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15m Monk Spirit Stone Transmogs A lot of the time when I find a new spirit stone for my monk it tells me that I have found a new transmog, but when I equip the item the presentation is identical to some other transmog. Most of them are that little sun gem one, or the eye band one. I go to the transmogrify function in the mystic, and select the different transmogs, but they apply an identical skin to each other. Is this an issue with my game? Some of the artwork on the items looks cool and I would like to see it on the toon.blackrainbow0 15m
9h Could it be bugged? Could my account be bugged? Really just looking to see if I'm the only one who has this issue or not. But I haven't got a primal in days. Now I can see that easily being the case for a lot of people, but there's more to it than that. Now take into consideration I've been playing 8+ hours a day, doing nothing but farming (mostly speed running gr's). Now if that isn't bad enough I also spent over 10,000 db's and forgotten souls between yesterday and today reforging legendary items and upgrading yellow daggers (demon hunter). I spent almost 5000 FS's and over 6,000 DB's and didn't get a single primal. Just feels like my account must be bugged or something. And before anyone asks, yes I've completed a 70 solo this season. Earlier in the season before this slump I was getting primal fairly regular about 1 a day (again I play 8+ hours a day). I know of other people who get multiple primals per session, and run much shorter sessions, which makes me question if high profile accounts who get allot of exposure for blizzard get higher drop rates than the rest of us (but that's another topic for another day) right now I'm rather cheesed at the fact that I feel like I've been getting screwed these last few days, and it's making it hard to keep up my will to play. It took me forever to farm up the materials I spent in the last 24 hours, and I can't help but feel cheated because I don't know of anyone else who's had that much bad RNG. At what point does a statistical improbability become a statistical impossibility?SikkiNixx12 9h
17h Gem leveling needs help. I have recently have had the pleasure of 455 tries at up-leveling a gem from 100 to 101 at 2% (GR96). It appears that 455 attempts brings the approximate likelihood of going from 100 to 101 at less than 0.2%, that is a lot of work (10 up-leveling gems worth) for NOTHING. You cannot make-up for lost attempts as there is a statistical improbability in leveling 10 gems, at 2%, 10 consecutive times (calculated odds are 1:1.4 tillion) . I finally just hid the gem in another character so I would not waste any more 14 minute runs. That is not the way to make this game playable. It is not the first gem I have run into that has this particular problem as there seem to be a few of the popular gems that make a cluster of similar odds. Perhaps you should redesign your system so that 2% may actually work out to 2% like say add a certain percentage for every failure, e.g. a 100 level gem at GR95 is 2%, after the first failure add 2% to make the second attempt 4%, 3rd 6%, empowerment 8%/10% or, 1%, 2%, 3%, 4 or 5% for GR94.JustJeff1 17h
1d Mace of crows and steffons heavy lance. Are they still availabe? Im seeing some posts that some people cant seem to find them. I dont mind to farm for hours but i just wat to confirm if someone pick them up after 2.4.2 and 2.4.3 Thanks in advanceJackFrost3 1d
1d Weapon Strength/Damage? Is there a weapon that exists that is higher than 3,681.5 in damage? If so, how do I find one?RutoFlame2 1d
2d Stone of Jordan completely useless now. It used to be exciting finding these rings.. Now it's ubers of joy when you find a nice Compass Rose or ancient F&R ... Which has lost all it's fun as well ... Since the devs are all about power creep and instead of actual balancing, just increasing everything (Caldesann's Despair - don't even argue this) How about a new recipe for Stones ? They seem pretty rare.. Just as useless with probably all the builds unless its LoN. New recipe idea: Jordan's Following 1. Stone of Jordan, rare or ancient. 2. Any ANCIENT jewelry. 3. 3 of any final gem.. Extract Elite Damage (as stated on ring) and apply it to any ring or amulet. SoJ and gems are taken, outcome is your ring or amulet with bonus elite dmg%. Or make SoJ's elite damage bonus an affix that can be cubed.. ? I remember when Furnace + SoJ would just melt faces... This whole post may be just nostalgia but I'd really like to see this ring do something again... Maybe just a couple more OP ring sets before this ones touched, eh ?..Spades420 2d
2d Harmony-all wears get shared p/u radius Couldn't be bothered to see if it has been mentioned, a new "unity" ring.TheIrishOne2 2d
2d WTF seriously Really sucks or downright effin $hitty. A person cannot transfer items THEY have COLLECTED to transfer to their other characters they have in Seasonal or Hardcore. WOW, REALLY!!! What the hell is that crap Blizzard? Your company is bloody special indeed. Thinking this would be aloud on their own account. With the patches and ALL THE DAMN SECURITY you put on protecting players account from being hacked. What a waste of time and money on my end on purchasing Necromancer. Done my rant. Just not happy i have to f&cking farm everything AGAIN from scratch.AndreGaidan7 2d
2d Primal ancient eligibility ? Hello here, I'm considering going back to DIII after a long break, and I understand that there are now "primal ancients" that can be dropped for any character that has completed a GR70 solo. The point is, how do I know if I have completed a GR70 solo already ? I checked my achievements and there is nothing about max solo GR there, leaderboards seem to be unavailable, and my profile is unavailable too because I haven't played for too long... I know, I could just log in and complete a GR70, but still... Any suggestions ?cmoidudu16 2d
2d circle of nailuj evol I have it. Can't extract the power from it into the cube. Why? its in the listing. What is wrong here. ExplainMendomain6 2d
3d When comparing MIN and MAX damage on weapons, which is more important? Say for instance, two identical weapons in every aspect except MIN and MAX damage. One has 100-200 and the other has 125-175. Obviously this is a hypothetical, but as you can see - one weapon will hit harder consistently with more MIN and the other weapon will have more variance with larger potential hits via it's MAX damage. In my stash, I am trying to "one of each weapon" for future builds and I'd like to make sure I am saving "the best one" each time I compare. Thankspalatinae6 3d
3d Perfect Primal Weapon Drop A little backstory, I've been stocking Vrys gear for the past week and got a primal chest piece and rest ancient gear and found a great ancient chantodos staff and source. I wasn't digging it so I switched to the pig sticker and seemed to be working better. Then I dropped a Primal Ancient on a Regular Rift My Vrys Archon Build is now Complete. Starfire Primal Ancient Legendary Wand Damage Maxed 1560-1940 +10% to damage +1000 intelligence Attack Speed increase by 7% Secondary +14 Maximum Arcane Power(Wiz only) 2.6% Chance to knock back Lightning damage increased 15% for every 10 yards you are from the target. Nothing was re rolled 3d
3d So in order to get Primal gear... So in order to get Primal gear for the set-up I use (M6), should I wear another gear set? It seems that way as I wear Marauders and I have gotten Primal set-ups for all of the other gear sets except Marauders. I have gotten six Accursed Visage Primal helms but not a single Marauder Primal helm. I have completed every other DH set in Primal except Marauders, of which I have only received one pair of primal boots that were so worthless I can only use them on my other-than-greater rift outfit. It is the same with weapons; I use Raven Wing and Yangs yet I have received at least three of every other bow/crossbow primal and not a single Yang or RW. I love the job the devs did in the last patch, now please fix the Primal system where there is a lot of work that needs to be done starting with the garbage affixes which make a Primal worse than a non-ancient legendary. I should be getting Yangs Primal, not some bow that does nothing for my game play as it is unusable for my build (M6). You know these "builds", such as M6, as they were intentionally constructed by the devs for gameplay so please try actually dropping items related to the build more often, like 0.5% which would be an improvement over the 0% you actually have for Yangs. If you are going to use the bovine scatalogical excuse of "tied to" like you did to the ruin the auction houses, the primal system might as well go the same place as it is worth about as much....JustJeff0 3d
3d Ramalandi's Gift Useless Unless More Uses are Built In RG is a great item, dont get me wrong. But when you're late into the season and you have 50+ of the things, I begin to think picking them up is entirely pointless. Some suggestions for devs to consider: 1. Socket jewellery 2. Socket off-hands (and while you're doing it, off-hands should get Crit Dmg when socketed with an Emerald) 3. 1 RG = 1 additional stat to be re-rolled at Mystic. If you wanna use 6 RGs re-rolling all the stats on an ancient or primal item, that should be your right. Let me know your thoughts / any other potential uses.GiantAxe32 3d
4d Red Soul Shard worthless I was excited about a new gem for the helm. After using it, I am not only disappointed, but puzzled how this could be viewed as positive. Why would you randomly cause an effect to stop the player for a period time to make them susceptable to death? Maybe if the positive effect killed everything surrounding you when you are frozen, it might make sense. The stop movement effect of 'control for power' has killed me more than once. I hate to say it, but when it is happening, it seems like the character is taking a 'crap'. :-)Paradox41 4d
4d Returning player looking for Starfire + vyr Returning player looking for Starfire + vyr. I heard you get starfire from crafting with cube? Next is vyr's set. I went to the dungeon location, but it wasn't there. How do I reliably get vyr's now? Also looking for a manald's heal ring location/crafting info. Secondary items I'm looking for are chantado's set. Thanks for the help!SirViP2 4d
4d Veiled Crystals - Best Farming Methods? So my new issue is Veiled Crystals. I started this season with literally 30k materials of EVERY type. Including 30k deaths breaths. Despite everyone having a shortage of deaths breaths (simple short-sighted not having saved all their deaths breaths pre-patch)... I still have almost 15k of all materials left, EXCEPT veiled crystals. I have found that we use a TON of veiled crystals since the patch. 50 at a time for upgrading rares to legendaries. 15 at a time for every reforge which usually takes 20+ rolls to get anywhere close to what i want (300++ used per item nearly every time). Plus however many required for getting the blacksmith to make rares for rare upgrade recipe in cube. Needless to say, i have gone from 30k+ to zero since the patch. I have refarmed about 2k worth. But the return for the amount used is massively outbalanced by the amount used. Anyone having yellow mats shortage like this? Veiled Crystal shortage, haven't had this issue for nearly 2 years! lolderps21 4d
4d Reforging Primal for Primal Just as it Says, we need the ability to reforge Primal Ancients into Primal Ancients for the chance to get the rolls we need or at least can be useable! its simple just increase the Bounty Mats needed to do the Re-roll This ability is SEVERELY Needed! There is nothing worse then getting Primals with complete Junk Rolls, these things are already rare enough, out of the Dozens and Dozens and Dozens of Primals I have obtained I have 2 (possibly 3 when the season rolls over) that are Useful, simply breaking them down is painful enough and not Good enough who the heck needs 15 Forgotten Souls when I have a Stack of over 13,000+ which in itself is absurd (13,000 + Useless Legendary's) but hey it is what it is. Blizzard Please make this Possible.ProtossLord16 4d
4d Cubing: "Your follower cannot die" possible? I have been trying to craft a follower item with "Your follower cannot die" on my season 12 character. I use the Cube recipe that eats up 25 Death's Breaths. I have done it close to 15 times now and still nothing of the sort has shown up. Is it even possible? Or am I just unlucky? I am pretty confident I managed to Cube one like that on a regular character a while back.harfang2 4d
4d Akkhan's manacles problem !! I need help because i need akkhan's manacles but i don't know if it is possible to drop it with blood shard because i spend like 20k blood shard to get them but that never happen. If someone know how to get them plz tell me, i need them so bad :PRazzerz0073 4d
4d Thank You, Calvin (and Hobbes) for giving us the wonderful word "Transmogrify"yessquire0 4d
4d Colored Money Bags Deadly Broken Foible of Glory. what is this colored money bag's purpose ? That's the title, pet's can't pick them up.kurtz1 4d
4d Tainted Abode: Where and How I'm having trouble find any information on how to find and open the realm of fright or any other. I have 6 rifts pieces to use, I just can't find the tainted abode. I know it's in tristram; but, where and in what game mode. Is it in adventure mode or campaign? Can someone pass along some good intell please. DereisendracDereisendrac6 4d
5d Gibbering Gemstone Droprate insanely low?! Dear Blizzard, Would it not be okay to make the drop rate higher for Gibbering Gemstone ? i mean to have this area not be available to players cause of an insanely low droprate is kinda?? i've done the caverns of frost run about 60 + times now the mob chiltara spawn is pretty good i would say it is about 80 % i think the item droprate should be at least that or 100 % even, here i am just want to show my friend who is new to Diablo everything there is and that includes this hilarious but awesome area you have created but we cannot cause of this droprate is just holding us from it. i think it's Time Blizzard , time to get rid of this insanely low droprate for gibbering gemstone ! :P Greetings Genesizs <3Genesizs8 5d
5d Primals (!) PLZ make it that there is some way to rerolle primals. Its the worst thing ever to get the primal u need after days in (and out) of farming - only for it to be 1 stat off - makes it useless - and the probability of u getting that same item again in its primal form, and in a way u can use it = 0. Ok blizz whats us to rng.. but dont make it so discouraging that ppl will just give up on it! better make the chance of getting a primal 10 times lower - but once u got it make it possible to rerolle it for ur needs :(((((apollon8611 5d
5d Wizard Only Bracer items? I have not been able to find any Wizard only Bracer items. Are there any? Well if there are not maybe they could make one. :) Something that affected cool down of a skill or lengthen the deration of Archon. It could be anything.Slowbrain08 5d
6d Got spectrum sword. Hello i just got spectrum sword in normal mode. But i doesnt show in my season character. I can understand why. My question is will i have the transmog in the new season coming up (season 13) ?? Thanks in advance!JackFrost9 6d
6d The illusive cosmic wings... I'm going to lose my F***ING MIND I SWEAR!!! I'm up to 578 rainbow goblins and no Princess.. WHAT THE HELL!?!?!?!?!? And then you get some people who just RNG the hell out of it and on their 20th goblin they get it??? Been searching for too long and my heart can't handle another Princessless run ( ;_;)... I'm only farming goblins for the remainder of the season when playing without a group using a specific route with a goblin hunting monk. I'm doing everything right but I'm just not one of the lucky ones. HELP T^T DFDoughnut6 6d
6d The slanderer socket roll question Just recently got a slanderer, but I've seen lots of pictures floating around of people's slanderers with no secondary stats, just 5 primaries with a socket. Is that determined by the roll? This is mine: and this is someone else's: And since I can't roll sockets on a secondary stat, does that mean i'm just unlucky and have to sacrifice a primary for the socket? I always thought if I don'to get a socket I just gain another primary. Anyways, thanks in advance.Yamko3 6d
6d gibbering gemstone fix plz relly can you not make the drop rate higher , cause i lost my internet and i just found the item after 20 weeks try , ty -tozicblooddk4 6d
Jan 13 Transmute from Kanai Cube is not working Anyone have an issue? I have all the resources needed and a valid legendary item. I put it into the cube's grid and hit transmute and it gives an error that transmute failed. Any step that's missing? Regards SanjayStarFyre98 Jan 13
Jan 13 Rike the Apothecary It would be nice if Rike the Apothecary actually gave you some sort of unique elixir after you save his brother. Something not super-valuable, but useful (or at least fun to have) and not obtainable elsewhere.Vermonster2 Jan 13
Jan 13 Item Consumed without warning I had recently leveled up a gem that can be socket-ed into weapons and makes their level requirement 1 However I saw an option to use it in crafting and I wanted to test to make sure I could use it indefinitely or not. Normally whenever you extract the power of a legendary it gives you a warning that the item will be consumed so I figured it would do the same if the gem had to be consumed. I then picked out a weapon and tried to see if that message would pop up and it didn't. However it consumed my gem anyway and made me very PISSED OFF for working my !@# off the LEVEL THAT THING UP!!! please either HELP ME or FIX THE PROBLEM!!! Thank youCreeper27501 Jan 13
Jan 13 change more than 1 item stat at mystic please It would be great if the mystic could change more than one item stat. Perhaps the cost for each stat to change could go up by * 2 (or more) including re-rolls. It would have to remember which was the first stat changed, the second, and so on so that the cost to purchase a re-roll for each stat gets the right cost applied. This way you could customize your sets and legendary items the way you like them after the appropriate amount of farming.Snappahead0 Jan 13
Jan 13 Hellfire Recipes I've started accumulating items from the Infernal Machine portals, where do I get the recipes to make something from them? Also, does it matter at what level you do them? I've been running them solo on TV, and I die quite a bit...lolBrianoir634 Jan 13
Jan 12 Make revive skill good For the moment revive skill is not used in endgame, main reason for that because devour is so important for getting essence back and you need the corpses for that. As a crazy thought, would it be horrible idea if legendary item made so when you devour corpses you would also revive some of them. You guys worked a lot on this skill and its a shame it does not get that much use.Mephasm0 Jan 12
Jan 11 Ancient Item with Less Stat Range Hi, I just found an ancient Stormshield and was excited to replace my non-ancient Stormshield when I noticed that the new Stormshield I found had less Life % than what I was wearing. I then realized that the Ancient Stormshield has less Life % range than the non-ancient! Is this a bug or intentional? Also, the armor is less, but I guess Ancient items have the same armor range and regular items? Jan 11
Jan 11 Suggestion: New Power for Stone of Jordan Here's a suggestion for a Legendary Power for the Stone of Jordan: Increase the Maximum of all Resources by 15% and increase Resource regeneration by 50%. The Elemental Skill damage of each type is increased by 30-40% of the damage reduction provided by its associated Resistance. Notes/Thoughts: The underlined part in the above represents the portion intended to be tweaked to buff or nerf the Legendary Power. The Elemental damage increase given by this Legendary Power should displayed in the character details sheet. Example: If your Physical Resistances give you 80% damage reduction to physical attacks, and SoJ roll is at 40% you would see a 32% increase in the Bonus Damage to Physical Skills section of your character details. This Legendary Power should replace the Elemental Damage% roll AND the +Resource roll on SoJ, and should be a secondary Affix. This would thereby free up one Primary Affix slot on the ring and allowing it to get better rolls. The Elite Damage roll should be left alone. The increase to Maximum Resource and Resource Regeneration should increase both resources of Demon Hunters. The Maximum Resource increase and the Resource Regeneration is meant as a callback to the old SoJ of D2 (Increase Maximum Mana 25%, which increase Max resource AND increased resource regeneration in D2). The increase to All Elemental Damage Skills idea was the closest thing I could come up to match the +1 to all Skills in D2's SoJ, while still keeping much of the flavor of the D3 SoJ. If you've read this far you've probably got comments regarding this idea, if so I'd love to hear them. At the same time I've got some questions you may be better able to answer than I, so if you have the time please chime in on them (lots of math is okay, I'll read it even if I don't get it). Questions for YOU: What Classes and Builds that are currently in Meta do you think would benefit from this Legendary Power? What Classes and Builds that are not currently Meta do you think would benefit from this Legendary Power? And do you think any of these could become Meta worthy due to this change? Would this Legendary Power be Competitive or Compatible with the Legendary power on Convention of Elements? Would you want to replace CoE or wear both CoE AND SoJ at the same time if this Legendary Power existed? How is Area Damage calculated when it procs off an Elite if your character has +Elite Damage? Does it increase the Area Damage received by the non-elite enemies in the area? Thanks for Reading hope you Enjoyed!Sethra0 Jan 11
Jan 10 Tal Rasha Set Farming Hey I have been framing for Tal Rasha set items for about 2 weeks so far and have been unable to find this set anywhere. Can someone please tell me where the best place is to get them?ArmyVet566 Jan 10
Jan 10 Mirinae + Inarius Nerf "Hotfix" - Fix the gem! You are going to nerf the fun - again - because of that "hotfix". Please keep the build alive since it's not broken at all (compare to Bloodmancer which is ruling the leaderboards). Note: This (underused) gem is only used in Necro builds (Bonemancer Push/Corpsemancer Speed [see below]) which are NOT overperforming at all. ... and you are going to nerf the proc rate of bone armor to 1/3. ... and you said that you don't want to nerf the build itself. ... and there is no other buff incoming for the set. This leads to this... Suggestion: Triple the proc rate of Mirinae from 15% to 45%. We have just spent 15€/$ for the Necromancer and I have bought it because of an incredibly funny speed build which is using this gem. It's not working anymore without. This hotfix without any further changes makes me regret the buy of the class pack. :( Folks, please support my thread. For the <3 of Inarius. Edit: Enjoy this corpse explosion (!!!) speed build as long as you can folks: Jan 10
Jan 10 Bane of the Stricken mechanics. Channeling. Hello, I am playing a wizard and use a channeling skill as my main skill (Meteor build with Etched Sigil) As far as I understand, Bane of the Stricken affects only first mob hit by skill. So when fighting my way through rifts, I need to target elite bosses rather than just hit them with area attacks. When I channel with Ray of Frost - it is more or less evident (I hope), because it hits only one target. But when I use disintegrate or arcane torrent: Let's say an elite boss is on the other side of the screen, I target it with my mouse cursor and attack with channeling skill - such as Arcane Torrent. It may hit other monsters on the way to the boss, but it is extremely important to know that it is elite boss that is affected by BotS, not some random white mob. Can anyone explain how to achieve that goal better? Thank you.Cuthalion0 Jan 10
Jan 10 johannes argument IF I use johannes argument & olso use it in kanais cube do i get double effect (200% precenst blessed hammer)dodo2 Jan 10
Jan 10 johannes argument if i use johannes argument and also use it in kanaus cube do i get double effect ?dodo0 Jan 10
Jan 10 Convention of Elements needs a nerf Right now, Convention of Elements dominates the meta and belongs in most meta builds in the game. This is happening because it is too powerful. I believe the concept behind its design was that it would benefit multi-element builds, builds than can't focus on gathering single-element buffs like single-element builds can. For example a Tal Rasha wizard would benefit a lot from it. The thing is, this ring is so powerful that ends up being best in slot even for most single-element builds which is absurd. For most classes, even using 1/4 of elements still gives a 50% damage buff, more if you time it, which makes it just too good for just about any build. For a niche item that should only be appropriate for multi-element builds, this is wrong. I also suspect that the power of Necromancer can be traced in some part to only having 3 elements instead of the usual 4. So he stands to get even more value from this blatantly OP ring. I believe limiting its bonus to 100-120% would make it much more reasonable and balanced. Please consider nerfing it for next season, so we can have some variety in builds again, and some common sense.TemplarGR12 Jan 10
Jan 10 LoN????? Sorry for my bad English. Just wondering if you want to buff up a future patch on the LoN ring set?Jurandir5 Jan 10
Jan 10 Cannot find recipes for upgrading gems I have farmed all bounty sites dozens of times, but have never encountered a recipe for upgrading gems from flawless imperial to the next level gems. Is there somewhere else to look or should this be a bug report?drmicrochp5 Jan 10
Jan 9 Darkening of Tristram Blue Items Trying to collect all of the blue items w flavor text from this event and wondering if I have them all. So far I have: Godly Plate of the Whale King's Sword of Haste Harlequin's Crest The Undead Crown (off skele king) The Butcher's Cleaver (off butcher) Archangel's Staff of the Apocalypse Empyrean Band (from pile of rocks in level 5?) Ring of Truth Am I missing any? Any other items that are not boss drops too?Astynax6 Jan 9
Jan 9 First Primal - One of the Rarest out there?! I have been looking for these boots... and after the third act 2 bounty today I got my first primal... Illusory Boots! Not bad for a first primal on a Condemn Crusader!!Miraj3 Jan 9
Jan 9 Are primal items part of a "set" I understand that "Ancient Legendary" items are part of a regular set. With that in mind, are "primal" items of the same set NOT a part of the set? I.E. Wrath of the Wastes. I had a "Helm of the Wastes" piece. Eventually I upgraded it to a "Ancient Helm of the Wastes" piece. All part of the same set, right? THEN I found a "Primal Ancient Helm of the Wastes" piece. Lists the same set pieces as part of the set. When I equip it, it says that it is the only piece of the set I have equipped and that it is NOT part of the other set with the same name. Is this correct? Am I just not understanding this right? Primal items are a complete set of their own and NOT part of existing sets (if, of course, they are named such and part of the set?)Therealmog2 Jan 9