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Jul 2, 2012 Remove AH function, make drop rate steadily What? who said Blizzs are going to consider users' opinion? I don't know what on earth they've received so far Cuz AH is so convenient, should it be related to the item drop rate? I'd rather not use AH than playing in this absurd situationGoo0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Biggest problem after drop rate increasing This is the first time I post a "complain" in D3 forum because the problem is really now destroying this game. The biggest problem after new patch is that you can hardly sell a lower (Level lower than 63) gear in AH or RMAH, even with a really low price. I have farmed A2 for 1 week already, got some level 63 gears but their attributes are just bad. Most of gears I think I can sell out in AH are still level 61, or 62. But I find that it's harder and harder to sell these level 61, 62 gears, because NOBODY wants lower level gear any more, especially weapons, a level 62 gear just means selling to a game vendor. Everyone is chasing after level 63 gear, simply because it's the highest level gear you can get in this game and the drop rate is doubled. I don't know how other players earned their gold to buy gear, but I saved my gold by selling several lower level gears until I can afford a higher level gear. I haven't sold any gear for 2 days already, I have only 500K gold left, I still need some better gears (price is all above 10 millions in AH) to progress into Act 4. Well, yes, you can say 'you just need farming more in A2, until you save enough gold, or you can just pray to loot a f**king valuable extraordinary legendary gear in A2, or mabe just simply use RMAH'. Hmmmmmm, I am actually tired of farming same maps over and over again, I don't think I will still farm A2 for another 2 months. Please either increase drop rate more so that level 63 gear can flood AH, or decrease A3/4 difficulty more so that we can clear it with shabby gears. If not, I will quit this game. I know nobody will care about this post, but I just want to shout out what is bothering me. That's it.Tingjian1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Ghom/Inferno... How beat? Seriously how am I supposed to survive a gas filled chamber against him. Burst him down in 10 seconds with 300k dps?!!ExceedLimits16 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Bring back pre-nerf Inferno as new difficulty I enjoy Diablo 3, and I very much sympathize with trying to create a game of this scale that appeases both hardcore and casual gamers. I played the hell out of both Diablo, and I think the first few months of Diablo 2 may have been my favorite gaming experience of all time. The community was fantastic, and there continued to be new discoveries for a long time. Games and gamers have changed a lot since then, and I don't think capturing the same sort of feelings will ever be possible again. This isn't necessarily a problem, just a different world. Anyway, before the nerf to Inferno I was about halfway through Act 3 and wasn't having a great time. It wasn't difficult, it was cheap. Getting one-shot from enemies off the screen wasn't fun. This level of gaming is similar to "ultra hard insane mode" from FPS and many console games. Some gamers enjoy that, but many do not. The problem with it is that Diablo is about loot, and the best loot is in inferno. So instead of choosing to play at this difficulty level with the rewards being an achievement and bragging rights, players really thought they had to get to this level because it was part of the game to get the best loot. I think the changes to inferno and the drop rates are good, it's bringing back what many people like myself want, lots of monster killing and trying to get loot. But I also think the super ultra hard mode should exist as well, for players who want to get achievements and conquer the biggest challenges. I think Blizzard should bring back the pre-nerf Inferno as a new difficulty level, but not give it higher loot tables, so players who want to can take on the challenge (and get the achievement), but players who just want to farm for loot (I think the majority) can do so without beating their heads against a wall of cheap, one-shotting mobs and ultimately end up on the forums crying.Kuato17 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 How it feels to identify items. Video! Just a short video I made to express how I feel 99% of the time when identifying items.Trianix10 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 nice big middle finger from Blizzard... Thanks guys... Down Diablo NM... loots start popping out... 1 blue!!! 1 $%$#%@ BLUE! EDIT: not even something I can use... of course. Those Intel/Strength DH's are OP! Thanks guys! /facepalm... nice reward system you got there. Making WoW look good : /Gumberculeez15 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Diablo 3's Patch Should Include Offline Play! I Think Offline Should Be Implemented In The Game Because I Just Bought The Game Not Knowing Its Online Only And Quite Disappointed If Offline Came Into Implementation More People Would Buy It ....Those Who Cant Afford A 24/7 Internet Connection..Please AD An Offline ModePzyborcorp2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Is this truly the vision for Diablo 3? I'd like to take a moment to provide some feedback on an area of the game I find to be really in need of attention. I feel a huge thing that Diablo 3 is missing is a sense of reward, of good feeling and fun! Feeling the need to get items from the AH (the gold AH for me, no way I'm using RMAH) does not provide a feeling of reward. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for high-end items and Legendaries, I'm asking for items good enough to at least let me progress on my own. For me, the AH/trading is there for the high-end elite items -- the Legendaries, sets, and perfectly itemized rares. Is it really a requirement to even advance through Inferno? I've been in Act I inferno for about two weeks now trying to farm for gear to advance. After much grinding, I finally had to head over to the gold AH to purchase a weapon and a new helmet after which I finally beat the butcher. So now I'm starting Act II, but I'm getting smacked around by about 80% of champions/rares -- I'm just not ready for it yet. I've been consistently killing at least 10 champions/rares a day for the last week (that's at least 5 with full NV stacks) and I have only received one marginal upgrade that did very little to help my efforts in Act II. If I get a decent lv 60 or higher item, it's not itemized for me. Or it has high dexterity, but no resistances, or vice versa. And since gear pretty much makes or breaks your character, the itemization required to even advance is so precise that the randomization becomes a source of huge frustration instead of reward.. I really want this game to succeed and I want to enjoy it the way I enjoyed D2 for so many years, but it's hard. I loved this game at first, but now the fun is quickly fading.. I'm becoming frustrated, and really wondering why I even bother logging in anymore. Blizzard, I hope you guys can address some of the issues being discussed in the forums, on YouTube, and elsewhere to make D3 fun and REWARDING. There is potential still, but the game needs much work to live up to it's legacy.Eusebius0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 The Horadric Hamburger? Da*#@ is this? I just saw this on the AH. Search->Legendary->Horadric Hamburger. And it's a dagger? WTF?Thermite0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Song of the Barbarian Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Wizards with 100k+ DPS Does anyone have a link to an image with ALL the gear on a wizard with 100k+ dps? I've managed to get up to 70k, but I feel like the small improvements I make over what I have now won't push me but another 5k or so. I'm guessing it's the crit chance/damage + atk speed, because I don't have the atk speed. Anyway, some kind of gear for comparison would be appreciated.TimGbow10 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Resplendent Chests Might as well change the models and rename them to boxes because they drop all blues and MF doesnt work towards them. Theres something logically wrong with TREASURE CHESTS dropping garbage and being un-rewarding. I havent found a yellow in a resplendant chest in the past 20 runs in the watch tower in a1.bliss12346 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Anyone for an Act1 Run? MF. Looking for someone (275-300~ MF w/ stacks) to run through act 1 areas. Bad UI/Social system makes this game pretty boring/diffcult to find people to play with. Yes I've tried Gen/Trade/LFG channels. they're dead from people getting annoyed with spam I suppose, or I smell terrible. 40K DPS Wiz quick farm build. 290 Self MF with stacks.Aikos7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Horde + Arcane It's really cool when you don't test your games.Gentso8 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Black screen when trying to escape cut scene? I just got a black screen after pressing escape during the cut scene before Diablo. Now I can not even log on? Does anyone know what I should do?Vuze1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Another cookie cutter from blizzard. There are basically 2 viable end game specializations for DH and Barb making the game one-note. I can only speak for these 2 classes because they are the only one's I have to 60. Streamline Inferno build for Barb consists of: Frenzy, War Shout, Ignore Pain, Ground Stomp, Berserk and Revenge. Without these skills barbs become pretty useless. Why would I run a range build on a barb when I can just roll a DH. So I did that. Streamline Inferno build for DH consists of: Evasive Fire, Nether Tentacles, Vault, Smoke Screen, Prep and Spike Trap. With both classes you literally do not run in to these specs until you hit Inferno. Once you get to inferno there are no real better specializations. Discuss.Twizzleres45 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 SELLING BOW WITH +248 DEXT +68% CRIT +SOCKET vuvuzela11 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Auction House thoughts Two things that I can't get over when it comes to the Auction House: 1) What is the point in paying a high amount, whether its RMAH or regular, when you only wear the items in question for a couple of levels? This particularly is aimed at weapons, but even some good armor items are usually replaced within a couple levels. Legendary items are REALLY a joke.... you can usually find better rare items for much cheaper. 2) Why would you NOT do a buyout option for your auction? Who's going to wait a day for an item when by the time they get the Auction they will have leveled several times and can get something better? This again points to the fact that this is not an MMO. You level so much faster. Every time I browse the Auction house I look at certain items and shake my head... who's going to spend 800k on something they are going to drop in 2 levels anyways????Friz331 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Nerf All Classes NOW All Classes are getting way to OverPower. Nerf it NOW. Seriously guys, why cant you guys just ask for something to be Buff. This game already have like dozen of Nerf. I already lost my countFre3doM5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Can we get a blue post about the lag spikes? It's been like this for the past 3-4 days now ever since that huge lag spike hit the servers. I'm having a hard time farming any of the higher acts cause I have no faith in the latency. Everytime I get a Vortex elite I pray it doesn't lag or else I'm dead. These lag spikes aren't even far apart, they hit every minute or so. I've even asked people on the general chat channel and everyone is fed up with this, why haven't we heard anything from you guys yet?Willows7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why does 7 yards feel like 7 feet Is it just me or are measurements a bit off. I have a few pieces of gear that increases gold and globe radius by 7 yard but for some reason i need to be in slapping rang to pick it up. unless my barb is 15 feet tall and the enchantress is 10 feet tall there really is something wrong here. a few friends also have this problem as well as few abilities that seem short ranged from what they specify. im sure there must be at least one jock running around the company shacking his/her head. Will there be any chacne of a retool to show correct measurements or will blizz increase the actual rang?Sahaal0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Blizzard is NOT in money losing business Did you really think Blizzard would eat into their own profit? Why did you think they would make Diablo 3 an epic, and long-lasting enjoyment, and purposely cannibalize their only cash-cow, i.e. World of Warcfart?DrHorse23 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Barb farming inferno on stream! Casual farming night, starting with some act 3 Also crafting 6p bracers for anyone who needs them 100k gold 28 essence 5 tears 8 tomes Soda#1931 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why FPS go down during fight with v-sync on? During fight or event or stuff, the FPS go down from 60 to 50 to 15 fps. GPU is sitting at 20% usage, low temp, etc.Parch12 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Monsters followed me through town portal... While I was crossing the silver spire in hell mode I traveled back to town to mess with some skills and all of the sudden there were several monsters in town trying to eat my face. I was able to kill them but my friend was not so lucky lol. Funny glitch (if it is one). Brought new excitement to the game. Now I have to wonder if its safe in town. I like it so hopefully it stays that way.YogurtBlastr3 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Whatever happened to Adria? Can anyone tell?Nu4nn41 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 AH: 36 hours impractical Example: You put up an item at 9 in the evening. Now the auction will end 2 days later at 9 in the morning. Since most people don't bother raising bids on items at least 1-2 hours before expiration, this means that virtually noone will be online for those last minute bid races. So could you please change it to something practical like 24/48 hours, or even an option to choose certain preset times? Because most people don't like being forced to put up auctions in the morning in order to have it expire during prime time.SHoWTiMe0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Dear blizz... Fix your game. Seriously. Ive got full health, Take 17k damage, and then die. when i have 22k hp. Either damage is screwed up, or scrolling battle text is. Also, FIX THE FRICKEN HITBOX, i dont like getting sniped by a melee mob... Thanks.flamehead1376 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Fix the goblin farm exploits already You nerfed powerleveling methods nearly instantly, you nerfed the act 2 chest exploit, but goblin farming exploits have been here since launch and you didn't do anything. ALL hardcore livestreams are nothing but goblin farming. Why do you allow this? Why do you allow constant game restarting anyway? No wonder the damn servers are busy with players like them?! YOU ALLOW THIS?Stormzjeah213 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Blizzcon 2008 Diablo 3 Poster Hey everyone thought I would give this a try since I have had no luck thus far in finding someone who has a Blizzcon 2008 Poster. I'm looking for either the Key Art Poster or the Diablo 3 poster that was handed out, signed would be great. They need to have the Blizzcon Logo on them at the bottom. So if anyone has one that they are interested in selling please let me know thanks.Fubu4 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Why are players QQ'ing about Repair bills? I've read multiple threads about Repair bill payments being excessively too much. Why do you players choose to waste your precious(sp?) time in the forums complaining about it when you know that Blizzard won't do anything about it? Me, personally, I am okay with high repair bill costs. I average about 15k-18k repair bills when I'm down to 50% durability. That just tells me that I need to work harder in getting the gold I need to last throughout Inferno. As for dieing to Champion packs and/or Elite packs.. I honestly don't care if I die millions of times to the gypsy mobs..(Especially the ones that blow up in your face xD) Again, this tells me I need to re-prioritize my thinking to save gold, and spending less on repairs. What I am trying to say here is, just enjoy your game and have fun. If you don't like it, then don't play it. Or you can do what I do, and that is... Exit out of the game, and give it a break for few hours and watch a movie. (I.E. Zombieland, Resident Evil Trilogy series, LOTR Trilogy, etc). Comments are welcome in this thread, however, there's to be no bashing, no insulting, and IMPORTANTLY NO offensive language. Positive thoughts only. Thank you!Gulushkaagmu37 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 RIP Diablo 3 2012-2012 Bring back loot tables pre 1.02, no one gives a !@#$ if they have to sift through more %^-*. I rather see little rares with high end stats then a bounty of rares with garbage stats. Your ninja nerf of item affix's was not UN-noticed. Decent players who where actually farming act 3-4 legitimately aren't stupid to what acti-bliz did. -Bring back rune finding. -Bring in Mystic. -Bring back pets -(You felt it didn't fit the Diablo universe? And yet you've dumbed down and catered the game to the lowest common denominator of people. Get rid of increase gold find radius on items, the pet can pick up the gold for you.) -Raise the level cap to 99. -Allow us to allocate stats, and change for a fee. Reward 1-3 Stat points per level over 60. More points the higher level you get. As for PVP, I could give a !@#$ less. If you introduce pvp into the game the way it is now, it would only give people more of a reason to quit after seeing what an unpolished turd wrapped in gold leaf you're trying to present to us. Give people a reason to play this %^-* fest you call Diablo 3. At the rate its going, the economy will have crashed completely by mid August. Game will be dead by October. Quote me on it. /Rant (89 Asmo runs, vendoring 100% of loot. So sick of this f*cking game. At least I made money to cover the repair bills by vendoring. YAY!!!)Vilelent1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Even in the heart of Heaven Angels can still feel fear.Silverarm7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Bring back weapon switch please! Blizzard, please introduce an extra set of equipment inventory and allow a hotkey to be assigned to swap between different sets of gear. This can save a lot of hassle and people won't be seeking 'stuck' mobs or inanimate objects to farm if their fingers are not fast enough this way. Plus there are people suggesting using automated scripts to allow the opening of inventory and swapping of gear already, I don't know if this is bannable, but if you allow for the hotkey to happen it wouldn't have to go through that route. This was the case in diablo 2 expansion pack (and it wasn't available during the classic as well) where you could press W and switch weapon/shield. People could switch from 1handed with shield, to 2handed in that instant as well, not just mf.UchihaVegeta2 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Item give away My friend is giving out items he finds on his farming runs. The give away starts at 10 viewers, so join for free stuff! :D Also, you have add him to be invited to the game, his game tag is shmoop#1457 He did one of these give away a couple weeks ago, so it's legit.GhostWhite10 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 I wish Diablo 3 was like Caldeum... Leah: I miss Caldeum. Sweetpot: What do you miss? Leah: It's such an open and beautiful city. It thrives on trade and new ideas. There was always something new and exciting to hear or see...BarleyCorn6 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Demon Hunter Skills Question I'm looking for the best runs to use for damage using Bola Shot, Multishot and Rapid Shot? Any ideas?Mesden1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Need bashanishu Anyone find bashanishu, please pm me. I've been at it for 2 weeks now. I am Newbie#481Newbie7 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Major Witch Doctor BUG Pierce the Veil passive skill permanently increases mana cost even when not active. Log-out and game restart does not work !!!!Hugster0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Dear Blues: Improvements for the game. Hello, first I would like to extend my gratitude on your vigorous work towards improving our game play experience. As a serious player who has clocked in several hundred hours I would like to offer my opinion on what improvements I would like to see. Of course this is solely my personal feedback and I am not by any means a game developer nor do I pretend to have more experience or knowledge in the matter. This is simply from the perspective of a player. Bosses Ghom seems to be a notch too difficult. While he was clearly a pushover pre 1.03 I think his buff was a bit over done. I believe this can be remedied by adding 30-45 seconds before his enrage timer. Similarly, I believe Belial's enrage timer is also too short. In addition, Diablo seems too easy and I believe he needs a buff. It simply doesn't make sense if the Lord of Terror is less challenging than some of the previous bosses. Drops I personally really like the Magic Drop percentages and believe them to be fair. The Gold Drops, however, seem really nerfed. A month ago, with very little gold find (80%), I could farm a portion of act 3 for 120k. Today I did that same run with (280%) gold find and ended the run with 160k. Now i'm aware that gold drop limitations are to combat people exploiting the game but this clearly affects honest players. Auction House I would like to be able to search up to 5 stats in the auction house. I would also like to be able to filter or search the stats of legendary and set items. It would be a good idea if we could see the improvements made when highlighting an item that's in the auction house. Elite Packs Certain affixes should not be allowed together. As just an example of what i think are combinations that shouldn't be possible. I.E Jailer - Mortar Nightmarish - arcane extra health - reflect damage This is all I can think of at the top of my head but If I think of more, I will post.I hope to get a response from a blue poster soon. and if you are a player, what do YOU think would be some good improvements for the game. Please post below.Saga0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 A good idea for crafting... Make all white weapons have a range of DPS/Armor. For example; Legendary Sword = 120 - 230 (Min) 420-540 (Max) Damage Now this sword is required for crafting its equivalent, all of a sudden white items are now given a value just like in DII where we wanted the Perf ETH CB (colossus blade). Obviously the higher end items will sell for alot more so people can roll the best items possible. Finding a Perfect White item would be something else to look forward too. Then the ilvl of your crafted weapon is now related to the ilvl of the white weapon. The blacksmith basically imbues your item with say +6 modifiers and thats the recipe you have to find.Aeox0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Male barb voice actor is terrible I would like my barb to get a sex change..when will this functionality be in the game?doublet830 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Quantity =/= Quality Edit: Before posting, please read my responses to the criticism this thread has received (up to post #18 should suffice) to fully understand the message I am delivering. I've seen a lot of arguments rotate around the thought that if a player spends 100 hours on Diablo 3, then the game was worth the cost. This is also often made in conjunction with the argument that if you buy another game for the same price, and only spend about 20 hours on it, then obviously the latter is an inferior product. Let me compare Diablo 3 to Dragon Age: Origins. I have spent approximately 180 hours on the former, and about 30 on the latter. Without a doubt, I would pick DA:O over Diablo 3. Furthermore, I would also say the latter definitely gave me my money's worth moreso than Diablo 3. "Nu-uhhhh," the trolls yell, "you played D3 way more, you got more entertainment for your buck!" Although I have spent much less time playing DA:O, I have experienced many things which surpass Diablo 3: 1) DA:O has a longer story than Diablo 3 on any given difficulty. Difficulties combined, however, and Diablo 3 has longer story gameplay - yet that gameplay is the same thing four times. 2) DA:O produces three dimensional characters who you can interact with and influence their personalities and relationships with you, the main character. You become emotionally attached to these characters, which influences the choices you make in the game. 3) DA:O gives different classes a different story to start the game with, something D3 does not. D3 instead gives a 30 second sketched prologue. 4) DA:O has a plethora of optional quests, and options themselves in regards to the main story and ending, including the epilogue. After completing DA:O, I felt a great emotional connection with some of the characters, and was compelled to play the game again with a different class/different difficulty so I could explore more choices. I was excited to find how my choices throughout the journey impacted the end. D3, obviously, gives one linear story with no choice. Of course, many would say that these games are inherently different, and cannot be compared. But the fact remains that the quality of those 30 hours spent in the engaging gameplay, characters, and story completely trumps the quantity of those 100+ tedious hours spent gold farming, item farming, and re-experiencing the same linear story over and over again. It's too bad the sequel to DA:O was so dumbed down, but that has no relevance here. Quality =/= quality. So please, stop using the "more hours = more entertainment" argument.Lofty37 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Skill Tree's vs Diablo 3 skillshop. Instead of using skill trees like the ones from Diablo 2, the dev team for Diablo 3 decided a freely customizable hotbar of any six skills (provided you turn on 'elective mode.') in your class's repertoire was a better option. Question; how does this knew skill system differ from skill tree's, as well as improve upon them, if they even do. Keep in mind I'm talking about pre-1.10 patch for Diablo 2 which introduced 'synergies;' something the original Diablo 2 dev team had nothing to do with. Ok, so in Diablo 3 you get six spell slots for the skills of your choosing. In Diablo 2 you get about 120-ish (provided you've gotten to level 99, which I assure you is more fun than farming Inferno in Diablo 3) skill points to divide however you like across the skill tree's. The max amount of skills you could spend on one skill in Diablo 2 was 20, which gives you the ability to max out six skills on your diablo 2 toon. However Diablo 2 gives you the freedom to put any number of skill points, less than and up to 20, into any of the skills. Diablo 3 essentially has these 120 skill points, but placing one skill on your hotbar is the same thing as committing 20 skill points on that skill. So say I'm playing my Assassin in Diablo 2, and I want weapon block ('cause why wouldn't I want weapon block?). I'm going to level weapon block up to 10, because I believe I get all I need from that skill with 10, all 20 would be wasteful and I'd rather spend them elsewhere, not to mention, my endgame gear will have lots of + to skills. By the way, + to skills is one of many examples why Diablo 2 has more fun and more deep itemization, but that isn't what this thread is about. Imagine Diablo 2 in the fischer price world of having ALL of weapon block, or none of weapon block, i.e. simplify anything and everything. Gaining one skill point every level, to put into your skill tree, gave Diablo 2 a feeling of satisfaction from leveling up. Diablo 3 gives you new skills every level, but only up to level 30. Past level 30, the reward for leveling up in Diablo 3 are runes and passives that are mostly bad and/or boring. They try to disguise the boring grind of 30 to 60 with a very un-Diablo laser light show every time you level up, but don't fall for that flashy crap, it doesn't belong in Diablo. Diablo 2 didn't require 1 disco ball party per level, it was a fun experience based on a simple mechanic of the game. I'd like to point out that the hotbar itself is an improvement from Diablo 2's tedious method of spellcasting. I believe, though, that taking Diablo 2's more fun skill system and adding a hotbar (with more than six slots) is the best option, and should be put in the first expasion when Imperius is the bad guy. Add + to skill affix on gear, and a respecc option (something all D2 players pined for), and we'll be one baby step closer to having a game that resembled the Diablo franchise.PyramidSwim23 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 to fix the waller problem just a little suggestion in how to fix the waller problem. most of us have noticed that sometimes the wall goes through our character, causing a movement impairing effect. maybe they can make the walls destructible? it takes 3 or 4 hits to destroy the walls, and our char can break free. also, think about this: when you are running away from a pack of champ/elite in a narrow cave, and suddenly a wall blocks your way. the monsters are getting close, and you need to break these walls to save your life. it'll be a thrilling situation. anyways, just a little suggestion. what do you guys think?Cartman5 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 RNG and items drops are a joke I'm not try to qq here but juts an observation: over my 5 chars 3 of which are 60 I've gotten 4 exalted pallium plans, 2 flesh rake legendary fist, 2 gladiator gaunts. How is this random?? When you get two of the same legendary drop between chars I think you have to agree its gotta be tied to AH and not at all random. Please tell me if you've have similar experiences, I'm curious!arcturus1 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Correction to their updater... I had to do this. (enjoying the game to an extent..)NOOBOCITY0 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Is there pvp yet? hmmmmmmm?Treetops4226 Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 DH Act 3-4 Farm Inferno Jul 2, 2012
Jul 2, 2012 Need more AH slots / LOTS more storage Simply put, I am finding good items faster than I can sell them for. I generally list for under market for quick sells, but this weekend has seen the price drop rapidly on many items. Result? 10 AH slots is not enough, not even close. I would _gladly_ pay real life $$$ for more AH selling slots. Surprised that Blizz has not done this yet since I'm not alone and lots of other people would gladly pay as well. Time to make more alts to hold my items i suppose...Kalianyia3 Jul 2, 2012