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Jul 4, 2012 (Blue!) Diablo III from Release to this Date. Release Date: ...server handled an unknown exception. This message I bet Blizzard got tons of times in the first few days. BUT! On a positive note; I remember I saw 3,5k games available once. And now on this date or last month to be honest I have never seen 'Available Games' hit the 2,000 mark. It's obvious that even at release date people knew that it wasn't worth it, there is more than 2k active Diablo II players - Now that says something. And about 10 old diablo II friends I have still plays Diablo II and never thought of trying Diablo III because they said "More loot, better items, better droprate in Diablo II". Tal Rasha's Set in Diablo II (Full set shows the Following) Full Set Bonus: +50% Resistance To All +3 to All Skills +150 Defense +150 Life +50 Defense vs. Missiles +10 Replenish Life +65% Magic Find +25% Faster Hit Recovery Diablo III Tal Rasha's Set (Full Set) Shows the following: +3% Cold Damage. How come the best MF gear from Diablo II suck so much in Diablo III ? I wouldn't call it a MF gear or anything near a good armor-set. Think you guys at Blizzard should go back to the drawing board, but then again It's kinda too late to draw anything now, I guess. - DarkimbaDarkimba1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Spam The gold seller spam is getting out of hand. PLEASE PLEASE implement some of the chat restrictions that WOW already has (limited message size, throttling, etc). If nothing else, a limit on the size of a message would be a big help, as right now the gold seller spam tends to fill your chat box every time you see one.Saerydoth0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Please limit critical chance to 25% As much as i disagree with some taaaard becoming famous (KRIPRARRIAN) he has a good point no damage no damage no damage OMG U JUST GOT HIT FOR A HOME RUN SUN its terrible design for PVPLeto21 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Starter Edition version is this a full paid game version ? I bought it today and it showed up as starter edition .Dragonlaires0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dumbest feature ever Imagine a feature in this game that caused you to lose one of your skills while in the middle of a fight against elites. No good reason. You just cant use that skill anymore. There is no reasonable way to ge it back either. You just have to try to finish your fight without that particular skill. What would really make it dumb is if this feature also made you lose all your valor, ya know. Just because. Well, it exists. Demon Hunters do a lot of kiting. And as such, are prone to clicking quickly at the extremes of the screen. From time to time, I click a skill on the HUD and, well. that click does more damage to me than the bad guys could hope to. Can someone tell me why it is a good plan to make skills disappear off of the HUD bar? I really want to be told that there is some hidden benefit. Because all I see is a retarded side effect.Finnagain19 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Scammer - PulpFiction add him to you're do not trust list XDJustice0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo III Weapon DPS Calculator TLDR: Make sure you hover your mouse over the question marks if you don't know what to do! ... Hey all! Some of you might remember a few of the videos I've made ... I've just finished up a project I've been working on for the last few days. It's a calculator you can use to determine the following stats for any weapon in any configuration Blizzard DPS (actual DPS) Minimum damage per hit Maximum damage for a critical hit DPS using only your lower range DPS using only your upper range So far my tests have shown it to be 100% accurate. If anyone with beta wants to test their configuration in it and compare the Blizzard DPS's to make sure they match I would appreciate it. The reason I chose to show lower to upper DPS is because consistency is important to me and as such I will favor a setup that shows these numbers as fairly close, even if it means sacrificing a little DPS. Note this is not for calculating your heroes DPS but a specific weapon's DPS. As such it doesn't have a field for a second weapon. Besides checking ranges this will be useful for checking the DPS of a weapon before you buy it on the auction house or trade for it. As a side note, the site this is hosted on ( is my team's website. This is an open team and any serious Diablo III players are welcome to join =]lolrofllol8 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I'm simply not having fun anymore Tedious, repetitive, unrewarding end game. I really don't have any more to say than that. It hurts because I loved it so much. :(Janahan27 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Terrible drop rate to compensate no ladder? Is the terrible drop rate to compensate for have no ladder? How long does blizzard want this game to last before great items are dirt cheap?Sentry0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Monk Chest, LoH/MF Amulet My AH is full so I'm posting hear... The Chest 71 Dex 231 Vitality 77 All Resist 162 Life Regen The Amulet 115 Str 112 Dex 96 Intell 44 Physical Res LoH 328 +11% Life 34% Magic Find I did searches in AH, and these are both pretty rare I won't be online for the fourth of july, so when I come back, I will check who offered the most, and well sell them then.Pharaoh4ever0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Suggestions Thread 1. Please add the 'Maximum Buyout' search tool to the 'Recommended Items' list in the AH. 2. Please add a clock to the lobby screen so we know what time it is!kthx0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Crappy loot and auction house killed Diablo 3 Ok, I have now spent about 80 hours on Diablo 3. I played 2 barb characters and one monk. First thing, I do think the game is fun, and the new features such as the story telling, more NPCs very well done. But.... When looking back at Diablo 2 and LOD, I played for quite a few years, because there was something that kept me going back, I could actually "build" my character up, and getting good gears does not require me spending hours farming for gold mindlessly and then use it to buy gears from other people. Yes, I did farm for items in Diablo 2, but that was through boss battles, which is more fun than running around stupidly killing normal monsters farming for gold! In Diablo 3, the loot drops from the bosses are absolutely crap. From the beginning of nightmare level to the end when I killed Diablo. I have never seen "gold" item drops when I killed a boss (not even once!). I can only get "gold" items two ways: 1) Kill the blue mobs (but that also happens rarely), or 2) forge it myself. I am sorry, but this has completely killed the excitement of the game. Because what is the point of fighting a big boss (such as Diablo, Azmodan, Belial, Butcher, maiden of lust, Leoric etc...) if you can't even get some good loot after that? This makes all the boss battles highly anti-climatic! I think Blizzard is doing this to force the players to use the auction house to purchase good items. But obviously, not many people will want to spend hours after hours farming gold in the game. So this means the most non-boring way to get good items is to buy gears using "real" money auction house. To me, I smell the scent of Blizzard cash milking scheme. I have decided that since I have already spent 140 dollars on the collector's edtion, I will not give in to buy items on real money auction house just to get good items. Sadly, this also means after I finish the game with all 5 character classes (till the end of nightmare, or hell depending on what kind of equipment I will get), if I get stuck in inferno because the item drops are crap, then I am just going to stop playing. I will not yield to this kind of money making scheme. This also means, I do not see myself playing Diablo 3 for 5 years as I have played Diablo 2. When Darksiders 2 comes out in August, I really don't think there will be much holding me to Diablo 3 anymore. The crappy loot and auction house trading, has made Diablo 3 experience pointless to play at higher levels.CONAN15 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 So this is Diablo 3..... Diablo 3 is incredibly simplified, to guide people who are new to the experience, or play WoW (as Jay has said by wanting to expand the player base not just for fans). This does not make Diablo 3 a truely Diablo experience, where players can come, play and see why Diablo 2 was so successful. My Negative Aspects and biggest gripes of Diablo 3: Gameplay ... Story/dialogue/Lore/character Design ... Visual Design/Graphics & Social Features (As a Freelance 3D artist I have a few worries) ...Gymrat1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Only allow gold on RMAH. It's really annoying having to browse 2 different AH looking for items. Have everything on 1 GAH and just let people buy gold on the RMAH. Right there are multiple different AH all with their own items, ie: Australia RMAH has their own selection of items. US RMAH has their own selection of items. Despite both being under America region, they have separate markets. Then GAH is another market. Just combine all markets (under 1 region) into 1 GAH and just let people buy/sell gold on the RMAH. This way you don't have worry about $250 pricing limits and all that jazz. Ofcourse you'll need some way to stabilize gold value before everything starts being priced in the billions.noobithree0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 "Got a bunch of worthless rares for you... ...this fine day."Noel0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Most Evil and charismatic character? I like diablo Kane from tiberium is possibly better thoLeto2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Magic Find Gear OPTION 6 Sorry guys not possible... Obviously, a lot of us want to have an option that would include a button or somrthing that quickly allows us to change or swap MF set gear. If not all then most of us who already invested in MF gear would agree to this. So when I scrolled through Blizzards options(wow first time they did).. I wasn't even surprised this option isn't there.. but WHY?!! Clearly, a lot of us wants this and yet blizzard doesn't offer this to us. (Doesn't blizz say they listen to people? Well..maybe they do pick comments from people that backup what they already have in mind. Having a poll or something before every nerf patch way back when blizz launched diablo 3 beta errrr I mean version 1.0) Well look closely at the provided options for the MF gears.. those obviously require little effort on their side to implement. Unlike having to create the "Magical" MF gear switch button that they have to create in the UI along with other stuff that links to that..(You wouldn't even have to do this only if you really did rigorous testing during beta) Lazy..just so lazy... Hey Bashiok or whoever feels like dropping by... care to take a shot at my post? I lost all my appetite of playing this game since my hoping that this would truely improve over time went to garbage. I'll prepare my gold and items for cash out next patch unless a miracle happens and you Blizz peeps actually listen to your customers(Majority and not hand picked).Rgee3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How am I supposed to gear up? I am sure this will get flamed.... I can't get through act 2 because I don't have the gold for repairs, I spend almost every spare minute that I have (which is not much) trying to farm gold and farm act 1 to get gear enough to complete act 2. (not to mention I have not gotten but 3 legendaries and all were non applicable pre-hell difficulty, and have never gotten a set item) I spend the gold I get attempting to craft or find cheap deals on AH....( I crafted 8 pair of boots on my wizard and got 0 with intelligence) The AH is severely overpriced and frankly I refuse to buy gold!!! I know its against the TOS to buy gold, but I can't see how else someone can make enough to buy that 100 million gold upgrade. The most I have had at any point is 850k. I am running low on patience with this game...I spent way too much time waiting for this game to come out stonewalled at act 2 because I don't have the gold for gear. Someone told me "buy one piece at a time, the ones around 750k+" I saved up and got there, the pieces at that price were worse than what I had on...So I spent it all on crafting those 8 above mentioned 5 stat boots...(all had dexterity, all sold for less than 150k) If someone knows of a way to gear up more efficiently let me know, I just want to finish this game. Leaving without finishing inferno at least once is just not something I am willing to do. I spent the $60 and want to at least "beat" it.Kihr23 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Dammit we deserve an apology! Blue admits to the game being drastically flawed and released too early. I cling to hope that they will fix it, however these patches just seem like acts of desperation. Now they are using a cleaver distraction of "help us solve the MF crisis". Do you all remember the N64 kid? He was pretty super excited to get that gaming console, but what if, he got trolled super hard and inside the box was a !@#$ing midget that jumps out and punches him square in the nuts... That is pretty much how I feel at this point. I'm putting this game away for the time being, hopefully for my childhoods sake, blizzard pulls their head out of their %^- and starts making some changes. At the very least I think we all deserve this TL;DR Bought D3, got punched in nuts by midget.AlPacino1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The REAL Reason D3 is a disapointment Liking something is subjective, plain and simple. Lots of people seem to like D3, whereas arguably more do not. Regardless of which side has more people, there is one thing that is ridiculous to deny: Diablo 3 is not a valid successor to D1 and D2. Some people might like D3 for what it is, but for those people, Blizzard should have made an entirely different game and not lied to the rest of us calling this game DIABLO 3, because it is not a Diablo game regardless of putting a character in it called "Diablo". 1) If you like a game that has a kindergarten story where villains tell you their plans from a distance every two seconds like Doctor Claw or just couldn't give a !@#$ about story, then I guess D3 is for you, but you should have gotten that in a different game. If you actually want the villain to be a Gothic horror type villain, a looming, unknown, SILENT threat, emanating despair and terror from the bottom of a dungeon, lurking, commanding his troops with malice, or seething with truly malevolent trickery, then you want a Diablo series game... but they refused to make D3 like that whatsoever. Baal was far more convincing and frightening (if not to the player, certainly to the other characters in the game world) passing himself off as Tyrael to Marius than Belial ever was trying to pass himself off as Emperor Hakkan... for crying out loud, Leah freaking outs Belial and then he cops to it! Marius is stunned and terrified writhing in horror at the realization of what Baal has done after Baal himself reveals his lie in a time of his choosing... and Belial is supposed to be the freaking Lord of Lies! Just one example of how completely awful the feel of D3 is due to the writing and how it doesn't deserve to be a successor to the Diablo franchise. 2) If you like a game that is fully lit up with bright colors and a flat degree of lighting, and think that sounds in the environment being demons and cultists throwing "evil" one liners at you like "Kill him!" is good ambiance, then D3 is for you. If you like the edges of your screen to be dark, where zombies and demons are lurking beyond your sight and moans and cries are coming wailing through the darkness from some poor unknown soul tormented by the minions of Hell, then a Diablo game is for you. Diablo 3 fails at this and is not worthy of being a successor to the Diablo franchise. 3) If you like the difficulty of creating your character to be about nothing but your gear, and not about how you choose to customize your character with RPG elements like choosing stats and choosing from a large and diverse skill tree, then Diablo 3 is for you. If however, you actually like %^-*ing RPG elements in your ARPG, then you'd have to agree that Diablo 3 is not worthy of being a successor to the Diablo franchise. 4) If you like the difficulty of the combat to, in addition to being just a gear check, be entirely about removing any form of control or sense of empowerment in your character by throwing affixes at you like vortex, jailer, frozen, nightmarish, waller, shielding, and invulnerable... then Diablo 3 is for you. I personally don't have as much of a problem with things like plauged, molten, fire chains, or mortar... but if you like the ones that remove all control from you and frequently and constantly get you killed entirely outside of your control, then D3 is for you. Don't quote me lines about using escape skills or hugging walls, even if you do this you still get ganked, sometimes the monsters use the ability two or three times in a row before coolodowns are up. If you don't like your character being out of your control half the time you are in combat, especially for melee, then Diablo 3 is not an acceptable successor to the Diablo franchise. 5) if you like loot that is tiered such that legendary items are worthless, and magic items are better, and if you like the fact that you HAVE to grind to just beat the game instead of grind after beating the game because the loot and pvp is so compelling that you actually WANT to do so (and by extension you actually like MMOs not ARPGs) then Diablo 3 is the game for you. If however, you feel the exact opposite, then you'd have to agree that Diablo 3 is not worthy of being the successor to the Diablo franchise. TL;DR A game is only good or bad subjectively. It is a matter of opinion. As a game, Diablo 3 might be a good one for people that like the way the developers created it. Fine. However, when you talk about a more SPECIFIC type of game, in this case analyzing D3 as a successor to the DIABLO franchise, and not just "some game" in and of itself, D3 fails miserably to be worthy of being a successor to the franchise. They broke way too much about what the series was for it to be in the realm of "this and that" added to sequel. They lied to all of the fans who liked the earlier games, and cashed in on a name of a franchise that they bastardized.Ihtomyt6 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I've seen every cutscene at least 50 times please give me an option to never see them again. It's tedious. Yes, I know I can press escape and have to click a button to skip. But to do this every time for every cutscene is a major pain. It's even more annoying when you have several of them in a single fight (Diablo). What on earth were you thinking? Quality of life issues, Blizzard. Those matter more than you might think.Freudian4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Hell, Drop rates and Elites abilities I'm usualy not the kind that complains about games being hard. Hell lately most games tend to be dumb as hell. But when a game is hard i prefer it be hard by game mechanics and overall gameplay not cheap hard by giving enemies epic life and dmg. That is not hard, that is just retarded in the name of lazyness. I have a monk, level 54. I'm currently in Act1 hell. I have tried basicly every possible build on it, but having a game where luck is aloooot more important than skill is just a huge killer for me. In this case item luck and elite monters luck. I just wanna ask who ever was the brain behind giving all elites !@#$ tons of abilities how am i suppose to take care of a group of blues that have fire chains + molten + speed for example. That is like one of the deadliest combos in the game. Sometimes i get lucky and blues just have acceptable abilities, but many times that's a no. Maybe im a noob, but seriously having monsters do 3000 dmg while i barely have 500 with criticals is simply bull%^-*. Another retarded stuff is the items drops. Like did you people build this game exactly for the auction house. If someone simply doesn't want to buy !@#$ he might as well go %^-* himself cause he will die like a pro. I barely manage to kill a group of blues or purples and i get 2 pathetic items and some gold every time, and if by any chance out of 10 such groups 1 drops a gold item it's ussualy not for my class. The item pathetic drop rates, the fact that most of the times they aren't even for my class coupled with the epicly retarded elite monsters abilities is simply killing any reason to continue playing, and i have a huge feeling many are in the same situations. If drop rates are set so low so you can make !@#$ tons of money out of the auction house ( because ofc the tons of money you make from wow is not enough ) could you at least make a filter for elite monsters to not have for example both speed and aoe abilities. Just a suggestion :|Anubis0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 The purpose of magic find affix I'd like to clear something up. To get into the debate of whether gear swapping should be an effective way to utilize magic find, we should first ask ourselves what the point is in having magic find be an affix on gear. To start, it's not just to give players better drops. That's the end effect, but not the reason for existence. As an example, consider Nephalem Valor. It has the same end effect, but the point of NV is to encourage players to stick with a spec and to explore more of the game rather than a small area over and over. Put simply, as a random affix and part of the item system, the point of magic find is to 1. Provide the players with difficult choices in trying to balance their stats. 2. Allows players to improve a characteristics over a long period of time. The ability to gear swap significantly harms the ability of magic find to provide these functions. Balancing MF with other stats becomes practically nonexistent as a concern, and players can quickly and easily reach the highest levels of magic find with average stats. Some players will argue that gear swapping introduces it's own set of challenges and rewards to gameplay. They will point to the added burden of carrying more items and the risk in actually performing the gear swap. However, I don't think that those arguments hold up as justification for allowing gear swapping to affect MF in the manner that it does. If we want to introduce a mechanic where players can trade inventory space for added stats (including magic find), then the correct thing to do would be to add charms (i.e. inventory items that provide you with stats). Then you could get an appropriate bonus given the amount of space sacrificed and the rarity/availability of the charm. The MF bonus on gear was balanced around the idea that you would equip it, not just carry it around in your bag. A high roll on MF isn't supposed to automatically make a piece of armor useful. It's supposed to be one of a number of rolls. MF armor =/= charms. The worst argument is that MF swapping is risky because you could potentially die while trying to finish the mob off with your lessened stats. If you have trouble simply finishing a mob off with a certain level of magic find, then you really don't deserve to get credit for that level of magic find. I would only find this a valid reasoning if you are playing hardcore OR if elites that you killed respawned when you die. They don't respawn, and in many cases they don't even heal up that much so you can continue where you left off. TL;DR: MF gear swapping defeats the purpose of MF as an armor affix. If you want to trade inventory space for MF, then ask blizzard to put in charms. If you can't survive with a certain level of MF on your gear, then you don't deserve the bonus it provides.Zoltar2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Game slowly dying. I have over 100 friend in my list. Every each weeks I see more and more 4+days not logged on. When I talk with them outside game, they all says the same thing. Its getting borring.Freezia0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 my sad rage quit I'm taking my ball and going home. This is my reasoning: Diablo 2 made me want to play Diablo 3. Not only did I want to play Diablo 3, I obsessed about Diablo 3. I had wet dreams about how great of a game this was going to be. Then the day came. I met her in person. I was intoxicated, just to hold her in my arms. The game I'd been dreaming of for years... I got her back home and made the bold move of putting my hand up her skirt and quickly realized that she's a dude in drag. I wanted a Diablo game in the fashion of greatness that warranted the creation of the term "Diablo clone." This franchise which other games in the genre would strive for years to beat has forgotten what made it great. I'll come and play again when you remember why we were friends.THRILLHO4 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 How does it feel bLizzard? How does it feel blizzard to have totally crushed one of the best "franchise" games of all time? i am so sick that i have spent my hard earned $$$ on this pewterschmidt game. I didn't even get to finish it sucks so bad. You've made your last $$$ of of me! Going to go play Torchlight. it is a much better game than Diablo 3. And Torchlight II will be out soon. Sad some "indie" deveoper made a better game than blizzard. lmao!codylynx0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Gold spammers plainly im wondering does anyone know of anything being to combat the problem of gold spammers. I ask as i have found myself leaving both trade and general chat due to the sheer level of spam.Malalon0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Why is Magic Find Averaged Among Group??? I am literally bleeding friends from my D3 friend list at the moment, many of which have not even beaten the game yet. I am part of an online gaming community that has already had much discussion over this and every single person agrees that one of the biggest design flaws in Diablo 3 is that you feel 'punished' for doing multiplayer. Diablo 2 had up to 8 players in a game, but now D3 only has 4. When the game launched multiplayer game play was SO punitive that nobody was even able to do it. Mobs hit way harder, had 440% health and by the way your loot is your own, but your magic find isn't (maybe clarify that tip, heh). From every possible angle I look at it, it appears to me that Diablo 3 discourages multiplayer adventuring. From non-linear health scaling to averaging the groups magic find together (so geared players feel that undergeared players "drag down" their magic find). Even in random public games, if a player joins right before a champion pack dies - every other person in the game is punished because random player is missing Valor stacks. For a game that you force an online connection to play, it sure feels like you actually want players to play alone. Why is that? Was this just a general design oversight? Or do you really want people doing solo adventuring in D3?Aggressor3 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Auction House UI Suggestions There may be other similar threads.... But for what it is worth, I wanted to post some suggestions for big blue that might make the auction house a little more usable (it still feels a little clunky). 1) A reset button. When posting a bunch of items at a time it is a pain to have to clear all of the preferred stats. 2) Keep stats when switching between RMAH and Gold AH. Right now it resets. When I post an item for auction, I generally research both AHs to see where I might get the most bang for my buck. To do this I have to fill out the search twice. 3) More preferred stats selections would be nice. I don't know if this would be overkill, but rares and above have more than 3 stats usually. 4) Allow linking of items from the sell tab to auto fill out some search fields for easier research. Might need #3 to make this happen, or take the first 3 stats or the most important 3 stats... or... ? 5) A checkbox to ignore anything that doesn't have a buyout. Generally I want an item right away and unless I am buying something for one of my level 60 characters I will always ignore auctions that don't have a buyout (othewise I will just level right by it, or find something better). This will also relieve having to scroll through multiple pages of auctions to find the cheapest buyout items. 6) Allow us to specify minimum DPS or Armor values. Like I said, these may or may not have been brought up and addressed. Love the game! --Tell -------------------------------- Thraan - Level 60 Barbarian Daelyn - Level 60 WizardTellurium1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF paper doll of hero I wouldn't mind to see a tab unlike a costume paper doll of your hero which you can load up with MF gear and get a certain % or rather all MF put towards your cap. Could also tie into a MF reset to 0% (or just nef-valor stack 0-75%) for a period of time if any gear is changed on your main set to stop gear swapping during fights. Although this may be used for different ideas alike a gear swap tab, Change the look of your hero (sort of like trans mog no stats boost), or why stop at MF get some Gold find too (inflate those AH prices again :P)Jebbles0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Best MF solution so far. (not a nerf) Easy fix for all this shenanigans: Double the max amount of NV stacks, halve bonus per stack, Make your running 5 min average of (base from items) MF % multiply rate NV stacks are earned. (300% base mf = 4x stacks earned) I personally would also love a gear swap key but that is another discussion...Theron2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 bug or patch problem i have no idea what happen with the latest patch or whatever but i cant play my game at all now =(Faithe122112 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 If They Introduced a Gamble Vendor...(Gheed) Blacksmithing aside, I think having a Gamble Vendor in this game would be a great addition as well as a gold sink. How much would you pay for a unid Arch Axe? Revenant Bow? i62 Ammy? I know gold farmers and botters probably make this idea an impossibilty, but from my perspective I think it would be great. Another option would allow players to post UNID items for bid, that way you wouldnt have to change vendor prices based on the value of gold. Thoughts?Jubai1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 SUICIDAL ELITE??? So I'm farming elite at act 2 "the storm hall" ( I believe that's the name ) I was fighting this round fat self explosive elite packs. Then they became sort of angry mode and then just explode them self. After they all done with their suicide thing, I got no NV neither the loot... Is this working as intended?Davez9 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 One Thing on MF My only objection to MF is the last second swapping all together. As people have said, people have cheap MF gear, then switch at the last second and get the full same benefits as someone who paid the money and wore a whole set of MF gear that was good enough to win them the fight. Then basking in the riches it delivered. If you can MF gear swap ,then the good stat MF gear should be no more expensive than the bad ones with lots of MF. It only ends up getting used to swap at the end of a fight instead of utilizing the actual power of the piece. MF gear should be something that pays more the better the stats (etc) are, giving you can beat tougher monsters with it and not just how high the MF is, you should be rewarded. I though that should be simple because I thought gear swapping JUST before the end is kind of cheap and cheating lolSnoofo2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Value ... This whole post pretty much sums up what I feel is WRONG with Blizzards "iterative" design process. Your customers don't benefit from the majority of your work. You design whole systems and throw them out without us ever experiencing them. Your designers live in an exciting bubble where change is frequent but outside that bubble we players see nothing happening for weeks and months and stop caring about the game in between patches. As a perfectionist myself I can totally understand this, but as a customer, I find the rate of change insufficient to keep me interested and a poor value. Why would we pay you to design 10 systems and have you pick the one you like best for us, when we can pay someone else to design 1 system we want at 1/10th the cost/time? That's an extreme simplification, but the point is valid. The more times you iterate on a system before getting it right, the more room your competition has to be better than you by getting it right the first time. Even if the end result is the same, I'd MUCH rather have gone through the iteration process with you by playing these systems you ultimately deem unworthy while you recreate them. It would be far more interesting than writing forum posts, which is itself more interesting than months of repeating unchanging content.Weavols0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 TF2 is a way better item grinding game For real yoWobble0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 I Extensively Tested Drop Rates, Results Here Hello, like most of you, I am too poor to afford the mounting gear and repair costs needed to clear inferno mode since I started out later than most. I was not lucky enough to make millions of gold in the first two weeks after Diablo came out. In fact, I reached level 60 with both of my characters the day before patch 1.0.3. After starting out on Inferno the day of the patch, I found that I was unable to actually progress past Act 2 due to insane repair costs and the lack of sellable gear, so I turned to farming. In all of my playtime and leveling, I only found one item worth anything that I sold for around 450,000 gold. I turned that gold into a new weapon and MF gear so that I may farm until I could earn enough gold to progress through Act 2, seeing as how the AH was a NECESSITY to progress. Around the time I decided to start farming, I also decided that I would record my results in order to compare them to the supposed drop rates. Without further delay, here are my results. ___________________________________________________________________________ Gear Specs: I have taken the liberty to take screenshots of every piece of my farming set in order for me to display them. My Magic Find without the NV buff was 236% With the 5 stacks of NV, my Magic Find was 311% Proof of the MF total: Due to my gear, my dps suffered exponentially and I was stuck with 35k dps to manage with. Thanks to this, I died an average of 4 times per run and accumulated around 200,000 gold worth of repair costs and netted a net increase of around 250,000 gold. Thank goodness for the 94% Gold Find bonus I had! Farming Route: My farming run consisted of a limited area that I repeated seven total times. To start out each farming run, I began at Act 1 Quest 9: The Imprisoned Angel. Here is how my route looked: Weeping Hollow ---> Cemetery of the Forsaken (Including all Defiled Crypts) ---> Here I teleported to town and took the Rune to Cathedral Garden ---> Cathedral Levels 1-4 ---> Here I teleported to town and took the Rune to The Old Ruins ---> Dark Cellar (If available) ---> Dank Cellar (If available). Then I would Rinse and Repeat. Here I go! When my inventory was full, I would catalog the items I found on a wimpy list of tally marks I made to keep track of what I found. Then I would take the Item Level 63-60 blues and yellows to town to either salvage, sell, or keep them for later. The grey and white items were discarded to make room for more good stuff after I tallied them. (14 gold for an item level 63 white?) Example of a drop pile: In my seven runs I found and killed: 6 Treasure goblins/pygmys 56 Champion mobs 55 Elite mobs (Two of them I was unable to beat. They were both Scavengers with invulnerable fast minions!) I broke every barrel, tomb, pot of ash, and coffin I saw. I looted every chest and stone vault. I also checked every single dead body, loose floor tile, armor rack, and weapon rack. The total amount of time it took to do all of the runs was 20 hours. Results: My results are listed as [Color of item] and [Item Level - amount - percent] Run 1: Colors: Grey: 8 White: 120 Blue: 71 Yellow: 37 Legendary: 1 Total: 236Item Levels 63s - 8 - 3.4% 62s - 22 - 9.3% 61s - 56 - 23.8% 60s - 35 - 14.8% 59-55s - 95 - 40.3% 54-51s - 20 - 8.5%Run 2: Colors: Grey: 12 White: 127 Blue: 72 Yellow: 30 Legendary: 0 Total: 241Item Levels 63s - 11 - 4.5% 62s - 20 - 8.4% 61s - 53 - 22% 60s - 35 - 14.52% 59-55s - 93 - 38.6% 54-51s - 29 - 7.9%Run 3: Colors: Grey: 3 White: 119 Blue: 59 Yellow: 21 Legendary: 0 Total: 202Item Levels 63s - 16 - 7.9% 62s - 18 - 8.9% 61s - 39 - 19.3% 60s - 42 - 20.7% 59-55s - 71 - 35% 54-51s - 16 - 7.9%Run 4: Colors: Grey: 11 White: 113 Blue: 54 Yellow: 33 Legendary: 0 Total: 211Item Levels 63s - 2 - 0.95% 62s - 22 - 5.2% 61s - 56 - 19% 60s - 35 - 21.8% 59-55s - 95 - 35.5% 54-51s - 20 - 5.7%Run 5: Colors: Grey: 15 White: 130 Blue: 45 Yellow: 23 Legendary: 0 Total: 213Item Levels 63s - 2 - 0.94% 62s - 11 - 5.2% 61s - 36 - 16.9% 60s - 49- 23% 59-55s - 65 - 30.5% 54-51s - 50 - 23.5%Run 6: Colors: Grey: 11 White: 123 Blue: 73 Yellow: 33 Legendary: 0 Total: 240Item Levels 63s - 2 - 0.83% 62s - 18 - 7.5% 61s - 49 - 20% 60s - 46 - 19% 59-55s - 101 - 42% 54-51s - 24 - 10%Run 7: Colors: Grey: 7 White: 112 Blue: 50 Yellow: 29 Legendary: 0 Total: 198Item Levels 63s - 4 - 2% 62s - 14 - 7% 61s - 31 - 15.6% 60s - 34 - 17.17% 59-55s - 98 - 49.49% 54-51s - 17 - 8.5%Totals: Colors: Grey: 67 - 4.3% White: 844 - 54.76% Blue: 424 - 27.51% Yellow: 206 - 13.36% Legendary: 1 - .06% Total: 1541Item Levels 63s - 8 - 2.9% 62s - 22 - 7.4% 61s - 56 - 19.73% 60s - 35 - 18.62% 59-55s - 95 - 38.81% 54-51s - 20 - 10.9%It is worth noting that the one legendary I found was a set item and was found when I looted an armor rack on the first run. I took a screenshot. And here is a fine specimen of horrible descent: It actually DECREASES your attack speed! ____________________________________________________________________________ Analysis: I was actually sad when it came time to analyze all of the results. I had only received a few worth-while items during the entire run, and I can now see that the percentage of Ilvl 63s I found was actually a bit lower than the 2% that Blizzard said the drop rate was supposed to be, I rounded the total up a bit. I suppose I may just be really unlucky though. I grabbed some screenshots of the items I kept as well as items that were worth the most: Opinions: After my farming was over I was less than satisfied. I mean, the first run was a huge rush when I found the set item, and the second was even better because I found that sword. However, each run afterwards spiraled down into monotonous killings and kiting without any reward besides a few yellows worth 30-80k at the most. What do I think should happen? I believe that drop rates should be increased on the 60-63 items a bit, and the 59-51 items should have their drop rates severely decreased. The majority of yellows I found were item level 59 or lower and were complete trash. I only found 3 Item Level 63 yellows in total! After being decked out in 311% MF gear I figured I would be able to find a bit more than that, but unfortunately for me that was not the case. Since I have yet to have sold all of my items, I don't have an official tally of the amount of gold/dollars I received from my runs. Hopefully they all sell and I'll be able to put up the amount of money I made after all was said and done. I recommend that you farm further along in Act 1 in comparison to what I did, even though the difficulty later along proved too difficult for my full MF gear. In conclusion, the sample I took proved that 2% was not efficient enough to provide a wealth of good items or even a fair reward after 20 hours of nothing but farming. In my opinion, it isn't worth all of the pain and agony. Hopefully they will tinker with the drop rates and roll rates a bit more in the future! Edit: Also, the gold which whites and grey sell for should be upped EXPONENTIALLY as well... 14 gold for a white Ilvl 63 isn't even enough for a potion when you add them all up.Frewdonist148 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Anyone team for Magic Find? Anyone looking to Magic Find as a team? Most of the people I play with have quit and I'm looking for some more people to kill stuff together. I have 309% MF in my MF gear. Looking for people over 300 MF on switch or fulltime. I play all hours of the day/night whenever I can. It sucks that everyone is quitting as the game is fun if there are people to play with, but most everyone is bored now. I still have hope they will do something to make the game appealing again. Add me in game wilmfred#1901 I'm a monk, I can do all acts and open pony level. Act3 and 4 are what I do the most solo, but I'm bored doing them alone now.wilmfred1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Diablo 3 Disappointment & Boring I remember I was thrilled to get D3 when it was first released and thrilled to be up all night playing to max lv and grind my way to max gear. However, going through normal, nightmare, hell and inferno from lv 1 - 60 and repeating nights after nights with SAME elite, SAME environments was starting to get to me. There is no character customization to keep the game interesting, public game was too hard to play cuz gear not good enough so end up playing solo in the SAME area, SAME boss, SAME elite JUST to save money for 1 pc of gear since DROPS were horrible.......I am starting to get fustrated and VERY BORED with this game. I was hoping D3 will be one of the best online game there is but only to realize it was a mistake. I HIGHLY SUGGEST to improve end game contents or larger customization for players to grind away with a purpose since we dont ONLY have D3 as there are MANY MANY more options for us gamers in today's Market. STOP wasting your time on NERF, OR DUMB items on RMAH where NOBODY cares or use!!!Guardian1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Here's the solution Blizzard! I still wonder why everything is about level 60 and loot? What about having fun reaching level 60? When you've reached level 60 that character is kind of finished. I would like to see much more better quality on the drops all over. As today the level of the rare items are between 10-20 levels below your character level... exciting, no! What keeps you going is the excitement on the next rare drop, reach the next character level, unlock/enhance skills and of course slaughter all kind of monsters :-) So how to make this game better: - A higher level cap, at least 100. - Some kind of skill/rune-tree. - Better quality on the rare items and lower the drop rate (a little bit). - The chance to actually find legendary items. - Improve the blacksmith. The AH/RMAH killed him. - An offline-mode without the AH/RMAH, and of course no access to online games with offline characters. You're welcome Blizzard ;-)Lofa2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 2 false ideas about MF that nuked D3 1. A false idea that rares should be better than uniques. (Who thinks this? RMAH economists? WoWeenies? Nice job castrating player goals.) 2. A false idea that players should not be given useful gear. First time out of the gate in D2 I got a GULL dagger; that gave me a smile that lasted for years. This isn't going to happen in D3 .. ever .. by design. We are in mourning.Shukra0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Ideas to add to Re-playability I believe that by adding skill trees into the game and adjusting the rate at which one levels could add significantly to the re-playability of D3. Some would say that skill trees pigeonhole you into picking "x" build that will maximize DPS. This is a yes and no answer argument. Sure there would be some builds that would be marginally better, but the variability within the restraints of a skill tree is where ingenuity flourished. By creating builds that weren't commonly used was half the fun in D2. The skill trees also allowed one to feel the characters strength after a bunch of points were dumped into a few different abilities/synergies. In the end game it feels as if all your abilities do similar damage in a different way. If you have every ability in the game available to you then it kind of feels like whats the point and there isn't really too much of a trade-off. Adding skill trees would allow for damage to be a combination of weapon damage, skill points, and main stats. This would also allow for us to see +skill items drop, another useful affix. Another point I would like to make is on leveling. For me personally I felt as if leveling was too linear and I leveled too quickly. In D2 you had to join many different games many times to increase exp. In D3 I can simply start a solo game and play through to inferno and know where I should be at every step in the game and not have to create a new game. Everyone knows at the end of normal you will be 30ish, end nightmare 45ish, hell 60. Gone are the days of having to do "runs" with groups to hit that "x level" where my character feels godly after getting the first point into a top tier ability. I understand that i make a few comparisons to D2 and people will say well it's not D2. Of course not, but D2 set the bar, not the other way around. The mechanics were changed and it was a good shot, but I'm not sure why the formula was changed. That is my personal take on what I believe is a solution to end game and re-playability.Stalk3r0 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Server ??? ok, why is a stand alone game tied to a server? this game is not a mmo, its crazy. i'm so glad i didn't pay for this game. As a consumer, i buy a game that i know to be a stand alone game. Then when i get it home it needs to be connected to the internet to even play it. Its so wrongZoe20 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 My account get locked I just received an email saying my account get locked: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Greetings, Account Name: ******* BattleTag: ******* This Diablo III account has been locked due to an auction-related issue. Until this issue is resolved, the account will be unavailable for play. Access to the Diablo III auction house is restricted until the account is unlocked. Contact Account Administration to recover access to the account: Regards, Blizzard Entertainment Diablo III Customer Support -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The latest action I did is to BO an item in RMAH using my visa card. However, that was not my first trade and I have been using RMAH frequently with same visa card (With total amount more than $800) and my account was never get locked before today. I am pretty sure my visa card is valid now and I am also confident on my bank credit. I have submitted the ticket for 6 hours already and there is no reply yet. I need to recover my account asap and I need a detailed explaination why my account is get locked so that I could prevent such case happen in the future. Otherwise, I believe nobody will dare to use RMAH and it will be definately a lost for both sides.BraveHeart10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Gold find useless I was doing some runs with the whole gold find set and I got NOTHING. 100 gold piles dropping randomly was my reward, really now. So, should I just sell my gold find gear (it takes space in the stash, you know)?LenC1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 New addition to game idea Survival Mode. -20 Waves of enemies. -Difficulty increases with each wave. -One elite pack per wave. Maybe two in higher waves. -After every 5 waves there is a boss wave not counting towards the 20 waves. Essentially half waves. Example, after wave 5 the next wave is a boss wave and the wave after would be wave 6. -After wave 20 there is an end boss. -Item level dropped by mobs would go up as the waves got harder. -When a wave is finished the next wave is started by talking to an NPC. With the different boss waves players could change builds to be able to continue, getting less loot from the elite packs or stay the same build getting more loot but having a more difficult time when the boss waves come. But the players that did change their build and lost the neph stacks would get 5 or close to it by the time the boss wave started. Could even record groups/players times as they go through, giving bragging rights to groups/players that can do it quicker, and also obviously hardcore players that can complete it. This would create a whole new meta game of builds for different waves, each of the bosses, and different builds that work throughout the entire survival game. To save implementation and development time Blizzard can use already existing bosses in the game. For instance the first boss wave could be Skeleton king, the second boss wave could be Butcher, the third boss wave could be Belial, and so on. Obviously it would be way cooler if the bosses were unique from the main game and had different mechanics; but I have learned long ago not to aim too high or you just end up with the bullet dropping back on your own head. But if they went with already existing bosses or mini-bosses the development would be just making a map for the survival mode.Warjack1 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 MF and Nerfing Alright so after reading all of the current talk on what is going on with these new absolutely absurd choices with how to reconstruct magic find gear, I find myself thinking what are they going to nerf next? Consistently every Tuesday of every week, blizzard has found something to make gameplay even more frustrating. First, lowering everybodies attack rate on their items, many people losing 25% of their DPS. Next (i believe), Raising the repair and wear and tear rates/cost (too expensive) Then (they did something right), made wear and tear reasonable. (thank you) Also, changing the ingame difficulties of inferno to encourage party play. Now, attempting to discourage players that are willing to go the extra mile to carry around MF gear to swap before kills to possibly get better item drops, and giving players 5 crappy choices to choose from on what they should do with magic find? It just baffles me that blizzard wants to keep meddling in this game irritating more and more players. some of you may argue with me, but please tell me why is blizzard trying to cater to the whining people who are butthurt that people who want to waste a whole 3 columns of their inventory to carry around a MF set are able to be more efficient than them? I would bet $100 that there are more people that are going to be upset with a MF nerf than players that will be happy with it. Why can't you just leave the system alone? If anything just ADD A BUTTON THAT YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE WHAT ITEMS TO SWAP ON WITH 1 CLICK. It wont be a hassle for anyone, the ones crying wont have to hassle with clicking all the gears, and the ones who dont mind swapping will have an even easier time. I don't understand why the developers at blizzard feel the need to always choose the choice that'll piss their customers off more? Can we see a return of the people who were in charge of blizzard when starcraft/Broodwar/diablo1&2&LOD came out? From what i can see they seemed to know what players wanted in a game. Those games were absolutely revolutionary for their time, and you know what also made them great? WHEN THOSE GAMES WERE RELEASED WITH VERY FEW PROBLEMS AND VERY LITTLE MEDDLING! All i really want to see at this point with the game is for yall to BUTT OUT. No longer do i want to attempt to login on tuesday only to realize the server is down for 6 hours. Then when servers are back online i have to find something new that was nerfed. If your going to take the server down for 6 hours EVERY week, why cant there be just 1... just 1 update where players are actually happy afterwards? like boosting server capacity so we dont get the sudden out of nowhere lag spikes?(this is why i gave up on hardcore) or finding a way to truly rid yourselves of the 2 month still ongoing spambots in the chat channels? I don't know about you blizzard developers, but I personally hate getting on the forums and seeing not 1 single positive thread by players. All I, and i'm sure other players would like to see, is the game move in a positive direction. i have 4+ friends i know that never get on anymore out of frustration with how the game is going. (sorry for how long this is, so here's something to make it a little bit longer and you might see what i did here :D)Monahandsome2 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 Enough is Enough/Inferno is a Joke I logged off last night thinking I had made it to Kulle's Sanctuary in Act II of Inferno. When I logged in tonight, I found myself at the water logged passage again. Is there no end to the strife that Blizzard would put us through? This is really beyond shameless now. I waited 10 years for this game to come out, and it is awful and I posit, incomplete. Champion packs with 5 enchantments. Really? Resetting us back 3 major quests? Just shameless. Unless Blizzard does something to fix this game and apologize to us players, I will never purchase another Blizzard game so long as I live. Just disgusting.TheShaman10 Jul 4, 2012
Jul 4, 2012 9 Ideas for a Better Diablo 3 Let me start by saying that this is an unabashedly biased post on what I would change about Diablo 3. The fact is, I'm quite torn on the game overall. I'm still having a blast playing it - the tactile feel of the gameplay is unreal, and there are so many things I love about it. At the same time, I'm very unsettled with a number of aspects of the game. Being a "casual veteran" of the Diablo universe, some things seem missing, weak, or just plain wrong. The bottom line is that I love the Diablo games, I want very much for this one to succeed. TL:DR - the game needs to improve replayability, customization, a larger emphasis on ROLE-playing, significant help is needed for the loot and item systems, and I've got some crazy ideas for all of them. Without further ado, if I had my way, here are some (hopefully) new ideas to improve the game: 1.Once Level 5 is reached on Normal Difficulty, a character has the option to continue with new skills unlocking automatically by the game (as it is now), or manually by the player. If the manual option was chosen, every level up would give the player a choice to unlock one of three skills. The skills available to choose from would depend on the character's current level, and this progression would be very similar to how the skills currently unlock. Additionally, some levels would allow for a player to choose a rune, or a passive skill, an additional active skill, or a combination thereof. The end result would be that at level 60, all skills and all runes would be unlocked. And of course, certain skills/runes would only be available at later levels, to preserve game balance. 2. Once Level 10 is reached on Normal Difficulty, a character has the option to continue with automatic STAT distribution (as it is now), or begin assigning stats manually. This choice would be presented in a 120-second message (similar to the follower messages) and include a button for "More Info". The more info button would explain how stats work in the game, and that automatic stat assignment would guarantee the most well-rounded ("viable") character for using all of that character's class skills. Manually stat distribution would allow players to focus on a particular play-style (more on that later). Additionally, this option could be changed at any moment via the game menu (after level 10). The upside to the two above suggestions are that by continuing on the automatic progression, the game behaves exactly as it does now. This could literally make everyone happy. Why not have 1 & 2 available from the get-go, instead of at Level 5 and 10? For new players, even those that are familiar with Diablo and other RPG-style games, there is a point where you don't really know how this particular RPG plays, and what different stats and skills are really worth. Knowing how "Intelligence" works in a lot of games doesn't mean you know how it will work in the game you just started playing. It's nice to have options open up in a game once you've gotten the hang of it, as opposed to feeling overwhelmed with choices that you might screw up right at the outset. 3. After a character finishes leveling up manually, the "+" skill/stat button would remain in the lower middle of the screen with a 20-second timer. This would look similar in appearance to skill cooldowns. The button would allow players 20 seconds to go back into the skill selection screen to correct any mis-clicks they made on stats or skills. 4.Certain Skills would scale with weapon DPS, while others would scale directly with the character's primary or secondary stats. HEAR ME OUT! Primary/Signature Skills and Spells (left-click attacks, basically) would work as they currently do, meaning that they would scale with weapon damage. The rest of the skills would scale directly with the character's stats. Which stat would be determined by each individual skill's overall concept. For example, a Demon Hunter's "Devices" skills might scale with her Intelligence rather than weapon DPS or Dexterity. Or a different set of skills might scale with her Vitality of Strength. Of course, this would mean re-balancing the skills significantly to ensure that they would be viable for a balanced and appropriate stat distribution. However, it would also mean that now other stats have that much more interest to the Demon Hunter, and gear-selection would become a lot more interesting, and a lot more player specific (no more Dex only gear hunts). For all classes, the item hunt becomes a lot more varied. Your primary stat is still important, but it's no longer the ONLY stat to consider when choosing your gear. Maybe you are a Wizard that favors particular skills that happen to scale with Dexterity. It would also mean that manual stat distribution would become more meaningful, rewarding, and risky. 5.Item diversity is increased immensely. This is not a new suggestion, nor am I the first to post about it. But it feels like this portion of the game was phoned in. I read somewhere that Jay Wilson stated in testing, they found that everyone favored straight DPS and ignored other aspects of item selection, and for this reason they did away with a lot of the diversity. In my opinion, give the players the ability to choose a "worse" weapon based on something other than a primary stat. Let us make our own mistakes! 6. Health Potion Cooldowns scale with your character's belt. With no belt or the lowest-tiered belts, potion cooldowns are still 30 seconds. But as better belts are gained, shorter cooldowns are available. Of course, the devs would have to choose an appropriate lower-limit, but I think this would make belts much more interesting. (Remember getting another row of potions in D2?) 7. Outlined Destructible Objects (barrels, urns, ashes, crates, etc) drop more gold and items. The amount of gold/value of the item in each object is determined once a character is within X yards of the object, where X is out of visible range of the character, but relatively nearby. This would prevent players from walking up to a group of objects, swapping out gear, and smashing it to get more gold/items, because the object's contents were already determined. It would also reward players who go with less-powerful MF and GF gear all the time, because the object's contents would more likely be determined while they were adventuring elsewhere in the area. 8. The Level Cap is increased to 66, and the last six levels allow you to combine runes. At level 60, as it is currently, the character will have access to all skills and runes. For each level from 61 to 66, players will gain one "Rune Synergy" Point. These points allow players to select TWO RUNES PER SKILL for one skill slot. Once level 66 is reached, with 6 Synergy Points, every skill slot can be assigned with a skill using two runes at the same time. This makes your six skills slots that much more varied and powerful for the end game. (Yes, I realize that this could be an implementation nightmare, but I don't think it's unachievable.) 9. Crazy Wishlist/Pipe-dream idea: When you die, instead of respawing at your last checkpoint, your character is transported to a small, highly randomized "dungeon" in... the underworld. Armed with nothing but your bare hands, you must battle underworld denizens while you fight your way to the exit. Once reached, you can take one of two portals: The easy way back to the last checkpoint (lose some gold), or the hard way towards retribution. If you choose the hard way, you re-inhabit your physical body exactly where you died, with all your gear and at full health/resources, and a shockwave blasts the enemies away several yards, allowing you to join the fight once more, or escape. Is this a Diablo game, and did I just fight my way out of Hell? Yes I did. While in Hell (the place, not the difficulty), you can't die, and you regain "health" quickly, but getting to zero health slows you down considerably. And for every 10 seconds in Hell, you lose 1% of your gold to "looters" back on the surface. The enemies would be easy by comparison (you're unarmed, after all), and their difficulty would not scale, but be based flatly on your current Difficulty level. Meaning that when the game is easier (dying less), escaping Hell is harder, and when the game is harder (dying a lot), you will probably faceroll Hell. If you took the time to read this, thanks, and let me know what you think.McIntosh13 Jul 4, 2012