Lore and Story

Jun 25, 2015 I'm lost... what's going to happen to future expansions because a corrupted Neph sounds pretty far fetched and the only way I see Diablo become stronger than the Neph is by forcing Lilith and Inarius to merge in some type of ritual and create a new vessel for Diablo. Since Lilith death just return her to the abyss and diablo could easily find her and Inarius still in prison chained up... or am I missing something????Ketsuekidnsu2 Jun 25, 2015
Jun 21, 2015 Kadala What's her background. I don't recall her in the story line and she sort of just popped up. Is there a story to her or is she just some random npc?MerLock13 Jun 21, 2015
Jun 4, 2015 The Prophet (spoilers) Anyone else think Eirena's prophet is Itherael? I did a search and only found suggestions that it was Inarius but I don't think that fits. I don't think he could see the future, and I think he was imprisoned shortly after creating Sanctuary, like ancient history. I also don't think Itherael would tell Eirena he was dead. I mean it all makes sense to me. The prophet was an angel, and he knew something was going to happen 1500 years in the future. Itherael's the only one that can read the Scroll of Fate, and he was one of the few angels that supported humans. It would also make sense that he'd want to hide his identity and interference with sanctuary by claiming he knew of the prophet and that he died long ago.Astasia47 Jun 4, 2015
May 31, 2015 Urzael... If angels are made of light and sound, why does Urzael have skin? And muscle? His upper torso isn't armoured and he looks like a very buff human with an angel hood. Is that what all angels look like underneath their armour? Big buff humans?BigMeatyClaw0 May 31, 2015
May 26, 2015 What Malthael could have done Time... Time is all he would need. I have the idea that after Tyreal and the Horadrim left the soulstone, he would come pick it up without anyone noticing. If it were guarded, then he could just sneak past them and put in a fake, Indiana Jones style. After he has it, all he would need is time. What could he do? Lurk in the shadows, stealing the souls of people without being noticed at all. He would continually reap enough souls, through time, in small numbers, all across sanctuary, to be powerful enough to defeat all Demons. THEN the other angels and Nephalem, If there are any around, could stop him from ending humans. To make it slightly more morale and undetectable, he could even reap only the elderly so people would only thinks it was old age.xXLoneWolfXx6 May 26, 2015
May 25, 2015 Crash course in LORE 1: What happened to each hero from D2? 2: Where does the Templer fit between the crusaders and Paladins 3: I have not played the expansion yet so please no spoilers, are all the prime evils gone for good?? Thanks.Leon4 May 25, 2015
May 23, 2015 Diablo 4 Ideas? What i would like to see in diablo 4 are all bosses that havent been seen yet, like kabraxis, lucion etc, and have an Act based on them and their lore where they are the act boss. Another thing is that they should keep the specific act towns like new tristram and caldeum etc, but there should also be towns based on your character class. How about having a barbarian town that you can choose to town-portal to when you are playing! It would also be nice if they made it so that the game actually allowed you to rotate the screen while you play, but still playing in the classic top-down view. This will allow us to actually explore the world of sanctuary. And for the final boss, Diablo splits back into the 7 lords of hell, and they all join forces as they have all suffered from the Nephalems actions and seek to destroy him. Then there will be 7 phases of the last encounter, each boss with updated models from previous games.The first 4 phases will be the 4 lesser evils, and then mephisto and baal. Diablo will be last, and the hardest of them all, his new form would be like a merge between his diablo 3 form and his diablo 2 one, the atmosphere of the fight becoming darker and more eerie as his health drops. All the great evils would be in some sort of demonic fortress. with 7 different levels. That would be epic IMO. Besides all of that, obviously, there will be many more quests, items, level cap raised to 80, and increase the multiplayer party amount to 8. New classes, and fully customisable races would also be sweet. Perhaps they should also do something with leah, i reckon her character could have some potential and that she was killed off so soon. Perhaps she can get ressed? Idk, lemme hear your thoughts guysEnDroxX1 May 23, 2015
May 22, 2015 So Diablo was released again... After watching the ROS ending basically every evil was freed? wtf...Leon1 May 22, 2015
May 21, 2015 Sanctuary Should be Re-hidden Demons aside, angels have become a recent thorn in the side of the denizens of Sanctuary, and I'm pretty sure humanity is sick of the otherworldly interference. Both demons and angels are eternal - forever being reborn after facing destruction. When Malthael is reborn, is he going to still have the same goals/motives as he did before (making him a continuous threat like Diablo)? Is there going to be a rift in the Angiris Council? Considering the Council's inaction throughout much of the franchise's history and their vote on Sanctuary's continued existence in the past, there's no reason why humanity should trust the High Heavens as allies (Zoltun Kulle was right!). Thus, it would make sense that going forward, it would be the mission of humanity and the Horadrim to hide Sanctuary from the eternal conflict once more and do their best to keep it hidden, followed by a series of cover ups to make the world forget about the other worlds and about magic itself. Though I'm sure some cultist will come along and muck it up somehow by trying to summon a demon into the world. :POminous2 May 21, 2015
May 15, 2015 Ugly Demons? First, before I go on any further into this topic, I want to point out that this is not about some critic talking nor someone making fun of the game and demons/monsters in it, and anybody wanna put in a funny response is more than welcome so pls, do. What I simply wanna put under the spotlight is how the view on demons has changed. Just take a look at the "Hottest demon/demonhunter" pocketbooks available for sometime now - and you'll see how demon faces are currently "painted" in words. It is no longer what/how the old lores and hard out religious men use to describe them as monsters. <Demons are now ridiculously alluring and beautiful.> And not every demons have to be god***mn EVIL either. (Not that I read them a lot, just samples a few...LOL! And no, I'm not a god**** satanist either :-D and sure do like killing those zombies and demons) Now, * why not make some future expansion where the demons are fantastically pretty. Isn't Diabolo all about fun of killing fiends? If the fiends can come as being wickedly attractive, wouldn't that also sell well?Elanu3 May 15, 2015
May 12, 2015 Gillian's nightmares In Act I, you can find a couple of Gillian's journals where she mentions suffering from horrific nightmares and Adria offering to find a cure for them in Caldeum. However, as far as I know, it is the last we ever hear from that subplot. So what happened to Gillian? Do we know what caused her nightmares?JohnnyZeWolf3 May 12, 2015
May 10, 2015 Carnevil Mask - Pls Identify Origin I love the design of the Carnevil mask. I know that this concept is taken from something real. Can someone please tell me what these are called?ColAvalanche1 May 10, 2015
May 4, 2015 What’s Your Favorite Piece of Lore Text? Do you crave knowledge about the beasts that roam the wilds and the creatures that skitter about the darkness in the deepest reaches of the Burning Hells? Or maybe you yearn to know more about fallen heroes? Whispers and discarded texts tell of Sanctuary’s turbulent past. Scattered throughout the flooded causeways and burning embers are books of lore chronicling everything from the downfall of King Leoric to what little is known about the Archangels of the High Heavens. For this week's community question, we want to find out: What’s your favorite piece of lore text that you’ve picked up while exploring the depths of Sanctuary? Leave a comment below to let us know, or chime in on Facebook or Twitter!Vaeflare81 May 4, 2015
May 4, 2015 Kulle recognizes Tyrael, Cain doesn't. I find it weird that Deckard Cain spent a lot of time with Tyrael and when they encounter in Act 1, Cain can't recognize Tyrael's voice. Later on, on Act 2, Zoltun Kulle recognizes Tyrael by his voice immediately. Was Cain going a little deaf or something?Tabakhiin7 May 4, 2015
May 1, 2015 Lyndon's RoS Story Finale *Spoilers* Lyndon's story finishes up with a note. It's a very odd note, due to who wrote it (his sister-in-law), where it's container was found (embedded in his brother's body), and what it said (i.e. "I did it. Come find me if you want revenge."). I found that to be a bit of a surprise. Did I miss some critical clue earlier on that might have explained why Lyndon's brother would be murdered by his own wife?Eumerin16 May 1, 2015
Apr 29, 2015 Lore? What Lore? Diablo, much like the Souls series, gave you a backstory, the rest was left up to your imagination. Diablo II built upon the backstory to the original, and doing a good job of it. Diablo III just has a terrible story. What exactly is there to discuss, as far as discussing anything related to Diablo III - There isn't, honestly. So much could have been done, but in reality those who intend on playing Diablo do so for the loot - Not story, and especially when the story isn't good whatsoever. I hate myself for doing this, but It's almost comparable to Destiny. The potential is there, the foundation has been built, an Epic story could unfold. In the end in turns out to be terrible. There is consistency with the Diablo universe, absolutely. The execution for the story in D3 just isn't anything worth talking about, however. I will say that the touch to Diablo in Vanilla was, in all honesty, excellent from a design standpoint that made sense given the circumstances, in D3.Deathslave4 Apr 29, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 Is there any lore in books about Zunimassa? I haven't read any of the Diablo books, is there a book covering this dude? I read his set items and the descriptions are more interesting than the items itself.Vulpix1 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 26, 2015 Squier the Peddler is thieves god. Not shen. So I just read Squiert's Necklace description, reading: "An unassuming chunk of stone covered with runes. The name of Kantwirt, the ancient god of thieves, is scratched onto its back," and I realised, Covetous did not lie about that, he is not a thieves god.Fizius1 Apr 26, 2015
Apr 23, 2015 Why are the thieves' guild after Lyndon? When you first meet Lyndon the thieves guild (which he is a member of) are trying to kill him. Nigel Cutthroat says "you won't get away from us this time", which implies they've been chasing him for some time. Then they infiltrate the entire prison complex his brother's in purely for laying a trap for him. Did I miss something? Why are the thieves' guild trying to kill him? I know he fled Kingsport after the botched robbery of the Merchant's Guild's bank.... but I see no connection to this.Netherspark2 Apr 23, 2015
Apr 19, 2015 Good or Bad Nephalem .. ? Its time to CHOOSE Comeon we all see it in the end ... I also wrought a thread about it in general discussion waiting ideas :PStylianos2 Apr 19, 2015
Apr 19, 2015 Potential Expansion/Lore/New Class So, I have an inkling that a new mage-like class will be released in a new expansion. This is based entirely on speculation, but makes sense after patch 2.0. I read the following on the Diablo Wiki and it made me think: "Before patch 2.0., a Venom Hydra variant existed in game in addition to other types. It was removed along with all other variations of Venom and Blood magic from the Wizard's arsenal." I am getting the feeling that there will be a new class released that uses health as a resource and the main attribute for the character. Maybe a Druid/Necromancer hybrid that uses health to summon from corpses or to shapeshift. I know it's a bit of a stretch, but I know there are characters in other videogames that use health as a resource instead of mana, spirit, etc and I would love to see it done. I also foresee some for of Anu/Tathamet coming into play. Diablo already had all 7 demon lords within him, but he wasn't Tathamet. Tathamet had 7 heads for the 7 sins, he was 7 separate beings at once. Diablo was 1 being with the power of 7. The idea of demons and angels teaming up against the Nephalem has been thrown out there and it doesn't seem like a bad idea, but i believe that a situation like Inarius/Lillith must arise again or the angels must fall/demons must rise. It seems like an Inarius/Lillith thing happens. In the Book of Cain and Book of Tyrael, they are mentioned as never being killed, but being banished. They could very easily come back and play a part in reuniting the demons and the angels. And through that the angels and demons do something to form themselves back into one being to try and destroy humanity and reset existence to what it once was. As for setting, I feel Ureh, the Skovos Isles, Kingsport, Xiansai, and someplace in the Dry Steppes or Torajan Jungles. They are all on the map, but we have yet to venture into any of them. Plus they have artwork for the Skovos Isles and Ureh already complete and there is a legend relating both to the High Heavens. The Skovos Isles supposedly holds the Sightless Eye and Ureh is supposed to have a portal or something that connects to the Heavens. Personally, I would love to see another city that's big like Caldeum or Westmarch. There's something different and interesting about it. The Dry Steppes seems like a good place for a final, huge battle between the Nephalem and the Angels/Demons. One final thought. I want to see more side quests for the Followers and Crafters. They all have broad stories that could very easily be played upon and could have them be a part of the main story in some way. "All three of them were destined/planned to find the Nephalem and go along with them" kind of thing. Any thoughts?ZetaLucifer0 Apr 19, 2015
Apr 18, 2015 What happened to the hero of Diablo 2? Did we ever find out what happened to the Hero of Diablo 2 (LOD)? We obviously knew what happened to the first hero in Diablo 1...Foosha12 Apr 18, 2015
Apr 17, 2015 Next new class, completely vitality based? This place is not home... The vast expanses of the plains that stretch before me… Sweet gentle ocean breeze dancing among the lush green grass… Warm comforting sun cascading down bathing this place in its soft warm glow… Its nauseating. Home is cracked barren wastelands devoid of life or joy… Howling harsh metal tinged winds that scratch and bite… Lakes of putrid molten sulfur… Unbearable scorching flame wreathing everything in its unforgivable clutches… Relentless screams of torment, terrible and unending… Now that’s home… Or at least it was, before I was exiled. They dare to eject me from Hell? To force me to live under this God forsaken blue sky? For what, a simple misunderstanding? It was never my intention to kill Mephisto’s son after all, and he survived intact, well… more or less anyway. I gave them everything I had, using my blood to strengthen their rituals and schemes. Opening portals to allow them passage, even into Heaven itself. And they choose to repay my loyalty with exile!? I will show them the true power of the Sanguiles, the Blood Lords! They will come to fear the blood they so relied on. So few of us left, they have forgotten how terrible our power truly is. In truth, we have forgotten as well, become complacent. No more. It is time to gather the last of the Sanguiles, so that all will remember once again the terrifying power of blood magic. I have no love for the Nephalem nor the Seraphim, but perhaps, for now, an alliance is in order. At least until I destroy the demonic lords of Hell once and for all, taking my rightful place as ruler. To think Lord Mephisto asked me to perform the ritual on his son, to use him to manifest a new Soulstone, only to turn his back on me when judgement was passed. He will pay! They all will! With my blood!Maverick4 Apr 17, 2015
Apr 16, 2015 Catching up on lore. So, I'm back to the game after about a year. I read Diablo III: Storm of Light, when it came out and obviously played through ROS. Have there been any lore developments since, or has it been pretty stagnant for the last year?Skirpnasty0 Apr 16, 2015
Apr 14, 2015 Confused on Plot... Diablo 1- "hero" enters town and slowly progresses deeper and deeper until encountering diablo the lord of terror. after defeating diablo a soulstone is gained and the misguided adventurer believes the best way to control the demon permanently is by embedding the soulstone into his body. logical transistion to Diablo 2- "hero" now referred to as "the wanderer" slowly loses control to the soulstone and is transformed into diablo. a new adventurer starts a quest to kill the greater evils of the world including mephisto and diablo. in game the soulstone of mephisto is gained and smashed on the hellforge forever destroying mephisto (obviously permanent... doesnt appear/isnt mentioned in diablo 3). after diablo is slain in act 4 a cutscene plays in which the soulstone of diablo is regained and this time smashed on the hellforge forever destroying him along with mephisto. Diablo 3- bunch of random sh.it about a butterfly lady and some lesser evils... OMG DIABLO IS ALIVE KILL HIM HE IS BAD AND IN HEAVEN. also king leoric has some magical reincarnation ability as well. diablo 1 had maybe 10 lines of text explaining king leoric and they still implemented him into the game better than they did in diablo 3.Splatmaster83 Apr 14, 2015
Apr 13, 2015 Where can I sink my teeth into lore Hello! Been a casual D3 player, but since canceling my wow sub, I really want to sink my teeth into both this game and its lore. Where would be the best place to learn the stories behind all the classes, characters, cultures, and the world? Thanks! :)Jaemeson3 Apr 13, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 Diablo One So, someone of you may hate of this and say it's stupid, others may like it, whatever I like it. So I think it would be cool if we have the ability to go to Diablo 1 with our Diablo III toon, same Old graphics except our character, and make all of Diablo One, one giant act....maybe for some reason we have to go back into time, or maybe it's not even lore it just being an Option for fun me growing up playing Diablo One I'd really enjoy this...What do you all think? any GMs listening if you like it pas it on please!JB8wrath4 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 7, 2015 So..Diablo planned to die and then die again? After playing D3 a couple of times (as well as D1 and D2) I couldn't shake off the feeling "what the hell"? Whole story of D3 is based on black soulstone and fact that Diablo planned to be contained in it since day 1 (awakening in Cathedral in Tristram). But that just doesn't work anyhow. Chronologically (roughly): 1. Diablo and his brothers has been captured by Horadrims with soulstones. Diablo has been hidden inside Horadrim Cathedral. OK 2. Somehow either before his capture (I'd like to note- he's been imprisoned for few ages or more) or after he managed to contact with Adria and managed to convince her to fulfill his plan. Something's already wrong here isn't it? Either Adria is about 1000 years old or somehow Diablo managed to summon her while being imprisoned few hundred meters under ground. Even if somehow he'd managed to set all this in motion he would have to actually know about black soulstone. But how if Zoltan created it after imprisoning brothers? But that's not all. 3. Aidan and Adria land in Tristram. Adria aids Aidan in defeating Diablo (and puts soulstone in own head). Ok- so Diablo planned to free himself and then get killed? So why was he so tough? Also, Adria gives not a single hint that she's got a plan to help Diablo. She's mysterious, yes... But apart from fact that she appears in Tristram when everyone else flees, she seems totally honest. Is she embodiment of Belial or what? Damn- even he wasn't especially cunning, and she's playing wildest trick in the world- sorry Sanctuary. What would have actually happened would every single adventurer fail? It's not easy to kill lord of terror after all. Better yet- why try to flee and take own form?! He took over whole kingdom with ease, would he want, he could actually do whatever he wishes. 4. Aidan- currently Dark Wanderer- goes to the east... Creating quite a mess on his way. On his way he frees Baal and Mephisto. Mephisto is killed and Diablo is killed as well... AGAIN. It's quite risky plan when it involves TWO deaths... And again- what if adventurers would fail in their quest? 5. Baal reaches mount Arreat and corrupts Worldstone. It's a tricky one. Is he some kind of loose end in Diablo plan? Throughout whole D2 story I seemed for me like brotherhood had some kind of plan involving all three of them. Baal even succeeded- partially. So what if he wouldn't be killed and his sould wouldn't go to black soulstone? It seems like serious overlooking in plan- maybe Diablo should make sure that Baal dies before him for sure? 6. 20 years passes... Another overlook. To set things in motion, Leah had to be born, Tyrael had to fall from haven and both Baal and Azmodan had to leave hell. Of course it'd be highly unlikely that they'd stay content with their warm domains... But what if they decide to wait... 100 years? Leah is long dead, not mentioning Adria (unless she really was 1000 years old when D1 events took place). No one knows about about black soulstone- and surely no one knows where to find it. Because Leahs powers were needed to invoke Zoltans ghost, even if someone finds his head, he won't know what to do with it. Everything before point this can be dismissed. But how any plan can base onsuch incredibly unlikely set of events? Extra point: Leah- it's known that she has some sort of power in her. She's raised by Cain... Who seemingly completely ignores it. Why does she have such otherworldly power? It's not after her mother as it's totally different kind of power, it's definitely not after Aidan- he was a warrior after all. And Adria trains her, apparently knowing source of Leahs power and yet- no one is concerned. Until it's too late of course... Summarizing- I'm deeply disappointed with D3 story. It has dozens of flaws, is incoherent and seems like it's been created by someone who barely read through lore. It's especially sad as D2 story was basically D1 story expanded. We've had almost everything in place, there was no single thing (until D3 story has been revealed) that wasn't back in D1. Granted- it wasn't too complicated story, but it had dozens of smaller plots perfectly fitting into lore. D3 seems like trying to do this, but it's tripping over its own foots- not mentioning about good connection with previous games of the series.Mixxer524 Apr 7, 2015
Apr 4, 2015 So Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 have the same story Here comes a lengthy rant on how the story of Diablo 3 is exactly the same as its predecessor. Act 1: You start in a shady town where apparently it's always night for no particular reason. Kill some stuff until you have to go to Tristram to pull out Cain who, as per usual, is balls deep in !@#$. While there take a side tour to kill some Npc's from Diablo 1 (Griswold/Leoric). Proceed the endless slaughter of evil, while pondering wtf is going on, kill a female npc no one gives two %^-*s about (Countess/Queen Araenae), go in catacombs, kill boss with big boobs (Andariel/Butcher). Act 2! Act 2: The desert act no one likes. Start in the Jewel of the Desert, which apparently is two different cities, Cross endless deserts, take a detour to kill a boss who's only there to further the plot (Radament/Maghda), cross more deserts, collect pieces for the thing that will finally help you reach the final boss (Horadric Staff/Kulle's innards), enter a sci-fi sanctuary of a master mage and navigate its puzzles, kill said master mage (Summoner/Kulle), Head in the opposite direction, find act boss, fight him in an overly small room, go to act 3. Act 3: The exotic place that seems like every ounce of bad luck in the world decided to go there on vacation. Since it's crawling with enemy forces, go and launch an attack into the heart of their territory, confirm that Blizz has a fetish for innards (khalim's parts, hearts of sin and what not), kill act boss in the very heart of his very citadel, learn that you are late and Diablo is free, so off to act 4. Act 4: Venture into a place straight out of the bible, chasing after Diablo, kill Izual along the way for old times' sake, find Diablo at his strongest, proceed to jihad him until he converts to Islam and wonder if the act may have been bit short. Also prove that angels are useless pussies. Act 5: Expansion time. How you got to where you are, no one knows. Enter a town besieged by a huge enemy force and proceed to dismantle it completely, killing the siegemaster (Shenk/Urzael), go through zones no one likes (Frozen River, Swamp with puddles more deadly than the game's namesake), find a traitor (Nighal-whatever, Adria), slaughter him to learn how to get to the %^-*!@# act boss, who may or may not have a title that is synonymous with that of the guy from the other game (Aspect of Death/Lord of Destruction), do some favors for some dead guys/statues to finally find King Baddie, murder him until he dies a gruesome death. In the end an angel $%^-s up some important stone and the world is *!@#ed again, proving that no matter what happens, your efforts are useless. TL; DR: Druids confirmed, will be named Shaman.TheChase0 Apr 4, 2015
Apr 3, 2015 So regarding Tyrael's new position... Tyrael's says at the end of vanilla D3, "Since Justice has been met this day, I will now stand as Wisdom," etc. So... when Diablo comes back (which he will since his soul was released when you kill Malthael), are we going to see a new Archangel of Justice taking Tyrael's place? Or will he step down from Wisdom and take Justice back up, leaving Wisdom vacant?Lv100Shuckle3 Apr 3, 2015
Apr 2, 2015 Custodians of Hatred When exactly was the document entitled "Custodians of Hatred" written, and how did the Horadrim manage to acquire it? (It was from a collection called "Ex Libris Horadrim", From the Books of the Horadrim). For reference, here is the document, as copied from http://diablo.gamepedia.com/Ex_Libris_Horadrim: ... Clearly this was written after Khalim was killed and Sankekur succeeded him as Que-Hegan. According to Cain, Sankekur eventually (read: not immediately) became possessed by Mephisto after that. It looks to me like the events went like this: 1. Sankekur becomes Que-Hegan. 2. Lazarus becomes an archbishop of Zakarum. 3. Sankekur tasks Lazarus with guarding Mephisto's Soulstone. 4. Lazarus becomes corrupted by Mephisto. 5. Sankekur writes the letter to Lazarus. 6. Mephisto's Soulstone is shattered; Sankekur becomes possessed by Mephisto by mutilating his hand with the largest shard; six other members of the High Council mutilate their hands using six smaller shards. 7. Sankekur/Mephisto sends Lazarus to accompany King Leoric to Tristram to free Diablo. 8. Aidan kills Lazarus, finds the letter from Sankekur on his body, goes back to Tristram and gives the letter to Cain.Paviel2 Apr 2, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 New Expansion Idea Diablo 3 : The Evils Unite Adria’s plan is finally coming to fruition. She threatens to destroy Sanctuary and lay waste anything that crosses her path. It was her plan all along to contain the evils within herself. But, she needed them vanquished to take control of them. With the help from the Nephalem who had no idea what her plan was, she can now act and become a being of unspeakable power. Adria’s main target was Mathael. Mathael was imprisoned in the lowest reaches of hell for fear he would release his horror on hell itself. Diablo was the only one who could release him, and now that he was defeated, Adria was able to set him free. Seeking vengeance against Diablo, Mathael acquired Diablo’s soulstone in hopes of using it for his own purpose. Now with Mathael vanquished, she now has control over death along with all the other powers of hell. It is up to you to find her and defeat her before she carries out her plan of ultimate destruction! New Areas Fargosa Ruins: Adria made one fatal mistake in her plans. She documented everything, including the location of the portal to her fortress, and hid the scrolls in the crypts of the Fargosa ruins south of Tur-Dulra somewhere in the Dry Steppes. But, she protected these scrolls with powerful creatures so you must fight your way through and obtain the scrolls and learn the location of the portal. Lok-Kozan: This long forgotten territory located southeast of Viz-Jun in the Marshlands was once used by the witch doctors for ceremonial sacrifices and ritual trials, but has long been abandoned. Adria’s portal is located in the lowest level of the central sacrificial temple. But beware! The area is overrun with beasts tainted by Adria’s black magic and spirits of the sacrificed. You must battle and conquer to make it the portal and travel through to her fortress! Onyx Fortress: Adira’s fortress is located on Philios Island, part of the Skovos Isles at the base of the Twin Seas. Adria had this enormous fortress built with the help of manipulated minions of hell that do her bidding. Adria is preparing the final rituals and it is up to you to stop her before it is too late! But, the minions and demons of hell that protect this fortress will not make it easy for you. You must gather your strength and resolve and defeat her before its too late! New Classes Druid: Become a master of wildlife and nature as you summon beasts and elemental soldiers to aid you in your fight. Use your talents to use the environment to heal you and your allies, or trap your enemies. Necromancer: Become a master of dark magic! Summon skeletons and spirits of your fallen foes to help you in your quests. Master deadly spells and area of effect magic to quickly defeat your enemies! New Crafts Culinary Arts: Master the ancient culinary arts to create food for you, your followers and minions to give you a class specific buff for a period of time to help you through tough battles. The recipes can be trained, or acquire them and materials needed from defeated foes. Level cap raised to 90 New quests New class specific skills New Legendary items and Sets I will leave the quests, skills and items up to Blizzard to create. so what do you think?Ike7 Apr 1, 2015
Apr 1, 2015 ** NEXT Diablo ideas for DIABLO 4** so are the blood shards in any direct connection to the black soul stone? and is kaldiah collecting all the blood shards to reconstruct the black soul stone for her master " diablo" in the next expansion to the series will she be mentioned or used? cuz im confused at her purpose. did i miss something with her lore. if so plz inform me thanks :pTinyTauren14 Apr 1, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Psychology -Stare Into The Abyss I saw this, and started thinking about the Diablo franchise. "It's a standard roguelike, but it asks the question 'what would exploring these endless dungeons do to a person psychologically? So while you're trying not to get your party killed, you're also trying to have them not become insecure, arrogant, or outright insane. It's DARK, it's BRUTAL, full of DESPAIR, and hopeless in all the right ways and yet...you'll find yourself soldiering on."-Extra Credits https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBtYHKhvbyc#t=176 Is this not what Diablo should be about? Now, one of the things folks complained about was D3 heroes being too upbeat and forever true believers in themselves and their cause -albeit I suppose some of it comes with their increased power level. While weaker characters can have more desperation, power corrupts they say. However, Reaper of Souls managed to aesthetically recapture some of that old Diablo feel. But I'd also like to see something new in future Diablo Expansions and Games. Sure, our "heroes" have slaughtered tens of THOUSANDS of frightening creatures, and delved into dark places, but...what if it had a lasting effect on us? Do you really believe that a person could go a Diablo style military campaign or personal quest and come out "completely normal"? When we return from the fields of desolation and dark places under the earth...what do we bring back with us? Not in our sacks alongside our gold...but in our hearts? Now, Demon Hunter and their Hatred/Discipline does embody some of this, and we get stories from followers like Kormac the Templar about his Order he lauds so much isnt so noble. But...I want MORE of this. Now we saw what happened to original heroes. While the Warrior/Aiden was direct mind control, the Sorcerer went batshat insane. The Rogue ... I feel that when we fight demon lords they should rest assured they wont be destroyed forever, and go back home to hell knowing they've inflicted wounds on us that are as hard to heal as the festering wounds dealt by The Butcher, not cut in flesh...but engraved on our souls. For example, Azmodan was the Lord of Sin -but how much sin do our characters commit, or temptation do we face? If even "Valor shall turn to wrath", what can happen to us and could our characters stop it? At the very least in dealing with him we should have seen NPC characters we trusted and loved slip, and make us question our faith in "humanity" (descended from Angels and...Demons). I feel these themes would make for interesting stories.Mijuu3 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Leah Dead or Alive What do yall think? I think she is still alive and will show up in an expansion. The wizard class says at the end of the game that she won't stop until Leah's soul is at rest so I assume she is dead but there's always that possiblity that they find some way to revive her. Then there is the loose end of Adria. I feel like the search for Leah and Adria will be the topic of the expansion they do I assume.Thrawn33 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 What alot of us love about Diablo 3 and EXP I do read a lot of forum posts and I am really saddened by many peoples lack of enthusiasm for the game. So I'd love to take this time to give some positive feed back to the whole diablo 3 team, and maybe an idea to consider. First I'd like to say how awesome I feel the game is and where it is headed, sure there are always game balance issues to address, but I feel you guys have done a wonderful job and love the new content you are constantly providing us, even the little ones when the do arrive. It has kept my interest and I do not understand why more people do not feel similar (not that they are not entitled to their opinions, but must you be so negative?) I maybe have 120 dollars invested into the game, plus the expense of the internet and game computer, but when you consider I've gotten thousands of hours of entertainment from it, What a Value! So best of all my wishes to the entire Diablo III staff, even those no longer with us! One of the main gripes you read about on the forums largely have to do with how many people feel diablo 2 is superior to 3. (I disagree due to the hacked nature of things, but anyways) This lead me to the thought, wouldn't it be great to be able to replay the storylines from Diablo 1 and 2 with the Diablo 3 engine, and before the naysayers gripe, I mean the graphic and animation engines not the game play engine, that should remain true to form. I'd even be willing to pay for such and animal. Just a thought to consider. Kudos Blizzard - may this reach the ears of staff, I love your product.SirRocketh1 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 too many false replies on this forum so many dont even know the lore and replies questions with false statements it's too tiring to correct those people to make sure OP gets the real answer to their question come on guys... if anything, ask here, i can probably answer most questions, but never with false informationBeerPark3 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 26, 2015 Diablo 3 Storyline in error? *SPOILER ALERT* Read this and comment if you have already finished the game through at least one time and or if you don't care to know certain details of the game you haven't discovered yet. *AT YOUR OWN RISK* Okay for the many people who have discussed this topic on many many different forums since the games Alpha and Beta releases and etc. I think that I will attempt to settle this matter once and for all.... (not to boast) sense I have a pretty good well rounded memory that retains nearly everything. (I suggest reading everything before you post/remark *please*) So first thing is first. Is the storyline in Diablo 3 fractured from the previous two games story arc? I would have to say that it is. And in order to prove this I am going to do a recap of all the games and make a detailed list of the things in Diablo 3 that contradict the previous games. The recap is just to help let people know. 1) Diablo/ Diablo + Hellfire Okay this game centered around the idea that King Leoric had gone insane from Diablo's twisted presence through Lazarus. Which resulted in his timely death and his son being possessed by Diablo. In this game Cain is warning the player that at the end of the entire mess; if he succeed. He/She must destroy the soulstone that holds the soul of Diablo. For by doing this it will banish Diablo back to the black abyss forever. We all know that the "Warrior" who defeated Diablo changes his mind and jams the soulstone into his own head believing Diablo could be controlled by his own will. This action lead to the events of Diablo 2 and Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction. 2) Diablo 2/ Diablo 2 Lord of Destruction This game beginning with the dark wanderer (A.K.A. "The Warrior" from the last game) destroying Tristram and finally giving somewhat into the control of Diablo. We find out many thing throughout this game about the Soulstones and the plan to corrupt the World Stone at Mt Arriat in the Barbarian highlands of the north. during the way we find out that the prime evils and the lesser evils can not officially be killed. (which is confirmed in a cinematic trailer with the archangels vs the demons in Diablo 3 when Diablo says he can not be killed and will eventually resurface). That they are in fact "upon death" sent to the black abyss to wait for a time when they will respawn back in the burning hells, which supposedly prevents them from coming back to "Sanctuary" (unless summoned or something else happens). Well during the course of the game the Three Prime Evils and Two of the Lesser Evil's are actually vanquished. Mephisto's SoulStone was smashed in Hell first, and then Diablo's after he was defeated. The Third Prime Evil Baal was killed, however it never showed what happened to his partial SoulStone; whether it was destroyed also or, if because it was so damaged; that it couldn't house him at all. ****None the less; AS TYRAEL SAID IN D2LOD ending, "We are too late Mortal, The Worldstone has to be destroyed because Baal had already corrupted it with his touch." the Worldstone was destroyed and DID NOT HOUSE THE SOUL OF BAAL****. So Here we have all three prime evils SENT BACK to the Black Abyss (not hell) and two of the lesser evils sent there as well.Lazarus16 Mar 26, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Seeking information laws of the heavens? Just after a bit of lore assuming its out there after reading the Sin war trilogy recently I noted that there was a truce/pact between heaven and hell to not interfere with sanctuary as it grew but seeings as thats like what 3000 years before the events of Diablo 3? And the fact that the demons obviously had been influencing sanctuary in-between that time I'm curious as to where exactly these "ancient laws of the high heavens" that Imperious spouts on about to Tyreal are about and when they came to be? Was it just to make the speech sound better or is there actually some lore behind the laws? Any insight would be great its just bugging me.Disharmony2 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Bul-kathos a Holy Warrior? I don't like to use in game stats as a source of lore, however the Bu;-kathos's Oath default weapon damage is Holy and well Holy is an element of the Divine. So does the spirituality of the Barbarians and Bul-Kathos come from a divine purpose? Obviously real life religion does not teach that "Holy" is an element that does "damage" or "healing" like in many video games, but the manipulation primal elements such as earth, fire, lightening, wind, water, ect. are considered miracles. With that note, this seems to fit the defenders of the World-Stone quite well. Any thoughts?warrior97584 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 25, 2015 Diablo version of WoW - thoughts/ideas Just an idea and would love to hear everyones feedback as well as ideas for it. Ive been checking out the map of Sanctuary as well as reading a number of posts from people who would like to see some diablo 2 areas again. I think it would be great to be able to travel to places like kurast and lut golein as well as being able to venture out into the wilderness to discover what is out there in the world of sanctuary as well as being able to venture into the realm of hell where the hell forge resides. Perhaps keep the diablo feel however change it so you nee to see a class trainer to gain an upgrade some skills that can on be gained via reaching a high enough level. I will be checking every now & then as well as putting up any ideas I can think of aswell. I'm quite interested to hear what your ideas will be.R4GN1S4 Mar 25, 2015
Mar 24, 2015 Ist rune D2 history/source/meaning hi,<br/><br/>Was the ist rune symbol created by blizzard or is it a copy of a viking rune say? If so what does it originally mean/which letter is it?<br/><br/>Any help truely appreciated.<br/><br/>Olliemysticpig0 Mar 24, 2015
Mar 23, 2015 Weird thought .... When ever Leah has been with you, it's really been Diablo following around and helping the whole time. o_O; Kind of ood that he's been helping the very person who kills him lol.Runemane1 Mar 23, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 A possible female barbarian story It's been noted that the male barb has a detailed story, but the female barb doesn't. The male barb is believed to be the same barb that fought in the battle against Diablo 20 years earlier, but the female is just a warrior girl with an unknown story. Here's my thought: The barbarian homeland was destroyed, the basis of their society was gone, so anarchy followed. Virtually all the warriors in their society have historically been men, and the men protected the women. However, when their society collapsed, many of the men were either killed, or went rogue. The female barbarian is a woman that took up an axe and fought out of necessity. Let's face it - the barbarian method of combat is not something fancy with any official training. Anyone with sufficient will and strength can become one. This woman, like a few other women near Mount Arreat, took up arms and became barbarians simply to survive. Had it not have been for the collapse, she might be back home baking cookies and taking care of babies, but with the men either dead or turned to chaotic evil, she had to fight. Like the male barb, she ultimately plans to return home to rebuild and reestablish order. In my view, she's not some macho woman that wants to pound her chest and prove a point; she's simply the result of circumstance and a bad situation. When faced with the option of either fighting of being gang-raped and murdered by savages, she chose to fight.Starblazer0 Mar 22, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 For those who miss real dialogue... I was reading through the D1 wiki and stumbled upon a section with all the dialogue from the various characters in D1. Even 20 years later some of this dialogue is really awe-inspiring. It perfectly set the tone for the game and was very well written, some of it is just downright creepy. I'd love for anyone to argue that the dialogue from D3 can even hold a candle to that found in the original Diablo: Adria about Ogden: "Earthen walls and thatched canopy do not a home create. The innkeeper Ogden serves more of a purpose in this town than many understand. He provides shelter for Gillian and her matriarch, maintains what life Farnham has left to him, and provides an anchor for all who are left in the town to what Tristram once was. His tavern, and the simple pleasures that can still be found there, provide a glimpse of a life that the people here remember. It is that memory that continues to feed their hopes for your success." Gillian about King Leoric: "I don't like to think about how the king died. I like to remember him for the kind and just ruler that he was. His death was so sad and seemed very wrong, somehow." Cain about Farnham: "Poor Farnham. He is a disquieting reminder of the doomed assembly that entered into the Cathedral with Lazarus on that dark day. He escaped with his life, but his courage and much of his sanity were left in some dark pit. He finds comfort only at the bottom of his tankard nowadays, but there are occasional bits of truth buried within his constant ramblings" Cain about Wirt: "The story of Wirt is a frightening and tragic one. He was taken from the arms of his mother and dragged into the labyrinth by the small, foul demons that wield wicked spears. There were many other children taken that day, including the son of King Leoric. The Knights of the palace went below, but never returned. The Blacksmith found the boy, but only after the foul beasts had begun to torture him for their sadistic pleasures." Dialogue like this really created such a dark, hopeless, and mysterious atmosphere, something that is completely absent from D3. There are so many other good quotes in the wiki and I encourage people to go back and read them, its a glimpse back in time to when this series really could call itself a masterpiece.Lordess2 Mar 22, 2015
Mar 22, 2015 How might a Necromancer look like I really, REALLY wish the next hero to be a Necromancer, and he might look like this NPC, Mehtan I found yesterday playing a Bounty in Act II (he even has some skeletons summoned!) http://s8.postimg.org/fnre9itfp/d3necro.jpg Looks very nice! Oh, how I miss commanding 15 skeletons, plus 15 skeletons archers plus a golem...Escarlata5 Mar 22, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 [Exp. Pack idea] Diablo 3: Nephalem Archives Now, I'm aware that the idea has been covered a few times within this forum, and I'm sure a lot of what I'm about to post is already mentioned elsewhere. However, I'd love to see more development in the ideas within. I've been involved with the Diablo series since the launch of Diablo 2, and to be fair... it's still my all-time favorite series in gaming. And things I've been missing are (what I would see) as simple improvements that could add an ever-abundant amount of replay-ability and could be a fantastic base to which the game could evolve from. So without further ado, let's get into this. Storyline: - In Westmarch (Act 5), there could be a transitional doorway into a library of sorts with hallways within cataloging the history of the Nephalem and their battle with Diablo and the forces of Hell. These catalogs are basically portals to each act within Diablo 1 and Diablo 2 (with the expansion packs). You enter each portal, and spawn in the corresponding main town to see your ghost representative (as you've seen on your way to Malthael) waiting for you to give you a brief rundown as to what the previous Nephalem had to go through to make way for the way things are today. You're essentially given the task to complete the quests and challenges necessary to progress the storyline and re-live the history. Boss fights could be unchanged from their respective games, and all that would be necessary would be a re-skinning. Keeping the monster types, monster skillsets, and map layouts true to the originals... only to upgrade the quality of the visuals. Gear: - In the main library, you could have a librarian/vendor that sold Archive-exclusive gear (Archive Legendaries and Archive Sets) that could be purchased using Rare Tomes that have chances to drop from elites, Void Ore which come from quest turn-ins, and Pendants from boss fights. This gear (set and legendary) will pay homage to the games of old, offering exclusive set bonuses and special effects that will roll random main and secondary stats when purchased. Items: - Bringing back some classic items that could either be in an exclusive Archive-only stash, or possibly rolling them into the main game would really give some alternatives then just farming gear. With the addition of new material drops from the game usable at the vendor, you could also use these materials to purchase Runes (only up to a certain level or Rune, though, like a THUL or ORT). From then on, you'd have to talk to Deckard Cain in a town, as he's holding on to the Horadric Cube, and combine them to level them up. Using these in multi-socketed white items to give them specific runewords which give the item specific skills and bonuses. Using runes in a different way, you could add a socket to gear or even allow a secondary re-roll on stats (additional to what the Mystic can do). You could also bring back small and large charms to improve skill strength (maybe you could have a large charm that gives you a permanent rune to a skill, like Polar Station for Sentries) and for small charms you could give elemental damage or resistance. Special Interest: - With the ability to gain access to Old Tristram, you could once again get to the Cow Level by finding Wirt's Leg and using some Rare Tomes to create the portal. - Taking a tip from World of Warcraft, the introduction of a Guild Bank could really benefit the feeling of comradery, especially since trading is non-existent. How this impacts Vanilla and RoS: - Since bounties, rifts, and greater rifts still benefit endgame playability, you could introduce the Archives as a Zone to go to, to farm bounties. You could also introduce all the act-bosses and monsters into rifts and greater rifts with their own skillsets to help diversify the endgame experience. Pros: - There really isn't a need to change the layouts, maps, and creature sets from the previous titles. So, upfront development won't be nearly as daunting as creating something from scratch. - This could add an extreme amount of replay-ability, in the form of farming different zones/events to keep from getting bored with what's available. - Nostalgia could bring back a lot of D2 and D1 fans, and possibly incur huge gains in the community. Cons: - Foreseeable development challenges, like how to handle the special abilities of monsters (like Duriel's frost cloud). I would love to create a running dialog on the design of this potential expansion pack, as I feel as though it's a smaller investment for a massive gain. Feel free to leave your 2 cents beneath, and I'll try to keep this post up to date to suit new ideas.toyomatt840 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 Preist new char ???? They should make a preist for party heals it would be a good group char for grifts 40+ it would make a diffrence in the exsisting grifts what is yalls thoughts on this subject ?Theresa4 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 21, 2015 War between Heaven and Hell Question. It's been eating at me for a while and I'll admit I have not read all available publications for the Diablo Story. But I got a few questions. First, are we suppose to assume the war between heaven and hell is based off the Judeo-Chirstian lore about fallen angels and jealously ect? If not, why are they fighting because obviously they where at war before the creations of the nephalem/humans. Next question, why do the forces of Hell want Access to the high heavens but the high heavens care not about the depths of hell ? If it's because of the cleanliness why does Diablo muck it all up when he gets up there, and why don't they just clean up the depths of hell. This is a serious question. I personally feel if that any realm the devil himself ruled would be bawling as hell and everyone would want to be there because he would want to make it as appealing as possible to the humans. Lastly, is it ever hinted that is someone or something that created both the entities of heaven and hell ?Michael2 Mar 21, 2015
Mar 15, 2015 "...as Fate lies shattered forever." 2-nd expansion? Fate = Itherael?Draco0 Mar 15, 2015