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6d Yang's re-roll help please Hey! Looking to get some feedback from community on how to re-roll my new Yang's Recurve. :D The 3 considerations I have are: Vit to ias 10 discipline to 12 discipline lightning damage to higher damage amount. Thoughts? Thanks!Ninja5 6d
Nov 17 Suggestion on Band of Hollow Wispers Making it casting runed haunts if you equip one just like you cast it yourself, and making it satisfy the corresponding part of the buff condition in ring of emptiness. This is analogous to how Wormwood works at the moment and I don't see how that ring could work like that.FenixTheDark0 Nov 17
Nov 17 legacy of nightmare improvement ideas hello everyone, this is my idea for an improvement on the set rings that allow players to create whatever build the desire. when this set was created i went nuts over it, finally, a way for me to make my own true character. in the recant update to season 12 blizzard upgraded a lot of gear for us, in fact damn near everything. however the one set that didn't get touch was the one i was hoping for the most. by the title i'm sure you all know what i'm referring to. with all these sets drastically improved it put all my costume builds with the legacy of nightmare to shame and made them irrelevant. the idea i have for an improvement to this set is of my own opinion. i didn't do to many calculations so i'm open for debate. i was thinking of something like this. for every legendary gear you are wearing you get 100% damage and 3% damage reduction. for every peace of ancient legendary gear you are wearing you get 150% damage and 4% damage reduction. for every peace of primal ancient legendary gear you are wearing you get 200% damage and 5%damage reduction. i feel this is somewhat balance and also gives the end game players something to hunt for and strive to find.triedge2 Nov 17
Nov 17 How to tell if Legacy of Nightmares is workin So I recently got both parts of the new "not-a-set" set and thought it would be interesting to try out, especially since one of them rolled ancient itself. However, after lots of putting items on and off, I never seem to gain a buff from the set bonus. How do I know when it's active? I wanted to test a couple things, like whether you could wear set pieces so long as they did not activate a set bonus (ie, the ridiculously powerful Krelm's Buff Bracers), or if it meant no set pieces AT ALL. But even with nothing on but that set and a couple legendaries, I see no buff icon, no buff to sheet damage, nothing. I even tried swapping a non-ancient Litany out for the ancient one and it only made about the 5% sheet damage difference (which is what the tooltip showed as the direct difference between the 2 rings). So, am I missing something here, or did the D3 team pull another retarded "let's hide the important information so people have to guess!" stunt?Worshipper12 Nov 17
Nov 17 Nagelring +magic find bonus Hi all, I have been trying to understand the usefullness of this Nagelring. It says it gives +50% max magic find. How does this apply? Is it per kill? or per item drop? I have done a few rift runs and there seems to be a lot more of legendaries dropping... But overall quality of legendaries is the same, not one primal and few ancients. Can anyone explain better the mechanics behind this % bonus? Thanks.MrTuning4 Nov 17
Nov 17 good sweeper build with ashbringer. I have Ashbringer, and I'm looking to do a good sweeper build, and want to go beyond 60 rifts and go plus, so suggestion would be good.carlax171 Nov 17
Nov 16 Request: Set Dungeon for Blackthorne's Set I keep getting the items for the Blackthorne's Set, but never use them. It would be nice to get a set dungeon for that set, not only because it would be a different kind of dungeon, but also to actually use the set. I would suggest making it a purely survival dungeon, some monsters, but mostly traps. That way the survivability of the player would be tested, not just how well the set works. ThanksFunkyMonk3 Nov 16
Nov 16 Ramaladni's Gift ? Hi, Has Ramaladni's Gift been removed from the game? I am P550+ (GR72 solo, not pushing) and not seen one :(Hardonails46 Nov 16
Nov 16 Level Requirement Reduced by [...] With Season 12 currently underway, and many players making the journey from level 1 to 70, players often look for shortcuts to make this arduous process a little less, well, arduous. For new characters, one of the most convenient ways of doing this is to craft, or enchant, an item with the secondary property "Level Requirement Reduced by [...]." However, for whatever reason, the chance to roll this property on an item is weighted, as in, so the odds are significantly stacked against a player rolling this property on an item, to the point where a player exhausts their limited supply of Gold and Materials. So, my question is: "Why can it not be easier to obtain?" At least make it on par with the other properties. That would be much appreciated in time for the next Season.HelloKitty1 Nov 16
Nov 16 A little clarification please What is the difference between a Legendary and and Ancient? I have yet to run into an Ancient and unless it is marked "Ancient" I would probably just blow right by it. I do not even know what level you have to be to even get to see one, or if they are made from the cube, blacksmith or what? Thank for all the help so far, and I hope I am doing my stats right, I am just tryig to figure out how to up my Intelligence without a crystal. Thanks again!OdynsWrath4 Nov 16
Nov 16 pig sticker - remove squeal 1st off, I love my pig sticker it's been a real big help for me as a player. But for goodness sake, is there no way i can remove that squeal? I get so agrovatted after 10 seconds to hear that damn squeal. Can we not add a more USEFUL secondary?Jncocontrol31 Nov 16
Nov 15 Shield Glare Does Block rate percentage even go to 30%? How about the actual Block numbers? 5000 absorbed damage? It should come out as like, 5%, 10% 15% incoming damage absorb, if not as much as 25%. Shields are way too ineffective. They should be able to easily go from 10%, 50% and 100% block success rate based on the shield. And why aren't shields more specialized? Damage types like ranged and melee specific as well as various elemental damage defense ratings like "Absorbs 12.5% of Arcane damage". Even weapon types, like "Takes 25% less damage from Swords" or "Reduces Polearm damage by 33%".Yntrepid0 Nov 15
Nov 15 Did you raise drop rate of class items? If you did there might be something wrong. After 20 hours of play this season I still need Compas rose and travelers pledge, Sacred harvester, short mans finger, Mask of jarem, withcing hour, helltooth gloves, all my shards have gone to try get helltoth gloves, doing grift 40 with 4 peace bonus, no set drops only legendary, oh i got an ancient firebird my WD. And need a decent mojo aswell, The hole aspect of compete is long gone when you see where some players are now, and I still struggle in t7. In the first 20 hours you usual have all you need maybe not ancient but slots filled out, I still after 20 hours have close to nothing, so are the raised drop rate a joke or should it be here, I cant see it at all.Mysticue4 Nov 15
Nov 15 SC2 became f2p, but do we get those cosmetic items? Since StarCraft 2 became free to play are we going to receive those cosmetic items that come with the purchase of the game also for free or we do not get them at all? Blade Wings & Banner Sigil in Diablo® III Nov 15
Nov 15 Are stash tabs topped at 12 ? My question is in the title. I have completed Conqueror, The info above skills band showed Rewards: Portrait frame Extra Stash Tab And I did not get it. I have 12 total stash tabs from the start of the seasonnatasha1 Nov 15
Nov 15 Reroll??? So... I am currently building myself a arachyr firebats build( I know that it is far away from being any were complete) and I recently found a Soul Harvester. It had pretty bad stats so I rerolled and at kain's cube and got an ancient One with very good stats. But there is one big problem, it has no gem slot and in my confidence I replaced Mana generation with area damage, before knowing this. So now coming to my question, should I rerolled the harvester to get a gem slot for the crit gem(green). Here is my profile so u can judge the situation yourself: Thank you in advanced for helping me herefrosch0003 Nov 15
Nov 15 Crafting Materials: Autoloot I'm curious, especially with the recent changes in Season 10 / Patch 2.5 - why are the crafting materials not autolooted like gold? It's extremely annoying when you're running a farming build (currently, this season, I'm using the Akkhan's Bombardment build) and I have to stop to pick up the crafting materials. Other builds like the Barbarian WW are the same; something that moves so fast it can be considered a hindrance to have to stop just to pick this stuff up. These items are now a currency (like gold) as opposed to actually taking up space in your inventory; personally speaking I think they should be autolooted just the same as gold is. I wouldn't go as far as saying that pets need to pick these things up, like they do gold, but just allowing us to run over the materials and pick them up would go a long way to improve the speed farming builds.Sajakain16 Nov 15
Nov 15 Restraint reroll I received a ancient Restraint with the following stats: 608 dex 6% cc 8% cdr Not sure if i want to keep cdr as UE MS or keep dex. Opinions appreciated.Morran3 Nov 15
Nov 14 Reroll??? So... I am currently building myself a arachyr firebats build( I know that it is far away from being any were complete) and I recently found a Soul Harvester. It had pretty bad stats so I rerolled and at kain's cube and got an ancient One with very good stats. But there is one big problem, it has no gem slot and in my confidence I replaced Mana generation with area damage, before knowing this. So now coming to my question, should I rerolled the harvester to get a gem slot for the crit gem(green). Here is my profile so u can judge the situation yourself: Thank you in advanced for helping me herefrosch0000 Nov 14
Nov 14 Scourge vs Furnace As the title says would not scourge be better cubed than the furnace? Seems a lot more damage 45% of the time.shivarussell24 Nov 14
Nov 14 So confused with Teaguk, HELP! In all the research about the only thing I find is, "It's great as long as you can keep the stacks up". But, what's it really worth? I'm doing a WW Barb this season and can maintain 100% WW with a minimal change to what I have. That includes WW running from one empty area to another and never lifting my finger from the button. Yes, I know that changing zones resets it. Yes, it will have to restack. But, again, what's it worth? Here's my problem in understanding. (I'm just starting with this gem so the low numbers and not considering the armor). I'm using the IK set I got that has a grand total of 1.18 APS. 2.16% increased damage for 1.5 seconds and can have 10 stacks. If each stack only lasts 1.5 seconds than disappears, I can squeeze in only one attacks per stack. So I get 2.16% damage increase. During that really short time there is an overlap when I attack again, I can max out at 4.32% damage then drop back to 2.16% until I can attack again. No matter how many stacks I have, it will always only max out at 4.32% with constant WW. I'm sure I'm not getting something important. Please help explain why this is supposed to be such a good gem.drkenrich2 Nov 14
Nov 13 Immortal King Set So the set is very much straight forward, get your Call of the Ancients and Wrath of the Berserker up and you get a damage steroid, but what's going over my head is getting BOTH up at the same time. Both of these abilities occupy the Rage slot, how does this even compute to the set bonus??? Is there some sort of legendary item I should be on the look out for that automatically gives you Call of the Ancients and you just pick up Wrath of the Berserker for the tetris blocks to fall into place? I've always found this profoundly confusing....Vladok8 Nov 13
Nov 13 2handers and Cube Hey there folks. I want to point out something that I don't know of it's intended or a design flaw. I'll take for example Barbarian, because it's my main class, but other people may have the same issue with different classes. I feel that some builds, apparently designed for 2hand weapons, like Immortal King Hammer of the Ancients, are losing its spot for Dual wielding, specially Istvan Blades, which are optimal for HotA and even some Seismic Slam builds. It seems to me that 2handers are only optimal in a few cases, which are DoT and hybrid builds, but lose a major role in the build due to the cube. With the cube feature, we can store the power of a 2hander and have the benefit of high attack speed of weapons as Istvan blades, for example, turning major 2h weapons obsolete, which I find a bad thing. So, here's my suggestion: keep things as it is for Istvan, let we have the benefit of 2h while dual wielding, but let people who decide to go for 2h have the power of a paired weapon set (Istvan, bul kathos swords etc) stored in cube. That way I can play a HotA build with my Gavel of Judgement, with the 2 pc set bonus of Istvan. I think it's fair.Hadd5 Nov 13
Nov 13 Bug with Sacred Harness belt drop odds?? It seems like there is a bug with Sacred Harness belt drop odds. I've been spending at least my last 25 hours of play for the search of this commun (or supposed to be...?) item. I've spent at least 20000 shards on it and at last 2000 death breath on upgrading rare belts... I've been getting at least 10-15 times every other commun belts, and multiple times every rarer belts including razor strop, angel hair, string of ears, harrington, hellcat (at least 15 times hellcat... wich is 2x rarer), all this while ZERO sacred harness. So there is clearly a problem here. I may believe I'm unlucky but what I'm describing here is just impossible, unless there is a bug you need to fix. But if thats not the case and that I'm really that unlucky, there is still a problem. I've already proposed on this forum that D3 should add another algorithme into the drop odds of items: an algorithme that would raise the chances of getting a particular item with time. By exemple, everytime you would drop a legendary belt, the drop odds of every other legendary belts would be raise by x%, and that % would be reseted when u do get the item. That solution would reduce the chance for player to experience the RIDICULOUS situation I'm in. Tanks for adressing my issue and sorry for my english (not my 1st langage).BgLoNgBeAch6 Nov 13
Nov 13 Bane of the trapped not dropping Is it abnormal for Bane of the Trapped to be hard to come across? None of the information I've been about to find about it indicates that it's rarer than other legendary gems. My experience with them was such that I received many in succession until there weren't any left. A friend of mine was poring over my build and mentioned I needed that gem but I couldn't produce it for a socketed piece of jewelry. Thanks for taking the time to answer my question if you do. -Jønes.Jønes7 Nov 13
Nov 13 Monk Belt Idea There could be a belt that would go well with RoaTS and Shenlong' Spirit sets. This belt would allow the wearer to 'gain the Blinding Speed' rune of Dashing Strike and provide the wearer with 3-5 spirit whenever he/she dodges an attack.c8t00 Nov 13
Nov 12 Potions... Grr My question here... After reaching paragon 150 in the season... Both myself and my brother... Still have not seen a single potion drop from anything in game... Are they bugged? Or are we just really unlucky this season?Bassman1 Nov 12
Nov 12 Mystic and kadala suggestions. Mystic first: Some years back I heard talk about maybe a ballance to Mystic, when you like roll a stat, you will not roll the same again, this was something ill really like to be done. I often use around 3-4k Veiled crystals on one item rolls, thats insane. There is no way you can keep a decent amount of materials this way, each week my materials are around zero only because of the mystic. 2 things can be done, either what i wrote above wich still can give alot rolls, or Trible all material you get from salvage. The mystic uses most veiled crystals wich is what we get the least of. We swim in gold thats not an issue, you could also sell stack of 100 or 1000 mats for some gold, in one way or another I think this needs to be looked at. For one like me that dosnt have a hole day to grind mats and then giving them all to the mystic when done, and the day after repeat. Kadala: I think its time to set all prices the same. Why do we have to pay 75-100 shards for rare items, when we can buy them for 25 shards, you might aswell just set all to 25 shards. I never get anything than rares when buying amulets or weapons. And I think a 25 cost items can be just as an important item as a 75-100 cost. See it this way, what is a weapon or amulet from kadale worth if you still miss an armor piece for lets say a 6 piece bonus. I dont see a benefit in weapons and amulet compared to the other items. Then you might aswell take 75-100 shards for belt because you can be lucky to get witching hour with good rolls. To be absolute honest, I have never got any usefull weapon or amulet from kadala. So why not make all items cost 25 instead, so we can get more of the needed veiled crystals we need in above section. Its all linket to together in the end, some of what we need at mystic can also be done at kadala, its called ballance... But if you absolute will not change the costs, then there might be a need for alot higher drop rate for the expensive items since as it is now its nothing for 75-100 shards. Ballance, I rapeat Ballance, did you get it? Ballance :)Mysticue1 Nov 12
Nov 11 [Suggestion] Legendary Item Revamps I witnessed the times where Mempo of Twilight, Lacuni Prowlers, Skorn, Stone of Jordan and Andariel's Visage were meta. I remember the Diablo 2 where Tyrael's Might was one of the mightiest armors in the game. I'm quite aware that there are many more unuseful items but those mostly in the game for the salvaging or for equipping them on your followers. Please note that items that are not jewelry neither a weapon, or related with source regains can't be utilized for your followers. So here a few items that took my attention since I know what works and what's not. So here's my list of a few proposes for revamping their legendary power or amping their power up in another. I'm giving more than one suggestion on an item but that doesn't mean all of them shall apply just because I think something is under-powered. I'm just proposing and spitballing a few different ideas I have upon the game. Tyrael's Might: 1.) "Increased chance to drop Nephalem Glory Orb when you recently cheated death" --by triggering a cheat death passive. That includes but not limited to cheat-death class passives, Firebird set, Beckon Sail, Skeleton King's Pauldrons... Pretty simple at that; let the Tyrael's Might, be the recover point for glass-cannon builds who stack and rely upon corner-cutting with cheat-death abilities. As their next wrong move will lead to their doom anyway. As if you already triggered your cheat-death once you may die anyway, all zdps builds must have a sweet spot at toughness to achieve it. 2.) "Blind any monster in 30 yards for 3 seconds when teleported on a friend" --by clicking their banner. So that works with Promise of Glory in co-op games. By the taste of Imperius' swiftness of slaying demons just by appearing. Promise of Glory just sucks and hardly works. Yet these two items may be a keypoint for zdps builds with Homing Pads. Stone of Jordan: 1.) Skill specific bonus; for increasing critical hit rating of a skill, reducing its source cost or directly increasing its damage. ie. "Increased Critical Hit Chance for Blessed Hammer by [6-7]%", "Hatred cost of Strafe reduced by [5-8]", "Initial Mana cost of Firebats reduced by [20-25]" as a blue affix for on-wear benefits to be paired with max source bonus. 2.) Repairs 1 durability of all each equipped gear in 15 seconds. Just in case Blizzard introduces Ethereal items for higher defense/damage stats (like Primalv1 with a twist); I think SoJ would shine again. I mean, it would be a main deal for keeping the Ethereal items intact on-par with another useless item Spaulders of Zakara. I actually want this ability to be a part of Manald Heal, while Paralysis-lightning related legendary power be passed to a new ring named "Wisp Projector". 3.) 10-12% cooldown reduction just for the sake of spamming abilities better overall. It should be a blue affix for on-wear benefits. 4.) Skill modification; unlocks a specific under-used skill rune for a few different class skills, preferably a secondary. I think I saw a recent thread about changing HF ring's legendary power, so I'll just reference the link here about where I got this idea: ie. "Haunt gains the Draining Spirit rune", "Rapid Fire gainst the Fire Support rune", "Blessed Shield gainst the Divine Aegis rune"... Mempo of Twilight: 1.) I suggest this piece to turn into a Monk based helm. "Any Mantra activation cost increases by [15-35] Spirits". That's simply for benefitting more from the LpSS affix in the long run without evading any RCR% at the paragon. All in all it has increased attack speed and I believe this helps in lacking any kind of Spirit source related affix. 2.) It can be a great meta item again if it gives a chance to cast Frailty curse when struck as a legendary power. Twilight name and honor code words reminded me of it. Skorn: 1.) Once it was a meta-legendary now you only give that to your Enchantress for triggering on-kill benefits. Why not shape this thing into the ultimate PvP/Brawl weapon? It has bleeding damage, if it were to have "More damage against Humans" at secondary and "More damage against Elites" at primary, I believe we'll have a really good brawl weapon. Blackthorne's Set: 1.) Add 4-piece bonus for a huge chunk of Strength, Dexterity and Intelligence like Sage's set. Amount can be around 1000 to 2000. A full set of Blackthorne must grant more bonus main stat to achieve a good overall damage output. 2.) Add 3-piece bonus for "Reduces Cooldown of all skills by 10%" or "Critical Hit Chance Increased by 5%".naksiloth2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Promotional Issues Hi, I've recently purchased D3 and I am loving it. Spent my entire childhood playing 1 and 2. Plenty of lan parties and such. Anyway, I noticed that there are wings and other cosmetics from owning games such as SC2 and WoW and doing things in Hots(which I have a profile level of over 250). So to get to the point, I think there is some bug and I am missing quite a few cosmetics based on the research I did. I would appreciate looking into that for me and I would love to get those, but if not, It's not the end of the world. Love Blizzard, long time fan. Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this.DrStickels2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Shadow's Mantle, Shadow Power, Night Bane The Shadow's Mantle set 4-piece bonus is, "Shadow Power gains the effect of every rune and lasts forever." But according to the Shadow's Mantle Set Dungeon, the Night Bane rune doesn't last forever, because I need to keep activating it in order to complete the second Primary Objective of the dungeon, "Slow 45 different enemies with your Shadow Power." That means that Shadow Power doesn't actually gain the effect of the Night Bane rune, or if it does, it is somehow exempt from the "lasts forever" clause. The base effect of Shadow Power is: Shadow Power (no rune): Draw in the power of the shadows gaining 26,821 Life per Hit for 5 seconds. Life per Hit gained is increased by 25% of your Life per Kill. Shadow Power has the following runes: Night Bane: Slow the movement speed of enemies within 30 yards by 80% for 5 seconds. (Offensive) Blood Moon: Double the total amount of Life Per Hit gained. (Defensive) Well of Darkness: Reduce the cost to 8 Discipline. (Utility) Gloom: Reduce damage taken by 35% while Shadow Power is active. (Defensive) Shadow Glide: Gain 30% increased movement speed while Shadow Power is active. (Utility) Night Bane is the only rune that additionally states a time limit on it. However, my assumption was that since the base effect of Shadow Power lasts for five seconds but the set makes it last forever, then even though the Night Bane rune says five seconds, the set makes it last forever. I guess that's not the case. Which means if I want to gain the use of Night Bane, I have to continuously activate Shadow Power every five seconds, just like normal. In which case, what's the point of the 4-piece bonus? On the other hand, Night Bane is the only offensive rune of the bunch, in that the Cull the Weak passive, and the Bane of the Trapped Legendary gem both increase damage against slowed enemies. But why should they care? Elites and bosses on continuous exposure can to develop up to a 95% resistance to the effect, and on normal mobs it hardly matters, because the Impale build is going to be going exclusively for elites anyway. So it's just like Blizzard to deny us that benefit while not saying anything about it. But Blizzard certainly isn't afraid of writing a paragraph of text on a set piece to describe how it's supposed to work. I assumed that Night Bane worked continuously, and I've been developing my build based on that assumption. But it turns out it's just another, "Oh boy! I can't wait!" effect that gets shot down on implementation, with no forewarning, because the Blizzard developers don't know what they're doing, they are too stingy for their own good, and they refuse to communicate their intentions. GG BlizzStoneOld7 Nov 11
Nov 11 Crafting Mats How much mats do you use to start crafting/reforging legendaries?I stockpile till i get 100x5,johnisme2 Nov 11
Nov 11 Accidentally salvaged primal Just want to leave some feedback. Hoping you could add the feature unsalvage the last 12 items salvage. Just like you do when you sell items. I just accidentally salvaged a primal item with no way to get it back. I love the introduction of the primal Items And how rare they are to get. But it’s painful when you finally get one you can actually use and you salvage it.xQx1 Nov 11
Nov 11 Horadric Cache Question I want to start farming items for my wizard now that i am quite happy with my DH. Can i farm cache bags with my DH and open them with my wizard for items? Or will all the items be tailored to my DH? Thanks!BlackStar4468 Nov 11
Nov 10 How does stacking work? Most of my misunderstanding may be coming from not understanding how stacks really work. I've looked all over for an explanation. My understanding comes from seeing only one Excel spreadsheet looking like this based on 3% per hit lasting for 3 seconds with 10 stacks. On the 4th hit the first stack drops off and is replaced by the 4th so that there is a constant 9% as long as the stacks are replenished constantly within any span of 3 seconds. After a break of more than 3 seconds it starts over from 0. Hit St1 St2 S3 S4 Max 1 . . 3 . . . . . . . . . . .3 2 . . 3. . 3. . . . . . . . 6 3 . . 3. . 3. . 3. . . . . 9 4 etc.. . 3. . 3. . 3. . 9 If I'm wrong and the 1st is reset so they build to 10 x 3 = 30 before they begin to drop off it makes a huge difference. Please help us newbies understand this critical mechanism.drkenrich0 Nov 10
Nov 10 Bane of Stricken or Bane of Trapped? By coincidence I have two gems leveled to 47 and I'm confused. Part of the confusion comes from thinking that damage given or taken is based on hit score x hits/second. The second point I have is when I'm hitting I don't know how many hits I actually give so I'm assuming numbers here based solely on how long it seems to take in seconds x my attack speed. That ranges from 1 second for weak trash to about 30 seconds for RGs. If my attack speed is 1.5 than the number of hits ranges from 1.5 to 45 hits with the RG being the most important here. Bane of the Stricken:(47) Each successful attack increases the damage its victim takes from the character's own skills by 1.27%. Rank 25 bonus: increases damage done against bosses (including Rift Guardians) by 25%. Bane of the Trapped:(47) Increases damage against enemies under the effect of control-impairing effects by 29.1%. Rank 25 bonus: Gain an aura that slows enemies within 15 yards by 30%. I'm probably not understanding the cryptic verbiage here. My interpretation of the BoS is that it gives me +25% total damage against bosses plus another 1.27 x hits. So for a RG that would be 1.27 x 45 = 47.15% for a total by the end of the fight of around +70% damage against strong bosses. In most instances (not bosses) if it takes about 5 seconds that would be 5 x 1.5 x 1.27 = 9.5% BoT increases damage to 29% AND it slows enemies by 30%. That 30% means attack speed, too. So damage taken is reduced by 30% (here's I'm not sure if my thinking is right). My build is a WW Barbarian with almost constant uptime, constant Rend, and constant Call of the Ancients. I've been using Teaguk, but when I loose it I die really fast so I'm wanting to replace it with one of the above. The question becomes, which is more important, BoS = usually 10%-15% up to 70% against RGs but no extra toughness, or BoT = +29% constant damage AND 30% reduced damage taken?drkenrich7 Nov 10
Nov 10 Does the horadric hamburger still drop? Who drops it?baibai8 Nov 10
Nov 10 Enchanting needs a "Reset" Let me begin by saying I'm playing a seasonal Wizard and having a lot of fun. Yesterday I came across an ANCIENT Crown of the Primus. It had lots of INT, Life on Hit, and 12% arcane torrent bonus as its abilities. Not a bad choice but at the time I was using Arcane Torrent so I changed out the Life on hit for Vitality and kept the arcane torrent buff... it made sense at the time. Later I find a few Magnum opus pieces which go PERFECT with Primus helm... except... the set is based off of Arcane Orb and Energy Twister. On top of that I'm realizing that Arcane Torrent kinda sucks compared to Energy Twister and Arcane Orb. Now I'm stuck, because right now it looks like my Helm has a completely useless affix on it. I would take any affix in the game over one that gives me ZERO benefit. If it was a normal legendary I wouldn't care... but my chances at seeing another ancient Primus helm are probably next to none. Here is my suggestions: 1.) This probably isn't realistic since you probably don't keep track of the original affix's but if you do then allow players to reset their items to their original state as an enchanting option. This doesn't result in reduced enchanting prices, it's only there to give players a chance to make up for their mistakes. 2.) Allows players to completely reset an item... like it just dropped... ONCE. Make it very expensive. This should NOT give them a chance to turn a non-ancient into an ancient or vice versa. It takes care of mistakes and also makes up for those times you get a completely junk roll. The next roll might be just as much junk but at least you have a chance. 3.)Put an item in the game that does #2. 4.)Skill affix's are the only affix in the game that can turn out to do absolutely nothing for your character and yet still get rolled. All the others offer at least some benefit. Maybe change skill abilities to be a choice between +X% damage to a skill OR +X of our main stat, vitality, bonus cowbells or random "moos" or something else beneficial or entertaining. Thanks to whoever read this to this point.Nephandius3 Nov 10
Nov 9 Most Useless Primal Most of them are useless. I picked up a Primal Puzzle Ring, though, which is actually not useless, but felt like it. Maybe you should get a double vault, or 2 Greeds, or some extra benefit from cubing the thing.Scourge8 Nov 9
Nov 9 Legendaries rolling like crap... So T13 Bounties, and GR93s (my solo wall), and Legendary items are rolling like crap in both of them. Oculus with 74%, Ancient Wraps of Clarity with 4.5%, Ancient Focus, 0% of anything... Not to mention I'm getting an inordinate number of Rogar's Huge Stones, and a few other really worthless Legendaries. RNG is being very stingy with me today. But Urshi has been cooperative, and I have my gems to 94, and tonight, in the last hours, I am finding lots of Goblins (finally). Have you been picking up an unusual number of non-Ancient Legendary items that are all obscure, unused pieces that rolled horribly?StoneCold8 Nov 9
Nov 9 Why we need a min of 16 Stash Tabs! I know Blizz talked about how "tab escalation" doesn't help and who is to say how many tabs we need and why...etc. Well I'm here to say we need a minimum of 16 tabs and it's very simple to explain: 7 Heroes 2 tabs per Heros - why? -> 1 Tab for set items, 1 Tab for uniques = 14 Tabs + 1 Tab for Legendary gems, Regular gems, Ramaldi's, Infernal Machines, GR Tokens (why is stack 100!?), Legendary Potions, & Puzzle Ring storage for group runs. + 1 Tab for universal uniques and Item Transfer space = 16 Tabs See Blizz, it's simple. *Note since there are 5 Tabs per Column and 16 Tabs would require a 4th option in the Row...that leaves you 4 more Tabs for 2 new Heroes.Dekar30 Nov 9
Nov 8 Panther's Claw Hello guys, sorry if this is not the right section of the forum, or if post like this are not really appreciated. I was wondering if someone have the will to pass me a pair of Panther's Claw to just unlock the transmogrification. I think i've done almost 50 tries and i'm starting to get sick :p If you like to add me already i'm TheLoneWolf#2306 (Europe) thanks a lotTheLoneWolf3 Nov 8
Nov 8 Game Store Buyable Materials After spending countless hours trying to farm materials just to make each little set up piece I'm going for.. I started thinking that why not Blizz make a little side cash point to sell Material Bundle packs since they gave us material account wide storage now. Like.. Pay maybe.. 5$ for like 1k breaths and 4k other materials. I'm sure plenty of people would buy that, I love the game but when I spend almost 4 days straight just farming for Deaths Breaths.. That's a bit of a time waste especially since the randomizing set part for the Cube gives is not a high chance of giving you the stuff you really need. I would put money into this sorta thing if it were around, I mean.. It'd make a ton of players happy. Might seem lazy but I think that those who are willing to pay for materials do deserve them. :3LeMaraciel2 Nov 8
Nov 8 Cube Forgotten Souls into Deaths Breaths Please make a cube pattern to break Forgotten Souls into Death's Breaths at a 1:3 or 1:5 (FS:DB) ratio.Frobes5 Nov 8
Nov 8 Cube Question If you're looking for a specific legendary or set item should I upgrade a specific rare item with certain stats or is it totally random? ThanksSlakker3 Nov 8
Nov 7 Are seasonal sets (Haedrig's Gift) exclusive? I tried googling a lot but didn't fint a consistent answer. For exemple, in season 10 (I think) I played WD and got the Zunimassa's Haunt set (Minus the ring, which I think I loss...), is it possible to get it again despite the season having ended? Either getting the plans or the items directly? Thanks in advance.Fiercy2 Nov 7
Nov 7 Primal ancient eligibility ? Hello here, I'm considering going back to DIII after a long break, and I understand that there are now "primal ancients" that can be dropped for any character that has completed a GR70 solo. The point is, how do I know if I have completed a GR70 solo already ? I checked my achievements and there is nothing about max solo GR there, leaderboards seem to be unavailable, and my profile is unavailable too because I haven't played for too long... I know, I could just log in and complete a GR70, but still... Any suggestions ?cmoidudu9 Nov 7
Nov 7 Armory Item Notes What are peoples thoughts on the idea of notes being added on items that are part of a build in your armory on any character. My thoughts being so that when you're going through your stash you could look at an item - for example a travellers pledge - and see that its part of your firebats build for your WD even though you may be playing a different hero.Boothy1 Nov 7
Nov 6 PLEASE HELP, Just once... I am trying to find out if there is one, just one place that is the best place to obtain at least one good piece of weaponry for my Barb. Just one... Please help.OdynsWrath3 Nov 6
Nov 6 Armory Suggestion 1. If an item is saved as part of a set in the armor, put a red border around it (so you have a quick visual reminder that it is a saved item) to make it easier to sort, prevent salvaging of saved set items, etc. 2. Have an option to "lock"/"save" an item to a particular slot in the shared stash. For example, if I keep my shadow set on chest 2, tab 3, it'd be nice to be able to "reserve that space for the shadow set." It helps you keep your sets together so they don't get scattered across tabs when you equip sets through the armory.Styna3 Nov 6