Items and Crafting

Sep 11 Diablo 3 Bottoming Out Dear Blizzard, I am very disappointed that I can't find anything, and everybody else is finding everything in Diablo 3. Why can't we trade? We never asked for account boundded items. I heard the reason you did that was because you didn't want somebody having a new character from scratch become godly right when they hit level 70. Trust me this makes your game not fun anymore for me, and I can't seem to find anything that I like. If you don't change things, I'm sure that there will be not enough ways for me to coap with your changes. I've tried for the last year or two to coap. It's getting to be very saddening for me to see you have done this hopefully for the better, and after a couple years it hasn't been better at all. Why is it that all these people who get all these awesome items, can't trade them? Why? Now I have no chance of getting them...Also I am very disappointed in the Wirlwind barbarian. Not only during season is it impossible to do a level 70 grift with wirlwind barbarian in order to get primals, but in general, the Barb and the fire wizard using firebirds, are no longer about to make the higher grifts. When you made the electric wizard it surpassed the fire wizard. Why don't you make it so people can actually do higher grifts, by enabling trade, so people who can't do them can make their way up trading for the items that will allow them to? And why can't you make wirlwind barbarian more powerful? Please consider these things deeply as I am a big fan, and know that you never meant to hurt me in anyway, but it feels like the changes you have made have been direct insults to me, as I feel I am targeted by you, and the changes you made were directly made against me so that I could no longer advance any further in D3...they all seem to be made around my action's and everything you've done to try and make D3 better, seems to have been to contridict any way of playing that I played in the past before you made these changes. It's like you were watching my account and going, "Oh he's doing this now and having fun doing this now, so we'll account bound and stop him from having fun, oh he's playing wirlwind barb, so we'll make that impossible to use at a high level..." It's almost like you're controlling what items are dropping for me, making it so everybody else I know gets the items I want, and I get all the crap I was thinking of..I seriously get crap all and I've played since a week after D3 was released. I'm only writting to you now in hopes that you'll make changes since this effects me in such a way, that I feel after years, needs to be brought into the light. I am a big fan, one of the hudgest fan's, of Blizzard, but you've torn D3 apart and made it literally like an insult to me, everything I do you contridict. Everytime I make a character that can do what everybody else does, and be at a high level, you make a new character and I have to try and find items again that work with it, and of course they never drop for me, and of course I can't trade for them, so no matter what you seem to be putting ME at the bottom of the ladder on PURPOSE, like you're paying attention to me and screwing me behind my back in front of all my friends making me look bad, making your game based around my play to use it to bring me down. It's not fun that way when you take everything away. I want to feel like I own the items and so I own the right to let somebody else own them, I don't want them account bound anymore. I don't want the wirlwind barb to be a piece of !@#$ anymore...and if you can't make these changes, well then it really brings a tear to my eye that you'd make me want to think you're basing changing the game around by my play style, and that you're not going to stop, you're just going to turn the other cheek and insult me. Can you please try and make some changes for me? And deeply consider it as I am deeply hurt by your game D3, because of the changes you made which seem based on how I play, to hurt my play style, and make my favorite game company turn into one that hates on me, and target's me and the way I play to make my life on your online game potencialess. Thank-YouMeChopLizard8 Sep 11
Sep 11 Please help season 11 no items given Need help... I am playing on Ps4 and to it, have done all but one quest on seasons. I have not received my shadow free set at all. Also how do I do gr20? Please I need real answers not judgment since I am new and can't get live chat to work.LadyDarkRose2 Sep 11
Sep 10 Dayntee's binding not dropping! The game just won't give it up to my Necromancer! Anyone else have this problem?icabod10 Sep 10
Sep 10 Polearms for Necromancers The necro needs absolutely the Bovine Bardiche and the Heart Slaughter! Please add the polearms to Necro's arsenal (and cube properties).hekoone3 Sep 10
Sep 10 Question about Kanais Cube and more So I just started playing about a week ago, and I'm able to clear Torment VI/Rift Level 20~ (but they don't seem worth it? or my drop luck is just awful) on my wizard. I recently acquired a Kanai Cube thingy, and I've transmuted a few gems but how should I properly use the legendary trait thing? I was watching a stream and saw they had some item that gave them +50% damage, how do I acquire that? What else should I get? Also, are there item levels in this game? Or are all lv70 legendary/set items equal in power, but their strength is determined by the stat rolls? I have one set item that has a few bonuses that give seemingly ridiculous buffs to Archon, but I can't find where more drop. How is progression determined if there aren't item levels? Or do harder rifts drop better items? Where do I get these random crafting materials for legendaries and transmutes? Something about a horadric chest, but I've never seen one of those.Keiran5 Sep 10
Sep 9 Remove some of the other sets Probably going to take some heat on this one, But Blizzard has removed items from the drop pool before. But now they are letting a lot of the older sets like Blackthorne's become just genuine trash with no hope of ever being used. At least not seriously. I know the idea of some of these sets are to make you resistant/immune to some things (like ground effects) but at every level of play they lost all value. Let us be honest here, the Grifts are timed so letting anything get an attack off is usually a bad idea, Blackthorne's is a complete waste in this situation. If things are dead then being immune to what they do is pointless. Its like being immune to being run over by a horse when you are flying a plane. Yes the horse could do damage, if you were on the ground, but what can do damage is not usually in a position to do damage to start with when you are in the sky. (Sounds silly but lets be honest here and tell me with a straight face that you would solo a 70 Grift using a Blackthorne's build. Aughild's is another crafted example and Asheara is only built for amusement and is not a viable build. I could go on but realistically all these set items could be replaced by a transmog book drop and it would hold the same value. My point is that I would like Blizzard to remove the drop chance for any of these items/crafting recipies as they have crossed the threash hold from pointless to nerfed by proxy. With the current patch on the PTR we have sets pushing Grift 100, and the best we could hope for in these vendor trash is Grift 45.WarGiver12 Sep 9
Sep 9 To Diablo 3 Team Have you ever thought of bringing back RMAH into the game (improved version of course)? Just so we could earn real money as a sideline.GREATGEAR6 Sep 9
Sep 8 Idea for quality of life update - Gems When the gem merchant Urshi pops up it doesn't sort the gems. They're scattered all over the window. Why not sort them by rank? It would make things easier to manage. I think this is an easy update and it doesn't require a lot of effort. Just an idea! Thank you for your consideration.Elite3 Sep 8
Sep 8 Transmogs Diablo 2.4.1 Items : Transmogs Are these items only found on Adventure mode unless otherwise noted ? If anyone knows ?? Sep 8
Sep 7 Legendary Necromancer Item Idea - Corpsetide Gauntlets. Revive will now automatically reanimate the corpses of slain enemies, and you can have an additional [3-5] revived entities at a time.MakingStocks0 Sep 7
Sep 7 Farming Kanai's Cube Materials Blizz, please reduce the amount of materials needed for Kanai's Cube recipes or increase the amount that caches drop regardless of difficulty. I don't mind farming them and the current drop rates but when I get disconnected because of 3007 or some other **** error just before I finish the last bounty for that act, it just drains all the drive to do them to be honest. Please don't tell me to get a better connection. You all know there's something wrong with D3 that causes us (even the ones with superb internet) to get disconnected frequently. You all know it's not this frequent in Starcraft, HotS and Hearthstone.SaintTraft14 Sep 7
Sep 6 Sockets on rings and amulet Amulets and Rings that are either Legendary or Set items need to have sockets rolled on them. This has really gone on long enough that there is only a chance there will be a socket on them. Helms, Chest, and Leg items ALL have sockets on them, only on an ultra rare occasion will I see a legendary or set item not have a socket or not the maximum amount of sockets. Does anyone actually sacrifice a jewelry socket for a stat? Hellfire jewelry was changed to be this way, there is absolutely no reason people have to endure the "almost" usable rolls on those three very important items.Psycho6 Sep 6
Sep 6 Got a new wand of woh Should I identify it now or after the patch? Does it matter when it dropped or only when identified?Mark13 Sep 6
Sep 6 Litany of the undaunted Rings Bonus dont work? BLIZZARD The set bonus supposed to give 100%dmg increase for each ancient u have equipped while this is ur only set bonus active, but I don't see any damage bonus I have 9 ancients equipped, what a waste of a wht could be brilliant gear changing move, Blizzard no work pls fix?raZIel21 Sep 6
Sep 6 [Suggestion] Amulet I play a lot of Crusader and use the legendary set gear and find that most of my builds need The Traveler's Pledge with The Compass Rose and like to have some Amulets that are not The Traveler's Pledge and maybe give some build tank builds a fighting chance. Suggestion; Offence Amulets: -When being hit by an enemy your (fire | lightning | cold | poison | arcane | holy |Physical) Damage is increase by % and stacks up to 5 Hidden states: -Most be hit from melee and range attacks only (No Elemental Damage) -lose 1 stack when you killed an enemy -The only damage increasing state you can get is from the legendary state (no normal state that increase element state) Defence Amulets: When hitting an enemy your (Armor is increase by % | resisatance to all element is increase by #) and stacks up to 5 Hidden States: -enemy most be hit by a skill ability and only get 1 stack. -when moving lose 1 stack per second or half of second I Also like to point out that there are not very good amulets, making your chooses very slim.Dragonold1031 Sep 6
Sep 6 Double rings on Hero + Follower I have several heroes and followers. On a couple I've equipped an Oculus Ring for the ring of damage increase on both and found that I was getting two yellow rings generating independently, sometimes overlapping, often with one or the other readily accessible by my hero. Great!! Then I tried the Nagelring on both. All I can see at any time is up to 4 fallen lunatics. I'd love to have up to eight coming and exploding all over the place. In another post, a relative newbie at level 60 said he accomplished it. Am I doing something wrong? Does this not work for this ring? I do know you can't equip two of the same item on either character, but this is one on EACH separately.drkenrich3 Sep 6
Sep 5 Trying to think of the name of a legendary Wasn't there one that increased your damage done for each legendary item you had equipped? For the life of me I can't remember the name of it, or if it actually was a thing.MakingStocks3 Sep 5
Sep 5 I never knew this... It looks like the 2pc Demon's fire thorns procs the 2pc Tal Rasha fire Meteor even without having any fire skills. After 2 years of playing, you would think that I should know this, but I've never had this combination with a lightning only build. I thought I was being attacked by fire meteors. :) It's a moot point when you have a full class set, but it might prove useful to newbs and casuals like me, especially when leveling alts or Seasonals.yessquire2 Sep 5
Sep 5 Bishibosh's Remains I just found them and when I clicked on the remains absolutely NOTHING happened! So what happened to Wirt's Original Leg ? I tried doing a print screenshot, but I can't find where it went..................Raine20 Sep 5
Sep 5 Ring of Royal drop. Hey guys. How do I get Ring of Royal in patch 2.5? I seriously done Act 1 over 20 times and got nothing but shoulders and bracers. I'ma keep grinding it, but something just doesn't sound the same after 100 bounties and got nothing.Heroes23 Sep 5
Sep 5 Key Code at Last Hi. I am Chezzwiz#1821 I bought RoS a number of years ago at Best Buy store in Boise Idaho. I entered my key code and waited for my wings. I was well within the timeline. Being new to Battlenet and to Diablo 3 and RoS, I had no idea how to claim my wings. Mail? Where is that (now I know) but I did not then. Anyway, nothing ever showed up in my players inventory. I found my disc and sheath today. Which gives me my key # [REDACTED] So I went to the claim place and entered the key #. It said this has already been claimed. And there you have my problem, I claimed it when I bought it but did not know how to receive it. Is there any way to actually get this? I believe they are the wings of valor but I am not sure. Please help if you can. I do not know where else to try but you can be sure I will check my game mail everyday when I launch my seasonal hardcore character, again, any help would be really appreciated. Thanks, ChezzwizChezzwiz2 Sep 5
Sep 5 season rewards Do I have to complete every objective to get season rewards? I only have diablo 3, no reaper of souls.model1 Sep 5
Sep 4 Cube-removed level requirement got reset? Can an item which has had its level requirement removed via the Cube somehow get its level requirement reset sometime afterwards? As a Hardcore DH player I actually find the Cube's capability to remove the level requirement from any equippable item using a lvl 25 Gem of Ease very appealing. I first used it to remove the level requirements on a nice Yang's Recurve with 50% resource reduction. I had added a socket to it previously using a Gift, and I had also rerolled one of the properties to give me IAS. All of that was before I cubed it with a lvl 25 Gem of Ease to remove the level requirement. It worked fine, level requirement set to 1, and afterwards I put a maxxed-out Emerald in the socket for 130% CD. I put it in my stash with some of the other gear I was planning to cube in this way, plus some items like Hellfire rings/ammys that don't have any level requirement to begin with. That was yesterday. So, today I levelled up another Gem of Ease to use on a quiver, which also worked fine. But when I went to put the quiver in my stash along with the bow, I noticed the level requirement on the bow had been reset back to 70! What gives? Can we only remove the level requirement of one item at a time? Is it because the bow had some property rerolled previously? Is it because a Gift had been used on it prior to having the level requirement removed? Is it because I put a Flawless Royal Emerald in it? I removed the emerald to see if that was somehow forcing the level requirement back to 70, but no, even with empty socket it's still at 70 now. :-( I can find no bug report about this online. Has anyone else had an item's level requirement mysteriously reset after Cubing it with a Gem of Ease?FritzCat669 Sep 4
Sep 4 The Hack, The Cube, and Proc Coefficients Now that we have a reliable proc indicator by using the cube to assign the Hack's legendary power to any character (including demon hunters armed with bows) to measure any skill, will the guys that used to painstakingly measure the proc coefficients revisit their noble work and measure them again? Please?EmmetOtter1 Sep 4
Sep 4 Deathwish Sword Deathwish Sword Primal or Ancient. Thank you please. No more Neanderthal clubs,thanks.ShogunRob0 Sep 4
Sep 4 Johanna's Argument reroll I have 1539-1911 Cold Damage 966 Str 982 Vit 130% crit damage 21936 LoH Any suggestions?Professor1 Sep 4
Sep 3 New Cube Recipe: Reroll Primal? This solves two problems: - People who loot Primals with craptastic affixes feel less robbed. - People with Primals that get updated don't have to farm for 100's of hours to find a replacement. Make the recipe require a Ramaladni's gift or other such rare component. Thoughts?wahskcirt6 Sep 3
Sep 3 Patch 2.6.1 Item Buffs Can the buffs to items in patch 2.6.1 apply to all previously owned items? It's not fair to players who have gotten primals or good ancients to have to re-hunt items that takes hours to get. I see some of the items are getting buffs applied to them, I'm just hoping to get the buff applied to all the items getting buffed. Example: I have a primal orb of infinite depth and if it doesn't get the patch buff I'll have to find another (which is extremely difficult and frustrating) to get the buffed affix.SoloPlayer782 Sep 3
Sep 3 Idea on how to stack Puzzle Rings and Bovine Bardiches The idea is actually quite simple. When you put a Puzzle Ring or a Bovine Bardiche into the cube and transmute it, it doesn't open a portal, but it turns into an item that you can stack, for example the Bovine Bardiche would turn into a cow bell that takes away 1x1 inventory slots. You could now stack this cow bell and when you put it into the cube and transmute it, it consumes a stack and opens a portal to the cow level - same for the Puzzle Ring. The result would be that these items wouldn't take so much stash space if we have several of them. Thoughts?clueso8 Sep 3
Sep 3 Possible bug with hope of Cain I was upping 1 handed flails and upped 3 gyrfalcons in a row one after the other. Then about half an hour latter I was upping 1 handed flails again and got 3 johannas in a row one after the other. Seemed odd. I can't do math very well but the odds of getting 3 of the same items in a row twice might be quite high?Pantysnatchr2 Sep 3
Sep 3 Beyond Patch 2.6.1 .Wolfsbane1 Sep 3
Sep 2 Powering up ancient items doesn't work As of title: powering up ancient items with the Kanai's cube doesn't work below there's a video: However, I can't understand why, since I provided all the needed stuff. Can anyone help?Pucidbu5 Sep 2
Sep 2 Consumable Ideas It seems obvious to me that their needs to be more than one type of consumable item. I originally posted these as a comment in someone else's post in Items and Crafting, but i didn't think anyone would see it there so im reposting them as its own post here. *upgrade an orange stat to it's highest value (since these can't be enchanted) *un-enchant an enchanted item (allows for successive enchantments) *upgrade an item to ancient (chance for primal ?) *free gem upgrade (would be best used on your highest level gems, in lieu of 1% chance by urshi) some of these (if not all) would need to be rarer drops than ramaladni's. the un-enchant would allow you to eventually roll all perfect stats on any item, so it would be extremely powerful to have 5 or 6 of them. i would appreciate someone finding out how rare these need to be so they wouldn't become the primary method of obtaining perfect items. the free gem upgrade would need to drop about 1 in 100 GRs, so that it wouldn't make 1% chance at Urshi obsolete.AlienAdonis18 Sep 2
Sep 1 Valla's Bequest / K'mar Tenclip Solution With the upcoming patch we need to remember not to make current useless items still useless, this could be their last chance K'mar / Valla's only need a % buff to their strafe damage to make them viable as a T13 speed farm set BUT everyone has said "It will lead to broken !@#$ later on" FIX IDEA 1: The fix would be to just make them apart of great LON build and buff their % damage bonus to strafe. FIX IDEA 2: Make these two crossbows a SET to be used with unhallowed essence or Shadows. (rather not natalias for the sake of it already has good crossbows for the set). Blizzard I would would over moon happy with a good LON T13 strafe build that relied on strafe to do the damage, thank you.DefCat1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Circle of Nailuj's Evol Farming I am curious what lvl do I need to be using to farm a Circle of Nailuj's Evol to cube. I was told lvl11 but so far have gotten 38 leorics in a row. Is this just bad luck? Or do i need to be a different level for this ring. Thanks!!Kajinos4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Let's add more Consumables What happened to Consumables? For YEARS they've been labeled "Consumable" upon dropping, and guess what? When you identify them - SAME thing it's always been, "Ramaladni's Gift." Can we finally add to this mechanic? You strive to save these, on your way to power creeping into the ideally sculpted weapon for your higher Grift gear, but what happened to the "Consumable" drop being other items that provide the same socketing mechanic? Jewelry? Armor? Maybe saving up three, progressively adding up to three sockets on your favorite nicely rolled ancient legendary chest piece? How about this - why not make one VERY rare, for something not normally socketed? Gloves, for instance. It's not outlandish to say that other items could be jeweled, or even have a special socket added to put another slot in for one more legendary gem spot. Socket your shoulder? No problem, but you have to find that extremely rare consumable that only does just that. This would create phenomenal diversity for builds throughout the meta game. Just a thought, not looking for negative criticism here folks - Blizzard needs to hear this, so something can be done about such an influential and overlooked tool that everyone uses at least a few times every season to make that perfect weapon.Caden7 Sep 1
Sep 1 Augmenting my set weapon can't click Fill Here is a screenshot of it: I can't click on fill. Anyone know what I am missing here?Yuzez1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ring of Royal Grandeur Drop Rate I'm trying to get by doing the Act I bounties with my monk in a 2 persons party on T6. We did the bounties about 40 times and I didn't get the ring while my friend got it about 8 times (he plays necromancer). Another friend joined and in 3 rounds he got the ring (also a necromancer) Is the drop rate class dependent?Felics19 Sep 1
Sep 1 Dyeing Weapons and Shields (offhands) I realise some items aren't really suitable for dyeing, but there are a lot that would benefit from a colour change. Any chance Blizzard could take another look at the Item Dyeing UI and options? Rather than blanket disallowing dyes on shields (all offhands but shields particularly) and weapons choose ones that are suitable for Dyeing (Jesseth's set is a good example of items that would look good dyed). Just display a message for items that aren't dyeable.Carnacki4 Sep 1
Sep 1 Ramaldni's second Gift Hi Blizz, Good night. I apologize in advance if this has been discussed previously. I understand we all have different opinions on the matter of drop rates and grinding, and the purpose of an ARPG. But would it make sense to suggest that our endgame big stock of Ramaldni's could be used to 'reset' the 'rolled stat flag' of a piece of gear so that we could now roll another stat and leave the original one with its last value? Much like if we originally found that piece as we have it before that 'second' gift is applied. Without getting into much discussion, maybe this could give the chance to casual players to get better gear (legitimately) and try for higher GRs and more efficient gameplay. Reforging takes forever, and sometimes we just need to roll a second single stat in a good ammy we already have with either CHC, CHD or CDR which has been impossible to get in a new ammy, in order to try our luck with CoE MH Wiz. We all know that having the best gear is not important if it is in hands of someone who does not how to use it. So, this small change of a 'second' gift, would only balance everyone's chances, so that not-so-pro players could try their own with better gear, and not only blame their playtime or their poorly rolled gear for not being able to play in a fair field. Is it not more appealing to allow everyone to have similar gear, and try for themselves with pure skill, rather than to allow them to blame their little playtime for not being able to reach higher? Thanks for your time to review this idea. May i kindly ask for your thoughts guys? Thnx!zchronos1 Sep 1
Sep 1 Haedrig's Gift Question Hey guys, I've been going through my first season since buying the game and I have a question about claiming Haedrig's Gift. I created a HC seasonal DH to solo the journey and complete the requirements. I'm about halfway through the objectives without completing any of the "Chapters" because I'm afraid of how the claiming works. I want to claim them on necro, but my HC seasonal necro is only level 2. I know that you can claim season rewards on different heroes than you complete the objectives on, but I am still worried. Now for my question: If I complete all the objectives on my level 70 DH, when I claim the rewards on my necro will Haedrig's Gift be level 2 or level 70? Obviously they'd be 70 if I claimed them on DH but I'm curious if they scale to the level of the claiming character or if it defaults to 70. ThanksRedmondMann2 Sep 1
Sep 1 [Proposition] Primal legendary "crafting" Hi guys, I've seen recently lots of post asking Blizzard to upgrade Primal Legendaries when items are changed, and also Blizzard's answer that aside from sets, it's unlikely to happen. Hence I've had an idea, about how we could solve this issue. Via crafting. If we had a receipe that would upgrade an item, let's say it has to be ancient, to primal ancient being sure you will end-up with a primal of the same type your item was (though random set of stats), it could solve the problem. Now, how to make it so that getting primals won't get too easy either ? We could say that, in the receipe, you need to put in another (ev. 2?) primal ancient item, that will get destroyed in the process. Add to this some stuff that will take time to farm, and you have the option to get that primal you really want. This might be a bit too general, but with the proper difficulty, I thought it could be done. Other option, is you need to put a primal with the same name in the receipe that will be consumed, to get a new primal, either with random set of stats. That way primal ancient would have a possibility to get updated when they are buffed, with the risk you won't end up with a pitch perfect one, but at least the choice is given to the player. I hope this will be seen, and help.Arnianor1 Sep 1
Aug 31 Sage journey and Cain set Why sage journey lvl70 plans doesnt drops with all the other plan as i have look through forum and u all have made the drop rate random rather than must. i mean whats the point in late game when u already have thousand of death breath and then u drop sage plan and that is just dumb developer decision and while at it why cain set plan is not dropping in the first headrig cache bounty completion in act 2 as whats the point of having cain set plan drop after ur character reach lvl70. it doesnt make any sense so dev please take appropriate action to rectify this and fix it in the next maintenance.MKRuleZ521 Aug 31
Aug 31 Deleting items from the armory DIII can you please make a note on items that are currently being saved in the stash that are also a part of saved classes from the armory to keep us from accidentally deleting items that we use.... happened to me a couple of times already.Murrda19886 Aug 31
Aug 31 [RimeHeart] Slight Change for Frost Viability Could you please look into "RimeHeart" and change "Frozen" to "Chilled" ? It would make the Cold / Frost much more Viable, especially when we factor in "Fjord Cutter" and "IceBlink". IT would give a variety of new play possibilities instead if the cookie-cutter builds that are currently out there. For WW Barb you HAVE to get such and such item and such and such skill if you want to push. For Wizard you HAVE to make such and such a thing and play piano and have 80% Cool Down, etc It's not fun when everyone runs the same thing....Timoris0 Aug 31
Aug 31 Wow, First Primal of the Season!... Well it seems the gods the rule over the primals have a sense of humor.... My first primal of this season was given today!! oh praise the gods......well maybe not. My first primal is the .....Cluckeye!!! SighVertigo2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Necromancer recipes Are there going to be any blacksmith recipes to make legendary and/or set items/weapons for necromancer? No orange or green Scythes or Phylacteries on my list.Imhotep1 Aug 31
Aug 29 Kanai's Cube Issue I noticed that I have a lot of the items in the lists for Kanai's Cube, however they are all grayed out. Why is that?Knightskill4 Aug 29
Aug 29 **SUGGESTION MORE POWERFUL GEMS** Just an idea I came across maybe x20 flawless royal= 1 Exquisite gem 10x Exquisite= 1 Pristine Just interested in hearing some of your thoughts. I do believe this would add a new type of grind. Although I'm not 100 percent sure of the stat increase as of yet because I still have to do minor calculations I do think this could greatly increase GR pushes and added playtime. I am currently working on a google doc for total increases and will be posting full calculations by friday of next week.Law3 Aug 29
Aug 28 Rerolling Item in cube (for updated patch-items) Hey guys! The question is, when patch is released, will you be able to reroll an legendary item in the cube to get an updated version of it? Say i reroll a yangs, will the rerolled one have the increased damage bonus? I tried a few rerolls that way on PTR this morning, and i only got old versions when i rerolled, but when i upgraded yellows i got the new versions.. will it be the same when it goes live? (Want to know so i can save mats) Also, on a side note.. i dropped a primal yangs recurve on PTR, all right stats.. fml...Bobani2 Aug 28