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Jun 29, 2012 How many dungeons spawn each game? How many small dungeons like scavengers den or lost mine spawn on a map per game?? Is there a cap??Sentry1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 I want a button in diablo 3 that does this... ... to everything.Zane2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 A few quality of life changes Overall I'm still enjoying D3, I'm playing a Demon Hunter with enough gear to easily tank Act 2 mobs and take some hits from Act 3 mobs, while still having 55k dps without follower/SS. I can clear Act 3 and generally go about even on gold, not including item drops. Still, there are some things that just come off as annoying while playing, solo and in group play. 1) Invulnerable Minions is still insane. 3+ minions with affixes that are immune to all control is basically impossible to deal with in Act 3 and later. This is bad when combined with things like molten, arcane enchanted, or certain mob types (more on this later). -Possible solutions: A) Remove Invulnerable minion as an affix B) Remove all affixes from the Invulnerable minons. This will be a better fix with changes below. 2) Type of enemy seems to have no relation to the damage they do. Oppressors in Act 3 (red with the spikey mace) present almost no threat damage-wise. They are big, beefy enemies with large weapons, but they do next to nothing. In comparison, quillbeasts in Act 3 do relatively normal range damage, but when they melee their damage is (12k range vs 40k melee). -Possible solutions: A) Go through and adjust the damage of various mobs. This is generally just the smaller mob types (not golgors for example). 3) Mob AI is too good in multiplayer. A few examples: Myself and my monk friend were clearing Keep Depths in Act 3. We come to a pack of invulnerable minion quill beasts. He gets them at range to me, they don't have mortar/teleport/vortex, so I should be ok. However, the 3 minions spent the entire fight running at me across the keep, preventing me from getting close to the champion to hit it. Other packs will get stuck in a doorway where my monk friend will be tanking them, and they will put all their effort into getting through that door to attack me instead. A pack of mortar elites were being tanked, I moved close to get inside the dead zone or mortar, one elite moved out to get in range to mortar me. -Possible solutions: Diablo is a game about killing swarms of largely 'stupid' demon hordes. When those hordes exhibit high level tactics like rushing down the range, it get almost tedious to fight in a group. If they were to swarm around him, and the guys on the outside came at me that'd be one thing. When every enemy makes a bee-line to me straight past the monk, that's another entirely. Keep some 'smarter' enemies in the game, but the large majority should follow a 'kill what I can reach' mentality, instead of a 'kill that guy in the back!' mentality. Our groups Witch Doctor tank is almost a better tank than the monk, because mobs are willing to hit him, as opposed to trying to get past the monk. 4) Certain affixes have cooldowns that are too short to be manageable at all. Fighting an elite (blue) waller pack in any zone with mildly thin corridors is an exercise in constant annoyance. Teleport and Arcane have similar tendencies, but waller is the biggest frustration, when a line of sight is constantly interrupted by 100% uptime walls. -Possible solutions: A) Add a small cooldown on when each mob in a group can use it's available skills. B) Make it so a group can only use an affix X times in Y seconds. 5) 'Random' spawning packs. The biggest perpetrator of this is the Hellfliers/Moloks in Act 3. Clearing an area in the Fields, moving forward, running into a pack, and deciding to kite back to an area I know I cleared. I get to that area, suddenly 10 (I wish this was an exaggeration) of these fliers land on top of me and I'm in a much worse off situation. -Possible solutions: A) Greatly increase the 'trigger area' of these packs, so they're guaranteed to come down when you go through the first time. B) Stop the random landing of fliers, just make them come into an area before you get there, so you know what to expect. Overall, I still enjoy Diablo 3, and I'm able to farm Act 2 pretty well, and will be able to do the same in Act 3 given some minor gear upgrades. I think the above would make it much more enjoyable to play with my friends, and to play in general.Gamdol0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Why does D3 = WoW? Since launch I've kept seeing posts where forum trolls (those who supposedly aren't playing the game anymore and STILL spend every day on the forums since launch complaining) say that D3 is the same thing as WoW, and I really don't understand where that concept came from. The only thing I personally see connected is that there is an auction house, but even then they don't work the same since you can set the time on WoW for when the auction ends. The art to me doesn't feel like WoW, it just feels like Diablo with better graphics. The skill system doesn't feel very much like WoW either (but I guess Panda Land will make the talent tree be pretty similar, yet it isn't now, so trying to say that is the reason doesn't hold water - yet). The loot isn't the same. You can run around an open world with hundreds of people around in WoW, and you can form groups of 5, 10, 20, 25, 40, etc people on WoW, but can only go as high as 4 on here. I am really struggling to understand why people make this simple statement, and have so many people quoting it with "+1"s or "^ this"s or jumping on the bandwagon in other ways. And if there is something similar between WoW and D3, I just don't see ONE THING as making both equal. It doesn't make any sense to me. Please give examples and convince me.Paranitis33 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Blizzard support pathetic I opened up a ticket recently because one of my items (which was really expensive) got lost in a boss fight (belial) after one of my party members got red gear and I dropped the item so that he could pick it up and be useful, but we wiped before he could pick up the item. After going back, the item was gone, blizzard says that they cannot restore the item (even though this is clearly their fault, a bug in the game). Now think about this: this item could've been bought for a couple of hundreds of euros, and blizzard would still not restore this item. This is practically like stealing (time or money, regardless). I don't understand how people are still taking this nonsense from blizzard or are satisfied with this service. Blizzard really needs to pull their socks up.Gummibär0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Something I'm curious about regarding testing A common argument I see on the forums here is that "Zomg Blizzard changes to the game are terrible. They should have tested them more before releasing them!" Are you guys aware that there is no way to effectively test the game internally for HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of players? What works for a group of 10 or 100 often work for much larger groups, but the bigger the group gets, the more likely it becomes that the data from a smaller group doesn't apply in the same way. Since there was no Act 2 normal to act 4 inferno in the original beta, freshly-released Diablo 3 basically IS the beta. The game is playable in its current form, but over the next months they'll be bringing updates and hotfixes into the game that do not add content (aside from pvp and whatever else in 1.1), but try to modify it so that this becomes a game that both the players and the company are truly happy with, and these interests do not have to interfere with each other. You may see some changes added, then removed, and maybe even re-added again. This does not mean things weren't tested enough or were stupid changes, but that the community is doing what Blizzard cannot, and testing the changes on a massive scale. If the only changes that were ever implemented on the live servers were the changes that the company was absolutely 99% certain would make the game better, we'd never get anywhere. To those of you who have hit the level cap, consider yourself a part of Beta 2. They want your feedback, but seething hatred does not help to make anyone's points any stronger. Do tell them what you like/dislike, but also remember to have patience, because you are now part of the game balancing/tweaking process.Hotshot12 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 How do I become a game designer? After looking at how horrible Jay Wilson is in designing games and yet still managed to become a game director at Blizzard, I figured I might stand a chance to be hired as a game designer one day. I graduated from a 4-year university with CS concentration. Currently working at a software company as a C++ developer. What's the route that would most likely to work for me to become a chief game designer at a well known video game company?Nirvana7 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Recent players in FL suggestion I'm having problems with people in my friend's list moving into my recent players list. If I mouse over them, they drop from the recent players, back into my friends list. Not a big issue, admittedly, and I'm sure there are other pressing issues to fix in this game. It would be nice if it were remedied in the near future, though. I don't mind the recent players sharing a spot in my FL, since I always hit the minus button to not show them. I do need to hit the plus button, however, to get all my actual friends back into my friend's area in the list. That's something I hope can be addressed in an upcoming patch/update. Another suggestion -- Have recent players on a 15 day timer once loaded into someone's recent player's list. That gives around half a month for someone to decide if they want to add someone to their friend's list that they have met in-game. If they decide to not add them, have them rotate out after 15 days. Any public gamers reading this post? How large is your recent player's list? Would the 15 day timer appeal to you, or is it already fine the way it is?PeeKay1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Why am I getting so little experience? I've been leveling my Barb this patch. He's had a flawless square ruby (19% more monster exp) in his helm 100% of the time, and yet I finished Normal before hitting 30, Nightmare before hitting 50, and will probably finish Hell before 60; I've only got Izzy and Diablo left and I'm 59 and a few bars. I've killed everything in my way - not skipping any monsters - but I haven't been exploring every chunk of every map. I have, however, spent a fair bit of time grinding exp to meet the level requirements. Quest exp has been hit too hard. Why not buff it back to what it used to be for your character's first time finishing a quest, but reduce the amount you get from doing it repeatedly? That way you won't have people abusing hand-ins or leveling too quickly, but we won't all be underleveled like we are now.HarryWilson1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 interesting read... lots of people quiting. You would think an article like this would motivate blizzard to take consumers / players advise...FAST. Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 RMAH Display bug?, or something darker? Blue? I currently have a weapon for sale on the RMAH, as you can see in the picture below on my auction screen, it shows the bid at 34.16 If I do a search to view my weapon in the listings. The current bid is 60.78. Now let's presume it would end right now. Which amount am I going to receive? Is the buyer going to be charged the 60 bucks, and I receive the 34 minus fees? I have reloaded and refreshed the AH several times. Is this a display bug?, or something worse as in charging the buyer the actual bid price and blizzard pocketing the rest?Psylosis0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Funny, filthy rant about D3 annoyances Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Alternate Advancement - Longevity + Diversity I vociferously urge, with a measure of tact, Blizzard to introduce a system that allows characters to continue accumulating experience at level-cap in Inferno difficulty. As the UI isn’t modular the experience bar will be stuck on the screen for the foreseeable future; we might as well let it fill up! Since it required 2.25 million experience to advance from 59 to 60, let us say that when a level 60 character earns 5,000,000 experience he or she gains a “Nephalem Point” rather than a level and the exp bar subsequently resets. This amount will never increase. As they are accrued, NPs can be saved or invested into an array of options that might: • increase the standard of living for a character (+gold/globe pick-up radius, +movement speed, et cetera). • make up for missed/overlooked attributes in gear selection (+magic/gold find, +resist, +life on hit, et alia). • bump up the raw offensive/defensive stats (+strength, +dexterity, +intelligence, +vitality). • improve the quality of the skills at a character’s disposal (increase in damage, lengthened effect, reduction of cool-down, lowered resource cost, and so forth). This last one is especially important, but we’ll get into that in a bit. I will stress that the impact should be relatively minimal in the grand scheme of things -- 2 STR, DEX, INT, or VIT for each point, for instance; 1 Resist All per point, 5 LPH per point, 0.5% movement speed per point.. drops in the bucket is for what we would be going. A single NP wouldn’t make too large a difference in power, but, over time and many points later, you will be observe an discernable difference. In addition, the number of points into which one can invest in a given option must be limited. Let’s say that no more than 50 NPs (for +100) can be invested into any one of the primary attributes or no more than 20 NPs (for +10%) can go towards increasing your movement speed. We don’t want to allow for a character to have the ability to reach the level of godhood with enough tenacity, I’d fathom. Alternatively, the system could be built in a manner that requires an increasing number of NPs needed to acquire the next level of benefit -- one NP for each 1% MF/GF for the first five percent points (5% total - 5 NP), two NP for each 1% for the second five percent points (10% total - 15 NP), four NP for 1% for the third five percent points (15% total - 35 NP), ad infinitum. The total number of points one could acquire and invest would be considerable in either case. A constant and continual carrot on the stick might be enough to mitigate the tedium of the item grind. A quick aside: Rubies and, to a lesser degree perhaps, the +Exp/Kill affix on items would be considerably less useless to a max level character in the event that a system such as this is put into place. If the charts in BradyGame’s Strategy Guide are accurate, Inferno (level 61, 62, 63) monsters don’t grant too much more experience than their Hell-level equivalents. Thus, the acquisition of each NP would take a fair bit of time and effort. The ability to more quickly acquire NPs, then, might make some players opt out of the chance for more gold and item drops or an increased health pool [Head slot gems]. As it currently stands, ‘build diversity’ is something over which fans and developers rabidly quibble. Yes, I will acquiesce and note that there are a supreme number of skill and rune combinations for each character class. That’s well and good (really, it is.. I’m not being irreverently flippant or sarcastic), but being able to jump from one combination of skills to the another without overt consequence does little to make me feel like the unique and special snowflake that I know myself to be. “Nephalem Valor” was an appreciatively clever addition to the game that does create a measure of loyalty to my current combination of skills. The reticence to part with your build is extinguished the second you reach the end of an Inferno Act run, however. A full clear of Act 1, Act 2, or Act 3 in Inferno shouldn’t take more than two or three hours, so any attachment or measure of permanency might as well be non-existent. Now imagine pumping scores of NPs into only the skills that are at the core of your play style to squeeze out an extra cast or two from lessened resource costs, to reduce cool-downs by fractions of seconds thereby opening up new stratagems, or simply to kill the denizens of hell in a more alacritous manner. This character is no longer cookie cutter -- yes, you will still have access to every other skill and its runes, but switching to one that has no NP investiture would lessen the overall effectiveness of the character. NPs will give the player the ability to make a character his or her own, even if only just to a comparatively moderate degree. Poor decisions or errors will occur, of course. I would argue that consequences are sweet as long as you have learned something from them and as long as they are not impossible to bear. I am resultantly not too adverse to a respec cost being added to a NP reset mechanism. A couple million gold (depending on how many NPs are going to be reset) expense would additionally create another sink to keep the game’s economy afloat, after all. Will this system have an impact on Patch 1.10’s Player vs. Player arena system? Probably. A fresh lvl60 team would not fare too well against a crew of lvl60+200NP characters, I’d suppose. I’m sure the matchmaking system could take into consideration the number of NPs that a character or team has to match them up against a foe of comparable power, though. Blizzard has more than once noted that PvP will not be supported as an eSport and will not necessarily be tweaked towards perfect balance. At any rate, the vast differences between a perfectly-rolled Rare and more-plebian ones might very well make the difference between a couple dozen NPs appear inconsequentially negligible. I’m feeling garrulous, so I’ll end it here. I’m sure I’ve missed something or overlooked some details, so feel free to add your candor. I’m no programmer, but I can’t imagine it’d be too difficult or taxing to implement. The UI might take some time, though, given the Blizzard-standard perpetual phase of polish, but what do I know!Someone0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Nub reporting for duty! Greetings. Total nub here. I play a Barbarian cause that is what nubs do. I hit a brick wall when I got to inferno which was much expected. I did a lot of farming and finally got some decent gear to handle (not farm) most of act 1 by myself. It would take awhile to kill elite packs but with my resist I can pretty much stand in the fire just because of LOH and resist gear. As of Tuesday I am no longer able to do this. I have run across the same packs of mobs over and over again and now they enrage and farm me. XD Not all of them just a few nasty ones. Nothing has changed as far as skills or gear goes. It is all the same as it was pre-patch. I don't know what happened when the patch was made but I feel like something has changed and I do not believe it was on the users end rather on Blizzard's end. Does anybody know if they made some changes in act 1 that went south? ThanksEmllik0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 How to leave general chat Type /leave general You have left the chat channel.Hushups1 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 wow so many lvl 61-63 gears But, What the heck is wrong with the low stats? Ever since patch 1.03, 99.9% of rares are useless to any lvl 60 inferno players. Its no fun after hours of farming act 3, you are left with nothing but high repair and tons of salvages.kyoungtae0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 More quivers than mojos and sources? From my 200 hours+ experience, I got many more quivers than mojos and sources. Also, I got many more hand crossbows than wands and knifes, etc. Anyone has the same experience with me? Is it intended? I think the drop rate of classes' unique gears need to be balanced. Any blue reply is appreciated.Talayer6 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 1100 Res 337% MF wizard farming act2 watch me sirs clearing act2 with 337 MF before packs die lots of 63 62 ilvl items :DLatif0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Upgrade Items With Chance for Destruction This is my item sink concept. Allow items to be upgraded so they add some extra stats with the caveat that there is a fixed chance to destroy the item.Cartman2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 A couple suggestions please read! how about we take goblins off the threat meter for followers cuz that crap is annoying when you see it and want to swap to MF gear but your enchantress attacks from 40 yards away... Thats so lame please do something about it... Also can you please make it so i can rearrange my friends list... my OCD is KILLING meKushKing3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Gold vs. Real Currency $250 cap on RMAH. Is any item in this game even worth that much? gold is selling for 2-$4/million right now. so this is saying that if an item sells for 1 billion gold, the seller has sold an item for $2000-$4000 dollars. hell, even 200million for an item makes it worth $400- $800 dollars lol. I honestly think it is sad that there are people that bought this game thinking they could earn a living off it. Might do ok for a couple months, but after people are geared up, your income will dry up. Gold is where the money is at. If you are just trying to play the game, good luck affording the overpriced BS on the gold auction house. It will actually be cheaper in the long run to buy items with cold hard cash. If you want to reply defending item flipping, save it for a different post. If you do reply here defending flipping for massive profit, it just show everyone what you really are. A greedy little weasel.Bizlord2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 PC problems ? anyone familiar with this ? ive had some problems with my PC lately. When im playing Diablo 3 for about 10 min it goes black and says a wierd noise all the time until i reboot or force a shutdown why is this ? its not overheat and my drivers is up to date ?Nicoo2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Inf. Act I Farm-Repeat runs = less rares? So I have been building up my MF gear and started farming Act I thru the butcher but I noticed since this last patch (or so it seems) that even with my 250% MF gear inc. NV I am getting only blues on elite mobs and maybe a single rare on a boss. I keep hearing that there was a change for the repeat runs to discourage it but cant find anything substantial on it. Anyone have any insight to this?Zephiniah13 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Single Player Mode First off, let me start off by saying that a game may not fulfill the desires of all types of gamers. It's almost impossible. However, games usually offer different "modes" in an attempt to fulfill such desires. Games have a multiplayer mode, a pvp mode, perhaps a collecting mode (collecting mounts/pets/items furniture), and a single player mode. One could argue that you can play single-player in this game, but you aren't restricted to single-player on any one character, thus you are given the same rules/laws as anyone playing in multi-player. What if I want to play a game that I don't have to travel to an auction house? What if I want to actually farm the gear for myself? What if I want to be restricted on methods to obtain gear to "classic style" in order to play the game the way I want to. What if I want to play by myself, and in the rare occasion with a friend or 2 under the same restriction? Many desires that many customers are having, but aren't being heard. This leads to the proposal of adding in single-player mode. If it is a question of game security, make it still required to be online. When creating a character, allow us to pick between normal, hardcore, and single. It should have the following restrictions/rules: Will have a separate stash. Cannot access the auction house. Cannot join public games. Cannot join games of hardcore/normal characters Can invite trusted friends-only (as you could play single-player with a friend thru IP).. However, with these restrictions, as going with the spirit of the Diablo series, there should be a increased percentage of drop rates to compensate not being able to trade/use the AH. This solves the issues of the following: players wanting to farm for their own gear, players that don't want to use the AH to "pay their way through difficulties," gives D2 vets that "feeling" of getting better loot through hours of farming, and gives a percentage of customers the option to play the way they intended.. It meant have been mentioned before about wanting a single-player mode, but I feel like it is not being heard by the higher-ups, and would like to discuss on whether or not this was brought up to them, whether its "on the table" in a future update, or if there are some design conflicts that prevented this from being available at launch.Rogerh40 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Were these two things nerfed? I noticed I haven't seen the merchant quest during the warden/butcher quest. That side quest used to spawn nearly every game and now I haven't seen it once in the past few days I started farming act 1 again. Also, I've noticed brimstone has gone up from about 30k to 130k. I haven't salvaged one in awhile either. I used to get at least one a day. What's going on? Did I miss something?Doragg9 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 if Inferno was like this The only increase in terms of drops in inferno is the drop rate of gold and legendaries Adjust for "same" chance of iLvl 61-63 drops in Hell-Inferno People complain about inferno because they feel like they are losing out on something not being there (especially gear upgrades) I just thought inferno is there for the ridiculous hard challenge, not for the gear, by putting all the good gears in Inferno wrecks its experience for being more a challenge, by just having increased gold drop and legendary drop should be fair enough And the majority player can farm Hell all they want without really being in a ridiculously unfair situation Inferno people can't complain about getting lower level drops because well, its the same drop rate as Hell, still get a fair amount more gold, the challenge, and legendaries Then just wait for PvP if you really want to prove your combat skills Main reason for increasing drop of gold and lengendaries: 1) Need increased gold to offset the faster farm speed in Hell compare to Inferno 2) Ultimately high level lengendaries are better than rares thus higher chance of finding them in inferno is good incentiveSusulemon3 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Blizzard plz read .....idea for the level cap *edit* i changed some values on this and reposting there was a post i saw about ideas for endgame and pvp mechanics the post i believe was called kripps tips i think... but anyway the guy had some good ideas i thought i could put one he mentioned down on paper i modified it slightly. like i said it was not my idea i don't want to take any credit just throwing out some numbers and such first off the idea of incentive while farming for loot was the reason i wrote this stuff up. farming can feel very discouraging with lots of unlucky stat roll on rares. so if blizzard implemented a system to slowly reward a player for farming it would give a sense of accomplishment........ "OK i haven't gotten an upgrade all day but at least im getting something out of this." the idea goes something like this: when a player reaches five stack neph. valor the player is awarded 1 valor skill point for each elite pack he kills. after the player gets 5 "valor skill points" and kills a boss the player is awarded 2 "valor skill points" (other wise only one point from a boss). so essentially one run of ten elite packs and a boss could net the player 7 VPS. those points can be used to purchase small perks. i made a list of some of said perks to give you an idea of what i mean. like i said they are "small perks" and would take alot time to acquire. the values are not cumulative for each rank. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- fortitude (ranks I II III): +3% health/65VPS +6%health/70VPS +9%health/75VPS quickness (ranks I II III): +1% Att.speed/65VPS +3%Att.speed/70VPS +5%Att.speed/75VPS stoneskin (ranks I II III): +2% armor/65VPS +4% armor/70VPS. +6% armor/75VPS. sheer luck (ranks I II III): +2% MF&GF/65VPS +4% MF&GF/70VPS. +6% MF&GF/75VPS smithing (ranks I II III): -2%repair cost/65VPS -4%repair cost/70VPS -6%repair cost/75VPS leadership (ranks I II III): +2% pet and merc resists/65VPS +4%/70VPS +6%/75VPS rally (ranks I II III): +5% pet and merc health/65VPS +10%/70VPS +15%/75VPS reflexes (ranks I II III): +2% to block/65VPS +4% to block/70VPS +6% to block/75VPS endurance (ranks I II): +2% move speed/65VPS +4% move speed/70VPS guardian (ranks I II III) +3% threat gen/65VPS +6%/70VPS +9%/75VPS rejuvenation (ranks I II III) +5% to skill based heals/65VPS +10%/70VPS +15%/75VPS resilience (ranks I II III) -3% enemy crit chance&damage/65VPS -6%/70VPS -9%/75VPS this is just a list of rank based perks that could be implemented. here is a few of single purchase type perks: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- prismatic (aura based): +5% the all resist for allies/pets/merc within 80 yards./cost 175VPS inspiration (aura based): +50 health per sec to allies/pets/merc within 80 yards./cost 175VPS Presence (aura based): +4% damage to all allies/pets/merc within 80 yards./cost 175VPS *note these would not stack. three is a crowd: allows a player to hire one additional mercenary./cost 400VPS these perks would be beneficial to witch doctors as well as parties. friends could decide a path each player could go down. one assigned to tanking one support or you could just go solo make your mercenaries your mongrels or your spirit ally slight more helpful (which couldn't hurt). also why not a second mercenary they are not game breakingly powerful or anything. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- the next list of perks would improve multiple problems that have risen in the game like making artisan slightly useful in inferno. these perk would allow a player to gain a benefit with materials and gold of coarse from said artisans, and act as a slight gold sink. recipe: belt buckle* ( for 10000 gold and 10 secret tomes): allows a player to forge (at the blacksmith) a slot in the character equipment screen beside the belt (binds to currently equipped belt) that one can use as an armor based gem slot/cost 150VPS recipe: blessing* (for 10000 gold and 10 secret tomes): allows a player to bless (at the jeweler) an amulet to grant an additional 15% more healing done by skill base heals when used on other players/cost 150VPS recipe: shield spike* (for 10000 gold and 10 secret tomes): allows a player to forge (at the blacksmith) a spike onto a shield causing 75% armor rating as damage to attackers when you successfully block./cost 150VPS *note these will be applied to said item currently equipped. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OK thats it. sorry for wall of text and what not but i do appreciate you taking time to read this. i think this is a step in the right direction it gives more purpose to the "farm" and gives players a little more customization. to gain all abilities on this list would take 550+ hours of gameplay for one hero and that is after hitting level 60. hope you can at least get some ideas from this blizzard.......... great ideas btw Mr. kripp thanks rastandRastand16 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Ive killed Jay Wilson in game Hey guys, after few attempts i just killed Jay Wilson on inferno difficulty. He gave me 163.8dps magic mace. Jay, i thought you would drop something special ^^Bash27 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Is this a new addition? Possible spoiler Was playing act1 with my hc barb on normal. I was doing the spider place, when I came along a unique monster. After slaying the monster, my character said something along the lines of "now let's see what is in this cocoon". To my surprise, a treasure goblin popped out and started running away! I was actually in slight shock at this point, so he got a nice head start, but I caught up to the lil bugger and gave him what for. Just wondering if this is new or maybe I just missed it through my playthroughs? This game needs more stuff like this :). Or maybe it does and I haven't found em yet. P.S. a few hours later, a monster with the "lag spike" instadeath affix came and ate my barb shortly after seigebreaker :(. RIP Swiftblade. God they need to nerf that guy... so OP.Stormrider0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Was there a stealth buff in inferno mob dmg? A crystal shield used to absorb a double swing from the fat colossus and now it destroys the shield and half my life. A four legged casters in act 2 didn't one shot me with a fire ball thing with shield, now they always do. Used to be able to take a few swings from imps with shield, again now it's dropped in 1-2 hits.Arch500 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Suggestion: A fresh look at item decay I was thinking about the recent changes to repair costs, as well as D3s lack of a ladder system and what that might mean for the item market in the long term future. I had an idea I thought might be pretty cool to share with people and see what you guys thought of a form of item decay vs. the current standard of "lasts forever" items and repair costs. So here's my thoughts: What if... We give items a "shelf life." Meaning that every single item found has a definite length of time that it can be used/valuable to trade. For the sake of the argument, lets say this length of time is 1 month of "online/played" time, meaning the item doesn't degrade while the character using it is not in use. Now this # would have to be researched, tweaked etc, but bare with me. What would that accomplish? Well a few things: -We could get rid of repair costs, or drastically reduce them to pre 1.03 figures. Why? Because over the long haul, the item is going to eventually need replaced, and the gold saved from repairs would go into replacing that item with your next piece of gear. I think spending gold on a new piece of shiny gear falls into the "fun" category, while spending gold on repairs doesn't necessarily accomplish the same. -It takes the spot of a ladder reset in the sense that every item will eventually be "broken" entirely for good. Over the years, this would make the item bank of the game more stable instead of flood with tons and tons of gear that no one ever needs to replace, and values falls significantly because everyone eventually has everything they could desire, or close to it. -Add a whole new element to gearing your character. Suddenly 2 identical items are worth 2 different gold values based on their remaining shelf life. Do I spend 5mil to get that brand new dropped sword? Do i spend 2mil to buy the hand-me-down that is at it's half life? The decision is yours. -Death penalty, even without repair costs, could still exist. This figure could be tweaked, but in essence, dieing can "speed up" the rate at which your item decays. Each individual death would need to have a small hit here, but things could add up for the zerger mentality, and take significant long term life away from your weapon. These weapons that break equal out to be the same gold sink leaving the game as the piece no longer exists and no longer has value. Obviously this would need a lot more thought, work, and scope to be successful and a reasonable thing to implement, but I think overall it would add another bit of flavor to the game, and get away from the frustrations players have with current repair costs at times. So I ask you, community, what do we think? Good idea, terrible idea, unobtainable pipe dream?Toology23 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 [AH searches] Why include gem stats? Its very aggravating to look through 400+ junker helms with a magic find gem to find a helm that's actually good. lets discuss this: why are gem stats included in AH searches? would removing them from searches be a difficult change? what ramifications would not including gems in searches have both positive and negative? AANNDD..... GO!TehBuG29 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Diablo 2 Monsters that would.. Hello. I was wondering, what Diablo 2 monsters do you think would make the heads of the people that play D3 explode? Can you imagine of they threw packs of blacksoul, into the game? I can remember many many times getting destroyed in d2 because of these damn monsters. Walking through act 4, and all of the sudden, 15 bolts of lightning come flying from off screen, dropping where you were standing. Then there was baals throne room, either walking up the path to the throne, or someones poorly placed town portal. I think the other most annoying monster was them little exploding bone monsters in act 3, when you are looking for mephisto. Oh lol, can you imagine if people had to actually run back to their corpse and click it in order to not loose what was in your packs? I almost forgot, you are naked during this corpse walk, so hope you don't run into any monsters you missed or skipped.Slacker4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Blizzard does not care about cheaters? There are several scams going on in D3 where people have lost millions. There should be a box that says ,"Do you confirm this trade" After both players accept. If one player puts a expensive item like a stormshield for example and click accept. All the other person has to do is accept with no gold and they get the item. Several people have reported getting scammed to blizzard and they , " Do not deal with these types of issues" SO...... Why don't I just go to the trade forum and tell everyone I'm buying expensive gear and scam everyone slowly of items like stormshield. All I have to do is accept with no trade after they put in their item and I get their goodies. This is bs. This flawed trading system is huge. People want to trade expensive items because the 15% tax is huge. The people who are running D3 are failures. They nerf aspd in D3 when they didn't nerf it in D2 and they create a flawed trade system that will please all the scumbag scammers. Blizzard or any of the GMs. I hope you guys are reading this because I wanted to let you guys know that you guys are incompetent.RuthlessAB7 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 A question for long time Blizzard fans... This question is targeted to players who have spent time playing blizzard games prior to World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2. Has the release of Diablo 3 changed your opinion about the company? If so - for better or for worse? Feel free to leave your short story! Personally I started playing Warcraft 2, then Diablo1, D2, Warcraft3, and TFT. Then WoW and Starcraft2. I feel like Diablo 3 lacks depth and quality compared to any other blizzard release and it is the first blizzard game i regret buying. So i can no longer tell friends and family, "Try any Blizzard title - they are all great!" like i used to. I feel a bit cheated here and really lost my Blizzard fanaticism. I no longer feel like Blizzard is the best after all these years :( Note: This my OPINION you are welcome to leave yours!MuShMaN14 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 D3 even fails as an auction house sim Can only search 3 stats? Still? For a game that centers so heavily around the AH, it still fails incredibly hard at it. WTF is Blizzard thinking?clownhordes8 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Demographic of people who like/dislike-Part 2 This is a continuation of the following thread: Quoted from the original thread by Hipnotic: ... The following is the response I had made while the thread was busy filling up. Please keep this going, I think it's great info for Blizz. 28 years old here. Never played D2 myself and absolutely loving D3. I'm not too big on the relatively linear game play. I'm a big RPG fan so I tend to prefer games with much more expansive areas to explore, much like Final Fantasy VII and IX had. The grind I love, I've always loved grinds in games. Sadly though, the items are a little more random than I'd like. At the very least I would like some sort of "smart stats" option when crafting. A simple toggle option. When it's on the game should look at what you currently have prioritized and give a higher chance of rolling those affixes. I also see that Blizz seems to be asking themselves the wrong question. They see people using exploits, running certain areas more than others, grinding things they don't want people grinding (pots come to mind). They then ask, "What can we do to stop this from happening?" This results in poor nerf decisions. What they need to ask is, "Why AREN'T people doing what we intend for them to do?" Another slight problem I have is this: Players tend to have their characters progress linearly while the mobs seem to progress exponentially. This leads to the issue of people needing to grind more often as they level. Again, I like grinding, but when everything is suddenly way more powerful than you it kinda sucks having to grind lower level areas just to get the gold you need to buy the items you want. What you're after likely won't drop, another reason I think a "smart stats" option would be useful when crafting. The graphics are absolutely BEAUTIFUL! Stunning, to say the least. There is SO much going on in the background it's just amazing. Act IV in particular really had me dropping my jaw. I love the game play itself aside from one small issue, the linear growth of the characters. Getting the exact same stat increase per level seems kind of, well, lame. The followers themselves are a little lacking but Blizz already said that they're fixing that. All these nerfs well after the game dropped have actually made it much harder on the players and are directly rewarding those that botted/farmed/exploited early on. At this point in the game it takes FAR TOO LONG to get the gold needed to buy items on the AH (another reason for a "smart stats" option). The people that have these items available to them are either the botters/farmers/exploiters that got the items themselves, the botters/farmers/exploiters that have the gold to buy these items or they're the people with deep pockets buying off the RMAH. Another slight annoyance, the required online play. I tend to prefer gaming solo. Heck, I'd be happy to have a third character option, offline. Much like you have a different AH for hardcore toons I'd be happy to just have the AH disabled for offline toons. That brings about another issue though, the COMPLETE randomness of stats. Again, a good reason for a "smart stats" option when crafting. All in all, I'd give this game a 9/10. It's still a work in progress quite clearly but it's enjoyable nonetheless. I'm VERY satisfied with it thus far and look forward to future content patches and expansions. [EDIT] Added the quote of the original post.AntBriWes22 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 gear calculator plz anyone know a good calculator for gears?Calvin0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Character Customization Feedback (via items) Myself: Two level sixty characters with roughly two-hundredish hours played since release. My main is a monk who is currently fighting towards cydea/azmodan in inferno. I play solo and I ran into a kind of wall after the siegebreaker (succubi debuff+phasebeasts ...ugh). With pre-patch and now definitely post patch, I can farm act 2 without any deaths (unless I get into some crazy situations with crazier champion affix rolls). Whenever I run into a wall, I take a look at my gear and then I spend a LOT of time "shopping" on the auction house. Needless to say, I spend a good amount of time thumbing through and looking at a lot of items. I visit reddit, diablo 3 fans and these forums for my Diablo fix at work. I don't post often, but I feel that items and character customization through items, does not receive enough attention. Thus, this post. Feedback concerning the overall game -- Good times. Do I get frustrated like everyone else? Frequently Do I hate everyone associated with blizzard when I get personally rolled over? Everytime (this doesn’t last that long ;) ) Do I rage when I spend a whole day getting body slammed only to eventually succeed like Rocky and then get rewarded with an ilvl -20 item? Who wouldn't!? Do I act like a coke addict who has received his fix when an item worth something drops? Yes, my brain melts with pleasure. Am I excited about the items that drop!? ...unfortunately not even a little bit. Axiom: 1. Diablo is about killing a "large" amount of monsters in order to get amazing loot that will allow the killing of a large amount of monsters to get easier and easier until the entire game feels like we've enabled godmode. 2. A build revolves around two things: Skills followed by gear choices for those skills or items followed by skill choices revolving around the items. This post concerns only feedback concerning items and builds around those items. – I love the different builds from skills; I think you guys did an amazing job on them. My Feedback concerning items: Awhile back there was a very good thread on the differences between Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 character customization. In short, Diablo 3 has moved all of its customization of your character to the gear. Logically, I bought in, I was a believer and I let go of all the nostalgia of point allocation and skill trees. I began day dreaming about the different types of builds that may have been possible. Builds that revolve around stacking DoT stats?, Stunning?, inflicting confusion, blind, other crazy weird and powerful status aliments?! I’ll admit my imagination went a little wild and I never expected reality to fulfill those expectations….so I lowered them for the game. STILL….. I have been met with disappointment on the limited amount of customization through gear that Diablo 3 actually provides. First my angst is that currently the game revolves around getting the largest amount of primary stat, vitality and all res as a base. This is awfully reminiscent of the way WoW gear is currently handled. (only in WoW though you don’t make the wizard only gear have a chance to roll strength -_-). I dislike this setup greatly; it’s boring, unexciting and inane. I always find myself saying something along the lines of “obviously, I need more of this to progress”. Having an ilvl 63 item drop and then not roll at least a primary stat and vitality, instantly turns it into garbage. The item might as well have just dropped into a 1k gold pile. However, even though I dislike it, I understand that there is no way to get around it because it’s too heavily designed into the game. A solution to this issue in my eyes, is to give every item some kind of guaranteed roll for these stats plus random properties. The ranges then could be limited to show relative item strength. Example, ilvl 60 items roll primary/vitality stats between 30-80, a resistance between 10-30, ilvl 61 50-100, 20-50, ilvl 62 70-120 ….etc. etc. On top of those guaranteed stats random properties could then be rolled that make the item interesting. Second, the extra properties items have the ability to roll are incredibly weaksauce. Increased gold pickup is a novelty, gold find/magic find are staple gear choices but they by no means provoke interesting build design. Increased attack speed felt amazing and powerful, it’s still good but I no longer feel godlike revolving my build around it….but that’s probably just because once you’ve experienced 3 attacks per second anything under it feels like molasses. ALL % chance properties are laughably low and end up being a random novelty that doesn’t feel reliable enough to make a whole build around them. Stacking block percent is good but it’s not interesting. Thorn builds seem to have promise until inferno where the game actually is. What else? Ah right. Crit chance/dmg and Life on hit/leech, if you’re not doing this, you’re doing it wrong. They feel powerful enough, but because it really just boils down to those two things it’s uninteresting and the item hunt is really just looking for them. Since everyone knows this and everyone’s looking for them the prices of these things are off the charts. Sockets could be more interesting but all I really see with them is “insert primary or vit stat here”, nothing awesome. I think cues from Diablo 2 shouldve been taken here with jewels. Questions: 1. Resistances’ – I don’t understand why these attributes were taken away from a percentage. It gets converted to a percentage anyway, why not just show how much it adds directly on the gear? 2. As the legendary items get reworked, are magic properties in general getting a once over or are just legendries specifically getting overhauled? 3. Has the idea of making items “at least” roll primary stat/vit/res been talked about? Do you guys view it as a good one? If not, why not? 4. When the inevitable expansion comes out, is it going to increase max level to 70 and instantly void every single piece of item we’ve gotten so far? By increasing the power by a magnitude of 10? Ala – vanilla wow to tbc? 5. Will additional item properties be implemented into the game via patches? Or just with expansions? Would you consider looking at them soon™ please. Final words: I do love this game, I do enjoy killing monsters, I love killing champions, yes I think its hard enough. Thanks for breaking baal run via bot monotony. Please do something about the bots/hackers that are ruining the economy, its putting just “viable” gear out of the reach of the common man. I think you guys are doing a good job. Specific shout outs to the CM’s who receive a TON of unwarranted hate. Please understand that a good many of us respect you guys, what you have to put up with and your professionalism in dealing with the intellectually or maturity destitute of the community. Thank you. TL:DR – I feel that items are uninspired and could be greatly improved so that people don’t feel like they’re wasting their time just looking for an item that’s “viable” as opposed to looking for items that are “powerful”. My wish and hope is that there is some kind of development going on to address this issue. If there currently isn’t any because people aren’t bringing it up enough….I hope to draw attention to it. Lastly, not everyone hates the CMs.SevethMoud22 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 #1 Diablo 3 Inferno Tactic (ALL CLASSES) Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Resplendent Chest Trap There are Resplendent Chest Traps in Act 2 of Inferno, in The Unknown Depths that can spawn. When you open them, loot pops out and a champion pack rises up out of the sand around the chest. Defeating the pack will give you a stack of Valor (or refresh it). However, the loot that comes out of the chest is not what you would get for a champion pack kill. With 5 stack of valor a rare is guaranteed on a pack kill. Yet the Resplendent chests are almost always just blues. The logic behind the trap/loot is not consistent with how the risk/reward in the rest of the game works.Moondoggie16 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Being friend instead of whisper? Is it me or the fact that you are obligated to be friend with someone to talk to him is annoying. Why can't we just whisper/private message someone with the battletag? or maybe I'm missing something and we can do that.Smoovemove44 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 error 3007!!!! whyy? Hello everyone, Anybody know why is there error 3007? i get disconnected whenever i am playing... so annoying! :(Kimochero2 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 i dont understand this game. i have 3 lvl 60s, barb, monk, and wizard. i just started a WD and im on nightmare against belial. i cant kill him without getting one shotted. i have never had a problem with him. not once and i have been on him for 30 minutes. my WD is even out geared for nightmare, i faceroll every mob but i cant !@#$ing kill belial. i dont get it. this game is %^-*ing stupidSudds0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Potions? Is there just Healing? so far I think I have only seen ones for 12500HP on Merchant. Do they have any sold by merchants that heal for more? Also are there any other types of potions to help your stats from merchants or player made or only heal ones?Bulzie4 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Please do something about the CE wings I know I'm not the first one to post this, but please make it so the wings dont have to be turned on every time we die or start a new game. Also, I would like to see something in the options menu where we could have a box to click it on and off. That way we wouldn't have to carry it in our stash, killing two birds with one stone.HotMustard0 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Elite Packs Ideas Many people (me included) have been raging about the elites and their impossible affixes in inferno. Here's some ideas to try make it better. 1. Impose penalties on the elites with each affix. For instance, elites with fire chains move slower. It's simply impossible when a soul lasher has fast and fire chains, not to mention teleport or vortex. Also, please don't tell me to simply get better gear to tank the chains. They do high damage and going for a pure tank build is asking for enrage to kick in. Another example is maybe make nightmarish elites have lower defense. Something needs to make up for me constantly running away instead of hurting the elite. Again, don't tell me to put in more CC-breakers in my skill build. If I do that, what do I use to actually kill the elites? Also, I think it's not worth using a CC-breaker on nightmarish because there's a high chance of frozen and/or jailer affixes too, and I'd rather save my skills for those. To avoid making it too easy, though, introduce new mechanisms similar to molten elites blowing up. Maybe make the fire chains stay on the ground after death? Plagued elites exploding, leaving a poison cloud in the area? Invulnerable minions lose their invulnerability instead of disappearing when the main elite is dead? 2. Place a delay between when elites can use their abilities. Being feared by nightmarish elites into an arcane sentry or a frozen icicle bomb REQUIRES using a CC-breaker. Then I get jailed on top of a desecrator pool with the skill on cooldown. With a delay between abilities, "impossible" affixes aren't impossible anymore, simply difficult and require a longer time to kill. I can't really think of a buff to make up for this, but I think it's not too much of a nerf so elitists won't burn me at the stake. 3. Make some affixes forbidden depending on what mobs the elites are. Dune threshers are already difficult to kite, so don't give it shielding on top of that. Soul rippers don't need fast, teleport or vortex. This isn't a nerf because the elites will still have the same number of affixes, and the chances of getting the nastier ones like arcane enchanted or mortar increases. This just makes the elites seem more worth my time. 4. Make some affix combinations forbidden. Reflect damage and invulnerable minions should not be allowed. It's close to impossible to hit the main guy without hitting the minions because they act like meat shields that don't die. Following that, reflect damage and extra health is too punishing for glass cannons. Shielding and horde/illusionists is another bad combo. This just takes way too much time, making the experience not fun at all when the enrage timer kicks in. One last bad combo is reflect damage and missile dampening. Even non-glass cannons can get one-shotted when 10 of their projectiles hit the elite at once, and the damage reflected kills him instantly. Similar to point 3, this isn't much of a nerf because the elites will have a BETTER combination of affixes, not a reduced number. These ideas are meant to make gameplay more fun, NOT make it easier. Also, I hope it makes "skipping packs" or "restarting levels" unnecessary. More ideas, suggestions, improvements, constructive criticism PLEASE. And play nice =)J3tHr07 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Dear Wizard, get your facts straight Templar: They continue to fight after they are dead! Commendable! Wizard: I call it a waste of a good afterlife. Templar: Do you believe in an afterlife? Wizard: My studies suggest it is unlikely. Templar: We are... very different. .... So, err.. what?Squirrelloid8 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Constructive feedback on 1.03 changes Long winded post inc: I don’t generally post on the forums. In fact, this is my first post about anything Diablo related, but I’d like to get this suggestion out there because some aspects of 1.03 have SERIOUSLY taken away from the enjoyment I get out of this game. I’ve played every game in the Diablo series, all of the games had their ups and their downs, but the new repair bills have taken away the (in my opinion) very best part of any video game – the challenge. Blizzard made Gold the standard currency, and now it has real value in-game. It has so much value, that I will not chance losing gold to gain the satisfaction of killing a group of champions or minions that might kill me in return. So what am I stuck doing? Farming acts 1 and 2 over and over and over again because they don’t pose the same threat of losing the very valuable currency that I am farming to gain. When I’m going through act 3, I can gain a 5 stack of NV without too much issue, but once in a while I’ll hit that magic pack that’s just going to kill me no matter what I try to do. I’d like to give those packs more than just 1 shot before I say, “You know what? This isn’t worth trying because it’s too expensive.” and just skip them and move on to something else that I can easily kill. It’s not a matter of playing content that’s too hard for my character; it’s a matter of coming across a few groups once in a while that are very challenging. And why would I bother when in the end, I can just move on to the next pack and it won’t cost me 30k gold to give it a solid go. My proposal would be to allow the NV buff to also grant 15% lower repair costs per stack. If you’re doing content that’s too difficult for your character, and you’re smashing your face into mobs and dying constantly, it will be too expensive to even try to build a 5 stack of NV. If you’re farming in an area that’s just way too easy to begin with, this buff will be completely transparent. If you’re at just the right difficulty that I have described, you don’t lose the satisfaction of killing champion packs that still keep you on your toes – all because of repair costs. Secondly, Chests and breakable items should go back to the way they were pre 1.03 (where MF applied, and you could actually get really good gear / gold). HOWEVER, the drops from these should be scaled with the NV buff. Essentially, a 5 stack of NV would bring the drop rates to the pre-1.03 patch, and a 0 stack of NV would bring the drop rates to today. This does not have to be a linear 20% per buff scale; this could be 50% at 4 stacks, and 100% effective at 5 stacks. This way, the people that are playing the game “as Blizzard intended” are not being punished. TLDR – Each stack of NV should reduce repair costs by 15%. TLDR 2 – NV should increase the drop rates of gold and items from chests / pots / etc. Thoughts?Fuzzcheek13 Jun 29, 2012
Jun 29, 2012 Smart stats - Fixing the economy? This is a concept a friend and I have thrown around a bit and it just seems like a fairly decent idea. Why not give us a toggle while crafting called "smart stats" or something like that? Basically, if it's on, the game looks at what stats you're currently prioritizing and gives a much better chance of those stats being on gear you craft. Now, I'm not saying it should be guaranteed, just a MUCH higher chance. This may seem like a bad idea at first as everyone that already has their "optimally affixed" gear might just try and farm out mats to make for AH fodder. However, this would start making the more sought after affix combos more and more common and would ultimately drive prices down. It would not only help equalize things on the AH but it would greatly benefit solo players that don't like the AH. If you're able to actually get upgrades within the game you'll use the AH less. Less demand also drops prices. Prioritize differently than everybody else? Have trouble finding gear with what you prioritize because most players see it as crap gear and just vendor/scrap it? No problem, it'll become easier to get it by crafting it yourself! I just think that something like this would have an enormous impact on the current economy if implemented properly. That or maybe give us the option to refine gear. Give us a UI that you drop a piece of gear into and it lists all the gears current stats with check-boxes. You check the boxes next to the stats you want to keep and click refine. The points from the unwanted stats get randomly redistributed among the stats you want to keep. The item gets a new affix: Refined. Refined items can't be re-refined. Just a couple ideas/suggestions to mull over.AntBriWes2 Jun 29, 2012