Items and Crafting

Aug 31 Wow, First Primal of the Season!... Well it seems the gods the rule over the primals have a sense of humor.... My first primal of this season was given today!! oh praise the gods......well maybe not. My first primal is the .....Cluckeye!!! SighVertigo2 Aug 31
Aug 31 Necromancer recipes Are there going to be any blacksmith recipes to make legendary and/or set items/weapons for necromancer? No orange or green Scythes or Phylacteries on my list.Imhotep1 Aug 31
Aug 29 Kanai's Cube Issue I noticed that I have a lot of the items in the lists for Kanai's Cube, however they are all grayed out. Why is that?Knightskill4 Aug 29
Aug 29 **SUGGESTION MORE POWERFUL GEMS** Just an idea I came across maybe x20 flawless royal= 1 Exquisite gem 10x Exquisite= 1 Pristine Just interested in hearing some of your thoughts. I do believe this would add a new type of grind. Although I'm not 100 percent sure of the stat increase as of yet because I still have to do minor calculations I do think this could greatly increase GR pushes and added playtime. I am currently working on a google doc for total increases and will be posting full calculations by friday of next week.Law3 Aug 29
Aug 28 Rerolling Item in cube (for updated patch-items) Hey guys! The question is, when patch is released, will you be able to reroll an legendary item in the cube to get an updated version of it? Say i reroll a yangs, will the rerolled one have the increased damage bonus? I tried a few rerolls that way on PTR this morning, and i only got old versions when i rerolled, but when i upgraded yellows i got the new versions.. will it be the same when it goes live? (Want to know so i can save mats) Also, on a side note.. i dropped a primal yangs recurve on PTR, all right stats.. fml...Bobani2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Ravi Lilywhite in 2.6.0? Hi, Dropt the Rar Boss Ravi lilywhite in the Patch 2.6.0? i farm 16 hours and more... nothing!! the one and only rar boss Theffeney dropt ever and ever...EASTSIDE2 Aug 28
Aug 28 Unbalanced Character Play - Season 11 Very frustrated with the character play over the last several seasons. As a Demon Hunter I am stuck using the same armor and weapons I found in Torment 1 all they way up to Torment 4. There has been absolutely nothing of use dropped over the last four levels. Feel like you are totally stuck without the ability to move up. And how useless is it when you have been tromping through rifts all day trying to level your character and all the legendary items that drop are only useful to characters that are not you! I have loved Diablo since it first came out many years ago, very unhappy with the balance this current version has. Thinking I may not be back for next season. :( Sad game playerSapphyria4 Aug 28
Aug 28 Phylacteries? I'm unclear on the whole concept of phylacteries & their effects on the undead primarily as they relate to the prohibition of 2 handed weapons. I searched the Wiki to no avail. Will someone enlighten me?LeBeowulf2 Aug 28
Aug 28 ***SUGGESTION*** New Quest As the PTR seems to be going more and more power creep I though to myself, how else can we add to the madness. Kanai's Cube -It's weird that you get the quest to get the cube and WHATHISFACE complains endlessly about "You have a wonderous artifact of old, and this is what you chose to do with it", and yet he never once suggests Opening a portal to visit Kanai (Quest branch one). This then becomes a GR style go to Kanai and beat him style instance. Three different Versions of Kanai will be found with = but random chance for each instance on it. 1- Fabulous Kanai, you kill him you get his head. You bring it back to Kul and Cube it, it gives you an additional Cube ring slot. 2- Studly Kanai, you kill him you get his head. You bring it back to Kul and Cube it, it gives you an additional Cube armor cube slot. 3-Dangerous Kanai you kill him you get his head. You bring it back to Kul and Cube it, it gives you an additional Cube weapon slot. Because who doesn't want to add just one more of each of these items to their characters? Additionally you could make all of these repeatable For fabulous you get to add a gem slot to any jewelry for (one more gem slot) Studly one more gem slot for all armor items. Even those that do not normally have gem slots. Dangerous one more slot for all weapons. Easy quest line to introduce, and only a slight(sarcasm) change to the item database. How about it?Lugh3 Aug 28
Aug 28 GREEN SET ITEMS GREEN SET ITEMS... you guys need to be more generous with the GREEN stuff...still takes WAY too long to gather a set...WAY TOO LONGRevRobRoy2 Aug 28
Aug 27 The Murlocket / Kanai's Cube Hey Blizzard, Can you please make it so the Murlocket is Kubable? That is all. Lots of Love, TimorisTimoris0 Aug 27
Aug 27 Staff of Herding Is this item still worth crafting? I have been what seems like forever trying to craft this item. I have all the mats except for the Gibbering Gem Stone. It just will not drop. Been farming for it on torment difficulty on my necromancer.Metatron1 Aug 27
Aug 26 Avarice Band Negatively Weighted With the reintroduction of Avarice into this Season's Conquests, most builds will generally need to use the Avarice Band ring in order to make the Conquest easier to get. I play a Demon Hunter, so I have a specific build I use to get that Conquest. But it appears as though the devs have decided to make players work for Avarice, one of the easiest Conquests in the game, by making the Avarice Band nearly impossible to get. At this moment, here is what my Bounty mats look like: 7, 5, 71, 5, 17. In my most recent Act 3 run, the Cache dropped a pair of Pride's Fall Helms. No doubt my Act 3 mats will be well over 100 by the time that stupid ring drops. Anyone have a similar experience?StoneOld10 Aug 26
Aug 26 Question about reforge a legendary If on the next pacth (2.6.1) I reforge my old skull grasp, will I get the updated version or the same old version with different rolls? Never used the cube for reforging before..Davez7 Aug 26
Aug 26 Death Breaths and other mats for auto pick up I would suggest that death breaths and other crafting materials be auto picked or picked by pets since they are no longer placed in stash box.Avenger6 Aug 26
Aug 26 Loot rarity filter I'm willing to bet I am not the first to ask for this, but It would be really convenient if blizzard would implement an option that would let you have loot filtered when it dropped. For example - I kill a boss and 8 white items, 3 magic, and 1 rare drop. I only see 4 item names appear on my screen unless I click alt to see the white items. I don't pick up white items EVER. I would really appreciate a fix to this slightly annoying problem. Thanks ^_^BenJammin2 Aug 26
Aug 26 extra stash i noticed they said if you didn't get the previous season stash slots you can get them from "tasks at the Conqueror tier". what does this mean exactly? do i have to create a season character to do this?TUFguy8 Aug 26
Aug 26 PRIMAL ANCIENT GR70 QUESTION Can I beat a solo rift on level 70 with a follower or do I have to beat it without a follower for it to count?eaglezfan2 Aug 26
Aug 26 Extra gear slot or cube spot for followers Let us add either another piece of gear (gloves, boots, whatever) or give us a cube slot that adds to our followers. I could see the 50% cooldown going there, or some non-class-specific item that would allow solo games to be more... interesting.ShamWow1 Aug 26
Aug 25 How's your Ivory Tower working for you? It's great finding a way to make use of items most people just forge. I tried an Ivory tower / Shotgun build and loved to see fires of heaven proc but the prolem is it doesn't do much damage. It doesn't even do 1/10th the damage of a normal heaven's fury(w/ fires of heaven rune) attack as buffed by bracers of fury, shield of fury & convention of elements. Can we fix this? I know so many people thought the "Shotgun" Fate of the fell build was cheap & cheesy when it was out in use a year & a half ago but making it more dynamic by use of Ivory tower(and the other items that enhance the build) gives me a rise & then a low when I realize it just doesn't ad the damage that the build needs. Justice Lantern + 20%+ block on the ivory tower(or shield of fury) + hold your ground passive makes it about the only build that finds blocking useful(aside from a thorns build that finds use of high block).MagusFTW5 Aug 25
Aug 24 Grimoire? Say, why has Sanctuary never unearthed a Grimoire?Yntrepid1 Aug 24
Aug 24 Funerary Pick Redesign I had an idea for a re-design of the Funerary pick, along with how siphon blood works. It would be on a more tanky build with Trag's set for the 3300% bonus. First off, I think they should change the additional targets to a range of 5-10 targets. As it stands, two additional targets is not that great and it doesn't scale at all making the Siphon Blood generator nearly useless. Secondly, in synergy with the Iron Rose I figured they should allow blood nova's to proc based on how many blood siphons you are achieving. In conjunction with this change they could make it so that Siphon blood channels from the first enemy hit to the second, third, fourth and so on, allowing you to build up siphoning stacks over a few seconds time which increase the chances of blood nova procs. You're forced to continue channeling to increase your stacks, but the longer you do the more damage you're putting out. I could see this build working well as a trash killer with support elements, whereas right now higher tier necro builds are all about elite/rift guardian killing. Would love to hear some feedback or thoughts on how to make the Funerary Pick a worthwhile weapon to use.RomeosRa0 Aug 24
Aug 24 gibbering gemstone is this still possible to get? i was farming for 8 straight hours on friday. 4 hours saturday followed by another 8 on sunday for no rewards. would you please increase the drop rate...? this is absolutely ridiculous. chiltara only spawns to laugh at all my worthless attempts. its not like this piece even gives me any gear that will be useable!!! its only purpose is to open another area for me to grind for more hours for probably no rewards there either!!!ElasticPanda8 Aug 24
Aug 24 Death Breath - Purchase / Trade DEATH BREATH - PURCHASE @Blizzard - Death Breath is very time consuming to get, can something be implemented to perhaps Buy with Gold or Blood Shards. Or better, trade Veiled Crystal or Arcane Dust for Death Breath. Even Forgotten Souls, maybe 10-15 per Death Breath, would be fair enough, Would open up more crafting i think. CheersVanTurbo0 Aug 24
Aug 23 T13 Strafe LON build? I would love it if blizzard made a T13 strafe build for LON. One of which could be with K'mar Tenclip / Valla's bequest. All that would need to be changed is a % buff to both of their unique passives of 100%+ strafe damage. Making it 250% would push it into the T13 farm range from what I've calculated.DefCat2 Aug 23
Aug 21 Conflict of Ivory Tower Getting to the point, the items passive (shooting Heaven’s Fury bolts when blocking) is in direct conflict with the bonuses gained from the bracers (damage gained from stunning, blinding or immobilizing). With this you have to choose between a 200% (potential) damage increase and the Ivory Tower passive. Wouldn’t the item (Ivory Tower) be better suited to work in conjunction with the bonuses from the bracers (or vice versa)? Was this an intentional separation? Or were the items never meant to be used together in the first place? Most likely this was just a legendary item given a skill to make it unique but given the recent HF items being buffed it would be neat to have this one mesh with the others.Lion0 Aug 21
Aug 21 Little orange diamonds, what they are? Quite self explanatory. I'm sure there is a guide or something somewhere, just too dumb to find it. In the item description, on the left, there are those little diamonds: some are gray other orange and full, other orange but empty. I just don't understand what the orange means! F. e. I've just got the Leoric's crown and it has: Primary Increase a skill by X% > full orange diamond Secondary Increase by X% gem effect > empty orange diamond Any Nephilim who can give me a clear explanation?SuperGherro2 Aug 21
Aug 21 Do I keep this belt, or replace it? I got a Legendary belt for monk that has made my monk experience SO MUCH EASIER!!!! It's called Kyoshiro's Soul, and it has sweeping wind gains 2 stacks every second I don't do any damage to enemies, in turn making the timer reset and always be active (because when I'm attacking enemies I'm basic attacking them and basic attacks reset the timer), allowing me to have an always active generator of spirit (one of the glyphs for sweeping wind allows you to generate spirit when you have 3 or more stacks, which makes me ask, were you able to get more than 3 stacks before?). The problem is, I got it when my character was about level 26, and I'm now lvl 60 with a paragon level of 14 (I don't have reaper of souls), so I was wondering, is there a way to transfer the ability of this belt to another legendary item? Cause this belt has helped me generate a lot of spirit, but it's stats are terrible compared to other items I've been picking up.Wroxes1 Aug 21
Aug 21 ADD MASS-SALVAGE FOR SET/LEGENDARY ITEMS as the title say. And for all those crying morons with more sets in backpack, add some warning message, but ONE before that process itself, so they can't salvage their crap items by one "mistake." Kinda tired to spam ENTER like a retard. Especially when I have to farm around 500 souls.Tiber0 Aug 21
Aug 21 Can I save unidentifiable legendaries... ...and then identify them next patch when the stats have been updated? Every Yangs I find now is essentially a waste. Ownusohard8 Aug 21
Aug 21 A little suggestion Now, on the one hand, the equipment can not be satisfied to the new season, let a person feel very frustrated; on the other hand, game player is less and less, the impact of high ladder lost power. So, I suggest that every list of the list at the end of the season ladder can take one piece of equipment in the new season, if you are strong enough, you can take 22 pieces of equipment in the new season (7 normal, 3 occupation, team, HC).This article comes from Google translatorlqs1 Aug 21
Aug 20 A little more on the RNG Not sure if I'm allowed to post external links, but here is table which sheds some light the probability of forging/finding that thing you want, given a number of attempts. Go File->Make a copy, and edit the 'Probability of success' cell to the probability of the thing you are after. Common values are listed on the document. An example. I'm trying forge a primal and I have enough mats to reforge a particular legendary 100 times. I set the 'Probability of success' cell to 0.01. From the table, there is a 36.6% chance I won't roll a primal at all. Also, there is a 63.4% chance I will roll at least one primal. I think chance of legendary drop being a primal is also 0.01. So if I were to farm 100 legendaries, there is a 63.4% chance there will be at least one primal in the group. Another example. I have enough mats to upgrade rare scythes 300 times. I'm trying for a primal Trag'oul's Corroded Fang. There are 4 possible scythes I could roll. The probability of rolling a primal Fang using this method is 0.01 / 4 = 0.0025. In 300 attempts, I have a 52.81% chance I will roll at least one primal Fang. There is a 47.2% chance I won't roll the primal Fang. A final example. I'm farming for falcon wings in GoH1. There is 0.01 chance the mysterious chest containing the wings will spawn each game. I've gone through the map 300 times so far and the chest hasn't spawned yet. I'm pretty unlucky, as for 300 attempts there is a 95.1% chance I would have come across at least one mysterious chest.qpmzmpq11 Aug 20
Aug 20 Staff of Herding Recipe a Myth or Real? Can anyone confirm that it still drops? Most of the players that have linked it in the game said they got it along time ago? I have been farming Izual now for 2 days on T10 in Aventure Mode and have yet to get even a glimmer of the recipe.virpyre30 Aug 20
Aug 19 Weapon Enchant Question What should I Change on this. Running Skeletal mages with Rathma and Jess Thanks in advance! Jesseth Skullscythe Damage 2582.6 1379-1695 Arcane Damage 847 intelligence 915 vitality Increased attack speed 5% +20 Maximum Essence +250 Monster kill expRking1 Aug 19
Aug 19 Trying to farm Ashbringer, any tips? I want this weapon for the skin, but so far I've spend over 10000 kadagems and got jack [removed]. Any location where it's more likely to drop or something? Thanks. Forum Mod Edit: This post has been edited by a moderator due to language. KorbenDallas27 Aug 19
Aug 19 Shenlong's Fist of Legend I'm curious if anyone else can confirm that I'm just super unlucky, and not somehow bugged or anything. In the last month or two I've gotten 23 Shenlong's Relentless Assaults, from Blood Shards, Rift Drops, GR's, campaign drops, forging in the cube, etc. I have in that time gotten not one Fist of Legend in order to complete the set in order to use a build I'd like to use. I know how RNG works, but this just seems very unusual. I really am just thinking that I'm unlucky, but it's really frustrating me to the point that I'm losing motivation to play the game, as the build that I really want to use is completely unreachable no matter how much I try and how many hours I play. I've never had this issue with any other item, as even with a low drop if I worked at it hard enough I eventually have been able to grind enough to get it. But it just doesn't seem possible with this piece for some reason. Is it really just bad luck? Or is there a chance that my account is somehow bugged or something? (I really doubt it, I'm just at my wits end and looking for ANY reason why I can only ever seem to get one fist, and never the other).Ultenth0 Aug 19
Aug 19 Blacksmith idea please Could the blacksmith be given the options to break a all legionaries and or set items like he can do with the grey, yellow, and blue items. purdy pleaseLessa0 Aug 19
Aug 18 Primal Julian Hey guys.. So i got a Primal Julian today. Rolled Stats where: Int , Crit Dmg, Area damage I'm wondering wether its wise keeping the Area damage and rolling the Int to Crit Chance or Roll the Area image to crit chance ?? Do mages benefit from Area image ?BipBop4 Aug 18
Aug 18 primal ancients? So once I do a gr level 70 solo. I have chance to get primal ancients anywhere in the game right like I do the level 70 then I can play in normal and still get them? are what how dos it work?Evil55 Aug 18
Aug 18 "Promise of Glory" :] More like lies!! Promise of Glory is a LIE!!! Chaos Field Blinds and Slows. Blind Faith 39,7% chance to blind on hit, Sultan of Blinding Sands Sword 39,2% chance to blind on hit. "Promise" of Glory 6% chance on blind to spawn Neph Globe... Dirty Lies! Check this out. and this As seen in these clips not a single Neph Globe spawns and i did try for a looooong time for the Grand total of 1 globe after a weee while. 6%!!? I call shenanigans!! Thank you =)Violator3 Aug 18
Aug 18 What Does Fjord Cutter's "Chilling Aura" Do? "Fjord Cutter"- for some reason Alkaizer is using it. This piqued my interest, so I got one to test it out. From what I can see, when it procs you get an additional aura graphic under your feet, but other than that I can't really see it doing anything at all (monsters don't seem to be frozen or slowed at all). I am testing in this in inferno mp0. Does the chilling aura do damage? Can it crit? Is it supposed to slow monsters? Is it supposed to apply the "chilled" status that can increase damage for wizards?Afar8 Aug 18
Aug 18 What to do with Blackthornes I see this isn't a BIG topic, but I do see people going off about how bad blackthornes is, and i agree, it isn't worth using anymore and people just say it needs removing, i agree in that too in some sense, its not worth being there so why not get rid of it, right? During a conversation with my friend last night we were brainstorming and came across thorns builds as Blizzard loves their thorns builds, with sader, barb and recently tried necro with 2 new legendaries and a passive for thornes and I ended up thinking, Blackthornes needs something done and getting rid of it would be a waste, yes they could make it a crafting set, but we know how those go, why not go with making it a thorns set, otherwise with the necro passive thorns going on pets, it isnt really worth it, and i think the blood builds really need some sort of passive, yes blood is power is a thing but with the blood legendaries making cdr on a build that may not use cooldowns is a waste, why not make that say extra healing when health gets lower???,stuffyblade6 Aug 18
Aug 18 Sword of Ill Will It appears that the passive of the sword doesn't seem to work when fire chakrams from sentries. Throwing them yourself procs but when they are fired from sentries they don't get the bonus damage. Is this intended or just a way to put a nail in marauder's coffinGhostPants0 Aug 18
Aug 17 Legendary Gem Upgrades in High Level GRifts Problem: Leveling up gems is slow, especially when they are low level and you can easily do a high level Greater Rift. Solution: If your gem is below a certain level, it can get over 100% chance to upgrade. At 150%, that's 100% to get 1 level, and a 50% to get a second level. Likewise, 250% would be 100% to get 2 levels, and 50% to get a third level. This would make doing very high level Greater Rifts worthwhile to upgrade gems that are very low level. Thoughts? Note: This is better than giving extra chances to upgrade, which could be used on 2 different gems. By giving over 100% chances, it encourages you to upgrade those level 1 gems.Torak450 Aug 17
Aug 17 XBox1 Necromancer Pack missing items Recently bought the Rise of the Necromancer for XBox1, Diablo 3 game in the Blizzard Store on line. The add on downloaded and I was able to create a new Necromancer character. I have not been able to find the items that were listed as coming with the package, a new pet, wings, banner. Can anyone tell me where I can find them. Looked everywhere. Not in mail or stash.Vladnick1 Aug 17
Aug 17 What do I do with wealth? I am a level 6 Necromancer at level 679. I have over $4M in gems,have maxed them out and placed them in all available slots. I have buffed out my weapons and gear by spending allot of gold enchanting them. I have over $3.5B in gold. I am very slowly improving my character by getting points by leveling up. Is there anything I can do with my wealth to improve myself? The auction house would be nice.WMB2 Aug 17
Aug 17 REND IS STILL USELESS IN 2.6.1 PTR?!?!? So the Wrath of the Wastes set got buffed in the 2.6.1 ptr (800% whirlwind dmg to 1,700% dmg). It is a pretty big buff, but wouldn't it have been a lot smarter to fix rend and make it atleast somewhat usable with the set? Considering that the 2 and 4 piece bonuses of the set revolve around rend but having it be unusable with the build is pretty dumb. This new patch that is coming out is a great opportinuty to finally fix it but it was completely ignored. An idea is to reduce the buff to the flat whirlwind damage (perhaps from 1,700% to 1,400% or 1,300%) and increase the damage of rend, while having it be usable without interrupting whirlwind casts. The main issue was that rend would interrupt whirlwind and therefore removing the 50% damage reduction buff from the set bonus, along with the Mantle of Channeling's 25% damage reduction bonus. Please make this happen, it's such a simple fix for a great build.Unknown0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Is it time Cain's Destiny set can get a buff? Becaus of season starter sets. There is really no reason to build any of the sets from the Blacksmith. Cain's for an example can't be crafted untill level 70. And by then, your half way getting your free starter set in a new season. And that half is already better. And what Cain's Destiny do except 50% exp increase which is not needed at lvl 70, is the increase of "finding magic items". How much? 50%. You get 52% magic find in T3. And at T13, you get whopping 625%. Soo that extra 50% is useless. I suggest this set can be crafted much earlier. At least within 15-20 lvl range. And the magic find should be increased a lot more depending on what difficulty level you play on. Something like double the amount magic find % from the current difficulty you are playing on and a bit more. Maby even multiply it by the amount of players in the same game.Kaj5 Aug 17
Aug 17 Blood Set-Necro2.6.1 PTR Changes to The Johnstone These 2 statements that follow with dashes before them are going to be taken out -Each corpse consumed in the Land of the Dead -while outside Land of the Dead. This will be what remains Grants a 50 stacks of Macabre Knowledge when Land of the Dead expires. Macabre Knowledge increases the damage of Corpse Lance and Corpse Explosion by 150–200% ------------------------------------------------------------ The amount of stacks you could have were 200, will now be reduced to 50 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These changes are logical when combined together. Basically making the legendary ability easier to use and more straight forward in design. I have a very intimate relationship with this item because I use it in my Blood Necro Set Build in Hardcore Seasonal. When doing everything but Greater Rifts I have the option to sit in town and stack all 200 of Macabre Knowledge by casting corpse explosion over and over. This preparation is fun and not necessary for me to kill though it does help out my speed runs through bounties or a normal rift just enough to be worth it. Now, I believe the changes proposed to The Johnstone will not make me take it out of my build. Though, I do think if these changes are going to be made I believe you might as well boost the damage bonus from 150-200% to 300%-500% or 200%-400% would be lovely! just in the reduction of stacks change alone from 200 to 50 makes one who uses this item alot want to see a complimenting change in bonus damage as well. When using Corpse Explosion with Final Embrace rune in Land of the Dead it hits hard enough to be worth having Land of the Dead on my skill bar. But without The Johnstone, Land of the Dead would not have been given a second thought. It is using stacks from The John Stoneonce outside of Land of the Dead that is awesome to work with. Once out of Land of the Dead lets say I stack up to 60 Macabre Knowledge if I Final Embrace only exploding as few corpses as possible to kill my enemies then I will have stacks of Macabre Knowledge left over for my next Land of the Dead comes off cooldown. Lets say I only used 40 stacks out of the 60 I just stacked up. Now after the next Land of the Dead that 20 stacks now becomes 80. This process if controlled correctly can get you up to 200 stacks and you didn't have to just stand in town casting Final Embrace over and over. The Blood Set Build for the Necro is probably more commonly known as the Trag'ouls Set Build for the Necro. The Trag'ouls set is going to have a change that will take something out of the third set bonus which is going to be lovely for all us hardcore only players. (cost twice as much life) will be deleted. Thus making all of my life regen and life steal stacking items more effective. Bone Armor with Thy Flesh sustained will now become a more viable choice on the skill bar because it currently costing 50% of ones health while using the Trag'ouls set is quite a moment in hardcore. With the change Thy Flesh Sustained will be 25% health cost. Just so you designers know this change to the third set bonus will allow to take me to push my Blood Set to such deep greater rifts and always have the game set to T13 with less stress. Of course my Blood Necro will die at some point due to the nature of the build. But thus is the price of blood in hardcore. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For the curious. few details on my personal blood necro build I am currently using for Hardcore Seasonal ------------ My Skill Bar -Blood Rush -Bone Spirit Possession -Ice Golem -Land of the Dead Frozen Lands -Frailty Aura -Corpse Explosion Final Embrace -------------------- Learned Legendary Abilities Used Blood Brother, Grasps of Essence, The Johnstone ----------- Note worthy worn items 5 items of the Trag'ouls Set: gloves replaced by Moribund Gaunlets Rogar's Huge Stone(ring) Ring of Royal Grandeur(ring) coven's Criterion(shield) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Happy Hunting!Blackraven0 Aug 17
Aug 17 Necromancer Schaefer's Hammer Why do we even have the "Schaefer's Hammer" as an option in the cube? I saved my Primal one to create something fun... To my disappointment NOTHING seems able to proc the legendary effect. *Thundergods Vigor, Belt *Sky Splitter, Axe *Wreath of Lightning, Leg GEM *Fulminator, Sword *Thunder Fury *Schaefer's Hammer(In cube) Even tried "Shard of Hate" All of them, ofc, tested in various combinations. NOTHING can proc the effect... So, why in hell do we even have the option to extract the damn thing to the cube? Plz respond, thx in advance! /VioViolator2 Aug 17