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Dec 12 Diablo III Class Short Stories- Updated As we draw ever closer to the worldwide release of Diablo III on May 15, we have been unlocking more information and short stories for our heroes of Sanctuary on our Diablo III launch site. In case you missed the new short stories we've released, we have all five of them listed for you here. Monk- Unyielding by Matt Burns ... Barbarian- Wayfarer by Cameron Dayton ... Demon Hunter- Hatred and Discipline by Micky Nielson ... Witch Doctor- Doubtwalker by Matt Burns ... Wizard- Firefly by Michael Chu ...Nethaera78 Dec 12
1d Suggestions for the Future of Diablo. Initially, I did post this in General because I didn't know how to navigate myself in the forums. I still don't but I did find this page about Lore and Story, so I'll try posting it here as well. I recently went through the lore and some suggestions popped into my mind that I'd love to see in the game. I am not requesting an answer on wether or not these suggestions has already been contemplated to be implemented into the game, I simply want my ideas to possibly light a spark for future development. Take it as you may. 1. To start things off, I'd like to say that I adore the lore and would like the Story Mode to get a bit more sunshine than it's currently getting. 2. I think it is obvious that we all expected to fight Imperius at the very first play-trough. Act IV already has a lot of bosses and this may be a reason why we didn't get to fight Imperius. Another reason could be because another boss would follow directly after and this would seem tedious. Anywho... Naturally, we wouldn't kill angels (let alone archangels) but if they were standing in the way of the defeat of the Prime Evil, who knows. Auriel, Itherael and Tyrael would surely want to help fight Imperius but the archangel of Valor had many angels at his command and could possibly hold the three captive during the fight. And like in the fight against the Prime Evil, combat could be hindered (and ended) by the same event as in the Imperius-cinematic before the Prime Evil fight. If nothing else, I would love to see the Imperius fight as at least a bounty. 3. Last we heard from Lachdanen was: "And now I wander, cursed by my once beloved king. Evil gnaws at my bones, and I cannot risk putting my beloved Tristram in danger should I fail to contain that which tears at me. I must venture down into the labyrinth to die alone." To me, it seems that once he hears evil voices in his head, he realizes that his king wrestled with these mad thoughts for years. If the good Leoric could not best Diablo, how could he himself stand a chance? Or maybe he's stronger because of the sacrifice he made to try and spare his city? Either way, I'd love to see a corrupted Lachdanan as possibly a unique mob to kill in a bounty. If he somehow managed to find peace, maybe even a quest-giver. 4. Regarding the renegades Inarius and Lilith, Auriel writes: "In the end, Lilith was banished and Inarius was given over to the demons, who have tortured him in the Hells eer since." Now, I realize that Lilith was one of the übers in D2 so maybe we could leave her be. But regarding Inarius, wikipedia states: "The Lord of Hatred took the proud archangel and his followers captive. He bound Inarius with tremendous chains and slowly tore the wings from the back of the angel. Great barbed hooks were then used to stretch out the once glowing skin and his features were distorted by vile powers. [...] To this day, Inarius is said to be trapped in Hell within a chamber of mirrors, his eyelids torn from his face as he is forced to gaze upon his misshapen form for all eternity." I realize we already went to Hell and back and back to Hell and back again but maybe we could find a chamber of mirrors with a lidless and misshapen angel therein someday? 5. We have a Barbarian in both games, the Sorceress is like the Wizard, the Paladin is like the Crusader, the Necromancer is coming soon but the Witch Doctor was kind of all about summons as well and the Demon Hunter is kind of a mix between the Assassin and the Amazon. Monk is a cool new addition and even though some might look forward to a Druid-like class in D3, I have a suggestions for a future class. The name is not important but to be a nephalem they could be children of Inarius and Lilith or some other of the Angels and Demons that fled the Eternal Conflict. Maybe instead of male/female, we could choose Angel/Demon. The implementation of the story could be that they had been put to sleep by someone somewhere and only arose because of recent events or something of the like. 6. My last numeral is about the characters that we play as in D2. In the second game, we learn that the characters we played as in the previous one has all succumbed to the darkness. Moreina the rouge captain became Blood Raven and the Sorcerer guarded Horazon's Journal. The Warrior becomes the Wanderer who becomes Diablo and in D3 we also learn that he is king Leoric's eldest son and Leah's father. All we know of the characters in D2 is that the Necromancer took an apprentice and the Sorceress trained Li-Ming. I would love to meet any of the characters or defeat their corrupted counterparts in the future. This is all. I realize some requests might be too much. But if only one is taken into consideration and possibly put into fruition... At least I've made my voice heard ("words read" :S). Thank you for reading!Feryx14 1d
2d petition for d2 remaster i am sure there is alot of us wanting it, but how many?SPEEDY2 2d
3d Why Did Maghda Kill Deckard Cain? I'm playing through the campaign again with the new Necromancer and it occurred to me that Maghda had absolutely no reason to kill Deckard Cain. In fact she had every reason not to. She tells Deckard Cain to repair the sword or she'll kill Leah. Deckard then asks Maghda why she wants the sword. Maghda monologues like a good Disney Villian and tells him her master Belial wants the sword. Then Maghda proceeds to mortally wound Deckard Cain instead of Leah? She attacks the person she needs to complete the sword? And only because he asked a simple question. It's not like he was refusing. If Maghda felt it would take long to convince Deckard Cain to do what she wanted why not just teleport them all to some dungeons? And I thought Leah was a stupid character but Maghda actually beats her by lightyears. It's honestly the worst writing I've seen in a long time and I can't believe I didn't notice it the first time around playing it years ago.BrainstrmSrg22 3d
4d Diablo's Creation Story - Anu and Tethamat I'm surprised no one's brought this up yet. Amazon.com released some sample pages of Book of Cain recently. Contained within them can be found information about a complete creation story for the Diablo universe. You can check out the pages here: http://www.diablowiki.net/Book_of_Cain To summarize, in the beginning there was nothing except a "pearl". Contained within was a being known as Anu, a collective entity of all light, all dark; all good and all evil. In his eternal dream state he basically sat back and took a look at himself, and decided to become pure, and cast away all things apart of him that were negative and evil. This shedding of impurity created a collective being of darkness, the true Prime Evil, a seven-headed dragon known as Tethamat. So the two warred together for centuries, and their final killing blows against each other created existence itself and all the known universe. At the center of this event birthed Pandemonium, the "scar of the universe's violent birth", and at its heart lies the Heart of Creation, also known as the Eye of Anu, also known as... the Worldstone. Anu's spine apparently became the foundations for the High Heavens, while Tethamat's corpse turned into the Burning Hells. And Tethamat's seven heads formed none other than the Great Evils: Diablo, Mephisto and Baal forming from the dominant three, with Azmodan, Belial, Duriel and Andariel forming from the rest. Personally I'm not fond of Tethamat being considered a "dragon". Trag-Oul is already pushing it for me, I don't think "dragons" have any place in Diablo's universe. Other than that, though, any thoughts?Thanatos11 4d
5d Paladins Are Paladins ever coming back? When I first started playing Diablo Paladins were my favorite character. They are still mentioned in the lore. Sropping them from the game in Diablo 3 was almost a deal breaker for me. I have stayed and played all kinds of characters but still deeply miss my Pally.Shonomercey13 5d
Feb 17 Who canonically defeated the Prime Evil? Basically, who actually defeated the Prime Evil in Diablo 3? In Diablo 1, it was a Warrior, a Rogue, and a Sorcerer, who end up being Aidan, Blood Raven, and the Summoner, respectively. In Diablo 2, Deckard Cain mentions in his book that it was the combination of the seven heroes that managed to defeat Baal in LoD. However, the Book of Tyrael and Storm of Light only briefly mention whoever it was that defeated Diablo, and it almost seems to point that it was only one hero. So, which one of the heroes actually defeated him, or was it a combination of the heroes again?Thunderclaww31 Feb 17
Feb 4 Deities and the afterlife in Diablo? So who is this "Akarat" guy? I might be missing out on something here because I have never played any of the previous Diablo games (dont hurt me...) but from what i have heard from the NPCs in the game it sounds as if he is some sort of deity but according to the Diablo wiki, he was once just a zakarum prophet. So when they say "may Akarat bless you" do they simply mean something along the lines of "may you emulate Akarat"? Or did his enlightenment some how grant him power in the afterlife? This brings me to another question... Where do the souls of people go when they die in the Diablo universe? Or maybe there simply isnt a concept of an afterlife in Diablo? But how come the culture of the witch doctor completely revolves around the idea of the "Unformed land" where the souls of everybody, not just the people of the Teganze, go to when they die. Then there's also that one line that Lyndon utters in the Arreat crater when he jokingly says that when he was young, people told him that he'll end up in hell if he didnt change his ways. Does this mean that the afterlife in Diablo is similar to that of Abrahamic religions wherein sinful people go to hell and righteous people go to heaven to become angels? But wouldnt that be illogical considering the fact that humans were the result of interbreeding between demons and angels? I guess im over analyzing at this point but it would really be appreciated if someone can clear some of this up for me.CactuShroom5 Feb 4
Jan 31 what the did i just write all my ideas for nothing just now? test pagechopper1 Jan 31
Jan 11 Tyrael is the embodiment of all races He is not black. He is not white. He's not asian. He's everything. But he is definitely not black. I keep seeing people saying he is this race or that, and the answer is no. Angels don't even have races, it would make no sense for him to just be a random race.Tsu66 Jan 11
Jan 7 Podcast on the Diablo lore. Interesting? Hi. I am a podcast producer / sound designer that is fairly new player to Diablo lII. I have an idea of creating a non-profit podcast on the Diablo lore. Like historical facts on the Diablo world beginning all the way from the beginning. It would be a podcast me myself would want to hear while commuting for example. The lore taken from different wikis and other sources.... Is this something you would like to hear? And if yes, do you have more suggestions on how to organize it? Or any other suggestion on what you think would be interesting? I could produce sample to upload here if anyone is interested.OctaTracker6 Jan 7
Jan 6 Heroes from D2? What ever happens to the heroes from Diablo 2? We know the heroes from Diablo one became Diablo (warrior), the summoner (wizard), and blood raven(Rogue). They kind of just get forgotten about. You meet a necro in A2 in D3 and Li-Ming was trained by the D2 Scorc, but that's about it. I like the Lore of Diablo more than anything else.Nick8 Jan 6
Dec 31 Azkaranth cant find any detailed description on Azkaranth, really wanna know the background of Azkaranth, as his amulet remains to be the rarest and most powerful mitigation drop in the game.Zetton2 Dec 31
Dec 21 Mia of the Act V event There is something very unjustified about her. She once told me that "No one will ever remember [anything wise]." Very unfortunate to be of such a temperance, you know. Start condescending! At once!Yntrepid0 Dec 21
Dec 19 Diablo Legends Lets make a new diablo. The story is amazing, but most players just power level, get gear and grind. Make a new diablo, that incorporates the entire story. From the beginning to the end. Make it just as hard ad D1, with better graphics than D3. bring every hero created, expansion, and item. Make one giant Diablo realm, with an actual pvp system, (i.e. let anyone enter, even if they intend on killing a player (that option can be selectable)) with extended item options, like enchanting. Similar to what the cube currently gives. I think this is the way to restore the Diablo franchise back to the awesomeness that it is. If this comes into effect i'll start buying a lot of activision/blizzard stock.MtlHed6 Dec 19
Dec 15 Diablo 3 Necro not the same as Diabpo 2? I read in a lore somewhere that the d2 and d3 necro are different. What's the difference exactly? we're the d2 characters not nephelems?aryanSPARTAN3 Dec 15
Dec 12 Trag'Oul So the wiki says hes just an eternal dragon seeking the balance between heaven and hell and the protection of sanctuary. Is there anything in the novels? Might Trag'Oul be a god more powerful than the Angiris Council or the Greater and Lesser Evils?ShadowFae14 Dec 12
Dec 11 How old is the female necro? You know how the barbarian is old and the female barb is young? I thought the same of the female necro I started having doubts however that she's young. because she has white hair. her voice acting sounds like she's a grandmother. I googled her voice actress and it's actually a young pretty lady (not so old,prolly young 30s) so how old is the female necro? why do they have white hair? bleach?aryanSPARTAN1 Dec 11
Dec 9 Who Created Angels & Demons? Part 1 A new video series from Rhykker. First episode posted today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BShXixAtYp0&feature=push-u&attr_tag=V8RJ9mX3KSlVFLrK-6Hatco1 Dec 9
Dec 6 Diablo 3 characters vs WoW universe Our characters according to this video are infinity powerful or have the potential to be.. Could our chars in diablo 3 or ancient nephilm beat bosses in WoW? Example death wing lich king old gods etc etc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg_4Nzc331Abunnyriven4 Dec 6
Dec 5 Are the still seven evils or just Diablo now? After the purpose of the black soul stone was reveled, we saw Diablo become the "Prime Evil". Now that Diablo was defeated, do the demon lord's souls revert to being seven different entities or just one singular entity which is Diablo? If they return to being seven evils and were free what would the other six do to diablo? even now are they fighting as seven entities?or is it just the prime evil now. I'm curious to what are your take on this.Bhisham57 Dec 5
Dec 5 who are the gods in diablo world? Seriously, there are angels and demons. The monk believe in Gods. witch doctor can speak with the spirits (and I dont know which spirits, since he/she don't interact with the dead). and barbarians also claim to have their God.reidies12 Dec 5
Nov 30 Diablo's lore has been backed into a corner. I've been trying to think of where the story can go after D3, and I've pretty much given up on it. It can't really go anywhere without being a complete deviation from what Diablo is at its core. In D3, we face not just Diablo, but the Prime Evil. The most powerful version of any evils to originate from the Burning Hells. Along the way we're told our Nephalem powers surpass Uldyssian, who in the Sin War trilogy, was so powerful that he literally willed Mephisto's son out of existence. Then in Reaper of Souls, we face an angel of the High Heavens infused with the Prime Evil's powers. Still kill him. There is nothing else that stands a chance against us aside from another Nephalem, or maybe Trag'Oul if they do something weird. But like I said earlier that makes it cease to be Diablo. As the topic suggests, the lore is backed into a corner. The only way I can see D4 happening is if it's a prequel, set during the days of the original Horadrim, when they were on their original quest to imprison the prime evils. And that's only to get a setting where our character's aren't literal gods.Thanatos35 Nov 30
Nov 29 Dear blizzard bring us the Bard. Yes the Bard. Stat class Dexterity. Special weapons: musical instruments. Guitar, drumsticks, lyre, etc. Storyline/Lore. The Bard traveled throughout sanctuary for years singing about the deeds of heros. In his travels he has encountered hordes of monsters that he has had to defeat. Realizing his/her own conquest over evil decides that the time has come for himself/herself to stop singing about others and start singing about his/her own feats while actively seeking out the darkness.Cyaxares14 Nov 29
Nov 27 Why monsters appears after fallen star Act 1? Sorry guys, i was just wondering why monsters appears after the fallen star. there was no evil power in the star, isnt it? it was an angel. I thought angel will repeal evil. If the star have power the evil wants, i will be expecting monsters to head towards the church, not just randomly attacking the town? if the star have power against evil, then i will expect the monster to move away from the town and go into hiding? i tried to find if there are any related post on the forum but there are just too many posts.. pls advice me from those who are much expert in the diablo story line. thanks in advance.Corydoras12 Nov 27
Nov 19 The 7 Sins Do the 7 Sins have any roles to play in the Diablo series?Grim19 Nov 19
Nov 15 Intercontinental Exploration So what lies beyond the Sea of Light? Or The Great Ocean? What other cartography has been produced of Sanctuary? Surely history contains some great pioneers who have been bold enough to venture forth to far away lands. Larger and greater continents may be close at hand. Or an archipelago may be near by. Who will brave the seas?Yntrepid1 Nov 15
Nov 10 Killing Malthael Spoilers! I know its a dark dread world but Tyreal states that killing Malthel would release the lords of hell. So the story was all for nothing (except good loot)? Is the meaning to set up for adventure mode or is it like the mystic said that the events of the world keep repeating itself? I also wish they had completed the scoundrels story hook with the dagger. Does it mean an expansion was cancelled (poor rots sales)? -Kinetic10 Nov 10
Nov 10 What did she call me? At some point in Act 5, I'm pretty sure it was the Mystic who called me (a Wiz) a "solcharis." My vocabulary isn't too bad, but I did a double take at that. And the reason my vocabulary is decent is when I don't recognize a word, I write it down and look it up later. I did a search for "solcharis," and the 2-3 search engines I used all insist I've made a mistake. Nothing recognizes that word. It seems entirely made up, but that seems odd for just "idle chatter" from an NPC. Any feedback?Tashtego26 Nov 10
Nov 6 Bring back Druid please i really miss Druid lore from D2 and hope you Blizzard guys can make it happen again like Necromancer there are no similar class like druid thoArchAngel4 Nov 6
Nov 6 About Our heroes Barbarian : HotS data mining, male Barb Kronan appeared. Kronan is main character? & Sonya is official main Barbarian?? Crusader : I think Anahjin is playable female crusader in game. So who is the male crusader arrived to Tristrum first? As I recalled, male crusader is main. Monk : Kharazim is the main character in game ... so who is the female monk in game? DH : My lovely Vala....oh sorry... What’s the name of male DH? Wizard : What’s the name of male Wizard. Li-ming is very dangerous girl i think lol. Witch Doctor : ‘Heretic’ he’s belly fat is so cute...oh sorry... so Who is the female Witch Doctor ? What a atteactive strong lady! Necromancer : I saw the comics about female Necro’s story. Female Necro is the main character?? & Who is the gorgeous rock star?? Yeah male Necro’s name haha Do you plan to make it public??Lyhee1 Nov 6
Nov 6 I hate the lie of this game Supposedly after the destruction of the world stone, nephalem are being born now with great powers and abilities, and we play characters that are nephalem. However, in reality it is not our characters that are powerful but our equipment. Strip down the most uber 70 rift running toon of all his equipment and he'd be hard pressed to kill zombies in act 1. This is the result of a LIE. And bad writing. We are not powerful, our equipment is. Therefore the story of the nephalem SHOULD be that they were the creators and harbingers of powerful weapons and armor and that only they could wear them, and that now that they're back can again wear and fight with powerful equipment. Then the game story wouldn't be a lie. /end rantVindictivus13 Nov 6
Nov 1 NaNoWriMo - Diablo Fanfiction I have been doing NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writer's Month) every November for the last several years. This is the first year I'm doing fan fiction and I decided on writing in the Diablo universe. Anyone else doing the same? (Apologies if this is the wrong forum for this.)Vazzakh0 Nov 1
Oct 30 Wasn't Uldyssian basically a monk? I mean, they're kinda similar no?Senpai3 Oct 30
Oct 30 The Black soulstone Ok so I'm a massive lore buff when it comes to the lords of Hell, and the Diablo universe in general. When i found out about the black soulstone and its abilities it made me wonder something 1. If Diablo's soulstone had been destroyed in the events of Diablo 2 at the forge, he would have been sent back to the nether awaiting rebirth. 2. Maphistone's soulstone suffered the same fate and he had yet to be reborn as well. 3. What happened to Baal? When you defeated him, his soul ran through the World Stone, corrupting it further and fled to parts unknown and there was not a piece of soulstone large enough to entrap him again and to destroy it at the forge ( if it still exists at the point in time ) So that's the 3 brothers, the 3 lords of hell, Terror, Destruction, and Hatred Through the course of the game you encounter the Lord of Lies and the Lord of Sin, that brings your total to 5, So im some what curious, who were the other 2, Izual and Anderial? But even with those 2, there's still the residing issue regarding Baal where did his soul run off to and how was it captured in the Black soulstone if it was captured at allAdramelk2 Oct 30
Oct 30 *NEW TO GAME! Looking for Tips Hello all, first post to the Forums. New to the game, been playing for about a week and have a Demon Hunter at Level 27. Just looking for an explanation of how the leveling system works and what paragon is? How long does the Campaign take? Any other tips or explanation of the game would be helpful!jawedig91 Oct 30
Oct 25 Story twists and revived characters I think Blizzard really missed out on making each class its own story versus having them all fallow the same route, same bosses and all. They vary "slightly" but not much really. I would love to see each class take their own trip followed different goals and mini bosses that are apart of the past that made them be. Just just one mini boss.. These characters can be so much more then common cookie cut outs. How about instead of random npcs (angels, demon, men) is that when you enter an areas story line say.. heaven and began the fight up there.. you are given the chance to save or aid the angels and you get rewarded with summoning one later on for help. I know.. we have rings.. but they deserve a bit more than that for being a big part on the story there. I would also love to see Lachdanan come into play and change up the story and the Captain on the bridge (Haley?) who lost all of his men and still wanted to defend the b ridge also come into play as well. These were sorta key characters to a point, some more than others but it would be awesome to have them in the arsenal. Hers a plot twist... we who have played through item duping D1 up to know know at the end of two we became the "Dark Wanderer", what if one of the bosses was our old D2 in all of the original gear we left them on and skills? If you still had the game/ play it, you could chose an option to fight against yourself for a twist? These are just some ideas I thought of...Lezarah5 Oct 25
Oct 18 Everything Wrong With D2 (Cinema Sins Style) Spoilers Duh 1. [shows Blizzard logo] Blizzard Entertainment 2. Marius: "Forgive me, Tyrael. It wasn't my fault..." Really? 3. Marius: "It was the Wanderer..." Marius "ominously names a character so we can have a flashback" cliché 4. Dwarf: "Do you want something?" [Marius ignores him] Marius is a !@@@!%!% to dwarves. 5. So the Dark Wanderer shows up at the inn in the exact same pose as in Marius' dreams and at the exact time he's dreaming it because... convenience. 6. [Dark Wanderer shoves his sword in the floor] Why would you - a man in your thirtees with a huge red stone in your skull - draw any attention to yourself? 7. [patron laughs at Dark Wanderer] This guy's a !@@@!%!% to people with Parkinson's disease. 8. [flesh worms pop from the ground] Really? He's the master of all Hell and this is what he conjures up? Skeletons, sprites and these things? That's not scary at all! 9. Plus, we don't see these things do anything for the whole duration of the cinematic. And they even suck as an enemy in-game. 10. [green soul exits and reenters the Wanderer] So is that the Warrior-from-Diablo1's soul going back into the Dark Wanderer or Diablo's own soul asserting itself over the Wanderer completely? Either way, it's confusing as f**k. 11. [Marius drops his smoking pipe] Marius only quits smoking after witnessing a mini-holocaust. 12. Yeah, this guy burned down this entire establishment, summoned hideous monsters from the ground, killed everyone inside and is clearly so evil that even friggin' fire moves out of his way! Let's follow him. 13. Marius: "We traveled together East. Always into the East." Lord of the Rings has been around long enough for this to be considered an "Evil is in the East" cliché. 14. "Nameless hero arrives in town to save the day while everyone else ignores and refuses to help him" cliché. 15. So the Rogues ask you to clear the Den of Evil, kill Blood Raven, rescue Cain, retrieve a Hammer and STILL refuse to at least send one or two Rogues to back you up while you kill Andariel? 16. Akara: "But there is a magical portal that will take you there instantly." Convenient magical portal is convenient. 17. So wait. We're told, at the beginning of the game, that Tristram has been attacked by demons, implying it took place a while back, but then Akara asks us to go there and rescue Cain from the demons as if it's just now happening. And even though it still takes you a while to get there, it turns out it IS still just happening! I'm pretty sure they didn't have cellphones there so it would take days or even weeks for any survivors to reach the Rogue encampment to tell anywone what transpired in Tristram. Therefore, Cain should've been killed a milion times by now! 18. So the demons kill everyone else, but lock Cain in a specially-constructed cage, just for him, and just... leave him there? Griswald got killed, revived as a zombie and killed again by the protagonists! Why does Cain have it easy? 19. Even if Cain was left completely untouched by the hordes of monsters swarming the town, he should've still died from dehydration and starvation long before the hero would've gotten there to save him. 20. So Cain's uncanny survivability can only be explained if it was, somehow relevant to the story. Maybe, in Diablo 3, we'll see that he was part of Diablo's plans to somehow... [shows Cain getting killed by Magdha in Diablo 3] ... nevermind. 21. In Diablo 1, Cain kept his identity hidden from everyone, but here, miles away from Tristram, everyone somehow knows that he's a Horadrim. 22. I love how monsters ignore all the Town Portals you leave lying around. Also, it's a !@#$ty game mechanic to have to rely on. 23. [Player hits a lightning enchanted boss] Lightning enchanted. 24. Let's talk about logistics: Warriv states that, past the Stony Field, the only way East is through the caves. So his huge-%^- caravan is gonna travel all that way and fit through those caves, come back out, get to the Monastery and go through some hidden path I didn't see to get to Lut Gholein? And EVERY caravan that wants to go East has to go through the same process? I call bulls**t. 25. Gheed: "Have you stumbled upon that Demon Queen yet? I hear she's quite the beauty... as far as Maidens of Anguish go." Gheed is a demonic pervert. 26. [shows Andariel] Discount Queen of Blades. 27. Also, scene does not contain a Maiden of Anguish-style lap dance. 28. [Marius kicks the dead camel] There is no way a frail human like Marius would survive longer than a camel in a huge freakin' desert. 29. Also, Marius is a !@@@!%!% to camels. 30. [Horadrim bind Tal Rasha] Sure, let's imprison an uber-powered demon lord into one of the most powerful mages on the planet and make him into his own personal hacienda, because nothing bad could ever come out of that. 31. [Tyrael plunges soulstone into Tal Rasha's chest] Tyrael is a !@@@!%!% to Tal Rasha. 32. [shows Geglash] This guy exists.Warlock10 Oct 18
Sep 27 "Saturday Morning Cartoon Plot" Hi I am a big fan of this game. I remember when I first played Diablo 2 as a kid. I remember when the Barbarian first leaves the camp and he says "Foul beasts and demons beware." When Diablo 3 came out I was excited, but because I'm not very good at video games, I didn't persist with it for that long. Since the new Necromancer pack came out, I'm playing constantly. The game is so much fun for me. Totally obsessed! Since I play a lot, I read a bit of the online discussion about the game. I often encounter this idea about the story of the game that it is somehow inadequate. A few times I have seen the narrative of the game described as "Saturday Morning Cartoon Plot". I disagree! Let me say that I am not ignorant about narrative. I have a degree (only undergrad I admit) in literature. I have a penchant for "punishing" tomes. I have read "War And Peace" (absolutely hated it), "Ulysses" (adored it so much), and "Clarissa" (very underrated novel). 7 novels by Stevenson. 5 novels by London. 6 novels by Austen. Blah, blah, blah To people describing this as cartoon plot, I would first of all say, what is wrong with cartoons? I have seen some wonderful "Saturday Morning Cartoons" that changed my life. Are you too good for cartoons? Everyone loves cartoons now. There are so many of them and they're made for adults. "The Simpsons". There's something about this idea of a cartoon that suggests a somehow "inadequate" genre product. Gothic is the original literary product, Shakespeare created the first Gothic product when he wrote "Hamlet" and it was so sophisticated that it was not followed up generically until "Castle of Otranto" was published in 1764. Surely you must realise that Diablo is a Gothic narrative? It interprets all elements of classic Gothic. Supernatural, Family Drama, Tyranny, Good vs Evil, to name a few. As a reader, while playing, I can really read the passion of the writers that went into the creation of the product. I admire them. It is good writing. I notice the dimensions of the story. Some of the heroes claim that Leah's soul is gone forever, while others hope that her soul will persist in some way... As a literate person, this interests me a lot of ways. I guess what I am most thinking about while I'm playing this is gender, which is sort of the ultimate human politics. There's the dynamic between Adria (this very misogynistic woman) and Leah (getting all mixed up representationally with this very masculine force)... but then there are all of these female (and very feminine) heroes also, who are being powerful about resolving the conflicts. It's not boring at all, it's interesting and fun to think about. Finally I would say, that if you still think that the narrative is no good, please chill out, and just think about what you really mean by that. Kafka is an absolutely wonderful writer and human being. So is Nabokov. So is Woolf. How many authors do I name, and where do I stop? I love authors like that so much. When I play Diablo, I do not do it because I want to read Kafka. If I wanted to read "The Castle" again, I would just read it again. When I play Diablo I want to escape from the less fun aspects of my life, and I want to have fun and imagine that I am a hero who can truly help people. Putting the writers under pressure to create a "great literary product" is not only very objectionably unfair to them, it will result in a narrative product that is not fun to play. Next time you feel like complaining that Diablo has "Saturday Morning Cartoon Plot", please go read "Gone With The Wind". Thank you for creating an awesome game that I love playing and being committed to the process of ongoing development. It is very commendably Kaizen of you. I am getting so much fun out of this game.invaulute2 Sep 27
Sep 26 Help Lvl Me/Finish Story Line Deepswerve#1193Deepswerve0 Sep 26
Sep 22 Suggestion? Quest Asterisks Removal Option Good afternoon dear community, I'm not sure if I'm the only person that feels this way, and it's a small thing, but I absolutely hate that the quest asterisks appear every time I load up a new map. Could there be an option to turn these off in Adventure mode? I would greatly appreciate it! Cheers! StattyStatty0 Sep 22
Sep 19 few questions regarding Tal Rasha So I was recently going through the lore behind Diablo, and I seem to have confused myself a little bit. Perhaps someone can fill me in. So in Act2 of Diablo II, we are told about Tal Rasha, the ancient Horardrim mage that volunteered his body so that they may contain Baal's soul. This is where I begin to get confused. After Diablo, disguised as the Wanderer, eventually finds Baal's tomb, Marius pulls the stone from Tal Rasha's chest. My first question is: how does this benefit Baal? When we saw the hero from Diablo I pull the stone from Diablo's body, it immediatley becomes a dried husk and withers away. Why doesn't Tal Rasha's body do the same? (We see him again summoning a portal to Hell with Mephisto and Diablo in Act3). Then there is the cinematic in which Baal disguises himself as Tyrael so that Marius hands him his own soulstone... Furthermore, I am lost on the transition between Baal's apperance in Act 3 and his appearance in Act 5. Diablo Wiki says there are indications of Tal Rasha's face within Baal's new appearance, but I'm afraid I don't see it. So yeah I'm probably overlooking this, but nonetheless it would be nice to have an answer and have my mind at ease. Thanks all.MilkSteak5 Sep 19
Sep 14 Leoric Before Tristram It said that he came from the lands of Kehjistan but as what? I've been wanting to write a story about Leoric before he became the skeleton king and all I know is he came from those lands, traveled to Tristram, and made himself king. Was he a king before that?Xombie5 Sep 14
Sep 11 diablo not being able to die is a problem. as the title says i think the fact that diablo can clearly pretty much never die, is a serious problem for the games lore, and really diminishes any in game achievement if you know 5 mins after killing the big bad boss, that he will be coming back. like we all know in the next game if/when there is one diablo will be a boss again, because black soul stone was destroyed, and we pretty much knew this would happen the second diablo died, and we saw that cinematic. it really makes it feel like the game has no stories, and no where to go, as were just killing the same bosses over again, and it really ruins the story. it feels like since diablo 1 the main story hasn't gone far in terms of defeating the prime evils. there all going to come back.ilkbailk22 Sep 11
Sep 11 D3 is not scary - why? I found Diablo 1 truly creepy throughout the entire game; The Butcher's room, the boy sacrificed, the darkness... Diablo 2 also made chills crawl up the spine at some places; The Monastery and the jail with all the naked, mutilated bodies The sunny desert and green jungles were not as creepy, but cool nontheless. Act 4 - Hell - was really macabre and terrifying. But Diablo 3... doesn't frighten me. Not at all, anytime. Even though it has the torture Chambers with streaks of blood, instruments of suffering with attached victims, caves, dungeons. But it does not scare you. Why is that? Share with me please.Solidpontus140 Sep 11
Sep 10 The Realms of Fate The New Realms of Fate in the High Heavens Act 4 was introduced with Patch 2.6.0 on Adventure Mode to all players with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack or Ultimate Evil Edition. Lore: "The tomes and history stored within his (Itherael's) libraries are changing the heavens themselves, transforming into small pockets reflecting the past, present, and potential futures. Though no one can make sense of why this has occurred, it still poses a threat to Sanctuary. Tyrael invites the nephalem to investigate, his faith in their skills, if not their hearts, still strong." As I was excited to explore them, the thought came to my mind recently that it would be SO MUCH MORE epic if these "Realms of Fate" could be expanded to reach us back to the time of Diablo 2; Like for example a realm that took us to Kurast, and ultimately to the Guardian Temple of Travincal itself. Also I'd love to go to the Legendary Tomb of Tal-Rasha and fight all the way to the chamber of Tal-Rasha, maibe find some lore books from Itherael's library in the realms as we explore them? And another example; a realm that took us to the time before Mount Arreat fell to explore the Worldstone Chamber... Maibe time itself cannot hold the Great Worldstone... but just the thought to be able to explore the chambers (with or without the Worldstone within) and perhaps even hear Baal's laughter once again would be beyond awesome! Just my thoughts. I post these thoughts as to muse upon and would love if this idea came true. Please share your thoughts on the Realms of Fate :) ~ Mufasotep. A fellow player from SwedenMufasotep6 Sep 10
Sep 6 fan plot for diablo 4! So I won't go nitty gritty on this fan plot of mine but I did think of something that could be very interesting. So as we know in diablo 3 the black soul stone is destroyed releasing all of the demons back on earth, and that our character becomes basically death incarnate with all of his/her power now. So what if diablo 4 was that you played a brand new character that wasn't Nephilim and actually helped your past character fine the demons and slay them once again but when you finally slaw diablo and seal his souls inside the stone your previous character takes it and claims its power as his/her own as a way to defy even the gods themselves. So now this is where another journey begins and you choose to either stay as your character you have been playing or play as an angel or demon and a pact is formed to where angel human and demon join forces to fight a threat greater than anything before. its a silly plot in some ways but I think it could be interesting if it were done right.gora7 Sep 6
Sep 6 So angels and demons have sex and produce us? us = Nephalems, i mean. Seems kinda nasty...pandas20 Sep 6
Sep 4 Backwards character and act I've played diablo 3 since first time released at 2012, and retired after chinesse trade issue. I log in again in 2017 and saw my character has been backward (lower lvl and eq) but the most important things is i played at act 3 although my achievement record i have completed act 4 at 2012. Please help to resolve this.Sol272 Sep 4