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4d Necro will be nerfed cuz of brown nosing the Boss! Come on we all know the Necro is going to be pre-gimped to secondary support status so as not to out meta you know who's precious overpowered Wizard!Minka8 4d
4d Community Buff Event Does anyone else think that they should have a community buff event during the extended downtime between seasons and to "celebrate" the necromancer into the fold? i think it would be a great idea to have because it would mean more people playing ontop of the new wave of players there for the necromancer. gearing up faster during this time would help out with balancing aswell i assume as more data is available to them. if nothing else, they're kinda fun.Maht24 4d
4d Lost Characters Help!! Hi guys I haven't been on my diablo account for a couple or so years if not longer but was told no matter how long your characters are always attached to your account so I went to install it again ( using blizzard app) and I logged in but my characters aint there it says I can't change realms because I'm loading from blizzard app. I no longer have the disc as I don't know where it is and so I forgot how I loaded the game without the blizzard app I mean I thought it was steam at first could anyone help me get me chars back at all?Wrighty20 4d
4d Unneeded Restriction: 1 Class/Wk in Ch Rift I play only 1 class. That means I only get 1 challenge rift every 7 weeks. The same problem exists for everyone who only plays a few classes. Since the selection of challenge rifts is pulled from existing runs, there is no reason why such an automated process can't automatically produce a challenge rift for every class each week. You are creating artificial scarcity for no good reason.Eigenscape53 4d
4d A Few Questions About Necro DLC 1) Since many Necro passives and skills relate to health management, will Death's Bargain be updated the same way Thorns was long ago? (Some considerations) Make them benefit from main stat Review other classes interactions with Life Regen Tweak leg item's range and affixes. . . 2) Observing that some classes are having 10 000 - 15 000 damage skills or item affixes, are there any plans to make all classes on par with that damage threshold? Update most skill damage Update Set Bonuses Update supporting Leg items and affixes. . . 3) Necro skills and passives make active use of some forgotten affixes or game mechanics, such as Life per Kill, Pick-up Radius, CDR after enemies condition or skill usage, another use for Health Globes, conditional control over Potion CDR, etc... Any plans to bring other properties into play in future patches? Make other classes make use of such mechanics Make Pick-up Radius affix extend AoE of skills or Leg powers Create more uses to Health Globes Create a use for Nephalem Globes Bring more potions into game with CDR control mechanics. . .SapodoDiabo3 4d
4d Mace Of Crows Transmog Lost Seems like i somehow lost the transmog. cant find it at Myriam but.. I know i have it already cause i have a few weapons with the transmog added. gone at Myriam still. anyone else experience this ?SuperFoolDk7 4d
4d "Possible Properties" - Very Misleading Possible properties: 1) Thorns Damage 2) Monster Experience 3) Pickup Radius 4) Reduce Controlling Effects 5) Chance of fear on hit 6) Ignores Durability Loss 7) Reduce level requirement - Now my thought was that that my chance at getting the "Reduce level requirement" enchant was 2/7 (because you get 2 possible chances at this and there are 7 possible properties). However, this thinking was wrong because the odds at getting each property are not equal. Ive realized this after spending hundreds of rolls on different items trying to reduce the level requirement and it doesnt hit it. In fact, I'm alt tabbed and counted 50 (yes fifty) different attempts to get the "reduce lvl requirement" property roll on a generic helm of command and it hasnt hit) So what exactly is the chance at hitting the "reduce level requirement" and why cant the property roll percentage be shown instead of just listing all possible combinations? (and its not just rng bad luck... the "random" number generator algorithm of 7 possible options would never have a string of 50 properties in a row without hitting on at least 1 of the options.)ACK12 4d
4d Do you hate primals too? I'm not buying the Necro pack because I'm not sure I'll be around. Primal ancients have pretty much ruined the game for me. I get so disappointed when a crappy primal drops (or I craft one) and getting one I can use (I have two) simply reminds me how many crappy ones I've saved/burned. I quit for a week after getting a primal Andariel's Visage It has "more Fire damage taken" of 10% i.e the MAX! You would think it would be the minimum roll. Worse than useless, it's an insult. I used to love this game, I absolutely loved it when Ancient Legendaries were introduced. I love Kanai's cube. I love to grind leg gems as high as I can for augmenting ancients. I'm not sure exactly why I feel so bad when I get a primal. I guess any substantial change will have it's detractors, primal are mine (sigh). On the bright side, I'm looking forward to Challenge Rifts. Maybe I can just ignore primals and go with what I love about the game. We'll see.Caracal70 4d
4d Lacocious the Diseased Hey guys - I know this is an old achievement for Hardcore, but I would like to finish this and it is the only rare monster I have to kill. I have been running in campaign and adventure (of course with no luck). I thought if I had a teleportal open in campaign mode near the Plague tunnels, that when I started a new game the portal would still be there as it is in some instances throughout the campaign game. Can someone give me the up-shot on this please. ty.Snowman0 4d
4d Greater Rift's fishing and me. It gets annoying. I'm sure I can finish a gr 100 but I haven't had any luck with the maps and type of mobs I'm getting. Enraged Phantoms, Soul Lashers, Impalers... (The damage these mobs do is ridiculous when there's more than 3 of them). The maps once you get a cave or anything with small corridors is very hard to stay alive or kill anything on higher gr. I managed to clear a gr 97 in 12 minutes because there were 0 of these types of mobs in the rifts. Then there's the troll rifts. I'm playing a gr 100 and everything is going amazing on the first level only to get to the second floor and find a bunch of Soul Lashers on a good map. There's no escaping these types of mobs. Teleporting like a maniac to try to get to the next floor because you can't stay to fight them. The game play is very frustrating this way. I play almost every class and it's the same story with every class. I think those type of mobs should do less damage or at least not spawn so many in one area. Anyways, I hardly post anything here. I'm just frustrated with my luck. RNG is RNG but having to restart the game and waste so many keys is not fun.NCreature29 4d
4d New in-game store??? Q: How do I purchase the Rise of the Necromancer pack? A: For PC, you will be able to purchase both directly through a new in-game store front or via the Blizzard Shop. For PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, you’ll want to purchase through the PlayStation™ Store or the Xbox One Store respectively. What else can we expect to buy from this in-game store, I doubt Blizzard made this only for Necromancer pack? Can we buy more pets, wings, character slots, stash tabs...?Shark22 4d
4d Empowering Regular rifts Posted this in this topic and it was suggested I make it a separate topic. So the idea is to empower normal rifts, similar to grift empowers but you receive these buffs. -Increase the amount of Death Breathes that drop (by 1-2, so t13 will have a chance to drop 3-5 DB per elite) -Increase legendary drop rate (perhaps not this one as there would be no way to verify the increase and hence complaints could arise, but could be awesome) -Increase mat drop rate (arcane dust, forgotten soul... etc) Alternatively, they could be a weekly event buff you add to your game, like what Misscheetah said ...TheNewEffect4 4d
4d Odd fear effect So i am playing my witch doctor having a grand time and i notice something odd. as i'm walking a skull would just appear above me every now and then, and of course all the enemy's would run away from me. i found this odd due to the fact no gear i have creates this "aura" if you would. so i looked into my ability and passives. nothing is stating "hey every so often you just let off a fear effect" any one got any idea whats causing thisDemonknight3 4d
4d Can the Necro pack be gifted to a friend? Anyone have the answer?Pr0ph3cyX4 4d
4d Diablo 3 UI-Team, Please Concider. Hello All, I'll make my point short and sweet before adding my comments below. -Please add a "Search Box" in the Stash. -Thank You! This added feature would greatly increase time spent playing and less on searching for newly acquired loot. I imagine similarly to World of Warcraft "Inventory Bag Search" typing in: "royal" would grey out everything in my stash that doesn't fit the criteria of the search and I could easily see that ring of royal grandeur that I was in need of quicker. I have always had the attitude of greatly welcoming changes I love in patches and positively embracing the ones I'm not as excited about. This would be a quality of life change for all of the Diablo 3 community. Thanks for your time and consideration. Regards, SaiosonRyyu0 4d
4d Please make barb fun like it was in this video Back then I played him for 4500hr why? it was fing fun that's way. With all the buff to all the classes. they can keep up now Please put him back like this I will love you for it.Evil1 4d
4d Necromancer Leveling feedback So I got into the Necro Beta this evening and I wanted to share my feelings on the class after leveling it to 40. This is very early and very initial feedback so take it for what it's worth. Pros: - I really love the general feel of the class, it has all the flavor of the Diablo 2 necro, but translated to have the speed and power of the Diablo 3 classes. - Corpse Explosion is basically the best spell ever made. - Pets will attack like the Witch Doctor pets, randomly hitting whatever is near. However I love being able to trigger a pet active ability which instantly forces your pets to slaughter whatever specific target you want. That's great and it gives players more control over pet builds. Cons: - Revive sucks. Like it is a cool idea, being able to raise 10 minions from the enemies you just slaughtered. However these minions don't last very long and aren't useful since you basically already murdered everything in the area in order to raise them. So by the time to find more enemies, the minions expire and it is a wasted spell. Even with the passive that buffs how long they live it still stinks. - I don't like that skeleton mages are short lives minions either. By the time they spawn and pick a target, they die. You might get mages to hit a boss a couple of times, but the damage output frankly isn't very good which makes them a waste. That's my brief feedback from leveling to 40. The Necro feels like it is going to be really awesome and my Cons are easily fixed with legendaries and sets. So we have to see what happens when actual Necro gear starts getting introduced into the beta.Pricecut7 4d
4d Game freezing every 5-10 seconds, win 10 [solved] Not sure if this will help anyone else out. But my game was freezing every 5-10 seconds, which made doing any of the later GRs pretty much impossible. Changing to 32-bit version didn't help, turning down graphics didn't help. After the Windows 10 Creator's update it re-enabled GameDVR by default which is what causes the slow downs. There's tons of info on how to turn it off but if you want to turn it off forcefully with some registry edits - How to turn off Xbox DVR through the Registry Editor If you do not have an Xbox account and are not signed into the Xbox App you can disable Xbox DVR by using the Registry Editor. Open Registry Editor (Run > regedit) Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore Set the value of DWORD "GameDVR_Enabled" to 0 Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\ Create key "GameDVR". Create DWORD 32bit called "AllowGameDVR" and set to 0 Restart your computer. Hope this helps someone else!Aulsair3 4d
4d We really need "Adventure" in Rifts I just checked the latest zone (on their YT video) and it looked pretty neat. However, it is quite sad that we'll never really see it outside of occasional bounties. It would be nice to have some events in Rifts. It would be nice to have rewarding exploration (looking at you, hidden room from Barb ruins... with nothing inside while doing a regular Rift).DoomBringer6 4d
4d krip has some wise words 4d
4d How to save $15 on 6/27 Dont buy the Necro pack. Save it for real Diablo fans and supporters. If your over 500+ paragon its worth the extra character and the 2 stash. Dont know why people complain, if you dont want it, simply dont buy it. Me in the other hand, I will buy it. Been playing Blizzard games since the old Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo.RAGNAROK2 4d
4d necro payment method If i turn a wow token into bnet funbucks, will that be able to buy the necro?generatedtag4 4d
4d 15$? nope, my socks are still on. So far I haven't seen anything in the expansion that's really going to knock my socks off. For 5$ I would have at least tried it tho. In fact if D3 was in a good state, I would probably be willing to pay 20$+ Edit: I lied, I'm probably gonna buy it anywayfrogg62648 4d
4d New Player's Perspective on Difficulty and Set Bonuses Hello, I’m a relatively new Diablo 3 player, only just got the game a few weeks ago, and I felt it was time to give my two cents on the difficulty of the game, as well as the way sets effect it. I’ve just completed the main seasonal journey and wanted to throw in my two cents. I am aware that much of what I will say is known by most people around here, so don’t expect much new. But I want to get this out anyway, because I feel that as a relatively new player (I only ever played some Torchlight II and Path of Exile for a bit like, four years ago, this is my first “real” Diablo game), that I might be able to at least offer a different perspective on things. Firstly, I’ve been having a lot of fun with the game in the lower Torment levels, and feel like I’ve been progressing very consistently. I’ve been swapping pieces of gear in and out, trying new Legendaries, feeding dupes to Kanai’s Cube, and slowly but surely getting stronger. I feel as if I have had plenty of room to experiment and come up with potential builds. I’ve been going for an Acid Cloud/Wall of Death build mainly, shooting for eventually using the Helltooth Set. Been running lots of Poison to keep Bad Medicine procced for my Monk buddy. I lucked out and got two of the set pieces from the Cube and the Blood Shard merchant respectively, so I was able to hit Torment 4 pretty well. I also got Jeram’s Bracers from a friend, which quickly grew to be one of my favorite items in the game. More on that later. So, I decided to try my luck at Torment 5 and 6, and while it was definitely challenging and enemies soaked up a lot of damage (I’d certainly never try and run Greater Rifts at these levels right now), it was doable. I felt really good about being able to topple Diablo at T6 solo through sheer stubbornness. I was curious, though, about the real effect that the 2pc set bonus from my Helltooth gear was having, so I decided to take off one of the pieces and see how I fared. Suddenly, my DPS took a nosedive, with regular enemies suddenly becoming overwhelming and elites being an absolute bear, with only the burst damage from Wall of Death able to make any significant dents in anything, and only if I was lucky enough to get enemies to go through all three walls. It was disheartening, to say the least, to see just how much of my damage was reliant on a set bonus rather than my build or my combination of gear. It wasn’t any real synergy that I’d discovered, it was just a massive bonus that overwhelmed any and all other bonuses from the rest of my build. And then comes the seasonal end, and all of my party mates got their full sets. I did, too, but Zunnimassa wasn’t a set I was particularly interested in at the time, so I decided to push forward with my makeshift Helltooth-in-progress. Friend loads up the game on Torment X, which was way higher than anything I am prepared for (I had entered a multiplayer game at T7 earlier in the week with my 2pc Helltooth set and was barely able to keep alive). Needless to say, I was unable to do much of anything. Knowing that I either had to shape up or ship out, I put on the Zunnimassa’s Haunt set just to stay somewhat on par with the party, but due to inexperience with the build and a lack of other on-hand equipment to allow me to take full advantage of things, I was still left more or less buffing teammates and distracting enemies with very little to do myself, as I was totally lost on how to properly spec my skills. The huge leap between us was just unreal. It was nothing like one party member getting a piece of gear and then shining for a while, it was just insane. Even with Legendaries, one player getting one doesn’t make them completely eclipse other members of the party, where with set bonuses, the difference between 5pc and 6pc is the difference between playing comfortably with friends and shooting four or five difficulties ahead of them. I came to the conclusion that this is due to the ludicrous damage increases given by the full sets. 2500% damage increase on Zunnimassa is just nuts, as is the 1400% bonus and the 1500% Necrosis damage from Helltooth, but before I talk about that, I want to bring up Jeram’s Bracers again, as I feel that they are a very well balanced and well implemented piece of gear. Jeram’s adds a modest 100% damage to Wall of Death on a perfect roll, and allows you to cast the spell three times instead of one before cooldown starts. This is perfectly respectable, and takes an already primarily defensive skill and makes it a monster in terms of crowd control and funneling enemies. Slapping Grasp of the Dead down in rooms, tossing down Piranhas, then coating the ground in fire and picking off anything that’s left with Acid Cloud felt really good! Jeram’s Bracers add versatility to Wall of Death without robbing other abilities of anything. Rather, it enhances your ability to use other spells by giving you more options. Suddenly, covering multiple chokepoints becomes possible and lets you be more creative with your positioning and your skill set. And, most importantly, Wall of Death is still an excellent skill even without Jeram’s Bracers. All the Bracers do is enhance it in a way that offers the player more control over how they use it, without interfering with their ability to use other attacks because it’s a single piece of gear, so you can totally stack other skills onto other gear and go to town. It’s way more interesting than just buffing the raw numbers. Then we get back to Necrosis, and it has many of the same functions as Jeram’s Bracers in terms of increasing versatility. It adds a slow, a DoT and some other offensive/defensive debuffs to enemies, allowing the player more freedom in how they position themselves, in their builds due to now having several of their core abilities come with automatic CC, and changes the way you approach your abilities. But where it differs from Jeram’s Bracers, and where it ultimately becomes a huge problem, is that the damage from the DoT is absolutely absurd. 1500% damage per second for ten seconds is nuts, and absolutely dwarfs anything even Jeram’s Bracers can add to Wall of Death. Higher Torment levels require this kind of boost just to get by, utterly eclipsing any other build choices by a country mile. Who the hell cares about 100% more damage from the Bracers when there’s 1500% more damage just for wearing two set pieces, and then another 1400% for the 6pc bonus? Hell, why is the 6pc bonus so nonsensical? The Witch Doctor has an overabundance of status and debuff skills at his disposal, so one would think that the final bonus for something like the Helltooth Set would be something like increasing the damage against stunned/Feared/slowed targets. Imagine it, imagine if it were a bonus against slowed targets and you could run Devouring Swarm on your Locusts, or Haunt, or even Spirit Barrage and proc the effect. What if the effect wasn’t even just straight-up damage? What if, instead of arbitrarily boosting really specific skils, it just did a full-scale debuff on enemy defense like Piranhas do, making an already excellent build for crowd control and debuffs even better, and giving them even more support rolls in team play? Why not add limited life-on-hit for every DoT you proc? What if you could get bonus damage against enemies who are Feared/Stunned/Charmed, allowing the Witch Doctor to run risky plays by dashing into mobs and using Horrify, then slaughtering them? What if Necrosis gained the ability to spread to more enemies, rewarding the player for taking advantage of the many CC skills the Witch Doctor has to bottle mobs up and infect them all with crippling debuffs with minimal casts? But no, no, instead, we get a random buff to a handful of damaging skills by casting another damaging skill. Not even hitting anything with it, just casting it like a required buff stick. Because screw pushing the player to use an ability like Wall of Death with some caution so that they don’t get caught unawares by a mob they didn’t properly contain before the cooldown hit, just force them to throw it into empty space so they can get buffs even if you’re on the move and have no need to stop and contain anything. You have to, or you lose your arbitrary 1400% damage bonus on totally unrelated skills. Because reasons. And this is how it seems to be for every class. Just shove them into a predetermined skill set with hand-picked skills and if they don’t use specific skills to “activate” their damage, they don’t get to play in the higher difficulties. There was another game that did this, too. It introduced asininely high difficulty ceilings that could only be beaten with cookie cutter builds, which eventually had to have specific class items created for them in order to keep up when they introduced new, tougher sub-difficulties which did little to actually increase the difficulty apart from buffing enemy health to absurd levels. It was called Borderlands 2, and its endgame was trash. And like Borderlands 2, Diablo 3’s endgame is less about actually improving your character and more about using very specific items that buff you stupidly powerful damage buffs because the numbers have become so inflated that anything else doesn’t work anymore. Honestly, it makes me want to restrict myself to only ever using two parts of a set at any given time, have fun hunting for neat Legendaries with fun effects, and just keep my game around Torment 4-6, only wearing full sets when I have to in order to play with friends on higher difficulties. Most Legendaries have really neat powers, like this one set of gloves I found that gives me a shield whenever I get hit by an elite mob for the first time, which has saved me a number of times from cheap shots from surprise mobs, or silly things like the Arcstone. I’m quite fond of running Pandemonium Loop with Horrify and watching entire mobs explode. Things like that are way more interesting to me than just giving me thousands of percent worth more damage just so I can brag about how I beat my face against a wall on a higher difficulty that did nothing but inflate the numbers specifically so I could have *less* options. Of course, this would mean admitting that the most fun way to play the game is to force myself to stop with part of my character progression in a game about constant character progression. Which, well, sort of defeats the purpose. I suppose I’d still be getting more passives for the Cube and hunting for good rolls on my Legendaries, but still, the idea that I need to artificially restrict myself is silly. And it’s not because I want a challenge, but because the game’s way of adding more “challenge” doesn’t actually make it more challenging, only less fun. Personally, I’d rather stick to the lower end of the Torment scale where I can get the same level of progression from Legendary gear but with way more options at my disposal than the same six green items. In conclusion, I feel that set bonuses need to be toned down drastically to bring them in line with the rest of the game’s items. Bringing the rest of the items up to their level would only serve to further increase the overly-prominent number inflation, when what’s really needed is a stat squish between the gear in order to fix having seventeen difficulty levels for no good reason. I don’t honestly care if some players don’t want to feel like they “lost power” from nerfs when that power is causing such a disgusting amount of problems for the game at large. There is absolutely no justification for numbers like 2500% to even exist on pieces of gear the way they do now except to artificially bloat the higher Torment difficulties, which is not a good justification at all. If the set cannot exist by having a more creative ability than “makes you do millions more damage” and nothing else, then in my opinion, it should not exist at all. tl;dr Set bonuses are stupid as they are currently and should be nerfed, the upper difficulties are nothing but number inflation. Game is still tons of fun below T7, plenty to do, way more viable items, so why not?Prankman10 4d
4d CLAN LOOT "Clan Loot" Can you PLEASE put a feature to PERMANENTLY turn off this. In the options menu or something. I'm sure you can figure it out Blizzard. It is very annoying to have to change this every time I log in. Thank you! :-)BigBird4 4d
4d Thank you, Blizzard Trolls be damned, but I wanted to thank the Diablo team for giving me an opportunity to test out and share my experiences with the Necro and the latest patch. It's been amazing and it was fantastic to see it develop throughout the course of the beta.Horseman4 4d
4d why are you sticking up for blizz so hard every game mode i click on has 4 or less players in a public game on every single torment mode, i can't find a single person to play with. and one new class costs 15 bucks? a character and a half on league costs 10 dollars. pettyAeroga33 4d
4d Season11-Pls remove Haedrigs gifts (season journey set) Hey Diablo community Firstly, I play every season reset competitively as a race - with my goal to be the first to complete the season conquests on the NA server (usually "divinity", "speed demon" or "on a good day" - as they coincide with progressing through the game). Playing in a competitive group of four, we manage to complete any of the three conquests above within 10-12 hours of the start of the season reaching paragon 400-500. The issue that I have with the free 6 set is - Rushing to complete the season journey as soon as you hit lvl 70 is BY FAR the the most efficient way to play the game (It's not even close). It takes about an hour to do all the pre-requisite season journeys missions and then all 4 members of your party receive a 6 set which in turn means you can run rifts on torment 9+ quickly (depending on the 6 sets received). This effectively lets you skip torments 1 - 9 and from there you grind your way up to torment 13 & GR 75 within the next 6-8 hours. - This greatly reduces the longevity of the game. - It eliminates the use of 95% of uniques you find because they don't work with your 6-set (and are not nearly worth sacrificing the 6-set for). - It makes certain classes who receive certain 6-sets far overpowered. - All deaths breaths are spent on upgrading your best in slot weapon to roll it to ancient (no flexibility in the expenditure of DBs (and blood shards to a degree)) - It makes the efficient method for leveling up far too rigid. If the free set was eliminated, players would be forced to make meaningful decisions when gearing and skilling their character, adapting to the loot that they find and will make a lot more uniques competitive until you organically find / gamble a 6 set (also makes it interesting that you don't know what 6-set you will find first). I understand that i'm a part of a minority in 'playing the season resets competitively' however I personally think it would improve the game to either - eliminate the free 6-set. - Make the season journey requirements MUCH harder to receive the haedrigs gifts - delay the ability to receive the haedrigs gift by 24 hours+ TLDR: - Free 6-set makes me able to complete majority of content within 8-10 hours - eliminates the majority of gearing up decisions - delay the ability to receive haedrigs gift by 24+hours please P.S. Would love to see some more variance in seasons e.g You need to complete the campaign before you are able to participate in adventure mode (nobody plays campaign anymore (bring back the story of D3!!))JFknWoodBaby34 4d
4d Console or PC for Necro Pack? Just kind of a poll of sorts. I'm personally planning on playing the Necromancer on Console(PS4). I have a semi-unstable connection, so its a lot less frustrating to be able to go offline when its down. I'm excited to play a new class and am not worried about the meta by making this choice. How about you?Babiyes6 4d
4d Realm of Trials In anticipation of the release of 2.6 with challenge rifts i've just remembered that before unification of greater rifts stones there was a "waves" arena. Imho it could be no less fun than the upcoming game mode. And basically it was already in the game. Why not to implement it again. What do you think about it?Kilagram5 4d
4d STOP the cross platform rewards. I'm getting tired of having to play other games I don't want to play to get an item in D3 that I should be able to earn from a game I PAID FOR. If your into the other games, then ok but if you DON'T like or want to play other Blizzard games your stuffed. And to make it even worse you can't even get the items unless you play with a friend, WTF are you doing? Your punishing people who paid for your game. I don't care that HOTS is free to play, I don't like games that rely on others for my enjoyment, It's why I play D3 solo. Plus considering your player base is only high for a few weeks after a new season. Most my friends are not even about to play another blizzard game with, that means I have to reply on a random person to team up with. I DON'T want to do that. STOP forcing me and others to do stuff outside of the game to get rewards. Feel free to do that on your FREE TO PLAY TITLES. But not on ones I PAID for. You wouldn't see the WOW community put up with this crap and they wouldn't have too because Blizzard knows full well it would hurt there revenue.VINEUK122 4d
4d Sockets should be baseline for jewelry Ok, so I'm relatively new to the "later game" in D3, and... I mean... I'm looking at the whole legendary gem system, coupled with the fact that the hellfire amulet comes with a socket by default clearly to acknowledge that people always use leg gems once they can, since it's a major proponent of Grift grinding... and I have to ask... Is there a reason that sockets aren't baseline for jewelry? Let's be real, if a set jewelry piece that you intend to use doesn't have a socket, the question becomes "what am I sacrificing to get the socket?" It's not like other socketable pieces where gem slots are just "more stats," these are mechanical, synergistic necessities. Has this been discussed before? If so what was the response? This seems a no brainer. Like did blizz go to the "interesting decision" well? Because It's not "an interesting decision" to make on your build, these three slots must. be. socketed to be included in pretty much any build. Is there any playstyle or build that doesn't include 3 legendary gems once you can use them? I mean it's not a gamebreaker or anything, and maybe I'm not thinking in the "seasonal" headspace (I don't do seasons) where rolls matter more and you can't just guarantee yourself a socket, but... I don't know, the hellfire amulet having a socket by default seems to indicate that blizz knows that "yes you want this here, it's kind of important." So... why not do that across the board?Omedon18 4d
4d Add the Gift to be able to be used on rings/ammy We all know a ring without a socket is trash, 99% of the rings are trash rolls. It would open up so much more if we could socket rings and amulets with the gifts. You finally gwt a ring with near perfect or ideal stat category atleast, only for it to not have a socket. We ran into this same issue with weapons and they fixed it. Maybe next patch please add this. OR Allow us to put a legendary gem in any socket, but limit it to 3, i would be kinda ok with that.mƔşŦßĮąđƐ20 4d
4d No PREPAY ! It sure would be nice to have the ability to go ahead and purchase the Necro Pack now so at least that part would be done. Then when I get off work i can just jump right into the game.... just saying.mdrhoden1 4d
4d The point in playing after inferno /w no PVP? What is the point in continuing to play diablo 3 after completing inferno? What exactly are we gearing up for after inferno diablo has been killed? Why even put in all these adventure modes and neph trials when there is nothing further to look forward to, other than repeating the same content just accomplished, but on a harder difficulty? Why is Diablo 3 designed so that the game "really" starts at 60, but technically the game is completed by then? My drive, and reason I have kept playing diablo 2 on and off for 10+ years was for pvp. Without pvp, diablo 3 is just an empty shell - you progress passed each difficulty only to get to the max level as fast as you can, but for what? To 1 shot all monsters on the hardest difficulty, then tell general chat you killed a boss 13.6 seconds faster than him? PVP to me is the next phase in diablo 3 after completing the normal story mode. After you have proven you have what it takes to defeat all the quests and NPC monsters, I crave to see how well I stand against other players. No in-game quest/npc/monster/boss can provide a challenge such as this. It is a test of who is the quickest on the keyboard and mouse with the best impulsive decisions to survive. It separates who is really just a credit card warrior, or a highly coordinated player. It provides so much variation and surprise in each battle, that you can never "beat" PVP - there are always more challenges to accept ---> more room for improvement ---> more incentive to get better gearDurabolin4 4d
4d Bounty Mats With the introduction of the primal ancients, there has been a higher demand for bounty mats. With this perhaps the scaling of bounty mats per a torment level could be changed to this: Torment, Current mats, New Mats 1, 1, 1 2, 2, 2 6, 6, 6 7, 7, 8 8, 8, 10 9, 9, 12 10,10, 14 11, 12, 17 12, 14, 20 13, 16, 23 Just a simple quality of life improvement.TheNewEffect1 4d
4d Season Ending? First time playing in Season, when exactly does the season end? Is it tomorrow or Tuesday? Also do I need to get my stuff from my chests in season or does it all transfer? Your help is kindly appreciated :)Grimnasty3 4d
4d Necro pre-sale / pre-download? Hi, I'm just wondering... Is the Necro pack download through patch 2.6 and unlocked when you purchase (and to that point, why is there no pre-sale so that it's available when the maintenance is over ?) OR is the pack downloaded only once you make the purchase? I'd bet it's 99% the first option but, any confirmation? thxNephalem7 4d
4d Is Necromancer region free? ...franzkfk1 4d
4d 3 Plus Season Journey Season Journey Managed, I think because of no particular reason, to finish the Season Journey (Gaurdian) in all three Regions. Did not start to do this but after getting the free storage tap first one local then did the others. Then cause the season just kept on I though I could do the last bit if I went Hardcore. First one then the others. Because the Conquests there just seemed to apeal to me. A long Season. Sure many have done this.SherKan0 4d
4d Death Breath Gob We have every kind of gob in the game... Why not a gob that just drops Death the one with shards.. that be kinda sweetDEATHY23 4d
4d will the new zones appear in rifts/grifts? this would be the biggest "game changer imo". its very cool that they add more zones, but i do hope we get them in rifts, since that is where we spend most of our time :)Sortvind3 4d
4d Self-Found League So with the party buffs being out of hand as they are, and unlikely to be never balanced, as the dev team prefers there to be an incentive for group play; I thought of a brilliant idea for solo players. Enter 100% Self-Found, or solo-player league. A league where solo players can compete with each other on a seperate seasonal ladder without having to play against group players. The rules are as follows: - You may not join parties This would be ideal solution for both solo and group players, imo. Players who wish to play with each other could, and players who wish to play alone and compete with other people who play alone, could. Nothing is taken away from anybody, and everyone should be happy.Jee64 4d
5d I Don't want all the little stuff!! Non-combat pet: I don't want it or care about it!!! A pair of cosmetic wings: I don't want it or care about it!! New Necromancer-themed Banner Shape, Sigil, and Accent: I don't want it or care about it!! Necromancer Portrait Frame: I don't want it or care about it!! Pennant: I don't want it or care about it!! Two additional character slots: I don't want it or care about it!! Two additional stash tabs*: I don't want it or care about it!! All I want is the new necromancer class.. Why is all of this crap forced on you when all I want is the new class (and not for $15).. How can you charge $30 for an expansion with alot more content and then turn around and charge $15 for 1 class and stupid fluff?SadisticIV49 5d
5d USD only? I live in Canada and I have never bought anything from Blizz shop before so I decided to take a look to see how much the Necro will cost on CAD... but all the shop prices are on USD and I have not found anywhere to change it to CAD. The question is: Is there a way to change the currency or I would have to add USD using my credit card? If so, I am f..cked as the credit card exchange rates and fees will make the Necro really expensive and not worth it. Or will it be possible to buy a Blizz gift card or some other way to acquire the necro (for what I remember it would be online only through the shop but I am not sure)? I appreciate any clarification / help! ThanksPetrus8 5d
5d Primal ancients and team members I've been playing a lot lately with a friend. I've solo'd over GR70 and he has not. I hadn't seen a single primal, and I believe I'm overdue. Just now, I was playing solo and got my first primal drop. If I have players on my team that haven't solo'd GR70, does that prevent any primals from dropping for me?enchant21 5d
5d Necro main stat? Inteligence? Thanks!Unwind3 5d
5d Spears and spirits kill the game! Dear Blizzard, I really like the game Diablo, as well as the rest of your projects and I appreciate the work of developers, but some solutions just do not allow to enjoy the game. So many spirits. 4-6 hours, you can spend searching for a portal without monsters that you can not play with (spirits, spear, long tongue). For the game it is very important to be fascinating and challenging, where you can compete for a place in the table, demonstrating your character skills, ability to make decisions and perseverance in achieving your goal, and also a little luck. But, how to compete with the players, if this ability is spoiled by monsters that do not leave a chance of survival when there are a lot of them, which often forces you to leave the portal and start again. Postscript I apologize for errors, I used an interpreter for translation). Sincerely, a member of the Russian community.Lord17 5d
5d How to get necro pack for free I thought the price would be higher so wasn't gonna buy it right away, but for only 125k pretend gold from WoW, I can manage that. So in the end, it costs me nothing, just some digital gold that some kid will buy from me for the price of the necro pack. (You could argue that it's still not technically free, and you'd be right, but there is no money leaving my wallet so I consider that to be free)Primate25 5d
5d Testing dummy I haven't seen any discussion about the test dummies coming in the new challenge rifts. I know we have been ranting for years wanting one and the developers flat out refused. Now they added it but it looks like you can only use it with that build. Sometimes I swear the developers are masters at trolling.SoAngry10 5d