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Jun 11, 2012 Belial is a great liar He simply spends all his time lying to demons, and forgot that humans lack the ability to apparate anywhere they choose at willUriel4 Jun 11, 2012
Jun 11, 2012 Ideas for New Classes Just thought I would start this as a place for ideas for new classes. All of the classes so far have been ones that you could consider general good, with some exceptions like the necromancer and the assassin depending on your perspective. A class idea I have is either someone who harnesses demonic power or has in their past nearly influenced by demonic power. Their motivation could be a mix a good intentions and trying to improve their power or items that will give them more control over the demonic power that still lingers inside them. Not too fleshed out yet but the general idea is here. Go ahead and post your own ideas and comments on those here.HellCrusher44 Jun 11, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 Story to justify Nm, Hell and Inferno So, why Blizzard didn't made a story to justify why do we have to fight nightmare, hell and inferno? Would be kinda fun, like in the end of Normal, after we kill diablo, his 'soul' tells you that he won't be crushed, so he returns in time to a deeper state of reality, like a parallel reality that he and his minions would be much powerful. And only in inferno you could kill him definitely. Maybe even some work on the story to justify it.. would be fun..Takanodan3 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 The 'Gods' of Sanctuary...? So here's the idea... Anu vs Tathamet = creation of the universe, their deaths = creation of Heaven/Hell. Heaven/Hell create the Worldstone, which creates Sanctuary and Humanity. Humanity creates 'Gods' and religions that are not based on the EXISTING Heaven/Hell. Archangels are like 'WTF BRO?' I mean c'mon, the monks have 1000 of them, and I bet NONE of them are Angels or Demons.OMNI2 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 The lore just doesn't make sense... (Spoiler) There is this one part of the lore that really doesn't make any sense. And that is Tyrael turning human. I mean humans (or nephalem) are half demon right? And they're even more powerful than both angels and demons. So how in the world can Tyrael become one? And by forsaking his angelic powers? If it was possible for angels to go "screw this, i'm nephalem now", why didn't they all do it way earlier and defeat the demons in the eternal conflict? And angels and demons are about equal in power, right? And nephalem are stronger that both of them. Also nephalem are half angel half demon. When Tyrael turns "human" and forsakes his angelic power, he doesn't absorb any demonic power whatsoever. This must mean that he really isn't a human, but he's just in a weak form of an angel. And because he weakens himself he becomes weaker than humans, angels and demons. So basically Tyrael is now the weakest being in the entire Diablo universe right now... (Except for maybe the bats... but just maybe...) Does anybody else feel like me that Tyrael turning human is the biggest lore flaw in Diablo 3?Kurai14 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 Story Journals and Act Break Cinematics Hello story forum people. I must say that while the central story line is pretty good, except that bit about justice being done on one particular day so we never need it again, the supplemental logs are the best part for me. So I'm a little frustrated that there is no way to organize them in your quest log. They just show up in the order I found them, no matter what filter I use to search. This is a minor pain, but still it seems a simple enough task to implement some auto-sorting system for the journals. I would love to be able to break them down by the act they were found in. My second topic is kind of a major pain for me. I love watching the cinematics in between acts, but they keep auto skipping for me. I've searched the in game options menu and I can't seem to find any box I can check that lets these CG movies play. If anyone knows why this is happening, please tell me =pPilga2 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 The Ultimate Expansion Prediction! So we all saw the black soul stone fall from heaven, but we didn't see where it landed... You know that Fast, Mortar, Jailor, Vortezor that no one could kill in inferno so everyone ran away from - well the black soul stone landed smack in the middle of it forehead! Now it is the prime evil, it has every afix and since everything evil is it's minion they are all invulnerable! To win you must search sanctuary for that one unique that isn't invulnerable, without getting hit at all by all it minions that one shot you, that you can't kill! ...And Imperious gets eaten by Toad of Hugeness, just because that's the only useful thing the Toad can do.stjarvis1 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 With inspirations like these I would just like to go ahead and compliment chris metzhen on his choice of inspiration for the characters of D3. After all, when one draws inspiration from such INCREDBILE sources, how can they possibly go wrong in portraying terrifying and powerful beings? Azmodan? http://media.comicvine.com/uploads/0/77/983037-waternoose.jpg GENIUS. Pure horrifying fury incarnate, IMO. Belial? http://images.wikia.com/starwars/images/4/41/Queenamidala.jpg Well, i think it goes without saying that they really hit a homerun on this one. And your character? I know that its different for each class and character, but given their role in the story, its quite clear who they were going for, and i for one cannot fathom how anyone could EVER fault them for this. http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-nA6ergpO800/TrbM9eMSKFI/AAAAAAAAAGw/jtfDlhGrMy4/s1600/Super-Sayian-Goku-psd4721.png Give the team a gold star, they struck it out of the park for this one.aleksandor13 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 I am going to say this you guys Worse ending than mass effect 3. YES I SAID IT Blizzard should make a Retro-DLC pack = Diablo 1 & 2 story with Diablo 3 Engine!!!!!Oliver36 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 10, 2012 Diablo 3's Story: What Went Wrong http://www.gamefront.com/diablo-3s-story-what-went-wrong/ A review article on GameFront focusing on the story part of the game. Quite well written. I agree with most of his points, especially those for Belial and Azmodan. The "Lord of Lies" and "Greatest tactician" appears just plain stupid. Well, maybe all the demons in the diablo universe are stupid so they are already the smartest ones among the stupid.....Wakeman48 Jun 10, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 Lore of the druids, and Diablo 3 http://www.diablowiki.net/Druid ... So, lore wise, the druid would fit in diablo 3 just fine. Personally, i believe (hope) they will be an expansion class with shape-shifting abilities. It was stated that the barbarian was the only returning class because of the fact that he could be greatly improved upon. I feel that the druid could also be greatly improved upon from what it was in diablo 2. Also, there are currently 3 ranged, and 2 melee, so there is a slight imbalance there. Also, there are two dex users, two int users, and only one str user. This means that the druid would potentially be a melee character utilizing strength. TL;DR: Druids in expansion please! What are your thoughts and opinions? Flame away if you'd like :)Snowman2 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 Butcher Lore WTF? So apparently the Butcher wasn't a unique demon after all but one of many. So im guessing they were all preprogrammed to say the "Fresh Meat" line while attacking people when they where being manufactured? Why Chris?, WHY?!?!?!?!RoJo14 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 Aidan and Diablo's soulstone In D1, Aidan had to remove Diablo's soulstone from Albrecht's forehead in order to reverse the possession of the host. The thing I don't understand is why would he want insert it into his own forehead; isn't that just asking Diablo to possess your own body?JohnnyZeWolf24 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 Maps for Each of the Acts Does anyone know if Blizzard made a specific map for each act (i.e. where Tristram, Wortham, etc. are located within Khanduras in Act 1; where alcarnus is relative to caldeum in Act 2, etc.)? I'm personally curious to know more about the major places in the Diablo universe and their backstories (in addition to the in-game journals and the Book of Cain).NedStark2 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 The Prophet The enchantress tells us about the prophet but what is really confusing is could the prophet she is refering to be Inarius? In the Sin War he was known as the Prophet as he was head of the Cathedral of Light. Another possiblity is because he trained her and her sisters in magic he could be someone similar to the Archangel Yaerius who founded the Zakarum church. I'm torn between these two possibilities of who the prophet could be. I believe the second one may be more plausable because she slept for only 1500 years I believe and the Sin War took place 2000 years before the darkening of Tristram. These unanswered questions are bugging me O_O heheDesmondTiny1 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 9, 2012 Cain's death. By a childish twinkling glittering butterfly demon. Never in my 10 decades of Diablo did I expect this to happen. Diablo = Twilight.yeo0 Jun 9, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 D3 expansion ideas This thread is not to be taken seriously but are just ideas. How I would continue the story from d3. During the span of act1 -act4, tyrael and leah had a close bond,.... a very close bond. the offspring was born safe and sound before leah's death. So, in the expansion, something can continue from this child, a new ally or a new foe? what would tyrael do? we know the black soulstone is out there somewhere, there is an angry angel, does this child have powers?djdkmowze1 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Diablo: the Order I don't live near a bookstore that would carry it, so I have to ask, what's going on with Diablo: The Order? It should have been out for about a month now, but I haven't heard a peep about it.MadDogMitch2 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Diablo 3 Expansion Ending This is an ending that I just came up with for the expansion. Since, Diablo is all evil and the king of hell then Diablo should always win. So when you defeat Diablo in the expansion, Diablo should still win as a suprise ending and the penalty to losing to Diablo would be 15% of your gold and all of your armor is broken.HNN0 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 A fight I want to see! *spoilers* - So, you are the Nephalem. You have vanquished the Prime Evil and cast the Black Soulstone back to Sanctuary, all seven defeated Lords of Hell inside. The Angiris Council are grateful for vanquishing the threat to their existence, but there is one problem... As the Black Soulstone reaches Sanctuary, the great fall causes it to dash upon a rock and splinter. The power wanes within it, and after a moment of silence, a deafening blast eradicates most of the surrounding hillside. All seven evils, once again in their separate forms, are disgorged from the shattered remains of the stone. Quickly, they take up positions against one another; Mephisto and Baal stand together - Azmodan, Belial, Duriel and Andariel stand opposing, fury burning in their eyes - and Diablo... stands alone, in between the two sides. He felt weaker after his previous control of all the others being gone, but certainly still potent. Mephisto was the first to speak. "How could you fail, Diablo, with all of our strength combined? Defeated by four mere mortals! I hope you have good reason, dear brother, for this dire performance..." Azmodan was quick to chime in; "The mortals were lucky! If I had the power of the Prime Evil, the whole of creation would have been annihilated within the hour. Perhaps Diablo should reconsider his blundering approaches-" Azmodan was interrupted as Diablo turned to face him. He flinched, knowing already what the Lord of Terror might conjure. "He betrayed us!" Belial could keep quiet no longer. "He took all of our power as his own, then his misuse led to the downfall of Hell! He should be punished!" Andariel stepped forward. "I aided him on his way East, and my effort was again wasted by his perpetual failings!" "...Perhaps he should be shown true agony..." croaked Duriel, his perpetual grin widening as he raised his cutting forelimbs. Violence was imminent, and he could taste the results already. "SILENCE!" Baal's shout echoed and shook the very earth beneath their feet. The other evils immediately hushed. "This is not the time to bicker. Much is at stake if the Nephalem hold such power. If they can destroy the Prime Evil, they could destroy the entirety of the Burning Hells themselves! What then shall we fight about!?" There was a long silence. Finally, Belial spoke again. "Mephisto, you were my mentor and are the wisest among us. What would you suggest we do?" Mephisto floated silently in his place, staring quietly into the sky, at the stars. The wait was long, and a slight shifting of bodies revealed that the other evils were becoming restless - and quite possibly, nervous. Just before the silence became intolerable, the air took on a new level of chill around them, and Mephisto spoke anew. "The High Heavens fell before us. We were all but unopposed as we marched to the Crystal Arch. The remaining Angels fell as we placed our potent corruption deep within. Our only foes were the Nephalem, who vanquished us when we stood as one body. They are the only opposition to Hell's dominion. We should be united in our hatred for him forthwith." "A pact, then!" Azmodan roared, seemingly pleased by this new chance of revenge. "They shall be made to drown in sin!" Azmodan began to channel his power to seal the pact. The other evils joined him. "And they shall know anguish!" "And they shall know not which direction to take!" "And we will show them pain like no other!" With all of the Lesser Evils under their sway, the Prime Evils eagerly added their contributions to the pact. "And terror shall break them!" "And they will be utterly destroyed..." "...by our hatred combined!" Roaring flames sprang from the focal point of the spell, twisting the area and bending reality. From the ground around he crater, hideous structures began to form from bleached bones dragged from the countryside. The souls of the lost formed the mortar as a fortress constructed itself from the remains of the dead. Great, dark clouds hid the monstrous Colosseum from the watchful eyes of the Heavens, and struck unimaginable fear into any mortals to gaze upon it. Mephisto called out victoriously. "The seven, for the first time in existence, shall stand separately but united! We shall summon the Nephalem to us, away from their allies, and make an example of these arrogant, upstart mortals!" And so, all seven Great Evils took up their positions in the demonic arena they had wrought, and combined their powers to summon the Nephalem into the centre, where they would be beyond help and hope. This would be a fight to be remembered, and would decide the fate of all of creation! - Quite simply, a fight between the player and all seven Great Evils at the same time. Whether it would be possible to win or not, I don't know. All I know is, I want to try!Creature8 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 What ARE angels? ... I found this and it seems to be in disagreement to what's seen in Diablo 3. For one we see Imperius and Tyrael speaking without any humans around and if the armour and such really were purely for the benefit of mortals, then why did they have it on in Heaven during a trial? Then of course we see Tyrael rip his wings off, and if they were his true form than it'd be like you ripping yourself out of your clothes while they walk along without you as an empty shell. Then there's the Wrath animation which displays the wings as actual wings as well as tendrils, and once again there are no mortals present so the armour would be unnecessary. Then Diablo's siege of Heaven which shows Imperius in armour, which seems pointless since he hates mortals anyways, there's miscellaneous angel soldiers who would seem to be too busy defending to appeal to mortals. Then there's the portion outside the Crystal Arch where we see Imperius' wings vanish, though he remains alive without them. So I would say that, while creatures of light and sound, the wings aren't 'their true form'. I would say they're part of their real form underneath the armour, which they wear as part of their strict adherence to order and regimen.Liam3 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Tyrial, there is a very large difference. The influence that drives mortal lives, is easily swayed, or controlled, by both mortal and immortal beings. Some walk a line few understand, let alone believe exists. The balance that shifts is a result of that influence. That has sealed the fate of many of those, who have sought power. Your duty is not only to justice, it is also to bear witness, to the lives around you. That duty is sometimes not to take action, to resolve lives. They say that it is all the same, the forces of good or its opposition. I am sorry some believe such a thing. There is a very large difference between those sides, I do not know where everyone ends up. Those in contest over the world need not be known, to maintain free will. To express an ancient concept, the simple facts of existence, set apart those under the mandate of heaven, not those in it's debt.Sword1 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Who will be the next deckard cain? "Stay a while and listen" - yes, the old man is now in peace. Rejoice!DarkKarlo4 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Just one 'LITTLE' thing that urks me.. -_- If there was always more than one butcher, why does everyone refer to them as "THE Butcher" instead of "A Butcher"... ?! ?! ***Kakarrot16 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Most well written character?*Spoilers* For me, it has to be Zoltun Kulle. It blurs the lines of good and evil. Yes he's insane, but he does have a good nature/honesty to him. Leah Had a ton of room to become a new epic character. The next Cain, the Next Tyrael, anything. Instead she just becomes Leahblo. No one else in the game truly stood out as being well written or even enjoyable than Kulle and Leah to me. Thoughts?V1lyra12 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Reflect Damage... So I can kill them, but it just takes forever. That's not really what I'm posting about. What I'm posting about is the frequency. Every time I do Butcher runs, at least half of the elite packs of reflect damage. Is anybody else getting this? Edit: Wat? Did this get moved to story or am I getting website bugs?Bergtau1 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 This explains everything! This video is a pretty good example of what happened to Diablo 3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-ReoBPl4mMDackius1 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Major Plot Hole *major spoiler alert* I noticed a rather major issue with the story beginning in Act 2. Adria mentions that for the years after the events of Diablo 2 she was running around binding the souls of the defeated evils to the black soulstone. Either she was lying to gain Leah/Tyrael's trust or she had some method of reaching the black soulstone. So...why did we have to spend about half of Act 2 hunting down a long dead magician and resurrecting him to get to his archives to recover the soulstone? Couldn't we have just hunted down the remaining evils and let Adria do whatever she did again, then take the black soulstone to the hellforge and smash it with a hammer (again)? Now let's assume she was lying and she didn't need to bind the evils to the black soulstone. Let's go all the way back to Diablo 1; anyone else remember the ending scene? Your hero stuck Diablo's soulstone into his own forehead in an attempt to contain the prime evil. You are then possessed and become the wanderer of Diablo 2, freeing the other two prime evils (who incidentally were imprisoned by the lesser evils). So this was all according to Diablo's plan and the soulstones are all bound together in some yet-to-be-revealed way, so that when the Worldstone (soulstones were chipped off the worldstone) was destroyed at the end of Diablo 2, the black soulstone, which is significantly larger than the other shards, acted based on the modifications Zoltan Kulle had made to it, and tried to contain the evils itself. Diablo knew all of this and was preparing from the very beginning to become "The Prime Evil." I guess I can accept that; it certainly makes him the most awesome of all of the evils, and would be why all three games were named after him. No matter the case, none of the characters in game even remotely questions the fact that the only one who can open Zoltan Kulle's archives to get to the blakc soulstone is Zoltan Kulle, and that Adria bound the souls of the former evils to the black soulstone. The point of this post is that *these are mutually exclusive, and no one questions Adria.* Even Tyrael is caught by surprise when Adria "betrays" us. So, we come to the end of the game, and Diablo is defeated (yay), and falls from the High Heavens, his physical body dissolving, and the black soulstone falls to Sanctuary. And Tyrael, who has been involved in this whole situation from the very beginning *DOES NOTHING.* Really Tyrael? Just gonna let the evils survive in that soulstone on Sanctuary? Crushing a soulstone does NOT destroy the soul(s) of the evils contained within (although we didn't realize that until Diablo 3 - Mephisto was assumed to have been destroyed). Oh, and there is no guarantee that the soulstone would be crushed by a mere fall. So, the "fallen star" in the prophecies...was it really Tyrael? Or was that an unforeseen precursor to the real fallen star (black soulstone) which will (for reals this time) unleash hell on earth? Oh and Adria is still out there somewhere. I just get the feeling that the plot for Diablo 3 was an attempt to tie up some of the loose ends from Diablo 1 & 2 (which there weren't many), but they tried to make it too complicated and ended up making it predictable and see-through. What about the real implications of Tyrael destroying the Worldstone at the end of Diablo 2? That was a HUGE deal. But the reason Tyrael is in trouble is because he helped the humans? No mention of him destroying the lock on the gates of hell? Act IV had a sense of urgency, get to Diablo before he destroys the crystal spire; but what about the giant door to hell sitting in Arreat Crater? Oh, it'll keep. It's sat there for 20 years and nothing has happened (until now). When I finished Diablo 2: LOD the first time I was seriously looking forward to Diablo 3. What I was expecting was a massive war in Sanctuary with the armies of hell pouring through the gate opened by the destruction of the worldstone. But that got reduced to a single act. So when are we going to mount our offensive into hell to destroy the demon's equivalent of the Crystal Spire?Paedrig23 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Loose Ends So here I'm going to list the loose ends I've noticed, and feel free to chip in. -Adria's still at large -the Black Soulstone has yet to be destroyed -Malthael's fate has yet to be disclosed, he simply vanished, and seeing as Tyrael's taken over his place in the Council it seems even more important that Malthael's fate be explored -Imperius isn't seen again after Diablo's death, which is curious since he's right outside, and I don't think he's dead since there would be more of a deal made if he'd died -Tyrael taking the seat of Wisdom means his original seat is still vacant -Emperor Hakkan's fate was left unexplained, I mentioned this before, but I think it's worth noting that the fate of the real Emperor is never mentioned so Caldeum's leadership is left in question (interesting most of the ones I've found actually have to do with the Angels, the demons pretty much wrapped themselves up) -the rest of the commanders of sin are still out there And that's all I can think of. It's also a shame Tyrael won't be seen in-game with his classic appearance outside the flashback.Liam11 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Black Soulstone Act II to Act III Yes yes we all agree that the story was not up to snuff for an RPG but one thing bothers the hell out of me. Can anyone explain why the hell the 5 evils didn't just break out of the soulstone in Act II? so we're hanging out in act II trying to figure out what the hell belial is up to... (being a @!%*@*#**s wet dream seems to be his ultimate plan of evil) ...and whats this? a black soulstone! the souls of the 5 evils have been marked by Adria to be placed in the black soulstone ... (btw why the hell did we have to take these souls that didn't seem to be doing much of anything other than staying dead; and put them into a stone so they could possibly be absorbed into a surviving evil and be used for...well evil) ...that zoltan kulle (reminds me of dude where's my car. ZOLTAN!!!) made. After slaying the hoards that the horadrim had left behind we eventually make our way to the black soulstone and activate it with our good friend zoltun. All five souls immediately enter the soulstone and we take it to the camp where it sits while we save a bunch of innocent civilians from belial's bombardment. We defeat belial and send his !@# into the soulstone and just kinda chill in town for awhile. enjoying our celebrity status until Leah learns about Azmodan coming to rip sanctuary a new one. Enter act III we find leah holding the black soulstone together because it wasn't perfect and the demons inside it were making their way out of it. Why did they wait until we were at bastions hold to try this? Why didn't the sudden rush of 5 evils just make the damn stone explode from the sudden surge of power? There wasn't anything keeping them in the damn thing til act III. We didn't see Adria doing anything. She just sat there with the rest of us plotting her plots and scheming her schemes. That $%^- just stayed put. What were they doing in there? Playing Yahtzee?RamasJonith3 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Blizzard is content with the story in D3 Jay Wilson earlier today (in response to a question about the questionable plot/dialog and poor execution of both): "Agree to disagree? We get lots of compliments on the story and dialogue. It's a hard area to make everyone happy, and a lot of things we do to make goals obvious for some players make them feel over-stated to others. We never tried to make War and Peace, just a decent pulpy story about heroes fighting demons." I'm beginning to wonder where Blizzard gets their feedback; Jay seems awfully deluded here. It seems like almost no one likes the story/dialog/characters in D3. There are a select few who claim to like the story, but are discontent with the execution-- and a good story with poor execution may as well just be a poor story. I really haven't seen anyone who just flat out likes the story and the execution of it in D3.Hexxus67 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 ***spoiler allert about ending*** So, if you haven't played through the game at least once and don't want the ending spoiled just stop right there, don't click this thread, turn around and close your eyes. Seriously, the writers kill off Deckard Cain?? http://www.nooooooooooooooo.com/ Fine, I'm over it . . . at least we have Leah to sort of carry on his mantle and research. As time goes on we find out she has some sort of hidden power, interesting. Finding Adria, the witch was a little to convenient, and I was suspicious of her all along. Not surprised by her betrayal. But you make Leah the daughter of Diablo also, so she can be used up to resurrect him, and thrown away like an empty husk?? NNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Ok, don't panic, get it together. Stop crying you damn monk, maybe we can save her, maybe if we tear Diablo a new one we can some how redeem her. Lets do this! Finally kill Diablo, lots of yellow candy inside. /ignore candy. WHERE IS LEAH. I don't get to save her or redeem her. She didn't know what she was. It wasn't her fault. She was used, she was a pawn. WHY, OH GOD WHYYYYYY!!! /Pick up shiny piñata loot. Sell it all at the new tristram in. /spend rest of life at the new tristram inn swimming in a mug of ale soured with the bitter hopps of loss and failure. WTB new writers.Tållülå17 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 Common Misconceptions (Spoilers!) Okay, I see these questions a lot, and people repeatedly get these things wrong, so I hope to inform a few people. The reason 'Diablo' looks different to how he does in the first two games is because he is essentially NOT Diablo. The last boss of this game is the Prime Evil, a combination of all the other Lords of Hell and Diablo himself. That is, Duriel, Belial, Andariel, Azmodan, Mephisto, Baal all have an effect on the physicality of the Prime Evil. That is why he looks different, and yes, this is where he gets his more feminine features. There are two reasonable explanations as to why Diablo even had control of this amalgamation of the Evils. One, is that Leah being his daughter gave him some bias over her consciousness. Two, Adria was a worshiper of only Diablo, seeking to give him supreme power. She therefore probably ensured Diablo would be the one in control. Could be both of these reasons. So the boss you fight is NOT Diablo. It's the Prime Evil, controlled by Diablo. I imagine if the Evils get separated again, we'll see him in his true form. Speaking of True Forms... Belial is probably a better liar than a lot of people think. 1) Remember when he morphs into his infinitely harder and more monstrous 'true form'? Well, that was a trick. His smaller form is actually his true form, and the large second phase is an illusion - an illusion which is strong enough in your mind to smash you into tiny pieces in an instant. You can tell because when he transforms, he destroys half the palace. Notice how when you finish him, there's a flash and the palace is totally fixed? Yeah, he just tripled the difficulty of the fight with a trick. And if you didn't realise it before reading this, reconsider how well he can lie. Hell, even the Wiki lists the larger form as his 'true form'. Fooled a few people at least. 2) Belial successfully set himself up as leader of an entire city, and took direct control of its military. Yes, you might have easily seen through his disguise as the child emperor - but, can you honestly say that if you didn't know you were supposed to be looking for Belial, the Lord of Lies, it would have been so easy? I doubt it was so obvious for the people - I don't think they would have guessed that a Lesser Evil has occupied their city. Azmodan is probably a better tactician than you realise. How many times could a person survive being slashed by a huge, 9ft demon wielding an axe bigger than a man? I'd say about none. That would mean that Inferno difficulty is probably the most 'realistic' difficulty. And, considering that if the game was realistic, you wouldn't come back alive once you'd died. And, considering your character is the one thing preventing the demons from slaughtering the rest of the keep, we can calculate something. How many times did you die on Act 3 Inferno difficulty? That's how many times Azmodan won - tricked you into bringing the stone right to his doorstep, slaughtered its only worthwhile defender, and took it for himself to gain ultimate power. That's how many times his gloating was totally justified. If we got some figures showing how many times players have died on Act 3 inferno against how many times Azmodan has died on this difficulty, we could see the actual odds of him winning - and I think you'll find that realistically, he had it in the bag. Gameplay mechanics mean we can win, of course, but when you put these things into consideration, you realise why he feels he can be so cocky. That's it for now, I might add more if I spot something.Creature6 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 8, 2012 my summary of Diablo story (In Chinese ) 第一集 天使和恶魔的战争后。。Diablo - Lord of Terror 被审判天使Tyrael用Horadrim的soul stone 封印在tristam小村下但是它的思想慢慢的通过它的追随者传出去, Leoric,tristam小村的统治者就是被影响的。玩家做为一个冒险家。。加入这个冒险 Leoric - The skeleton King 解放了Diablo, 但最后被玩家打败。 这集的结尾,就是玩家最后披上披风远走。。。。 ------------------------------- 第二集 玩家扮演新的好奇冒险家来访问tristam小村,因为diablo的事件。 在途中,他打听到了那个披风者,本着对这个hero的崇拜。。。玩家追随披风者的步伐 Mephisto - Lord of Hatred 就是diablo在被披风者杀了后出现的。 她也是prime evil中强大的一员。 Mephisto被玩家斩杀了在tristam的大教堂下。 在冒险途中玩家遇到了horadrim的一员, 后者用了魔法为玩家做了个盒子。 玩家也很好奇,为什么披风者经过的路,都有灾害。。最后,玩家知道也很怀疑,diablo根本没死。 审判天使tyrael在天使神山被炙天使封印着。。。玩家最后在天使神山。杀了diablo。 ------------------------------ 第二集加强版 玩家在杀了diablo后,Baal - Lord of Destruction也进军了Mt。Arest - 野蛮人的家乡 玩家在前往Mt。Arest的途中在沙漠杀了其中一个Lesser Evils - Duriel Prince of Pain. Prime Evil, Baal要拿到world stone来解放他的兄弟(diablo和mephisto), 而world stone就藏在mt.arest 下. 玩家最后打败了Baal, 但也粉碎了world stone...Mt. Arest也被毁了。。 * Horadrim是一个团体。。他们是审判天使tyrael为了对抗diablo创办的 * Black Stone, 是一个Horadrim的天才魔法师创造出来封印soul stone的 * Soul Stone,是恶魔们的精核。。只由粉碎它,才能杀死恶魔 * World Stone 是天使和恶魔创造人类的精核。。 ------------------------------ 第三集 玩家(野蛮人)在家乡被毁后,就来到Tristram新镇,因为有彗星撞上这小镇 在这遇到了最后一位Horadrim成员和他的养女Leena,而那颗彗星就是审判天使tyrael 原来在第二集时,被封印的审判天使自我解放-下凡 玩家也拿到Black Stone来封印其它的恶魔, Berial和Armonal。 在mt.Areas 战役中养女Leena被她母亲利用来复活Diablo,而leena很悲剧的是diablo在Trisram时的女儿, Diablo复活也吸收了Black Stone中其它被封印的Evil,变的异常强大。 在天使之城打败了勇气天使,在Diablo要破坏天使之晶时,玩家打败了它。 至此3个Prime Evils 和 4个Lesser Evils 都死了。。。。 续待。。。。。。Sprig7 Jun 8, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 When you run past azmodan... When you run past azmodan's giant hologram head while he monologs without stopping to listen to him, how you think that makes him FEEL? I mean, he is a demon lord, but he still has feelings! How would you feel if you planned this giant 80s cartoon villain speech for the hero, and he just runs past you without stopping, leaving you talking to air! I mean, you can't STOP your speech at that point; that would just look silly! but at the same time, your just talking to empty space at that point! People, please think of the Demon's feelings next time one of azmodan's holograms appear!aleksandor4 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 A few questions maybe people can help answer 1. When did Leah and her mother part ways? and When and why did Deckard Cain start taking care of her? 2. Why in a lifetime of searching for clues on how to defeat the last evils did Deckard Cain never hear anything about a black soulstone when it was created by a member of his own order? 3. Why is "The Butcher" still given the title "The Butcher" when it is revealed he actually a type of demon, not an individual demon.... for that matter, why don't throw 20 of them at us at the same time then? 4. If Adria is working for Diablo the whole time, why does her journal tell of how she was fleeing Tristam before the problems start? Shouldn't she have stayed to help her master? or did Diablo know all along he was gonna have to be destoryed two times before he'd have a real shot at doing anything important? 5. If Maghda or whatever served Belial, why did she have such a cult gathering in Tristam, and why not just take "The stranger" back to her master with her, instead of sticking around Tristam? And for that matter, why does Deckard Cain not have any knowledge of this Maghda who leads a cult that apparently controls the fast majority of Tristam? 6. Why, as the wizard character's story says, is the main character following Prophecy that called to him to these tasks, and yet the Angel's scroll of fate has nothing about him even existing in it. Where did this prophecy crom from? And if the hero is the only thing missing from the scroll did the Angel's scroll of fate actually predict Diablo taking over the heavens? 7. How does Act 3 start? I mean did we arrive at that fort after it was attacked? or did we just got hang out there and wait for it be attacked? I'm kind of unclear on this. I have more questions, but this is enough for right now. Please give as much sorce information to back up answers as you can, I really appreciate your help!Dackius3 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Diablo 3 in 3 minutes (Some spoilers) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcJ_XT3oWtYVeritas6 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Enchantress: There's something odd about Leah Witch Doctor: Well, Cain did raise her. Well said WD, well said.Zerosouls0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Change the 'Twist' at the end (spoiler) Instead of making Leah the host of Diablo, make it Tyrael. Maybe it would've been a one dimensional story going that route, but that's one change I would have made with this entire plot anyways (if I couldn't change anything else).Krocer2 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Is Adria the witch really Adria? or maybe it's Belial in disguise as Adria in a clever attempt to ressurect Diablo while using Leah as her vessel? Or perhaps Belial all along never died and just wanted the heroes to wipe out the other prime evils so he has less obstacles in the way? just food for thought. or maybe he's just dead and Adria is the next person of concern. thoughts?Roopurt0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Ending Explanation (Will Contain Spoilers) Two things have been bugging me about the D3 Act 3 and 4 endings: 1. Adria betrayed us, yet she isn't mentioned except in the beginning of Act 4. Shouldn't we or the angels go after her? SHE unleashed the prime evil on the world not us. If you think that we'll fight her in an expansion then please say so, i just do not like how we ended things with her. 2. We throw Diablo's body off of heaven as it disintegrates. We do not see the black soulstone disintegrate. Are we supposed assume it does disintegrate off-screen? Or was that done on purpose to imply the black soulstone will come back? If I'm wrong and it does disintegrate please tell me because i do not see it disintegrate. 3. The ending has almost nothing to do with the nephalem. It completely focuses on Tyrael. This is definitely my least important point but wouldn't it have been nice for the developers to put an individualized ending depending on your class? For example: The wizard returns to his/her masters and shows them how powerful he/she has become. The demon hunter returns to the other demon hunters and tells them of his/her victory over the lords of hell. The barbarian unites his/her people in bastion's keep. The witch doctor starts his/her own tribe with followers that he/she made on his/her journey. The monk returned to Ivgorod and became a trainer of the younger monks. SOMETHING that tells us we won and now we're going to do this until the D3's DLC. Please comment i only spent about 10 minutes on this and would love feed back. P.S. I know most people will not read this at all and those of you that did I thank you for your time spent :-)Deamon5 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 #1 Place to Find Maps and Lore of Sanctuary? I recently saw that Blizzard has had writing contests the past several years and figure the next one will be happening soon. As someone who wants to be an author this is a great chance to try out my writing skills, to get some constructive criticism to become better. The stories must be set in one of their video games' worlds, like Diablo. Since I want to set my story in the Diablo universe, I have a question. Where, online can I find maps of Sanctuary, and lore on the characters (human and otherwise), demons and monsters, as well lore concerning historical events in this particular universe? Now I know there is a wiki for the Diablo universe, but I was wondering if anyone had some other suggestions to go on as well. I want to have the best shot at winning, and to do that I want to figure out the best route to go for a story. This would greatly help me out and thanks to anyone who helps. It truly means a lot. Thank you.ArcticSwan0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Aiden defeated diablo, what about the rouge? Ok, I followed the story of all 3 Diablo games, and the xpacs of the first two (yes, even Hellfire). I found a loophole in the story of the first game, however: The Rouge. Adria says "Aiden, Leoric's eldest son, defeated that power" (Diablo). The rouge was a female. Blizzard ruined this game partially by being "politically correct"(at least ive seen some QQing over that), and yet overlooked this detail. The rouge was my favorite class in D1, having a reliable ranged attack with no mana cost, so you could use mana shield scrolls and rejuv potions to have a LOT of life, or simply spam fireball/chain lightning. So why the rouge no kill Diablo? I guess someone had to become Blood Raven. TL;DR: read the post it isnt that long. Diablo 3: because going to Hell to kill satan is so last decade...DarkTemplarX11 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 So this game is cool and all.. Gameplay wise yeah. I had fun. But during play throughs with alts... I couldn't help but feel the story was similar to Jackie Chan Adventure demon arc... (which btw was one of my childhood favorite shows) Where... Uncle = Deckard Cain Jade = Leah Jackie Chan = Main character Section 13 / Bald guy that helped Jackie that I forgot his name = Tyreal Dark Hand = Cultists Shenron = Diablo Other Demons = The prime and lesser evils That cube thingy = Black soulstone. Just saying. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wmbskqWyiX8 Intro @ 1:36 - 2:19 Hmm watching it now it reminds me of random events Random Event = EpisodePnoyBadger4 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 What happens to Imperius? I was just wondering, during when it shows 6-8 other angels and your character, and i vaguely remember Tyrael. When Imperius, well i dont know how to put it. Because my partner skipped the conversation, so i didn't see what happened i saw them and then Imperius was on the ground along with the other angels. I'm simply asking for what happens right there, its a grey area that iv been wondering about.Clericis12 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Diablo 3 Parody Make your own funny story of Diablo 3. Lately all I see is serious stories and spoilers, but with this thread we could make a different Diablo Universe full of Ponys and Cows. So get creative :DRaven0 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Order to read the books So I just bought the Book of Cain and Diablo 3:The order. I'm excited to read them but I'm just curious if theres an order I should read them. I wanna get into the earlier stories as well any suggestions?FreezeKitty1 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 7, 2012 Expansion Predictions [Diablo 3: The Prime] After defeating Diablo, you go into Act V(5), your quest is to retrieve Diablo's soulstone since it fell down from the sky after defeating him. Your quest it to get the soulstone and destroy it at the Hellforge[The place where you destroyed the soulstone in Diablo2] in hell. While on your way to retrieving the stone, an army of demons try to stop you from attaining it. You must fight your way straight to hell. While you are there, there is a civil war between demons to become the lords of hell. You must defeat the remaining leaders of hell while making your way to the hellforge. After you defeat them, you finally arrive at the Hellforge and finally destroying the final soul stone. THE END. But wait!! After you destroyed it, you see darkness coming out of the stone. A cutscene appears, showing the place where each of the seven lords of hell have died, and their shadows are forming into one spot in hell. The angels in High Heaven are watching in fear knowing that the greatest evil has been reborn. Parts of hell are breaking apart flying to the spot where the shadows are forming combining into it. Your character looks in deep within the shadow and see glowing eyes. A face appear and it is none other than the original Prime Evil: Tathamet. Tathamet roars, a barrier of his sound is wiping everything out as it move in vast speed, and Tyrael appears teleporting you to High heaven. You watch from High Heaven as the Prime Evil's roar had destroyed most of hell. Tathamet then recreate his own realm out of hell. Then you move onto Act VI(6). In Act 6, you must get the Power of Anu, the Supreme Being/God. In order to this, you must make Tyrael an Angel again in order to combine the five virtues: Justice, Hope, Wisdom, Fate, and Valor to make Anu. Anu combines it power with the Nephalem in order to defeat Tathamet. You teleport to the Prime Evil's realm, preparing yourself to fight the seven-headed dragon: Tathamet. The ending is yours to create. A Character for the expansion that I thought would be good: Fallen Angel - Just like Tyrael, they gave up their angel power in order to help mortals. So thanks for reading this thread and Tell me how you think of this story! :)Raven12 Jun 7, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Nephalem At a certain point of D3, the characters, demons, etc start calling me as nephalem. What is this nephalem thing and are my followers nephalem also?Hamirez1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 POSSIBLIE SPOILER: Mephisto? We can all agree this prime evil is awesome. He's the eldest and his voice is "like a thousand needles in my heart." Sure a bot could kill him but that bot was awesome enough to teleport through a dungeon and kill him in 30 seconds np. Someone told me about that, it wasn't me blizzard. Anyway on to storyline. In act 2 there's a lore book written by Caine that tells of Mephisto's abilities to "ooze" through soulstones and corrupt things around him and goes on to say he fears for mankind if he were to be released upon the world. Possibility of his release from the black soulstone? Expansion? Thoughts? Political Aspirations? TL:DR?Tyrant2 Jun 6, 2012