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Jul 5, 2012 blizzard admits defeat! So if none of you guys pay attention. Apparently blizzard has stated that diablo 3 has a lack of "END GAME" thanks kripp!IamMike4Life4 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 10, 2012 wow cata is on sale. go go hurry and buy it lol, as the title implies, go go and buy wow cata fer 10 bucks only. lolxinax5 Jul 10, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Soon this forum will be a happy place to be The key-latch kids have had children of their own and those kids are the entitlement generation. I want it, I deserve it, I don't have to work for it, I have the right to complain if I don't get it my way immediately. Losers, criers, whiners, childish immature dolts, are the minority but reading these forums you would think that most of the Diablo III fan base is made up of these unenlightened, spoiled brats! Just be patient ... they will get bored and move on to the next big frustration in their shallow, little lives and then WE will have our forums back. Edit: Not all of this new generation fits this category; I have met some great young adults who will no doubt succeed in life where the "entitled" minded youth will fail.SirRight95 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Blizzard, we direly need SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT Diablo 3 is a great game. It has evolved a lot and in term of gameplay, mechanic, I have to say that it's better than Diablo 2. One of the thing that makes it hard for me to keep playing Diablo 3 is because, right now, for me, logging in and farming Inferno feels like going to work at a minimum-wage job. It's a monotonic and tedious task, it feels like being a robots working at an assembly line, doing the same repetitive task over and over again, with no one else to notice or appreciate your work. But that MFing/monotonic work could be a lot more fun IF there were social elements involved. I love MFing, it's rewarding, but I would love it even more if I were to do it with random people that I just met in a LOBBY (something Battlenet 2.0 lacks). I really like D2 Lobby in that, you can sits in there, chit chat all days, meet random new people, spontaneously decide to do a baal run together with a group of random new people that you just met, and re-live the game from a different perspective. I think that's the biggest key to re-playability. Like a Web 2.0 concept, the game content shouldn't be the sole provider of entertainment & fun to the players. Each player in the game can really add to the whole experience of the game itself too. Social values, entertainment coming players interacting with other players are virtually priceless, and self-sustainable, even if the game content grows stale due to overplaying. Blizzard, please add some social aspects to this amazing game. There are so much that each players can share with one another. It can take the game to a whole new different level of enjoyment. Just my 2 centsAstralx29 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 2 Page Stash iLevel 63 Rare Identifying. On July 4TH. I bought some cheap ones but mostly are farmed. All of them are level 63 except the legendary, the orb and the rings are all 60+ including 61(3) 62(3). Neck is level 62. ------------------------------------- Update: Edit: Found 2 Legendary off a pack of elite farming with friends (The bracers and pants) And another 60 neck with some Archon Armors. More rare IDs by tomorrow. *Also Identified a while farming act 2 with friends since it was level 62.I don't know the price but trade people told me that's 5Mil+, so I just put it on RMAH for 10$ bid. What do you think I will get? A). Nothing but salvage garbage. B). Become a million air and make back all your money and more. What would u guys do with these if you had it? 1). Sell them all. 2). Identify them and if you don't get anything. Quit. 3). Identify them and if you don't get anything. Continue to farm. DalsonDalson49 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Gold Spammer's are out of control I myself like to be social when i am farming and my friends are not on, I also love a good deal and to make good deals. That is why i use the trade channel, the trade channel as most of you know is out of control with spammer's. They are using 3-4 different toons to spam at the same time, hoping we do not report one of them. I myself report everyone of them, ( OCD's make me do it lol). But i am finding i am reporting more then i am playing. It is becoming a nuisance, i am curious if blizzard has a remedy to this issue. I have played just about every recent MMO and game to come out and i have not seen the gold spammers plague a game this bad. Thank you all for listening to my rant, and i am prepared to be flamed. So FLAME ON!Starcore39 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Again.... a quiver FFS! Please Blizzard! Change the droprate of quivers!!! Its annoying as hell (or rather inferno) to get a million bajillion quiver and NOT A SINGLE WIZARD OFFHAND. And im not talking about bad luck. The number of Wizard offhands of at least itemlevel 60 i got from dozens of farmruns can be counted on one hand, while the amount of quivers in 1 run cannot even be counted by 2 hands! Pls fix the drop ratings! Thx, btw. good job on the rest of the game, having a blast farming (except that quiver thingy)SaleX105 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Remember Laintime? "first" WoW pro warrior i remember watching his first movie, when he opening his inventory while fighting another player to change a trinket in a very fast way.. changing trinket during combat was something you may see as overpowered, on the other hand it gave you some kind of variation of gameplay combat style and another progress reason, since you would farm more trinkets.. even though i ve never changed trinket during combat, i d stay i still like the idea of beeing able to.. however, after some patches changing trinket during combat was no more possible... when i now see the upcoming discussion about MF gear swap i m kinda reminded of the same situation... i guess a lot of you have read that funny chinese rant some time ago.. 1 WORD, FREEDOM i m not the guy changing his mf gear just for the killing blow, since i am lazy ( i did it only for chests, when it was possible) therefore i would probably like the change, to remove the "advantage" other players have over me.. but then again i really dont like having my already gutted freedom to get beaten down even moreQjay4 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 This is an end-game... Another thread mentioned Path of Exile to promote the things they felt that game was doing "right" in the ARPG genre. Since I haven't played that game I can't really comment on that, but I did see the following in the developer diary on their website: ... You can read more here: This reminds me of the "endless dungeon" suggestion that many folks on Reddit and elsewhere have mentioned, but it is far more customizable by players. When I think of an end-game this is the kind of thing I'd be looking for, with a lot of the essential features that will keep us coming back for more: rare/unique instances and loot, variety, customizability, increased challenges, increased rewards, and freedom from the storyline quests. Since I have a Mac I'm not trying to promote PoE because I probably won't ever be able to play it. I do think that their developers have a keen sense for how to construct a simple but enduring endgame--and I hope that some similar idea can find its way into Blizzard's future development of D3.DBD9 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Auction House Notifications? Could we by any chance get the option to receive notifications on auctions while in game? Just a suggestion.Murch4 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Rare drops from elites vs standard mobs I'll try and keep this short so even the trolls can read Something I've noticed (in my limited experience) is that since Blizz enhanced the drop rate, the less common rare drops from regular mobs and dead bodies, etc... tend to have better stat rolls than the "standard" drops from elites with 5 full stacks. I would like to know if anyone else has noticed this. To the blues - if this is indeed the case, was it by design to encourage players to wipe everything and not just jump from elite to elite?GideonJura1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Two Suggestions for more Long-Time-Motivation 1. Make Achievement-Points useful You gain 10 to 50 points for every achievement. I got now like 2100. Do something with these points. Turn them into a currency where I can buy useful stuff with. And I mean with useful stuff, things that help me to survive on Inferno diffculty. Add a shop where you can get armor sets with good stats for these points, or you can swap these points directly into gold. Or add some bonuses that you can unlock when you reach a certain amount of points, like you get an extra buff, when having more then 1000 points, 1500 points, etc. You don't have to give away the best items in the game there, leave them in the auction house, but deliver some things I can work for. Make it more fun trying to get all achievements done, because you will get something out of it. 2. Drop the level cap Seriously, just drop it. Raise the level up to 99 like in D2. Make levelling slow and only possible on Inferno, when you have hit 60. Give the players small progress every level, like adding some points to basic attributes (+3 str, +2 int, +3 vit, etc. ), nothing more, but give us progress. It won't destroy the item system or make items less useful, it just would give players more motivation of doing inferno runs over and over again.MaxDetroit1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Small Improvements to the UI Just a quick suggestion.. Maybe this will reach the right people! Anyway! I would like to see count-downs for the little skills/spells that certain classes cast. Example: When a Monk uses his Lightning Fist with the proper Rune, it gives an additional Dodge % for a few seconds. It would be great to see a count-down for the Dodge % that was buffed. Just like when you cast a Mantra, a count-down for the added damage, armor, etc., is shown, it would be awesome to see the same thing. Mainly to know when your dodge is up, or when your armor bonus is up, etc. etc. Just a minor thought!HellSong1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 A list of -easy to fix- Diablo 3 issues. Below i will post a number of issues and bugs i have found for which i will offer fairly simple-to-code solutions. -The ancient caves in the Oasis can roll 0 elites on the first floor and 0 elites on the second as well. This has happened to me 3 times in a row. Increase elite density in the ancient caves to a minimum of 2 on the first floor and 1 on the second. -Players feel compelled to decline playing in groups because of the loss of magic find and stats from the follower. There are two solutions with varying degrees of ramifications. One is to allow the follower in multyplayer games, but make him invisible to the party and reduce his or her damage to 0. The second is to remove magic find from followers. -Some players dislike taking followers with them cause they aggro !@#$ left and right when they would like for them to stay put (goblins for example) Implement an Aggressive/Passive toggle in their inventory panel. The Aggressive one would be just like the current behavior while the passive one would mean no initiation. -Players feel compelled to decline playing in groups because of the magic find split. Currently, when one joins a party, his or her magic find it added to the party's total and then it's split evenly. So someone with 0 magic find would get an unfair boost while someone with high magic find would get an unfair cut. Remove the magic find split from party games. It can still be aggravating to have someone with 300 mf who does not contribute to fights while someone else has 0 and bears the brunt alone. But combined they still have 150% average i.e. it can not be "exploited" and the player with 0 mf can always leave the game if he thinks he's being taken advantage of. -In single player games, when the game disconnects, all NV stacks are lost and all maps are reset. This poorly thought out feature punishes casuals and every one who plays on one of the crappier servers. Solution: When a disconnection occurs, or even, when a player leaves the game their cleared maps, loot on ground, mob position etc. are stored for up to 30 minutes. When the player rejoins he is offered the option to keep playing where he left off with all his NV stacks and whatever maps he may have cleared, loot on ground, map discovered etc. or the option to reset everything including his NV stacks. This can NOT be exploited since nothing is generated for free, and would buff casual-player retention immensely: you know, these people who like to play for 10-20 minutes, not 12 hours at a time. -Regarding the magic find sets: The "developers" who had no "philosophical problems" with players switching gear for magic find sets clearly don't have the best interests of the players in their minds. Two players with identical gear of 0 MF kill 100 elites , one of them gear switches to almost 400% magic find total before the kill the other does not. The first gets 10 mediocre items, 5 good item and a 1 in 2 chance of a very good item. The second gets 30 mediocre items, 15 good items and 2 or even 3 good items. They both have 10 auction slots. So they both do this 2-3 times then decide to put the loot they don't need(all of it) on the auction. The MF player posts 6 very good items and nothing else for a high fee. The regular player tries to post his only very good item for less but he then realizes that his good items are not worth much, they're now worth MUCH less because of the increase in supply of very good items... End result is the the player who does not use a MF set makes as little as 6 times less gold then someone who does, even when they have the same identical combat gear and clear the same areas just as fast. SOLUTION: Ignore magic find bumps from gear switching for 5 minutes, it has 0 negative repercussions for the casual player and also increases their income: more casual player retention. Also, the value of mf on gear increases so more stuff to sell and more diversity on "viable items" -Players vendor useful equipment which would allow others to progress with less frustration... because of the lack of AH slots. Solution, remove the auction house slot limit, if your servers can't handle it then stop buying Ferrari's and get more servers, in the end it will make your more moneys anyway. To prevent flipping, add a 7 day cooldown before someone can post/trade something he has bought from the auction. There: happy casuals. -Demonic Fallen elites and champs. They blow up a few seconds into combat. Really blizz, wth was your internal testing team been doing, hum? How can you think such a mob is fun, and then to piss melee off more make them spawn elites too ? Funny thing, i encountered two boss packs of these in two adjacent rooms, the pack that got me had invulnerable minions, fast and vortex ;-) Solution: Replace their suicide attack with a low-ish damage, high attack rate AOE akin to molten. -Monk gear is too expensive, mainly because DH's are op, but some of the more vocal devs said they don't want to nerf skills for now so here's an option. Change the stat distribution on items in proportion to the type of classes played on the realm (Europe servers, Asia servers, US): 10% barbarians ? 10% chance for a strength roll. 30% WD's and WIZ's ? 30% chance for a int roll. 10% monks and 50% DH's? 60% chance for dexterity rolls on items. There , more equal markets. 1 hand crossbows would still be expensive as fk, but at least terrible protective items with a bit of dex on them won't be. Happy casuals galore. -Repair costs for deaths: they don't punish bots, they are very frustrating for casuals and don't really offer "meaning" in deaths: Solution: axe the repair costs to original values, increase the respawn timers to 6 seconds on first death, 12 on second and 30 after. Instantly heal elite packs when they kill a player in single player games, the devs may want to also consider re spawning one minion or champ on death. There, zerging prevented. To compensate for the decrease in the "meaning of death" add extra perks to NV stacks once the player reaches 5 of them, for example make them increase further by 1 per champ kill with trivial bonuses for these extra NV packs like more pick up radius or several percents of gold find, axe all these extra NV stacks on death. There, happy end game players. -Regarding end game players, one VERY easy to implement distraction for them would be to add 5th affix champs in side caves, i.e. caves that are not part of the plot. Instead of increasing the "guaranteed yellow drops" from these special champs, make them drop just one guaranteed item (for 5 NV stacks) but otherwise 3 times more regular items promoting magic find as opposed to kill speed. To increase the risk, add a 100k gold repair penalty if you are killed by them. Remember, fighting these is optional and they will drop one yellow or two at best with no MF. There you go, RMAH is revitalized and you have a hefty gold sink. -The "one with everything" monk passive feels far, far to important and it gives a huge buff to all-res when the monk has proper gear, it also adds nice pressure on an otherwise less desired item property. Problem is it reduces the effective options from the monks gear from 6 to 5, since they MUST have this extra resist. The barbarian gets 50% all resist for one rune, and this is a party buff while the wiz gets 40% all resists which also affects their inherent int bonus on a buff that also increases armor by 65% Thus, end game monks feel pigeon holed into this passive, get 1/20 less options on the market since they MUST include their resist of choice in their searches ( not to mention the 3 filter limit ) and reduces the possible variation on their choice of items. Solution: replace it with 50% bonus to the "all resist" stat on items, so specific bonuses to specific resistances and the all resist bonus from intellect is ignored. Use this fix untill you can decide on a proper fix. ---- Hope you had fun reading. Ignore the grarmar errors.Retreat2 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Why D3 is hemmorhaging players... I'll give you guys a run down, as I'm sure many of you are already aware, of why literally every aspect of D3 is destined to fall further into ruin: The beginning: 1) You level and play through the game, having fun until 60 2) You grind through gold/items to proceed through Inferno - fun becomes frustration - until you clear Inferno. 3) You grind for better items - it becomes work rather than fun - in order to ... grind faster for better items to grind faster? Ultimately the end game revolves around doing something NOT FUN ... but more efficiently. 4) You sell items to people who want to accomplish #2, making money from your work (either playing the AH or grinding) - $$$$ 5) People who have now bought your items can now grind Inferno to... grind faster for better items to grind faster. Negative $$$$ 6) Those same people realize there is no point to doing work and having no fun, so they put their gear up on AH and liquidate - Net Loss of Money, but some enjoyment gained in normal playthroughs 7) YOU realize those same people who realized there is no end game have all liquidated and no one buys your items anymore, so YOU put all your stuff on AH to liquidate - Gain or Loss of money depends on you, you certainly "worked" a great deal of hours grinding though. 8) Everyone eventually realizes that items are a means to a viciously cyclically non-end-game, so they liquidate 9) The market is flooded with items that no one buys because everyone has realized there is nothing to do with those Godly items and they are just a waste of money 10) Everyone who liquidated has quit 11) Auction House is filled with items no one buys with Gold that's botted that is also worthless 12) Blizzard made off with a great deal of money from the 15% transaction fees in the process 13) Blizzard realizes what they've done to their franchise and the near-sighted gains from the RMAH will cost them greatly in the long run, panicking and starts looking for new game designers 14) Blizzard doesn't actually exist anyway because these Game Designers are just Blizzard by name, awful by lack of talent A) They designed no end game B) They designed no build diversity (nice try though!) C) They nerf the fun out of everything that's effective D) They couldn't even design a horrible PVP system E) Their game design means there is no point in leveling a new character after you're done with all 5. (Seriously shot themselves in the crotch with this one.) Once you realize that Blizzard has no idea how to design a proper end game, that their PVP system will be inane and horrible even when it's released, you will also liquidate and flee the game. Perhaps it's too late now. Notice how none of your stuff has sold lately? Hey, at least you had a good amount of fun with your 5x player run throughs. :D /Waiting on GW2, Baldurs Gate Remake, FF7 remake, Starcraft 2 expansion etc. Still love ya Blizz and looking forward to SC2 expansions... but yea, if you were hoping for a true Diablo 2 successor, your game designers and employees completely failed ya on this one.ZJINM0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Wait for it, it comes back around After almost 400 hours of playing I'm starting to enjoy the game again. I had to ignore inferno and just level characters, turn off the sound and skip the dialogue, but its kinda fun. Not amazing, and I'm embarrassed to have spent that much time on the thing, but heck. I've played worse.Cascais1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Fix Witchdoctor ^ Broken passive. Pets suck. Mana system sucks. IAS nerf with worst attack animations out of all classes just makes it worse. Since I'm complaining that means WD will be getting buffed soon right? Am I doing it rightMordred9 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Stop your whinning All you little babys out there that cant handle how hard this game is, please quit. Im so sick of reading and hearing discussions about how hard this game is and its so unfair. Quit your whinning. This game is no different than WOW. You must obtain good gear and find an optimal skill set for your character's class and play style. If you can't handle it then log out of the game, turn your computer off, and go find something better to do with your time. I love this game and enjoy the challenges I face. Thank You Blizz for creating another epic game.VORONEUS5 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 "Fanboi" and "Whiner" - The Diablo Community I'd like to take a moment to touch on the use of this word in the forums, but before I do so I would like to point out that I do think that there are issues in the game that need to be fixed as soon as possible for the good of the game and community. The Diablo community is one of the most vicious communities I've ever been in. This stems from a combination of disappointment, nostalgia, and stimulants like 4chan. Some would say that this community is bad due to how many people don't like the current state of the game. I disagree with this notion and suggest that it is entirely possible to be upset with the state of the game as a whole and still have a decent community. This is possible with civility and allowing Everyone to have a say and an opinion. Unfortunately, that condition doesn't exist in the community currently. With all the anger toward the game and developers, a mob-mentality has been created that deems it unacceptable to feel differently. This is shown every time a positive thread appears on the front page with responses like "Fanboi" and "How much is Bli$$ paying you?" In essence, the community as a whole is quelling the voices of those that majority of the forum users doesn't agree with. In life, there will always be two sides of an argument. This is a truth that most people come to terms with. What some fail to realize is that having an opposing argument is essential for a successful debate. An argument posed against your side fuels you with new potential points to refute/strengthen/rebuttal. It encourages people to think broader and delve deeper into the argument rather than use a superficial first glance. Like it or not, there are those who will disagree with what you think about Diablo. Some will love the things you despise and vice versa. Instead of using ad hominem and ignoring the opposing argument, people should be welcoming the debate as it will only help solidify valid arguments that can be presented to the developers. If every single post that is contradictory to yours is simply written off with an overused name then the community splits and the developers get extremely mixed messages (Example: "Please don't nerf Inferno", "Inferno is TOO HARD"). In short, if you have an idea and someone disagrees, be mature about it. Engage in proper debate and watch as it benefits both parties. No one is always correct. Acting as such only weakens the community.Zander32 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 This is it. I quit. Do I actually need to explain why?IronSteel33 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Gold AH + Inferno = A Recipe for Disaster Gold Auction House = A good way to take a useless endgame currency and make it viable Inferno Difficulty = A difficulty for dedicated players only AH + Inferno = DEAR GOD WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!? Let's start right off the bat: items from Hell – Inferno Acts 1-3 are mostly useless compared to the items from Act IV/Item Level 63. Why should I use something useless from the earlier Inferno acts, when I can just go buy an Item from the AH that is significantly better? And here is the inherent problem: because ALL of Inferno must be played at the same level, all items are not created equal. Combine this with market dynamics, and you have a mess on your hands. I see in the patch notes that you guys are trying to prevent gold farming. My question is WHY? You created a structure in which the only thing that matters IS gold, except for those who have infinite time on their hands. And yet you try to prevent people from Boss running? While both ideas were great, together they led to a really pissed off community. The whole system seems rigged, and if there is anything gamers hate, it's getting messed with when they are trying their best. However, the Nonsensical Drop Structure makes this even worse. This makes me rage beyond anything else. I remember reading a post similar to this and someone saying they really liked the Treasure Goblin dynamic. While I did respect his point that those buggers will charge into an impossible battle, they fact they have the best drops is just plain stupid. Why, if I play from the Gates of New Tristram to the Butcher, WHY THE H*** DOES SOME LITTLE GUY WITH A BAG HAVE A BETTER DROP THAN “MR. FRESH MEAT?” And now how to fix it, the most important part. 1. Bosses, make them matter I know that it hurts you guys on the inside to do this, but make boss drops matter. You guys spent so much time create cool dudes like Belial or super annoying enemies like Grom, and they don’t matter for loot? I’m not saying Inferno Diablo should rain legendries from the sky, but he should have a good drop with 5x nephalem bonus. 2. Use the Game as a deterrent from Farming Most Gamers will say “Just stop trying to police the way we play, period. If I just want to murder Maghda 47 times in a row, THEN LET ME DO IT!” So, your solution is to alter the drops so farming bosses just doesn’t do much. (But I shouldn’t spend all day looking for treasure goblins hoping to get that crazy drop... but I digress) But, you can use the game as a deterrent versus just loot. Maybe about the 17th time someone fights Maghda, she starts the fight Enraged. Eventually, any gamer would move on to greener pastures, as most people actually do play games for fun. So there, that's all I got. I hated WoW and you guys have made this WoW 0.5, which is not what Diablo has ever been about. As I have said in other posts, I love the game but dang if it isn't hard to get upset over how little has been done to improve the experience. Still, I'll be playing Act 1 Inferno with my WD when I get home tonight... TL;DR - Because Inferno Act4 items are the best in the game, people stuck in earlier acts only will use the AH for gear. So improve the boss drops and use the game dynamics to deter gamers from farming the same spot rather than just pure drop rates.VHeretic1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Attribute Allocation I was wondering which you guys prefer out of manual and automatic attribute allocation. By this I mean, whether or not you get to choose which of the 4 main attributes you get to increase after each level (Str, Dex, Int, Vit). I can see a advantages for both, but how would you rather it was done?EvilDoc23 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Appealing ideas for the future of this game? I like some of the upcoming changes in 1.03, and am glad to hear they are thinking of more changes in the future. This is a good game, maybe not perfect, but Blizzard is not pretending it is, reading the AMAA, and seeing how many things us players want are being changed, I can be more grateful towards this company as I feel people ARE being listened to. Anyways, here are some things I think many people may want, and that should be looked into. If anyone has links where these particular subjects have been addressed please post them. Endless Dungeon - A dungeon of sorts where you continue down levels and verse harder monsters, and receive greater rewards. I realize this is not the style of the Diablo games thus far, but as we can see in Diablo 3, not all changes are bad ones. I think this will add some replay value to the game, and would add to the economy of the Auction Houses. ( Both RMAH, and Gold Auction Houses. ) One note about this is I believe it should be more based on skill, being able to progress through this and less based on gear. Obviously gear will be a factor, but I believe if those that are good with reaction timing/combining the right abilities are rewarded more in this, it will be more appealing than a simple gear check would. Hardcore and Softcore Ladders - Ladders bring a whole new aspect to gaming, and was something that was played over and over by Diablo 2 players. This does not take away from people who want to keep their non-ladder characters, but adds an element that competitive players will enjoy. This game is constantly being patched for exploits, bugs, gameplay, etc. I believe a ladder would be a nice, fresh start for those of us that do not like the economy being ran the way it is. Battlegrounds and/or Arena - I believe the types of Arena and/or Battlegrounds we find in World of Warcraft should be brought here. I realize it could not be exactly the same, but to implement a rating system, and allow teams, or personal scores would certainly satisfy those people that need competition to continue a game for long. I believe this paired with the Endless Dungeon would give pver's, pvper's, and those who like both something to do all the time. This would also seem to create more traffic for both the RMAH, and Gold auction houses alike. Open PVP I do not believe the original form of PK should be re-introduced, this would just cause more grief than it would be popular I believe. I do however believe that open PVP should be an option when creating a game. Another thing I very much enjoyed doing in Diablo 2 was finding public games that were meant for dueling, and seeing who the best in the game was. Some people enjoy messing around with PVP a little, but without diving as far into it as arenas go. I think this would give an opportunity for people like myself to enjoy this aspect of the game, while the more "hardcore" pvper's could enjoy a scoring/arena system. Sorry for this post being so long but these are a few ideas I had/have read from others. Please give any constructive feedback on these ideas, and we can always hope Blizzard might read up on this thread to get ideas for the future. Anyone else is welcome to post ideas they have as well, I would love to see what other ideas others think should be applied to this game in the future, and I'm sure many others will have feedback on those ideas also. P.S. - I realize using terms such as " Diablo 2 " and "RMAH" are often looked down upon, I am not stuck in the Diablo 2 days, but I do think some of that game can be re-applied into Diablo 3 for a desirable effect. I did play Diablo 2 for almost 8 years, and know that it was popular far longer than a lot of games ever are, I hope this to be the case with Diablo 3 as well. As far as the Real Money Auction House goes, I may not use it too much myself, but I am just fine with the idea of implementing amazing new things into the game, even if it would be another reason for a player to use the RMAH. I think some of these ideas would benefit all players. ( I also believe the RMAH should be a way to get ahead on gear quicker. Within PVP, and my ideas of the Endless Dungeon, this gear bought with real money would not cause these players to win outright, just give them an advantage with less hours played)Doomdragonz16 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Trade and General chat are now 100% UNUSABLE. Oh my god, hey blizzard, what the hell? Now theres non stop spam in trade and general IT IS UNSTOPPABLE. EVERY 1 SECOND. Both trade and general are now 100% UNUSABLE. Can you please do something? This is ridiculous.lurk3r5 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Goblin Fun!! They make a Grotesque that spawns rarely and when you kill it and it pops: 5 Treasure Goblins come out of it running in different directions, and only one drops the loots. #Wouldabeenfunistrow5 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Blizzard having no clue at all! [1.9 MB] The image speaks for its self.MeHigh0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Magic find solution for bliz and players his is a new and i think a better solution to fix the magic find problem. - Every elite/boss has an enrage time. That time should start when you engage the mob. Just make it so when the enrage time is going and or has started, the character cannot switch gear. -If someone were to abuse this you could put in a secondary option, a defbuff on the player to not be able to swap gear for 30 seconds after the enrage timer is down, this way no one can go to town and come back. This seems like a easy solution that would work, it wouldn't be hard to put it just base it off an enrage time. This allows blizzard to do what they want and this allows players to not be penalized if they are not actually trying to mf swap for a kill.Burninfate0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Why we feel weak. I am pretty well geared on my monk. I can farm through act 3 pretty well, made it through act4 before 1.03 (I did skip some elites, however). Also have a DH in act 4, and a barb in act 2. Even when I kill piles of demons, I never felt like the powerful hero rampaging through the demon horde. It clicked, today, when I was playing. I now know, for me anyway, why we aren't as powerful "feeling" as we might have envisioned the game. Keep in mind, this is not about difficulty, with enough dps you can get through anything, it would seem, or with enough resists, etc. This is about the feeling you get while playing. Mob abilities are better than ours. WAY better. I am talking about elites, and their insane affixes. Some are stupidly easy for all, some are easy for melee and hard on ranged glass cannons, most are easier on ranged than melee, but some are just downright dumb for everyone when in concert with one another. But they are better than our abilities, as players. Why was the game designed to be about running around the field of play dodging crap that does 10x as much damage as a player can do, instead of about making smart skill choices in combat? Why was no thought given to the synergy some of these affixes have? Jail/deso/vortex is just complete crap. Yes, you can hammer your way through it, but You feel like the game is playing you, not the other way around. I don't want half the fight to be me CCed or running from nightmare. Make it difficult, but stop taking the control of my character away for 50-70% of the fight. If you can not find a way to keep combat challenging without ground effects that do way way way more damage than the players can, or CC spam that is 10x more effective than a player's CC skills, then hire someone else to rework it.elorei1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 A real comparison of D2 vs. D3 I see all these posts from people claiming to be 10 year vets of Diablo 2...or better yet, claiming they even invested dozens of hours playing Diablo 1. Comparing Diablo 2 (in it's current state) with Diablo 3 (also in it's current state) is not a fair comparison. Does anyone remember when Diablo 2 was released? Sure, it was fun. But it was not even a fraction of what it is now. Am I the only one that remembers 99/100 people being Sorceresses, because they were the only class that could teleport at the time? Do you remember running through act 2 and 3 as a non-Sorc character? It was about as fun as watching paint dry. Don't kid yourself. Diablo 2 finally became the game it is today with the release of the LOD expansion. Runewords made the game fun. Diablo 2 was a item farming game, period. You leveled a character to 80+ and then equipped it with gear (for all non-sorcs, Enigma comes to mind), and you killed bosses for hours upon hours. The introduction of the Enigma rune word made this possible for all non-sorc classes. You didn't see any Necromancers or Barbarians walking through act 5 to get to Baal...not when you could get there in 60 seconds with a teleporting character. When you got bored of farming, you went back to Baal runs for hours. Basically what I'm getting at is that Diablo 2 was made fun by a single item: Enigma. Once you had your Enigma on your Paladin, you could hammer any boss to death in seconds while taking minimal damage. It was beyond easy. Uber Tristram was the only challenge, and once you figured out how to do it, it wasn't hard. PVP was a joke. Don't kid yourself. Smiting Paladins dominated everything. I don't care if you had max block, you were still going to get owned by Smite. TL;DR So what's the point of this post? To show that D2 was an extremely monotonous game made popular by the emergence of a single rune word that was introduced far after the game's release. D3 is boring, I agree. But D2 was boring months after release as well. Your memories might be jaded by the fact that you were 10 years younger and had far lower expectations to meet.Roscoe44 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Suggestion : Nefalem Value and Disconnects Good afternoon everyone First I would like to apologize, because English is not my primary language so there may be several errors. With the release of the game, many felt that the problems were due to disconnect high flows of persons at launch, but it has been almost two months since the game's release and disconnect problems persist (getting worse in some cases) All have accompanied and sense the lack of endgame, and currently the only endgame is the farm equipment in their vast majority are lousy. But the worst that occurs are the disconnects and the ridiculous lags. The purpose of this post is to ask for the Blizzard to create through a hot fix, a timer of 5 min (min 10 or more do not know what the players think fair and necessary) before losing the NV because losing these NV in the disconnect is taking the little desire that remains to play this game. Just yesterday I lost 4 times the stacks of NV because of disconnect or server problems Thanks allKenji1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Please give us an alchemist Someone that can turn any particular resist into a different resist (Poison to Lightning, Physical to Arcane, etc) Additionally, would be great if they could turn a single resist into +All Resist at 1/6 the rate. So, for example, +30 Physical Resist could be turned into +5 Resist All. Would help those of us who don't want to use the AH to gear their character (Monk specifically).ztking3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 The Diablo 3 Community Suggestion Thread Guys, I know everyone wants to establish an own thread and sometimes, as the community management has told, they take a look on the forums. But, to compile it a bit more "organized" way, we should use only ONE thread, so everyone can ADD (and only ADD) his OWN suggestions. There is NO NEED to comment the suggestions of others - just LIKE THEM, if you think, they fit with the ideas you guys have, or DISLIKE THEM if you think, they aren't that worth. I've written an own thread ( ), and I've noticed that his way was to end up in nirvana, since everyone is pretty, well, not in harmony with how things are going currently. But instead of raging them down, we should take it this way, to check out, if we can change the game as it is into a game worth to be played - also still in a lot of months. I'll set up a list with with all suggestions with a link to them, to make the access easier for the community management and / or devs. I mean, I know: They've made some faults. But, what should we do now? There is currently no proper way to re-sell Diablo 3. But we've payed at least a little big amount of money. So, let's try to get some influence - but on a more organized way. And, sorry for my english. I'm German.Sprintfox25 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 The only way to save this game Is to return it to the player's hands. The game was entirely based upon gold and item sellers. Characters were weak and then weakened even more. Ways to solve this? 1) Eliminate MF. Increase drop rate of ilvl61-63 That will make botters that do nothing but farm stuff non stop 24h/7 with scripts that include swapping to MF gear before killing mobs have less advantadge over normal players. 2) Increase gold drop That again will put normal players back again into the game since they now will be able to buy sets of items that nowadays cost 200+million gil (and that's not even the best of the best) 3) Cap Gold Auction House sells for 50mil gold Now you are hurting item and gold farms with a kick in the balls. With increased gold drop and items being sold for 50mil top, players will still have to farm a lot but they can see the light in the end of the tunnel. Prepare to have major gold sellers and item sellers slash their wrist. 4) Limit the RMAH sells to 5 items only per account With this feature, you are forcing the majority who exploited and run bots 24/7 for items to sell more items in the Gold AH, helping players who do not want to participate in this Pay to Win scheme to have their way to victory. ------------- Why is it important to save Diablo3 and bring back those who left? 1) Because Diablo3 is intended to have expansions and the actual AH working. With the bleeding of players there isn't a bright future for Blizzard to sell expansions if players who quit know that this cruel system towards those that do not want to buy their way through real money isn't being changed in expansions. 2) The whole franchise is at stake now. Not only expansions should be hard to sell for Diablo 3 even Diablo 4 seems to be something that will just be forgotten by the ARPG community. Its necessary NOW to take action before these player's mind are set to stone about this franchise. Those who exploited, duped or bot every day will come here saying the game doesn't need help are looking into their pockets, they are not gamers. Listen to those who bought your game and don't play it. You sold millions of copies for few thousand of active players. Blizzard, you must know that profit no matter what might give you what you want now, but destroying youre reputation will bring you much more loss in the future.Rodrigo0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 You know you've been using the AH too m.... ... too much when you have a dream that you bid 5M on a Rare item and when you looked at your stash it was a White :(.CraftyOne0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Are you TIRED OF BOTS!? Join MONK CHAT Monk Chat is currently BOT free at all times. So bring your trades and chats to MONK CHAT! lol really though, no bots.ZeeKing6 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Stop The Trade Channel Spam!! I dont have the answers on how, but something needs to be done. When you try to trade items they dissapear so quick no one sees them because some as$ hole trying to sell his gold on a different website. MAYBE, a good fix would be limiting the trade channels so no one can post a website. or the length of the messages can be cut right downDitchpickle0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Double the Drop rate? Double the crap rate? So I've noticed that ever since the drop rate of high tier level items got doubled, the really crappy ones seems to have trippled. I do my runs in inferno act 3 and usually get mostly 60's. After this new hotfix last weekend, there seems to be a whole bunch of level 52~54 items dropping. I have never seen this low level of an item in act 3 before, so what gives? I mean, is this a bug or intentional? Someone messed up with the coding?Mystogan0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 +Armor in Cloak/Chest Armor Is the +arnor stat in a cloak included in the cloak's armor display? There is a cloak that has 660 Armor and in the list of stat has +240 Armor And another cloak with 580 Armor and in the stat list has +330 armor Can I go by the displayed cloak armor which is 660 and 580 or should I still add the +armor stat to get the total armor? which is 900 and 910 respectively?Atalanta0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 I quit The MAIN reason(excluding ninja nerfs, IAS nerfs, GAH -RMAH flipping, retarded elite affixes, lack of pvp, hours and hours of farming for worthless items and repair bills out the wazoo) is its simply impossible to progress. You have to use the GAH to progress but the amount of inflation is simply staggering. This game is hosed. And no, you can't have my items.Battlebacon48 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 the easiest way to detect botting... I have seen this method in a lot of MMORPG games to detect botting, and it's really easy to program (by now, I believe D3 dev team can't program anything right) Every now and then a security question will pop up with an image where user have to input the letters and numbers in the image, after 3 attempts, if the character fails to input the right sequence, it will be booted and forbid to log in for xx mins. Well, for D3, when the question pop up, the character can be protect by some sort of shield in co-op, or just simply pause the game in single player, OR with little programming, when the character is not using skills or standing still for some time, pop up the question if the character successfully input the sequence, it will be grants with some sort of buff like 25% atk speed, magic find etc. for xx mins like those blessing towers. This is the easiest way without much of programming to detect AFK botters...iWES24 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 I would like to lodge a complaint! Since this appears to be the site to do so, I have an ingrown hair, right under my let !@# check,so when I sit down, it really hurts. It is really annoying, because I can't sit down and play any games.AltFFour10 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 diablo 3 clans any clans recruiting?atill0010 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Bonus MF% with 5 NV YEILDS NO RESULTS!! Right now I am sitting at 325% MF with 5 NV stacks, and I usually see 1 rare drop off elites even with not having 5 stacks.. The issue is Many of my friends and forum posters are agreeing that having no MF vs High MF yields no difference as long as you have 5 stacks of Valor. I currently only see 2-3 rares per elite mob, but that seems the average number for all players, even with no MF, as long as you have 5 stacks of NV. This should not be the way MF works.. While I do think guaranteeing 1 rare per elite mob, when you reach 5 stacks of NV, to be a good idea. I do not think it was intended for NV to render more MF% useless. I think this is a very important topic that should be addressed, even before Blizzard installs the changes for MF gear Swapping. I would like to know others personal experience so that we can put this topic in the limelight for admins to see and take back to the devs to investigate and fix. Helping to accomplish the above statement, so that we can see a change, I would sincerely urge those that agree to "request sticky" at the top right. (I am a lvl 60 and run act 1 act 2 farm runs daily)Pharaoh4ever1 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 One Reason to keep Playing Diablo3 I try to find a reason to stay in this game, but with tons of bugs remain unfixed, official ignorance of players' opinions, ridiculous MF design ... etc. I just cant find one. What's your reason to keep playing this game?BBQ930 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Forums more fun than game? It seems like I am on forums and have more fun on forums than I do in the actual game. Anybody else think the same?ToxicTerror3 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Help me This is a typical day of D3 for me. Log in Check auctions Relist items Attempt act3 elite farm Rage quit game after BS affixed elites that I used to be able to kill pre nerf Create act1 butcher game Die of boredum This is not a thread intended to cry about the game's shortcomings. I am legitimately interested in ideas to keep me playing this game. I have 3 60's already with 2 more alts in the works, but I just can't seem to find the drive to continue playing. Sometimes I mix it up and do some goldfind runs, but I get super bored after 30 mins. For the last 2 weeks I have not been able to stay online for more than 2 hours. What are you guys doing to mix things up and stay interested? I would love to be able to play this game for more than 2 hours a day w/o wanting to slit my own wrists.Dragon10 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Blizzard Entertainment Employees I would like to thank all of blizzard entertainment for the long hours and hard work they put into this game. I would also like to thank there family's for all there support because this would not be possible without them. I would just like to start off with me and my wife was taken away from the time we started playing by the story and all the little side stories, it was wonderful. The videos and music was so emotional and the game play was very unique and fun. You guys are a amazing group of people seriously good job!Nosgoth21 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 So, let's see who will lawl! Explain to me the difference between the RMAH and websites selling d2 loot (which was botted/duped) ever since... well ever. I played d2 well before LoD and back then, it was meh, wasn't amusing. Once LoD came out the game started firing up! However, dupes were massive and crushed the economy. Websites were selling all loot for $5 with 3 for 1 deals. Every time blizzard patched them not even a few days later a new dupe was out. Ladder reset, within a week every item was for sale. The only difference is now YOU can make the profit. I can see why people get upset with this game, and they canleave. It affects me about, 0%, seriously. I remember running ubers and diablo clone on d2, and had tons of fun doing it. I could level a character to 90 in about 4 hours. It was all interesting, but competitively boring. This game got more right than diablo 2 did in it's first few years. I give this game a year tops to improve to the standards that were expected. But until then, i'll play whenever i get a chance. D2 Cons 1. Runewords were the worst thing to happen in d2. Runes themselves were awesome, it created a great selection for adding affixes to your equipment. But the runewords themselves were pathetic. It created OP farming staples from runes that were nearly improbable to farm within 6 months. 2. If an item wasn't perfect (or damn near perfect) it was worth a shiny pebble. 3. Rares were the best items in the game (with a few select uniques). However, you could get by with uniques. This is something i do believe D3 needs to implement, and they're doing it (well, hopefully right anyways). 4. Endgame was terrible. Although it was easy and quite simplistic, it still ended up being "get to this boss; kill; rinse & repeat." 5. Item affixes were vast. Which was good, however most were just worthless. However, i did like summoning a bunch of skeletons with my bowzon in a baal run and have everybody yell at the necro. In the end, they meant nothing. 6. If it wasn't for enigma (or for a good amount of time a hammerdin) hell was nearly improbable with a great amount of enemies being immune to everything. 7. Gear requirements were pathetic. "X amount of stat" your telling me my barbarian isn't smart enough to wear a hat? 8. Map randomization was better than d3, however, maphacks were vast so they were pointless. 9. Player killing was fun yet easily unavoidable "hammerdin tele's around throwing hammers". Although shooting my guided arrows from a good distance usually one shots them, or teleing in with my smiter and killing them before they could throw out a hammer was nice. Hopefully blizzard makes it interesting, not expecting an e-sport. But an equivalent would be nice. 10. AoV was terrible. Interesting for a horror feeling, but terrible. 11. Ladder was first come first serve, and with all the exploits it didn't take long. 12. Creating games to trade for x item with x item. It was nice, however made getting your wanted SoJ, Shako, or w/e was a long grind, you needed an equivalent or better. 13. Gold meant nothing, it was just a number. You could gamble, but meh. Repairs, don't make me Lawl! 14. You're telling me because i made 3 games in 5 minutes I shouldn't be playing? LAWL! D3 has something similar but i've made 10 games in 5 minutes and have yet to be denied. Now don't get me wrong, it's not like there's anything wrong with D3. But there was so much wrong with D2 it was nearly unplayable. D3 Cons 1. End game becomes boring. It takes longer to get to end game and actually becomes competitive because of the AH. However, people seriously think 20 million is worth a specific item? 2. Gold find ruins the economy, seriously, take it out. It just raises the markets value for items like what was stated above. 3. MF should be buffed. I understand nephalem valor is the staple to farm in this game, but having 100 or 150 mf with no mf should entice a guaranteed rare, after all. Killing elites with just mf gear and no NV is a nice accomplishment. 4. Resist All is a nice staple to gear and should be. But an items price shouldn't be determined by 500-10mil just becuas it has 0, 10 or 70. An item good stats and 70 resist all should not go for 70mil (just giving a number) than an item with the same stats and mayb 30 or 35 resist all for 500k, it's not always the case, but it happens more often than not. 5. Weapon damage should not be as big of an advantage as it is. Yes, the bigger the stick the harder you hit. But it's just way too big of a gap. perfect ilvl 61 and 62 weapons pale in comparison to a little above average ilvl 63 item. 6. Elites and bosses should require more strategy than gear checks. Yes i understand this game is based off of gear. But even with that gear, it should be challenging your brain. This has been mentioned, but i'll mention it again, *%$^ it. I shouldn't be worried about a horde invulnerable illusionist arcane plagued elite because it's VERY improbable. Overall the game is still in it's infancy and should be treated so. If you created the mass hype you deserve to be disappointed. Go back and play CoD where you can QQ over the mic about some hacker, maybe somebody there will care. Don't like it? Don't care, just wanted to throw something out there. If i missed something, I'm only human, just like the devs! tl;dr: d2 nublets and their QQ's! PS: Trolls on this forum got rejected from 4chan so they're needing to QQ here. Rejection sucks huh? LaWlZ!1!11!Crypticity0 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 Leveling Fast So what is everyone doing to level up fast now days since the Act 2 quest nerfs? I have been stacking exp on kill items and having a buddy kill act 3 for me. The scorpion packs give about half a bar of exp alone. Im sitting on about 200 exp per kill and have a 21% helm on. At 51 it took me 16 minutes to hit 52. So what is your method?ZachsTag8 Jul 5, 2012
Jul 5, 2012 question about cd keys so lets say I want more than one account that has d3 on it... Is buying a digital version for $60 the only way to get one?plethore1 Jul 5, 2012