Items and Crafting

Oct 13 New Idea: "Residual Enchantments" Here is an idea for boosting the ridiculously low durability and damage of followers at G-80 and beyond. They are called "residual enchantments. A *"Residual enchantment" would be on any item a follower uses with a Caldesann boost (legendary gem was rank 80 or higher). *Less than 80 won't give this bonus effect. Yes, they'd still get the Primary stat bonus (+400 minimum required). Player characters don't get these bonuses. *Residual enchantment means that the follower: a) Gets 20% of the legendary gem's powers that was used to enchant (Caldesann) their item--both the primary and secondary property. (If a level 80 W. Gizzard was used, they would get 20% of the life regen bonus, or 18,000 life/second.) They would also get the shielding (200% of their total life regeneration). b) Toxin, Miranae, Wreath, and the Red Soul Shard could add some nice elemental procs (though at 20% potency for damage). *Toxin's Caldesann effect would grant a minimum 1200% weapon damage over 10 seconds (at rank 80). Toxin's secondary effect would reduce damage taken by 2% from poisoned monsters and make poisoned monsters take an additional 2% from all sources of damage. *If all 3 followers can be up and use this effect, they DO stack. *Miranae would do 20% of its Smite damage, gain an extra smite/3 secs, and also heal a follower when smiting an enemy (3%). *The RSS will stun followers--unless you Caldesann one of their items with the Invigorating Gemstone (will make them immune to cc). ^^The following leg gems WON'T work with this: Bane of Powerful, Gogok of Swiftness, Bane of Stricken, Boon of Hoarder, Enforcer, Gem of Ease, Iceblink, Moratorium, Taeguk. If Bane of the Trapped or Zei gems are used to Caldesann a follower's gear, they get 20% of the damage multiplier from the item, and if you have those gems equipped, they get the full multiplier from yours too. That means for BotT, that they'd get your 39% boost vs. cc'd MULTIPLIED by their 7.8% boost (rank 80 used). The same goes for Zei---52% boost (at max range) multiplied by their 10.4% boost from their Caldesanned item. *They DON'T get an additional multiplier from the OTHER followers though, and you don't get the multipliers that the followers gain either--this lets them gain a little ground ;) ^^They would also get the "Slow Aura" and the chance to stun of these gems (but the stun chance would be 4%). Simplicity's Strength treats their BASIC attacks (standard SINGLE shot--Scoundrel, magic missile/weapon swing--Enchantress, and weapon swing--Templar) as PRIMARY skills (though they'd get only a 13% damage multiplier from the Caldesanned effect at rank 80). They WOULD get the 4% healing/hit though. Boyarsky's would give 20% of the thorns damage and still do the Taunt effect (from their basic attacks only). Pain Enhancer will do 20% of its Bleed damage on Crit Hit, and give them the 3% increased attack speed/bleeding enemy within 20 yards. Esoteric/Mutilation Guard give 20% of their damage reduction (1st effect) and their full 2nd effect. Thoughts?PDMangler0 Oct 13
Oct 13 Primal ancient Trag'oul's fang which one? After whole day of farming i got 3 primal version of corroded fang but cant decide which one is better NO 1. Pimary: 1560-1940 fire dmg 1000 int Asp 7% Reduce all resource cost 10% Secondary 20 max essence NO 2: Primary.... 1560-1940 lightning dmg 1000 vitality 1000 int CDR 10% Secondary..11590life after each kill No3- Primary 1560-1940 holy dmg 1000 int 1000 vitality CDR 10% Secondary... 20 maximum essence(I rerollded ) Plz help me decide which one is better.mskallen5 Oct 13
Oct 13 [SUGGESTION] Item Indicators Icons When you open your inventory and hover an item you can see some item indicators icons (don't know how to call it), like transmog, dye and enchantment... I have some suffestions of new indicators: 1. Stash: when you have a similar item in the stash. (when you're in inventory) 2. Inventory: when you have a similar item in the inventory. (for current character when in bank) 3. Character: when you have a similar item tradable via stash in other character inventory or equipment. 4. Set: when you have other different parts of the set stored in your inventory or stash (with numerical indicator, like if you have more four parts it shows +4) 5. Arsenal: when that specific item is saved on a slot of the Arsenal. These does not look like much, but some are really useful for console players. Specially number 4. The number 5 is very useful to not confuse gear, avoiding the lose of desired build.Kurausu0 Oct 13
Oct 12 Iridescent tears Isn't it strange that they didn't become as a Vial of Iridescence? Recently someone from the patent channel had used a similar vial to forge Haunted Pictureglass but it destabilized into ShatterbrainYntrepid1 Oct 12
Oct 12 not enough bounty materials First of all, I really appreciate the damage buff of various set items and legendary items. However, as the level of the Greater Rift that can go is increased, the supply of the Forgotten Souls are getting faster. On the other hand, the supply of Bounty Materials are too slow, and above all, Bounties Mode play is too boring. Actually I am currently collecting Forgotten Souls and Bounty Materials against the next patch on the Asia Server. But I have to spend a lot of time in Bounties Mode to match the number of materials in Forgotten Souls and Bounty Materials. Despite not having fun... and stress too much. So I'd like to give more Bounty Materials, and I'd like to suggest some comments on the Bounties Mode. First, I want to make 2 daily quests like Heroes Of The Storm, and give me Bounty Materials. Second, I need to adjust the difficulty of quests that take a long time in Bounties Mode, and I think that the directions should be kinder. Third, I think it would be good to make a Bounty Materials Goblin and come out to a Nephalem Rifts. Fourth, I would like you to adjust the number of quests so that even if play Bounties Mode alone, it will be similar to the party play. The current Bounties Mode is too good for party play. So the 4 person party play is forced too. Fifth, I would like to have frequent the bounty material twice events. And, gold, experience, bounty materials, goblin twice events, I hope to go back periodically. Sixth, there are too many auto macro users in Bounties Mode. I want to punish these people. Or habitually vote kicked Users want to be prevented from playing public games for a week. This problem is really serious, and I want you to recognize that there are a lot of auto macro users. If the comments above are difficult, I would like to reduce the amount of Bounty Materials used in the Reforge Legendary. Please ask. The Bounties Mode is too boring. Thank you for reading it. Even if the grammar of English is wrong, I want you to understand. I'm not an English speaking person, so I turned to translator.궁디째라4 Oct 12
Oct 10 OMG Moratorium Wow is this underrated. Hadn't used it before tonight. L30 Moratorium + L30 Gizzard = invincible till GR 37 or so.Fauxlivia30 Oct 10
Oct 10 Custerian Wristguards question If I am in a group (and am wearing Custerian Wristguards), does the experience gained by me picking up gold also benefit the other party members or just me?Etelen5 Oct 10
Oct 9 Reforge Legendary Kanai Cube Recipe When reforging using the recipe. We should make it use less bounty materials. When reforging, legendary will always stay legendary, ancient will always stay ancient, and primal will always stay primal.Jiggly2 Oct 9
Oct 9 Can I please buy stash tabs? If I could pay a dollar and get a stash tab like I do in Path of Exile that would be great. Seriously Blizzard you could be making money off of Diablo 3. Think about it. The prospect of actually turning this game into a real cash cow instead of it being a drain on your wallet. Then you could finally fix the balance issues, instead of locking the best most powerful class to 1 paid DLC class. This could actually ensure the future of this game. You could take more creative freedom by implementing some of my ideas. Things I would actually pay for: -Stash tabs, even $5 per tab would be acceptable. -Pretty transmogs, nothing pay to win, just aesthetically pleasing transmogs I could pay for. -Seasons should be gated to payment. Keep non-seasons to being free to please the masses, but I would gladly pay $15-$45 per season. -More character slots. I would like to add that if I knew that the Necromancer was pay to win, I would not have paid for it at all out of protest. Things that I would NOT pay for: -Anything pay to win -Gearsets that impact the game -Gated internet speed (free players getting a lower tier on the connection) -Any new class that is somehow 10-20 grift levels higher than any other class. (you sincerely enraged a lot of players with this) Blizzard, just know that you made me very gunshy with any future content that you plan on releasing. Take my advise or leave it, but know that by your own pride this game is a failure, and you are the laughing stock of the gaming world. People now use the name Blizzard or Diablo 3 to describe failed content. "To pull a Blizzard" or "To pull a D3" is used to reference bad ideas in games. There is still time to save Diablo 3, and there is still time to save the business you have labored to create. I love you Blizzard otherwise I would never have bought all that WoW time, Diablo 3, or any content from you. I am not just saying what I say out of hatred, but out of pain. Pain you created by your actions. I think that implementing things people would pay for would give you a lot more freedom to make new and awesome content. Gating the game to 1 class is just plain stupidity. People I know who game, in real life, researched how you are STILL to this day implementing stupid mechanics into this game, enraging the tiny fanbase who stuck by since the beginning DESPITE all the garbage, say they will never buy another Blizzard or Activision title due to all the drama this company creates. I get that the fanboys will downvote any kind of descending opinion. Anything other than singing praise seems to get downvoted. The thing is, fanboys, if you want people to praise your precious game, asking Blizzard to do their job by fixing the game and make good on their promises should be your number 1 priority. Lest you end up with another Apple on your hands, being as user hostile as possible. Do you want that? Who knows maybe it makes you feel good being part of some elite club? If this is the case, it isn't elite, it is hated. People aren't looking on at you in awe, they are looking on, pointing and laughing.PonyKiller12 Oct 9
Oct 9 Primal question If I beat GR70 on one character can primals drop on all my other characters or just the one who cleared GR70? TYStephen4 Oct 9
Oct 9 Souls for other materials? I hope this doesn't fall through the cracks, because I have wanted it as a crafting feature for a long time. I have been playing Diablo since the first one, and have always loved the series. Most of all, I love how the series gets better with time, so I feel my request is totally manageable. In seasons, I find I am always carrying thousands of forgotten souls but lacking "blues" and "yellows". If I can change basic, magic, and rare crafting materials from one type to the next, then why not souls too? Like, let me trade 1 soul for 10 yellows or something. Please?!supasized2 Oct 9
Oct 9 What's your rarest and most common set to drop? I question why I always get Rathma's set when I play the necro, but rarley get anything inarius? Plz tell me the rarest and most common of yoursTakiTaki14 Oct 9
Oct 9 Can't remove treasure demon Ok I can't find any information anywhere and I don't know where to put this. so here it goes. So i inscribed my puzzle ring into my cube (dumb, I know that now) and was playing around with the enchants and inscribed it into another ring. I got a ring that summons a maniac. Anyway during this entire process, a treasure demon was summoned and attached himself to me. Don't get me wrong I love the little guy, but why did this happen? and why hasn't he gone away? the puzzle ring properties and NOWHERE on my items, any of them. I see no reason why he is with me, other than he is a creeper. lol.Ouijaria2 Oct 9
Oct 8 Bastard Sword Is that a hidden reference to a specific bastard member? Like the sellsword or a "fallen upon [their] sword" or some other ambiguity? Something like "The Pen IS mightier than the Sword" or that kind of comedy? I believe this is where they "swear" someone in and they cuss vibrantly, or You(u) becomes V(5) which now translates <removed expletive>? [Edited for language by Moderator - please review the Forums Code of Conduct]Yntrepid1 Oct 8
Oct 8 Skull Grasp Why is skull grasp so rare blizz? For seasons now I've only been able to obtain it through other players. Please up the drop % in next week's patch, can be my bday present from all of you! :)HineSight2 Oct 8
Oct 7 They should allow us to "Gamble" Legendary items It would be nice if some Cube Recipes were merged with the Blacksmith. "Gambling" Legendary items already exists, but it is rather annoying at times, especially when you want to "gamble a lot of them". #1 Find or Craft a rare item of your choice (or lots of them) #2 Go to the cube and convert Rare into Legendary/Set items Gambling could be made easier by simply merging #1 and #2 together. If you have a "rare" item in your inventory of the Legendary type you wish to gamble, the cost is discounted. If you do not, it will charge the current "Craft rare + Convert rare into Legendary" cost. It would save us the trouble of having to constantly remove items from the cube and put a new one. With this change, we would only need to go to the Blacksmith, select the item type we wish to gamble (Legendary/set) and enter the amount we wish to craft --- much like Hellfire Amulets and other crafted items.DoomBringer17 Oct 7
Oct 6 Thx for updates, suggestions from casual plyr Blizzard, thanks for the reworks and balancing of D3 for season 12 I have to say though that are many more reworks and balances to do Obviously, as grift levels have soared, a lot of items have fallen behind the times. Please make these items relevant again. And there are still reworks to be done with class-specific gear.. For example, Funerary pick could change to actually help iron rose, and couldn't bloodsong mail do more in some way to make it viable, etc. I am sure you guys are looking at this, and the rebalance will certainly lead to more variance in people's choices of builds, but obviously a larger pool of useful items could create yet more builds. I am a casual player for sure, and I think that aspects of the game could be explained a lot more transparently, as well. It is disheartening to find out after putting together a solanium build, that it has a undisclosed internal cooldown. It is disheartening to try something interesting with rathma and army of the dead, only to find out the chance that my minions have to reduce AotD's cooldown is secretly decreasing with the minions attack speed and the amount of minions on the field. And I have to spend time I would otherwise spend in the game to figure this out through third parties, crossing my fingers that their research is still relevant.. Again, I know your team is certainly addressing the changes in the game, and I am more excited than ever to see what changes in the future.HuiNeng3 Oct 6
Oct 6 Legendary Gem Questions I've been playing for awhile, done a lot or research, and am not a new player. I'm at P650 and soloing GR50s. These are the basis for choosing gems instead of just following selections by others. I know they have to be based on my hero and style. Most every LG is leveled to 40+ so the secondary is not an issue. However, there are two Legendary Gem questions I've been unable to figure out or find any simple answers to anywhere. 1. There seems to be a difference in how damage is stated. Some say (a) "20% increased damage" while others say (b) "2000% weapon damage". If I read this right it should mean that with 1,000,000 damage (a) would create total damage of 1M + (1M x 20%) = 1,200,000 while (b) would be 1M + 2000% = 1M + (1M x 20) = 21,000,000. HUGE DIFFERENCE!! Or does (b) really depend on the weapon I'm using so that a 2000 sword actually produces 2000 x 20 = 40,000 hit points? This would be before other added damage like passives, elite bonuses, etc. Please tell me and others where I'm wrong. 2. Stacks (round numbers for example). 50.0% chance on hit to gain Swiftness, increasing your Attack Speed by 1% for 4 seconds. This effect stacks up to 15 times.(Gogok). If attack speed increases by 1% over 4 seconds that gives an increase of 4% at the end of 4 seconds. However, that limits the attack speed increase because in second #5 you get a 1% increase while second #1 drops off losing 1%. Stacking this 15 times means either it can have a total of 15 time periods all increasing together for a total of 60% after 4 seconds that is maintained as long as stacks are maintained -OR- it could merely extend the time one behind the other for a longer 4% total with one behind the other. With this question on stacks, how specifically are stacks handled in all, most, other, etc. situations and how does a person figure out which it is?drkenrich11 Oct 6
Oct 5 Transfer Augment Just an idea, and I think its self explanatory. I think it would be useful to be able to transfer augments between 2 items. Maybe it would only work for transferring the augment from an Ancient to a Primal. Maybe this could be another perk of getting a primal is that you get to move your augment from your older piece to the new one for free, or very cheaply. The reason I propose this is because it is very tiresome just grinding out lvls on legendary gems.MetalCabal0 Oct 5
Oct 5 More "Grey" Transmogs please! I was wondering if you can throw us a bone outside of season or both for that matter for grey item transmogs make it seasonal even, as in the items availability transition with seasons. For example every few months rotate the transmogs and chest areas available for Mysterious chests. I don't know about others but I for one would love small things like this to be available. More rare grey mogs in general would be cool!Park1 Oct 5
Oct 4 Crafted items need a revamp. All crafting legendary/set items are obsolete atm and spending Bounty materials (which feels like a chore to get) is like a waste of time.Theudys26 Oct 4
Oct 4 Rolling Primals what would you pay? I am ok with the fact they are so rare, I think it's great. But when you get one that you can use, and you can't because it rolled terribly, that is heartbreaking. Thankfully on PTR I rolled a Mask of Jeram primal, I got a little excited until I saw it rolled, 1000 int, max life on hit and 15% acid cloud damage. 1. I think primals should be able to be rolled as a primal but at a significant cost. 2. What do you think is reasonable? I would say, 50 of each mat and 500 souls + 3 of each top level gem + 1,000,000,000 gold or something like that...Knairdarm28 Oct 4
Oct 3 Crafting materials pickup Would it be at all possible to have all crafting materials, including Deaths Breath, be able to be picked up either by the pet or automatically like Blood Shards or Health Globes?TopLeftKey21 Oct 3
Oct 2 Questions for Items Affix Change Hi, guys, The patch note regarding "existing items" seems to be unclear. Obviously, there are two types: A. For items like "Bracers of the First Men Hammer of the Ancients attacks 50% faster and deals 150–200% 300-400% 400-500% increased damage". Their buffs are all in orange texts. So these exiting ones will be updated accordingly (the existing version has either low % damage or no damage buff) and maybe proportionally, because the orange text is already there, and there is not limitation set as "Existing versions of this item will also be changed to include the damage roll in the orange text, but will always roll " which only appear for items in the next catalog, i.e. B class below? Otherwise, these existing items will remain the same as the current % in the new patch. In the previous patches, items like these were always simply outdated, as everyone is familiar with. This time, the patch note just didn't clarify the details... B. For items like "Fury of the Vanished Peak No longer rolls Legendary-strength bonus to Seismic Slam damage as an inherent affix. Can still roll 10-15% as a random affix. Reduces the Fury cost of Seismic Slam by 40-50% and increases its damage by 400-500%.", there are 15 of them in the patch notes, with the new "Note: Existing versions of this item will also be changed to include ". These seem to be very straightforward and simple, and the existing ones are just outdated, then. In summary, my major concern is about the Class A items, i.e., for whose buffs are already in their orange texts. So they will be updated (the % of damages increase) accordingly or remain the same? They don’t have the “"Existing versions of this item will also be changed to include the damage roll in the orange text, but will always roll " note, and the patch note is unclear. Anyone playing on PTR could help me identify the answer? Thanks a lot in advance.BraveHeart662 Oct 2
Oct 2 Aether Walker bugged and not dropping? So.. I've been farming this damn wand for weeks... I've run 100's of rifts, both Nephalem and Greater.. I've upgraded well over 100 rare wands (Blacksmith crafted ones, if it matters) and spent well over 500k shards buying 1H weapons... The damn thing Just. Won't. Drop. I really don't know what else to do... Hopefully someone has encountered something similar with this item? As far as I saw it's neither crafted nor a bounty reward.. So how can RNG be this ridiculously punishing?Nierr8 Oct 2
Oct 2 Is it me or is the inarius set so rare? so I've been grinding a long time, yet i always get traguls,pest, and rathmas. i rarley get any inarius set, yet ive been grinding for months for the ancientsTakiTaki3 Oct 2
Oct 1 Ancient Set Items With the exception of completing Level 70 GR and hoping for a lucky drop, or using blood shards at Kadala is there any other way to get ancient set items? Can you use the reforge legendary in the cube to change a normal set item to an ancient? This has been touched on in other posts, but nothing on season 11 with the new patch. I have tried Kadala, and the reforge legendary and have not had any luck. Thanks for any posts!Glennis4 Oct 1
Sep 30 Primal Weapon Affixes BUGGED! (Important) Hello Blizzard Developers! I just wanted to bring to your attention a problem/bug regarding the way Primal Weapons roll their random affixes when it comes to default affix rolls. In a previous patch, the dev team (yes, you guys) made a statement about how Primal Weapons will naturally roll WITHOUT a socket with the philosophy that Primals will always (ideally) be socketed using a Ramaladni Gift, and therefore alleviating the players from being forced to roll off a socket if it happened to roll with one. This philosophy, however, has also led to an oversight to say the least, because weapons that NATIVELY rolled a socket 100% of the time BY DEFAULT end up having ONE FEWER AFFIX altogether when a Primal version of them is found. So in other words, instead of the DEFAULT SOCKET being changed to a random primary affix on a weapon in Primal form, it completely removes the socket and is not replaced with any affix at all. I myself never would have realized this was an issue.....until I myself got both a Primal and Ancient version of a weapon that fits the criteria of default socket affixes which I described above. And to directly use my personal example, anyone can go have a look at the item I was referring to (I am sure more weapons, not just this one, have default sockets too): If any of the developers would want me to provide proof, I can easily take screen shots of that'd be necessary. I hope this gets fixed. Otherwise, Primal versions of naturally socketed weapons are actually inferior to their Ancient counterparts.Zbojnik2 Sep 30
Sep 30 LoN improvements {suggestion} I have a suggestion for improving LoN. LoN should be expandedwith an amulet. And then as long as you're not using any other set bonus, 2/3 will give you it's multipliers. It still takes up 2 jewelry slots. But now you can have more selection on rings, or still use your favorite amulet.storytime420 Sep 30
Sep 30 Mirinae + Inarius Nerf "Hotfix" - Fix the gem! You are going to nerf the fun - again - because of that "hotfix". Please keep the build alive since it's not broken at all (compare to Bloodmancer which is ruling the leaderboards). Note: This (underused) gem is only used in Necro builds (Bonemancer Push/Corpsemancer Speed [see below]) which are NOT overperforming at all. ... and you are going to nerf the proc rate of bone armor to 1/3. ... and you said that you don't want to nerf the build itself. ... and there is no other buff incoming for the set. This leads to this... Suggestion: Triple the proc rate of Mirinae from 15% to 45%. We have just spent 15€/$ for the Necromancer and I have bought it because of an incredibly funny speed build which is using this gem. It's not working anymore without. This hotfix without any further changes makes me regret the buy of the class pack. :( Folks, please support my thread. For the <3 of Inarius. Edit: Enjoy this corpse explosion (!!!) speed build as long as you can folks: Sep 30
Sep 29 İtem drops! Hi every1! Item drop system is awful in Rift or GR! it's drop sword, shield, and axe everytime... That is true... You've heard right "Everytime"... So i'm playing Rift or GR to get some item drop for my wizard or DH or WD. Its always and up disappointed... Will this change or we just have to spend weeks or months or years to get other items? Some people talk about "Smart Drop System" but i didn't see or heard if it is exist... İf there is a "Smart Drop System" why do we always get sword, shield, and axe? And please don't tell me that "Most of the wizards use Sword and Shield!" because this sentence is stupid... We are Wizards not warriors! Everytime i finish a GR i get bored and stop playing! Will this be fixed? Thanks for all answers...Zemheri17 Sep 29
Sep 29 Buff FleshRake Anyway to take a look at buffing fleshrake and make dash monk a viable gr pushing build. TyFeedz0 Sep 29
Sep 29 Movement speed on gear needs rework Well lets talk about movement speed on gear , while it makes sense on boots to have it , it is just a waste property on any other item like one of the most used rings in the game atm the "Compass rose" and the other used item lately is lacuni bracers , isnt it better for these 2 items to roll something that we can actually use and leave the movement speed only for boots. Since we have the paragon system , there is a little to no sense why we still have items like rings and bracers that gives u movement speed , and one of them is like the-most used item in the game ... or at least rework them to give u movement speed over the 25 cap and adjust them to 5-10 or something , lets say lacuni gives you +10 movement speed over the cap , hope its not too late for changes ... (as u can see english is not my native lang but i hope u understand my point :D)MyGaMe0 Sep 29
Sep 29 BNet Armory Webpages Updated? Is it just me, or have the comments/discussions on the individual web pages of all the D3 items been deleted? I am using my phone and wanted to reference some info from a few specific items which I recall had some comments in the sections right below all the listed stats and stat ranges they provide, and they seem to be completely wiped. Note: Obviously I havnt gone through all the items consecutively, but I even noticed a different format (I.e. font size/color, etc). Has there been some kind of refresh?Zbojnik2 Sep 29
Sep 29 Elemental immune amulet and Stone of Jordon All of the elemental immune amulet is out of dated. I think it is time for us to change that. I propose to add 40% elemental damage of the same type to elemental immune amulet. e.g. ... For SOJ, it can receive a small buff by shifting the elite damage and elemental damage to an legendary affix (make it benefit all elements). This way we can roll for cc cd in SOJ, which makes it more attractive .XelNagaIvan10 Sep 29
Sep 28 armory set tag name Don't know if this is the place to put this. I was wondering if you could add a the same feature that you have in wow for the armory... where all the gear is marked for what build you're using.Sammagorm1 Sep 28
Sep 27 PRIMALS M.I.A. My brother and I play 2 hours daily and neither of us have had a primal drop for at least the month of August. Yes there are other ways to aquire primals through crafting etc etc but where is the fun in that. Seriously Blizzard needs to increase the % of drop rate, because even if and when one does drop chances are it is useless.SouthStar7 Sep 27
Sep 27 Veiled Crystals - Best Farming Methods? So my new issue is Veiled Crystals. I started this season with literally 30k materials of EVERY type. Including 30k deaths breaths. Despite everyone having a shortage of deaths breaths (simple short-sighted not having saved all their deaths breaths pre-patch)... I still have almost 15k of all materials left, EXCEPT veiled crystals. I have found that we use a TON of veiled crystals since the patch. 50 at a time for upgrading rares to legendaries. 15 at a time for every reforge which usually takes 20+ rolls to get anywhere close to what i want (300++ used per item nearly every time). Plus however many required for getting the blacksmith to make rares for rare upgrade recipe in cube. Needless to say, i have gone from 30k+ to zero since the patch. I have refarmed about 2k worth. But the return for the amount used is massively outbalanced by the amount used. Anyone having yellow mats shortage like this? Veiled Crystal shortage, haven't had this issue for nearly 2 years! lolderps19 Sep 27
Sep 27 Gambling Strategies with Kadala Hey was also just wondering is there a "better and more effective" way to gamble with Kadala? I've spent a little over 15k shards looking for a cindercoat on my wizard (the one in my profile my crusader got from another player who didn't need it) and haven't had any luck yet. I wanted to know how people are gambling with their shards. Do you guys typically spend your shards on one particular slot (i.e. chest piece, gloves etc) or have you had more success when using the shards on various slot items? I'm having no luck getting any Akkhan pieces for my crusader either and wanted to see how people have obtained set items from her. Any feedback is appreciated.Saunt142 Sep 27
Sep 26 What is the best way to get Royal Ring of Grandeur? I got my 3rd piece of the Earthquake set. I sorta want to try this out. Need RRG. So yeah, is there an established "best way" to farm it? Normal Act 1 Bounty power-runs? Split bounties T1? What is it? I'm off work for the next week and have no problem playing like literally ALL day so, yeah.. please let me know. :DPaz76 Sep 26
Sep 26 Gyrfalcon's Foote Affix Question Question on Gyrfalcon's Foote. I have been playing Season 11 for about 2 weeks now. I came across many Gyrfalcon's Foote during my play and I realize that the innate affixes is just the following: - (Removes resource cost of blessed shield) However, when I did my research on the build and came across the YouTube video by Rhykker, his Gyrfalcon's Foote had the following affix (Removes resource cost of blessed shield AND increases it's damage by xxx%) So I'm wondering what's going on because I'm struggling to actually complete GR66+ because I'm almost at full build with the Gyrfalcon's build but the damage is just too lacking which is odd.DeAngelo2 Sep 26
Sep 24 Item comparison question Have 2 Travelers pledges...neither are ancient One has: 100% crit dmg 10% crit chance 15% Holy dmg The other has 90% crit dmg 9.5% crit chance 20% holy damage This is for a hammerdin doing holy damage, Which is better?Cuda7 Sep 24
Sep 23 Build a Set Well I don't think they will be making new sets anytime soon so lets have some fun and make some. Build a set and post it Comment on what you like Crusader: This set promotes more of a range caster build for the Crusader 2 Bonus, Heaven's Furry gains the Ascendancy and Blessed Ground rune, last 100% longer. 4 Bonus, you gain 50% damage reduction when Heaven's Furry is active, you also do 100% more damage to monster more then 10 yards away from you. 6 Bonus, you gain 300% damage to Smite, Blessed Shield, Fist of Heaven and Heaven's Furry for every ray of Heaven's furry that is active. Monk: Wanted to make use of the healing skills 2 Bonus Breath of Heaven is now cast for free when you use a spirit spender and your mantras now heal for 3% of you and allies health per second. 4 Bonus, all healing skills and health globes heal for 1000% more, you take 50% less damage for 3 seconds when healed. 6 Bonus, all potential health healed will now do 300% damage to monsters in your health globe pick up radius. Barbarian: Wizard: A frost set to mirror the Firebird set 2 Bonus, Ray of Frost gains the Sleet Storm rune and will randomly drag enemies to you. 4 Bonus, every frozen monster reduces the cool-down to Frost Nova by 1 second, you gain 10% damage reduction per frozen monster. 6 Bonus, monsters take 300% more damage every time they are frozen, stack indefinitely, freeze and chill effects last 50% longer. Witch Doctor: This set promotes a unique dog build 2 Bonus, you gain 2 additional Zombie Dogs, summon a zombie dog every 3 seconds, abilities and items that summon Zombie Dogs have 100% successes rate. 4 Bonus, Summon Zombie Dogs and Sacrifice gain the effect of every rune, the cool-down to Mass confusion and Big Bad Voodoo is lowered by 1 second every time a Zombie Dog dose damage. 6 Bonus, you do 200% more damage and take 6% less damage for every active Zombie Dog, increase the explosion radius of Sacrifice by 100%. Demon Hunter: I wanted to give this set a more ninja feel to it 2 Bonus, when you fire a Chakram you will also fire 2 Chakram of different runes, Spike Trap and Caltrops have no longer have a resource cost. 4 Bonus, Smoke screen gains the effect of every rune and last 100% longer, Chakram has a 20% chance of dropping a random Spike Trap or Caltrops when hitting a monster. 6 Bonus, every enemy hit by ether Caltrops or Spike Trap increases your damage to Primary Skills, Chakram, Caltrops, Spike Trap and Fan of Knives by 40% for 15 seconds, stacks up to 100 times. Necromancer: Will post more soon.Alotosius3 Sep 23
Sep 23 [Suggestion] Run me dry (enchanting) We all get to that point in the season (or normal) where we have enough mats to reroll as many times as it takes to get that perfect roll. Yet... We have to sit here and spam it for as long as it takes to get the roll we want. My suggestion is fairly simple. On enchant, offer to do a single enchant, or allow the player to select the stat (and # that they are looking for, e.g. I want CDR and I won't settle for less than 8.0%, I select CDR & 8.0%), then they run it till they're dry or get the enchant. Basically, let the random enchant dice roll until they get the CDR they are looking for or run out of mats, but do it at an extremely accelerated rate. You could have it powering through the single enchants with the option to cancel if it's getting pricey, or you could have it simply do all the rolls internally till the player runs out of mats or gets their enchant that they're looking for. Either way, it would save a ton of time. I understand the concept of attempting for that perfect roll and the excitement of finally getting it. But I feel like a good portion of the player base doesn't really care about that concept. When I'm late for school and I have to roll for 5 minutes looking for the stat that I'll eventually get, it doesn't make me excited, it makes me :(.Boonce0 Sep 23
Sep 23 Suggestion: What if sets empowered legendaries? Starting this off with an idea, basically i'm that dude that makes those weird builds. I enjoy non-meta non-optimal "this is my build" kind of guy - basically because they make me laugh. My issue now is i'm unable to play certain parts of the game because sets usually makes up the core result of a massive build - combined with skills and passives of course. So how about this: What if it was the other way around - certain non-set legendary items gets buffed by x number of set items equipped. instead of the legendary item complementing the set you're using? (this is just randomly selected as examples to provide a visual representation of the suggestion, this is by no means how they would look or how i want them to look) Example items: Leorics crown: Secondary Increase the effect of any gem socketed into this item by 75–100%. This effect does not apply to Legendary Gems. *** If no more then 2 pieces of following sets are equipped: bonus effect 100% sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +18–26 Dexterity +18–26 Strength +18–26 Intelligence +3 Random Magic Properties Empty Socket ---------------- Maximus: Primary +(732–894)–(877–1111) Fire Damage Fire skills deal 15–20% more damage. Secondary Chance on hit to summon a Demonic Slave. *** if 2 or more pieces of the following sets are equipped: upon gaining 3 Demonic slaves a group of demons will join you until slain (permanent 6 demonic slave pets) sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +495–787 Strength +495–787 Intelligence +495–787 Dexterity +2 Random Magic Properties ---------------- Goldskin: Primary +21–30 Resistance to All Elements Secondary +100% Extra Gold from Monsters Chance for enemies to drop gold when you hit them. *** if no more then 4 pieces of the following sets are equipped: chance to get any random quality gem on kill. sets listed here -- zuni, roland, reaper -- etc. *** One of 3 Magic Properties (varies) +160–179 Dexterity +160–179 Strength +160–179 Intelligence +2 Random Magic Properties ------------ I believe this would introduce a fun new aspect to the game in variety of builds by empowering non-set items to the point where they get mixed with set items to produce other results. as example the above goldskin empowerment would yield a far better useful farming item then just gold if combined with the appropiate sets. -- if people have other ideas on how to trigger new and/or better effects like this, submit your favorite non-set item and give blizzard some ideas! -- Feedback appreciated but not required!Dvokk4 Sep 23
Sep 23 How D3 items would look in D2 style (pictures inside) With this post I want to show how items could have looked like, if D3 would have been more true to D2's item design. I will showcase some rare and legendary items that I created myself with the help of photoshop, but before that, there are a few things that I want to point out. If you just wanna see the items, scroll down further! 1) The numbers that I use here are just examples and need to be adjusted properly if this here would not just be for the purpose of illustration. 2) In my concept of D3's items, magic items have 2 random affixes, rare items have 4-6 random affixes and legendaries have predetermined affixes. Legendaries are not necessarily better than rare items, they just have something special about them, like a special effect (one or more procs for example) that can only spawn on this item, or affixes that ordinarily do not spawn on this item category, or both, however, a well rolled rare item can be better than a legendary for some builds, like it was in D2. The best rolled rare items are very rare. 3) Rare items can also roll with procs like "chance to cast skill X on attack", as it was in D2, so don't be surprised when you see a rare item with a chance to cast Chain Lightning on attack for example. 4) In D2 special affixes were not separated from normal affixes and were also not orange colored like in D3 and they were also not so massively powerful like in D3, were a special affix gives 300-800% increased damage to a single skill. That is why in this presentation you will see these special affixes as a part of the other, normal affixes, like in D2. 5) Items always have the maximum amount of sockets. You can add sockets for a cost at the blacksmith. Two handed weapons have 6 sockets, one handed weapons and off hand items have 3 sockets, chest armor also has 6 sockets, helms have 3 sockets, belts have 2 sockets and rings & amulets have 1 socket. Also, you wouldn't just put emeralds in weapons, because in my concept I removed the Critical Hit Damage affix and drastically redesigned gems, but showing you my redesign of gems is a thread for another time. 6) In this concept of D3's items I got rid of mainstats (strength, dex and int) and replaced them with more universal useful attributes from which all classes can benefit from. These affixes can also spawn on items.There are four different attributes: Power, Agility, Constitution and Spirit. Power is the offensive stat which increases your damage and gives a few other offensive oriented bonuses. Agility is for speed and it increases attack speed, movement speed and dodge chance. Constitution is the defensive stat and it reduced damage taken, increases healing and reduces the duration your character suffers from crowed control effects like stun. Spirit is a support stat and it reduces cooldowns and resource costs and also increases your experience gained. Having gotten all of this out of the way, here are some examples of how Diablo 3 items would look in D2's style: The first one is a rare one-handed axe. It has fire damage and a chance to cast Meteor on attack. It also ignores 11% of targets armor, which means it pierces through armor and therefore your attacks deal more damage. Overpower means that your attacks have a chance that they cannot be dodged or blocked and deal more damage. The second rare weapon that I showcase here has an interesting proc: it has a chance to activate Ignore Pain when you attack. Ignore Pain reduces your damage taken by 50% for 5 seconds. Besides that this weapon increases your damaged againsed crowed controlled (CC'ed) enemies, which means that you deal increased damage against enemies that are stunned, frozen, feared, charmed etc. This weapon also gives a bonus to all four attributes. Next is a rare wand that might be very interesting for a Lightning Wizard: it has +2 to all skills and ignores 13% of targets lightning resistance, which allows your lightning skills to neglegt some portion of enemies lightning resistance and therefore deal more damage. It probably would have even been better for a Lightning Wizard if it rolled with x% Increased Lightning Damage (which is possible) instead of Reduced Resource Costs or Life on Attack, but that is RNG... Now I wanna showcase some legendary weapons: first is a legendary one-handed sword called the Blade of Time and what makes it special is that it has a chance to proc Slow Time on attack, a proc that only can be found on this weapon. It also gives a bonus to all resistances, dodge chance and cooldown reduction (three affixes that in my concept do ordinarily not roll on weapons) and. If you wanna have a defensive weapon that is also fun to use, this might be what you are looking for. The next legendary weapon is The Chieftain, which is recognizable by its several procs (a rare weapon can only roll with a single proc at maximum, which is why this weapon is quite special). You already know Ignore Pain, Sprint and Taunt (the Crusader skill) from Diablo 3, but Frenzy is a new buff that I came up with: Frenzy increases your attack speed for a few seconds. The weapon also gives a bonus to Power (the offensive attribute) and Spirit (the support attribute). Before we get to rare and legendary armor pieces, I wanna show the legendary bow Windforce, which you know from D2 and D3, however, I wanted to give it some more flavor: it now rolls with a chance to cast Tornado on hit (which is basically Energy Twister) and also has a chance to proc Sprint. Besides having a chance to proc Sprint, it also increases your movement speed, which is another affix that ordinarily does not spawn on weapons – with that, you are basically fast as the wind, so to speak... It also gives your missiles a chance to pierce through enemies, which we also know from D2. Now we are coming to rare armors. This rare armor is one of the more well rounded rares. It has +2 to all skills and gives a bonus to all resistances. It also increases all sources of healing and reduces the duration your character suffers from crowd control effects (CC resistance). The next rare armor has a chance to proc a spell when you get hit and deals thorns damage to attacks as well. Besides that it gives a big bonus to three different resistances. As you might have noticed, the bonus to a single resistance is much bigger than the bonus to all resistances the previous armor had, because it only buffs a single resistance, while +x to all resistances obviously buffs all resistances. The last rare armor is one with some random affixes. It reduces the damage you take from ranged attacks, but also increases your armor and two differnet resistances. It regenerates some of your life per second and gives a bonus to the Agility attribute, which increases attack speed, dodge chance and movement speed. Now some legendary armor pieces as promissed! Here we have a legendary belt that gives your health potions an additional charge, which makes it a powerful defensive option for this slot. The legendary War Traveler boots are offensive oriented boots, that give you a small chance to cast War Cry when you kill an enemy, but also give you critical hit chance and increase your maximum damage, two affixes that ordinarily do not spawn on boots. Spirit Walkers on the other hand are more defensiv. They give you a chance to cast the Witch Doctor skill Spirit walk, which allows you to get out of the combat situation if it gets to dangerous. Remember our lightning wizard that I mentioned earlier? She might also be happy if she finds these boots that periodically casts lightnings from above at enemies and ignore some of the targets lightning resistance (again, an affix that ordinarily does not spawn on rare items)! The next legendary is something for people who like damage dealing procs: gloves that have a chance to cast Hydra and Firewall on attack (gloves ordinarily do not roll procs). The Undead Crown has a chance to automatically reanimate some of the enemis you slay as Skeletons. That is a very powerful affix and it also increases your maximum damage, which is why this item also reduces all sources of healing to make up for that power. Bonus Item Showcases The next items, I will just show without any additional comment, because I assume you already got the idea about how it works! Sep 23
Sep 22 Campaign reward improve it. Give nice item rewards for campaign players. Just to unite all players at least to play 2-3 times campaign. Each time finish campaing add more challenge multiple per 3 elite group appearing. And last time add more affixes for elites. So we could have campaign mode easy, medium and hard independent of torment level.PardalBR0 Sep 22
Sep 21 Primal rerolls. Considering the rarity of primals would it be too much to ask that ALL affixes could be changed on them? I ask this after getting 2 primals that were required in my build but were totally useless because they had affixes that were simply unusable, even after the 1 given change. Make it a special cube recipe - whatever. Thank you.jen12 Sep 21
Sep 21 Primal to primal reroll Please implement a way to reroll a primal and keep it primal. All the useless primals I have got this season could be used to reforge one of the two pairs of completely useless frostburns that have dropped. I am not asking for a guaranteed way to convert an item to a primal (as I think this takes away from the grind), just merely getting a reroll on a primal item that I have received already. Perhaps smashing 5 or 10 primals and putting that material in the cube with the primal that you want to reroll? Or perhaps make another gift like item where you can give it to the mystic and reroll a primal item again, giving you two stats that you can change. Obviously this item would have to be a lot more rare than the gift that puts a socket on the weapon.Trebek16 Sep 21