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Jul 1 Queen Asylla and Lachdanan. Now I could read all of this wrong. However after the royal chambers of the manor house open up. I believe that Queen Asylla and Lachdanan had an love affair at some point before their deaths. What made me believe this was a hidden chamber in the royal chambers that has Lachdanan shield in it. I believe this all started at some point when Leroic begin to slip into madness from Diablo trying to possess him. After Lachdanan was dispatch to westmatch with his knights. I believe it was Lazarus who exposed the affair to Leroic knowing that the king would brand his wife a traitor and have her killed as one.Kaeljain1 Jul 1
Jun 30 What if there is Dragon in Diablo? Edited: ... Let us fight Tathamet in the expansion. Original message: ...XelNagaIvan16 Jun 30
Jun 24 Lore attached to bounties and rifts? Although the bounties are mostly for the purpose of farming needed materials, they do tend to introduce new characters. Rifts have us fighting such lovable characters as Perdition and Voracity, while we often see bounties like... Kill Sotnob the Fool Kill Theodyn Deathsinger Complete The Matriarch's Bones Complete Last Stand of the Ancients Is there anyone else who would be interested in some more lore on these things? Like, who is Perdition, and what purpose does he serve in the Great Conflict? (Assuming he serves the Greater Evils...) Who is Sotnob the Fool, and why is he important enough that the nephalem needs to go take him out? Obviously, this won't matter much to people who are uninterested in lore, but for those of us who are interested...HeartExalted1 Jun 24
Jun 24 Premise for a Diablo Sequel Trag'Oul has flooded the world of Sanctuary and wiped out all of the Nephalem and Demons. His annoyance has grown watching the petty wars of men. The world of Sanctuary lies dormant for a few hundred years until the flood subsides and Trag'Oul breathes new life into the world. Artifacts and runes of great power lay scattered and forgotten. Ancient evil lurks in the depths of the world waiting for a vessel. Civilization reforms itself, and two hundred years go by. The people of Sanctuary grow up completely unaware of the fate of their ancestors. Darius, a man of the new emerging civilization of Harrow's Reach, unearths an ancient Demonic book called the 'Black Book' while tilling his field. The book compels him to bring it home filling his head with whispers. He pours over the pages day and night for weeks being consumed by its tantalizing promises of power. Corruption enters his veins and he isolates himself from society. Darius starts to practice Necromancy and begins raising animals from the dead. His fellow townsfolk notice his disheveled, sunken eyes and the aura of death around him. As time passes, his rituals become more fervorous. Darius starts to kidnap human sacrifices in the middle of the night to conduct more intense rituals. The voices in his head start to get to him, he begins to be driven mad with his desire for power. One night, on a full blood moon, Darius conducts his most deadly ritual yet. Six men, six women, and six children are sacrificed by being flayed alive with The Gibdinn and cutting their hearts out. Their hearts pile up in a bonfire as an offering to Darius' new master. Screams echo through the night. The townsfolk of Harrow's Reach wake from their slumber. Footsteps come crashing through the dim lit forest. "Darius! What are you doing?" the Mayor of the town asks. A hiss of evil dispels from Darius' lips, "What I was always meant to do." More men arrive with pitch forks and torches, "Darius, leave this place, and never come back. You are no longer welcome here... If you ever set foot in this town again, you are a dead man." Darius smiles a devilish smile back at the Mayor, "We are all dead men walking." Darius turns and walks away into the night. He seeks out the old artifacts used by the Prime Evils listed in the 'Black Book' and grows immensely in the demonic arts. Darius renames himself Abaddon in honor of his new master. His demonic presence creates a cult of followers who devote themselves to the Dark Lord Abaddon. They set out to acquire the artifacts of the Nephalem for their master. Blood is shed, towns are destroyed, and evil whispers in the ears of men. The denizens of this new world are forced to band together to prevent him from spreading his influence. Countless stories are left to tell in this new universe since new factions will emerge that will vie for power against each other and the protectors of this new world. It would be almost like a blank slate earth waiting for its history to be written. There would be countless wars for power, ancient necromancers possessed by spirits of old, and new demonic creations under their master Abaddon. The open ended side of this, is that the Lords of Hell would not be the only ones vying for power in this new world. There would be factions of necromancers, assassins, mages, barbarians, engineers, etc. that would all be trying to gain power over one another. These new factions could essentially create a living, breathing world with countless adventures to go on. I would fully be willing to write this, as I am currently working on scripts for other things that I plan to publish. And samples of my work can be rendered to show my writing expertise. I'm not sure what Blizzard already has in the works, but let me know what you guys think of this storyline for a Diablo sequel or Diablo themed MMO.Nocturnal0 Jun 24
Jun 20 bounties need to go I'm sorry but they're not fun, it's been mentioned that a specific item rolled with the 50 forgotten recipe is the only way to progress at a certain point, coupled with a hideous 5 mat requirement is really crippling your mid-late game. Nobody really enjoys them anyway.Mil9 Jun 20
Jun 20 I made a crossover comic with Warcraft Legion (Also there is a video of me doing Torment X in Hardcore) http://blackomenguild.com/2016/06/20/the-road-goes-ever-on-2/Suul0 Jun 20
Jun 17 I reached level 70never got gear I reached level 70 in season requirements and never received my 2 pieces of gear? What do I do, because now I can not read the podium in Leorics manor for set pieces.Partycrasher0 Jun 17
Jun 12 Set Portals? Hi, I've got the hint for where the Wizards portal is but I've looked in all the obvious places, does anyone know exactly where it is or is it different for every player?MissMe1 Jun 12
Jun 8 Can we get more Mephisto? He's the oldest brother right? Seems like he should have been giving his brothers a whooping every time they failed (in another realm or something). I want to see that guy again....he's a good guy and doesn't afraid of anythingClayman871 Jun 8
Jun 5 Achievements for the 16 "significant" Bosses By the "16 significant bosses2 I men those who are always there in Adventure Mode. These are: Act 1: The Skeleton King, Queen Araneae and th Butcher Act 2: Maghda, Zoltan Kulle, Belial Act 3: Ghom, the Siege Beast, Cydaea and Azmodan Act 4: Rakanosh, Izual and Diablo Act 5. Urzael, Adria and Malthael They all give you an achievement when being killed, or rather two (normal and hardcore), and rightfully so. Wait a minute, all? Well, all but one! The sad exception is Queen Araneae This should in my opinion be changed; she is after all one of the 16 significant monsters.. So please give us an achievement each for killing her on normal and on hardcore.Supergirl2 Jun 5
Jun 4 reaper of soul's story felt too lackluster I think it's mostly cus cain and leah were killed off. especially can. killed in act 2? I think Jay Wilson was just jealous of the diablo 2 team's success so he killed him off just to spite them. But it wasn't enough. Killing 1 main character pointlessly wasn't enough for him. He doubled it and also killed leah.Enigma13 Jun 4
Jun 4 Diablo III 2nd Expansion Speculation Hey guys! I made a Youtube video which speculates on what the sequel to Reaper of Souls holds and what we can expect. https://youtu.be/ELjLGj8yE6IAlex57 Jun 4
May 23 Could Anu be a Warcraft Titan? I mean look at him he's made of crystal and Titans have been described as beings made of Stone and/or Metal. And Tathamet looks like some Lovecraftian monster: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/diablo/images/2/2f/Tahameth_2.png/revision/latest?cb=20120527190716 What else looks Lovecraftian? The old gods and they are beings born from the void.Argronok00 May 23
May 18 Steffon's Tin Foil Hat http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/steffons-heavy-lance-2n8DaP Steffon's Heavy Lance I've been trying to figure out where this cosmetic item has been hidden since joining the PTR after last season's end. I mostly play Doc and the lance happens to be the only 2.4.1 weapon transmog that ceremonial knives can be changed into IIRC. I've read posts claiming that the last few still hidden items are most likely within "Mysterious Barrels" or "Resplendent Barrels". The same data-mined information also includes "...a3..." in the texture(?) file name, leading people to believe the barrels are in one of the Keep levels in Act 3. Tons of barrels there. However, none of that info confirms any relation between the actual weapon and the barrels so I tried looking elsewhere. "The great knight-paladin Steffon's weapon of choice was a stout steel lance, shorter than a jousting lance, that he would use on foot as well as from horseback." The above quote is the weapon's flavor text. The text got me interested in the lore of the Diablo and gave me hope that there may be some clues as to where they potentially hid the lance in-game. Keep in mind the cosmetic items are "white-named" so the text may have been removed and not be valid anymore. The mention of jousting in the flavor text reminded me of Blackthorne's set. Based on what I've read from the items and similar lore, it seems like Steffon and Blackthorne may have both fought as allies in defense of Westmarch in the war against King Leoric. Some of Blackthorne's soldiers may have fought with jousting lances while on horseback, supposedly the same way Steffon operated. Blackthorne's chest piece flavor text is below. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackthornes-surcoat "Baron Blackthorne led his knights to prevent the escape of King Leoric's forces during their defeat against Westmarch, forcing them to choose between surrender and death in the quagmire." He "led his knights". It states that Steffon was a "Knight-Paladin". http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blackthornes-notched-belt "A thick leather belt, notched once for each enemy noble captured in battle, each man ransomed back to his family for a handsome fee." Quoted above, his belt mentions some sketchy activity. Rather than soldiers of Westmarch, both may have been within their own faction of mercenaries, benefiting from spoils of war. Anyways, I'm guessing Steffon was a citizen of Westmarch and fought in the war against Leoric's forces. He could of left his heavy lance behind in the "quagmire" - the same area where Leoric's fleeing army was intercepted by the Baron. Blackthorne and Steffon may even be the same person - Baron Steffon Blackthorne? I couldn't find the name of the area where the battle between Westmarch and Leoric's army took place. However, my buddy google mentioned the quagmire may be the present in-game Blood Marsh. http://www.diablofans.com/forums/diablo-iii-general-forums/diablo-iii-general-discussion/83222-westmarch "What was once a verdant wetland has quickly evolved into a repugnant quagmire that grows less habitable by the day." Blah blah blah I spent way too much time thinking about this. I'm hoping this thread leads someone to the cosmetic spear. If anything this killed a ton of downtime for me while waiting for something to happen at work. GG tl;dr - I'm thinking the one handed spear cosmetic item released in 2.4.1 is in Blood Marsh or its bordering zones within Act 5 rather than in Act 3.SeyserKoze0 May 18
May 17 D3 plot hooks I'd be interested in seeing how Rea is dealt with in a future update.lfoxfire6 May 17
May 17 Poor Leoric's family man... I really feel sorry for the entire family bloodline... Leoric gets betrayed by his servant Lazarus Leoric goes mad Leoric's wife gets executed and her spirit becomes cursed Leoric's spirit gets cursed Leoric becomes Skeleton King Leoric's son falls ill Leoric's son becomes Diablo's vessel Leoric's Older son is forced to kill his brother Leoric's older son becomes Diablo's new vessel Leoric's granddaughter never meets her parents growing up Leoric's granddaughter gets betrayed by her mother when they reunite Leoric's granddaughter becomes Diablo's vessel. The most tragic family of history of gaming. Edit: Leoric's granddaughter also loses her only family (Deckard Cain)SeriusBizNis12 May 17
May 14 Keep to the lore of the crusader one thing I have noticed from the beginning is that the crusader does not hold to his lore. I mean this to say that he does not have an apprentice that follows and learns from him. If you watch and/or read his lore see that he travels with a trainee. I believe that adding this aspect to the game would make it interesting. Any other thoughts?FirstResort5 May 14
May 14 Feminine Diablo Diablo is such a powerful entity that the can take on any form that he wants. He doesn't need the feminine look just because he took a feminine host. So why the feminine look? To specifically remind us that he took a feminine host. Whether you like Leah or not, our characters, our followers, Tyriel, and a number of other NPCs did. Diablo took the feminine form to remind us that he took a feminine host, to remind us, to give us grief that he was able to take Leah from us. That said, one of Diablo's forms during the actual fight should have looked exactly like Leah, mocking us, reminding us, and sometimes, even crying or sounding like she's in agony, all to mess with Psyche of the ones who would dare to stand against him. Edit: Deleted the first paragraph because that's what everyone was so worried about, but means very little in the overall theory. If the theory were a giant tree monster, you'd be patting yourselves on the back for killing one little twig while it ate you.Crit33 May 14
May 11 NPCs you would like to see coming back I would like to know which one is your favorite NPC(s), maybe there's more than 1, and why do you prefer this NPC(s)? Would you like him, her or them to come back or appear on an eventual futur patch or D4? Deckard Cain is the most famous from the trilogy but maybe for some reason you prefer others. Your favorite NPC(s) might be a vilain too, Pukerat the Unclean (Cathedral D1) Battlemaid Sarina (Act3 D2), which one is it? i.e: Frozenstein from D2 Act 5. Because he was hilarious and I still wonder why he kept Anya frozen instead to eat her. I would like him to come back with his fellow yetis and lead a raid in the Ruins of Sescheron or something like that. Abd al-Hazir, I do like all the little stories he have to tell about Sanctuary history and monsters. The character's personality is funny and I do like the fact that he's not involved in the eternal conflict.Vypwulf9 May 11
Apr 28 Malthael Corruption: I really would like an explanation about how Malthael can become Death, if it is truly a "corrupted state". This entire theory first assumes that his "Death" version is a "corrupted" or "evil" one. And that may be untrue, and he may only have assumed another aspect important for existence that only him could carry the burden, and still be pure and good, but that doesn't sound likely since he kill Innocent people at the trailer. What i would like to ask people to think about, is how can Wisdom be corrupted? I can understand Valor, becoming blinded by his power and becoming arrogant. I can understand Fate, losing faith after knowing he cannot change the dark fate that awaits the creation. I can understand any other kind of angel being corrupted... Even Justice can become corrupted, if it starts to go for vengeance more then doing what is actually good. But i cannot understand how WISDOM can be corrupted.... Let me explain why: The whole idea behind the Angels is that they are initially pure representations of their aspects, that's why Justice sword can only hurt the unjust as the legend says, or why he voted against killing humanity, because it would be a massacre. They are not like humans, they are more "pure" in nature, and that is what make then kind of alien in the way they think, compared to humans. They may fall, but still they will be "pure", they are living conviction, be that conviction good, or evil. But how can pure Wisdom not far see his own corruption? As Tyrael was called Being of Perfect Justice, how can Wisdom not far see something as himself decaying? The meaning of Wisdom: "The quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true or right coupled with just judgment as to action; sagacity, discernment, or insight." He shows this quality when he was the leader of the Host. But how can he be corrupted? One might call that having visions of what is to come might have caused his fall, but i disagree, something as Fate, or Destiny could be like that, because it's essence is being bound by what is to come, but for Wisdom seeing final destruction would only lead to insight of what should be done, and if that was to be unavoidable, to him make the time lasting the best it could be for the creation, for that is displaying wisdom on such a case. Wisdom is the only kind of concept that is completely immune to corruption, because the act that would start such a corruption is know prior to the corruption becoming true for someone that is wise. I can understand external influence, because external powers can corrupt wisdom, but by itself wisdom is incorruptible, differently from other concepts that are either bound to inaction, or that can be corrupted by arrogance or by the burden of their duties. But it seems that Malthael was not corrupted by something else that is external to him. At last nothing suggests that till now. If he is simply the bad guy from the prophecy D3 story will be one of the worst display of weak knowledge of fantasy concepts ever to be produced by blizzard. Now, if he knew of a way to change the things, if he knew that the only way was to let himself become corrupt, in order to set a chain of things in motion that would end freeing the world from it's doom, then this story will be really great. Maybe the "as Fate lies shattered forever." means that Malthael plan is to destroy Itherael and the Scroll of Fate, in a exact sequence of events that would set the world in a path to recovery, and in a way that would free the world from it's fate, giving freedom to the events and ending the end that was fated to come. In this sense i can see Wisdom, not being corrupted by some event, because that would be pathetic storytelling, but because he must, because it is in his essence to do what is wise to be done, even if by doing so he needs to sacrifice himself, one of his brothers and kill many in his way to set the stage to its actors to do as he wants then to do. That would explain why he kill the innocents in the trailed, but let Tyrael free, showing himself as the evil guy to bring the Nephalem might be part of his plans, but also having Tyrael alive, so he could not really kill him. Let's remember that Tyrael Sword could not harm him. Even if he says his Death and cannot be killed, Justice would at lest be able to imprison Death, or weaken it, should it be action in an unjust cause. This could be the hint that Death is not really doing what is unfair, but is in fact doing the ultimate sacrifice, his pure essence as wisdom, his life, the life of one of his brothers, and the life of many he will need to kill in order to set everything he needs in motion to bring things to the place he needs then to be. This would fit so much in the atmosphere of Diablo that i will feel so bad the day this game release and i see a crappy story, that i almost know i will see by now...Satan11 Apr 28
Apr 20 GreyHollow lore? So anyone know all the lore this area yet? Here's what I found: -weird guy with a horned hat keeps doing rituals, everytime I meet him in a new game he comments on how we've been through this before and how he dies. -Found the journal entries for the shipwrecked crew. There's a small cave with an entry that goes upto 3/4 entries. The final entry mentions how he's killed a strange guy with horns many times before. -the tower with a unique at the top. Some journal entries I've found here leads me to believe the high priest son is the crazy horned guy. -a women praying at an alter that when you get closed starts a mini event where you kill all the bats. The event is called something along the lines of "ritual interrupted event". From what I've seen, she doesn't move or anything. I need to see if I can stand behind her and not trigger that event. Somehow I feel like there's something more to this place.... That strange horned guy and the strange horned woman seem like there's more to them. If anything, it would be cool to unlock a boss (like Skeleton King level boss) that's the Goddess.BipolarFly4 Apr 20
Apr 16 Has anyone ever done this i just killed maltheal without drinking any HP potions and templar never died i never went to healing well i am a level 42 DH on hard mode anyone ever done this?SpringL3af0 Apr 16
Apr 14 Archbishop Lazarus Does anyone else think about how cool it would be if Archbishop Lazarus did a comeback? This clerk is one of the most evil and manipulative villains in Diabloverse. The buildup around his character in D1 rivaled that of Diablo himself. Albeit he was introduced as a of victim of brainwashing (D1 manual), he nontheless was established as a real SOB, who sacrificed children! http://demolishman.com/gallery/plog-content/images/diablo-1-e-hellfire/screenshots-diablo-1/diablo-1-archbishop-lazarus-lair.jpg. There are few, if no other, props in the Diablo games that made you more uncomfortable than this spectacle!Solidpontus22 Apr 14
Apr 13 Gheed story Don't get me wrong, I traded with the guy and all, he actually had some of the most entertaining gossip in D2 ("I'm gonna party like its 999"). But I'd never describe him as a great man. More like a sleazy salesman. Most of the other NPCs in Rogue Encampment don't seem to like him, except Charsi. Kadala is revealed to be Gheed's daughter and says "My father was a great man... Until he lost his fortune." It's not clear how he loses his fortune though. Gheed says he's raking in gold in Rogue Encampment, implying that he loses his fortune between D2 and D3. At some point Kadala is born (Gheed never mentions having a daughter in D2). Kadala never mentions who her mother is but Charsi did have a fondness for Gheed...mcdundee3 Apr 13
Apr 13 Hellfire official canon? I am just curious if the D1 expansion Hellfire is considered to be canon in terms of lore and what took place in tristram.Skelv3 Apr 13
Apr 12 Set Dungeon I have been trying the Set Dungeon for Unhallowed Essence build now for about 15 hours. I do not even get close to the objective. 3/6 groupings max except once I got 6/6 and time runs out and I still had a zillion left to kill. So frustrated im ready to throw in the towel. Any suggestions would be nice. I have watched all Youtube videos and they get easy groupings Gadzooks!!! Redapple#1739Redapple0 Apr 12
Apr 11 Tathamet and Anu I wonder if, for those that may know about how the lore in D3 may continue, we will ever encounter Tathamet and Anu. "It is the sum total of all seven Evils housed within one body. There is an ancient legend, known only to a few, of the great Dragon, Tathamet, who was the original embodiment of evil. The legend says that he was ripped apart during an epic battle with Anu, and that the Burning Hells are composed of his remains." --Tyrael http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Tathamet It would be an epic battle and an amazing cinematic to fight or (choose to fight along side of) Tathemet or Anu. Obviously there would be no winner as without 1 we can't have the other. Imagine that some Nephalem get corrupted by Tathemet and become Evil while others are on the side of Good with Anu. There comes the PVP in Diablo. "Then Diablo seeks to become the Dragon once again?" "In a manner of speaking, yes." — The Nephalem and Tyraelrockon879 Apr 11
Apr 4 D3 RoS Alternate epic ending? (My own) So while playing D3 just now brought me some nostalgia while in the pandemonium fortress thinking back to my D2 days and something occurred to me that blizzard could of capitalized on to redeem the deplorable lore that is in D3 and also add concrete evidence to Blizzards statement of Diablo being a mastermind of plotting, and the so called events that have unfolded, as well as how i'd wrap up the story for the diablo game out of the Diablo-verse we know so I'll get right into it and want to see what other people think! So in Diablo 2 upon going for the Big D kill you release the 5 seals and what is the beloved phrase we all remember? "Not even death can save you from me!" remember this phrase as I go into more of this. So Maltheal is the "Angel of Death", an Angel has now slaughtered many "human like people" in his quest to rid the world of evil he wanted to extinguish us as humankind "So we couldn't be tempted and end the eternal conflict" so the angels cannot be trusted, Demons of course are demons and cannot be trusted. "DEATH" remember this. You ultimately go through the plot that is RoS and confront Maltheal now what if instead of the events that actually happened, went this way instead? When Maltheal realizes he's getting his *** kicked and slashes the stone to consume it, what if it does a flashback cinematic to the old heroes in D2 in the pen and ink style, banded in a party, that phrase mentioned above being played, and ultimately the slaying of Diablo. Camera rushes to a true blizz cinematic of Maltheal at this point consuming the stone in another way, perhaps in-bedding it within himself in Ex. D1 (The Dark Wanderer) directly into the angelic chest plate?, and Diablo now comes back as a being not thought of. All seven Evils with Diablo as the lead prime, in an Angelic beings body, Key factor for a new and (true) tathemet? Snickering Diablo at this point dialogue-wise breaks the 4th wall ( For the ones that don't know. The 4th wall is when a character makes dialogue straight to the player or the reader not at the character in said game/book) and directly to us as players who have been fans taunts us? Of course being that it is a Diablo game we slay him, but that was ultimately his plot again all along corrupt everything in defeat such as baal's agenda with the worldstone. So now Diab-maltheal defeated Maltheal goes to respawn in the Crystal arch, and same goes for the seven, the seven now totally free and released such as they were in Diablo 2, and in doing so corrupts the High heavens, Fate lies shattered forever as the events that are now unfolding are directly happening because of us unforeseen even by the scroll of fate. In the way now there's corruption in the most sacred place and forces an all out war to extinguish both the burning Hells and the High heavens from Sanctuary for good, or at least banish them/Hide sanctuary permanently such as how Inarius when he discovered it without the two entities knowing. Think now back to the trailer for D3 when it was at its peak hype-point with the pen and ink style cinematic of the angels just pouring from the heavens waging war against millions of demons, Diablo breaking through from the ground, Tyreal, Inarius battling for the greater good, but now with us in the mix as enemies. Also if in our quest to extinguish the burning hell's we actually as nephalem invade hell, and release Inarius from his eternity of torture in Mephistopheles's play pin of mirrors in his gratitude shows us how to do this feat and banish/hide from both the high heavens and the burning hells permanently. The key to this feat? The man-made black soul-stone empty at this point, we must slay all seven, and also slay the Archangels to keep a Neutral balance between the stone so that pure corruption isn't solely in there. So that the stone nor entities cannot corrupt or waiver a single being on Sanctuary. Ultimately the last fight will be Imperious, unable to kill him by our-self. He's now tainted with corruption and bloodlust for humanity. With Tyreals assistance we defeat him. Tyreal now being the archangel/mortal of wisdom gives humanity his last gift.... His life and in doing so ultimately banishes both the high heavens and burning hells from our world. Tyreal now narrating the ending cinematic, the camera pans out a golden statue of the Tyreal we knew and loved from D2 holding the black soul-stone guarded by the New found order of Horadrim and inside the stone you see flashes of red and white as the Eternal Conflict rages on... Also in doing so opens up another Diablo-verse game other than on Sanctuary. With the two major entities forced to leave sanctuary they are now back in the eternal conflict un-tilted by humanity or so they thought, what created nephalem? Demons and Angels while in each others presence created us, so it opens up higher powered nephalem for the new game on the new "battlefield of eternity" inside the stone.paradoxic700 Apr 4
Apr 3 Can't complete story line I'm on the story mission Blood and Sand and it won't allow me to get the guys blood. The screen freezes on me every time I walk into the desolate sands. If you guys could get that fixed, it'd be much appreciated.On3to3nvy1 Apr 3
Mar 31 Are we even going to get a second expansion? Topic. Seems like they are hiring for a new Diablo game which is no sequel to ros...mvm1996 Mar 31
Mar 25, 2016 RE: Lachdanan Four years ago the ultimate fate of Lachdanan was discussed and I'll link to that discussion at the end of this post. I should like to revive that discussion on the brave knight that served King Leoric and fought the curse that steadily ate at him. I personally am curious and would make the suggestion of seeing him in-game again. My reasons against is that because we freed him of his curse in Diablo I then body and soul he is not present to be revived by the 'Fallen Star' and the second is that he is deeper in the Tristram Cathedral than we journey. My reasons for is that having his own set of story scrolls and if my second reason against is false then he would still be down in the Catacombs having been revived by the 'Fallen Star' (mind you we have not seen any of his knights and the other named knight: Gorash). Another reason for is a shield that strongly resembles the one he carried (perhaps even his very own shield) is found in the Royal Quarters that were just added in Patch 2.4.0 after chasing Queen Asyla's headless ghost. It's also interesting that the only function of the shield at the moment is for transmog purposes. A far-fetched theory that I have is that because we have been to the High Heavens with Diablo's essence released and Leah's fate undetermined we might again find ourselves going into the Burning Hells and in the same way we did as in Diablo I thereby crossing paths with Lachdanan once again. A curious note is how the High Heavens don't have their own hub town (something mentioned several times on the forum) and neither did we have one in the Burning Hells (albeit Tristram was the only hub town we had then.) Discuss. http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5593239228William0074 Mar 25, 2016
Mar 24, 2016 Reaper as an item. Based on the item requirements from earlier editions, the reaper is far weaker than most other incarnations, they may be described as a death dealer, or a intelligence based class. She achually took your side in the conflict. Since this charecter is from your time, rather than dealing with past events, they are more powerrfull than the allies trying to alter there own fate, She clearly has another plan going. Despite being interupted (by you), in the storyline's attempt to save you from becomeing the fallen star, there is not much point in trying to summon you, since you are already there. Even justice has no freakin' clue who the stylish chick with the level sixty scythe powers is. It sounds like the plan is going well up to this point. The heaven's reported exausted powers from decades of conflict, still seem to provide a reaper enough power to influence events. This charecter was obviously not aware that the other incarnations all know each other.and vie for power. They all use there powers to seek those of equal power, in what is known as 'the eternal conflict' to mortals. The falling star is a moment in time. You would never whield the spell, or let the others know you had the power, without the other incarnations seeking to identify the change in magic. They see events as existing in a liniar way, event follows event, and that is why they have failed to grasp what your plan was to change the events that created them.Sword9 Mar 24, 2016
Mar 8, 2016 Abd Al-Hazir, Sulkar interaction Does anyone know more on if we can fight the Immortal King Kanai? Or what can be done to awaken him. A friend and I just a couple of minutes ago rescued Abd Al-Hazir and got the event for Sulkar and his barbarians at the same time. Having both of them they started talking about Mount Arriet's destruction and how his people will wander without a place to rest. Sulkar then takes up vigil bowing to his dead king on the thrown refusing to let Abd Al-Hazir talk. We thought maybe we were supposed to take them both to the Cube room first but have yet to do so. I wan't to know if anyone has had further interactions with the two and if they say anything significant on maybe where Kanai's crown is? I'm finding this whole thing fascinating and just really want to see where it leads.TheMusician2 Mar 8, 2016
Feb 27, 2016 Who's this Skeletal Prime Evil ??? Minute 0:31 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uC7AdjaAE2o Who is this creature? It look like a skeletal/dried version of the prime evil from Diablo 3, like all his power is gone, but the union of the seven great evils souls is still here. As you can see the main body and bigger horns are from mephisto, but there are also two smaller ones from Baal and the little jaws from Diablo the prime evil... Notice that there is also Itherael (Archangel of Fate) and after him this skeletal evil... I think it's not a coincidence, i am pretty sure that this is a hint to the next expansion, where the Nephalem will go crazy and all demon and angels will be on a sh*tload of problem... Maybe we go on bloodlust and try to claim all creation as our own and of the human race, i mean we rekted all heaven and hell, who can stop us now? The prophecy talking about the "fate" of Ithearel "...And, at the End of Days, Wisdom shall be lost as Justice falls upon the world of men. Valor shall turn to Wrath - and all Hope will be swallowed by Despair. Death, at last, shall spread its wings over all - as Fate lies shattered forever." Image of the Skeletal Demon http://i.imgur.com/bna3740.pngZergSkorpyon5 Feb 27, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 I love the Diablo 3 story ^_^ Some people will see this go to say i'm in drugs or something..... but no Diablo 1 and Diablo 2+Expansion have good story i know but for me Diablo 3 story is good too. I love Diablo 3 (Vanilla) and Reaper of Souls, i love the story and yes only miss one piece of the story The New Expansion and the story for now is awesome i love it. Some people complain about Diablo 3 story and they say "WTF Blizzard what is this Story - Poor Writers - Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 story is much better" and much more.... Pls this people are crazy Diablo 3 is fine have good story and awesome things and some people complain about everything even that not exist. If Blizzard make awesome things or not there are some people with problems about their work. yeah always because nothing is fine for that people and they can't appreciate the good work from Blizzard. And yes i'm hyped for the New Expansion for Diablo 3 and perhaps the story can be awesome... who knows ;)Veil48 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016 Who is X'y'Laq? I know he's a demon, trapped within... a candle? by Zayl the necromancer. I found him in Moon of the Spider and Storm of Light. However, when I read Moon, he just suddenly comes out without explanation. Did he make an appearance in The Kingdom of Shadow? It's been quite a time since I read the book, and I can't recall I've seen him in the novel. What's his origin? How was he trapped and forced to aid Zayl in several situations?Ascalon0 Feb 21, 2016
Feb 15, 2016 BlizzCraft -- Add a sentence to the story Hi Using all of Blizzard's lore, just add your sentence to the story... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Diablo was passing through Deathwing Pass and suddenly he saw ...Adamfazai2 Feb 15, 2016
Feb 15, 2016 Necromancer Balance Lore Necromancer questions to Diablo Forums: 1. What does it mean that the Necromancer wants to preserve the "balance" and how does that equate to raising the dead? 2. Why is the necromancer from the jungle? He looks like he walked off of an 80s big hair video; just doesn't seem to fit any jungle theme. 3. Everyone keeps saying necro is better than the Witch doctor? I'm not saying they're wrong, but I'm just curious as to what they think is more appealing about him than the Witch doctor. Xul is coming!Aurin11 Feb 15, 2016
Feb 14, 2016 New idea for the future. D2 heroes -> villans Greetings. I was thinking about the developers always having to come up with something new, and I thought about the heroes from D2. Context: I was killing Diablo for achievement, when he took me to the realm in which I had to fight myself when I thought about the end of Diablo 3 Reaper of souls. At the end you are reminded that you are human, a very powerful human (nephalem), that one day will be tempted: Would you be a hero or would you become the world's doom? Well, I spent some time thinking about that. I love the story of the "dark wonderer" who after killing Diablo (in the original game) became Diablo in the second game. It was never clear whether the dark wonderer was a barbarian, a sorceress or any specific class. But what if this aspect gets to be explored in D3?? For example... What if Cain, or some sets of books (that can only be found in story mode) or Leah tells the story of the hero classes from previous games. And then somehow (in a dream, or in dungeon or something) you have to face the possibility (the fear) that they became the "dark wonderer"? This is what I was thinking about. Imagine fighting the Barbarian, Paladin, Druid, Necromancer, Assassin, Sorceress or Amazon from D2? For example: A sorceress that is hard to catch because she is teleporting everywhere while casting powerful elemental damage in massive area attacks... What if you struck here and you get frozen by her cold damage shield? Imagine a room full of hydras shooting at you while a freezing storm slows you down and the lighting reaping you apart? A paladin that deals monumental male damage while immune to one kind of elemental damage? A paladin that can take a beating while charging at you stunning you and delivering several blows at once. Imagine a Druid that calls for an army of animals that attack everything while an array of elemental damage comes from all directions. In the meantime he transforms into a bear that can take everything you throw at him while stunning you and reaping you with the claws. A necromancer that calls for an army of skeletons that deal all kind of elemental damage protected by an incredible golem that can have any legendary property from any class in the game. A necromancer that is hard to catch because it is rising walls of bone that trap you and hurt you while the army of bodies on the floor explode for an incredible amount of damage making him hard to catch. The amazon has sooooo many different skills she could definitely be a challenge. Attacking from afar with elemental damage while using the protection of Decoy and Valkyrie, and then later coming after you in face to face combat. Every class has amazing opportunities to be incredibly challenging. I was thinking that having to face the possibility of these heroes becoming part of the "dark side" would reinforce the idea that temptation is always there. It can be a nightmare fight that doesn't have to alter the current story. It can also be used to motivate players to complete the story mode once more for new lore and the possibility to unlock these fights. Think about that. I also wanted to thank everybody behind the game. Great job.Zebranegra4 Feb 14, 2016
Feb 3, 2016 Blizzard PLEASE Add Xiansai as a full zone ;__________;AdunSaveMe0 Feb 3, 2016
Mar 1, 2016 Diablo II I really move the D3 engine, but I love the D1, and D2 storylines, I would like my wife to experience them but she cant get into the older graphics and UI. I would love blizzard to release some expansion/DLC that we can pay for to take the current classes back in time and do the D1, D2 story. What do you think Blizz? ThanksThergin4 Mar 1, 2016
Jan 27, 2016 Could Blizz consider D3 filler and try again I mean they even sacked the person in charge of the development soooo, could they do that for D4?Rhael1 Jan 27, 2016
Jan 26, 2016 For Leah...(Spoiler Alert: Storyline) Am I the only one who gets some degree of satisfaction from killing Adria? I mean, think about it. She manipulated Leah, as well as Tyrael and the nephalem, into doing her dirty work of getting the souls of Belial and Azmodan into the Black Soulstone before sacrificing her own daughter to resurrect Diablo as the Prime Evil. That's just beyond foul. Fortunately, you get to tell her exactly how you feel about that. *sinister grin at the thought of killing that b---h*Aquila3 Jan 26, 2016
Jan 24, 2016 Several Questions about the Sin War trilogy. Recently I finished all 3 books. There are some questions I can't figure out. 1. Why did the barbarians willingly protect the Worldstone at the time, while Inarius considered all humans as abominations? The artifact was the main power source of the angel and the reason of why they became weaker and weaker. Did they make a pact with Inarius or received some blessing from him? However, since Rathma was allowed to enter the chamber and even seen as the Ancients's companion, that's not the case. 2. What does the second book's subtitle Scales of the Serpents stand for? As I recall, there isn't specifically mentioned in the book... it's not an object, nor an idea or something... what is it? 3. It seems that the Worldstone didn't work as the power-decreasing device to humans at the end of the book. The Angiris Council and Mephisto were all agreed that the humans must develop slowly with time, so they wiped out all of humans' memory. Thus, they actually just "forget" how to use their great power, until diablo 3? It's not that they start to gain great power just because of the Worldstone's destruction. Is that correct?Ascalon2 Jan 24, 2016
Jan 24, 2016 D3 Expac: Necromancer Hero What do you think?Killsparx77 Jan 24, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Second Diablo III Expansion As you all know the ending of Reaper of Souls is somewhat telling us that in the next chapter of Diablo there will be a war between the nephalem and the Sin War between angels, and demons will continue. Diablo and the lesser evils are free again so this is hell's time to plot again over the destruction of the high heavens and the mortal world of Sanctuary. After the death of Malthael by the hand of the nephalem, Tyrael sees the mankind' champion within a new light. As the ending cinematic suggested the nephalem being a mortlal heart and a spawn between angels, and demons can be the ultimate good, and salvation or the ultime evil, and doom of creation. The nephalem can be easily corrupted by any being, angels or demons. In the second expansion i would suggest that after Diablo was released and his failed attempt to destroy the High Heavens by corrupting the Crystal Spire, has made him more eager to see the utter destruction of the angels. But for him to succeed this time he must stop the war in hell for the prime evil between him and his lesser brothers. So he decides that he must unite will all hell spawn's creation to bring forth another tide of war to the steps of heaven EVEN to subdue the nephalem to join him in his infernal crusade. This time with mankind's help that are proven to be stronger than the both sides he must no fail. Meanwhile Tyrael and Imperius had come to an agreement that Sanctuary may be a mistake by nature and the traitor Inarius but mankind can be a source of infinite justice and wisdom if given the right training to defy the evil lurking within them. Sensing a new war coming after the release of Diablo, brings a new age of peace and cooperation between angels and humans. Tyrael reminds Imperius that the evils of hell will try to succumb mankind to they're ranks and the Angiris Council must be vigilant so together they can repel the attempts of corruption. Tyrael now a mortal and once again a formidable member of the council is on his way of becoming the link between his brethren and the new Horadrim order led by Lorath Nar. As some of you know the Worldstone that was destroyed by Tyrael during Diablo 2 was a magical artifact that after the birth of Sanctuary and its first inhabitans was emitting a a magical resonance, like a wave of energy that was altered by Inarius the deserted that ran away from the Sin War so he could create his own paradise. The resonance before Inarius altered it was magicly enhancing the nephalem to learn and master quickly they're superhuman skills. But Inarius saw that and decided to alter in another frequency that instead of learning and harnessing supernatural powers bestowed to them by birthright they would degrade and become weaker with each passing generation. Hense forth is the humans with no powers. Weak and fragile to everything in life but with strong spirit and love for life they have both good and evil within. They are an interesting phenomenon to demons especcialy for they can be as bad as any of the evils or even worse. With the powers of the once strong race of nephalem gone it is up to the angels and the demons to show they're true potential by bringing them to war that can be devastating for the entire world. Now with all those things happening again the humans will be pawns in a much greater conflict. The Eternal Conflict will be this time fought not only by order and chaos but with the help by they're children - the Nephalem. So this second expansion will have both a Light campaigne and a Dark campaigne. As you create a hero you must chose on which side you will be on: The High Heavens or The Burning Hells. This choice will decide everything in game: quests, locations, even items and appearance of the character. Questgivers can be Diablo, Azmodan, Belial etc. if on Hell's side or Imperius, Auriel ot Tyrael on Heaven's side. Tell me what do you think about this plot.Vikcata9 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Next Expansion will divide the Nephalem We will have to face the choice to be the savior or the doom of Sanctuary. They set it up perfectly. We have destroyed the Prime Evil, the Angel of Death. But now it is time to fight the battle within ourselves. We have ultimate power, will we choose to destroy our fellow nephalem or aid them. Now my version of the perfect next D3 would be to have your character choose a side, the good Nephalem or the bad Nephalem and play the expansion based on what you chose, and then integrate PvP into this system and allow bad nephalem and good nephalem to duke it out in Sanctuary. However, that is wishful thinking and I highly doubt it will be that way. But I am excited to see what the next D3 expansion has to offer, and I will be playing RoS nonstop until then. May we all ease the chaos.NoSSlayer212 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 20, 2016 Grey Hollow island Forest Hermit (Latin) Folks, So I decided to try and translate the following latin phrase that is spoken by the hermit on the island: Benedictus es deam Nereza maximum est. Nostra digni gratia tua et amor! Now I've never taken even a second language course, so the following is the best I was able to come up with, for a translation: A Prayer for Goddess Nereza Most high. In our deserving your Grace and Love. I would certainly welcome some corrections / opinions.Cybrwolf2 Jan 20, 2016
Jan 19, 2016 Adria, RoS Fight. This baffles me how hard the fight with Adria is. It makes the fight with Diablo look like a joke, I've died more times on my first encounter with her than the previous boss fights combined.Mango15 Jan 19, 2016
Jan 18, 2016 Greyhollow journal entries aren't there? Explored the entire island and only got the "part I" of explorer and testament. Were the rest somehow not added?Jaemeson3 Jan 18, 2016