Lore and Story

Jun 6, 2012 Does this bug anyone else? So I actually liked the D3 story for what it was. One thing that they did though bugs me in general. I'm not really sure why, but it bugs me when a story spends a significant amount of time rescuing them only to kill them shortly after. We went into the cathedral to save Cain only to have him die in the same act. This was something that really bugged me in the matrix trilogy as well. The whole second movie was about saving Trinity, then they kill her in the third one. Anyone else get annoyed at this? I just can't help but think, "well that was a waste of time".Vragspark2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Alternate Stories I have thoughts about storyline in diablo 3, Firstly heroes in diablo 3 doesnt have deep storyline, wish this to happen thou. Like what happen to barbarian, witch doctor, monk which the story will be told on the quest the heroes takes and after the endings Secondly, I was hoping that diablo 3 has branches of storyline depending of the quests and response the players take, so in the end, players will have different endings, Alternate endings than the true endings. For example Heroes can save leah from diablo, or heroes chose side with diablo to take heaven and will against the archangel. WHat do you guys think?reidies1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Tyreal's fate *spoilers* I am generally confused by one thing. In the story Tyreal removes his wings and ends up being human right? Now by all definitions in this game humans are actually nephalm which are supposed to be significantly more powerful than angels and demons. The only thing that limited their power was the Worldstone which Tyreal shatters at the end of Diablo 2. So did Tyreal get a power boost by choosing to leave the High Heavens and if so can Demons do something similar?Blasty9 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 the grasses The enchantress mentions that the grasses she sees descend from a plant in her times, which had beautiful flowers. She then apologises for her comment. Any idea why?Frank2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Some questions I haven't seen answered... Hello everybody. I know I am not the best source of information to go to lore wise as I have not read the Sin War books or the Book of Cain, but I would like to say I know more than most. But I had some questions of my own I was curious about if any of you knew. 1.) Why is Imperius the only Archangel with a Halo? 2.) Why is Tyrael the only one that used his wings as a weapon? 3.) Was Duriel an angel at one point? Curious because all the angels names seem to end in "el" except for Imperius and Izual. I was curious if Duriel or Andariel were fallen angels, or if it was just a coincidence. 4.) Is the "Fields of Eternity" a real place in the Diablo universe, or was Cain just speaking in metaphors? I am not sure if this place is real or not, but I am thinking it is and I feel that's where the expansion might take place, or at least some of it if it is. 5.) Anyone know why they decided to take away Tyrael's Angelic Voice in Diablo III? I remember in Diablo II his voice resonated. I don't know why they got rid of that. I understand later in the story but for the Act II cutscene I am unsure. Well I think that's all of them right now.Artorias14 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Diablo 3 Settings With the amount of time they had to make Diablo 3, why do you think they copied the acts of D2 Act 1 was ok since it was tristram after all, but still same as D2 Act2 desert? again? sewers? again?! Act3 back to Mt. Arreat again! Act4 High Heavens ok this was maybe good if it werent made with just a bunch of bridges. and the town is the same as act 3. My point is D3 should have been big, the worldstone was destroyed. Sanctuary should feel its effects by now. Why couldn't we have gone to westmarch, kingsport, xiansai etc. They even showed us the world map of sanctuary but decided to stay close with d2 acts. Why?CKres2 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Our power should be presented more epically. We are the strongest being in the diabloverse by the end of act 4. Diablo is weaker than us and he inspires so much fear and debate. No journals will be written about us or out efforts despite being 10x stronger than him. we can destroy the world and no one can stop us. we are god. yet we run around like a little pansy. Why not let me express some of that power. let me be overconfident, give me a cutscene where I destroy hordes of demons with as much as a grin on my face.Constipated1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Nephalam Strength (Spoiliers) The PC is a Nephalam, one of the most powerful Humans with the Ability to Kill Angels and Demons dead. Does this mean, the World may face the threat of another Nephalam becoming OP, and enslaving the Humans? Think about it..Shadeoffax1 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Reapers. Reapers Everywhere http://ahyesreapers.ytmnd.com/ The plot doesn't exist because The reapers indoctrinated your character before the game, so its all in his head. Cain is still alive. Tyrael isn't a whiny (%&%. Diablo does not have Ta-tas. Its all the Reapers!aleksandor0 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Expansion Prediction The Lords of Hell are dead... for now at least. Imperious will be the bad guy. Killing Zoltun Kulle was a huge mistake and we will possible bring him back... I just hope it's not as annoying this time around. Putting this up here, people don't seem to read anything besides the original post.... These are the things I think we will end up seeing unfold in upcoming expansions, compiled from the posts here, I have a feeling that the follower stories will be intertwined with the main story line. I think it's safe to say that we will finally see Westmarch and will be traveling to Kingsport. • Imperious • Adria • Black Soul Stone • Follower Stories Kormac: The Templar Order Lyndon: Family in Kingsport Eirena: The Angel Prophet As for Classes! My predictions are as follows: • Druid, or some sort of shape shifter. • Necromancer, though I see this as very unlikely with the similarities with the Witch Doctor. • Paladin, or some sort of Sword and Board Holy Warrior. • Necro Knight, a cross between the previous two, though if this ends up being a rehashed Death Knight from WoW, I will be pretty pissed. This needs to be done very well to work I think.Drac11 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 6, 2012 Lore points that bother me *spoilers* Tyrael is a scrub - First he gives up most of his power to prove a point, then he accidentally resurrects all the undead and a lot of people die. What a !@#$ing idiot. In D2 he was this awe inspiring, enigmatic badass. Ok, I get it Blizzard, you wanted to make him more relate-able to players. That's a lame psychological ploy. You really ruined this character and I don't really find him awesome anymore. Imperius, AKA the jerk angel, AKA THE MAN - Useless character and totally inappropriate for his position as the leader of the high heavens. I can't see how the high heavens could survive for eons with this idiot in charge. Because of that, I find it impossible to "buy it". I don't believe this character so I can't get into the story. I get it, he's supposed to represent the unreasonable authority figure that everyone hates. Whatever, another stupid psychological ploy in your storyline. Gender Dysphoria Diablo - Ok I admit I have no clue what the hell this is about. If it was supposed to evoke some kind of psychological response, it flew over my head. All I know is I didn't find Diablo as awesome as the older iterations of him because you feminized him. Character deaths - Leah and Cain's deaths feel very forced. Cain has survived worse. But ok just kill him off why not. Leah's death was abrupt and the rest of the characters didn't react believably. Look, killing off characters arbitrarily doesn't improve a story at all.Khristophoro24 Jun 6, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Leah and killing off core people in a story. Hey, Just wanted to jot a note say that what happened to Leah was un-necessary to a good story and was, for me, a real let down. I like it when stories have characters that you like. I hate it when you kill off all the good ones. Deckard was getting pretty old so it was sad but bearable. But killing off a kid (the other core character) made the game turn from fun and rewarding to kinda depressing. I don't see alot of people talking about this but ... I really wish you would have done something different. LDLittleDoggie55 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Hypothetical Cain Return Hypothetically, couldn't Cain be ressurected like Zolton Kulle?Pope131 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 D3 story It had some good potential to it but it falls short. Problem is I bet they intended to do more with it but were limited by constraints of game play. The one thing I greatly dislike was Adria being the villain felt way too convienient and broke her character. If you ever played the first game Adria has the character of a wise pariah misjudged and feared by people but motivated to help others. Couldn't Leah have just been corrupted by the power of the stone itself and is willingly duped into becoming The Prime Evil. Azmodan and Diablo needed to shut the hell up. The Villains of Diablo arent saturday morning cartoon villains who explain their plans via videophone. Imagine if Darth Vader appeared via hologram and said lol Rebels you are puny and weak I bet you cant destroy my Death Star that is headed for your base. Then after it gets blown up he says it was useless anyways as hes building another more poweful one which will destroy the rebels later. Maghda was stupid and pointless and her design made no sense. Maghda appears in Cain's house. Threatens violence to force him to make the sword. He asks her what the sword is to her. She shoots bugs at him...This literally makes no sense as her motivation is to get the sword. Then Leah gets mad and blows up all the cultists. Maghda then says you win this round which is probably the worst writing in a Blizzard game. This comes across as a children's cartoon. Oh yeah at one point the cultists appear in the Nephalem temple thing after it was stated only a true Nephalem can enter. But I guess thats ok because we need things to fight in an rpg.Necro0 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Let's all tip our glasses to Fallen Heroes In Diablo I I remember finding ONE 'Slain Hero' (dropped me a Windforce! Sweet!). I noticed that in Diablo III the levels are FULL of 'Slain Heroes'. Let's all tip our glasses to those poor underleveled and undergeared heroes, who went in looking for adventure and treasure, and just got in way over their heads. Thank you, guys, for the modest amount of gold your stingy asses had left in your end days, and the white Vendor Trash you had obviously equipped yourself with. ;)Jerjare0 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 5, 2012 Emperor Hakkan So... what happened to the real kid? Did he die? Did he never exist? Was he locked up? What happened to him? Seems a rather large plot hole. I mean if he's dead then Caldeum is without a royal family. If he's alive then you'd think he'd want to thank the people who saved his empire. Either way it seems like a gap.Liam21 Jun 5, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 The master plan So.. is Diablos latest "death" another part in his great and master plan? or, after all this time, he has underestimated the Nephalem?Hellmarch4 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 A warning for buying Blizzard Books!!!!!! My credentials: Diablo 1 (extreme player) *also Hellfire expansion (didn't like Sierra's Monk so much)* Diablo 2 (collectors edition + extreme player) Diablo 2 LOD (extreme player) Diablo 3 (collectors edition x2 standard edition x2, extreme player) Starcraft 1 (moderate player) Starcraft 1 Broodwar (extreme player) Starcraft 2 (campaign only, moderate) Ok, seriously- I really really played the freak out of most of these games. I took the time to read the booklets that came with the gemes (gasp*) I accepted that Blizzard had a tendency to release content previews that finalized into something very very different. What I have great trouble with is that Blizzard has begun to release content that contradicts and (for those that value the history of it), makes wasted effort to have kept up with the story and histories. I will cite 2 examples: -example #1- I played Diablo 1 A LOT... Who the hell is this Aiden elder son of Leoric!?!? I played a rouge mostly and am sure she was at least represented some in the final cinematic. If you think these changes are benign and the crowds should be ok with them- go ahead and change Tyreal's dialogue from "a group of heros" into some random and fictitious person as the 'hero of the game' and see if there are people upset about it! Go ahead- try that out before you say something to brush this off just because it is old history. Do it now to prove that these changes are really ok and harmless... wonder for a moment on why you would hesitate to ruin and obscure a player's intrigue/involvement with the game's story... hm, is that really ok to do?... Why would you even want to do it to begin with? -example #2- According to Starcraft1 manual Zerg were were originally small beings much like the larvae at the hatchery (and also much like the ceribrates I read). After Xel'naga tampering, the same larvae became parasitic and attached to a host's nervous system and absorbed, studied, copied-edited it's genetics. In Starcraft 2 Jim Raynor (who now has a full head of hair? a wig maybe?) Declares the Zerg to be a 'Virus' ?! I know you could not have the old Jim Raynor actor back, however- I see ZERO reason to have changed the zerg from a parasite to a virus... so the Xel'naga did not experiment on a Char lifeform now? It was a test-tube kind of experiment? or are you now going to say that there was an Overmind and all that already when the Xel'naga started their testing? -What is the need for this?- Why even promote the story/history by PRINTING BOOKS?! You changed so much so dramatically- readers of the books, beware the chances of Blizzard making wasted effort of your purchase and reading is quite high! I would have been one to buy the book myself had I not seen that so much I read already has been DELIBERATELY and obviously ruined!! Blizzard I consider myself to be a significant paying customer, please consider what you have done and how it will affect the players, and your credibility to make/sell extra content !! You are loosing my faith quickly...Anoni4 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Shen actually has a lot of incredible wisdom Despite talking crazy alot of the time, Shen actually comes off as one of the wisest individuals in the game when you talk to him. Though he dances around questions, when push comes to shove, he has some incredible Insight into things, and points out flaws in various ways of thinking. For example, one of the best lines he has is when my barbarians says "Diablo will Pay!" for killing Leah. Shen then points out "We ALL pay! What price could he ever pay that would be worth Leah?!" pointing out the pointlessness of revenge. Not to mention countless other quips of his. What are YOUR favorite Pearls of wisdom from him (that actually make sense)?aleksandor1 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Expac Story Idea (spoilers) The Throne of Hell: Betrayers End Adria has escaped and fled to Hell to use her influence with the coven, now that Magda's dead, to try to fill the power vacuum left by the fall of the prime evils. She witnessed the fall of Diablo and recovered the Black Soulstone. While it has only a shadow of it's previous power, she's found a way to grow it as a replacement for the WorldStone by feeding it millions of corrupted souls of the fallen from the last several decades of war. Her plan is to regrow the WorldStone as a Hellstone bridging the planes of Hell and the world of Sanctuary. With the remnants of the Coven and many of the remaining lesser demons at her side she seeks to claim the Throne of Hell. The player gets sent to hell by the Council of angels against the advice of Tyreal and has to fight their way through the levels of hell to reach Adria in the heart and defeat her to stop her plans. Leah's soul, meanwhile, is stuck in the Black Soulstone, fighting both for her sanity, as well as against the millions of souls within it. The ultimate conflict leads the player to willingly enter the Black soulstone, and join Leah's side in destroying the construct from within. (I originally posted this in the general discussion forum which I decided was not the best/appropriate place for it, but I don't know how to move it)Kasmel0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Cheesy story mechanics to avoid in the future Please avoid using these in any blizzard storytelling: - The mechanic where the villain/demon/dragon contacts the hero to preemptively brag about his doomsday device/super-army/death ray, thus providing a means to establish the motivation for the conflict. - Pretty much all bragging/taunting/boasting by villains is cheesy. The best villains never did any of this. (Diablo from D2, Darth Vader, The Lich King, Sauron from LOTR). - The mechanic where an ancient artifact of immense power has been shattered into 3/7/9/12 pieces and the hero must collect all 3/7/9/12 pieces to reforge the artifact in order to defeat evil. I mean, this was kind of cool the first 20 times we saw it, but it's really gotten old by now. - above all please,please,please never do the blue wire/red wire scene where the hero must disarm the doomsday exposive device by cutting the correct sequence of wires just moments before a digital countdown timer expires.mgardner0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Diablo v. Spawn My brother and I while at the dinner table had a discussion about comic book heroes and the like. We ended up talking about Spawn and one thing we came to realize is that the Spawn universe is not too dissimilar to the Diablo universe. Here are my reasons if you guys have never thought about it before: Diablo Universe: The Burning Hells recognized the power humanity as Nephalem carried, and so they never sought out to entirely destroy humanity, but to enslave it so to turn the tide of the Conflict in their favor. They did not, however, properly estimate the power of the Nephalem and so ultimately, Evil by Evil is slowly getting destroyed by the Nephalem. The High Heavens recognized the threat that humanity caused should they become corrupt and fall in league with the Burning Hells, and so they opted to destroy humanity to prevent the Burning Hells from gaining the advantage with the Nephalem. Tyrael, thanks to Uldyssian, recognized humanities great potential and power of free will, realizing that in the conflicts to come, humanity would make a great ally. Spawn Universe: Hell wanted humanity to strengthen it's army so that Hell could crush Heaven and achieve total victory over all things. Hell, however did not expect one man to be so powerful as to be able to kill the armies of Hell repeatedly. Heaven wanted humanity wiped from existence to prevent the armies of Hell from growing even stronger at the hands of the humans. They see that Spawn is capable, just as one man, of being able to battle the forces of Hell by himself constantly, and do not recognize the power of the humans should they align themselves with them. Diablo Universe: The heroes of the Diablo universe consistently face the minions of hell and the Prime and Lesser Evils, and although they defeat them almost always, the heroes never really "win" as their minds, bodies, souls are twisted, tortured or consumed by the Evils in the process or by the experiences they have endured while taking care of the Evils. The heroes defeat Baal, but only after he has managed to corrupt the Worldstone, and so even though they won against the Evils, they never truly won. Spawn Universe: Spawn, while human was an Assassin. Although he only assassinated the bad people, he still killed people and so he was damned to Hell when he died. After becoming Spawn, and fighting against evil and Hell numerous times, and winning he is still damned to Hell for eternity. Heaven does not want him, regardless of how much good he has done them, because he still sinned and committed murder, and Hell wants him destroyed so that Spawn doesn't continue to destroy the armies of Hell, and so every time Spawn is defeated, he is sent straight back to Hell where he must escape over and over again for all eternity. ----- I figure two examples should suffice so I don't make a giant wall of text, although this probably already is. I just thought it was funny how similar the two universes are. I wonder if one was inspired by the other. What do you all think?Artorias6 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Blizzard! Y u no dantes inferno?! [Spoilers] So....... It was about 3 weeks ago, my best friend and myself were having a LAN. We took a smoke break before we went to fight the prime evil himself. We were so pumped up, we couldn't help but wonder what would come next. We spent 30 mins speculating and I threw out the idea of doing a dantes inferno esque story line. How badass would it have been if after you beat Diablo in heaven to have to fight through the nine circles of hell? Would be pretty sweet imo!Tsavo1 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Can you meet the D2 Hero CLASSES ? I just had a very very very infuriating discussion with a friend whos boyfriend keeps claiming that you can meet all the classes of the D2 Heroes. At first that guy claimed he met all the D2 heroes and even earned an achievment for it, later after further questioning he said he just met all the classes of the D2 heroes. But I never saw a Paladin, Amazion, Druid, Sorceress or whatever ! With the exception of the Necromancer and the Barbar I haven't seen a single D2 class walking around. So ... can you actually meet any of the classes ?Dionysus8 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Act 2 Belial, the Lord of Lies Belial could've used the entire populace of Caldeum against us, but why didn't he? killing innocents would've been alot harder than killing demons! Instead of dropping huge balls of green fire on us and the whole populace, he could've created a wall of women and children between him and the player, y'know, all LIESY AND STUFF! They could've handled him alot better I felt, maybe even at the end, instead of the crowds cheering for us, they could've been jeering at us for killing their child king, y'know, all liesy and stuff! Even though we've killed Belial, it would've been at a price, going along with the Diablo theme we all love! didn't really feel like Belial was the lord of lies to me, just my 2centsChass0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 D1 and D2 Heroes According to http://diablo.wikia.com the heroes of D1 were Prince Aidan, Blood Raven, and a mage who become the Summoner we kill in Act II of D2. Other than Aidan which is clearly stated in D3 is there any source for who the heroes are or is it just speculation? In D2 what happened to the 5 Heroes after the game? Sources if you have them and many thanks!Virgo4Ever1 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Diablo: Why isn't he a female? I keep hearing rumours that Diablo may have been a female in this game that surfaced at BlizzCon 2011 when his new form was unveiled, but apparently those are, just rumours. Now obviously, a world-destroying demon is more likely to be a male, and we already have a Lesser Evil who is female in Andariel, but it's still weird. I don't dislike the new Diablo's slender form, but when he was walking towards the high heavens swinging his !@# from side to side like a model on the catwalk, it seems a little odd for a male, wouldn't you say? Could it have been that he started out as a female and Blizzard changed their minds? Were they planning some kind of gender switch for this game but unknown reasons forced them to abandon that? Or could it just be an artistic choice to change Diablo's look without changing the gender? So, let's hear some theories. Why didn't Blizzard make their main villain in this game a female? If I had to guess, it would be because they didn't want to offend women or feminists by making the main villain a female (ridiculous on it's face, I think that female villains make things interesting). So, what's your hypothesis?Legendoom11 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 A pointless, yet completely valid question. Why is the interior of Tristram Cathedral so damn big? I know, I know it's just a game and they need a full level blah blah blah, but seriously. I've been to cathedrals, mosques, and even Buddhist temples around the world and nothing I've ever experienced comes even close to the multi-leveled maze that resides inside Tristram Cathedral. I have never been to the Vatican, however, but I'm not sure that Tristram Cathedral is supposed to be rivaling the Vatican. From the outside in cinematics Tristram Cathederal doesn't nearly appear as big as its interior would show, but oh well. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that has ever wondered this, but it just kinda seems stupidly large inside.sibastiNo3 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Adria's Return and the Soulstone *SPOIL ALERT We all saw Adria go through the portal and she wasn't mentioned since, so it's obvious she's gonna make a return sooner or later. And what of the Black Soulstone? We saw it falling, but we don't know if it shattered or fell right into Adria's lap again. Either way, I don't think we've seen the last of either just yet.Archangel2 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Covetus Shen Novel! Any chance of a Covetus Shen novel in the works? Or would a backstory reveal, take away from his mystique? It would be nice to know more about one of the most entertaining characters in D3. Definatly my fav. The scoundrel would be a fun read too.lightizet0 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Would a Diablo 1 re-make be better? I'm asking here because the Lore community has proven to be the smarter section of the D3 forums. If we took the Diablo 1 game and re made it the same only with better graphics and gameplay, would it be better than Diablo 3? The storyline etc?Constipated10 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 The Sin Wars whos ur favorite character and why? (id suggest not reading if u havent read the books and want to) mine is Mendeln, necros are my fav class and his part of the story is just awesome, esp the battles and visions =DHonor31 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 Your character in the cinematics... Dont get me wrong, the cinematics are beautifully done, but how cool would it be if your character was in the actual cinematic...I just think It would be epic if they did that. It would give the player a more personal feel to the story. I'M a lore junky just a suggestion i guess...Runeblaid13 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 4, 2012 How did the nephalem recognize Belial? Just before the evaculation of Caldeum quest, the conversation was still about whether the emperor kid could be trusted or not. There was no conclusion at that moment. After that there was no mention of identity of the kid and Belial, until the nephalem(player character) reached the palace. Then the kid asked the nephalem to give him the black soulstone and the nephalem suddenly realized that the kid was Belial. What is the logic? Does it mean that the act that the kid asked for the black soulstone alone is enough to tell that he is Belial? As a side note, the script writer of Belial was really terrible. As soon as the nephalem recognized the kid was Belial, Belial said that even if they got the soulstone, Azmodan would crush them blah blah blah. It sounds like Belial already foresaw he would be defeated by the nephalem even before the fight. Such lines should usually be placed at the end of the fight when the boss is defeated, suggesting the hero will need to face the next boss.Wakeman5 Jun 4, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Story for the expansion Hey everyone Chris Metzen here. So here is what I got for the D3 expansion storyline: Save Leah Kill Adria Imperius goes rogue Kill Imperius Awesome right?Sritanis0 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Attaining Humanity? It is now know that humans are a hybridized species derived from both angels and demons. So with that understanding, somebody explain how somebody who is 100% angel or 100% demon could EVER become "human"?Fyersing1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 SPOILER! Deckard Cain deserves BETTER. I would like to say how pitiful his death was. He is an iconic character throughout the Diablo series. He dies in a laughable in-game cutscene, killed by a villain that nobody is even familiar with. It serves as a punch in the face for those who has been around since the first game. His death scene would have received far more of an emotional impact if it was a pre rendered cinematic. Totally disappointed. Shame on you, Blizz.Leah29 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Things that don't make logical sense. (act 4) Awesome cinematic, truly it is. But where are the other 3 arch angels? Why was Imperius fighting Diablo alone? By chronological order the other angels were imprisoned after the fight between Diablo and Imperius? Why did Diablo not kill Imperius? Surely she would have been better off killing him, she could have, all it would have taken was one more swipe. Instead she just stabbed him and left him. I thought Diablo was supposed to be smart and cunning, not very smart if you ask me. Who is Diablo after is she is done with Imperius? Surely the Council are the alpha angels. who's next? God himself? Doesn't make much sense. Combining the 7 evils, why does this create Diablo? Should it not re-create the big bad? The part that 'god' originally split himself of? I'm don't know much about Diablo lore but answering these could help.Constipated7 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Convenient "master planning"... One thing from D2 I never liked was the plot twist that the Prime Evils orchestrated their own exile and willingly got sucked into the soulstones. In D1 we get this cool backstory on how the Three were overthrown, the Dark Exile (love that name) and how they roamed the world and spread evil until finally being captured by a group of people and locked away. And then comes Izual in D2 (who was really a traitor, of course...) and tells you that it was basically a hoax. A master plan that Diablo & Co were so increadibly cunning to conceive in order to lure Tyrael to use the soulstones against them... Never liked it. It´s a plot twist to get the story going, I know, but it was a bad plot twist. It felt cheap. Why would the Three be willing to get trapped into the soulstones, can someone remind me? The "master plan"-twist seems to be a favored tool of the writers. Everything is revealed to be part of the Prime Evils master plan, they must be the smartest beings in the whole creation... Don´t be surprised, you guys, if everything in the upcoming D3-expansion is ultimately revealed to be a part of Diablos FINAL BIG MASTER PLAN...Solidpontus3 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Characters banter(Spoilers) Hey all I am writing this because I have noticed that it seems as if all the banter back and forth between the hero and npcs the dialog and responses seem to mesh better with the Barbarian. Anyone else notice this or am I just picking it out because the barbarian was my first class? I have beaten the game with all the classes in the game so I've heard most of all the back and forths. EDIT: Edited the title to show possible spoilers for people who may have not played the barbarian and like the kind of back and forth banter between npcs. A couple examples of what I am talking about: Zultan Kulle: "You and I are the same. But those others - the fallen angel, the witch - they're using you for their own ends. You choose to be their puppet, but the power of your birthright could make you a god!" Okay now the Barbarians Comment: Barbarian: "Striving for godhood got your head seperated from your body, Kulle." Zoltan Kulle: "There's no need to be snide. Soon enough I will walk this world again. Then I'll show you what a nephalem can achieve!" Out of all the classes this is the only one I have found really meshes well with Kulle's comments. And with Kormac and some of his dialog(I don't remember exactly how it goes) Kormac: "How does evil walk in the day? Should it not fear the light?!" Barbarian: "Perhaps the sun is neutral." Kormac: "But the light is both a literal and figurative foe of evil!" I think the barbarian meshes the best with Kormacs follow up comment. ------------ There is a whole bunch more but two examples are enough and I am pretty sure most of you by now have played a few classes and experienced the various dialogs. What do you all think? Also on a side note, do you think the Barbarian's comment to Kormac showed the barbarians primitive nature, or his way of poking fun at Kormac's superstitions? I think, at least for me, why the Barbarians dialog meshes the best with the dialog throughout the game, is because Blizzard originally planned for the Barbarian to be a prominent character story wise, as they had intended him to be the Barbarian from Diablo 2, hence his age and general indifference to having to face demons, like he's done it before.Artorias1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Leah & Tyrial Am I the only one who thought (during Acts 1, 2 and 3) That they should have hooked up? ... Still a better love story then Twilight...Saibthar11 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 CE wings For a player who purchased the collectors edition for the wings, saves the world and defeats Diablo with them, doesn't that defeat the point that "humans and angels stood together to fight evil"?, since you're playing as an angel from the heavens, then what role does humanity play on the plot beside a human being used as a vessel for the prime evil? Did blizzard drop the ball on this matter?Ðr0wsŷLőuiš8 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Nothing Is As It Seems.... *SPOILERS* The Diablo 3 storyline needs work. There are many players (myself included) who have found the story lacking and shallow. Most concerns stem from the fact that the story lacks the Diablo vibe - it just isn't dark enough. The world is in grave peril, and just when all seems lost, a brave hero with superhuman abilities shows up, kicks !@#, and takes names. That's it - there is no sense of hopelessness, no tough choices, no real plot-twists. It is a feel-good story about good guys beating up bad guys. The story lacks the sense of tragedy and despair that are a staple of the franchise. That being said, the story isn't beyond repair - far from it in fact. I believe that with subsequent expansions, Blizzard has the opportunity to elaborate upon the story and give it that SINISTER feel we associate with Diablo. Without further ado, I would like to offer some of my ideas. A Shadowed Past: Our story begins where it left off. The brave hero who saved the world from the forces of Hell has become a wanderer. Now that the great Evils have been vanquished, the hero seeks the redemption of Leah's soul. The story picks up like one would expect, and the plot progresses in a predictable manner. As time passes however, the hero begins to have visions - terrible, dark visions that he does not fully comprehend. These visions are experienced through dream sequences, and at first seem to have little to no relevance to the matters at hand. As the story progresses however, a puzzle begins to piece itself together. The hero sees a child lying dead at his feat - it is Emperor Hakan. Yet who is that standing in the corner? For the briefest of moments, a demonic shadow is glimpsed, and the sound of nihilistic laughter echoes in the distance. The hero then has a flashback to the battle at Mount Arreat. He sees himself knee-deep in the bodies of his fallen enemies. Yet those are not demons he fights - they appear to be.... human? Another flashback sees our hero at the gates of heaven. This time he is garbed in dark, demonic armor, slaughtering scores of angels whilst cackling with sadistic pleasure. These battle sequences are playable events, where the player takes control of the hero in a warped, shadowed dream-realm, and fights humans and angels alongside demons. Suddenly, reality is not what it seems. The valorous, do-good hero is no longer such a one sided character - it seems his past is wrought with dark secrets. An Uncertain Future: Reality shifts, and suddenly our character wakes up. He is chained to a wall, in some kind of dungeon. A figure enters - Tyrael, but not the Tyrael he remembers. This Tyrael is...angry? The angel begins to interrogate the hero, and the scene plays out like an homage to the Diablo 2 cinematics with Marius. This time however, it really is Tyrael who speaks, and he is seething with undisguised hatred. We learn that the events of D3 really did happen, but our perception of what happened was skewed. The hero was manipulated by the Lords of Hell into finding the black soul stone, and releasing terror upon our world and the High Heavens. In reality, it was the "hero" who stormed the gates of heaven, and it is he who is responsible for the deaths of countless innocents, including Deckard Cain. Imperius' mistrust of mortals has been justified , and now the Heavens are no more. The Angiris Council is scattered, Tyrael banished, and the End Times are truly upon us. The hero does battle with Tyrael, and barely escapes with his life. Now, he seeks redemption. The world has been overrun by demons, and he swears an oath to never rest until he can take vengeance on the demons who manipulated him so. He must vanquish the demons Belial and Azomodan (who he never defeated in the first place), and face Diablo in Hell (who is now in his true form, as he never merged with the other Evils). Along the way, he encounters men and renegade angels who blame him for the destruction of Heaven, and must deal with them as well. In addition, because he is on the run he must make camp and recruit help in more unsavory, cutthroat places, such as thieves dens and nomadic camps (which may provide some new follower and class story opportunities). This version of the story is darker than what we have now, and is far more reminiscent of Diablo 1 and 2, where the hero becomes possessed by Diablo. In this instance however, the hero is a nephalem, and is never truly possessed (as he is too powerful), he is merely manipulated. I just wish the story had more depth than it does now, and I feel this is one way to elaborate on the story and bring back the darkness. Any feedback or criticisms would be appreciated :)Vladkar7 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Expansion class & story This is my first post and I just wanted to throw out my idea for what I think could be cool for the expansion. I don't know if anybody else has also thought of these ideas so if I am I apologize for stepping on your toes.  New class - Myrmidon Archetypes filled - shield class (tanking ability) - nature magic (plants and water) - summoning (I'll explain) Backstory - The Myrmidon class comes from a very poor ocean front settlement in the diablo universe. Because of this they are a pirate society. This is the only way to keep themselves alive because they don't have the means to be self reliant. Because of the tough nature of the society outsiders are not welcome and they are met with hostility. The myrmidon is a champion there. They are the strongest pirates of the society and provide for the community. Despite their love for their homeland these are men and women of the ocean. Hardened warriors and heavy drinkers. Because the society has come to rely on th ocean so much they have learned to harness the magic within the water. This is used for everything from healing to destruction or even growth of plants. When the demons of hell start to threaten their heavy drinking strong loving way of life the people of this society (never made up a name for it but blizzard is good at that) must send their champion, the myrmidons to eradicate the problem.  Resource system - The Myrmidon uses the magical waters of their lands to fuel their magics.  Look of the hero - I think it would be cool of their was a spartan like feel to this class. They could wield the large circular shields along with tridents to signify that they come from a water culture.  Class specific items - circular shields - tridents - spartan helmets Playstyle - I think it would be an interesting character that could tank and summon, but his minions would do his damage for him (but they would be killed easily). Going along with the mystic water he could summon plant turrets or treants to fight for him. He could use things like tidal waves and water spurts for crowd control along with using shield skills to help with defense. I also always loved entangling roots skills. Nothing more satisfying.  Closing thoughts on class  - I think water and plant skills haven't been utilized yet so it would be great to have them take part. I also think it would be fun to play as the pirate type personality. Somebody that isn't super honorable but they love to drink and party, and of it takes destroying diablo to do that then thats what he is gonna do.  And now the story idea (very basic) - for the story, and final act I think it would be fun to incorporate the myrmidon's area to fight in. The death of diablo and the destruction of the prime evils could awake a demon army far worse from the depths of the ocean. The pirate culture of the myrmidons would have to cooperate with the rest of the world they hate because they enemy would be on their shores. The town would be a pirate town with lots of loud lively characters. The areas would include run down and pollutes beach shores, ancient caverns filled with water (I think wading through water could be implemented to change up gameplay by slowing you), and rich jungle forests with deadly and poisonous creatures. I also think it would be a lot of fun to have a mission where you have to defend an area from an invading horde coming out of the ocean. For the enemies I think the designers could do a great job of creating water themed demons (hasn't really been done before I don't think), and jungle demons.  But anyway I'd like to know if anybody has feedback. I know blizzard probably won't just use this idea because it is on their forums but I just thought it would be fun to think up.DaJeebus1 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 How Tyrael survive the fall? He became mortal before he fall, then how is it possible for him to survive?Ildun5 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Why didn't Leah Recue Herself? Okay I understand that Diablo needed to possess someone, but the whole scene where Leah is eventually possessed doesn't make any sense. First off I don't buy that Adria defeated Tyrael. We don't see what happened. We just see him sitting there looking 'helpless' and defeated. I mean he didn't even toss some rocks or dust at her. You could see there was some to be had. Not even a snowball? He didn't even try to use his sword. I mean angels, and yes I'm sure even wingless ones, can summon their weapons. He used his sword to destroy the World Stone and open the gate later to Diablo. He couldn't use it to take out a witch? Then Leah just sits there saying, nothing , and doesn't try to free herself. I mean every other time she's in a tough spot she free's herself, but this time not even a bit of effort. This time she's actually trained a bit too. She's obviously more powerful than Adria since her father is Diablo and her mother the witch herself. So I guess you don't try when it really matters and your life is on the line? Please spare me the mockery you give Leah. I just don't buy that Adria took out both Tyrael and Leah at the same time. I mean YOU HAD TO RECUE HER! I'm sure some would say she was faking it, but I honestly don't see a point with that since she could've just met us and say "Hi," and not, "help." All the other lore and scenes in the game make a ton more sense than this one. I'm sure a lot of people are scratching their heads over this scene too. I dare anyone to try and explain this scene. If you can 100% justify that Adria could take out both Tyrael and Leah I'll give you props. Even if she used subterfuge on one of them the other would have been alerted, and with so much struggle the other could get free of whatever trap was laid. Good luck.LordZaros26 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Did you realise Diablo had a sex change? I didn't notice this until watching the behind the scenes for Diablo 3.CrazyA0 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 diablo/imperius anyone know where i can find some good diablo/imperius fanfic or art online?LobsterFest0 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Some lol worthy parts of D3 storytelling 1) Adria's hilarious plan to rely on Tyrael to give up his angel powers so that a meteor crashes into Tristram cathedral so that Maghda's followers would hunt for a sword and ultimately kill Deckard Cain, which results in Tyrael convincing the Nephalim hero to hunt Belial so she could finally reconnect with Leah and ultimately create the prime evil. You figure if she had that much foresight she would have done it before a Nephalim showed up (the one thing that could have stopped the prime evil, who incidentally, was the only one with enough mettle to actually even allow the prime evil to form). I suppose no video game is epic is complete without a betrayal. 2) It was always established that the demon lords were weaker in Sanctuary because they required human hosts to survive, thus making the destruction of the lords of terror in the previous games more plausible (and more believable). But nephalims (the player) are so overpowered now they can literally destroy the most powerful gods in existence without much effort. 3) The fact that almost nothing new is brought to the table in terms of storytelling. Quite literally 99% of the entire lore and story of Diablo 3 is recycled from the 2 previous games, showing Chris Metzen's gross limitations in writing. The only thing new to the table was Leah, (who was a daughter of Diablo and Adria) and dialogue written for characters previously referenced in past games. 4) Seriously think about that last point though, there was NOTHING NEW written into the story. Adria is from the first game, Deckard Cain is brought back and killed off, Diablo is brought back, Duriel is brought back, countless minor characters in the game have some sort of reference to the previous two, Zulton Kulle, a SOULSTONE as the macguffin. There are more, but I'll stop here. There is a difference between connecting with the universe and telling an overarching story and recycling things when you can't come up with anything new. 5) The MULTIPLE times where such and such gets captured because you were too busy doing something else in a dungeon. Yeah it can happen, but I counted at least 3 times where it was used in D3 just to continue the plot (including when Cain dies). 6) So Tyrael turns human once he tears off his armor. Wait what? Aren't humans the offspring of daemons and angels? So maybe the offspring are Nephalem (and not EXACTLY human), but what lore or logic is there behind the fact that angels are actually empowered humans? I thought angels were born from the light that Diablo sought to corrupt? 7) And Tyrael becomes the angel of wisdom? What? Why? How is he more wise? Because he became human for a few weeks? Well is that considered wise? Why would the original angel of wisdom even leave and become disillusioned in the first place over the world stone being destroyed? Do wise people do that? And if Tyrael is more wise, he is human now. Why would he return as an angel when he clearly does not have the strength to maintain his position in the council? I could go on and on, the entire game is filled with holes and bad writing that I could write a 25 page essay on. But I won't. Heres a tip blizzard, hire better writers, cause the ones you got now should be working at Starbucks.Davis15 Jun 3, 2012
Jun 3, 2012 Terrible. That's the only word I can use to sum up Diablo III's plot, characters, and pacing. Spoilers below. The plot was extremely predictable. Which is fine on some levels except that Blizzard kept shoving the obvious things in your face even though it was blatant that Leah was Diablo (hidden powers, Zoltun Kulle dialog, Adria's journal), and that Tyrael was the fallen star. This made the fact that all the characters are also oblivious to these facts seem extremely underdeveloped and surreal. Not only that, some characters act with very little known motivation; like why Adria decided to join Diablo, and why Tyrael thought it'd be a good idea to become a man as opposed to just simply continuing to help the Nephalem like he has been; as an angel. All this just makes the story feel extremely contrived and everything is just there just for the sake of Leah turning into Diablo. That's the other thing. Leah turning into Diablo, being corrupted is not only an extremely obvious "plot twist" (if you can even call it that), it's extremely cliche in Blizzard games (Arthas, Kerrigan, Deathwing, etc). Is this the only plot device that Chris Metzen knows how to write? It feels like that it's an extremely cheap way to give us an end game boss that's supposed to be overwhelmingly powerful. Also, the lore journals are terribly done. Instead of giving us any good background information on bosses like Rakanoth, or the inner workings of some of the major characters like Adria, we get 3 journals about Leoric moving into Tristram. Furthermore, some of the journals being broken up (Lachdanan) becomes very anticlimatic and doesn't really make me want to read more journals because having journals being broken down into different parts that are 10-15 seconds long each is extremely tedious. The pacing is pretty terrible too. The drive of the plot in Act I is the fallen star and I never really felt any important motivation to do as I am asked. The same is with act two, but at least the goal is consistent, although unmotivated. Act III was OKAY at best, although I never really felt the urgency to defend the hold at all. Azmodan's big talking head was just bad. What does having the boss you're about to fight talk to you do? Demons dropping missives? Terrible. Having some letter that talks about the boss that I'm about to fight is supposed to build up tension and hype, right? It didn't. TBH the seigebreaker assaultbeast fight in the first gameplay video was much better done, with the seigebreaker inside the underground catatombs that the Barbarian was inside alongwith was a great way to build up climax. Having a spider lady pop up every few minutes on a web is something cheap and something I'd expect in an episode of children's cartoon, with the antagonist popping in every now and then to mock the character. Act 2 was supposed to be built on deceit, right? I didn't really feel deceived. Hell, my character even figured out who the lord of lies was. Act 4 was incredibly rushed. We were supposed to get a sense of despair seeing how damaged the High Heavens was, but allowing us to kill the corruption (felt very SC2-esque) just killed the mood. Imperius was hyped so much before the release of D3 and I think each one of us expected to face him in the game, but he just falls before we face Diablo. Izual's back and the fight was very badly introduced and unnecessary. There's so little lore behind Rakanoth (how does a servant of a lord of hell defeat Auriel?) that he was just another filler boss to me. The ending is extremely vapid and just leaves holes for expansions. Even relative to Diablo 1 and Diablo 2's nearly non-existent plot, D3's plot fails on so many levels. At least Diablo 2 and DIablo 1 left some gaps for your imagination. Diablo 3 just throws everything unimportant and unnecessary in your face and leaves the important details either in the dark, or just another tool to use to set up for an expansion.juneau73 Jun 3, 2012