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May 9 Update campaign usefull Update campaign to compeat against other part. One idea I had was instead adding more elites just add the boss fight. Act 1 skeleton king chase you he is unkillable and is on time limit before goes away. While he is active tallies the damage u do. After based on damage you get rewards for level difficulty and damage you did.Stryker2 May 9
May 5 darkening of tristram when i play lvl 5 i come to a door that i cant open it says the door cant be opend yet, why? ? ?Raven5 May 5
May 4 D3 Campaign is Back!? Firstly i have over 2000 hrs on d3 Recently when a new season starts i play for the free digital content (seasonal items) and wait for the next season. D3's whole game is greater rift liner runs. A very high Percentage of people liked it when it still had that d2 feel with campaign being playable, now d3 has a whole campaign sitting there with no difficulty sets like normal, nightmare, hell and inferno now its locked with one play through. it throws out that classic feel to the diablo games. They should of had rifts, greater rifts and ubers as an end game extra by completing the game on the 4 tier difficulty's. example with poe you have to play through the campaign until the last play through then you can do map runs now the whole game is useful not useless sitting there not played. some people just want a rush game with no sense of achievement quick runs and easy loot ok well leave that for adventure mode. The option to fix this and will have an large impact and increase of numbers who will come back to play this because they will see the potential coming back to this franchise is to make the campaign a separate leader board then the current adventure mode by bringing back that classic diablo feel gameplay back with normal, nightmare, hell and inferno and rifts, greater rifts, ubers and d1 area for end game (inferno difficulty lvl 70 act v kill malthael) to unlock end game. All we want is the classic back to diablo 3 Campaign.Spleeno6 May 4
May 1 Buff Lore & Storyline pls Hello! I want to ask that the Diablo 3 lore & story line be buffed and enhanced to create the impacts its predecessor gave us. Personally I was immersed by the simple story telling but is well done voice acting and effects from Diablo & D2. Also Deckard Cain dying to a Witch when he survived Diablo & Diablo 2 events is just garbage (He was caged in old Tristram and still survived.. and now he dies... -_-) I've never seen a lore video like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kw_R11WWVsg. Is clear that the lore is been underestimated. Don't. Drops mic and walks away. P.S. How can Diablo 3 not have all the map locations from Diablo 2????Dangeros18 May 1
Apr 26 Lachdanan Quest? I wish there was a quest for Captain Lachdanan. His story is so brief, but its sad and memorable. The last we know of him is his wandering Leorics tomb, cursed to die alone. We dont even find his bones. I think it would be nice to help put him to rest.DemonKitsu216 Apr 26
Apr 17 Demon to Human So, we know that Demons can possess Human hosts, as seen multiple times by Diablo, and their human features become more demonic as time progresses. We know that angels, like Tyrael, can become Human by ripping off their super cool shoulder plates or whatever. My question is... If Angels can become full fledged Humans, do you think Demons can as well, and if so how? Also, do you think it's possible for a Human to become a Demon or an Angel? Discuss, I'm bored out of my mind.TinyTitan18 Apr 17
Apr 15 Belial's realm? When you're about to defeat Belial, He turn's into a huge demi-god that breathes green fire and all... The background around him is all green. What is this green realm?Leo4man3 Apr 15
Apr 15 Can we get more Mephisto? He's the oldest brother right? Seems like he should have been giving his brothers a whooping every time they failed (in another realm or something). I want to see that guy again....he's a good guy and doesn't afraid of anythingClayman872 Apr 15
Apr 13 Neutral/Evil/or Good? I have been playing for some time and I often listen to the DH's voice and how she responds to demons in particular. In regards to the DH. Why does she despise demons so much that it almost feels that if given a chance, the DH would torture the demons intensively, heck even far more worse than what demons would do to human prisoners. So my question is, do DH practice torture on demons? And is this method seen as a lawful act in sanctuary? I know they are the enemy in the world but wouldn't society find the torture of demons inhuman or far from an act of civilization? Lastly, I would assume just like warlocks in world of Warcraft, DH's are not a good pally hero class right? They are neutral but not evil I would assume?MrHatStick4 Apr 13
Apr 12 Barbarian humor Barbarian humorHEARTORN1 Apr 12
Apr 11 Was "old" Lilith considered canon before? It's not entirely a question, since imo "old" Lilith was not considered canon. Here's the description of "old" Lilith in The Arreat Summit: Lilith is believed to be Queen of the Succubi and matriarch of demons. After her legions of Succubi and strongest daughter Andariel were killed by mortals who successfully defended the Worldstone, Lilith swore to personally intervene. She masterminded the revival of Diablo by manifesting herself in the mortal realm and performing a ritual of Dark Summoning. This ritual, long thought to be impossible by the most powerful mortal wizards, allowed Lilith to link with Diablo across realms, strengthening him until he was finally able to once again reincarnate himself in the mortal plane. Rage and a deep yearning for revenge boiled within the eyes of the Lord of Terror, and together he and Lilith resurrected the two remaining Prime Evils as well as Duriel and Izual, two of their strongest agents. Diablo announced his grand plan - the Three were finally strong enough to spread Pandemonium throughout Sanctuary. Lilith could have easily conducted an assault on her own, but because she had been left severely weakened by the Dark Summoning ritual, she agreed to aid the Prime Evils and command some of their remaining forces. With The Sin War trilogy coming out, it seemed that the information above was no longer the case. However, as far as I know, whether the Lilith in the game was canon or not also seemed to be controversial. At least this is what I found in Diablo wiki. The wiki says that since this "Pandemonium Event" was Battle.net only and not available in single player, the content of this event cannot be said as official lore. I personally did not join the event at all. (Is this event still available in Battle.net?) Anyway, all I'm wondering is just what other people think. Do you think the lore of Lilith was retconned? Or you, like me, only consider "old" Lilith as an alternate version of Andariel for only gamewise purpose and not lorewise? It's also odd to me that Andariel have been one of the Seven Evils since D1 and "old" Lilith is not (Eighth Evil??) at all...Ascalon4 Apr 11
Apr 6 Nephilim and the Watchers Not including Diablo 3, its been several years since I've played Diablo 2 - yes I know, sacrilige - but I have read the first three standalone books, buts that's all, haven't read the fourth or the Sin War trilogy, or the comics. I know the Nephelem is a race in the Diablo universe, derived from the term Nephilim - said to be the giants born and destroyed before the Flood from the union of angels and women - but I was wondering if the Watchers that are talked about in the Book of Enoch are mentioned. There are 200 Watchers in all, but I think only 21 are named, maybe a little more. Anyways, have any of these names popped up in any of the games: Samyaza, Araqiel, Râmêêl, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Dânêl, Chazaqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Batariel, Bezaliel, Ananiel, Zaqiel, Shamsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, or Sariel? I'm curious about this because if these names haven't been mentioned then maybe these names and the story of the Watchers and their relationship with the Nephilim will play into the Diablo universe and its plotline in the future.ArcticSwan8 Apr 6
Apr 1 My D3 Druid Idea This has been something I've been thinking about for a long while. Way before the release of the new Necromancer class. I haven't said anything because I didn't know the proper channels or a "safe way" to get my idea across to Blizzard. I don't know why. I don't know if I thought that once Blizzard heard my half-baked idea that they'd just hire me for Diablo on the spot, or someone else would get credit for my idea or something, but, I don't really care anymore. Just want to get this out there. So, Druid was by far my favorite D2 class. I loved the idea behind him, I really enjoyed one class have such a wide array of play styles, and I loved his design. I was thinking of a way he would fit into D3 and it got the wheels turning a bit. I noticed that there are two strength based classes, two dexterity and two intelligence ones. This is actually were I drew my inspiration from, believe it or not. In an effort to keep it all nicely balanced, and with the D2 Druid in mind, I had the epiphany; what if the Druid was all three?? Hear me out. What if the druid had sets for his three bamf forms? A strength driven set for his Werebear, a dexterity one for Werewolf, and an intelligence set for his "nature's fury" spell casting skill set? I think the idea of one class having such a wide variety of gear and such different approaches in play style would put such a fresh spin on the item grind and make it infinitely more fun and exciting! Obviously there would be a different play style for each specialization, working out balancing it, and figuring out how to make it seamless with him being granted the bonuses from the different stats in his different forms... But, I really think this would be something that everyone could be excited for and breathe some fresh life into a wonderful game! Help me get this idea to Blizzard!! I know some of you may look at this and think it's silly or ridiculous for me to imagine that this will ever get put into game or that Blizzard will ever hear my idea, but this is something I'm super passionate about. Thanks for taking time to hear me out.Vorshen6 Apr 1
Mar 25 Turkish language Hi, I believe Diablo has a great lore and storyline. I'm a turkish, my english is decent but sometimes some things come to me complicated and I don't understand it completely. I don't know how hard to translate a game but I would be grateful if it had a turkish language selection.Reitnaar0 Mar 25
Mar 16 Nephalem vs Nephalem in Diablo Part of the weakness of the writing of D3 was not just the villains BUT- the HEROES. At no point do the Nephalem heroes EVER doubt themselves or their abilities. It's almost like they know that canonically they will win. They have zero fear whatsoever even against the Lord of Terror. But then again, as far as humans go, they are regaining supernatural abilities that were formerly suppressed by the world stone. Perhaps they have a bit of arrogance of their own. It'd also be interesting if the Nephalem would scare themselves in fact sometimes. Sure. Slay demons. They're evil. You can massacre those by the millions and ALWAYS be sure you're on the right side. But what happens in the future, when you have a world with Nephalem leaders, men of renown, men of legend all warring against each other? Like humans have always done? Will none of them commit atrocities in the name of what they believe in? In the beginning, you were just a low powered human and you didnt KNOW if you could actually defeat the Lord of Terror. There's no way to go back to that. Now you're a super powered evolving demi-god...and whose to say what kind of god you would be?Mijuu2 Mar 16
Mar 14 How did Malthael find the Black soul stone My theory is, was he able to find the horadrim counterparts of Tyrael because they had part demon in them as well, could he track Tyrael because he was once his brother, still is, did Itheral tell him being the whole fate guy, of course his texts didn't refer to the fate of the nephalem so Tyrael using the horadrim was a plan so it wouldn't appear in Itherals texts, did he torture a member of the horadrim for information, or did he just follow them, Tyrael's whole idea of hiding the the stone lasted for all of a few seconds so did he just not think it through or is there just an annoying plot holeEdwardNess2 Mar 14
Mar 14 Angel and Demon town? Is there a town/city in sanctuary where new renegade angels and demons reside in? Theres gotta be new defectors...unless it was just a phase.TRIPPYMANE2 Mar 14
Mar 14 Alaric's Voice Actor... I know he's a minor character, but does anyone know who voices him? I can't seem to find it, the credits don't specify him, and it's driving me crazy. I know if they listed every single voice actor for every single character it'd take forever, but I was just wondering if anyone knew off the top of their heads or could tell me where I could find it.Sunfox4 Mar 14
Mar 13 Barbarian canonically a female?! So,i think some(If not all) of you know about a new Blizzard game called Heroes Of The Storm.The Diablo heroes included are The Witch Doctor and a female Barbarian called Sonya.Lets look at the facts to see if the Barbarian can really be a female in official lore: Against: 1.A short story has been released featuring a male Barbarian,and all the other short stories are regarded as canon. 2.The male Barbarian backstory has much more depth than the female,some of his dialogue IMPLY he may be the same Barb from D2 but nothing is confirmed.Conversations with other characters also reveal things about his early life while the female features much more bland dialogue. 3:Heroes Of The Storm has a non-canon story and it is possible that other genders of already added characters (Like Demon Hunter and Witch Doctor) will be added.The Barbarian may be only female to diversify the roster of characters with at least two females. 4.The name has no relation to Barbarian culture at all and looks like some kind of "fan-fiction" Pro: 1.Heroes Of The Storm confirmed both the Witch Doctor's canon name and the Demon Hunter's(Previously stated in a short story).It seems to be sticking to the canon names of the characters thus far. Neutral 1.It is indeed possible that two Barbarians went in search of the falling star as the male Barbarian may have taken a younger one as some kind of apprentice,again that would make sense as there are indeed female Barbarians and with the scattering of their kind it isn't unbelievable that a Barbarian would choose to have company in his quest to reform his "clan's" previous glory. 2.The female Barbarian does co-exist with the male Barbarian but was not part of the group of heroes that defeated Diablo. 3.No character has had two canon genders at once,it would be possible but still it hasn't happened before. What are your conclusions?Do you have any other proof or wants to add something to these "facts"? Keep in mind this thread is not to discuss which gender of Barbarian is better but to discuss what is the "canon" gender of this character.Drakhan21 Mar 13
Mar 13 Tyrael... I know I'm hella late, but I just beat RoS and I have a bone to pick with Tyrael. He's useless. Lazy. Why exactly did I save him if all he's going to do is open a door. That's all he does. And that's *after* he almost sides with the archangel. I could give a !@#$, dude. Where's all that power and energy you had before you fell? Why do you hit like a wet noodle? I actually laughed when he took his place as "wisdom." Dafuq, bro, how are you wise? "Oh well I fell from Heaven to deliver a warning you already had and proceeded to do nothing while you took care of business." Great. "You never would have gotten past that door without me and my Uber Sword." Thnx now give me my horadrim cache, %^-*!. "I AM JUDGEMENT--FROM SEVERAL HUNDRED YARDS AWAY." Like dude don't you fly and @#$%??? Tyrael is garbage. End rant.jeeeeohn1 Mar 13
Mar 13 Feminine Diablo theory I did start this one off in general where it wasn't very well received. Although I have no hopes about it being well received here either, maybe people will give it more serious thought here. Diablo is such a powerful entity that the can take on any form that he wants. He doesn't need the feminine look just because he took a feminine host. So why the feminine look? To specifically remind us that he took a feminine host. Whether you like Leah or not, our characters, our followers, Tyriel, and a number of other NPCs did. Diablo took the feminine form to remind us that he took a feminine host, to remind us, to give us grief that he was able to take Leah from us. That said, one of Diablo's forms during the actual fight should have looked exactly like Leah, mocking us, reminding us, and sometimes, even crying or sounding like she's in agony, all to mess with Psyche of the ones who would dare to stand against him. Edit, deleted first paragraph of my theory for the same reason I did in general. Everyone is so worried about that one little paragraph, that they miss the big picture.Crit64 Mar 13
Feb 19, 2017 Origin stories So I read a little on the backstory of Demon hunters and it seems that there are demon hunters recruited from all across sanctuary. For example, Yang was a DH from Xian Sai I think. So my question is in regards to the player female DH character and the male DH. Where are they from? Is the female DH from Westmarch? I remember something about being the same home the crusaders come from?MrHatStick1 Feb 19, 2017
Feb 10, 2017 Questions When will the necromancer character be available? Do I need to download the patch? And if so, how do I do that? Also, I saw something about a side story regarding the 'burning of Tristram' (I think that's what it was called). How do I access that?BookGirl4 Feb 10, 2017
Feb 10, 2017 Necromancer Daggers? I was under the impression that the books were cannon and this question stems from that. If that's not the case then let me know and this is void. Now the books came out after Diablo 2, so I'm not going to be critical of the wands in that game, which are now for wizards anyway. There was poison dagger in that game and that was about it for daggers as far as I know of necromancers. The Necromancer as it's planned will have the scythe as it's special weapon. I do love scythe's but I have a couple issues with this. 1)The books have every necromancer using a special bone dagger. They even go into detail about the culture around it. In Legacy of Blood Kara is basically useless without her dagger, and the undead controlling it even have some mild control over her. 2)Scythe's are already associated with Malthael. I know that he personally uses sickles, but a lot of his spawn use scythes already. So why the deviation from and/or the repeat of weapons in the lore? Are daggers just going to be part of the armor art so they still "have" them? Are they an offhand? Are spells cast with a dagger animation as opposed to using the scythe, much like monk punches and kicks don't use the weapon on their back?Humbart3 Feb 10, 2017
Feb 4, 2017 Journal for us. An idea for player journals. Lots of statistics on your character and many achievements may be earned in a playthrough. That information and combined with time-sensitive info from if the game took snapshots of how you progressed through each quest over time, should be placed in a single journal/book. That's not all. A journal which you can anotate. The publically viewable journal is meant to be up to date as far back as the last solid playthrough of the main story line. I prefer this not be another webpage. But an ingame item or object others may click on. final note: It might be interesting to also log the various names of players who assisted you and when they left along the way to beating the game. With that also the npcs you hired/fired. These are meaningful things to store in the journal automatically.herovillain10 Feb 4, 2017
Feb 2, 2017 When you run past azmodan... When you run past azmodan's giant hologram head while he monologs without stopping to listen to him, how you think that makes him FEEL? I mean, he is a demon lord, but he still has feelings! How would you feel if you planned this giant 80s cartoon villain speech for the hero, and he just runs past you without stopping, leaving you talking to air! I mean, you can't STOP your speech at that point; that would just look silly! but at the same time, your just talking to empty space at that point! People, please think of the Demon's feelings next time one of azmodan's holograms appear!aleksandor5 Feb 2, 2017
Jan 30, 2017 The Cultist Pages Actually, I'm just wondering why there is no post here on the "Lore & Story" forum about the Cultist Pages. There's nothing! Not one word on the subject! I mean, Rhykker hasn't even made a video in which he uses the Cultist Pages as clear and incontrovertible proof that Blizzard is working on Diablo 4! Why the silence on the Cultist Pages, "Lore & Story" forum??? Do the Cultist Pages point forward to whatever Buzzard is working on? Are the Cultist Pages meaningless? Personally, I think the silence on the subject is due to the fact that the "Lore & Story" forum is overrun with Trolls. None of them is much interested in discussing news, changes, and other info, so much as they are in attacking people who aren't Obsessive/Compulsive over "The Sin Wars." Only thing that I like about the Cultist Pages is that they show Adria just a little bit of respect. Bad thing about them is that it signals that Bluzzard is going to continue down the path of "Story"!wongkeiying3 Jan 30, 2017
Jan 26, 2017 Side missions - Haedrig and Myriam? I see that there are side missions for all the main followers and one for Shen, but nothing for Haedrig or Myriam... unless I'm missing something. Just wondering if this could be added in the next patch? I think it's kind of cool that we get to help them out after they have helped us so much.ShamWow1 Jan 26, 2017
Jan 26, 2017 The second child of terror Alright crazy theory time. Is it possible Diablo had more than one kid? I can't imagine the lord of terror was only into consensual sex. And yes I know that's really messed up but the story is really dark. Personally I'd find a class based around using Diablo's own power against him to be super cool.Slothman1 Jan 26, 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Could we see the rebuilding of the Horadrim? The Horadrim apparently died out as there was no longer a need for them after they finished with their task in capturing the three. However, now we potentially have 7 evils free roaming about. Perhaps once again it is time for them to reform, to seek out these evils that were freed, and to capture them somehow. This could lead into a whole new expansion or Diablo IV even. The cube we have obtained could be used once again to try and seek them out I suppose. It was said that it was dangerous though when the horadrim tried to use it for their cause. Maybe we can find out how to do so and use it despite the risks to seek out the 7 evils. I guess the main idea here could be that perhaps they are working to bring about the ultimate evil. This in turn leads us to a desperate cause to stop them before it is too late! Not only this but by using the cube to try and aid us the nephalim become corrupted. As a result we have to find a way to balance and control that corruption otherwise it may take hold. The corruption itself could lead to a whole new progression path/idea to become even more powerful. Maybe something like the path of Tal' Rasha? Utilize skills/abilities from the 7 evils in 7 different progression paths. Walla we have talent trees! Sorry just spinning ideas.Furbolg2 Jan 18, 2017
Jan 18, 2017 Marius's venture into Act 3 First off, I've played Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction for 14 years, it's probably my favourite game franchise of all time for so many different reasons. So don't think of this post as negative, this is a legitimate question. Anyways, what i've always wondered in the story is how did Marius actually manage to end up in the Durance of Hate unharmed and then escaped and lived to tell the tale? How did he get past that huge labyrinth-like jungle filled with not just demons, but a very dangerous environment where there's even animals and creatures that try to kill you. How did he get past the Council members that Mephisto corrupted, and how did he get past the Undead stygian dolls/Blood Lords/Blunderbores/Cadavers. And how did he even get into the Durance of Hate when there was a Compelling Orb blocking the entrance? Okay, maybe I could see someone saying he escaped the place after he was too scared to get past the Infernal gate by simply opening a town portal and leaving the area.....but seriously that's really weak and lame.Whirlwind10 Jan 18, 2017
Jan 17, 2017 Diablo RoS Ending I never thought about it but....in each ending video our character has flaming eyes and is actually NAKED. After we kill Malthael um...what's happening to us? Tyrael says that one day we will be tempted. Are we ascending? Possibly in a micro Uldyssian way or something? I dont know.Mijuu0 Jan 17, 2017
Jan 16, 2017 Horadrim Hat Something I've long wondered about: http://i.imgur.com/T98jpOn.jpg This is a drawing of the Horadrim by Metzen. But...that guy in the upper right, with the hat, with teeth surrounding it? What is his name? We've seen no hats like those thusfar in Diablo. It's very unusual. Quietly as it's kept, I sort of wonder if it might be some kind of Dungeons and Dragons reference to Murlynd. https://1d4chan.org/wiki/MurlyndMijuu0 Jan 16, 2017
Jan 16, 2017 Jondar, The Betrayer As many know, Jondar was a betrayer who turned to Necromancy after leaving the Templar Order. Not much was really revealed about him aside from the conversation with Kormac saying he found Jondar's Journal and questions the orders way as seen with talking to him with either a Witch Doctor or Demon Hunter. He mentions his questioning in Seeking the truth saying: "I have considered what we have discussed, and you are correct. I know little about my past beyond what my order has told me. But what doest it matter? Look what they have done for me. They have turned me into a living weapon, a light against darkness." A Dangerous Journal is where he mentions and wonders if Jondar turned to Necromancy as a way of I want to say defiance of the order (he learned or was possibly figuring out the truth?) In all of my play through's I haven't talked to Kormac aside from this playthrough. I do like his lore and don't wish for spoilers as I am almost done with Act 2's Lore for him, but what's everyone's opinion of Jondar?TrojanKaisar3 Jan 16, 2017
Jan 15, 2017 The future of Diablo Story Wise. Alright,prepare your tinfoil hats. Spoiler Warning. So this is a topic about my theory on what will happen on the future of Diablo story wise. There are 7 Evils.3 Prime Evils and 4 Lesser Evils.All of them were part of Tathamet before he and Anu died.(Keep this in mind) At the end of Diablo 3,Diablo consumed the Black Soulstone that contained the souls of all the 7 evils in order to become Tathamet.He succeeded in some sense ,by uniting all the souls in one vessel(Lea's and Diablo's body) into becoming the soul of Tathamet,the embodiment of what Tathament was supposed to be.The ultimate evil.As we can see tho Diablo didn't succeed on replicating the body of Tathamet because the previous body of Tathamet was used to create the Burning Hells.Thats why we see Diablo as being rather small seized compared to what Tathamet was supposed to be.The big 7 headed Dragon as legends say.We the Nephalem ofc kill him. After that, Malthael goes rogue and takes the Black Soulstone for himself in order to become more powerful.Thats where Reaper of Souls begins.At the end of RoS we kill Malthael with a new addition to the team... the Crusader and we can see that after the fight the Black Soulstone breaks and all the Evils are released again.Now we dont know in what form the Evils are released.Maybe they got released separately or they got released in the form of Diablo/Tathamet.After that we can see that our Nephalem gains some kind of power surge (in the ending cinematic) while Tyrael discusses on what will happen if the Nephalem was to go rogue aswell.We dont know what that power surge was tho,it could be the 7 Evils(or Diablo/Tathamet) trying to unite with the Nephalem in order to corrupt him and turn him into their side or something else entirely. Now,in the beginning of this thread I told you to put emphasis on this:The 7 Evils. Here is why. There is a new addition to the Nephalem Team as Blizzard announced:The Necromancer class. Now we have 7 classes to play.Barbarian,Crusader,Wizard,Monk,Demon Hunter,With Doctor and the Necromancer(Which we will have to eat for the next 4 years with some lame seasons....but im getting of topic arent I?). Now how many Evils are there?Thats right....7. Now what if in every ending of each class we get to actually see one single Evil giving a "power surge" (corrupting the Nephalem)to one of them thus turning them evil? Here is an Example: At the Barbarian RoS ending we see Diablo giving a power surge(corruption)to our Barbarian thus slowly turning him evil. At the Wizard RoS ending we see Mephisto giving a power surge(corruption)to our Wizard thus slowly turning him evil. And the same goes to each class and their Evil counterpart until all 7 are corrupted. Now in the next expansion or game of Diablo we might get to see this concept.All the classes(the Nephalem)that we played on Diablo 3 and Diablo 3:RoS will turn evil and Tyrael (if not already dead),will have to ask the original bunch of Heroes(Or their apprentices since quite some time has passed and those originals might not be able to fight again as they used to do and thus give the task of protecting all existence to the apprentices) from D1 and D2 to take action against the Nephalem. This is my theory,leave your opinions or ideas about this topic down on the comment section.Corsfor1 Jan 15, 2017
Jan 15, 2017 The celestial dragon I'm re reading the sin war trilogy being its my all time favourite. (This will be trip number 6 alongside Uldyssian and the gang). Im just curious if Trag-Oul will ever become a significant part of the game?? Having no idea where he actually came from or if he is the only one of his kind. I would love to see him brought into the spotlight again.AnglerFish2 Jan 15, 2017
Jan 1, 2017 Automatic Cutscene Skip "Automatically skip all cut-scenes" option is enabled by default for new installs of Diablo III, this is a huge issue because I was unaware that the option even existed in the first place and thought it was a bug with my game. Both the cutscenes involving Deckard Cain's death and the end of act one, as well as the scene where magda is explaining things before the Butcher fight, lost all of their impact since I had to go watch them on YouTube after discovering the problem. Please make it so that fresh installs of the game do not have this option enabled.MommaCow0 Jan 1, 2017
Dec 28, 2016 Diablo Story next chapter brainstorming Since it seems that the next expansion or next Diablo is still a long while off I thought it would be fun to do a bit of brainstorming to see how the story will continue. After Malthael was killed and all the evils where set free where did they go, why have we not seen or heard the smallest hint that they are free and roaming Sanctuary again are they all really waiting to be reborn again or is something else afoot here. They are all trapped in the second soul stone that was created by Zoltan Kull the creator of the Black Soul Stone only this one is not Black it is Red and it will trapp not just Demon but Angels as well. Now that Angels, Demons, Nephalems and the Prime Evil are trapped together, corruption is rife on both sides. We have Angels that are now evil and Demons that are on the good side and worst of all Nephalems that are now evil. One of the first ones to be corrupted was Zoltan Kulls spirit, the Prime Evils convinced Zoltan that all the trapped souls will work together to fullfill his one desire; they will make him a God. But they need to be free to do that and that is the reason Zoltan Kull is back in the game, not to help us, but to help himself. He needs power lots of of it and that is why he told us where the cube was safely hidden. Now when the cube is used some of the power is harnessed by Zoltan to give him enough power to destroy the Red Soul Stone. At the start Zoltan Kull is gone, instead there is a messenger waiting for us. He/she traveled all the way from the South Sea to Tristam to tell us about a huge explosion that was witnessed in the South Sea and that after the explosion hordes of Demons descended to all the lands East and West. To fight the Prime Evils, Evil Angels and the Evil Nephalems we will need to find a talisman that was cut into pieces and scattered around the whole world. Some of the pieces are in long forgotten places and some are buried in the past. I think this would be a good chance to retell some of the Diablo lore for those that only started with Diablo3. For the evil Nephalem I thought it would be really cool to take a snapshot of the first 500 or 1000 or more from any of the leaderboards and have them fight against us with the weapon, armour and fight style they have at that time. The "good Demons" could help us with hints where to find pieces of the talisman or join us in a fight. What would your start be for the next Diablo. I am not a native english speaker, I do apologize for any and all mistakes and if you find any you may keep them :)BlackMystik0 Dec 28, 2016
Dec 23, 2016 Starcraft/Diablo Crossworlds Diablo x Starcraft ( x Warcraft/Etc.): The original United Earth Dominion expansion into Zerg/Protoss space was infiltrated by Diablo/Hell cultists, in their mad bid to find alien (superior) life fit to serve as a Diablo host via the Soul Gem, to maximize Lord of Terror incarnations strategically. Diablo cultists communicated to Earth via space transmission that yes indeed the newfound Starcraft space is rich with Soul Gem / Diablo takeover candidates, that may include major Starcraft characters, though fresh Starcraft characters may be suitable hosts. This opens the door for Diablo to appear in Starcraft, to make a hostile bid for power, using space dominance in person and militarily. The arrival of the UED fleet may mark the arrival of the Soul Gem, as the UED fleet may be used by Diablo cultists to safely transport the Soul Gem across space toward Zerg/Protoss space and its attractive potential Diablo / Soul Gem host candidates.... At any point in the Starcraft Timeline Diablo may introduce, with contemporaneous Diablo cultist quest/campaign successes to find/capture optimal Diablo/Gem hosts, to strategically establish a base at a cite optimal for Diablo conjuration ceremonies/operations, and so on.... As soon as Diablo is cited and reported across space news networks, any Horadric sleeper agents already in Starcraft space will activate, and fresh forces will be sent from Earth, which will take some time to arrive. Early defeat of of Diablo may give Earth fleets cause to abort, returning home, otherwise yet more factions from Earth would be introduced, all interrelated to the fight against Diablo (an activated sleeper horadric aligned ship would need to set route to Earth with a captured/subdued Soul Gem as cargo to satisfy Earth victory conditions). Efforts may succeed or fail against Diablo, varyingly. For example, Diablo could obtain stable control of space to develop threats to Earth, migrated humans, Protoss/Zerg or other Starcraft groups, while expanding threat capability with research into interplanar technologies, with an aim to use interplanar technology to besiege realms that may include Diablo's Heaven, Warcraft dimensions, or other blizzard realms. Presumably if Diablo were not defeated and enough time were to pass for fresh responding Earth ships to arrive, if no such characters are already in circulation about Starcraft space, then there would be arrival of some interesting future versions of legendary diablo characters (necromancers, demon hunters, monks, barbarians, sorcerers, paladins, witch doctors, and so on).... This premise also presents historical frameworks for other ages of fantasy/science-fiction that may take place between Diablo ages over time into Starcraft ages, assuming that Diablo action takes place on an Earth that eventually goes on to create the Dominion's expansion into Starcraft space so that all factions are historically related. Since use of magic does not appear to be a part of Starcraft culture, explanation of its passage from circulation in classical Diablo times may confer dramaturgy benefits: For example, for cultural or other reasons, magic could have become unpopular for public circulation, or could have been defeated/suppressed by Diablo's Hell invasions. Especially violent invasions from hell could reduce magic using populations, that are subsequently slow and secretive in reforming. Some conceivable historical scenarios could feature cultures of supernatural masquerade, as groups could politically prefer secrecy (Diablo/Horadric/Etc. cultists/Etc. are hunted by each other).Azmaellaugkh1 Dec 23, 2016
Dec 23, 2016 More than enough material for D3 expansions Hello everyone. I'm a Diablo player since '96. I played it when i was a little kid and i play it now. So much has changed since 20 years ago. I have only words of gratitude and respect for David Brevik, Max Schaefer, and Erich Schaefer ,Blizzard North's co-founders and the designers of the original game, for bringing us the top quality of that time. I'm not here to write a book. But it also wont be short.So either read it all or leave right now. This post is reserved for the people that actually care about Diablo. If you are not familiar with the history of D1 u can follow up here. It has about 90% of the info about D1 that you need http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/D1_Lore If there you are not familiar with the D2 lore please do visit this link https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diablo_II And also, if you don't like to read here is a fan made video that explains it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWk0oe9AYt4 Long story short, lets jump now to the present. To Diablo 3. After defeating Malthael you have destroyed the Black Soulstone which Malthael used to imbue himself with the powers you have imprisoned. With him ded, not just Diablo, but all 7 evils walk the earth now. For people who don't know. Who and what 7 evils are here is a reference link to that http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Great_Evils So now, when children of Tathamet (http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Tathamet) walk the earth again. There are infinite amounts of material that can be worked with. To people that already know all or some of this this will be more than enough without even me writing anything. But still, lets continue. This is the way i was thinking things can go. Chapter VI : Evils walks the earth, Imperius is still an !@#, world has forgotten about the threat, only a few remember and everyone takes them for granted. Prime evils return to what is know as the foundation of Hell ( a place where Tathamets body fell and created the foundation of hell ) and they are trying to unite their power to ressurect Tathamet ( possible, since they are all part of Tathamet) . It is up to Nephelem again to unite with every ally that is willing to join him and stop the prime evils from creating a "prim-er :D" evil. It can be made that the Nephelem managed to kill some of the lesser evils along the way and that only a part of Tathamet is resurrected. Or that Tathamet is resurrected in its full power and that the Nephelems only chance to win is to journey to a place where either angel, demon or men never went to, a journey to The Eye of Anu in order to find the power... This can also lead to Chapters VII VIII IX and X. If the developers pay attention to the details. Imperius is a hot head and he can be corrupted easy in my opinion. World can be bent , ressurrection of Anu can be done, last stand of Humans and Angels can be made. Nephelem may die and become a martyr to be resurrected as an Angel, or by Anu as a higher being. Even Tathamets can win and the only way be4 the world itself is destroyed is that the Nephelem goes to a portal that will take him back in time, step by step trough d2 d1 and before d1 or directly at the battle of Anu and Tathamets. The choices are countles but i think that the structure of this lore is good. Also, there are a few more things that should be added to Diablo. Battlegrounds : I'm not rly a fan of pvp in this game, not that i hate pvp, its just that it cant be balanced with the mechanic of the game. But Diablo can bring us cooperative battleground vs its finest legions of Hell. Starting as : 1. The Siege of Azmodan ( or last stand of Humans and Angels if that lore that i was typing about gets accepted ). Where u must defend the Castle with players having the objectives to raise catapults, light the fires, deffend the courtyard (same like in the story mode but with a new map, waves of legions of hell. 2. Team survival. Take on waves and waves of monsters and bosses on every (x) count of waves to see how far you and your friends can go. It may be the new Grift. Featuring rewards as items, gold, gems, sets etc depending on how high you can go solo or with your team. 3. Raids, instead of 4 bring 8 or 10 and make a Raid. Not just to anywhere. Make a raid with lesser bosses and the final boss that req's tactics and such. It can be rly good. I rly hope that someone from Diablo team will at least have a look at this and give me a feedback.If anyone has something to add or take, please leave your comment below. There is more than enough material for Diablo to continue. And to be honest, as one of the most respected games by the school and the old school it deserves nothing less. Thank you for your time.Kizame10 Dec 23, 2016
Dec 16, 2016 Story full or half?! Guys i recently purchase diablo 3+diablo 3 reaper of souls from the store,both cd's,and i have a question,if i play expansion (reaper of souls) i make the hole story (diablo 3 and diablo 3 expansion) or just the story of reaper of souls?i saw on youtube you start from another point in diablo 3,i mean in reaper of souls you start in a city,in diablo 3 you start in the woods.I'm noob,maybe this is a stupid question but i really want to play the hole game!!!Sorry for mistakes,english is not my native language.BeyondPain1 Dec 16, 2016
Dec 15, 2016 Explain this joke, please? Explain this joke, please? Scoundrel: Would you like some wine? Monk: You steal wine from drunken sots, do you not? Scoundrel: It isn't stealing if I give them wine in return. Thank you.Johnsdad1 Dec 15, 2016
Dec 13, 2016 Horazon's Dream? Is the Horazon's Dream named rifts are the same dreamed place from the 1st book? or they are just random? I mean where the Kara the Necromancer stuck with old Horazon?Xfinity0 Dec 13, 2016
Dec 13, 2016 Why couldn't the Black Soulstone Why couldn't Tyrael and the Angels destroy the Black Soulstone?celebrei46 Dec 13, 2016
Dec 12, 2016 Diablo as DnD setting I am a long time Diablo fan. Diablo 2 was my gateway drug into online gaming. Now i am a Dugeon master for my friends when we play Dungeons and Dragons. Soon we will start a new campaign and I would like to turn the diablo Universe into a DnD Universe. with the story starting after diablo 1 (since it was a single player game and diablo 2 introduces a nices place to start with a group of multiple people) I have been researching with the lore and everything. Now im starting with converting Act I of Diablo 2, does anyone know where i can find a nice map of khanduras that i can use? I have the world map which is really nice. but a more detailed map would be even better. Also any other tips would be great. If wanted I can also keep this thread updated for if other people want to use it.Raigomaru2 Dec 12, 2016
Dec 4, 2016 Necromancer. Death & dark magic There is a new character being created. The necromancer. With a clear but murky brush-stroke I paint a vision of what I anticipate. Though I don't expect it, it would be good if these words were heard. Diablo II, where upon the User was prompted with the choice, of 5.. and then 7 characters. It was not entirely the Fighting Style that would fit the User, but the fashion, presentation and nature of the hero, or character. what is the nature or method of the necromancer. harnessing the power of the death. drawing energy from Death. It said they were interested in the balance between life & death and the entrance of Diablo into the mortal world upset this balance.. So based on the precept - which all the priests of rath'ma lived in accord - they set off to take part in the Sin War. It is impossible to reconcile this motive, with the noble duty of someone, whom thought it be in their best interest to embark on a quest never-ending, only to make right an imbalance between good and evil. It has been emphatically said that the necromancer, dabbled in the dark arts. In otherwords a practical magic that could be: 1) subversive to accepted order. 2) Immoral and considered inimical 3) Something that deforms the very Law of Nature The fascination or practice of their magic, must be considered morbid and ill.. for many reasons. As they meant, with purpose in their works to defy nature. And bend it to THEIR will.. So, I conclude in saying it is impossible that Necromancers, entered the Sin War to merely restore balance to the world. They only sought to destroy the Prime evils, because THEIR presenece threatened the aureole of their powerful order. So with that I hope that the necromance wields some REALLY diabolical and dark magic!! I hope he is tremendously strong and more menacing than the crusader!!PrincePookie1 Dec 4, 2016
Dec 2, 2016 Necromancer, future expansion character? There are many players who agree that the Witch Doctor class pales in comparison to the Necromancers. There are those who argue that the Witch Doctor class is sufficient and there is no need to rehash the Necromancer class. But the Necromancer was much better in terms of scale, creatures, and golems. How many would agree, we need the necromancer back?SAL197949 Dec 2, 2016
Dec 1, 2016 Lore-centric role play clan? Hello forum members, I'm interested in playing with a clan that is into role playing and focused on the canonical lore of Diablo 3. I've tried to dig up any sort of clan like this but haven't been able to with any googling. I'm totally interested in starting one of these up. I used to play with Scythe of Sylvanas on Wyrmrest Accord and played a lot of DnD and stuff like that. Any existing clans would be coooooool though. Thanks! ~WormcrudLordSkvll4208 Dec 1, 2016
Nov 30, 2016 Sorceress class was killed by Assassin Class? In D3 with mage class you see Isendra in Pandemonium Fortress and she says she was killed by Viz-Jaq'taar assassin. The Assassin class (D2) is a Viz-Jaq'taar, so, is the Assassin class the sorceress's murderer? Or is other Viz-Jaq'taar? Sorry for my english Greetings!Necrosummon5 Nov 30, 2016
Nov 25, 2016 Captain Haile for Lord Commander of Westmarch Citizens of Westmartch, our King is dead, our world is devastated by the Angel of Death and now we need a new leader who'll aid us in rebuilding what is left behind. I would like to Nominate Captain Haile for his bravery and loyalty to his soldiers. He can help us rebuild and defend ourselves from what ever attack that will come at us whether it's from Demon Hordes, Angry Angels, or even plain old looters and bandits. Just look at his daughter and see the kind of strength and determination he inspires in those around him.Kylatia2 Nov 25, 2016