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Jul 9 List of all Wings, Cosmetics, Pets, and Promos I have been asked to post my personal cosmetic tracking document so here you go. Please note that it is sorted into various categories so some items appear in more than one place. I am always open to corrections if you notice something that needs updating. >^.^< WINGS 1. Angelic wings (white) - Buy a copy of the D3V Collector's Edition (CE). You would have to search Amazon and Ebay for a box copy and pray it is not a scam with a used key. 2. Wings of Valor (gold) - were a bonus for pre-ordering any version of D3 Reaper of Souls (RoS) (Standard, Digital Deluxe Edition (DE), or CE). The game key needed to be applied to the account by the 31 March 2014 deadline. No longer available. 3. Blade Wings (bone) – were part of the SC2 Heart of the Swarm (HotS) Expansion DE. They are now only available as part of the Deluxe SC2 bundle containing Wings of Liberty, HotS, and Legacy of the Void expansion. 4. Mercy Wings (mechanical + blade feathers) – Overwatch Origins Edition or Collector’s Edition. 5. Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings)WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition Requires base WoW game (all expansions including WoD are included). 6. Green Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the basic Set Dungeon Achievements. (Not tied to Seasons) 7. Green Leather Wings – Reward in Diablo 3 RoS for completing all the Master Set Dungeon Achievements/Goals. (Not tied to Seasons) 8. Cosmic Wings (Princess Lillian in Whimsydale) requires rainbow goblin to open portal. 9. Falcon Wings (Mysterious Chest Act 4 Gardens of Hope Level 1) 10. Andariel Wings: Season 8 Season's Journey Reward. Season starts 21 October 2016. No longer available. 11. Ghost Kerrigain Wings: Play 15 Heroes of the Storm Games with friend in VS AI, QM, Ranked, and Unranked Draft as Heroes from the Diablo Universe. Event starts June 13, and lasts until June 26, 2017. No Longer Available. 12. Wings of the Crypt Guardian: Necromancer Character Pack. Requires RoS 13. Trag' oul Wings: Complete all the Necromancer Achievements. Requires RoS and Necro Pack. 14. Fiacla-Géar Wings: Season 12 Chapter 4 reward. 15. Other wings will become available in game in the future as rewards for completing various goals. No details available yet. PETS 1. Undead Dog pet: RoS CE (physical box) or DE. Still available. 2. Murkgoblin pet: Blizzcon 2015. No longer available 3. Frost Dog pet: Season 4. No longer available 4. White Probe pet: SC2 Campaign Collection DE. Still available 5. Wickerman pet: D3 RoS Season 5 No longer availiable. 6. Blaze (Blazing Skull): Menagerist Goblin 7. Buddy (Fallen Hound): Menagerist Goblin 8. Bumble (Yeti): Menagerist Goblin 9. Charlotte (Spider): Menagerist Goblin 10. Cow King Pet: Menagerist Goblin 11. Friendly Gauntlet: Menagerist Goblin 12. Galthrak: Menagerist Goblin 13. Grunkk: Menagerist Goblin 14. Haunting Hannah (Ghost): Menagerist Goblin 15. Humbart Wessel (White Skull): Menagerist Goblin 16. Lady Morthanlu (Lamb/Goat Creature): Menagerist Goblin 17. Lamb (Human squire): Menagerist Goblin 18. Liv Moore: Ravi Lilliwhite (Weeping Hollow) 19. Malefasance: Menagerist Goblin 20. Ms. Madeline (Voodoo Doll): Menagerist Goblin 21. Overseer Lady Josephine (Teddy Bear): Menagerist Goblin 22. Queen of Succubus: Menagerist Goblin 23. The Mimic (Chest): Menagerist Goblin 24. The Stomach: Menagerist Goblin 25. Unihorn (Unicorn): Menagerist Goblin 26. Red/Black Unihorn: Season 7 Chapter 4 reward. No longer available. 27. Classic Diablo: 2016 Blizzcon ticket digital reward No longer available. 28. Baby Butcher Pet: January Anniversary Event. Start the D1 nostalgia event at char level one and complete it in one session without dying. You do not need to be level 1 by the end of the rift. 29. Baby Cow Pet (Royal Calf): January Anniversary Event. Get the rotting mushroom from the D1 nostalgia rift then complete a series of tasks. 1. Throw the rotting mushroom in Adria's cauldron in her hut (top floor not down below). Take the item you get. 2. Click 4 the bodies in Tristram in the correct order to get Wirt's Leg pattern. Text will give you clues. 3. Take the Wirt's Leg pattern to the Blacksmith and then craft it and salvage it to get Map of the Stars. 4. Go back to Adria's hut and click the dead cows outside in order 2,1,3 to open a portal to the Abandoned Farmstead. Go through then go to the farm and click Wirt's Stash chest to get the cow pet trinket. Right click the trinket to learn the pet. You may need to make a new game in order to access the proper phase for Adria's hut or to reset the dead cows if you already clicked them. 30. Rocky (stone golem type pet) - Season 9 Chapter 4. No longer available. 31. Half Formed Golem Pet: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. 32. Diablo III Tal'darim (Red Probe) Pet, SC2 War Chest Exclusive 33. Blue Dragon Pet: Season 11 Chapter 4 Reward. No longer available. 34. Necromancer Murlock: Blizzcon 2017. No longer available. 35. Blaine stuffed bear pet - Season 13 Chapter 4 Reward. PENNANTS 1. Warlords Pennant: WoW Warlords of Draenor DE/CE: Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 2. Diablo 3 RoS Season 3: Pennant for completing Chapter 4 of Seasons Journey. No longer available. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. 3. Blizzcon 2015: Blizzcon Pennant. No longer available. 4. HotS Pennant: HotS > D3: Level a HotS account to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 5. Set Dungeon Class Achievements. There is a pennant reward for completing all the Class Set dungeons. Achievement [Class Name] Ascendancy. Gives one pennant for the basic completion and one for Mastery. 6. Season 6 - completion of Seasons Journey Chapter 4 awards a pennant. 7. Fallen Pennant (Harvest) – Patch 2.4.2. Graw the Herald Act 2 Stinging Winds 8. Loremaster Pennant - Season 10 Seasons Journey Chapter 4 reward. 9. Necromancer Pennant: Rise of the Necromancer Pack. Requires RoS. TRANSMOGS 1. D3 ROS DE/CE Armor and Weapon Transmogs 2. D3 Season Conquers Armor Transmog from Season 1,2,3. Repeated in S4,5, and 6. 3. SC2 LotV DE Protoss Helm and Shoulder Transmog Still available. See below for link. 4. Blizzcon 2014: WoD themed Weapon Transmogs. No longer available. 5. D3 Patch 2.4 Lachdanon’s Stormshield Transmog. Secret area in Leoric’s Manor. 6. WoW Legion DE or CE: Demon Hunter Helm Transmog INFO BELOW FOR PATCH 2.4.1 FROM Dieidiotscum’s Spreadsheet 7. Axe 2-H: Kanai's Scorn - Immortal Throne Mysterious Chest (March Only) 8. Flail 1-H: Templar's Chain- Cathedral Level 2 Mysterious Chest 9. Axe 1-H Aidan's Revenge Currently NOT available 10. Mace: Mace of the Crows – Act 3 Barracks Lvl 2 Mysterious Barrel 11. Sword: God Butcher - Zakarum Cathedral Mysterious Chest (Act 5 Town) 12. Sword: Ghoul King's Blade (1) - Gardens of Hope Level 2 Mysterious Chest 13. 2H Mace: King Maker - Regreb the Slayer (Act 2 Stinging Winds) 14. 2-H Axe: Sungjae's Fury - Drowned Temple Mysterious Chest 15. Crossbow 2-H: Crossbow of Corvus - Blood Marsh Mysterious Chest 16. Spear: Steffon's Heavy Lance – Act 3 Arreat Crater Level 1 Mysterious Chest 17. Fist Weapon: Panther's Claw - Eternal Woods Mysterious Chest 18. Flail 1-H: The Que'Hegan's Will -Nevaz (Act 1: Halls of Agony lvl 3) 19. Helm: Star Helm - Orlash (Rift Guardian) 20. Sword: Amberwing - Erethon (Rift Guardian) 21. Staff: Reaper's Kiss - Infernal Maiden (Rift Guardian) 22. Polearm: Man Prodder - Lord of Bells (Rift Guardian), Versalius (Rift Guardian) 23. Shoulders: Star Pauldrons - Uber Diablo (Realm of Fright) 24. Sword: Quinquennial Sword - Jay Wilson (Development Hell) 25. Sword: Second Quinquennial Sword - Josh Mosquiera (Development Hell) 26. Flail: Flail of Carnage - The Butcher (Boss) 27. Helm: Helm of Cranial Crustacean - The Succulent (Tidal Cave - Greyhollow Island) 28. Fist Weapon: Hand of Despair - Rakanoth (Boss) 29. Portrait: Rainbow Portrait -Sir William (Whimseyshire) Requires Staff of Herding 30. Butcher's Cleaver - Blue item from the Butcher Boss on level 2 of the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 31. Red Soulstone Helm Effect - Equip the Legendary Gem that drops from Diablo in the January Diablo Anniversary Event Dungeon 32. Wirt's Leg - Crafted item. Recipe is from the January Diablo Anniversary Event. See the Royal Calf pet instructions for how to get it. SEASONS 1. Season 1, 2, and 3 Conqueror’s armor transmog rewards for reaching lvl 70 on a Seasonal Character. S1 armor reward was now available again in S4, S2 available again in S5. The other armor pieces will also be available again in future seasons. Requires RoS. 2. D3 Season 3 Achievement rewards a Portrait and Pennant. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. Season 3 ended 23 August 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future seasons. 3. D3 Season 4 Seasons Journey - Frost dog pet and portrait frames for finishing Chapter 4. S4 started Friday 28 August 2015 and ended 30 Dec 2015. It is unknown if they will be made available again in future Seasons. Requires Diablo 3 RoS. 4. Season 5 Seasons Journey – Wickerman pet, Portraits, Conqueror's Transmog Armor (repeat of S2), Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, 7th Stash Tab. 5. Season 6 Seasons Journey – Pennant, Portrait, Conqueror’s Transmog Armor Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 6. Season 7 Seasons Journey - Red Unihorn pet, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 7. Season 8 Seasons Journey - Andariel Wings, Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Stash Tab. 8. Season 9 Seasons Journey - Rock element themed Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Pet (Rocky). 9. Season 10 Seasons Journey - Portrait, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor, Loremaster Pennant. 10. Season 11 Seasons Journey - Blue Dragon Pet, Loot Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. 11. Season 12 Seasons Journey - Fiacla-Géar wings, High Heavens Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. 12. Season 13 Seasons Journey - Blaine stuffed bear pet, Imperius theme Portrait Frame, Conqueror's Transmog Armor, Haedrig’s Gift full Set Armor. FREE CROSS GAME PROMOTIONS 1. HotS > D3: Level a HotS hero (since HOTS 2.0) to 12 to get a cosmetic portrait and pennant in D3. Free to Play 2. D3 > HotS; Reach lvl 70 in a Season and get a free Malthael’s Phantom mount in HotS 3. HotS > WoW: Level a HotS account to 20 to get the Graves pet in WoW. 4. WoW > HotS: Level a char in WoW to 100 to get a free Ironside Dire Wolf mount in HotS 5. HS > WoW: Win 3 matches against another player (not a friend) and earn a free mount in WoW. Free to Play. 6. HotS > HS: Level a HotS account to 12 and get the HotS cardback in HS. Free to Play. 7. WoW > HS: Level a WoW char to 20 and get free Liadrin hero in HS. Free to Play CROSS GAME DE/CE EDITIONS (only covers D3 cosmetics. See links for other game rewards) 1. Diablo 3 Collector’s Edition: Angelic Wings. See Wings Section above for availability. 2. Diablo 3 RoS CE/DE: Undead dog pet and Transmog items. Still available 3. SC2 Campaign Collection: Drone pet and Protoss Transmog Used to be in LotV DE pack. 4. SC2 Campaign Collection DE: Blade Wings and Banner Sigil. Still available 5. WoW Mists of Pandaria CE or DE: Banner graphics and a Feat of Strength. No longer available unless you can find a box copy of the CE. 6. WoW Warlord Draenor CE or DE: Warlords Pennant. Still available as a separate shop purchase if you have WoD. 7. WoW Legion Deluxe Edition or Collector’s Edition: Diablo® III Wings of the Betrayer (demon wings) and Demon Hunter Helm transmog. 8. Overwatch Origins Edition for PC: Mercy Wings. (Game of the Year Edition also awards wings) BLIZZCON REWARDS 1. -Blizzcon 2013 - Mark of Death Banner 2. -Blizzcon 2014 - Warlords of Draenor Weapon Transmogrifications 3. -Blizzcon 2015 - Murkgoblin Pet, Pennant, and Portrait frame 4. -Blizzcon 2016 - Classic Diablo Pet 5. -Blizzcon 2017 - Murkomancer Pet EDIT - Corrected Wings section to note WoD is now included in the base WoW game. EDIT 2 - Added Mace of Crows location 1 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 3 - Added Steffon's Heavy Lance Location 2 July 2016. Source Deathstar #1596 EDIT 4 - Fallen Pennant Location added 3 July 2016 EDIT 5 - patch 2.4.2 updates with new pet 8/8/2016 EDIT 6 - Belated update for Season 7 rewards 8/23/2016 EDIT 7 - Updated for Blizzcon and Season 8 rewards 10/12/2016 EDIT 8 - Updated for January Anniversary event coming in the next patch 11/18/16 EDIT 9 - Updated for Season 9, MoP CE added. 1/16/17 EDIT 10- Updated for Season 10. 4/2/17 EDIT 11 - Added Ghost Kerrigan wings and Crypt Guardian Wings 6/5/17 EDIT 12 - added Necro Achievement wings, man prodder new RG drop 6/28/17 Edit 13 - many updates! 1/20/18 EDIT 14 - Season 13 additions added 2/15/18MissCheetah346 Jul 9
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Jul 9 Enchanting is boring, time-consuming RNG... I get that this game is meant to be grindy. Let me grind rifts and bounties. Sitting at the enchanter clicking "Replace property" and "Select property" over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over is !@#$ing boring. If I'm trying to get "Increases Impale Damage by 15%" on my Holy Point Shot, which has a hundred different possible stats, and I already have "Increases Impale Damage by 13%", just to use an example, the next time it rolls Impale Damage, 10-13% should be off the table. I should ONLY be able to roll +14% or +15%. Here's a better idea: let me pay ONE BILLION GOLD to just have the %^-*ing stat that I want on it, so I can get back to playing the !@#$ing game. Ugh.Auturgist1 Jul 9
Jul 9 Where To Get Blade Of The Tribes I was wondering if BoT dropped in a certain location/enemy or if it's just a random drop. ThanksFranku11 Jul 9
Jul 9 Suggestion: Buff wizard movement A big pain when playing wizard is that the only way of getting around is decently is with teleport. And then it is not that greate of a movement skill unless using aether walker but then you have to sacrifice tons of damage that you woul get from other weapons/sources in cube. My suggestion is that aether walker pasive is moved to a armour piece. Or add other movement possibilities. Like maybe buffing diamond skin to give a big boost of speed.masterhelge2 Jul 9
Jul 8 Primal Ancient Drop & Trade would someone if it were to actually happen towards the 1% trade 50k arcane dust and 50k veiled crystals would the person trade itBeast1 Jul 8
Jul 3 higher pool chance/frequency for N.S IMO pool spawn rate should be more frequent for non seasonal. I prefer non-seasonal because i like to play all the classes, and save items for each class. I do play a lot and consider myself more serious gamer but i take breaks. One of my more longer breaks has left me way behind in terms of paragon. Finding another guild like unity pre season 4 will be difficult until i hit 3k paragon. A higher pool spawn rate throughout adventure, rifts allows me a chance to get back some of the xp ive lost. If im playing a lot then i can make it worth it buy gaining more paragon w/ pools instead of searching resetting all the time because ill never catch somone at 8k---not even close without constant bonus xp. It doesnt put anyone at a disadvantage the people who are top leaderboard can continue to push on further in paragon, but the ones who are sleeping could be caught easier. Since non-season is an accumulation of all the seasons together and paragon through the entire life of the game(well since paragon was introduce like s3 or something) pools should be easier to find. Those who dont play as often or take breaks automatically have 0 chances at catching the top tier players, higher pool respawn rate just helps us make up lost time.... playing solo without a guild to grind grifts isnt so fun and im far off from being able to get in a good guild at paragon 1300 lol just my two sense, hopefully someone from blizz cant implement this i dont see drawbacks but have at it. Sorry any typos its early lol. Thanksslaynk3 Jul 3
Jul 3 Bracer for Class Necromancer Bracer for Class Necromancer Like the title suggest could we please have a bracer or shield made for necromancer class, preferably to Reduce Damage like the Witch Doctor’s bracer? (ex. ) If it can be tied to stacks in bone armor that would be great, if not anything to help reduce damage will be appreciated. Thank you.Venatus2 Jul 3
Jul 1 Gear Gone.. I haven't played in a long time, probably a bit after they removed the RMAH. I yesterday, and on my monk there was a couple items missing I didn't think much of it. It's been a long time maybe they don't exist anymore, sure. But I logged into my Wiz{edit wiz} today to see just head, neck, chest, wand, ring, feet. So i'm missing shoulder, bracer, hand, legs, ring, offhand. What happened to my gear? I read some forums saying they if you have a seasonal character, they mail your stuff to another character, and you have 30 days to pick it up (if this is what happened, stupidest system ever, why can't they put something in that doesn't expire?) but I don't even remember seasonal characters being a thing when I last played, maybe I'm clueless, correct me if i'm wrong. The strangest part of all this is my character in game looks the same, like he's wearing my full set of gear, but theres nothing equipped in the slots. plz halpNaboo1 Jul 1
Jun 28 Suggestion: 1st cube slot BlackHole all runes As in the name give Black hole some or all runes in a 1st cube slot item. Would be great for my current archon build. It wouldn't be max(maybe it would be) damage but it would give some utility with the wider size, Event Horizon, and potentially 2 bonuses with 5 and 10 second timers respectively. 1. Increased Base Size and pull (20yd) 2. After Explosion 3. Reduced Cd 4. Double additive? bonus with 3% cold damage, +3% damage per unit hit. 10 seconds and 5 seconds respectively. Same rules apply. 5. Enemies hit 10% reduced Damage. (5seconds) 6. Absorbs projectiles and other. (15yd) It could be like archon where the chosen rune determines it's damage type. Or be omni to use elemental with. Could make great burst damage. Plus the lovely reduction in time to make it cast at the same time as Slow Time. Then I could have SlowTime/Archon/Blackhole runes maxed at the same time. You could also do the current cold setup without worrying about damage type giving more versatility.Aital17 Jun 28
Jun 28 Space, Items, and Powers! IMPORTANT D3 IMPROVEMENTS: We need more stash tabs definitely...minimum 15 in my opinion. Ideally 5 tabs per class so 35 max. Tons of items needs a buff like black thorns, etc.. Too many useless legendary items that need better secondaries with higher numbers (ex: Khassett's Cord of Righteousness). We should be able to equip slightly more gear, like 2 hands, 2 bracers, 2 necks, 4 rings. Cause there's tons of underused items, so 18 items max per character if Blizzard adds this quality of life change. So many cube powers but we're only limited to 3? I'd say 9 cube powers max for more build diversity, there's so many underused powers just sitting in the cube. SoloPlayer780 Jun 28
Jun 27 Most damage % increase Elemental Vs Skill Primal Holy Point, best to go w 15% Impale damage or 20% cold (overpenetration rune) to increase damage. Can it possibly be the obvious?Sluggs1 Jun 27
Jun 27 Allow puzzle ring to use bought items. What about returning the ability(if it was ever there. can't remember) to use bought and dropped items to help farm early legendaries. It would be an alternative or supplementary way on top of blood coins to get basic legendary items to start cube enhancing. Not sure why it needed to be nerfed. It just allow money to translate into mats or legendaries. Neither are rare enough to justify limiting but it would be helpful enough to all players. And it would go great with after you get BotH to farm money from after getting the treasure portal. It seems like this was it's original intended purpose. It would help a lot at the early parts of the game to farm and get matts. Does this ever get the chance to get more than basic legendaries? It's no op. Especially if it's only ones that provide 1x forgotten souls. But you could take the millions from the BotH and start out if you get a portal. If it gets primals or ancients it would help end game too. I don't see why it needs to be restricted. It would help smooth out the games grind quite a bit. Might as well allow the tools in the game to do as they are intended. The only complaint I've heard Is that it's random or it gives an advantage randomly. The entire game is based on this though. And the odds are high enough everyone will get one eventually. So, it's good to have at all phases of the game except High GR pushing. Everyone will get one eventually and catch up. In fact it would probably allow everyone to play at a more even playing field in the end. And it would allow everyone to enjoy the game more. I just got mine.(I just started my seasonal character.) It's a lot of fun and a huge releif to get. In fact I have it and BotH. I would love to combine them. In fact where can you find a vendor with basic items. I'm wondering if this is already in game. I think it doesn't allow dropped items to be picked up by the goblin though.Aital0 Jun 27
Jun 26 Some good practical suggestions/led potions? Just some suggestions 1 Is it possible to have a button assigned to pick up all items within a designated circumference / distance from character. In " Sacred 2 " the " Q Button " is just for that purpose. 2 Dungeon Seige 2 has a spell in spellbook designed to convert all monetary items ( low quality Armour and Weapons etc ) to be able to be converted to gold coins, could this action be adapted to Diablo 3 game play if possible. 3 Grim Dawn has a function to make all low quality or any quality apart from items you want to pick up invisible to player, can this action be adapted to Diablo 3. Also if I have multiple amounts of led potions in character inventory say 3 life potions does this give you any tangible real advantage over say only having 1 led potion of each of every led potion or none at all. I have lots and lots all taking up valuable space in my inventory with 3 of this and 2 of that etc?Bryjndrrwulf1 Jun 26
Jun 26 Bonus xp on kill vs goldfind? I'm working on a build. I'm wondering if Bonux xp on kill is wroth it in higher Gr. Or is it better to get goldfind. I'm hoping not to need potion help. Here is the build if it helps. If XP isn't worth it for pushing a little harder is gold find useful for anything at end game?Aital2 Jun 26
Jun 25 Caldesanns Despair(Augment Items) I just attempted to augment an item that already was done once before, and when i transmuted them it took the material (3 fl.rl. topaz & rank100 leg gem) but didn't add the +500 intel. to my ammy.. so, we can we only augment an item once then? if so, can we get a "not allowed" blocker saying we cant? or maybe state it in the description.. kinda stings because it took a bit to get that material =/SG69023 Jun 25
Jun 24 Oculus ring question Can oculus ring buff stack? Player 1 and player 2 both spawn rights and they happen to over lap. Do I get both?zermus0 Jun 24
Jun 23 IZUAL not dropping plans for Herding Staff. Do I need level 5 blacksmithing before he will drop them? I haven't been able to confirm this, but I saw someone mention this once. That would explain why farming him 20 times so far has proven fruitless.SabbathViper346 Jun 23
Jun 23 Ramaladni's Gift | QoL | Off-Hand Seriously, after a few weeks into the Season these just sit in my stash increasing. Let us put them on off-hand items (shields, phylactery, mojos, sources, quivers). I'd ask for rings/necks too, but that might be too logical on top of ridiculous given the mandatory rolls of some items.Sidonis8 Jun 23
Jun 23 Pig Sticker I've tried 27 times to roll off the damage for a socket but it's offered damage each time. There are 14 attributes of which 8 are damage and 6 are not, so i would have expected 43% or 12 non-damage rolls, but I got none. Strange. I looked on line and many other people are complaining about this. What's the best way to get a socketed PS? Keep on re-rolling the damage, re-roll the dagger, upgrade yellows or use a Gift (which I don't have)?Scourge8 Jun 23
Jun 22 Help me RNG GODS! Ok.... so I've re-forged VYR'S SIGHTLESS SKULL 10+ Times same with the legs and the feet still no ancient roles this crazy been steady grinding for ancient gear for the past 3 weeks … this game hates me!DrakeAndBake0 Jun 22
Jun 22 Rakanishu's Blade If this gets moved to the "items board" I won't be surprised, but I want the community's answers, tips, opinions, etc. so I think it belongs here. I noticed searching through these and other forums that there wasn't much information to be found "Rakanishu's Blade." This item is a huge homage to Diablo II and I love it for that, and I bet others will, so I figured people that don't know about it should get a chance to decide if they care about it or not. This might be considered long-winded. Simply put: - a screen shot of my Season 3 version Stats will be posted at the end of the post for anyone that would rather read those than c/p the link. No idea how to hotlink it. Rakanishu's Sword is a Magic item dropped by Rakanishu's Avatar in the Dahlgur Oasis, found in Act II. Supposedly the event, a world event rather than a dungeon, appears commonly in the Southeast portion of the map, but I'm pretty sure I've caught it up North. The thing that makes the sword cool is that it has "Legendary" Affix: "When you kill a Fallen, you have a 5% chance to Charm all other nearby Fallen" - not exactly OP, or really powerful at all, it's just amusing. This is homage to Rakanishu, the lil' blue Fallen dude with the Lightning-enchantment in Act 1 of Diablo II, guarding the stones that activated the portal to Tristram to save Cain. Fallen in Diablo II were often heard chanting "Rakanishu!" as well. The item's lore text explains why. There is mention of an achievement called "Bashanishu" (supposedly in the "Challenge" section but is not there, nor in any other seciton) in which players had to hit Bashiok, a purple-named Fallen Shaman (named after the DIablo 3 Community Manager) with Rakanishu's Blade equipped. I saw this achievement on the list for a while, but ever since I came back (shortly before Season 1) I haven't seen it on the list. Kinda sucks for me given I'm a lover of the lore and really wanted to hunt that achievement. I have found absolutely nothing stating that the "Bashanishu" event was removed, but I may have missed it in patch notes or something. If anyone knows what's up, please let me know! I have also found no confirmation on how to obtain Rakanishu's Blade, but it is possible obviously. One of its conditions used to be that the player kill Rakanishu's Avatar on Normal - this was back before the sword even had the Affix, and now it's false. The one pictured was found in Torment 3. I don't believe I did anything special, so I'm pretty sure there's a drop rate to it, but have absolutely no idea what it is. Again, if I've missed this info, I'd love to have it! I'm willing to bet that the sword's Affix being added and the achievement removed might coincide. I don't believe I've seen Bashiok either; he tend(ed?) to hang out around the waypoint pretty often. In Adventure Mode, he was a bounty in Act II. Don't think I've seen that one, either. This, along with the Murlocket, are the only two Magical weapons with "Legendary" Affixes, Murlocket's being: "Call forth a creature from the depths." Here's the link straight from the Diablo III website: Stats (as found during Torment 3 with a level 70 Wizard) Rakanishu’s Blade 1-Handed Magic Sword 21.4 Damage per Second 11-19 Damage 1.43 Attacks per Second Primary (** = Always found on item) *+6-8 Lightning Damage *+530 INT *Increase Attack Speed by 2% **Reduces all Resource Costs by 8% Secondary (** = Always found on item) **1.5% Chance to Blind on Hit **(Legendary Affix) When you kill a Fallen, you have a 9% chance to Charm all other nearby Fallen Required Level: 70 Durability: 32/32 Sell Value: 2475 “Rakanishu, Lord of the Fallen, drove his minions to frenzied battle. They could often be heard screaming his name as they rushed headlong to their deaths.”Kain17 Jun 22
Jun 21 Unity is Anti-Social Can we change it so that it can be used in group play. Instead of the way it works now let the wearer get a 12.5% flat damage reduction and then add 12.5% for every ally within 40 yards. Or something similar to this. It makes no sense to have an item called unity but it discourages group playGpz1 Jun 21
Jun 21 Terrible rolled Primals So about those awful bad rolled primal that drop and ruined your health – here are some options to make our life so much sweeter without making the game so different: 1. Make a "red ramalandi's gift" – so that it will allow another reroll at Myriam shop, or by just removes the existing rerolled mark – or allowing 2 stat places to reroll (same ideas). 2. make a recipe in the cube where it possible to unite 2 or more primals of the same item so that you can choose a stat of each (only one primal will be left in that process). 3. make a primal recipe in the cube, so that if you refuge a primal with – let say 500 souls – you get a different rolled primal of the same item. Any of those option will make a lot of difference. Thanks!apollon860 Jun 21
Jun 21 Kadala as well as the cube the affixes this season for kadala and the cube are crap.. not even kidding.. i understand they're random loot and rerolls but come on blizzard.. i have been farming for weeks trying to get certain gear to better my character and have been augmenting multiple times and it is not doing anything but steering me away more and more.. I love this game but Im starting to feel like its going down.. and quick.. thoughts on how to better this? maybe make the odds better than they are. that is possibly making it easier as well but farming for weeks and then getting into a group of noobs who have better gear cause they just started is ridiculous.. please fix this or do something to better this issue for us long time players.ShadowDragon0 Jun 21
Jun 20 Drop Issues / Проблемы Дропа Drop issues. Guys, being a long time player in d3, i want to mention that drop system is a creepy !@#$, why me being a necro got primal for crusader ??? i spent about 5k ingredients in hope of craft a primal and got no even ancient item, but then got a primal Blackthorne in nephalem rift))) this god damn Blackthorne come from whatever !!!! earlier i had a topic with the same issue and spent 12k ingredients on that but received no answer. If you are going to ignore community again, im gonna broadcast this topic all across the in-game groups and im sure i`ll find thousands supporters, DO SOMETHING WITH THAT F.CKING DROP SYSTEM !!!!! Проблемы Дропа. Ребята, будучи давним игроком Диабло 3, я не могу не подчеркнуть что система дропа в игре просто страшный кусок говна, почему будучи некромантом я получаю прималки для крестоносца ? Я вот недавно потратил 5к ингридиентов в надежде выбить прималку и не получит даже древнюю шмотку , но потом выпал примал Блекторна в нефалемкеб этот чертов блекторн лезет во все дыры!! Так же недавно я открывал такой же топик когда потратил 12к ингридиентов и даже не получил ответа от вас ! Если вы будете продолжать игнорировать все игровое сообшество, то эта тема разлетится по всему миру и я уверен что найду тысячи соратников !!!!Nightwish4 Jun 20
Jun 20 RoTS 2 piece bonus not working? Hey there! I've experienced strange stuff: I've equiped 2nd piece of my rainment of thousand storms set and the bonus was highlighted in the set info. It says it gives my focus generating skills +25% attack spd and +400% damage. However I tried putting it on and off and testing the actual damage from the crippling wave - and haven't noticed any changes (and I expected 1.25*4 = x5 dps boost). What am I doing wrong? ThanksNidere1 Jun 20
Jun 20 First GR70 Primal It sure would be nice if the primal dropped from your first GR70 of the season was at least for your class you're playing... Second season in a row that I get a wizard primal on the character I decide to play - Monk in 16 and Witch Doctor in 17. Gets old...Discipler5 Jun 20
Jun 20 Suggestion: Scale Convention of elements! Change convention of elements so it scales to the number of elements involved. This can be done by changing the number of rotations and simply changing the overall bonus to keep the same effect making it easier to use. Example: If you use 2 elements it rotates at 2 rotations of 4 seconds. The bonus is reduced to 100% instead of 200% List: (Rotations above 4 may be too strong or add new gameplay.) 7 = 7*4 =28seconds @350% per element 6 = 6*4 =24seconds @300% per element 5 = 4*4 =20seconds @250% per element 4 = 4*4 =16seconds @200% per element 3 = 3*4 =12seconds @150% per element 2 = 2*4 = 8seconds @100% per element 6 = 6*4 = infinite @50% per element Pretty simple. Not sure what this might screw up if anything. But it's an idea. Or would this make it too usefull too much of the time? There might be some fun weird biulds with poison and other things added in to increase bonuses per hit or something. Not sure if they are useful though.Aital4 Jun 20
Jun 20 changes that i would like to see being able to combine your regular puzzle rings and turn them into ancient puzzle rings. changing gold find in the utility tab to % chance to spawn elite from a shrine or making the shrine last longer. all legendary/set rings and ammys roll cooldown reduction and show up as a secondary. i think this would be good since cooldown reduction is hit with diminishing returns.Waterbased0 Jun 20
Jun 18 Increase Spawn Rate for Mysterious Chests Pls I've been farming for days on spawn areas routinely for Mysterious Chests and I still got nothing. 1% spawn rate for M. Chest is just ridiculous, 1%??? Really?! I just wasted a lot of time and I got NOTHING. I could have farmed for Primals instead in GR Rifts with those days I've spent on hunting transmog items. Primal Drop rate is actually higher than this 1% spawn rate. Please fix/increase this spawn rate, or... just give us the option of buying the (M. Chest) transmog items directly as a digital add-on.Ntsk2 Jun 18
Jun 14 Rabid Strike w/ Bane of the Stricken Does the mimic from rabid strike also add a Bane of the Stricken's stacking mechanic? If the gem gives 1.6% per stack, would the mimic effectively make it 3.2% per attack?Ziplex4 Jun 14
Jun 13 4th slot in the cube. Here is an Idea for a 4th slot on the cube. Set item bonus power. You can consume a number of items to match the set power. ie... 2 items for the 2 item power, 6 items for the 6item power.Blayz5 Jun 13
Jun 13 Norvald's Fervor change Norvald's Fervor it seems like this set bonus isn't all that great or used. Could we get a redo on what this set does? Maybe tie it to on use of laws gives 400% damage and 30% damage reduction? Or just beef up the current set bonus to make it useable with Akkhan set.zermus0 Jun 13
Jun 10 S17 Ancient / Legendary Gem drop rate? With the new season has anyone noticed or heard of a change in the drop rate for Ancients, or the availability of (or removal of) any legendary gems. Currently grifting at LV30 and running normal rifts and bounties at T5 in between. Characters at Paragon 60, thus far. Despite having every other Legendary gem, have not seen a gem of ease drop. Actually made a checklist to ensure I wasn't missing something. My understanding has always been as long as a legendary gem is on a character or in your stash, it won't drop. Everything BUT the gem of ease has been obtained, but now the greater rift guardians simply aren't dropping gems (the only one left being the Gem of Ease). Was it removed? It's a great tool to have in a season, for obvious reasons. The other thing is the ancient items. It would stand to reason with the LON being the current season buff that the ancients might have a reduced drop rate, else everyone would just be running around with characters with 7500% damage three days into the season, but at my current character, torment, rift, and grift levels, I'd think I'd have seen at least one or two? Was it altered for this season? Or is anyone else seeing this?HammerToFall12 Jun 10
Jun 10 Passive buff(s) per ammount of primals used? We all know one aspect of the endgame is to get the ever elusive primals, but why the forever grind to get a piece one you can get an almost as good ancient anyway? My thinkins is, if one person is trying to get a full set or the 6 piece set bonus, a passive buff should be implemented if using a piece that is primal on the set? Like ... a shrine stat upgrade the first 2 primal set pieces equipped, then on the 4th and 6 piece. 2 set primal ancient equiped could give the shrine effect of running speed. 4 set primal ancient equiped could give empowered 6 set primal ancient equiped could give attack power + defense. Something has to be made so people can still grind those primals and have something unique attached to them. If non-set primals are used, the bonuses can be different ones as set primals, and/or requirements much higher, like 5/8/11 equipped items needed.Pata4 Jun 10
Jun 9 Primal Items Dear Blizz! Cant you plzzzzz do something about those crappy primals?? If their drop rate is so low, and you will prob get only one primal item you rly need in a season time - cant you make it that it will better agree with your stat needs?? you cant know those at advance - obviously - so cant you make it that there can be 2-3 re-roles stat slot available at the enchant house? It is so frustrating finally getting that primal item you wanted just to see its no good at all - and then realize you prob wont see it in the season again.. :\apollon865 Jun 9
Jun 9 Rakoff's Glass of Life - does assists count? Was wondering if anyone could enlighten me/us on how this amulet works in party: - does assists count? Enemies you kill have a 3–4% additional chance to drop a health globe. Kind of hard to test. Tried some googling, couldn't really find any solid info. If anyone knows anything, whatever it is, it'd be greatly appreciated. For example, it'd be cool to know if it works on followers and if the effect stacks if it does work with assists.bjornh2 Jun 9
Jun 8 Heavy Lance(PC) So I've been searching for steffon's heavy lance for almost 6 going on 7 hours now using the Helltooth Chicken Build with no luck. Is it possible to still get the item??? And also is it possible for someone to have the item already and just drop it for me so I get the appearance as well? Would love ANY help with this name: Amnesia#11809Amnesia1 Jun 8
Jun 8 Horadric cache mat drops Been checking around to see what the amounts of the horadric cube crafting materials for the new torment levels (14 through 16), haven't seen anything offhand so either they aren't listed, or they are all just 16 (as per T13). Anyone know offhand, as it will be a while before I get a character strong enough to survive those t-levels.RealHounder22 Jun 8
Jun 8 Yang's Recurve Have used Kanai's 37 times now to try to get Yang's Recurve, still no luck. Is this normal? Or is my luck just god awful? I see threads saying how easy it is to have it drop, much less using kanai's...ringinreturn3 Jun 8
Jun 8 How do I use the kanasi cube How do I use the kanasi cube to extract a legendary power and upgrade a item?MADMAX2421 Jun 8
Jun 7 RUNE WORD in Diablo 3 - what do you think about it? More estetic version (and source): ... In contrast to the well-known Rune Words from Diablo 2, a new idea has significantly changed structure (adapted to the current mechanics of Diablo 3). Idea is to develop the game and improve its playability. Besides, when i was creating the concept of Rune Words, I wanted to make the player went out of town (literally). World Sanctuary in Diablo 3 is a very vast terrain, which is currently almost no one visits, and if visits are just doing a bountiesy - a pity that so many developers work is wasted. Unfortunately, currently proposed solutions as: seasonal items, grifts etc. are not able to attract a player to play for a long time. Blizzard regularly facilitated the game (because of gamers voices) until it became so easy. It is not a challenge anymore. More and more people are bored with continuous grifts. Players are waiting for better times - whether these occur? Currently, character creation is based on the scheme: having set X and supplementing it with legendary items. The worst is that this system has no alternative. Thats why making "competition" for the sets and legends is extremely important . It ca develop the game in terms of gameplay. There must be difficulty in acquiring the best equipment and the process of acquiring it can not be discouraged and bored at the same time. It is obvious that the rate of loss of high runes can not be too large, and then after winning the coveted word rune will be proud, or at least very satisfied Rune Words as opposed to legendary items and sets would not have so much randomness and ranges in values of affixes. A slight randomness could be relate to the essential affixes (for example. 800-850 strenght), while the unique affix was to become of no value of the variable (the prize for submitting RW was not a disappointment, but elective surgery that was planned and the effects of which we predicted). ... Before you create a Rune Word It would be great to ‘lengthen’ the process of creating Rune Words in order to make the gameplay more attractive. I think the NPC (e.g. Shen or a completely new NPC) that allows us to create RW should be located in town. The basic ones would be taught together with the level of the craftsman. However, creating high Rune Words should require a crafting recipe (formula) first. ... Preparing constituents for Rune Words As it was in Diablo 2, I’d suggest to make a base for Rune Words out of white items (as well as yellow-rare, legendary and set items, but I’ll come back to this later). It would result in players seeking white items (as players don’t pay much attention to them at the moment) instead of only legendary and set items. We should be able to create a socket in an item without one. There is one item that allows creating sockets in weapons – Ramaldani’s Gift. I think there should be similar items that would make sockets for Rune Words. It would be a good idea to create special white items dropping from Ubers or bosses (a comeback of boss runes known from Diablo 2) and Rift Guardians that would be required for ‘more expensive’ Rune Words. Rune Words should not exist on all the equipment that we can use. I think they should be able to be put in helmets, chests, legs, weapons, and off-hands. Seeking Runes Low Runes would drop commonly in the game, but collecting high ones should require more effort. E.g. there would be 30 runes total, but 10 of them would be low, 10 medium, 5 high and 5 legendary. ... Of course one would be able to mix the runes, e.g 3 X runes would result in 1 Y rune (which is one level higher than the X rune). But mixing would be restricted to the last but one high rune (3 such runes would result in the last high rune) in order to make legendary runes impossible to craft and the only way to get them would be looting. ... Creating Rune Words MOST IMPORTANT: To do not mess with the order of the sockets in current items, rune word wouldbe made by rune which after mixing would create one huge rune that would be a rune word which is using only one socket at all. ... In order to create a certain Rune Word we will have to find a proper white item (or yellow, legendary or a set item – will write more about this later), a proper formula, required runes, required gems and a hefty amount of gold but also we will have to meet the requirements in terms of our paragon level (we need to be worthy of using such item). ... Thanks to this Rune Words will have a hierarchy made of different levels (ranks). The access to Rune Words of a given level (rank) would be unlocked with getting required paragon level. So the higher is our paragon level the more powerful Rune Words we can create. ... Types of items in which Rune Words could be put Rune Words would be created in the following items: - White (additionally in special white items that drop from bosses and Ubers that would be used for creating special RW) - Rare (yellow) - Legendary - Set items ... Rune Word would not be a new item but rather an affix modifier. It means that RW would add certain affixes to already existing item without replacing its affixes. E.g. we have got a yellow helmet that gives 500 strength, 500 vitality, 500 all immunities and 1 RW socket. When we put into the helmet a RW X that has CC 10% and CD 50% and a unique affix Z the helmet with X RW would look like this: 500 strength, 500 vitality, 500 all immunities, CC 10%, CD 50% and a unique affix Z ... Because RW would add affixes without modifying those already existing on an item they would follow the rule: Rune Words created in white items must have, except powerful legendary affixes, also basic affixes like strenght, vitality, etc. and of course the numbers should match those in legendary or set items. Rune Words created in rare items (yellow) would have the same affixes as in white items but the basic affixes should have lower values as rare items already have basic affixes. Rune Words created in legendary and set items would often don’t have basic affixes as usually legendary and set items already have them. All the affixes of a RW created in white items should be equal or even slightly better than those in RWs created in set or legendary items in order to make the choice based on build and its character rather than advantage of one item over another. Such system would help in retaining the usefulness of legendary and set items without competing with them but complementing one another. The system of completing Set Rune Words would look similar to the current set items system. Set Rune Words would have a few lesser affixes and one unique which would be unlocked upon putting small RW of that set into set items of the same type. It may sound complex but in fact it is not. Let me explain this with an example: we have Akkhan’s Set and we would like to create in it the RW named Blizzard. Blizzard as a set RW consists of small RW X, small RW Y and small RW Z (RW X + RW Y + RW Z = RW Blizzard, same as Akkhan’s Set = Akkhan’s Chest + Akkhan’s Legs + Akkhan’s Helmet etc.). Single small RWs don’t have powerful stats, they can only have basic affixes such as strength or vitality but if you put 2 small RW into Akkhan’s Helmet and Chest you would unlock special affix – e.g. +40% dmg against elite mobs and putting all small RW into Akkhan’s Set would unlock affix that gives +40% dmg against elite mobs and shield bash get a new instant effect – explosion. ... ... Rune Words would also reward player with a special, unique look that is unobtainable with transmogrification but only while you wear a certain RW. ... ==================================================================== Pros of Rune Words: - new, long-lasting challenge for player; - Rising potential of bounties (farm of all acts); - restoration runes from bosses and uber-bosses (like in D2 Ballrun, Mefrun, Pindelrun and more); - using basic and rare items even on 70 lvl ; - gain paragon level as a aim to reach new more powerful Rune Word (Rune Word Hierarchy); - using specialised prepared seasonal conquest and achievements as a real game progress (source of legendary runs); - new features in Diablo 3 (RW formulas, Runes); - diversity of new builds (Shield bash with Heaven's Furry or Condemn effect and much much more) ; - steps to achieve the intended purpose (equal value of RW); - possibility to reaching higher level of Tiered Rifts ecen by every characters; - more challenging game for experienced players; - more fun ! Cons of Rune Words: - Achieving Rune Words may be too demanding for casual players; - Unballanced affixes value may lead to "must have" situations. Remember that Diablo 3 particularly comes down to visiting the obelix in town. Thanks to this conception of RW, player will be able to explore all massive world of Sanctuary in all of acts. This will lead to organize boss expeditions and achieving achievements. Thx Majki83Majki8319 Jun 7
Jun 7 augment the Horadric Hamburger Petition to Blizzard to augment the Horadric Hamburger with a nice Mojo! I'm thinking maybe an Order of Fries? Chocolate Milkshake? For "Older" players like me, maybe a nice Pint? What could be cooler than a Witch Doctor running 'round killing monsters with Her Lunch?albabe24 Jun 7
Jun 4 New Cosmetics and transformications. To introduce a new White Transmogrification in the game. In new locations which were introduced 3 patch ago. I would like more new secret places with mysterious chests, and as much as possible. I would like the look of your Armor (e.g., body, etc.), and so the same for more weapons.FrosT0 Jun 4
Jun 3 How do you guys farm gems? I'm having trouble getting gems (amethysts to be precise) and I can't re roll my rings. What are some efficient farming methods for gems?Insight14 Jun 3
Jun 3 where to get iron rose where can i farm for iron rose? i always get freeze of deflection with kadalaUriel2 Jun 3
Jun 2 Plz consider adding search by class to stash. As the title states I'm having trouble getting back into the game (think last time I actually played this game religious was about 2 years ago) because of my massive stash. Adding more variety to the search bar would make gearing my class much quicker and get me into those greater rifts faster. Right now it's already being a complete turn off and I'm considering stopping altogether once again. Please consider my suggestion.Gilgamesh1423 Jun 2
Jun 1 Item that work in Archon the more you know - the higher you climb. I started to play Wizards, and one think is confusing me: what items to work in Archon form? For example, it does not looks like Ice Armor combined with Halo of Arlyse do work while in Archon, but the passive Crystallize (which increase your def while attacked) does work. At the same time Storm Armor combined with Halo of Karini work even when you are in Archon. Why teleport with stun rune does not work while in Archon? Is there any logic behind?LostMelody0 Jun 1
May 31 Outdated Legendarys (Rimeheart, etc.) I'm sure there are plenty of others so leaving this a bit open. Talking about legendary items which have been surpassed by the recent changes to sets and could be easily fixed by upping their numbers. Rimeheart is currently doing 20% chance of 10k weapon damage on frozen opponents, which used to be significant but with the sweeping boosts to sets would feel better around 30k or 50k. Helltooth set provides 9k dmg across board (essentially) and can be kept up indefinitely. Even if we assume 100% freeze on hit that's still only 1 in 5 hits that'll do the damage for Rimeheart. HT: 9000 over 5 hits = 45000 Rimeheart current: 10k chance over 5 hits = 0-50k assuming 100% freeze on hit. Averaging out to 20k-30k. The 20% chance part is fine but the damage should be boosted slightly to align with the new changes.Octave0 May 31