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Dec 4 Starting advices Hi guys! I am new to the game and was convinced to buy it from a friend of mine who recently started as well. Any suggestions for a noobie like me? How can I truly enjoy the game? Is there some funnier class to play than others? For example, I am interested in the wizard and the crusader for the flavor, what are the gameplay differences between the two of them?Dennis10 Dec 4
Dec 4 Career, broken? After the last mini-patch, update, whatever — career display is completely broken. At least for me. My least played toon, with least kills, is all of a sudden in second place, whereas my wiz got demoted. My main got bumped to third place. "Elites killed" number got slashed by at least half. It's not a huge deal, but micro-irritating. Is there any way to fix that, or do we have to wait for next patch to break something else? ;) <->hatsuengami2 Dec 4
Dec 4 Rings and Amulets should always have sockets I think that this would be a good change in the game since no one uses rings and amulets without legendary gems, guaranteed sockets nowadays is needed. Your thoughts?Santoro30 Dec 4
Dec 4 Convert Nat Set to Ring? Hi! Just wondering if it's possible to convert any of Natalya's pieces into the ring? I tried about 10 times so far and I keep getting boots, cloak, and helm. Thanks!StormRise5 Dec 4
Dec 4 LARGE HORADIC CHEST request Hey Gang, Can you do Bounties a big favor and make the LARGE HORADIC CHEST light up similar to the way a legendary or set item does when it falls to the ground? This would come in handy when someone turns in bounties during group game play. If my bag is full, the LARGE HORADIC CHEST falls to the ground instead of going into my bag. It also shows on the ground as a plain white normal item does. Not very helpful. Of course, you could do an even bigger favor and make the LARGE HORADIC CHEST go straight to my in town stash box. However, I will try not to make this too complicated. At least make it light up a noticeable color on the ground. Thanks in advance for ignoring this post do to its lack of popularity.matt628687 Dec 4
Dec 4 What's the purpose of progression orbs? Other than to waste time...?Soul30 Dec 4
Dec 4 Gold+gems for bounties $$$ The idea is to use gems and gold to "pay" the bounties maybe 450 million golds (per act) also 100 marquise gems(one kind of color per act), this could be an easy way to get more bounties when you have been playing this game for long time (without using cheats and u dont have time to farm hours hours and hours and no life). In addition to making use of gems and gold This would help you to get acts materials, those are very tedious and boring to get if you play the game by yourself hours and hours. I dont know but its just an idea edit: numbers can change edit: also make the set Legacy of Nightmares: while this is the only item Set Bonus the character has, their damage dealt is increased by 100% and damage taken is reduced by 5% for every legendary (orange Item) they have equipped.Schyzo3 Dec 4
Dec 4 Auto-cast toggle of skills Hey Blizzard, I know this has been asked many times before but could you please implement an auto-cast toggle of skills? That would really be a nice QOL improvement. Sincerely, my wristMrNice10 Dec 4
Dec 4 About Botting I was wondering would a Blue Post let us all know if you are going to be doing anything about this problem for the pass 2 seasons ? We all have been telling you about the problem with botting now for about 6 months now and you seem like you don't care about people botting anymore if this is true let us know.PuppetMaster29 Dec 4
Dec 4 dance moves and emotes #1 problem with D3 is no dance moves. #2 no emotes #3 cant shift click inventory to salvage items at the blacksmith. We need a dance revolutionMasterkane20 Dec 4
Dec 4 How to gamble my blood shards I am fairly satisfied with all of my gear, all ancient, all with correct stats, though some could be higher. so what do i do with my blood shards at this point? i feel like im just throwing them away because the odds of getting a better item than the one i have are so low.AlienAdonis3 Dec 4
Dec 3 S12 Conquests for Stash help? I only got one : Level 3 Leg gems to level 65. The rest all looks to be impossible to me D: Any ideas? Thanks If any thread has already been made, please link.LyriX9 Dec 3
Dec 3 Suggestions Hey guys. After playing 2.6 for some times, i'd like to express what i feel about this version, and what changes i would like to see. Things here are how i personally would like to see the game for the type of players i am, if you agree or not tell me why, i'm actually interested. First, i think it's important to note the type of player i am. I'm a softcore player, seasonnal when it comes out. I try to push the ladder but i usually don't have great success, i just get in the leaderboard without going any further. Now for the changes, i will make it into a list without any order so bear with me : -1 The first thing i noticed this season is about the Demon Hunter. The option it have feels very balanced and the leaderboard is actually enjoyable to compete. The variety in the builds is something really important in a game like this and the class really achieved that on this patch. Every other classes are kind of getting into it but for some it steel feel like "play this build or be under the others". I still have fun playing underrated builds but would love to see them compete equally, or almost equally to the others. -2 The HotA and WW barbs. It may be personal i don't know, but it really bugs me off that they don't use the respective weapons that have been made for the build as main weapons. It may be a lore or graphic change, but it would be great if barbs used the Bul Khatos sets and the Gavel of judgement for those builds. The istvan set just feel like 2 little knives. -3 The bounties. I think many will agree but the bounties are damn important, but also boring as hell to do. Maybe the quest you have to do should be cut in half or a double reward with the same amout of quest. If this is too overpowered, maybe a change in the process to make it more interesting ? -4 Another graphic change, to add the swords on the transmogrification available for the daggers. -5 To give a new life to dead items. A lot of the legendary items you can loot are actually useless, the best solution to that is probably a mix of adding legendary effect and to buff the LoN set. -6 Auto pick up. It would be great to make it available for every basics mats and for yellow/blue/white items, with some checkmark in the options to choose what to auto pickup. -7 It's more of a personal like, but i would love the see more type of monsters with new deadly affixes. On the other hand, a re balance of those affixes could be great.Some clearly bother peoples more than others. -8 Give more value to the followers. They have some uses already, like helping to proc bane of the trapped with thunderfury, the ressource boost or the unity combo, but i would like to see them more in action being usefull and to have to feel that they fight side by side with me. -9 To get out the gems and the uber boss key from the chest. They would be fine into the mats section. -10 The armory need to change the paragon as well. -11 Add more cosmetics to the game, and by that i mean the transmog, killing demons all day long don't mean you don't want to be a cutie. -12 Maybe also do something so the Gr's tileset are less randoms, fishing for a good tileset at high gr's is not really fun. I can tell that this point as still greatly improved over the seasons. -13 To add torment 14 and 15 or to rescale the difficulty. There are a lot of difficulty settings right now, maybe a bit too much. The higher torment is not difficult enough. -14 To give some value to the boss, they actually serve no purpose except for 2 or 3. Maybe to add some unique loot at a low rate or/and a unique transmog armor/weapons set would solve the problem. Here we go, thanks for reading !Arakune3 Dec 3
Dec 3 QoL Armory 2.6.1+ After a lot of thought and spending hours searching threads about the QoL of the armory or "wardrobe," I wanted to make my own suggestion and address or pitch some suggestions on how the devs can make some of the more popular change suggestions in the recent past happen without taking away the games integrity. First, my own suggestion: On the build summary pop up in the armory, include GR highest clears and their times(and or date) for that build. Preferably one for solo and one for the 4-man meta. Also, include an asteric next to the clears if it was done in a previous patch to indicate it's out of date. My reasoning behind this improvement is to be able to switch to different classes and builds without having to write down the clearing capabilities of each build. It may be several months or over a year before I want to have fun with certain builds. Items saved in the armory get an icon in a corner of the item indicating that it is in a currently saved build(No more accidental salvaging). For LG's: A check box option if you want to save a particular LG and it's level. Unchecked automatically sockets the highest leveled one of that type in the stash. Unfortunately, adding the ability to store the items in the armory when one saves a build, as well as the LG's to free up space in the stash takes away from the game experience and defeats any purpose of gaining stash tabs through achievements. Better organization and less hoarding will improve ones QoL. One and a half to 2 tabs per class is sufficient enough for 5 builds per class. For which I would like to add a suggestion to up the stash tabs cap by 2-3 tabs to hit that mark. How those extra tabs are achieved or added, I'll leave to the discretion to the devs. As far as saving the paragons per build: Its a nice suggestion and would help, but changing it over per build really only takes about 30 seconds of manual changing. And what happens to the gained paragons since the last time the build was saved if this was an added feature? At best, it loads the last save and one still has to access the paragons system to divvy up the new ones. So, it's basically pointless to add this feature.Aesin0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Diablo Veterans Chat Hi all! So I've played Diablo since the beginning and have enjoyed every minute playing it. I've also been playing D3 since beta and even received D3 for free due to playing WoW. The only thing I wish to see in D3 is possibly the option to create our own games, such as D2/D2XP are set up. But it's not important. In all honesty though, I still enjoy the game. I miss the Market Place but understand why it was removed. I'm also sort of happy too. I just liked making real money from a game I actually liked! What stories do any Veterans have from playing D1 - D2 - D2XP? Please share! =)Denlah22 Dec 3
Dec 3 Necromancer Feelings Hello, I have currently been fairly familiar with the new Necromancer and also I took a hiatus during the season to play Diablo 2, because well, I found "rat running" extremely repetitive. During that time, I played my sorceress again, and then went onto playing my necromancer. Honestly, the Necromancer in the current game is far too much of a leap to really spiritually success the previous one. For one thing, when I summoned skeletons in Diablo 2, I had to actually kill something with a normal spell to summon it. When I did summon it, the creature didn't completely vanish within a few seconds, it stayed with me. The Rathma mages (please don't even mention the Skeletons, they're so bad it's just uncomparable to the amazing effects of Diablo 2's skeletons) last about 6-8 seconds with nearly perfect gear? Seriously? I mean, granted, Rathma's is a very powerful build, it's incredibly annoying to just spam mages that have a varying amount of damage based around purely how much essence you're forced to spend. What is so wrong with having 1 minute Rathma mages? A huge key aspect of what made the Necromancer so godly in Diablo 2 was the fact that it enabled you to have your pets tank and surround you from your enemies. Sure, I understand that casting 200 little minions on your screen would likely crash Diablo 3's servers, but I mean, hey can we at least get like 20 or 30? That don't die immediately or force you to resummon within 6-8 seconds and force you to spam click and heavily rely on land of the dead? I don't know, it's just so sad to me. In terms of gameplay, the Necromancer feels much more like a failed and darker version of a lesser Sorceress. The Sorceress forces you to spam a lot of abilities and click a lot of things. We already have the Wizard (has it's own problems but I don't hate it other than the reliance of Archon for most builds but that's been fixed due to DMO.) Also, the better successor to the Necromancer is undeniably the Witch Doctor. Yes, their spells in terms of looks are total 180's, but their effects, the minion summoning, and everything that the Necromancer really embodied is more implemented in the Witch Doctor. The spells that the Witch Doctor casts, such as the army of fetishes, the powerful Guarantuan, the Zombie Dogs, actually total more to your army count than what the Necromancer does. That's pathetic. Especially because even then considering what the Witch Doctor is today, it's not a great successor in terms of their raw power. I just wish the spells acted differently. Your mages and your skeletons in Diablo 2 had the same "body count." Also, the mages lasted just as long as the skeletons. Now, I do understand that yes, the Necromancer is overpowered, it pushes the highest rifts, and it is a great class in terms of that, but the areas it really needs work and would be much more enjoyable playing are the ones that it needs help with the most. I mean, I'm not asking it for a "damage boost" I'm saying that the spells need to stop being to stingy and underwhelming. What would permanent Rathma mages really do that's so bad? Give a more permanent damage boost? Make it more able to compete with Pestilence and offer greater build diversity as a class than what it currently has? I see no real downsides to that. Also, yeah in Diablo 2, we only used like 2 curses. DIABLO 3 IS NOT DIABLO 2. Those Curses would have VASTLY different effects in Diablo 3 if things like the curses in Diablo 2 were implemented. Just food for thought.Valixo3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Can we get Diablo 3 on the switch ? Haveing a hardcore Arpg on the go sounds great! Pretty please!Soon37 Dec 3
Dec 3 Best way to get ancients? Is my best chance to get ancients for specific items to use the reforge legendary cube recipe?Stodie8 Dec 3
6d Server Lag? Is anyone else on the American server experiencing severe lagggggggg?SevenShadow15 6d
Dec 3 QoL - Faster way of tranforming gems Can we please please have a faster way of transforming Gems than 9 at a time? it taked what, 4 clicks to make 9.. (one to load gem in cube, one to load recipe in cube, one to transform, and one to "reset") if i want to make 9 flawless royal, im gonna need 729 Marquise gems... and on a bad day, lets say you dont have any higher, and none left so you have to transform them all... im gonna need 729/9 = 81*4....thats 324 clicks.. when you could acutally get away with 5.. one to load gems one to load recipe one to select amount of gems to tranform one to tranform one to walk away/reset. its not a HUUUGE problem.. but more of a timesaving one... and also the fact that it is utterly booooooooring to transform alot of gems..Bobani3 Dec 3
Dec 3 Primal and Colour-blind players Diablo and colour-blind people is a long non-love story ... I remember, back in the days, when the set items were similar to rare items (green = yellow). I'm pretty sure i did craft one or two before realizing that "boots" with no other affix was indeed refering to a set item. Then came the beam ... Now, beams are everywhere ... and beside season's start, it's ancient and primal we're looking to .. This season, it's already the second time that i did nearly craft a primal item before noticing, almost by accident, that it was one... In fact, taking a look in the community section while writing this post, i've just crafted one yesterday... at least .. The red frame around the item is really not visible enough (red = black) When you fast-check & craft your inventory you may (too) easily not see it. The {{[]}} is nice but not sufficient, and usually i do only look other party member's loot in chat. My primal shadow helm was saved from pavlovian craft by the the two 4 digits stats. My primal marauder pants by comments from another party member ... I'm pretty sure i'm not the only one, so if the devs could make a little change there... it would be very appreciated. TLDR : The dark red frame around Primal items is not (enough) visible for colour-blind players. A change in the border frame's colour of primal ancient item would be appreciated ...SpiriT1 Dec 3
Dec 3 198 Games, yet I keep auto-creating my own? Is that normal? I haven't played for what I think is about two years but it may be more like one and a half years. Either way. I've only recently jumped back in over the past few days. I've had consistent difficulty getting into populated games. It's always a game with one other person in it. Who's usually level 1 while I'm a 70 / 400+ paragon. So I'm scratching my head on that one. Are there just not many people playing this anymore? I'm not even clear on if that number is 198 people or games, I'm assumin games because but even that number seems oddly low.Alpha17x4 Dec 3
Dec 3 Damage vs Survival :( Hello I feel like the sets provide a false sense of security. I mean you get the sets where the bonus stats instantly skyrocket you to be able to kill things on higher torments, however the incomming damage you can take is no where near that. For Ex: I have a few characters that can easily run T13 and one shot things - a monk/dh/wiz...(others are still gearing) (not a veteran nor expert player so I am sure things arent perfectly optimized) But the point is, I dont understand why it is so easy to be able to put out massive amounts of damage yet a regular mob looks at you and you die. Fairly new to diablo so I am only at 494 Paragon. is that the issue? Do I just need to keep going untill I get more paragon for main stats or find that optimal gear or what? Just depressing that the sets seem to do all the work, and the rest of the builds/stats/toughness seem to be a minor thing compared to that......MissycnrEF6 Dec 3
Dec 3 [Analysis] Season 12 Leaderboards and State of Balance The leaderboard analysis of Season 12 has been carried out. The original post can be found at The post has been given below for your information. -------------------------------------------------------------------- In this study, I am going to compare the greater rift clearing efficiency of every class using whole leader board of Season 12 as of 01/12/2017. As a confirmation basis for balancing, I will compare every class to Wizards and Necromancers. Preliminary studies were carried out using various seasonal leaderboards and can be viewed below (note: some of these were preliminary and not as comprehensive. However, after gaining access to the Blizzard APIs, I was able to carry out these analyses for all classes using all of the existing leaderboard data): Season 11 Analysis: Season 11 Preliminary Analysis: Season 10 Preliminary Analysis: Numerical Look into PTR 2.6.1 Barbarian Buffs: PTR 2.6.1 Analysis between Barbarian and Necromancer Class: -------------------------------------------------- Background: In this thread, I will try to compare all of the classes and their power efficiency in clearing high greater rift levels. Patch 2.6.1 introduced many improvements to various classes and I would like to show how the new balance is reflected in the Season 12 leaderboards. -------------------------------------------------- The Methodology: 1) The whole Season 12 leader boards have been extracted for all of the available classes in the game. 2) Total number of data points considered are 7000 in total (considering all of the classes) 3) The parameters used in the analysis are Greater Rift Level (A), Clearing Time (B), and Paragon Level (C) 4) For each toon, a greater rift clearing efficiency coefficient (P) has been calculated as follows: P=A/(B*C) The resulting numbers are scaled up with 1M in order to ease the comparisons. -------------------------------------------------- The Explanation of the Formula: According to this formula, the efficiency in clearing grifts of a toon is defined as the highest possible greater rift level to be cleared as fast as possible with the lowest paragon level. -------------------------------------------------- Performance Indicator Results: Class Grift Clear Efficiency Comparisons Barbarian-Wizard-Necromancer Monk-Wizard-Necromancer Crusader-Wizard-Necromancer Demon Hunter-Wizard-Necromancer Witch Doctor-Wizard-Necromancer All of the classes Paragon Comparison Results Class Comparison Based on Paragon and Cleared Grift Levels Barbarian-Wizard-Necromancer Monk-Wizard-Necromancer Crusader-Wizard-Necromancer Demon Hunter-Wizard-Necromancer Witch Doctor-Wizard-Necroamncer Analysis of Results: 1) Necromancers, Wizards, Barbarians, Monks and Crusaders are balanced with each other within approximately 1 greater rift level difference across multiple greater rift levels. The balance among these five classes are made close to perfect (I would like to call this Balance Level 1). 2) Witch doctors (5-6 greater rift behind) and Demon hunters (2 greater rifts behind) follow the Balance Level 1 by 2-6 greater rifts behind (rough estimate). I would like to call this Balance Level 2 3) Class balance seems to be made well considering the paragon plots as well. However, witch doctor is following the other classes 5-6 greater rift behind and may deserve a slight buff. Apart from this, the balance seems pretty good. -------------------------------------------------- Verdict: According to this analysis the Witch Doctors and Demon Hunter may need a slight tune up. However, this is especially necessary for the witch doctor class considering they follow all of the other classes 6 greater rift behind. -------------------------------------------------- Conclusions: Overall, in Patch 2.6.1, the developers did a great job with balancing all of the classes with each other. Currently, Witch doctors and the demon hunters may need a slight tune up, but the current balance seems to be close to perfect. Well done to the developer team. Especially Don Vu. Thanks for reading Prokahn --------------------------------------------------Prokahn13 Dec 3
Dec 3 Enchantment RNG needs to be calibrated I just spent over 2 billion gold pieces trying to get the increase Meteor Attack dmg @ 15% on my firebird boots, and still failed to do so. I've seen every other increase dmg (arcane torrent, disintegrate) at 15%, and i'm stuck at 14%. I think what really gets my goat is the complete lack of rationale of increasing the gold cost of each consecutive enchantment. I'm going to stop playing diablo now before i decide to reformat my harddrive and then throw my cpu out of the window from sheer rage. #RageQuitisRealLocryian0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Idea for paragon choices in higher levels. So at the start of the season getting to lvl70 you gain different skills and options. I enjoy getting to 70! Its part of character development! Paragon should take a step up in options now. Last patch was a great bump to all classes. So with pushing higher GR solo or group, lets give every class more options for higher paragon? I mean seriously why not? I say NO to paragon cap. YES to banning bots before season ends to see true gamers on ladder. So now I say come up with some ideas so we have more options to put paragon. I am always 900s in season, after 800 when stats are full and i just put in strength or vitality, i have 3 brackets full, with only 2 options from the 4th bracket? Make a 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th bracket that only goes towards that class. So if im crusader a 5th bracket would be Holy Phy Fire Lighting Obtain to 50/50 or more paragon? 25/25? what? you choose. 50/50 gives 200more paragon options for each bracket. 6th bracket 1 hand weapon 2 hand weapon shield no set items 7th bracket Ideas? 8th Bracket Ideas? Remember after 800 paragon all experience goes towards that specific class only!Sway2 Dec 3
1d Got my first primal And it's primal ancient Blackthorne set pants. You are trolling me blizzard, well played, well played. :(Midnight38 1d
Dec 3 Ancient Legendary Potions. Inovate legendary potion scale to transmute in cube a bunch of them for ancient version or improved version. So when we drop we won't say "Dust" instead that we will cheer for the drop. Thank you.PardalBR0 Dec 3
Dec 3 Armory ate one of my legendary gems Armory ate one of my legendary gems (105lvl) and replaced it with a 96lvl from my stash !!! This is absurd. Can I get it back or should I raise that 96lvl gem? What if this will happen again? In this rhythm this game will be pointless to play. What's next, maybe paragon will decrease or what...SEMOA21 Dec 3
Dec 3 Low cost anti bot measures... Blizzard has the data to create heuristic pathways that will give you a high pretest probability of having a bot. All they have to do is make an algorithm that requires people who have enough flags turned on to do something to prove they are not a bot, which may include an email verification and response in a short period of time or anything that isn't easily automated for a response. If they can not prove they are not a bot, they are temp banned then manually reviewed for possible permanent removal. If they prove they are not a bot the flags are removed for a predefined amount of time before being reinstated. This would literally only a target people who have a very high pretest probability. So a vast majority of people would not even be bothered. On a side note, I'm okay with bots. I'm come to the conclusion that there is little that Blizzard can do with the resources it has for this particular line of business. However, I think this would be a cost effective way to approach them if at all possible.Phatty62 Dec 3
Dec 2 Tips for Mastermind? I dropped my follower I am removing gear removing passives that do damage... I feel like I am doing the dungeon on normal? Arachyr set fyi Everything is dying to easy... Or is this the challenge of it lol?Somber2 Dec 2
Dec 2 The Cursed Pit in Storm Halls Act 2 Is this event still active? According to all the wikis and searches this event is supposed to also be a bounty for act 2. I have been trying to get it to spawn as a bounty for 3 or 4 days. I started just running the Storm Halls randomly also with no luck. It is the last thing I need to finish the act 2 achievements. This isn't that important, but it would be nice to know if it is bugged, or just Uber rare.Pallor1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Do goblins have human rights? Just curious.Soul27 Dec 2
Dec 2 Cannot buy/no dye on mystic Hadn't played game in over a year, just came back to play my favorite d2 character in the necromancer, but as I started looking over what changed it seems there is no way for me to purchase dyes. There are none on the mystic under the dye menu. And of course the vendors no longer sell them. I presume I'm missing something obvious...Mortuus1 Dec 2
Dec 2 Cursed Archive I seriously think this is bugged/broken. Literally days or starting and leaving Adv. Mode games over and over has not generated a bounty for it ever and it has never spawned on it's own in Adventure or Story mode at all. Trying to complete the Curse Breaker Achievements and Act 2 is my last one, bu tI didn't begin trying in earnest until 2.0.5 so maybe that's the problem? Any one else having this problem or was the dungeon location I was given incorrect? Vault of the Assassin?Ultimatar17 Dec 2
Dec 2 QoL Suggestion: Kadala Menu Class Choice When one clicks on Kadala there would be an additional class option on other side of "Your Available Blood Shards" that is labeled "Choose Class to Gamble For". You have to tick a box to enable it, as it is greyed out normally. This way once I'm done with a GR 90 and I need to gamble, but there is no desire for better gear on my hero, my newly rolled other class would benefit from a simple QoL addition to Kadala's menu thus making me be able to roll gear for that class. So tired of what we do instead which is leaving game to load up the other hero. In a group this ignorant method is frowned upon when speed gr's are on the table.Amrita11 Dec 2
Dec 2 Are buffs retroactive? Noob here. I did some searching but they're old, wondering if it's changed. Anyways, are buffs retroactive? Say I cast Consecration with Bed of Nails rune then I cast Akarat's Champion, which increases damage by 25%, would the Consecration do 25% more damage or would I have to cast Akarat's Champion first then Consecration? I'm sure there are similar scenarios with other classes. Just wondering. Thanks.Molo8 Dec 2
Dec 3 Diablo 4 Virtual Reality? Wouldn't it be awesome if the next Diablo game worked in VR like Skyrim? Facing demons in a dark dungeon in 1st person, a completely immersive experience into the true Terror. I'd buy that for sure.TheDarkitect19 Dec 3
Dec 3 Legendary Gem ideas Hi devs and Diablo 3 fans, I have just some ideas i want to share and i would like to see in a future patch. It is about legendary gems which i really like, but also want to see more of them. So here are some ideas: 1. Elemental Damage Legendary Gems Lightning, Fire, Cold, Arcane, Poison and so on. For every element an own legendary gem. Should not be so hard to design and implement, but would give more variety for every class. Most of the time the same legendary gems are used, but with a a "Cold Damage Legendary Gem" for a Cold Wizard or a "Lightning Damage Legendary Gem" for a Lightning Wizard (or any other Lightning class) you would have more options to try out and play. These legendary gems should boost the amage of only their own element, so a "Fire Damage Legendary Gem" would be useless for a Cold using class. At level 25 such Legendary Gems could reduce the elemental resistance of enemies. 2. Mana Regenaration Legendary Gem The counterpart of "Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard". Regenerate x Mana per second. We already have Molten Wildebeest's Gizzard to regenerate life per second, but we have no Legendary Gem to regenerate mana. classes like the demonhunter could highly benefit of such a Legendary Gem, because demonhunter are often out of hate. Often the templar is chosen as follower because of his level 20 ability "Inspire". The scoundrel and the enchantress have nothing comparable. With a Mana Reg Legendary Gem gameplay could change for a lot of classes. I dont think that it would be overpowered, because legendary gems are limited to 3 gems to use at once (except Gem of Ease and Red Soul Shard). So we can heal our life with Molten, why not regenerate Mana with a new Legendary Gem? At level 25 this Legendary Gem could reduce (maybe half) the mana costs for every skills. For example instead of 40 hate (mana) needed for a skill only 20 hate (mana) is needed (in that case for the demonhunter). 3. Elite Affix Boss Modifier Legendary Gem This seems to be more a fun gem. Boss monster, champions and rares have those elite affixes as boss modifier. For example "Frozen" which creates small ice shards that explode after a short amount of time and can freeze the player. Using such a legendary gem would allow the player to spam those boss modifiers randomly on enemies. It would be not a damage dealer Legendary Gem, but a crowd control gem. Could be a interesting new gameplay. At level 25 this Legendary Gem could give immunity against all boss modifiers. 4. Pets Modifier Legendary Gem I like classes like the necromancer with his skeletons and mages or the demonhunter with his animal pets or the monk with his mystic allies. For me it is: the more pets the better. A conceivable legendary gem would increase the amount of those pets. So at level 1 you receive a modifier that multiplys your pets 1.25. At level 25 this legendary gem could allow a 1.50. At level 50 1.75 and at level 75 a 2.00 modifier, doubling your pets. The necromancer with his 7 permanent skeletons could have with a level 25 Legendary Gem 10,5 skeletons now, so 10 or 11 skeletons (depending on the developers), at level 75 our necro could have a 14 skeleton army. For players like me this would be heaven. The possibility to collect charms again, like in Diablo 2, would also be a great thing. Mabe this could be a possibility to enhance bounties.cbcb070711 Dec 3
Dec 2 Another booter!!! Shame on you <removed link> Title and post edited by Moderator. Please do not post another player's information on the forums as this can lead to harassment and is against the Forums Code of Conduct.VSarnaV10 Dec 2
4d Windows 10 launching problem Hello Blizz, I need urgent help because when I click "play" in the app, the diablo 3 game is not launching instead I get an error message saying it has encountered a problem with a different error code everytime I re-launched the game in the app. Help me with this problem ASAP. Thank youHoney2714 4d
Dec 2 1016 error codes does any1 else gets constant 1016s and disconnections?PavloGolubev6 Dec 2
Dec 2 Rift Guardian HP and Damage Scaling Does anyone know if Rift Guardians' hp and damage scales at the same rate as the other monsters in a GR, or if it's higher? It seems higher to me, but I might be mistaken.Pataphysix1 Dec 2
Dec 2 A little funny moment ... That gave me a good laugh . So, today I was running a few GR's and in the middle of combat I hear Enchantress " I'm Bleeding " Then not half a second later My DH yells "Bleed you filth" I never really pay attention to the ongoing comments during the game but I had the volume up on the comp today and it jumped out at me. It made me smileAgmo10 Dec 2
Dec 2 When does Season 12 start? Yeah just wondering when the new season will start?Walkerzed93 Dec 2
Dec 2 EU servers down? What is happening on the EU server? haven't been able to create a game for the last 4 hours? I keep getting this error: Dec 2
Dec 2 stat squash needed Blizzard please consider the possibility. Inflation in D3 is worse than Zimbabwe.Midnight1 Dec 2
Dec 2 After several years i jumped back into D3 for a some hours and grinded a new season char to paragon ~ 500. but thats not the point. the point is. dear activision u really have reached a new low. why on earth cant i remove the necromancer add ingame ?guilty7 Dec 2
Dec 2 Block list full now. Well i have completely filled up my block list. Now i can no longer block any more bots. What do i do about or rather what will be done about it. Heres just a few random thoughts. 1. It needs to be expanded or or 2 2. Just ban the bots and the people using the bot sites and have a auto silent chat system that when services are mentions or anything in that manner. I've said my peace. Either ban bots and or expand the block list. I will be happy eith either one.Volatile111111 Dec 2
Dec 2 Something Fishy Going On... I have two Goldwrap belts; the #1 belt is baseline,+/-0%: 1.................................2 477.............................477 Dexterity 479 ............................486 Vitality 100 ............................100 Resistance to All Elements 383 ............................385 Armor 32% ...........................34% Extra Gold from Monsters 1,245,413...+/-0%......1,245,413...Damage.........+/-0% 25,344,200 +/-0%......25,323,824 Toughness......-0.1% 1,730,528...+/-0%......1,725,661...Recovery........-0.3% I am totally perplexed as to why the belt with higher property values results in lower character stats. Perhaps I'm missing something? It certainly doesn't fill me with confidence in the way this game calculates its +/- percentages. Any thoughts?StoneCold5 Dec 2