my glass cannon demon hunter (yes, I have two 60 DH's...I plan on selling one as soon as Bliz gets that added to prolly December 2014 or so), she's easy mode. Then she entered the room with the Butcher and Maghda started in with her very lame, very short intro. And as Maghda blubbered on, I thought... "Listen, you reject Power Ranger villain wanna-be. I've stood toe to toe with the Skeleton King. I've obliterated thousands of undead. I've sent hordes of demons back to the hells that spawned them. I've left piles of your own cultists wallowing in their entrails. I am like a god unto a pathetic creature like you. So shut up, you mewling" And in the aftermath of the fight that followed, I gained a new understanding of how Loki must have felt after calling The Hulk a mindless beast. I think I even heard The Butcher mutter, "Puny god" as he stomped all over my corpse.Xavori2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 They'll turn us into what we hate. As someone who's played a lot of online games in the past, there was one constant in all of them that annoyed the majority of the people... The people who farm in order to make real money and the people who use real money in order to play. With the rampant botting driving up the cost of items in the GMAH and thus breaking it, eventually the only thing left will be the RMAH. Note: Those left playing this game at that point will be left to do the very thing they've hated other people for doing in online games: buying items/gold for RL money, selling items/gold for RL money. We are NOW/WILL BE -those- people.Aliendna31 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Arena PvP, the non-RMAH way It would be interesting to see a "non-RMAH" affected arena where you clone your level 60 character and get a standard set of gear. Then you get a currency as you start winning (maybe even a small bit for losing or something, though I wouldn't care) that you can purchase new gear for arenas with.(So your only growth in gear is obtained through victory...more or less) The more you win the higher your "rank" so you don't ever fight others with way less, or way more, gear than your own. Thus, the focus of Arena is solely on your build and playstyle and allows for even and fair-minded matches. Better yet, less excuses when you beat someone too. I'm not really a PvP type of person, but I thought about this a few times myself. What do you guys think? Are there some fatal flaws missing from the rough sketch of "non-RMAH" arenas? Also, this doesn't mean there wouldn't be an open arena. One where, if you wanted to, you could go toe-to-toe and gear-to-gear in a less structured "anything goes" format. Feel free to discuss!Avaedan13 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Petition: PhysX for Angelic Wings It would be epic, if those wings will have a life when you run, jump, got hit, knocked back, casting a spell, etc. Just a suggestionSeiken3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Tired of Diablo 3 --- playing Path of Exile S Hey guys, I've been playing D3 since beta and launch. I'm very bored with the game now and I'm about to try something new. Hopefully PvP comes out soon for Diablo 3 or else there would be absolutely no point in playing. With that said I have more than enough background experience in gaming. Especially hack-n-slash action RPGs. Come check out my stream: Thanks!Diabro4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Ways to Refresh NV Buff Anyone else feel there should be more ways to refresh your NV Buff? Besides flat out extending the duration here's some ideas I've been coming up with. Feel free to add more or refine what I've posted. Also, I'm not suggesting all these ideas should be implimented, but I don't think having a couple of them would be all that game breaking. 1. Nephalem Shrine - Shrines are boring, there needs to be more than 4. Simply click this shrine to refresh your NV Buff Duration. 2. Boss Kills - Ever had your NV Buff drop off soon after killing a boss? Happened to me a few times. Lets make it so boss kills refresh your stacks. This will give you plenty of time to vendor all that trash loot you got from the Skeleton King before heading off, hunting your next elite pack. 3. Random Events - Give us a reason to do these. Completing a random event should refresh NV Stacks. 4. Persist Through Act Switch - Not really a way to refresh the buff but, we didn't leave the game. NV Shouldn't fall off. 5. Persist Through Disconnect - Again, not a refresh but, there's gotta be a variable/flag in the programming that can be set when a client is terminated unexpectedly. This should start, say a 5 minute timer, so you can hopefully (depending on the reason for DC) get back online before the buff falls off. I'll keep updating this post as I come up with more or as people give feedback. Lets be heard folks!EvilMunky3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Jay i really tried to play your way I really did but it is just not fun for me...i tried but it just does not feel like a arpg like the other 2 diablo games.....anyway i hope they can turn this around for those of you sticking it out.... best of luck to allTscorp731 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Blizzard - I Am Shelfing DIII (Constructive) I am not angry. I am not going to rant. In fact, I have enjoyed Diablo III immensely. My 200+ hours on my Wizard has brought a lot of joy, fun, excitement and overall satisfaction. That being said, I think a list of issues and reasons would better suited instead of a long paragraph. Blizzard, I hope you take a few moments to at least look at these: 1 - In every action RPG I've played, the loot is what always kept me leveling, farming and having fun. Simply put, DIII's loot system is broken. You don't need to keep tweaking MF, you need to tweak the item pool itself! After finding almost 100 rares last night while farming, only one was an upgrade. It's not fun to find items in DIII especially when Uniques are worthless and I have yet to see ONE set item. If you aren't tweaking until 1.1, which is still "a long ways out", you need to shift your priorities. 2 - Create unique opportunities and mini bosses in each difficulty. Right now, going through Act 2 of Inferno is downright boring. I am seen it all the areas way too much, purples don't drop any loot, etc etc. Please create a reason to keep playing. 3 - Quit punishing the masses. I LOVED exploring every nook and cranny for pots, chests and corpses. Now, you have made them worthless. So we are stuck searching instead for Molten Frozen Invulnerable Minion Fast Extra Health Elite Packs to get crappy yellow items off. This is not fun, it's not exciting and it's not rewarding. Either create a seperate offline mode or no AH mode so we can farm as we please. I realize some of these fixes are in the works but from the sounds of it, "a ways off" in Blizzard time could mean 2013 before any major fixes. I surely hope you consider as I realize as more and more people shelf this game with SOOO much potential. Thanks for your time.DigitalForce20 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 MF Gear Swapping So why is this a problem to begin with?? I don't get it. To keep a player engaged, any game should be a series of interesting choices. Gear swapping is a legitimate risk/reward decision plain and simple. So why is this something Bliz needs to prevent?? Please explain the logic to me.bdm8 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 some diablo 3 feedback i did not see any kind of feedback forum, so i thought id post this here. not a QQ or rage thread, just posting some of my honest opinions about the game after about 85 hours of play. maybe a gm will read it, maybe not, either way just my 2 cents. little backround: played both diablo 1 and 2, played diablo 2 for years(still play it now even, now and then). really loved both games, especially d2. back to d3. overall i enjoy it. some of the things i enjoy about it are: -new skill system. while i liked the d2 system, being able to switch back and forth when you want is very convenient. it also allows you to try out different specs or easily experiment with your own. -npc dialogue/journals. i enjoyed the amount of dialogue that the npcs had, including the monster "lore", random journals you could find and the conversations you could have with followers. while some of it can be a bit cheesy at times, i think it makes the game a bit more immersive and interesting. -quests/random events. the "campign" or main quest line of d3 was good. it kept me entertained from start to finish and i enjoyed most of it(except maybe the start of act 3 :P). in particular, the random events found out in the world are something i really enjoy, as i believe it adds some variety to the grind, not to mention decent rewards for completing them. i hope to see more of these added in the future -gold currency/gold auction house. i think that while there may be some drawbacks to having a gold currency, overall it is better. you are rewarded more for you time played in a way. even if you run act 1 inferno and get no good drops, you will still make a decent amount of gold to spend or save up, where in d2 if you got no good loot in your mf runs, well that was it. about the AH: right now the item prices are a little crazy, but i believe the gold AH is a much simpler and easy way to sell/buy things rather than spamming a chat channel. the wow AH is very successful, i dont see why it cannot work in d3 as well now some things that i dislike about diablo 3: -no pvp. i dont think this needs much explanation. pvp was such a big and fun part of diablo 2 and i could not believe my eyes when i read there would be no pvp in diablo 3. i can only hope it will be added soon, and not only the "arena" pvp, but "world" pvp as wel. -easily attainable level cap. while i understand that it would be difficult to work out the current skill system with 99 levels, level 60 is so easy to get to and really does not take much time. when it comes down to it, even if there was a level 99 cap, we would still be farming the same things probably, but if we had the next level to work toward, i think people would feel a bit more motivated to play. -real money AH. im sure most people will agree that the real money AH is not a good idea in diablo 3. while it may be appealing to sell items and make real money, this gives some players an unfair advantage over others. people with extra money to spend will be able to surpass other players who put in much time farming very easily. i dont blame the people that are buying the items, but i think it makes the rest of us feel a little angry that people can do this when others put in so much time to get their gear and what not. also, i may not be 100% correct here, but is this not an easy and legal way for botters or gold seller type of organizations to sell their products? as far as i know this was illegal in diablo 2, so im not really understanding the train of thought going on about implementing the real money AH last but not least: -the chat window. not really a big deal but it would be nice if the chat window functioned a little more like the wow window, where you can customize the size/font size and what not :P. perhaps a spam filter for the gold sellers would be beneficial as well. well thats all. thanks for taking the time to read itThomasRM0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 i just played torchlight yea its definitally what i would of expected d3 to be except its a different game. its like diablo 2 but different graphics. it has the same stuff, skill trees, attributes, scrolls of ident , town portal scrolls, amazing legendaries, common gear upgrade drops, i will be playing torchlight 2 when it comes out and not looking back to this auction house based bullcrap attempt to rob us of every pennie they can steal from us. shame on you blizzard. shame on youJuike12 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 3 layers of Inferno (schmuck to epeen) As it stands now, I will be forever in act 1 Inferno... and I am cool with that. Try as I may, every time I go into act 2, I get absolutly pounded as I set foot into the desert to deal with the Elite wasps. That said, I would still like to see the my favorite places from the game, but not in Hell mode or less only. My suggestion: Make different Infernos, as in 1-4. Have Inferno act 1 drop rates and mob difficulty the same all the way to Diablo. For those who want a much better shot at getting level 63 gear, they can hang out in Inferno 3 or 4... not Act 3 or 4. This would allow us terminally undergeard and those who apparently can not "L2P" (like me), still be able to see the whole game with that same little chance of finding a sweet 62 or 63 item, but we could do it while not having to look at the same zombies for the next 5 years. Also, for the hot shots, they could go back to Act 1 when ever they wanted without the feeling that they are giving up their advantage for finding level 63 items.WeaponWorld9 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 I want some truly epic legendaries! :D How about a sword that has 2k dps and has a 1% chance on hit to proc aoe lightning for 50k dmg? What about a chest plate that has 10k thorns dmg and makes your character on fire? How about a magical wand that has a 0.1% chance to make the entire screen go KABOOOM in a explosion of light and fire that does 500k dmg do all the monsters within 150 yards? What about a helmet that gives YOU the molten ability? A boots that gives +25% movement speed and 100% cc reduction? What about a shield that gives you 3k armor and blocks for 10k? Of course they could be very rare but STILL! they would own! Or you could just keep making items with +200 str +100 vit 50 all resist and go like.. wo fkin hoo I got 3 more allresist!.. yea thats epic fun..Bjorn0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 LIVE FARM/CRAFT Craft 6Prop Shield/Shoulders/Chest Also doing giveawaysEcchym0sis0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Server downtime done right. ... Let's see... that announcement came down 2.5 days BEFORE the server goes down... that's 58 hours advance notice. This was on the launcher, where everyone can read it before signing in, not only on the optional forums. Take notes, Blizz.Exarch0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 all they had to do was.... copy and paste d2 + upgrade the graphics + replace the story + make some tweaks and improvements and we have a true successor.... d3 is like ... world of diablo 3/auction house 3/balance this game till it gets boring 3/elites harder than bosses 3 thoughts?Stinkytofus7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 It's not ready when it's not ready It's not ready when it's not ready A few months before the launch of Skyrim and SWTOR I had the pleasure of chatting with Blizzard employee. One really interesting aspect of the conversation was a discussion around developers and their commitment to quality. By quality I don't simply mean "bugs", the focus is on much larger issues. Is the story engaging? Are the game controls, abilities and systems enjoyable? Are there gaps, disconnects or missing elements? etc. We both agreed that Bethesda would get Skyrim right. My expectations were high and the game delivered (for me). On the other hand I enjoyed the SWTOR launch, but after the initial excitement it came up short. You may or may not agree with me, but imagine if SWTOR patch 1.3 had instead been the 1.0 release. I think any of the Blizzard faithful know the phrase "when it's ready", which often gets shortened to "soon". I think this has been a mantra at Blizzard. A simple commitment to putting the game ahead of an arbitrary timeline. In my first few days I would have told you that Blizzard hit my expectations out of the park, then you encounter inferno. An abrupt transition from using abilities you enjoy to a couple workable sets. A move from farming demons, to demons farming you. Builds and abilities that trivialized certain elements. Gear requirements that outpace your ability to acquire it. etc. In short, the area of the game I will spend 99% of my time feels the least polished. Back to the mantra "it doesn't feel ready", I'll shorten this to "too soon". (Please imagine "too soon" being said by Ragnaros.) If you can agree with me that Diablo 3 has been released "too soon" then you also have to consider the constraints that the RMAH places on change. For each system that needs to be adjusted the developers must consider the impact on RHMA users. Changing the quality/impact of a item after you have spent real currency on it will create significant customer satisfaction issues. I hope Blizzard will still make changes that improve the quality of the game play, but RMAH will make choices more difficult. The "Haves" vs. "Have Nots" - Stats Edition I've read a number of different posts and thread all talking about how poorly itemized item drops are. I initially supported this view, but now see it as a symptom rather than a cause. Rather, I believe that the gap in value between ideal stats and all other stats is far to wide. Let's use damage resists as an example. Currently there are 6 individual resists and 1 all resist. Excluding monks (who can value individual resist as all resist), individual resists have little value. (Range may even argue that having resists at all is wasted stats, but I'm going to keep that separate.) The list of "Haves" stats are a different by class. I've mostly been playing the Barbarian, "If it doesn't have Str, Vit and Resist All it's not an upgrade." This heavy reliance on a small number of "super stats" essentially invalidates most drops. It seems fine that not all stats are super, but there needs to be less that are terrible. This gulf in value between ok and ideal stats manifests as weak itemization. These Characters Are Not Playing The Same Game I think it's an essential factor of good game design that classes have a distinct feel and flavor. However, currently in inferno it feels like ranged and melee aren't even playing the same game. One could argue that this is great, but I'm inclined to disagree. Melee and ranged play at the polar extremes of survivability. The goal at both ends is to overpower the content, but in vastly different fashions. These extremes create issue in terms of balancing the content. It's clear that boss enrages are not timed around a survival builds. At the same time pack abilities like fast and jailer don't have kiting options. Not Looking Forward to Anything I can appreciate the idea of having players focus on rare packs for long term game value. At this early point in the game they don't generate the same excitement for me. The best way I can explain it is this game is still new for me, lets call it the honeymoon period. Yeah, it won't be new forever... and it will start to nag me about things that need to be done on the weekend eventually. However, like any new relationship... I'd like my fill of boss "action" while I can. Break out the chore jar down the road. So, doing what I'd like to do is not really a workable strategy, I can live with that. The current system slowly kills the thrill of identifying items. I've been doing a number of farming runs in Act I inferno. I can't play for too long, but get a stack of maybe 14-20 rares. I'll be lucky if one item is usable. I don't mean usable for me, I just mean in general. Too many items are a terrible mash-up of stats that only a mother could love. In many ways this is a reference back to the "have" vs. "have not" stats. However, it's less about the specific mechanic and more about the general loss of anticipation. You want more "Ooooo, what's it going to be..." and less "How terrible will this one be...". A few suggestions from my side: 1. Find a way to make more stats popular. I'd target resists as a place that could be reworked. Limit each item to one resist bonus. I'd also suggest that single resists should apply 50% as all resist. For example an item might get budget for 40 all resist or 60 single resist. The 60 single would apply 30 all resist. This does two things. First, you open up slots to get something besides resists... so slight increase in good stat combo chance. Second, you give single resists a better value, more items become useful. 2. Take a look at making class unique items limited to useful primary stats. At least two slots would have higher probably of dropping decent items. Not to mention, I would love to be using more class specific items as a general statement. As it stands now it's like looking for a needle in a warehouse of haystacks. 3. This one is more of a plea than a suggestion. Find a way to make balanced game play work. I want something more than juggernaut melee and glass cannon range choices.Demi0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Give us the 2008 DIII, or our money back Came across this link when browsing a thread comparing the 2008 game video and the current game. Now I understand why I'm so disappointed. It is like lenova made IBM thinkpad. This game just used the name "Diablo". It is totally a different product, which is a crap for me, a DII fan. Blizzard, understand how business works: you make money because you make good product. You don't make money simply just because you "want to", or I'll be richer than Bill Gates. Focus on gameplay design, rather than "how to get money out of their pocket" design.Wolverine4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Umm.. yeah. I bit off more than I can chew So I foolish bought 21k Iridescent Tears and uhh, I can't get them send to my stash even though I have enough room. Anyone have any ideas?Yurizhai3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 cross region Bnet Balance purchase I am from South East Asia and my account is also registered as such. Our earnings in the RMAH are listed as USD so its fine if we wanted to purchase any goods from the blizzard store. I don't have enough yet but when I do, I intend to use the Bnet balance to purchase a digital copy of SC2. The thing is that the digital purchase of SC2 is shown as SGD$ because I want to play in the SEA region where my friends are at. So can I still use my Bnet balance in USD to purchase SC2 that is playable in SEA?VoidEntity0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Blizzard .. Idea on 5 stacks Hello Blizzard, I think it would be a smart idea to allow players to get a 5 stack by kill elite packs before lvl 60. All you need to do is allow players to get the 5 stack after they complete the requirements needed to go to the next difficultly. Example: Reach lvl 25 (Kill Diablo normal) Allows that player to get a 5 stack in Normal difficulty. Reach lvl 50 (Kill Diablo nightmare) Allows that player to do both normal / nightmare Reach lvl 60 and keep it the same. This would help out a ton also in HC. It is very hard to farm gear to progress in SC or HC if you do not want to use the AH and feel like you actually accomplish something in the game. Anyone can destroy this game when you use the AH. Some people (like myself) love the challenge trying to do stuff without the help of others. I really hope people agree and makes this post known and see if you really listen to your CUSTOMERS.... long time customers. Side note: Want to announce still going strong HC nothing but white gear, 1/2 through act 2 :). And yes Blizzard I would love to see you offer me a job, b/c my ideas would help you out a tone... lol lol lolGenka0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 end game is PVP guess ppl are tired of gearing up for inferno A2+ whats left for majority players would be the PVP mode i guess just hope pvp mode give us options to balance out the "gear" part otherwise ppl are gonna ask for "naked fight"Ninja27 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 In soviet...I mean RMAH Seriously...I have been waiting for this to actually be pushed down the pipeline. In the next few years maybe. It would be not only an additional pull for gamers to put their time and effort into games again but also protect us against atrocity's like D3 and the RMAH.Replika300 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Why I loved Diablo 2 and why its still better I had just gotten a used computer in 2000 and was looking for a game and I picked up Diablo 2. After spending an hour plus installing the game I dove right in to the Rogue Encampment. I had never heard of Diablo and had no expectations. It was fun running around and exploring the world pounding monsters and picking up increasingly good gear. But as I pressed on, the game got harder. I had worked up to level 22 or so and was getting tired of getting killed and then a unique hammer dropped. I got it identified and it was a massive improvement to any weapon I had been using. For 10 or so levels I was smashing through all enemies. The game came to life for me then. It was awesome to build magic find and getting those rare or unique drops. They could be total game changers. So far in D3 I i have only seen one legendary drop. It had the same stats as the belt I had already equipped on my barbarian plus a couple more affixes, but nothing impressive. Even in the auction house it seems at my level there are few weapons that offer vast improvement. The customization of gear is sooo much more limited in D3. I really hope the developers are concidering this. Things I loved about Diablo 2 that don't exist in the same form in Diablo 3 : 1) I loved getting great gear just out of Level range and having to work to build up to stat requirement. The anticipation to finally getting to use your gear was a lot of fun. 2) true customization is almost non existent. I could spend hours customizing my character. Getting the right build, finding runes, creating runewords, trying recipes in the cube, Socketing, gem combos. Now in Diablo 3 we have very limited customization options, a limited level based rune system, almost no tweaking to improve items, a weak loot system, and very limited improvements on rare and legendary drops. No uniques means the guys with the most money will have the best legendary or set gear. How fun will pvp be then?we need better items or reply value will suffer. My 2 cents. I would love to hear your thoughts. (And the developers thoughts)Iamkingoffun4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diable multi-line chat messages The spam is driving me crazy!!!!! Please disable multi-line chat messages until you can come up with some way to prevent the spam!Averial0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Flaws of diablo 3 1. The core reason for the removal of stat points was that everyone invested into vit when they had enough means to bypass str/dex reqs in diablo 2. Customization was supposed to be replaced with gems, in it's current state, "other" gems only serve two functions : Damage or Health. Nothing more. There's no reason to gem a non-primary stat. Helmet gems serve two functions : Life or Treasure, EXP irrelevant. Weapon gems : They actually did this one right, but messed up the scaling entirely. Topaz for thorns (too bad it sucks) Ruby for more damage (too bad it is bad at high levels) Emerald automatically better than ruby. Amethyst Life on hit. It would be much better if Ruby /Topaz can compete with Emerald at high levels. 2. We removed skill points in Diablo 2 because everyone just did the same thing. Certain skills are seen as "mandatory" because of their use, this isn't so bad if the skill is active, but it's really boring to be "forced" to choose a fake active skill. Examples include : War Cry Impunity Magic weapon Energy armor and other similar skills, it doesn't matter if they are good or not, the way they are used is BORING. When they are better than other skills, you feel like you need to give up a fun skill for a passive buff. Monk mantras were one of the better designed "passives" because they can be used in its own right. Suggested fixes : Rework all fake active skills, Add jewels into the game, or rework the functions of non-primary stats. I believe if a say 200 int axe barb weapon drops, it should not be "strictly" inferior compared to a 200 str barb weapon, but rather open up a new playstyle. Therefore, by fixing stat points, the amount of useless items is also changed without necessarily straight up doubling the drop rates. A barbarian that stacks int / dex should be equally viable but play completely different from a barbarian that stacks STR, instead of being strictly inferior. Increasing the odds of str showing up on barbarian gear (mighty belts/weapons) just makes the game feel boring.Venom7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Can you get the speed achivs as Barbarian? So I have tried a couple times to get the under 1 hour act runs on my barbarian (actually he is my only class that I enjoy, the others are boring and all about level 30) yet no matter what I do, even skipping looting and setting up my skills to basically be sprinting or charging as much as possible and not bothering with packs, except for a cleave if I need to recharge rage maybe. I still can't seem to get it even in normal where I just look at the mobs and they die. So I thought I would ask, am I simply trying to obtain the impossible? Is my approach incorrect and I should be doing it differently? Is it simply my bad luck that seems to be holding me back that it seems to always be the last option where I find the stuff I am looking for (ie leorics crown always seems to be in the 3rd crypt I search, after I've gone through the other two) any suggestions (other then doing it on another character, unless it truly is in fact impossible) would be welcomeDraug15 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 All ur QQ R belong 2 us Pictures related. Mwahahaha. Yummy tears are coming soon. MWAHAHA!!! MF anyone?Dirtpoor0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Nephalem Valor Reset after Act completion? I'm wondering why this happens and if there is any formal explanation as to why they decided to wipe your NV stacks after completing an Act. I always thought that as long as you were still in the same game, your stack stayed but I guess I was wrong. I don't know if I like the way it is and was hoping if anyone could point me to a blue post or link as to their reasoning behind it.NickNitro7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 After playing since 3am at that night... The game is totally dead now, at least for me and my good friends. I still remember ( whisper: of course, only one and half month ago, duh? ) that we went to Walmart to buy D3 at 12:00am and we were so happy that we got free D3 soundtracks and posters. Yap, for Diablo 3, even took two days off for trying to reach lv60 asap. Checked A/H everywhere when possible to try to buy the best stuff for our characters. Died a hundred times to try to beat inferno bosses ( OMG, the snakes of Belial) Died even more killed by elites in act 2 and 3. Farmed act1, saved gold, bought act2 items. Farmed act2, save gold, bought act3, 4 items. Almost everyone was using blue weapons at that time. Couldnt be happier to find our first 1k dps blue weapon. We started to farm in act3 everyday. Even on average we got killed 5 times per elite pack, it was still full of fun. While facing those ridiculous strong elites, we told ourselves, it is what "inferno" for. We tried hard to improve our gears, tested out the best build that we like. The fun was not only from farm valuable items, but also from surviving in the crazy inferno world. All of sudden, changes happened. Nerf, buff, nerf, buff, nerf, nerf, nerf, buff Skills are not powerful anymore, it's ok, we managed new builds. Gears suck after ias nerf, it's ok, we managed upgraded our gears. However, monsters got nerffed, drop rates got messed up, bots and gold farmers killed the gold value, there are nothing we can do for these things but watching this game, which we have been waiting for a long long time, dying. I don't want to try to be a smart !@# to suggest, oh this is what you should do, this is what you shouldn't do, because I don't want to pay Blizzard $60 and still need to teach them how to do their jobs. Simply saying, this game is dead. There is no fun anymore. I just sold my last valuable items of my character on RMAH for $230 and that's it. Now, none of my items is worth more than $20, which is enough for me to farm with my bodies occasionally. Oh, my bodies already cashed out all the great items they had before I did. I still remember I tried to tell my gf how great this game would be after all these years of waiting at that night before I headed to Walmart. I was wrong, sadly.qTvvTp0005 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 MF suggestion Here is an idea, I will keep it short. Jewel Crafting recipe that lets you make a stone of magic find (say 200%) . Like gear the stone will decay over time. Salvaging magic find gear provides a new material that can be added to the stone to refresh/repair it, the higher the mf the more the stone is replenished. Having the stone in your bag gives you the MF that the stone provides e.g. 200%. 1) No need for gear swaps. 2) Gives the JC something useful to make. 3) makes MF gear valuable. 4) creates an additional material to sink gold into on the AH.Frag1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Bashiok, how feasible would it be... To set up a direct video conference, between 9 volunteers in the community, and the development team. A video conference that is streamed, moderated, including direct talks which would occur between 9 players who can represent the concerns of the community and the development team, all live. I'd be really interested in seeing this, as it would show a great deal of transparency and I'm sure it would calm a lot of people down. I know the blog exists as a means of accessibility, and I know that the IAMA was a success in the sense that a lot of people got their questions answered, but I feel like a live conference, that the whole of diablo fans can see would be even better. Each of the 9 players would have a list of 3 things that they have seen as a big issue within the Diablo 3 community. Then, the developers can respond, giving the developer's perspective of each issue. I know this is a time consuming idea, but I think if acted upon, it would really do some good for the community, the game, and blizzard. Knowing the sea of topics that pop up on the forums, I really do not expect a reply from a blue in here, as it will most likely be buried, but I'd like to say thank you anyway! Happy farming!Rezlind23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Fiery Brimstones, 1.1 and you Buy them while you can, you will never see them at prices below 500k each once patch 1.1 hitsShakeWeight130 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Rabidly using the word rabidly I'd like to rabidly insist that all of you rabid fans out there be more rabid about your rabid support for Blizzard's products rabid rabid......rabid...............rabid....................................rabid.............................................................rabid rabidGoogolplex1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Addressing Freeze/Bleed/Paralyze on hit Currently I feel these affixes on items are very much underpowered, and I do feel they are in dire need of a buff. So I have come up with a few solutions that will make them more effective and make the game play experience a little more enjoyable. First we can buff them to scale higher, the higher the level/act/difficulty we go. E.g. You start out with a 1.0% chance to freeze/paralyze/bleed on hit from level 1-8, and meanwhile you could get amulets and rings that would buff that by 0.5% per ring/amulet. and by the time you reach level 30 or so and finish the first difficulty, you'll be sitting on a weapon with 3-4% chance to freeze on hit and amulets/rings with 0.5%-1% freeze on hit. Eventually by the time you hit 60 and questing in Inferno, It will scale out at around 12-14% chance to Freeze/knockback/bleed/paralyze on hit with your weapon and about 2-3% with each ring and amulet. Putting your max at about 21-22% and making this stat at a decent enough level to navigate through champion packs, help mitigate any damage you would otherwise lose (whether you freeze/paralyze/knockback), or cause your enemies to bleed more often on hit and increasing your overall DPS in the process. I would also love to see a buff on Life on hit on weapons, but not nearly as much as the affixes mentioned above. I would like to see it at anywhere from 8-12% on weapons @lvl60. Another idea I considered, but would probably take more time to implement, would be to add more gems to the game. Such as Sapphire, Aquamarine, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and such. These gems would add to your main stat 80% of value of a comparable Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst and a secondary stat. Below are some Examples that I thought of Flawless Square Vampiric Garnet - +28 Strength, +2.5% Damage dealt converted to life Flawless Square Forceful Aquamarine - +28 Intelligence, +2.5% Chance to Knockback on hit Flawless Square Parasitic Peridot - +28 Dexterity, +2.5% chance to Poison target for 45%* of your weapon damage every second for 3 seconds on hit. Bear in mind, the Forceful/Vampiric/Parasitic affixes can mix and match between the different gems, but I use the ones above as an example and a baseline for where Jewelcrafting can go and customizing it to several different ways to your accommodate to your playstyle and needs. That being said, I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this and would like to hear some feedback on a blue on this idea. * (45% weapon Damage) Not a fixed value, but could go up or down depending on how it would scale with the rest of the game. 18-25% weapon damage might be sufficient. Edit 1 and 2: Fixed some typos and spelling errors and made some minor modifications and added an annotation to one of my examples.Antidurst3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 134K DPS WD STREAMING will craft 6 property gloves for viewers and play with them as wellYetiMachine1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Repair cost increase explained. I quit the game weeks ago (go figure right) and I come back to find that its like 30-40k every time I have to repair. Gotta hand it to Blizzard of all the things that could have and should have changed. One major thing I personally notice is the ridiculous increase in repair cost. /Bravo blizzard You figured out a way to deplete a players gold source so they can buy gold off the RMAH. So you guys can get your little "cut" of the bots... ehrrm I mean gold sellers money. Anyone give me ANY other explanation why the repair cost would increase along with RMAH being implemented around the same time? I'm not stupid I know anyone who reads this isn't stupid. I still refuse to log in to this game. any CM or Blizzard employee can see my log ins for the month of june lol here it is july. and i still havent been on. At this point I think D3 is beyond repair. They dont listen to the community anymore. They don't even acknowledge us as a community weather it's complaint threads or from what I have seen, some REALLY good constructive threads that get no response. I'm sure if someone made a thread titled "Do monks like cheese more the barbs" im sure it would get a CM response.Comatose2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Look! More Hidden Footprints! I really didn't want to believe this, but after creating session after session, I have come to realize that there was a change to Champion/Elite pack affixes that was not mentioned in the patch notes. I have to hope that this was not intentional, but rather a byproduct of some other change. As it stands currently, when I log into my Demon Hunter to farm act 1 of inferno, roughly 4/5 packs have the Reflect Damage affix. This has been the case in at least 25-30 sessions since 1.0.3 released. At first I speculated that there was either a bug causing Reflect Damage to occur more often than other affixes, but this was not the case. I then decided to run session after session on my Wizard in act 1 inferno to see if I ran into the same issue. Maybe 1-2 out of every pack in the entire session had reflect damage on it. However, almost every single pack (nearly the same 4/5 that my Demon Hunter was experiencing) had the Mortar affix. Thinking this must just be horrible RNG, I got back on my Demon Hunter. Reflect Damage. Got back on my Wizard. Mortar. Got back on my Demon Hunter. Reflect Damage. You get the point. It would seem that each class (if not, then specifically the Wizard and the Demon Hunter) have some sort of coding that significantly increases the percentage of affixes that they "have the most trouble with." I apologize if this was mentioned somewhere in the patch notes, but it has been a while since I have read them over and certainly don't remember this being stated. If this was done in the spirit of making the game more challenging, so be it, but at least make it known. To the people who believe this is just simply the worst case (or at least an unfortunate case) of RNG ever, it isn't. I have been testing this for a few days now and the numbers don't lie. I didn't want to believe the percentage of affix diversification was tampered with either, but it most certainly has been. Whether or not it was intentional is still left to be seen. Perhaps a blue has some insight into the matter? Updated with Results Here are the results after 100 mobs in act 1 inferno on my DH: Reflect Damage - 48 packs Molten - 17 packs Nightmare - 15 packs Electrified - 23 packs Fire Chains - 8 packs Arcane Enchanted - 22 packs Shielding - 15 packs Plagued - 13 packs Frozen - 8 packs Jailer - 20 packs Vortex - 24 packs Mortar - 27 packs Vampiric - 13 packs Fast - 15 packs Illusionist - 17 packs Avenger - 13 packs Knockback - 11 packs Horde - 6 packs Health Link - 6 packs Waller - 20 packs Invulnerable Minions - 5 packs Desecrator - 26 packs Extra Health - 9 packs Missile Dampening - 0 Packs Teleporter - 19 packsAnimus245 Jul 6, 2012