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Jul 2, 2012 6 rares from Inferno Belial Only ever seen this once. I had heard 5 was the max, so I was surprised. Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Possible Bug I am in AH and searched for some items. Found one I like and wanted to send the Link to my friends. I click on Quick Chat to bring up the Friend List. I click on a friend; it sent me back to the AH Item Search. I believe this worked before. Now it is not working. Or am i doing it wrong?ragnakore0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 To all people QQ-ing about price on AH I have seen a lot of topics with furious rage about how you needed tons of money to buy the proper gear to progress because unless you are a "big fat nerd" and you "can play 100 hours a day" (actual quote), this game is impossible. I'm not pretending AH is good or bad, but for every people thinking that them being stuck in the game is not a learn-to-play issue, let this be a lesson : How to beat inferno with less than 500k gold worth of gear bought on AH : Now that being said, inb4 "This game is too easy lol, can finish it with 400k omg" : -Yeah, the game is not that hard to finish, then again, it was never intended to -Also yeah, the game is about farming gear, and despite what some say, farming in this game is a lot more fun that most of farming method I know in other games so far. So if you don't like it, maybe you should just quit the game after diablo inferno.Tass0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Does the RMAH still ban you? Just checking if anyone got recently banned/suspended for "Auction House related issue." ? Happened to me about a week ago. Had to call early in the morning and had to wait 30 mins, but after that a customer service person Mark from accounts was able to unlock my account very quickly (after I answered my security question etc). I have a suspicion that if you have too many RMAH auctions going at the same time, it will ban you. I had like 10 going, then when I went to buy something, transaction failed then banned. However I was able to successfully buy something the other day, but I made sure I only had 1 active RMAH purchase or auction. Wasn't banned and I got the item. However will not be putting any new money in until Blizz fixes this system so that I don't feel like I'm playing russion roulette with their service!! Cmon Bliz, fix this!!!!Acesan1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Making the AH prices reasonable. I posted this idea in another thread and felt like making it's own thread to see what reactions people may have. Idea: Charge a 1% posting fee when you choose to set a buyout price. Charge a 15% fee only when an item is sold via bid. Intention: Removing 2bil buyout saturation due to the 1% fee but still making it feasible to actually have a buyout option. People like to post 2bil buyout to make their item appear on top of the buyout filter. I'm starting to see this trend catch on, especially on Wiz offhands. See for yourself. The purpose of this would be so that people who want to set a buyout have to carefully think about what they think the item is worth meanwhile encouraging bidding wars allowing the playerbase to compete on what they them self think the item is worth to them and not what the buyer thinks it's worth. If you think your item is worth 5mil then you will have to commit to it by putting a buyout of 5mil and paying 50k to post it. If you don't want to take that risk you have the option to put it as a bid and let the buyers decide what they want to pay for it at a higher % fee but no upfront risk to your self. Most people won't want to take that risk of an upfront cost unless the item is REALLY good which would over time create a better economy creating more buyers and more reasonable prices. imo.kilo0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Hello Inferno! Been playing about a week, and I just my my 60 Barb to inferno. I've got around 52K life and run about 5K dps with decent gear. What I want to know, is, what's an average life/dps for a barb someone just starting inferno, and do I need to start piling on res at this point in lieu of other things like vit and LOH/leech? Constructive advice please!Ahab6 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 [SELL] 875 LoH, 780DPS, 181 Vit, Axe Also ignores durability loss. Accepting PayPal or gold bids. Bidding starts at 5 million / $15Jonnus2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 How to bring back the beloved Diablo It has been almost 2 months since the release of Diablo3 and the game is already boring for me. I have been playing regularly (2 hours/day) and I have played even more when diablo2 just released. It makes me wonder what went missing for Diablo3? What elements I enjoyed the most in Diablo2 but doesn't seem to be there in Diablo3? After some thinking I made the following list: 1.Change the legendary Items, I have to say, it has been the biggest issue for me for diablo3, not having the same wicked, good looking legendaries that have awesome stats like they did in diablo2. I remember read a blue saying things like "we didn't want everyone look the same that's why we made the legendaries worse than the rares". Frankly, I think the opposite. Well look at us now, every one look exactly the same in ilvl62,63 models. Every time I'm in a public game I look the same as someone who's my class, just in different colours. Me and my friends joked about how we looked like power rangers the other night. Change the legendary stats, make every one wear them and be excited finding them! After all the drop rate for them is so so small, it will not end up with every one in the same set. Remember how ridiculously hard and FUN it was to completing a set in Diablo2? Well we want that =). 2.Make the icons of a rare item change after identifying it. What's the most exiting moments in Diablo2 for you? For me it has to be those moments u right click on a red scroll and left click on a gold item that you have just found then POOF it turns to orange and the shape of that item on the icon changed to something unique! I want to do that in Diablo3! Currently identifying rare items in Diablo3 is not fun at all, after farming my bags to full I sit there and right click on everything that will not change the way it looks, nothing to expect. Change it, make us hoping for something dramatic would happen when identifying items =). 3.Give us skill points. I know in definite that you will not change this one but I really want to say that the skill points system was more fun in Diablo2. It made every character unique. It made mage like classes able to go tanky and beefy classes hit hard if they want. It's all about variety game play styles. I like how the current skill system works, but players need more options than that. Give them skill points, let them spend skill points on their favourite stats, make them spend large amount of gold to reset their builds. (a good way to recover gold too!) 4.Increase the level cap. It's just not right to hit max level by not even completing the hardest game mode. There won't be people complaining about the difficulty of inferno anymore, just give them more level so they have room for improvement. If you can't beat inferno act 2 maybe you are too low on level. I still remember all the fun I had in Diablo2 farming my !@# off just to level so I could beat Mephisto in hell mode. It also makes the increase exp gain stat more valuable. Combining my point 3 and 4 would also increase the life of the game. There will be more players trying out new builds and spend more time leveling. I loved all blizzard's games, I think Diablo3 is a great game, with a little twist it would become the legend once Diablo2 was! Well I studied and loved game design but these are just my opinions. I hope it helps the game by even just a little bit! Please also excuse my English, It's not my home tone. I'm from China, live in Sydney. =) G'day!Stnaux15 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 I was on the radio talking to Andy Mcnamara From His voiced a similar opinion that I've had where he thought the storyline was borderline poorly written (I made a reference to the fact that Diablo was now coming out feminine looking) That said he did say he found the game still strangely hypnotic for the "hit and loot" factor. With the most recent patch, I'd agree now. Its now much more fun. I've even started up a new barb. That being said, can we please do something about the stats on the items? It seems that all the ilvl61,62,63 items I'm finding are somehow coming out with lower stats than some of my ilvl55 gear. I understand the idea that you can't have all high stats just based on the ilvl of the rare item. But its hella weird seeing a ilvl 55 outstatting the ilvl 61,62,63 consistently. The ilvl 55 items I'm referencing were pre-patch. I'm actually wondering if this was a new feature now purposely pushing the chance for good stats down?Beldin1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Doing a 180 on punishment Many eons ago it feels like, I remember waiting for this fantastic game-to-end-all games to come out - Diablo 3. Almost daily, I would go & visit fan sites. Visited gaming news sites. Searching & reading absolutely any scrap of information that came onto the interwebs about it. Whether it was an interview translated from Korean, or a hidden blue post on some random forum. Damn I was a nerd. But I wasn't alone I am sure. One thing I noticed & remember from all of this was a mindset that the developers & the team had about diablo 3. There was a central overriding theme that governed so many of their decisions. It was that they "didn't want to unnecessarily punish the player". There were a bunch of little developer updates & things. They said that gaming has modernized. It has gone faster, more fun, more streamlined & punishing the player was & is an outdated game model. Gee, I remember a few examples: ... So yeah, there were alot of design decisions that centralized around making it easy & fun for the player. At one point however, I think it was around early betas, it seems blizzard did a 180, and started going backwards on their design mantra. Blizzard started to change things going backward to more punishing mechanics, and slowly but surely, these are now in game. I'm sure you can think of them. (Enrage timers, inferno difficulty, public game monster buff, etc etc) Somehow, I can't help but feel that they went too far with damage control. I like a challenge, but I also like to have fun. And in a modern game environment, punishing players simply doesn't work. So yeah, are people with my mindset simply 'carebears'? Or is there a valid thought process to having too many 'punishing' mechanics?Jatacid1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Pls make Legend/set items dye-able... Why? because the color you put on them are UGLY! and their color do match with other items. We want it in OUR style, simple as that. Sign pls if you agree :)Newtype1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Grom Post 1.03 Inferno Guide to kill him First off i wanna say that I do believe this boss is basically broken in Inferno mode. I know this is going to be a gaint wall of text but I am going to share with people how i killed him in depth post 1.03 patch. So please keep reading. I am not sure if you can still kite this boss like a range class has to and should. I have tried this on my wizard and failed miserably. The gas in the room fills up since he puts gas on the player and the player has to move plus you take damage the moment he casts it on you and the gas stays in place a very long time. I am not certain how long it stays there before it goes away. There have been reports on these forums that people have still kited him around even after patch 1.03 and the whole room basically fills up. If you do use this method you have to start in either a clockwise or counter clockwise direction and be certain not to move around to much once you move out of the gas. So the player is placing the gas right next to the other spawn of gas to maximize the room space. Only problem with the kite method is you use the whole room up and by the time you get back around to where you stared. The gas that you started with is still there. Atleast that has been my experience. I do not believe this encounter is doable in a 4 man group and the reason why i say that is Grom will put gas on all 4 players and the room fills up even faster. All the players would have to stay very close together and would have to move to the same place together even at the same time. But the gas cloud does way to much damage and 99% of the players here don't even stand a chance. Even if your well gear but not necessarily maxed out in the best gear possible. You probably just wont hardly put a dent in him without filling up the room with gas. However I was able to solo him on my barb and this is what you need to be able to do this encounter. Setting up the barb to handle Grom requires a very specific spec and gear. This is what my barb had at the time of the encounter. 45k Life. avg of 850 resist actual 830 in poison. 7100 armor with war cry buff running impunity, dps only 5700, 1150 life regen and 1350 life on hit. Barb had the following spec Nerves of steal, Relentless, Superstition. I tried many times and that was the best spec i could find that would work for Grom. Grom does way to much damage. Relentless is what really made the difference for me. Relentless give a barb 50% damage reduction under 20% health. My barb stayed just under 20% health the whole time never went above it. A few times Grom will get a decent crit on you and your health will drop down to 2 or 3 % or even less. This is where you will need to use Overpower specced as Revel to get your health back up. Even if you dont have any crit gear you should be fine in 15 sec. Since crits from Grom dont happen a lot. I recommend of course frenzy as your main attack specced for smite to have the stun chance. If you happen to have a high crit chance it will help to reduce the 15 sec cooldown on Overpower. I personally didnt have any crit gear. I hope this in depth information helps those tring to kill Grom. It would be wise to find a geared barb or monk with very high life on hit and regen to help you get past him for those having trouble. The barb could solo it with a 4 man group with the other 3 players dead but it would probably take atleast half hour or 45 min depending on the dps of the barb. Last but not least! Yes I think its retarded that Grom is this hard and needs this type of setup to be beaten. Grom needs to be nerfed. Blizzard please fix. Thank you!evilorc17 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 What are repair costs based on? Lastnight was the first time I played since about a week before the 1.0.3 patch, then I stopped for a while. So I decided to get my wizard up to level 60 lastnight (from 55) and that's when I noticed how ridiculous the repair bills are. Not only did I level up, I brought my DPS from 4000 to 9000 lastnight investing in gear on the AH (that's what were supposed to do right blizz?) that also includes gold I'm now 145% GF. How are people like me supposed to play effectively? I didn't die too much but ended up with repair bills of 13,000 to 23,000 ...... this is only on hell?!?! I'm trying to earn gold to buy better gear so I stand a better chance and don't die, but trying to achieve this is near impossible because of the repair costs soaking up any gold I'm making. These repair bills are nuts, am I now expected to have a second set of gear that's indestructable so I can farm to repair my gear? I jus't don't understand the logic here, they are going to fix the "issues" with people swapping MF gear, but the repair bills forcce us now to have IND. gear to earn gold for repairs?? I'm just confused is all.GRNDPNDR0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 [Cost Guide]: Crafting Gems [NOTE: I posted this in "Crafting & Artisans", but the chart might be useful to players who don't often visit that forum, so I thought I'd post it here too.] PERFECT SQUARE Tomes: 3 Flawless Squares: 3 0k x 3 FSq = 0 Crafting: 30k Total Cost: 30k RADIANT SQUARE Tomes: 25 Flawless Squares: 9 30k x 3 PSq = 90k Crafting: 50k Total Cost: 140k STAR Tomes: 84 Flawless Squares: 27 140k x 3 RSq = 420k Crafting: 80k Total Cost: 500k FLAWLESS STAR Tomes: 264 Flawless Squares: 81 500k x 3 St = 1.5m Crafting: 100k Total Cost: 1.6m PERFECT STAR Tomes: 807 Flawless Squares: 243 1.6m x 3 FSt = 4.8m Crafting: 200k Total Cost: 5m RADIANT STAR Tomes: 2441 Flawless Squares: 729 5m x 3 PSt = 15m Crafting: 400k Total Cost: 15.4mHades8 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Selling Developer hell Feat of Str -Smash Jay really don't have much time to waste. If you need this achievement/feat of str, 50k and its yours. contact in game, killing in 5 minutesPyrogen7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 This Would Make The Game More Social Please, please, please bring back the chat rooms from D2. It was so nice being able to find people you would want to play with. Being randomly placed in a Public Game is terrible!!! It is such a waste of time, and if anyone joins them regularly, I'm sure they can relate. Also, it was a much better way for the community to organize itself. We could make our own 'rooms' and make them public or private. We could also SEE WHO WERE COULD TALK TO instead of the system that is now in place. It really really really cuts people off from the social aspect of D3. Please, bring it back Blizzard. Thanks, RM23RunningMan230 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Stupid lack of checkpoints in Act 2. So I pulled both waterway levers, saved Shen, killed Gavin, went all the way around the Desolate sands, got Kulles Blood from The Cave of the Betrayer, and then got nearly all the way to the end of the Vault of the Assassin but gave up after meeting a really bad affix. Today I intended to start again from the Vault of the Assassin. This is after finding loads of waypoints, mind, when I'm surprised to see myself back at Covetous Shen. I played for 2 hours without a checkpoint? Seriously?!RockandGrohl0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Constructive ideas to increase RMAH revenue In an attempt to help Blizzard realize it's goal of getting people to use the RMAH as intended, I was hoping to get a constructive conversation going on how to force people to buy their gear. This is not a troll attempt. This is a legit concern. The RMAH is what will fuel future content for this game. If you want the game to improve and succeed, you need to make it worth Blizzard's time. 1) Increase the RMAH cap to at least $1k. Leaving the cap at $250 is just going to force people to sell the top tier items on the black market. 2) Increase repair costs again. Most people are currently losing gold at too slow a pace. Your goal here is to have people spending about a dollar's worth of gold per death, so...around 30 - 50k per death would be more reasonable. 3) Buying items on the RMAH should increase their stats by about 15% upon purchase. You want players to feel as though their money is providing them with the incentive and means to win the game. A small items budget boost would get people bidding. 4) Increase the retail cost of the game from $60 to $399. You need to remove all means botters have of ruining the economy. Much like how you nerfed gold from jars, you need to make is so botters can't afford to keep buying the game each time you ban their accounts. Please feel free to add to the list, and please keep the trolling out of here.Zannis0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 AH Needs More Filters Three filters when you have items with 6 properties isn't enough. Especially when you get to inferno and really start to get picky about what stats you want on all items.Veyron1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 did u nerf mf gear rare drop or anything ? I am geting today only blus and when i get 5 valor 1 rare item from rare/champ packs. Its only today i am geting this loot but still i run 3 times in Act 3 now with 40champ/rare kills got only 1 time 3 rare and others only blu 1 rare item drop did u do today anything with mf gear or rare drop in act 3?i rly dont get it. I am farming act 3 with 260mf gear on all the time.SaleBG4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Infinite dungeons! Just a thought i had today. I am getting really bored of grinding the same routes over and over again in D3. I was thinking today that it might be cool to have dungeons that go on forever. They have randomly generated floors of whatever size, and also an unlimited number of floors. Perhaps every 4th floor could have some kind of boss like encounter. There could also be some sort of buff added that increased MF/GF for every floor you complete without being killed. If you die that buff resets or something. Just an idea.Wiggles19 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 ITEM lvl versus AFFIX level To avoid any confusion, this topic is about ilvl 63 items and ilvl 63 affixes (some of you call those "properties" or "stats"). Blizzard, you changed the chance to drop for ilvl 63 items in 1.0.3 to a lower value than it used to be before and enabled them to drop in lower areas of the game. In 1.0.3a hotfixes, you increased this chance. But all this time, there is something you never mentioned: affix level chances. Affix level overlap in a way that many times an ilvl61 can be way better than an ilvl63. We all see a lot of ilvl63 these days, but many of us salvaged entire full inventory batches of ilvl63 rares, being completely garbage. Now, lets clear up some thing. RnG is RnG, but we all felt you changed something, so I'm going to ask something very straightforward. Did you or did you not altered the minimum affix level and the chances for a max level affix to be on a ilvl63? This is not about ilvl, but about the level of the affix.Wye0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 An awesome idea for Arcane Sentry Buff its damage. And make it spammable. Actually, make every cast produce 7 of them. Yes!Vastik17 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why do people write "Warning: Long post"? We can scroll down to see how long your post is.Dawkins5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 "AuctionHouse" Deleted My Items Within "SELL" I was just playing some Diablo 3 and then i decided that i wanted some new gear. so i got to the auction house. i saw a Spear for Barb. 1384 Dmg for only 500k. so i bought it and i thought "maybe i can sell it for a higher price". so i got to the "Sell" thing. i put it in for 800k. after that i was tired so i went to sleep. next morning i logged in to check on my thing i was selling. and it was gone. i was thinking " YES 800k to me :)" but no. i checked on complete. NOTHING THERE. a few minutes later i checked again still nothing. then it a window pops up saying "Auction house not available". 2 hours later i could come in again. still nothing there. Im just wondering is this gonna be permanent? if u read all this THANK YOU. - Please Reply if its permanent and im not gonna get it back or if its a temporary thing - ThanksNext0z11 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 AH been down fo-eva. Come on Blizz, I need new gear :'(RockandGrohl4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why crafting should require more Tears... I don't know if you've noticed but while the price of Legendary Essence has remained somewhat stable around 1k+ gold, and Brimstone clinks around 150k gold, the Iridescent Tears have plunged all the way down to less than 100 gold. As we speak they are practically worthless. I think Blizzard needs to up the requirement of Tears for crafting as it would help to bring the price of Tears to reasonable level. Somewhere between Legendary Essence and Brimstone. Also, I just bought 8000 Tears for 600k...Tesla0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Jerky Game and FPS counter broken So I was viewing my fps on msi afterburner and it was showing a solid 60fps but the game still seems jerky and I wasn't sure if they had fixed this in the last patch. Anyway, it's still jerky and rather annoying. Occasionally my fps does drop when I level up but that's most likely my cpu. Also, I can't seem to see my fps in the in-game fps counter as it's stuck at 0. Is anyone else having these issues still?Drumlegend1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 best in slot items for a Monk is there a website or any info someone can toss my way please. i wish to try and figure what are the best in slot items for a monk. is there such a thing for d3? or will it be all rares? i was looking at the stormshield since it seems like the near ultimate shield for a monk.Xevas1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Only Activision can kill Blizzard I wrote this as a response to the "Blizzard is trembling" thread. but that thread has reached its maximum length, so I'll post it here: Activision/Blizzard is destroying itself. Before the merger, Blizzard was an innovative company that made great games. I was a HUGE fan. The mantra used to be "make great games and the money will follow". Now the company chases the money at the EXPENSE of making great games. Diablo 3 did sell a lot of copies, but that's only because of brand recognition. How much longer Blizzard games will sell based on brand recognition alone, only time will tell. But Activision is seriously hurting the brand. The best thing that could happen for Blizzard would be for them to split from Activision, but that probably won't happen until Kotick has sucked it dry, similar to how EA buys developers and sucks them dry, as well.Shostie5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Just My 5 Cents Worth. I've played Diablo 3 for more than a hundred hours as of today and I would just like to share my thoughts with whoever that happens to chance upon this. Firstly, I feel that much of the vitriol directed at the game stems from the perception that the company is out to make a quick buck off the Diablo 3 franchise. I believe that I like most others who bought the game, have no qualms about paying more for a great game but what irks us is the fact that we, the community, have been given short shrift in exchange for quick profits. The fact that the game was released in an unfinished state (server issues, buffed inferno mode w/o testing etc.) with mega hype and a blockbuster price led to major disappointment. However, like others in the community (those who lurk the forums hoping for change to happen, those still playing the game etc.) I/we believe that there is something Blizzard has done right about the game, that the game and franchise is still worth saving despite what has happened. We love Diablo and we hate to see it ruined, so please work with us to help turn this around. It is really sad to see players leaving the game in droves but it is still not too late to turn things around. I know that blues have a policy of not posting in threads they deem constructive but surely an acknowledgement that they have been read would not be too much. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My thoughts on the game: Artistic Direction: Personally, I like that we aren't trudging through black monotonous dungeons all the time although the game could use a little more gory and sinister elements. Eg. Haunting background music, sounds, more blood. AH: This is a real debatable one so please don't flame me on this. I feel that the AH was a good move in essence, where I could exchange good wizard drops I have found for good barb items. In theory I could exchange items I could not use for items of equivalent value that I could use from someone who has had a luckier time with barb drops. The problem with the AH lies in its execution. There are endless threads about how people are not getting what they paid for and stuff so I will not go further into it but suffice to say, the dupe bug and botters have royally screwed the economy. Also, a 15% commission for our transactions is far too high with the result that people are overpricing their items to make up for this huge loss. A 5% commission would probably have resulted in a far greater number of transactions which would have made Blizzard more money but... The Skill Sets: I have found this to be somewhat contradictory as we have been told that the idea was for us to use nephalem valor in the endgame to get loot but that we are also able to change skills to tackle different kinds of mobs. If the idea was for us to be flexible enough to change our skills to tackle different mobs, why are we being penalized for it? I do like that I do not have to make an entirely new toon to try a different build though. The skill sets have been a strong point of contention as most Diablo players prefer to allocate skill points as they see fit, compared to what they think is a dumbed down mechanic to appeal to a broader audience. The way I see it, Blizzard can definitely satisfy both parties. Notice we already have an elective mode, all Blizz has to do is expand upon it. Using non-elective mode, all runes are by default scaled to 10 points of effectiveness. With elective mode enabled, players are given 60 points to allocate among the runes they have chosen. Take maniac rune on frenzy for example: we get +4% damage as the default. By allocating more points to the rune, we get perhaps a +0.5% damage for each additional point allocated. Each rune chosen must have a minimum of 5 points perhaps, to prevent some OP builds got from stacking. Although it might be difficult to implement, it would go a long way towards build variety. Personalization: Just like in WoW, you could have items that allow you to rename the item or change the item description. You could allow more customization of armor sets. Seeing your character in the same armor all the time is boring and let's face it, the highest tier armor isn't always the best looking. Allowing players to choose which armor set they want on their character would bring more connection and variety to the Diablo world. For instance, if I already have the highest tier armor, then I should be allowed to change its look to any of the lower tier sets. This would also reward devs who worked on the lower level armor sets instead of seeing all inferno players having the highest tier look. Tier 13 for the barb is wicked cool. The idea of dyes is pretty good but why not take that one step further? Currently most gear has like two major colours, one the fill and the other the outline or accent. Why not make it so we can change the colours for both? Replayability: There could be some way to reward players who stick with the game and experience all its content. Say, increased stash for people who have more than one level 60 class. An account bound highest tier item or plan for each different class levelled to 60. Capped at 4 for a maximum of 5 different classes. By encouraging people to have more level 60 characters would also help deflate the economy as they also act as gear sinks. I also love the idea given by another member where he suggests that we can add sockets to our existing items in exchange for making it account bound, which would effectively take it out of the economy. Wow, a pretty long 5 cents. Tired now, peace out everyone.ChampChamp2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 GRIM DAWN anyone heard of it? I only just discovered it.. thoughts/opinions?iMoLaTe7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 I love D3 but who designed the word filter? word like K K K, L e s b o, m e t h are filtered? I actually went through a lot of words and found those among many. This game has plenty of blood, guts, death and lets not forget it's called Diablo. Let's not go overboard with the carebear BS.Woody0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 hotfix= lots of level 63 items w/bad stats? Been farming Act 1 since the hotfix. The drops rates are great now (i'm finding plenty of i63 items), but I'm getting a lot of iLvl 63 items with low damage and otherwise bad stats. Do I have to farm later acts to get a better chance of i63 items that actually have good stats? edit: I take back what I said in the first post - found a pair of i63 gloves in act 1 yesterday that I sold right away for 5 million, and other items worth millions.KingAdrock46 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Umm, wtf happened to inferno act 3? So, last hot fix, was there a serious buff to the elemental damage in act 3? Here is my situation, me and my room mate (My monk, His 2H dps barb) face smashed our way through act 3 all the time before this "hot fix". We tried 3 runs last night and we are getting wrecked by arcanes, molten, desecrator type ground elemental. I have INSANE amounts of defensive stats, and should be able to walk through an arcane line without instant dying.. my stats are this. 55k HP 7.5k Armor 40% Dodge 23% Block !!!!!1497 RESIST ALL!!!!! 30k DPS 1575 LoH (with a 1.40 atk speed weapon) Oh and did i forget to mention I run resolve (-25% monster damage) and conviction with submission (-10% Monster damage) and cripple wave (-20% monster damage) Someone please tell me why, with all these stats, I get hit for more then 1-2 seconds by an arcane or desecrator, and I'm dead. Before I was able to just stand in that !@#$ without even losing health. I'm also taking a lot more damage from just melee attacks from the big slow hitters too. TD;DR Go back to school and learn to read.Pest47 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 None of my friends play anymore.. I didn't have a lot to start, about 15 people I know were playing this game before I went on vacation, I was in Japan for 3 weeks, got back last week and.. no one is playing. Most of them havn't logged on for weeks. AH prices seem EXTREMELY high from what I can recall(A lot of 40-100 mil items), although the game seems the same. One of my friends said the game felt like a Re-hash of D2 and has no replayability. I tend to agree, as even getting to level 60 on one character you are forced to play virtually the same game 3 seperate times. I had hoped PVP would be something entertaining to do, but I hear no talk of it. So is that it?Shen8 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Underated Stat for chest peace. Reduce Damage by elites by 7%. Think about it, how much All Resistance do you need to get a 7% reduction once you've hit the 650 mark.Techies4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Horde/Jailer/Frozen/Waller Champ And Frozen/Waller minions! Z! This sucks! I can't even move! Can't even park them! And that is the only path on Bastion's Keep Skycrown Battlements Inferno! WTF!Nu4nn43 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 IMHO forum feedback is destroying D3 Ever wondered if D3 is in the state it is mostly because of majority of the players? Well think about it, taking away some good feedback posts conserned over the game in general, most feedback given here is selfish. You guys mention, and indeed you are right, a lot of problems with diablo, but most of them actually were generated by other players. Lets see: Inferno lvl: -Players complain D2 was too easy, Blizz gives them Inferno -Players rush through Inferno in the first days, Players complain Inferno is too easy. -Blizz fixes the exploits that made able to rush through inferno, Players complain Inferno is too hard -Blizz nerfs Inferno, Players complain again. Conclusion: Players actually want D3 difficulty to be compared to D2 but with a 1 notch over where they can chill while slaying some monsters and hunting for items. Was that Inferno difficulty fuss really needed? For the ones wanting the "difficulty" they have HC, if they want more than that, then they have to remember what a hack and slash game is. It will never be "difficult" you are playing against AI monsters, huge amounts of them, you will always beat them. Itemization: -Players complain that in D2 everyone was using the same items, due to the power of uniques/runewords. -Blizz removes the importance of uniques, and had randomization to rares. -Players complain that rares are better than uniques, rares are making the economy crazy, etc etc. -Blizz will upgrade uniques in the future. Conclusion: Again what was the point in this? In the end the goal is the same, everyone wants to feel powerfull, if a unique gives me that option why shouldnt i or everyone use it? And if we arent happy there is always that rare that "looks better" but with a minimal loss of stats. AH: Not sure where the idea generated from but go back in time and see the reactions: -People complain over having to go through forums/chat rooms in order to trade items -Blizz creates AH for D3 -Players complain about the creation of a AH -MMO players defend it -People complain over the creation of RMAH -People assume they will get rich and defend that the RMAH is the best thing ever -Now mostly everyone says that the AH destroyed the game. Conclusion:.......sigh...... Gold as a currency: -Apparently players complain that trading sojs/pgems/item for item is bad. -Blizz puts gold as currency forgetting that all it takes is 1 week of exploits and the economy will be broken (with exploited items ie: dupped sojs, they could always remove them). Now they cant remove the gold earned through botting/exploiting inferno early, and gold stays there -Players complain the economy is broken and sugest gold sinks -Gold sinks end up hurting more players that didnt exploit/sold items for millions early on, rich players dont get affected. Conclusion: there is now a low end economy and a high end economy, rich players can afford to drop millions on a sligh upgrade, average players dont sell anything since all the rich players already have the best items (in general). Item trading in D2 garanteed that if a player found something awsome he would get something awsome in return or a lot of lesser awsome things. Now with character variation broken (next topic) and itemization broken there is no chance. Characters: Dunno who dropped the ball on this one first, but i guess someone complained that assigning stats/skills was bad cause they didnt want to recreate a character for simple mistakes. (even though 1 or 2 respecs per char would fix that) Also complaints over everyone using the same stats/skills/bla bla. -Blizz removes assigning stats/skill points. Making a class a 1 time only. -Players complain again that it leads to no replayability (You dont say?) Conclusion: What was the prob with stat/skill points? Exactly 0. You go for a min/max build, fine, accept that others will have the same. You go for a out of the box build? Fine too, go ahead and put strenght in a wizard. But oh wait, now you cant have that cause Inferno doesnt allow out of the box builds (refer to the inferno problem back up) Char balance: This one is simple and the most screaming one that shows the quality of player feedback. Example: -Players steamroll inferno, on DH/Wizards with crappy gear doing average 50-100k dps -Barb (or other class with probs early on) players get the short end of the stick and have to gear up how they should be. -Blizz fixes the skills that allowed some classes to steamroll content with lesser gear. -Barb players stay the same (taking example of the barb now), nothing major changes for them since they are geared up anyway -DH/Wiz (again nothing personal but i bet its not a monk complaining :p) complain now that barbs are doing too well on inferno...Forgetting that the barbs in question, have all res gear, low dps, defensive spec builds, using shields. Conclusion: DUDES are you seriously requesting a nerf to a class because you cant facetank a elite pack while doing 50k dps FROM RANGE?? While the barb had to work for his gear,give up dps builds, have to use shields etc.....Seriously gear up a DH/wiz with all res gear up to 1k, grab a shield, pick defensive skills and i bet you can also facetank elites, but no, you wont be doing 100k dps in the process. If you would then we would actually have a problem. Think about it, imo if Blizz would have just hired game testers assigned to each class and then make them play the game from start till having inferno on farm, test economy options, etc, then i bet most issues we are having in Diablo 3 werent happening PS: Not saying that all feedback is bad, ive seen some great ideas here that would benefit the game with no penalty to anyone, ie: the using white items for crafting, the choice of destroying the gem or the item when un-socketing (item sink anyone, would make the economy grow again), are good examples of good feedbackMorph2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Hey Blizz, Fallen Overseer boss hit me for... 40k hp...... I have 90k hp, 1k res all, 6k armor, dual wielding. I regularly and easily do full clears of act 3. So imagine my surprise when i get smacked for 50% damage. CAN YOU PLEASE EFFIN LET US KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING? Do i go back to tank mode? What items and stats should i be looking for to help me play? Did you buff pickup radius to reduce damage maybe, i dunno, but at this point it may as well be the case. I AM THE PLAYER THAT FARMS YOUR HIGH END ITEMS SO YOU CAN GET MONEY FROM YOUR PRECIOUS RMAH, I will not be playing until you pull your collective heads out of your collective asses and figure out wtf you did. That is that much less awesome items that will be in circulation now. This was between yesterday (7/1/12) and today (7/2/12). This IS AFTER THE SUPPOSED INFERNO STEALTH BUFF. DID YOU STEALTH BUFF IT AGAIN over the weekend? RIP hardcore chars......Aurust29 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 The Game is not fun and hope dwindles I can only be honest here, I am a Diablo 2 player starting in patch 1.07 and have played ferociously all the way until 2010. I was there when they changed the spawns of items in patch 1.09, I was present when Occy rings, Bugged Valors, Iths plagued the game. I was there when you were put into a queue to join or create a room "You are in position 20193". Diablo 2's problems were vast and broad..but it was still enjoyable. So here I am now asking you this, why is Diablo 3 not as enjoyable? The problems that Diablo 2 had were much worse then anything Diablo 3 has seen thus far and yet we played. We took our ball and we went into the court, we didn't go home..we played through the hard times with no end in sight and slowly the game got better and better, and sure you can say well Diablo 3 is only 2 months old it will take time to fix it, however the point is we PLAYED during the rough times in Diablo 2, all of the problems that were present at all different times of the games life people still played, we complained about the hacks..the dupes..the bots but we played. Why did we play such an atrocious game ? Plagued with problems so vast and game breaking it was sad, because it was FUN Diablo 3 is not fun in any aspect I can think of. You can say PvP will save it but how can we come to that conclusion when they stated early on that PvP would not be the main focus of Diablo 3? Diablo 2s PvP was shaky at best, but it was fun. People formed communities and made rules and even a ranking system from such a little sprout that was given, but I cannot see it happening in Diablo 3. The social aspect of the game has been completely killed by the lack of a lobby chat, no private channels, no game lists/rooms and hardly any trading outside of the AH. Diablo 3's PvP is going to be instanced/arena'd, there will be no room for communities to sprout and thus PvP will be just as lacking in social aspect as the rest of the game. With this I have to ask Blizzard. What incentive will we have to stay in this game if PvP is just going to be an Arena you can join with your friends to goof off ? Is the incentive going to be loot ? Because at this moment I believe most people aren't interested in such incentive, hence the massive droves who left already. What end game will there be ? Because currently the end game is boring and dull for most of us. With the statement of "PvP will not be a main focus of Diablo 3" and with the fact it is supposedly an Arena type exactly what type of end game are you guys trying to achieve ? The release of PvP may bring some back and respark the interest but honestly if there is no shape or form to it how long do you think that will last ? A few months ? Maybe a year ? I have lost any "fun" in this game already, I don't farm loots to be able to kill Diablo on Inferno slightly faster, I farm loots in preparation for face rolling people in PvP, yet if PvP is lack luster with no shape or organization to it coupled with the fact that the social aspect of the game has been completely killed off leaves me to believe it simply is not going to be worth it as it was in Diablo 2. I hope you guys are planning something big and ferocious to bring back players, otherwise I doubt this game will last any longer then a Call of Duty title. A year at max, and thats being generous.Sparrow6 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Possible Bug I am in AH and searched for some items. Found one I like and wanted to send the Link to my friends. I click on Quick Chat to bring up the Friend List. I click on a friend; it sent me back to the AH Item Search. I believe this worked before. Now it is not working. Or am i doing it wrong?ragnakore0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Item Affix Odds After doing 5 stack NV warden/butcher runs all weekend, I seem to have noticed a trend. Crap affixes (gold radius pickup for example) seem to occur much more frequently than the desirable affixes (resist all, crit %, etc). It seems kind of like the charms and jewels of D2 where you find +3 min damage charms all over the place, but you only see an all resist charm drop maybe once out of 1000. Is there any kind of chart anywhere that details how the item rolls work? No point getting excited about seeing ilvl 63 items drop if there is only a 1/10,000 chance that it will be a decent roll. So in other words I just want to know how RNG is RNG really.gr8mikey6 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Anybody want to play with me? (Hell Act II +) I don't need someone to come on and kill something, I'm just asking if someone wants to play through the rest of Hell with me. It's lonely :x I'm at the beginning of Act 2. Level 55 Barbarian.Destroyer2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 6 Hours Maintenance again??!!!! Please stop wasting our money and time. Why not you just make this game offline like it used to be? Let us enjoy our own game, our own time and our own way. Your service sucks, wasting our time and money. If you don't have a good efficient process, don't make it look like an online game. Such a big con after waited so many years and finally came out with huge disappointment.Ironique0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Suggestion, Maybe? So, I was looking through my vault and I saw all these gems and materials and semi-crap rares and I thought, "I wish we had a horadric cube crafting system." And here it is, after some thought, I figured out a sensible way to assimilate Gear Sinking, Gold Sinking and Gem Sinking. So here it goes: Basic Rules; Input Item Type/Quality Affects Output Item Type/Quality. Rubies Affect Damage/Strength/Armor Emeralds Affect Crit Chance(ASPD on weapons)/Crit Damage/Dex Topazes Affect MF, GF/Intel/ Damage Return Amethysts affect LoH/K/Vit/HP% 7 components per forge including item(basically a 6 property item) Advanced Rules;(I haven't really thought this through) Elemental Gems for elemental damage/"chance to" effects? Resource Gems for Resource related Stats? Ex.1: Perfect Roll I place a Rare, UnID Revenant Bow(ilv63) 3 Radiant Star Emeralds 1 Radiant Star Amethyst 1 Radiant Star Ruby 1 Holy Element Gem Result:(I'm just throwing out numbers here which could be balanced, but these are the max limits I'm guessing could work. 1 Rare Revenant Bow Damage: 1300 ASPD 10%(Max from 1 Emerald) CHD 50%(Max From 1 Emerald) Dex 100(Max from 1 Emerald) Damage 50%(Max from 1 Ruby) 500 LOH(Max from 1 Amethyst) 200-400 Holy Damage(Max from the Elemental gem) Ex 2: Kinda !@#$ Roll(All minimum values from the gems assuming all rolled differently) 1 Rare Revenant Bow Damage: 900 ASPD 6% CHD 25% Dex 50 Damage 25% 100 LOH 100-200 Holy Damage Ex 3.: Average Roll(Randomed stats still assuming all roll differently) 1 Rare Revenant Bow Damage: 1050 ASPD 8% CHD 34% Dex 70 Damage 30% 166 LOH 150-244 Holy Damage Ex 4. Really %^-* Roll(And likely to be more than normal) 1 Rare Revenant Bow Damage: 955 Dex 120( Rolled 2x dex stats) Aspd 6% Damage 40% 123 LOH 124-244 Holy Damage And all these are based on estimate values from 5x Radiant Star gems, which would easily set you back close to 90m. Of course you can do it with normal gems, but instead of lowering the max, it would be a wider range, so like a chipped emerald would be 0.2% for 10% aspd and 80% for 1% aspd, or something similar. TL;DR: You just spent close to 10mil/90mil gold, a billion gems(assuming you crafted them yourself) and a rare weapon attempting to make the most ungodly of ungodly bows. And the rare item has to be UniDed. Magic items will suffer a 50% cut in gem effects.Ivera1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 D3: Seems a bit anti-social. Thoughts? I'm writing this in the hopes that someone (perhaps blues, or someone higher up) will see this. Diablo III seems like an antisocial game. It is frustrating and disheartening for a gamer like myself to see this, because I would love to be able to make new friends while farming, leveling up, trading, or just talking in a chat channel in general. Here's a few things I've noticed that seem to add to the antisocial environment of Diablo III: 1) General chat is all to often filled with bots spamming for gold selling websites. So, why would anyone want to sit in this channel and simply see bots spamming while no actual players talk to one another? 2) Joining public games in Inferno difficulty is horribly inefficient. I have attempted to join public inferno games on a few occasions, but most times the players I have encountered are significantly under-geared for the content we are playing. Furthermore, it is significantly more effective to farm gear solo than with other people (for the most part), so why would I join a public game? 3) As I'm sure you all have noticed, when you join a public game to level up, most people don't talk at all. No matter what difficulty you are playing on, Normal, Nightmare, or Hell, no one seems to talk at all in the party chat. Everyone seems to just hack and slash their way to the next checkpoint without ever saying a word besides perhaps "Can you rez me?" or "where do we go now?" 4) Hardcore. I've found that playing in public games to meet new people in hardcore is dangerous. Playing with random people seems to be an easy way to get yourself killed because you cannot count on the person you are with to be skilled enough to save their own skin (and in turn, yours) when a situation gets sketchy (for lack of better terms, hah). These are just a few things I've noticed while playing that seem to lead to an anti-social environment in Diablo III. This is not a complete list by any means, but I hope some of you will see this and continue the discussion, and add some feedback of your own.Casting2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Looking for highly geared dh and wizards I am looking for highly geared dh and wizards with at least 50k dps unbuffed to do frequent act 3 runs with. I am sick of joining pub parties with people coming and leaving every 2 seconds if they die, and checking profiles of ppl that havent progressed further than act 2 and seeing pathetic DPS. Or noobs running round with MF gear on trying to get carried through the content Yes im sure you will all tell me im a noob just go and solo it, that isnt the case. I can solo it however being a MONK, its quite tedious as our dps isnt that high it takes a while getting things done. I am able to tank having tanked for parties all the way through act 3 and 4 for the diablo kill. EUROPEAN server, add me 'JPGGGGG#1890' if your interestedJPGGGGG0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Can anyone help with an elite? Act 3, inferno. Skull Cleaver Molten Vortex Teleporter Shielding I keep getting them all to [ ] much life and when I do die (usually to rubberbanding...) They are almost immediately healed back to full life. Idk why... I had a 3sec rez and they're in the start of the dungeon. Appreciate it guys if anyone helps. ~Eve#1585Eve2 Jul 2, 2012