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Jun 20, 2012 Rakanoth bug? So, I get to him, and the first attempt i get him to about 40% before he gets me and kills me. Every attempt (like 8 in a row now) right when the fight starts he charges me and one shots me, even with Force armor up. Wtf? I literally have NO time to move.Autoriot2 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 So many hater here. I think the Patch is GOOD I can't believe how many haters are here, wasting their time whining all day long on this forum, yet, they hate it. They hate it so much, they would spend their days hating this game, yet, they do no leave. They hate it so much, every news are so bad to them, yet, they keep playing. What is wrong with you people? This patch is a huge improvement. Many of us who were frustrated in inferno, will more then likely be able to enjoy it now. Lots of things were improved. If I had to guess, those who are mad just got their chessy way of playing reduced. In that case, I am glad it happened. Whatever Blizzard do, those people will always be mad. The question is, why are they wasting their time here if they don't like the game? Answer? They do like the game. In fact, those raging over the forum are probably those playing the most. They are just power-gamer (most of them probably over-playing thus reducing their ability to stay calm.) who whishes to be the strongest the fastest way possible. Or what else? Farm real money, or frustrated how underpowered their class is in comparaison to an overpowered class. Well guess what, Diablo2 used to be very broken too when it started. (I'd even say classes are still broken in Diablo2 right now. It balances out when people get better gears. If you play level 1 on ladder, 89% of the population are sorceress.. that seems like all classes are balanced right? Others get balanced when you get the right items, of course, but then, that's not a total balance. And we could say the same for Diablo3, classes will be balanced later? with items? patch?) It seems im drifting away now tho. The point is, I can't believe how many haters are flowding this forum, yet they do not leave. In the end, they just know this game is nice, but are frustrated people whatever happens. P.S. I like this Patch! And.. don't give up hope on this game based on this forum. Most of the people are okay with this game, but most of them are too busy enjoying it rather than raging here on the forum. TLDR: Just read it. EDIT: I would add that when a game is nerfing an overpowerd class (DH's most overused spell), of course all the so-used-to-be-OP-class is frustrated. And I'd probably guess that most people here that will desagree with my are DH, farmer, or power-gamer already farming inferno and doesn't want other people to catch up.Everliving77 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 I like the patch. Dying now actually punish you abit more, and it sucks gold out of the economy which is good to keep the inflation abit down. IAS has been nerfed, which is also good as it shouldnt be as dominant of a stat that it is now. People dont like to hear it but it was OP. Furthermore if they had'nt changed the old items also, you would have ridiculous OP items like in D2(old arkaines valor anyone??) Mobs hits for less so now it actually makes even more sense to gather some all resist and vit gear, instead of going the glasscanon build, where everything that looks at you oneshots you. And if people complain about dying too much, every inferno act can now drop the highest lvl items.(Only change i dont really like) Small things like AH searches has been improved also, with more searchoptions and it is ordered better now... allthough i still want me a fouth searchbox. All in all it seems like a good patch. I dont know how melee classes is doing with the repaircost, but if it is too high blizzard can just lower the rate in which your gear looses durability during fights.Ackbarspiff0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Make it so ranged elites run more *sarcasm* that is all...Vhigdo2 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Food for thought as I am walking away This game is pure crap,I got my 60$ worth and am not emotionnally attached like the droves here with instability issues trying to fill the void of their existence with an online game... Where people should show reason is this : If you're going to leave,no point in threats and all the childish bull!@#$ everywhere,just go. I bought this game to have fun and because I greatly enjoyed D1 and 2.Now that there is only aggravation left and after outfitting the one character I play with gear worth in excess of 6 million gold and still not being able to get through inferno act II.Yeah,I know I must really suck and should play my little pony online but whatever... I've been a gamer all my life,So i kind of have a clue how these things work.Blizzard is doing the good ole bait and switch and it's not sitting well with me.Like I said,I played this game for fun,not to see the same bull%^-* I see at work or in the government. Once all of you realize the repairs went up only so you buy gold of the RMAH,you should follow me unless you just don't care.It's really shoddy and borderline illegal. The weapon I bought 2 weeks ago lost 20% of it's damage and 100% of it's value,I know we're all in the same boat but it doesn't make it right.Best of luck to those that will tough it out,I'm giving my account and copy to my brother so he too,can get a couple weeks worth of fun out of it.if that.CombatWorm1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Blue response pls: why did you kill pony lvl? What is the reason you decided to nerf clouds??? Theres no point in even doing pony level now... Theres only 4 packs of elites.. without the clouds no one would prefer doing pony lvl over act 3 farming.... Cow level was fun to farm in diablo 2 cuz the map was big, lots of cows to kill, and lots of chests to open! it was FUN , F - U - N. The exact opposite of current Pony level: Small narrow paths with few mobs to kill, and no chests at all.. I dont know why you decided to make pony level this boring. You might want to rethink the purpose of it.. At diablo 2 it was one of the main ways to farm gear. Now its just a waste of timeHunger23 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 dear diablo 3 team have fun at the next blizz concdann5827 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Core of this game is perfect! No seriously. I am dead serious about the title of this topic. The core of Diablo 3 is gameplay, and how it does it's gameplay is perfection within itself. Skill and class balancing aside. If I had to make a hack and slash RPG of any kind, I would want to rip out the fluidity and smooth combat gameplay of this game and put it in my game. That is just how good the core of this game is. Why do I say this? How can I say this amidst all these complaints? It's quite simple. Name a legitimate complaint about the core gameplay. Who has complained about core gameplay? We've complained about enemy balancing. Itemization. End Game. Repair Bills. Death being to easy on the player. Death being too hard on the player. Class balancing. Not enough like Diablo 2. Act's feeling rushed or bad. Story. All sorts of complaints about aspects of the game, but not the core of the game itself, it's pure gameplay. Yes some of the other things can make someone want to quit. Never play again, hate Blizzard for a life time even. But the core, it's gameplay. How it plays so smoothly and fluidly. Is in fact perfection. The core of this game is an example of what a game should be at it's base, and then have things added on top of it. Can things improve in this game? Of course they can. Diablo 2, to this DAY still receives regular updates to improve the game that some consider perfect. Would I do things differently from Blizzard for some of their decisions? You are damn right I would. In fact I am 100% certain my game would in fact be better with the same team and a similar budget. But I would not be able to top the core of their game. The gameplay, how they handle the gameplay, the fluidity of their gameplay. The placement of the keys used to perform the actions of said gameplay. Combat with your skills, and the overall killing of enemies is way to good. Fluid combat like this is something we need in the hack and slash genre. This gameplay should be mimicked in the future for this genre. That said. I have faith in Blizzard with this game. They made a game I have put 150 hours into in one month. That's an average of almost 5 hours of gameplay a day working a full time job. They will make this game better, and make overall the right moves for this game. They did it for Diablo 2, and while I gave up WoW years ago, I believe they have done it for WoW as well. (Still won't change the playerbase but still) This games core is perfect and the complaints lie outside the core. Blizzard can and will improve upon it. Just give it some time. You can still pick up the game and play it and go for the loot hunt you crave. Because the core is just that solid.Doomfury10 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 PvP options What are some PvP options you guys/gals would like to see in Diablo 3? A few ideas: Capture the flag Classic PvP. King of the Hill Again classic PvP. Survivor Interesting to see how certain classes can survive. Team Deathmatch Group up with 4 teammates and let the craziness begin. Time trials / Gauntlets Kill mobs, solve puzzles, avoid environmental death traps. Fastest time wins. Would be awesome to have a split screen in this mode to see what your opponent is doing. ****this could lead to costume maps!!**** Crazy replayability here Co-op puzzle solver 2 v 2 dungeon puzzle solving, kind of like Portal 2 co-op. Could include switches, gates, levers, finding keys... for example you can set boobytraps in your opponents dungeon to hinder their process or the first to kill a specific unique spawn gets a key to by pass a puzzle. Right now this game lacks replayability, unlike Little Big Planet and WC2. Both had Unlimited replayability and some of the user created levels were better than the levels in the original game. If you played either of them, you know what this game lacks. What other ideas do you guys have?MEGAMAN0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Act 2 Champs and Rares Is it just me or does it seem like you run into one every 20 seconds...(Inferno)Affekt3 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Wizard - Energy Armor - Force Armor Rune Dear Blizzard, It has come to my attention that the description of the "Force Armor" rune modification to Energy Armor for the Wizard class is erroneous, reading "While Energy Armor is active, incoming attacks have their damage limited to a percentage of your maximum life." I would like to request that this mistake be corrected with the upcoming patch to similarly read, "While Energy Armor is active, incoming attacks inflict the same amount of damage as they would if no rune were selected." This would provide a much more accurate description, and moreover, avoid confusion and/or frustration of the player, making the game a much more enjoyable experience for the consumer. I know that you all at Blizzard take the time and effort to listen to your product users and for that I would just like to thank you on behalf of all your customers-- all of whom are fully satisfied with this great product. We all know how much Blizzard cares about its targeted consumer base! So once again, thank you Blizzard! Sincerely, No one...ThePartisan2 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 2142 public games right now usually was 16k+ Insane, looks like no one like the patch and stop playing...Drakehash31 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Well, guess I'll go grind so gold for repairs So I can play with my friends tonight.Guiltysavior1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 My first legendary story I got my first orange drop over the weekend...I was excited. I ID'd my new legendary and it was as inhumanly balls as you could possibly imagine, with every affix you would never want (+health globe, gold pickup radius, etc...). I cursed, but the curse came out sounding like, "Jay Wilson...I Jay Wilson this Wilsoning game." It's a true story.DeadMeat8 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Repair costs and why you should not play Due to hacking, duping and poor game design the amount of overall gold in the game is too high. The repair cost "bug" (I put it in quotes because it will be corrected in a couple of weeks) is solely designed to reduce the amount of gold in Diablo3. It's just a simple way to take money out of the economy and you can avoid this by simply not playing and burning through your bank. Or leveling another toon or something, only fools will be caught wasting their gold.iamheavymeta1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 What are you DOING Blizzard? Holy moses, what is going on at the Blizzard factory? You threw together a half-assed game, mediocre in every respect, and you COULDN'T WAIT to get your money auction house out. YOU DIDN'T EVEN FINISH THE PVP stating "it's not good enough for the release". But that broken Auction house was so important! And the broken network was fine, apparently. And the broken class balance and everything else. JUST FINE. My boggled is mindMaXiu0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 question what do i do when i've spent almost 100 hours on my level 60 character, but now all my items are red and i can't afford to repair. do i just have to start all over again? or what?Daltard1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 I am kormac. GLORIOUS Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Auto delete recent players please Not sure if anyone else is annoyed by this or even care but i personally would really really really like there to be a freaking delete option or some kind of auto delete after a set time (like 24 hours or something) on the people that shows up in your recent players listing. If you wanna add someone you been in a public game with then do so right away or after you finish playing, why are we stuck having to see these players in our list all the time? Blocking them is fine but its not cool to have complete strangers and/or people you had a bad experince with being able to look at your profile or see when your online. Fix this blizz PLEASENeoRagnarok13 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Diablo 3 is a fantastic game!!! I know the server issues are really bad but this game is VERY addicting. Collecting loot and slaughtering demons and creatures is just too much fun! Every time I go on a forum I see people complaining. Of course this game wasn't going to meet our expectations it took more than TEN years! Blizzard just keep patching this game and most likely more players will come back and accept the fact that it's online only. Another thing people are complaining about is the real money auction house, well if you don't like it don't use it! This game has every thing Diablo 2 fans enjoy... LOOT,CO-OP,LEVEL-UPS!!!BaconBIT41 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Why do weapon racks with no weapons... look like they have weapons in them? And who goes out of their way to search an empty weapon rack?notlogic10 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Color Blind I'm going there. Please add the option to change item colors. Can't distinguish between Yellow & White. ThanksZzarkZul12 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Gathering comments for the ease of Blizzard This thread is for combining people's comments/complains for the ease of blizzard so they don't need time to read through all threads on comments and HOPE they will read and listen to us! Personally I have 8 comments/complains to D3/Blizzard: 1) Debuffing + patching items, skills, etc... I haven't yet been to the top level yet but a lot of my friends playing have complained about this already, that whenever they build a hero they are proud of, the next patch just debuff it, no matter its the skills, or its the items; this really depress us from playing... Okay, u may say its because the game has only started recently, but is that really the excuse?? after what you called 10 years of works?! after all those trials before you release D3? after your experience with D2? The only thing I think can explain this is lack of management of blizzard. guess blizzard is more interested in debufffing players then fixing the real problems of the game. 2) Chinese version player playing US server I myself is a Chinese, which because of lack of availability of the english version during release date, I decided to buy the chinese language version of D3, however, a REALLY big disappointment that every week, there were two days, yes, two days, you can't login to US server, first day it says system update needed, ok fine, but then, the next day you will get: because chinese version is on patch xxxxxxx but US version is now on patch yyyyyyyy that means you need to wait until the US version patch to xxxxxxx before you can play on US server again, this just comes week after week, and all you get from blizzard is sorry for any inconvenience caused... again week after week... why can't you patch it on the same day??? and worse is blizzard just copy and paste the excuse every time... without any improvement on this issue?? This again, I personally think its a management problem... you may ask: why don't you just play on Chinese server? Yes the answer is simple, its my next point. 3) Server speed Most people playing D3 now must have played D2 before (I am pretty sure). 10 years... me myself, from a junior to a working class already, as a result, most people will be playing during off-work hours (19:00-00:00 I would say?) between these hours, you can't really login to chinese server, at the start i tried, using 30 mins to login, after 10 mins of play, it auto logout itself! so without choice, we jump to other servers, so whats it like playing in US server during china's off-work time? yes, no auto logout, but the game speed... always red... do remember most player stay in chinese server, some went europe server already... so again, with the high expectation of D3, along with D2 experiences you got, and the pre-order you have before release, this shouldnt even be called a problem to fix, this should not happen anyway before the game release! 4) Can only get good items by real cash A lot of people complaining this already, i guess if blizzard is really reading our view, they would have put this issue on table already. we all know it is a trend that games make money via selling great items by real cash, but come on! we all paid for the disc already! nowadays, theres 3 ways for game producer to make money: first is have people buy the game in one go, so you charge players a lot for a disc, second way is charge them via items; like league of legend for example, third, is to charge players via gamepoint, what blizzard doing now is charging players all three ways! yes, blizzard spend 10 years creating this game, u may say they still need to earn back those money spent...but after playing for a month, is it really a product of 10 years? so what makes it a 10 year product? again.. m..a....n....a...g...e....m...e...n...t.................... 5) Restriction to player comparing to D2 the attractive things in D2 is you can have a lot of freedom, you can stuck mephisto in its own palace and shoot cold arrows to kill it, you can teleport with soccerer until you stuck in punch of creeps then die, you can run into tp to escape, press save and exit before creeps kills you; these are the fun part of DIABLO! now what? teleport needs cooldown?!?! need to wait the bread of your monk grows 1 inch longer before you can tp back town? oo and one more thing, item price in the game! selling items in game can earn u... 5 dollars for normal items... yea... this is not just management problem.. but the whole concept is just wrong.. why don't you keep it these cool stuffs... I understand blizzard wants to build a ever flawless game, but cutting players benefit is not really the only option.. and not to mention the magic finds percentage.... I played quite a long time and yes I do have a lot of rare items, but I haven't yet have a unique yet... is this a bug or something? also amount of skills you can use, in D2 you have F1-F12, now u got 6 skills only.. for paladin for instance, no running speed? use vigor, poisoned? use cleanse! this is the agility of the game which makes it fun! now? just not the same anymore... 6) Number of skills combo compare to D2 another fun thing about D2 is that you can build your skill points and your stat point by yourself; now.. same lvl monk is totally the same, why don't blizzard just keep these good stuffs? now is more like: lvl60 monk vs lvl60 monk, item better wins, o wait, today your item maybe better, thats why you win, but tomorow they will get debuffed, so my items wins this time! what kind of theory is that... not to say after 10 years creating this game, you can't release PVP straight away.. this is a bad decision from blizzard again... before i will build one fire soccerer, one cold soccerer and one lightning soccerer, now, i just build one! I guess no one is as stupid as starting another same character he/she already have one lvl60 of... 7) Length of game from 5 acts from D2-LOD, now 4 acts, was D3 suppose to be a improvement? I am expecting more like: 6 acts, ok at least 5, but not back to 4... and that blizzard just increased one more difficulty (Inferno), thats just perfunctoriness!!!!!!! I actually saw a picture before posted up by the korean, a picture with a dead D3 diablo, with two sentence like : 10 years of creation, 6 hours to complete... ok I guess its just normal difficulties, but still... we are talking about 10 years here! 10 years of people around the world praying for this game... 8) 10 years, repeatingly delay of release date Coming back to the worst problem, repeatingly delay on release date during these 10 years... wonder if you have a homework you delay it 10 years before you hand it into your teacher... maybe u need to give your teacher a bunch of flower along with the homework already... blizzard is lucky here because of the legacy from D2, now.. all ruined... again and again, this is a management problem... a worse then ever company won't allow their project to delay 10 years i guess??? you can build a thousands of nuclear missiles in 10 years! Thats all at the moment, I must be fair to say thanks blizzard for the graphic thats good, but not eating my graphic card; which is really a good job, but I guess the lack of storyline and the gameplay itself is the problem? which i think these two things are what attracts players the most!Ricister4 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Gear my Barb of my DH? Ive accumulated a lil over 15 mil and was just wondering what you guys would do. I enjoy playing both equally so its not a matter of which one I like more, but which class is better...(if one is indeed better).BruhItsChill0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Why didn't DH quiver IAS get nerfed?! I mean wasn't that the purpose of the IAS nerf to make sure DH couldn't fire at rediculous rates i know melee was in no threat of being rediculous and what about the poor WD and WizardJohnnyspice14 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 How I feel about the attack speed nerf Let's say you bought a new computer in real life that promised you so and so specifications. One week after the company says that they feel that the part they provided you with was way more valued than what it was originally sold for. Then they come over and remove that part and replace it with a downgraded version. Yeah, sounds stupid and not likely to ever happen in real life, since stuff like this could get sued for. Too bad it did, because this stupid, unlikely, made-up scenario happened in the world of Diablo 3. Let me give you an example. Let's say a person in Diablo 3 used the real money auction house to purchase some new gear for their character and those items had attack speed in them, unaware of the upcoming attack speed nerfs. After spending their cash, they wake up one day and are welcomed with items that have been nerfed. Imagine their fury. If those items after being nerfed were still in the real money auction house, they would have NEVER bought those items. It all seems so scandalous. People WILL get robbed because of this patch. Not everyone lurks the website and are aware of the nerfs. Most of us just hop on the game and do just that, play the game, for what it is. I wouldn't be surprised if Blizzard will have to deal with lawsuits after the patch, even though I know they can't get sued for this. I myself am only a minor victim of this nerf. I spent approximately 9 million total on attack speed items, before the nerf was announced. True, I was frustrated when I found out, but it's in-game gold. I got over it. My main frustration comes from my friends who are major victims of this nerf. We all found out about the nerf only a couple days ago, and most of my friends who have spent real money on their attack speed gear have already called it quits. More and more of my friends were already leaving the game, but the attack speed nerf dropped the most of them. We started off as a bunch of buddies playing this game during our free time aside from school. It was the 14 of us. Now there are only 4 left, including me, who are still in after only 1 month of playing this game. Some of them stopped because of the server frustration/buggy gameplay. Some quit because they, like a lot of people, beat the game on Inferno within 1 week and found the idea of farming or rerolling new characters 24/7 unappealing. Now most recently, the most of them put this game away because of the nerf, because they feel robbed. I feel sympathetic for them and this is why I'm angry. Why are we being punished playing a game we bought to enjoy?Koto12 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Confusing Patch. Fun gameplay not a priority? I am confused by the recent patch. All of my friends, and most of the complaints I've read online, list the late game mechanics being the number one problem with the game. Inferno is rarely difficult, but instead cheap. I thought that fixing this would be a priority in the patch but it doesn't seem to be. The patch made things worse. I have played this game as a glass cannon wizard, demon hunter, and monk, and also played melee tank wizard and even beaten the entire game including diablo with a melee tank demon hunter and most things in between, having a couple hundred k in gear to over 100m. The problem has always been that so many things are just dumb and cheap, regardless of being over or under-geared. I haven't stacked IAS with legendary gear and could always survive a few hits even on the ranged classes, though I have had at least -15% on 3 items at a time. This was not for ridiculous damage output, but simply to help avoid cheapness. The same reasoning went with having +25% movement speed. The servers are poor and spike between 70 and 300 latency on a good day, and when you reach act III and IV there are lots of broken mechanics that just get worse when combined with inconsistent server performance. I have no problems with other games with 50/10 internet. Examples: Mortar + Knockback: Frequently taking a single hit, be it melee or ranged, will do the usual knockback, except as soon as you get hit, the server tells the other NPC's where you are going to land, and they instantly launch a volley of mortars that land at the exact same time your body does. Even post patch damage nerf, a 45k health character with enchantress armor buff, resist gear, shield, and armor bonuses will still die due to the sheer amount of mortars that hit you at the same time. This was made much worse by increasing mortar range because more NPC are likely to instalaunch a killing salvo from off your map the moment you're airborne. This problem is made much worse when adding other affixes such as teleport, fast, horde, illusionist, electrified or just being a natural ranged NPC like a spear thrower or soul lasher because with the IAS nerf, any time you actually stop to use a power, that attack/cast takes so long to use that any number of NPC can teleport/charge from off screen and hit you and once the first hit triggers the chain reaction, nothing will help you. A minimum amount of IAS allowed you to attack/cast and continue to maneuver without getting instant charged by angels/oppressors/pony/teleport npc if you knew what you were doing and had the correct angular velocity relative to the instant ranged attack NPC. Post patch I've had a terror beast spawn and hit me, tele out of range to an area I'd cleared previously to have a new oppressor land and instantly teleport charge stun when he was standing straight up with his back turned to me when there was a column between us and instantly die to the mortars launched a couple screens away to where my new teleport was selected. I'd chalk it up to being really unlucky, except scenarios like this are quite common when Act 4 is full of naturally fast, teleporting, leaping, mortaring NPC, and that's not even with an affix like infinite teleport fast molten fire chain. I just walked carefully in the Keep Depths, turned a corner after putting a hydra around it to see if there was anything there if it shot or not, and an offscreen champ threw mortars behind me. I barely inched forward out of the way to be instantly vortexed into a map fire pool that instakilled me with 49k hp, 69% DR, 600 resists. On respawn the same NPC vortexed, I tele'd, and it created a wall inside my body, making it impossible to move or teleport while the 4th or 5th mortar shot to the face finished me off. These things are *common* in your game, and now it's kick in the balls expensive as hell to repair, even if I have millions. Most of your game is NOT open world, especially in the endless hallways and bridges of Act 3 and 4, so while you say a ranged class should just skip something dumb like naturally fast leaping immune fire chain mortar vortex, that "skipping" involves frantically zig zagging along a straight path then putting them in a tiny cubbyhole WHERE YOU DIE and are then expected to pay increased repair costs, punishing you for dieing because something dumb spawned in a bad location. My friends who don't have many millions just flat out quit the game expected to pay money to repair for Blizzard's mistakes. Post-patch - NPC have reduced damage, but the same attack speed. Players have reduced damage, reduced sustainable tanking, and most importantly, reduced maneuverability because actually *doing something* with very low attack speed makes them sitting ducks vs dumb, cheap mechanics so you end up taking a lot more hits than you ever did before, negating the fact that they hit for less. TL;DR The patch has made the game cheaper, not more fun. Who cares about drop rates when the majority of the actual gameplay to get anything is either stupidly easy or cheap and dependent on random spawns and random server quality. I can still beat the game on in ferno, but it is just dumb. The mechanics to avoid poorly designed mechanics are just as dumb and not fun at all. MAKING THE GAME FUN SHOULD BE A PRIORITY. Probably the most disturbing thing about this patch for my friends and me is that you chose to nerf IAS by 50%. Not that you nerfed it, but that it was 50%. None of us would keep our jobs if our boss asked us to tune something and we even chose 50% as a starting point because it shows a total lack of understanding what we did in the first place and wouldn't be qualified to make good decisions in the future, much less throwing out 50% and then actually using that as a final number. We wouldn't even have graduated from college if we tried justifying 50% to our professors in college along with other nice, round, 6th grader numbers, so we don't have much faith in the company making the game better in the future and others have quit playing and their friends aren't buying the game to join us.BrownMan23 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 For Anyone Unsatisfied With Blizzard... I have found that there have been many complaints submitted to the Better Business Bureau about this companies practices. If you are wanting to issue a complaint where you will be taken seriously and be heard then head to this site. You can review their score as well as the numerous complaints lodged against them and also submit your own complaint. Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Rather Remake then Play the Game (Inferno) Anyone else see this happening now? With the insanely increased repair costs most people will quit an entire game no matter how far the progress rather then go up against half the elites that spawn? I've been in 100 games since 1.0.3 released and watched hundreds and hundreds of people just go 'Screw this, I don't have the money'. Even in Act 1 if people come across something that they die 2-3 times to they simply quit. We've gone from hitting a brick wall in Act 2 to hitting a brick wall everywhere.Xylo3 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Random reduction in DPS Nothing special to report other than the fact i randomly lost 3k worth of damage off of my monks overall DPS! no idea what caused this reduction nor do i think theres any soltuions, with that being said i hope blizzard gets it's !@#$ together cause ive been waiting to long for this game to come out only for it to disaapoint.Doozy050 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Cant even afford repair costs CANT EVEN AFFORD REPAIR COSTS - %&*# THIS $&* I'm in inferno and trying to progress as a wizard and that means dying often... How the flying .... are we supposed to be able to afford repair costs if it's not possible to make 30k gold in the same time it takes us to die 5 times............................................... As it is, I can afford ONE more repair cost and then that's it, i'm outta gold....... WTF............... I refuse to buy gold and I've had to go back to Act 1 (when I'm trying to progress through act 4) and I still die there to elites in 3 hits.......... Once I run outta gold, I can't afford repairs and that's it.... I can't go back to hell to try and farm gold just to pay for repair costs... takes ages to make 30k gold unless u get good drops...Lilililili1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 When you die, you lose 20% of durability And decrease the current repair cost by half; that way those people who die alot will still be punished since they lose 20% of durability on all items and those who does not die will only pay to repair the lost durability from taking dmg. While we are at it, make some elite packs of monsters drop repair scroll that can repair single item or something. And lower the durability loss when you take hits of when you attack.guagua11710 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Still Struggling? Guide Reviews Yes, this may be a repost but for any of you that are still struggling have a look at the guides I have reviewed. Really helped me out and now I have a monk sitting in Inferno Act 3 and a DH almost there as well that only hit 60 yesterday :). Enjoy.BevOh1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Is it just me or...? Prior to 1.0.3: "F*ck it, Barbarians are crap. Not playin' till they are buffed". After 1.0.3: "Blizz, like... Seriously, nerf Barbarians, they are too OP". Is it just me... or, does this seem to be the concept behind every redundant post thus far?Variant0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 going away post and a msg to Barbs Well, its that time ladies and gents (and fanboys/trolls that are going to tell me im not quitting the game or QQ more etc.) With deep regret and dissappointment im leaving diablo 3 behind, most likely for good. A little background, YES i was a Demon Hunter and YES im mad about the nerfs etc, but im more dissappointed in the Melee classes and the fact that they are 99.9999999999% of the reason the only class i played and enjoyed is now the laughing stock of diablo. ill start it off with this: To all of you barbarians who cried and moaned about how op wizards and demon hunters are because we could clear act 3/4 before you, whose having the most success in inferno now? YOU are, and you can thank us for being able to farm the items to supply you to do it. Before you try to argue it, yes i know we "shouldnt" be the ones supplying your gear. Take that one up with blizzards fail looting system, but i want you to take EVERY single item off thats not ilvl61 or lower and try and clear the acts again. You needed us for the gear, and we needed you to tank the bosses we couldnt burst down. it was a circle and im equally dissappointed in you AND blizzard for not realizing that melee class was fine all along, they just needed more gear to absolutely massacre the acts. Thanks to you QQ'ing so hard in the first month, my fun is done and over with, and yours is just beginning. Thank you and you're welcome. Just remember though, !@#$ runs downhill, and its only going to be a matter of time before you get un-justly nerfed. its a vicious cycle friends. Now, onwards to the blizzard half of things. YOU HAD 10 YEARS. 10. YEARS. and you put something like this out as a "finished" Product. Im not going to lie, it was the most fun ive ever had in a $60 beta test, but ultimately you guys are the reason this game is sinking fast. (For the fanboys, the game is rapidly dying or is dead and theres no denying that fact in any way,shape, and/or form.) i remember diablo 1 and 2 like they were just yesterday. i remember how Atrocious the launch and first half of diablo 2 was when it was first released. I remember quitting that game for quite a while after that. I remember a different blizzard at that time though, a blizzard that actually cared about the quality of their products. A company whose greatest desire was to provide games and content that we could enjoy for hours and hours and hours on end, and you did just that with diablo 1, but more importantly diablo 2. I STILL log on to my diablo 2 account and i play that game to this day. (actually just logged on to my necromancer) It really destroys me inside to hear Diablo 3, referred to "the joke" or the "Failure" of blizzard, especially with the reputation your company held for so long. I really really tried to give this game and your company the benefit of the doubt and hold out for future patches/expansions, i really did. I WANTED this game to succeed. I wanted to spend 100's of hours hunting for that perfect "unique" i truely did. I know i shouldnt have expected it to be 100% like diablo2 and i respect that completely, but i most certainly did not expect it to be like an mmo. Its not WoW, its a completely different beast, but youve butchered the game and the franchise with it. Diablo 3 has soiled the legacy of previous Diablo installments, and its sad to have to say that. Now that ive gotten a little bit of my feelings on the matter off my chest, ill put an end to this post. Goodbye my diablo brothers (and sisters), thank you for all the hours spent in Baal runs or trade games, thank you for the countless memories i still joke about today with my closest friends. the community will be sorely missed, and though i will not be, i wish all of you well (even the trolls and fanboys) One last special thank you to blizzard, for giving me years of enjoyment with diablo 1 and 2. Thank you for starcraft, and vanilla WoW and BC. i really hope you guys learn from the flop and come roaring back. Goodbye all and goodluckAnya11 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 FINALLY the Game is Being Played as Intended Now, it is in our best interest to stay in the same game and play out the whole act! No longer do we need to concern ourselves with what is most efficient. Diablo isn't about feeling powerful! It's about being strong for a few weeks then rerolling after patches! The devs worked so hard on the game, its only natural that we play the way they want us too! Because God forbid, that the players (the customers) get to play the way that they want to. No, that's absurd! We have to play the way the devs want us to! Sarcasm* On the real.... what's going on? exactly what base was this patch attempting to cater to? And for those of you who are saying "OH YEAH, HOW YOU LIKE THAT DH? Get to our level sON!.... or YEAH YEAH BARbS RULE NOW!" wtf? this is an noncompetitive game. That kind of stuff would only matter in a game like SC2. If you have a reason you don't like this patch, please share it. If you have a reason you do like it... please, enlighten me as to why.chrisevo0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Genuine Question - What am I doing wrong? I'm a 60 DH. It takes me about an hour with gold find gear to farm about 75k. I've been able to get a halfway ok set of armor (31k life, 28k dps) off the auction house after about a week of farming gold. I'm not sure what gear i"m supposed to get that wouldn't sacrifice life or damage. Regardless, I'm 1 hit kill on Act 2. Before the patch I was never able to do much to anything in Act 3, but I was still useful enough to body hop. Now I'm paying 8k per death. I just tried a few games of Act 2 and sure enough, I die just as much. i'm still 1 hit kill. I managed to burn through 50k in repairs in 10 minutes. And that was after making NO progress. So what am I doing wrong? What gear should I optimize for? I guess I shouldn't bother with dps? I'm looking for real answers. The game is not playable to me in the current fashion. I can't spend hours a day to make 15 minute attempts at Act 2. What should I be doing differently? I want to play, but it really seems like I'm doing something wrong.steppencat8 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Repair cost is too high for the casuals ... Agreed. That being said though, return the repair costs to pre 1.0.3. That was a manageable cost. Most of us cannot afford farming for days just to cover repair costs in a game that murders you and revolves around gold transactions. Every other change made i can either deal with or completely agree with (which is most). I've seen a lot of chatter on this and it seems to be in disfavor.SuperStretch0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Repair costs suck because of class imbalance I mean, it takes a DH with a survivability build to die in 2-3 shots in inferno. How is it fair to punish this player for choosing a fragile class, compared to a tankier class which has inherent more survivaiblity as part of the playstyle. It doesnt make sense to penalize players like this, the standard costs are enough as it is for these classes. ~~~~ Why not implement a buff which encourages/assists players to go kill lower level mobs? Or Why not add a debuff for players who death zerg themselves? Something else can be done I am sure.Jatacid32 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Izual bugged? Izual Frozen Bombs Frozen Bomb damage has been reduced Bombs will now explode faster Only 8 Bombs will now spawn around the player rather than 12 Bombs will spawn at Izual's feet less often Last night I was fininishing hell with my new character and came to Izual, I can confirm that the bombs do less damage, but they were spawning so frequently it was almost a permafreeze. One bomb would appear, freeze you and while you were frozen another one would freeze you. We were in a group, I used Spirit walk to get away but one of the other guys was stuck almost the whole time. I believe this happened because Izual was also frozen when the attack happened? Im not sure. Anyways, it was lol.urbanraptor1 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Blizzard please read Overnerfed everything Well its been fun Had a lot of fun now going up againt down-syndrome elites in act 4 Inferno I see no point to playing the game with really no chance at dieing i see no challenge. Would like to see another difficultly Inferno is now hell also casting in slow motion kind of sucks. Soon the economy with crash items will go for next to nothing will lose thousands of players. This was a great game up until the patch. Good luck everyone else not going to play a game just to sell stuff on real money ah. Only real challenge I had was selling a inferno diablo kill to someone since there ghost now lives in shadow realm since today's patch. Now have there ghost and my ghost to solo other then that what am i going to do.athela3 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 @Community They are subject to change anything in this game without a giving notice. You guys that bought excellent IAS items from the RMAH got scammed. Thats the end of that story. LOL. And its gonna happen again really soon. Majority of the people were looking forward to 1.0.3 blizzard enabled it and what a poor design it turned out too be. And they are already talking about 1.0.4? too me they are trying to move too fast too soon and need to actually have a nice conversation with there community other wise yes this game will die in the next 3 months. Not to mention anybody who exploited massive amounts of gold and very rare set items and legendary items, got away with making money and (not mentioning any names) basically quit the game. I told everybody i was looking forward to 1.0.3 and only 1 person told me what it really was gonna do. Nerf everything but make it more costly. We cannot let our Real money auction scam project go to waste. 12 years in the making.....and it was it worth it? Too you, yes you guys made out considerably well seeing as your other partner share is call of duty and world of warcraft. Now to come to a conclusion I have call of duty elite, and the new maps were a joke i cant begin to describe how much of a waste of money that was. Then i go to play diablo 3 and this game gets nerfed so bad its not even fun anymore. You removed the challenge in the wrong spot blizzard. In short, you guys are moving away from the quality work your used too doing. At a speed of.....well light speed. I just don't understand what the hype for this game was. Forcing us to play chapters that we wish not too play just to get a magic find stack too benefit players who can sit at there computer for 10+ hours a day just to grind through all the acts? That's not a joke. If you wanna find the best stuff, play for 10 hours a day grinding entire acts. I have a real job and im the only american that works there, and its owned by a hispanic family, how must they feel that i get paid more than there other employees because they are aliens? In other words its not !@#$ing right.Elwood0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Server instability complaint I hate to add to the whining, but... The server instability issues really suck for a game like this. I had 5 stacks of NV, just wiped out an elite pack, was about to pick up what looked like 2 high-level rares and 5 blues... then, the server crapped out on me before I could grab anything. REALLY annoying to lose all of your work because the server craps out...Rar2 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Repair cost+no MF on objects+no items in em=? I make 10k gold and spend 15k in a single run. Do you really want me to buy gold on RMAH that bad? Well, i won't.Helghast13 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 how do u quick equip the 2nd ring? how do u quick equip the second ring besides dragging the ring to the 2nd finger. right clicking another ring would just replace my left ring.Zennousha3 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 PETITION: BLIZZARD, RAISE REPAIR COSTS PLEASE 200k repairs or bust imo.Envious3 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 You just got Koticked.... ... or how patch 1.0.3 is born Activision CEO Kotick want more money, so you guys, farm faster.... Kotick in Blizzard headquarters month ago: Kotick: I hate this game, I hate fans of this $hit franchise, game sux, I need more money Developer N1: I'm not sure we can do anyhting in this matter, it's already hard t... Kotick: you are fired! Next? Jay Wilson do you agree with developer? Jay Wilson: No, no sir, I have some great ideas, we can rise repair costs by 10% and reduce gold drops by 10% Kotick: this is stupid!! Rise repair costs by 300% and allow gold drops only from elites [chuckles] JW: I'm not sure fans will b..... Kotick: WHAT!? WHAT?! JW: no nothing sir Kotick: ahh, and make enrage timers with instant kills on bosses so we can get the most out of repair costs JW: ok guys, you heard it, lets start to work on patch 1.0.3 Kotick: also start to sell more items and gold on AH JW: ok, ok, on my way boss If everything goes as planned and we take WoW business model as an example with it's 4 xpac we can see that D3 is very well crafted cash cow: . 60$ each xpac(x4) + 60$ original privides ~300$ from sold game licences 15% transaction fees + 15% transfer fee (PayPal) is nice, but ... 1$ per each bnet account transaction is the WINNER ! access to endless resources = make gold/items at will and sell on AH = complete control over AH prices = moar $$bucks$$. No wonder why auctions are anonymous... not be able to withdraw cash from account - Welcome to Internationl bank of Blizzard. All players are clients with long term deposits on their accounts. This money they can use for investments, obligations etc. to make more money obviously.Alien8 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 Blizz plz next patch add dye on legendary Pls change we can dyes on lengendary item,so fuking sick of andariel's visage lengendary helm. It make me nuts,so fuking ugly..........wzmike0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 D3 is a good game on its 'own' right.I think. if d2 was not released or if you didnt have any experince in playing it years ago, would you all say d3 is still a unpolished game? I think because d1- d2 was such a hit in raising the popularity of a new genre it blew everyones mind away. I think the players arent feeling the same satisfaction from playing d3 compared to the experince they had in d2; therefore, they are inclined to call the game unpolished and a 'failure'. Its similar towatching a scary movie when you were 8 and watching the sequel of it years later expecting the same kind of thrill. Sure d3 is not a perfect game but I think we should value the game for its own merits, rather then comparing it to the d2 era all the time.Lumbra0 Jun 20, 2012
Jun 20, 2012 BIG problem about the increased repair cost I agree when you look at the whole D3 world in aggregate, increasing repair cost is indeed reducing gold in circulation but the BIG problem is where they are drawing from. The increase in repair cost will only making poor guys pooer and the rich guys richer. Here is why. Say, between two level 60 guys, one is gold farmer (the "Farmer), one is a regular player (the "Regular). To be fair, the Farmer of course possess much much much more gold than Regular. The Regular is pushing through elites, bosses and most likely to have more deaths than the Farmer who runs a consistant, automatice process that generates lots of gold (dying is not good for gold farming isn't it?). Also Farmer will likely have better items due to the wealth they have and will be less likely to die. So, the Regular will have more repair cost and see their gold balance reduce much faster. Therefore you will see the Farmer having relatively more gold than the Regular over time. The longer this perssist, the bigger gap there will be. While at the same time, gold value is going up. So you see a multiply effect of Amount of Gold X Value of Gold = your wealth. So for the Regular, Amount of Gold is depleting like crazy, but for the farmer, both elements go up. Put it in a simple sentance for a "optimistic senario". If now Blizz come up with a brilliant idea of preventing gold farming. Assuming I am a Farmer and I sit on, say 1 billion gold currently. What I will do is log out, chill for a month and travel to Vegas, come back and see my gold worth twice or more with doing NOTHING. Absolutely NOTHING. Thanks Blizz. #86 a few seconds ago Edit Delete Reply QuoteJZshuter10 Jun 20, 2012