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Sep 14, 2017 Leoric Before Tristram It said that he came from the lands of Kehjistan but as what? I've been wanting to write a story about Leoric before he became the skeleton king and all I know is he came from those lands, traveled to Tristram, and made himself king. Was he a king before that?Xombie5 Sep 14, 2017
Sep 11, 2017 diablo not being able to die is a problem. as the title says i think the fact that diablo can clearly pretty much never die, is a serious problem for the games lore, and really diminishes any in game achievement if you know 5 mins after killing the big bad boss, that he will be coming back. like we all know in the next game if/when there is one diablo will be a boss again, because black soul stone was destroyed, and we pretty much knew this would happen the second diablo died, and we saw that cinematic. it really makes it feel like the game has no stories, and no where to go, as were just killing the same bosses over again, and it really ruins the story. it feels like since diablo 1 the main story hasn't gone far in terms of defeating the prime evils. there all going to come back.ilkbailk22 Sep 11, 2017
Sep 11, 2017 D3 is not scary - why? I found Diablo 1 truly creepy throughout the entire game; The Butcher's room, the boy sacrificed, the darkness... Diablo 2 also made chills crawl up the spine at some places; The Monastery and the jail with all the naked, mutilated bodies The sunny desert and green jungles were not as creepy, but cool nontheless. Act 4 - Hell - was really macabre and terrifying. But Diablo 3... doesn't frighten me. Not at all, anytime. Even though it has the torture Chambers with streaks of blood, instruments of suffering with attached victims, caves, dungeons. But it does not scare you. Why is that? Share with me please.Solidpontus140 Sep 11, 2017
Sep 10, 2017 The Realms of Fate The New Realms of Fate in the High Heavens Act 4 was introduced with Patch 2.6.0 on Adventure Mode to all players with the Reaper of Souls expansion pack or Ultimate Evil Edition. Lore: "The tomes and history stored within his (Itherael's) libraries are changing the heavens themselves, transforming into small pockets reflecting the past, present, and potential futures. Though no one can make sense of why this has occurred, it still poses a threat to Sanctuary. Tyrael invites the nephalem to investigate, his faith in their skills, if not their hearts, still strong." As I was excited to explore them, the thought came to my mind recently that it would be SO MUCH MORE epic if these "Realms of Fate" could be expanded to reach us back to the time of Diablo 2; Like for example a realm that took us to Kurast, and ultimately to the Guardian Temple of Travincal itself. Also I'd love to go to the Legendary Tomb of Tal-Rasha and fight all the way to the chamber of Tal-Rasha, maibe find some lore books from Itherael's library in the realms as we explore them? And another example; a realm that took us to the time before Mount Arreat fell to explore the Worldstone Chamber... Maibe time itself cannot hold the Great Worldstone... but just the thought to be able to explore the chambers (with or without the Worldstone within) and perhaps even hear Baal's laughter once again would be beyond awesome! Just my thoughts. I post these thoughts as to muse upon and would love if this idea came true. Please share your thoughts on the Realms of Fate :) ~ Mufasotep. A fellow player from SwedenMufasotep6 Sep 10, 2017
Sep 6, 2017 fan plot for diablo 4! So I won't go nitty gritty on this fan plot of mine but I did think of something that could be very interesting. So as we know in diablo 3 the black soul stone is destroyed releasing all of the demons back on earth, and that our character becomes basically death incarnate with all of his/her power now. So what if diablo 4 was that you played a brand new character that wasn't Nephilim and actually helped your past character fine the demons and slay them once again but when you finally slaw diablo and seal his souls inside the stone your previous character takes it and claims its power as his/her own as a way to defy even the gods themselves. So now this is where another journey begins and you choose to either stay as your character you have been playing or play as an angel or demon and a pact is formed to where angel human and demon join forces to fight a threat greater than anything before. its a silly plot in some ways but I think it could be interesting if it were done right.gora7 Sep 6, 2017
Sep 4, 2017 Backwards character and act I've played diablo 3 since first time released at 2012, and retired after chinesse trade issue. I log in again in 2017 and saw my character has been backward (lower lvl and eq) but the most important things is i played at act 3 although my achievement record i have completed act 4 at 2012. Please help to resolve this.Sol272 Sep 4, 2017
Aug 24, 2017 Diablo 3: King in The North Apparently, this was supposed to be the second D3 expansion, but they canceled it because D3 was leaking money. The content we're seeing now were all cannibalized parts of King in The North, such as the zones. On a pure lore perspective, what does "King in the North" mean? Based on the ending of Reaper of Souls, where it's heavily implied the Nephalem can be both good and evil, does this mean this "king" had awakened his Nephalem powers and are thus going to threaten Sanctuary?Zanyuki11 Aug 24, 2017
Aug 21, 2017 Last of the Ancients Where in act 5 campaign do I find the lore books: Last of the Ancients? It is the last one I am missing and I have been searching all this time only to never find them, Anyone know where to look?Twoeagles1 Aug 21, 2017
Aug 15, 2017 The Prophet (spoilers) Anyone else think Eirena's prophet is Itherael? I did a search and only found suggestions that it was Inarius but I don't think that fits. I don't think he could see the future, and I think he was imprisoned shortly after creating Sanctuary, like ancient history. I also don't think Itherael would tell Eirena he was dead. I mean it all makes sense to me. The prophet was an angel, and he knew something was going to happen 1500 years in the future. Itherael's the only one that can read the Scroll of Fate, and he was one of the few angels that supported humans. It would also make sense that he'd want to hide his identity and interference with sanctuary by claiming he knew of the prophet and that he died long ago.Astasia49 Aug 15, 2017
Aug 15, 2017 Prophecy of the End of Days I don't know if this has been brought up but as we are all aware this prophecy speaks of all the Archangels and their fates. Currently all but one line has come to pass: ... I just began wondering if instead of referring to the Archangel of Fate himself, Itherael, it refers to the Realms of Fate. Thoughts?DankMemeGod1 Aug 15, 2017
Aug 15, 2017 Effects of the Necro Just one point, Cain dying in D3 was kind of a big deal. He was the last of the Horadrim, had an absurd amount of knowledge on useful topics, and was the catalyst for Leah taking over his role and continuing on the quest with the Nephalem. However, the Necro being there somewhat invalidates this happening. In the lore, Necros are able to raise the spirits of the dead and speak to them. In some cases they are able to imbue an item with the spirit so that they can be spoken to at any time. If the Necro can do all this, who cares if Cain actually died.. He can still be called on to help for the whole rest of the quest.Alkaldi1 Aug 15, 2017
Aug 9, 2017 Diablo Movie Please!!! I would love for Diablo to make a movie! Please make this happen! With all of the lore in Diablo it would probably be tough to condense it into a movie. But still it's possible! Please please!!Clayray530 Aug 9, 2017
Aug 9, 2017 Power Level Can someone please speed me through the story returning player just want done fasterSwankyPants0 Aug 9, 2017
Aug 7, 2017 Time for some "good demons"? Lately, I have been thinking about the future of the Diablo franchise. As of D3, we know that Angels and the High Heavens are not always good. As such, I was thinking it might be neat to see a sequel (or at least an expansions) where some demons get to be seen in a more sympathetic -- or at least ambiguous -- light. Maybe even have a character who's powers are primarily demonic in nature. Perhaps with skill groups that align (roughly) with the themes of the Seven Lords of Hell. Kind of like the opposite of a Paladin. One of his/her attacks could be "Unholy Bolts", like those used by the Greater Mummies in D2 -- along with an aura called "Damnation". Another idea I had was maybe a reboot or alternative continuity, where Diablo, Baal, Mephisto, and the rest of their crew are not necessarily good...but not altogether evil, either. Rather, they simply represent the darker aspects of life and existence, just as the Angiris Council represent other aspects. Thoughts? :-)HeartExalted15 Aug 7, 2017
Aug 7, 2017 About the characters/classes The Diablo characters on Heroes of the Storm, can I assume that the names given to them are canon?NovaPrime850 Aug 7, 2017
Aug 4, 2017 Re-writing Diablo III I think there are some aspects of D3's story that have potential, but a majority of how it was handled wasn't very good. So I thought I would try my hand at summarizing an "alternate" version of how Diablo III should have played out. Feel free to post your ideas as well. Act I - Instead of from a confrontation with Imperius, Tyrael "loses his wings" as a direct result of shattering the Worldstone. - It does not turn him mortal; he retains his classic shadowed-face look and remains a being of "resonance". - His obliteration from the Worldstone's destruction takes him 20 years to reform, and when he does, he falls to Sanctuary as the meteor. Instead of falling into the Cathedral, Tyrael lands inside Leoric's Manor. He does not lose his sword. - This still causes the dead to rise, leaving our player heroes to head to New Tristram with the same motivations. We head into the Cathedral only to save Cain. - Leah's status as the daughter of Adria and Aidan remains the same. - Same stuff plays out with the Skeleton King and Lachdanan's memories. - Final boss of the Act is not the Butcher, but Tyrael. The Worldstone blew up right in his face, and it, along with his recent "rebirth" leaves him delirious. He attacks you on-sight, wingless. - Tyrael regains his form throughout the fight and as we defeat him, he regains his wings and escapes. Turns out he has shards of the Worldstone inside him. We break one off of him during the fight and bring it back to Deckard Cain to study. - Cain dies at Leah's hand, from an uncontrollable surge of her "inner Diablo", catalyzed by the influence of the Worldstone shard. The guilt of this death is the driving force of her character going forward. - Before Cain dies, he reveals the Worldstone shard is still tainted by Baal's touch, which is what caused Tyrael to go crazy. - Maghda doesn't exist. - Motivation at the end of Act I isn't to pursue Cain's killer, but to pursue Tyrael. Act II - Leah receives some kind of distress message from Adria, saying she can aid Leah with controlling her power. She directly reveals herself to be Leah's mother. Cautious, but curious, Leah and your hero travel to Caldeum to investigate, driven to control the dangerous power that killed Cain. - In truth, this message was set up by Belial, who has Adria imprisoned. He already knows Leah is a host for Diablo. - Caldeum is advertised as the center of all trade in Kehjistan and a vibrant, lively city, but upon arrival, Caldeum is in ruins. All of it. We're talking "Durance of Hate" level destruction, bodies everywhere, pools of blood. Belial has had his way with this place for years, and no one knew because Belial is the Lord of Lies. In fact when we first get there, the city appears lively and pristine, but the veil/illusion is lifted shortly afterwards. - Leah's memories of Caldeum are fake, and she is motivated to find out what her true childhood was. - At various points we witness Adria and try to pursue her, with her vanishing just out of reach. - The story arc with Zoltun Kulle plays out mostly unchanged. We encounter Adria imprisoned beneath Caldeum, who had been in the area hunting for the Black Soulstone, and the "other Adria" we had been pursuing was Belial. The threat of Belial's armies motivate the group to aid her in getting the Black Soulstone, so that Belial can be imprisoned. - With Zoltun Kulle resurrected, he drops knowledge that we're being manipulated by Adria, but we (and especially Leah) ignore it thinking Zoltun Kulle to be evil. - The big reveal of the Black Soulstone happens -- the evils are already imprisoned within it. Zoltun Kulle does not attack us. Instead, Leah touches the Black Soulstone, and the essences of the other evils interact with Diablo's essence inside Leah, sparking a "true" memory of her childhood. Turns out Adria was with her the entire time as a child, she never traveled with Cain, never was born in Caldeum, and was being directly groomed and disciplined as a suitable host body for Diablo to manifest -- until Cain found out and saved her a few years prior to the start of the game. - Adria is exposed as a Diablo faithful, transforms into spider-witch-demon, and Zoltun Kulle helps us kill her. - From this point on, Zoltun Kulle takes the "wiseman" role Deckard Cain used to fill. - Leah's false memories were a plant by Belial, who sought to use an "unawakened Diablo" for his own ends after capturing Adria. - We go stomp out Belial, with him using illusions of Cain and whatnot to hold us off and misdirect our focus, but we kill Belial and Zoltun Kulle absorbs him into the Black Soulstone. (Cont)Thanatos3 Aug 4, 2017
Aug 2, 2017 Necromancer Hair Colour? Please excuse me if this has been asked and answered but I vaguely remember this question from a Q&A or on some forum or something but never heard the answer and after doing a play through and talking my !@# off with everyone I still have not gotten any answer? Might have missed it due to my overwhelming urge to constantly impale demons with bone spears... So if someone would be so kind as to tell me why the Necromancers' hair is white, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!Necrovex6 Aug 2, 2017
Aug 1, 2017 Resources for Lore? Hello all, I am fairly new to the forums, but not in the games. With the purchase of Rise of the Necromancer, I have gained a new found interest with the lore of the world of Sanctuary/Pandemonium. I recently purchased the Book of Cain, to which I have enjoyed, and will definitely purchase the Book of Tyrael in the future. I have several questions in which I would like help in please. Does anyone here have an idea where to find/purchase a detailed map of Sanctuary? As I follow the chronology of the Book of Cain, I cannot help but wonder where all these places are. I did a Google search for these however most of the maps I found were somewhat disappointing, I was wondering if anyone here have a good idea of where to get a good map. Moreover, what would be a good lore website that tells the lore of the first Nephalem, I would like to browse these if possible. Thank you in advance, have a good day.Dante2 Aug 1, 2017
Jul 31, 2017 D4 Possible story I think blizzard should ditch the Disney fantasy kiddie story for D4 and just refresh the story line they've created. As of right now we are some undefeatable superhero god thing with crazy ridiculous aesthetic angel wings (amongst others that fit no where into the story) and everyone in hell is defeated, with the high heavens still kind of in a rift with each other. They should make the nephalem character which we were in d3 just go full evil and want to rule the known universe and we could once again just be normal people who need to fight to kill the d3 character. Much like how the dark wanderer was the diablo 1 warrior. Along the way we could fight some evils like andariel and duriel tryna do their own thing and also fight imperius and others or what not. Just get rid of this weird childish/new-age hollywood movie feeling I get from d3. More gothic and dark like d1 and 2 please. Anyway, my thoughts.Maximoos0 Jul 31, 2017
Jul 31, 2017 Why does the Necro and WD help? There's just something I can't grasp on. In most fantasy worlds, Necromancers, and Witch Doctors are evil. What made them decide to help Cain and Tyrael? Was there a part of the storyline/lore that I am missing? I understand every other class, but these two.Shayd71316 Jul 31, 2017
Jul 30, 2017 Diablo always used soulstones to possess There are no soulstones now. Does he no longer need to possess people?starcraft1115 Jul 30, 2017
Jul 30, 2017 Enchantress questions regarding Act 3 Hello! I was rushing through the acts for the achievements to do each of them in an hour, I had done them prior of course, but I noticed some things that raised questions regarding the Enchantress, maybe some of you can help me! First off, why does she calls demons, Daemons? Secondly when Cydaea speaks to you she acts as if she's never seen a succubus/lust demon. 'That demon is very strange.' or 'Why must she act so disgusting.' or 'You have a defined taste' or something like that. Has she never heard of lust demons before? Or does she not know a lot of demons in general? Thanks in advance!SammyKnight1 Jul 30, 2017
Jul 23, 2017 Belial should of faked his death For the lord of lies he was really REALLY obviously disguised as the kid in act 2. If he is truly the lord of lies it would make sense that he staged the whole thing to fake his death so, 1: the players would stop trying to hunt him down and murder him, and 2: so the other lords of hell would think he was dead. This would allow him to wait until all his competition was dead and allow him (a much physically weaker lord of hell) to gain control of the dominion of not only the other lesser evil's but the prime evils. Diablo 4 seriously should consider him as the main villain with the newly released Prime Evils attempting to take hell back from him while the player is manipulated into hunting down and containing the prime evils(so their power can be absorbed by him via the same way Diablo did in act 4) by a disguised Belial.TheCiaran17 Jul 23, 2017
Jul 16, 2017 MAKE MOVIES I want to see Diablo movies. Make Blizzard. I want.Kristov11 Jul 16, 2017
Jul 14, 2017 DROOD PLS Pls, gimme. Thanks. :s -- I just bought d2; if that tells you anything about the 'feel' of d3.Bowflexin1 Jul 14, 2017
Jul 13, 2017 Dirgest is a corrupted Nephalim Just finished the story for the first time with a Necromancer Priestess (well, acolyte as it turns out) and through her conversations with Shen; cottoned onto the notion that Dirgest must be an even more corrupted version of Kulle. Probably much older too. Lots of really interesting Lore in the Necro storyline. I really enjoyed it. Thanks Blizz! :)Paladinrja0 Jul 13, 2017
Jul 12, 2017 how long is the story i started on xbox one. and i was wondering how long it would be. i haven't played storied before just the sessional type. i just transferred to xbox one from Pc.Neko1 Jul 12, 2017
Jul 11, 2017 The Discovery of Sanctuary I just did like 30 runs of the Fields of Eternity looking for this books and couldn't find even 1. I know they look like the Azmodan messengers, but I think they are either bugged, or the spawn rate is ridiculous. Any tips on this?Wisak2 Jul 11, 2017
Jul 10, 2017 how to make the story of diablo 4 not suck Quit killing off our favorite characters. Quit destroying our favorite settings. Tristram is supposed to be the center of the game, not some ruins you pass by as an afterthought. The great evil is coming from Tristram cathedral, not anywhere else. The final battle takes place in hell, against Diablo. Deckard Cain plays the role of narrator and trusted advisor. Griswold fixes your gear, and Wirt is the one who dashes your hopes with crappy gambles. And Adria is off on the edge of town, doing whatever it is she does out there. There is no exploring the world, it's just delving the depths of the cathedral to see how far down it goes. Quit trying to reinvent the wheel. Just make another *Diablo* game, taking advantage of everything you learned from the debacle that was the original Diablo 3 release. The mechanics feel good now. Combat is fun. The auction house is gone, thank god. Loot actually drops now. Paragon and rifts were good ideas. Chasing primals and reforging/enchanting for those perfect rolls gives you a reason to keep playing. And bounties, well, at least we can do challenge rifts instead soon. These things are good. Keep them. Reaper of Souls was a decent apology for the insult that was Diablo 3. But there are still many things that the older titles did better. Leveling up didn't feel like a formality, since you didn't gain your skills in the exact same order every time. It was a time to try out new builds or play a challenging variant build. That part of the game is dead still. There was also an active trading community, because you could trade any piece of gear with anyone at any time. None of this bind on account, only tradeable to specific people, only if it comes from certain approved sources, only if you haven't modified it in any way, and even then only for two hours after it dropped. There was an offline mode, where you could play hardcore without lag being the #1 killer of characters by far. Frankly though, I would be okay if the next Diablo still had these flaws, as long as the world felt like Diablo again. I don't want to teleport around the world doing random errands for a neutered version of Tyrael. I want to go to Tristram, stay a while and listen.Cheesewheels5 Jul 10, 2017
Jul 10, 2017 Necromancer's name and gender Has blizzard actually given what the canonical name/gender for the new necromancer is? I am getting the pack and I have a character of every class set with the right name and gender since they are all known via some means: (I have taken these more from HotS rather then the short stories since they (most) do not specify that they are going to Tristram. Wizard: Li-Ming (female) Witch Doctor: Nazeebo (male) Monk: Kharazim (male) Demon Hunter: Valla (female) Crusader: Johanna (female) Barbarian: Sonya (female) (Given the ratio a male would even it out) Still I have yet to find info on 'who' the necro really is.WarGiver8 Jul 10, 2017
Jul 7, 2017 The Chosen Are all Diablo comics of this "quality?" Blizzard really HAS slashed the budget for this game.starcraft1111 Jul 7, 2017
Jul 6, 2017 Looking for more Lore resources As the topic says are there any books or site with official or even unoffical lore?circus1 Jul 6, 2017
Jul 3, 2017 So who defeated Diablo in the second game? I know the Warrior did it in the first.Burpcycle3 Jul 3, 2017
Jul 3, 2017 WAIT: Are All The D2 Heroes DEAD? At the end of D2 Tyrael throws his sword into the world stone. BUT before he does he gives the PCs a town portal they can take back to Horrorgath before we see the end cinematic. That all makes sense. HOWEVER.... In D3 Tyrael explains that the reason he falls from Heaven 20 years after for his "transgressions" and not immediately is because it took TWENTY YEARS for his body to REFORM. The blast was so powerful, it kersploded him along with most of the people on the mountain (who also went insane later if I'm not mistaken). Thus....it is possible they did not survive. I dont recall if it was stated somewhere they actually didn't.Mijuu41 Jul 3, 2017
Jul 2, 2017 Tethamet - the original big bad I'm writting a fan fic on the current topic which is a culmination of several other events, all logically cannon but some not in the official lore, the basic idea is the final boss of Diablo 4 should be Tethamet, if people are aware of the cannonical story of creations story they will know it originated with the fight between Anu and Tethamet (Tethamet being all the evil Anu cast of of himself, (like kami and piccolo, wanted to say that)), the 7 evils were formed after the destruction of Thethamet and each is a former head of this big bad, his body being the burning hells and his essence/soul, thing, i believe is the Abyss that is spoken of. when the evils die they are said to return to the abyss to slowly reform over time then returning to the eternal conflict, this is the first time the evils have been in the abyss together since Tethamet's fall, the logical progression may be the nephalem entering the abyss to fight the newly reformed Tethamet(in a weakend state) in his own realm, sort of like a prime evil, but genuinely scary, like, 7 headed dragon scary, the fan fic encapsulates much of this and includes a temporary cease fire(not like mephisto's cease fire... liar) a potential return of Anu in a weakend form as well where the final fight is a contested struggle between many involved not just the nephalem being the "hero" being able to rise to every challenge like a Sayian but a combined fight which reinforces the mortality of the nephalem but maintains a large ammount of their strenth, just they can't do it all themselves thoughts???EdwardNess5 Jul 2, 2017
Jun 30, 2017 New Diablo Look Tease? Okay so i got an image of diablo fighting the nephalem in my email, this diablo had the head of D3 but the body of the classic and it got me so hype. I bought the dlc mostly to see the new diablo but havent found any traces of him. Somebody know what happend or if blizzard was just cruel and baited me.Wonker2 Jun 30, 2017
Jun 27, 2017 Why didn't Leah believe Deckard? I mean, in universe the events of D2 and D1 aren't that long ago, like why does she not believe the recent history of Sanctuary? The town is being overrun by undead at the beginning of the game and she still doubts Deckard's stories and the existence of angels and demons? I DON'T GET ITSpec12 Jun 27, 2017
Jun 26, 2017 Chances of Hellfire impacting Diablo? Hello, originally Sierra owned the rights for the add-on Hellfire, but Sierra was later bought by Activision Blizzard. I am consequently wondering if we could hope to see one day Hellfire brought back to life, one way or another. I know this expansion is not canon and not super popular, but i liked it. I think it would be appreciated to see new physical of this now super scarce add-on, or bringing it for free for battlenet accou,ts as it is currently possible to get Starcraft for free. Itis very hard to find copies in good shape and prices are often beyond 40-60 dollars for this add-on. Sice Blizard has the rights i see no major obstacle.mageoflight2 Jun 26, 2017
Jun 25, 2017 Why is there no Diablo movie??? Dear Blizzard, After reaching Act 2 and watching your in-game cinematics, I would pay dearly for an IMAX ticket to a Diablo saga done in your cinematic-game style on the big screen. Your computer graphics rendering are just an inch short of perfection. And the direction (so far in what I've seen) is really good! Worthy of several directors efforts in Hollywood ... Is there any consideration being made at all for a full-length film? And not a live-actor film. One done in your particular style. That would rock hardcore! Kudos to your rendering and art direction team for making a really great story. So far. :) Loving the game. Thank you!Dogpaws7331 Jun 25, 2017
Jun 19, 2017 who is it Ytar ? The monk quotes him several times.JiHairo8 Jun 19, 2017
Jun 10, 2017 Completing the Diablo Story Line A lot of you have asked (and rightfully so) how we could possibly wrap up the story in any meaningful way, have more epic battles than the Prime Evil itself and have the plot holes in the story mainly wrapped up. I'd like to see if I could sell any more of you on my idea on how to truly bring this story back to greatness. A lot of advertisers like to start with testimonials. I copied in a few kind words, if you don't believe just me. ... ... ... What this means in game terms: Two new character classes New levels such as the Ruins of Sescheron and The Plains of Despair Epic boss battles and new allies Runes and new gems (diamons, opals, etc.) So here's the links, they're also posted inside each thread. Chapter 1 Salvation: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5760137530 Chapter 2 Revelation: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5740846676 Chapter 3 Rebirth: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5794090255 Chapter 4 Reunion: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5794080429 Happy reading!Melancholy1 Jun 10, 2017
Jun 6, 2017 Diablo 3 Story Rewritten There's a lot of dissatisfaction from the fandom about Diablo 3's story, including the recently launched Reaper of Souls expansion. As a fan of the Diablo lore, it was a bit of a letdown for me as well. So instead of complaining about every little detail that went wrong, I decided to just rewrite the story in my own version. Some of the things I focused on fixing include: better death for Cain, better mortalization of Tyreal, better character development for Leah, more competent Lords of Hell and Arch Angels, story that flows better from D2LoD, and consistent progression rather than becoming stale. This is my version of the story: a fan-fiction about how D3's story should have been told. For those who'd care to read it, enjoy. :) Diablo 3 Opening Cinematic *Sketch Animation* Proper introduction of the world followed by a very brief recap of the lore. Decard Cain narrates. "Sanctuary... The world of man. A safe haven hidden from the eternally raging war.. between the angels of the High Heavens and the demons of the Burning Hells. But our fate was forever changed when the three Lords of Hell, Mephisto, Baal, and Diablo, entered into our world... With the help of the Arch Angel of Justice, Tyreal, a valiant group of heroes emerged and slayed the Prime Evils! But the Worldstone that kept our world safe had already been corrupted... To save humanity from this corruption, Tyreal was forced to destroy it... Now, with the Worldstone gone, the forces of evil are on the move... The end days.. are upon us all...!" Cue epic music. *CG animation* All different kinds of demons are emerging from the beneath the earth in epic manner. Then comes Azmodan with all his fat and glory. "The time has come for the Burning Hells to consume this world! I, Azmodan, shall rule all!!!" His menacing laugh fades into the thunderous chorus of demon roars, followed by the game's title: Diablo III.BlizzGamer14 Jun 6, 2017
Jun 3, 2017 What happens to Malthael after Act V? Spoiler The nephalem defeats Malthael at the end of Act V... but we know that angels and demons respawn after death, hence why Tyrael had to put the demon souls in soulstones. Now Malthael was killed by the Nephalem but doesn't that mean all he is going to do is just respawn in the high heavens? Same with his followers.... Or is he like Tyrael after destroying the Worldstone that he needs a long time to reconstitute himself? Either way, I don't think Malthael is gone at all and the plot is rather vague on what happens after. What are your opinions on this? Or is there an explanation I missed somewhere?Dierdrea37 Jun 3, 2017
May 29, 2017 Vasily and Fiacla The Lord of Destruction manual says that Fiacla-Gear was the original druid and brother of Bul-Kathos. In the Sin War trilogy and Book of Cain, the name Vasily was mentioned, and his description was the same as Fiacla. Is there any account that says the two names refer to the same person?Ascalon0 May 29, 2017
May 22, 2017 Darkening of Tristram lore. Hey Blizzard I test the Darkening of Tristram on the ptr and love it, BUT i think its a little bit i mean very simple "go old tristram and there is a portal"....... i think its boring. Maybe you can add some story element for that, example the player go to the old ruins and found nothing.... than a spirit come and walk to the center, and the player can talk to this spirit and the spirit say he can show what happend that long years ago and buuummmm open a portal. ( The spirit may look like a knight or a boy and hes name maybe just Echo of the past ) After than the player kill Diablo and the cinematic is done that spirit come and now hes name is Aidan or Albrecht and open a another portal to go bcak the old ruins and some dialog happening there and done. i thinks its more better than hmmmmm ok there is a portal oke i kill diablo lets go home.Bulcatos7 May 22, 2017
May 20, 2017 What causes "awakening" of nephalem powers? I understand the shattering of the worldstone and such. My question is referring to what actually "triggers" the Nehalem powers? For instance, following the breaking of the world stone, what triggers the awakening of wizard or barbs powers over say Asheara or anyone else. Not sure if this was ever mentioned in-game or books, but was curious.Aoo1 May 20, 2017
May 20, 2017 Necromancer short story I'm curious if there's any information about a Necromancer short story in the works for the Game Guide page. Do they normally just pick a writer they already have in house, or do they post a job on the big ol' job page? I took a look already on the careers page, but the only Writing/Editing job was for Content Strategist. Is writing lore under a different heading, or should I keep my eye on jobs added to Writing/Editing? Basically, if there's a place where a writer would stick a resume and link to their previous works, where would that place be?DJSuptic5 May 20, 2017
May 19, 2017 Their Alignment Are DH considered evil or anti-heroes of sanctuary? Considering how they operate and deal with demons.MrHatStick4 May 19, 2017
May 17, 2017 Book of tyreal ? After reading the book and looking at the family tree ive got a few question that im not sure if they have been brought up. 1. We assumed that baal Soulstone was destroyed with the destruction of mt areat could it have survived somehow. 2. Adria was said to have been killed in the badlands wich surrounds areat crater in the family tree its shown her holding a crystal that resembles somewhat baal SS is thta his. 3. Could that SS have boosted her magics enough that she could have sucked the 5 evils into the black SS, since they were already in there at the time we got the black SS.Darthwraith1 May 17, 2017
May 17, 2017 Diablo IV story theory The lord of terror wants to vanquish all things dark for he likes color. XD (our job is to kill him before he turns the whole game into a colorfest.) In Diablo 3, rainbowland spawned because we didn't kill Diablo in time. Now, following all past events, Diablo will return angrier than ever.Mowze9 May 17, 2017