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Jun 21, 2012 Difficulty Hold on, let me get this straight. In order to up the difficulty on this overly easy game, I have to buy Diablo as well as Diablo II, beat them both, and THEN I am allowed to up the difficulty? Don't you think that's a little bit ridiculous?Kliverhuben0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 The Great Elite Affixes Debate Rather than !@#$% and moan about the issue, why not try to come up with meaningful solutions?! Blizz may or may not listen to any of it... but it sure beats ^-*!@ing and raging non-stop. So, from this thread and post: ... From me: "I realize that it is just an example... but I would put Fast in C2 and Vampiric in C3. I may also suggest having 5 categories to better arrange them (and thus prevent realllly horrible affix combos; though Blizz has said "Working as intended" to this problem already). Hahaha I just tried laying them out into 5 categories real quick for an example... it is rough trying to group and balance them. It'd take me a bit, but I think I could come up with it. The way to start this would be to look at affixes that could belong in the same category and those that should never be affixed together - these two ideologies are completely counter-intuitive but together may solve the issue. This would warrant its own thread though. hahahaha" Another person posted that some affixes could take up more than one "slot". Yet another suggestion was to reduce the overall number of affixes for a group with 4 or 5 elites. I personally wouldn't mind seeing one less on some mobs that already teleport (phase beasts), rain down meteors, dash/charge (oppressors), are fast enough already (here's looking at you soul rippers and lacuni), etc, etc. So... Thoughts?Insanity2 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Stop Crying. It's fun to read players complain about this game. I enjoy the posts that criticize Blizzard for ruining the game that they spent so much time developing, or that because it isn't a clone of Diablo 2 it means that it's completely broken. It's also interesting to read the posts that say consumers deserve a better product, or that consumers have the right to a much better game. When I say interesting, I mean interestingly stupid. It's a game, and that's all it ever was or is. People who complain are welcome to do so, but don't say that it's an apocalyptic tragedy that the game didn't live up to your incredibly high standards. Maybe because the game was in development so long, it had too much time to gain an impossible value of hype and expectations. I'm posting this because at some point the fun of reading negativity becomes obsolete and I feel sorry for those players who seem to think that because they bought an in-game item for over $100 with their real money, they are entitled to the very best of the best. When in reality, the object of the game is to earn the items and enjoy the process. What is the goal of obtaining the very best armor? To say that you have the best stuff in the game? Who's going to care other than a few replies on a message board? And these "best items" will probably show up everywhere soon enough, so why spend your REAL MONEY on a game that doesn't reward you for your stupidity and instead use that money to better yourself in the real world. My opinions are not meant to offend or argue, I'm simply making observations and felt like I needed to voice them. Feel free to disagree with what I've written and I'm open to rebuttal.Steeter4 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 repair cost increase was necessary ok, so everyone know that there is gold inflation thats been going on starting late may. gold inflation = there is too much gold being out in the market, so gold value drops and increases price of items that are being bought. the main reason i believe gold inflation is in place is because of gold farmers. gold farmers farm gold, and inevitably, players buy gold from them. and these players dump these golds to buy gear, and as all items become sold sold sold, gear prices goes up. this is something very obvious and happens alot in many MMO games. with repair cost increase in place, gold farmeres will be less efficient in gathering their gold, probably increase the gold to dollar ratio a little bit. blizz probably want players to spend some time farming gold with gold % in hell or lower difficulty, and use thoes gathered gold to spend on inferno progression. this will increase the time players will take to progress, thus contents are not depleted at current rate. seriously guys, the game has been out only for a month; and people are clearing inferno diablo on softcore and hardcore. this is NOT a good sign, and most likely due to poor design of the game, regardless, for the business's perspective, they will both do whats fair to increase the content's life and increase fair play. by increasing repair cost, they solve gold inflation (thus bring 'more' fair play) and also increase the time this game will last (probably a coupe month more than without repair cost increase). conclusion: this is reasonable and necesary in my opinion.Viceroy107 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 With all the things going on. Okay, first off. Removing loot from barrels was the most unintelligent thing i have ever seen in diablo. They cost money to destroy but yet drop nothing 111 gold to be exact, so then why are they even there? What's the point? To end up shooting it as your trying to kite to get you killed? They serve no purpose. Repair bills. Ridiculous, I finished one act2 run and got a bunch of crap rares which has been going on within the past 2 days of playing act 3 as well. No luck i guess right? No, the loot table was fine before the patch and you actually got returns for mfing. Now in 1.0.3, You do one run die a couple of times in inferno and have a 41k repair bill about 4 times due to the fact that when your red and after you repair and lets say die again you're red after the first death again. Removing Mf percentages from chests, also unintelligent, Why? Simple. Theres a reason why people wear mf gear. To find magic ITEMS rather it be from chests or minions, champs whatever. That's the point for MAGIC FINDING lol. Loot tables, Fix them. Act 3 is horrible. You rarely find Ilvl 63 items because the lower level item % are now to high. You guys had a very good loot table before this patch. It was like working your way up to act 3 from act 1 loot tables to 4. I understand that Act1 loot tables were a little dull. That could have been fixed properly by itself. But to to up the loot for every act to where that only crappy rares drops and to get no returns is kinda upsetting. It's understandable to where that people want more rares to drop and that not all of them can be good. It's like saying here, you can see a bunch of rares drops but you know they are going to be crap, please fix this. id rather have nothing drops then fill up my inv with a bunch of crap worth 700 gold that doesn't equate to the repair bills anyways. Just giving constructive criticism here.Kassyo7 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 If you're in inferno stop saying D3 is bad These threads are really bogging down the forum. Obviously if you got to inferno difficulty you enjoyed the game to that point. And if you didn't, you should get therapy on why you play games for long periods of time for illusionary future gifts (like battered wife syndrome up in here). You can however complain about having to be online to play, but most of that's been smoothed out.Gelsk74 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 'Working as Intended' What exactly does the development team at Blizzard mean by... having the game move towards 'Working as Intended'? Will someone please point me to a thread or article that is official, and outlines what exactly the development team considers as criteria to "working as intended"Nopate2 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 On Fun: An Illustrative Explanation For those who are confused about "fun", I hope this complex diagram that I made over a long period of time adequately explains everything. It is a little bit difficult to comprehend and may seem confusing at first, but at least you won't have a 50k repair bill every time you attempt to interact with it. Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Reposting for Fluffymuffin and Kyle DARLING, COME HOME: A QUIETER CRITICISM This was written by the magnificent FluffyMuffin, it had hit max replies, so I took it upon myself to make another. This post is too good to let die. We loved you. We still do - that's why we're upset. Please come back. The following is one player's plea. Love at First Sight The first Diablo 3 teaser video I saw showcased the barbarian in what appears to be an early rendition of the Cathedral outside New Tristram. Something was said within the first few minutes, "There's no such thing as too much power..." Granted, the rest of the sentence was something akin to "as long as you know how to use it," but that's irrelevant in this post, because only the first part stuck. "There's no such thing as too much power." Those words, coupled with the following footage of a near-naked barbarian destroying monsters in unrivaled awesomeness is what hooked me. A lightning enchanted weapon threw chunks of meat all over the screen, tethered by flickering blue arcs. A frost weapon froze and shattered enemies. This wasn't some contrived hack-n-slash medieval game. This was fun incarnate. And I'm glad to see you kept the effects. In one scene, a single chest dropped a full set of armor. I know... I know... you told us up front that wouldn't happen in game. This was all for show. But I promise you, everyone who saw that scene immediately gasped. That's the reaction you've been wanting from us all along. And yes, I realize test monsters with 1 HP explode no matter what attack you use. But again, this is what we saw, and this is what we fell in love with. If my barbarian charged across a bridge, blew apart 50 monsters, and all the resulting carnage and gore being rendered crashed my computer, I'd laugh maniacally and reboot just to do it all again. Why? Because it's fun. The Deluded Fantasy Fun is a subjective thing. I've never cared about competing. And I know many people who live for it. I'm fine with that. But this was my sanctuary. The sports-lovers played Starcraft. The gear-mongers played WoW. Diablo was never a sport, it wasn't about "progression" in a rigid structured sense. Diablo existed for 1 reason... to beat monsters until they exploded like blood-filled loot pinatas. That's all. And if you should so happen to set foot outside town, and look at someone the wrong way... maybe you'd be the blood-filled pinata. But in the time I played D2, it never happened unprovoked. There's another forum warcry. And the Mephisto Runners roared, "Loot Pinata!" The video I saw those few years ago led me to believe this was still the case. That integrity remained. I've always thought of Diablo as the more loveable step-sibling of the three. Starcraft was for sport. It had balance and individual perfection at its forefront. Warcraft was for raiding and posturing, with balance for pvp and arenas, and group perfection for raids at its forefront. Diablo was... for macabre mexican party games. Diablo didn't care about balance. There was no competition. Who was going to challenge something like that? You paid for the game, you played it. There was no sanctioned pvp, there was no monthly fee, there was no intended way for anyone to benefit in any way from this game beyond the point of sale. As long as the players bought it, and liked it, Blizzard would build a legacy. Again, it's my dead horse, and when I beat it, the hollow thumps play the rhythm to the world's saddest song... but this preview movie reminded us why we loved that red-headed gothic step-child. Broken Dreams The forums bleed hatred every day because the things that the fan base called "fun" were taken. By all means, make the game challenging. But don't squelch the loopholes players find. Legitimate players enjoy finding "exploits". And you will never stamp out the plague that is gold-farmers. If you burn the fields because of the weeds, you'll lose your crops in the blaze. As it stands, there's little to no reason to bother breaking a pot. Breaking a pot isn't fun. Never at Blizzcon has someone taken a mic to ask, "When will we be allowed to smash empty things?" Breaking 20 pots, and seeing gold fly out is fun. Pinata. By all means, randomize the loot, make us hunt for it. But don't put in filler stats to hinder and hurt us. Nobody is excited to find a rare item with Wizard only stats and Strengh instead of Intellect. Likewise, Damage to Life scales terribly in later acts, and Chance on Hit effects have such a low chance to proc that they serve only as filler and variety. (I did, however, read some exciting posts on WD's Snake to the Face and stacking Chance to Stun + IAS... but that is no more.) We were told all builds would be viable. We understand that you can't put 4 mantras in your keybound slots and 2 heals on your mouse and expect to win. But if something is well thought out, and played accordingly, it can work. However, the Wizard Force Armor / Regen build was quickly crushed. Snake to the Face / Stun / IAS has been broken. I even lament the loss of the Boon of Protection Spam build for Monk. I'll admit, I originally stopped playing my Monk in protest until Boon of Prot was "fixed", because the whole idea tasted of cheese. But in retrospect, it was the beginning of the end of innovation and playing the game. Not just playing the game, but truly cunningly... playing... the game. And don't forget. "There is no such thing as too much power." With every patch, the little shiny things are broken. The game is "balanced" more and more inspite of the repercussions. Inspite of the fact that Diablo was never meant to be balanced. Inspite of how it ruins players' enjoyment. I'm finding it hard to keep writing and, at the same time, hold back the bitterness. I'll forego the itemized list of griefs, and instead push forward. Final Thoughts Treasure Goblins are, in my eyes, the last glimmering hope. In the middle of all this, there's a nasty little psychological gimmick. How great is my greed? And with child-like glee, and mindless recklessness, I plunge headlong into a group of monsters to chase down a goblin with a bag of goodies, so I can beat him mercilessly to death. The most innocent and innocuous of monsters. He counts his gold, and runs away, because he doesn't want to fight. Yet we slaughter them amid laughter and cheers. This, my friends, is Diablo. We don't want balance. We don't want to be held by the hand and shown how to play. We don't want safe secure new ways to burn real money. We want to be unleashed on a world full of evil, demonic, hellish-looking sacks of blood, guts, and gold... and we want to be encouraged to play it exactly as we want and find fun for ourselves. We want to feel this intangible, non-existing "too much power." We want the Blizzard and the Diablo we know and love back. Thank you.Laven1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Forum Filtering Question Is it possible to set up this message board to display a post I create for easy viewing without needing to bookmark it? If so, how is it done?Nopate1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 How is pvp going to work??? If blizzard is having "balance" issues on a single player game where everyone gets their own loot even. How in the world are you going to make this game with pvp blizzard? I am utterly lost at how you you made a simple game like diablo bad, but I'm even more purplexed how you intend to put in pvp. I mean thats the place where actual balance is an ISSUE. Single player doesn't even HAVE that issue and you are ruining that from "balance" fixes. Whats going to happen in pvp? Are you just gonna give everyone a set with "resilience" or something?Empiren1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 An idea for legendaries... After patch 1.03, champion/elite packs now drop a guaranteed rare item when you kill them with 5 stacks of NV. This was an excellent idea. Blizzard, how about increasing the odds that that rare will instead be a legendary/set item? It'd make it that much more exciting to know there is a good shot that an orange or green item will fall on the ground after killing one of these mobs. Thoughts?Vaze0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 New Affix Mortar, Plagued, Molten, Frozen, Reflect Damage, Shielding, Missile Dampening, Invulnerable Teleport, Waller, Jailer, Minion, Avenger, Vortex, FastDudebag32 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 My thoughts on diablo 3. (Post Patch) Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 The Diablo 3 *Census* Thread! I'm curious to see what sort of demographics are forming. So, if you don't mind - please post your characters: - Name (s) - Classes (s) - Levels (s) - Progression (optional) - Spec (optional). Mine currently (on US) Blackbird: Level 60 DH Frostbird: Level 39 Wizard.Starbird45 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Risk vs Reward: Switching to MF Gear First i would like to apologize in advance for any mistake or grammar error I might do in this text, english is not my native language. I saw in some blue comments that somes players didnt like to have to switch to MF Gear to get better loot and they are thinking that it might need a change. I just wanna say that i really enjoy that part of the fight against champion and boss and it make all the fight strategy very interesting. I am a demon hunter playing in group since release with a monk, barb and a mage. Right now in normal gear i have more then 40k HP, +350 resist all and 60k dps (no sharpshooter). Since patch we are clearing everynight act 3 completely and killing every single champs we meet. Before patch we were doing Azmodan run (get to 5 stack quick then kill). In magic gear, 10k vitality no resist and 40k dps. Both mele have gone to resist and vitality MF gear (to survive the running / kiting) both range switch to glass cannon MF gear. When the champs or boss is almost dead, we all start to kite, run, position ourselves in a way to get those 4 seconds free to switch to MF gear then both range finish it. We dont die often in our normal gear but when we switch sometimes we get powned really bad (miscommunication or bad execution) this is the risk we are willing to take to get a chance at more yellow drop. Risk versus reward!!! I strongly feel its fun, exicting and overall very rewarding. The difference is major, when 4 players put on a 250MF set on and we kill, we get on every pack (90%+) 2 or 3 yellow each. What is the problem with that? Nerfing is not fun and building a MF set with resist and dps is impossible in the early stage of the game (we need more and more drop). So we need to switch. I saw some comment or suggestion saying: " we should not let people switch gear in a fight" !!!! I strongly disagree, when you face a champ pack and realize its a reflex dmg affix, you need to open inventory and put on that low dps weapon with life on hit and lifesteal. I dont understand the need to change this. Please contribute to this thread freely but try to keep it clean and constructive, i would really appreciate it. Thank for your timeHugorak1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Streaming Monk POV Team A3 Inferno :DJubai0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Exploits - ban hammer or no? preface: hack = 3rd party program exploit = using mechanics in the game in such a way that the developers did not expect that gives you a huge advantage over playing the game in the way the game was intended to be played In WoW lots of people have been banned/suspended for using exploits. In the Diablo franchise, to my knowledge no one has ever been banned for using an exploit? So in Diablo 3 are people going to get banned for using exploits or no? I'm not advocating for anything other than: Blizzard being honest and clear. Saying "exploits aren't ok" and then never doing anything just rewards those who disregard the rules. If everyone gets to take advantage of exploits it is fair, if those who cheat get banned, it is fair. If some get to use exploits and get way ahead because they are willing to disregard the rules while others miss the gravy train because they are trying to follow the rules....seems kind of messed up? So Blizzard could you just level with us on what the consequences are going to be for using exploits in D3?Bird17 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 NV idea, current system punishes co-op play Currentlly with NV on a time limit co-op play has an inherent disadvantage of un pausability. Really NV is meant to encourage complete play throughs of acts, and the time limit makes this often untenable for many people to do in co-op. While single player you can pause, and although you might get unlucky and get disconnected, you still can usually pause to let out the dog, eat dinner, tend to children, answer the phone, take out the trash to appease a pesky parent, pretend to pay attention to your wife, etc. This doesn't work in co-op though. As well, in single or co-op play, with VN on a timer if you manage to mess up and lose the buff, then you may as well restart at some juicier point than play through. This also defeats the intent of NV I think, which is to encourage more utilization of more content and impede customer boredom. Which was a problem in D2, with endless boss runs. So I think NV should be tied to an instance of a certain act, and should only be removed when you change quest. If you get DC from a friends game, and rejoin his game you should have the same NV. Or maybe just go to AH to sell some stuff, you could rejoin. This would also obviate to some extent calls for an in game access to the AH. Even if it isn't made persistent past disconnects, making it last indefinitely in the same act would even the playing field re single and co-op play.Annadragon0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Don't you people get it? ... ... Wow just wow. Your right they could easily take the money and run if they wanted to. Shouldn't you be happy they are putting time in to continually improve the game after you bought it? If aspects of the game were broken, and they didn't change it you think the gaming community would rather have that? After you buy a car from a dealership for 10-50k, they do very little to keep up with you (unless you ponied up extra dollars for the warranty packages). In this case your spending 60 bucks on a game you will play for endless hours, and they still have the initiative to keep the game going, improve it, offer quality customer service after you have bought it. Bliz has no gauranteed return for doing this, as it is YOUR choice to use the RMAH, not theirs. In this day and age with online gaming it allows for updates to the software easily, ther is no cost to distribute CD's etc. Its making our lives easier. Plus online play (which is why I play) is not hacked. As for RMAH, well your going to have real money sales no matter what, this way Bliz can conttrol it and they get it to have funds and resources to IMPROVE AND BENEFIT THE GAME nstead of some chinese farmer. Yes they will get some profit out of it. Profit is what drives innovation and I'll gladly fund that.Jvanderh33 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Item Drop Questions Does Diablo III use the same mechanic to determine loot generated that diablo II used, treasure classes? If not, what sort of criteria is used for loot drops? Likewise, with regards to followers, is the same system used for purposes of magic find?Nopate1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Random map generation at its finest Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 So much for an extra Collector's Edition So I bought two CEs thinking that I could sell one a year down the road for profit. So much for that idea.Skywall15 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Diablo 3 (1,051,897.53 minutes in the future) *Jumping up and down on top of bank* "LF Tank for Heroic" "Ancient Flames is a new guild looking to recruit dedicated and talented players to raid with us. Tues-Sat 6pm - 10pm. Must submit copy of bank statement to ensure you have enough cash for gear" "LF Tank for Heroic Diablo" "omg dude no one wants to tank for you" "Ancient Flames is a new guild looking to recruit dedicated and talented players to raid with us. Tues-Sat 6pm - 10pm. Must submit copy of bank statement to ensure you have enough cash for gear" "LF Tank for Heroic Diablo" *still jumping up and down on top of bank*Sumico1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Regarding Magic Find. Please remove it from the game. You have made it a useless stat. It is taking up valuable space on my gear. Get rid of it or make it useful again. I must however thank you for allowing me to ignore barrels, vases, pots, corpses and destructible objects. Saves me tons of time.Drakiir8 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Dune Thresher Act II - Such a Great Game Wizard friend and I (Barb) trying to have fun partying in Act II Inferno, except the Dune Thresher mechanics got in the way. All they do is tunnel vision my wiz friend. Until he stops moving and they can hit him, they stay underground and follow him. They will not target me unless he waypoints back to town. We came across a champ pack and hit the enrage timer because we couldn't do any damage to them. If he stood there he died. This champ pack costs us so much in repair damage. How is this gameplay fun for anyone? This isn't challenging, its frustrating. I think blizzard needs to rethink their definition of challenging. I thought about using the rune that would taunt enemies, too bad I'm pigeonholed into a survival spec. Even if I wanted to change it, it would cost me 4 stack of neph. We just closed the game, not sure if we will return. It's not fun and have realized we are giving blizzard way to much leeway with this !@#$.Cuttlephish5 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 New Pets...a Witch Doctor's best friend Posted on WD Forum, but thought it might be topic for others to consider. Thinking of how the Witch Doctor is a Pet Class foremost, and after talks with others, I thought of at least one way that Pets could be....well more like Pets and more useful or controllable. Sacrifice is while known to be that good burst really more of a hindrance taking up a slot space when you'd rather be able to use it for something else, but keep that 'sacrifice' type aspect all the same. Just some thoughts on ways to make the Witch Doctor more fun, viable, controlled (because that's what WDs are good at right?) and Pet worthy. Pets - can die (globes can heal to keep alive, basically everything current), only fair to keep challenge of game going...and to consider PvP aspects (whenever that gets here) Zombie Dogs, Gargantuan: Press key to summon, once summoned cannot re-summon due to low health--must keep alive with health globes or wait till they die (along with cooldown) in order to summon another. Once Dogs or Garg are up...hitting the Key Bind for them allows player to control when specific Rune buffs are inacted Zombie Dogs- Sacrifice - hit ZD button, and Sacrifice will do it's things...and each time pressed for each remaining ZD. Apply Sacrifice to Burning Dogs Rune (is only 2% fire currently) Rabid Dogs - get a burst of poison damage to each dog Final Gift - Remains as is but can sacrifice dogs to get Health Globes when desired Life Link - Remains as is, but can sacrifice dogs to get 10% per dog at once Leeching Beasts - Remains as is (perhaps sacrifice to get the 50% of max health at once- but may be too much) Gargantuan - Restless Giant - hit Garg button, and Restless Giant will gain it's MS, AS, and PD when you want it too...instead of just by number of monsters or Elites, etc, still has cooldown but more in player control (keeps from having to waste it on trash mobs) Humungoid will cleave when desired but will have slight cooldown (fast) but will also render cleave naturally in crowds of 5+ if not clicked Big Stinker - hit Garg, and a puff of Poison Cloud bursts forth (yes like a fart) and does an AOE type damage similar to Acid Cloud but with much lesser damage, cooldown (fast) Bruiser - similar in nature as above Wrathful Protector - remains as is, but with slightly lower CD Corpse Spiders - make Corpse Spiders have ongoing lifespan, as a true 'before dying' temp lifespan. Can increase Mana cost to equal Zombie Dogs...or raise to Garg level to compensate- but is a true Pet as they should be. Damage could remain as is...perhaps slightest of adjustment (but maybe Mana Pool fixes could make it unnecessary) Fetish Army - similar to Corpse Spiders above, can get the first cast damage burst of Fetish Ambush (if chosen)...but suffers a cooldown (lower than current obviously) and Fetishes remain until killed...cannot sacrificexMoonDevilx6 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Whats the point in playing ? I want to play, I want to progress, (I quite to like the game too.) I can now do act 2, but still struggle a bit in act 3, I would like/need a new weapon, So what do I do ? Farming is seemingly pointless, nearly all Loot is junk. AH too expensive, Farming gold is very time consuming, maybe lucky to get 50-100k per run, so trying to get 20-30 million seems very difficult. The number and quality of items on the AH is falling rapidly (due to lack of players ? , drop rates ? I don't know) Not interested in buying on RMAH thanks, Its not much fun farming Butcher/ Cursed hold every night, finding junk ( I found one level 63 item, but it rolled 700 DPS) So what is the average/ casual player supposed to do ? What's the point ? I must admit I am rather confused at the concept of this game other than a cynical ploy to force players to buy Generated items on the RMAH. I can easily see a vicious circle developing where people get stuck, can't find loot. can't buy loot, so give up playing, decreasing players numbers, so less items in AH so people give up, and so on and so on. Signed Disgruntled EU player, who is really far too old to be playing Video games.Hobbes8 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 RMAH question Well this is probably a dumb question but id rather just ask it anyways. Since the RMAH takes payment instantly, why cant the payout be faster? I mean generally it takes 2 days to process to paypal, which then you know itll take 3-5 more days to transfer to your bank account. And balance is useless among us right? agree/disagree?what1 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Quick question on D2 I never got to play it (only started gaming during yr 12) and since that is the case, if i bought it now. Do you reckon I would think D2> D3? Just curious as I will probably get it (its cheap)Rookie20 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Review On Damage Types & Wizard Skills Here is my constructive review of the Wizard skills and what I think should be buffed/changed in the skill balance patch to improve build diversity. I also think they can promote build diversity through changing how the damage types function. Let me know what you guys think about the skills I mention. I am interested in what skills I should have mentioned that I might have left out. These are just my opinions from my own experience and watching YouTube videos on Wizard builds. I will edit my post accordingly and give credit to the constructive replys. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... This is just my 2 cents on the Wizards. I encourage you guys to write reviews and start discussions on the other classes so blizzard can get some feedback before the skill balance patch.OldSchool3 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 And now for the Bashiok Meme thread!!! Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 I love promotional items I work at a retailer that had a some promotional items for Diablo 3 and they have recently been removed for the next set of promo items to take their place. I am a big fan of the game and usually our promo items get tossed or someone will ask to take them home and I was stoked to hear that this stuff was going to be taken down, but there is a problem. One of the department managers at my store deemed himself to be the one to receive the banner I had my eyes set on stating "I called dibs on it as soon as it came out of the box, but I will sell it to you for $20". RIIIIIIGGHHHTTTT...not going to happen. So I took things up with the management over our electronics area and he was going to work things out with me and get them taken care of. Well, yesterday I got into work and was immediately sought out by "Dibs" and he was hounding me about how I was "trying to steal the banner from him, because the other manager I spoke to told him our entire conversation", its good to know you can have a conversation with a superior and have it be confidential right? So back at square one on this after having him come find me and cry about it I talked to my assistant and got him to pull it to the side and open up an auction on it with the money going to the Childrens Miracle Network. Obviously I am thankful that he is doing that because not only does it improve my odds of getting the banner, but it also opens up the ability to donate and be generous as opposed to letting greed be the driving force in my actions. Just to give a small background on "Dibs", he is that guy that has to have everything. Any promo stuff we have come in, he wants it regardless of whether or not its something he likes or has any knowledge of whatsoever. He walked out last week with several standees for the Avengers and will more than likely attempt to take every piece of The Amazing Spiderman and the new Dark Knight stuff we are going to have. This is a prime example of his needing to need, he doesn't play diablo, doesn't have any knowledge of the game, nothing. At first I was told he would sell it to me because he "only wanted it because it looked cool" and then after I had talked with the electronics manager "I wanted to get it for a friend of mine." It is what it is, douchebags are everywhere and I am fairly certain he just takes these things to sell them on Ebay. I have to ask those of you that enjoy your games and the associated promo items, what would you have done? With the chance to put money toward a charity auction for something you enjoyed, would you? Lastly, "Dibs" currently has a $10 bid down on it and is currently the highest bidder, which is really sad that people can be stingy when it comes to charity, but I am holding out a few days to put mine in(We have until Wednesday morning). I keep thinking about doing a bit of trolling by bidding slightly over his continuously. Here's hoping I am able to take home a banner next week.Reported4 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Reward Full Act Clears First, I'll start with my beef: Losing NV between acts is dumb. Second, I'll add in my suggestions: - Keep NV between Acts - A full act clear (q1 through competion) in a single game = Increase possible NV stacks by 50% In this manner, a full clear in Act 1 will allow you to have up to 7 stacks in Act 2. Continuing, fully clearing Act 2 will allow you to have 10 stacks in act 3 Finally, a full clear of Act 3 (after clearing 1-2) will allow 15 stacks in Act 4 This only applies if the full act is cleared in a single game.- Skipping Acts will not allow you to have more NV later i.e. Starting at act 3 will not give you 15 stacks in act 4 -- only 7Affe3 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 More AH filters Can we please get more AH filters? Even just one additional one would make life a lot easier - at this point it takes a good 30min mousing over every single item on the AH just to find upgrades when you have good gear but are looking to maximize it.Sneakydays0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 A sweet thing I'd love to see in D3! in the AH and RMAH they need a few slots where you're able to compare items before buying one then finding a better one for cheaper not being able to compare before buying. Say you find a sweet one-hander ilvl 30 with +76 strength and +50 vit, perfect for a barb! but on the next page you see a same priced one hander with better stats and you just bought that weapon for the same price, i've done it many times :c this is just a suggestion I'd love to see happen, is there any surface stuff you guys would prefer having?CAPTsparklez0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Sums up 1.03 perfectly Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 AH = Useless Unless you buy gold.Baliean0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Normal mob difficulty in inferno Why are they so easy to kill compared to specials and bosses? I would like everything in the end game to be hard, not just a few things. In the current state of the game, once a player is actually strong enough to defeat the special mobs, the normal mobs are super easy to deal with. For example, I have been unable to kill inferno Belial because his 4th platform exploding attack is effectively unavoidable (I've never seen anyone survive it anyway). The epic boss battles are considerably less epic when you have a timer. At our best we got him down to a sliver of health. If Belial auto-killed us on the 5th attack, we'd be able to kill him every time. Obviously we need more DPS and kill Belial before the 4th attack, and that's fine. Except that we flawlessly kill everything except special mobs with ridiculous ability combinations. I think that we 'should' be able to kill Belial if we can work our way through the whole act without too much trouble. So, my question is: Why is act 2 so much easier than the boss?Skies4 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Whimsyshire Pony Runs. Nightmare pony runs for 4K. Join my game, I will open the portal and leave you to your run. Just write to the threadKrappie0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 What did I sell on the AH?? No way to know! Thanks for 1.03 by the way, I think it was a great step in the right direction - game feels decidedly more balanced. The biggest thing I have to gripe about (aside from repair costs at the moment) is that when stuff sells on the auction house I have no way of knowing what it was!! I just see the name but not the actual stats of the item. Conversely, whenever an item doesn't sell, I have no information as to how much I posted it for before - I basically have to guess , especially when I have a bunch of items posted. Rectifying both of these would be delightful. Also, more filters on the AH would be excellent, as stated before, DPS/armor filters would be helpful!RancidFink6 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 How long before you reduce the repair costs? I would really like to play again, but I refuse to pay the exorbitant repair fees while not even dying. You guys have already gone on the record saying your looking into reducing them. How long before I can play again?fawkernot8 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Blizzard responds to the criticism finally! cash grab operation. RMAH ruined this game. rather than make good drops more common and make money off smaller transactions, you want to make the big cuts off items. Only problem with this blizzard, is the game isnt fun. farming for days before you see a worthwhile itemShort0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 diablo 3 is to diablo2 as... jaws 2 was to jaws 1 discuss...dhamiii17 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 No XP Bug-Password Reset Did Not Help So I was playing my Demon Hunter today and beat Nightmare. I was leveling up all day but When I moved on to Hell I stopped gaining XP from killing monsters, but I still got XP from quest rewards. I Checked the forums and tried the suggested workaround of changing my password. I have tried multiple times but the No XP bug still persists. My other characters can gain XP normally, Only my Demon Hunter cannot gain XP. I have submitted a support ticket but I am hoping someone of the forums may have another potential fix for this bug. TL;DR - I have the No XP bug and changing my password did not fix the problem. Anyone have any other potential fixes?Pillsbury42018 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 "Old" D2 Players. What is lacking here? I was and perhaps still am a huge Diablo 2 fan. I would like this topic to be about what made Diablo 2 so appealing to us and how Diablo 3 does not seem to live up to that appeal. Let's keep it a bit civil. I will of course start... My main two things are... 1. The lack of loot explosion goodness. The problem with Diablo 3 loot is a few different things. The randomization is so outrageous that when an item drops you don't really care, you know the item will mostly likely be underwhelming and if through some great luck you get an item worth selling you end up putting it on the AH. Loot is essentially replaced with the AH game. In Diablo 2 you had that "loot explosion goodness" in terms that when an item dropped it was a fantastic feeling. I would roll new characters solely based on finding some amazing item and trading was something I felt like I needed to do out of greed as opposed to need. 2. Difficulty. ARPG games are never suppose to be kite fests... it's not the genre. I don't know what made Blizzard think that we wanted an ARPG where we aren't wading through dozens of monster corpses while item hunting. It has just been a standard for ARPG games that the combat was simply a means to an end. The end being the item drops. I don't "get" the inferno difficulty... sure it is hard, but it is not hard in the sense that if you are just a bad player you may not progress. It is just a massive artificial gear check. The only thing that should be even slightly difficult is the boss fights. That is what boss fights are for. Honorable Mentions... The social factor is gone. Blizzard is forcing us to play online (which I am personally fine with btw) and yet it forgoes awesome player created rooms, chat channels, searchable lists, etc in favor of a "consolized" matchmakng system. The lack of character customization. No more reason to make multiple Barbarians or Paladins or anything else to experiment and have fun. One character to rule them all and that is it. Go on from here if you wish... or disagree with me, whatever works.Prosercunus157 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 Keynes vs Hayek - Meant to be Funny See Vids I think I'm finally discovered the problem with the game. The development team are Keynsians. They believe government (in this case Blizzard) intervention is needed to steer an economy. If the team believed in Hayek's theory the game would be much better. Hayek believes the economy is organic and basically has a life of its own. The ups and downs are just ways the economy corrects itself. Take a look at these. Problem Solved! hahaha Lesson 1: Lesson 2: If they continue at this rate they will patch (steer) the game into the ground :) BTW: Before all the economists chime in, this was meant to be humorous :) Please note the smiley faces LolStormer13 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 I'm installing Diablo 2 LOD. Because I feel like playing a Diablo game.Beelzebud0 Jun 21, 2012
Jun 21, 2012 How to save Diablo 3 and make it a great game Get rid of the RMAH.Echo2Omega0 Jun 21, 2012