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Jul 13, 2012 7 amulets .. price check .. 1. 220 intelli 200 dex 300 armor 2. 200 intelli 100 dex 56% crit damage 220 armor 3. 100 strength 184 vit 60 intelligence 31% crit damage 4. 100 strength 160 vit 38% crit damage 5. 50 dex 50 strength 600 Life per Hit 6. 120 strength 77 intelligence 439 Life per Hit 7. 60 resistance to all 600 life per hit hi .. I need a price check for sevral items .. contact me Darksith213#2458 if you got any questions or want to advice or help ..DarkSith2136 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on a crazy good 1 hand mace Stats in the linkOdon4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Insane caster Chest Marvelous Adornments: 67 strength 150 int 18%MF +42int +42int +42int. Post offers here or add me ingame. Please no low-balls.Jondar0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Price check on weapon 870.1 dps one handed wand +23 minimum damage 267-610 fire damage critical hit damage increased by 45% +9 to maximum arcane power 2.80% life steal no socketSickwitted1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 NEED PRICE CHECK ON AMMY PLEASE :D looking for a general range please.BonesnRobes0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Multiple Black Mushrooms Does anyone else have more than one of the black mushrooms? Is this a glich or is there multiple purposes for them?haycicle4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Dyes, do they every drop? I noticed that I have never gotten a dye to drop. Do they drop in the later parts of Inferno? If not, how is that people sell dyes for less than they are worth from vendors? Also, has anybody gotten the Bottled Smoke and Bottled Cloud dyes? I think dyes should drop, at any level/difficulty.Gorbulan2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Haze#1229 Trade window scammer Just a heads up Haze#1229 tried to trade window scam me but hes a moron and didn't succeedSamarax0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Please read. Hello everyone I started my first gaming channel on youtube and a bunch of other game's and I was wondering if you guys can check it out and give me and my friends some support. Maybe leave a like and a comment and if you like our videos subscribe. Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Farming and gold does anyone know were the best places to farm would be?, i am currently farming act1 and doing butcher runs but i keep finding gear that is crappy, my MF is 150 or so. is there anywhere in act 1 that has better items?reaper42014 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 2 Nice items on RMAH Looking at There are 2 items i'm looking at that i think are nice. 809 DPS 1h Axe 189 Dex 76 Vit 350 Life on hit 1001 DPS 2h Bow 54 Dex 170 Vit 54% crit dmg The axe is 10 dollars, and the bow is 15 dollars. Does this seem like a good price? Let me know cause I would be interested if they were.EscataFlayer0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 UNID'd Stormshield Question Hi, If I have an UNID'd Stormshield that says 23% chance to block, will that become 30% once ID'd? Thanks!Nem2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 So I got two items yesterday and sold them... ...On the RMAH, first one was a 1H spear 880 dps crit damage and a socket that I sold for (165) bucks, the next item was a 1h wand 1068 dps with a socket and only about 60 INT other stat were str,dex, arcane power, sold for (100) The point is they sold like fast, the minute or two after I posted them. I felt that I might have under priced these? Or did someone just buy them to buy them? I farm alot of items and if they are not even near this quality as above I dont sell them I just vendor them so am I missing something here? When I priced my items I looked at the AH items and what was "NOT" selling and then priced my item. Anyways when I posted the wand in trade someone offered 2 million and said that was a "good" deal being me and being like OK i have no clue what is good for a wizard in terms of wands, I almost sold it to him but I said, let me just check the AH and he said the AH overprices everything then he bumped it up to 4 mil, so I knew I had "something" of worth. Just curious if the prices I sold these at were fair and decent or way too lowMystblade3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 S> The best amulet in game +48 dexterity +136 inteligence +55 vitality +18 all resistence +247 armor +63% critical dmg +8% critical hit chance Bid starting price: 60kk or U$ 90,00 If you look at my amulet like it on the ah, the worst will find worth 150 ~ 200kk, and RMAH is a + / - 150 dollars. Im not gonna put absurd prices, but does not come with noob prices =) Send your bid by the forum, do not do trading in the game. I accept money or gold Wanna see it? search in ah for it,hes in auction right nowBamKido3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on nice Barb Amulet +127 str +115 vitality +589 LOHMagneto4 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Barb Ring.Crit Hit/AR/IAS Str P/c RMAH/GoldIronTedo2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Price Check Glove Debate (Please see) Ok, so. I have Gloves that are these Armor: 349 Strenght: 45 Intelligence: 98 Fire Resist: 41 All Resist: 73 Critical Hit Damage: 30% Magic Find: 20% Only 1 item was found when searching Intell 95+ / Crit Hit Dmg 30+ / Magic Find 20+ Doing other searches didn't prove helpul. But via this search, many items were found with similar stats, some varied in bonuses slightly better, to barely better. The CLOSEST item to mine was this one. Armor: 339 (-10 of mine) Strength: 49 (+4 of mine) Dexterity: 84 (+84 of mine) Intelligence: 115 (+17 of mine) Fire Resist: 0 (-41 of mine) All Resist: 57 (-16 of mine) Critical Hit Damage: 50% (+20 of min) Magic Find: 20% ( = to mine) This is the only item close to mine, with varying stats, that had all resist. Nothing else up had these stats with all resist. The issue I have? It's on the auction house for 50 mill. Now. I know that prices are heavily inflated currently. But, I do feel its valuable. But how valuable? I don't feel 50 mill valuable. But being only 1 of 2 items in this range of stats seems pretty rare. So, what is your opinion?EscataFlayer0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on a nice quiver +11% HA It has no +disc, the socket may make up for that. Kindof difficult to price since we're limited to three props in the AH... but, I know this very decent. Thanks.DefaultDeny1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 37% MF ring PC??? Never seen on AH to check price Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Gloves with 5-6 properties! All items starting bid 100k each! :)Lonewolf1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC this amulet posting here coz general/trade chat is usless :ov3rbalizah0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Caster Ring Any1 can tell me what a fair price for this ring? Ring: -65 Int -44Vit -16 Fire Resist -Crit Chance 3.5% -Crit Dmg 17%Ginto1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 WTS lvling weps for 49-60 I have a lot of items for people who are leveling that I want to sell here is the list. all items start 50k gold and will be up for 1 day as of this post so happy bidding. #1 2h mace 698.8 dps 206 strength 107 vit crit hit damage 42% req lvl 56 #2 bow 294.8 dps 67 dex 30 vit req lvl 50 #3 1h spear 335.4 dps 79 int 125 LoH crit hit damage 50% req lvl 57 #4 1h spear 361.2 dps 118 strength 67 dex 33 LoH socket with 13min-max req lvl 57 #5 1h spear 233.4 dps 94 vit 1.5 chance to freeze crit hit damage 41% socket with 14min-max gem req lvl 51 #6 2h staff 468.8 dps 117 strength 19 dex 23 vit Ias 5% req lvl 52 #7 2h polearm 513 dps 177 strength 38 dex req lvl 57 #8 2h daibo 281.2 dps 106 vit Ias 5%rew lvl 47 #9 bow 532.7 dps 123 int 192 vit req lvl 54 #10 bow 341.6 dps 80 strength 47 dex 2.5% damage converted to life req lvl 52 #11 1h axe 588.2 135 strength crit hit damage 55% req lvl 58 #12 2h polearm 434.1 dps 2.8% damager convert to life overpower crit hit chance 8% req lvl 41 #13 2h axe 840.2 dps crit hit damage 44% also has a socket with 45% crit hit damage in it as well req lvl 57 I loved this one #14 1h axe 429.1 dps 78 dex 43 int req lvl 50 #15 bow 676.2 dps 76 strength 107 int 217 vit req lvl 55JustRiceball2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 40% MF amulet Looking either to trade for a 40% mf amulet w/ 125+ dex since the str/int dont really help me that much or sell if I like the offer.Togoland3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Why keep items un-IDed? Hi I have seen this several times now - and so far I always IDed my yellows straight away. Is there a reason not to?RomoMoto2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Magic Find elaboration please? According to Blizzards most recent update to the game guide MF affects both quality and quantity: "Magic find affects the quality of items you acquire from killing enemies (but not treasure chests, vases, weapon racks, or other environmental objects). It doesn’t give you a chance to get more items on a given kill – instead, it increases the chance that an item you find will be magical, and more potent than it would be otherwise." It also seems to check the quality by how many affixes there are: "For example, if a monster has a 4% chance to drop a 6-affix rare item and you have +50% magic find, it now has a 6% chance to drop that item. Item quality is checked in the following order: Legendary 6-affix rare 5-affix rare 4-affix rare 2-affix rare 1-affix rare magic item" What I would like to know is how MF affects ilvl. According to patch notes for 1.0.3: Inferno - Act III and Act IV iLvl 61: 24.1% iLvl 62: 16.1% iLvl 63: 8.0% How does the roll process go for ilvl? In theory, with a base 250 MF + 75 in NV stacks + 25 shrine, you should have an 80% chance at a ilvl 61 item, a 50% chance at 62 and a 30% chance at a 63. Is this accurate? What is the specific algorithm used to determine ilvl of drops?AcaleusThorn5 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 WTS> 1h Sword 841 Dps 9% Aspd Str/Vit As topic. 1h Sword 841 dps 366 - 737 1.53 aps 27% dmg 198 min dmg 291 max dmg 221 Str 105 Vit 118 Dex 9% Atk Spd Start Bid: 1m Buy Out: 20m Leave your bids and battletag if interested Auction ends 9am PDTWoShaNiDeTou7 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 WTB un-identified rings and amulets i60 - 70k eac i61 - 200k eac i62 - 325k eac add carrot03#1838Carrot030 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 How good is this chest? I feel bad, some dude in trade linked it and asked 100k I know its worth alot more so I bought it without question, Stats are, 82 Intell 77 vit and 66 Resist all and 3 sockets..Dougall3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 p/c on str chest str -69+42x3 =195 vitality-107 resistance to all ele- 69MERCY1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Amulet for DH or Wizard hi Guys, how much you pay???Babuino2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Orange Legendary Gear Disapear I found two-handed legendary mighty axe with my monk earlier today, 3 minutes later the game ended it self and booted me to the character window. When I log back in to another game the gear is nowhere to be found. Is it possible to get the gear back?Alexander1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on awesome Wiz/WD Chest Hey guys, I was wondering what a PC on this chest armor would turn out: Sats: -328 armor -152 Intel -185 vital -52 Res all -Reduce dmg from ranged attacks 3% -1 soc (+38 intel gem for a total of 190 intel) Any thoughts would be cool. ThanksPKV18721 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Sick Chest for sale, WD or Wiz. Vanguard Front 82 Intell 77 Vit 66 Resist All 3 sockets each with + 42 intell gems Serious offers only please.. add me in game or post here to talk.. Dougall#1506Dougall3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC> 303VIT 794LOH 104STR 1H MACE & BUL KATHOS 1H Mace 542dps ( :/ ) 104Str 156Dex 303Vit 794 LoH [u]Bul Kathos 75 Str 20 Lightning res 96 LoH 4% life Crit dmg + 23% + open socket Would like to know the price on these, will sell if there are any reasonable bidsDucky1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC On Ammy 20-42 DMG 262 Vitality 224 Intel + 61 All Resists +9% Gold findDcozzi011 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Item got lost. My lvl 63 unidentified archon bracers got lost, when my game got terminated.arcanum0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC 1400 Xbow 97% Crit Dmg 9% IAS thanks for the help in advanceazncoduyen0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC Wiz offhand 83-321dmg/70str/144inteligent Need price check PC Wiz offhand 83-321dmg/70str/144inteligent ThanksDragas0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC Chest 339arm/56str/195vit/44phys res/53all Need price check: Chest 339arm/56str/195vit/44physical resists/53all resists/3 socketsDragas1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on wep and ring No idea what these are worth x.x Weapon: 1.4 speed 695 dmg 256 int 649 life on hit Ring: 156 dex 20% GFXyq0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 price check LoH ammy and ring Amulet +9 to minimum damage +128 strength +586 life on hit +8% life Ring +17 to maximum damage +154 strength +69 dexterity +82 intelligence +74 vitality +193 life on hit Just trying to find out prices on these, any educated estimates are appreciated so thank you in advance for the help.liam3 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Is no element on a weapon bad? I've heard that no element and cold element offer less dps to a weapon compared to the other elemental weapons, is this true?Tooshay1 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 WTB unid Hellions - 800k WTB unid Hellions - 800k Fishboner#1933Fishboner8 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Socket chest with Dex or Intelligence? I am selling this chest in the RMAH right now but if it doesn't sell I'm not sure if I should resocket it with some topaz gems or offer it here or throw it onto the regular auction house. What do you think? Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC - 739dps Mace level 48 (ilvl 63) Stats aren't that great but it does have reduced level requirements. 793dps 97 dex 82 int empty socket I'd appreciate any help coming up with a price. At most I've seen level 48 items have <200 dps. Thanks.Magic0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on great int/vit/loh/gf Amulet Amulet is here; +227 Int +216 Vit +461 LoH +40% Gold Find Any idea what it's worth in gold/real money?Dirae0 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 PC on 7AS, 95+ dex/vit, 238 armor, o/s amulet 98 Dexterity 95 Vitality 7% Attack Speed 238 Armor Open Socket Thanks in advancePiffle2 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Legendary items and corporation dynamics This is just my opinion on the Legendary item situation and why I think blizzard isn't changing it anytime soon -Odds of legendary items dropping are extremely low -Odds of getting an amazing roll (desirable stats) are even lower -Odds of magic items dropping is high -Odds of finding magic items with amazing roll is much much higher due to sheer frequency -Legendary items have more properties and therefore more potential -Over time legendary items with amazing rolls will be found and far surpass blues/rares -They will cost a ton of money due to how rare they are (what blizzard wants) As of right now blues/rare are better because it's too early in the game for the amazing roll legendaries to be found yet and it will likely be some time before they are around in abundance Basically blizzard has set up a rather good business model where we have to grind far far more than Diablo 2 by creating a huge amount of variance in legendary items (which already seem harder to find than in D2) where most are bad but select few are incredible Just think of how much perfect windforce was worth for example in D2, all they have done in D3 have made "perfect" legendaries in D3 take even longer to find/more scarce increasing their value even more and make grinding even more addicting Blizzard is a corporation, corporations care about money, Blizzard is no exception, they do however still manage to please their customers (for the most part) while doing it but the truth is if you think about it the current state of legendary drops/mechanics is no coincidence there is a reason why everything in D3 is the way it is.. It's to construct an economy to make the most money possible for Blizzard inc. Tl:DR Eventually uniques will far surpass blue/rare but be incredibly hard to find and will cost astronomical amounts. The more you look at it the new unique item drop system the more it becomes apparent it was all specifically engineered to make blizzard more money in the RMAH.Daemon13 Jul 13, 2012
Jul 13, 2012 Natalya's Shadow Pc 55 Dex 56 Vit Increase hatred regen 1.05 per second Reduce cost of Impale by 4 hatred 3 sockets What would this be worth around? thanks :)Abrak2 Jul 13, 2012