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Jul 7, 2012 Bring back Gheed Who loved speeding an hour farming gold, then blowing at a chance of something great? I know I did. Lets get Gheed revived (or maybe his cousin) in Tristram.Drenaz34 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Good Act 2 farming? I realize that just playing through to kill all elites is the way - but has anyone found a section of act 2 that has a higher elite to time played count?Sojou7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 UNINSTALLED I uninstalled the game after reading Bashioks statement especially that infamous "we are not going to release content every couple of months" and so on. 60s gone with all my yellows and gold. No regret. No remorse. Anyone did the same?? Or am i the only one?Atomix5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 The Auction Houses Just look at them, rofl! Have you ever seen such a horrific disaster for an 'economy'?Morgul0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Face palm level 63 weapons So you're giving me a level 63 weapon with 225 DPS? How flawed is your level 63 item design? It's clearly not a level 63 with that DPS. Hell I find whites with more DPS than that. How could you guys have let this slide?tetra102 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 @Bashiok "End-game sustainable content" Hello! Thankyou for reading this thread. I am going to leave this short and sweet. End-game solution would ultimately be a challenging co-op randomly generated dungeon, with multiple champion packs, and a end-boss with possible chests. I think inferno definitely created a wall that once was passed, made it extremely difficult to sustain without having consequences such as decreased useful item drops. I notice in diablo 3 alot of the community is not as involved as diablo 2. For example: In diablo 2 you could create a 8 player game. This would involve multiple players to join your game, try to sell an item and leave. This was a nice interaction (minus the scammers/spammers). It really felt involved. When I first heard the announcement of diablo 3, one of the things I thought about was player-trading. Having alot of players in a game showing off graphically there new gear/awesome characters and having a goal to shoot towards. This is a dire incentive that diablo III needs. I think this would get players engaged with each other, in a match-making style co-op dungeon finder. Idea for dungeon: Player selects a type of match-making dungeon, 1-4 players. Players are matched up, and start at the beginning of dungeon. The dungeon consists of randomly generated Elites, Treasure goblins, chests, and at the end of the dungeon, a boss with a insane amount of health, close to impossible mechanics to beat, (example: 5-6 monster affixes rather than the champion packs max 4 inferno difficulty randomly generated affixes) and a randomly generated chest-urn style reward system. Just a thought ^^, Thankyou. I understand a thread that is directed at a mod, or blizzard is discouraged. I apologize, however I recognize that this game sincerely needs player feedback/creative ideas that would make it worthwhile from years to come. It seems very limited in creativity. I am looking forward to blizzards entertainment ideas for this one, as I feel this game is not complete, which was entirely expected and understandable. The pressure/expectations were almost impossible to meet after 10 years. However, I thank anyone who has contributed/developed this game as I feel it has amazing potential. Btw bashiok, Hows your witch doctor coming along? :PElusional15 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 + Resist to Physical Damage Really? Are one of your biggest concerns right now putting together resources to design/sell IPhone covers? Please declare this game in Beta (or at least in progress) for now. Fix/create the things that are wrong and missing from the game (pvp,overpowered skills, underpowered skills, easily reached level cap, linear repetitive quest driven gameplay, an ‘open and free-worldish farm/gameplay mode’ and fun item affixes such as Dracul’s Grasp (chance to cast life tap on hit) and Exile (level 14-16 Defiance Aura!). oh yeah, and give Deckard Cain and proper death “No one will remember if the game is late, only if it's great. We trust in our ability to put out a great game, but we're not quite there yet” -Blizzard [Read] We really don’t mind. We don’t care how long it takes still if it’ll be a game that has the longevity of D2. If 10 years from now if I can look back and say, “Man, D3 is a great game. I remember when it hit its bumpy road when it launched” I’ll be extremely satisfied. What are 2-6 months to a game that has the potential to last 10+ years? There are a lot of things that are different with this game. Stay true to the previous Diablo games and recognize what made them work. Please upvote and comment if you feel the same way. TLDR; It's not really about the phone covers, it's just about the multiple reasons that's holding this game back.larryt31 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Becareful when you trade! The Story: A guy posts on Trade channel Andariel's Visage for 1.9m, I click on the item and see it had 120 dex, 3% crit chance, and 6% attack speed. All the ones I found on AH had strength and some other not useful stats for my DH, and the ones with useful stats for my DH are expensive. I told the guy I'll give you 1.5m and he said I'm the c/o atm. After 3 minutes he sends me the invite. I go in game and he opens the trade page, puts the item and I put 1.5m, before I click accept I look at the item to check it and it's the same Andariel's Visage with same stats he posted in the Trade channel. then right before I click accept he cancels the trade and say in chat "Can you please add 500 more gold so it would round up with the amount of gold I have" I said "Sure". He opens the trade page and puts an Andariel's Visage and I put 1,500,500 but of course I didn't check the item again, I just didn't even think that he would change the item for some reason. I click accept and he did too. He said thank you and left the game. The Andariel's Visage he gave me was a different one with terrible stats. Regardless of what I'm feeling right now (other than dumb) believe me this is not a QQ thread. This is just a warning for no matter what happens, always check the item you're trading, even if you have to read each and every stat all over again before you accept the trade. I can't say his name because on other Games forums, calling players names will result in a ban for my account and of course I can't risk it. Chat with him after 8 seconds of finishing the trade: Me: Nicely done. Him: tyvm Me: round up the amount of gold I have lol Him: haha yeah it proves to always work Me: agreed Him: now that you know my tricks feel free to use them Sorry for my English.i11u5iv32 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Fun I diablo 3 I like puting invisible dyes on stuff I sell in AH :) I know i dont see the reaction ... bit at least 1% of them but have a buyer reaction .. if only WHY WHY !!!Borka4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 I'm still playing and here's why Although it's not quite what you expect...hilarity ensues. *This is a joke meant for laughs. Please don't insult me. Please, just laugh and have fun. *I was not the original author of any of these posts but it was funny enough to repost after Blizzard deleted the original thread. Mark your bookmark and stuff because this thread will surely get deleted because apparently Blizzard has no sense of humor. or Reddit comments/link (I originally found this here, posted by AVIDeoGAMER, so kudos to him/her for finding the original thread) Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 The red mob outline The red mob outline is greatly extremely exceedingly excessively terribly awfully annoying me!!!!! I appreciate Blizzard for producing great games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo... But the red mob outline disappoint me. I understand why Blizzard adopt this outline, but it shades monsters detail and make all monsters just red things. As a Blizzard fan, I hope that it will be optional soon. Please...battletag0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 annoying red outline! I know i m not the only one having a problem with this red target outline around enemy, and i see more and more topics about this. I really hope there will be an option to lessen/disable this in the upcoming patch so that everyone can finaly be pleased. I think it s just to intrusive, and most of the time i can t see what i m hitting, it s hard to see what the creature looks like, it just ruins monsters details and they all look like stupid red shiny things. I really dont know why Blizzard team wont make it optional, and why they are not listening about this problem! I mean, do they even care what we re saying on this forum?? i hope they do.. well, beside this, i think the game is really great...MasterNeo5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Art direction : daydreaming & suggestions disclaimer : it is not sarcastic, and given what the game is I tried my best not to be condescending. the story option 1 : redo all the dialogues (except Kormac and "look,morehiddenfootprints" which are classics) - be creative : no matter what's happening on screen, the dialogue is what makes the story. no need to hire the actors again, one guy doing fake voices could be better than what we have. option 2 : keep everything as it is, but add a ridiculous amount of boobz and assses and phalluses everywhere to turn it into a sexploitation comedy (in the "Flesh Gordon" style or something like that.) the ambience - take Diablo 2's music and put it back in there. pretty easy to guess which track goes where… - add some light radius here and there; tone down - some of - the neon flashy colours, especially in dungeons. anything to add a little bit of suspense, because right now it feels lifeless to say the least. the mobs a lot of the mobs have ridiculous proportions and come straight from WoW or WC3. it really cheapens the gameplay experience. better have some random "small, normal guy" or naked vampire chick than these… some other things I would have done differently - putting the Maiden of Lust where she belongs : as the boss of Act I, instead of that pointless, out-of-nowhere come-back of the butcher… the butcher himself could go anywhere as a mini-boss or replace Ghom (that one looks like the definition of "horror" as done by a 4 year old kid… and the same is be true for a lot of other mobs) - bringing back the arcane sanctuary with its genius, genuinely magick feel : the impossible architecture of Esher ( on a cosmic starlit sky. What we have instead (zoltan kulle's areas) are some awfully boring random dungeons straight from WoW. - bringing back the iconic mob that looked like the egyptian god Seth. Archetypal villains are more interesting, beautifully creepy than [pick some brand new, high fantasy stuff for kids that don't make any sense] - having quests/events/settings with a genuinely romanian/transylvanian/norwegian vampiric feel in Act 1. right now it's all depressing, but not in the good way, not for the good reasons. I know there are close to zero chances anything of the sorts would ever be done, but I don't understand there aren't more people complaining about the art direction of that game (since it's called "Diablo"), unless all those who would do so have already left for good.Hagalaz5 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Dear Blizzard (or "game should look like") This game should look like: 1. Kill as many mobs as you can 2. Make your own build (working, not gear dependent) Do you remember this? How much time we spent in that window? :) 3. Find items to kill even more mobs At the moment, the game looks like this: 1. Boring survival 2. Farm for gold/items to sell/buy something on AH/RMAH to even more boring survivalUnrecked7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Give dyes a more vibrant look /del grey tinge I liked the idea of having dyes in the game and I was keen on getting in higher difficulties to earn more dyes. However, I was disappointed by them already very early in game and while progressing, it didn't change. Dyes need a more vibrant look! I feel that every color, beside white, has a grey tinge. They look horrible. The problem with the colors and the grey tinge is, that it doesn't make your armor look good, it doesn't make it look used and it doesn't make it look worn. It just makes it look like a blurry something. Maybe it's just because of the very low quality of the textures in D3. They also could use a lot more crisp. Dunno. Anyway. What do you think?Danic7 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 by diablo iii disappointed a little. that's all.Dominus10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 50k DPS, 230% base MF WD looking for a group! Only requirement is have above 200% MF and dont be really bad. Add me at Amplive#1999 im online right now! <3AmpLive1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Online players Like in diablo 2 when you loged into battle net it would tell you how many people are playing. Why cant we get some thing like that when we log in it tells us how many people are playing like there are x players playing in x amount of gamesNerfed3 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Godly finds for the week Okay I really was about to give up hope, but I hung in there, kept doing farming run after run and I cashed in big time. Two items were upgrades for me, I kept one for my DH but I'm letting the Monk one go since I'm not playing him. Amulet +21 Min Dmg 259 Dexterity (out of possible 302) 125 Vitality 68 All Resistance (out of possible 70) Shield 1090 Armor 28% Chance to Block 79 STR 90 INT 75 Resist All (out of possible 80) 8% Chance to Block Critical Hit Chance Increased by 9.0% (out of possible 10) Amulet 154 Dexterity 77 Vitality 10% Life Critical Hit Damage Increased by 60% Critical Hit Chance Increased by 6% Empty Socket Amulet 180 Intelligence 51 Vitality 30% Magic Find Empty Socket All I can say is to keep doing your runs, get yourself some MF (about 125% between you and follower combined, rest DPS gear). Don't give up, the amazing items are out there.speedforce14 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Arcane enchanted Okay this isn't a thread to complain about how OP they are just WTF is it meant to be some spinning laser crap cmon blizzard how lame is thatBoombox0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Grouping up gameplay.... =( Its terrible that attempting to do anytihng on inferno as a grp, it becomes more challenging then going solo. Anything in act 1 is pertty fine. I am not the best gamer out there just an avg. player But I'd love to have a chance to play with friends and even attempt pubs beyond act 1 and not have it be such a stressful endeavor. Reason I play games is the fun factor of interacting with friends... not happening on D3. I want to ask blizz to fix this issue. How can you just not notice that multiplayer game play aspect it is almost non existent. Highly doubt they will even care or read anything we post.HitTheWall0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 can't play anymore. hi, my English is not that good but I am really sad about d3 right now. and i hope things will get better. I am normal guy, 21 y/o, just looking to have fun with an good game. at the end of act 4 inferno - still waiting with diablo kill because i don't want my End Game to end.. my opinion is that an good End Game (EG) is something that never end (or takes more then 2 months to end).. 1. reward system: - u can kill Azmadan for the first time in inferno after 20 fails (therefore no 5 stacks) and ur reward will be 75 gold. after so many fails - this is my reward? - u can farm 10 days and get noting.. but in 30 mins u can get 3 legendary items. i don't care about RGN, if i farm 6 hours - just trow me a bone or something. I want to progress in the game, not by getting 1 item that sells for 500m and that's it. - we get too many items! 1 rare per 50 secs.. 99% of them just garbage... this is why everyone selling their UNID items on trade channel.. 2. difficulty lvls: - from normal to hell its boring.. no challenge at all. belial was hard for me as wizard, i even think this game should rename into Belial 3 because diablo just weak near belial. - noting changes in the difficulty lvl in inferno. its the same game but 10x more hp/dmg/armor for the mobs. this is not difficulty, its just waiting till u get good gear to win this "lvl". no skills at all. no new affix or something else. - add more affix that will be only in inferno act 1-2-3 or something like that. to make the game more fun and challenging. 3. build-skill: - most class have only 1-2 good builds that they can use (inferno, when u don't have op gear).. which make the game boring, because u forced to use one of those two specific builds. - some of the skills just useless.. or they don't fit into the inferno lvl because they don't get improved according to the lvl we r playing.. 4. items/gems: - gems is the stupidest thing in the world. why do we need it?! the gem system doesn't add anything to this all. there is no risk while adding gem to ur item. and the benefit from those gems is not big deal. - there is no system that force the market to lose some of the items.. in most normal games u can upgrade ur top gear into something better with the risk of losing the item.. - at some point we don't even pick up rare items.. which is very very sad. they need to be part of the EG. - legendary items - majority of them just bad. please when u buff them all - do it retroactive without telling us. 5. scammers/bots/botters/chat spammers/whatever: - stop supporting them! - there is no policy about them(?) its seems there isn't. - the community here to help u fight spammers in chat, if they can't spam the chat with gold selling ads - then they will lose money - therefore less bots. this is just one step. give us more block power (lol?) and do something about our reports! 6. AH: - i don't think the AH is bad, just implement really really bad. for 60 lvl players its fine to sell items for 5k. items that will make 40 lvl player op at his lvl at very very low cost. - its making the game boring from lvl 1 to lvl 60. because u can buy everything for 5k even with reduce lvl on wep (specially) and become OP all the time with little effort. at the start i wasn't thinking about it this way, but u can get OP gear just for 5k. i was thinking its the right way to progress in the game. but it doesn't it just destroying the game. - close the RMAH and AH till lvl 60 or 50+. and create open trading arena. - why can't we see which items we sold? (not only the names) - why can't we see what price we tried to sell specific items (when item is unsold) - why we don't have search box for the AUCTION LOG? - why we r limited to only 3 main stats in the AH search inputs? - why we can't search for specific important stats (like in source for wizard u can't search for dmg)? - why we can't see the seller name? and offer him lower amount of gold for his item in case the item is unsold - this way items will sell much faster at normal prices. (u know what, don't show his name in order not to lose the 15% fee - but allow us to send him msg with low offer in case his selling will fail). *no i can't play without AH because the idea is that u can get items by trading in order to progress in the game. and there isn't other good way to trade for items. and this game build for AH players. therefore it will be impossible for me to play without the AH. 7. End game: - only one EG ? which is hunting items?! thats all?! - there r many other good EG that could be added to D3: lvling/opening new things when u at X lvl, like new character or getting item that only the best gamer can get (I am not talking about stupid burger wep.. or rainbow sword)/endless dungeon with scores or something. - maybe add new mods to the game? HC is big problem to someone who's dying from lags in SC.. like mode without AH or mod PVP till dead where u buy items (probably from AH) and if u die in PVP u lose ur char and items. this way the market will lose some items. and allow us to watch those games. the risk is high. so if u want to invest 2 mil gold buying items from AH for PVP, u may lose ur items (and gold) if u lose.. u basically gamble on gold on base of ur playing pvp skills (maybe allowing the winner get 1 of the loser items?). char in this mode will be without lvls at all. the risk is high and u will get huge rush from playing like that, and its need to be long pvp.. not something fast. 8. social: - why there r no rooms in this game (public)? i want to play with runners in act 1 inferno not with players that want to progress in game and finish quests. this is just stupid to join a game in public where some players want to finish the quest and u want to farm elites. this is why i play solo and its boring! - please allow players create rooms for their own ideas like farming gold/farming elites/progress in game/trade room - add follow method to this game. so u could follow someone's msgs (if he want to publish to everyone) or follow his progress in the game and so on.. - allow me to favorite specific friends or integrate with people without adding them to my friends list. 9. content: - after lvl 30 - u finished everything and there is noting new in this game. - add more content (even if u break the story) maybe more dungeons or endless dungeon... - why all the maps almost the same? u go to the same direction and u even have big arrows that show u the way so its really really easy. - add some random maps. is this so hard to make 50% of the maps random? 10. nerf: - please don't nerf stats to the ground like IAS, because now other stats turn into OP stats and then u gonna nerf them too.. - try to implement nerfing system in easy way and much better way - cutting 60% of specific stats is just bad idea. - stop nerf/buff without telling us. like the CD on elites affix.. and loot nerfing. 11. resis all: - u can't play without resis all.. only if u 1 shot mobs. this is why good items without resis all can cost 10x less. - many players offer all kind of solution to this problem. like buffing the secondary resis all by 2-3 time (maybe too much op for monk ?). maybe if the resis is specific for 1 element and there is no "resis all" on the item then make it something like 300+-. so we could focus each item with one element. in games, players want to be recognize as pro gamer somehow.. but in d3 u can 1 shot mobs and still look like newborn newbie. Thanks.Brightside0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 THE RED MOB OUTLINE SHOULD BE OPTIONAL!!! I'm a Korean. The red mob outline is greatly extremely exceedingly excessively terribly awfully annoying me!!!!! I appreciate Blizzard for producing great games such as Warcraft, Starcraft, Diablo... But the red mob outline disappoint me. I understand why Blizzard adopt this outline, but it shades monsters detail and make all monsters just red things. As a Blizzard fan, I hope that it will be optional soon. Please...battletag0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Char Profiles. Guess I'm going to buried by other threads but anyways. I'ts been too long, no char page no reason for me to keep playing. It really depresses me to see how this is the end of blizzard, there's about a 70% drop on players, no feedback from blizzard, no char site, no more reason for me to keep playing this. I stopped playing this about 2 weeks ago, since the 1.0.3a, just come back here with the hope the game changed. Doing the WOW thing and caping the lvl at 60 was the single worst idea after the RMAH and the automatic build, those 3 points are to only reason this game ins't worth replaying, you guys changed the main aspect of Diablo series thuz making the game a broken down WOW, congrats blizz, you finaly reach the point of no return. Singing off Till a real patch comes along.r2ur0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Im out. This game broke me. I wanted to like this game so much. I've been let down consistently like no other product I've ever purchased, to say it's a lemon is an insult to lemons, they're a bit sour, but they're still useful. DH since release, no alts. I face roll ACT1 inferno with full MF gear like I'm beating up pre-schoolers. ACT 2, still r apes my face. I put together a decent I63 set, all focusing on Dex/vit/Res-all and crit damage. I have movement speed where I can and nice 1100 dps weapon. Every single group I come to smashes me so hard it's not funny. If I can't kill them in 6 seconds, it's over, and this is wearing "balanced" gear. I lay down traps and mobs without even the fast suffix just swarm over me like theres nothing there. Mobs without the minion suffix spawning hordes, wtf? I honestly beleive DH needs to get rid of Smoke screen and have some innate defenses because living second to second its getting old with such high repair costs. Also, I run what I think is a high end rig. High enough that it's considered awesome without being a freak. For the first 5-10 mins of play I'm guaranteed a few deaths from stuttering, and this is on a SSD. This is the first game I've had any issues with. Gear I can live with, sure it's !@#$, but this is a gear grind game. I have reasonably good gear (Without being great), however I feel that money is inflating faster than I can accumulate it. I want item X. It's a good upgrade for about 2 mil. I save 2 mil. I go to the AH, said item is now 5 mil. I save to 5 mil. The item is now 40 mil. Etc. I'm chasing a neverending peice of string. None of my auctions are selling. Ilevel 63 with Stat/vit/ResAll+X. 20,000. No sale. That's it really. Just thought I'd do a final "throw in the towel", but it feels terrible as a lifelong gamer who looked forward to this for the better part of a decade. 15 mins after I log in and my blood pressure is through the roof. It's just not fun. Sorry!San26 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Fix Diablo 3 EASY! Amongst other issues D3 has, I think the most claring one for me is the Auction House feature. I know many people say "Dont use it", which is a fair comment except the drop rate in-game has been taken into consideration of having an AH, since not only can items have multiple owners, but an adundance of items negates the need for an AH (no $$$ for Blizzard) As others have said, the game FEELS like you need to use it in order to progress. Just the fact that its there makes looking for loot seem silly and a waste of time. After all, how easy is it to spend 2 minutes looking for an item and then its yours. Here's the thing... take the excitement of finding usefull item away and the game stops being fun. I would prefer the AH to be simply removed and the drop rate increased. You cant remove the AH though. Some have suggested it, which is a start but you cant take it away. Some people like it and its on the game box, Blizzard cant remove it entirely. Having the AH on a separate server is a good idea in theory but not viable. Here's the solution and something that I think would save D3 and the face of Blizzard (at the costs of potential revinue from the RMAH) Enable a feature to turn the Auction house OFF PERMANETLY. Once the AH is turned OFF drop rates are increased. This feature CANNOT BE UNDONE. The most obvious issue with this is players who are playing a non AH house game, trading with friends who have the AH feature still enable. This can be EASILY fixed by simply adding a binding to items. All items would be catergorized into either... - Non AH Drop. Cannot be sold on the AH. AH enable friends can use the item but cannot sell it. - AH Enabled Drop. Free for all. - AH Purchase. AH Disabled players cannot use this item. AH Enabled players obviously can. This may sounds complicated but its not and is not unlike Account Bound Items. Personally, I would love to say Bye-Bye to the AH FOREVER and just get on with looking for loot and progessing the way most Diablo fans know and love.Axeman877 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Acti-Blizz just admit it please of all the problems this game has the one that you haven't really addressed, and it's a big one, is elite packs. THEY AREN'T FUN YOU NUMBSKULLS. They should never have had more than two or three affixes.SetaSan1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Auction house ... new idea when searching for legendary and set items ... allow prefered stats ... also ... when i bid an item and lost the bid ... someone else bought it ... it still in BID tab ... so have chance to to stop tracking the item ... cancel it or something ... if i need to choose, i would prefer LEGENDARY item with allowed PREFERED STATS ... kinda borring looking on all items that are useless for my class ... and its more than 46 pages ... i cant even se all the items there ... CAPS is ruining every game ... you should know thatsh3riff0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 I need this movies subtittle please!!! i cant find it anywhere...i downloaded the movie a few months ago, i thought it was normal at the time that there wasnt any, it was quite new and not much known. But i still cant find it today. its a brazilian movie in portuguese, i need sub in either english or french please. 400 Contra 1 - Uma História do Crime OrganizadoMethTical0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 How to stop botting? (another angle) Assuming Blizzard really want to fix the botting problem, lets talk about the methods they can take. Firstly, why botting not fixed yet? As far as I know, Blizzard still can not tell the difference between human control and bot, at least they can not be 100% sure. (one of my friend's wow account get banned because he was using some program to help him gather herbs. The GM actually ask him a few questions and did not get any answer before he banned him) Also, ban one bot, other bots will come out in no time, and one company can not fight all the programmers developing bots, they simply do not have that much man power. Secondly, What bots do? MUD bots are utilized to perform tasks on players behalf (according to wiki). In D3 bots are the program designed to farm gold without the need of human control. They either kill easy mobs or crack pots to get gold. Knowing what bots do and the difficulties of fixing it, lets talk about the methods I came out on how to stop botting. Lets start by the question: Why botting? With the minimal efforts gain maximum profits(In D3, gold), that's the basically reason people use bot. All the time Blizzard has been trying to prohibit and punish people using bots, and it does not work out well. Why not think the other way around, devalue the profits(gold) of botting. People are farming gold with bots because gold are easy to get and people can use gold for a lot of things. ( buying gear, jewel crafting, blacksmith) What if gold can not buy gears anymore, you only need 1k for crafting, repairs bills tops at 1k, will you still farming gold with bots, can you still make that much profits with bots? No. No one will farming gold anymore. Devalue gold can stop people from botting, but it also introduce another problem - what people should use for buying gear, crafting, repair and other things? My answer is introducing another thing( I call it "token" for now) to replace gold. Token should be dropped by boss and elites, rarely from normal mobs(so it can not be farmed by bot or can not be easily farmed by bots), NV buff increases the drop rate of token from all the mobs. For example 0 NV - 0% from mobs, 10% from elites and bosses 1 NV - 0.1% from mobs, 25% from elites and bosses 2 NV - 1% from mobs, 50% from elites and bosses 3 NV - 1.5% from mobs, 75%(drop 1) 25%(drop 2) from elites and bosses 4 NV - 2% from mobs, 100%(drop 1) 50%(drop 2) from elites and bosses 5 NV - 2.5% from mobs, 100%(drop 1) 75%(drop 2)from elites and bosses Different acts can have different drop rate, above is just an example. The basic idea is to encourage people get NV buff to farm token. How token gonna fed-in in the game? Basically, token need to replace gold in AH, people will use token to buy gear, secondly, crafting will require minimal gold and a certain amount of token. To make crafting more attractive, adding token can give player the option to lock a few stats ( 2 or 3, depend on the gear) on the crafting gear. For instance, 10 token will make sure you will always have 10 all resist on your crafting glove, spending 20 tokens, will give you 20 all resist on your glove, and it tops at 50. after all resist been set, you can add another 50 token to lock 5 critical chance on your glove. It is easy to say than do. To put this into practice, a lot of efforts need to be done by Blizzard. But it is really worth it. See my friends leaving this game one by one, it is really pain, I have only finished my wizard( by finish i mean finish the game content, but still a lot of builds I have not tried yet, current playing melee wizard, having a lot of fun right now), my monk just got lv60. I still want to keep playing this game, experience all the classes, builds, having fun farming gear, selling them on AH, and buying new gears. But currently, the game is not on the right direction, price of gears double every a few days is not right it need to be fixed. I really believe D3 could be a great game if Blizzard keeping make right changes instead of bad ones.randyzit13 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Confirm monster aflix damage increase? I've used the search option in the forums but didn't come across anything regarding if it was confirmed/working as intended. Checked the known bugs for "patch" 1.0.3 but did not see it there either. Blizzard, can you please confirm that the monster damage (Arcane enchanted, molten, fire-chains...) has increased by accident or is it working as intended? I'm trying so very hard to enjoy this game but you're making it very difficult when something changes without warning or notice and then remains broken for weeks. Thanks. Pyroforce.Pyroforce18 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Inferno pubs aren't so bad Sort of a continuation of: Been playing with the barb, helping him progress. Today he was in a pub so I joined. At this point I'd helped him get past Ghom so here we were in the hardest part of act 3. You can't just carry people through act 3 inferno unless you have godlike gear which I do not. So I prepared myself for the worst. It turned out that we had a good wizard and a good DH. We cleared everything up till some insane elite pack frustrated the other DH enough that she left, but then a monk joined who turned out to be really good. The monk was complaining about some crappy DH's in his last game with such poor dps that they couldn't kill Cydaea's adds. So I guess a few bad players do make it past act 2... But all the players I encountered tonight were pretty decent. So after the monk joined we ended up finishing up the rest of act 3 and then we beat act 4 without any issues. I feel like this game is still really fun if I'm grouping with people who are progressing. Farming just isn't fun because there's no real goal. It's just pure grind. I've done some group farming with friends but that's pretty boring too. If we had some challenge dungeons and stuff for groups I think that would be amazing. edit: Oh and probably the best thing imo about pub players (at least the ones I've seen) is they tend to have positive attitudes. The forums are so full of haters and whiners, and even my friends (most of whom have quit go figure) had a lot to complain about, that it was really refreshing to play with folks who just play the game and don't get angry at every little obstacle that they can't faceroll.Khristophoro10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 I thought Beta ended awhile ago? Confirm / Deny ??????ggomg4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 act 2 goblin farming group Anyone interested in A2 goblin farming with me? Jwhoaa#1940 200+MF pleasejwhoaa10 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 PROOF OF BOTTING And gold farming. These are some Korean forums, enjoy the pictures. (Wierd link, but no viruses, popups or any of that) Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Item missing from USD auction i just bought 15 dollar amulet and then my money was gone but item is also missing wtf should i do???Nanaku8 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 I might enjoy being a desecrator, waller etc. Dearest Noone Is Listening, How do I get to become a vortex, waller, plagued, desecrator, mortar? They seem to enjoy the game. Do I really need to point out all the reasons that players and mobs should be on at least equal footing at end game...?Derpinator11 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 SHIELDING? Does not mean immunity. Let us hit them even if it's for zero damageJerry4 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Drop rates explained This is the best explanation of the drop rates I've seen: ... Source: Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 The last straw... Was the spawn rate of the Watch Tower in nerfed? I've noticed I have had to remake games sometimes 10-15times before getting it today. It never used to be over 5. This will be the last straw for me if it has been. Continuing to nerf legit play styles while basically allowing botting by encouraging banned botters to buy new accounts is too much for me. Maybe I'm crazy and getting hit by imaginary Deep Breaths, but I doubt it, I have a very large sample size.Autonomous6 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Achivements its sad when you get the group achive you get the solo one the solo one is the impressive version aka YOU did it ... group means you could have been standing in townBorka0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Bashiok achievement question I just killed Bashiok using rakanishu blade and didn't get achievement . Is it bugged?IReadyToDie1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Where are the blues?! Were Bashiok and Lylirra Jay Wilson'd? Haven't seem them post in 4 days now, let alone any blue. What is happening for the future of this game?matt110114 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Petition: Pls buff Barb (female) Dear Blizzard, Please do something to this seriously underplayed character. I have rarely seen a female barb prancing around in D3 and shes supposed to be the most terrifying and fear-inducing heroine among the bevy of ladies. Many have scorned her colossal frame but it is sadly not for her to choose. Ironically, the only glimpse i caught of her is near a stash - most probably used as a means of storage than banishing evil. Despite her gigantic figure, i am sure, like most ladies, she must have a gentle and sensitive heart. She has feelings. So pls Blizzard, do sth. I dunno what, maybe give her an additional skill. Like 'Flying nipples', etc., i dunno. Just saying.Tyler0 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 The AH needs a serious functionality upgrade I love the game, but the AH's functionality is terribly outdated. As of now, the AH functionality is so bad that it really surprises me that Blizzard enabled the RMAH before improving the AH. All of these flaws below can be countered, but it requires manually browsing through all items found with a search. This is obviously against the design philosophy of the game, where a player should be playing most of their time, not shifting through the AH looking for upgrades. Not sure if I forgot something obvious. Please free to point them out or comment. The AH has the following flaws (actual problems with bolded tex, reasoning below them): Three search criteria are too few. For example, when looking for a new helmet for my barbarian, ideally I'd want my new helmet to have the following stats: all resist, strength, vitality, critical hit chance and a socket. There needs to be the option to insert at least 5-6 search criteria. The AH needs a "reset search"-button. Pretty self-explanatory. Oftentimes I check for upgrades for each of my slots, and it'd often be easier to just press "reset" and insert new stats rather than having to manually alter each of the search criteria. The AH needs to handle gems and sockets better. For example there is a world of difference between an 1-hander with innate bonus critical damage with an open socket and an 1-hander with a socket filled with an emerald (bonus critical damage gem) but no innate affix for critical damage. Yet the auction house handles them all the same. The problem is at least as bad with armor, where searching for say, 100 vitality and 3 sockets on chests usually nets you with a lot of items having little base vitality, but three sockets filled with amethysts. The AH needs to handle % block chance better. There is no way to search for the actual % block chance on a shield. (Just as there is no way to search for actual dps or armor on items, but that issue can be somewhat countered by sorting the items based on dps or armor.) A quick fix would be to show block chance alongside armor on shields (to follow the logic how dps and armor are handled). There needs to be an option to save or favorite an auction. As I'm sure everyone knows, the only way to save an auction is to bid on it. There should be an easier way of doing that, because oftentimes anyone is in a situation where they're wanting to first wait how the price develops on a certain item before they decide to commit gold/money on it. There needs to be an option to cancel an auction with no bids. Once again pretty self-explanatory. If no-one has bidded, it should be OK to cancel an auction. There could be a time limit to this, like, for example after the initial grace period one would be able to cancel their auctions only after, say, six hours have passed. There needs to be an option to sort/search items by bid price. It's already possible to sort by buyout price. No excuse not to implement this. There needs to be an option to sort/search items by time remaining. Pretty self explanatory. It's currently hard to find items with reasonable time left on them. The AH should show the stats of the item you sold/purchased in the "completed" tab. This should be true for at least 100 most recent auctions if it took too much server space otherwise. Sometimes a player can just put auctions up after finding the items and forget the exact stats of the item that sold. Information like this is helpful in re-listing a similar item. The "completed" tab should be searchable. When a player finds or buys an upgrade, they usually want to sell their old item. And a good starting point for pricing that item is what they paid for that item. Currently checking this is only possible by manually browsing through the completed tab, which is a pointless task that could be removed with a simple search function. Auctions for commodities, at least the most expensive ones (artisan plans and high-tier gems) should show the current price. Right now purchasing or selling one is like gambling. One never knows the actual lowest price on the market as the price shown after a search only shows an estimate. Therefore you learn the price only after you have completed a purchase. I do realize this is an issue caused by the recent hotfix that enabled such auctions in the first place. But the current situation is only some degrees better than not being able to sell them at all.Don2 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Post your Memes Hey, LETS GATHER ALL THE MEMES. Here are some of my Memes. Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 An option to skip all the cut-scenes? If there is one as a set-option, someone point it out to me. At least we can skip at the moment in the game but its really become tedious. If not, I plead with the devs to put in an option as-soon-as-possible. While you're at it, allow the quest progression to activate on the 'first click' of an NPC; rather than skip through several paragraphs of dialogue. Leave the NPC back-fill story for the times I want to sit and listen, the way it was done in D2. There are times where I'll take my time to absorb the story but hey... this is suposed to be 'click-madness fun', rather I feel like I'm logging in to lectured to. I swear that we could just send Tyrael into the depths of hell alone - the prime evils would just kill themselves rather than listening to another of his speeches. Even my parents with their onset senility don't repeat same verse as often. If I were able to keep requesting - couldn't you also rewrite some of the boss demon's dialogue? Ok, I get it... I want to kill them because... they drive me insane with their banter; point taken. But really how do you take seriously those empty threats? "oh you won't get past this so-and-so"; then "...well it doesn't matter that you did." over and over and over and over... yeah, yeah... I get the point. Exactly why I have to kill you.Skins1 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Why are the critics raving? User reviews are torn 50/50. But ALL the critics are raving. Even Giantbomb who I thought weren't going to just give away high scores to the big companies gave it a 5/5. Why???gingerale45 Jul 7, 2012
Jul 7, 2012 Fixing the Auction House & Loot Someone had a thread on reddit about people no longer playing Diablo 3 and it got me thinking thru a response. This seems like a better place to post it... I am still playing a few hours a day. All but one of my friends have stopped playing. And that was weeks ago. I put in over 150 hours on a barbarian and got tired of farming act 1. I am working on pushing all characters to level 60 but my mind is starting to wander toward other games sitting on the shelf. I guess with a combined number of hours close to 200, I've gotten plenty of value out of the game. These are my 2 cents on how to improve D3. 1. Rethink the auction house. D3's primary design is to eliminate the barrier to getting tough items by putting a price on everything. This has an unfortunate side effect: You can't predict the value a market will place on an item during beta. In the end it devalued game play... low level items are so cheap that you never use drops, your character is overpowered and crafters are worthless. Players should be encouraged (forced) to use item drops. Item drops should mean something to them, not just their cash value (which is lower & lower every day). For non-60 level characters I don't even make more than a passing glance at items before chucking them... and that is wrong. Solution: Somehow items need to be harder to list and buy... a lot harder... and this is not going to make people happy. It should be unusual for you to get an item from the auction house, not the norm. One way to do this is to take a page out of ipad/facebook games and add some other resource required for you to list and buy items. It could be AH energy/points or player level energy/points. These points would be accumulated thru game play/character leveling/elite & boss fights/etc and exhausted thru listing/purchasing. List an item that doesn't sell? Doesn't matter, AH energy is consumed. How AH energy is consumed and generated is up for grabs but it would provide a needed barrier to entry. You will think very carefully about listing if there is an effort required to do so. 2. Rethink the loot. When I think about what I liked about D2, it was the rune, unique and set loot drops. They were frequent and I always enjoyed seeing what rune/unique/set items were dropped. Now it is all blues and yellows and they 99.99% suck. If you don't get good drops and the game is all about the loot, you are going to lose interest... and many people have. Solution: As many have said, make the legendaries/sets mean something. But beyond that, make them drop much more often. I want some fun drops and yellows are not fun. They are boring. In all the time I've played (200+ hours) I have seen 6 legendary drops. That is all. That is rediculous. Make me interested in collecting legendaries & sets. Make me buy more storage for 1+ million a page/row. And... fix the bosses to drop fun stuff. I know we are supposed to hunt down packs for stacks and that is great but bosses should drop good stuff too. I watched Diablo beaten on hardcore inferno. Did they get good drops? Nope. That is just wrong. Chasing packs is challenging but bosses should be harder than any pack and hand out the loot, including legendaries and sets. D2 had that right. D3... not so much.T3Foundation2 Jul 7, 2012