Items and Crafting

1d List of all Wings, Cosmetics, Pets, and Promos I have been asked to post my personal cosmetic tracking document so here you go. Please note that it is sorted into various categories so some items appear in more than one place. I am always open to corrections if you notice something that needs updating. >^.^< WINGS 1. Angelic wings (white) - Buy a copy of the D3V Collector's Edition (CE). You would have to search Amazon and Ebay for a box copy and pray it is not a scam with a used key. 2. Wings of Valor (gold) - were a bonus for pre-ordering any version of D3 Reaper of Souls (RoS) (Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition (DE), or CE). The game key needed to be applied to the account by the 31 March 2014 deadline. No longer available. 3. Blade Wings (bone) – were part of the SC2 Heart of the Swarm (HotS) Expansion DE. They are now only available as part of the Deluxe SC2 bundle containing Wings of Liberty, HotS, and Legacy of the Void expansion. 4. Mercy Wings (mechanical + blade feathers) – Overwatch Origins Edition or Collector’s Edition. 5. Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings)WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition Requires base WoW game (all expansions including WoD are included). 6. Green Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the basic Set Dungeon Achievements. (Not tied to Seasons) 7. Green Leather Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the Master Set Dungeon Achievements/Goals. (Not tied to Seasons) 8. Cosmic Wings (Princess Lillian in Whimsydale) requires rainbow goblin to open portal. 9. Falcon Wings (Mysterious Chest Act 4 Gardens of Hope Level 1) 10. Andariel Wings: Season 8 Season's Journey Reward. Season starts 21 October 2016. No longer available. 11. Ghost Kerrigain Wings: Play 15 Heroes of the Storm Games with friend in VS AI, QM, Ranked, and Unranked Draft as Heroes from the Diablo Universe. Event starts June 13, and lasts until June 26, 2017. No Longer Available. 12. Wings of the Crypt Guardian: Necromancer Character Pack. Requires RoS 13. Trag' oul Wings: Complete all the Necromancer Achievements. Requires RoS and Necro Pack. 14. Fiacla-Géar Wings: Season 12 Chapter 4 reward. 15. Other wings will become available in game in the future as rewards for completing various goals. No details available yet. PETS 1. Undead Dog pet: RoS CE (physical box) or DE. Still available. 2. Murkgoblin pet: Blizzcon 2015. No longer available 3. Frost Dog pet: Season 4. No longer available 4. White Probe pet: SC2 Campaign Collection DE. Still available 5. Wickerman pet: D3 RoS Season 5 No longer availiable. 6. Blaze (Blazing Skull): Menagerist Goblin 7. Buddy (Fallen Hound): Menagerist Goblin 8. Bumble (Yeti): Menagerist Goblin 9. Charlotte (Spider): Menagerist Goblin 10. Cow King Pet: Menagerist Goblin 11. Friendly Gauntlet: Menagerist Goblin 12. Galthrak: Menagerist Goblin 13. Grunkk: Menagerist Goblin 14. Haunting Hannah (Ghost): Menagerist Goblin 15. Humbart Wessel (White Skull): Menagerist Goblin 16. Lady Morthanlu (Lamb/Goat Creature): Menagerist Goblin 17. Lamb (Human squire): Menagerist Goblin 18. Liv Moore: Ravi Lilliwhite (Weeping Hollow) 19. Malefasance: Menagerist Goblin 20. Ms. Madeline (Voodoo Doll): Menagerist Goblin 21. Overseer Lady Josephine (Teddy Bear): Menagerist Goblin 22. Queen of Succubus: Menagerist Goblin 23. The Mimic (Chest): Menagerist Goblin 24. The Stomach: Menagerist Goblin 25. Unihorn (Unicorn): Menagerist Goblin 26. Red/Black Unihorn: Season 7 Chapter 4 reward. No longer available. 27. Classic Diablo: 2016 Blizzcon ticket digital reward No longer available. 28. Baby Butcher Pet: January Anniversary Event. Start the D1 nostalgia event at char level one and complete it in one session without dying. You do not need to be level 1 by the end of the rift. 29. Baby Cow Pet (Royal Calf): January Anniversary Event. Get the rotting mushroom from the D1 nostalgia rift then complete a series of tasks. 1. Throw the rotting mushroom in Adria's cauldron in her hut (top floor not down below). Take the item you get. 2. Click 4 the bodies in Tristram in the correct order to get Wirt's Leg pattern. Text will give you clues. 3. Take the Wirt's Leg pattern to the Blacksmith and then craft it and salvage it to get Map of the Stars. 4. Go back to Adria's hut and click the dead cows outside in order 2,1,3 to open a portal to the Abandoned Farmstead. Go through then go to the farm and click Wirt's Stash chest to get the cow pet trinket. Right click the trinket to learn the pet. You may need to make a new game in order to access the proper phase for Adria's hut or to reset the dead cows if you already clicked them. 30. Rocky (stone golem type pet) - Season 9 Chapter 4. No longer available. 31. Half Formed Golem Pet: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. 32. Diablo III Tal'darim (Red Probe) Pet, SC2 War Chest Exclusive 33. Blue Dragon Pet: Season 11 Chapter 4 Reward. No longer available. 34. Necromancer Murlock: Blizzcon 2017. No longer available. 35. Blaine stuffed bear pet - Season 13 Chapter 4 Reward. PENNANTS 1. Warlords Pennant: WoW Warlords of Draenor DE/CE: Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 2. Diablo 3 RoS Season 3: Pennant for completing Chapter 4 of Seasons Journey. No longer available. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. 3. Blizzcon 2015: Blizzcon Pennant. No longer available. 4. HotS Pennant: HotS > D3: Level a HotS account to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 5. Set Dungeon Class Achievements. There is a pennant reward for completing all the Class Set dungeons. Achievement [Class Name] Ascendancy. Gives one pennant for the basic completion and one for Mastery. 6. Season 6 - completion of Seasons Journey Chapter 4 awards a pennant. 7. Fallen Pennant (Harvest) – Patch 2.4.2. Graw the Herald Act 2 Stinging Winds 8. Loremaster Pennant - Season 10 Seasons Journey Chapter 4 reward. 9. Necromancer Pennant: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. TRANSMOGS 1. D3 ROS DE/CE Armor and Weapon Transmogs 2. D3 Season Conquers Armor Transmog from Season 1,2,3. Repeated in S4,5, and 6. 3. SC2 LotV DE Protoss Helm and Shoulder Transmog Still available. See below for link. 4. Blizzcon 2014: WoD themed Weapon Transmogs. No longer available. 5. D3 Patch 2.4 Lachdanon’s Stormshield Transmog. Secret area in Leoric’s Manor. 6. WoW Legion DE or CE: Demon Hunter Helm Transmog INFO BELOW FOR PATCH 2.4.1 FROM Dieidiotscum’s Spreadsheet 7. Axe 2-H: Kanai's Scorn - Immortal Throne Mysterious Chest (March Only) 8. Flail 1-H: Templar's Chain- Cathedral Level 2 Mysterious Chest 9. Axe 1-H Aidan's Revenge Currently NOT available 10. Mace: Mace of the Crows – Act 3 Barracks Lvl 2 Mysterious Barrel 11. Sword: God Butcher - Zakarum Cathedral Mysterious Chest (Act 5 Town) 12. Sword: Ghoul King's Blade (1) - Gardens of Hope Level 2 Mysterious Chest 13. 2H Mace: King Maker - Regreb the Slayer (Act 2 Stinging Winds) 14. 2-H Axe: Sungjae's Fury - Drowned Temple Mysterious Chest 15. Crossbow 2-H: Crossbow of Corvus - Blood Marsh Mysterious Chest 16. Spear: Steffon's Heavy Lance – Act 3 Arreat Crater Level 1 Mysterious Chest 17. Fist Weapon: Panther's Claw - Eternal Woods Mysterious Chest 18. Flail 1-H: The Que'Hegan's Will -Nevaz (Act 1: Halls of Agony lvl 3) 19. Helm: Star Helm - Orlash (Rift Guardian) 20. Sword: Amberwing - Erethon (Rift Guardian) 21. Staff: Reaper's Kiss - Infernal Maiden (Rift Guardian) 22. Polearm: Man Prodder - Lord of Bells (Rift Guardian), Versalius (Rift Guardian) 23. Shoulders: Star Pauldrons - Uber Diablo (Realm of Fright) 24. Sword: Quinquennial Sword - Jay Wilson (Development Hell) 25. Sword: Second Quinquennial Sword - Josh Mosquiera (Development Hell) 26. Flail: Flail of Carnage - The Butcher (Boss) 27. Helm: Helm of Cranial Crustacean - The Succulent (Tidal Cave - Greyhollow Island) 28. Fist Weapon: Hand of Despair - Rakanoth (Boss) 29. Portrait: Rainbow Portrait -Sir William (Whimseyshire) Requires Staff of Herding 30. Butcher's Cleaver - Blue item from the Butcher Boss on level 2 of the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 31. Red Soulstone Helm Effect - Equip the Legendary Gem that drops from Diablo in the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 32. Wirt's Leg - Crafted item. Recipe is from the January Diablo Anniversary Event. See the Royal Calf pet instructions for how to get it. SEASONS 1. Season 1, 2, and 3 Conqueror’s armor transmog rewards for reaching lvl 70 on a Seasonal Character. S1 armor reward was now available again in S4, S2 available again in S5. The other armor pieces will also be available again in future seasons. Requires RoS. 2. D3 Season 3 Achievement rewards a Portrait and Pennant. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. Season 3 ended 23 August 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future seasons. 3. D3 Season 4 Seasons Journey - Frost dog pet and portrait frames for finishing Chapter 4. S4 started Friday 28 August 2015 and ended 30 Dec 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. 4. Season 5 Seasons Journey – Wickerman pet, Portraits, Conqueror's Transmog Armor (repeat of S2), Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, 7th Stash Tab. 5. Season 6 Seasons Journey – Pennant, Portrait, Conqueror’s Transmog Armor Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 6. Season 7 Seasons Journey - Red Unihorn pet, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 7. Season 8 Seasons Journey - Andariel Wings, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 8. Season 9 Seasons Journey - Rock element themed Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Pet (Rocky). 9. Season 10 Seasons Journey - Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Loremaster Pennant. 10. Season 11 Seasons Journey - Blue Dragon Pet, Loot Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. 11. Season 12 Seasons Journey - Fiacla-Géar wings, High Heavens Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. 12. Season 13 Seasons Journey - Blaine stuffed bear pet, Imperius theme Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. FREE CROSS GAME PROMOTIONS 1. HotS > D3: Level a HotS hero (since HOTS 2.0) to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 2. D3 > HotS; Reach lvl 70 in a Season and get a free Malthael’s Phantom mount in HotS 3. HotS > WoW: Level a HotS account to 20 to get the Graves pet in WoW. 4. WoW > HotS: Level a char in WoW to 100 to get a free Ironside Dire Wolf mount in HotS 5. HS > WoW: Win 3 matches against another player (not a friend) and earn a free mount in WoW. Free to Play. 6. HotS > HS: Level a HotS account to 12 and get the HotS cardback in HS. Free to Play. 7. WoW > HS: Level a WoW char to 20 and get free Liadrin hero in HS. Free to Play CROSS GAME DE/CE EDITIONS (only covers D3 cosmetics. See links for other game rewards) 1. Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition: Angelic Wings. See Wings Section above for availability. 2. Diablo 3 RoS CE/DE: Undead dog pet and Transmog items. Still available 3. SC2 Campaign Collection: Drone pet and Protoss Transmog Used to be in LotV DE pack. 4. SC2 Campaign Collection DE: Blade Wings and Banner Sigil. Still available 5. WoW Mists of Pandaria CE or DE: Banner graphics and a Feat of Strength. No longer available unless you can find a box copy of the CE. 6. WoW Warlord Draenor CE or DE: Warlords Pennant. Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 7. WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition: Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings) and Demon Hunter Helm transmog. 8. Overwatch Origins Edition for PC: Mercy Wings. (Game of the Year Edition also awards wings) BLIZZCON REWARDS 1. -Blizzcon 2013 - Mark of Death Banner 2. -Blizzcon 2014 - Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications 3. -Blizzcon 2015 - Murkgoblin Pet, Pennant, and Portrait frame 4. -Blizzcon 2016 - Classic Diablo Pet 5. -Blizzcon 2017 - Murkomancer Pet EDIT - Corrected Wings section to note WoD is now included in the base WoW game. EDIT 2 - Added Mace of Crows location 1 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 3 - Added Steffon's Heavy Lance Location 2 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 4 - Fallen Pennant Location added 3 July 2016 EDIT 5 - patch 2.4.2 updates with new pet 8/8/2016 EDIT 6 - Belated update for Season 7 rewards 8/23/2016 EDIT 7 - Updated for Blizzcon and Season 8 rewards 10/12/2016 EDIT 8 - Updated for January Anniversary event coming in the next patch 11/18/16 EDIT 9 - Updated for Season 9, MoP CE added. 1/16/17 EDIT 10- Updated for Season 10. 4/2/17 EDIT 11 - Added Ghost Kerrigan wings and Crypt Guardian Wings 6/5/17 EDIT 12 - added Necro Achievement wings, man prodder new RG drop 6/28/17 Edit 13 - many updates! 1/20/18 EDIT 14 - Season 13 additions added 2/15/18MissCheetah317 1d
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1h Making Spike Trap better So i was playing around with abilities and items in a D3 planner and i had an idea to make a Spike Trap build better. Transform Demon's Demise into a melee weapon or a quiver for DH. It could open up more Shadow builds which in my opinion should be the build used to play with Spike Trap. And can we please get rid of the mandatory status of Dawn? Specially for Shadow. You just have to have it in every specs. And it blocks a lot of fun builds for Shadow set since you can only put it in the cube.Kagdar1 1h
5h No Bane of the Stricken? I have every gem in game, I've done countless GR 45s. Why do I not have this gem? It's in none of my gear, and I only have two champs.Nintura36 5h
22h 2H-Jackhammer Barb weapon So after having a lot of fun whirlwinding my way through D2, I thought that it’d be pretty fun if Blizzard made an endgame viable legendary 2-handed Jackhammer wieldable only to the savage Barbs that turns whirlwind into a demon impaling pogo-stick type skill with the same mobility as whirlwind and perhaps some bleeding/stunning magic property rolls. If y’all hate this idea, I’ve already had a good hardy laugh conceiving it. I know the mechanical feature does not exactly vibe with the diablo theme, but the DH already uses plenty of modern combat technology in their skills so why can’t Barb’s have fun too? Perhaps for continuity they can have a gasoline can take the role of quivers for the weapon. Right now, the whirlwind buildseems like pretty stale gameplay after how much I played it in d2, but if this item existed I would totally make one to bounce atop rift guardians. What do you folks think?McGromit0 22h
2d Advice needed - Legacy of Nightmares Is one of the classes better to be played with LoN? I'm asking because I while I have Diablo 3 since it's release I never played seriously, I wasn't playing a lot, I never cared about using best builds, I just played for the story and later for fun. I don't have a lot of knowledge about legendary items (I don't know/remember what all of them do), specifically items that improve some single ability. And I really want to use LoN because it gives you more freedom then class sets that force you to use abilities that work well with them and to adjust you'r playing style and other items to them. My favourite classes are DH and Necro. I'm not looking for a specific build I just want to be able to play on T13 without problems. I really don't care about seasons or doing 60+ GR, I still only play for fun during the weekends. But I'm afraid that maybe DH or Necro don't have as many usefull legendary items with class-specific powers that improve one of the abilities or work well with LoN. Or maybe some class has better combinations of class-specific powers then the other classes. Idk. My knowledge is on a new player level, so I need an advice. When I'm saying "Class specific powers" I'm talking about items like: etc.Crayzor6 2d
3d Flail of the ascended Make it 10 stacks of shield bash instead of 5.GabrielBG1 3d
4d The Horadric Hamburger and Kanai's Cube??? Suggestions for "The Horadric Hamburger" in the next update. Make it usable in Kanai's Cube as some sort of weapon buff or mode. Or make it like the Puzzle Ring and The Bovine Bardiche, where it opens a portal to another bizarre zone. Or, finally, at the very least, where the Cube destroys it into a stack of Death's Breath, say 50 or 100.MiniTitan9 4d
5d PS4 HC powerleveling needed plz Hello all, Decided on getting back into d3 after a long break. Was hoping one of you fine gents wouldn't mind powerleveling a hardcore seasonal character of mine (already level 48 the old fashioned way). I will be online at 8 CST this evening. If anyone can help, please put your gamertag in the comments and i will add you this evening. Thanks a ton! PS if you'd like to go ahead and add me, my gamer tag is PeggyLeggyGreggyyoyoma1 5d
5d Band of the Rue Chambers Idea The proposed new legendary effect: “Your Spirit Generators generate 50% more Spirit. Each point of overflowed Spirit increase damage by X% for Y seconds, stacking up to a maximum Z% damage bonus.” “Overflowed” means the part that was supposed to be added but capped due to the maximum (could use a different word if there's a better one). E.g. if I am 1 Spirit away from full Spirit at some instant and at that moment a spell is supposed to generate 21 Spirit, then it has 20 overflowed Spirit, and I get 20X% damage buff for Y seconds, when having that legendary effect equipped. X, Y, and Z are numbers or random ranges that are tuned for balance. The idea is to make this interesting but obsolete item somewhat more relevant, and this has many potential interactions with other spells or legendary effect which could open a variety of possibility for viable gearing.FenixTheDark0 5d
6d I hoard Rings and Amulets. I have a whole tab dedicated to rings and Amulets and it keeps filling up. So I made a mule to hold them, and the tab is filling again. I have multiples of different ones for different stats and keep a few extras for reforging. I like to have more than one for reforging in case I get a decent but not perfect one. No I don't hoard in real life. I have little to no sentimental value of my things.Shade1 6d
Jul 14 Bovine Bardiche I'm P650 and I've found 10 so far. Amazing.Scourge10 Jul 14
Jul 13 Gear Stats So I just started playing D3 and had a question about the gear stats. I have tried searching on google but cant really find the answer. When I look at a piece of gear. It will have say 4 primary stats and 2 secondary stats. before the actual stat there is a small little diamond. Sometimes the diamond is black and sometimes it orange. What does that signify? for example: Jul 13
Jul 13 An attempt to make "useless" primals useful Dear Blizz & community, surely we can agree that there are not many things as angering as getting a useless primal ancient item drop. While I can appreciate that we get 15 Forgotten Souls from salvaging, it still feels really sad. I would like to make the items useful in some way, but obviously not game-changing or game-breaking way. When I was thinking about this, I came up with an idea, that I would like to share with you. Lets make use of the "primal" aspect of the item and give us players some other reward than pure crafting materials. I was thinking something like an option to "salvage" the item at Mystic, which would give us a "primal" reforge option - the next item you put in a reforge slot will roll only the highest rolls. This way, we can be happy about any ancient drop and the proposed change is not in my eyes some overpowered aspect. I think of it as a time-saving reward. You spend the time in rifts and bounties, so lets save some time at the Mystic, because any player who ever tried to min/max their loot knows the pain. Anyway, I am not a coder, I dont know if this can be implemented, but I just thought to share it here. If you have any other ideas, please, share them too, and lets try to add some value for the unwanted primal drops ;-) CheersThom3 Jul 13
Jul 12 Item Stacking/Unstacking Hi All, This may seem like a stupid question but is there a way to unstack items? For example I've collected about 26 health potion (which i never need to use thanks to the health orbs :P) and i want to sell 20 of them. if i right click on them in a shop it just sells them all. Another example is moving subtle essence from my stash to my inventory if i just want to move a certain amount rather than the full stack (same with gems). Thanks in advance for any help -ArsenicLordArsenicLord8 Jul 12
Jul 12 Where do I find krysbin's? Where does Krysbin's Sentence drop from? Is it a bounty reward? And the same question for trangs scythe.....12 hours no drop?CaptainGundy25 Jul 12
Jul 11 Ancient items almost always roll like crap Ancient items almost always roll like crap. After watching tens of thousands of Legendary and Ancient items drop in this game, it's pretty obvious what Blizzard's philosophy is on Ancient items. Since Ancient items roll a much higher range on Main Stat and Vitality, and appreciably higher ranges on many other properties, Blizzard has reduced the probability, or "weighting," on the chance that the higher ranges of the more desirable damage-dealing properties will roll. How many Ancient rings and amulets have you found that have 4.5% CHC? How many Ancient Witching Hour belts with 5% IAS and 26% CHD? How many Ancient Focus/Restraint rings with main stat, Armor, and CDR? How many Ancient Compass Rose rings with the mandatory Main Stat and Movement Speed, Vitality, Life regeneration, and RCR (Movement Speed is actually okay because you don't feel bad about giving it up for a socket)? I recently picked up a Primal Ancient Legendary Focus with Dex, Vit, and Armor (and a socket, it's only saving grace). Don't even get me started on Ancient gloves. But the one that's really got me going right at the moment is the Ancient Karlei's Point dagger. I've picked up several, the best one having 370% bonus damage to Impale. Then I picked up an ancient one and I thought, "Alright! The game's on now!" Then I looked at the bonus damage; 322%! That means despite the Ancient version having 500 more DPS weapon damage, my non-Ancient dagger was still better by close to 50% damage. It's ridiculous that Blizzard would purposely cripple what should be an excellent item because they're afraid of it being "too powerful." Long ago I had the idea for "Paragon items." My philosophy for these items would be that they would have property value ranges across the board that were 85% to 150% that of standard Legendary items. In an "un-weighted world," one of these items would have a mere 23% chance to roll a property value less than the maximum value of a Legendary item. But in the world we have, I would be satisfied if Blizzard would simply stop giving low values a high chance to roll. One of the things I liked about Jay Wilson was that one of his philosophies was, "There's no such thing as too much power!"* But when it comes to these Ancient "power" items: amulets, rings, gloves, and some other items, the adage, which I coined, comes to mind: "Blizzard giveth and the Blizzard taketh away, usually at the same time." * Jul 11
Jul 10 Some set items not Augmenting I just learned how to Augment items to get better stats. I was able to Put one on my shoulders using the Hallowed essences set but not on the torso. It said it failed. Can anyone help me ?SixtyFPS3 Jul 10
Jul 10 THE MOST UNLUCKY PLAYER !!\(`0´)/ its only me who feel unlucky or also you guys!! ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯ like i upgraded 50 rare dagger's at one's in order to find a primal Karlei's Point and i got 4 ancient with low stats i am donne with this game !and tilted as fu**!! ('-_-)Divinity10 Jul 10
Jul 9 New vendor idea/rework I have run out of forgotten souls, dozens of times. I have rifted many, many times to refill my materials. as such I have several billion gold that sits there. I propose a new vendor. a person that sells crafting materials only. however. at a high price because this will do 2 things 1) let you buy souls/breaths. and or the bounty things like the water, or the tapestry 2) get the worthless gold out of the game 2b) have a dedicated gold sink built into the game to stop inflation. (anyone remember d2 days when an soj was the currency in the game.) which admittedly isn't a real issue in d3.zpf2 Jul 9
Jul 9 Ramaladni's Gift ? Hi, Has Ramaladni's Gift been removed from the game? I am P550+ (GR72 solo, not pushing) and not seen one :(Hardonails50 Jul 9
Jul 9 Can we get a materials vendor? It might sound stupid, but i have an insane amount of gold that could be vendored through if we had one of these vendors that also sold materials :)RomireOnline1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Re rolling Set items in the cube Is it possble to re roll a set item and get a Ancient set item ?SixtyFPS1 Jul 9
Jul 8 Etched Sigil skills explained Are skills made by Etched Sigil affected by the damage bonuses of Deathwish and Mantel of Channeling?It sounds like the etched sigil skills only get the damage bonuses while I am channeling.SmexyLord3 Jul 8
Jul 7 Menagerist Goblin Bug S14 Recently killed 2x Menagerist goblins in my game, both dropped the same pet. I get it's rng or whatever, but is there a way to delete the other pet since it's taking up bag/bank space?DonBurke4 Jul 7
Jul 7 Kanai cube ancient legendary rerolls Since the ancient legendary reroll chance fron non ancient legendary item is removed, does it mean that I can reroll my ancient legendary item, and it will stay ancient legendary, or it has a chance to become non ancient one?extibo13 Jul 7
Jul 7 3 slotted bow Hello I just got back from D3 this week (after a long long while) and I was surprised seeing a 3 slotted bow in my account. I went to the game and checked but i got only 1 slot there. Tried updating it as well and it didn't do anything... just same. I was confused LOL so help me understand. Thanks :D See for your self... Jul 7
Jul 7 How do set rings work? I have a green "set ring" that is supposed to double my damage, but when I equip it, it still takes the same number of hits to kill anything.Escapegoat6 Jul 7
Jul 7 Items excluded from Canai cube "upgrade rare" Hi, Is Bul-Kathos's Solemn Vow 1h mighty weapon excluded from Canai cube upgrade rare item recipe? Or are any items excluded in general? Based on this sheet , I found that there is 12.50% chance to drop, but I havent seen single one after hundreds of attempts. I got tens of Warrior Bloods but none Solemn Vow. I found lots of threads from ~2015, where people confirmed drops from Cube, but maybe it was changed in one of the last patches.. Or do I just have a badluck? I know chance is still 12.50% no matter how many attempts you do, but I got all other 1h mighty weapons so many times that I'm starting to believe, that SV is excluded. Does anyone have a same experience recently?PeLeCh13 Jul 7
Jul 7 Ramaladni's Gift Question I am just curious as to if this will still work in s14 content/player. I just had a Ramaladni's Gift drop off my greater rift 30 boss and i can not seem to get a socket from the enchanter for my last category 4 seasonal journal requirement. Will it still count towards it or no?Getoffmylawn3 Jul 7
Jul 7 crafting materials guys i just was wondering im new to diablo so if i delete all my characters do i keep my crafting materials and money also what else do i keep and what i dont keep after all my characters are deleteJLPM981913 Jul 7
Jul 6 6 piece set reward - how to get it ? Starting first patch 2.4 game the central window on the presentation pane caught my eye. It said that we will get a 6 piece set towards the end our out fourth chapter journey. Since this is patch note I guessed it is just a last minute change of the 6 pieces set promissed by the PTR when I last played. As that was an obvious issue signaled in many posts in the PTR discussion forum, + there is no current season opened, I took it for granted that it is just a last minute change and "chapter" and "journey" should read " Campaign" and "Act IV" And I was just one among others to think that - it seems. Well it seems I got it wrong. Can Blizzard clarify ? Respectnatasha7 Jul 6
Jul 6 Can't find Caverns of Frost Yo fellow passersby =D I need some help finding this elusive Caverns of Frost in Act III Fields of Slaughter (according to Diablo wiki) for mats to craft Staff of Herding. I don't know if this place was renamed or just removed after patch 2.1 because I've spent this entire afternoon looking for it to no avail. The version I'm playing on is PC RoS. The only dungeon I ever see spawning in fields of slaughter is Icefall Caves, which also contains two levels but never a Chiltara in the dozens of reruns I did. Give this lost lamb a nudge in the right directions guys? Much appreciated if anyone can shed some light on that just as elusive Mysterious Cave.Waterwright5 Jul 6
Jul 6 What can I do with legendary items I saved? I'm guessing this has something to do with the kanai cube. But, I saved legendary items thinking there's something I can do with them later on. When I read about kanai's cube, it said I need 50 f souls just to reroll the stats on one item. This seems like a ridiculous waste of everything, unless: does re-rolling a legendary bring it to your current level? Is there a way to select what stats you get or are they random? Is there a chance they could come with an open gem socket? Can you upgrade a legendary item? Can you upgrade a rare to a legendary, ancient or primal?Escapegoat3 Jul 6
Jul 5 When is the star transmogs gonna be finished? I dot in and out of interest in this game so excuse me if I've missed something but was blizz ever planning on finishing that transmog set they started with the star helm and pauldrons? I'm getting the feeling its a job half abandoned at this point and i was really looking forward to completing the transmog set eventually.Fatyboomboom3 Jul 5
Jul 5 GETTING ANCIENT ITEM SETS Hello, I am relatively new to this game. Currently I am trying to get the Ancient Unhallowed Essence set and I wonder if the reforging recipe of the Kana's cub can turn my set items into Ancients or not. Could someone confirm this for me pls, thanks a lot.VanLee13 Jul 5
Jul 4 Converting Set Items I'm having a very high failure rate at converting set items that are dropped during rifting. I'm keep getting the same stuff over and over again. This is a real bummer when you pick up your forth Shadow Helm. I stay positive and go for the cube convert and get the same helm again but maybe a socket added or just different stat's. I realize that the chance getting the item I need is very low but something different would be fun considering the resources I've wasted. As of now I'm just scrapping it, which just doesn't feel right. Please provide and advice or idea's so I can move up more smoothly and waste less time and resources. Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter! Sincerely, VaderVader6 Jul 4
Jul 2 Please update the crafted sets... They haven't been changed since before T 7 was released...changes are long overdue. For crafted sets with a 4-piece bonus, they should be a little stronger than any found 2-piece set (except for LoN). These include: 1. Asheara's Vestiments--Could perm the followers (all 3, always by your side) and add damage (33% for each follower standing) and damage reduction (17% for each follower standing) for a maximum of 99% more damage (multiplier) and 51% damage reduction (limit the Unity bonus to 50% damage reduction when followers have immortal tokens). *All 3 of their portraits could show in your party bar too (for arming, retraining, etc.--except in G-rifts) ^Temporary summons get the damage bonuses, but summons that have to be killed do not. 2. Aughild's--Could improve damage reduction, damage and damage vs. elites, and add a cool effect for the 4-piece bonus (like elites exploding on death, damaging surrounding enemies). 3. Demon's--Up the Area damage chance to 50%, 25% damage buffs vs. beasts and demons, 20% chance to reflect projectile attacks, damage reduction (50%) for a time (8 seconds) after doing area damage , and a 15% chance to Charm demons that hit you with 4 pieces. 4. Cain's--still the farming set mostly, still adding an exp % bonus and magic find, but it could add *30% damage vs. non-elites and damage reduction (50%) while attacking non-elites. *That could still help in a G-rift, but not as much as sets #1-3. The 3-piece bonus sets could add some utility when combined with class sets (cooldowns, attack speed, movement speed--beyond the cap). Hallowed Defenders could be changed to buff a random primary and a random spender for a build (+100% damage)--which could work best for class sets buffing specific skills.PDMangler0 Jul 2
Jul 2 Primals RNG: I've found only 3 primals so far this season, and 2 of them have been Tal's gloves. Fortunely, one of them was a great roll.Scourge7 Jul 2
Jul 1 Challenge cache is not in inventory I received the mail after completing the weekly challenge with my cache. I claimed it to inventory ( the same character and at the same moment)and to my surprise it is not in the inventory and there is no way to go back and check the mail. My inventory was empty and the cache not dropped on the ground. Any suggestions for me?Aawry0 Jul 1
Jul 1 about chance to stun... Is there a cap on this? I have 35% on woodwyrd as well as paralysis for lightning skills. My chain lightning doesn't do much dmg in the Grift, but it charges my orb and my mana so I figure as much stun as possible is good. I also have 20% with a legendary gem and maybe 10% more on gloves and other items. Is this all affective? If there is a cap I may need to roll some of that into other affixes. Would I be better off varying this with freeze or another affix?gunfodder8 Jul 1
Jul 1 caldesann'a despair fail I have augmented my set boots and ancient items. All remaining set items fail to augment. post blame non ancient items for this problem since I have augmented several items this is not the cause. any help? yes Bow and Quiver are NOT ancient they are not the problem SET items areiwalt9 Jul 1
Jun 30 Applying the legendary effect to your gear As I was playing with the cube last night, I found the instructions for extracting a legendary power obvious enough, but after I had performed it for the first time, I got frustrated because I could not figure out how to apply the effect to my gear. After a time of searching, I found someone on youtube who pointed out the not-so obvious: all you have to do is select the power for that item slot (your first extracted power for each slot will default to that one selected), and you are good to go. It does not cost anything to apply it. It doesn't show on the equipped item tooltip but shows in the details pane at the very bottom of the list. That was the confusing part. With no confirmation or instructions or even an obvious note on your character sheet, many players will be lost when trying to get the power. So, consider this both as a PSA as well as a suggestion to Blizzard to add these instructions or otherwise make the application of the power somewhat more obvious.Zepheron49 Jun 30
Jun 30 Primal Differences Lucked out got a Primal Inna's Temperance, the legs ,the primal stats are no better than the ancient and the ancient set allows the 3rd stat to be all resists which the primal does not give as an option... Why the difference?Donalbain2 Jun 30
Jun 30 Alkaizer explains why itemization in D2 was better A few of the points he makes in this video: Rare and magic items are useful in D2. Items for different equipment slots have different kinds of affixes that can roll on them, nothing looks the same, which makes every piece of gear more unique. There are many different and useful affixes in D2, while D3 only focuses on mainstat, crit chance, crit damage, vit, cooldown reduction etc... There were set items in D2, but they were not so overpowered that you were forced to wear them like in D3. Itemization in D2 is deeper and more complex, which makes the loot hunt so much more satisfying.clueso118 Jun 30
Jun 30 [Move speed] capped ? Hi, I just bought a few move speed items, planning to create a build oriented on attack speed + move speed. I theorically have 26% move speed, and with my DH move speed skill 41, but my character won't go more than 25% So basically : Why is there no information about this cap ? I threw more than 3 millions in the wind for a build that won't work because the game is not giving any information about this cap. Are there other "hidden" stat maximums ? Because I think it would be good to inform us like, before we use all our money for non viable builds. Also, why is this move speed cap there ? Thanks.Malharhak14 Jun 30
Jun 30 Move Speed Issue I know this is probably a dead subject, but none of the admin seem to answer the question about move speed. So i'm going to try to get an answer. I have 25% move speed according to the stats with no gear effecting it. I have Boots with 10% move speed, and Bracers with 11% move speed. So theoretically I should have 46% move speed so why is this not working?CountDracula1 Jun 30
Jun 30 Caldesann's Despair Suggestion. So I just used Caldesann's Despair for the first time and used a lvl 90 gem and 3 Royal Rubies on my boots. Little did I know it does not add your MAIN STAT, but the stat of the gem you put it. So I now have strength on my boots as a monk. There is practically no information on how this works in the cube. I searched this forum and there are people that were having this exact issue dating back as far as 2016. HOW is there still not any indication that this is how it works? Maybe add something saying "Stat added to item will is based on Flawless gem used"?Smalls8 Jun 30
Jun 29 Captain Crimson Set Drop Rate What is the drop rate for plans to drop in t10 caches? What is the drop rate specifically for capt. crimson set plans from caches? I am getting frustrated and concerned there is a bug somewhere that is preventing me from getting these plans. I even killed an odious collector goblin and he dropped zero plans on t10. I have every other plan in the game including the lvl 31 captain crimson plans. Thanks for help.Ceus3 Jun 29
Jun 29 Forgotten Soul Farming I was wondering if anyone had advice on farming souls. I've gotten to the point where re-rolling items in the cube to try and get ancients has left me with near zero souls. The limiter is no longer bounty mats in my case. What's the best, fastest, most efficient way to get souls for the cube? Thanks for any help you can give.Prophet00117 Jun 29