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Jul 6, 2012 Fiery Brimstones, 1.1 and you Buy them while you can, you will never see them at prices below 500k each once patch 1.1 hitsShakeWeight130 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Rabidly using the word rabidly I'd like to rabidly insist that all of you rabid fans out there be more rabid about your rabid support for Blizzard's products rabid rabid......rabid...............rabid....................................rabid.............................................................rabid rabidGoogolplex1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Addressing Freeze/Bleed/Paralyze on hit Currently I feel these affixes on items are very much underpowered, and I do feel they are in dire need of a buff. So I have come up with a few solutions that will make them more effective and make the game play experience a little more enjoyable. First we can buff them to scale higher, the higher the level/act/difficulty we go. E.g. You start out with a 1.0% chance to freeze/paralyze/bleed on hit from level 1-8, and meanwhile you could get amulets and rings that would buff that by 0.5% per ring/amulet. and by the time you reach level 30 or so and finish the first difficulty, you'll be sitting on a weapon with 3-4% chance to freeze on hit and amulets/rings with 0.5%-1% freeze on hit. Eventually by the time you hit 60 and questing in Inferno, It will scale out at around 12-14% chance to Freeze/knockback/bleed/paralyze on hit with your weapon and about 2-3% with each ring and amulet. Putting your max at about 21-22% and making this stat at a decent enough level to navigate through champion packs, help mitigate any damage you would otherwise lose (whether you freeze/paralyze/knockback), or cause your enemies to bleed more often on hit and increasing your overall DPS in the process. I would also love to see a buff on Life on hit on weapons, but not nearly as much as the affixes mentioned above. I would like to see it at anywhere from 8-12% on weapons @lvl60. Another idea I considered, but would probably take more time to implement, would be to add more gems to the game. Such as Sapphire, Aquamarine, Citrine, Garnet, Peridot and such. These gems would add to your main stat 80% of value of a comparable Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Amethyst and a secondary stat. Below are some Examples that I thought of Flawless Square Vampiric Garnet - +28 Strength, +2.5% Damage dealt converted to life Flawless Square Forceful Aquamarine - +28 Intelligence, +2.5% Chance to Knockback on hit Flawless Square Parasitic Peridot - +28 Dexterity, +2.5% chance to Poison target for 45%* of your weapon damage every second for 3 seconds on hit. Bear in mind, the Forceful/Vampiric/Parasitic affixes can mix and match between the different gems, but I use the ones above as an example and a baseline for where Jewelcrafting can go and customizing it to several different ways to your accommodate to your playstyle and needs. That being said, I am interested in hearing other people's thoughts on this and would like to hear some feedback on a blue on this idea. * (45% weapon Damage) Not a fixed value, but could go up or down depending on how it would scale with the rest of the game. 18-25% weapon damage might be sufficient. Edit 1 and 2: Fixed some typos and spelling errors and made some minor modifications and added an annotation to one of my examples.Antidurst3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 134K DPS WD STREAMING will craft 6 property gloves for viewers and play with them as wellYetiMachine1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Repair cost increase explained. I quit the game weeks ago (go figure right) and I come back to find that its like 30-40k every time I have to repair. Gotta hand it to Blizzard of all the things that could have and should have changed. One major thing I personally notice is the ridiculous increase in repair cost. /Bravo blizzard You figured out a way to deplete a players gold source so they can buy gold off the RMAH. So you guys can get your little "cut" of the bots... ehrrm I mean gold sellers money. Anyone give me ANY other explanation why the repair cost would increase along with RMAH being implemented around the same time? I'm not stupid I know anyone who reads this isn't stupid. I still refuse to log in to this game. any CM or Blizzard employee can see my log ins for the month of june lol here it is july. and i still havent been on. At this point I think D3 is beyond repair. They dont listen to the community anymore. They don't even acknowledge us as a community weather it's complaint threads or from what I have seen, some REALLY good constructive threads that get no response. I'm sure if someone made a thread titled "Do monks like cheese more the barbs" im sure it would get a CM response.Comatose2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Look! More Hidden Footprints! I really didn't want to believe this, but after creating session after session, I have come to realize that there was a change to Champion/Elite pack affixes that was not mentioned in the patch notes. I have to hope that this was not intentional, but rather a byproduct of some other change. As it stands currently, when I log into my Demon Hunter to farm act 1 of inferno, roughly 4/5 packs have the Reflect Damage affix. This has been the case in at least 25-30 sessions since 1.0.3 released. At first I speculated that there was either a bug causing Reflect Damage to occur more often than other affixes, but this was not the case. I then decided to run session after session on my Wizard in act 1 inferno to see if I ran into the same issue. Maybe 1-2 out of every pack in the entire session had reflect damage on it. However, almost every single pack (nearly the same 4/5 that my Demon Hunter was experiencing) had the Mortar affix. Thinking this must just be horrible RNG, I got back on my Demon Hunter. Reflect Damage. Got back on my Wizard. Mortar. Got back on my Demon Hunter. Reflect Damage. You get the point. It would seem that each class (if not, then specifically the Wizard and the Demon Hunter) have some sort of coding that significantly increases the percentage of affixes that they "have the most trouble with." I apologize if this was mentioned somewhere in the patch notes, but it has been a while since I have read them over and certainly don't remember this being stated. If this was done in the spirit of making the game more challenging, so be it, but at least make it known. To the people who believe this is just simply the worst case (or at least an unfortunate case) of RNG ever, it isn't. I have been testing this for a few days now and the numbers don't lie. I didn't want to believe the percentage of affix diversification was tampered with either, but it most certainly has been. Whether or not it was intentional is still left to be seen. Perhaps a blue has some insight into the matter? Updated with Results Here are the results after 100 mobs in act 1 inferno on my DH: Reflect Damage - 48 packs Molten - 17 packs Nightmare - 15 packs Electrified - 23 packs Fire Chains - 8 packs Arcane Enchanted - 22 packs Shielding - 15 packs Plagued - 13 packs Frozen - 8 packs Jailer - 20 packs Vortex - 24 packs Mortar - 27 packs Vampiric - 13 packs Fast - 15 packs Illusionist - 17 packs Avenger - 13 packs Knockback - 11 packs Horde - 6 packs Health Link - 6 packs Waller - 20 packs Invulnerable Minions - 5 packs Desecrator - 26 packs Extra Health - 9 packs Missile Dampening - 0 Packs Teleporter - 19 packsAnimus245 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 D3 inferno act 2 and beer game so we started a drinking game where we drink one beer for every death. We were drunk before we even made it out of the gate in act 2 inferno. WTF?yuyu7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Typing prices in AH When you type a bid or buyout price in the AH you don't see any thousands separator which is not exactly comfortable and may cause errors in prices. Maybe you guys should add them? You've already added them in AH listing, so I see no problem adding them to selling process.chez3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Does Goblin Lockbox or Dimensional Box sound sound realistic enough? If they incorporate a background for it will it be a viable alternative to gear swapping? "In an attempt at appeasement Magic Goblins trade with Covetous Shen. They give him a plan (accessable to all players) to make a Dimensional Box for 200,000 gold." In exchange for the boxes Shen promised to pay any champion "1 very nice gem" for each goblin the heros "let get away." So now you literally take MF and GF off of the player and throw in some side dish of roleplaying. Now whenever a player fails to catch a goblin they get a tally. They can cash these statistical tallies in to Shen for 1 flawless square with maybe a rare chance for a bit better gem. (to represent Shens trade agreement with the dimensional goblins) And now maybe players wont rage as much when that dang goblin gets away. ^ Dimensional Box: MF and Goldfind no longer apply to characters when worn as equipment as long as the box is in your inventory. You may keep 1 of each item slot in the magical dimension box and the GF and the MF of whats in the box counts for you. Have the Dimensional box take up 2 flat spaces in the player inventory. Shen can also upgrade the box further to hold an extra 100 piles worth of gems for 1 million gold.Dirtpoor7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 End game I was reading threads with end game solutions such as the infamous endless dungeon. I was thinking of ways to expand on the idea of having an endless dungeon but how to implement it. My solution was to add "recipes" (a lot like staff of herding) to iconic bosses. IE: Diablo has a rare drop called Skeleton key, Belial has a rare drop "imbued magic" (which would kind of look like an orb) and Maghda would drop "Heart of sin". After a player has collected the pieces are then able to forge the item "Key to Armageddon". Once forged a special portal appears before the player sending him into an arena setting where champ packs/elites would spawn 1 by 1 after being defeated, but with increased difficulty on each pack. Make it like waves, starting with easy affixes and a lower hp pack, and consistently make it harder and harder. Make the harder packs drop an increased rate of good-great loot. Maybe after every 5 packs add a mini boss with an increased chance of dropping really good loot. What would this do? It would make these bosses worth farming, add to end game, and make people a lot happier with a place where monsters come to them instead of the droning of people trying to find the packs. Feel free to add more guys 8)Sorrowsong0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 have another notice miniature monsters? ^title. Sometimes i notice there's a few monster that are tinier then the rest. Ive seen 2 pain mongers that are shorter than my wizard. Mind trick?Belmont0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 auction house expiration lower to 24hours I feel as though this is win/win situation for everybody. My items just sit too long on the market and I cannot cancel them. Maybe even 12 hours, 1 day 12 hours is too long!treemayne0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 cap daily play time, cap MF value. cap damage 1. one of my friend plays more than 8 hours day. he has better gears than the rest of us. it is unfair. please limit the hours a player can play so the game can be fair 2. he also has hgiher mf so he gets better items than the rest of us. please cap the mf so we will have equal drops. 3. please cap damage so they can kill the monsters at equal speed. 4. my computer sucks, please remove 1080P so our games will look the same. 5. 6. 7. ...... /sarcasmLandShark0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Lack of viable public games You know... now that I think about it... The mindless, endless farming that turns up nothing wouldn't be so bad if public games were a viable way to farm. It would be nice being able to log on, join a game with a few people if your friends weren't on, farm a bit, make a few jokes here and there and just do the whole online social thing. The fact that this online game doesn't allow for that kind of play really puts a damper on things.Aliendna6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Inferno isn't hard.... Gear drops just sucks. Inferno isn't hard. The gear drop rates and types are just too random, and anything good, is too expensive in the AH. I played a wizard and before the nerf on the shield, you could gear up and build a toon with life regen and low vitality, that cost under 200,000 gold for a full set. After the nerf it pushed the wizards to high resist high vitality, and high armor gear, which cost millions of gold for one piece. Its ridiculous. It didn't improve the game, it just made it so you had to compete with more people for the similar stats, and devalued a viable build. Its like you are FORCING people to buy gold. I have neither the time or inclination to farm up 2 million gold for a chest. When before I had a chest that cost 50,000 gold. The difficulty isn't the game in itself. The number one difficulty in the game right now is getting gear that is useful, and AH prices are a JOKE.Rickhunter8 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 I figured it out! End game for Diablo 3 Start -> control panel -> programs and features -> find diablo 3 -> right click and select uninstall.Philtor0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 I think Blizzard wanted us to get bored... Think about it. They took out every single aspect of replay-ability that Diablo 2 was so smiled upon for utilizing. 1) Auction house which nullifies any time spent "hunting for the best gear". The counter argument would be "well, you can spend time hunting for gear to sell". But that logic is ruined by the fact that with bots around, you are fighting an incredibly painful and time wasting battle. 2) No ladders. Two of the seasons in Diablo 2 I made the top 200 for necromancers. Seeing my name on that list gave is my greatest feeling of gaming accomplishments. But, seeing as ladders/leaderboards are gone. Whelp. Nevermind then. Not only that, but no ladder resets means once you have the gear and level, literally no point to ever come back ever. Ever. 3) No custom builds. I still have my necromancer build memorized. Every time ladder reset time would come around, I'd reassess it in almost every skill. Use calculators, trees, and figure everything out so I could figure out what would be the best. My build was based on my years of experience playing as a necromancer, not just sitting in New Tristram throwing random skills together since you can change them on any whim. It's like, if you think a build is so good, you'd have to level a character up to 80+ to prove it. Yes, I know, this "news" is older than Jesus. I know I sound butthurt and cool story bro, but I just don't understand what design meeting went down where they decided to remove everything that made Diablo II so remarkable.Dolla34 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 i know why this game sucks! keep getting the same stupid item over and over againcollin2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Suggestion for personalization and time spent I think this suggestion solves 2 issues at once. 1) The problem of people not feeling a personal connection with their character because they are exactly the same as all other characters. 2) The issue of people not being rewarded for their time when they get bad drops (as will happen more and more often with the AH being so easy to gear up - a seperate problem) Introduce Alternate Advancement levels (not a new concept i know, stolen from EQ) AA levels provide only slight benefits, but it takes a long time to get them. (thus providing players with something for their time spent) Make it so players cannot choose ALL of the benefits so as to differentiate themselves from others Benefits could be 1% movement speed (up to 5%), slightly more damage for certain skills, etc.Dtittyslap2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Lag... I've gotten lag in this game, and i know people are complaining about it but I could really just go through it, if i died i just kept going. but today its just terrible, ive gotten such crippling lag that the enemies just stopped moving, and i could walk freely amongst them. This happened for about 5 minutes, for every 5 min. of actual normal play time. Is anybody else getting any sort of lag like this?Malik0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 New Character Class! I'd like to suggest that the new Character Class, should be Ash from the Evil Dead Series. If you haven't already seen it, Army of Darkness (Evil Dead 3) is one of my all time favorite movies. Ash the lead character, is played by Bruce Campbell, and has hilarious dialogue throughout the movie. He already fight skeltons and demons. He like to dual wield. Petition to add Ash as a playable character starts now! +1 this post!JBangin3 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 RMAH Gold Price Minimum? I recall reading somewhere that Blizzard will put a set minimum price on gold in the RMAH, but I can't find where I read it or if I am just not remembering correctly. Does anyone know anything this and can provide a link since I am proving unlucky in finding proof?Orpheon7 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Champion affixes feel totally out of place. The problem with the Champion affixes is they don't fit in the game. Champion mobs should just be stronger versions of themselves, with a few extra abilities to mix it up sometimes, and make the regular creature abilities more varied. Many of the current affixes just take away total control of your character or are an exercise in frustration. Vortex, Waller, Jailer, Frozen, Shield, Invulnerability, Nightmarish all take control away from you. You get 1 or 2 cooldowns to break free but since they come in packs, it really is pointless since the next one will just reuse the ability in the next second or two. When these affixes come in 2s or 3s then it is virtually impossible and frustrating unless you have the best gear possible, and even then it's not really fun to not be able to do anything to get out of the way. Many of these affixes don't even make sense and just pull you right out of the immersion; Arcane beam being the weirdest one. This makes it seem like I am playing laser tag. Waller is another one that feels out of place. Why would a normally regular, not magic creature all of a sudden be able to create stone walls non stop? Many to most of these abilities feel like the designers just put down any crazy idea they had and put them into a hat and just picked the first 30 and added them into the game without thought. They do not mesh well together at all except for taking away complete control from the player.KevinEvo0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Since the patch I'm the rubberband man! Holy friggin S. Since the patch came out, even with less than 100 latency, I'm rubber banding all over the place like reed richards. I cannot wait for the summer lull of console games to be over so I can buy something better than this. (literally anything at this po...OH YEAH torchlight 2...)Rayned0wn23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Only <2000 people play at once?! I remember back when this game first came out it was over 30k people at its less than 2000 people? Has the game really lost THAT much popularity?LifeTaken38 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 FFS Get rid of Bot Spam!!! Stop worrying about sh!t that is so minor and give us a chat fix. We hated it in D2 and we hate in D3. Give people a reduced amount of posts in Trade, General, and any other mass communication channel. Disconnect them in the case they post too many times in the set amount of time. And give them a 10 minute window that they can't log in, the first time. The second time, a half hour. The third time ban them for 3 days for spam. Will greatly increase the ability to communicate in this game.Nikephoros1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Need everyone's collaboration I want the most people as possible to share their ideas on how to make the game better, some of us been waiting years for D3 to come out, now that its out, although flawed, we need to stop an already started fall. Gameplay. Removing of level 60 cap: This would need a lot of work since every single gear has been designed for a level 60 cap, but i would'nt mind a tweak where the actual ilevels for gear are moved around to make a 20-40-60-80-99 tiers. If Blizzard is planning to put a 99 cap in a future expansion, everything we find now is gonna be pretty useless after expansion, just like every WoW expansions did with previous gear. More uses of main stats. Adding an additional use to each main stats (STR, DEX, INT, VIT) would probably help for more customizing, this is just an example but lets say STR also added Crit Hit Dmg, jobs like Wizard, DH and WD and Monk would more likely want to gear toward STR for a different build type. The same is true if Blizzard added something like +crit hit chance to DEX and so on. Combat Skills. (Wizard and Barb) Some of the combat skills aren't used at all past level 50, the same is true for runes. Heres a couple I've barely used as Wizard and Barb (sorry I didn't play the other classes to 60) Arcane Torrent using Death Blossom rune. Ugh who ever uses that ? A nice chance would be to make it 225% dmg instead of 670%, be able to control it but it deals dmg as poison over time or something like that. Energy Twister with any runes, I tried to like it, but it simply wasn't worth it, why not make the twister act like the hurricane spell the druid used in D2, or make the twisters go in a straight path. Explosive Blast at first was looking nice, especially with the short fuse rune. But then again, the Barb does it better with revenge being able to heal and build fury from it. Why not have Explosive blast be instant instead of a 1.5 sec arming time and have it do something similar like +2 arcane power per target hit. On the Barb now. Ferocious Charge.... Does anyone use this at all ? Never touched it myself as I don't see a use for it. Seems to be the same skill the Butcher uses and get knocked on walls. This had potential though, but since its a charge it probably should do about twice as much DMG as it do to be worth using. Overpower, a weaker version of revenge with a very long cooldown (15 sec) not worth it at all either, i'd rather take a chance getting hit and pop revenge than using this. Maybe if the cooldown was much shorter, like 3 seconds top, that would be worth it. On to socketing of items... Am I the only one who doesn't like a gem to give the same exact stuff everywhere except the Weapon/Helm ? I would love that the shield and pants also have a different stat for the gems we socket. Idk, in the shield they could give a high boost % to the proper resistance (bit like D2) but more like you have 600 resist to lightning, but a Star topaz in the shield and get a 25% bonus. Another stat could also be given when socketed in the pants, like a topaz giving +%INT (1% per gem tier) for a total of +14% INT with a perfect star. Drop rate... I like the drop rate of level 61-63 items, although they should be a bit higher in act4 inferno, good work is done on them lately, but in the other hand, the Legendary and Set items drop rate is really awful, It is not normal that after 200 hours in Inferno, people only get 3-4 Legendaries, so the loot table should be looked upon, they might be the same % as in Diablo 2, but in Diablo 2 it was also possible to have 800% which we don't have in D3. Pumping Up Legendaries... You guys already stated they will be tuned up in a future patch, I have no problem with it, but really the problem with most Legendary is the fact they are not ilevel 63, they are mostly ilevel60-62, just making them ilevel63 would make for much better stats on legendaries. MF Swap... While I agree that MF Swap is usefull it shouldn't be as rewarding as having paid 10m a piece to have good stats on a piece of equipment + MF on it. If someone has no MF on his gear, and swap to +200MF gear right before kill (and will cost him a whole 250k to get the mf gear) he should have a small penalty, like losing his 5th NV stack or have the average of both gear set for 5 minutes. Else its just plain useless to buy godly MF gear. NV Stacks... I love the concept, but it could be much more useful, I like the way 5 NV stacks give you a guaranteed rare drop on an elite/champion kill, but in the other way it also removes a unique drop chance since its a guaranteed a rare, so if a mob can only drop 10 items, 1 being a rare, that gives you 9 slots to get a legendary. Why not give a bonus like +5% chance of getting a Legendary when you have 5 stacks. Replay Value: Just thought of this before going to bed, Blizzard keep saying they want people redoing whole acts and not just kill 5 champion packs kill the boss rinse and repeat. Why not add something like a "Cavern of Wonders" It could spam in any outdoor areas in any acts, something like a 5 floors dungeon with HORDES of mobs to kill, more like when you fight Istaku, theres like 300 shadows coming at you all the time. Each floor has its own boss from D2, Andariel, Duriel, Mephisto, Diablo (clone) and Baal and when you finally kill the last boss, you get 2-3 Legendaries guaranteed, This would force people to play through acts till they find the cavern. Would make the game longer, and less lag from too many games being created. Thats it for now, i'll add more tomorrow, and will also add the ideas of people posting in this thread.Jowy684 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Rubberbanding, Rubberbanding. Do something!! Blizzard, what's the point of server maintenance when nothing is being done about rubberbanding? I mean come on man, I used to be able to play D2 WITHOUT any worries about LAG, LAG SPIKE, RUBBERBANDING, and DISCONNECTIONS. Diablo 3 is an ARPG not a MMO. I mean, come on man, I just want to play this game smoothly. Too much to ask for? or is it because we aren't paying monthly fees to feed you guys?FateZero34 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 *Spoiler Alert*:Diablo 3 cow level! just found some leaked footage, cant wait!!! Edit: this is from Inferno.Shadowhawk0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 "blinking" enemies in HC!? wtf blizzard!? level 44 hc nightmare act 3 wd vs monsters who cant be targeted = broken hc game and broken "no refund" hc policy. do something about this mfbs now blizzard.Ametous0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Auction House UI update thoughts. Bliz please This is mostly about search options. 1) Currently there is 3 search pull down menus. Could we have 2-3 more? I know it would take up a bit more space in the window, but it looks like there is room and its pretty annoying to have to scroll through 5+ pages of items to try to find one with those additional couple stats you wanted. 2) Could you please consider allowing the interface in the option to be keyboard sensitive. Ex: when I left mouse click on a search dropdown, allow me to press "S" on the keyboard and it would scroll to the first thing that starts with an "S" (Ex: Strength), or I could press "V" for Vitality, etc. I think these would be simple, cheap, and good improvements.Smash1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diablo 3 launch day I remember laughing at that one guy who showed up with all us Diablo fans to buy Max Payne 3. Jokes on me.Drakovian6 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Loot set up So im pretty sure i seen jay wilson say that the longer your playing the game the better chances of getting THE GOOD LOOTS... this is !@#$ing straight retardedTrixeh2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 So long Blizzard Before I leave I wanted to make some comments. I wanted to make it short. You have failed! Yes, I have bought all of the blizzard games, and loyal fan, but you really failed! You failed when I couldn't go further other than keep playing ACT 1 inferno. You failed when I realized I cannot possibly farm 100 million gold for decent items. You failed When my $250 purchased item dropped like $100 when you nerf IAS with your stupid egocentric mind. You failed when you said Aren't you thankful? So long Blizzard..............adioscowboy0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 End Game Solution. Ask and Ye Shall Receive. End Game Solution: Level 99. I know you want the runes system to progressively phase out any synergies and skilling that people had difficulties with, but many and most of us had a fantastic time just getting to level 99. Most people never got there, but it was still a potential goal that could be achieved in the future if we worked hard. Experience Loss on Death. I was surprised that this wasn't around. Instead of jacking up the cost of repairs, you should have done what you did before with a loss of experience when you die. That way you can be punished non-monetarily for overly aggressive or just plain stupid behaviour. With these two combined attributes, you give people something to work for. Right now, there's no aim, no goal. You win, beat the game, rinse, repeat. People spent an enormous amount of their time leveling in Diablo II, and I guarantee they would have done it in Diablo III, if you would have let them.Cancer2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Bliz please bring back "A day in the life of" I liked those topics on the front page you would make, where you did a day of the life of a Dev, or a CM. Please start doing those again. I remember Bash made one and a few Dev's. Come on.... Come on..........! We are curious fans and seeing how I chose this career path in lieu of game development, i can live vicariously through your stories. Other than that.. the closest thing I had was the movie grandma's boy. :PSmash1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Act II Inferno loot Item level 51 rares dropping. Really? This feels like a kick in the gut.Danimal0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Bug in ACT 4 Hi I was at the pinnacle of heaven and now i can't continue from there. It brings me back to the crystal colonnade. What's happening. How come i can't continue from the Pinnacle of heaven? That is stupid, is there a know bug?Pentagram1 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 The oficial: "I don't use a BOT thread" Seeing as how there are only bots left in this game, I wanted ti crrate a thread to gather the few non-botters out there. Please post here if you don't use a bot.OscarMK30 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 This is the Best option for MF Swapping IMHO! I think the best way to make us all happy is to apply a quick switch option like equipment manager in WoW. Only make it the opposite. You can switch all armor but no weapons or offhand and I'm sure nobody would complain. Like in D2, hit W and bam you swapped weapons. It is already a pain in the !@# to have to teleport to town and sell every couple of elite kills because u have a whole gear-set in your bag. Stop thinking so hard about fixing something so simple. Simple is why your predecessor game did so well. Not just casuals are pissed off. Dedicated gamers are getting pissed because you are thinking too much. You will make more money if you please everyone and in the case that you implement a change such as the one I am implying, the casuals who don't care about swapping will not be affected and the dedicated will be happy. It is a WIN-WIN situation.Nikephoros2 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diablo 3 should require a subscription So that everyone that supposedly quit the game can stop coming back to the forums and whine and cry about a game they supposedly dont play anymore. No one cares that you quit srsly! The one thing that really gets me is the people complaining about the same game over and over I really hope you never played Diablo 2 and are one of them because if doing Baal and cow runs for hours isnt repetitive the you have something really wrong with you. I'm going to take a guess that most of these are the WOW kidz that think they should be getting endless new content and not pay for it. /rantsleepy29 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Edgar Friendly is not happy with Blizzard According to Blizzard's plan, I'm the enemy, 'cause I like to think, I like to have fun. I'm into freedom of stat allocation, and freedom of skills. I'm the kinda guy that likes to sit in a greasy town and wonder, "Gee, should I wear the !@#$ty armor for the challenge or the overpowered set of steel with the side-order of "I'm gonna *** %^-* up tonight?" I want high loot drop rates! I wanna drink potions nonstop okay?! I wanna roll around in gold that could fill Cincinnati! I wanna run naked through the towns, with green Jell-O all over my body, waiting to get ganked in PVP. Why? Because I suddenly may feel the need to, okay, pals?Xristaki4 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 To All Who Say MF Is Broke You are crazy... I run around with 151 MF when I have 5 stack NV and I find AT LEAST 2 rares off every champ pack and boss... most of them being iLvl 61-63 and have found some amazing blues as well... I find upgrades all the time and also great gear for my alts. I run around with 115k DPS one shotting everything in Act 1 Infeno and it's fun and easy, run all of Act 1 and don't try to cap your MF to 300% or whatever crazy number people think they need to find good items or have rares drop... just run around with minimal MF and some NV and you're guaranteed good items... don't know what all the fuss is about. Also there should be no change in the way MF is run. Leave it as it, if people want to switch gear, then add a tab in like in Diablo 2 where you could have a full set of different gear just for MF if you want to switch at the last moment instead of just having a "swap weapon" spot... Ok that's it, end rant, flame away.DannySki13 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Conversation diablo 2 was so cool man each character was customized you could have a great tank a great melee char a hybrid barbarian a melee necromancer a curse necromancer i wish i could tank would be a lot better man it was so balanced also and the gear just got better and better and it took forever to level my necro was a hybrid necro it was melee and and my minions were strong as !@#$ i had this golem that would kick %^- and there was charms lol well it doesn't sound anything like diablo 3 thats y everyones upset if they don't do a bad as patch i don't even think it'll last 1 year lol really man its for the money here is my theory drops suck, cuz the supply and demand for *!@# is so high, and the $$rmah is 250 limit 15% cash goes to blizzard if the drops were great, gear would be worth nothing man no wonder loll.... no wonder they're doing that $%^- man yeah imagine 60 dollars on a stupid weapon each time, its like there buying a game all over again its ton of cash for them yeah man corruption *!@#ed the game up so dissapointingPablo23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Hey Blizz, a few suggestions. Long time Diablo player here to offer some suggestions. I have over 200 hours played in Diablo 3, so I think that I qualify for the 'honest feedback' prize. =o] 1) Why were charms removed from D3? I know the reason was originally "Not Cool Enough", but ~ why? Take for instance the MAGIC FIND issue you guys are having right now, wouldnt it have been better to remove MF from gear and add it to charms only? That way you could get as much as you want, but still have to sacrifice storage space. I think that is a great balance. So, my suggestion would be this: Remove MF, GF, HealthGlobe range pick up (and a few extra affixes i cant name off the top of my head) from equipable gear. Come up with some cool 'charm only' affixes like '12% chance to find a health globe on hit' or '1% chance to drop 50% more gold on kill'. This would reduce some of those 'worthless affixes' from gear, and lower the pool of 'trash gear' we find on a regular basis and add some rly cool inventory management layers to the game. It would be nice if charms avoided stats and affixes that raise your DPS, so most players would not need to worry about stacking charms to get max dps, in turn, making them a completely optional part of the game. 2) Dungeon scrolls. Im sure that most of the people working on D3 played Torchlight, and I think we can all agree that dungeon scrolls were one of the best damn features in a ARPG ever. So, my suggestion: Doing Jail and Butcher over and over starts to lose its "fun factor" after the 74th time youve ran it. Make an inferno ONLY vendor, that sells a scroll of dungeon. The scroll would open a portal to a randomly created dungeon, with a random art tileset, and 4 levels deep with a boss at the end. Put lots and lots of champ packs on each floor. This would allow you guys to use the HELL out of all your art assets and keep the hacking and slashing fresh and varied. You know, you guys did say you were having problems coming up with a solid "end game", this could be one of those keys. 3) PvP.I know you guys dont want to create another E-Sport and I'm totally fine with that, but why not give us CTF and DOMINATION style battle grounds? My suggestion would be to add a few battle grounds. You know and I know they would be fun as hell. I dont even think this topic is worth debate because you would have to be a corpse to not find CTF fun in 90% of the video games on the market. I know the plan is to stick with death match battle arenas, But why? Why not expand it to do greater things like BGs? . Treat the PvPers with a little more . . . ohh whats the word. . . . care? consideration? Cater to us a little bit. Another PvP Suggestion: DUELS. Im not one to !@#$% about D3, but when I logged in the first time and clicked a portrait and noticed that I couldn't duel, I was pretty let down. I even frowned and said "Wow, you have got to be kidding me. . no DUELING? I Thought this was Diablo 3, not care bear island adventure." I digress. 4) AH UI. I have a few suggestions for the AH UI. We need to be able to filter more affixes. I would say up to 6. We need the ability to search for commodities the same way we do gear, the same way WoWs AH is set up. Row by Row, not just one record with a buyout button. I have over 200 hours logged and over 100 AH transactions and I still have no idea how this works exactly. We need UI elements to reset affix dropdown lists and its corresponding text box value to null, you know like a little red circle wit an X in it. I love the transaction report we have, but I would make one small suggestion, make it so we can see the stats of the item we sold OnMouseOver(); 5) Items. Can we get some awesome items into the game please? Can we get legendarys that are actually legendary? Im not gonig to suggest how, because I dont know how. I just remember in D2, finding an item with so many crazy affixes on it, I knew it would be valuable to someone, and 80% of the time, it was. I dont get that feeling playing D3. I think this is part of the reason the 'end game' gear grind isnt as 'fun' as you guys thought it would be. Thanks for taking the time to read this wall of text. I would love to see some of this added to the game. Ohh and dont forget about runewords!Beazy0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Why are there 3 Champs in same room That shouldn't even be able to happen QQ Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Diablo 3 -- Why has it been dumbed down Diablo 3 relies mostly on the server side. The client really contains the models, textures and sound. The map generated and mob AI are 100% server side. From a technological stand point, Diablo 3 is an amazing success for what it accomplishes. Ironing out the bugs on the client leaves the developer with limited client side patches, in their case hopefully none. The reason the entire game does not have an offline mode is due to the console version (coming soon) and the need to remove client patches (or at least completely limit them as much as technologically possible). The PC release of Diablo 3 is unfortunately a perfect testing ground for the future console version. As many people have stated in the forums, the PC client base is simply hammering out all the various bugs and tweaks needed for a stable console launch. It costs a lot of money to patch console games (small patches, or large patches). A lot of QA goes into this process. Eliminating the need to patch console clients saves time and money. The future of console games are what Diablo 3 has brought us (as well as some other great games before it): Server side hotfixes. The game is very dumbed down from a pc perspective. Limited use of skills and no character customization beyond choosing which skill to use. This is in direct relation to the console version as unfortunately as it may be, console games are notoriously "go, go, go" type games. Bare in mind there are of course the exceptions, however many console gamers prefer to simply play rather than allocate points and or have access to a wide range of skills sets. I personally have enjoyed playing Diablo 3 for what it is worth. However I do not enjoy the complete item randomization without constants, nor do I enjoy the dumbed down version of my character. I have played enough hours with the game to say that I did get my $60 worth however with that said, I sure didn't get my Diablo (new age/new tech/updated) fix. Cheers people.MrMagu5 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Has anyone else noticed... The insane amounts of Arcane Enchanted mobs lately? Or am I late to the party (again)?Jekuto23 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 why legendaries make me sad. i am sure there has been posts about this before.. but i want to voice how if feel about them. i do my normal butcher runs or farm act 2~3 occationally and when i see a legendary drop i am not even excited.. i just think how will it dissapoint me this time, the same with set peices. i dont think yay i found an item that can be great im so happy, the rush i am supose to feel when finding an "ultra rare drop" dosnt exist. it makes me really sad that i cant be excited for legendaries what so ever or set peices. i personally enjoy farming and dont mind waiting for pvp. BUT when i cant even enjoy finding a legendary. it makes me question why i play this game. there is other problems with this game but i dont mind them for the most part.. but this in my oppion is game breaking when i cant enjoy getting legendaries, OR even if BY the grace of god they are pretty decent, legendaries will almost never ever be BiS. and if i do quit this will be the only reason i quit. im aware people may call me retarded for having such a dumb complaint in their eyes but this is all just my oppinion and i wanted to voice it.MadKittyCat0 Jul 6, 2012
Jul 6, 2012 Replayability Ideas-Add your Own So after playing games like Torchlight, POE, and other classic ARPGS, I realized that I actually somehow like D3 the best and am back to give more constructive criticism. D3 could learn a lot from its competition. Give the random events rewards aside from small amounts of gold, even if its just a one time deal per difficulty. Such as getting a few stat points or more HP. This hunt for events will be a considerable time sink per character. Better/More Loot. Item affixes definitely need more interesting affixes. There also needs to be other drops aside from actual gear. Alternatives to charms or perhaps there can be droppable spells like in POE. These would be unique skills not known by other classes, there would only need to be a few but they would need to be rare. Bring back skill trees. They would only need to be 0/3 or 0/5. This could also be used to buff certain skills that just aren't viable right now. Respeccing would be a must, some people can't handle making a new character. The cost of respeccing must be great enough that it would actually make you think twice about respeccing, but not so outrageous that you would only do it 1-3 times. Get rid of your atrocious quest-system. Let us create our own runs, not start from the beginning of Act 1 if you want to kill Skele and the Butcher. I should be able to kill the Butcher and then the Skele. You could make WPs farther away from the bosses to compensate. Game lobbies need to be brought back to their former glory and the player count needs to be increased slightly. I think 6 people is a good spot, I agree with the developers that 8 players in D2 was a bit too flashy.I also want to be able to play with those 6 people in games of our choosing, if I want to create a game solely for dueling or trading, then I should be able to Make Inferno Diablo extremely difficult, or create another zone/level for players to test their skill once they have gotten the godliest of gear. You should also tone down the abilities on champs/elites.Meteora5 Jul 6, 2012