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4d Enter act question Is it possible to control what act your character enters when you create a game? I am frustrated by entering the same act, exiting the game over and over and eventually giving up and joining the act presented to me.McWalk4 4d
4d How to find people to play campaign with? I don't have any friends, but I want to play the campaign with at least one other person, starting at level one and working our way up without using paragon points. It's slightly more fun with two and it makes playing on higher difficulties possible. Just wondering if there's any way to set this up organically, i.e. if adventure mode didn't completely kill campaign mode. They're different experiences for sure and it's sad to see one of them go tbh.Kinimi1 4d
4d Bounty Bonus Order Query When I join public bounties, I always go into the bonus Act first. A couple of times when I have turned in the bounty it has only given 1 bag. How can this be possible when I have jumped into the bonus act? I don't jump Acts, except for when the current bonus act is completed. ***scratching my head***DarkWolf5 4d
5d Falcon Wings In Seasonal? Greetings! Been trying to farm these and wondering if they are available during seasonal or if I'm just wasting my time lol. Thanks!DrkNesFalls9 5d
5d A Trifle BS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't get me wrong I love this game and I'm really enjoying the anniversary events, BUT I only need Viletouch for Protector Of Tristram. This means I have to reach level 12 to try to get him. It seems the only one I keep getting is Lionskull ! This morning I ran a solo character on my brother's acct. WITH HIS PERMISSION as he doesn't have the patience to do these special events ( it's the same when we played WOW, I always did all the holiday events for his character ) Anyway I reached level 12 on his character and the first unique right at the beginning of the cave was ( you got it ) VILETOUCH ! Of course he doesn't care about getting all the extra achievements so from his viewpoint he's done. So I have to run all 12 levels just to try to get 1 more, it would be so much easier if they had placed waypoints on at least every 3-4 levels to make things easier.Raine5 5d
5d Screen Load Time Between Floors Has this changed since the new patch to become quicker? I've made some changes to my computer set up, at the same time as the patch went live, so not sure if its the changes I've made or changes that 2.4.3 has introduced. Has anyone else notice the load time to be much faster than before? CheersDarkWolf1 5d
5d The last three Days. Have to say accomplished a lot. The best of one of the last three days was when a Player in a Public game event made this Hilarious comment due to the fact we were getting bashed and could not recover it was perfect timing. Well we finished that GR and went are separate ways, but what I remember most was how those player's did not QUIT and stuck it out. Did not bail out and or leave others stranded. Noble. A lot has changed in PG Events !! As for the rest of the days only managed to kick off three PG events. One warranted for a big mistake, (Was not paying attention, going fast.) the other two BS due to the fact can not type that fast. Oh well gives whole new meaning to The GOOD the BAD and Sinfully the UGLY !!Xandore1 5d
5d I have never seen... So many fallen shamans and other ranged mobs in GRs before. It was so bad that I put on an eye of etlich to compensate. So many low progression ranged mobs all spread out not to mention the absolute lack of elites. I barely finished a 70 because there were only two, one of which was a juggernaut + shielding which is just a big ol skipperoo. Where are the outdoor tiles? We said we were tired of tunnels so you made everything a tunnel? I just do not understand how you can continuously mess up your own game. At this point I'm never like "ooooh density" and start murderizing; I'm just leaping through floor after floor skipping mobs that are worth nothing to eventually get the one elite on that floor.magicalfetus7 5d
5d Red Soul Shard major exploit Is a hotfix in the works? Will accounts abusing this be banned like the hellfire exploit?HcGaist35 5d
5d Great Rifts are annoying To celebrate 20 years of an amazing PC title, you choose to completely break Great Rifts. I have been waiting to see if I was cursed by RNG, but no, tunnel after tunnel after tunnel, after tunnel. Thin threads of sparsely populated monsters. Elites that are isolated from mobs, pylons that are isolated from mobs, a rare mob that offers a glimmer of hope only to dash it to pieces with more endless underpopulated tunnels. I'm not sure if you are sadistic, bitter, incompetent, or are trying to take more servers off line by running off players, but whatever the motivation, you ended up giving your player base a double kick in the balls on an event that should have celebrated the player base for putting food on your table and clothes on your backs for 20 years. Is it to hard to program GRs that are not all tunnels? Is the code so outdated that it bogs when there are 10+ monsters on the screen? Is the bill for servers outstripping the interest to keep them online? Are you just burned out and don't give a shizzle anymore? Whatever it is, be honest with your direction instead of hiding a GR tunnel turd in a shiny "optimization" package. Thanks to those that developed Diablo 1, Diablo 2, and some moments of Diablo 3. Shame on the current employees and managers for taking the franchise down a very unDiablo path.Raven6 5d
5d Set Dungeon Feedback Not including characters I've deleted, I have 1419 hours logged between my 10 characters. I like the game a lot, I have since beta. I like things that other people don't; I like the skill system. I like that interacting with the stat system was simplified over d2. I like the drop rate in the item hunt -- I spend about 40 hours per season to get the stash space and I'm participating in this season and 8, 7, and 6 as well. Each time I get to the set dungeon, the game turns from something I enjoy to something that is less than boring, it is frustrating. I dread each time I have to 1) complete it and more so 2) master it. I have each time, for the hammerdin I did it on my first go. It doesn't mean that it significantly detracted from my fun. I won't advocate taking it away, I imagine that there are a lot of people who enjoy it. Also, I don't think that they need to be removed from the season journey. My preference would be for each chapter you would only need to complete a subset of the tasks for that chapter (much like you only need to complete 2 conquests of many options to get the seasonal progress). And that the set dungeons were a viable choice for those who want to progress through the season and not a requirement. I play with a friend who has never received his stash tab because he loathes the set dungeons so much. I only dislike them enough to write a rare post on the forums.Avais1 5d
5d Mystic Reroll Bug? I can't seem to reroll +damage off of my weapons to something more useful, despite many other properties being listed as possible. Is this a bug, or do all weapons have to have some form of +damage?HellWagon9 5d
5d Curses! Conquest with Witch Doctor - How do you do it? Looking at the leaderboard for season 9 it appears a archyr firebat WD is ranked #1 for this conquest, followed by mostly Demon Hunters. I have that exact build of WD but I cannot figure out how to kill the guys fast enough because they spawn all over the screen away from my AoE. Anyone have any ideas to do this w/ a WD? Do specific chest spawn specifics monsters? Like those leaping dudes might just jump right into my firebat tornado. Not sure. Any help would be appreciated.Pio9 5d
5d Red soulstone Shard and The Quirk. This Shard is one amazing yet very quirky in nature. Glad that I was not wrong that something was amiss in this new item. Which was why it would Discharge every time you tried to Portal and when you where in Battle it stopped dead in your tracks and Build up its release, well by that time you could wind up Bashed. As those M seconds are sometimes vital for survival. The one thing though that made me laugh was the fact, One Day got bashed and while laying there waiting for the time to expire thinking dam got to get armor fix and portal to do so, yet have to get out of this predicament, the shard discharges and the boss is done. Save by the shard. OH well all new things need fine tuning sometimes.Xandore0 5d
5d Darkening of Tristram Unique Monsters I only could find Rotfeast the Hungry on Level 2. Is it random that only one unqiue monster spawns per level? I couldn't find Shadowbite on Level 2 after killing Rotfeast the Hungry.MastrSplintr0 5d
5d Red Soul Shard: How many and when? I got one RSS non-season, but haven’t been able to get another when using new fresh characters to run DoT. If I use a fresh season char, will that get me another one? Are RSS one per account period?Volquus1 5d
5d How to? [Game Language] vs [Sound Language] Hello everyone, I really enjoy the game in english, as of UI, tooltips and every single text out there... but having the sounds in spanish makes me remember the old diablo 2 days so I was wondering if there's any way to rename game folder or files to achieve this. What I want is the game sounds in spanish and the game itself (text, UI, etc) in english. Hope anyone can helpAvunaos0 5d
5d Any way to get a different starting bonus bounty? Sorry if I missed this somewhere, not a regular on the forums. I play solo (antisocial) and don't have a lot of time, so usually just 30 minutes to an hour now and then. So I get the bonus bounty rotates to a new act when you finish it- great. But how come every game I start is an act1 or 2 bonus? By every I mean every: 40+ games, to the point where I was just starting a game, checking the bonus act, and leaving the game. And to top it off, the five times I've done a bounty so far, the bonus act just bounces back to either one or two (whichever I wasn't just in). Is this just a ridiculous coincidence? Or something I'm missing? How can I get bonus bounties from 3-5 without sitting through 1 and 2 first?Gorf9 5d
5d 2H Scourge vs dual wield Aright so I've been running with a 70 barb setup I've kinda made up on my own based on what I like. I don't feel much of the abilities/passives I possess really matter with this question too much, so here goes. For a weapon, I've sported a Scourge since fresh 70 & it's basically done hella well. Here are the stats: -3597.7 dmg -1.15 attacks per second -1267-1582 poison dmg -10% dmg -1037 str -115% crit dmg -12,248 life per kill -44% chance when attacking to explode with demonic fury for 1800-2000% weapon damage as fire. Now, I'm trying to keep going up with my dmg & I'm definitely keeping that legendary effect for my weapon cube slot. My new subjects are an Ancient Bonesaber of Zumakalis & a Blade of the Warlord. Stats as follows: Bonesaber: -2307.9 dmg -1.47 attacks per second -1160-1420 arcane dmg -723 vitality -5.0% attack speed -8020 life per kill -2.0% chance to stun on hit -1 socket (currently a flawless imperial emerald, but will be leveled up as I continue to progress) Blade of the Warlord -2272.9 dmg -1.39 attacks per second -1169-1389 holy dmg -672 str -7.0% attack speed -115% critical dmg -Bash consumes up to 40 fury to deal up to 473% increased dmg (I use Frenzy, & I don't think I'd be thrilled about that drain on my fury due to the fact I use the Berserker Rage passive, so I guess my skills sort of do matter.) I have a few other equally as good 1hers I could swap in for the Warlord, but would I be better off keeping the 2h or using the dual wield setup? Also, dual wield equipped is 577k dmg & 2h is 653k.Kappa21211 5d
5d Inferno or T13/Grifts A honest question for those of you who, like me, have been here (at least on and off) since release, heck in my case since D1. Did you prefer the endgame in vanilla when it was the brick wall known as inferno or do you prefer the current Greater rift / Torment 13 rift grind as the endgame. and why? Personally I have to go with Inferno. It was released a little overtuned for the gear that was in release, especially the terribly designed legendarys of release, but if the game would of kept Inferno difficulty, added more items, sets, etc BALANCED around THAT difficulty, the game would be in a better place then it is currently. Diablo 2, the endgame was nothing more than playing at max difficultly loot HUNTING for items that would make the loot hunt easier. May it be acquiring MF gear for better drops, runes for runewords ( which were like a 6 piece set bonus in 1 item), Rare Elite Unique weapons ( seriously it took me over 10 years to see a Windforce Hydrabow drop, that is a loot hunt), charms, etc... The point being it was one difficulty to balance around, and to strive to become OP in. You could say ok, just call T-13 Inferno and call it a day, same thing right?!? Wrong... With the way Greaters works it isnt going to matter if you have T1-6 T1-10 T1-13 or even T1-1534310, because greaters will always be more efficient in there current state. At a certain point they become the fastest way of leveling paragon, quickest way to gear, the only source of leveling up legendary gems, the quickest source for shards for gambling, etc... All of that is in ADDITION to what we originally wanted from them in the first place, a way of testing our characters power.AXEINGAR5 5d
5d Darkening of Tristram event duration When does the Darkening of Tristram event end?Raikoho26 5d
5d Which classes in D3 works best in Darkening? Im a bit late to the show . To those who played diablo 1: Which classes in D3 works best in Darkening of Tristram to capture the old feel, at least on low levels? I found d3 barbarian wasnt too bad compared to d1 warrior. Maybe crusader will be good too. What about d1 rogue and sorcerer? Which class should i use in d3 to try and capture the old feel? -Kinetic4 5d
5d Having trouble joining TX bounties. Hey, for some reason like every other time I join a random TX bounties game it does three things: 1 It will take longer than usual to load and then not actually load. 2 Certain sounds will play while its 'loading'. 3 I'll then get disconnected (not all the way, just from the game I joined).Joltacks2 5d
5d Ingame post - white item?!?!?! Did anyone else get a white weapon via ingame mail? I just logged in and realized, that i have some post in there, but totally cleared everything before season start....=!=!=!??? I just don't understand anything these days.... some weird things happen.....Mortred1 5d
5d Multiplayer Limit Increased? I'm not sure if this has ever been brought up before, but are there any plans to increase the number of people playing in your party to more then 4? Like 8 or 10? I remember in Diablo 2 days you could have like 6 or 8 people in a party all playing at the same time. It made the LAN parties that much more enjoyable and the table talk that much more fun. I recently (Last Summer lol haven't been active in a while) went to a LAN party at a buddies house looking forward to playing with all 8 of us at the same time only to find the max at 4. It was a lot of fun having the two groups play the same quests at the same time and all the table talk about people being slow and what not was fun. It just was missing those days of yore with everyone enjoying the game at the same time in the same party. Thank you for reading my rant and hopefully there is some good information out there somewhere.Geekboy840 5d
5d Can we have autoloot and auto-id hotkey pretty please?! =D ...Bichopapao71 5d
5d I would pay to permanent the "darkening" Just that. I would pay you Blizzard for the ability to toggle on/off "darkening" mode where the game looks like it does in the anniversary event. I played through it yesterday, after starting back up playing D3 for the season, after playing the new ladder on D2 up until the new season started( level 92 barb sup), and with all of that said, the anniversary event makes D3 finally have the Gothic feel D3's predecessors had. It is very nice and a refreshing change of view and pace.AXEINGAR4 5d
5d Bring back Djinn Slayer! With 2 sockets! How glorious that would be!silencio2 5d
5d Please patch 1-2 weeks, not 1-2 days, before Season TL;DR: Most bugs are reported during PTR, but only fixed once they're showcased on live, usually in less than one week after the season has started. If one thing is for certain, it's game-breaking bugs. Literally every season has seen them - oftentimes multiple of them. What's interesting is how long it takes to fix those. I've just briefly looked through the hotfixes for the past two years and compiled this list (not complete in any way): S1 * Start of season: 08/29/14 * Critical bugs/exploits: Not enough monsters to complete a rift, RGs spawn after 15 minutes regardless of progress, Moratorium killing players despite cheath death skill * Days to fix (counting from season start): 7 S2 * Start: 02/13/15 * Critical bugs/exploits: Marked for Death (Grim Reaper) spreads Sever's on-kill effect. * Days to fix: 26 (this was labeled as the "last mid-season fix") S3 * Start: 04/10/15 * Critical bugs/exploits: Blood Thief's blood shards scaling up with GR in a multiplayer game * Days to fix: 6 S4 * Start: 08/28/15 * Critical bugs/exploits: Permanently gain passives from Hellfire Amulets * Days to fix: 25 S5 * Start: 01/15/16 * Critical bugs/exploits: Some players can't login, Black Hole and Taunt could make monsters unkillable * Days to fix: 5 S6 * Start: 04/29/16 * Critical bugs/exploits: Twisted Sword's cap doesn't work, Firebird's 6 piece bonus can be kept permanently under certain circumstances * Days to fix: (no fix during S6; Twisted Sword's bug was communicated at the end of S7 PTR, Firebird bug was declared "fair use" 25 days into the season) S7 * Start: 08/05/16 * Critical bugs/exploits: Firebird's bonus could be kept permanently after leaving a Brawl * Days to fix: 13 S8 * Start: 10/21/16 * Critical bugs/exploits: Season Journey can't be completed * Days to fix: 7 S9 * Start: 01/06/17 * Critical bugs/exploits: 64bit client lags the game, Red Soul Shard gem exploit * Days to fix: 3 (64bit client), 6 (Red Soul Shard gem) For more than half of those (5 out of 9 seasons), the fix came within one week. In 6 out of 9 within two weeks, and after four weeks every "exploit" was publicly known and either fixed or declared "fair use" (e.g., Firebird's bug in S6). It's important to notice that the overwhelming majority of those bugs was known during PTR. The Red Soul Shard exploit was reported multiple times weeks ago, via the PTR forums as well as over the "exploits and hacks" email. But it always takes a critical amount of players on live servers to exploit those bugs and showcase them, usually by gaining high leaderboard spots, before they get fixed. Therefore, please, for the love of Sanctuary, make patches hit a week or two before season starts. I've made a thread about issues with the PTR before, but I guess it was too long: - my bad. So I'll keep it shorter this time (still too long, I know, but there's a TL;DR at the start).Bagstone6 5d
5d can't see friend list in game I can not play in my game with my friend. We can not play together. In the playlist my friend is empty, he can not see me in the friends list in the game please help me pleaseDoomazar1 5d
5d Large chat box keeps auto opening I'm not sure what I did but the last few rifts I was running with a group resulted in my chat box opening back up quite large (around 10-15 lines of text) and it was becoming pretty annoying. I have it set to 'All' in chat because I want to see from all things like party, community, clan, etc. but normally I'd only see like 5 lines or so. I have the text size set to the 2nd smallest setting but it's still not working like it should. Is this a bug or is this working as intended? Only came back to the game at the start of this season and I don't remember it being like this. edit: so after a reset of the game, it appears to be working like normal again. So I guess that answers that.Kadin0 5d
5d Fundamental flaws with Diablo 3 I would like to start a real discussion regarding the fundamental flaws with this game. List 3 flaws you feel break the game: 1) Weapons based DPS 2) Lack of skill trees 3) Too many useless legendariesTakeNotes156 5d
5d What's the name of OST title of Malthael battle? Thanks for answering.zeroxxx5 5d
5d Darkening of Tristram items... So, I've noticed (as I'm sure anyone else who played hundreds of hours of Diablo 20 years ago has) that there's a handful of items that drop in the Labyrinth with names and item art taken from Diablo 1. Godly Plate of the Whale, King's Sword of Haste, etc. That's cool and all, but seriously, why are they only exceedingly weak magic items? Completely worthless, except to look at for nostalgia's sake. They should be Legendary, so there's a chance they could roll (or be enchanted) with good enough stats to actually be viable gear pieces for a top level character. Are there more, that are legendary, that I just haven't found yet? I hope so. But after playing through the event three times, I doubt it. Bummer.Shmimbadad3 5d
5d Chart Showing What Other Classes are Equipped With I recall seeing a char that showed what the majority of other classes were equipped with on the D3 site. I cant seem to find it now. Any ideas where I can find?Morcha6 5d
12h Origianl Run Command for Warcraft 1? Hey guys, I was thinking about getting a tattoo of the original run command for warcraft 1. I seem to remember it being: C:/RUN/WARCRAFT/WAR But it's been literal decades since I had to do it. Can anyone on here remember/confirm?rolalowe7 12h
5d Why did you disable the windows key?? Before last patch, if I was in a game or in the lobby and I pressed the windows key, I was immediately sent to my desktop. Now, the only way to get to my desktop is completely leave d3. Why??aluminatae16 5d
5d Forum Filters? Curious if these forums have a filter that might dump new topics or posts in a spam bin as they're posted. I typed up a new topic - not an important one, but I put in the effort - last night and it never appeared after posting it.Jestaaru4 5d
5d Almost every patch Somewhere along the line, everytime D3 gets a patch some of the codes reverts back to their old form. Take for example, I'm running WD this season and most of the gears and even sets rolls thorns in their secondary option. Also, the weapon Hack keeps dropping on me, im playing WD I don't care about thorns! When I was playing Crusader on Season 7, I was dying to get Hack but it didn't drop, keep upgrading axes in cube.. nothing.Clarimax2 5d
5d Pet pick up I wish I could add a tab for pets that selects what they pick up like gold is good but collecting deaths breath and unique would be cool...allensmith6 5d
5d Restoring The Balance I haven't seen an answer to this but maybe you guys have: is this "dlc" going to be free for those that have RoS or will it be more like a secondary expansion that will cost more money? Side note: it doesn't make much of a difference to me either way, just curious if I'll be able to preorder or notRagnarök1 5d
5d Damage meters should be considered TL:DR Dmg meters should be implemented since elitism will always be an issue, like with paragon, GR, etc.. under an assumption that a player maybe bad, because they have low paragon level. With DMG meters and a solid formula a persons decision making skills could be shown off, a lower paragon'd player could look like a solid DPS because of his/her consistency. Can anybody dispute this? Not to sure why there are so many downvotes, but people don't explain why it wouldn't work. Does no one understand why it won't work? or outweigh good and bads?or they just think oh no it wouldn't work(Even though I have absolutely not the slighest clue why it wouldn't) pretty stupid imo.. If you can maintain a 1Trillion DPS on 20-25 targets against a pack of arcane,cold,poison,lightning mob as a wiz, WD etc.. over the course of 35 seconds... You must be a really good player, to position and effectively deal dmg despite a ton of elemental dmg on ground. DPS meters could work this way. More information is always better. ALWAYS. Its going to be better than it is currently. There's not a single person in the world that can intelligently say Judging players based on paragons is more accurate than judging players for their DPS. That's like saying judging girls over their breast sizes is more important than character for marriage. If people think that simple minded, well you can understand why divorce rates are so high... _____________________________________ Early on at D3 release DMG meters was a topic that wasn't uncommon. Many of the fears of meters is well.. elitism. They wanted people to have a chance of getting into games, without this "you need this amount of DPS to be in our group" kind of thing. If they're so afraid of elitism, why not make paragons hidden? why not make skills hidden? why not make leaderboards hidden? These are all things others judge you on, become elitists. Although right now for high GR's groups a lot of elitists don't want to be in with pugs, same for bounties and rifts... too many ppl with crappy builds and need carries. For some people that's ok when they do it for their friends but they don't want to be carrying others they don't know. Casuals don't mind this so much. Skill isn't something rewarded in this game, DPS meters solves this issue. Put into perspectives months down the line after DPS meters are implemented, after seeing 50-100+ LoN WD's listing their meters, the likely formula for DPS meters will be based on monster pack sizes 20-30 mobs a LoN firebat spec might do 500b a sec to these mobs on average, where as Single target maybe 80b a sec. Then people will begin to realize ok if this person is doing 30b a sec single target or 300b a sec in mobs for his gear he's under performing, lets not have him in this group. Where as someone who hits above the averages will likely get into the group. No matter what this harms casuals but in the current state of the game, so does paragon levels. Most people judge based on paragons, which is essentially an assumption because a low paragon casual might have good decision making skills(YES THIS DOES MATTER!!!!!) A player with good decision making skills will likely hit high on leaderboards, because they know how to deal more damage in certain situations(Decision making) DPS meters will acknowledge this. All the negatives that DMG meters could give this game, are already in this game. All the negatives. Except right now it's worse because people are just making assumptions based on something like paragon level. Its very hard to get into high GR groups, and I'm speaking from an 830 paragon and top 100 leaderboard solo WD(Was top 30) I have experience with these decision making skills and hitting high.. elitism will always be in this game, DPS meters just gives casuals and other skillful players a better chance at going into groups ENCOURAGING skillful play inorder to 'show off' their DPS. You can't blame people though for making assumptions. Why? You can't necessarily tell a persons skill level, because you can't watch them like you can in WoW, theres likely way too much on the screen to be bothering yourself by watching the twist wiz and how and where he/she casts their nados, in what direction and where their positioning is to get the most benefit out of nado'ing(as an example) it's too difficult to watch each individual player in every situation and judge how they react to the situation. DPS meters can solve a lot of these issues though just by seeing a persons consistent DMG and base it off of your old memories of other classes with similar builds and the DMG they provide to the group within the DPS meter formula. The best time to implement dmg meters is likely now. This game is becoming like WoW, very casual very little skills(outside of decision making), many players don't want to be in groups with casuals simply because of paragon level. Except that person may have very good decision making skills and hit a higher consistent dmg compared to other higher paragon'd players of the same class.DMG meters would reflect a good players decision making.Breezybombs64 5d
5d Please make d1 event permanent it's fun, not particularly useful. Why not let it stick around permanently for dungeon crawl to break up monotony and nice flashback.Midnight16 5d
5d How to access Darkening of Tristram Portal? Hi Guys, So I'm running the latest PTR with the Darkening of Tristram but how do I access the Portal? I've looked at guides online and followed the instructions with no luck. I created a New Player and am not in Adventure Mode (Since it's locked atm). Can anyone help? Thanks!yamcha6712 5d
5d I'm stuck trying to finish "Protector of Tristram" It's the achievement where you have to kill all 40 uniques spawning in the darkening of tristram event. I can't seem to find "Nightwing the cold" and "Steelskull the hunter". According to lists I found online, including Rhykker's vid, they are located in levels 7 and 14. But after over 30 clears, lost the count, I can't find them. Are they hidden in special areas ? I always find one unique in these two levels, but never the ones I'm looking for. halp plox, already did this for 10 hours ;(swissm4n17 5d
5d Corruption shoulders nerfed? Corruption shoulders use to have 7 pick up radius, now they only have 2? is this a bug, or was it done on purpose?camplo897 5d
5d Is Diablo 3 an RPG? This is something that's sort of been on my mind in the last week. Is Diablo 3 really an RPG? I get there are stats and items and such but by the way itemization works, the lack of choices in how your character develops and mostly requires you to fit into the mold of one of the sets... it feels more like an action game. I've been holding this mentality and doing some story mode while abandoning some of the early rose-tinted-glasses of Diablo 2 and thinking less about RPGing and more about just the action aspect of the game. There isn't much challenge in normal mode but I'm not really aiming for that right now but I'm having some fun in the story mode. I think this is one of the major flaws of Diablo 3. It changed too much out of the RPG aspects in 1 and 2 and focused much more on the A part. And as a pure action game, it's rather great. One of the things I like to do in games is make multiple starts with multiple choices and see what suits me as well as conquers the game best. When identical characters can be bent into different roles and abilities to make things work against it's nature or design is what really challenges and excites me when it works. In terms of "is D3 an rpg', technically, sure, yes, you play the role of nephalem and you kill Diablo but the lack of rpg elements that I think a lot of people enjoy isn't there and that's the real problem I had because I spent so much effort looking for it. On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you balance Diablo 3? (1 being pure action, 10 being pure RPG), I think I'd say it's a 2 or a 3 and I wanted it to be a 5 or a 7.Odbarc83 5d
5d Win a diablo III candle no Netherlands selection? You can't select the Country: Netherlands, there are missing a few, Blizzard can you research this cous I really want a entry to the give away. :Dmemes0 5d
5d Any Top Tier Builds That Aren't Fire Based? I guess barbs have a few, but nearly every other class seems to be fire. Or am I missing something.Lost6 5d
5d Jade Harvester sucks I really really enjoy playing the build, but the way the defense is set up is ridiculous. Completely screws you over when doing boss battles or facing Rift Guardians, because you can't harvest the boss enough(unless he has adds) to get your def up. That could be easily fixed by making the soul harvest effect longer or if bosses were worth more that 1 stack when soul harvesting. But the main reason this build sucks and will struggle terribly to be viable is that the defense meant for this build(bracers+sacred harvester) can be use with any other set that already has 50%+ dmg reduction built in......Macoubrie8 5d