Items and Crafting

Feb 10 Waypoint Request I need the waypoint for the Malthael quest in campaign so I can do the Harbinger quest with the templar. Can someone please give me this?TopOp0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Asheara's Set I think of this set as a support set, Wouldn't it be cool if Asheara's set bonuses was switch to. (2) set 20% life & 100 res all (3)Attacks cause your followers to occasionally come to your aid I think would be awesome if it only took 3 parts to get all set bonuses. Would really like to see the life % bonus and res all increased a little bit more, maybe to 35% life 130 res all? I found use for the Asheara's set and I do like the set, just thinking of ways maybe we could improve it a bit more. :)DragonsBlood8 Feb 10
Feb 10 Xbox one request Anyone have fist of as (monk weapon) they can mail xHOTWINGx. Unmodded please and thank you.Hotwing0 Feb 10
Feb 10 Tyrael's Might deserves a custom transmog I think its an absolute travesty that Tyreal's might doesn't at least have a custom transmog for heavy armor wearing classes. It's straight up disrespectful imho.RDS0 Feb 10
Feb 10 LoN, the glory that use to be. I would like to request as I think many others have, a buff to LoN. I would love to see a bit more damage per piece, even 125% per ancient versus the current 100% would be great. LoN provides us with a fun way to use skills and unique setups that all the sets leave out. Many of my favorite builds and skills have no substantial use because the sets do not use them. LoN had provided a fix for this, but with all of the massive set buffs and imbalance of items we have more of a WoW type loot system where its sets only unless you have a very specific setup. My proposal is a simple 125% damage increase per ancient and then let us roll one of the rings like the Hellfire amulet to where it rolls a certain skill instead of a passive and that skill will do either more damage, have a chance to double proc, or have a 50% chance to cost no resource. (the roll will depend on the skill).Baine10 Feb 10
Feb 9 Necromancer legendary item - whimsyshire How about a necromancer legenary item (not sure what their type will be - dagger? shield-head thingy like D2?) that turns your summoned skeletons into undead care bears from whimsyshire? They could be little skeletons like the bone fetish from D2 or zombie bears with stuffing hanging out and button eyes missing. It would be awesome to see a horde of them swarm over asmodean and paw him to death with their little arms or bites. Maybe some blood on their noses/chins after they've been in battle.iii0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Suggestions on where to farm for Ramaladni's Gift? I know that the odds of it dropping are low, and RNG is random, however there should be something I can do to raise my odds. For example, if it was a slot machine, I could play more; if I wanted to maximize my time, I could play multiple slot machines, stuff like that. So far I got one of them right after the patch to 2.10. It was still glitched where it had no name, but there was a beam of light (come to think of it, Blizzard still haven't fixed that, have they?). Since then, I've been running T6 rifts and even did a lot of 25+ GRifts this weekend. I've take a level 70 character form running hard all the way to running T6 since then. I've had five legendary potions drop. But I still haven't seen another Ramaladni's Gift. I've gotten maybe something like 5 goblin rifts (more rainbow rifts, but let's face it, who actually uses those). I've been running Southern Highlands up to Leoric's Manor because that is where I found the only one I've ever seen (think it dropped out of a stump in T1). Others have suggested that you need to do whatever you normally do to get the most legendaries to drop, so I've also been running T6 rifts. Personally I don't like running GRifts, I hate working against a clock (gave a pass to FFXIII-3 and Zelda Phantom Hourglass because of the clock). I don't need more stress in my life, I play game to relive stress. So what I'm looking for is what you were doing when your Rama Gift dropped. Or what do you do in order to farm them? What can I do to maximize my chances of one to drop?mogbert17 Feb 9
Feb 9 rifts if anyone wants to run rifts, add me.jlynn2 Feb 9
Feb 9 Crafting The Furnace So I spent basicly whole day yesterday trying to craft The Furnace in the cube using upgrade rare item thing with no luck. I was using 2 hand rare maces crafted by blacksmith and I never saw The Furnace, Soulsmasher or Wrath of the Bone King. So if anyone that crafted The furnace in cube would tell me if he used maces from blacksmith or ones found in world i would at least know if Im doing this wrong.Kirszyn34 Feb 9
Feb 9 My Luck with In Geom 100+ T10 Rifts today alone, plus hundreds of others before today. Nearly 2000DBs, countless blood shards, and still no In Geom. I have gotten at least 3 of every other unique 1h sword available to monks, some(like wildwood, gift of silaria, and shard of hate) I've seen well over 30 times a piece since season start. Anyone else having this kind of luck with In Geom as well? Every time I mention it in my clan, everyone links like 3 of them. It's fairly discouraging. And yes, I'm aware that RNG is RNG, but I feel like my toon is in someway just totally incapable of getting an In Geom despite anything I do.GOOEY10 Feb 9
Feb 9 Upgrading a set item? So, I've Shenlong's set, but the Fist of Legend is lowered in terms of damage, as I got it when I was level 65. Now, is there any way for me to "upgrade" it using normal means, or will I have to go back to farming to hope for a better one? I was thinking maybe re-rolling it twice over but, that takes a lot of resources and I'm not sure it works. Thanks in advance.Angelism1 Feb 9
Feb 9 Runes Suggestion Each character "unlocks a rune slot every 20 levels". These rune slots have a wide variety of enhancements. Obviously the more powerful the enhancement rune the more elusive to find. At every "20 levels to unlock rune slots, a level 70 character would be given a 4th slot". A various selection could be created to modify a characters ability to deal damage or survive. *20% to 50% damage reduction rune (very rare) *20% to 50% damage increase rune (very rare) *2% to 15% Critical hit Chance rune (rare) *30% to 100% Critical hit Damage rune (rare) *2% to 15% run speed rune (common) *10% to 20% elite monster damage reduction (rare) Something similar to this basis for an additional variety of items to the game perhaps.StarspearBlu0 Feb 9
Feb 9 Glass of Life amulet Please make this work like the Occulus ring and proc on all kills, not just yours. Would give something else for supports to wear. Thanks.TheIrishOne1 Feb 9
Feb 9 Ring of Royal Granduer affix doesnt stack? I have a Ring of Royal Grandeur and then I cubed a second one with the understanding that I would only need to be wearing 4 pieces of the set to get the 6 piece bonus. It works when I wear the ring or have the cubed effect on and have 5 pieces on it will show the 6 piece bonus. If I wear the ring and have the cubed effect on me and with 4 pieces of the set on it will not show me having the 6 piece bonus. Am I missing something or does this effect not stack? I have not tested if wearing 2 of the rings at the same time stacks since I cubed my second one and havent gotten a 3rd yet.Richardnogin5 Feb 9
Feb 9 Need to undo Caldesann's Despair on my Weapon The tooltip for Caldesann's Despair is ridiculously poor, misleading and incomplete. Only AFTER I burned a level 60 gem adding Caldesann's Despair to my weapon did I learn that the type of flawless imperial gem determines the added stat. The thought of leveling another gem to 60 simply to replace the useless stat on my weapon makes me want to quit playing. Please tell me a developer can undo the Caldesann's Despair on my weapon and return the gem to me. You can easily argue all day long that there's forum information out there on this, but no one should be required to read forums to play the basics of the game. Forums are typically strategic in nature, not basic game instructions. Please don't punish the players for the inadequate tooltips. Please tell me something can be done to return my original gem to my account. You can take away Caldesann's Despair and keep the three gems I used improperly because of the misleading tooltip. Just don't make me level another gem.Painn18 Feb 9
Feb 8 Bad RNG or missing something? I've been playing D3 on and off the past few months and having a bit of an issue gearing for high tier rifts... There always comes a point usually halfway through the season where I hit a brick wall... I use the most popular methods, farm mats for upgrade rare item and reforge legendary before I go back to farming. I upgraded 40 necklaces and didn't get the item with a good stat roll, or any for that matter. Am I doing something wrong or do I just have terrible RNG? It took me a good 2-3 weeks to farm those mats and made zero progress since... Any advice?Kryptis3 Feb 8
Feb 8 Primal Ancient Horadric Hamburger Can it come with cheese? Also, to make the hamburger more useful, I think it should be able to absorb 2 legendary affixes. So if you're wielding it and have the cube, you get 3 weapon affixes instead of 2. Since it's supposed to be rare, make it worth having! And if that is too game changing, then at least make it a universal transmog - no matter what weapon or off-hand you are using, it becomes available as a transmog once you find it.ShamWow0 Feb 8
Feb 8 Suggest some Legendary Powers ---Wizard--- Belt: You have a permanent Slow Time bubble centered around you. (It can benefit from all runes and works with Delsere) Amulet: While you have a Protective Shield (from Passive, Gem... or any other source of Shield) active or for 1 second after it expires, you take 50% reduced damage. (This should work nicely with that Bracers) Also, please add something to make it obvious how much Shield we have left! Reworked Arcane Orb Wand: Replace Double Explosion by Deal Damage Twice. (This will allow non-Arcane Runes to be viable enough) ---Witch Doctor--- Belt: Your Melee Pets have Cleaving attacks (does not apply to pets that already have it ie Cold and timed Gargantuan) Shoulders: Redirect 25% of damage taken amongst your Fetishes. Reworked Tall Man's Finger: No longer requires ALL those passives to make it work. It will simply create 1 powerful Gargantuan Zombie Dog.DoomBringer0 Feb 8
Feb 8 cube not extracting the furnace his powers hi, just finaly found the item i was looking for ... the furnace, now i wanted to extract his powers in the cube , but seems it not working. Ive triple checked my mats i needed, got plenty of all, and yes in case u are wondering id did use the right mats in the cube so thats not the problem :-) so i wonder why it still doenst allow me to extract its powers . please helpBlaize1 Feb 8
Feb 7 Focus and Restraint annoy the hell out of me Yes, calm your horses and let me explain this. I play every class and Focus and Restraint is the way to go with almost every endgame build. Which is fine. Mostly. At least for DH, Monk, Barb and Crusader I am pretty OK with it because I can easily and usefully fit generating abilities and spenders into the build. The Barb can easily trigger it with mobility skills or shouts. Monk is so heavily rewarded for his primary skill uses that I would use them without the benefits of F+R. DH and Crus don't have so much luxury but they still generate resources at last. But with WD and even more with Wizard (which is my favourite class) I find this annoying as hell. I don't have any good alternatives on items. SoJ doesn't do enough damage. CoE is decent but often used as supplement anyway. There are lots of cool rings but in the end it always comes down to damage so F+R is getting mandatory. But if I use it I have to use a primary skill. So I use a slot because usually that primary skills don't do anything for spender classes. If I use them I even lose time I could use to attack. It feels like I'm getting a speed bonus for pulling the handbrake on my car. And I feel I shouldn't be forced to do this. And this annoys me. I know there are builds that avoid that problem (Carn Doc or Vyr) but I think it is essentially wrong design. I play these classes because they have a fast replenishing resource. I want to nuke the !@#$%^- battlefield and I don't want to care about my resources because they will be full at the next mob. This is what the game is suggesting and this is what it fails to deliver. If I want to nuke the battlefield I can play barb with IK. Or Monk with Sunwoku. I don't think the Primary skills hould be used just to trigger a damage buff. Blizzard stated that not every skill should be used in endgame but they force players to use weak and useless skills because they exist (and because of some weird design philosophy). So I want to have an alternative for F+R. An alternative that benefits classes that focus on spenders. Or maybe builds that focus on spenders. I could probably whip up some ideas but I think the devs are surely capable of doing so theirselves. But please can spender classes have rings that feel like boosting our powers instead of counteracting them?Elyodin30 Feb 7
Feb 7 A Revival of Blackthorne's Battlegear? How do you think that this all around set could be made viable in par with most class-specific sets? A suggestion: (2) piece: - Reduce cooldowns 10% - Resource cost reduction 10% - Increases damage against elites by 5.0% - Reduces damage from elites by 5.0% (4) piece: - Reduce the damage taken 30% - You are immune to Desecrator, Molten, and Plagued monster ground effects. (6) piece: - increase the elemental damage you have immunity to xxxx% Balanced to the level of current sets. Immunity to a certain elements can be optained from amulets such as Xephirian amulet. Actually, now that I edited some of the original set bonuses into reworked set, it'd actually almost a viable to have at least two pieces in many builds. It's so pity that it's now useless. Edit: Balanced increase to a certain elementel damage would allow character to play as they want with the available skills. Now we are forced to use the skills the way sets demand.Ruined10 Feb 7
Feb 6 Item properties over seasons! .SqualllHart0 Feb 6
Feb 6 Special 'Ruins' place in Act II I'm back playing d3 after about 3~4 years and I'm enjoying all new stuff added while I was out. I remeber when I played back then, I have found a "Ruins" in Act 2 which was some kind of a special place, bonus place, idk for sure. It was full of magical items, all kinds of champions and rare monster all over the place. I remember my inventory becoming full, then I returned to the camp, but I was never able to get back there. That happened in one of my campaigns, I could never find it again in the same or any other campaign. I'm playing again in act 2, and I want to know what place was that and how can I find it again. Thanks in adv.STARVATION1 Feb 6
Feb 6 Best/Worst items you think you have on your character? Best would have to be my WKL for the stats, followed bt the Sunwuko amulet. Worst would be............. too many. Object? Post opinions on what you and other people post as theirs.LifePincher4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Zero Puzzles Rings - What's wrong with me? I'm currently playing a Crusader in Season 9. I'm level 70 - Paragon 178 and playing pretty easily at Torment VII. I'm currently working on the Champion chapter of the Season. And in all this time, I have found exactly ZERO Puzzle Rings. Am I doing something wrong or am I just very, very unlucky? I've read forums where people state how many rings they've found, and how they've started just salvaging them because they've been to the Vault so many times, etc. That's great, but not helpful. Please don't reply and tell me how many you've found and how easy it was for you. That doesn't help me at all. What would help is any advice on what I might be doing wrong. According to the threads I've read, I should have found several by now. Help?WapCaplet1 Feb 6
Feb 6 Angel Hair Braid not procing Wrydward? I have a question with the item Angel Hair Braids belt for the crusader. Punish gains the effect of every rune and I have the fury rune selected for lightning dmg. I also have Wyrdward ring as a cubed accessory which any lighting dmg you deal has a 35% to stun. My question is: does the belt with fury rune suppose to work with the ring accessory? Because I'm not stunning any targets at all when the belt is equipped. But when I unequip the belt, then I'm able to stun the target for days. Is this a bug or something because its really annoying me. Please help and thank you.Lemboliss0 Feb 6
Feb 6 LoN ring maybe its a good idea to give a boost if primal ancient coming. like: 100% when ancient equip but up to 105 or 110% when primal ancient was equip. same for dmg reduction: 4% up to 6% when primal ancient was equip. its just a some idea to make this ring more interresting with the coming of new upgrated items.mathorT16k0 Feb 6
Feb 6 whimshyr um? where is Sir Williams in whimshyre because when you farm this world he seems never spawn at this place. off course with Staff of Hedring.mathorT16k2 Feb 6
Feb 6 How upgrading items should work: Upgrade Rare > Legendary (10% chance > Ancient; 1% chance > Primal) Upgrade Legendary > Ancient (10% chance > Primal) Upgrade Ancient > Primal (guaranteed) Upgrade Primal > re-roll stats (but any stat rolled cannot be lower than was already on that item)Raxxis2 Feb 6
Feb 6 6 piece set reward - how to get it ? Starting first patch 2.4 game the central window on the presentation pane caught my eye. It said that we will get a 6 piece set towards the end our out fourth chapter journey. Since this is patch note I guessed it is just a last minute change of the 6 pieces set promissed by the PTR when I last played. As that was an obvious issue signaled in many posts in the PTR discussion forum, + there is no current season opened, I took it for granted that it is just a last minute change and "chapter" and "journey" should read " Campaign" and "Act IV" And I was just one among others to think that - it seems. Well it seems I got it wrong. Can Blizzard clarify ? Respectnatasha4 Feb 6
Feb 6 Wings? The other day I had what looked like a red version of "Wings of Valor" on my character, have no idea where they came from as I didn't have any wings equipped at the time. Thought they were cool so didn't bother equipping any wings, now they're gone after being there for a few days. Any idea if this is a bug or maybe the gear I had equipped had this as an effect? Thanks ahead of time for any response!ArcherRanger3 Feb 6
Feb 5 The Horadric Hamburger.... So, I'm running a rift the other day and this thing drops.... The Horadric Hamburger. It got me thinking...why is this not a set item? Maybe Fries and a scratch that...a (Dairy Queen) Blizzard as an off-hand. Of course, you'll need to add two Onion Rings. You could even go so far as to make it a six item set with a bib as a chest piece and a busted belt... The fast food set. Then it got me thinking... I wonder if there is an Ancient version of this hamburger. Ewww...Nevermind, who would want an Ancient Hamburger. I'm hungry. I should've eaten lunch today....MaxVanquish42 Feb 5
Feb 5 Legendary Gem: Shard of Azmodan Legendary Gem: Shard of Azmodan "Azmodan, the Lord of Sin was extremely corpulent, emphasizing his dominion over the sins of Gluttony, Sloth and Greed." Effect: Increases Progress Orbs, Gold and Health Pickup by 5 yards. Values Start: 5 Increase: 1 Rank 25 Bonus All crafting mats will now be included in pick up radius. Notes: Gem Caps at 30 Sockets into Weapons/Offhand rather than jewelry. Useful for crafters. By eliminating the need for Pickup Radius on the gear, gear can be rolled for stats. Increasing the pickup radius allows for faster rift and bounty runs. **Not in-game: Just a humble suggestion"Darkrue5 Feb 5
Feb 5 A thought about primals To limit the RNG in D3. Instead of primals having the chance to drop or chance to get from upgrading a rare to a primal. Instead the only way to get a primal, lets say you finally found that ancient Nifur's boast with 350% passive stat, you were looking for. And you decide you're happy with the current stats on them, so you throw them into cube with certain amount of crafting mats, to upgrade it to a primal ancient, and Caldesann's despair isn't removed from the item, if you had it enchanted already. Which some players already mention this idea on different post. Primal weapons, after turning your ancient into a primal ancient weapon, what if there was a cube recipe that allow you to keep increasing weapon's base damage overtime? this would allow any build to keep progressing/climbing if they kept putting the effort in to the current build they are working on. Which would create variety. It's just a thought.DragonsBlood0 Feb 5
Feb 4 Best way to farm Focus/Restraint So im looking to run Focus and Restraint now, is there a "best" way to farm them or am i just rolling on luck.Tezzerett42 Feb 4
Feb 4 Legendary and Set Items I keep getting the same items for bounties. Are certain legendaries only found at certain levels? I found an awesome belt for my wizard, but he died and I want it back. I'd also just like to collect every legendary.RushaDuke3 Feb 4
Feb 4 Finding and Reforging Items For the time it takes to farm mat's and the price it cost to Reforge items really sucks! Grinding for hours and hours , (sometimes days) and after selling thousands of BloodShards to find that certain item our goal is finally somewhat accomplished, only to discover that the item dropped don't have the stat's we need to fit our build. So we find ourselves Reforging and rolling only to come up with still a crappy item. Which still puts some us back to stage 1. On the GRIND. I know that putting together or farming a perfect item is reachable but, very time consuming, and some of us just flat out get lucky, Teaming up helps but your going to get what your going to get... So! think to myself, what can Blizzard do to fix this I ??? Then the thought comes and just like that! Nahhh that will never happen again. Thanks for letting me vent...Taxfree9428 Feb 4
Feb 4 Stash tabs are not accessible to casual players TLDR; achieving conqueror in Diablo 3 seasons is not a reasonable expectation for casual players. Therefore; casual players are denied extra stash tabs. Therefore; casual players are less able (even unable) to enjoy the full breadth of content that Diablo 3 has to offer. Now that that's out of the way. I enjoy Diablo as a casual game I can just pick up, play, and stop on a moments notice. I love playing my monk and witchdoctor and they have my most hours spent. Eventually though I like to try new things and so I would build a wizard, crusader, barbarian, etc. But then I found that once I got to 70 and started amassing set items I simply didn't have the stash space. I pretty much cap out at my two mains. I've created alts to store some of the gear for my other heroes, but it's a pain in the *** to have to keep switching between characters just to check the stats on a particular piece of gear. So I was SO pleased when the Diablo developers announced there be more stash tabs as season awards. Good idea, gets people to play new characters from lvl 1, start fresh, and go through the dungeon crawl all over again. But when I saw the requirements, I have to say I pretty much decided that I would just end up not playing diablo anymore or at best very rarely. I simply don't have the time, nor the desire to segregate myself from my family and friends for the number of hours it would take to reach Conqueror so that I can get an extra stash tab. Maybe some of you think that if I don't want to play, then I should just shut up and not play. But I don't think this is an unreasonable request. It would not make the game "easier" or less hardcore, it would not diminish anyones experience if you made extra stash tabs more accessible. Sure you would lose the prestige of having having that reward, but so many other players would then be able to play other heroes and then either not have to go through the pain of switching through bum stash alts, or the frustration of having to give up on good set item pieces because they simply don't have the space to store them. As a result, we cannot enjoy the full breadth of gears sets and content that Diablo 3 has to offer. I respectfully request that the Diablo developers consider making the extra stash tabs more accessible so that casual players can have a reasonable chance to enjoy the full breadth of content that the game has to offer. Sincerely SceerSceer48 Feb 4
Feb 4 Ancient Primal is perfect if would happen .Raxxis0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Ancient Primals worth it if this happened... .Raxxis0 Feb 4
Feb 4 Potion Jar Revisement Make potion jars need repair after a certain number of uses. Make the jars need to fill with those red-globe things that drop. Maybe four globe things equal 1 jar refilled. Benefits: The potion jar stays right where it is. More reason to walk towards the globe things. It no longer is infinitely refilled (Immersion). You're forced to make a more complex decision of when to use it. Doesn't introduce any new ground items. Cons: You can't make everyone happy. Things become a little less like Open Battle.Net.herovillain10 Feb 4
Feb 3 Gloves of Worship and Pylon Effects Why won't these work on pylons? I get that pylons aren't shrines, but maybe an added bit of text saying "Pylon effects last 3 minutes" would be great, if a bit overpowered.DiabloVern5 Feb 3
Feb 3 Reforge question I know that if you reforge a lvl 40 item it wont change the level to 70 But if i reforge a legendary on a lvl 60 character will it lower the item lvl or will it stay at lvl 70 and will i keep all the stat slots for the item im asking because i got a decent weapon to drop on my wizard and want to use it on my crusader when i get him to lvl 70 unfortunatly it has int instead of strSeosamh1 Feb 3
Feb 3 50% magic find. Plz give it back. Please give us back 50% Magic find. You can put it in to green gems for helmet. Thank you.MrBond3 Feb 3
Feb 3 Buying : the star of azkaranth I have been playing quite often recently and it doesnt seem to be dropping for me. About 2 months now, each week about 20+ hours and still not dropping. So hopefully someone kind out there are able to help. Paragon lvl 750+ and still hardcore farming from t5-t10 , and sometimes t13 also not dropping. Thanks in advance.lowprofile9 Feb 3
Feb 3 Ramaldani's gift ? What is that What is ramaldani's gift never see that someone can tell me what it does and where to get oneyannik24075 Feb 3
Feb 2 Furnace does not work with Manald Heal? Hello, i did some testing after i heard rumors that the procs of Manald Heal do not benefit from Furnace's +50% elite dmg buff. And indeed, it seems that is true, i did not get any dmg boost from a (cubed) Furnace. Is this intended? It seems it has nothing to do with +Elite dmg in general, i tested with a Stone of Jordan and Manald procs do benefit from the +Elite dmg on SoJ. So i dont see a reason why a source of +Elite dmg granted by a SoJ would work, while a source of +Elite dmg granted by a Furnace would not. This looks more to be a bug rather than intended. I did only test with a cubed Furnace, not the actual item equipped. Looking forward to answers! Greetings ManiaxManiax1 Feb 2
Feb 2 Armory Needs To Help Store Items! The new armory being introduced in patch 2.5 is really nice but I was sorely disappointed to notice that it doesn't store your items, meaning that people who have played this game alot will still have a cramped up stash space. 10 stash tabs won't be enough especially with "primal" ancients coming out next patch. I'm hoping for a new stash tab per season till the release of Diablo 4 or the next Diablo game, 30 stash tabs would be an ideal total. But I'm pretty sure Blizzard will breeze through this post and we will be capped out at ten stash tabs, I guess I'll have to salvage every precious ancient that took me hundreds of hours to grind just to make some space for set items for other champs.SoloPlayer780 Feb 2
Feb 2 Legendary Gem Slot on Kanai's Cube With some comments on my other suggestion thread; i have another idea which i belive, can add some nice variations in character builds. Please dont look this as simply asking for more power creep, but just thinking ways to improve diversity. I would be totally ok if all set damage output are reduced by 20% or something. A Legendary Gem slot on Kanai's Cube; A legendary gem socketed into cube needs to be level 50(min), and have empowered effect. This gem is not extracted like legendary items, and can be freely socketed/unsocketed. Players need to think which gem is to be socketed on cube, due to it having an empowered effect. Some of the dumb ideas of mine as following; Gogok of Swiftness: -Cube Effect; can now stack up to 20 times. Mutilation Guard: -Cube Effect; now also decreases ranged physical attacks by 25%. Mirinae, Teardrop of the Starweaver: -Cube Effect; Smite a nearby enemy every 1.5 seconds instead. Simplicity’s Strength -Cube Effect; Your primary attack now generate 1% primary resource. Taeguk -Cube Effect; Start at 4 stacks. Zei’s Stone of Vengeance -Cube Effect; Damage you deal is now increased for every 8 yards instead. (Up to 40 yards.) Whatever you can imagine. The important aspect here is to decide which gem to socket into Cube. Which empowered feature benefits your build most? Just my 2 cents.Conlan5 Feb 2
Feb 2 Staff of Herding Help!! I finally got all the ingredients and the plan to make the staff. So I payed the 50,000 and made one. Now because I am a Demon Hunter I can't use the darn thing what do I do? Is there a trick to using it?Elric1385 Feb 2