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Feb 15 BlizzCraft -- Add a sentence to the story Hi Using all of Blizzard's lore, just add your sentence to the story... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diablo was passing through Deathwing Pass and suddenly he saw ...Adamfazai2 Feb 15
Feb 15 Necromancer Balance Lore Necromancer questions to Diablo Forums: 1. What does it mean that the Necromancer wants to preserve the "balance" and how does that equate to raising the dead? 2. Why is the necromancer from the jungle? He looks like he walked off of an 80s big hair video; just doesn't seem to fit any jungle theme. 3. Everyone keeps saying necro is better than the Witch doctor? I'm not saying they're wrong, but I'm just curious as to what they think is more appealing about him than the Witch doctor. Xul is coming!Aurin11 Feb 15
Feb 14 New idea for the future. D2 heroes -> villans Greetings. I was thinking about the developers always having to come up with something new, and I thought about the heroes from D2. Context: I was killing Diablo for achievement, when he took me to the realm in which I had to fight myself when I thought about the end of Diablo 3 Reaper of souls. At the end you are reminded that you are human, a very powerful human (nephalem), that one day will be tempted: Would you be a hero or would you become the world's doom? Well, I spent some time thinking about that. I love the story of the "dark wonderer" who after killing Diablo (in the original game) became Diablo in the second game. It was never clear whether the dark wonderer was a barbarian, a sorceress or any specific class. But what if this aspect gets to be explored in D3?? For example... What if Cain, or some sets of books (that can only be found in story mode) or Leah tells the story of the hero classes from previous games. And then somehow (in a dream, or in dungeon or something) you have to face the possibility (the fear) that they became the "dark wonderer"? This is what I was thinking about. Imagine fighting the Barbarian, Paladin, Druid, Necromancer, Assassin, Sorceress or Amazon from D2? For example: A sorceress that is hard to catch because she is teleporting everywhere while casting powerful elemental damage in massive area attacks... What if you struck here and you get frozen by her cold damage shield? Imagine a room full of hydras shooting at you while a freezing storm slows you down and the lighting reaping you apart? A paladin that deals monumental male damage while immune to one kind of elemental damage? A paladin that can take a beating while charging at you stunning you and delivering several blows at once. Imagine a Druid that calls for an army of animals that attack everything while an array of elemental damage comes from all directions. In the meantime he transforms into a bear that can take everything you throw at him while stunning you and reaping you with the claws. A necromancer that calls for an army of skeletons that deal all kind of elemental damage protected by an incredible golem that can have any legendary property from any class in the game. A necromancer that is hard to catch because it is rising walls of bone that trap you and hurt you while the army of bodies on the floor explode for an incredible amount of damage making him hard to catch. The amazon has sooooo many different skills she could definitely be a challenge. Attacking from afar with elemental damage while using the protection of Decoy and Valkyrie, and then later coming after you in face to face combat. Every class has amazing opportunities to be incredibly challenging. I was thinking that having to face the possibility of these heroes becoming part of the "dark side" would reinforce the idea that temptation is always there. It can be a nightmare fight that doesn't have to alter the current story. It can also be used to motivate players to complete the story mode once more for new lore and the possibility to unlock these fights. Think about that. I also wanted to thank everybody behind the game. Great job.Zebranegra4 Feb 14
Feb 3 Blizzard PLEASE Add Xiansai as a full zone ;__________;AdunSaveMe0 Feb 3
Mar 1 Diablo II I really move the D3 engine, but I love the D1, and D2 storylines, I would like my wife to experience them but she cant get into the older graphics and UI. I would love blizzard to release some expansion/DLC that we can pay for to take the current classes back in time and do the D1, D2 story. What do you think Blizz? ThanksThergin4 Mar 1
Jan 27 Could Blizz consider D3 filler and try again I mean they even sacked the person in charge of the development soooo, could they do that for D4?Rhael1 Jan 27
Jan 26 For Leah...(Spoiler Alert: Storyline) Am I the only one who gets some degree of satisfaction from killing Adria? I mean, think about it. She manipulated Leah, as well as Tyrael and the nephalem, into doing her dirty work of getting the souls of Belial and Azmodan into the Black Soulstone before sacrificing her own daughter to resurrect Diablo as the Prime Evil. That's just beyond foul. Fortunately, you get to tell her exactly how you feel about that. *sinister grin at the thought of killing that b---h*Aquila3 Jan 26
Jan 24 Several Questions about the Sin War trilogy. Recently I finished all 3 books. There are some questions I can't figure out. 1. Why did the barbarians willingly protect the Worldstone at the time, while Inarius considered all humans as abominations? The artifact was the main power source of the angel and the reason of why they became weaker and weaker. Did they make a pact with Inarius or received some blessing from him? However, since Rathma was allowed to enter the chamber and even seen as the Ancients's companion, that's not the case. 2. What does the second book's subtitle Scales of the Serpents stand for? As I recall, there isn't specifically mentioned in the book... it's not an object, nor an idea or something... what is it? 3. It seems that the Worldstone didn't work as the power-decreasing device to humans at the end of the book. The Angiris Council and Mephisto were all agreed that the humans must develop slowly with time, so they wiped out all of humans' memory. Thus, they actually just "forget" how to use their great power, until diablo 3? It's not that they start to gain great power just because of the Worldstone's destruction. Is that correct?Ascalon2 Jan 24
Jan 24 D3 Expac: Necromancer Hero What do you think?Killsparx77 Jan 24
Jan 20 Second Diablo III Expansion As you all know the ending of Reaper of Souls is somewhat telling us that in the next chapter of Diablo there will be a war between the nephalem and the Sin War between angels, and demons will continue. Diablo and the lesser evils are free again so this is hell's time to plot again over the destruction of the high heavens and the mortal world of Sanctuary. After the death of Malthael by the hand of the nephalem, Tyrael sees the mankind' champion within a new light. As the ending cinematic suggested the nephalem being a mortlal heart and a spawn between angels, and demons can be the ultimate good, and salvation or the ultime evil, and doom of creation. The nephalem can be easily corrupted by any being, angels or demons. In the second expansion i would suggest that after Diablo was released and his failed attempt to destroy the High Heavens by corrupting the Crystal Spire, has made him more eager to see the utter destruction of the angels. But for him to succeed this time he must stop the war in hell for the prime evil between him and his lesser brothers. So he decides that he must unite will all hell spawn's creation to bring forth another tide of war to the steps of heaven EVEN to subdue the nephalem to join him in his infernal crusade. This time with mankind's help that are proven to be stronger than the both sides he must no fail. Meanwhile Tyrael and Imperius had come to an agreement that Sanctuary may be a mistake by nature and the traitor Inarius but mankind can be a source of infinite justice and wisdom if given the right training to defy the evil lurking within them. Sensing a new war coming after the release of Diablo, brings a new age of peace and cooperation between angels and humans. Tyrael reminds Imperius that the evils of hell will try to succumb mankind to they're ranks and the Angiris Council must be vigilant so together they can repel the attempts of corruption. Tyrael now a mortal and once again a formidable member of the council is on his way of becoming the link between his brethren and the new Horadrim order led by Lorath Nar. As some of you know the Worldstone that was destroyed by Tyrael during Diablo 2 was a magical artifact that after the birth of Sanctuary and its first inhabitans was emitting a a magical resonance, like a wave of energy that was altered by Inarius the deserted that ran away from the Sin War so he could create his own paradise. The resonance before Inarius altered it was magicly enhancing the nephalem to learn and master quickly they're superhuman skills. But Inarius saw that and decided to alter in another frequency that instead of learning and harnessing supernatural powers bestowed to them by birthright they would degrade and become weaker with each passing generation. Hense forth is the humans with no powers. Weak and fragile to everything in life but with strong spirit and love for life they have both good and evil within. They are an interesting phenomenon to demons especcialy for they can be as bad as any of the evils or even worse. With the powers of the once strong race of nephalem gone it is up to the angels and the demons to show they're true potential by bringing them to war that can be devastating for the entire world. Now with all those things happening again the humans will be pawns in a much greater conflict. The Eternal Conflict will be this time fought not only by order and chaos but with the help by they're children - the Nephalem. So this second expansion will have both a Light campaigne and a Dark campaigne. As you create a hero you must chose on which side you will be on: The High Heavens or The Burning Hells. This choice will decide everything in game: quests, locations, even items and appearance of the character. Questgivers can be Diablo, Azmodan, Belial etc. if on Hell's side or Imperius, Auriel ot Tyrael on Heaven's side. Tell me what do you think about this plot.Vikcata9 Jan 20
Jan 20 Next Expansion will divide the Nephalem We will have to face the choice to be the savior or the doom of Sanctuary. They set it up perfectly. We have destroyed the Prime Evil, the Angel of Death. But now it is time to fight the battle within ourselves. We have ultimate power, will we choose to destroy our fellow nephalem or aid them. Now my version of the perfect next D3 would be to have your character choose a side, the good Nephalem or the bad Nephalem and play the expansion based on what you chose, and then integrate PvP into this system and allow bad nephalem and good nephalem to duke it out in Sanctuary. However, that is wishful thinking and I highly doubt it will be that way. But I am excited to see what the next D3 expansion has to offer, and I will be playing RoS nonstop until then. May we all ease the chaos.NoSSlayer212 Jan 20
Jan 20 Grey Hollow island Forest Hermit (Latin) Folks, So I decided to try and translate the following latin phrase that is spoken by the hermit on the island: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor! Now I've never taken even a second language course, so the following is the best I was able to come up with, for a translation: A Prayer for Goddess Nereza Most high. In our deserving your Grace and Love. I would certainly welcome some corrections / opinions.Cybrwolf2 Jan 20
Jan 19 Adria, RoS Fight. This baffles me how hard the fight with Adria is. It makes the fight with Diablo look like a joke, I've died more times on my first encounter with her than the previous boss fights combined.Mango15 Jan 19
Jan 18 Greyhollow journal entries aren't there? Explored the entire island and only got the "part I" of explorer and testament. Were the rest somehow not added?Jaemeson3 Jan 18
Jan 15 So technically Diablo is released? Topic... So in the next expansion I would say it turns to nephalem against nephalem, where some follow diablo and others follow heaven. This could also end up as Diablo 4. But I feel like 2.4 is leading us into an expansion of some sort, and I imagine it will be very creative. ^_^Branch77x73 Jan 15
Jan 13 Cycles in Diablo world!? Hi all!! This is just some of my ideas for story, because it seams that Blizzard hit the wall with story. So lets begin. Lets introduce a fourth fraction The Guardians. Their goal is peace between Haven, Hell, and Sanctuary. They guide leaders of each faction, to peace but in key moments they step back and let leaders to choose with free will their decisions. That cycles has occurred my time and they failed every time. The Guardians are coming from The Void, or some other realm where neither Haven, Hell or Humans my enter, or aware of their existence. The cycle has fail this time because Haven has lost a war. Hell with his leader Diablo as Prime evil has achieved all seven evils in one (the return of Tathament, in next cycle it will be called Diablo) and Humans have six (maybe more) Nephalem who have more powers then goods. The Guardians have guided Humans as The Horadrim, and theirs last leader Deckard Cain (there is something suspiciously about him). Haven was guided with Auriel and hers The Cord of Hope. With Cord she can influence Angiris Council. I am not sure who will fit in this role for Hell. Expansion or Diablo IV If Blizzard go for expansion then story go to Skovos Isles and from there to Pandemonium Fortress where final battle between Hell, Haven and Sanctuary will occurred. Then The Guardians will come as Deckard Cain (resurrected, since only his mortal body died), Auriel and Hell representative. They will tell them that they fail and banish them to their realm, for 1000 years, and altering theirs memory, so that new cycle can begin. If Blizzard go for Diablo IV, and skip expansion, the can do something like Starcraft 2 and expansions. In Diablo IV our heroes can join Hell, first expansion Haven and finale expansion they can stand for Humanity. The ending can be similar to expansion ending. Finale battle of three army where The Guardians will show up and the cycle can begin. This is just some of my ideas how to develop a story in Diablo Universe. Don´t judge me to much. If you have any ideas please write them here. There is players here who know so much more of lore in Diablo then me. PS. Sorry for my bad English.Lemon3 Jan 13
Dec 18 How Blizzards people develop the story? I am curious, here is a lot of different thoughts about next step in Diablo history, but is it really something useful for anyone who has the power or, as most of forum topics, just for communities entertainment? How Blizzards people develop the story for their games? Is it possible, that a mere mortal (not from inside the company) will give great idea, which will be implemented in project life? And if it's possible, then what exactly need to be done? P.S. I am apologize if I am in wrong sub-forum.SlowFox1 Dec 18
Dec 17 What WAS retconned? I've been looking a little bit more into the lore and I am curious what was exactly "retconned"? I thought the term Prime Evil was retconned so that Diablo could have a fancy and special title but it seems that the term prime evil just now has a double meaning (or something) considering that both Mephisto and Baal still got to keep their titles. Edit: so far I've heard that the Warrior (aka the dark wanderer) from Diablo 1/2 was retconned to be Leoric's second son which was never mentioned in the previous two games. Anything else? Edit: There may be some retconning to Leoric's character as well. In D1 it was shown that Leoric went mad but still tried to resist. In D3, however, it shows that Leoric was probably less resistant to the demonic influences and also more responsible for the atrocities he committed. Edit: Lilith was taken from being the mother of Andariel to being the daughter of Mephisto.Rol33 Dec 17
Dec 14 Captain Haile a nephalem? The Captain Haile quests for me are the most memorable side npc/quests. I don't know if it is the annoying enthusiasm Haile has for killing demons or the fact that he is still alive in Act 5. I hope he lives on for a very long time. :)therealgibbs8 Dec 14
Dec 14 Concerning Shapeshifters It seems to me that the last remaining fantasy class niche for Diablo 3 to tackle is shape-shifters. They did this before in Diablo II by means of the Druid. If they are going to do another expansion (and I realize that seems like a pretty big if at the moment), I'd say that's the niche to fill. Some thoughts: A: Mechanics: Diablo III is a bit more complicated in terms of class abilities than Diablo II. It's still a bit of a click-fest, but you have a lot more abilities readily at your finger tips. As such, shape-shifting could handle very differently: 1. It could be a complete skill category, and the form you take influences your primary and secondary attacks, among others. In your original form they could be spells, but in your shape-shifted form they'd become melee strikes, ranged attacks, or different spells. Your gear and the stats you choose for it may reflect your favored shapeshifting form: Str gear if you like to turn into a melee juggernaut, Int gear if you're changing into something that casts more spells, Dex if you like your more agile form. 2. Each ability could cause short term metamorphosis. One ability may be a devastating melee attack and every time you use it turns you into a bear, and another could be a speedy strike that turns you into a wolf-man or something like that. Still could allow for specific builds based on the form you prefer, but it does make your shape-shifting more dynamic. C. either way, they could have the base form be int or dex based, and have it shape-shift into the forms that use the unused-stats, and the gear stats could change to go with it if necessary. B: Lore Flavor Most of the time, when Blizz does Shape-Shifters, it's a Druid. The Druids of Scosglen could make a come-back, and I'd love to see some Celtic/Pict/Ancient British looking armor sets. That said, it can go other directions: 1. The Skin-walker: my friends that once lived on Native American reservations tell me that these guys are taken quite seriously there. Native American black-magic users. Super dark and super creepy. I'd imagine them in there base form having spears, then changing into bears, eagles, etc. Basically a native American Druid. That said, I do feel that there may not be room for another aboriginal spell-caster. 2. The Changeling: from the old fairy tales where fairies and witches and goblins (or demons) made bargains with mortals and exacted a the price of their first-born child. For this class, this is the child, years later, having learned shape-shifting as a way to cope and survive in their immortal guardian's realm. Now they are back, looking for answers, revenge, a place in this mortal world, etc. I'm imagining the base form is a young nobleman (if not prince/princess) complete with rapier and dagger (we don't have a swashbuckler yet either, but it's less needed), who can either change into various demons embodying strength, intelligence and dexterity, or fairy tale creatures, such as elves, ogres, and imps/crones. 3. The Night Lord. Ok, basically a vampire/were-wolf, only none of this undeath business. Kinda going with the Dracula: Untold feel, a nobleman makes a dark pact in order to save his people and becomes a bit of a monster. Base form is intellect, with the ability to transform into a swarm of bats for mobility and perform hypnosis based cc, Dexterity form is the were-wolf,and Strength form is an all out Demon. 4. The Cleric. Some of you maybe confused about this one, but hang in there. This isn't a hymn-singing healer. As for lore, these guys are straight out of Kurast. These are corrupt priests that survived our cleansing in Diablo II. This guy has entered into demonic pacts, done horrible things, and has finally snapped out of it. He's not expecting forgiveness, so he's not going to pretend to be a saint. He is, on the other hand, ready to make the forces of Hell pay for deceiving him and ruining his faith. This is a Hell-fire and Damnation Preacher that literally brings the hellfire and damnation in his base form, focusing on Intellect. But, he also can channel that inward, and have the demons that torment him manifest from within, changing into demons. Thoughts?MadDogMitch2 Dec 14
Dec 11, 2015 The Influence of Perspective on Tone Warcraft was my first exposure to Blizzard, but I've grown to like the Diablo franchise. I have a lot of nitpicks about Diablo 3, in both gameplay and retcons, but overall I find it an enjoyable experience, and it's finally gotten me invested in the lore. A lot of people have expressed concerns about the tone of Diablo 3, and I know what they mean. The problem is, it's not really Diablo 3's fault. 1) The Genre The "kill hordes of enemies" nature of Diablo's genre makes it impossible to fear the demons after too long. Especially after a couple of sequels, we see demons as juicy things to blow up and maybe get neat loot from. 2) The Nature of the Protagonist Something that's really easy to take for granted about the Diablo franchise (partially thanks to the former point), is that the horrors we face are rare. The problem is, as the protagonist, we're focused on the threat. So to us, Sanctuary is a world filled with demons to kill. Not a relatively normal world where demons are just stories and most people you know probably wouldn't even believe in them. Leah looks like a fool to us for not believing Deckard Cain, but she grew up when even the small pockets of the Dark Wanderer's demons were old news. In the first game, it had been centuries since the Prime Evils threatened the world. The fact that actual demons were under Tristram would have been unthinkable to anyone on that world, save Deckard Cain (and even he doubted it when he was younger). In the second game, the emerging evils only existed along the Dark Wanderer's trail. Most of the world would have gone on believing that such things were only myth, and the places that did get hit would have been quite surprised (most of them probably didn't even know what happened in Tristram). Even in the third game, each Act has a relatively localized threat. Tristram is affected by the Fallen Star. Belial's conspiracy primarily encompasses Caldeum. Azmodan's forces are all focused on Bastion's Keep. It isn't until Act V that the consequences affect the whole world (and most of them probably aren't going to know what's happening). Diablo 1 didn't have this problem because when it came out, it was completely new. You didn't know what to expect. You were going to this town known as Tristram for the first time. It was a medieval fantasy world, but something was wrong. People were coming back mad, or in pieces from these catacombs with stories of horrible, otherworldly things. You were as horrified of Diablo's minions as the people of Tristram were, because they were just as new to them as they were to you. Diablo 2 had a few advantages, chief among them being that it was the first Diablo game for a whole generation of players. But for Diablo 3, we're all used to it now. Sanctuary is the world we go to when we want to confront a huge horde of demons and blast them apart for satisfaction and loot. The Solution I don't really think it's something to be solved. I don't want the series to drop the idea of massacring hordes of demons, and the tone can't really recover as long as that's key to the series. However, there is an alternative. Something I think Blizzard should consider for their other franchises, is something I think the Diablo franchise would benefit from most. A spin-off game in another genre. Imagine a Survival Horror Diablo game, like Silent Hill or Clock Tower. I think you could go a long way in repairing the feel of the world of Sanctuary if you could throw off the yoke of hack-and-slash gameplay, but you can't do that in the main series. I want to see a Diablo spin-off where you play a perfectly normal human in a backwater town like the old Tristram, that's being menaced by a small handful or even a single demon. Something like the Butcher, but shown from the perspective of a normal person who cannot fight it. It's the sort of thing that can happen on Sanctuary, but we never have that perspective. If Blizzard made a solid experience with that goal, I think we could start to appreciate the horrors we face again, even in the main series.Jokubas6 Dec 11, 2015
Dec 11, 2015 I can't seem get my game to even install I have tried multiple times to install my Diablo 3 game with no success. It keeps saying something is broke and to try to download the Battle.net app. I try that and it doesn't even work. I try to contact the help line and I can't even get through to them. Can someone help me.KatelinRexen2 Dec 11, 2015
Dec 2, 2015 just a thought My friend came up with a good idea about going on in the storyline.....We haven't met Lilith and Inarius yet in d3......since they are the creators of sanctuary <and hopefully not killed off in the war> and only have had hints of them going thru act 5 in pandemonium....will we meet them and need to kill them in some big epic battle to save the world.....they created sanctuary who knows with all the demon killing that's going on Lilith may want to destroy it....Bloodrayn2 Dec 2, 2015
Dec 1, 2015 Wow, RoS is dark. Just replaying it for the first time in almost a year, and wow, compared to the first IV acts, act V really bumps up the dark and depressing factor. Just the opening quests make me shiver a bit. Also, anyone else think an interesting direction to take the next expansion would be to have the people of sanctuary actually side with the demons, because so far the angels have done nothing for them?Jaemeson12 Dec 1, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Unfinished story lines.... So will the next patch/expansion give us conclusion to the open stories in D3? Does Eirina finally find out who the “Prophet” is? Was it Malthael foreshadowing his own demise? Does Kormec find the lost tomes and re-instill his faith in the order and go on to lead them, or does he just finally get up the nerve to ask Eirina out? Will Lyndn catch up with his ex lover/sister in law/ mistress of the Thieves guild? Is Shen the human form of the god Zei? Does his assassin granddaughter make an appearance? Does the assassin assigned to “watch” our wizard make an appearance? Myriam seems to have something for Haedgrid, but then again she seems to have something for all the male characters…lol Then there still is Hadrig’s new apprentice, the chronicler in act V So many open stories, will we see them resolved? Did I miss any?Lailoken2 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Town in Heaven for Adventure Mode I think it would be really great if Heaven had a town in Adventure Mode. It seems a little crazy that we keep having to go to Bastions Keep, especially now that Adventure Mode is more encouraged as of 2.3. A town in Heaven would certainly fit the lore in Adventure Mode because all of Heaven shouldn't be under attack any longer.Azoun10 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 The Risen Demon Angels have famously fallen, so why can't a demon rise? Imagine this: At the beginning of Creation, when the High Heavens and the Burning Hells were still getting their bearings on existence, there was a demon that was filled with an uncontrollable, blinding rage. His body constantly burned the embers of Hell from the pure anger that filled him. Azmodan, the Lord of Sin, soon adopted the demon into his realm after seeing the personification of one of his many vices and made him a lieutenant of his, representing the aspect of Wrath. However, the demon's fury was so great that he very quickly began to rebel against his own masters. He gave himself up to a small group of Seraphim in the Fields of Eternity, pledging his eternal loyalty to their kind for an opportunity to deny the Burning Hells even a small piece of victory. In their naievete, they accepted. They took him to the High Heavens, and in secret, changed him. They shed as much of his demonic shell as their Angelic power allowed and created for him a shell similar to that of their Seraphim brethren. In fear of the great demon, they managed to quiet some of the rage, but they could not, however, extinguish the fire that burned everlasting. They trained him to fight like an Angel, move like an Angel, and act like an Angel. Soon enough, he was more than just a demon in angel's clothing; he became an entity of the High Heavens itself, bound to the Crystal Arch and allegiant to the Light. Azmodan had assumed that his lackey had been slain by Angels, but had expected the Black Abyss to have spat him out again by now, but he was nowhere to be found. Azmodan was too preoccupied in controlling his armies against the Seraphim to pry, but Diablo took interest in the missing demon. He personally made a visit to Pandemonium and captured a few Angels to torture in Hell. As it just so happens, the Angels were some of those that rebirthed the demon of Wrath into one of their own kind. It did not take long for The Lord of Terror to break the average Seraphim. The information he uncovered from the tortured Angels was much more than what he had originally expected. He was intrigued and frankly, impressed at not only the Angels', but the demon's boldness. Being the sly devil that he is (sorry for that pun), he decided that such valuable information would be better left off dwelling in his mind only, rather than those of his treacherous brothers'. Instead, he told Azmodan that his lieutenant had been captured by Heaven and imprisoned there for all of eternity. The risen demon made short work of his former brethren in the battles on Pandemonium. Channeling the rage inside of him, he proved to be an unrelenting and impossibly absolute warrior of Light. He gained great recognition within the Seraphim ranks and beyond, but his legacy was just beginning. He used his knowledge of his former master's strategies to outwit him at every junction. He eventually pushed the armies of Hell back all the way to the Burning Gates; the first time such progress was made by either side since the Dawn of Creation. Diablo was amused to watch Azmodan fail in battle, but was forced to push back when the war was brought to his doorstep. He did not, though, ever mention to Azmodan, nor anyone the secret about the warrior that had nearly breached the Burning Hells. Even though the up-and-coming warrior fought harder and more valiantly than any angel before him, his battle at the gates of Hell eventually, and inevitably, failed. However, when he returned to the High Heavens, he was greeted with insurmountable respect. He was the High Heaven's answer to the Burning Hells. He was the unmatched hero of the Light. Because of this truth, The Archangel of Valor was humbled by the champion and recognized that he was a better warrior than even himself. In the name of Justice, Wisdom, Hope, Fate, and most importantly, Valor, he proudly gave up his position on the Angiris Council and his status as an archangel to an angel much more deserving than he. Little was known about the hero and new Archangel of Valor other than his exploits in battle and that every time it was mentioned in the Burning Hells, demons fled to find comfort in the realm of Anguish. Nevertheless, the Angiris Council welcomed the newcomer on board with open arms, looking forward to a future where their new champion, Imperius, The Archangel of Valor, vanquished evil forever. ...Chris13 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Kulle "alive" and well? In the new patch, Zoltun Kulle is back to his sand-ghostly form, explaining to us the lore of Kenai Cube and operating it on our behalf. Can we consider it canon that he's actually still around, and still helping the Nephalem? I'd really enjoy it that way. I still cannot understand why my character killed him in the first. Frankly, I'd rather accept his offer, to be honest.Ellye16 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 27, 2015 Diablo 4 Back to the Past this is a simple suggestion for what diablo 4 should be. diablo 4 should take us back to the creation of sanctuary and the ouster of diablo from hell. characters can be either demon rebels or angelic beings. each primary class has their sub classes like warrior, mage, ranger, controller, summoner, etc. keep the ability to choose gender, pls, blizzard. no sexism. lol. I would love to play a succubus shape changer! :D ok, community, have fun with this. ^^BattleDawgXL4 Nov 27, 2015
Nov 17, 2015 Is there a guide to the lore achievements? Literally feel like I'm a headless chicken running around trying to find all the conversations and lore books. There's no real guideline within the game as to where to find most of the lore books. It simply tells you "old diary" is in act I. That's no help at all xD So, anyone have any guide etc. that could help me find these?Jaemeson1 Nov 17, 2015
Nov 15, 2015 What is Diablo? In the original he had a male figure so i was going to wish him a happy fathers day, but in D3 he changed his sex like Bruce Jenner. Maybe he is more like a cross dresser; i am not sure. I am sure he is not the first transgender super villian character or video game villian, but i can't think of any others. Can anyone think of any others?Zaethiel7 Nov 15, 2015
Nov 3, 2015 A butterfly princess to inspire terror. So the most beloved character in the Diablo franchise is killed by a butterfly princess. A character who has survived countless terrors and braved the very gates of hell itself ,not to mention being kidnapped and shoved in a tiny little cage, is undone by a witch with butterfly wings. She looks like my 6 year old cousin at a costume tea party. I am not begging for a supper gritty plot I know that is impossible at this point because apparently in our quest for rich storyline we are incapable of anything better than an M Night Shyamalan plot twist where Diablo was wow, surprise, a girl. To further add to the fires of sadness Diablo a daemon we are supposed to run in terror from is wearing heals and has well a rather large endowment and I am not talking about an endowment mortgage. But to return to the worst of the lot Maghda simply an insulting character. She kills the only character I had any connection to in the game and worse does it in a lackluster fashion, ohhhh noo she has him in a torture tether and it kills him. Can she kill you however or even damage you then? No of course not because she stinks as a character as a plot device and as a boss. She even admits she is stupid. When your character points out that her boss is the lord of lies she just says "Noo, he would never betray me!" Wow she really thought that through. And so did the terrible writers for this game Chris Metzen and Flint Dille. Thanks guys bang up job. Good job creating a terrible butterfly princess that kills one of gaming's most iconic characters in a pathetic des ex machine plot construct.CaptAcid39 Nov 3, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Chris Metzen on Skovos Isles Dear owners of "Art of Blizzard" book! Can you please write quote from around 250 page? There Chris Metzen talk about art development of Sanctuary, and why Skovos was dropped back then. I just need exact quote. Thanks!T2000EXE3 Nov 1, 2015
Nov 1, 2015 Originination of the Worldstone Well, as most people know, the worldstone was in Pandemonium, found by the angels. Then the angels and demons fought for it for a long time, until it was stolen by Inarius. But recently I found something says that it was Inarius who created the worldstone. I'm confused. It seems that the Sin War series said that, but so far I've only finished book 1... Could someone who had read the books explain? The worldstone was originally created by Inarius, and it was retconned? Diablo wiki doesn't mention that.Ascalon7 Nov 1, 2015
Oct 31, 2015 Opinions on Diablo Book series? I love the story of Diablo ever since I started playing D2, I recently started getting hooked more into the plot and was thinking of picking up the book series in chronological order, starting from 'the sin war'. Has anyone read through them? Would love to hear your thoughts and opinions on them. Thanks.Kay5 Oct 31, 2015
Oct 30, 2015 Villainous Perceptions I'm not putting this up as a rant, or anything like that. I've been playing Heroes of the Storm for the last week, and Diablo was one of my favourite villains to play. He's awesome, and the entire time I play him, I think of Diablo II... not Diablo III. I'm getting on in my years, but I played Diablo II at launch, and it wasn't just a fun gameplay experience, the story felt incredible to run through. There wasn't much dialogue either, but everything there was felt pointed, and felt like it worked for the situation at hand, I could feel the dread. The art style for the game, though primitive, still had its roots in horror, rather than... what we have now. It all combined to have an incredible atmosphere for the story. DIablo, Baal, Mephisto, all felt important and overwhelming, spectacular even. Now, I've gotten the beginning of it out of the way, I'm struggling to find the right way to phrase this. I'm not saying this to take the piss out of anyone. The guys who write this stuff have a really difficult job, as they're not just writing a story, they're writing a franchise, and they have to do what people who making the game, want them to do. But, I kinda felt like everything in Diablo II felt much more important, and to be honest, my opponents felt MUCH more competent. The lack of too much dialogue helped, especially since most lacked the comical almost "you ruined my plans THIS time Nephalem, but my greatness shall prevail!" lines that most of the enemies would give as you unraveled their plans. But overall, the least intimidating, both in terms of appearance and in terms of substance, seemed to be Diablo itself. A creature which was now supposedly holding the power of all the Prime Evils and all the Soul Stones, seemed to come off as a laughable cartoon morning villain, whose incompetence rivaled that of 1980's Megatron. So much of the story seemed to wallop me over the head saying that this was all somehow Diablo's grand design, but in all truthfulness, it all seems to be a dumb design. :\ To be honest, as of right now, the most competent villain the series has seen up until this point, even when you take into account Diablo's ridiculously thick plot armour... was Baal. Baal looked kinda funny, but kinda kicked !@#. He survived everything his brother's didn't (at least until he didn't, lol), and he had a real plan which seemed genuinely interesting. Azmodan seemed to be somewhat intimidating as well, until he started his own fail-dialogue as if he were a cartoon villain. Perhaps Diablo II's story was more... mature, in some sense? So that it presents itself better despite the plots of the two games perhaps being closer in quality than I'm imagining? Because honestly, at the moment, I feel a tinge of depression with the realization that Baal, Mephisto, Azmodan, Belial, Duriel, and Andariel are all now apart of Diablo, who seems to be a ridiculous parody of what it's supposed to be. But at the same time, would these characters really be treated any better, before I struck them down? Clearly it was a design decision to portray the characters this way. ... It just doesn't help my view of where the series is going. :\Lanparth10 Oct 30, 2015
Oct 25, 2015 Second expansion plot very obvious *SPOILER* I watched the datamined ROS ending, its pretty obvious what the second expansion shall contain ... a corrupt nephalem. Probably also Ureh, Ithereal ('fate will be shattered forever'), and the guy Morbed from the upcoming novel too. Ureh has to be in an expansion, fans love it and we saw it in a cinematic, not just art. WHats interesting is when TYrael says 'I saw the nephalem in a new light' there is a shadow with wings, like a demon, I suppose it represents the corrupt nephalem possibility. Your thoughts?mvm19925 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 amazon female necromancers ... In Greek mythology there is a earth fertility goddess called Demeter. Demeter’s domain was anything that grows out of the earth, crops, flowers, etc. In Greek times it was a popular to burry food or wine in the ground for later. Anything buried in the ground was also within Demeter’s domain, including the dead. Demeter came to presided also over the sacred law, and the cycle of life and death. When Demeter’s daughter went missing, Demeter’s wrath raised the dead in order to search for her daughter along with several other demonic infernal goddesses to assist. nothing in the world would grow, nature was out of balance, until Zeus had to step in. In a way it makes sense that some amazons would be necromancers. And they certainly would have more than just golems, skeletons, and curses to throw at you besides a javelin. Gorgons, medusa, furies, shades, empusa, underworld nymphs. In Greek myth there are 2 types of demons, the bad ones came from the family line of monsters. The semi good ones called daimons are dark spirits born from the pantheon serving the gods.LupusRufus0 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 How do you do the "Rescue Brycen" quest? I've played through this once before on my first character. After clearing out the Zakarum cathedral in The Survivors' Enclave, you can go near the cellar to the left of Oswyn and you can hear Brycen trapped inside. I missed this when playing through the campaign with a friend using a second character. When I try to change the quest steps to try to get this quest, it always doesn't work, and Brycen is always rescued already and found standing beside Haedrig. Does anyone know how to get this quest to rescue Brycen from a cellar in The Survivors' Enclave? Thanks.pooiyx4 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 8, 2015 What Happened to the Band of Heroes from D2? Has there been any statement regarding what happened to the band of heroes from Diablo II? It is quite clear what happened with the heroes from Diablo I: The Warrior a.k.a. Prince Aiden was the Dark Wanderer/vessel of Diablo. Though I thought it was interesting that he randomly slept with Adria on the way out. Who obviously died when you slew Diablo at the end of Act IV. The Rogue a.k.a Blood Raven was slain by the band of heroes from Diablo II at the beginning of Act I. The Sorcerer became the Summoner impersonating Horazon within the Arcane Sanctuary that had to be killed by the heroes near the end of Act II. So I wonder what happened with the heroes from Diablo II. Were they too corrupted and be foes for the new heroes in Diablo III? I mean depending on their canon age at the outset of Diablo II they would still be alive it has only been 20 years. Unless they were supposed to have died when Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone though he said his portal would lead them to safety. Therefore I assume they survived that little debacle. Considering what they did with the first set of heroes I can't imagine they just want us to forget about the heroes we played from Diablo II. Have I overooked something that was released with details? Or have they just not said anything about it yet?Xavius41 Oct 8, 2015
Oct 8, 2015 Fellow Podcaster wanted... I would like to start a podcast centered on the lore of Blizzards games, and bit of game mechanics as related to the gameplay/story telling. Im well versed in the SC2/D3 side of the house not so much the WoW side-and yes I know there are tons of great podcasts out there for the games themselves but very few get lore heavy and most rush through the story as a secondary priority or even tertiary to technical and aesthetic aspects of the games. So if anyone is interested lets talk :)SaintAzrael0 Oct 8, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Corruption (SPOILERS) "[...]and a [Nephalem] that protects the innocents, but within him/her beats, a mortal heart that will one day be tempted to corruption. On that day, will he/she have the strength to resist, or will he/she be our doom ?" I think turning the Nephalem into a bad guy is a solution too easy / obvious / unoriginal, didn't the same happened with the D1 heroes ? I think the ending is just telling us "mortals are corruptible". But who is also a corruptible mortal now ? Tyrael. What if he gets corrupted instead ? What if he turns into the bad guy ? Tell me what you think and redirect me to any similar topic if one already existsChaoticMat2 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Instead of adding classic characters how bout instead of adding them into the game as seperate characters they could be skin packs kinda like how mobas do with their heroes to add some differences. This way technically you can play your necromancer but its really just the witch doctor wearing a costume. The witch doctor is my prime example since everyone's love of the necromancer. The necro would skin over the witch doctor and the pets. Dogs would become skeletons and gargantuan could be one of the golems. The spells could be skinned too so things like rain of toads could be rain of bones and suchFluffBall2 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 5, 2015 Just read all the short stories. Holy eff. Talk about incredible story writing. They were all amazing, and some even had me choke up. My favorites were the demon hunter, barbarian, and monk, though the wizard's probably was the most tragic. The barbarian gave me the feels though, that man's incredible. What were your favorites?Jaemeson5 Oct 5, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 Theory of Malthael's sickness Disclosure: This post may not be for you if you’re not into reading a lore buff and English major go on and on (and on, and on, and on...) about uncertainties and subtleties in Diablo’s lore. Malthael’s fall fascinated me with its implications about angelic nature, in light of the information we get about it in RoS as well as what we learn in the book Storm of Light concerning Chalad’ar, the Chalice of Wisdom. I was curious as to how angelic reasoning might work, how it might depend on angelic nature, and how it could have led Malthael to conclude that slaughtering the human/nephalem race in such cruel, horrific fashion could be considered an act of ‘good’. None of the other angels opposed Malthael in any way that mattered, except for Tyrael, who was mortal and not really an angel anymore. Not even Auriel or Itherael, who in D3 expressed fascination with the nephalem and seemed to respect them as new major players in Creation, thought their extinction was a bad enough idea to intervene. And Imperius, of course, only briefly assisted the nephalem because he thought Malthael was “sick.” So here is the central question I want to discuss in rambling, roundabout fashion: what does that even mean? How and why do angels become sick? These are my thoughts on the matter, though they’re somewhat disorganized and I don’t even always agree with myself, so take them as you will. In the cosmology of Diablo, angelic judgement is necessarily inhuman or half-human because it is forced: it lacks free will. Demonic judgement is identical, but reversed; they are like the two sides of a coin. (For those interested in reading more about Diablo lore and the particular issue of angelic/demonic forced will, I highly recommend these essays by Matthew Rossi: http://matthewrossi.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/diablo-3-gnostic-overtones-and-the-plot-threads/ http://onslaughtwarrior.com/?p=102 What are the characteristics of angelic being? Truthful, ordered, harmonic, and unified. Demonic being is the opposite: deceitful, chaotic, discordant, and divisive. This leads to the asymmetries in how angels and demons function: angels are nearly indistinguishable from one another, all live in the same city, and all follow the same commands – the ones who don’t have ‘fallen’ and are punished for it (see Inarius, and possibly the ghastly seraph monsters). Demons, meanwhile, exhibit dizzyingly varied morphology and live in different, constantly shifting realms within the Hells, each governed by a separate former aspect of Tathamet, the original Dragon of Evil. I've mentioned in other posts that from a human standard of judgement, Malthael's assault on Sanctuary is unforgivably evil. Killing all human beings in grotesquely sadistic ways because some of them are evil is not morally right; of course, while some of those humans were corrupt (and positively seethed with it, as the people of Westmarch make depressingly obvious), Malthael also sought the deaths of humans who had not given in to their evil impulses; humans who were neutral or good by angelic standards as well as human standards. Malthael also tried to kill the nephalem hero, who had done what surely qualified even to angels as an act of good by killing the Prime Evil – an act which also preserved the Heavens, the singular bastion of ‘goodness’ on the angelic-demonic moral spectrum.giantsequoia27 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Nephalem and humans The question that hasn't been really answered in the diablo lore or anything other than "it just happened", that how did Nephalem turn into Humans. Suddenly through the ages Nephalem start to become lesser than the previous generations, which makes no sense without any outside influence to boot. I'd like to get clarification on this, either an answer later on in the games or a straight answer, because the answer from lore is " they become less later on", it's like saying Wolves turn into Dogs after many generations on their own.Sixwords5 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Best "story so far" video? Just seriously getting into D3 and thoroughly enjoying the theme and story. There are dozens of "story so far" videos on youtube. Any suggestions as to which one is the best so I can get up to date on why the events of D3 are transpiring? Thanks!Jaemeson3 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 22, 2015 Horadrim are Super-Natural Beings? Reading up on the Horadrim, just briefly, the only thing I can find says the members gathered were "ancient magi". I'm sure that means they have some powers, but are they super-natural or in some way immortal?Kevorkian4 Sep 22, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Tyrael, we need to talk, buddy. (Not Serious) Tyrael, We need to talk buddy. I mean, I appreciate how you gave up your place in the High Heavens and descended to Sanctuary to warn mankind about the ever impending terrors of the seven lords of Hell. I really do. It was very heroic, noble, symbolic, and all of that, but, next time . . . just . . . just don’t. If you need to warn us about something, do it like the other angels. Appear in someone’s dream. Tell some shepherds. Play a trumpet. Send a vision to some poor tortured schizophrenic person. We’ll get the idea. We got it covered. Why? Oh boy. I didn’t really want to have this conversation. Okay, for starters, remember when you first fell from heaven? Yea, you crashed into the Old Tristam Cathedral and resurrected the Skeleton King. Remember him? The King who went nuts and tried kill half his subjects? Yea . . . you brought him back to life, and he—surprise, surprise—tried to kill us again (as if we didn’t already have enough problems to deal with). But that’s ok. That is ooookay. I took care of it. What did we find out after? That’s right, your sword broke. The sword that broke the Worldstone broke . . . because you dropped it on your way down. After that, we had a long conversation about the upkeep and maintenance of holy weapons, because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have broken like that if you’d cared for it properly. Do you still have that blade oil I gave you? Good man. Right. In order to fix your sword, Deckard Cain had to die. That nice old man who used to identify all of my magical items died. Remember when we used to go to his house, stay a while, and listen? I know. I thought it was fun too. We can’t do that anymore because you dropped your $%^&ing sword! To make matters worse, you were kidnapped by that mean Magda lady. I agree, she did seem out of place for this game, but that’s no excuse. I had to traipse through Leoric’s manner and fight the Butcher to rescue you. It was very messy and the Butcher tried to cut off my face and mount it on a chia pet. But hey, no worries! I fought through it and rescued you because you’re my friend and that’s what friends do. Then, we went to Caldeum. You were supposed to sit there, be quiet, and not do anything stupid while I investigated, but instead, you snuck off with Leah and located her mother, Adria. Boy, that sure worked out well for us in the long run. Finally, you let Adria infuse Leah with the Black Soulstone and resurrect the ultimate evil while I was away fighting demons. You’re the freaking Archangel of Justice and you couldn’t even recognize a demonic ritual when you saw it. I mean it’s not like it’s hard to tell what’s going on. She had a bloody pentagram painted on the floor! What? She told you she was setting up a modern art project for her photography class? Well that makes it all better. . . *sigh/facepalm* You dropped the ball big time on that one T, you really did. But it’s okay. I took care of it. I mean, Leah died and her soul was destroyed. The High Heavens were completely wrecked. Thousands of innocent angels were crucified on black spiny things . . . but it’s all okay. In the end, Diablo was killed and we recovered the Black Soulstone. No harm no foul. Or at least that’s how it would have been. But you were all: “Hey man take the night off! I got this Black Soulstone business covered.” I asked you: “Are you sure? I mean, I don’t have any plans. I was just going to kick back at Tristram Tavern, maybe have a beer or possibly play a hand of Hearthstone. I can help you if you need it.” Then you said: “Naw man I got this. I have these new Horadrim guys with me. We’re good.” “You’re sure?” I asked. “Yes,” you said. “We’ll take the stone to this creepy black vault place and bury it beneath the earth for all eternity. An insane genocidal former angel will definitely not force his way in, kill my Horadrim, and take the stone from me.” Me: “Okay. Be back before midnight.” *sigh* YOU HAD ONE JOB TYRAEL!! ONE JOB! one job. . . *sob* You know, I . . . I can’t even look at you right now. Just go back to Heaven, please. . . Sincerely, Annoyed NephalemGrimolfr1 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Is there any lore behind Rift Guardians? At least for some of them? I see that, quite obviously, most of the Rift Guardians are "on-steroids" versions of existing monster types. For example, Agnidox is a demonic "Hellflyer", or a "Molok" (there's different variants and names of those in Act III, IV and V). So I assume that the name itself, "Agnidox" was merely chosen to distinguish it as a being a Rift Guardian, and that it means nothing else, correct? If it meant something else I would have thought that perhaps it could have referred to "him" (Agnidox) being some sort of the "king" or "queen" of the Moloks, or the "alpha" Molok around that no mortal would want to cross paths with. There's two others that intrigue me. The first one is Eskandiel. That's obviously a "summoner" angel from Act V, working under the commands of (or merely "following") Malthael. So, again, why naming that specific Rift Guardian "Eskandiel", rather than... say... merely giving it a more generic name like "Corrupted Summoner" for instance. Is the name Eskandiel a reference to an already-existing angel of the same name within the Diablo 3's lore that I'm not aware of? The other one is Tethrys, obviously a succubus. Now what I do remember back from Diablo 2's lore is that Lilith happens to be the "Queen of the Succubi". Now, we also know that Andariel is Lilith's daughter. So I just thought that, perhaps, Tethrys could have been something along the lines of a "right arm" of Lilith (or of Andariel), perhaps not as powerful as either of them but still powerful enough on her own to stand her ground against would-be mortal heroes (or even against a Nephalem). I suppose that the reason as to why I wonder if there's any lore whatsoever behind Rift Guardians (well, some of them anyway) is because of the naming scheme. If there's no particular lore behind them, then I do wonder why is it that some of them (such as the ones I mentioned, and perhaps one or two others I'm not thinking about right now) have such specific names rather than just being named something more generic (or am I just reading too much into that because of names?). There's also the fact that - most of the time as far as I'm aware - when Blizzard does something... it's rarely out of the big blue, "on a whim" and "just for the heck of it". There's a guy somewhere in the D3 team who said "that Guardian will be named 'x'" and I think I just want to know why, even if the answer really is just as simple as "just because that's the name we thought of and nothing more than that".Lyrondor1 Sep 20, 2015