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Jan 4 T15 rifts/adventure mode please so having gotten to above gr80s I find that t13 bounties and standard rifts are abit quick and easy to finish lol. I cant help but think maybe blizz could enhance d3 with t15 difficulty adventure mode for a more challenging set of bounties and rifts.. with of course enhanced rewards and achievements?. this is however my first season above gr65 lol... but still after reaching gr80s I'm sure others would like the extra challenge of a t15 difficulty looking at the leaderboards top 1000 gamers per class. what do you all think?. and have a happy new yearhoodie118 Jan 4
Jan 4 Disconnected during Darkening of Tristram I am trying to get the An Eerie Red Glow Blurs Your Vision achievement. I was on level 9 and I got disconnected half way through. My character is now level 15 ish, do I have to start a fresh level 1 again to get the achievement? or can I continue with the same character? Edit; Disregard the topic. My question has been answered.Andariel5 Jan 4
Jan 4 How come rifts and bounties cannot be in campaign mode? Hello everyone, I was just curious if anyone had an idea why adventure mode had to be created for Rifts and Bounties, and why they couldn't just be part of the game. Do you think it was simply something the developers wanted? Or do you think there are technical limitations? I ask because lately, I just feel like not being in the campaign is so anti-arpg. It really disconnects you with the story, the atmosphere, and the purpose for which we are creating characters in the first place. If there was a way to integrate rifts and bounties into the campaign mode, allowing functionality for all three features, it just seems more plausible to me, giving the player more options that feel meaningful. Thanks :)Demonmonger25 Jan 4
Jan 4 The Darkening of Tristram 2018 For The Darkening of Tristram 2018, are the rewards drops? Or achievements? I want the pet is why I'm asking... Thank you and Happy Holidays!WNTRSLMBR48 Jan 4
Jan 4 Portal for anniversary event is not appearing The portal for Anniversary event is not showing up. I allowed the new patch to fully download, but the portal in the Old Ruins is not showing up. HELP!Xanathon31 Jan 4
Jan 3 What the hell is this Challenge rift? Who in god's name managed to get nearly 15% of this rift cleared, 30 seconds in with only one elite in the first floor and the tankiness of a damp sponge?Arcyne9 Jan 3
Jan 3 Forgotton Souls It's quite funny that I need 50 of these each time I re-roll a so called legendary item. Lets say I re-roll one item 100 times. That's 5000 souls and still end up with a garbage item. The fact that I even would have that many souls just shows that 99% of all Ancient Primal and Legendary items are just plain crap. This really needs to be looked at :)Nigel7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Black Mushroom? I know what the black mushroom is for. Can you get it while playing exploration vs the campaign storyline? ...or does it have to be the campaign storyline?Valdormont3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Returning Player Keeping this short and sweet. I stopped playing before Reaper. I've now decided to start playing again. I have most classes to 60 and Paragon 70. All of my characters had 0 items when I came back. Looking for some new friends (old ones have stopped playing long ago) to get me back into the mix and hang with.Desufire6 Jan 3
Jan 3 Seperate leaderboards per paragon level We could use this. 1000 paragon and under, 1500 and under, 2000 and under, 2500 and under, finally 3000 and under, each have their tiers. Seems good!Praetorian60 Jan 3
Jan 3 Current Challenge Rift - Running with a Damp Sponge Run, Run and die run, run, run and die seriously the survivability of this one is effed up badlyLypis6 Jan 3
Jan 3 Blizzard's Theory on Weighting WTF? It seems like properties that you want on gear, properties that make sense on a piece of gear, and pretty much the only property you would want on that particular piece of gear, are weighted such that it's extremely difficult to get them. You end up wasting hundreds of materials rerolling a piece of gear trying to get that one property that is the only one that makes any sense, that should be there. For example, Hell Walkers, the boots for the Unhallowed Essence set, the Multishot set. So what property would you want on those boots? A bonus to Multishot damage, probably. But how many times have you tried to roll that property and got Chakram, Rapid Fire, Cluster Arrow, Strafe… Over and over again? And then when you finally get Multishot, it's something pathetic like 10%, and it takes you another billion materials to max that to 15%. It's like this over and over again for the "preferred" property on pretty much every piece of gear in the game. Why does Blizzard do this? Do they think it's fun spending ridiculous amounts of time collecting materials just to burn them on a mechanism that doesn't really work that well? Couldn't they just give everything an equal chance to appear? Couldn't they give Myriam an algorithm that makes her a little less stupid, so that she can help you zero in on the property you want, and quit showing you Vitality 300 times? Sure, this is sounding like a rant, but why not? It doesn't seem that the developers know how to keep players playing this game, and make it fun for the players at the same time.StoneOld59 Jan 3
Jan 3 Tristam Event watch this Jan 3
Jan 3 Set Dungeons should provide permanent benefits These would be fun if those provided some sort of class specific buffs to character that completed them. - Complete 1 (get some +skills) - Comlete 2 (get some +skills) - Complete 3 (get more +skills) - Complete 4 for class (unlock another passive slot) That would at least make this more exciting to do. Otherwise no reward, so no one ever wants to do them. GR's provide all the benefits these days.Midnight3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Looking for Suggestions Hey everyone! First time posting here, so I hope it'll all go well. I'm looking for some suggestions, but first I'll give some (ok, actually a lot of) context. So, I'm an old Diablo fan: played D1/D2 a lot back at the 90's/00's, and also bought D3 back at 2012 and played it a reasonable ammount (sadly way less than D2, because life). I don't have a lot of time to play but always keep coming back to the game and each time I choose a new class and try new ways to play and have new experiences, if possible. I'm happy with the results so far. I'll describe my journey as I remember: • Witch Doctor: Played on D3 v1.XX, with the old Loot and Difficulty System, all the way to Act II on the Hell difficulty (remember it?). Story Mode. I also bought and sold some items on those Gold and Real Money Auction Houses. • Demon Hunter: Started playing at v1.XX, stopped for a long time then came back and completed it (act V) after 2.XX was released. Story Mode. • Crusader: Played on v2.XX from start to finish (act V). Story Mode. After finishing the game with the Crusader (playing the whole Story mode 3 times getsa little boring), I decided to give the Adventure mode a go. I liked it (specially Kanai's Cube and the 2 new areas) and did a lot of Adventure runs with those 3 chars, doing Rifts and stuff, eventually grinding Paragon on them all until I stopped playing again. At this point I wasn't looking to do Seasons yet. Then, last year I decided to try them, just when the Darkening of Tristram went out. It was a perfect opportunity to try a new class for me, the Barbarian. • Barbarian: Starting a seasonal char, played from LV1 to 70 on the Darkening of Tristram. It was a very interesting experience. I've had never played Barb before on D3, so starting the event with that nice retro-shader, at LV1 on Floor 1 and reaching LVL 70 just when reaching Floor 16 was all very nice. After that I decided to do the Season Journey and wow, that was awesome! Did a pretty nice build, completed all the 4 Chapters and 1 extra, pushed Adventure mode and bounties until reaching Torment X. • Monk: Since I liked the season experience, I decided to create a Monk on the following one. This time, i decided to reach from lvl01 to 70+ only on Adventure Mode. Did that, completed the Season journey (4 Chapters and 1 extra), reaching Torment VIII. Liked a lot. After all that I did some Adventure runs on all chars, Rifts and GRifts, kept going for some months. All these chars are lv70, and I'm currently on Paragon 350+. It was great, then I stopped again. And now I came back to play the last class left: Wizard. Just created the char on this season and was looking for a different experience or new "way to play" (as I had with each class so far), but ran out with ideas. Oh, btw, I plan on start playing Hardcore when I've played all classes, so that's off the plate right now. So, that's my question to you: any suggestions on that? Some new ways to play, self imposed restrictions, or any game mode that I'm missing? Looking forward to your creative ideas, people. Thank you all very much in advance!Laubisch3 Jan 3
Jan 3 D3, POE, Grim Dawn. My opinion Hello. First of all I would like to clarify that my English isn't good because I'm not a Native speaker, my apologies. I’m an old guy. I played D1, D2 and D3 since they came out. I have played POE and I have Grim Dawn. In my opinion POE isn’t good. The game is free but if you want good armour, weapons, transmogs, pets, wings, stash tab, character slots or character effects, scene effects and more, you need to pay. Of course, is possible with the game coins, but there are really difficult to get. Everyone resortes to buying with dollars. It's a P2W. The tree of abilities is enormous, too big for my taste and everybody ends up copying builds. The Hardcore players really enjoy it. I have played Diablo 3 since it came out, 3 hours per day, double on weekends and when I dedicated the same time to POE, my progress is very slow. And that it’s because I haven’t spent any money. If you don't pay, you can't progress or you do it very slowly and forget about the seasons. The graphics sections are poor, I don't like them at all. The game play is poor to, frustrating sometimes. Grim dawn is paid game, about $25 more or less plus another $5 to play the season. Grim Dawn Loyalist Edition cost $75. The new characters that are about to come out aren’t free. Grim is very similar to D2, with a smaller abilities tree than POE, but more complex than D2 and obviously more than D3. Graphically D3 has barely improved. The fluidity of combat in both (POE/GD) it's very distant from D3. Diablo exceeds them in that aspect in my opinion, D3 is greater than the others, could be much better, we all know that. But I prefer it over POE and GD. I see many angry people these days with the results of Blizzcon. Some claims make sense, but no one offers free extra content and the Necro is extra content. We all have the right to express ourselves, for this reason is the forum. But a little respect and grounding with the criticism doesn't come badly. Go and play POE and GD, then tell me. Although they are good games, they don't measure up to Diablo, that is only my opinion of course. But with too many critics without or with little experience in this 3 games is a little less appreciated. Regards. ArielARIEL51 Jan 3
Jan 3 Baal after Marius This is about D2, but might have some consequences on following games. Something crossed my mind today regarding the encounter of Marius and Baal at D2 cinematic intro. Imagine that you are one of the Prime Evils, all powerful, all evil, all everything...and you are after a VERY important stone. One that will surely grant you nearly unlimited power to rule your world. And as it happens, an old man, fragile as it gets, have the stone. And then, when you find this man, instead taking the stone easily by force, which would be the most natural move to Ball, the mighty prime evil stops by, sit down for a bit, pretends to be someone else, starts a civilized conversation, and then asks nicely for the stone (give it to me, Marius...). And only then you kill the carrier. Why not kill Marius at sight and then take the stone? It is, after all, easier to do on a dead body! Surely the stone, emanating its magic powers, would be sensed by Baal, so it's not a matter of find it first, since he could sense the stone nearby. Is the Soulstone something that can't be taken by force, at least not by non-Nefalen beings? Baal didn't take it by force, and The Archangel, if you think about it, shout to Marius "Take the stone and run", giving his "permission" to Marius to leave that magical place and travel with the stone, even though Marius had already taken the stone by then, but it did so in order to "save" Diablo, so was his thinking. I don't know. Why Baal had Marius giving him he stone, instead of taking it by force? Why, Blizzard?Notrall9 Jan 3
Jan 3 10,000 Souls 5,000 DB's for New Years 10,000 Souls 5,000 DB's for New Years Reforged weapon 202 times and got 15 ancient and no primal with 10,100 souls Rolled weapons 200 times and got 23 ancients and no primals Happy New Years to you too BlizzardTagster21 Jan 3
Jan 4 My Gems keep Missing ... I think i have lost at least 4 gems in this season so far, the followings are the situations for my missing gems: 108 BotT (unsocketed from switching armory then leave game) First of all, i think the problem may be related to the armory, that why i stop using armory after my 1st 108 BotT missing and make one more character instead. My unsocketed 127 Taeguk lost in inventory as a result. (1st rollback account for that 127 Taeguk) 127 Taeguk (unsocketed to inventory then leave game) Then, I think the problem may be realted to the inventory, therefore i unsocketed gems to stash everytimes i leave game. My unsocketed 128 BotT lost in stash as a result. (2st rollback account for that 128 BotT) 128 BotT (unsocketed to stash then leave game) After that, I think the problem may be realted to the unsocketed gems and the gems recently moved, so i keep all gems socketed inside the jewelry for all characters then, i even upgraded one more BotT for another character. 25 PE (socketed in ammy and move to stash then leave game) However, today when I want to get my highest rank 128 BotT (from 2nd rollback) and some gears, 1) 25 PE socketed in a ammy 2) 128 BotT socketed in a ring 3) a weapon from one character ( ) to another character ( ) Once I started a new game with another character, 25 PE socketed in the ammy inside stash gone. To be honest, this is very annoying even though not the high rank gem missing this time. I have tried every possible ways to avoid the gem missing bugs, but the gems were still lost somehow when i leave game. I can only tell 1) all the gems i lost are the gems recently moved either socketed, unsocketed, to inventory or to stash; 2) the gems socketed inside the characters' jewelry haven't lost so far. Please fix this gem bug as soon as possible, since this happened long time ago as I know. I only got 1 remaining rollback chance, i really really don't want to waste that again because of this stupid bug. Thanks.yellowall212 Jan 4
Jan 3 Closest class to being Warlock? As a Warcraft player, can anyone tell me which class is closest to being Warlock from Wow? Thank you. =)XBgyManX5 Jan 3
Jan 3 We Need World of Diablo There is a rumor that Blizzard is working on another MMO, and it may just be a Diablo themed one. I for one could not be more excited. I love this world and the lore and very much would like to be a part of it. I just hope they don't screw it up out the gate. 1. The graphics have to be top notch. WoW graphics will not cut it. 2. Adopt an action combat system which is closer to the Diablo series. Tab targeting should just die. 3. Do away with the two faction conflict and adopt 3 factions! Angels, Demons, and Nephalem where the player decides who to align with and fight for. You can choose to be an angel, a demon, or a human. 3 factions is much more dynamic and interesting. I really hope to see this and can't wait to find out what Blizz is working on.Izariel51 Jan 3
Jan 3 Darkening of tristram Darkening of the hell do you start it....nothing at the old ruins.rumppie61 Jan 3
Jan 3 Balance im not sure it is Its Set Gear balance,, not game balance. build well so long as its set gear. Just happy to be able to play Hota again, Its just a power creep now fix the legs. Please :)Aysrian3 Jan 3
Jan 3 Whats the cow sequence order? Right o, Whats the cow sequence order to open this cow portal?RomireOnline8 Jan 3
Jan 3 Personal Ideas for an Amazon class in D3 I'm not the only one who'd love to get back to playing a Javazon, but due to the gender system in class creation, I'm sure Blizzard has run into problems trying to produce the class. Well, I have a solution: call the females Amazons, and the males Spartans, and have them the same in all but name. Beyond that, I'm sure Blizzard would have a better idea of how to develop and balance it, but here are a few of my own ideas. For simplicity's sake, I'll just use the term "Amazon" for these jot notes. Take appropriate salt. Amazons would be a ranged STR class that are less tanky than Barbarians and Crusaders, but are still more durable than other ranged classes due to utilizing block chance. Amazons would use Stamina as a resource, which regenerates as long as you are moving (and is also generated by certain abilities). This encourages Amazon players to do a lot of kiting and to NOT hold still in fights if they can avoid it. Amazons would have Javelins, War Shields, and Sandals as unique gear. Amazons would use Lightning, Fire, Poison, and Physical elements.I know people will think the Amazon should be DEX, but I chose STR because there is no true ranged STR class. Crusaders only do it partially, and are more meant to be front-line anyways. Anything that you think should be added?darkdill9 Jan 3
Jan 3 Wednesday Jan 3 @ 4pm PST In case it wasn’t made abundantly clear, this is when the Darkening of Tristram event will begin to spawn the portal in the Ruins of Old Tristram, Act I. The portal should be easily visible on the map in adventure mode. Good Luck and fun to all who participate. This will be my first time, as I was on sabbatical last time. Happy Anniversary, Diablo!Virtueboy0 Jan 3
Jan 3 Challenge Rift 28 NA Server Just toxic.Maximus4 Jan 3
Jan 3 Season 11 items/gear I had a season 11 Demon hunter and I haven't logged on in a couple months and it was in my understanding that you have 30 days from the moment you logged in to collect your gear. Is that not the case? Is my stuff just gone now?Narath3 Jan 3
Jan 3 missing 2 legendary gem from stash Dear Blizzard please look into it,i remove my gem kept it in stash sitch to another character it gone .IT had happen before now it the 4th time done , 2 times acctount roll back .please help it not fair for me to use up all my roll back . thanksblueberry1 Jan 3
Jan 3 "The Hanging Tree" lore book spawn, bug? Loaded Weeping Hollow seven times. Five spawned the Hanging Tree map entity. NONE dropped "The Hanging Tree" lore book. If the item is intact then by my math it has less than a one in five chance to drop or >20% which for a useless, lore item is ridiculous. I suspect a spawn bug but I would like a second opinion before reporting.RedFlash9133 Jan 3
Jan 3 Finally finished season journey! For the first time in 12 seasons I finally completed the journey. Was pretty fun!!! Before that, was always held back by 3 conquest requirement, and somehow the right conquests aligned for me this time. Best part was doing GR without set items, that’s actually fun. We need more like that, interesting ways to play. Maybe beat some #GR wearing only yellows (cube allowed)? My only other feedback would be to please improve bounty system. It’s part of the game, I don’t think anyone ever plays because they want to, they mostly have to for the mats. If bounty mats were removed, I don’t think there would be a single bounty game played by anyone ever.Midnight7 Jan 3
Jan 3 Damage Taken Hi, Can someone explain to me what influences the Damage i take? I play with a friend, and we both have similar Damage Reduction values, yet i die in one hit and he not. I understand that there are Normal, Ancient and Primal Items ... but there is not that huge difference between different version of Normal Items, at least from the stats. Is the Paragon Level and the Difficulty influencing how much damage you take? Is that "Defense" part in the "Details" menu of my Character displaying correct numbers? Its just too confusing that i die in one hit ... yet i have 50% less damage taken. And, i talk abouot normal enemies, not the Rares or Elites.Lithariel14 Jan 3
Jan 3 "0 people playing this quest" Hello, I just got back after a year or so of not playing. In Diablo 2 you could always join a game called "noob" or "lvlup" or "new char" and find 2-7 people to do the basic grinding with. Better yet, you'd find someone who wanted to have a full game when using a high lvl char to boost a friend. Is there no way to do this now? Do you ever meet strangers in this game anymore, outside of GR?DarcsinX4 Jan 3
Jan 2 Fast Food Debate! I will sometimes give them "one last chance" and am always disappointed. I think I will just swear them off forever. The meat is dry, the prep is messy and it simply just doesn't taste good. Is there anything on their menu worth eating? I have liked a few of their items in years past. (buffalo tenders, satisfries, and bacon sundae to name a few.) Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language. Lightdeity74 Jan 2
Jan 2 Disappointed with the Necromancer Having bought the Necromancer pack a while ago and finally playing it during the holidays, I’m somewhat disappointed with the Necromancer. It’s not a matter of power- the class feels as powerful as everyone else. But its skills feel “off”, somewhat, as if they weren’t as polished or well thought as those of the other classes. Using specific examples: • Necromancers have less primary and secondary skills combined than the other classes. Primary and secondary skills are usually those with no cooldown that make the “bread and butter” of builds, so having less of those give the Necromancer significantly less options than the others. All other classes have at least four primary skills (some have five), and everyone but the Monk has at least four secondary skills, while Necromancer has only 3 of each. • Skeletal Mage doesn’t really fit as a secondary skill. Secondary skills usually do high damage quickly after being cast, for a high resource cost. Skeletal Mage, in other hand, is a minion – it does high damage, sure, but mostly at the mage’s attack speed. It would make more sense if Skeletal Mage were grouped with the other summons (Command Skeletons and Command Golem), being changed accordingly (higher recharge, higher damage). • Bone Spear isn’t that good. Nostalgia is good, sure, but with the way enemies work in Diablo 3, a very thin projectile that pierces enemies is often less useful than something that explodes on the target. Between this and Skeletal Mage, two out of the three Necromancer secondary skills are somewhat lackluster. • The animation of Bone Spikes is ridiculous. Sorry, but it is. It looks like the Necromancer is dancing (some hybrid of the robot and just being awkward). It’s ironic that the class did not receive a dance emote in order to be “serious”, and was then given such an unintentionally funny skill animation. • The “Reanimation” group of skills feels like it’s all over the place. There’s zero in common between Command Golem and Army of the Dead. I understand the latter used to be a summoning skill, but mechanically it’s just an area of effect attack now; it doesn’t really belong. This skill group would work better if, as mentioned above, Skeletal Mage were moved here, Army of the Dead were moved somewhere else, and Land of the Dead had a few changes to better match the other skills’ themes. • The Blood mechanic is often poorly matched to skills. Many skills don’t really fit the “health sacrifice” mechanic that makes the Blood playstyle – a great example is Skeletal Mage, in which the two extra seconds earned by sacrificing health are somewhat ridiculous. Instead of adding Blood runes to existing skills, the Necromancer would have worked better with skills dedicated to the concept of health sacrifice. It’s no wonder that Blood Rush is one of the Blood skills with the best mechanics, and with the best integration between its runes – it has been built from the ground as a health sacrifice skill, instead of just having the concept tacked on it. It’s also the only Blood skill mechanically sound enough to have a “the skill gains all runes” legendary effect. Considering the current state of Diablo 3, I doubt Blizzard is going to make massive changes to the Necromancer. But the class could really use a huge fine tuning, adding new skills, moving existing skills between skill groups (with all the appropriate changes accompanying this), and polishing certain mechanics like the Blood skill runes.Erasculio4 Jan 2
Jan 2 Idea for skill tree synergy system A problem with skill tree is having the lower level skills not scale as well as higher level skills. Diablo 2 added a synergy system, so that points in a lower skill increased the power of a higher level skill. This had an undesirable side effect of now to make that one skill powerful (high level skill you wanted to use at end-game) you had to invest points in a lower level skill that you don't necessarily want (except maybe until you unlock a higher tiered skill). This consumes a large portion of skill point, not allowing for breadth - which I consider to be a good thing in this sort of game... actively using multiple skills instead of 1 or 2. Also, my opinion is that low level skills shouldn't become obsolete and the backwards scaling of synergy in D2 was not on par. And so D2 in general, boiled down to maxing the skill you wanted and the lower level skills to buff it. My proposal aims to keep all skills competitive regardless of where they are located in the tree while simultaneously having lower level skills "buff" the higher level skills so that they points spent aren't wasted and avoiding situation of putting points into a lower level skill (that you don't want) to buff a higher level skill you do want. So instead of ice bolt increasing blizzard damage, investing points in icebolt makes the cost of investing in blizzard less. There are three scenerios. 1) You want ice bolt and not blizzard 2) You want blizzard and not ice bolt 3) You want both In scenario 1, put points in ice bolt. In scenario 2, you didn't invest points in ice bolt so blizzard costs more points. In scenario 3, you are strictly a cold sorc and you invest in both skills. Scenario 3 with 40 points will make both ice bolt and blizzard (20 each). Scenario 2 makes blizzard by itself with 40 points. Both have an equally powerful blizzard with equal (may need to tweak this increased cost a bit, maybe less than doubled - depends on how valuable an extra skill is.) points invested, but you didn't "waste" points on something you don't intend to have on your skill bar.UngivenFame21 Jan 2
Jan 2 When is it better to ... stop and kill a "some trash" mobs instead of just In-Geom Dashing to the next Elite Pack? I'm sure someone has done the math >< Assume OHKO on trash. Obviously, stopping to kill one enemy is not worth it while stopping to drop one WoL to kill 100 is ... so, where is that break even point? Thanks P.S. I used my monk's abilities just as an example, but obviously this applies to all classes.palatinae3 Jan 2
Jan 2 Done with this season, feedback Since I'm not really deriving enjoyment from this season anymore, I've decided to call it quits. As per usual, this is my list of what annoyed me, in the hopes it will eventually fall on developer ears: 1. Rift Fishing is still a UI disaster. Give us an option to just restart a rift without having to spend 30-60 seconds leaving the game, waiting for everybody to successfully make it out, starting the game, switching towns, repairing, etc. I'm spending more time looking at loading screens than I am playing the game, and this is simply not fun. 2. Juggernaut is (somehow) still in the game. And as if Juggernaut alone wasn't enough, Illusionists are still there to completely screw over witch doctors and necromancers. 3. Most map types still suck, and the new update only added in more bad ones. Give us more maps like battlefields and highlands - and less caves and narrow corridors. Nobody plays them anyway, it's an instant leave. Why are you even wasting your time designing maps nobody will ever see, except for 2 seconds while uttering a curse? Also, why is pandemonium fortress still in the GR tileset pool?! 4. Necromancer was designed by somebody who has clearly never played Diablo III before. 'nuff said. I gave Condemn Crusader a try instead, but the spec is almost just as bad to play. What happened to all of the fun specs we had in the seasons 1 through 10? Did everybody who knows how to create good gameplay leave the team already? 5. (Still) no bad luck prevention for some of the gear slots which are simply impossible to roll well, like quivers, sources and crusader shields. I've spent millions of blood shards on shields so far and I haven't even seen a non-ancient with the right combination of stats. Not even getting any progress towards a better gear piece is frustrating to say the least. Anyway, I guess that's it from me. I'm reasonably satisfied with my achievements. Would have liked to get in that paragon 3000, but my patience ran out. Not sure how high I could have pushed, but I think 122, 123 or even 124 would have been possible with a good rift. 121 is definitely possible even with a bad map. (As evidenced by a hilarious video recording where I ended up seeing the seventh level of the greater rift before being forced to leave despite being ahead of time)nand24 Jan 2
Jan 2 Znec + Rathma survivability tips GR 110+ General question for Rathma DPS build pros out there: My and my buddy are pushing GR 110s. He's having issues staying alive. Dmg is great, we typically roll mobs but he'll get smashed with mobs that have thunderstorm, arcane, or killed by ranged trash mobs. Im not sure what we can do to help with his survivability. Is it just being able to dodge these attacks? He's tried switching int for more vit, didnt work. Any particular skills in general that would help him or gems? Im thinking esoteric will be helpful, or perhaps one of us could use command skeletons. Ive ran with other rathma necs, but never for pushing, usually speed 100s, goes smoothly Im just searching for answers on how other Rathma necros can avoid being one-shotted, thunderstorm will basically ruin a great GR run we're having.GhostAgent6 Jan 2
Jan 2 Is there a site/place to read this? Is there a place to read all conversations between the hero and all characters/followers? They're different based on the class you choose, so it's nice to read... With my characters I always paid attention to this. Where can you read/How can you find out about these dialogues without starting a new game and playing with all classes?:)victortiti891 Jan 2
Jan 2 Happy New Year All - A bit late. I just wanted to say Happy New Year to everyone and wish you the best going forward. No politics. No games. No nothing. Just be the best you can be and help others towards the same goal. Our D3 community is awesome and I am very grateful for it. I think we have made a lot of progress this year bringing everyone together for civil discussion despite our differences and it makes me so happy! P.S. Chili came out great!MissCheetah14 Jan 2
Jan 2 Tristam Event QoL feature to be attractive!!! Each years with each season all the gameplay, itens, buffs, everything changes. So to keep up the event refresh all year i suggest some update each year to Red Soul Shard.PardalBR17 Jan 2
Jan 2 Wish for New Year! :D Hey guys, happy 2018 for everyone! And Blizz, please make better looking wings for D3 this year :D Cheers!Grungempk0 Jan 2
Jan 2 Litany of the Undaunted + Wailing Host? Can anyone tell me, does Lit + Wailing host cancel out other set bonuses? IE if I were wearing it with Unhallowed Essence would it cancel out all of UE's bonuses?ViciousBlood3 Jan 2
Jan 2 Anyone feel like running me through some higher grifts? I could a little help getting some more gear. If anyone wants to run some higher grifts and let me tag along for some xp and gear I would be grateful.Chronos3510 Jan 2
Jan 2 Darkening of Tristram Anniversary Event - When? Can you please inform the community as to when this event will take place & what content will it have this time. Thank youRogue7777722 Jan 2
Jan 2 Finding New Items - Will It End Ok, so first of all I just started playing Diablo 3 and Im on my first ever character who has just completed Act IV. Im a lvl 66 now, and I've been wondering when i get to level 70 and start doing those rifts and getting better equipment, will there be a day where I have the best equipment I can have and its just down to increasing stats from paragon levels i gain ?Archon1 Jan 2
Jan 2 "Challenge" 28 Usually when they are like this you can just mash all the buttons repeatedly and squeak in just under the time but that isn't working today. So whats the key to this weeks awful challenge rift? Yet another build that cant take a hit or do damage...smhDysenigrate4 Jan 2
Jan 2 Since everyone is asking where the Portal is.... New Feature: 20th Anniversary Event A mysterious group of Cultists is stirring up trouble! Hunt them down in Adventure Mode to uncover clues that reveal a portal into Tristram’s past, and rediscover the terrifying darkness that took hold of the town so many years ago… This event is only available in January Please note that future anniversary events will feature a pre-cursor event available from January 1-3 Directly from the patch notes. Definitely makes it sound like the portal will not open until the 4th. Precursor event (the cultists) till the 3rd.Echoalpha12 Jan 2
Jan 2 Question about That which must not be named. Can someone give me a real answer about the "Cow King/That which must not be named" pet? I got it awhile back and when I right clicked on it nothing happened there was no actual pet in my pet list. Yet I see videos on Youtube of people who are playing and have that pet equipped. I just got the pet again today and I don't wan't to right click on it and have it disappear again. Is there something special I have to do? Or is there a certain item I have to have? Or do I have to right click it in a certain location?Skullboy6665 Jan 2