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Jun 16, 2012 Such a shame... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ToAJof9VkU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a9AjTuiWBY4 Just a reminder of what this game *could* have been. God damn it blizzard...WalleY0 Jun 16, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Lesser Evils, do we give them enough credit? I would like to post my own out there ides, one on Belial, and the other a Defense on Asmodan. I cannot take full credit for the defense on Asmodan as it is in part based on a post by another poster, but i cannot remember who or where. I would like to give proper credit though. Belial: as it notes Belial is the master of lies, but sometimes deceives himself in the Book of Cain Pg. 40-41 However being the best liar haven't a few things stuck you? Why are his lies so obvious... it is almost like he wants to be caught. I would posit he does in fact desire to be defeated, and i would also like to make a claim of why. In the book of cain one of the three mage clans has Belial's stated ideology in the game, which means he had access to Sanctuary at the time of the Triune Church. I.e. That "reality is based on the perception of reality, and to change that perception is to change reality." (paraphrased) When you fist discover Maghda she is easlitly noticable and wants the angel or the sword. Either or is a very bad command to give a minion you care about. In addition if you want effectiveness in an empire of evil, make your minion believe he or she is not disposable, but is replaceable, so he or she will continue to try to curry favor. If you want your minion to be sacrificed, cause your minion to believe you never will let him or her down. Maghda was a sacrifice for "the plan." The butcher, why would he return? A hero has stymied one of Belial's minions, one he plans on disposing of. What kind of demon would you throw against him if you wanted him to lose? Something never before seen. If you wanted him to win, something intimidating that has been defeated before. The Butcher is a difficulty gate. Belial wants some hero capable of defeating the butcher and so strong to hunt him. Caldeum, If i was lord of lies and actually wanted to be subtle, i would take Harkan and make things go business as usual. I would never through out the palace servants (one literally) and consorts, i would replace them. These actions are out of character and attention getting. Belial The has his followers deliberately hide their tracks with magic, and take a straight line from ambushing your character (making you want to chase them) to their hiding places. This is a lure, not a method of hiding. Especially if someone who can see through "poor" illusions is known to be in the enemy camp. It is all part of his grand illusion. Next we have Maghda. She is persuaded (read commanded) to leave a trial of breadcrumbs and slaughter quite a few people. You start wondering where to go next and cultists ambush you. Convenient eh? Then Maghda is persuaded to believe she is indispensable and sent no further help. Help he has in abundance, so it is clear she is left out to dry, even though she might expect some reinforcements, those never come. For Kulle you have a marked decrease of his minions and seeded instructions to them on bodies which vanish only after you read their missives. Convenient breadcrumbs eh? When you heads to where kulle is Harkan Goes and makes some obvious likes things like "I think i am on to who Belial is." and when it is clear that you are on your way to the black soulstone he does as best a clear hint as he can without giving away he wants you to know. "I am very close to finding who Belial is go quickly" his following things are patently unbelievable such that the Templar if you have him in your party calls Bull**** to his face. (more or less). When you return and fight him my major clue he is not done deceiving you is to listen to his dialogue (still like a whiny brat) and his animations/attacks. Belial is not putting any effort in to fighting you, he wants you to believe he is, but he wants to lose. His attacks are easily telegraphed, he fails to use his biggest power (illusions), and he lights up the floor where he is going to hit. He is trying to make this easy. also next postGerbilattack2 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 My thoughts on D3 story At first, I was disappointed. I wasn't sure why - this chapter in the Diablo universe just didn't feel right. Once I placed issues with lore that I had under a microscope and dissected what was going on, I felt better and more appreciative. Microscopic dissection FTW. The part of the game I still don't appreciate is the script. But I consider how I am a harsh critic of most scripts in game and film and that there are highs and lows. Once I play the game after a few home beers or coming from the bar, my opinion will probably be more positive. I also consider that I do not have all of the lore available to me (Book of Cain, completed NPC talks), which is to be addressed in time.wickedjefe1 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 New Expansions and Post D3 Lore Just want to see some thoughts for expansions. I think it would be cool if each expansion increased the level cap by 5, created a new class, and added a new act. This would allow for new gear and upgrading. All of the gameplay in D3 seemed to take place in sanctuary and the high havens. Judging by the way Diablo died I think all of the prime and lesser evils went back to hell. It would be cool if each expansion added an act where we took the battle into hell and hunted down and killed all of the evils again on their own turf. What do think the expansions will consist of? What are your thoughts on lore post D3?OldSchool15 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 I am greater than God. What could possibly threaten me in the expansion? The problem with making our character the strongest being in the universe is that there is no feasible threat in the expansion. Unless we go all Arthas and get corrupted and become Diablo. Yeah cause that's so much fun *sarcasm* I don't see a viable threat in the expansion and Blizzard is imo better off adding 2 new classes and altering the current storyline, maybe add a couple of quest chains. I don't know, what else can there be? We killed the Prime Evil, even if the Black Soulstone was not destroyed I am fully capable of taking down the Prime Evil again. So, send me off to hell to wipe out the entire army right there and then? The moral of the story is that I am unstoppable, this creates some issues for expansions. Adria? Let the witch get away, I can kill her with the flick of a toenail. Imperius? Pff, I can pluck him like feathers off a chicken. I am God.Constipated26 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Deckard Cain.. Why do you not use that secret passage of yours to get away from the skeletons? They aren't blocking your path and it only takes you a second to open it. Getting a little senile or what?Allewd2 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 All Hope will be swalloed by Despair I do know blues do not post here in the Story Forum,but if you come to read this thread,please,do not make more dull references to the lore in future expansions. I mean,we had plenty of lore content released prior to D3 in order to develop more the story of the game series.One major content was the prophecy of the end of the days,wich me and many more tough it would play a major hole in the plot of the game. Well,It did took part in the game,but seriously...after finishing the game for the first time I tough only ''Justice falls upon the world of men'' had happened.But no....If we consider how poorly this ''prophecy'' was developed in the game,we can say preety much everything happened. Wisdown shall be lost - Malthael is not present in the game Justice falls upon the world of men - Tyrael's fall Valor shall turn to Wrath - Imperius is mad at the player ( Yeah,it could be possible to be this stupid,see the next one.) All hope will be swalloed by Despair - Auriel is being held by Rakanoth ( It was after seeing this poor reference I started to realise how everything that happened in the game was supposed to be that way. ) Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all - It could be Diablo being in the top of the Heavens.I do not doubt it considering the previous ones. Fate lies shattered forever - This is the only one I did not find in the game yet,even considering all the stupid things.(Help me out :P) So yeah..post your toughts.What is your opinion about this ''prophecy'' ? Do you think they should have given more attention to it ?SpaceBound5 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 My Issues with Bastion's Keep My issues with Bastion’s Keep are just about endless. I had a few but the list kept growing as I thought about it. The walls appear to be at least 200+ feet tall. Why on earth are there buildings shown at the base of the fortress OUTSIDE the walls? It’s the “fortress”, not “small European village” of Bastion’s Keep. Why are there two sections of ramparts just outside the keep? The point of 200 foot tall walls is you stand BEHIND them. Much safer that way. Fortress design. You walk out the door, down a flight of stairs and you’re out of the fortress? I mean seriously? WHO DESIGNED THIS PLACE?? Why are there catapults at all? What good is a catapult going to do against a loosely packed barbarian army? Why, why, why, why are there all these pots of boiling oil? ON DIFFERENT SIDES OF THE WALL? Enemies = one side, you = other side. Remember Sescheron? It was supposed to be in between. Two bridges and you’re in the mountain? OOPS, WE LEFT OUT THE RUINED BARBARIAN CAPITAL!! If you look at the official map, Mt. Arreat is on one end of the island, Bastion’s keep the other. We stroll across two bridges, fully intact after the explosion THAT DESTROYED AN ENTIRE MOUNTAIN and waltz our way down into the crater. OK. I understand that there are miles and miles of tunnel under the fortress. But really? The walk from the keep interior to the larder would have most of the troops dead of starvation. Food storage is usually very close to living areas. It would take the troops longer to find food than for an enemy to walk from the front door to the keep interior. Anyone else have any?Melancholy0 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 Mephisto... *Disclaimer: Nerd pointing out plot-hole* Why is it that the quest-line (that we spent the better portion of the game completing) In Diablo II involving defeating Mephisto, putting his soul into a stone, SMASHING AND DESTROYING IT FOREVER ON THE HELLFORGE doesn't seem to exist anymore; because suddenly in Diablo III his SUPPOSEDLY (FOREVER) DESTROYED SOUL winds up inside this 'Black Soulstone'...? Can anyone give me an explanation? Metzen?VincentLemon32 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 SPOILERS ALERT , spoilers and aftermath Don't READ don't READ if you haven't play yet!! So! before act 3 I was looking up some pictures of leah on google(yup, i think she's cute), that was a noob move, it was not the first time but I guess I never learn. As I typed in "Diablo 3 leah *space*" the following suggestion popped up "Diablo 3 leah is diablo". I'm like ..... %$@%%#Q%Q$%@ thanks for the spoilers dudes! But I guess I was noob , I never should have search about a game before playing through the whole thing, but I just don't quite understand why people would search for something like that if they already know the story. Anyway, I am seriously sadden about what happened to the poor innocent girl, are there any confirmation of expansions besides the PVP? thanks for the reply.TheAnswer0 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 diablo 3 story- a let down Ive ssen alot of blue posts saying that theyve got mostly good feed back about the diablo story line but i dont know how because the majority of the posts are talking about the storyline was bad and i would have to agree. Deakard Cain dies in the first act, killed by a demon that was pretty much unknowin until diablo 3. i mean he was able to survive the impact of tyreal falling to earth and he just randomly gets killed by magdina. that just seems like a kick in the nuts considering how long he lived to just suddenly dying at the start of the game. Apart from that i thought act 1 and 2s environments were quite good but i did miss hearing individual stories from merchants building there story a bit. like in diablo 2 where everyone had a story to tell. i know the focus in diablo 3 was to tell you the story while playing but you only herd it from leah most of the time. Act 4 for me was by far the worst act it didnt seem to have much story to it. there was no town or safe hold, you just went back to bastions keep which to me seemed dissemination. it wasn't mysterious at all and heaven was pretty much overrun just like that. I think diablo talked to way to much, pretty much telling you what to do and that you will never succeed in doing so even when you kill everyone and make it to him hes still telling you how to get out of hell when vsing him. At the end when Tyreal become the Angel of wisdom i was gutted to see him not turn back into an angel. i mean i can see why they made him stay mortal but i think thats pretty lame. he looked way more badass as an angel ( thats why everybody drawed him in fan art) and he was alot more mysterious as an angel. Tyreal is supposed to be the man and he remains a mortal. how is that cool? hes not mysterious at all anymore. In my opinion diablo 3s story was a major let down. the twist was predictable and the story and characters lacked depth especially Azmadon and Beliel falling so easily. the only good cinimatic was act 2 where Tyreal fights Imperious.HappyFuntime0 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 15, 2012 What happened to Diablo 3 story Someone posted this video days ago in the General Discussion forums. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ReoBPl4mM It preety much shows what happened to D3 story.SpaceBound7 Jun 15, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 [SPOILER] Been said, but the story is bad The story is bad because some parts of it are just in the level of Power Rangers plot. It seems to me that only a 10 year old guy read it and give it for good. To me the worst things that I could'nt read in other topics: 1. If Adria marked the black soulstone (which it's said once you recover it) means that she was supposed to have it. Then why do we have to ressurrect Kulle if she knows where to find it? Well it's also never told how Adria lost the Black soulstone and magically reappeared where she originally stole it... 2. Second one and worst of all. Why in the end cinematic we can see the black soulstone just falling from the sky?? Who threw that body without destroying the soulstone?? Seriously i felt like blizzard was laughing at me... And really, how could Blizzard make a credible expansion if the boss in Diablo 3 is the ultimate evil???? If that evil himself could just destroy heaven in 5 minutes without any opposition why we should expect to find any harder foe to beat?? The only thing i can expect to make a truly serious expansion comes with the corruption of the heaven boss (if there's any) now that barak obama is ruling two ministries of heaven (justice and wisdom). I mean, the only good challenge that lasts makes sense to me just if Diablo succeed in corrupting God itself and it's the bad guy in future expansions. Thx for reading, have fun with the gameMurtanimah13 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 RAGE!!!!(Sarcasm) Okay so i decided to put a forum together that is made of people raging about the Diablo 3 story. I'll start. HOW DARE THEY ADD A RAINBOW UNICORN, TEDDY BEAR, AND SINGING FLOWER LEVEL JUST FOR OUR AMUSEMENT AND ENTERTAINMENT!!!! Your turn :).Deamon0 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 [Spoilers] Giant Arreat Crater Demons I could have sworn that when I first played through latter half of Act 3, and went to destroy the Hearts, that there was a log or a lore that popped up and mentioned what the purpose was of those giant demons below the pathways. ... You know the ones I'm talking about; they look like gigantic red shuddering skeletons, some with S&M gear on... Cydaea constantly refers to them when she comes down from the ceiling at every entrance to a new area; she mentions that they're in agony and it's exquisite to her, or something like that. Apparently they're not around just to give Cydaea her jollies, but to have their skin peeled away and used to make the walls, pathways, and general surrounding architecture. I mentioned it to my friends while we were playing - because they don't pay attention to the lore - and they don't believe me! I tried looking around in my journal for an entry about them but couldn't find anything. I remember thinking that it was so twisted to hear this and thought that whoever came up with this at Blizzard was DARK, so I'm pretty sure I'm not making this up. Do any of you know what I'm talking about and know if there is a lore or journal entry that mentions these guys?Throbyn6 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Diablo 3 and the role of story in games In a review at http://www.gamefront.com/diablo-3-review/, CJ Miozzi writes: "Some may say that Diablo never had a strong story, and whether that’s true or not is irrelevant — the fact that Diablo 1 or 2 did not include something doesn’t make it okay for Diablo 3 to exclude it, especially given how far the gaming industry has evolved over the past fifteen years. We’ve come to expect more from stories in games: characters with depth, captivating plots, twists that keep us guessing, and an ending that we’ll remember for years." While I agree with his assessment of D3's story (mediocre), I find that I don't share this expectation. I'm perfectly fine with games that set up a basic premise, establish a little backstory, and then let gameplay take center stage. In fact, I prefer a game like that over the kind in which the story largely goes on around a generic adventurer PC who isn't fleshed out very well. I'm fine with intricate plots, but if story is going to be a large part of the game, it needs to obey the same rules for narrative and characterization as a story in a novel or movie. It needs a fully-realized protagonist we can identify with, who affects the plot. Few game companies can provide this; it just isn't what they specialize in. I would much rather play a game that focuses on what the developers can do well than get a crappy token plot they put in just because they think it's mandatory. Not saying that's what Diablo 3's plot is, but I would be happier with the game if it had a simpler story that established what the gameplay was about, contributed to atmosphere, and then got out of the way. Your thoughts?Sindrien11 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Diablo 3 Story : Positive Perspective? I'm probably one of a very small group that wasn't so much displeased with the story as I was excited about the possibilities. If you take the time to go through the game like some of us crazy fans did, and get all the lore books and conversations, you can see how large of a story Blizzard is actually opening up. Most of the lore in this game revolves around the creation of Sanctuary and the Nephalem, as well as the Angels and Demons who created it. To me, this is exciting. Let's be honest: Good guys always in (in video games), in one way or another. How many times were the Prime/Lesser Evils going to be defeated before it seemed stale? Now, we have an opportunity to see that some Angel's are not the shining figures of justice that common lore makes them out to be. We also see, in the story with Lilith, that not ever demon is as evil as commonly thought. If the writers take this set up and run with it correctly, there is a great chance the expansion (like there won't be at least 2...) will be absolutely fantastic. While it does stink that Diablo 3's story feels like a prologue to a larger more grandiose tale, at least there does appear to be hope for life to continue and flourish in the Diablo universe.XreserJQG5 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Has it occured to anyone... I keep seeing threads about the cheesy story and how belial and azmodan tell you they're plans and how belial is the worst liar ever. Has it occured to anyone that they WANTED to get caught in the soulstone? That makes sense doesn't it? i mean Adria has been in diablo's pocket for 20+ years and she has searched and marked the souls of the demons..wasn't this diablos plan all along? So looking at it from the point of view that they want you to trap them so diablo can become an ultimate badass...it kind of makes sense now why belial was a crappy liar, and azmodan was the over-confident "tactical master" just my .02 cents :) what do you guys think?Bekkinator8 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Most interesting part of the game Demons carrying logs. How does Ghom write?Nyancat3 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 D3 Expension Ideas... Here's Mine... The black soul stone fell tru the sky and open a rift back in time. After landing on the ground a T-Rex came by and thought it was rock candy and gobbled it up. Ta ta ta and it transformed into Thatmet or whatever you called it... Diablo 3 - Back in Time...DeStoneAgeZ1 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Maghda/nephalem lore...? just a warning- *spoilers* talking about Maghda and the nephalem temple place in the festering wood, and the nephalem reveal in act 2. This is something that has been annoying me. Who is Maghda? Where did she come from? What is she? What is her goal? Who is she working for? She is portrayed as the arch-enemy of act 1, but then you get the butcher (that itself is a big plot hole). However the game never really tells you anything about her. I mean in a lore entry it says the *ancient* nephalem guardians hated her for her treachery. When you get inside the nephalem temple place Leah mentions that the place has architecture from before the sin war, so that makes it what 260-280 years old at least. Yet those are the nephalem guardians talking about her betrayal or treachery or w/e. This would make Maghda truly ancient. It also contradicts any earlier lore that Maghda only started getting to work recently. Also Maghda appears as a human, making this even more confusing. What is the purpose of that nephalem temple anyway? If not for the sword fragment incidentally falling in there, there is *nothing* in that room. What was so special about that place that it needed eternal guardians, when it had nothing in it? This leaves another huge plot fail. Only nephalem can enter that temple. You enter that temple with Leah, and possibly a follower. So this implies you, Leah and all your followers are nephalem. So if this is revealed in act 1 why is Zoltun Khule so coy about it in act 2. In fact he keeps giving these coy remarks as if leading up to a huge reveal, then there is no reveal. No one comes out and directly says you are nephalem in any sort of dramatic fashion. It just seems to suddenly become readily apparent to the whole world you are nephalem after a point, where before you are just an adventurer.SirLogiC10 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 14, 2012 Angels as antagonists in D3? So I finished reading the book of Cain a couple of days ago and started to wonder if some of the Archangels will become antagonists in the D3 plot? I don’t want to accidently spoil anything if you haven’t read it. It's a pretty good read and I usually hate reading anything so...! Anyways, the story about the Inarius and Lilith, the mortal realm, as well as the defecting angels and demons makes me wonder if they’re planning on a few interesting twists. Also, in the end of days prophecy it references each archangel. Think we’ll come to find that aside from Tyreal and a handful of other angels the other minions in heaven might not be big fans of or care about humans, kind of like in the Supernatural series. So, what would be a good D3 plot twist? Be as specific or as vague as you like. I’m thinking some bad guy angels and good guy daemons. If you care to weigh in on this go for it!SgtBeernutz12 Jun 14, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Unused Tyrael Cinematic? So, check out the teaser trailer for this game: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/media/videos/?keywords&view#/teaser There's a scene in there of a completely remade shot of Tyrael throwing his sword at the Worldstone. It doesn't show up in the actual game (nor do a few other shots, such as Ureh, which we know was scrapped), so I'm wondering if this was planned to be in any of the cinematics and was cut? On that same note, it's disappointing that the Tyrael everyone knows and loves, and the Tyrael used to advertise this game entirely (looking at you, animated Tyrael bust on the old D3 website), only exists in cinematics.Thanatos3 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 How much of the story did Bobby Kotick write? just askinSilmarien5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 "The Prime Evil" battle needs more flavor When I played the game for the first time on my barbarian, I watched every cutscene and cinematic and was engrossed in the storyline. After Act 3 when Adria betrays and tells the player that Diablo wanted all evils inside the soulstone so he could be the sum of the seven evils, I felt a great excitement about the concept. In Act 4, the final battle against Diablo (the sum of seven evils), in my opinion, was a little too bland. First, the player (nephalem) starts off by battling Diablo. At approximately halfway, Diablo shifts the player into the shadow realm, where the player fights a shadow of Diablo, occasionally fighting shadow clones of the player. Once the shadow clone is defeated, the player is brought back to finish the original battle against Diablo. From this, it seemed to me that the entire concept of the "seven evils in one" was not used to full effect. I would have been thrilled with a battle where we fight Diablo until halfway (like we do now already), however, after shifting to the Realm of Terror (shadow realm), we don't fight the Shadow of Diablo, but we fight a shadow of each evil (a shadow of Mephisto, Baal, Andariel, Duriel, Azmodan, Belial and Diablo too) before returning to the crystal arch to finish off the original battle. The shadow realm battle could be fighting the seven evils sequentially - one by one, or to make it more intense, all at the same time. This, in my opinion, would make "The Prime Evil" quest a fitting finale and also do justice to the concept of "Seven evils in one". Probably for an expansion, this could be a potential idea? Thoughts on this?Delta15 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 How is Magdah biblical at all? The games supposed to be based on Angels vs Demons with Humans and halfbreeds thrown into the mix. What I do not understand however is where do god damn fairies come from? The biblical battle between good and evil doesn't have !@#$ing fairies in it.Constipated11 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Nephalem, Nephalem everywhere The nephalem were the first generation of humans in Sanctuary, the direct offspring of angels and demons with the potential to surpass both in power. Originally, the Worldstone was used by Inarius to weaken the nephalem. Specifically, it made every new generation of nephalem weaker than the last until they were just human. At the end of Diablo II and 20 years before the start of Diablo III, Baal corrupted the Worldstone, forcing Tyrael to destroy it. The speculation since 2008 or so has been that this event will cause the nephalem to return, with each generation becoming more powerful than the last. This definitely seems to be the case, as all the PCs are called 'nephalem' and are all potentially under 20 years old.....except for the male barbarian and witch doctor. The barbarian we can write off as the barbarian from Diablo II coming back to finish the job, but the witch doctor still begs a few questions. How can he possibly be a nephalem? If he is a nephalem, why is he comparable to the other nephalem in power? Now, truth be told, this is probably because Blizzard was more concerned with making a cool game then it was with keeping its own lore straight. But as I will explain in one or two following posts, I have found an explanation which I believe to be plausibleWurg8 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 So why is Izual alive in D3 Didn't we not only kill him but grant his soul salvation in D2Uriel25 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Lord of Lies can't even fool a barbarian Anyone else think the story is ridiculous? Belial, the lord of deceit and lies, can't even trick my barbarian, who's probably been punched in the head over 9,000 times, into thinking he is the boy king. You would think the lord of lies would have some skill in deceit.Slybones7 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Everyone but the heroes are incompetent. Just thinking more about the story, everyone outside of the heroes in the story are really dumb. Act IV has to be the most incompetent writing I've have ever seen, the part where Diablo talks about his "rift occulus" he just contradicts everything "My rift occulus is so important! they will destroy you if you take them out!" Hero takes them out. "I don't need them anyway!" "Imperius is the greatest warrior to ever exist!" - Doesn't even last 2 minutes against Diablo or is never seen making an impact on the battlefield, instead he threatens the players and Tyreal by wanting to fight them which from my point of view would probably get pwned in 30 seconds even after Blizzard nerfed Tyreal. You learn more and more about the council as the act goes on and all you really learn is they're a bunch of bickering idiots that seem to be like chickens running around with their heads chopped off and are weaker than a mortal Tyreal. The council of angels in D3 are so unskilled and bad at protecting the heavens that they couldn't even qualify as security at a Mcdonalds in the city of New Orleans. The way the story is told makes the player think "god these people are a bunch of idiots, its no wonder the heroes always have to bail these guys out." In Act III Azmodan keeps telling you what he's going to do, what the hell kind of "strategist" does that? I've seen more strategy at Walmart when people are looking for rollback deals. The soldiers of bastions keep, the entire army seems utterly useless, you honestly expect me to believe there isn't one bad !@# in the entire army there? I thought act III would have been the best place to bring back the barb from D2 as an NPC and just have him smashing face because his home was lost to these demons 20 years ago and just say he made his peace with Bastions Keep for the greater good. Deckard Cain dies to someone we've never heard about before, I will equate this to the starwars universe where a stormtrooper shoots yoda in the head during "Order 66" while he sleeps killing him. If Cain was going to die, it should have been by a much much more important character to do it. There is just so many things wrong with this story, that is just a small sample of it.Bolo5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 (spoiler?)What if... Adria has been the real Belial all along? Some interesting implications: -Belial was in league with Diablo since at least D1, perhaps for his own reasons, maybe to spy on Diablo, or to assist Diablo's future vessel. -He was the 'backup plan' during D2, marking the demons' souls just in case they fail. -In D3 he plays everyone; if the Prime Evil wins, he can remain as Adria to share the glory (not like he stands a chance against the Prime Evil); if the Prime Evil loses, he would be the sole Evil left to rule all of hell. -The "Belial" you face in act 2 is just a Doombot (a lie-bot? a decepti-bot? a DECEPTICON!), and the soul you capture (and subsequently absorbed into Diablo) is just a portion of his soul. (Nobody says souls can't lie, even to the host body) But, it begs the ultimate question: WHO IS LEAH'S FATHER!?!?! (Then again even that can be hand-waved as "the Lord of Lies can choose any form")Scirocco1 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 This actually bothers me... So, I always thought Belial was pronounced BEL-EE-AL (like, the original demon from scripture) but in this game it's BEH-LAI-UHL. This wouldn't bother me except the Lord of Lies is called Be-LIE-al. ...really?SisterV5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Blizzard North comments on Diablo 3? Is there any response/comments/thoughts from ex employees of Blizzard North on Diablo 3 after launch? Seems Bill Roper was right about "it's not our game anymore" back in 2009. http://www.videogamer.com/pc/diablo_3/news/diablo_3_what_bill_roper_thinks.htmlblindzior63 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 13, 2012 Baal in Diablo II's lore So I understand that Diablo was imprisoned within the soulstone, and the Warrior/Dark Wanderer sacrificed himself to contain Diablo, but was released when Diablo himself corrupted the wanderer and broke free with the help of his brother, Mephisto. I also understand that Tal Rasha sacrificed himself to contain Baal, but was released when Marius pulled the stone from TR's chest. What I don't understand is how Baal was speaking to Marius in the cell, disguised as Tyrael, when Marius had the soulstone all along. Wouldn't Baal be still contained within the stone?Theyas5 Jun 13, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 On the Three Brothers... Some inconsistencies regarding the Three Brothers: - In D2, Tyrael states that if the Three Brothers reunite, they will be invincible. They were united before and after the Dark Exile, where they not invincible then? And also if they became invincible when they reunited in Travincal, why did they split up? - The Three are banished from Hell to earth. They roam and spread evil, presumably because of anger that they cannot return to Hell. But later in D2, all they have to do is summon a Infernal Gate and walk into Hell... - Tie in with the above: Azmodan and Belial have banished the Three from Hell (with Andariel and Duriel) to rule themselves. But when Diablo returns to Hell in D2, not only can he just waltz in, he takes command of Hell's legions immediately. - The D1 manual states that Diablo's goal is to find and free his brothers so that they can reclaim Hell. Naturally since they were banished. But when they finally reunite, not only do they split up immediately, but they prepare to invade humanity.Solidpontus6 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 D2: Diablo blowing his own cover From what I understood in Diablo II, the Lord of Terror chose to retain Aidan's form until the very end so he could remain inconspicuous, given how a giant spiky red demon was bound to attract attention, especially when travelling afoot across the land. What I don't understand is why would he keep summoning hellish minions in his wake: doing so essentially gave away his identity right away and incited new heroes to give him chase. Is it because he just couldn't help it, as the Lord of Terror?JohnnyZeWolf12 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 [Spoiler] "I will now stand as Wisdom" So I assume that Tyrael will now assume the role of Decard Cain since he is now considered the Archangel/Mortal of Wisdom. I think I would prefer Tyrael assuming this role over Leah. I didn't really like Leah's character for some reason. I just hate that Cain is gone. He was such a big part of the series but it had to happen eventually. I feel that he wasn't given a appropriate farewell though...Pope136 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 {SPOILER} Mind Blown So if Diablo is Leah's father and Adria is her mother and Leah is Diablo... wait a minute. That which has been concluded cannot be un-concluded. (Also, I'm sure this post will be removed so discuss quickly)Oldmanklc3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Heaven and Angels seem weak/trivialized... Hell is all sorts of evil and brings about near annihilation and such, and all 3 games show that pretty well, but what of the Angels? Demons and sorcerers can rain down fire and bile from the sky, corrupt and possess the most powerful of beings including angels and even heaven itself, and take on many shapes and guises. But all I ever saw of heaven is...angels who seem to do nothing more than act like npc's with wings - hell they fall faster than my companion in act 4. The most powerful warrior in Heaven (Imperius) [SPOILER] got his "epic" spear smashed in half by a single swipe by Diablo (a girly swipe at that), and got nearly 1-shot by a left-handed hook. There is simply no showing of anything powerful or wondrous about the angels. From the opening cutscene I was hoping for some big war between heaven and hell, and we sort of got it in act 4, but it was totally 1-sided. They mean to say Imperius was the sole being able to defend the GATE TO HEAVEN? The cutscene at least could've been more powerful if at the very end when the gate collapsed, a horde of demons and angels charge or flew toward each other. I used to imagine 1 angel can take on a couple demons but after seeing the slaughter, I see it the other way around. All the lore in-game always describe how powerful the enemies are and how one can lay waste to many Angels, etc. But nothing describes the angels at all. Just a few describing the roles of the archangels. The powers and culture of heaven are still in mystery and when I finally saw it it was really underwhelming and disappointing. I really hope they're emphasized a tad more in the future somehow.Hau29 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Diablo 3 Storyline and Book of Revelations. Does anyone see a lot of similarities with the Diablo 3 storyline and the book of revelations? Fallen star, a leader setting up a kingdom claiming to be what he is not (Belial), act 4 and the apocalyptic battle of heaven vs hell... No !@#$ they get a lot of ideas from biblical text, but playing through D3 was almost like I was reading revelations.Arsonyst3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Why do we resurrect Zultan Kulle? After defeating kulle, Adria reveals to us that she knew where the black soulstone was all along and that she had already been busily stuffing demon lords into it for 20 years. So why did we need to go through all of the trouble of finding and resurrecting this troublesome Horadrim, if Adria could have just led us straight to the thing?Pazuzu29 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Don't use Deus ex Machina,Blizzard! *Spoiler* I'm humbly asking you not to use Deus ex Machina in order to bring Leah back to life. For those unfamiliar with the term, Deus ex Machina is a writing term when a problem is "suddenly and abruptly solved seemingly like magic. This is known as a writer cop-out. For example, Shadow the Hedgehog dies at then end of Sonic Adventure 2. We saw him falling into the Earth's atmosphere, which should have vaporized him. Or if nothing else he would have landed and been smashed to bits from the fall. But wait, he just magically shows up in Sonic Heroes! Alive and well, but with amnesia. Leah is in the same boat. She is about as dead as one can get. We even saw her ghost. She turned into Diablo, Imperious completely destroyed her body with fire, and we killed her. It worked with Sara Kerrigan because her death scene was very ambiguous, but it's a terrible concept for Leah. It will ultimately cheapen the concept of "death" in the story. As a writer by profession, I'm imploring you not to do it.Karen8 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 The look/feel of Diablo in D3 Just curious on people's opinions of how Diablo him(her?)self looked to you. I personally thought Diablo looked like the original's female counterpart and really did not feel very scary or imposing to me. I'm not opposed to female bosses or anything... I just thought that Diablo should have been more massive and not have Leah's voice undertoned or whatever the sound term would be. On a side note... why didn't the Butcher say "Ahh, fresh meat!?" I was so excited to see him as an end-act boss, but then to not even have the infamous line?Kilios19 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Eirena and Kormac to Wed She wondered why ...and our hero answered for him that it's because...although at the time she never noticed. When and where did the Templar propose? Will The Prophet return to preside over the wedding? Invitations, a date, a venue. The music, the food, the style.Taraezor3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Belial and Azmodan, where did they come from? So I posted this last night, but for the life of me i can't find it again (even when searching my own posts). So here it is again: I do not understand how Belial gets involved in all this, or why he is where he is and indeed why Azmodan is where he is. As far as I can tell, Belial and Azmodan were sitting on their hands since the dark exile and then suddenly Belial thinks 'Oh, I fancy taking over Caldeum.' Why? For what purpose? I can understand the motivation to send Maghda to collect the shards of tyraels sword, but he just happened to be in Caldeum before then. Again, why? As for Azmodan, he learns about the black soulstone during the events of Act 2 (Belial tells him presumably) and decides he wants it to be the prime evil. Fair enough, good motivation. But somehow he decides the best way to go about getting the stone is by attacking Bastion's Keep. Another random target, why?Siar13 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Story ending, and future expansions? So... what is Blizzard to do? First off, is Leah ACTUALLY gone? She's dead, she's no longer able to return to her natural human form, EVER? All because of her 'mother'? No chance in saving her soul? I know, tons of questions at once. And about her mother escaping? Obviously in some expansion we will know of all this... but seriously, bring Leah back, or something O_O I just wish there were some better clarifications about the end, and everything.Cryk3 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 Did Adria go to The Abyss? I created this question/theory to try to understand something I can't get over from the plot. 1. Killed demons have their souls sent straight to The Abyss. 2. Shattering a Soulstone frees the soul inside it. If that's true, how did Adria tag souls that were in The Abyss? My theory: Did she have to travel through the Arreat Crater to the Edge of the Abyss (where we fight Siegebreaker) and was able to tag the souls from there? Presumably, Diablo taught her all that?alexlbl1 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 diablo 3 movie please please please please make a movie! you guy are fantastic at making the cinematic so damn epic. would be a waste if it doesn't turn into a movie. I have been follow diablo since as long as i can remember, it doesn't have to be big budget. If movie is paid downloadable online i'm still happy.superloi15 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 (SPOILERS) Cain dies?! Short version: Who cares? All these characters are unlikable props made to be killed off. Long version: The majority of games introduce no sense of risk when it comes to the question of character death. Either they do die, and it's scripted; or they do not die, and you're left feeling that the main characters are some how less real than the disposable NPCs around them. Diablo III decided to be cool and edgy and the game that "went there" and failed, hard. I don't like Deckard Cain. I didn't like him in the first Diablo, and the more "amazing" he got, the less I cared about him. His death is cheap. The only character I like less than him is Pepin. My favorite characters were Adria and Farnham in that order. Unfortunately, Blizzard turned Adria from a wise old hag into a scheming cougar M*LF; ala Desperate Housewives. Why are the characters of Diablo more interesting than any of their fellows in the sequels? They were immune to a herd of goatmen raiding town and killing them all off. The people of fair Tristram had something, however, that set them apart. They were miserable bastards in fear of their lives. Entering the depths of Hell was a relief from the lamenting townsfolk. No game since has instilled in me the pure pathos of the original Diablo. EDIT: PS I like how M*LF is censored. Do a forum search for r a p e .Haymarket2 Jun 12, 2012
Jun 12, 2012 The Entire Plot Hinges On An Impossible Feat ... the fact that you can jump down a hole that goes straight down and land safely 20 feet to the left of it one floor down. Thus, I propose this entire game was a dream brought out by excessive trauma while our character bleeds out at the bottom of the crater. Everything after you jump into the hole isn't real.Novaflare9 Jun 12, 2012