Lore and Story

Oct 25, 2015 Second expansion plot very obvious *SPOILER* I watched the datamined ROS ending, its pretty obvious what the second expansion shall contain ... a corrupt nephalem. Probably also Ureh, Ithereal ('fate will be shattered forever'), and the guy Morbed from the upcoming novel too. Ureh has to be in an expansion, fans love it and we saw it in a cinematic, not just art. WHats interesting is when TYrael says 'I saw the nephalem in a new light' there is a shadow with wings, like a demon, I suppose it represents the corrupt nephalem possibility. Your thoughts?mvm19925 Oct 25, 2015
Oct 15, 2015 amazon female necromancers ... In Greek mythology there is a earth fertility goddess called Demeter. Demeter’s domain was anything that grows out of the earth, crops, flowers, etc. In Greek times it was a popular to burry food or wine in the ground for later. Anything buried in the ground was also within Demeter’s domain, including the dead. Demeter came to presided also over the sacred law, and the cycle of life and death. When Demeter’s daughter went missing, Demeter’s wrath raised the dead in order to search for her daughter along with several other demonic infernal goddesses to assist. nothing in the world would grow, nature was out of balance, until Zeus had to step in. In a way it makes sense that some amazons would be necromancers. And they certainly would have more than just golems, skeletons, and curses to throw at you besides a javelin. Gorgons, medusa, furies, shades, empusa, underworld nymphs. In Greek myth there are 2 types of demons, the bad ones came from the family line of monsters. The semi good ones called daimons are dark spirits born from the pantheon serving the gods.LupusRufus0 Oct 15, 2015
Oct 11, 2015 How do you do the "Rescue Brycen" quest? I've played through this once before on my first character. After clearing out the Zakarum cathedral in The Survivors' Enclave, you can go near the cellar to the left of Oswyn and you can hear Brycen trapped inside. I missed this when playing through the campaign with a friend using a second character. When I try to change the quest steps to try to get this quest, it always doesn't work, and Brycen is always rescued already and found standing beside Haedrig. Does anyone know how to get this quest to rescue Brycen from a cellar in The Survivors' Enclave? Thanks.pooiyx4 Oct 11, 2015
Oct 8, 2015 What Happened to the Band of Heroes from D2? Has there been any statement regarding what happened to the band of heroes from Diablo II? It is quite clear what happened with the heroes from Diablo I: The Warrior a.k.a. Prince Aiden was the Dark Wanderer/vessel of Diablo. Though I thought it was interesting that he randomly slept with Adria on the way out. Who obviously died when you slew Diablo at the end of Act IV. The Rogue a.k.a Blood Raven was slain by the band of heroes from Diablo II at the beginning of Act I. The Sorcerer became the Summoner impersonating Horazon within the Arcane Sanctuary that had to be killed by the heroes near the end of Act II. So I wonder what happened with the heroes from Diablo II. Were they too corrupted and be foes for the new heroes in Diablo III? I mean depending on their canon age at the outset of Diablo II they would still be alive it has only been 20 years. Unless they were supposed to have died when Tyrael destroyed the Worldstone though he said his portal would lead them to safety. Therefore I assume they survived that little debacle. Considering what they did with the first set of heroes I can't imagine they just want us to forget about the heroes we played from Diablo II. Have I overooked something that was released with details? Or have they just not said anything about it yet?Xavius41 Oct 8, 2015
Oct 8, 2015 Fellow Podcaster wanted... I would like to start a podcast centered on the lore of Blizzards games, and bit of game mechanics as related to the gameplay/story telling. Im well versed in the SC2/D3 side of the house not so much the WoW side-and yes I know there are tons of great podcasts out there for the games themselves but very few get lore heavy and most rush through the story as a secondary priority or even tertiary to technical and aesthetic aspects of the games. So if anyone is interested lets talk :)SaintAzrael0 Oct 8, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Corruption (SPOILERS) "[...]and a [Nephalem] that protects the innocents, but within him/her beats, a mortal heart that will one day be tempted to corruption. On that day, will he/she have the strength to resist, or will he/she be our doom ?" I think turning the Nephalem into a bad guy is a solution too easy / obvious / unoriginal, didn't the same happened with the D1 heroes ? I think the ending is just telling us "mortals are corruptible". But who is also a corruptible mortal now ? Tyrael. What if he gets corrupted instead ? What if he turns into the bad guy ? Tell me what you think and redirect me to any similar topic if one already existsChaoticMat2 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 6, 2015 Instead of adding classic characters how bout instead of adding them into the game as seperate characters they could be skin packs kinda like how mobas do with their heroes to add some differences. This way technically you can play your necromancer but its really just the witch doctor wearing a costume. The witch doctor is my prime example since everyone's love of the necromancer. The necro would skin over the witch doctor and the pets. Dogs would become skeletons and gargantuan could be one of the golems. The spells could be skinned too so things like rain of toads could be rain of bones and suchFluffBall2 Oct 6, 2015
Oct 5, 2015 Just read all the short stories. Holy eff. Talk about incredible story writing. They were all amazing, and some even had me choke up. My favorites were the demon hunter, barbarian, and monk, though the wizard's probably was the most tragic. The barbarian gave me the feels though, that man's incredible. What were your favorites?Jaemeson5 Oct 5, 2015
Oct 1, 2015 Theory of Malthael's sickness Disclosure: This post may not be for you if you’re not into reading a lore buff and English major go on and on (and on, and on, and on...) about uncertainties and subtleties in Diablo’s lore. Malthael’s fall fascinated me with its implications about angelic nature, in light of the information we get about it in RoS as well as what we learn in the book Storm of Light concerning Chalad’ar, the Chalice of Wisdom. I was curious as to how angelic reasoning might work, how it might depend on angelic nature, and how it could have led Malthael to conclude that slaughtering the human/nephalem race in such cruel, horrific fashion could be considered an act of ‘good’. None of the other angels opposed Malthael in any way that mattered, except for Tyrael, who was mortal and not really an angel anymore. Not even Auriel or Itherael, who in D3 expressed fascination with the nephalem and seemed to respect them as new major players in Creation, thought their extinction was a bad enough idea to intervene. And Imperius, of course, only briefly assisted the nephalem because he thought Malthael was “sick.” So here is the central question I want to discuss in rambling, roundabout fashion: what does that even mean? How and why do angels become sick? These are my thoughts on the matter, though they’re somewhat disorganized and I don’t even always agree with myself, so take them as you will. In the cosmology of Diablo, angelic judgement is necessarily inhuman or half-human because it is forced: it lacks free will. Demonic judgement is identical, but reversed; they are like the two sides of a coin. (For those interested in reading more about Diablo lore and the particular issue of angelic/demonic forced will, I highly recommend these essays by Matthew Rossi: http://matthewrossi.wordpress.com/2012/05/26/diablo-3-gnostic-overtones-and-the-plot-threads/ http://onslaughtwarrior.com/?p=102 What are the characteristics of angelic being? Truthful, ordered, harmonic, and unified. Demonic being is the opposite: deceitful, chaotic, discordant, and divisive. This leads to the asymmetries in how angels and demons function: angels are nearly indistinguishable from one another, all live in the same city, and all follow the same commands – the ones who don’t have ‘fallen’ and are punished for it (see Inarius, and possibly the ghastly seraph monsters). Demons, meanwhile, exhibit dizzyingly varied morphology and live in different, constantly shifting realms within the Hells, each governed by a separate former aspect of Tathamet, the original Dragon of Evil. I've mentioned in other posts that from a human standard of judgement, Malthael's assault on Sanctuary is unforgivably evil. Killing all human beings in grotesquely sadistic ways because some of them are evil is not morally right; of course, while some of those humans were corrupt (and positively seethed with it, as the people of Westmarch make depressingly obvious), Malthael also sought the deaths of humans who had not given in to their evil impulses; humans who were neutral or good by angelic standards as well as human standards. Malthael also tried to kill the nephalem hero, who had done what surely qualified even to angels as an act of good by killing the Prime Evil – an act which also preserved the Heavens, the singular bastion of ‘goodness’ on the angelic-demonic moral spectrum.giantsequoia27 Oct 1, 2015
Sep 29, 2015 Nephalem and humans The question that hasn't been really answered in the diablo lore or anything other than "it just happened", that how did Nephalem turn into Humans. Suddenly through the ages Nephalem start to become lesser than the previous generations, which makes no sense without any outside influence to boot. I'd like to get clarification on this, either an answer later on in the games or a straight answer, because the answer from lore is " they become less later on", it's like saying Wolves turn into Dogs after many generations on their own.Sixwords5 Sep 29, 2015
Sep 27, 2015 Best "story so far" video? Just seriously getting into D3 and thoroughly enjoying the theme and story. There are dozens of "story so far" videos on youtube. Any suggestions as to which one is the best so I can get up to date on why the events of D3 are transpiring? Thanks!Jaemeson3 Sep 27, 2015
Sep 22, 2015 Horadrim are Super-Natural Beings? Reading up on the Horadrim, just briefly, the only thing I can find says the members gathered were "ancient magi". I'm sure that means they have some powers, but are they super-natural or in some way immortal?Kevorkian4 Sep 22, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Tyrael, we need to talk, buddy. (Not Serious) Tyrael, We need to talk buddy. I mean, I appreciate how you gave up your place in the High Heavens and descended to Sanctuary to warn mankind about the ever impending terrors of the seven lords of Hell. I really do. It was very heroic, noble, symbolic, and all of that, but, next time . . . just . . . just don’t. If you need to warn us about something, do it like the other angels. Appear in someone’s dream. Tell some shepherds. Play a trumpet. Send a vision to some poor tortured schizophrenic person. We’ll get the idea. We got it covered. Why? Oh boy. I didn’t really want to have this conversation. Okay, for starters, remember when you first fell from heaven? Yea, you crashed into the Old Tristam Cathedral and resurrected the Skeleton King. Remember him? The King who went nuts and tried kill half his subjects? Yea . . . you brought him back to life, and he—surprise, surprise—tried to kill us again (as if we didn’t already have enough problems to deal with). But that’s ok. That is ooookay. I took care of it. What did we find out after? That’s right, your sword broke. The sword that broke the Worldstone broke . . . because you dropped it on your way down. After that, we had a long conversation about the upkeep and maintenance of holy weapons, because I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have broken like that if you’d cared for it properly. Do you still have that blade oil I gave you? Good man. Right. In order to fix your sword, Deckard Cain had to die. That nice old man who used to identify all of my magical items died. Remember when we used to go to his house, stay a while, and listen? I know. I thought it was fun too. We can’t do that anymore because you dropped your $%^&ing sword! To make matters worse, you were kidnapped by that mean Magda lady. I agree, she did seem out of place for this game, but that’s no excuse. I had to traipse through Leoric’s manner and fight the Butcher to rescue you. It was very messy and the Butcher tried to cut off my face and mount it on a chia pet. But hey, no worries! I fought through it and rescued you because you’re my friend and that’s what friends do. Then, we went to Caldeum. You were supposed to sit there, be quiet, and not do anything stupid while I investigated, but instead, you snuck off with Leah and located her mother, Adria. Boy, that sure worked out well for us in the long run. Finally, you let Adria infuse Leah with the Black Soulstone and resurrect the ultimate evil while I was away fighting demons. You’re the freaking Archangel of Justice and you couldn’t even recognize a demonic ritual when you saw it. I mean it’s not like it’s hard to tell what’s going on. She had a bloody pentagram painted on the floor! What? She told you she was setting up a modern art project for her photography class? Well that makes it all better. . . *sigh/facepalm* You dropped the ball big time on that one T, you really did. But it’s okay. I took care of it. I mean, Leah died and her soul was destroyed. The High Heavens were completely wrecked. Thousands of innocent angels were crucified on black spiny things . . . but it’s all okay. In the end, Diablo was killed and we recovered the Black Soulstone. No harm no foul. Or at least that’s how it would have been. But you were all: “Hey man take the night off! I got this Black Soulstone business covered.” I asked you: “Are you sure? I mean, I don’t have any plans. I was just going to kick back at Tristram Tavern, maybe have a beer or possibly play a hand of Hearthstone. I can help you if you need it.” Then you said: “Naw man I got this. I have these new Horadrim guys with me. We’re good.” “You’re sure?” I asked. “Yes,” you said. “We’ll take the stone to this creepy black vault place and bury it beneath the earth for all eternity. An insane genocidal former angel will definitely not force his way in, kill my Horadrim, and take the stone from me.” Me: “Okay. Be back before midnight.” *sigh* YOU HAD ONE JOB TYRAEL!! ONE JOB! one job. . . *sob* You know, I . . . I can’t even look at you right now. Just go back to Heaven, please. . . Sincerely, Annoyed NephalemGrimolfr1 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 20, 2015 Is there any lore behind Rift Guardians? At least for some of them? I see that, quite obviously, most of the Rift Guardians are "on-steroids" versions of existing monster types. For example, Agnidox is a demonic "Hellflyer", or a "Molok" (there's different variants and names of those in Act III, IV and V). So I assume that the name itself, "Agnidox" was merely chosen to distinguish it as a being a Rift Guardian, and that it means nothing else, correct? If it meant something else I would have thought that perhaps it could have referred to "him" (Agnidox) being some sort of the "king" or "queen" of the Moloks, or the "alpha" Molok around that no mortal would want to cross paths with. There's two others that intrigue me. The first one is Eskandiel. That's obviously a "summoner" angel from Act V, working under the commands of (or merely "following") Malthael. So, again, why naming that specific Rift Guardian "Eskandiel", rather than... say... merely giving it a more generic name like "Corrupted Summoner" for instance. Is the name Eskandiel a reference to an already-existing angel of the same name within the Diablo 3's lore that I'm not aware of? The other one is Tethrys, obviously a succubus. Now what I do remember back from Diablo 2's lore is that Lilith happens to be the "Queen of the Succubi". Now, we also know that Andariel is Lilith's daughter. So I just thought that, perhaps, Tethrys could have been something along the lines of a "right arm" of Lilith (or of Andariel), perhaps not as powerful as either of them but still powerful enough on her own to stand her ground against would-be mortal heroes (or even against a Nephalem). I suppose that the reason as to why I wonder if there's any lore whatsoever behind Rift Guardians (well, some of them anyway) is because of the naming scheme. If there's no particular lore behind them, then I do wonder why is it that some of them (such as the ones I mentioned, and perhaps one or two others I'm not thinking about right now) have such specific names rather than just being named something more generic (or am I just reading too much into that because of names?). There's also the fact that - most of the time as far as I'm aware - when Blizzard does something... it's rarely out of the big blue, "on a whim" and "just for the heck of it". There's a guy somewhere in the D3 team who said "that Guardian will be named 'x'" and I think I just want to know why, even if the answer really is just as simple as "just because that's the name we thought of and nothing more than that".Lyrondor1 Sep 20, 2015
Sep 19, 2015 The Sin War so wanted to start reading the Sin War on my shiny new kindle... but i live in Canada and its not available for the Canadian kindle store. Any other Canadians here getting sick and tired of products not being available north of the border?Daeon1 Sep 19, 2015
Sep 16, 2015 Zoltun Kulle was right! Playing through act 2 bothers me in that I really don't like killing Zoltun Kulle - If hes even dead. Here he was just trying to level the playing field between Demons who want make hell on earth and Angels who want to do whatever they want. Why were the Horadrim so against this idea? Didn't they understand that at any given time Angels or Demons can end mankind if they felt like it. Let's face it, without a nephalem to help man, they would be extinct. So why the hate on Zoltun Kulle? If anything I think he would have made a powerful ally.Greybird6 Sep 16, 2015
Sep 14, 2015 Anyone else? Anyone else played the game and got frustrated that they couldnt actually join up with Zolten Khul? that dude was a bad !@#... would have loved to join him and slaughter both demons and angels... and anyone else got pissed off that we couldnt kill Imperious? that dude was being a serious moron... would love to be able to fight and kill him... ^^TheDevil69sg2 Sep 14, 2015
Sep 9, 2015 Paladin VS Crusader Once upon a time, there was a Crusader, who thought he was pretty smart bashing people's heads in with a mace. Till one day a Paladin came along and said, "Haha you idiot, what will you do when you fight the Anti Blunt Weapon Monster of Doom ?". The Crusader said, "Huh ?". The Paladin said, "Your blunt weapon won't have any effect on it, HAHA, but for me, I will just do this..." And in the blink of an eye, WEAPON SWITCH, to a sword. The Crusader was amazed and said, " Wow, how did you do that? !!!" The Paladin said, simple, first, go get a cross on your holy shield and I'll tell you. The Crusader said, "What's a Holy Shield ability?". The Paladin said, "Oh forget it. My duty here is done". And with that the paladin ran off in the distance fanatically striking down foes left and right. The Crusader could be heard whispering in awe, "What's a Fanaticism ability?" The end.Christian7779 Sep 9, 2015
Sep 8, 2015 Captain Rumford In Act IV on the last quest as you ascend to the Pinnacle of Heaven, you find the spirit of Captain Rumford yet his death is never explained, does anyone know how and when Captain Rumford died? Thank you!Glohofosho45 Sep 8, 2015
Sep 7, 2015 Season Journey Ch IV Conundrum During Season Four, while following the Journey achievement pathways, my DH SeasonFour is being required to reach GR level 10. But every GR attempt so far has started him in GR level 12. So there doesn't seem to be a way to use the lower GR runs for gearing to complete higher GRs (best effort so far is running 12 in the 50-some minute range). I must have missed noticing something or some event which caused the toon's development to jump over the first 11 GR levels. Looking at the leader boards it seems obvious that this is not any kind of bug, as so many toons have been successful progressing through the GRs. Hard to believe that that progress has been made only by stint of the 10-minute pylon affix combining with early in the GR conduits. Any ideas? -- Turned out that progress through GRs ia NOT a lore-based or character background-based pathway. It's a base game mechanic using a drop-down menu. Blush!Mumbler0 Sep 7, 2015
Sep 7, 2015 we need Na-Krul The prime evils are dead, Malthael is dead. Who is left? Na-Kruls soulstone was never destroyed, while he is not a prime evil, his power was equal to Diablo, so i assume he has some kind of means of reincarnation(like how the prime evils had soulstones). Would be fun and nostalgic to see the great Na-Krul come back to spank us all and give us a plethora of !@#$%^ enjoyment with his tentacles.PhearBunny5 Sep 7, 2015
Sep 5, 2015 AL-HAZIR LIVES! This makes me so happy. :') To me, Al-Hazir started out annoying, but in the same way Covetous Shen was: both of them eventually grew on me, and now I listen to them with fond amusement. I'm glad Al-Hazir survived his ordeal with the cult. Here's hoping he'll appear again in the future.giantsequoia2 Sep 5, 2015
Sep 4, 2015 Idea for next Expansion for Diablo III Just a thought Have All the Prime Evils Take the forms of Dragons, Golden Earth Dragons, Silver Ice Dragons, Red Fire Dragons, Blue Water Dragons, Black Vampire Dragons, Green Poison Dragons and Gray Steam Dragons, Crystal Lightening Dragons and White Bone Dragons of death. Use some of these as Minor Dragons and some as elite Dragons and others as region dominant Dragons. With Diablo being the final Boss Riding one of the elite Dragons. Just a thought. What are your thoughts.Snowlance5 Sep 4, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 Story + Bounty improvements please. I love Reaper of Souls. The DIII team did excellent work with the overhaul. Rifts are definitely cool, but the competitive atmosphere of grifts and linear goal of kill x and y guardian isn't the same as exploring environments in Sanctuary. My only request is that elements of the story/bounties be improved upon. The randomization of rifts in areas of Sanctuary along with events/caves/dungeons would present everything I so desperately wanted for Diablo III. Variety is another key component. Changing the color of monsters is a nice touch, but how about the same monster with different body types? Resists, improved AI and new monster affixes would also add variety to game play. Clickables! I need more loot! I love the idea of dead champions that drop class specific loot. Or jewelry boxes that drop rings or amulets. How about a book shelf that drops a plan? Or the absolute must.. Legendary chest! That would give me plenty of incentives to explore every nook of Sanctuary. As a side note, The Cathederal is my absolute favorite setting, the environment is truly astonishing. I noticed subtle events like a soldier turning into a zombie or a larger monster summoned from scattered corpses. These sequences add a lot to the immersion of the game and are highly recommended. Doubt anyone will acknowledge this, but my thanks if you do.nvvr3 Sep 1, 2015
Sep 1, 2015 Abd al-Hazir, and my hatred of him. I am Abd al-Hazir, adventurer, scholar, researcher... and total fruitcake. Look, I'm a pretty laid-back guy, and it's not often that something in a game can manage to actively get on my nerves, but this guy's voice and personality make me want to punch him in the face. First, the voice acting itself is atrocious. You'd better like ham, because that's what's on the menu when al-Hazir starts talking. Inflection aside, his facepalmingly bad Middle-Eastern accent grates on me like nothing else in this world. Third, his lines are so cheesy, that combined with his condescending interjections and pretentious laugh, I feel like pouring molten lead into my ears. This guy narrates the entire Bestiary, could Blizzard have found someone who doesn't cause reflexive cringing whenever he opens his mouth? Abd al-Hazir takes first place for worst voice acting in D3, and that's quite a feat. Congrats Abd, you beat out the Skeleton King's "The power of the fallen star" line, Azmodan's incessant monologues, and Diablo's use of the word: "TERROAR."Varin4 Sep 1, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 Diablo facts http://youtu.be/j9efDWbyJfMOnyx2 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 If Inarius is in Hell........ Couldn't the Prime Evils use him to comingle with some demons down there to create their own Nephalem? They would be be twisted and warped to the Prime Evils desires, Then they could march them bad boys and girl up to sanctuary and fight sanctuaries Nephalems. Its not like Inarius is going anywheres anytime soon, So they will have a never ending supply eh?vasilli33274 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 31, 2015 When was Diablo in Old Tristram? Early in Act I of Diablo III, the character says "Old Tristram, Diablo himself was here". I'm not up to par on all the lore, but when was Diablo in Tristram? Was it as the Dark Wanderer?Kevorkian2 Aug 31, 2015
Aug 27, 2015 Lilith and Leah On the Diablo wiki, it says that Lilith and Leah are cousins, but doesn't go into any further detaill on either character's pages. Does anybody know more about it? I've read the Book of Cain, along with the three books about Uldyssian and the Triune, but I don't remember anything pertaining to it from any of them Link: http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/LilithBoblikespie4 Aug 27, 2015
Aug 26, 2015 Diablo 3 toying with ancient knowledge? What is this? Playing the game I see things about "Nephalem". These are described the same as the nephilim in real life. Then theres the "Horadrim"? You mean, Haridim? The ultra orthodox Jews? Whos symbol just happens to be a triangle in the game? As in, the eye in the triangle? Something about a secret cabal controlling the world, their symbol being the all seeing eye? Why are real life things being misspelled in the game, while also being the same things as in real life? This is just the beginning, too. I wonder if B Lizzard (bad lizzard, i.e. evil serpent) is toying with so called forbidden knowledge of the ages? Anyone else catch any interesting misspellings of real life things in this game? Creeping me out to be honest. Creeping me out because I know that those corporations who have the money in todays wold also have knowledge of the old times. INB4 people who know nothing of ancient civilization 'mythology' start talking crapSaiga33 Aug 26, 2015
Aug 25, 2015 Goblin Encounters. These are just to fun but I would like to see more done with them. Here's some ideas. Let me know what you think. 1st: On rare occasion when you kill a goblin that has his portal open it will remain open and lead to one of several random dungeons or sometimes just a simple room with a resplendent chest and its elite guardian. 2nd: On extremely rare occasions (like uber D from d2 rare) a goblins portal will lead to another one of Azmodans lieutenants. This would be Greed's domain. Where the walls literally bleed gold. And on the very last level of this massive dungeon would be Greed himself looking every bit like his goblin lackeys except for the fact that his is nearly 800 pounds heavier than them and very sensitive about the mound of loot he is sitting on. Maybe he would even like to add your gear to his possessions.... 3rd: Add some kind of legendary that only Greed has the chance to drop. Like Greed's Goldskin. Every hit has a chance to make enemies bleed gold for 5 seconds; just like hitting a goblin. It seems like this would be cool because some of the lore books you get in the game talk about a goblins portal leading to Greed's domain. Please expand on my idea if you've got something.OverKill24 Aug 25, 2015
Aug 24, 2015 This throne reminds me of another... new in 2.3 http://media-diablofans.cursecdn.com/attachments/21/945/patch-2-3-misc-screnshots-23.jpg http://diablo2.diablowiki.net/images/0/03/Throne_of_Destruction.jpg Just thought the visuals held an interesting resemblance, nothing too deep or anything.BipolarFly0 Aug 24, 2015
Aug 23, 2015 ACT V - Elayne anyone knows anything about Elayne and the Noble? in ACT V, there is a man and a woman (Elayne) in the West corner in the Survivors' Enclave She rescue him from streets... i'm 99% sure that i have talked every time with her, but i like to know what happen to the noble and Elayne... they only talk till ACT V - 5. is that it? nothing more? someone know if they have a important role in the past or future? i dont remember nothing to associate in diablo I, II or III, none lore, books, or people talking in the "streets" sorry about the mess and my english, haha Thanks!left2 Aug 23, 2015
Aug 22, 2015 Improvised Lore - Void Contagion Xilia stared longingly into the void, unaware of the time which had passed. The willing embrace of the abyss had enveloped her. Down she tumbled, rolling, turning, conceding possession to the overwhelming flood of an unworldly, dissociating chaos. These memories left barely an impression on her mind. They were loosely sewn, unconvincing, and of a thread much like that used to stitch together dreams. There is one memory, however, that surely haunts Xilia still. Like it were Grotesque, it festered and swelled, threatening to burst inside her head. In time, instead of blurring into distant obscurity with her other memories, it increased in clarity and grew in vivid, mortifying detail. Xilia could sense its presence. She could smell its brooding, and sense the precipitation escaping from its boils. She could feel its ghastly stench when it came to settle her open skin. The beads of putrid sweat and pus probed her exterior, seeking to indulge in any wound that it might find. Occurrences like these incited long episodes of irrational paranoia, and were often exacerbated by Xilia's fears. Andreus deduced that it was a manifestation of the void, stowing away in her mind...deeply rooted somewhere inside the amygdalae. He described the illness as Void Contagion. Void Contagion: a rare, blood-born, pathogenic disease that affects the mind; believed to be transmitted from demons to humans. Occultist clerics are known to refer to carriers of the disease as Tresspassers Of The Æther.shapeshifteR0 Aug 22, 2015
Aug 21, 2015 Urzael: Aren't angels light and sound? I've recently came back to Diablo 3 to try out the RoS expansion. Loved the game, it came with some really good changes (though I still wish for offline mode) but that's not the reason I created this thread. Eventually I came across one of Mathael's most loyal angels, Urzael. Well... He wasn't just cloth/armor moving around...he actually had skin showing. That surprised me to no end, but I kept going. When the fight ended, his death animation started playing.... and that was the weirdest part. As his body split in half.... red BLOOD fell on the floor and meat parts became visible. It was like he was just a buffed up human with very pale skin. Aren't angels supposed to be just light and sound?Sucrilhus9 Aug 21, 2015
Aug 18, 2015 Post Your Favorite Diablo Joke I'll start... Diablo, Mephisto and Baal walk into a bar. Mephisto looks at the other two and says, "I hate it here."Melancholy76 Aug 18, 2015
Aug 15, 2015 Discrepency? Ok I'm kind of confused about something. When you find out about the soulstone Adria says that when the lords of hell are contained in the stone that she will shatter it and the lords of hell with be no more. Yet at the end of ROS the stone is destroyed and Tyrael says that the lords of hell are now released. Anyone notice this discrepency as well? Yes Adria could be lying as she would know it would release them, but Tyrael would definitely know what would happen if she did that and yet he says nothing.c1rcu1tn3rd2 Aug 15, 2015
Aug 13, 2015 The Black Road: Kabraxis Has anybody read the lore of Kabraxis? I think introducing him to the game would be a great idea! Here is a little summary of his lore: http://diablo.gamepedia.com/Kabraxis He isn't quite a crazy powerful demon, but he is extremely intelligent and uses that to his advantage. Basically, he created a false religion(which is an interesting one) in order to obtain followers. Even after his death, he did such a good job that many people still follow that religion. The only weapon that was able to kill him was Stormfury. The lore states that his slayer is now his portal into Sanctuary. Should his slayer ever let go of Stormfury, Kabraxis has his ticket back to Sanctuary. I think its about time that dude lets Stormfury go!OrangeCloud0 Aug 13, 2015
Aug 9, 2015 About the short story Middlewick Just finished the short story Middlewick. Honestly, it looks like an unfinished story to me. A lot of questions unanswered: Why the corpses / zombies were in the basement at the end? What chaos did the corpses / zombies make in the town? Or was all the chaos created by the soldiers actually? Why did Stretvanger cut symbols on the corpses? To prevent they turn into zombies (but failed)? Why did he not simply burn the corpses? Did the soldier in black armor know anything that Harringer not know (as he seemed to agree with Stretvanger's action)? Dalya's grandfather was a traveller. What dark secret did he know? What was those strange writings in his diary? It really feels like the story is only the prologue of a real story. I think most of the questions above can only be answered by our imagination. What is your theory about these questions?Wakeman0 Aug 9, 2015
Aug 7, 2015 Sooo Druids? Where are they? When are we getting Druid classes back? I mean... They tie in with the barbarian lore with their leader having been "brother" to Bul-kathos. Fiacla-Géar took the druids to Scosglen and vowed never to return to the Northern Steppes of Mt Arreat until the final battle between men and the demons of the burning hells, which yes you could argue was whatr happened in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction when Baal seized Mt Arreat with his army, but Azmodan did it again here in Diablo 3 and I haven't seen any mention of Fiacla-Géar or his Druid people. Why not? Surely even the druids would have been concerned when Azmodan took Arreat crater.RileyBlkwolf9 Aug 7, 2015
Aug 6, 2015 Where was Abd al-Hazir? Was anyone else expecting that the scholar Abd al-Hazir was going to appear in-game? I mean the guy was practically the narrator for the game from the moment the website came up. All the background info on beastiary and classes are signed with his name, not to mention all the journals we find in-game. Any explanation to why this character hasn´t shown? Maybe he will be the final boss in the exp... ^^Solidpontus3 Aug 6, 2015
Aug 1, 2015 Nephalem Obelisk I know it's just a trivial matter, but why doesn't the obelisk cast a shadow? You can argument that it's an otherworldly object, and so doesn't appear physically in the world of Sanctuary. You just see an illusion of what is in another dimension. But to me it looks like the obelisk was just placed there, and they forgot to implement the shadow. This bugs me since release of RoS. Maybe someone knows more and can explain it?Leatherface3 Aug 1, 2015
Jul 31, 2015 Swag Class. Blizz Read Please. Never Before A class from long long ago. The nephelim that takes angel souls and puts them in the bodies of demons. The class would not be overpowered because the angel soul transmuting skill would only use the demon model while the new formed minion can only cast angel skills. To add shapeshifting into the class would allow the nephelim to become malthael like but remain on the side of heaven. Thoughts ideas? Job offers? I also know how to cook. :) Have a good day.illPixel1 Jul 31, 2015
Jul 29, 2015 Cinematics So yeah....still missing them when playing Campaign. Don't give me that pref.txt crap, doesn't work for me. On the other hand, who plays Campaign anyway, am i rite?McKoc0 Jul 29, 2015
Jul 22, 2015 The unraveling of creation So, for no particular reason, a question popped into my head about the world stone. If the world stone was the heart of all creation, then shouldn't creation be unraveling? And not just sanctuary, but heaven and hell as well? I hope this gets addressed in either an expansion or in Diablo 4. Addressing it in Diablo 4 would be an interesting choice for game development. Here's an idea: The destruction of both the world stone and of the crystal arch means the final death of Anu, causing the realm of the High Heavens to merge with Sanctuary. The demon lords, angered at their recent banishment, yet emboldened by the opportunity, seek to resurrect Tathamet. Nephalim and Angels learn of this plot thru the spirit of a contrite Izual, who is caught formless between all worlds because of the merger of heaven and earth in the unraveling of creation. Act 1 tells the story of the merger of heaven and earth, culminating in a battle with Imperious, whose angelic yet mortal army was trying to assert supremacy over sanctuary. In the final battle with Imperious, he is defeated, yet the hero spares his life. Humanity and the now mortal angels (new class as some, like Tyrael, have chosen to side with humanity on the past) form an alliance to invade hell. Druids (returned class) return for the final battle to bring balance to creation. Kadala, working as an agent of Itherael, has been collecting blood shards (shards of the world stone) in order to create a weapon to destroy Tathamet. A mortal, though broken Malthael, guides the hero with his wisdom thru the Act 2 quests to assemble the pieces of the legendary weapon Anu's Might. Needing time to assemble the weapon, Act 3 begins when the heroes launch their invasion of hell. Guided by Izual's spirit, and armed with 7 modified souls stones known as Stones of Fate, quests proceed thru the realm's of the lesser evils to undo the seals that protect the prime evils in the depths of hell as they work to resurrect Tathamet. Each Lesser evil is faced in turn, but this time they are not killed, instead they are bound in a weakened state and imprisoned within a stone of fate, their fate tied to the fate of Tathamet. After the final battle with Andariel, She taunts the heroes, caliing they are too late, that Tathamet has been reborn. In act 4, we see that Tathamet has indeed arisen. He orders the prime evils back to their realms to gather their armies for the final battle while he finishes regaining his form. The realms of the Three must now be invaded, both to thwart their armies and to bind the Prime Evils within the Stones of Fate before the final showdown with Tathamet. After defeating Tathamet, the mortal members of the Angiris council arrive wielding Anu's Might. Together, they sacrifice themselves to forever destroy Tathamet and the seven evils. As the realm of Hell begins to merge into the realm of Sanctuary, Izual's fading spirit delivers this last message to humanity, "The Angels of Heaven and the Demons of Hell shall never again have form, their essence has become part of all things, living and dead. This is your legacy hero. But take heed: though the High Heavens and the Burning Hells will never again threaten humanity within destruction, the eternal conflict still rages within you. Your fate is now your own..."henzollern6 Jul 22, 2015
Jul 20, 2015 The Prophet is Malthael I don't know if this can really even be called a theory since it seems almost implied, but I'm pretty sure the Prophet who the Enchantress talks about so much was in fact Malthael. The Prophet was an angel, and Eirena said the Prophet seems to be missing, while Malthael has also gone missing. So I would say that Malthael is the Prophet, and searching for him is probably going to be an expansion subject. Seriously though, where could Malthael have gone? None of the angels seem to have a clue, and you'd think they could sense him if he was in Heaven, Sanctuary or even Hell. In fact they'd probably even be able to find him if he was in Pandemonium, and I'm sure they looked there. How does an angel hide himself that well?Liam24 Jul 20, 2015
Jul 19, 2015 Diablo III: Reaper of Awful Stories Scene I The Nephalim was out killing, mindin’ his own business, and wondering to himself why all the sudden all the things he was killing had gotten much smaller, when he heard someone calling out to him. “Nephalim! Nephalim!” The Nephalim turned and saw someone with a pole-arm approaching him. “Who the hell are you?!” the Nepalim said, getting ready to swing his axe. “Oh. Hi! Nephalim, my name’s Lorath. I’ve been added to the story to make you seem like less of a murdering psychopath.” “Huh?” the Nephalim responded. “You know. I’m the companion that helps you, that you don’t kill.” Lorath said. “Oh!” said the Nephalim in sudden understanding. “We’ll see about that.” he added. “Anyway, Tyrael wants to see you.” Lorath said. “I ain’t interested in seeing no Tyrael.” the Nephalim said. “No, no. but its about some people that you can kill.” Lorath said. “Why you ain’t say that from the start? Let’s go!” the Nephalim said. Scene II The Nephalim entered the camp, wondering when or why he had sheathed his axe. “Ah, Nephalim, there you are! It’s about the Black-Soulstone! Its been stolen.” Said Tyrael approaching. “Oh no! Count me out! Ain’t going on that trip again!” The Nephalim said, cringing in disgust as he tried to shut images of Leah out of his mind. “Come on, Nephalim. We boyz, right?” said Tyrael. “What? Just cause we was out killin’ once that means we Boyz now?” the Naphalim said, still shuddering in disgust. “Come on, Nephalim, I’m telling you, I got this. Check this out. I’m reading the shard for clues.” Tyrael said. The Nephalm glanced at Lorath. Lorath closed his eyes and shook his head. “Look! You see how this shard is glowing? It means that Matheal has the Black-Soulstone. Now you see this glow here? It means he’s trying to expand the Black-Soulstone so that it collects all the demon essence in the world.” Tyrael said proudly. The Nephalim stared at Tyrael with a glassy eyed, deadpan expression on his face, blinking his eyes quite a few times. Lorath beside him couldn’t help but let a sigh escape. “Ok! So where’s the killing come in?!” the Nephalim demanded. “We have to find Matheal first. And to do that we need to find Adria first.” Tyrael said. “Fine! I’m gonna do this, this one last time. And after this, I’m done. I’m done with this whole Black-Soulstone thing. And I better not run into Leah along the way, otherwise I’m coming back here to kill you!” The Nephalim said as he turned and left.wongkeiying28 Jul 19, 2015
Jul 17, 2015 Lore Behind D2 Characters? I posted this in another thread as a response in General Discussion, but since I'm asking a lore-related question I'll post it here. Here goes: What is the current lore behind characters like the Necro, Javazon, Assassin and Druid from D2? Where does their lore fit into the overall lore of the world of Sanctuary (between the game, books, etc. - all that contributes to the Diablo mythos)? Maybe we can get some hints about what we might see if they return to the game, by looking at their current lore...Waterfiend27 Jul 17, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 next expansion lore guesses -> mythology So I'm reading a lot of threads about where the story will be going next. moslly starting from Tyriels comment about the 'hero' in the ending cinematic. However, looking at this from .. further back. D3 (compared to what I remember of D2 lore) seems to be heavily inspired from jewish Kabala. Long story short, Jewish mythology differes from christian as it has several different parts that tell the story of 'before' lucifer fell. Namely the story of Lilith (a woman whom god created from scratch and became evil - as oposed to u know Eve who was made from a rib of adam, a man, and thus is good -.-).. Anyways, from a lore perspective, at this point it would be interesting to explore the Lilith issue. as some say Diablo has been defeated too many times recently to be taken seriously, unless as some say you let him win next time around. Lilith would bring a fresh villain to the scene and keep the game in this realm of archangel aliens fighting vs Demon aliens. Which brings another point. Another thing D3 does is make controversial the plane of existance in which Heaven, Hell and in inhabitants live in. What are they aliens? or From a Different dimension? the deads dim... Another interesting way of going about this is following the mythology it was inspired from the historic point of view instead of the narrative. In short the next Villan could be ... Gilgamesh, as all these religions we are talking about are inspired by.. Babylonian mthology. So we could be meeting Enkidu, Utanapism (aka Noa) and Gilgamesh (the first Nephilem?).. SIgh....Brancaleone10 Jul 16, 2015
Jul 16, 2015 A question about Malthael. OK... maybe it's a stupid and late question... Why did Malthael attack the High Heavens? I haven't read Storm of Light, but I search in Diablowiki and discover that he also appeared in the novel. Does the book explain the reason? He could have teamed up with Imperius since he hates humans so much, right? Or just because Tyrael and other Archangels(except for Imperius) don't want to be hostile to the mighty naphelem, and Malthael think they are all enemies to him? Edit: Or Malthael just wanted to buy some time by blocking the way to the Pandemonium in the Heavens? However, this action also made Imperius so mad. They could have been strong allies.Ascalon3 Jul 16, 2015