Items and Crafting

Aug 9, 2012 PC on Nice MF Ammy & Shoulders Mesmerism Bounty (amulet) +109 strength +68 dexterity +100 vitality +13% life + 45% critical hit damage + 38% better chance of finding magic items Victory Essence (shoulders) +30 strength +177 intelligence +76 vitality +45 fire resistance +70 all resistances Any help on either item would be appreciated. Thanks!tparks101 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 [PC] US Zunimassa's Plague 7%Atk,54AR,Int/S/V Many thanks in advance.JICCO0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 PC ON THESE BRACERS 66 strength 170 int 45 resis to all crit hit chance increased by 4% armor 210Prodigy1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 PC on these tri gloves! 280 armor 50 lightning res 66 AR 8% ias 27% crit dmg 7.5% crit health globes health 1806 life thxCLASSIK2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTB unid 63's Just looking to buy a few 63 unids before going to sleep, looking to give around 70k per armor and 150k per weapon.. add me in game or post hereDucez0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 OP EDIT: Looking for new wep RM$$$AH Hi, I am looking for a new wep, I'd like to set it up through RMAH max $20.00, Looking for a bit more damage. I am currently at work will be checking back for best offers 800-850 Dmg 100-150 Dex Base crit OS Thanksvenginse1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 pc: a good wind dps 1119.5 +min damage 241 +max damage 378 +45% damage +str 217 +int 97 +9 max arcane power +9 arcane on crit thankscatbin1 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS AMAZING DEX/LOH/CRIT DMG MACE!!!!!!!!!! Doom Craft 630.6 DPS 172-335 Poison Damage 184 Dex 938 Life on Hit 54% Critical Hit Damage Starting Bid 5 million Add me in game as well sWiZzLe#1622 ThankssWiZzLe2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Price on this? Abyssal Raiments Chest Armor Armor: 329 Dex:30 +30 poison resistance Health globe grants +3967 life 3 socketsBalx0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTB 1H Weapon 100+ crit 300+ LOH DPS of 775 and over I have about 30-40m to spend Swords and Fist Weapons Preferred (or anything with attack speed over 1.35) Add me in game DariusNix#1300DariusNix0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS unids. 70k/armor 170k/weapons Decapitator x4 Veil Piercer x2 Heaven Hand x1 Doom Hammer x1 Dread Lance x1 Exorcist x1 Sovereign Staff x2 Warlord Sword x1 Guru Staff x1 Slayer x1 Dread Cloak x1 Sacred Shield x2 Add me ingame JIBBERDEFLIB#1559JIBBERDEFLIB2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS EPIC AMULET cc/cd/loh +27 Minimum Damage +472 Life On hit +55% Crit Damage +6.0 Crit Hit Chance JIBBERDEFLIB#1559JIBBERDEFLIB2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS serious barb GF shoulders 170 strength 50 vitality 45 poison resist 61 resistance to all elements 23% gold find melee attackers take 2496 damage per hit taking offers will end the auction tomorrow nighthypnotoad0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 Stone of Jordan Elemental Damage Does anyone know how the elemental damage on soj works? Like if it says "Adds +7% to fire damage" does that mean it mean that it will only increase the damage of fire spells. Or does it mean that it will increase the damage of fire spells and any fire damage I happen to have on my weapon. Or does it mean it will take my base damage and add 7% fire damage?AmishDave2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS> stormsheild 84str 62all resis 31% block 4% reduces dmg elite/melee 10% dmg hungering arrowKingKamfa0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 selling mace with Loh/stren/vit/socket bid:10m icetea#1873IceTea5 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 MF AMU 12-25dmg/232str/65vit/49phr/5crit/36mf 12-25dmg 232str 65vit 49phr 5crit 36mf POST OFFERSlyruois3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 chiltara have chiltara up in my game if you need the staff item will kill it in 10 minutes jdm23533#1707jdm235330 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 A GEM of a question! I am curious about something. I have finished about half of ACT I in Inferno, and the best gem I have found as a drop is a flawless square. What's the highest anyone has found as a drop and about where did you find it?Maturegeek2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 GODLY BARB RING WONT FIND BETTER 85 Strength 37 Intel 70 Res All 282 Life on Hit 4.5 Crit Chance 31.5m bid in AH 3 1/2 hours leftDariusNix3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 WTS: HC amulet 27-53 damage 121 strength each hit adds 521 life reduces duration of controlling effects by 10% empty socket best offer winsJDkiller0 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 PC> high int / AR / MF helm Price check please Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 PC amulet Can you guys help me out? Can I have a price check for this amulet: 111 DEX 253 VIT Each hit adds 502 life Critical hit chance + 6.0% Reduces damage from melee attacks by 4%. ThxDiablak3 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 9, 2012 PC on this shield please 1063 armor 3706-4706 block 12% block 78 AR 82 int 83 dex 126 vit 76 str Any input is welcome.Bagel2 Aug 9, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Pricecheck Amulett pls :3 Amulet 120 Dex 60 Allres 59% Critdamage Socklet AH says 20mill, a bit too much i think... I think its good for DH, so what do you think?Sakasen0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 buying cheap natalyas ring anyone selling a cheap natalyas ring? cause i cant afford the price on ah.dranzerxrs0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC: Amu. 112 dex/137 vit/45 psn res/597 LoH Seen similar ones listed for some pretty high numbers, but I have no idea if they're actually selling for that much.Autopilot0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Price Check.. again :) [URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL]Miahs2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 IDEA - DIABLO 3 MONEY AND GOLD STOREFRONTS! WARNING- This is a lengthy post, but I would REALLY appreciate it if you could read it and give me some feedback, let me know if you would like this feature! First off, this is a huge opportunity for the players and Blizzard to make real money. General Idea and the cost of this optional feature The idea would be to charge a monthly fee (something small like $5/mo for the real money storefront and 5 mil a month for gold storefront) if you want to open a store front. If you don't want to D3 is still free. The items in your store when sold are only taxed by blizzard at 5% instead of 15%, and for real money they only take $0.25 instead of the full $1. Accessing a players Store A storefront would be available to view from the forums, by clicking on a players dropdown menu on their name. There would be an icon next to "View my posts" that would say "Visit my Store". The Storefront could also be viewed in a new tab next to "Friends" entitled "Store". In game you would be able to right click a player in your games icon and below send invite request it would say Visit my store. If a player is not subscribed to a store, the color of ALL of the links mentioned above will be in RED and signify that they have not purchased this feature. Features of having a Storefront Players when editing their store will be able to name it, which will be displayed at the top of the edit storefront page. They will be presented with a grid like we use to place items in in our inventory in stash. It will be 100 squares in a 10x10 grid. However, players are only allowed an 64 (8x8)square area where they can place their items for sale. The purpose of allowing the extra unusable squares is because, unlike in game, you are able to move your usable squares into different sections of your store. This will allow players to set up sections for item types (ex Monk Tank Gear/ DH Glass Cannon gear / Godly Items Section / Bargain bin (under 50k gold)). The players would then be able to name each section they present which will be displayed directly above the sectioned off grid of squares. When a player would like to purchase from you, he would click on the item and be able to (if allowed by the store owner) submit an offer, or purchase the item outright. A seller when setting the price, can select the offers considered option in their store settings. In addition to creating and manipulating the store layout, the player would be able to effectively STORE their goods waiting to be sold, so a new, larger stash. So the features outlined above would effectively be 1. 8x8 stash 2. 10% / $0.75 final sale discount for seller 3. And some form of way to advertise your store which I can't think of right now. So, bottom line, I think that both Blizzard AND the Diablo players could have a great opportunity to make money and make selling items WAY easier. The only problem I can forsee, is people spamming /1 VISIT MY STORE!!! over and over... and if they don't, having not enough store traffic to make it worthwhile. So the solution to this would to have some kind of advertising feature. Something like this might work, under the auction house button, having a browse stores button, with a search feature similar to the auction house. Or if you buy an item at an auction where you liked the price, a way to be able to visit an auctioneer's store. Anywho, thank you for reading this if you did. I thought of this earlier and as the owner of an online business, I think that this is really a no brainer opportunity for Blizzard and for people "Paying their rent" with the RMAH.Beanbagchair3 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC - 650 LoH 126 Str + Socket + CC Amulet Looking to get a PC. Shredding Focus 126 Strength Each Hits Adds 653 Crit Chance 8% Socket Cheers in advance.Howsey1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Bezoar Stone Hey everybody... Just wondering, how much do you think this thing costs? Anyone who wants it maybe? Thanks! /LLileMindel0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 pc on 2her i know this might be pretty noob i think i have finally found a good iteam and im wondering how much you guys think i can sell it for in the AH please and thank you for your imputs :) stats: SLY WEAPON : rare 2H AXE 1255 DPS * + 203 min damage * + 243 max damage * + 39% damage * + 149 strength * + 252 dexterity * increased attack speed by 8% * critical hit damage increased by 70% pleas let me know if i left anything out. thank you guys :)sogalishis2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Lost my gem :( I just made a radient square emerald. Payed 30000 gold and the books. The gold and books are gone, and I heard the sound of my gem beeing made. BUT, the gem is nowhere to be found. It's not in my stash and neither on my person. Have anyone any clues of where it could be or what happened?Ninny1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 GREAT AMULET MUST SEE!!! LVL62 52 INT 111 VIT +70 All Resist +231 Armor Crit Dmg 43% Crit chance 6% Starting Bid 80M.. 5daysStunnnaaaa0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 selling blade of warlord good stats!! Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 wtb weapon 100% crit 100 +intel wtb weapon 100% crit 100 +intel, life on hit or life conversion also would be nice, let me knowHarr3865 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC tank amu 148vit+445loh+6.5CC tnxeigomanster1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 WTS insane crit weapons bows/axes on RMAH Dire Sentry $45 on RMAH 2-handed Bow DPS 980.7 +10 Min Damage +16 Max Damage +234-598 Poison +189 Strength +180% Crit Damage Scorching Helix $25 on RMAH (Sold) 2-handed Crossbow DPS 1009.8 +222-545 Fire +105 Intelligence +8% Attack Speed +122% Crit Damage Ranger's Bolt $25 on RMAH 1-handed Crossbow DPS 832.8 +238-475 Lightning +93 Dexterity +50 Intelligence +116% Crit Damage Death Demise $25 on RMAH 1-handed Axe DPS 845.0 +267-600 Arcane +71 Strength +66 Dexterity +123% Crit Damage All items will be on the RMAH(only) simply look up there stats and those will be the prices you can buy them at. If you would like to make a offer at a lower price, please contact my e-mail ( and I will lower the price next chance I get (at the end of the two day auction). Also if your looking for a certain item and would like to see it on the RMAH for a reasonable price send me an e-mail, and I will try to put it on there for you.caseyjones1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC: Zunimassa's journey Set Boots 5% poison dmg 5% attack spd 12% movement speed 78 res all 46 poison resJuRok5 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 How to Judge? i don't know how to judge those rare items i get. how much gold should i sell? base on? anyone can roughly tell me?DoRnalQu3k1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 Newbie Rare Question Just got my first rare drop (yes, I'm only act 1 still); Grisly Vault. The dps is worse than a blue bow that dropped at the same time; Spiteful Light Hand Crossbow of Flame: 16.8dps, +2-3 fire, +0.47 hatred regen p/sec Grisly Vault: 12.7dps, +1-3 poison, each hit +2 life, 1.2% dps converts to life, monster kills +3exp I was about to salvage the rare when I found: using Grisly Vault +135.2dps My question, coming from WoW, are rares like BoA weapons that increase as you level up or should I just salvage the GV and get the better DPS? ThanksWickzki1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 F/S: Barb Ammy (Str/IAS/CC) 196 Strength 40 Int 6% IAS 7.5% Crit Chance Opening 5 million B/O 10 million Thanks for your interest.Masani0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 1H 742DPS 665 LOH Need advice 1H Sword Base DPS 742 Vit 139 LOH 665 1 Socket My question is, what kind of gem should I put in the socket to make it more appealing for a sale? Crit Dmg or Extra LoH? Thanks !implosion2223 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC Pants Got a pair of pants a couple days ago and have been using them, kinda wondering what they're worth since I can't find a similar pair 445 Armour 162 Strength 248 Vitality 70 Resist to all elements If anyone could help it would be appreciated.Ausfalen3 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 WTB Natalyas mark 25m WTB natalyas mark 25 millonsTucuu0 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC Legendary Ring (also selling) Please help me price check If you want to bid place offer here - ends in 24 hours Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 SELLING SS, JUSTICE LANTERN, HoC TRIO kmoore#1524Kmoore1 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC on belts Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC on gloves please Hey I found some gloves that I'm curious about. Stats as follows: +189 int +39 res all ASI %7 Crit dmg +44% Thanks! Much appreciatedTheGreatApe2 Aug 8, 2012
Aug 8, 2012 PC on 1H MACE Please give me some advice for price on this mace. Thanks in advance.Dolpin473 Aug 8, 2012