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Jun 22, 2012 Sorry to have to tell you this but.. I realise that this is going to upset a fair chunk of the community out there, but I have to tell you that I'm flat out loving D3. And from the posts I've read, I think the reason I'm loving it when so many clearly are not is that I never played D1 or D2 (or any kinda RPG or ARPG before). I've always preferred RTS or TBS games - endless hours on MOO and MOO2 (I STILL feel about MOO3 the way a lot of you do about D3! Sacrilege!) Gal Civ, AOE, C & C, and Starcraft (though still prefer the original - there was a lot to like about SC2 but just didn't quite grab me...maybe when the Zerg get here that'll change...) - so I never got into anything like Diablo before. But having seen the video previews and read the hype pre-release I figured what the hell (see what I did there?) and got it. And man, I'm hooked. I've read lots of complaining about how you can't customise your skill sets or characters, and loot drops and gear have been nerfed. Seriously? Maybe in comparison to D2, but coming in to this with fresh eyes so to speak, the chances to try out different skills as you level up, and different runes with those skills, and different combos of those skills with better and better gear is intriguing and addictive. And add to that trying the different classes, melee style with Barbarian, ranged with the DH, (still haven't quite figured out the WD yet, but having fun experimenting) . Now, admittedly I'm only part way through Inferno with my two best characters, (and much further back with the other three types), and I'm starting to 'get' that there are some skills at that level that each character absolutely has to have and some that they absolutely should not, so in the end everyone's barbarian is almost the same as everyone elses, but hey, I've had an absolute blast getting to this point and I'm looking forward to see if I can complete it with all five classes (which to me, play differently enough from each other to make it worth trying) Maybe I'll get bored/jaded before then, but at this point I can't wait to get home and get back in to it! Sure , the story is cheesy and predictable the characters are bland and one-dimensional, and the maps tell you where to go and what you should be doing (that is kinda lame IMHO) and the levels of the campaign are almost mindlessly linear ( though if you ask me the whole lot is freaking Oscar-worthy compared to the stuff that gets served up in strategy games). But bottom line is that I couldn't care less about that stuff. Deep, sophisticated characters and complex, engrossing storylines? Meh. Me brought this game because me wanted to try hacking and slashing and shooting and spelling and see lots of demon blood and guts. And me like! The gameplay and controls are tight, and I like that you have to choose just six skills, and balance/match your gear choices. Now, a lot of the reviews here have made me determined to "go back" and give D2 a go as well, but from what I've read a lot of things players love about D2 weren't part of the original game, but were added well after release. The idea that that D3 will be improved and expanded beyond what it is now has me drooling like Homer in a doughnut shop!spacecadet130 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 12 Bullets that shot down Diablo for me Here are some things I feel are the reason why I am not enjoying Diablo 3 as much as I expected, and the direction I see it moving towards. tl;dr – Not applicable. They’re bullet points. In no particular order: -Runewords. The idea of runewords is similar to the end result of the auction house. You were assured specific stats on an item if you could just find the right base white item. However, you still had to put in the leg work to find that base item and get the runes or trade for them. Your efforts are rewarded threefold: finding the white item with the right sockets, getting that last rune, and creating your desired runeword (super bonus for perfect/near perfect rolls). There is no reward for auction house purchases. You simply purchase the item if you have the gold/cash or not. That’s it. -White items being nothing but loot fodder is a real let down coming from Diablo 2 where finding that high quality white item with the right sockets was just as rewarding as finding that well-rolled rare. -A darker, more mature storyline is needed for a game such as Diablo. Something with less cheesy dialog such as “Vegetables bad! Meat good!” Follow this link for a more thoughtful post I made on this topic -A storyline that is in your face and holds your hand throughout the game. This is supposed to be MY adventure. The story and characters are supposed to motivate me to progress. I shouldn’t be dragged along as everyone waits for me to kill that next boss. -I enjoy the ability to replay quests but feel restricted in the way that I cannot simply enter the game world and do what I want. The game (quest I selected) limits what I can do. -The auction house (gold and rmah). This game is all about the item hunt. The ability to acquire high end gear is way, way too easy, and this cheapens the experience of the item hunt which Diablo is known for. -Nephalem of Valor is a neat idea. I rather enjoyed that I wouldn’t have to start at rock bottom magic find once I began my end game item hunt. However, if I am guaranteed rare quality items with 5 stacks, then Magic Find as a stat is severely devalued. It is no longer necessary to balance killing power with magic finding ability if you can roll with 100% killing power gear and still be assured you will receive rare quality items. -All items feel more like stat slots instead of unique and interesting items which can further define your character (a feeling very similar to WoW. Not hating, but that’s what it feels like). Diablo is about super cool items with neat affixes like chance to cast X on hit, % damage goes to mana, and prevent monster healing. Stats, in previous Diablo installments, came from point allocation by the player which further defined their character. -A friend of mine made an interesting point regarding the future of the auction house. Since desirable gear is never removed from the game (doesn’t break, isn’t broken down, and won’t be vendored), we will come to a point where the auction house is completely saturated with the high end gear and prices will deflate tremendously. The game will then boil down to leveling a character to 60, buying the best gear, and rolling through the highest difficulty to get… the items you just purchased. -I can appreciate the decision to limit available skills to only 6 at a time, but I fell this is just another restriction being placed on the player. It is another way I am being told how I should be playing the game. - I feel like my personal play experience is being negatively impacted because of the fraction of the player base that is botting and exploiting. I was thinking, “this isn’t an MMO so why does what they do affect my play experience?” I believe it is because of the auction house, one of the very few things that can indirectly affect a player because of another player’s behavior. -I’ve never been one to actively attempt achievements, but many achievements in this game feel like nothing but empty rewards aside from that new sigil and pattern for the banner that you hardly pay attention too or care about. Banners are neither seen nor considered but merely objects to quickly portal to your group’s location. Their purpose is lost in the ocean of available sigils whose meaning is not easily decipherable. Listed above are my feelings on the direction I see this game going. It seems like something more than a patch or expansion can fix or even address. I feel like the core feeling I got from previous Diablo installments is missing, and I don’t think it’s nostalgia. I do understand this is a new step in the series, but we’re still in Sanctuary, the boss is still Diablo, and it is still a hack n’ slash action game. I believe Blizzard had no chance of living up to the Diablo 3 hype, nonetheless, this attempt at a Diablo installment falls very short of what I was expecting.suzuka18 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 how i enjoy the game. playing with RL friends. plain and simple. we just rock 4 of us doing act 1, cause we aren't geared enough for the others, getting NV5 and clearing everything. i find this fun, and possible with the patch removing the boost to mob damage for more people. it is still harder with 4 of us, cause we aren't all geared, but certainly more fun. also, we get better loot this way simply cause 4 of us are getting loot and comparing to help each other out. this helps tremendously. not saying everyone should enjoy the game the way i do, or that it is such an awesome game cause i do, or anything like that, just that i enjoy it, for simple reasons. i see too many negative posts, i just wanted a silver lining in the forums.Darkprince1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 A great problem since patch 1.03 The network was good enough for asian to play in US server. I have kept on playing everyday since the game launched. However, it's so frustrating that it becomes nearly impossible to play now, bacause of the network, as well as the repair cost. I am playing a monk, with my gears I should farm ACT3(after 1.03 released) easily now. But the network just sucks. Whenever there is a pack of elite with descrator/molten/arcane, whenever I try to use tempest rush to escape from such spells, I would be just teleport back to the centre of fire/arcane and die, no matter how far I have run away from it. What makes the feeling become worse is the repair cost. Each time I died from such a situation, I have to pay nearly 5k. And that happens so often! The result is that I am paying a great sum of gold for the lag. I don't know whether it's a server problem or a bug of tempest rush, but that does make me feel unwilling to play anymore. I could tolerate some little bugs and lags before because the repair cost was ignorable. But now the cost is just too high to tolerate, especially when I am paying from reasons other than my fault. I am penalized for the server problem, how ridiculous. Moreover, that's not temporal, it keeps happening in these three days. I hope there is a maintenence coming soon to save me from such a hell, or make adjustment on tempest rush, or whatever that can make players dodge the molten/descrator easier without killed by lag.Eroko0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 So what has happened to gaming in general? Hello everyone, what do you guys think about the patch? Has Diablo been ruined for you? or made it better? Personally I think its not as great anymore, why would they nerf IAS? Why did you guys complain it was OP? I don't get it. Repair costs are ridiculous. I completely quit soft-core and now play hardcore, because soft-core to me is not worth playing anymore. Hardcore kinda makes this game worth playing for me. Demon Hunter class is useless, and the people who say its not...well I'm not paying $250, not even $0.01 for anything on RMAH. Lets, see what else, oh yea I feel as if we are forced to buy stuff from AH. Gaming is general revolves around cash > consumer, they sell you an incomplete game and make you buy they rest of it to fully enjoy. And if you play WoW, Please don't reply to this, you guys are weird. My boss at work fits the stereotype: Fat, Smelly, Glasses, Over 40, At a dead end job lol(he is really weird) its all he talks about at work brags about it more than his kids. By the way you call your characters...toons lol weird. (no offense) Thoughts??Nismoguy350z0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore"! How did that screenplay writer know about Diablo 3 so many decades before it was released? :-)Midnight0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 D3 is worth $10 if offlne mode Have you played ' Kingdom of Amalur Reckoning " ? Compare their 3D and maps , you would know . You guys repeat playing from Acts1-Acts4 with normal , nightmare , hell , inferno . It 's a hidden footprints. They saved time to make more Acts and bigger maps , then they still sell you $60 dollar.IdrA0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Please let me pay real $$ to repair my Gear Please Blizzard, make this available on RMAH. This is fun.... Thanks!!!boypunas4 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Blizzard Nerfed Act 3 Drops With 1.03 they made it seem like they would increase the number of 62 and 63s that dropped right? Wrong. They didn't show us the drop rates before 1.03. Here's two different sets of data taken from act 3 drops before 1.03. Azmodan Runs Total Runs: 33 Total Rares: 483 Total Ilvl 63: 101 Avg Rares (per run): 14.64 Avg Ilvl 63 (per run): 3.00 Ilvl 63 Drop %: 20.91% Seigebreaker Total Runs: 49 Total Rares: 714 Total Ilvl 63: 136 Avg Rares (per run): 14.57 Avg Ilvl 63 (per run): 2.86 Ilvl 63 Drop %: 19.04% So yeah, you can actually do inferno now. Accept now you'll get less than half as much good stuff. Also, this nerf applies to lvl 62s as well. Edit* I have data for 2 runs post 1.03. Seigebreaker Total Runs: 2 Total Rares: 23 Total Ilvl 63: 4 Avg Rares (per run): 11.5 Avg Ilvl 63 (per run): 2 Ilvl 63 Drop %: 5.75% *This isn't accurate because of the low # of runs, but i'll add more to it once I get off of work later tonight.Vayne37 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Auction House: Tips and Feedback I'm an Auction House addict. I find one of the most interesting challenges in Diablo is how to make the most of the limited resources you receive as your character progresses. The Auction House helps you get the gear you want from other players by trading them the gear they want for their own characters. I wanted to share my tips for using the Auction House with other players and leave a few suggestions for Blizzard to help make it even better. I hope you find it useful! How do I buy a good weapon I can afford? Enter the maximum your prepared to spend in the Max Buyout field. Enter any "must have" stats, then sort by DPS. Keep your filters to a minimum, buying a high dps weapon with good stats is a very expensive proposition. If your build needs Life on Hit, try looking for it on a Ring/Amulet. Crit Damage can be found on Rings/Amulets/Gloves. If your desperate, scan for something you want with a low bid, bid on it, then set an alarm/reminder 10 minutes or so before it expires to make sure you get it. What's worth auctioning? Weapons - Until 1.0.3, the best weapons drop only in Inferno/A3+. Your unlikely to find a valuable weapon until you start clearing these zones. Key stats are a Socket, Life on Hit, Crit Dmg%, and IAS. Armor - Good armor starts dropping as early as Inferno/A1 because ilvl 60-62 armor is much more comparable to ilvl 63 armor than a ilvl 62 weapon is to a ilvl 63 weapon. There are too many combinations to list, but your going to need at least 3 stats another player would want on a piece of armor for it to be valuable. Rings/Amulets are an exception, 2 good stats here (IAS/LoH/Crit Dmg) should be valuable. Magic Find Gear - Anything with 18%+ Magic Find should be sold on the GAH (Gold Auction House). Set/Legendaries - These items can have out-of-slot attributes that can make them valuable. Square/Flawless Square+ Gems - Rubies are great for leveling. Amethysts/Emeralds/Topazes all have late game use. Inferno Crafting Materials - Exquiste Essence, Iridescent Tears, Fiery Brimstones, and Tomes of Secrets are used to craft high level items. Plans/Designs - Weapon plans are worthless. Grand Exalted armor plans are very valuable. Exalted and Exalted Fine armor plans aren't worth much but may become slightly more worthwhile after 1.0.3. Late Game Designs for Amethysts/Emeralds/Topazes are valuable, Rubies not so much. Leveling Gear - Anything with a low level requirement and relatively high damage/stats/armor can usually be sold for a quick 5k-10k. Especially socketed weapons and helms. Make sure you set a reasonable buyout. WTF is ilvl? Item Level, or ilvl, is the budget items have when determining their attributes. Items range from ilvl 1 (garunteed to be crap) to ilvl 63 (potential to be amazing). There is a big value gap between ilvl 61/62 and ilvl 63 because you can craft ilvl 61/62 items but you have to kill Inferno monsters to find ilvl 63 gear. Keep your eyes peeled for ilvl 63 gear: Archon Crown: Helm Archon Spaulders: Shoulders Archon Armor: Chest Razorspikes: Bracers Archon Gauntlets: Gloves High Scabbard: Belt Archon Faulds: Pants Archon Greaves: Boots Arch Axe, Darkblade, Demolisher, Centurion Spear, Rune Sword, Veil Piercer, Heaven Hand, Slayer, Exorcist, Desolater Wand: 1H Decapitator, Doom Hammer, Dread Lance, Soverign Staff, Warlord Sword, Guru Staff, Titan Axe, Revenant Bow, Hellion Crossbow: 2H The Game Guide has more details: What's the maximum stat value items can have? (Incomplete. No Set/Legendary items) All Resist - 80: Belt/Boots/Bracers/Chest/Gloves/Helm/Pants/Shoulders, 70: Amulet/Ring 2nd Resist - 60: Belt/Boots/Bracers/Chest/Gloves/Helm/Pants/Shoulders, 50: Amulet/Ring IAS - 17: Amulet/Gloves/Ring Block % - 9: Shield Crit Hit % - 10: Gloves, 8.5: Amulet/Shield, 6: Bracers/Helm, 4.5: Ring Crit Hit Dmg - 65: Amulet, 50: Gloves, 34: Ring Life % - 14: Amulet, 12: Belt/Chest/Gloves/Shoulders, 9: Ring Life on Hit - 657: Amulet, 328: Ring Magic Find - 40: Amulet, 20: Belt/Boots/Bracer/Chest/Gloves/Helm/Pants/Shoulders, 18: Ring Max Discipline - 10: Chest Movement Speed - 12: Boots Tips Don't search for perfect stats. Searching for 79 resist all should return roughly twice as many results as searching for 80 resist all. Searching for 65 resist all should return 15 times as many results. Sell items with high Gold Find/Magic Find on the GAH, not the RMAH. Set a bid between 25% and 50% of your buyout for items over 200k. Auction sniping happens. Auction House Bugs/Feedback/Suggestions Should have 6+ stat filters. Should be able to filter by Total Shield Block %. Searching for a Set/Legendary by name should not lock the stat filters. Crowd Control Reduction filter does not work. Life per Spirit Spent filter does not work with minimum values. Should be able to sort by Bid/Time Left. Searching for Runes and Runewords is not working >:) It would be nice to be able to move items between characters and your stash from the AH interface. It would be nice if bidding on an item with less than 10m remaining would extend its expiration time by 5m-10m. With the low refresh rate, a bidding war on a soon to expire item is a total crapshoot. Could the 10 AH slot limit be extended? At least on the GAH? How about charging a 300% of vendor price fee for listing an auction? The 10 AH slot limit really hurts the viability of crafting and is one of the major reasons why all of these forums are filled with WTS spam. It would be really nice if in the distant future, Blizzard implemented some type of bug tracking system or meta moderation for bug/forum posts. A lot of the problems with the current AH were discovered and reported in the Beta but were probably lost in the deluge of redundant posts about other issues.KnowYourRole5 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Anyone interested in PvP? If anybody is interested in some PvP practice, let me know. I'm an Act 2 Monk looking for practice vs. ranged characters (DH, WD, Wizard)KLH1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Mortar just annihilated my barbarian So yeah i guess the radius of the dead zone meant to protect melee from this ability conforms to the presence of walls. In other words when the dead zone radius meets with a wall, the dead zone gives way to the wall, and gets smaller. So if youre sandwiched against a wall by mortar mobs, mortar range becomes melee. Good thing mortar doesn't hit very hard, amiryte? Testing, blizzard. Do you do it?ODDBALL17 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Ideas for Boss Drop and Party Increase the drop rate of end boss of each act, Butcher, Belial, Azmodan, Diablo. Only If the player completes each act from the very start to the end with 5stack of NV. And for party. When the full group competes the act from the very beginning to the end with 5stack of NV. extra gold should be given to the group, on top of the loot chance increase.Dudebag0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 I don't mind people quitng due to repair bill Honestly, I do not mind. Just quit already if you cannot bear the repair cost. I will be glad if all these whiners really quit, instead of whining here. Half of the times I join public games, there are people that keep dying for no reason. It is so annoying that they seem to treat dying a routine. This is not right. Of course I do die but not as frequent. Plus I always try my best to avoid death, instead whining on forum to make sure I can die a lot with minimal consequence. Therefore, I hope all these whiners complaining the repair bill to just quit already so that only good players remain!Wakeman10 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Has Enough Time Passed? Tseric Just delete the thread if it's still taboo. After watching these forum over the last few weeks. I've become more sympathetic to some of the psychological strain moderating them may take on the group of people doing it. This man knew how to do it. And do it well. We have some great CMs here, but can we have him back? I have a feeling he'd have a field day on this forum. Clean it right up. Is he... is he never coming home? /mournBodach14 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Selling Bashiok achievement, 100k gold Bashiok just spawned in my game on Hell difficulty, softcore. I have a Rakanishu blade you can use. Will sell the achievement for 100k gold. Xcalibur #1681Xcalibur0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Who knew? Who knew that "Ignores durability loss" would be the most sought after stat in d3. How pathetic.Nerds0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Live Streaming of D3's Funeral Take a steaming crap in your toilet, flush, watch. PERFECT SIMULATION of D3.DeathElement0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 A great problem since patch 1.03 The network was good enough for asian to play in US server. I have kept on playing everyday since the game launched. However, it's so frustrating that it becomes nearly impossible to play now, bacause of the network, as well as the repair cost. I am playing a monk, with my gears I should farm ACT3(after 1.03 released) easily now. But the network just sucks. Whenever there is a pack of elite with descrator/molten/arcane, whenever I try to use tempest rush to escape from such spells, I would be just teleport back to the centre of fire/arcane and die, no matter how far I have run away from it. What makes the feeling become worse is the repair cost. Each time I died from such a situation, I have to pay nearly 5k. And that happens so often! The result is that I am paying a great sum of gold for the lag. I don't know whether it's a server problem or a bug of tempest rush, but that does make me feel unwilling to play anymore. I could tolerate some little bugs and lags before because the repair cost was ignorable. But now the cost is just too high to tolerate, especially when I am paying from reasons other than my fault. I am penalized for the server problem, how ridiculous. Moreover, that's not temporal, it keeps happening in these three days. I hope there is a maintenence coming soon to save me from such a hell, or make adjustment on tempest rush, or whatever that can make players dodge the molten/descrator easier without killed by lag.Eroko0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Simple solution to fix the gold problem i don't think i am the first one come up with this SIMPLE IDEA to fix the gold problem People who die lost 10% of the money they got Simple isn't it? Rich player lost billion/million everytime they die Poor player lost thousand everytime they die Simple? It fits your idea , isn't it? You don't want player to step on the died bodies so you raise the repair cost? Please use your brain.Dolcekit10 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Is there any point to farm other than gold? I have tried farming, and I just get merchant gear sells or the occasional AH sell (nothing astounding)? I have about 50MF but don't switch out but have found legendary items in my first run in normal and trying to get BS plans for Staff of Herding. I know legendary items are suppose to be rare, but 99.9% of drops are crap. Any suggestions on farming?Armil0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 limiting content for digital copies People who buy the game digitally are limited to playing only the first act for the first 72 hours. Is this fair? is this even legal? A consumer paid good money for the full game and Blizzard is denying them the product. Thoughts?Isokar44 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Disappearing Potions? The last day or two I've been playing with about 35-45 potions on my hotbar. While it's not uncommon for me to use a lot of potions, i have randomly found myself at 0 a couple times. I'm pretty sure i didn't use that many in just a couple minutes; is anyone else having this issue?adonaldson145 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 The RMAH is dying RIGHT NOW! Everyone is selling their gear because they are so unhappy with Diablo 3. RMAH is becoming flooded with gear. Lawl.Shrimpy8 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 An idea for NV Buff As much as I enjoy slaying the foul demons of hell without pause, sometimes my friends and I enjoy small things like food/cigarettes/the bathroom. I think it would be cool if NV Buff timer would stop counting down, provided all party members are in town. Then we could actually take relaxing small breaks without coming back from a break with only 5 minutes left on our 5 stack.Electrichead1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Simple solution to MF gear switching. When you switch out your gear you lose you NV...simple as that. I mean if this is such a huge issue why not do that rather then screw the entire economy...I mean your new 300%+ increase in repair cost is so knee jerk its obscene...TheChiv15 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 anyone else notice this.. does anyone notice that most of the devs post are contradictions of either other stuff they said or whats going on in the patchs lylirra said ... whats the point you said before that smashing the pots was not suppost to be "FUN" lylirra also said ... whats the point legenday items are "NOT" suppose to be end game items they are just vender junk why fix their IAS only and not the IAS on all items also this ... what does make affixs more "FUN" well lets start buy having less combos of them ie. fire chains- fast- telly-vortex with that combo the second you step outside BAM your dead, so to make that more "FUN" they desided to up repair costs. then they also say if you cant defeat them them just run away. like if your in a cave you have to die 4-5 times to try and ditch that impossable affix and for what to open a chest that gives junk items and maybe 2k gold all togeather. they also said that they did not want the game to be like diablo2 were you farm bosses, so in "diablo3" they wanted you to farm the elite mobs for loot. but they did not metion that almost all of their caves are narrow passages were 80% of the time you run in a elite mob you cant kite them they kite you cause of the narrow passage and like usual you die then ress then die again and so on just for that 1% chance of an item lvl over 60 and another .5% chance of it rolling desent stats iam sure many of you seen and read many posts that are all contradictions to other post they did them selfs or from patcheshalfeatenham0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 A Little Differentiation TLDR version - last two paragraphs: ... It's been raised that the goal is a sense of progression. The idea being that you should encounter things that you can't beat -yet- but can foresee a way of beating, if you change your skills, or change your gear. This is entirely reasonable - by the basic premise of the game this is what should be occurring. And truth be told, there is nothing in this game that can not be beaten by this definition - if you take the idea in the vacuum of how one is to change your gear. Yes if you some how can upgrade your gear so that mitigation/regeneration exceeds what ever damage you can't avoid, and your DPS exceeds what ever enrage will win. If one is to only change their gear through the AH - then all is working as intended. This is a perfectly viable method of progress, even if quite the grind to achieve by these means. If however this is not meant to be the only reasonable course of action...something is amiss. And perhaps, it is only because I am playing a DH which has been sighted to me by many as my primary mistake. However with the caveate of the class I am playing well in toe - here is what I am seeing: In almost all gear that has dropped for me - which is the cream of the crop from running through ActIII Hell many times, and ActIV several (I'm sorry but ActIV has too much jack-in-the-box burst damage to be enjoyable.) I am still in a position of mechanically being unable to progress through more than half of the elite packs in Act I inferno. Yes I'm only rolling about 55 to 58 ilvl gear in most slots, with 1 or 2 61s, and based on observable results I should be in all ilvl 61 gear before even touching inferno - and still expect to die a lot. Now it's been raised that I should skip the ones I can't pass, or re-roll the game if they are blocking the golden path. More often than not, they are blocking the golden path - and as such force me to re-roll. Forcing a re-roll removes NV, reducing to almost 0% the chance I will get an upgrade. I need to find 6 successive elite packs that I can mechanically kill, before I have an as yet not-really happening chance of getting 1 upgrade. (I've found some upgrades, don't get me wrong, but everyone has been a major DPS drop from my already paltry 8k to get a marginal survival boost. So this is what I have been endless frustration. In the greatest irony the only thing that is keeping me from moving on to another class is my other characters are tied to friends that are playing infrequently because the game was to easy at lower levels. I'm also dieing to enrage timers because I'm fighting shielding, or inv minion packs where I can successfully damage them about every 30 seconds, because I am forced to kite them where they stay out of line of sight to avoid being insta-gibbed-by-some-unavoidable-mechanic, and most of my shots wind up landing on...a shield. I enjoy a challenge I feel is possible to overcome - if I'm dieing to bullet hells, and crazy chaos, I generally don't mind. Not that I generally do, usually I manage to pull this insanity off by the skin of my teeth. If I'm dieing to being locked down with no skill based route to progress, and no reasonable route to mitigate the 'gear check' factors by moving on to the point I pass them... Well, yes, frustration abounds. So yes - the topic. As a blue said elsewhere, it's one thing to say "That affix combo is unfair," it's another to say "I can't beat that" (yet), and of course it's all a matter of how you define yet. And I'm not trying to be inflammatory, but the line between never, and yet, is some where around where you give up trying out of frustration. I'm unlikely to completely give up any time soon - but it's certainly getting encouraging to spend more of my time on other activities. Perhaps that's good?StormWalker0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Improving AH Hi blizzard, i was thinking how to improve the AH. Sometimes, i think compare multiple itens on AH would be nice, and it will decrease bad buys. And compare with your equiped itens too, it should be nice. Like, if i have an iten with 200+ dex, and the AH have a iten with 198dex+ 15% critical chance. My brain is too lazy to do the count. Because if we get the base stat + 200dex% + 15%critical/100 witch is a hard count. And so i dont know what iten is better for me. And sometimes, when i buy itens from AH i see some many itens like 2-4 armors good for me, but i dont know how to compare them. Thx, and sorry for my bad english.Minare0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 How about a hard reset? I mean we could wipe the slate clean. Force blizzard to reset the game. We could undo the damage the bots and gold farmers have done to both the ah and rmah. I mean yeah it would hurt with 100+ hours on a toon, but would you be more pissed lossing everything and starting over like every hardcore player does and have a fair legitiment shot at a decent game or let blizzard keep shooting themselves in their feet trying to fix this broken game? People literally have hunderds of millions of gold. people took advantage of the exploits made a large fortune and now the ah is so unreasonable people just look at items and laugh. I mean I know there will always be greed but something needs to be done. 1.0.3 was a gold sink to try and filter out much of the gold out of the high end act 3/4 farmers and try to shrink the huge piles of gold they have. But in the process people farming act 1-2 who don't have the gold and are barely making it though are screwed. Trying to farm loot to sell on the ah, and eating the repair costs makes us flat broke and no loot to show for it at the end of the trip. And we all know blizzards endgame was to get people broke so they would have to turn to the rmah. But look at the links google them. Diablo 3 is tanking hard, in log ons, time played, players flat out quitting. They need to do something fast or this game will be shorter lived then swtor.PhoenixFire8 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Pleas Do not buy a blizzard game ever again Arrogant little bizz !@#$sVALINIA0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Another Suggestions/Request thread This is addressed primarily to Blizzard as suggestions/requests. I've tried to skip the common ones that everyone is already complaining about on the forums. I'm happy to hear from others, especially if there is an existing answer to any of the following. I have categorised these into (1) General game requests, and (2) Gameplay inbalance comments. --- 1. General Game Requests --- * Change key binding for item stats when its on the ground. I found out that the Ctrl key allows you to show item stats of items on the ground. I found this because I changed my Shift (hold position) key to be Ctrl. Now the problem is I get these annoying millisecond flashes of items stats when I'm mid-battle because there is no keybinding for that option and I now have 2 instructions on the same key * Can I play in some "appear offline" mode? I don't always want people to know I'm online. I don't want to hide out as such, just sometimes I want to play alone and not have friends randomly drop in on my game. * Private games - for the same reason as above, sometimes I just want to play completely solo with my follower and not be interrupted. I would love to set my game as private so I can't be joined - but perhaps I could send invites. * Can I hide the the skills notifications that take up prime screen real estate when I level up? Honestly if I level mid-battle, I'm not going to read what rune I've unlocked. Just get it off my f***ing screen. * As above, quest complete dialogue box. I don't care ... I don't want to have to click Continue. Can this be given a timer or at least associate the button with the Enter key so I can get it off my screen ASAP. * Center character when windows are open. For example, opening the Inventory and Details pretty much hides me. It would be good if it would center my character in the available space. This way if I find something cool, I can try it on and compare stats without the threat of being attacked without knowing. * Enchantress turns me into a chicken - this has been reported lots and I've re-trained her now but it would still be good if she didn't turn me and/or herself into a chicken. * Skip storyline. Blizz, I know you want people to play the storyline and quests and I'm glad you've made the quests in line so we don't have to go off on a tangent just to progress. However there are storyline parts that I can't skip which are just plain annoying after playing through dozens of times. "Help, they're going to kill my friend" - I know what you're going to say Lyndon, just open the bloody gate already so I can kill Nigel. * Auction House filter by Armor/DPS is broken. Can click on it but it doesn't do anything. --- 2. Inbalance Comments --- * Drop rates. Maybe it was because I was wearing MF gear, but the drop rate of blue and yellow seems to have increased a LOT! I filled up my pack twice per level going through Fields of Misery up to Halls of Agony. I remember D1 when I'd be thrilled by a blue drop and identify it (at the cost of a scroll or a trip to Cain). Only then would you know if it was good or bad. Oh, and rares ... you knew what it was when you picked it up by the custom graphic. Now THAT was rare and unique. IMO, drops are too common and they're too crap. I would rather less drops with a higher rate of blues and yellows being useful. * Repair costs. This has been raised a lot. I'm only using my lvl 60 now to help friends level. The costs to repair (especially when I don't die) is just too much. I'm now playing more Hardcore so I won't get to a level where I'm dissappointed by the crap items because I'm going to be dead before they matter. Working as intended? * Lots of other but have been mostly covered on the Forums already. But let me express my dissapointment at having the non-cow level stripped of its greatness. Came out of there (Hell) with about half a pack of gear including 1 rare and about 10K (after repairs). I used to fill the pack easy and come out with at least 40K.Nemesis1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 My patch 1.03 report TLDR: 1) More good drops. 2) Lower difficult for act 2. 3) Repair cost higher but not much a problem as long as playing smart. Here is my report after eight hours of playing post-patch. Background: my main is WD (i.e. the weakest class pre- and post- patch) dps 28k pre-patch, 26k post-patch Hp: 26k resist 300 Killed inferno Belial pre-patch (fortunately), most time farming act 1 and occasionally act 2 1) Droprates: Previously, I did Skeleton King or Brutcher runs most of the time. The problem was I need to find 5 NV buffs before going to the bosses. After the patch, it makes more senses finding 5 NV quick then keep killing all the elites I can find in the act. Therefore, I spent like 4 hours in the same game act 1 and 4 hours another game in act 2. I did not count but the impression is the overall number of rare I got was more than prepatch. Prepatch I only got rare when I have 4 to 5 NV, then boss, then I have to quit game and start again. Now once I have 5 NV, every elite packs drop 1-3 rare! The only downside is I need to find the elites, unlike previously that the bosses are always there. Also, I got many ilvl 62 rares and a few are decent. Though no good ilvl 63. 2) Difficulty: Act 2 is indeed easier than prepatch. Prepatch with my crappy gear I need to skip 50% of the elites. In the four hours of act 2 play just now I think I skipped only like 3 elites. Honestly I disagree with the nerfing of act 2-4 difficulty but now that it is here, guess I should start enjoying the easier gameplay. 3) Repair cost: Died only once in four hours of act one gameplay. For act 2, gear turned red in one of those elite fights that I eventually skipped, which costed me 20k repair bill. After that I decided to skip earlier once I realize the elites were unbeatable. After that, I only had gear turned yellow about three times. The overall cost was higher than prepatch, of course, but still way lower than the gold I picked up, not to mention the potential profit I might get from the items I found.Wakeman14 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 I have a request to Blizzard... Just one thing I would really enjoy if you stopped saying. I can number many occassions where you have used this phrase when you have made a change to Diablo 3. The phrase is; "...It's not fun..." or any variation of this. Stop using this phrase when you change something. From a recent post when asked about why they changed the items from weapons rack, MF affecting chests, etc etc... ... Sorry, but that is fun, to me, and I can name plenty of my friends who find it fun too. I understand you are saying that swapping out MF gear to click on things isn't fun, and what not, but what about the people who built MF into their normal set, and don't swap out anything. My only request is that you stop using "...isn't very fun." I don't need you to tell me how to have fun in this game, and what is fun to me. I can name more occasions but you get the idea.Nix0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 The current blizzard is not the original one The current blizzard is not the original one anymore. Blizzard North R.I.Pimba2 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 I think 1.0.3 is an amazing patch you see riot smiling? time to go back to lol It's so hard to find good item at act3 I don't want go back to act1 it's boring so I go back to lol bz: I think making poor game and Driving away all player is coooooooooooooooooooooldiablo82 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Armor loses durability without getting hit? Is this working as intended? If so all the melee players need to quit whining.SnowJunkie2 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Diablo2 carebears trying to ruin this game. Everyone likes to go on and on about the WoW kiddies ruining every genre of game, but they're not the ones crying and pissing about Diablo3 being too hard, unfair, WAAAAH! A different, more potent kind of pansy has reared it's ugly head; the diablo2 pansies are out in force. So, I guess the Blizzard hierarchy for capable gamers goes Starcraft > World of Warcraft >>>> Diablo. I never thought I'd meet a community so pathetic it made me respect World of Warcafts playerbase.Godzilla1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Kinda confused, help please. I was having fun with this game while leveling my demon hunter, but now that I have beaten Hell mode, I'm finding it pretty tough to go on to inferno. I can't seem to get the gear that I need for upgrades to drop and I can't afford the gear that is on the auction house that would help me out. I'm not really making much money now because I seem to be spending alot of it on fixing my gear and for some reason the gear that I have been trying to sell on the auction really isn't selling, most of the stuff is even priced fairly cheap <50k. I've re ran the last couple of acts of Hell a couple of times, but it's getting boring because it's really kinda easy and I'm not getting anything that I can use. Am I missing something? I could use some advice, thanks.Bullitt4 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Im Broke.. Is there an alms for the poor program or welfare/foodstamp for repairing armor? I need 41k gold to repair and have 20k gold. Im trying to sell stuff in auction house but im not having much luck. when im finalliy able to sell some gear i farm for 35k I find that quickly gone while repairing a few times trying to get through some inferno content.. chaaaaaaaaangee? anyone spare some chaaaaaaaange??? (SP reference)fizban0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 The Atmosphere Missing in Diablo 3 So, I was playing my Monk the other night, kicking butt and chewing bubble gum. The demon slaying was going well. My mind was completely void of thought or sense of duty. It was, so far, a successful period of gaming. Suddenly, I was pulled back into reality, ironically, by the very thing I use as an escape. I was in Act 1 in the highlands areas just before Leoric’s Manor. In these areas, you can run into a random (non) event where the monsters have set up some banners and a summoning glyph. This is wonderful! I was all for putting a stop to demons pouring into Sanctuary from the depths of Hell. As I got close to the summoning ritual my Monk exclaimed a phrase similar to “What in the Gods!” This is where my fantasy world came crashing down. When someone exclaims a phrase like “What in the Gods!” in a game like Diablo 3, I expect something truly horrific to enter my eyeholes. In my mind, it was as if my Monk had just come across the sight of baby seals clubbing other baby seals to death with cleaved baby seal giblets. I was waiting for an unthinkable, terrifying event to unfold. What did I see? Three pikes in the ground with a decorative glyph in the middle and monsters *slowly* zapping into existence near the pikes. Truly, I was more shocked at how quickly I was jolted back into reality by the lack of carnage and blood I was preconditioned for by my Monk’s unsettling words. What in the Gods? Really? A completely uneventful summoning ritual caused my character, a being of conviction, balance, and nerves of steel, to be unhinged? Here is my issue: If it was truly terrifying, the demons would have gathered sacrifices from neighboring villages and burned them at the stake as you approached the summoning ritual, jeering you as you are invariably unable to save the captive villagers who are doomed to meet their fate. Engulfed in demonic flames, blood pours from the bundle of human flesh and onto the underlying glyph. Portals activate at each of the three pikes and hordes of demons begin to pour from the abyss. With the lives of the villagers lost, my Monk can only seek retribution for the villager’s lost souls by casting the demons back whence they came. I cannot understand how this game could be rated Mature when it has such weak attempts at horror, despair, and bloodlust. Even in areas like the town of Alcarnus (right before Maghda) when you have the objective of saving the captive villagers I do not sense the fear and desperation as they beg for their lives and hold onto hope for escape. Additionally, if saving the villagers is a bonus objective, then why is there no constraint in completing the task? Why aren’t the demons forcing you to fight against time to save the town’s poor souls? Upon entering the town, why do I not hear the desperate cries of townsfolk as Maghda challenges my resolve, “You think to save these miserable nothings? Those who will not embrace the power of the Lords of Hell will perish and will forever suffer in darkness! Come, hero, witness what it is you are truly up against. . . Guards! Kill the prisoners!” At such point, it is a race against time to savagely massacre the demons before they can murder the captured townsfolk. Darkness. Anguish. That sweat the builds up under your armpits as your heart races as you get lost in the fantasy world of Sanctuary. Where is that chilling feeling you got when, in Diablo 2, Diablo utters, “Not even death can save you from me”? From phrases like this we go to phrases like, “Vegetable, bad! Meat, good!” I don’t know what caused the atmosphere of Diablo 3 to take such a stark turn towards a mild, parental controlled view of Hell and despair, but there is certainly something fundamentally unfamiliar with the Diablo 3 vision when compared to the previous titles in the series. And, I know, this is not Diablo 1 or Diablo 2, but it IS Diablo. And, in Diablo, you face against the forces of Hell in an impossible struggle against most malevolent beings that have ever spawned from the darkness, and not against a lame butterfly lady, a lord of lies whose greatest lie is that he was a good liar, a master tactician who repeatedly reveals all of his tactics to his enemy, and the Lord of Hell himself, the embodiment of terror and fear, who incessantly beats you over the head with cheesy taunts during the final battle. tl;dr It is my opinion that this installment of Diablo is not true to the darkness seen in previous titles. The setting seems censored, dumbed down, filtered, and bland. I hope that future expansions and installments of this game bring back a darker tale of Hellish demons seeking to ravage the world.suzuka22 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Hex: jinx or hedge magic? Does the damage debuff work on enemies that are immune to it like bosses?Hex0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 D2 vs D3 breakdown (with image) The winner is clear. Jay Wilson'd.aro0 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Heavy-Handed Changes and Breakable Objects I do not feel that my playstyle has been represented very well in the MF-swapping conversation thusfar. My gameplay seemed aligned with the spirit of Blizzard's original design. I did not swap gear with any frequency. I invested what I considered large amounts of time and gold in the AH in order to find the "perfect" gear that I could barely afford, with all the stats I wanted, including MF. Each piece had all my favorite combat stats AND MF, to be clear. Time spent acquiring the gold to make those purchases, was primarily made by selling items I had found on champs/rares. Finding yellows from smashable objects was extremely satisfying, as it was so rare -- a 1-in-a-1000 type event. With my carefully chosen magic find gear, I figured maybe it would be eleveated to a 2-in-1000 affair. Numerous times we have been told that our eventual power should make us feel like we slightly broke the game. However, the corrective action that devs have taken to stem the MF-swap problem is uncreative and heavy-handed, to be honest. I do NOT want that sort of wildness to be associated with future system changes in D3. Changes that go from X to 0 are extreme. The change could have been a slight drop in rates... X/1.25 or X/2 even. The real problems with smashables seems to be placement! MF-swapping affects other areas, and can be handled separately. Level designers placed too many objects in a few select locations. They are supposed to be random, so you can't farm. Fix this by fixing the locations, not removing the chance of loot from objects!! Second, devs wanted to discourage MF-swapping on the fly, but there are numerous ways to fix this without sapping fun from other aspects of the game. Why not impose a cooldown of the MF/GF stat changing? Changing your gear updates most stats immediately but there is a minute delay for increasing MF/GF stats. This is just one attempt at a solution to swapping, but I'm sure there are more. Please fix farming locations and return smashables to having a drop rate of gold/items a bit closer to their old values. Thank you!Vexxr2 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 MEHHHHHH MY ACHIEVEMENT!!!!!!!! so I was playing with my friend in Act 1 Hell we were on our way to kill the skeleton king I told my friend I need dat Destroyer of Destiny achievement right.... so we tried to destroy the pillars all at once.... but he died... he was lvl 51 and i was lvl 60 meh, then i just fire my elemental arrow to end the spawning so i can revive my friend... HERE COME THE MESSED UP PART I GOT A SUDDEN LAG DUE TO MY COMPUTER'S BAD GRAPHIC CARD CANT HANDLE ALL OF THE SKELETONS AND THE PARTICLES FLYING AROUND. THEN I DIED.... BUT WAIT, MY LAST ELEMENTAL ARROW DESTROYED THE LAST PILLAR AND SUDDENLY!!!!!! MY FRIEND GOT THE DESTROYER OF DESTINY ACHIEVEMENT !!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH WHY!!!! BLIZZARD !!!!! WHY YOU GIVE HIM ACHIEVEMENT AND NOT ME!!!! WE WERE ON THE SAME PARTY AND I WAS THE ONE WHO DESTROYED THE PILLARS!!!!!! WHY !!!!! WHY!!!!!!!! THAT IS SO MESSED UP!!!!!!! k im done....OttOiToto1 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 I'm scared to buy Crit Damage / Hit items ... the stats he said might get nerfed in 1.1 might be crit damage / hit , which the OP of that post talked about Since Bashiok had said this , so what now ? should people not get crit damage / hit too? cause it might get nerfed sooner or later ? seriously , i got !@#$ed by the IAS already , i dont want to get %^-*ed over by Blizzard again . oh ya bliz , u should rename this game to WORLD OF DIABLOCRAFT .IceCube13 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Aren't You Thankful? Diablo 3 will forever be known as "Aren't You Thankful?" the game lolololGuardYoGrill7 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Blizzard I think you are great,ignore trolls! After seeing countless thread here I gotta say this: Blizzard I think you guys did a good job overall , before/after 1.03 . I absolutely enjoyed good 60 hours of my game so far, that is way more than any game that I ever paid for. I think you guys did a great job in 1.03 too, I think in general it increased fairness in the game and increased longevity of the game, keep up the good work! I hope you bring more stuff to mulitplayer mode though, nothing beats fighting with a bunch of serious people! And to other player: you / your character/ your class are not entitled being special at all, and if your repeative farming behavior is forced to change, I say that's a good thing, I like changes, they make game alive. Maybe you just need to rethink why you play this game in the first place. and this game is not about competition anyway, maybe you think you can make some moeny from RMAH so you want to farm a lot and make quick buck, to this I have an quote from my monk when I do something wrong: "Rethink your intent"FallenTree6 Jun 22, 2012
Jun 22, 2012 Where did all the gold spammers go? I IMPLORE Blizzard to IGNORE complaints of having to wait a few hours to enable a full account. The most amazing thing has happened: Spamming is nearly nonexistent. No genchat flooding. No whispers. ONE friend request since the patch. NO people joining my game, bumping up the difficulty and flooding partychat with more spam. Whatever was done has worked gloriously. Future customers will thank you for enacting a positively valid anti-spam/ANTI-FRAUD policy, and if they don't, I can assure them that this will probably be one of the LEAST offensive things you force on them in your handling of this "Diablo 3 Service" regardless. KTHXBip0 Jun 22, 2012