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Jul 2, 2012 Cooperative Play Broken? I just have a few questions about the mechanics of cooperative play in D3 games that I don't quite understand. Why is there a penalty for playing cooperative games? What I mean is, is it not counter intuitive to make mobs harder to kill; by increasing their health, when you invite others to your group? Is not the entire point of grouping with others; outside of the social aspect, to be able to overpower your enemies? Would it not be more balanced to slightly increase the pack sizes based on the number of players instead of arbitrarily scaling their health? Also, why are players further penalized for playing with others while wearing Magic Find gear? That is, the player is already sacrificing damage to run with Magic Find gear. In addition to the inherent DPS penalty of wearing Magic Find gear, in cooperative games the DPS penalty is even more severe due to the health scaling of the mobs. In addition to the combined DPS penalties each player's Magic Find takes a penalty by being split among the other players. On the other hand, if the average of all players' Magic Find was divided among all players and additive to their personal Magic Find, it would actually incentivize cooperative play. TLDR: The current mechanics for multiplayers games appears to discourage cooperative play. Enemy health scaling, shared Magic Find, and no followers all serve as deterrents for cooperative play. Why play cooperative games? What are the incentives?bf1tz0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Prancing Nancys of Diablo III Whenever I find myself on this website, I notice the homepage to be littered with complaint after complaint after complaint. It seems to be endless...but what I also find rather intriguing is the fact that everyone talking about how "bad" Diablo III was made is STILL PLAYING IT! So Blizzard released the game without the Real Money AH initially, and we still haven't seen what the PVP Arena has to offer...but Blizzard released half of a game pretty much and there are countless people playing it. Sad as it is, many of you think it to be productive to get on the forums and complain...if you hate the game SO MUCH, then stop playing...Diablo III is going to go down as one of the top video game releases that has been seen in ages, whether you are playing or not. If you're like've been waiting for Diablo III ever since you got tired of your godly Hammerdin in Diablo II: Lord of Destruction...enjoy it!!! Know that Blizzard Entertainment is among the most elite studios in the gaming industry, and that the game can only continue to get better. If you haven't gotten to Inferno and you're still one of the many complainers on here...get there....get Five stacks and kill a boss..experience the gratification of defeating a Molten Mortar Desecrating Horde Elite is an amazing feeling...and the drops are normally half way decent....then you can sell what you won't use on the sweet of an idea is that?! Now all you scrubs can use your parent's credit card to get you some sick items directly from the game! Do not give way to your negativity because you're having difficulty getting passed Act 2 in Inferno....or the fact that they nerfed Attack Speed (pretty wack I must say); All that grinding will be worth it in the end. And please, try as hard as you can not to post more complaints, take a break from the game...come back in a day or won't believe how great it is to be back hacking and slashing through hordes. What if positivity in regards to what you're struggling or disagreeing with in Diablo III is the answer for you to start appreciating DIII for what it is....A masterpiece.Atretes72 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Digger O'Dell This !@#$ing guy.....I'M GONNA %^-*ING MURDER HIM! Phew......Tried doing the Haunted achievement. I currently have found 2 out of the needed 7 ghosts. Had 1 before I started farming and found the 2nd after a measly 5 runs. But...... I'm at my 35th run now.......I'm still at 2/7...... There is this guy called Digger O'Dell "Must be shoveling off"(huehuehuehue...) He IS a ghost, BUT! he isn't needed for the achievement.......isn't it awesome that I've met him 6 times in a row on those 30 runs now?? :D That is some !@#$ing genius random generated content right there!Preyar0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Is here anybody also for european servers?!!! I agree with all european players, im too nervous allready... All day we cant use AH, we got no exactly info about it. We dont know, what is with bid items etc. We need information and it seems like, we are stupid, and we dont know read, so dont post to europe forum some information. Thanks, that i saw your offer of new book for american people. That was rly.... We dont have work, so we should write book instead of play d3 and buy it in america!zobudeny1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 whats the best quests to farm in game?? please can someone help with farming please thankyouMANSON6661 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Templar,Scoundrel, and Enchantress Should be able to make them better. I cant even put on their armor or a helmet for them like in Diablo 2! WTF!! We should be able to gear our hirlings to be just as geared as the players. Maybe would make this game more playerable, and "funner" maybe.Dragon5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Can I use my bnet balance to buy another D3? For a friend on another account?Aptwo5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 graphic lag hey i just bought a new video card asus Geforce gtx 550 ti after intalling it i get too much graphic lag that i cant even play the game does anyone know whats going on please help me outDRhax0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Let's Talk About Mirror Image... ...and by extension Teleport with fracture. I wanted to hear some input from other classes as well, which is why this is not in the Wizard Forum only. I adore this skill as I'm very fond of an Illusionist or Trickster Mage class versus your run of the mill DPS glass cannon "Blow-Stuff-Up-As-Fast-As-You-Can" Mage. I like the idea of using cunning and deception to beat the enemy into the ground (think Loki from Thor/Avengers). The idea is sound, but I feel the implementation could use some help. I'm going to offer some suggestions and open the floor for others to voice their opinions as well. The Problem = ZOMG HAx0rz Mobs seem to be clairvoyant. i.e. They more often than not, seem to know exactly which one of the images is the real you. Countless times I've watched a mob completely ignore the 5 other me's running around and gun it straight for the real me. Now maybe this was done on purpose to not make the skill supremely overpowered and that would be totally cool with me were that the case... but for one teensy little thing... Champion Affixes Target You and Only You (Also Dune Threshers Can See Hidden Foot Prints) Let me run this by you: Mortar : 100% Targets The Real You Desecration : 100% Targets The Real You Teleport : 100% Targets The Real You (This one is really annoying lol) Waller : 100% Targets The Real You Frozen : ... I don't particularly find this one difficult but added it for completionist sake. Dune Threshers : These things have a sixth sense or a third eye. They will remain underground until the real you shows up on their sonar... or whatever. They are not fooled by your silly mind games. These affixes sometimes make this skill feel pretty weak as a defensive maneuver. Please note that these don't render it completely useless, though I think to myself often that perhaps this skill didn't get enough love at the drawing board. Perhaps make it so the images themselves have a chance of being targeted by these affixes? All of this said, I have had this skill in my build since Hell and am currently enjoying popping clones in Inferno with little difficulty. All in all, this is probably very low on the totem pole of "omg this needs fixed", but I at least wanted to get my opinion on it out there while it was fresh in my mind. I am enjoying the game thus far and hey maybe someone else has noticed this behaviour too. I'm not exactly a forum goer type, but I'll check back every so often to read up on thoughts posted here. tl;dr - A good way to threaten somebody is to light a stick of dynamite. Then you call up the guy and hold the burning fuse to the phone. "Hear that?" you say. "That's dynamite, baby." - Jack HandeyThiez4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Diablo 3 Broadcasts I know this seems miniscule, but will broadcasts and the ability to see friends broadcasts be implemented in Diablo 3 in the near future? I like to annoy my friends with my broadcasts.Makaveli0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 In Game Tell Noob do I send an ingame tell? :)HarryHole2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Best Inferno ACT 1 Drop from farming So I rolled a WD, and the only thing I can farm consistently without too much stress is ACT 1. But after countless hours of farming , I get my best drop - Doombringer legendary. Is it worth upgrading gear to even attempt ACT2-4 farming? If i get a 1 mil drop in ACT 1 im happy. Whats your best drop farming Act 1pake19 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why compare Diablo to WoW? When this is clearly built entirely for consoles. I literally play/played this game for hours using my PS3 controller, sure it's not as 'fast' and 'perfect' as a mouse/keyboard, but it's damn near close. People comparing this to WoW either: Have not played WoW Are not analysing the whole thing.At anytime on WoW (at max level), you have 30+ usable abilities, Diablo, you have 6. WoW, you're in an area with potentionally thousands of players, Diablo, you're at an absolute max of 3 players. WoW is a -MASSIVE- multiplayer, D3 is a tmorpg (Triple multiplayer online rpg). Seriously the 4 player cap and the random public game system ruined this games social aspect. Feel free to add reasons why Diablo III is or is not similar to WoW. Also, these games are from the same developers.. I'm surprised D3 isn't MORE like WoW since they've made most of their profit over the last 10 years from it specifically.Ministry4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Act 2 still feels like a brick wall to me My barbarian has 650 resists and 54,000 hp. Some champion packs just ace him instantly while others take longer to kill me but also seem to take hardly any damage. I had act 1 under control easily. I knew act 2 was supposed to be harder, but this is ridiculous. Before the patch people were complaining that in order to be viable for act 2 you needed access to the best gear in the game. In response to that, devs allowed the best stuff to have a chance drop in act 1 inferno. After about a week+ of farming act 1 I can confidently report that gearing up to be viable in act 2 could take weeks. The chance to get ilvl 63 rares is already infinitesimally small. To also have the ones that do drop be good is a fraction of that already miniscule chance. To also have those drops be good for your class is a chance so small it approaches zero. So I guess my only choice is to use the AH? Alright, but i don't have any gold. What do I do? Oh i know, ill sell the rares I find on the gold AH to buy better gear. Oh noes, none of my stuff sells under any circumstances no matter how much of a bargain i put it up for. Why? Because its almost all ilvl 61 or lower and apparently nobody buys that stuff anymore. Too bad thats all that ever drops in act 1. So what do I do now? RMAH! Well played Blizzard. The entire game is a funnel into the RMAH. You might get lucky and be one of the people who can easily progress without need of the RMAH. Something good might drop and set you up with a couple million to get your economy going. But for the rest of us schmuks its still farm act 1 for weeks or spend even more money on this game. And the most brilliant part is that the people who are, through pure and absolute luck, able to make a lot of money and get geared without the RMAH will act as a screen to the problem the rest of us have to face. Forcing players to spend real money to progress is OK, because not everyone has to do it. Right?ODDBALL59 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Whats the best act to farm? Hey guys I was wondering what the best act to farm is. I can farm I can farm A1 with about 220% base mf I can farm A2 with around 70% base mf I can farm A3 with around 30% base mf.( I die sometimes in A3) What do you guys think the best farming act is?Murairy0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Did they stealthnerf MF ? This is just the impression me and my friends got the last days. Before the patch i could switch to mf gear to kill the last elite off and got 1-4 rares even without 1 NV stack. Now if i switch with 0 stacks i rarely get even 1 rare. With 5 Stacks it was 2-4, now its 1-2 rares and most of the time its 52-59 crap. The few ilvl 61+ pieces we find usually roll the most retarded stat combos even possible. Im not talking about a dozen packs, im talking about a few hundred act 2/3 packs the last days with multiple players who all had the same experience. Right now it feels like they just nullified or capped the mf gain from gear, or capped the maximum amount of rare drops for elites. Im not talking about the quality primarly right now, its way more obvious if u just look at the quantity.Quasi4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 RNG doesn't feel very random anymore (Quality It seems that the QUALITY of my items has decreased drastically since before the weekend, for example, I would get ilvl 63's with decent and sensible stats, such as a bow with Dexterity, or Barb belt with Strength, but now I seem to get some really weird stats, constantly, whereas before it was a rarity. Wizard hat with Dexterity? Demon Hunter Cloak with Strength? What's worse is that this is usually the primary attribute for the item, so it's not Dexterity + Intelligence on a bow, it's just Intelligence. Was' gonnn onn?RockandGrohl0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Whats going on? D3 forums like Occupy Wall St Forums feel like D3 crossed occupy Wall Street. Players are claiming higher ups are using players for a means to an ends. Blizzard is not providing players with any compensation and They're not listening to their cries for help. Ok, maybe I’m taking it a little too far but it seems to me, a hardcore player, D3 management is either really really incompetent or they just don’t care. Everyone is crying for something to happen and to make things right. Players are even suggesting ways to do that and it seems to me they are just avoiding it all together. I mean, some of these ideas are golden and in my opinion, in some cases, they should be paying the player base for them… I mean, who doesn’t think Kripp’s ideas are freaking insanely awesome? …Add end game content like champ levels now! How about adding better affixes, increasing drop rates, adding more shrines to each level with more random attributes like 100% to dex or strength, and fixing the D3 economic problem by giving players an option to add a socket to it at the costs of making it boe or boa while you’re at it. And there’re far more brilliant ideas I have read but far too few comments from blue posts.People have built 20 story high buildings within days. So really, how long does it take to write some code? I mean, Blizzard management is certainly not hurting for money to pay employees. I mean, I know five friends off the top of my head that is capable and willing to fix this game for freaking free. Crap, I bet they could do it by themselves and finish it within a week. Then, on top of that, I could in the meantime personally respond to forums much faster and better than they are. It makes no sense. With the thousands of people who have paid and, lol, who are still paying to play this game you would think they would have at least one employee whose sole purpose is to respond to forums, right?AXELBRAIN0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Group play mob damage buffed or bug? I was playing with a friend earlier running siegebreaker and throughout the game it felt like mobs were hitting harder especially elites. Somehow managed to get up to 5 stacks but kept dying a lot when we decided screw this lets just kill siegebreaker. When we got there I got 2 shotted by siegebreaker which was something that has never happened to my melee wiz before. After that we left and I recreated a solo game and managed to solo siegebreaker. It went from dying vs siegebreaker in under 1min in a group of 2 each getting 1-2 shotted to me soloing it so its quite a large swing in damage. Anyone else experienced this?Zpastik1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Reduced damage from elites If you get 6% reduced damage from elites, is that effect molten/desecration/plague/electric/reflect damage/frozen? I only ask because if molten etc... kills you, it says "slayn by the mob" but if arcane enchanted kills u, it states "killed by arcane sentry" side note, if your slayn by, example, the poison left by the trees in Act 1, it just said "player was slayn" anyone have feedback if reduced damage from elites effects the ground stuff, besides arcane sentryLisson4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 My Bonus Exp per kill is not working -___-' Dear bug cruncher; I am level 38 and currently I have 187 Bonus exp per kill [205 with templar]. I figured "I'm going to kill a bunch of critters in normal act 3 in the core of arreat so I can level up faster" Well. I checked my exp and killed a critter. I got about 50 exp...I was like ok maybe I misread, So i go on to kill another critter and again about 50 exp. So I changed games and thought maybe the game was bugging out but still the same thing. I get about 50 exp, can someone please fix this bug because apparently I should be getting 50 exp + 187 per my bonus exp per kill stat...I already have a level 60 wizard and for obvious reasons I just wanted to make this Demon Hunter level 60 as fast as possible. Why play the game over again with no exp boost? Please fix this Thanks! Sincerely, IsTisVaynIstisVayn9 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Tired of switching MF gear - need changes Anybody else is tired of switching from your main gear to your MF gear before finishing off every elite pack? I'm getting sick of it really. But there is just no other way to get quality items. Just having NV5 is not enough by a long shot. With the increased drop rates you get more ilvl 61-63 items but they are all garbage because it's not enough for an item to be high ilvl, it's actual quality is determined by MF. So then you are pretty much forced to switch gear before finishing the kill - "I", click click click click click, kill last elite, "I", click click click click click. This is just terrible. And I don't even know what barbs and monks do since they can't lower their main stats mid-fight like that without risking a lot (I'm a wizard). Not to mention it's clearly NOT the intended way of playing the game by anybody's standards. So what's the Intended Way then? Blizzard said it many times: Nephalem Valor. But it sucks! A meager 75% MF bonus is nothing compared to 300%+ MF you can get by switching gear. And even with 300% MF the chance of getting a good item is ridiculously small. NV also carries a bonus of dropping guaranteed extra rares but they are usually all junk unless you switch to MF gear - then they all usually almost all junk too but at least sometimes you get something that you can use or sell. I want to be able to do farm runs the Indended Way, i.e. with NV and without switching gear. And while playing the Indended Way, I want to also find good items once in a reasonable while. How to achieve that? Proposal: 1. Extend NV to 10 stacks. This will further promote the Intended Way of playing - kill more packs and bosses to get more benefits. And you get 150% MF without needing MF gear. 2. Cap MF at 200%. This should pretty much eliminate the need to switch gear. You get 150% MF from NV10 and get some more on 3 or 4 pieces of your main gear. That is reasonable, no? 3. Adjust the quality rolls to have better chance of rolling good items with 200% MF than there is presently with 300% MF. Because they are just too rare at the moment. There are more different possible stats in D3 than in D2, thus lessening the chance of any one of them rolling high. The D2 ratios are just not enough. Please Like and/or bump this thread if you agree with these ideas.Axxius1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Upcoming patch tomorrow? So I read post of so members of this community saying there might be a 'BIG upcoming patch' tomorrow. Does anyone have any intel?Yayo12 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 IAS still too weak & mobs still too hard The ias is still toooo slooooooooooooooowww blizzard. it needs to be brought back by at least 3 quaters. i can understand lowering it to curb the class DPS issues, but ias should have been lowered no mor than 1/3 to 1/4 . also i still cant run threw act 2 inferno by myself and i have 900-1000 resist across the bored. more than enough life as well. if i had right ias probly be good on dps too. this just goes to show that even with elite builds its still not possible to run solo. Im sure there are tons of people who can do it though. But for the average gamer. INFERNO is still to difficult and not fun by any means. a word to blizz: you guys are losing players by the groves and lots of people are sick of getting on this forum to get stuff fixed. the game needs to be fixed and done with so we can get back to playing. but myself an many others are just about fed up and lots have already quit. please fix ur game or i wont even be playing anymore :(defi87nas0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 game mechanic question, 1 handed weapons. so i noticed that if you have 2 1h weapons with IAS it just uses the higher of the 2 my question is do things like life steal stack? if i have a bow with 2% LS and another with 3% LS do i steal 5% or 3% same question applies to crit damage % dexterity vitality and any other abilities that can stackNathaniel4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 MAJOR PROBLEMS FOUND Zallo9 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 When will Commodities be sold IN RMAH? Does anyone know when Blizzard plans to open up the RMAH for commodity selling/buying?Anocter0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 A suggestion to optimize the AH One of the biggest problems in this game is inflation based on speculation. As it stands we can only currently search items which have not been purchased in the auction house. Now usually, the items which are purchased are the ones which are the best deals. Lowest price, best stats available. Once purchased though, the item is completely removed from the AH and can no longer be used as a reference point for would be purchasers, leading to massive inflation. Let me explain. Say you have 5 weapons, all of which are worth around 10M gold in value based on current supply and demand. In the AH, the lowest one may sell for 5M, while the highest is over priced at 20M with the middle 3 being priced anywhere from 8-12M dollars. So someone searches on the AH for this particular weapon with these particular stats and finds these 5 weapons. Obviously he purchases the one for 5M gold. Now we have 4 weapons left, the first being 8M in price, one which is 10M in price, one which is 12M in price, and last which is 20M in price. Say I just found this weapon in a game and want to sell it on the AH. So I look these up and find these four weapons. What am I going to think the accurate price is? Assuming general supply and demand hasn't changed, it still should be a 10M weapon. But, looking at it I'll figure, well the 8M weapon might be a low ball and the 20M weapon is probably way too high. I'll just list it for 11.5M to undercut the 12M. So the 8M weap sells off and another person finds this weapon to sell it. He figures the 10M is probably the low ball because it's the lowest listed. So he lists his for 11.75M to split the difference between the the 11.5 and the 12M weapons. So assuming supply and demand have not changed at all in this short time frame, the price of this weapon has just inflated 20% after 2 trades, despite the VALUE of the weapon based on supply and demand not having changed. Add on top of this, the massive inflation of supply of gold into this game on an hourly basis, and multiply this by hundreds of transactions a day and it's easy to see why a ring that sold for half a million two weeks ago is now selling for 10M today. People "think" something is worth more because people are listing it for more. I think a way to combat this is to have a search mechanism for trades completed in the same way that you can search for items. List item type, rarity, stats, max gold value, etc. etc., but instead it is for only trades which have been completed in the last 48,72,96 hours or whatever. That way we can see what things are actually "selling for" as opposed to what people are trying to "get for them." It may not stop inflation completely, first gold has to stop coming into the system for that to happen. But it will hopefully allow players to have more information while purchasing an item off the AH, and decrease inflation by speculation.dNasty1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Loot explained? Hello Blizzard, I've been doing a lot of looking on the forums etc, and I was hoping for a reply with some details explaining the loot. With the i-lvl system, it is intuitive that higher i-lvl has higher #'s available to it. I wanted to ask a few questions so I can get a better feel of how to maximize the potential to get good loot for my toon. Right now, I've been stacking magic find (up to about 230% plus Nephalim buff), and I find I receive more blues and rares than I did previously, but the quality of the items has not been impacted. I am not finding any more legendary, set (have yet to find one of either in inferno), and the stats on the items I have found have remained quite low compared to the greatly superior gear available on the AH. So! The fun questions! 1. What, if anything, can I do to improve the quality of drops I receive? Is it purely based on how far into Inferno I have progressed (ie. what Act) or are their other factors (like magic find)? 2. What controls the rate of legendary or set item drops? Is there anything I can do to improve my chances of getting these?WhoDied11 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Bot Spam Issue So this bot keeps spamming me with invites to their game at least once a day (I think their name is Djgod666) trying to spam me. Because they're not on my RealID, Recent Players, or Friends List I can't click anything to report them. Is there any way to report this other than joining their game? I really don't want to get spammed and I've heard of people getting hacked from joining certain games and don't want that either. Thanks!XvX4840 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 I found out how to fix this game. Re-introduce the Paladins in the game, people are going to roll hammerdins and carry bad people around again while giving them free loot.Mark1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why does blizzard make everyone wait so long? Just regarding the real money auction house, I find that these 1-3 day gaps before recieving my money is a little bit annoying..I see why they are verifying the payments, but howcome you need to do it twice? I understand initially when loading my account with money, im sure you guys need to make sure it's not a fraudster using a stolen credit card or whatever and make sure that the money is coming from a valid source to minimize on all that. But once a person puts money on their account and you guys have cleared it initially why would I have to wait another 3 days when he buys my item? Are you once again trying to make sure the money came from a valid place? It sucks to sell an expensive item, then go check to see what's out there to buy with your earnings and lose a bunch of deals you could have gotten if you had your money right away. Maybe there is a lot more to the whole process but I wish they could do something to get our money instantlyrizzo0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Can people stop quoting cinemablend That site is not a credible news site and every single news about diablo 3 that is on there is taken straight from the forum or even written by someone from the forum. Anyone can make some crazy outrageous claim on here and I bet you it will be on there....MimiCucu0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 What if, we don't us the RMAH? One thing I keep seeing across the forum and when a lot of people complain: "Blizzard keeps breaking the game so that we are forced to buy from the RMAH!" Honestly, I agree. The game is broken like !@#$ in some ways. Some elites are insanely OP while other pose next to no threat at all. My point: What is the point of Blizz trying to force us to use the RMAH if we simply... Don't. No putting items up on it, no buying items from it. Just simply DON'T USE THAT FEATURE. No use whining that it's the only way, you have 3 choices: 1) Buy from the RMAH spending more money on this game that you are saying is broken 2) Creating different characters and level them up to 60 while waiting for the GAH to level out in prices. 3) Stop playing the game. 2 and 3 are the only way that you will have any dignity in yourself. Why give them more money if you are saying they are doing a crap job? Just. Don't. Use it.Pdgeorge21 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Helping Other Players - Pubstomping I've been farming act 2 and 3 inferno since pre 1.0.3 with my DH and Monk and since 1.0.3...farming has been a complete disappointment. So I found the best way to increase my game enjoyment and help others out as well. I join hell - act 2 public games and help some 57s level faster. I do this because 1. I one shot elite packs and this is a hack'n'slash game so it just makes me feel good when everything melts. 2. It hopefully brings good karma to my farming the next time I farm. I always ask if the group needs my help and most of the time...they say hell yes. I even drop some gear that is decent to get through act 1/2 inferno sometimes in game to help some of them progress. All and all, I get some enjoyment while helping my fellow gamers and it feels good. You should try it some time.TongueWin2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 What's the long term plan for Diablo III? When Starcraft II first came out, we knew pretty early on that the game was broken up into three campaigns (one for each race). Ditto for World of Warcraft; once we got Burning Crusade, we knew there would be more to follow and we quickly understood it's path in offering new content. With Diablo III, however, I don't know what the long term plan is. I would imagine that we're gonna get an expansion at some point down the road. But what about new content before the expansion? Is this a possibility? Do people even want this? I can't imagine that people just wanna farm elites for years. In fact, I can't believe people did boss runs in Diablo II for as long as they did. The reason I ask is because I'm farming away in Diablo III and I'm getting exceptionally bored. I've put in over 220 hours into my Demon Hunter. Farming Act I over and over and sometimes venturing into Act II. I understand that this is the way that the Diablo universe typically has been, but I'm starting to ask questions such as "Can't this game evolve from it's predecessors?". Diablo III is a beautiful game and it plays well but the content is pretty much the same as the previous version of the game and I find that to be a huge wasted opportunity. Especially for people, such as myself, who don't want to just farm Champions and Rares the whole time. I'd like to hear other people's ideas and thoughts on this: What do you guys wanna see for Diablo III down the road? EDIT: I updated the number of hours my Demon Hunter has played from 250 down to 220. I was close. :DSeptyryx14 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Beware scammer TopseKreets#1994 attempting to sell dex Andariels Visage for cheap then swaps it out for a str...Darktiger0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 If this game had an expansion pack I believe this game will come out with an expansion pack so here are some things I truly foresee in the future: -Unlocked levels 61-99 after Act 1 Inferno is beaten -Unlocked new weapons ilvl 64-99 -1-2 new characters or bring back an old one (I would love to see the Assassin) -Cow level instead of rainbow fairyland full of magical, pixie, pony-humping fruits. -Runes, Jewels, Charms -Add socket to weapon from a quest -Make crafting useful -Option to gamble -Allow you to make your own game with a name you want (Too many times I've tried to join public games only to enter the same one with the same afk guy) -PvP -Uniques becoming more common and actually appealing to use. -More enemies -Skill/stat points (I doubt this would be put in, but I sure do miss it) -Ubers or a new event similar to this. I loved the eye-opening statement "Stones of Jordans sold to merchants" -Addition of a new act -Ability to disable cutscenes/chatter If you must know my bias, I'm a little disappointed with Diablo III in comparison with Diablo II, but I overall enjoyed the playthrough. I nearly have 4x lvl 60 chars and made 20$ off the AH. I'm just thinking of what would revive this game for me. Let's hear some more!liljay0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 They nerfed back loot and doubled elite dam.. So this is how blizzard work, isn't it? Put the patch notes to double the loot drop, WITHOUT mentioning and significant increase in elite damage. (just one of the many topics on this) THEN secretly nerfed the loot drop again ... I've experienced significantly worse/less rares since Sunday: See these threads im not alone: (one of the many topics on this) Great job Blizzard, and I'm very thankful for being slapped on the face for trusting you for just a minute maybe listening to the fans and do the right thing. I'm very very thankful.JEDILORD27 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Reflect damage. One shot myself One shot myself from full health with cluster arrow. 30k hp 55% reduction from armor and 50% from resistance. Yeah, this crap is balanced...Malevo40 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 After four days of silence... a book? Really? After almost four days of complete silence from anyone at Blizzard, the post to break the silence is about a novel? I know it's totally different than the gaming departments, but come on... EDIT: Also I have a question. What do community managers do? What is their role? Is it a full time job? I have to believe that they have other responsibilities, or that the job is 2 hours per week or something, based on how few posts there are by CMsPwny58 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 solution for MF and annoying gear switching I see some complaints about MF. And many people carry MF gear to put it on at the right moment to increase. So I have come up with a solution, well… more like a dream wish do away with magic find as gear attribute to solve all the problems with boring and tedious gear switching 1) make magic find contingent on your gameplay (such as NV) here are a couple of examples: ~ every 300 normal mobs killed adds 1% MF ~ every 100 normal mobs killed without using portals or getting killed adds 2% ~ finishing all the quests in an act from beginning to end adds 5% and is carried into the next act ~ NV is tweaked to add less MF, but there would be no 30 min time limit ~ there could be many possibilities, but in a nutshell I propose that killing regular mobs, not dying, playing quests consequently would add to MF. 2) Make MF persistent if logging out and have it capped ~ MF (and MF from NV) wouldn’t have a time limit ~ would decrease only by small (lets say 2%) amount when log out so as to not punish those who can’t play for hours at a time. ~ MF would carry between acts, but not difficulties except the first time you reach a new difficulty. ~ MF would need to have a cap because no matter how well thought out the system would be, someone would figure out a way… ~ NV would stack on top of the cap so that it would still make sense to obtain it after you reached the cap 3) Also, there would need to be MF “sinks” so that people couldn’t accumulate MF infinitely, for example: ~ using portals except personal town portal decreases MF by 2% ~ dying decreases MF by 2%, but has 1 min cooldown (meaning if you die within 1 min of MF decreasing death you don’t get MF penalty) so as to not punish encountering difficult elites too severely ~ killing 100 mobs without dying would give you 1 free death (meaning you wouldn’t get MF penalty on your next death) this would better prepare you for difficult elites and bosses ~ switching skills decreases MF by 1% per skill switched and still removes NV completely ~ MF loss would have to be capped, let’s say no more than 50% in 30 mins so that someone who is having really difficult time beating a certain elite or a boss wouldn’t lose it all fast 4) Also, to balance things out the above bonuses penalties could scale depending on how much MF you already have. For example, if you have 20% MF killing only 50 normal mobs without dying would increase MF by 1%, but if you already have 200%MF you would need to kill 500 normal mobs to 1% MF. This would also eliminate the need for hard MF caps. So, how would this affect the game: PROS ~ add another layer to the game ~ eliminate the need to carry MF gear just for the right moments ~ encourage less farming the same spots and more journeying through the acts ~ having high MF and keeping it up would be a game of itself and make farming less boring ~ you would have to think of longer term consequences to how you play as opposed to just finding the right specs and gear for a particular area ~ bots and some other forms of cheating/exploits would be less profitable ~ and finally this would really change the game and I am already getting bored CONS ~ reach would get richer and poor would get poorer - not that I personally dislike that. But this would probably negatively impact a more casual player as making a game more complicated always does. ~ this would require changing already existing and owned items which would be unfair to those who paid extra 10 mils to have MF on their godly gear ~ builds geared toward defense in inferno would be even more encouraged ~ surely people would come up with exploits to obtain easy high MF ~ this would never be implemented because it would be hard to change the game so severely in an expansion pack and have it compatible with the original and it is too much work for just a patch. And this doesn’t make more money for Blizzard, just more fun for usDarkiemond3 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Hey Devs, Act II Inferno drop rates broken? Hello, just wanted to report that I did a FULL clear of Act 2 Inferno today. By full clear I mean every mob/elite pack/boss I could find. I have exactly 300% MF. ZERO (as in the number 0) level 63 rares dropped. I don't expect to be handed loot...but c'mon this is silly. Not even one bad roll to have a shot at. How can this FUN and intended.Shellac8 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Abyssal Dye Is the black dye only sold in Infernal?Nopate3 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Blizzard, I'm really enjoying your game the sound effects, the mechanics, the enchantress, and lot more of awesome stuff! the problem with D3 isn't the ilvl63 drop rate it's the rolls and ilvl 51~55 we drop so much !@#$ty items It's discouraging! I just killed Warden in inferno with 275 mf with the 5nv stacks and when I took a look at what I dropped this knife was there for a momment I thought it was a bug I even looked behind me hoping Jay and Bashiok were there to shout "SURPRISE!" or something like that but seems like it isnt a bug and I couldn't find Jay and Bashiok there are a lot of ilvl61 with less than 200 dps too so many health globe affixes etc the top rolls can be harder, but at least make the drops something worth of playingSpidey0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Lets talk about Goals People keep comparing this game to Diablo 2, but let's face it. D2 had flaws. A LOT of flaws. Killing Mephisto in hell and what do you get? A level 8 item? Sweet...... Let's keep in mind that D3 has some very nice improvements: We don't lose experience when we die. Awesome! We have an AH instead of using websites and chat windows and...dealing with annoying scammers...Awesome! You get the idea. So...why is it that people still liked D2 more? One word: GOALS. People were able to set goals for themselves. Plan out tasks to do, and go do them! "I want to make a pvp barb. These are some of the items I'm going to need. Better get started." Farming on its own was not the end-game. Farming was a means to GET there. The end-game was accomplishing the goals we set out for ourselves, whether it was reaching 99 on the fresh ladder (hint hint), or gearing up for some pvp, or even just making an optimized MF farmer. Goals were what kept people playing. Currently, D3 does not have goals once you hit 60. Finishing Inferno is not good enough. Give players a reason to farm. It's ok to have some classes be better at certain tasks; that will make people level and gear those improve their other classes...which are good at doing something else. It really is ok for classes to have strengths and weaknesses. There's no need to balance this so every class can do everything equally. Let me give you an example from D2. Remember Uber Tristram and Uber Diablo? People made Magic Find characters so that they could gear up another character (Palladins and Druids?) that were more efficient at killing the uber bosses. Then they would farm the charms from Ubers to gear up their MF characters even more, and then gear something else up for PvP. Goalception? Honestly, I don't know how to implement this into D3. We need items that come from specific accomplishments, like Annihilus used to be. I have a feeling that charms are not the answer, though I don't know what is. I think we do need a more diverse palette of items, however. In D3, all we find is armor and weapons. It's either, we find something, or we don't. I remember reading a statement that said something about seeing a "loot explosion" is fun. That's true to a degree, but the way it is in D3 is not right. Let's list the types of items there are in D3 (that drop in inferno): Armor, Weapons, Gold, Potions, Tomes, Gems, and Patterns. Let's compare it to the drops in D2: Armor, Weapons, Gold, Potions, Scrolls, Gems, Jewels, and Runes. I might have missed a few items, but looking at that list we see that the difference in the types isn't that big, but the use and diversity of the items was much greater. There's one kind of potion in D3: health. In D2 there was: health, mana, antidote, stamina, thawing, rejuvination, and throwing potions (6 kinds). Now, that example is a bit of a tangeant, but lets look at Common (white) items. What use do they have in D3? None. At. All. What about D2? Runewards!! ei: goals. They gave people other ways to find items than "Did a rare drop? Yes? Item! No? No item! :(" Breaking down how people found gear (finding useful white items with sockets, aand then finding all the Runes) kept people playing, since finding items was still just the means to get to the goal. The real (meta)goal was to craft the Runeward. That was why loot explosions were fun. Everything had the potential to be useful. And it all leads back to people creating goals for themselves. I'm looking forward to the PvP patch. I'm looking forward to see what type of an incentive it gives us to keep playing. It doesn't need to be much, but it needs to be captivating. It needs to promote the idea of giving players something to strive for. And it needs to be able to cycle over. The ladder in D2 was a major Goal-setter. It places a deadline on everyone's goals (whether it was pvp, or leveling to 99, or whatever), and then it would reset, along with their progress. Now they could do it all over again more efficiently. Many have seen Kripparian's tips on improving the game. While I might not agree with everything, he makes some fantastic points about the ladder. The extra side-levels after 60 for both PvE and PvP were a great suggestion, especially since they don't affect gear (that would be a problem with the RMAH). Those ideas will help keep this game alive! Ok...this is going to sound kind of weird...but that's why Minecraft is so addicting to so many people. They create goals for themselves within the simplified game world. They set tasks and accomplish them. When they feel like they've had enough, they start over. D3 needs that motivating factor. It needs that spark of inspiration for the players to keep going. We want to like this game. We really really really do. But we need a reason to. TL;DR: Players need goals to strive for. Farming should be the means to achieve the goal, not the goal itself. And some other stuff. read it.Zabbu10 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 5NV Stack Inferno Clear / All Bosses Solo DH Nothing too exciting, but you might enjoy it, I had fun making it. Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Diablo 2 Atmosphere Compared to Diablo 3 I was playing around on my new Sorceress on Diablo II (which I'm trying to get into since I got the D3 CE..) And I got to the Hole in act one. In Diablo 3, if you go into a dungeon, it's just a quick excursion, kinda like a vacation almost. In the Hole, I went into it, looked around for about 5 seconds, and decided I didn't want to spend so long in a dark place. It was the atmosphere that actually made me afraid to go in there. A little later on I find the Forgotten Tower. Facing my fears, I decide to venture inside. The music change and the darkness of the area immediately made me uncomfortable, but I ventured forth, eventually finding the Countess and getting a Tal and Ral rune and a Grand Charm for my efforts. Then, when I left the tower and came back to the outside, it was so refreshing to be out in the light again. I felt like I just dug myself out of a deep, dark cavern that I might never have returned from. Granted, I could have just portal'd out at any time, but I didn't WANT to. I wanted to stay and experience this new atmosphere, and this dungeon. In Diablo III, side dungeons are just 'meh.' in terms of atmosphere, explorability, and general desire to explore, because they're so unrewarding. The Forgotten Tower excelled in all of those, and even though it was just an optional area (granted, part of a quest, but still), it was absolutely miles ahead of Diablo 3's atmosphere.Kamun36 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 hardcore is impossible forget the monsters, they're ez it's all the lag, server drops, freezes just lost another lvl 50Hellocopter0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 UnID trade destroying the economy? People rather spend their gold gambling on unID items rather than purchasing on AH/RMAH. Is unID trade something that is intended by Blizzard or it is a side effect of having the "identification" system in place?megablue1 Jul 2, 2012