Lore and Story

May 26, 2012 So what is Tyrael now? So he isn't an angel anymore because he tore off his wings and became mortal, which makes him a human. But wait, that can't be right because humans are Nephalem, who have the blood of both demons and angels running through them. And I doubt ripping off his wings makes him part demon so if he isn't an angel, and not a human/nephalem, what has he become? p.s. my understanding is that humans and nephalem are one and the same, if this understanding is wrong then I guess that provides an easy answer...Odomonkey9 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Character as Nephalem Can some one please explain why throughout the game your character is refered to as a Nephalem? I've been trying to keeep up with the story thus far but I have missed this bit, help would be appreciated.NinjaPeppers13 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Okay, well this is a little weird, but Since I think D3 is horribly, ineptly written and destroys the universe from ever being compelling again to a degree that just feels so personal to me, I just read Kafka's In the Penal Colony and just got Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury. I'm just so desperate for anything well-written, so classic literature seems like a great place to start. So thanks, Blizzard, Metzen and the rest of D3's story crew, I guess. D3's story was so bad that I've started reading classic literature.Gosha0 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 I know how to fix D3's story. At the end when Tyrael ascends into heaven in his mortal form as the archangel of wisdom... ...The camera transitions to a campfire in the night, deep in the forests, where Deckard Cain tells to his adventurer friends : "But then I woke up... and sighed in relief that it was all just a dream. Visions of colorfoul landscapes and shiny heroes wielding weapons larger than themselves, appeared into my dream. Sorcerers in fabulous robes, blasting brightly coloured, lilac-flower scented spells, dominated bloody battlefields. Heroes ventured through poor, linear, bland story scenarios as dead demon flesh dropped useless items on the ground. I also recall I am kidnapped and slayed by a group of fashionable demon worshippers. Lastly, i remember something about an organization who once delivered exceptional stories. Eventually, the taste of gold slowly corrupted their minds, turning them lazy, greedy and cheap. But let's not waste any time with my ridiculous dreams. The Prime Evils will be born anew and terror and destruction shall pour into this world. Let us prepare ourselves." AND BAM !!!!!! New start. Choose your class.Chappyx1 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Next Expansion Was playing act 2 and found kulle's journal, Black SoulStone- can take angel's souls too. Adria will start jacking the angiris council's soulsSwimmingly1 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Spoilers: What's up with that ending? So, trying to put personal biases aside, unless they're winding up for an expansion, I really don't understand the ending cinematics. The story begins with Leah, proceeds to have two more cinematics revolving around, but ends with a monologue from Tyrael? I thought the story revolved around Leah, crescendos with the player coming to her rescue, and then sort of abruptly ends.tunaphish62 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 *Spoilers* ending does give something solid.. We all are certain that D3 will have an expansion at some point, and while our stomachs turn over some issues, at least we are not left completely in the dark. This time, we had the satisfaction of defeating all evils, and I doubt any of the 7 will make it back until Diablo 4. Still, we are really struggling over Leah, but at least we have a very direct and clear goal for our next xpac. After the end, I really want to kill Adria as slowly and painfully as possible, and I want to do whatever it takes to restore Leah body and soul. (like we did with ZK, it didn't seem that hard.) If the powers that be decide that her death was permanent, then putting her to peace and knowing that we did a great deal to give her what she deserves would be satisfying enough. That would be a slightly heartbreaking, but good story, and I don't have my hopes up for the perfect, happy, Scooby-Doo unmasking Diablo ending in this series. The followers could use some main storyline love too because I got way into their tales. P.S. like others say, if we get to kill Malthael and grab some sweet angel lootz, I'm all for that. P.P.S. I don't like the way Imperius looks at me. Do I get to wipe that smug ...nothingness void... off his non-existent face?DerKomp1 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Remove some Azmodan/Diablo Lines It starts to sound silly and annoying when Azmodan and Diablo, after EVERY SINGLE QUEST, basicly tell you: "What you did does not matter, I will still win!" for the entierty of the last two acts. While intimidating the first couple of times, it quickly gets to a point where it's just silly and neither villain can be taken seriously. It starts to sound like a joke.ToxToothpick2 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 diablo and mephisto's soulstones were smashed so how did their souls end up in the black soulstone? i thought smashing their soulstones were supposed to kill them foreverJadeRaven25 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Fall of the Angels (Expansion Ideas) After beating the game I started to think of possible ideas for the expansions. Now the expansion would most likely be tied heavily into the current storyline as they would save new concepts for the next iteration of the game. It feels to me like they are building up the Angels to be the next Villain in the series in one shape or form. Lots of work has been put into building Imperius as a character but limiting his involvement to Act IV I can't see them putting in all that work to just dismiss his character so easily I could see the downfall of Imperius being a expansion. With Evil "destroyed/imprisoned" there is no need for Justice as Tyrael stated but there isn't a place for Valor as well since the Eternal Conflict is over. Diablo has been working to corrupt Imperius for a long time now as show in the Wrath video, he could have became disillusioned with the new Human/Angel alignment (much like Malthael became disillusioned after the destruction of the Worldstone) and wish to rekindle the war. Two things come to mind when I think of ways that he could be a threat to the Nephalem one being that he was physically corrupted after his battle with Diablo and seeing how the Lord of Terror is a master plotter I could see him infecting Imperius as a backup plan in case something happened. The second idea is seeing the how powerful the Nephalem are he would become desperate and try to retrieve and use the Black Soulstone himself utilizing the Prime Evil/Angelic powers against Mankind Inarius is also still missing from the equation with the lords of hell gone whats keeping him from returning to exact revenge on the Angiris Council Malthael is also missing and supposedly gone mad leaving a possible ally for ImperiusRickzor5 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 ME3+DragonAge+D3 Imagine Gameplay of D3, with plots like dragonage, and choice making of Mass effects! Gamers are growing and changing with the game maket over the years. Game companies find themselves struggling to produce a fun and innovative gameplay, while comming up with interesting and memoriable storylines. Blizzard has shown capabilites of such over the past. However, I feels that it has some how fell behind in their recent productions. Don't get me wrong, its no doubt the most fun and epic games on the market, but it is such a shame that the storylines feels lacking. Players nowadays actually do care about the story that the game is trying to establish, playing a good game is like reading a bestselling book for many. D3 storyline, well, in my personal opinion is fine, not bad, and I see lots of efforts to link the 3 games and characters together. But for a AAA game like diablo, where millions of people waited for 10 year, i guess good is not good enough. I understand the Blizzard has always been focousing on the game play, but perhapse a more interesing, complicated story will make this game sooooo much more memoriable and enjoyable. Looking at other games on the market, Decisition making in Mass effect games. Choices and consiquences in Fable, Storyline of Dragonage. Thou they offer different gaming exprience, they do give a very fun and lasting exprience on the storylines which makes the player feels that they are in control of the story, the world. In fact the way your compainions have random converstation with you from time to time, is very similar to dragon age no? Maybe next time when I help an NPC in Act 1, the NPC will bring me some gold or items in act 2? Or maybe we can decide if to forgive someone to get items, or kills them for what they have done? Don't have to make it too epic but small touch ups and details would help to make us feel that the game world is more polished. The current D3 story has leave many questions and myths, I don't see a problem there as I believe they would be answered in the expainsions. But pls do look into the story more and not created cheap NPCs who we don't really care about if they live or die. *Spoiler* Currently I am guessing that the old jeweler Covetous Shen could be the original Malthael angel of wisdom!SSpanda1 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 So what happened to the hero(s) of D2? In D2 we find out that the hero from D1 has become a vessel for Diablo to return as "the wanderer." That was cool, we have to fight what we used to play as and all. I was hopping to see a paladin, barb, sorc, druid ect char thrown in the game that looked like a 20 year aged version of the ones we got to play as in D2, even if just a small cameo. For a minute i thought adria looked like the sorceress but now i don't think that was the case based on the way the story played out. Are those characters just lost never to be seen again? I hope not. Maybe I just played to much ME3 and got excited everytime I saw a former crew member, then tried to apply that idea to this game.Hardcore27 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Last Cinematic (maybe spoilers) Blizzard, the story is pretty terrible, but not as terrible as the last cinematic. Please redo this cinematic. Its terrible. It makes no sense. Act 2 established the fact they we were getting the black soul stone to crush it so the evils never come back.. why in the hell did u decide to show a scene with diablo falling over the edge and along with the stone.. everyone agreed to SMASH IT!! TYRAEL AGREED TO SMASH IT... why in the hell did u make tyrael go "awwww bro I am WISDOM.. but forget about the stone!!!" its bad its bad its badJPMT2142 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 No town in heaven? This bugged me about Act 4. The 'town' is just the keep from the previous act. I was hoping for a heavenly bazaar or something. Merchants with witty dialog (or humorously deadpan dialogue- the angels seem pretty humorless), and getting to see a slice of everyday angelic life. Even D2 had the Pandemonium Fortress for its final act, and I was surprised this one didnt. Guess there's no 7-11's in heaven, nope, gotta catch a portal back to doomcastle mcDumpytown to get a friggin slurpee.Jerjare4 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Another piece of the Falling Star? Note, spoilers! You know, something just crossed my mind as I watched the Act II cinematic for maybe the 10th time. You see that Tyrael smashes Imperius' spear onto the floor, grabs his shoulderguards (i.e. wings) and screams as he pulls them off. They fall, and begin to get absorbed into the floor. What I noted is that they have the same effect (molten-like look) as he does while he gets absorbed into the floor. Now let's take a look at the scene where he's the Falling Star, when you see him from afar. You see the big meteor; that's Tyrael. You can also note three other, smaller meteors falling—that would be the three pieces of the sword. But hey, look at that. There's one, smaller and more distant meteor that's falling away from Tyrael, which is visible for but a few seconds. I think that, in Diablo's future expansion, this could be either Tyrael's wings, or another item he was carrying. I also noticed something rather interesting. In the first cinematic, Cain mentions that the armies of Hell and Heaven will clash, and we have an interesting cinematic of it composed of what seems like ink, mostly. This prophecy hasn't come to pass yet, either, but we see Tyrael there as an Archangel? Tyrael has to become an Archangel again for this prophecy to be legitimate (and as we all know, it is, according to Diablo 3.) This could be something for an expansion in the future, or perhaps Diablo 4. Blizzard keeps an MMO franchise (Warcraft), an RTS franchise (Starcraft), and an RPG franchise (Diablo). I believe that's why they haven't made Warcraft 4—because they don't want their own games to compete with one another. (An) expansion pack(s) for D3 is completely certain, or a Diablo 4, unless they completely drop the franchise and start something new. What do you guys think?Frosthowler6 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 During the Last Cutscene *Spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* *spoiler* You see Diablo falling from the crystal arch and falling to pieces. Is that the black soulstone that falls from where his chest was? Because it doesn't break apart, and continues to fall. Is it destroyed on impact? Does it still contain the 7 Demon Lords? I NEED TO KNOW!!!!Marr5 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Hastily Written or Was It Overcooked? SPOILERS AHEAD, TURN BACK UNLESS YOU HAVE COMPLETED THE GAME I think my main complaint from a writer's point of view is this: The opening cinematic and successive cinematics did a poor job of opening up and fleshing out D3's story and world. The collection quests and fallen star malarkey that it spawned was rather tired and gave nothing to further the flavor of the world...optional quests appear randomly and sometimes, not at all...the inclusion of an unknown, Magda as an obvious foil to the Wizard had no direction and the concept of the Coven would have been better off as some kind of faceless organization without a hierarchy. Mutual friends in search of blood and puppy skulls...or something...with a slow reveal of the snake servants of Belial providing material support. Why did they even need to throw Tyreal into the mix? Belial was already on the stage, his addition was unnecessary. Also, all of that PRIME EVIL banter really did a great job of cheapening everything and cutting down the number of possibilites for an interesting story to absolute nil. good job Activision. D2 did an excellent job of slowly building itself up using retrograde storytelling. It heightened the sense that one's heroes were giving chase to something terrible and fantastic. It was the product of KISS principle and keeps its lustre to this day. The cinematics for D3 seemed to disregard that which came before it to its own detriment. Activision paid someone to hastily write something with mediocre pacing and unimaginative direction and gave it the green light. It is too bad that they cannot fix such glaring errors as these with a patch. I find the big mistake to be in allowing the whole vehicle to ride on Leah and Cain. Pegging all of the action and plot development to a pair of characters tethered the writer into a walking in a linear and predictable direction. On a whole, everything was really pretty but totally empty...the blonde bimbo syndrome. I liked the ride but felt unsatisfied. On a continuity note: In D2, Diablo and Mephisto's soulstones had already been destroyed and Izual had already been freed from his servitude...should we consider D3 outside of the canon? All I want to know is: Will Kotick insert Coca Cola branded products into the Diablo universe? Will we look forward to a vertically integrated Diablo drink that helps us play the game for longer and longer than we would desire? I didn't proof this...but it is as hastily written as D3...so I guess I'll either be forgiven or crucified....fullfathom58 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 I couldn't have been the only one who... ...laughed out LOUD the first time Ghom (Gluttony) appeared on my screen. I was expecting a boss battle, and I got...a fat thing that tries to fart me to death. If that was a comic relief boss battle, then well played Blizzard, well played.Benamin4 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Favorite part of story? Whatw as yours ? Mine was the last cutscene when Diablos is thrown from the pinnacle fo heaven and the heaven light destroys him and the demon plague. that was epic.Mortuusvir4 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Belial is a Bond villain [spoiler] Just saying. Belial is all like, "Oh, yeah, I'm one of the lords of Hell. Fire and brimstone and all that. I can totally take this huge demon form and spread pestilence around like the brown acid at Woodstock. But, you know what, instead of killing this Nephalem who's kinda my sworn enemy on first sight, I'll just devise this elaborate plot involving disguising myself as a child emperer and wild goose chases. You know, because I'm the Lord of Lies, and I sorta have a rep to maintain." If Belial had access to sharks with friggin' laser beams, there would have been an underwater level in Act II.SodPen3 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Blizzard: Please add a story-less mode Please consider adding a mode that removes story elements (cutscenes, dialogue, etc.). This game is really fun but the story is terrible and seriously bogs it down to a point where its unenjoyable. TIANutsackRGoon5 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 What I wish the Diablo 3 plot was about Basically a giant fight between heaven and hell. Heaven would invade sanctuary because they fear the Nephilem's potential after the destruction of the world stone, and hell would invade to so they could use the nephelim to bolster their cause and end heaven once and for all. Act 1 Basically the same accept Tyreal warns of an angelic invasion, which makes more sense why would Tyreal know about an impending invasion from Hell? Also it makes Tyreal's attachment to humanity much more fleshed out, because he would not only aid humanity he would become mortal in order to fight, and die for humanity. Act 2 The angels invade and Belial appears as a messiah in Caldeum and takes control of the city, he doesn't hide behind a form he just appears as belial. He offers salvation and basically acts as a brutal dictator, ie. you see him make speeches to the city talking about service to him is the only way to salvation, encouraging people to sacrifice their lives for hell, and of course playing upon people's fears, and desperation. Instead of a black stone you look for a device that Zolhtan Khuul created that would dispell the effects of the world stone, and grant the powers of the nephelim to all of humanity, Act 2 would be about finding this device. But heaven wants this device to destroy, denying all of humanity their nephilem heritage, and hell wants it to corrupt it only allowing those who pledge themselves to hell become nephilem. When you get to the Belial dungeon you see some messed up stuff, like people willingly sacrificing themselves to feed some scary demon, or to summon demons, and !@#$ like that. Act 3 In order to get the device working you must take it to the world stone's old resting place to rid humanity of the effects of the world stone. This act also takes place at Bastion's keep accept you see a war between angels, demons, and humans. The humans are getting steam rolled of course. At the end of the act you fight Azmodan who is waiting for you to bring the artifact right to him, he succeeds in getting it and gives it Diablo he goes back to hell. You kill Azmodan ending the act. Act 4 You go to Hell, and fight Diablo and get the Artifact back before he corrupts. Then you activate it causing every single human to become a badass nephilem, although not as badass as the hero. Oh and before you fight Diablo you see him and Imperius fighting over the artifact. Then the end cinematic plays of the powered up humans booting the angels and the demons off of sanctuary. Conclusion To me Diablo universe has always been a dark one, even the heavens have a hint of darkness, nearly elimating the millions of innocents on earth. I always saw the forces of heaven vs. Hell more as chaos vs. order, rather than the evil vs. good that we saw in Diablo 3. I was hoping to see humanity stand on its own, independent from what heaven or hell wanted. But mostly I wanted to see a battle between hevean and hell on sanctuary, with hell inbetween. I'd like to know what you guys think sorry if my writing poor, im not a writer by proffesion.ZealotNick2 May 26, 2012
May 26, 2012 Wtf? Unanswered questions by the end of story 1) I'm sure many of these have been asked before, but wtf happened to Leah??.. I figured we'd save her by the end but instead she just disappears.. I have to assume she died as after killing diablo there's no mention of her. 2) What happened to the side storylines with the artisans and followers?? I read all their convos and finished them, assuming I'd get to actually help them on their quests at some point, but after beating the main story I couldn't figure out how to do it. I expected to, for example, find that special jewel for the jeweler, or confront the templars for answers on Kormacs past. 3) So I have to assume Adria was actually evil as there wasn't much closure on that either.. At first I just figured she was being magically controlled or something, but the story ends without any real explanation for her betrayal.. It just doesn't make sense, was she evil this entire time? Then why was she actually helping us defeat the evils in the last game? Or did she just decide to turn afterwards? Then how did that happen? You'd expect a pretty damn good reason for her becoming so evil. 4) Act 4 was rushed. It's shorter than the others, I like the higher amount of boss fights, but it was obviously rushed (which probably explains the storys the lack of closure). I mean, they didn't even make a new hub town for it, they literally reused act 3s.. Which is a shame because I expected Cain to be waiting for us up in one of heavens lasts outposts or something, I was even hoping he'd become an angel of some sort :p. I just think the ending, primarily the last act, feels noticably rushed. I was just disappointed how quickly, abruptly and non-conclusively it ended.Fleegsta12 May 26, 2012
May 25, 2012 *Spoilers!* Questions about ending, Rumford 1. Why were we not able to kill Adria? I can't imagine how they could set her up as an expansion boss now that her master is dead 2. Did Imperius actually die? I thought he was just knocked out, but he was absent for both the victory celebration after Diablo died AND the ending cinematic. 3. What the deuce happened to the black soulstone? I'm guessing Blizzard did this intentionally, because whenever you don't see something specifically smash into a thousand pieces it has to have some purpose later on. 4. WHEN DID CAPTAIN RUMFORD DIE?! I really like him and thought he was one of the survivors of New Tristram, but at the end he appears to have been killed at some point. When?Valten15 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Black Soulstone's Original Purpose When you see Zoltun Kulle summon the Black Soulstone he is surprised that it contains the souls of the slain Evils. He made the Black Soulstone so that was obviously not it's original purpose. Andria modified it to unite the Prime Evils into one. There was only one hint at what the Black Soulstone was made to do. Zoltun Kulle says that he was working on unlocking the hidden potential of all mankind and unlock all their nephalem heritage. What do you guys think it was meant to do?LordZaros1 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 What if crossover Instead of the Diablo 3 classes, I bring in... Castlevania characters in Diablo 3 universe? I would love to be Julius or Shanoa. They could very much slay demons. :DOcylix1 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Kormac and continuity (spoilers) As you talk to Kormac (The Templar) more and more, he divulges that he was brain washed, and had all memories of his former life wiped from his mind. Yet one of the conversations you randomly have with him involves him telling you that "[he] rarely ventured beyond the bounds of Westmarch during [his] youth, and after the order took [him] in [he] had little need to travel." How exactly does he know this if his former life was wiped from his mind?Aarpia14 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 *Spoilers* Speculation on coming apocalypse For those that watched the ending, I couldn't help but feel that this is only the beginning. I think we all know that Blizzard intends to create expansions for D3, like they do for the rest of their games. But I believe that the prophecy has not been averted, but delayed. *SPOILERS* In the final cinematic, Tyrael seems to take more of a authoritative role in the angiris council, it seems to be that the High Heaven will become involved in the affairs of humanity, shall the forces of hell ever come back to Sanctuary. Which leads into the first CGI where the angels fly into the fields of eternity, battling the burning hells on Sanctuary. And the last part of that sequence, where you see Diablo rise from the ground, also adds more proof since the black soulstone survived (angels are really stupid :-p.)BeyondSaving15 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Possible Expansion plots (Spoilers in here) At the moment, Adria, the black soulstone, and imperius are MIA. Imperius HATES men and clearly isnt fond of Tyreal. Also, and is nowhere to be found when Tyreal takes his place back among the council. Adria was too involved with diablo to explain her possible involvement in a xpac. When diablo dies, his body or "vessel" disintegrates and burns up and the black soulstone falls into the clouds and begins a lightning storm. We can assume that is not destroyed. Much like in Diablo 2, if you go back and kill diablo again, as he dies, his soul is relinquished from that body and APPEARS to be sucked into the tip of the horn on Diablos head. From what I was to understand after doing research, that WAS Diablo's Soulstone at the time. (It makes sense, with the CE. The diablo skull, and the Soulstone RIGHT WHERE his horn would've been.) Just to confirm, the only soul stone that was seen to be destroyed was Mephisto's and Tyreal explains how Baal was destroyed in D3 should you go through his talking events. These are my theories on this, feel free to post your thoughts/opinions. Trolls and flames will be ignored/deleted. Happy posting!Sathsong4 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Angiris Council vote to eradicate mankind I find it funny how they keep repeating that Tyrael "saved" mankind by voting to spare humanity. When you do talk to them and do the tally, the vote was: - Imperius : Eradication - Malthael : Abstain - Tyrael : Spare Mankind - Auriel : Spare Mankind - Itherael : Spare Mankind So, basically, it was Imperius against everyone else... They resort to some strange accounting rules to make it a "close call"Hikarihime5 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Until the expansion...(implied spoilers) I, for one, am looking forward to the expansion as I want all the loose ends at the end of the game to go somewhere. Unfortunately, Blizzard is probably going to take >2 years to come out with it...and between now and then we're going to have people making inane theories such as: 1. Cain is Belial, and he faked his death in Act I. In Act II, you just killed some sort of puppet. This means that Belial is free to steal the Black Soulstone and become the last boss. 2. Adria finds the Butcher, who informs her that the end of Act I was just a setback. Adria pledges her loyalty to the Butcher due to his...fresh meat. The Butcher then steals the Black Soulstone, but it turns out that the Butcher is Cain...who is Belial, so they become a conglomeration consisting of the 7 evils, Cain, and fresh meat. 3. Leah is Belial. 4. Imperius is Belial. 5. That chick you save from the Spider Queen is Belial. 6. Lyndon is Belial. 7. Your player character is actually Belial, because...I don't even know. So in the interest of quashing these kinds of things before they start...here's hoping Blizzard comes out with the expansion in the kinds of timeframes they used to adhere to. ^_^Benamin4 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Vote to save mankind?? Recton? In the lore, Book of Cain, Tyreal is the only angel that voted to spare mankind and the Malthael did not vote at all counting as a vote to destroy all mankind. However if you talk to Itherael after saving Auriel, and select the Nephalem option and he will tell you that both himself and Auriel also voted to save mankind leaving only Imperius as the one who voted for destroying. Why the change? Does this not take away fro Tyreal's character knowing that he was not alone in the hoping for mankind to prevail over evil and his fall to mortal being less important.Jtwo2 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Why is Tyreal SO UGLY? Blizz, I know he's mortal now and all, but an ex-archangel should still look better(at least not bald). Also, his voice in the act 1 cinematic(and Imperius' for that matter) has little to no echo effect like it did in diablo II, part of what made him so intriguing back in the day.FlyingFroG17 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 HAY you nephalam! you suck! "You're going to destroy my _____? there's no way you can you loser!" "you destroyed it but that was worthless! While you were doing that I had more _____ done!" "stupid nephalam just because you stopped that plan doesn't mean you win !@#! I'll destroy you along with your friends because I'm totally evil and stuff!" "guess what? while you were shopping at the merchants I totally kidnapped your friends! I'm a total douche!" "wtf you killed me? Don't worry my colleague will get you and you will be dead with death!" - All the villains in Diablo 3melonbread28 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 what if it was all a lie it could just save the game's story!! an expansion idea! what if you got captured right after you were discovered as a nephalim and put into some sort of a nightmare coma state that belial created making you believe you did all those stuff (moved to act 2, kill belial, then azmodan, then she-diablo) or better yet get captured even b4 the falling start (the start of the game) and then you can remake the entire story! tyrael never becoming mortal! leah never existing! cain never died!! and at the expansion you escape from his dream of lies and go after him. or the idea of the archangel of wisdom becoming a prime evil for the sake of balance, thats a nice idea too...lichy7 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 GIANT GODS AND MONSTERS?! Curious now, in Act II the desert is full of bones of MASSIVE carnivorous creatures that donet look anything like dinosaurs based on their skulls. What were they? No chance they could ever....*gasp* rise as undead?Mijuu1 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Leah its pronounced like leia the princess not lee-ah like in the game thats an idiot americanized pronounciationAnodyne2 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 acts felt too short... Id like to start off by stating the acts were amazing. cinematics stellar! that said i felt they were a bit short, iam not sure how that will evolve as i start farming and progressing in Hell-Inferno... But i felt it could of used another ACT. was there ever another act-that was deleted?- or will we see more chapters?Ticon5 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 [Spoilers] The ending needs clarity. I love Diablo 3, amazing game, and in my opinion definitely worth the wait. I also love the story, unlike many other people. It doesn't matter how 'cliche' something is if it gets executed correctly. And as for Imperius being a douchebag & everybody being mad about that. I don't get why? You guys heard that the angels voted to wipe humanity out. You expect that guy to be nice to you? He holds a feeling of pride and he didn't want a human to get involved in HEAVEN's fight in heaven's realm. ANYWAYS. The ending really needs clarity for me. I mean, Leah's dead? I assume so since Diablo used her as a vessel & out popped that gigantic monster that was like 15 plus feet tall, so we can already rule out that she popped him out her Vajay. I feel that the cut scenes were amazing, and the ending could have utilized more. How does Imperius feel that you ended up saving them? What happened to Leah? I just need a little more clarity. Or some acknowledgement that the main character, or anyone cares. Amazing game, if it's intended to be explained or shown in the expansion so be it, but you could've made it end a little better so I didn't feel like no one noticed these things after Diablo's dead.LLCoolKris18 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Rate the story and characters of Diablo 3!! Spoilers In order to have a better look at what is good and bad in Diablo 3 writing / storymaking, let's divide it into categories to be rated. These are the categories to be rated: 1) Characters I'am leaving aside the playable characters. Most of them are ok (except for the cocky wizard) but it really does not matter in order to rate the story of the game. So let's start in order of importance with the other characters: -Leah: 5/10. I have mixed feelings with Leah. Before playing Diablo 3 I though I was going to hate her. I did not. Her dialogues were ok. Sure, she was quite dumb with her not wanting to believe her uncle. But after that she rose to be quite a lovable character. Problem: Her story was completely predictable. Diablo 3 gamechanger was supposed to be Leah turning to Diablo / Prime Evil and the revelation that she was Diablo's daughter. But this was totally revealed both before the game by Blizzard's publicity and during the game when you got to Adria's hut. Could habe been good but some bad decisions made this fail. -Adria: 7/10. Just like Leah, bad part was her twist being completely predictable. But her attitude before this made me at least once think "maybe Blizzard just tricked us all in believing she was evil". Wrong though: Blizzard was that predictable. -Tyrael: 5/10. Poor Tyrael was made into a weak character. Diablo 2 Tyrael was enigmatic and powerful. This made him so relevant for the series. Diablo 3's Tyrael is predictable and quite dumb. The whole Stranger story was not that bad. But once he remained human after receiving his sword, I'am quite sure most fans said: "what"? End cinematic of Act 1 was quite epic and could have allowed to overcome this little letdown if Tyrael had been a badass human afterwards. But then the letdown was confirmed: Tyrael did nothing during the rest of the game. His whole human transformation just fell on irrelevance. You ask yourself: what rolle did his conversion play? or even why was he at all in the story? and it would be hard to answer. -Cain: Not rateable. Poor Cain was already old enough to die, so I don't have problems with him dying. But him getting killed by a Fairy!!! Ohh well, at least he got a cinematic burial! -Lyndon: 9/10!! Awesome. The dialogue over the other monster of Diablo 3, Azmodan, is legendary: "Don't you have a little conflict of interest with fighting the Lord of Sin?" "It takes one of us to know one of us" or something like that. Seriously though, Lyndon was quite well done. The tension between his good nature and his appearance was of course old, but good. -Kormac: 7/10. A little bit annoying and undecided. But ok. -The enchantress: 1/10. What an annoying character! -Imperius: 7/10. Sure, he was cocky. But he was supposed to be. Only letdown was his stupidity at the end: All angels are seconds from dying and he would rather fight the Nephalem? Bad guys: -Maghda: 6/10 Started quite good. She tricked us and got the sword. Much has been said of her being dumb because of revealing her plot, but it really did not affect her. But then she got dumb and annoying. Additionally she was physically ridiculous. -Belial: 3/10. Worst liar ever. First thing a liar should not do: avoid answering questions. Second thing: insist on what you really want (the black soulstone here). Did all of that. -Azmodan: 10/10!! Everyone has been laughing at him, but that is exactly what should make him a legend. His letters starting with "minions" and constant taunting are just memorable. He might be a bad tactician, but he sure had some sense of humor. -Diablo: 5/10. Too much taunting without being funny as Azmodan. Dumb without being funny.Turgol3 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 A real question! if humans were first created as nephalim or nefalim or w/e and it was because angels and demons did the deed, how did tyrael became human by taking off his wings.. wouldn't it make him half a human?lichy10 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Did Diablo die? (spoilers) Something I recently realize, you don't see a "dead" Diablo. It falls to the ground wounded and then pushed off the edge of High heavens. You see his body dissolve and then the Black Soul Stone fall to the clouds leaving a smoke trail behind it. Does this mean its possible that Diablo used the Black Soul Stone as a method of escape rather than death? It seems possible given that Adria and Diablo worked together to find a way for the Prime Evil scheme to work. It seems as if we may fight Diablo again in the Xpac. Some supporting evidence for this train of thought. In D2, you see Diablo's body practicly crumble into dust before you eyes when you kill him and his spirit expelled from the form he is possessing. In D1, it was simliar if I remember correctly. There never mentioned that I can remember if demons can willingly enter a soul stone.KewlImp22 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Class Ideas! Changeling Main Attribute: Strength Class Specific Items: Whip (weapon), Totem (amulet), Pelt (body armor) Lore: The Druids are often, like their Barbarian brothers, thought to be a rough, uncivilized warrior. The truth is, though, a lot of discipline is required to master the magic a Druid learns. Changing one's form, especially, can prove especially hazardous to those who don't have the willpower to resist the call of the wild. Those that let instinct take over often become "Changelings," men and women who steal away into the night to run with the wolves or live among their animal brethren. Changelings are distinct from Druids in that their abilities are not based in nature-magic, but in shaping their own bodies and communicating with animals. They walk a tenuous path, though, as giving in to their instincts too much will leave a Changeling little more than a wild animal. Resource: Instinct/Will. Dual resource. Using Instinct-fueled abilities will often generate Will and vice versa. Skills: Feral- The Changeling only takes on an aspect of a creature for a short time, such as claws in order to do a slashing attack. Predator- The Changeling is not helpless, even without her shapeshifting abilities. Predator skills rely on the Changeling using martial attacks with her weapons, such as immobilizing an enemy with her whip. Aspects- The Changeling maintains an aspect from a creature, such as growing scales for an armor boost. Beastmaster- The Changeling has many animal friends she can call on, and Beastmaster skills allows her to call upon them to attack her enemies. Shifting- The Changeling takes on the form of another creature for a short time, granting her bonuses in combat. Alpha- The Changeling is the best of her pack, allowing her to sow strife within the ranks of her enemies; confusing small mobs or temporarily dominating a creature to do the Changeling's bidding. That's my idea! Questions, comments? Also, feel free to post your own ideas for a class or archetype you'd like to see in the expansion, just try to include some lore! :)CheshireMad20 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 So exactly WHAT did destroying the world ston Exactly WHAT did Destroying the world stone accomplish for Diablo again? if his entire plan, ALL ALONG has been to kill off all the other demon lords and Go Supersaiyan, how did the world stone fit into any of the plot? It might as well not have been touched for how much importance on the plot of this game as a whole its had. I really would have expected more information about what its destruction entailed for the world besides "Oh yeah, the barbarians aren't around much anymore".aleksandor6 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Final Cut Scene and its implication (Spoiler) So at the end of the game, after you slay Diablo, during the final cutscene Tyreal decides to take his place amongst the Angiris Council again, but as a Human. If you talk to him through the game, you learn of course that he is a mortal now, and that he will die. How can he take a place on the council as the new Angel of Wisdom if he will eventually die? Does mortality not matter in Heaven?Unparallel9 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Leah Theory Yo, posted this in General before I even realized there was a story forum. Probably get more traction over here. Let me know what you guys think! Cheers! Seen a few threads pop up (again) that posit that Leah is Diablo. Yes, I think Leah is Diablo, but in an interesting way... First of all, the witch, Adria, is not Adria. I believe this person is the Demoness Lilith, essentially mother to all humankind. Lilith disappeared a long time ago (since the Sin War, I believe) and nobody knows what happened to her. Nobody knows who Adria is or where she came from, she "shows up" in Tristram in Diablo 1 when the troubles begin. Extremely odd, no? We also know from the beta that she leaves Tristram shortly after Aidan (the Dark Wanderer, recently possessed by Diablo) does. Presumably not before some hot, demonic, hanky panky. Leah is the fruit of their labors. Considering her heritage, she is quite the fascinating entity. First generation humans, born from the loins of the archangel Inarius and Lilith so long ago were called Nephalem. Nephalem, it was discovered, far outshined both angels and demons in terms of power. This made Inarius fearful, and some of his angel brethren resolved to destroy the Nephalem. Lilith, not exactly happy about this, slaughtered everyone save Inarius and her beloved children. Now, Leah is therefore a first generation Nephalem. And though Aidan is human, he presumably possesses angel blood by virtue of being human, but he is also possessed by Diablo. So she's not exactly nephalem, but close enough. This raises some strange questions. I.E. what effect does Diablo have on her? Is a piece of him inside of her? Is she his insurance policy in case things went wrong with the Dark Wanderer? Did he know Adria was actually Lilith? If I had to guess, I would say that Diablo did NOT know Adria was Lilith, but encouraged Aidan to have a child with her, so a piece of his essence would always be tethered to this world. This would explain his re-appearance in Diablo 3. Considering he's supposed to be "dead" and "banished to the void," it would be an elegant, surprising, and cool way to bring him back. After all, it wouldn't be surprising that Diablo, most creative of all the Evils, figured out a way to cheat death. But... He didn't know about Lilith. Diablo thought he was being clever, when he did exactly what Lilith planned to do. It is my belief that Lilith loves all humans, and despite killing her in the Uber-Event in D2 (Which I think is dumb, and non-canoncial; Lilith would never willfully kill human beings), and has thus played Diablo. In fact, I'd go so far to say that she played Diablo hard. Diablo's insurance policy, Leah, is in fact a vessel equally owned by one of the most powerful Demon's ever: Lilith, a Demoness who created Sanctuary and Mankind, and has vowed to protect it from the dawn of time. But will she be able to control him? Will this entity, in fact, BE Diablo as we have known him in the past, or will he be something quite... different? For my part, this new Diablo is not QUITE Diablo, as we have known him. I believe he will be beholden to Lilith in some way, and being part Nephalem, part prime-evil, part-human, part mother to all humankind, Lilith will use him to end the eternal conflict. Neo-Diablo will be manufactured to eradicate Heaven and hell, so that our world of Sanctuary can exist in peace. Think about it, Lilith's concern has always been protecting humanity and Sanctuary, and what better way to do it than obliterating every angel and demon in the universe? End Times, indeed.MrPrezbo12 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 I've started calling this game Diego 3. I literally can't play for more than 30 to 40 minutes at a time because of how completely foul the plot is and just how badly destroyed the Diablo lore and universe has become. It took everything sinister and evil about it and twisted it into a fully realized world of high fantasy. It is beyond saving and that just kills me. SC2 neutered, diluted and took away the elements of what used to make that universe so awesome, but what's happened on D3 is on a whole new plane of "How could you screw this up so badly? You've completely and utterly destroyed any hope of salvaging this." The worst part of it, though, is how Blizzard did such a great job of integrating the writing and dialogue straight into the gameplay, so that you can't even just shut it out completely. Good job...? I'd rather they reboot the entire universe completely and just copy and paste all the world-building and lore from Diablo 1 and 2 and start from there. I mean, good god, I still remember reading about how Inarius was chained down in Hell for an eternity, forever bound in a room of mirrors with his eyelids peeled off so that he is forced to look upon his disfigured self forever and ever. Jesus. That is so evil. If the series didn't have such a legacy and trademark for being so macabre, sinister, so tangibly evil and even a bit ambiguous, I wouldn't care as much, but that's obviously not the case. And the music in D3. What hell is Blizzard's obsession to pull a John Williams? Act IV's ending cutscene was another punch to the gut. Christ. I wish I could be more constructive about this, but I can't. I can't even say Blizzard was constructive about this at all either. It's such jerk move on their part, even if they didn't mean it. Anyway, Diego 3's a pretty fun. It's a Diablo clone, but with far less of an atmosphere to it. What they try to do with skills and attributes is pretty interesting, I guess. It has some problems, but there's a lot of potential.Gosha3 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Other NPCs Another Immersion hate thread. Though it really was a small part of the game, i felt like the other NPCs in Diablo 2 had a much better presence and function than they do in Diablo 3. Although they might only have some small tidbit to say, that was all they needed. And they would even throw in a bit of extra dialogue for you if you were the right class. For example, although Charsi was basically just your vendor-and-repair person, she still had a personality. But the personality was never revealed too much, because the best way to have you connect to these people is through your own imaginings, not what blizzard tells you is up. This was done perfectly, from when you are first introduced to any character, to when they say their goodbyes to you. The only characters you really ever talk to in Diablo 3 are the main npcs. You might remember some random really annoying thing they said over and over, but this does not make for a personality. It merely makes for Random Vendor #376 just like you'd find in world of warcraft. As it stands, i'm not sure i care about any of the NPCs we have met, other than Covetous Shen, and possibly the Enchantress.Fistkick0 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Why did Belial want Tyrael's Sword Repaired? I'm trying to get the entire plot charted out just for kicks. Maybe I missed it, but why does Belial/Maghda want Cain to repair Tyrael's sword? Seems like repairing El'druin isn't something Evil would want to do. What benefit does it have for Belial? Does he want to corrupt it somehow? It seems like they'd rather want to take the pieces and throw them off a bridge somewhere, never to be found. So is this just a massive contradiction/oversight by the writers? Thanks for the help.Brumbek12 May 25, 2012
May 25, 2012 Nephilim and the Watchers Not including Diablo 3, its been several years since I've played Diablo 2 - yes I know, sacrilige - but I have read the first three standalone books, buts that's all, haven't read the fourth or the Sin War trilogy, or the comics. I know the Nephelem is a race in the Diablo universe, derived from the term Nephilim - said to be the giants born and destroyed before the Flood from the union of angels and women - but I was wondering if the Watchers that are talked about in the Book of Enoch are mentioned. There are 200 Watchers in all, but I think only 21 are named, maybe a little more. Anyways, have any of these names popped up in any of the games: Samyaza, Araqiel, Râmêêl, Kokabiel, Tamiel, Ramiel, Dânêl, Chazaqiel, Baraqiel, Asael, Armaros, Batariel, Bezaliel, Ananiel, Zaqiel, Shamsiel, Satariel, Turiel, Yomiel, or Sariel? I'm curious about this because if these names haven't been mentioned then maybe these names and the story of the Watchers and their relationship with the Nephilim will play into the Diablo universe and its plotline in the future.ArcticSwan7 May 25, 2012