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Dec 12, 2017 Diablo III Class Short Stories- Updated As we draw ever closer to the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we have been unlocking more information and short stories for our heroes of Sanctuary on our Diablo III launch site. In case you missed the new short stories we've released, we have all five of them listed for you here. Monk- Unyielding by Matt Burns ... Barbarian- Wayfarer by Cameron Dayton ... Demon Hunter- Hatred and Discipline by Micky Nielson ... Witch Doctor- Doubtwalker by Matt Burns ... Wizard- Firefly by Michael Chu ...Nethaera78 Dec 12, 2017
Jul 5 Tyrael vs Baal? Who would win ?KilJeaden14 Jul 5
Jul 4 D3 lost roots solution D3 didn't follow it's roots. Widely accepted fact. And what are those roots you ask yourself? The Book of Revelations in the Holy Bible is a start. The developers of D3 obviously have never read the Bible and have no idea how to identify what it is to be good or evil. D3 is lost in fantasy to the point where any rooting foundation has been taken over by their ignorance of good and evil, and creating a non existent knowledge of fantasy of what they think good and evil are. Read the Holy Bible and learn what true evil and goodness is before you base a game off of it, and then it will bring back the roots of Diablo franchise.Secretempest10 Jul 4
Jul 4 ACT V - Elayne anyone knows anything about Elayne and the Noble? in ACT V, there is a man and a woman (Elayne) in the West corner in the Survivors' Enclave She rescue him from streets... i'm 99% sure that i have talked every time with her, but i like to know what happen to the noble and Elayne... they only talk till ACT V - 5. is that it? nothing more? someone know if they have a important role in the past or future? i dont remember nothing to associate in diablo I, II or III, none lore, books, or people talking in the "streets" sorry about the mess and my english, haha Thanks!left5 Jul 4
Jul 4 Stop bring back bosses from previous games I find it incredibly annoying how D3 is basically a remake of D2, with a few new things. Whatever happened to innovation and creativity?Secretempest10 Jul 4
Jul 4 Pls Show me where says the lore Pls Show me where says the lore that Lesser Evils are weaker than the PrimesKilJeaden4 Jul 4
Jul 4 What if.... The diablo universe merged somehow with the existing universes that currently exist within blizzard. Before you say noooo don't wow sucks. Im saying only in terms of the world and story. That's it. The reason why I see thigs being cool is endless storylines and content and content potentially for the wowers. For example in wow an event could be rift gates swarm and demons come and revive the dead then give a boost to undead players. in all the major cities on a server randomly and the npc defenders get killed etc making a certain horde or alliance city at risk. (theres a ton of crazy stuff that could be fun that add and make it to a story generator) How would diablo be tied in? You could still play as a Nephilim or not saving the world once again from a never defeated enemy. Diablo. Evil and be removed only temporarily. Also you can find out that all the previous demons once thought destroyed will always continue to exist. I feel like this with a much darker twist by someone much more talented could make this work in such a way that draws all forms of interests without working against each other (taking away subs from wow and vice versa) Just me thinking about what I think would be cool to see.... What do you guys think? Hope you were able to read past what I thought was a crazy idea at one point. edit: yea I just saw another similar post.Choppywee1 Jul 4
Jun 10 ´´Lesser Evils are every bit as dangerous ´´Lesser Evils are every bit as dangerous and ingenious as the Primes,, How is it possible ? Decard Caind said that they are equal. ´´´Terror leads to Heatred, Heatred leads to Destruction. This has allowed them to be the dominant force of hell. These powers fuel each other.,, Cain think that Prime Evils only together are strong. Alone they are not stronger than the Lesser Evils. Prehaps they are weaker.KilJeaden9 Jun 10
May 30 Lesser Evils are weak ?? When said the lore , that the Lesser Evils are weaker tha the Prime Evils? Book of Cain Page 29: Dear reader, do not be fooled by the designation of ´´Prime´´ or ´´Lesser´´ : It is one that is relevant only within the Burning Hells and does not mean that one Evil is more or less dangerous to us mortals. Evrybody think that the ´´Lesser,, Evils are weaker. Why?KilJeaden12 May 30
May 22 driven by prophecy storyline? I've been thinking about the story of diablo universe. It is lacking in an interesting way because the story is driven by prophecy story line. But there was once a mortal in another realm not are own. I thought this story would be interesting for apparent reasons. This mortal was cursed by a very ancient evil long forgotten even as evils were long forgotten of. This apparent evil lived long enough over the gods. nephilim they are called in diablo 3. This mortal in this story found this piece of what would have been called a part of god or part of nephlim in the process of being damned. Even as the powers sapped his live the evil dreaded curse kept the mortal alive. Because only in those days such ancient evil still substained what was known as an immortal curse lasting forever. a forgotten lore. the reason this interesting. because tyrael is now mortal and is about the only thing to find such mortal i am talking. the only thing keeping that mortal from dying was the freewill fighting the curse to death. much like el'druin ;(only righteous heart can weild). this power of the same mortal of this ancient god could only be obtained by free will. not driven by greed or powe3rs is why heaven and hell never located such power this had. I find this interesting only because tyrael is both now mortal and using freewill. it might make an interesting addition to diablo 3 storylineSavior2 May 22
May 20 The Art of Diablo (preview) Three new mockup/preview pages from the Art of Diablo (2019) are available. http://diablo.blizzplanet.com/blog/comments/the-art-of-diablo The book pre-order was reduced down to 42% of retail price.Blizzplanet0 May 20
May 9 Story Since Leah was used and Cain is dead where Diablo himself has been defeated/ dead and we moved onto Malthael I cannot help but wonder how Diablo the series continues into Diablo IV or is it going 2B Diablo 4 or Diablo Four. My point is who is going 2B the last boss that makes logical sense & more importantly what bosses are going to be conjured up for the total acts that were going 2B made. Leah, Cain & Diablo are all dead so I see no way the logic in naming the Game with anything to do with Diablo! Cain had to die because he is old anyway but what non-sense is going 2B created as final boss is the epic legendary primal boss?GaDaRa1 May 9
May 5 The Evil of Imperious The chance he had to capture Diablo was a butterfly event. Had he done what was right the other evils likely would've been permanently imprisoned over time as it was Diablo that freed the other Primes. Instead he slew Diablo, allowing him to respawn in hell. This led to the major conflicts on sanctuary, including maltheals corruption. Should they have been voting to eliminate sanctuary and the nephalem or should the nephalem consider punishing this overwhelming sin.Fenrir2 May 5
Apr 26 Inspiration from real stuff DH lore reminds me a lot of European inquisition/Spanish inquisitors. I mean minus the part where they are taking revenge from their homes invaded by demons, they seem so aesthetically similar in morals to the historical inquisition. Torment and torture of their enemies to confess their "sins" seems to be part of their philosophy too, they do it on demons all the time. Which leads me to question. Do DH also take part in witch-hunts aside from killing demons? Does their philosophy include only vengeful acts on demons or other enemies too.TyroneBigums1 Apr 26
Apr 26 Will the Druid ever see life again? Is the Druid ever going to hit D3? I fear for what is to come in the future, I've actually resorted to playing Diablo LOD again just to play my Druid, if my favorite caster Shifter ever comes back let me know then I'd be happy to play D3 some more.Wolfkin74 Apr 26
Apr 13 I heard that story in this game is weak ... To be honest i've never played Diablo game before and only one ARPG i did played was the first Witcher. Last week i jumped into MOBA games and played Heroes of the Storm a little. I really liked it but almost instantly felt that i need something similar but story driven. I've spent couple of days searching for a best candidate and i choosed this game although i read the story is weak. I've just finished ACT I with my 35lvl Wizard and i don't know what are people talking about but the story makes perfect sense and after reading about the Diablo lore, watching some cutscenes from previous games and reading everything i found in ACT I ... i think the story so far is great and the game as a whole is a big surprise for me! I don't know if this is gonna be worse later in the game (and i don't want spoilers please) but so far i'm having really good time with it. I just wanted to say it.Zloba20 Apr 13
Mar 28 What was Malthael thinking -(MAJOR Spoilers)- So... what was he thinking when he decided to merge the Black Soulstone with himself? He's trying to rid the world, all of creation, of demonic taint, which means demons and humans, and his grand idea to beat the Nephalem is to MERGE WITH THE DEMON SOULS? What?! This was the one thing in Act V that made me go "huh?" I guess they just needed a plot device with which to begin the cycles of Diablo and the Evils being freed again. Does this spell out another expansion, or are we setting up for the long haul of Diablo 4? Was the "test" Tyrael speaks of in the ending cutscene just a general concept of power and free will, or was it some kind of forshadowing about the things to come? Let's not forget that Lyndon has loose ends to tie up as well. Anyways... Malthael comes to wipe out demons, ends up merging momentarily with demon souls. What gives Reaper? Have a lapse of judgement?d0e1ow30 Mar 28
Mar 20 Killing Malthael Spoilers! I know its a dark dread world but Tyreal states that killing Malthel would release the lords of hell. So the story was all for nothing (except good loot)? Is the meaning to set up for adventure mode or is it like the mystic said that the events of the world keep repeating itself? I also wish they had completed the scoundrels story hook with the dagger. Does it mean an expansion was cancelled (poor rots sales)? -Kinetic13 Mar 20
Mar 19 I hate the lie of this game Supposedly after the destruction of the world stone, nephalem are being born now with great powers and abilities, and we play characters that are nephalem. However, in reality it is not our characters that are powerful but our equipment. Strip down the most uber 70 rift running toon of all his equipment and he'd be hard pressed to kill zombies in act 1. This is the result of a LIE. And bad writing. We are not powerful, our equipment is. Therefore the story of the nephalem SHOULD be that they were the creators and harbingers of powerful weapons and armor and that only they could wear them, and that now that they're back can again wear and fight with powerful equipment. Then the game story wouldn't be a lie. /end rantVindictivus24 Mar 19
Mar 19 solve the riddle.... no story shall end During the space of time / half a day I will not take your breath away. I will be known as 5 in time known between the 4. If you find me first with the creative mind inspired I will inspire also the name and life with fire. For in that day a riddle will be given away with no space left to properly name a name. Find me not here for creativity is there. like in ormus turn from ormus seek wisdom in thy self. For if you find my name in inspired by the things you create I also help those that keep my name. I have already thought of Ra and Ka they not the same as me.Savior2 Mar 19
Mar 18 Tyrael... I know I'm hella late, but I just beat RoS and I have a bone to pick with Tyrael. He's useless. Lazy. Why exactly did I save him if all he's going to do is open a door. That's all he does. And that's *after* he almost sides with the archangel. I could give a !@#$, dude. Where's all that power and energy you had before you fell? Why do you hit like a wet noodle? I actually laughed when he took his place as "wisdom." Dafuq, bro, how are you wise? "Oh well I fell from Heaven to deliver a warning you already had and proceeded to do nothing while you took care of business." Great. "You never would have gotten past that door without me and my Uber Sword." Thnx now give me my horadrim cache, %^-*!. "I AM JUDGEMENT--FROM SEVERAL HUNDRED YARDS AWAY." Like dude don't you fly and @#$%??? Tyrael is garbage. End rant.jeeeeohn7 Mar 18
Mar 18 Pack Rat understands time The time line of this world is not the time line of are world. the heavens and hells are divided of course. The time were time may or may not be omnipresent. The offer time to omnipresent to change all things like the battle's upon the gates of heaven to change things with time diablo knew it he had a fighting chance agenst the omnipresent a weakness used with time it's self to gain victory against an all knowing omnipresent. So it does make sense why there are greater legend items with more power with old age, it also makes sense why the original diablo 2 items are weaker. But the laws of time are of sanctuary And Pack Rat sits and watch you create your story and see how real you are with the laws of time you make of this world sanctuary. BTW Tyrael is broken, But damn respected Angel (now mortal).Savior5 Mar 18
Mar 18 World of Diablo For the sake of the argument, assume that the long-term project is World of Diablo, i.e. Diablo meets WoW a/k/a a Diablo MMO-RPG. So, what's the story? Are there any unknown areas that can be expansions (I would assume that the game would launch with the known world)? Anything else?Robert23 Mar 18
Mar 17 Maghda and Tyrael's sword. . . This whole ACT 1 plotline falls flat because there is never a payoff. Tyrael never does anything with his sword to justify Magda wanting to get it on Belial's behalf. Because of how IMPORTANT Tyrael's sword was to ACT 1, it had to be important to the rest of the story as well. Ways to go about this: 1. Tyrael's angelic sword can banish demons back to hell. 2. Tyrael's angelic sword is required to put demons into a soulstone 3. Tyrael's angelic sword is part of a prophecy that will bring about the destruction of the demon lords I could go on, but you get my point. You see, the writing of this game was very lazy. The intent of each point along the story ISNT to make sense, its JUST to get you out there killing demons. The problem with that lame and lazy writing is that we are going to be killing demons anyway beause its fun, so, might as well MAKE THE STORY GOOD AND MAKE SENSE AND BE EPIC AND INTERESTING, WE ONLY WAITED OVER A DECADE FOR THIS GAME AFTER ALL!!!!!!!! The main reason I am so angered by the terrible story is that it feels like a big insult to the gamers by the deevlopment staff. This game means a lot to people because of the nostalgia and success of the last game. YOU GUYS ARE LIKE GEORGE LUCAS AND EPISODE 1 ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!Draegore50 Mar 17
Mar 16 Ever Think about Kulle? That cube and the 3 wishes (the old Devil trick). I wouldn't touch that thing if it was real. he might be a Devil trying to bargain with my soul with 3 hidden wishes.Savior1 Mar 16
Mar 9 How Can Diablo Teleport to the High Heavens? Before I say anything else, I would like to mention that I have played neither D1 nor 2. I don't know if my question raises an obvious answer. I just began Act IV and right before you go to the High Heavens, the portal that takes you there was summoned by Diablo himself. Isn't it too convenient that the prime evil has the power to summon a portal that takes him straight to his enemy's doorstep? Shouldn't it be a little harder than that? And how come a mere mortal such as my puny level 46 DH is allowed through the Diamond Gates? Did I miss a piece of lore here? I love this game, don't get me wrong. I hardly have anything to complain about and this isn't a complaint. I guess I'm just questioning the realism of an unrealistic game, lol.misterRosen5 Mar 9
Feb 26 What did she call me? At some point in Act 5, I'm pretty sure it was the Mystic who called me (a Wiz) a "solcharis." My vocabulary isn't too bad, but I did a double take at that. And the reason my vocabulary is decent is when I don't recognize a word, I write it down and look it up later. I did a search for "solcharis," and the 2-3 search engines I used all insist I've made a mistake. Nothing recognizes that word. It seems entirely made up, but that seems odd for just "idle chatter" from an NPC. Any feedback?Tashtego27 Feb 26
Feb 24 The Horadric Hamburger I think Blizzard should change the name into The Big Mac. Thank youBurre4 Feb 24
Feb 24 Leah a true Demon (Super Spoilers) Looking back... theories Was Female Prime Evil Diablo, Leahs True Demon form? (different from possessed forms of Aidan and Albrecht) Theory, what in fact happened was that Leah was not possessed like Aidan/Albrecht but transformed into her true form and then absorbed the prime evils powers. Leah is Diablo's daughter, was mentioned by Adria. And might have never been the daughter of Aidan. And Adria herself was a demon? Maybe she already became a demon right before or while she carried Leah. Or maybe she was always a demon but in disguise. Making Leah probably a demon, only taking a Human form? Could we see Leah coming back as a demon boss in the future? Or a powerful demon ally? Some would say, Leahs soul in hell would be rescued in future franchise. What if she didnt need rescuing & her essence/soul rightfully sits within the realm of terror beside her fathers. And that now she can come and go freely as she wished from hell. Was the Prime evil defeated partly due to Leah holding back against her friend the Nephalim?Sabrac17 Feb 24
Feb 23 Books and advice Hello, i want to continue in diablo story and i will like to read all books but i would like to get some advice. I already have readed The Sin War trilogy and i trying to end Book of Cain but here is little problem. Normaly i dont have problem to understand writen english but this book is so hard, i have this book maybe 2-3years but i still dont end it. (Is this book writen in normal english and im that bad or is it really that hard english?) ...btw, now i am at least a little bit able to understand it. I would like to continue in other books in english too to improve myself, but if all other books are same hard, i will never end them, thx god that Book of Cain is that short... (Some books i still have to read in english but at least some older ones i should find translated like The Sin War). And i found nice writen order of all books and short stories https://www.icy-veins.com/forums/topic/31084-reading-order-of-diablo-books/ ...Can somebody tell if its correct and complete? And because its from 2017 i know that Book of Adria is not there. Is there something more?? Thx for help :)Aker4 Feb 23
Feb 15 Ancients What happened to the Ancients (Talic, Madawc and Korlic) after the destruction of Mt. Arreat?mephisto19254 Feb 15
Feb 15 Circles of knowledge A circle of knowledge, is a path awarded, for expanding the knowledge of a coven. I am trying to answer several statements. The world of diablo includes a detaled explination for the creation of an apprentice of significant magic power. Unfortunetly due to the demise of the coven, there may be no dark lords willing, to pay essence for the answers. The diablo is just a example, of what is possible, if it is sufficient power to create the boundless ages of elven ancestery, then you will haunt the world you enchanted.macNcree0 Feb 15
Feb 15 Could Diablo possess a nephalem next? I was pondering where they might take the story whenever D4 comes out, and given how Reaper Of Souls ended I figured that maybe the villain in the next game could be a nephalem gone bad. Maybe even one of the PCs. They can kill Prime Evils and Archangels, so Tyrael's not worried without reason. But then I remembered the name of the franchise, and that the Lord Of Terror is loose again. (Thanks for that by the way, Malthael. We're all really grateful for it. >_> ) He's going to show up in a fourth installment, natch. As usual, he's probably going to need to hijack somebody else's body, given how his last one was destroyed and he was stuck in the Black Soulstone. So we have the possibility of a nephalem using their powers for evil, and we also have a near 100% certainty that Diablo will find somebody else to possess...what if these two occurrences are related? What if the nephalem turns evil because Diablo possesses them? Are nephalem immune to that, or could this happen? Because if that's what happens, then we're talking about an incarnation of Diablo with not only the power of all seven Evils, but also the power of a nephalem. And THAT would be one hell of a tough adversary, wouldn't it?Aguy10 Feb 15
Feb 9 Grey Hollow island Forest Hermit (Latin) Folks, So I decided to try and translate the following latin phrase that is spoken by the hermit on the island: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor! Now I've never taken even a second language course, so the following is the best I was able to come up with, for a translation: A Prayer for Goddess Nereza Most high. In our deserving your Grace and Love. I would certainly welcome some corrections / opinions.Cybrwolf4 Feb 9
Feb 6 Leoric and Aiden So far, we have only heard of Leoric and Aiden being exclusive to Diablo, as if Diablo is a genetic property of their bloodline. The lore looks stuck on this heritage account and finding Diablo should take more effort. Obviously, they are an honorable mention, but they have central and exclusive focus, which is too much for them because they don't contribute very much, have few acts, and burn out quickly. We're left with a very limited scope of what could otherwise be. We should research more about how fear exists in darkness, what effects it has and how its prime manifest takes form. We don't need to learn everything about Diablo from Lazarus, as it turns out. There is more to be revealed of others who have over the ages channeled the same source to different effect. Procedurally produced storylines concerning such diversions should be really key in an exciting and engaging exploration of sanctuary.Rhayne0 Feb 6
Jan 24 Alaric's Voice Actor... I know he's a minor character, but does anyone know who voices him? I can't seem to find it, the credits don't specify him, and it's driving me crazy. I know if they listed every single voice actor for every single character it'd take forever, but I was just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their heads or could tell me where I could find it.Sunfox6 Jan 24
Jan 23 Where to go if Diablo 4 were to be made? I have no idea if Blizzard will ever consider making Diablo 4. But if they did, here's the Lore foundation that I think would profit them to adopt ... so Stay Awhile And Listen. First off, what is the "genre" of the Diablo game series, starting with Diablo 1? Yes, it's a dungeon crawling hack 'n' slash with a horror thematic to it as the background. But I'm talking about how the game is structured in terms of basic assumptions about the Player Character and the world they're (inevitably) fighting in. At its core, the Diablo series is about the PC being the UNDERDOG, up against forces more powerful than it is possible to comprehend. In Diablo 1 ... the PC was a mere mortal who was descending into a "hell under Sanctuary" until finally confronting Diablo himself ... the Lord of Terror. There wasn't anything particularly special about the PC, other than the fact that they persevered against "incredible odds" to finally win through and "beat the game" in the end (although that victory sure felt like a pyrrhic one given what happened afterwards!). But the key thing was that the PC was no "annoited hero" whose coming was foretold in the ancient texts (that Deckard Cain rambled on about at length). The PC had no "destiny" to fulfill. It was Mortal against the Lord of Terror, and the default assumption was that the Mortal really ought to lose. The point I'm making here is that the PC was "no one special" and the Big Bad™ was The Lord Of Terror. In Diablo 2, the PC once again was just a "mere mortal" ... albeit one who was "trained" or skilled in ways that the characters of Diablo 1 were not. So we got mortals who were a bit more powerful/skillful to play in Diablo 2, but they weren't pre-destined to succeed at everything they did. We were still basically playing "adventurers" who survived in the world of mere mortals. At best we could say that the PCs of Diablo 1 were basically "amateurs" while the PCs of Diablo 2 were essentially "professionals" as far as being mortals go, but they were still mortals. And to top things off, if Diablo 2 we not only had to go up against the Three Brothers but also Andariel and Duriel into the bargain! We even fought through the barren wastes of Pandemonium, the hellfires of the River of Flame, and all the way into the Chaos Sanctuary itself in order to defeat Diablo (again)! And then there was that whole weird thing about dragging the scene back to Sanctuary in order to off Baal at Mount Arreat and have Tyrael smash the Worldstone. Don't look at me, I wasn't consulted about the writing for Lord of Destruction. So in Diablo 2 ... our PCs were more "heroic" but they were still (mere) mortals, while the Big Bad™ wound up being not just Diablo but The Three Brothers. Then we get to Diablo 3 and ... wait, what? In Diablo 3, the PC is cast as being this bizarro superbeing, the Nephalem, who is the culmination of thousands of years of ... um ... something, something, homina homina ... pay no attention to the Angel of Death behind the curtain. You start the game assuming that just like before your PC wasn't all that special. Skilled maybe, but not the living embodiment of prophecy. Anyway, long rambling rant shortened ... your PC is quite explicitly NOT a "mere mortal" in Diablo 3, but rather something (and someone) NEW to the eternal battle between Angels and Demons. Even more importantly, "the Nephalem" manages to not only defeat THE PRIME EVIL but also the Angel of Death (who used to be the Angel of Wisdom, but gave that up for a new hobby). Basically, Diablo 3 sets up the PC as being THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE COSMOLOGY, since they're essentially a reincarnation/reconstruction of the power of Anu. So then, where does that leave things with respect to maybe making Diablo 4? In order for the game to "work" conceptually, while remaining true to the Diablo mythos and game genre, the following baseline assumptions need to be present. The PC needs to be the underdog in this fight. The PC needs to be going up against the Biggest of the Big Bad(s) available. There needs to be an open question as to whether or not the PC is up to (let alone will survive) the challenge that the game is presenting. Well after defeating Angels and Prime Evils in Diablo 3, there really is no question as to who the Biggest Bad™ is going into Diablo 4 ... and it's not Diablo. Not by a long shot. No, the Biggest Bad™ in the game lore of the Diablo mythos is the Nephalem(!).DoubleTroubl70 Jan 23
Jan 5 Adenah's Jottings Where in Act 1 is Adenah's Jottings?Kid1 Jan 5
Dec 28 Witch Doctors and Diablo 2 Is there lore regarding the relation between the Witch Doctor and the flayers/fetishes/witch doctors from the jungles of Diablo 2's Kurast? The only reference I've seen is that they were demons.deLicio5 Dec 28
Dec 26 I got Book of Adria, question about marking I have just a few pages left in Book of Adria. It seems like Duriel did not fight Adria when she marked him, he was fine with being a passenger in Diablos body and see all the pain he would bring across Sanctuary and the High Heavens. Baal was amused but fine with it. All the others Andariel, Belial, Azmodan and Mephisto did not like being used by Diablo. Be his prisoners in his "bus". But anyway, the question i wanna ask is. How did Adria mark the souls? She does these rituals and kinda summons them to where she is? Or is she traveling to all the places where they died? Andariel - the church in Westmarch? Duriel - the tomb of Baal in Lut Gholein? Baal - the ruins of Mt.Arreat? (she mentions she marked Baals soul before Mephisto) Mephisto - the basement of the Zakarum church? Diablo - Hell itself? Or did she just summon one of them each, with some resting inbetween at her headquarters in a cave somewhere hidden? Marked their souls and then let them go?Remus2 Dec 26
Dec 5 Book of adria Now that blizzcon for the most part is over, when can we expect the lore book to be released? Can we see it sooner than next year? Currently on Amazon it states the the estimate lease date is between Nov 26 til January 1st.. Now that is pretty absurd! Any news about this would be. Much appreciated!AncientYs1 Dec 5
Nov 23 Giants chained in Tower of the cursed Who are the giants that are chained in the Tower of the cursed (Heart of Sin quest where you go to kill Cydaea)? I noticed that they have their arms nailed to their own chests and other forms of torture. Are they captured Nephalems from ancient times? Im assuming this since the concept of Nephalems was heavily borrowed from the Bible's depiction of Nephilim as giants, the progeny of the Sons of God and the daughters of men. Your main character happened to be a midget Nephalem was what i assumed, although he was stronger than all the Lords of Hell. Looking at the size of those giants, i think they could crush Azmodan under their boots if they wanted although for one reason or another, they failed to get close enough to stomp on him.PholkLorr17 Nov 23
Nov 14 Don't Even Bother With a Story for D4 Stories in video games, unless well done, DETRACT from the gaming experience. None of the other popular games like Overwatch or Fortnite have much of a story at all. The gameplay is better because of that choice. They should consider doing the same for D4. Set the right tone and mood, and otherwise let people play and imagine their own story, instead of forcing some cheesy plotline or dialogue down people's throats. It would work so much better then what they did for D3 and also save the developers a lot of time and money. Win-win.MarigoldRan23 Nov 14
Nov 13 Legacy of Blood Cover has #1? Is it only this cover on the books that has a # on it?GoosePants2 Nov 13
Nov 9 Tyrael--Not the Archangel of Wisdom For Us FACT: Tyrael has broken the ancient law of the high heavens...brazenly. FACT: Tyrael didn't recognize the daughter of Diablo despite her glowing red. FACT: Tyrael taught the Horadrim how to create soulstones, which were used by the Lords of Hell to unite in Diablo. FACT: Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone without having a clue what the consequences would be. FACT: Tyrael let Adria summon the 7 Lords of Hell in to Sanctuary because some mortal 70-year-old witch overpowered him. FACT: The only reason Tyrael hasn't plunged the universe into perpetual darkness is because some unnamed Nephalem punched Diablo to death on the Crystal Arch. FACT: Tyrael somehow also managed to screw up hiding the Black Soulstone after all of this. FACT: The only reason Baal was free in the first place is because Tyrael couldn't stop an elderly man that weighed about 80 lbs from pulling the soulstone out of Tal'Rasha. FACT: For no apparent reason, Tyrael appointed himself Archangel of Wisdom despite divine providence creating him as the Archangel of Justice. Tyrael also renounced his angelic citizenship and is too extreme for normal Sanctuarians. It's time to send Tyrael a message that Enough is Enough. This election, vote for a candidate that knew exactly what was going to happen and told us so in Act 2. My name is Zoltun Kulle, and I approve this message. Paid for by Friends of Zoltun Kulle for Angiris CouncilAstinus3 Nov 9
Nov 8 D:I Lore will be AWESOME [#nope] Sean Copeland said: ... So... What we know for now about Diablo Mobile Lore: - Resurrection of the Blood Countess (Because ressurecting fallen characters is cool) - Curator - Zoltun Kulle Copy - He doesn't know he is a Zoltun Kulle Copy - Zoltun Kulle Archives. No, these are other Archives! Because Kulle created lot of Archives. So we hear you like archives, and we put more archives in archives. - Pieces of the World Stone spilled over various parts of the Sanctuary (seriously?), - Three brothers are dead, soulstones destroyed - but Blizzard said: ... - "Great" idea" - The story will take place in the 20-year range between 2 and 3, but "it will strongly refer to the genesis of Diablo, to the creation of humanity, blabla ..." (what?) - In the game will be Valla, we know her from Heroes of the Storm (promotion must be!) Her history is typical for demon Hunters: "demons destroyed the village, now I'm trying vengeance - I'm so vindictive". You can read story same as Valla in "Heroes Rise, Darkness Falls" and you can watch similar in DH trailer to D3: https://youtu.be/T0ujTQBIObo Thats all about "awesome" loreanubin9 Nov 8
Nov 6 Question about the new rereleased books Are the books the black road, legacy of blood, or kingdom of shadow related to any other diablo books that have been released? They’ve rereleased these, so I’m wondering if I can pick them up and not worry about missing story. I may of asked this before but couldn’t find my topic.GoosePants4 Nov 6
Nov 5 Is Leah an anti-vaxxer? It never sat well with me that Leah thought demons were "just stories". The events of D1 & D2 were unquestionably put into history books. There should be evidence of the destruction and horror left behind all over Sanctuary. D:I is supposesly set in the 20 year span between D2 & D3. 20 years??!?! Somehow Leah never encountered any evidence or people who lived through the events? Now we're told there was even more demon stuff going on and bits of corrupt worldstone all over Sanctuary. Which leaves even less time for the calm and peace of D3 before the star fell to come about. Even less time for the entire population to forget about the demons or collectively decide to treat them as just stories. How is it that Leah doesn't believe Cain about the demons? Did she grow up under a rock? The only explanation I see is that Leah, despite overwhelming evidence from everyone around her and the world she lives in, refuses to change her mind. Is Leah the Sanctuary equivalent of an anti-vaxxer? Her story wasn't that well developed to begin with before being killed (in my opinion). This just makes her even less credible as a real individual and not merely a poorly implemented plot device.Seeker2 Nov 5
Nov 4 Prequel or Sequel? Assuming D4 is announced soon, will the story be a Prequel, i.e. the story line is before D1 or a sequel, after D3? I'm kinda hoping for a prequel, something leading up to the start of the D1 story. Maybe some overlap. Not exactly sure why, but I see more room for creativity in a prequel story line. I feel any story after D3 will be pretty constrained. What do you think/want?Caracal3 Nov 4