Items and Crafting

Jan 14 Litany undaunted set mechanics I'm curious over two things about the new open-ended set we are receiving. A: Will any set items equipped deactivate it or only if we have two on and therefore a set bonus active. I know what it says on the blizz page but sometimes they can be vague and I'm wondering if anyone has tested this to confirm. B: How does the damage multiply into our skills. I won't pretend to 100% understand why focus restraints addition of a measly 50% damage so outshines what appears to be a really epic bonus on the travelers pledge/compass rose set but I'm told it does by miles. I currently have managed to get 9 ancients on my hero including the wailing host she is wearing. I am intending to test a few builds but just as an example, I can bring her star pact build up to around .75 billion crits (750 mil) outside of the new set, focusing on it heavily with the gear I have available. How much change should I expect in that build?XTerranite10 Jan 14
Jan 14 Loot Drops When playing on my barb I get set/legendary gear all of the time! Problem is I don't really need any of it. I get SIGNIFICANTLY less, as in pretty much zero set/legendary drops on my wizard.... and it is really annoying me as I need the gear on my wizard. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? :'(Torm1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Hellfire Ring Missing So, I started up in the new season, and trying to work on a second character, wanted to equip hellfire ring and amulet to my DH. When I went to build them, it only shows plans for the old style hellfire ring and the amulet, so I'm currently not able to make the new version of hellfire ring either. Any ideas/fixes to this? Or maybe a known bug. (Only plans Squirt have are the two that I already bough, no third one, and no other options at the jeweler to clarify for those who think I don't know what I'm doing... trying to minimize posts that are irrelevant). Thanks!Azurial1 Jan 14
Jan 14 Do Etched Sigil procs trigger Firebird? There seems to be a lot of conflicting information out there with people saying it does and people saying it doesn't. What is the current status of these item procs? If it does work, what are the best skills to use in combination?ForNein3 Jan 14
Jan 14 Tf So, does the gibbering gemstone have a !@#$ed up low drop rate, cause i'm pissed with how much I've tried and haven't received.ChilledChaos3 Jan 14
Jan 13 Bring back buying mats! Blizzard, please bring back the ability to buy mats, instead of having to run around collecting yellows, blues, or whites to destroy and get them. It takes FOREVER to collect 5,000 mats, and then they're gone in one session of crafting, and it takes weeks and weeks to collect enough to do another session of crafting. People still have to run around killing monsters to collect the gold; why not let people spend the gold on crafting mats? It's not like we're buying anything else with it.HotStuff20 Jan 13
Jan 13 Invoker Set + Demon's Skin + Area Dmg = true? The Thorns of the Invoker set could use an update. I mean, who even uses this set? Needs a buff. Perhaps it could invoke some of that Area Damage? Current: (2) Set: - Ranged and melee attackers take 4000 damage per hit (4) Set: - Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 15 yard radius. Proposed: (2) Set: - Ranged and melee attackers take 8000 damage per hit. Your Thorns damage now scales with your highest Elemental Damage. (4) Set: - Your Thorns damage now hits all enemies in a 25 yard radius and your Area Damage is increased by 25%. Enemies hit by your Thorns damage will now always deal Area Damage. Would work nicely with: 75–100% of your Thorns damage is applied on every attack. And also: Sanguinary Vambraces (a1 Cache, couldn't find link) Chance on being hit to deal 1000% of your Thorns damage to nearby enemies. Finally, there's also the set Demon's Skin: Could probably be a bit more useful as well. These two sets could perhaps either be merged or both could be updated to current standards, for a nice old 2x4pc set mix. We could potentially have a great Area Damage setup here, even by just using one of them + any other set (this is why "mandatory" 6pc sets are bad, btw). Any endeavour to bring Thorns and Area Damage via these 2 sets back into the game would require a look at how various items in this theme match together though. The Sanguinary Vambraces for example occupy the same bracers slot as both these sets. PS: Nevermind the actual proposed numbers - subject to change of course. Point is, there's potential here! What do you think? Any concrete ideas?bjornh5 Jan 13
Jan 13 Bombadier's Rucksack Is the +Sentry damage still supposed to roll on this item? I didn't see any changes in the patch notes but I just got one that does not have the stat and it is not available to be rolled for at the enchanter. Just curious if this is normal or a bug.Mondlicht1 Jan 13
Jan 13 Noob stat priorities Hi I'm a noob to Diablo 3 and I am leveling my Demon Hunter. I have read a few guides and am curious about stat priorities when choosing gear. For Example: I have read a guide with stat priorities for Torso being: 1.Dexterity 3.Vitality 2. 3 sockets 4.All Resistance I have 2 items: Torso Item A: Dex +190, No sockets, Vitality +184, +25 resistance to all elements Torso Item B: Dex +175, 2 sockets, Vitality +175, +45 poison resistance Which would you choose using the above stats priorities? EG. if Dex is priority 1 I should choose item A? or should I chose based on all priorities (Item A wins on 3 out 4). Or should I go with Item B as it has 2 gem slots? Thanks in Advance.NamelsHnchmn1 Jan 13
Jan 12 Bring back Djinn Slayer! With 2 sockets! 'Nuff said.silencio1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Completed Chapter 4 of the Season...NO GIFT I completed the even gave me my pet...but i got no gift..meaning i didnt get the last 2 pieces of my else have this problem?!skidakid4201 Jan 12
Jan 12 Requirements too high for the seasonal stash tab! Having to complete Conqueror level in the seasonal journey for an extra stash tab is way too high! The majority of people get bored and stop playing seasons well before even getting to that point. Those that remain, are casuals that just won't get to that far. The only people I see reaching that level consistently are the same people grinding paragon levels and chasing leaderboard spots. Stash space is more a necessity than a vanity. There's no reason something that important should be gated behind a level of time commitment and play most people won't reach, which ultimately means no stash stab for a large percent of people that play. It will be interesting to see how many people actually reach Conqueror. My personal opinion, objectives for obtaining stash space should be non-seasonal. If they are seasonal, the goals should be realistic for all types of players.Zantara260 Jan 12
Jan 12 Pets and Wings (Still fairly new) Where can i farm them? What are the drop chance? and Do they give bonuses/Draco1 Jan 12
Jan 12 Staff of Herding plans not dropping Has anyone else been having issues getting the plans for the staff of herding? I've killed Izual 3 times now in the season and they haven't dropped yet... I was under the impression they dropped the first time you killed him...Go1di1ox1 Jan 12
Jan 11 The Barber...Only usable in the cube? Is The Barber only good for cubing? I had a level 70 Barber drop with ridiculously low damage stats. The damage/dps stats are 118-353 damage & 1.5 atk/sec totaling 353.1 dps. The primary and secondary stats are normal for a level 70 weapon, but the damage is just insanely low. Image... Jan 11
Jan 11 Kanai's Cube Bugged? Hello, I'm trying to insert items into Kanai's Cube but I can only fit 2 items in it, and only certain items. The mats it describes simply won't go into the cube. It makes no sense. I've watched videos and read about it and it's just not working at all.plunix1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Suggestion: Magic Missile Wand Idea Wand of the Sorceress Supreme Primary Arcane Damage: 1560-1940 Intellect: 1000 Magic Missile Damage: 70-100% *1 Random Affix Secondary Magic Missile gains the effect of every rune. "This wand was once wielded by the prodigy Arcane wizard Li-Ming. It was said that even Vyr feared the Arcane Missiles conjured by this mystical wand." Discussion: Of course this weapon is a reference to Li-Ming in Heroes of the Storm, but is meant to make more MM builds. Currently Mirror Ball which affects MM, seems a bit lack luster compared to other legendary weapon effects. Also one of the biggest problems with MM is only one rune allowing the missiles to pierce. By grants every rune it solves that problem as well as adding additional utility and damage to the spell.The Bonus MM damage as a primary skill is there to compensate that Depth Diggers do not effect wizards signature spells. What the wand should look like: What do you guys think of the wand? Please leave your feedback, MM is one of my favorite skills and I want to see viable builds involving MM and mirror ball.Lucky17thguy1 Jan 11
Jan 11 Do new sets drop apart from Haedrigs gifts? New to seasons. Not thinking, I opened one of my gifts on another character, so now i cant get the full set for my main. Can the pieces I need drop, or did i just screw everything up for a full set? Edit: I know that sets become available after season ends, but Im asking can they drop in season before its over?PwninShiznat2 Jan 11
Jan 11 Haedrig Gift Hi, did they change it where you only get it once for both hardcore and normal? Last season I played was 7 and was able to get one for my hardcore and one for normal.squatch1 Jan 11
Jan 11 2.4.3 DH (Multishot Build) Kanai's Cube so i've been grinding the past few days as soon as season started, and I've been debating about what to set as my kanai's cube. Dawn is a must... and then what comes..?? Visage of Gunes? Cindercoat? for jewelry? Fairly new to the game, does kanai's only work when all 3 of the slots are filled?ThomasAkinas2 Jan 11
Jan 10 Kadala Nerfed? Exactly as the title says. WTF is going on with her? She was actually the only possible way of obtaining good armour pieces. But lately she only gives rare and magic pieces and very seldom whe gives one or two. To know what percentage i'm talking about, i used to spam the armour category that i wanted, with about 900 shards and i had quite a few legendary and set items after that. Now, i do the same thing, but she never gives anything legendary or set. Not to mention ancients. I've spent millions of blood shards literally for nothing. Just garbage. Upgrading through Kanais Cube, demands resources and it's veeeeeeery time consuming. If she was actually nerfed, i will curse on the people at Blizzard for ever.Echetlaeus0 Jan 10
Jan 10 wigs, wings, pets and more I was wondering how you get wigs, wings, pets and other stuff? I have RoS.Mrfox4 Jan 10
Jan 10 The Endless Walk Set issue Has anybody noticed that this set does not buff you when you are moving or standing still? It might show you are getting the buff on your bar but not in your inventory.Vinci2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Pet in different server Hi, currently I had pet and wing in America server, but when I login into other server ( Europe or Asia ), I can equip wings ( same as America server ) to the new characters but I cant find any pet available...Why is that? Anyone had any idea? Please help...thank you.rextoh2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Bring the Auction house back for BoA items 2 hour limit If players are allowed to trade each other for the first 2 hours of the drop as long as those 4 players are in the same game, then why shouldn't they just re-add the Auction house back in. Just make the AH Gold only and keep trading limit on Gold. This will actually fix trading and drive players to farm more and feel great when they get a drop and can sell it for gold, and since gold would be un-tradable players would have to either gold farm or farm items to sell for gold to buy the gear they need and want. And for the players who's RNG is so bad all they want to do on the forums is complain would have a second option to get the items they need. This would also add competition to the game if you put a 2 hour limit on the AH items as well. The item that dropped would have to be sold before the 2 hour limit was up (if that limit would be too demanding because players were in the middle of a Rift or something, simply raise the BoA limit a hour or 2.) Lets face it Blizzard, the whole reason Diablo 2 was such a successful game was because of trading. You may not have liked the fact that 3rd party websites were making money off selling your items, but at the same time they were the ones who kept buying game keys from your company so that they could do so proficiently. In the end you still got tons of revenue from the game. Putting the 3rd party website aside, I think that this would still benefit your main player base more than anything else. People on your forums right now just love to complain about every aspect of the game that they disagree with and only a select few are actually making posts in regards to fixing the game effectively instead of rage rants. Giving players the ability to farm up and try to make as much gold as they can would make a lot of players happy and give them something to do.Seth49 Jan 10
Jan 10 Regular gems Regular gems are not droping. I have kill three gem goblins and still have not got any. I have opened lots of chest and still nothing.randizial2 Jan 10
Jan 10 Lost Materials in Kanai's Cube (Bug?) I don't know if this is considered a bug of sorts but something that should definitely be addressed. If you leave anything in Kanai's Cube and then log out of the game you lose everything that was in the cube. I was converting some items when I got called away momentarily. Since I was distracted, when I came back I exited the game without closing out the cube and subsequently lost thousands in crafting materials. No big deal, I'll run more rifts and get it all back, but it was a rather bleak moment when I returned to finish my crafting only to realize everything I needed was gone. Thanks Obama! :(BioMekAniX0 Jan 10
Jan 9 Pet Paragon World Everybody are asking some games alternatives. So create Pet Paragons (if we have the pet and we drop it again after using that it will give pet exp - create pet exp bar - maybe pets could level until level 10). Pet won't give power for all monster it will cheer up everyone. Each pet would give something different. Here are some ideas could be improved/adapted and worked on: Baby Butcher Pet - Increase Axe, Fist, Sword, Flail, and Hammer damage by 5% . (Max at 10% for max level). Baby Cow Pet (from 20th anniversary) - 20% (max level at 30%) chance to drop one ancient legendary item from The Cow Queen (it just spawn one from this boss). If there are 4 players together using Cow Pet in the same game and in the same map the chance increase to 50%. Cow King Pet - 20% (max level at 30%) chance to drop one green item piece from The Cow Queen. Frost dog Pet - Reduce ice damage by 5% (Max level at 10%). Classic Diablo Pet - Each attack burn enemies for 4 seconds from 5% (max level at 10%) from weapon damage. And reduce fire damage by 5% (max level at 10%). Queen of Succubus Pet - Increase Staff and Wand by 5% damage (max level at 10%). The Mimic Pet - You no longer can be terrified/scared (to run for X seconds). Grunk Pet - Reduce ranged damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Bumble Pet - Increase critical hit chance by 1% (max level at 10%). Lady Morthanlu Pet - Reduce melee damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Malfeasance Pet - Increase area damage by 10% (max level at 20%). Unihorn Pet - Increase healing effect rune spells by 10% (max level at 20%). Buddy Pet: Drop extra 5 death blows after killing rift guardian. Lamb Pet: After killing the greater rift guardian level 80 or more drop one extra legendary shield or one extra legendary weapon. Charlotte Pet: Reduce poison damage by 5% (at max level 10%). Each spender attack deal 5% (at max level 10%) poison damage from weapon damage. Overseer Lady Josephine Pet: - Each attacked enemy is cursedfor 3 seconds receiving 5% (same at max level) more damage and dealing 5% less damage (at max level 10%).PardalBR1 Jan 9
Jan 9 Pets in Diablo like in World of Warcraft Why doesn't Blizzard make pets like they do in World of Warcraft... There are alot of cool pets that they have in WoW that if they made them available in Diablo I would surely buy them and i'm sure there would be others with the same interest that I have.. I think Blizzard needs to look at this... Blizzard please look into this you already have the cool modules from WoW you could transfer them modules And make them available in Diablo as drops from Goblins or specials monsters or for purchase... Please give me some feedback I would be grateful.. Peace Out.. RLTWRanger2750 Jan 9
Jan 9 P.T.R 2.4.3 Demon Hunter weakest class Can someone tell me what's the future for DH ? Becouse it was my favorite class to push HGR but now, we can see on PTR, DHeven solo is the weakest class. He get new belt, but that thing was nerfd quickly. When I look at other classes(WD, MONK, CRUSS even WIZZ) DH looks poor. I think Dh should be buffedSztywny3 Jan 9
Jan 9 2.4.3 Hellcat Waistguard Problem! Hey there. So patch 2.4.3 introduced the new Hellcat Waistguard item for Demon Hunters. So before the patch hit i farmed up an ancient one and kept it in my stash. Now that the patch is live, i go to my stash and it's there but its the old one, not the reworked one with the grenade bonuses/legendary effect etc. Is this a common problem or can someone help me?Trueshot2 Jan 9
Jan 9 How do I use blacksmith plans? My Blacksmith is level 12. I keep my Blacksmiths plans in my inventory. I click on the blacksmith in town. I can talk or craft. If I craft I can train/forge weapons/armour etc. Now is says press right mouse button on the plans in the inventory but if I do this, nothing happens. Are they doubles? Did they become obsolete in an update? I can't figure out how I train my blacksmith with them. I think I am doing it right but its almost like they are bugged or something. Can anyone give an exact description what to do? Regards...juv95hrn11 Jan 9
Jan 9 best weapon for witch doctor i am currently using helltooth armour set and focus and restraint rings i am using the 2 handed blood brother weapon but i have been told i would be better off using a small knife and a mojo. is this correct or is somebody making fun of me , i am lvl 70 with almost 600 paragon.JABBERWOCKY1 Jan 9
Jan 9 New Ring suggestion Hello, First off, sorry if this has been suggested in the past, I did not read through everything in this forum. I've been playing with the Oculus Ring and love the damage proc it creates when you are standing in the ring. I also see alot of people complaining about the game being to easy so I'd like to suggest a new ring which does the opposite, when a demon is inside the Aura (Ring) it's damage is increased 50 to 75% more. The difficulty level of the game would increase for those that need the extra challenge. I personally would never use it on higher torment or GR levels but seeing a boss or elite walk into it and one-shot someone would be hilarious. Thoughts?Luciffer5 Jan 9
Jan 9 Falcon Wings I've been running threw the gardens tier 1 for about 15 runs now with no luck for a mystery chest... I'm just wondering if someone knows if the wings are still available with the new patch? I'm going to keep trying until I get an answer :) Update if I find them. Really, really want these wings haha.Entryda4 Jan 9
Jan 9 Making Spike Trap better So i was playing around with abilities and items in a D3 planner and i had an idea to make a Spike Trap build better. Transform Demon's Demise into a melee weapon or a quiver for DH. It could open up more Shadow builds which in my opinion should be the build used to play with Spike Trap. And can we please get rid of the mandatory status of Dawn? Specially for Shadow. You just have to have it in every specs. And it blocks a lot of fun builds for Shadow set since you can only put it in the cube.Kagdar0 Jan 9
Jan 9 wirt's leg I sure hope it's back again or some Reference to wirt.Bulldog42 Jan 9
Jan 8 mojo in the cube ok i have spent weeks trying to get managumas mojo but i have been told i might get one from the cube . what items do i need to put in the cube to transmute a mojo.JABBERWOCKY2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Ossesous Grasp Wings drop from Adria? Does anyone know if Adria is still dropping the Osseous Grasp wings aka "Bone Wings"? I've been farming her for 3 days trying to get them to drop but no luck. I either have terrible RNG or it's no longer available.Jgrizz3 Jan 8
Jan 8 Searchable stash Inventory management is a nightmare. Pls can we have searchable stash with filters and text search? This way we can show only show items in certain set, for certain classes, duplicate items, for certain slots (e.g. leg). , show only ancient, etc.mofocheeto0 Jan 8
Jan 8 Keep or Trash hello, I like many (i hope) seem to always be running out of space in my inventory. I've managed to get all the extra tabs from the seasons and still seem to be frantically rearranging for more space. While i understand asking Blizzard for more tabs will not be the quickest answer, I thought i'd go to the community to see if i could get a general consensus of WHAT THINGS TO KEEP OR TRASH. I'm mainly looking at general items like Cindercoat, Pauldrons of the Skeleton King, etc Or if anyone has a good way to organize my inventory/character stash. here is a list of general items i'm holding on to (i have 3 versions of each dex, str, int) Leorics crown mantle of channeling Pauldrons of the Skeleton King death watch mantle spaulders of zakara magefist frostburn gloves of worship st archew's gage tasker and theo ancient parthan defenders strongarm bracers nemesis bracers krelm's buff bracers cindercoat aquila cuirass deapth diggers warzechain armguards illusory boots fire walkers ice climbers in-geom furnace sage apogee sage purchase sage passage thundergod's vigor krelm's buff belt flavor of time oroboros talisman of aranoch countess julia's cameo mara's kaleidoscope star of azkaranth xephirian amulet I also have one stash tab dedicated to each class. Anything from specific classes i shouldn't keep would also be helpful. Also is there any reason I should hold on to Blackthorn? (this is more of a question for blizzard, if they are going to do anything cool with it) Thanks, DSDucksnake2 Jan 8
Jan 8 Psuedo D2 Runewords w/ Leg Gems - Theorycraft So as everyone who played Diablo 2 knows, alot of what made the game fun was that push to get certain Runes for runewords. It also gave alot of build diversity, sure there were definitely 'meta' builds then too with Enigma Hammerdin, BoTD Barb, Eth tGod Javazon, BoTD Bowazon, etc...but alot of the other rune words also had their place if used correctly. Now this leads me to my point, or rather idea. What if Blizz made use of the Kanai's Cube once more, and made it so that you could put 2-5 Legendary Gems into the Cube, adding unique and powerful effects that could help build variety between classes. In addition to runes a specific Legendary Key Item/Recipe Page dropped from certain rift bosses every 10th level. Say for example (tiers based on levels of the gem needed in the recipe): Lower tier 'Runeword' recipe/key items drop from the 20/30/40/50 GR Bosses. Middle tier 'Runeword' recipe/key item drop from the 60/70/80 GR Bosses. High tier 'Runeword' recipe/key item drop from the 90/100 GR Bosses. Ultra tier 'Runeword' recipe/key item drop from the 110/120+ GR Bosses. Disclaimer: I know 120+ is kind of a pipe dream at the moment, but using Middle/High tier runewords should allow for those extra level pushes. Now, I'll include some examples. All effects are inherently based off the gems used, but with a twist, much like runewords in Diablo 2. 1. Bitter Cold - Recipe(High Tier) Lv50+ Iceblink Lv90+ Bane of the Trapped Lv60+ Esoteric Alteration High Tier recipe page/legendary key item Gives an effect like -> 40% Cold Dmg Immune to Cold Dmg 30% Increased dmg to frozen enemies 20% chance to freeze on hit. 2. Hells Bane - Recipe(High Tier) lv100+ Bane of the Trapped lv80+ Bane of the Powerful lv100+ Bane of the Stricken lv60+ Invigorating Gemstone lv70+ Mutilation Guard High Tier recipe page/legendary key item Gives an effect like -> 50% Increased Damage to Elites/Bosses Enemies Afflicted with Slow deal 50% reduced dmg Immune to Crowd Control effects Pass seamlessly through enemies. 3. Hoarder - Recipe(Medium Tier) lv60+ Boon of the Hoarder lv50+ Wreath of Lightning lv50+ Gem of Ease Medium tier recipe page/legendary key item Gives an effect like -> Experience gained increased by 25% Increase Death Breath drops by 1 Increase Gold Find by 100% Movement Speed increased by 25% for 5 seconds after dealing damage Increases pickup radius by 1m for 10sec whenever you pickup gold or a health globe(Max 30m) 4. Animalistic Rage - Recipe(Medium Tier) lv70+ Enforcer lv70+ Gogok of Swiftness lv60+ Bane of the Trapped lv70+ Zei's Stone of Vengeance Medium tier recipe page/legendary key item Gives an effect like -> Pets gain Slow Aura (max 10 pets) Increase Pet damage by 30% against slowed targets Decrease recast time on Pet summoning spells by 20% Increases Pet attack speed by 25% Pets gain increased damage the further away from the caster that they are(5% per 5m) Increase Pet HP by 30% Decrease damage taken by 5% for each pet summoned (Max 30%) 5. Iron Curtain - Recipe(High Tier) lv90+ Invigorating Gemstone lv90+ Esoteric Alteration lv80+ Molten Widebeest's Gizard lv70+ Moratorium lv80+ Mutilation Guard High tier recipe page/legendary key item Gives an effect like -> Increase all resistances by 33% Increase armor 33% Pass seamlessly through enemies for 5 seconds after taking damage Gain 40% increased Block chance When hit with a killing blow, reduce all cooldowns by 20 sec and gain an absorb shield worth 200% max HP (Cooldown 90sec) Gain a damage reduction aura of 15m that reduces all damage dealt by enemies by 40% There are honestly, countless different recipe variations. Its just a thought I came up with, that also could potentially shake up a somewhat 'stale' meta that has been similar now for several seasons. Please, feel free to comment, and if you like the idea, upvote it. Additionally if you have any Psuedo 'Runeword' ideas, throw them in a comment, like I said theres countless variations, I'd love to hear peoples ideas. Happy Diablo'ing!! -kevIN3DkevIN3D3 Jan 8
Jan 7 Swords Lives Matter! For 3 seasons now it has bugged the hell out of me that Barbs cannot transmog Mighty Weapons into other 2 Hand Weapons. Monks can transmog First Weapons to Swords, so why aren't Barbs allowed to? Stop making us only be allowed to use maces/Axes for the love of god please, Sword Lives do Matter!Rubbrbandman0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Drop Rates <30 need increase Whether you play on Torment V or Master difficulty, the drop rates of items under level 30 aren't enough. After level 20, they do get better but still, progression is not smooth. And this game is heavily item based. There was a patch to remove the number of greys, whites, blues that drop at high level, whatever that patch did, it removed too much loot from under level 30 gameplay. If there is a concern for improving drop rates below level 30 and causing uniques to drop too frequently in that level range, then likely unique drop rates could be individually lowered for that range. I mentioned this on PTR. But want to mention again. Hope to see it improve.Battledude0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Barber drop? patch 2.4.3 where do barber drop in patch 2.4.3 Been playing for ages as witch doctor level 70 in GR and Naphelem rift but no Barber drop??ninjalee0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Stash Space Blizzard, please PLEASE give us the ability to get more stash space outside of the "Seasons" play. In a game where builds are all about collecting items, I just want to be able to COLLECT ITEMS and have fun with different item combinations and variations. I'm so tired of reading up on a build but then realizing I scrapped a key item of said build because I was trying to free up inventory space. I will gladly pay a reasonable amount of money if that's what it takes, or just be reasonable and give us the ability to pay gold for more stash space. Path of Exile offers sales where you can get all the character slots and inventory space you would need, there's no reason I should have to play seasons for something so simple and necessary to the core gameplay. Or if you are going to keep it restricted to seasons, at least make it easier to get as a season reward.ImAGdDmnDrgn7 Jan 7
Jan 7 Create Cube recipe for Legendary Potions The legendary potions after you already got all you use it's really a problem. You keep dropping them so each time you drop one legendary potion instead you get hyped you feel oh legendary potion again nooooo man so much work for that drop ouch. So what about do something about it ? Create Kanai Cube recipes to allow Legendary potions Level 1 until 5. So each 3 legendary potion would create a random legendary potion level 2. It's up to dev team what they could boost for each level and which power they could get at level 5. Why ? Because nowadays when we drop legendary potion we just ignore this drop. With this feature each time we drop legendary potion we will have craft source to help us in battle. And what is the better part ? Because these potions help us to stay alive instead more power, power, power (ancient, gem, etc). It would be nice a new destination for those potions which would stay outside from the boost damage category.PardalBR0 Jan 7
Jan 7 Collecting Potions Do you guys collect these? I have at least one of each, some 2 and one 3 I like them and use a couple, Leech, rejuvenation, regeneration but, do you guys use the others? Should I keep these others, some look like they might work well with other chars in the future but... Thoughts?Luciffer0 Jan 7
Jan 6 Ideas based off of neglected D1 items Diablo 1 --> Diablo 3 I guess Notepad++ doesn't translate well. Kinda borked the formatting. I quit doing it. I could go through the entire thing, but I decided feedback was necessary first. Jewelry NAME NEW STATS Optic Amulet +Elemental%DMG +15-30%Primary Skill Dmg 10-20% Damage Reduction +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Enemies within 10-20 yards of a monster struck by a critical strike are blinded. Bramble (Ring) +Wrath/Arcane/Mana/Etc per sec +65-90 to 145-200 damage +Elemental%DMG +1 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Constricting Ring +91-160 All Resistances +500-900 Armor +15-30% Damage Reduction +1 Random Primary 40-65% Crowd Control Reduction You no longer gain Life Per Second You no longer gain Life On Hit You no longer gain Life On Kill Empyrean Band (Ring) +Mainstat +Vitality +10-20% Life +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary 20% of damage from ground effects is absorbed into your life 10% of damage from ground effects is absorbed into your source Ring of Engagement +10-20% Damage Reduction 20,000-40,000 Thorns Damage +2 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Monsters that hit you or take damage from you take 20-30% more damage from you for 3-5 seconds Ring of Regha +65-100 All Resistances Your source is increased by 10-15% (Class based) +2 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Ring of Truth +12-25% Life +10-15% Damage Reduction +65-110 All resistance +1 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Bleeder (Ring) +14-20% Life +65-100 All Resistances +5000-9000 Life On Hit (Socket) Monsters that you hit bleed for 5000% of your total Life On Hit Total Life On Hit is doubled Armor NAME NEW STATS Torn Flesh of Souls (3) Sockets +12-17% Life +5-12% Damage Reduction +65-100 All Resistances +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Nightscape +Mainstat +65-100 All Res +2 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Your critical strikes and damage do 50% more damage at night. Rainbow Cloak +Mainstat +20-25% Life +All Resistances +2 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary You are vibrant with color Wisdom's Wrap +Mainstat Your source is increased by 5-10% +2 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Channeled spells are not interrupted when casting other spells Leather of Aut +750-1400 Mainstat Your source is decreased by 7-15% Your source generation is increased by 4-7% +1 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Non critical strikes do an additional 7-12% damage Gladiator's Bane +5-10% Damage Reduction +5-10% Damage Reduction +65-140 All Res +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Mainstat cannot roll on this armor Gain immunity to Freeze and Immobilize effects Arkaine's Valor +10-15% Damage Reduction +1 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Paragon Vitality points are doubled Paragon Life % is doubled Scavenger Carapace +Mainstat +2 Random Primary +2 Random Secondary Each item picked up increases your armor by 2-4% for 12-16 seconds Sparkling Mail +Mainstat +400-600 to 800-1100 Lightning Damage +% Ele Lightning Damage +1 Random Secondary Stunned enemies take 20% additional damage You sparkle! Naj Light Plate +Mainstat Your source is increased by 5-10% +Elemental% Damage +Skill 15-25% Damage +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Demonspike Coat +Mainstat +2 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Demons do 20% less damage to you Demons take 20% more damage from you Helms Harlequin Crest +Mainstat +Vitality Your source is increased by 5-10% +1 Random Primary +1 Random Secondary Your armor is reduced by 6-11% Thinking Cap Juice Armor EleHalcyon3 Jan 6
Jan 6 Where's Shako & Arkaines Valor!?? I loved seeing windforce, grandfather, and some of the DII class sets coming back.. But really no Shako? No Arkaines Valor? No ARREATS FACE?!? =(((TexasStar13 Jan 6