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Dec 12 Diablo III Class Short Stories- Updated As we draw ever closer to the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we have been unlocking more information and short stories for our heroes of Sanctuary on our Diablo III launch site. In case you missed the new short stories we've released, we have all five of them listed for you here. Monk- Unyielding by Matt Burns ... Barbarian- Wayfarer by Cameron Dayton ... Demon Hunter- Hatred and Discipline by Micky Nielson ... Witch Doctor- Doubtwalker by Matt Burns ... Wizard- Firefly by Michael Chu ...Nethaera78 Dec 12
6h Where to go if Diablo 4 were to be made? I have no idea if Blizzard will ever consider making Diablo 4. But if they did, here's the Lore foundation that I think would profit them to adopt ... so Stay Awhile And Listen. First off, what is the "genre" of the Diablo game series, starting with Diablo 1? Yes, it's a dungeon crawling hack 'n' slash with a horror thematic to it as the background. But I'm talking about how the game is structured in terms of basic assumptions about the Player Character and the world they're (inevitably) fighting in. At its core, the Diablo series is about the PC being the UNDERDOG, up against forces more powerful than it is possible to comprehend. In Diablo 1 ... the PC was a mere mortal who was descending into a "hell under Sanctuary" until finally confronting Diablo himself ... the Lord of Terror. There wasn't anything particularly special about the PC, other than the fact that they persevered against "incredible odds" to finally win through and "beat the game" in the end (although that victory sure felt like a pyrrhic one given what happened afterwards!). But the key thing was that the PC was no "annoited hero" whose coming was foretold in the ancient texts (that Deckard Cain rambled on about at length). The PC had no "destiny" to fulfill. It was Mortal against the Lord of Terror, and the default assumption was that the Mortal really ought to lose. The point I'm making here is that the PC was "no one special" and the Big Bad™ was The Lord Of Terror. In Diablo 2, the PC once again was just a "mere mortal" ... albeit one who was "trained" or skilled in ways that the characters of Diablo 1 were not. So we got mortals who were a bit more powerful/skillful to play in Diablo 2, but they weren't pre-destined to succeed at everything they did. We were still basically playing "adventurers" who survived in the world of mere mortals. At best we could say that the PCs of Diablo 1 were basically "amateurs" while the PCs of Diablo 2 were essentially "professionals" as far as being mortals go, but they were still mortals. And to top things off, if Diablo 2 we not only had to go up against the Three Brothers but also Andariel and Duriel into the bargain! We even fought through the barren wastes of Pandemonium, the hellfires of the River of Flame, and all the way into the Chaos Sanctuary itself in order to defeat Diablo (again)! And then there was that whole weird thing about dragging the scene back to Sanctuary in order to off Baal at Mount Arreat and have Tyrael smash the Worldstone. Don't look at me, I wasn't consulted about the writing for Lord of Destruction. So in Diablo 2 ... our PCs were more "heroic" but they were still (mere) mortals, while the Big Bad™ wound up being not just Diablo but The Three Brothers. Then we get to Diablo 3 and ... wait, what? In Diablo 3, the PC is cast as being this bizarro superbeing, the Nephalem, who is the culmination of thousands of years of ... um ... something, something, homina homina ... pay no attention to the Angel of Death behind the curtain. You start the game assuming that just like before your PC wasn't all that special. Skilled maybe, but not the living embodiment of prophecy. Anyway, long rambling rant shortened ... your PC is quite explicitly NOT a "mere mortal" in Diablo 3, but rather something (and someone) NEW to the eternal battle between Angels and Demons. Even more importantly, "the Nephalem" manages to not only defeat THE PRIME EVIL but also the Angel of Death (who used to be the Angel of Wisdom, but gave that up for a new hobby). Basically, Diablo 3 sets up the PC as being THE MOST POWERFUL BEING IN THE COSMOLOGY, since they're essentially a reincarnation/reconstruction of the power of Anu. So then, where does that leave things with respect to maybe making Diablo 4? In order for the game to "work" conceptually, while remaining true to the Diablo mythos and game genre, the following baseline assumptions need to be present. The PC needs to be the underdog in this fight. The PC needs to be going up against the Biggest of the Big Bad(s) available. There needs to be an open question as to whether or not the PC is up to (let alone will survive) the challenge that the game is presenting. Well after defeating Angels and Prime Evils in Diablo 3, there really is no question as to who the Biggest Bad™ is going into Diablo 4 ... and it's not Diablo. Not by a long shot. No, the Biggest Bad™ in the game lore of the Diablo mythos is the Nephalem(!).DoubleTroubl64 6h
14h Tyrael doesn't understand how to eat, so... ...does this mean that he also doesn't understand how to do the things which everybody who eats eventually have to do? "Did the Archangel of Justice need somebody to toilet-train him?" is what I'm asking here.Aguy1 14h
Sep 10 Love to rescue Inarius in a fourth game He doesn't deserve to suffer like he has, and like he still is. So if they make another game, I hope that we can either free him or at least put him out of his misery.Aguy1 Sep 10
Sep 8 I heard that story in this game is weak ... To be honest i've never played Diablo game before and only one ARPG i did played was the first Witcher. Last week i jumped into MOBA games and played Heroes of the Storm a little. I really liked it but almost instantly felt that i need something similar but story driven. I've spent couple of days searching for a best candidate and i choosed this game although i read the story is weak. I've just finished ACT I with my 35lvl Wizard and i don't know what are people talking about but the story makes perfect sense and after reading about the Diablo lore, watching some cutscenes from previous games and reading everything i found in ACT I ... i think the story so far is great and the game as a whole is a big surprise for me! I don't know if this is gonna be worse later in the game (and i don't want spoilers please) but so far i'm having really good time with it. I just wanted to say it.Zloba6 Sep 8
Sep 8 World of Diablo For the sake of the argument, assume that the long-term project is World of Diablo, i.e. Diablo meets WoW a/k/a a Diablo MMO-RPG. So, what's the story? Are there any unknown areas that can be expansions (I would assume that the game would launch with the known world)? Anything else?Robert7 Sep 8
Sep 7 Question about the Black Soulstone I understand (please correct me if I'm wrong) that the Black Soulstone first appeared in Diablo 3. So... How did the 3 prime evils and 2 of the lesser ones got trapped in the Black Soulstone before Zoltun Kulle finished it? Did they just transported themselves there? I've been replaying Diablo 3 this past week and this answer just eludes me.Pachanga5 Sep 7
Sep 3 New Mage Class Ideas based on Lore. Hello, I ve been doing some research about Mage Clans of Sanctuary, Here is some of them: Ammuit; they focus on manipulating reality and illusion, they could be a Mesmer class. Ennead; they focus on manipulating physical world through enchanting and transmutting matter, well they can be an Enchanter kind of Class, but thing is they look a bit OP, based on this lore. Also unplayable. Maybe someone can give ideas about it. Taan;they living in jungle, little known about them. Only member we saw is Ormus, in Kurast. He was doing some healing and some items. So they could be an Alchemist class. Makes some potions, using their weapons,doing some explosive spells maybe. Also they could use some alchemy stuff, gives them buff. They can burn, poison, even freeze their enemies. So their spells can be very effective but, with long cool time. Also their mana jar, could be some alchemy bottles, so they could do some magic based on that? Vizjerei; well this clan is very known clan every book and game includes them. But they mostly sided with evil. They have demonic rituals and demon summoning powers, but that gave me an idea, why don't we play as evil in new games? A storyline, sided with demons fight against Tyrael and other angels, in new game there could be a conflict about it. A war between, human sided with angels versus human sided with devils. (Flesh eater Barbarians etc.) Zann Esu; well in Diablo 2 we played as Sorceress, who can cast spells, lighting, ice and fire. Well, they are cool and totally playable class, but they only have female members. If you make a game that you can choose your gender, they can be only female class. Also, I have one class idea, they are a bit exception, because there no Lore that I've seen. A class about people who have possesed demon hand. They use spells through their hand, also fight as a Rogue Mage class. They can cast some demonic powers,(not summoning) sided with angels. They can use their hand as claws with physical damage. They, can be good people but outsiders. Also their class may have a demonic illusion powers. So which eliminates Ammuit. Or they can be new version of Ammuit.Amazonhan0 Sep 3
Aug 30 Horadrim In the Dark Exile Scrolls, it mentioned 10 Horadrim but excluded Natala and no disclosure of Nor Toraj. When the cube was to be hidden away, 7 of the 9 concurred. One wouldn't, Zoltun Kulle, but who's the other? What did Natala do to save them?TobiPhoenix0 Aug 30
Aug 21 Abd al-Hazir and Timeline I was trying to check some info about Sanctuary and i found out all Abd al-Hazir's texts and timeline is no more... is there any reason for this? or you erased it because that's no canon?Arkan2 Aug 21
Aug 19 Kanai's Cube and the Horadrim lore Those short texts under every recipe raise several questions. ... What dark method did they use to craft the cube ? Did they use human sacrifice or summon demons and use them as material ? ... Who was the Horadrim who didn't avert his/her eyes ? Was that Tal Rasha, as he was the leader and brave enough to sacrifice himself to imprison Baal ? Was that Kulle ? Was he intrigued by cube's power, just like how he felt about the soulstones ? ... Did someone of the Horadrim die in the process of making the cube ? ... Who was the one who called the other 9 together ? Only 2 out of 10 Horadrim involved in the creation of the cube objected. I think one of them was Kulle. Maybe he was power hungry and refused to let go of the cube's infinite capabilites. But what about the other Horadrim ? As described in the texts, the cube has physical form and was forged first, then enchanted. Why didn't they destroy the cube and burn the design blue print instead ? ... What did Natala do to save her colleagues ( probably about the cube, but what exactly ) ? Lorewise, after we found the cube and use it under Kulle's instructions, the Nephalem's progression become tied to the cube. Every of our actions is to provide materials for the cube's transmutation power. Is this the "corruption" mentioned in the Dark Exile Scrolls ? Is it starting to take effect on us ( the player character ) ? This could hopefully be explored more in D4.Kazi1 Aug 19
Aug 17 How to win me over in a new Diablo project. Diablo 1 is what got me into online gaming back when I was 13 years old in the late 90's. That being said, Declard Cain was such an iconic character for me, and for many others I'm sure. Fast forward, Deckard Cain was killed off in Diablo 3. This really set a negative tone for the game, for me personally. I would love it If there could be a way in the story where some item or artifact, or something is discovered and the only one who could of helped us in a pivotal turn in the story would of been to have Cain's knowledge on the artifact to help drive a part of the story arc. Since Deckard Cain is physically dead, maybe we can travel to where his soul is and save him. Maybe Hell has set aside a special area to torture him due to his past deeds in helping us, maybe these methods of torture can reflect past memories of the series? i.e. Deckard Cain never escaped Tristram and is still trapped in the cage while goblins, skeletons, shamans, even Griswold is in this tortured memory. After saving him and we succeed in our mission(s) can we can send him up to the Archangels where he'll have a place with them and continue to live in the story some how. He is a playable character in Heroes of The Storm, so I'd like to think that there is more life left in him. You can even add a new skin to Deckard Cain in HoTS based on how he could look in the new game once he has been saved, maybe even saving him unlocks a skin in HoTS to encourage players to look into HoTS. Please, I just want to see Deckard Cain back in the game.Paynstar3 Aug 17
Aug 17 Witch Doctors and Diablo 2 Is there lore regarding the relation between the Witch Doctor and the flayers/fetishes/witch doctors from the jungles of Diablo 2's Kurast? The only reference I've seen is that they were demons.deLicio4 Aug 17
Aug 16 Ancients What happened to the Ancients (Talic, Madawc and Korlic) after the destruction of Mt. Arreat?mephisto19253 Aug 16
Aug 15 What happened to Gillian? WARNING: If you have not beaten Diablo 3's normal mode, there are spoilers within this thread. Gillian was said to have left for Caldeum with Adria before Tristram was overrun. She supposedly helped Adria raise Leah while Adria "disappeared". I assume Adria disappeared to capture the essences of the Prime Evils in the Black Soulstone, as they were being killed by the Hero in Diablo 2. Somehow custody of Leah was given to Decard, if someone could fill me in on that, that'd be great. At the end of Act 3 in Diablo 3, Adria betrays them and goes through a portal, not one to heaven. Adria could've possibily went to a hideout of some sort that could lead us to Gillian, but it's very doubtful. Some people actually say that Gillian is dead, but there's plenty of evidence that proves she's alive and dead... Dead: Body in Diablo 2's Tristram found near the corner of her house. Ogden - Gillian Gossip: "Gillian, my Barmaid? If it were not for her sense of duty to her grand-dam, she would have fled from here long ago. Goodness knows I begged her to leave, telling her that I would watch after the old woman, but she is too sweet and caring to have done so." Alive: Rumors say that she'd have an important role within the game. Diablo 3 Lore - Gillian's Diary Part 2: "To think I was once afraid of Adria. She is going to take me to Caldeum with her soon. Caldeum! I never thought to see it with my own eyes... Though it saddens me to leave Ogden and his wife, Adria assures me that she will find a cure for my nightmares." The body found at Tristram could've been her grandmother's. Her grandmother, named Despira in a D3 Lore, was said to be able to see in the future, she could've told Gillian to leave if she knew what was going to happen. My theory is that if Gillian is infact alive, I think she will play a role in the Diablo 3's expansion. Little or big part, I really hope she does because I'm at a lost as to what had happened to her. Also, Adria and the Black Soulstone (Last seen falling from the Heavens after Diablo dissolved) are definitely going to be in it, and if not, there will probably be a Diablo 4. So my question to you guys, What do you think happened to Gillian? Note: If you have any claims about what happened to Gillian please provide evidence and proof.Patriarch6 Aug 15
Aug 15 Diablo 3 writing (mild spoilers) It's taken me 6 years to get over diablo 3 not being enough like diablo 2. There is a number of personal reasons that I accept responsibility for in this regard, but this one I am a bit confused about. It's not necessarily the plot that is bad, but I feel like the writing is abysmal. So, I wanted to make a post here and start something of a discussion based on "Is the writing bad, or am I just jaded?" (quotes from the game will be paraphrased) The first argument I would put forward are the bosses constantly sending messages to the player... Really stupid and pointless ones. In act 4, you go in to destroy these portals the demons are using. You kill all the dudes, and Diablo says "you will never destroy the portal!" You left click the portal once, and it explodes. Apparently these demons having nothing better to do than watch the player's actions and make commentary. This is happening throughout almost literally the entire questline, every time you do something, someone shows up and says "you wont be able to the next thing!" and I feel as a whole this adds a lot of doubt about the competency of the villains. A more subjective issue I had was the emphasis on the nephalem, as all people on Sanctuary are technically nephalem by definition. It's fine to say our heroes might have inherited more power than the average person, but I kind of feel like we're attributing most of their success as due to what they are born with and less what they make of it. From time to time the dialogue just seems to kind of insult the players intelligence. All of the plot twists could have used more subtlety. Playing Reaper of Souls, Adria in the battle says "You never even suspected a thing!" When a character is introduced as Adria the Witch, pretty sure everyone suspected something. In closing, I've been dealing with depression for several years, and had been when the game came out, so it is entirely possible that my negative mindset has exaggerated the flaws and trivialized the strengths, so, do you have any particular parts of the game where you think the dialogue was put together well or the writing just seemed to be noteworthy? Am I just grumpy, or could blizzard have done a better job here? I've tried to be as diplomatic as I could be here, I apologize for not doing a very good job with it. As exemplified below. (butterfly demon? c'mon)MoobyNooby7 Aug 15
Aug 15 Why isn't the Eternal conflict over already? So, we see in D3 that with enough power Hell can finish the war by invading heaven and corrupting/destroying the Crystal arch. That's their endgame. But what about Heaven? Can they win the war? Can they somehow purify/destroy/lock Hell and the Abyss? If not, why exactly do they bother with attacking hell? It's not like they achieve anything by doing so, so why not just defend? And if they do have an endgame... THEN WHAT ARE THEY DOING??? The Nephilim are backing them up right now, so why not end the eternal conflict? It's not like anything can stop them, the Prime Evils are dead, the demon hordes are decimated and the most powerful creatures around are either in heaven or backing up heaven.Krabator00712 Aug 15
Aug 9 Sin Lords (Azmodan's Lieutenants) (Spoilers) I've heard that Eirena talks about them once you pass one of the large flay demons in A3 but I can't seem to get her to talk about it. What does she say about them? Gluttony and Lust are covered but, I can't seem to find anything about the other 5.Graverobber10 Aug 9
Aug 8 Just got book of Cain and Tyrael, what else? Love Diablo 3 but never really read into the lore (will soon read both the book of Tyrael and Cain). What else do you recommend? How is storm of light?GoosePants5 Aug 8
Aug 4 Human Firms How would Malthael and Auriel look like in human form? Would they look similar to Tyrael? If one had to make a wild guess?TyroneBigums3 Aug 4
Jul 27 Diablo 3 Usage Rights I saw an Overwatch GMV on youtube using story clips and cutscenes and I'm wondering if I could make my own version of that with the story clips and cutscenes in Diablo?Doodle1 Jul 27
Jul 24 Diablo Bestiary: Book Of Adria Diablo Bestiary: Book Of Adria https://www.amazon.com/Diablo-Bestiary-Blizzard-Entertainment/dp/1945683201Avalon2 Jul 24
Jul 16 petition for d2 remaster i am sure there is alot of us wanting it, but how many?SPEEDY11 Jul 16
Jul 15 (spoilers) Why does the PC ask Myriam this? I've played through the vanilla game, with Myriam and Leah both with me the entire way (except the fourth act, of course). Myriam knew Leah. She commented on Leah several times during the story. Now, in Reaper Of Souls, I've discovered Myriam trapped under some rubble in Westmarch, and as she tags along with me for a bit, one of the things she says is something to the effect of "I can tell that you still feel guilty over Leah's fate." My monk's response is "How do you know that name?" Uh, maybe because she was THERE? I don't understand this.Aguy2 Jul 15
Jul 13 Paladins Are Paladins ever coming back? When I first started playing Diablo Paladins were my favorite character. They are still mentioned in the lore. Sropping them from the game in Diablo 3 was almost a deal breaker for me. I have stayed and played all kinds of characters but still deeply miss my Pally.Shonomercey18 Jul 13
Jul 9 Paladins vs Crusaders from Nevalistis Nevalistis: The Templar order remains an enigma to many on the outside, and there are rumors abound regarding their exact founding and purpose. Though the Templars profess a dedication to the Light and seek to rid Sanctuary of demonic corruption, they are not officially sanctioned by the Zakarum church, while the Paladin and Crusader orders were founded within it. Rather, they have risen from the ashes of the Paladin order after it fell to corruption, and they view themselves as the new, pure continuation of that faith. As for Paladins and Crusaders: A long time ago, the Paladins headed west under the command of Rakkis seeking conquest, a historic march which ultimately ended in the founding of Westmarch. Meanwhile, the Crusaders – an elite group of fighters who rallied under a different Zakarum leader – headed east on a secret mission to search for a way to cleanse their faith of the perceived taint left behind by Mephisto. Unlike the Paladins, the Crusaders have never been corrupted, and in their journeys abroad have honed new skills and talents that set them apart on the battlefield. To put it a different way, think of the Crusaders as the “veterans of the veterans.” They take zealotry to an entirely new level, finding comfort and strength in their unshakable confidence in their cause. Their only goal is to find a way to save their faith; any other objectives will fall to the wayside should it ever threaten to impede their quest. Whereas the Paladin might meddle in a town’s affairs — settling disputes, converting new followers, burning some witches — and then move on, the Crusader, despite brandishing a similar level of intimidation, would quietly enter the town, ask a few questions, restock their supplies, and then depart, leaving little more than confusion in their wake. (To give you perhaps a more relatable image, if you were put a Crusader in space, he’d probably be a lot of like Hicks in Aliens. Very experienced, a little easy going on the surface, but doesn’t fool around when stuff hits the fan.) More specific details on the Crusader will, naturally, be covered in Reaper of Souls (as well as in Acts I-V). However, if you really dig that sort of lore, definitely keep an eye out for the DiabloWikiBook of Tyreal. You can expect to find some good juicy historical tidbits on several of the orders, the Crusader’s included.Avalon0 Jul 9
Jul 9 What happened to the Paladin Where is the Paladin in D3? Which character/hero replaced the PaladinGerhard1 Jul 9
Jun 18 Obelisk of Vyr Vyr built the black obelisk to harness energy from archons. Archons are powerful Protoss units in Starcraft. Vyr was just trying to construct additional pylons. Change my mind.mattplaz0 Jun 18
Jun 16 Diablo 3 Necro not the same as Diabpo 2? I read in a lore somewhere that the d2 and d3 necro are different. What's the difference exactly? we're the d2 characters not nephelems?aryanSPARTAN5 Jun 16
Jun 16 Leah a true Demon (Super Spoilers) Looking back... theories Was Female Prime Evil Diablo, Leahs True Demon form? (different from possessed forms of Aidan and Albrecht) Theory, what in fact happened was that Leah was not possessed like Aidan/Albrecht but transformed into her true form and then absorbed the prime evils powers. Leah is Diablo's daughter, was mentioned by Adria. And might have never been the daughter of Aidan. And Adria herself was a demon? Maybe she already became a demon right before or while she carried Leah. Or maybe she was always a demon but in disguise. Making Leah probably a demon, only taking a Human form? Could we see Leah coming back as a demon boss in the future? Or a powerful demon ally? Some would say, Leahs soul in hell would be rescued in future franchise. What if she didnt need rescuing & her essence/soul rightfully sits within the realm of terror beside her fathers. And that now she can come and go freely as she wished from hell. Was the Prime evil defeated partly due to Leah holding back against her friend the Nephalim?Sabrac2 Jun 16
Jun 10 Tal rasha wanted to be released It just occurred to me, as I recall the cut-scene in diablo 2 played just before entering act III. That one scene depicting the wanderer entering the tomb with Marius, who was instrumental to removing the soulstone from the body of Tal Rasha Marius was drawn by the phantasm and voice of Tal rasha, urging him to bring about his release. There is nothing to suggest that that wasn't actually Tal Rasha, pleading to be released from the prison. The face, emanating from the demonic visage is embalmed and human. It is assumed to be a simple deceptive trick but why would Marius fall for that? When Tyrael calls him a 'Fool', its more along the lines of he meddled with things beyond his scope to grasp. And drastic measures must be taken, that is leaving Tal Rasha in that state of polarised containment, even though he's sufferingPrincePookie3 Jun 10
Jun 9 Who canonically defeated the Prime Evil? Basically, who actually defeated the Prime Evil in Diablo 3? In Diablo 1, it was a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Sorcerer, who end up being Aidan, Blood Raven, and the Summoner, respectively. In Diablo 2, Deckard Cain mentions in his book that it was the combination of the seven heroes that managed to defeat Baal in LoD. However, the Book of Tyrael and Storm of Light only briefly mention whoever it was that defeated Diablo, and it almost seems to point that it was only one hero. So, which one of the heroes actually defeated him, or was it a combination of the heroes again?Thunderclaww36 Jun 9
Jun 8 Greyhollow island haven't played in a while started again yesterday and noticed greyhollow island in adventure, anyone knows whats the point of this part? is there some sort of questline i can do here? only quest i saw was when i entered talked to the half dead person on the floor and then nothing. tried to find out what to do on the forums but all i see is ppl who talk about the journals wich they can or can not find. much obliged for the helpPluizebol2 Jun 8
May 28 So... What's Next? With the ending of Reaper of Souls, we were left with at least two cliffhangers - the fact that Tyrael straight up said we'd end up choosing to be good or evil, and the whole debacle with Lyndon's brother and said brother's wife. Are we going to get a continuation of the story soon, or...?degrootpeeps4 May 28
May 18 Please Consider Blizzard!!!! What about events that could feature old (d1 & d2) bosses? Familiar faces are always nice and refreshing! Seeing the butcher for the anniversary event was really cool. D3 needs more content and lore! I loved D2s bosses; Andariel, The Summoner, Duriel, Tal Rasha, Mephisto, (obviously Diablo), and Baal.Plant4 May 18
May 1 Dungeon location Where can I find the "court of the lying emporer?MadGramps1 May 1
Apr 28 Stop bring back bosses from previous games I find it incredibly annoying how D3 is basically a remake of D2, with a few new things. Whatever happened to innovation and creativity?Secretempest2 Apr 28
Apr 27 Adria Bring her back in Diablo 4, she chose to become a demon and they can always come back and as a witch she can easily disguise herself back into human form, it will make a much interesting story making her character cryptic. Diablo sent her away until she is needed, when Diablo returns she can easily be summoned as she is now ascended into a Demon and be sent back into sanctuary the cultists have not given up on her. Have her disguised as a Royal Advisor like Lady Prestor, as she manifests her plan to bring Diablo into Sanctuary.Lyra1 Apr 27
Apr 25 Diablo ur uncle & Mephisto ur grandfather? So is Diablo your great uncle and Mephisto your great grandfather? So Humans/Nephalims are descendants of Inarius and Lilith. And Lilith is the Daughter of Mephisto. So Humans have a strong lineage to Mephisto. Also since Diablo is Mephistos brother, that makes Diablo an Uncle. I wonder if Mephisto has ever staked a claim on humans being his, since technically they are his grandchildren.Sabrac1 Apr 25
Apr 23 Leah is alive? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYkPkwUkryA&t=0m50s In a new Diablo legendary skin for Heroes of the Storm, he has some interesting voicelinesKosuna16 Apr 23
Apr 18 joke What did the Witchdoctor say to the Maiden of Lust? I heard you like fetishes.fallprince0 Apr 18
Apr 12 I hate the lie of this game Supposedly after the destruction of the world stone, nephalem are being born now with great powers and abilities, and we play characters that are nephalem. However, in reality it is not our characters that are powerful but our equipment. Strip down the most uber 70 rift running toon of all his equipment and he'd be hard pressed to kill zombies in act 1. This is the result of a LIE. And bad writing. We are not powerful, our equipment is. Therefore the story of the nephalem SHOULD be that they were the creators and harbingers of powerful weapons and armor and that only they could wear them, and that now that they're back can again wear and fight with powerful equipment. Then the game story wouldn't be a lie. /end rantVindictivus18 Apr 12
Apr 9 Villain in-depth lore? I haven't read all lore and actually am not interested normally since lore has come from adventurers when I listen to it. And enemy lore has been about getting the black soul stone so I'm wondering if there is more beefy evil lore in D3 other than the visceral thing like "I'll eat you alive" thingy. Will be very much appreciated if I'm pointed int eh direction of getting this kind of lore. ThanksZahory1 Apr 9
Apr 9 So Leah is Diablo's daughter... Leah is Diablo's daughter... Adria is her mother... meaning Adria and Diablo...... HOLY MOTHER IN THE NAME OF !@#@!#?!!?!? Before we think about how rough it'd be while 'making' Leah... WTF WAS ADRIA THINKING!?!?!? But then of course, Adria is a witch, and she could've just absorbed some of Diablo's power or used some of his blood and created Leah.... BUT STILL!!! EDIT: I guess it also could've happened after the hero of d1 puts the soulstone in himself and becomes the dark wanderer and then meets adria...Wazzalisk26 Apr 9
Apr 8 Suggestions for the Future of Diablo. Initially, I did post this in General because I didn't know how to navigate myself in the forums. I still don't but I did find this page about Lore and Story, so I'll try posting it here as well. I recently went through the lore and some suggestions popped into my mind that I'd love to see in the game. I am not requesting an answer on wether or not these suggestions has already been contemplated to be implemented into the game, I simply want my ideas to possibly light a spark for future development. Take it as you may. 1. To start things off, I'd like to say that I adore the lore and would like the Story Mode to get a bit more sunshine than it's currently getting. 2. I think it is obvious that we all expected to fight Imperius at the very first play-trough. Act IV already has a lot of bosses and this may be a reason why we didn't get to fight Imperius. Another reason could be because another boss would follow directly after and this would seem tedious. Anywho... Naturally, we wouldn't kill angels (let alone archangels) but if they were standing in the way of the defeat of the Prime Evil, who knows. Auriel, Itherael and Tyrael would surely want to help fight Imperius but the archangel of Valor had many angels at his command and could possibly hold the three captive during the fight. And like in the fight against the Prime Evil, combat could be hindered (and ended) by the same event as in the Imperius-cinematic before the Prime Evil fight. If nothing else, I would love to see the Imperius fight as at least a bounty. 3. Last we heard from Lachdanen was: "And now I wander, cursed by my once beloved king. Evil gnaws at my bones, and I cannot risk putting my beloved Tristram in danger should I fail to contain that which tears at me. I must venture down into the labyrinth to die alone." To me, it seems that once he hears evil voices in his head, he realizes that his king wrestled with these mad thoughts for years. If the good Leoric could not best Diablo, how could he himself stand a chance? Or maybe he's stronger because of the sacrifice he made to try and spare his city? Either way, I'd love to see a corrupted Lachdanan as possibly a unique mob to kill in a bounty. If he somehow managed to find peace, maybe even a quest-giver. 4. Regarding the renegades Inarius and Lilith, Auriel writes: "In the end, Lilith was banished and Inarius was given over to the demons, who have tortured him in the Hells eer since." Now, I realize that Lilith was one of the übers in D2 so maybe we could leave her be. But regarding Inarius, wikipedia states: "The Lord of Hatred took the proud archangel and his followers captive. He bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back of the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out the once glowing skin and his features were distorted by vile powers. [...] To this day, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity." I realize we already went to Hell and back and back to Hell and back again but maybe we could find a chamber of mirrors with a lidless and misshapen angel therein someday? 5. We have a Barbarian in both games, the Sorceress is like the Wizard, the Paladin is like the Crusader, the Necromancer is coming soon but the Witch Doctor was kind of all about summons as well and the Demon Hunter is kind of a mix between the Assassin and the Amazon. Monk is a cool new addition and even though some might look forward to a Druid-like class in D3, I have a suggestions for a future class. The name is not important but to be a nephalem they could be children of Inarius and Lilith or some other of the Angels and Demons that fled the Eternal Conflict. Maybe instead of male/female, we could choose Angel/Demon. The implementation of the story could be that they had been put to sleep by someone somewhere and only arose because of recent events or something of the like. 6. My last numeral is about the characters that we play as in D2. In the second game, we learn that the characters we played as in the previous one has all succumbed to the darkness. Moreina the rouge captain became Blood Raven and the Sorcerer guarded Horazon's Journal. The Warrior becomes the Wanderer who becomes Diablo and in D3 we also learn that he is king Leoric's eldest son and Leah's father. All we know of the characters in D2 is that the Necromancer took an apprentice and the Sorceress trained Li-Ming. I would love to meet any of the characters or defeat their corrupted counterparts in the future. This is all. I realize some requests might be too much. But if only one is taken into consideration and possibly put into fruition... At least I've made my voice heard ("words read" :S). Thank you for reading!Feryx20 Apr 8
Apr 6 A magical question Hello everyone I have some questions about lore to ask you. - Knowing that arcane magic is not a new magic born from the end of the world stone, because it was used by the mages before, where does it come from? - The demonic and arcane magics were prohibited at the same time, are they the same thing ? (so the kind of magic that Vizjerei mages used ?) -Does the magician also use elemental magic spells ? (or just arcanic power shape in ...) Thank you in advance for your response, and sorry for the mistakes, English is not my forte. :)Tingor2 Apr 6
Apr 3 Why Did Maghda Kill Deckard Cain? I'm playing through the campaign again with the new Necromancer and it occurred to me that Maghda had absolutely no reason to kill Deckard Cain. In fact she had every reason not to. She tells Deckard Cain to repair the sword or she'll kill Leah. Deckard then asks Maghda why she wants the sword. Maghda monologues like a good Disney Villian and tells him her master Belial wants the sword. Then Maghda proceeds to mortally wound Deckard Cain instead of Leah? She attacks the person she needs to complete the sword? And only because he asked a simple question. It's not like he was refusing. If Maghda felt it would take long to convince Deckard Cain to do what she wanted why not just teleport them all to some dungeons? And I thought Leah was a stupid character but Maghda actually beats her by lightyears. It's honestly the worst writing I've seen in a long time and I can't believe I didn't notice it the first time around playing it years ago.BrainstrmSrg25 Apr 3
Apr 3 Are the still seven evils or just Diablo now? After the purpose of the black soul stone was reveled, we saw Diablo become the "Prime Evil". Now that Diablo was defeated, do the demon lord's souls revert to being seven different entities or just one singular entity which is Diablo? If they return to being seven evils and were free what would the other six do to diablo? even now are they fighting as seven entities?or is it just the prime evil now. I'm curious to what are your take on this.Bhisham62 Apr 3
Mar 19 A D4 Future Villain Idea (TL;DR Malthael's very essence empowered by tons of human souls, and still empowered, yet also tainted/mutated by the Prime Evil, transforms into an "Anti-Nephalem" who is hard-wired to hate everything and will stop at nothing to make sure everything everywhere ever is undone as if it never happened. Anu and Tathamet's mutual desire to destroy each other made manifest.) With the fall of so many villains, it is reasonable to ask if there can be a future to the Diablo universe, when only Diablo himself, as the Prime Evil, still exists. I would suggest that a new villain might arise in the future of the franchise, separate from Diablo. A bit of headcanon or fanon if you'd like, and suggestion for Blizzard for possible future lore. The basics of what I suggest, is a character based a bit in ambiguity both in his exact alignment, as well as his identity, however he would for most part, play an antagonistic role. He would start out, or so it would seem, as a mortal human which the player character would encounter named "Morris Masters", similar to Leah in this sense, though I actually did not use Leah as inspiration. He would be a sympathetic, friendly character, a soldier, who we end up rescuing, and would find out has been hearing a voice in his head ever since he witnessed his family and childhood sweetheart tortured and slaughtered by demons. He'd tell us that he knows he is probably nuts, but swears he really does actually hear the voice, separate from his own thoughts, saying it's a running joke between him and his platoon that it must be a god talking to him. However, he would begin to actually truly believe the voice is a deity and start worshiping it after he gets to see his brothers in arms tortured, slaughtered, and raised against him which we would arrive in time to see him holding his own against them as well as the demons and cultists responsible, helping him defeat them. He'd tell us that the only reason he was able to survive as long as he did was because of the voice in his head guiding his actions, and thus, despite terrified and incredulous of the concept, actually starting to believe it wasn't just a joke. This would be the last we'd see of him for a while, until we end up being directed to help a mysterious individual who is struggling to save civilians from a town beset by some sort of horrors blizz could decide on. It would turn out to be Morris, who has discovered that by listening to the voice, has learned mysterious forms of magic that seems to fill him with both euphoria as well as uncontrollable fury when he uses it. We'd he'd then end up accompanying us for a short time to accomplish some good deeds before at some point, we go our separate ways. Why? Morris would decide, possibly prompted by the voice in his head that the only way to stop hell from being a threat for good would be if someone can depose and/or consume Diablo, and treat the burning Hells as a prison for the wickedness of the world, and serve as its Jailor. With him volunteering/being told to do so, but knowing we have our destiny, he wishes us well and sets off on his own to accomplish his goal. However, we the player character, over the course of the story are sorta prompted to be wary of him. In addition to being told by some benevolent benefactor which blizz could decide on, saying the magic he possesses feels foul, and while recognizing the innocents he has saved, and noble intentions, senses evil within him. Once we encounter him once more, the warnings seem to have been appropriate as we begin to see his quest has led him to do terrible things he, while clearly distraught by his own actions, has been told by the voice in his head are for the greater good. The murder of orphans, and the consuming of their souls for instance, with other events being caused by him that we end up having to clean up after, and plans of him and his "Lord" that we end up foiling. In the end Morris would "ascend" to become a new Greater Evil of the Burning Hells, an enemy of both Diablo, as well as everyone else. Mastemorus, the Lord of Bane. We would be told that Mastemorus was in fact akin to a Nephalem, but not one. Something else. Something that possessed the body and slowly consumed the soul of Morris from birth. Something spawned when Malthael consumed Diablo's essence. Essence of both Anu and Tathamet, or rather, of the mutual hostility and mutually assured doom of both. A monster that wants one thing and one thing only. For all things to both cease to exist, and to have never existed in equal measure.Kratos1 Mar 19