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Jul 4, 2012 Y does molten,descreation,plague hurt so much My monk has 913 resis to all unbuffed and 35k Health, If i get jailed with arcane cutter or any of those I mentioned in inferno, and I am dead.. Did they got ninja buffed or something? how much is enough for resis to all? basically I have lighting +resis all on all of my gear. I am just curious...Andy44 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 What in da world So I literally haven't read any gaming news or checked sites like reddit since this game came out simply because I wanted my own experience trying my own builds and things and not copy what everyone else was doing. I've beat inferno with a wizard and monk and started to get a little bored so checked some sites and was overwhelmed with all the negativity. Is there really only thousands of people playing in public games for an entire region? W T F? There's 5,233 people playing Terraria right now. Didn't this game sell like 6 million on launch day? My mind is completely blown. Someone please correct me and say that number only represents people within a certain range or something because I am completely blown away. NOT TO MENTION I STILL HAVE INTERMITTENT LAG HICCUPS AND RUBBERBANDING EVEN THOUGH APPARENTLY NO ONE ELSE PLAYS THE GAME. Only 3 of my original 20 some friends that got the game have been on in the past week so it definitely felt lonely but I had no idea... Edit - And if the public game number is vastly incorrect why on earth wouldnt Blizzard deny it? Mass Effect 3 has a medicore ending and they create an entire new one, Diablo 3 is blatantly the biggest let down in gaming history and they don't defend themselves? They are probably too busy counting their money still.GummyDrops0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 -= Quick Join doesn't work...=- Doesn't work for my friend or myself. I can't see him on quick join list. And he can't see mine. We're on both similar difficulties. Anyone have the patch notes for the quick join changes? If there is any?yELo1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dyes Availability Why can't all of the different dyes be made available by default at the vendor? This way, we don't have to keep making and remaking the game in order to find the dye that we want. I had to remake the game at least a dozen times just now in order to find the Cardinal Dye. Making the dyes come up randomly serves no purpose, as the player will just keep remaking the game until they find it. This creates lag on the server, and frustrates the user. Pretty ridiculous.JunkStory2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Make Act 3 Viable!!!! !@!@! !@!@@! I can roflstomp act 1 and get 4 times the yellows per hour compared to what I get from doing act 3 where I actually have to try to kill hard champions. There is no reason to do any act beyond act 1 ever.... why even make them with the current drop rates? They really dropped the ball when changing drop rates to not fix this.Jooky4Ever0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo 3 = EBAY It's only endgame thing to do is basically "play" EBAY. How fun Blizzard... Thanks for ruining a... wait I was going to say great game, but, YOU GAVE US DIABLOBAY... Auction house ruined this game... Along with countless other things. EDIT: For Fanboys: I am one... I wish this game was great, but it is really not.Pezo0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Item property variance is too wide. I think the biggest problem with the high-level item hunt in this game is that there is far too big a gap between the min and max values for any given property on high level items. The fact that I can find an ilvl 63 rare with a bonus to vitality (or whatever stat you care about) that's lower than an item half its ilvl is just plain ridiculous. Its hard enough to find an item that: - Is a type you can use - Is a high ilvl - Has all (or at least most) of the props you need But currently, even if you find one that meets those criteria, odds are most if not all of its relevant props are going to have values so low its not worth using. What is the range of a stat boost roll on say an ilvl 63 Bracer? Something like 20-220? It should be more like 120-220. They need to bring up the low end of the range of possible values for props on high level items. I should be excited to identify an ilvl 62/63 rare, not dreading the reveal of the inevitable crap rolls I got. I'd just like to know when I see that ilvl 63 tag that even if it doesn't turn out to be quite what I need, at least it won't completely suck. As it stands far too many high ilvl items do completely suck, and its primarily due to the overly wide variance in prop values.TheJesster5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stream: Meele Wizard A3 Inferno clear 40% CRIT 200% CRIT DMG melee Wizard de_stroying act 3 inferno. full clear cya, azmo, lots of packs, lots of death, i simply run straight to the champions kill them and ignore all non champions. Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo is dead long live Diablo! Diablo is dead long live Diablo It's a shame that Diablo the lord of terror was not killed, by sword or arrow or powerful magic he was killed by corporate greed. He was murdered by people that didn't care, about him or his fan base. To destroy an epic franchise because of corporate greed and mismanagement, has left gamers round the world worried, and scratching their heads saying to themselves WTF! I take pity on the lord of terror and his death because of a corporation's needed of a quick cash flow, and they ended his life in such a miserable way. But blizzard to sell out so blatantly and explode into an epic failure and produce a game that in no way deserves the title Diablo. And do it in such a way it look's like blizzard really didn't give a damn about the fans or the years of anticipation and expectations that we all had. They pulled a duke nukem on us! After all of our support for all their games why would they do such a thing to millions of fans. Speechless, dumbfounded, no one on the gaming fourms has a clue as to how such an epic failure could happen. What is next! Beware! We may see more corporate greed sellouts in the gaming world which game is next?Magicbullet0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Farmed inferno for 15hrs no drops? Farmed inferno for 15hrs no drops? Literally I farmed 15hrs from the cave of the assassins to killing zolten krull with 5 naphelm valor(act 2 zolten krull) and didn't get any item that I could sell for over is this normal? Do the chances of an item dropping decreases, if you keep farming the same instance or something? Also are the drops completely random? Meaning if i farmed at Cave of the assassins , mobs can literally drop every item that exist? like lvl 50+ gears all of them?DemonGod23 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF/GF Swapping Suggestion People feel happy about something to the degree they have control over it. The obvious solution will be the one that will allow a player to make the choice in game, rather than having the choice be made for them. That being said, here are my thoughts, which are echoed in other posts: 1) Increase NV stacking to a higher max, i.e. 200% MF/GF. Or maybe it doesn't max out. Maybe that means 20% per elite/champion kill with 10 stacks, or maybe it means the current 15%. For the sake of this post let us go with 20% and 10 stacks. Higher stacks per elite kill encourages MORE elite killing throughout an entire Act, this would encourage going to more than 1-2 areas in an Act then restarting. Even if this simply made farming routes longer it means we are playing longer, or a player could be happy with a shorter/faster runs with less MF/GF, whichever they desired/had time for. The longer you play, the more rewarded you are. One could argue that you could have a second set of gear to swap out to get more gold drops for “white monster” kills, and a second set for Elite kills, thus not eliminating the gear swap at all, however… 2) Remove MF/GF on gear. This removes the gear swapping part of the equation. 3) Change current MF/GF on gear to All Resist on armor, since it seems something that is needed on most gear to progress anyways, it might as well have a higher chance/higher amounts to be there. This way those with current MF/GF on gear aren’t losing out completely on the gear they have paid for. Also this could allow us to move away from some more defensive builds to more offensive builds as we gear up, allowing greater build diversity. I’ve entertained the idea that massacres and mighty blows should do SOMETHING at level 60, and it would make the game play MORE fun, especially end game, and now seems a good time to implement this kind of a change. 4) Add in where “Massacres” increase your GF by 1% per monster killed for 5 seconds. Meaning that if I "Massacre" 50 monsters, for the next 250 seconds I have 50% more gold find; thus encouraging me to go kill more monsters, FAST! A higher buff PERCENTAGE overwrites the old buff, and a lower percentage does not. 5) Add in where “Mighty Blows” increase damage by 1% per monster killed for 5 seconds. Meaning if I “Mighty Blow” (I know there are going to be comments on that phrasing), killing 10 enemies with 1 hit, I gain 10% more damage for 50 seconds. That seems a lot more fun to me! For everyone this means more gold/items the longer/faster we are killing monsters. For those who are struggling to progress it means shorter time to buy something on the AH the longer we play (read shorter time we have to grind in Act 1 to get gear for Act 2, etc), and a higher potential to get an upgrade the longer we play (to an extent). Running into an Elite pack you just can’t kill with your current gear/setup and dying several times just stops progression because all the gold you accumulated you have to spend on repairs because of something you couldn’t control. And having the buffs might mean you go kill lots of smaller enemies to have that little extra boost to kill those elites. For those of us farming in Act 3 and/or 4, it generally means more gold and really we don’t expect drops to be upgrades at this point, nor do we *need* them as we are just farming for the gold/fun of play ultimately anyways. As for party play, obviously there needs to be a change to open joining in a game, or a way for mf/gf to not be effected by others joining or leaving, but that is more of a side topic to this one.Sindanda0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why do we care when you quit? I browse these forums a lot & rarely post but, I am curious as to why all the drama when someone decides to stop playing this game. When you stop playing your super mario bros do you get on a forum & complain & spew drama when your done? I understand that we as gamers hold blizzard at higher standards than the rest & I am not saying this game is great, it's actually very tedious, dull & the developers are killing it ever so slightly by their "it's not fun so nerf it" attitude. While in fact it was fun for everyone but them. Do you think that by posting on this forum that they are going to say "Well, we lost another one lets bend over backwards to get that person back"? or they are going to jump on & beg you to stay? If you are complaining about one of their games they already won, they already got your $60 so who cares if you leave. Despite what people think, they are a company and believe it or not they exist to make money. Someone sat down & had a bright idea of the Rmah to bring in extra revenue after the initial purchase. It's a great idea from a business stand point. But, It's optional right? Don't use it, don't set up a payment, pretend it doesn't exist. Some people saying "it's forced us to use it or be baddies so I am quitting" It's not true, sure you may not get the greatest item in game because the person that got that drop is thinking $$ vs pretend gold? Maybe I am not a nice person but I don't care when your quitting & I am sure the developers don't care. When I am done do you think anyone will care?BigD22 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Is the player base dying? I'm noticing only a handful of players on each quest. Some quests have zero players... Is this due to servers or is it actually dying? There used to be WAY more. I don't play the game anymore due to it feeling like a chore and there not being any point in trying for better gear, but I did notice this while scrolling through my terrible quest tab.SuperduperJW36 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dear Blizzard and particularly the CMs P2 I am NOT the OP. This is a continuation of a post I believe needs to become publicized. It was written by AlariaDragyn, and can be found Here: The original reached the post limit, so this is here so it keeps getting attention. Keep re-posting so Blizzard sees!!!!!! (P.S. AlariaDragyn: sorry for not asking 1st if you would allow this. It just needs to be done. I hope you're flattered, not insulted) ***************************************************************************** Hi there, I wanted to write to you as one community management professional to another. For over a decade, I've worked in the industry designing and building support and billing suites for gaming companies. Included in my services is the hiring and training of support personnel - for phone, help desk and forum support. I've trained CSMs, community managers, GMs, moderators, etc. And I spend a significant portion of my time in meetings with the professionals from the marketing and PR departments, especially when things are going south in a game. I often work with a developer until about 6 months post-launch with an open-ended support contract if they need upgrades or additional assistance further out. In every instance, with every developer, there's always a point where it's understood that if things have gone " this far south," then at that point, a representative of the company will step up and admit to the players, "we know the game is broken... we'll be taking XYZ steps to bring it up to par." It's understood that should things fail to that point, the only way to reclaim the player base, or have hope for future support from them, is to come clean. I'm curious where that line is drawn in Blizzard's corporate framework. Because I have to tell you, as a professional - not as a player - by every indicator I've ever seen a developer use, you have not only reached that point... you've passed it by a vast degree. As a company, you have what every gaming professional knows to be the most rabidly loyal fanbase of any other developer in the world. That isn't speculation, it's fact. Any moderator of a non-Blizzard fansite or official forum knows that it's a nightmare every time a thread appears that in any way attacks Blizzard... your fanbase arrives in droves to defend you. Whenever you are launching a new title, we're out there preparing our ban hammers in anticipation of having to deal with your rabidly loyal fans every time someone makes an off-topic post along the lines of "anyone else going to play *Blizzard Title* when it launches next week?" So what does it say that in threads across the web, where Diablo 3 is being discussed, we're only seeing a very SMALL percentage of that rabid fanbase showing up to defend? What does it say that even on your own forums... the number of fans are significantly lower than the number of critics? The fans like to claim it's because "everyone is too busy having fun playing the game to post here..." but let's be honest, guys. I know that's not true and so do you. If it were, then all the times you've had a genuinely successful launch of a new title or expansion, we'd see the same - fans too busy playing to post. But that's not what happens, is it? No... normally, those fans still manage to find PLENTY of time to defend their beloved Blizzard's honor, at all costs. Your game is in shambles. The press is starting to turn on you. And the rest of the industry is looking on, watching the giant begin to tumble. Some of them are cheering your downfall. Your rabidly loyal fans claim that's not happening - you know the truth, so does the rest of the industry. We're watching, and we know you have one shot to save yourselves... it's time to come clean. To step up and say, "we screwed up here... this is what we're going to do to make it right." So I'm wondering - what are you waiting for? You know how fickle players are... you know that you'd earn an enormous amount of desperately needed goodwill, simply by "humbling" yourselves before the players a bit. You know you could lure back players in droves, all willing to give you a chance to make good on your promise to make it right. They just want to hear you make the apology and make the promise. So what are you waiting for? Who is pulling the strings back there forcing the rest of you to keep silent while the giant topples further and further? Because I've got to assume that's what's happening - I know many of your staff... I've worked with (and even trained) some of them in the past. And I know it has to be killing them to remain silent when they know just how bad things are... You've lost the faith and trust of the player base, Blizzard... every decision you're making right now just further compounds the mistrust and heightens suspicion of your motives. It no longer matters if, in the "big picture," you're making sound decisions for the future of the game - the players aren't perceiving your choices that way. Perception is everything, and you have a MASSIVE amount of damage control to do...quickly. You've tried everything else - your numbers keep dropping. It's time for honesty. It's time for "we've made some bad decisions... we're rethinking our choices... we're looking for solutions..." It's time for your devs to step away from the code and the dbases and get on the forums for a week. It's time for you to put a support team together who does nothing but root through the forums and support tickets, looking for the most common complaints/issues - and suggestions for how to fix it... compiling them into an easy to read graph or spreadsheet... and then sit down as a team and figure out how to make it right. It's time to listen to the actual feedback you're being given. Hint: it's mostly bad. Really, really, really bad. I may be the only person in the world who actually sat there and watched the entirety of the credits roll (I was having fun looking for people I know, I admit it)... you have an ENORMOUS global customer service staff. Get them all focused on identifying and prioritizing the issues... and then get your devs and designers focused on finding - and implementing - solutions. Otherwise, in about another month, all you'll have left are a small percentage of your rabidly loyal fans. And bots. Please step up and start working on damage control... that needs to be your priority right now. The giant is toppling... are you really going to go down without a fight? Your Blues here on the forums are just shy of being entirely absent. I know why - I know how hard it is to keep posting, keep responding to fluff while being forced to ignore the complaint threads so as to not lend them any more legitimacy or credibility... but unfortunately for you, the players have also figured this out now... and that's only making matters worse. They KNOW they are being avoided and dodged... they're not nearly as stupid as we might wish they'd be. And at this point, you're even losing the genuinely stupid. That's a very bad sign. Step up and fess up, Blizzard... please don't let the most anticipated game of all time end up being your company's death knell. That would be a huge tragedy.Sheppito23 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 AH ... new idea ... pay fee in advance there are lots of stupids items for lots and lots of gold ... even 100 milions ant i think no one will buy it ... cause like i said, its stupid item so i was thinking ... there is a fee ... 15% ... but only when the item is sold how about this ... PAY THE FEE when you put item into the auction house ... i am exping my new char, now is lvl 45, in morning, i was 30 and when i looked into the AH to buy new items and saw price for lvl 30 ... it was much more expensive than for lvl 60 ... it would be nice to have fair and buyable prices people will think twice before they put something in there for 100 mega ...sh3riff16 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Require an Authenticator to use public chat My guess is that most likely these bots spamming public channels are from compromised accounts. Why not require an authenticator to use the public chat channels?Pichu01020 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Bad luck?? I'm by no means hardcore...I'm currently slowly going thru act 3 in inferno (solo). I usually do a few butcher runs every once in awhile just to break up the monotony of waiting on the respawn timer. Anyway, my last 4 butcher runs I get to 3-4 stacks of NV and get disconnected from the server (my interent doesn't go down) just get DC'd from the game. I think its just bad luck but this is getting frustrating and is killing the game....anyone else experiencing this or is really just my bad luck wtih server DC's.Dingusone0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Holy General Chat Is a flood of spam today. It's NEVER this bad... what happened?mrherg0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 NV through Acts So i finally cleared A3 inferno and this thought crossed my mind...again.. It has never made logical sense to me why we lose NV when going to the next act. It seems every concept and idea in this game (be it nerf, buff, or change), has been built around the idea of playing through the game as much as possible. So WHY i ask, do we lose NV when going to a new act????Majere0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Once you learn. Once I learned to play Diablo 3, a lot of reading and trial and error, it became fun again. Some things are annoying, but some things are annoying in everything. Now I look forward to playing again. Read extensively on your class. People have figured it out, there may be no instant I win button, but it is still fun.Area49th0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF: A Common Sense Approach After reading the original blog and numerous threads on the forums, I've thought of a solution that would please everyone: Increase the default chances that a mob will drop a rare+ item, as well as the default gold drop, and remove NV altogether. This would address quite a few concerns: 1) No need to swap MF gear. Combined with a formula of decreasing returns on MF, there would still be a small advantage to switching, say 5-10%. However, people who don't like this practice wouldn't feel compelled to. Or, they could always purchase good gear with additional MF added. 2) After reaching 60, people get used to seeing a specific drop rate. When levelling a new char, that rate as it stands is reduced. This would even out that rate. In addition, newer players would see increased rare drops. 3) If you're farming a boss, the content is trivial anyway. Getting 5 NV stacks is simple. This would speed up their kill rate and introduce more higher quality items to the economy, lowering their cost. NV, or other buffs, can be given to all players during holidays (or weekends): Who wouldn't love a +freeze proc added for the Winter Festival?Sarahlv0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Moar Random Event & Quest Pretty Please! Hey Guys, I realy love this game, but I feel that the act 1 got all the coolest random quest, specialy in the first part. And event need a drop Buff! So we can hunt them as well as Elite Would be cool that we had more random event specialy on level that are runned often! Would be cool if with difficulty increase the random quest change ex : Jar of soul of 5 min with moar L337 monstar! Coolest Random event I remember : Jar of Soul, Chest that you click on and all the room lock up and some pilar spawn monster Ruins that are crumbling and you need to find the treasure before the room collapse If you have more cool random event story please share ! :)Darshe2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 BIND ON EQUIP/INCREASE DROP RATES If items had bind on equip, then you would have to really think about using item as and upgrade or putting it on AH. It would remove items from the economy allowing Blizz to increase Item drop rates.Mikcali6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Fix trading system add a confirmation after both click accept so neither person can rip each other offFatal1ty0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Looking for inferno act 2 gob farming party I have 253 mf with 23k dps if the dps is needed. I can buff dps too if need be. Message me in game Stealth#1496Stealth0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Itemization and the Endgame Hunt. I posted this earlier but it quickly jumped to page 4. As many people have noticed and as stated by Blizzard, the item hunt does not seem to be the viable end game option that it was projected to be. The frequency of high level items dropping isn’t the problem, but I think however the root of this issue as to why it isn’t as appealing and captivating as it could be, is because the itemization system is severely lacking in a number of areas. As it is right now, the stats just simply are not that fun. Ask any player what they look for on a piece of high end gear and they will typically say, main stat (STR, INT, DEX) with vitality and resist all. Whatever extra stat rolls they get after that, are typically what they have to work with in terms of cementing the build they had in mind, say a Monk using Sweeping Wind with the Cyclone rune for example, is going to want to use the 3 bread and butter stats as listed above plus critical hit chance in order to maximize the effectiveness of Cyclone. I think an interesting possibility that could be entertained without the need of completely overhauling the stat system would be to simply allow certain skills to scale with certain stats. For example, let’s say you want to play a Witch Doctor and you have this awesome pet spec you have in mind. Say you want to use zombie dogs with gargantuan, fetishes and all the appropriate passives for max synergy. What if you allowed the pets skills to scale in terms of damage and life with strength and vitality or something to that effect. There is already some of this, albeit to a very tiny degree, like allowing the WD passive Circle of Life to scale with pick up radius…. This was such an interesting idea Blizz, why did you choose not to elaborate further on this!? Suddenly all those garbage item level 63s with 100+ strength on top of 100+ intellect have a lot more potential to certain people who are going for a particular build. This can be applied to any class and any skill. Allow the monks heal or group support abilities to scale with intellect, or a barbarian’s sidearm frenzy procs to increase with more dexterity. These are just some random example off of the top of my head but I believe it would allow for a deeper and more rich level of customization compared to what we currently have which is very one dimensional. I understand that there are certain class affixes that currently exist on items in an attempt to achieve this, but I believe it is simply not enough and if anything limits your gear choices even more by making that chance of scoring 5 cherries in a row on the gear slot machine that much more difficult. D2 LoD had the right idea when it decided to implement skill synergies. This in combination with finding good gear for you class, plus skill affixes made you really feel like you had a unique build and was something to get excited about when you could tell your buddies that you have Bone Spear at level 29 and the ridiculous amount of damage it could do. I feel that these same results can be achieved through the use of revamping the stat and itemization system to something more rewarding. One last thing I want to touch on, is besides the simply changing the stats and item mechanics as they are now, is that a number of interesting and new affixes need to be added as well as some taken out completely. Things like increased healing from health globes and pickup radius are for the most part useless in my opinion. Make the health globes heal for a percentage of max health rather than a static baseline value that is increased through affixes. There isn’t very many interesting choices there as far as the player is concerned. Have pick up radius be some default value like 5 yards. Large enough so that you can plan out for strategic use of them later in the fight and still have enough maneuvering room, but small enough so that I can still pick one up when one drops inside of a large hit-box monster like a colossal Golgor and not have to purposely move him out of it to grab it and give up strategic positioning as a result. As far as adding new affixes, imagine picking up a legendary weapon that has a chance to spawn an arcane sentry, desecrator pool, or plague pool. Finally we can exact our champion pack affixes revenge and give them a taste of their own medicine. Imagine a Witch Doctor getting a legendary weapon that has a small chance to spawn plague pools. Suddenly WD passives like Bad Medicine take a new light and you can possibly start to form some builds around these affixes. I apologize for the huge wall of text, but I am a fan of the Diablo franchise and I very much want to see it succeed and would like to see it have a run similar to that of Diablo 2. These are just some ideas I feel that could go a long way in making that possible.Tremonti0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 DO NOT TRADE w/ Krystalnacht#1552 < SCAMMER I invited a guy by the tag of Krystalnacht#1552 into a game to buy a fist weapon from him, only he switched it out in trade window with a diff weapon of same rarity and type but much crappier at some point between the time I saw the item, and put in the 800k i was going to pay for it. Simply put, he jacked me 800k, and he is going around the trade channel trying to do it to others.Axem0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Stealth buff answear? can blizz give us a response about the stealth buff?Valhalla0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 It has to be said.. You know what... Diablo 3 IS Diablo. I think the majority of the whiners on the forum, not saying YOU (the reader) are one of them, were looking for a WoW replacement and got a single player game (with multiplayer support) and raged at the lack of 'End Game'. Blizzard don't need to keep adding content, and they won't because that's not what developers do to this type of game. some add map packs for sure but it's more of the same. You'll get expansions, it's not a new concept. The problem I see is a huge bandwagon effect on the forum, where some legit concerns are taken and twisted into a huge Blizzard conspiracy designed at nothing but taking your money. Well Blizzard are a profit seeking company so of course they are out to make profit on the game but to suggest Diablo 3 is their 'end game' to success and they are out to bleed you dry would be an insane assumption considering they wish to make more games and sell them to you. I also see people who dislike Blizzard's success (there are a lot of anti-WoW'ers out there who hate WoW simply because it has been successful) and are jumping on a shaky release to do nothing but troll, and succeeding. If you TRULY want Diablo 3 to succeed as many of you claim, then start shaping up and form your suggestions in a proper way. I have seen Blizzard time and time again, in WoW and on this very forum, take ideas and make them a reality. That's bloody rare for any company to do. I do want some changes in D3, but they have already been suggested and I am happy to wait and see if it happens.. but for the time being and since release I am happy to play the game as is. I recognise that some people have legit concerns with the game and do not share my view point on THAT matter. It really is time to start sorting out the people who care about the game apart from the trolls, I hate the fact the CM's are AFRAID to post on the forum because there's a horde of trollers just waiting to jump them in whatever thread they reply too. CM's.. I ask you to please start removing troll posts from posts. And everyone here knows the difference between a troll and someone who disagrees.. I have no issues with people disagreeing with me or with Blizzard, or anyone.. it's how ideas and discussions form. /rant.Tantalus98 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo 3 is like a relationship Ever date a girl for a few months and realize you're just not feeling it. You don't know what it is really , she's cool ,you've had some good times with her but something about it just isn't working . You're not attracted to her..and unfortunately that's the way it ends sometimes. This is how I feel about Diablo 3. I love Diablo, Diablo 2 , and I even have some feelings for Diablo 3 . However, I'm just not attracted to it..somethings missing . It doesn't satisfy me the way it used to. Oh yeah. I miss Zeal Duels :(.JoshLancergt3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Question about "Hundreds of Thousands" A lot of posts today about the "Hundreds of thousands" of players that log in every night. People use this and state that because this game sold millions of copies (Probably over the 7 million mark) that only a small percentage of the player base is left. This would be true...if the "Hundreds of Thousands" of players logging in every night are the same people. Is it reasonable to assume that not everyone plays at the same time...or even the same night?nWoXzero9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 [PVP] Come in and simulate a PVP! I am a Demon Hunter. I crit you for 200,000 damage! Are you dead yet? (y/n)Sata26 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 alternative to this lame game closed beta coming soon but this is all pvp, you can do alot with this game, such as create your own maps and play online with the maps you create and so on. Watch the trailer and sign up for beta if u can, I think this game has alot of potential. All i see ppl wanting in diablo 3 is pvp and this game is just pvp so check it out, i know when it is released diablo 3 will be dead to me.jdog0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I want a refund This is absolute garbage blizzard.... Your stupid warden program continually warps me back any time I try to run away from a pack with out Vortex. I play a monk and use tempest rush, but because of the run speed, warden rubber bands me back.... I lose items cause of your errors like my staff of herding, you say it's not your fault. I have money literally disappear from the RMA, you say you're not responsible for bugs. My Girlfriends 1k weapon disappears you say it's a bug. Today she has another item go missing, and you will say it's a bug. When submitting hacker complaints you require a trace route log. Blizzard, you are extremely unprofessional. You have become a huge disappointment. And what you have done with the Diablo franchise is absolutely unforgivable to any one new and old of the series. What you have done is created one of the most genius marketing moves, by sacrificing the trust of your fan base. I want my money back for both accounts, so I can buy a real game like Torchlight 2 when it's released. I have no intention of playing a game that's based around farming items for you to make money on micro transactions in the RMAH, and not deliver the customer support this requires.Belvue16 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Where is the loot? Diablo 3 is supposed to be a game about improving your character and getting good loot. But in this game all the loot is trash, it has been 2 weeks since I dropped something I can actually use, and I've killed Diablo on Inferno many times. This game is so unrewarding, this is why people is mad at you Blizzard.Yaemon25 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How is Leah 8 years old? ... If you stand next to her and zoom in, you can clearly see that she is at minimum at D-cup. I am confused.Krym7 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The worst creature + affixes you can think of And your class. Lacuni Stalker Shielding Extra Health Reflects Damage Fast Demon HunterBlindMuse30 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Suggestion: Blacksmith Plans - More Random So I have a suggestion I would like to get people's thoughts on. Concerning Blackmailing plans, I think it would be interesting to make them more random, however more consistent as well. I would like to see something like this: Plans: "Wealthy" Bracers Creates Bracers with + to Gold Find. Bracers will be random ilvl 56 to 62 with random 2 to 5 magical properties. However you are guaranteed the + Gold Find (stat would be based on ilvl when created) as one of the additional magical properties. Can have this apply to almost any stat. I think this would make those gamblers out there (like me) flock more the the Blacksmith then the current set-up. Thoughts?Apyllos5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Gold devaluing? good QQ teh gold farmers aint making as much money any more we should all cry for them and and talk about how important they are for us and what great people they are....Asymptote2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I can't decide what makes me happier The fact that I enjoy this game so much, or the fact that all of the people on this forum are so mad. Stay mad bros.AShrub13 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Increase build diversity like this... The problem: Gear is boring at level 60 because you know exactly what stats you want and how much. Everyone wants: Main stat 150+ All resistance 60+ Vit 100+ Secondary resistance 30+ crit/crit dmg 5%/25% attack speed 7-9% life on hit or life steal >300loh/ 2-3%lifesteal The item hunt turns into a numbers hunt. We are all hunting for specific numbers, not items. The solution: Allow all three main stats (int, str, dex) to increase your characters DPS (no matter what class). Yes, this will simplify the game even further, but reason behind this change is very much similar to the reason why the devs removed elemental damage procs before the game was released: everyone just chooses the highest main stat for their class. Items that have int/str or dex/int or str/dex will be competetive with items that have mainstat/vit. There isnt a clear cut answer to which item will be superior, so the player is left to make an interesting choice between going glass cannon, or being tanky. Items that have all three stats + vit will be competetive with items that have main stat+vit+all res. Glass cannon builds will actually be viable with this change since they will be able to kill mobs quickly enough to not die as often as they do now - whether they be melee or ranged. (I'm not taking smokescreen + prep into account here though) With this change, players will look forward to finding a greater variety of items, rather than just focusing on one set of predicated numerical stats. Also, weapons with a low dps but with a combination of 3 high rolled stats will be competetive with a high dps weapon with no stats. What do you think?DeckardPain5 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Idea to help blizz fix d3 Force every person, that is working on the game currently, to get a brand new account and PLAY THE GAME. No spending $$ on the RMAH (to allow them to skip necessary steps a lot of people have to take) no handing them gold, power leveling, or help at all from anyone else, all of them start fresh like we did when the game came out. Get to 60, and inferno, on these fresh characters, make enough gold to get to a2, then farm enough to get to a3, so on and so forth. Then they can come across all the issues players have on their own, and be able to see things from both perspectives.Musashi0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why are dungeons so bright Seriously, why is everything so bright and vivid? Am I looking at Rainbo 3 or Diablo 3? How come I can see everything behind every single corner when there is no light source at all? What is this?Sata1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Blizzard.... WTH? OK, I dont know if anyone has made a post about this yet but why in the heck is 90% of decently stat items are ilvl62 instead of ilvl63. I get that alot of people farm and sell un-ided ilvl63 but they arent the easiest to come by in the rare form, so why don't they ever come out that good?SirPants0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Monk inferno tips Dexterity: 1051 hp: 26k Dps:10701.31 armor:5454 Resistances: 364 (all resistances) dmg reduction : 64.51% any tips?ProSyco4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find and Nephalem Valor I thought I would chime in (actually second attempt as original post was glitched when trying to “preview” it...) about MF and NV. This is a longer post than the one submitted to the MF response/idea/critic thread. I am long winded so those who don’t like to read feel free to skip, but if replying please do so, and at least be constructive. First off I may be a little biased, as I currently always level/farm in whatever MF gear I can. I saw a video of people swapping MF gear before kills and thought it to be quite clunky. I know I would be unable to do it well, and so I just stuck to what I knew best. I currently am 60 Demon Hunter on Act II Inferno (I think I already sense 60% or more people have now stopped reading...) and currently farm Act I Inferno. The entire time leveling up and progressing to where I am at now was done with what I thought was decent gear with MF attributes. I did not spend millions on gear. 500k (about a week ago) was the most for a bow upgrade. Unfortunately it wasn’t much of an upgrade. I am not going to pretend I am a very good player (I didn’t even use SS. Still don’t but may dabble in it some soon?). I didn’t stack tons of ASi nor know of any of the popular builds until I was in Act II Inferno. Now both those attributes and builds were essentially “nerfed.” The point of this is, I got to where I was (am) while running gear full time with MF on it. It didn’t even occur to swap being I didn’t contemplate when MF was even registered during gameplay. I am familiar with MMOs and being allowed macros which allows a player to chain actions. This would include gear swapping. X skill is enhanced by stat Y. Gear with stat Y would be macroed into a chain essentially equipping said enhancing stat for the skill and then swap back to the original piece of gear. It always made little sense realistically as one can’t fundamentally change gear in the middle of a fight. Then again neither does being able to carry tons of armor/weapons/items either. So... yeah. Anyhow, it sounds like a button to swap gear isn’t an option being considered right now. That revelation alone may send some people packing. The Below was posted in the response to the Magic Find thread ______________________________________________________________________________ STANCE: I may be biased, as I have always just worn a full set of MF gear while leveling/farming. Being able to swap gear in the middle of combat makes little logical sense, but so does carrying around tons of armor/weapons/items on your adventuring. It seems another goal here is to save on inventory space, something which I already have issues with even with all Stash slots opened and 7 “mule” characters, and not gear swapping. I am a packrat... Anyhow, I never like the idea of fully “punishing” for certain game interactions. In this case gear swapping. The hassle of having to do so is kind of the down side for gained MF on kills. the MMOs I’ve played allowed Macros, but it seems to be stated this won’t be an option for D3. No single button weapon/armor swap. In light of this, I had a few ideas/thoughts... constructive criticism welcomed! MAGIC FIND OPTION 6: C-C-C-C-COMBO! From the list I feel Options 1, 2, and 4 are all decent to some extent. I thought a combination of these ideas may be viable. My thinking was a Latent Cap (or would it be a soft cap? I am unfamiliar with the correct terminology) set to some amount whether it be 25%-125% (100/200 if including full NV buff which I guess is 75%?). After a certain amount of time (3-5min? More?) the “cap” drops and the overall full MF stats/buffs of gear are realized. This could also be done incrementally after the period of time is met. X% per Y seconds. If someone swaps out a piece of armor (perhaps with the exception being in town) the “cap” is reinstated and they are brought back to the max MF available until that time limit is once again reached. I feel this is a happy medium between various options already suggested avoiding a flat out full drop to zero MF “punishment” for swapping gear. I wouldn’t include weapons/offhand as I feel it is important to maintain the ability to swap weapons/shield Vs various types of mobs without penalty. If this is not possible, being brought down to the “cap” and not 0% MF in itself is a better solution. This should deter people from gear swapping without overly penalizing them if doing so, maintain value and desire of MF gear, and rewards those who play with full MF gear at all times. It would be nice (even though probably a pipe dream) if the MF beyond the "cap" somehow created better odds for better stat rolls! OPTION 7: The Nephalem Connection This is a little touchier as it brings NV into the mix. I thought I had a more fleshed out idea on this, but maybe not. Coming soon! I hate the idea of losing completely all of your NV for swapping abilities (which makes NO sense to me as it is being punished for using variety Vs certain types of mobs and when facing group of mobs compared to a single mob/boss. Losing just one stack as in Option 5 may not be terrible, but the Cons seem to greatly outweigh the Pros. OPTION 8: Random MF detection and/or Random Mob Drops With this I just figure a shift in how/when MF is detected would be enough to deter gear swapping. Not even sure how possible this would be. With mob drops - If various mobs in a pack randomly dropped the rares (though I think this already occurs, albeit rarely?) instead of the last mob, it would be a lot harder to initiate gear swapping. Or wouldn’t it? Unfamiliar as I don’t do it. I apologize for not knowing if gear swapping already takes place for each mob in a pack killed or just the final. If it does this is pretty null and void. Anyhow, Option 6 to me felt the most sound (and obviously the most fleshed out). Thanks for reading! ______________________________________________________________________________ NEPHALEM VALOR As mentioned, briefly above, I find it to be counterproductive to lose your NV when swapping skills. Various skills are better for groups of mobs while others are better for boss fights. It seems you should be able to change tactics in combat. It is natural. Being punished for being creative and using variety (which is supposedly encouraged...) makes no sense. I may have missed them, but I rarely see this argued/discussed. AUCTION HOUSE The only real changes I would like to see would be more slots for placing up item, more search fields, and tool tips to know if what is possibly being purchased is actually a decent upgrade compared to what is currently being worn. STASH Being a packrat it would be awesome to have two more tabs added to the Stash! Thanks for taking the time to read! Curious of thoughts on Option 6 for the Magic Find dilemma.JakCryton0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find Gear Swapping [Solution] Option 6: Enhanced Gear Swapping Feature Leave existing Magic Find properties alone, but implement a built-in gear swapping function similar to (no flame) WoW. However, in addition to gear swapping, this feature will include skill swapping as well. For example, I have a Barbarian with a tank build wearing tank gear, but in a group setting, with a simple click I turn into a DPS build with DPS gear. Pros: It takes gear swapping into a whole new level, you can have a tank setting, DPS setting, MF setting, GF setting, etc. It allows people to have more fun time instead of clicking through each armor piece or skill. Cons: The NPC merchants will soon go out of business since they will be buying a lot more than they can sell.waliwala1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Spells effects lack dynamic lighting Why do all the laser show effects not light up the surroundings? It looks photoshopped.Sata0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 AH bid display I am sure I am not the first person to think of this but, here it is. Wouldn't it better for people to judge how much an item is selling for in the AH's if the bid column shows an actual bid from another player rather than the minimum bid the seller is looking for? When we do a search right now it shows crazy numbers for things that are probably not selling for even close that amount. I just think it might help regulate the economy.Icon6996 Jul 4, 2012