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Feb 17 [PARAGON 700, GR 70 & BELOW] Help HERE =============== UPDATED FOR 2.5 =============== This thread is for sub-paragon 700 Barbs who have difficulty reaching GR 70 solo. If you are over paragon 700 and have not done GR 70 yet.... well I don't know what to say! Maybe something along the lines of, let's get you in the program and maybe you can do a bit better. But before you ask the generic question of "what shall I do next", you gotta let us(me) know the following basic information about your Barb: (1) What Torment Level and Grift level can you comfortably run on your Barb? "Comfortably run" = reach AND kill the RG within 5 minutes of beginning the rift. (2) What's your max Grift level? (3) Do you have the following build-defining items (*if you have incomplete sets, eg, 5/7 IK pieces, say which ones are missing*) Set Items - Immortal King's 7 piece set - Might of the Earth 6 piece set and Lut Socks - Raekor's 6 piece set and Vile Wards - Wrath of the Wastes 6 piece set - Bul Kathos Swords 2 piece set - Istvan's Paired Blades - Focus and Restraint rings - Endless Walk set (Traveler's Pledge amulet and Compass Rose ring) - Legacy of nightmares rings Legendary Items Weapons - Standoff (supports Furious Charge) - 300th Spear (supports Boulder Toss) - Blade of the Tribes (supports EQ) - Gavel of Judgement & accompanying Bracers of the First Men - Fury of the Vanished Peak and accompanying Seismic Slam bracers - Oathkeeper (supports primary skills) - Blade of the Warlord (supports Bash) - The Furnace - In-Geom Armor - Fury of the Ancients Shoulders - Mantle of Channeling - Skular's Salvation (supports Boulder Toss) - Dread Iron belt and Lut Socks (supports EQ) - Aquila's Cuirass - Vambraces of Sescheron (supports primary skills) - Leoric's Crown (primarily for CDR with diamond in helm) - Ancient Parthan Defenders (damage reduction on Freeze/Stun) - Nemesis Bracers (for elite spawns with pylons) Jewelry - Ring of Royal Grandeur - Band of Might - 2x Unity rings and Immortal token for follower - Convention of Elements ring - Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac - Skull Grasp (this is a must-have ring for WW builds) (4) Name your 5 highest ranked gems and what level they are. (5) What are you aiming for in this game? As a very broad benchmark, Grift 60 is reachable with paragon 500, without Ancient gear. (6) How often do you play D3 in hours per day/week? (7) Are you mainly solo, or happy to play in groups? (8) What are the major issues facing you right now that are preventing you going higher? (Usually: lack of damage, lack of survivability, or confusion about build/gear) And this is the most important of all: Have you read my Noobie Guide, understood it and implemented it? Link is here: Feb 17
Mar 3 Barbarian FAQ and Main Builds 2.4.2 Free's Meta zDPS Tao's Guide to MotE - Earthen Rage RICK's Fire EQ by KingBen KingBen's 'Hot Potato' KingBen's T11 Farmer Conan's Frenzy Thread Free's famous WW Thread HellBoy's Acronymns Leaf: Conquistador breaks down the entire Season Tao's No Set GR45 Jako's Set Dungeon Guide Where to find more Barb Information beyond this simple breakdown. Getting better at GR Greetings Barbarians! This is a living document of information often requested. If you find errors, please let me know. The Barbarian forums is often a helpful community. If you need help, just ask! ============================================= Contributors: Wired, Samir, page, Bryanw1995, Xenowrath, RagingKoala, Baconinja, Shadow, CC123, kingdo, Eduw, Nubtro, PoorYorick, Reydien, Leland, WordMaster, Hellboy, Free, Jako, Kuzoh, Detox, Dmoney ============================================ ... Weapons Gems - Stat Affixes - The Magic of Math General Questions - Tips and Tricks - 2.4 Common Questions Common Abbreviations - Cube - Gearing Followers ... The Weapons Damage Range is the important factor to consider, not the large weapon DPS which is based on attack speed. The two numbers below which say xxxx-xxxx Damage. Because elemental and elite damage is so powerful, the main Barbarian weapons for maximizing damage output are as follows. The Big Hitters - Weapons: Legendary Affixes are the true power. Blade of Tribes (Tribes) Standoff (SO) The Gavel of Judgement (GoJ) Immortal King's Bone Breaker (IKBB) Fury of the Vanished Peak (FotP) This item always rolls with Life per Fury Spent (LpFS). It can get an additional Roll of LpFS. You can roll one of these off with Kadala. Bul-Kathos's Oath Great Weapons for Kanai's Cube: The Furnace In-geom FIRE - Maximus - COLD - Warth of the Bone King - LIGHTNING - Schaeffer's Hammer - PHYSICAL - Heart Slaughter (HS) - Q: How do I roll my Ancient Mighty Weapon? If you don't know it's best to ask on the Forum. There are too many variables now and it depends on your build and what level of content you enjoy. Q: My new weapon damage rolled with Poison damage, does that mean I need to re-roll the damage type to Fire or Physical or Cold? No. The type of damage listed next to the damage range doesn't matter. Using Runes with various skills is what determines what element the attack will be. Most runes will say what elemental damage type they provide. This listed weapon elemental damage does not affect your damage in anyway. It's only there for animation/aesthetic/legacy reasons. (Known bugs with Boulder Toss and Elemental Damage, but only matters at very high level play) Q: What weapon should I gift? Gift one of these listed weapons if it has good stats. Good base damage, Correct Primary stats and nice Secondary stats are what make up a good weapon. Always keep one gift on hand in case a better weapon drops. Q: What about my awesome ancient weapon that isn't in this list? Elemental Damage and Legendary affixes are so powerful that it is difficult for an Ancient weapon to out perform one of the weapons on this list. It can happen while you are leveling up, but once you are max level, very unlikely. Q: I haven't got a Ancient weapon yet, why not!?! Random is random. You might not get the rarest items in the game. Play with what you have and maximize the rest of your set up. Q: I got a Ancient! How do I roll it?! Congratulations. Use of a Ramaladni Gift This will give you an extra affix. If it already has a socket, make sure you roll the socket off first, apply the Gift, then try for the priority stats based on your build. You need the following stats in this priority but it untimely depends on what content you will use the weapon for. Solo weapons have different requirements than group weapons. ... A desirable secondary affix is +Fury for many builds. Life after Each Kill is good to have.Tao77 Mar 3
6h Cold SS Mote and IK hybrids This is a cold SS build. Seems really to be a strong build. Will it push to 110? Today played with Prokan and his version really works well at 100, 2 player, with 1500+ paragon. Seems like one of the high para guys could get this up several levels close to R6 maybe. Just curious about any input here. Prokan: May not be exactly as some passives maybe changed some, but close to this. Bloodshed and AD do all the work in close to the elites.Blackarrows41 6h
7h @Sil Is it a good time to get back on P** or should I wait for next league? thnx m8. Also, N4, hope you join up brother!KingBenjamin56 7h
13h THIS GAME IS JUST AIDS Wtf im doin still here? Totally no balance at GR's, three or two mobs type will give u progress. Two or 3 maps will allow u to make some progress bar. SO THIS GAME IS ABOUT FISHING ONE MAP FROM 20 AND ON THIS MAP CERTAIN MOB TYPE (3% at best). Damn, this game got no endgame, no fun, i feel im still gamble something, nothing is constantly in D3. Even meta is totaly gay'ish (they made from barb a fakin doll to pick up health globes. IIl hope every ZDPS barb will die in misery). This game sucks, no reason to play this. GAME'S S H I T. Also its paradise to hackers. FU deinstall this !@#$Red11 13h
18h Charge *Update* Hey All, I play Charge. Recently I posted debating whether or not to use certain passives and what to potentially roll on a new IK BB. After some testing, I figured I'd post my recent results, as maybe they'll provide useful to some in my paragon position, that are looking to progress. I'm not very high paragon-- 1416. I cleared a 103 tonight. It wasn't a dream rift, but I did get a good boss-- Raziel. The grift right before it, I got to the rift boss with more than 6 mins left and lost lol. Whatever the hell that newish rift boss' name is. Starts with a P. He's incredibly annoying, has a ton of HP and picked me apart. However, that particular grift had insane density with tons of bosses that I was able to hang with in every pack. Packs were with 2 or 3 mixed champ and elites-- I took down all of them. Did not die once until rift boss came along. Point is, there is no way I would've been able to hang tough and kill boss mobs while pushing if I didn't make the recent changes to my build and gear: Hellfire:Relentless Dropped Brawler for NoS IK BB: STR, LPFS, AD Belt: % Life The rest is standard Charge barb stuff. The combo of relentless + NoS is pretty amazing. I don't die. Healing with major LPFS+ Relentless makes it so I VERY rarely am using my pot to heal. When in a jam, NoS bails me out and keeps me in big packs long enough to get the job done without dying and killing my stacks. Extra AD on the weapon is huge. Peep my gear if you're interested in my profile. Any questions, lmk. Hope this helps :)Sentri0 18h
1d Ancient Gavel of Judgment Is a GOJ used in any builds? Seems like most hota builds either use IK weap or Istvan's. I'm playing season and an ancient GOJ dropped, so wondering if I could put it to use.Neverdragon2 1d
1d R6 HOTA Wow Killed a gel sire so fast no loot came out Cleared a goblin pack - never did that before Still learning to pilot but wow, it hits so hard.Dza76Wutang259 1d
1d Season 13... Think I’ll go for Guardian again. Probably going Demon Hunter though. Shadow set too OP for starter set.Jako12 1d
1d [Guide] 2.6.1 Zodiac Whirlwind BK/IB--GR 110+ ====================================== Build Introduction and Purpose ====================================== Welcome to 2.6.1 and the Zodiac Whirlwind guide. This build guide explains in painstaking detail the Zodiac Whirlwind build, the strongest Whirlwind build, for pushing solo Greater Rifts and speed-farming T13. The Zodiac Whirlwind build is one of, if not the, most powerful Barb build for solo play. It's also one of the more difficult to put together in terms of gear, and it requires some skill developed through practice. This isn't the easiest Barb build to play, but it's certainly one of the most rewarding. For more information on the Top 5 Solo Barb Builds, check out this thread: Questions? Read the guide and FAQ thoroughly before posting. Corrections or additions? Let me know. Spin to win, baby. ========================================= Disclaimers ========================================= Disclaimer The First If you're new to Diablo 3, or new to Barb in general, please read the whole thread carefully (including the FAQ) and consult the compendium: For easy calculation of breakpoints, use this fantastic app courtesy of Ghaash: Disclaimer the Second I do not own this build or any of its variants. This build, like any build, belongs to the community. But several skilled players have helped me develop this build and the Whirlwind meta over the course of Eras 3, 4, and 5 and this build incorporates some of their ideas in various places. I'd like to credit the following people: Samir, Shiro, Kahle, Archael, Chainer, Rageamok, Shadow, and Nubtro. Disclaimer The Third Read this guide carefully and thoroughly. Even minor deviations from the guide can result in a much weaker build. ======================================== Terminology ======================================== Before we begin, I'll cover some common abbreviations in case you're new. If you see terminology throughout the guide that you don't understand, please do a little research before you ask questions. WW = Whirlwind 6/2 = refers to using 6-pieces of the Wrath of the Wastes set with 2-pieces of either the Bul-Kathos or Istvan's Paired Blades sets. Wastes = Wrath of the Waste set BK = Bul-Kathos's Oath swords set IB = Istvan's Paired Blades swords set PoC = Pride of Cassius Belt perma-IP = permanent (or nearly) uptime on Ignore Pain skill perma-Wrath = permanent (or nearly) uptime on Wrath of the Berserker skill Parthans = Ancient Parthan Defenders bracer Nemesis = Nemesis bracer Zodiac = Obisidian Ring of the Zodiac CoE = Convention of Elements ring dibs = damage increase by skills CHC = critical hit chance CHD = critical hit damage AD = Area Damage IAS = increased attack speed ASI = attack speed increased OS = open socket ======================================= Part 1: Zodiac Whirlwind: The Build ======================================== The Zodiac Whirlwind build is the strongest, most durable Whirlwind build for Barbarians. The build uses six pieces of the Wrath of the Wastes set and either the Bul-Kathos's Oath set or the Istvan's Paired Blades set along with supporting legendaries. How you gear and select skills for the Zodiac Whirlwind build depends on the difficulty of content, your Paragon, and your available gear. It also depends on which variant you want to play. Listed below is a brief description of each build variant with its pros and cons. For all intents and purposes, there is little difference in the power potential (the maximum solo GR push potential) between the variants. The Physical Bul-Kathos Variant The original Zodiac build, this variant uses the Bul-Kathos's Oath sword set for effortless Fury generation. Pros: + Easy Fury generation, even against RG's without adds + Easier to gear than Istvan's variants + Faster move speed + Can make use of full AD and Bloodshed Cons: - Less up-front damage than Istvan's variants - More fragile than Istvan's variants - Less flexibility in terms of gear selection than the Istvan's variant The Lightning Istvan's Variant A fairly recent innovation, this build uses the Istvan's Paired Blades set and Wind Shear to deal more up-front damage. Pros: + More up-front damage than the Bul-Kathos variant + Can easily incorporate Nemesis or Strongarm bracers into the build + Tankier than the Bul-Kathos variant + More flexible in terms of gear selection than the Bul-Kathos variant Cons: - Less reliable healing than the Bul-Kathos variant - Harder to gear than the Bul-Kathos variant The Physical Istvan's Variant The newest of the three variants, this one offers massive damage potential at the cost of Fury generation. Pros: + More up-front damage than either variant + Can incorporate Bloodshed + Tankier than either variant + More flexible in terms of gear selection than the Bul-Kathos variant Cons: - Less reliable healing than the Bul-Kathos variant - Harder to gear than the Bul-Kathos variant - Requires much more micromanagement of resources due to problems generating Fury - Requires much more fishing at a much earlier point Build Variant Selection I'll get straight to the point. Last era, 2.6, the Istvan's variants were flat-out stronger than the BK variants. However, with the recent changes to the BK set, that has been called into question. It boils down to this: Istvan's variants deal 30% more multiplicative damage per hit. But the Physical BK version has more attack speed and incorporates Bloodshed, a major source of damage. So which is the stronger variant? Honestly, I don't know. It's going to take a Season or two of data to accumulate before we have any clear idea. All three can clear 110 provided you have the Paragon, gear, and gem levels. So the better question is which build variant is right for you? Simple: the one for which you have the best gear. For beginners and those new to Whirlwind builds, I recommend sticking to the Bul-Kathos variant since BK swords are easier to find than Istvan's Blades. Lightning Istvan's is also very easy to play, though it's a little more finicky in terms of starting rifts. If you have great gear for both (or all three) variants, it boils down to preferred play style. The extra move speed and absence of Fury management issues provided by the BK variant makes for an incredibly smooth, fast Whirlwind experience. Lightning Istvan's provides more flexibility in terms of skills and gear, though the build generally has a slower, though tankier, play style--more methodical, if you will. Physical Istvan's is slow like its Lightning sibling, but considerably more involved due to the constant Fury issues. I do not recommend the Physical Istvan's variant to newer players or those who dislike micromanaging a build's resources. General Requirements To properly play any of these variants, you must have the following items: - 27.5--40% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - 100%+ AD - 600k-850k Life - Complete Wastes set - One Skull Grasp ring (not legacy) - One Zodiac ring - One CoE ring - Legendary Gems: Pain Enhancer, Bane of Stricken, Taeguk Zodiac Whirlwind: Physical Bul-Kathos Variant Many Whirlwind builds have come and gone. But this variant has stood the test of time. This is the easiest variant to gear, but still requires fine-tuning to get over 100. Since we're starting with this build variant, the Istvan's variants will be treated as alternatives to this build in terms of skills, gear, and rolls. If something specific isn't listed, assume it's the same between all three variants. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 27.5% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - Complete BK sword set - Ancient Parthan Defender bracers - Legendary Gems: Pain Enhancer, Taeguk, Bane of Stricken Skills: The Zodiac Whirlwind build offers up considerable flexibility depending on your needs. Here are the four essential skills: Whirlwind (Blood Funnel): This is the build's main skill and damage dealer. Even though our Dust Devils no longer proc Blood Funnel, this is still one of the best sources of healing in the game. Some folk will say that Swords to Ploughs on Battle Rage is better healing, but that rune is effected by proc coefficients (and thus its return is scaled back from the tooltip value). Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity): As a separate damage multiplier, this skill is a major booster shot to the build's DPS. It also boosts your toughness (Dodge) and movement speed. Keeping 100% (or close) uptime on this skill is key to successfully pushing solo Greater Rifts. Battle Rage (Bloodshed): Bloodshed is a massive AOE damage boost. Since it does 20% of recent critical hit damage to nearby enemies every second, it scales nicely with attack speed, crit chance and crit damage, and density. Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss): This skill mitigates damage, provides CC immunity, and offers a massive amount of healing. It's vital to keep this skill up and running at all times (hence why we wear the PoC). If you're a little short on CDR or having trouble managing cooldowns, another option is to use Iron Hide for the extra uptime. This gives you more wiggle room with Wrath cooldowns, but you will lose a lot of healing which, depending on your gear and Paragon, you may need. Note that Resource Cost Reduction will negatively impact the healing from Ignorance is Bliss, so make sure you don't have any RCR in Paragon or on gear. The other two skill slots depend on your needs. War Cry (Impunity): If you don't have good Physical resist secondary rolls or feel like you're taking too much damage, War Cry might be the answer. This is especially good for low-Paragon or early-Season players who need the extra toughness to push a little higher in GRs. If you're still learning the build and don't have the know-how to keep track of monster CC immunity, War Cry can do no wrong. The Impunity rune boosts all resistances, making it a great choice. However, don't overlook Veteran's Warning; that rune's extra dodge chance will stack with the dodge chance provided by Wrath of the Berserker. If your gear is very good and you have All Resist on all required pieces, Veteran's may provide more bang for the buck. Either way, don't spam this skill since it eats Zodiac procs. Threatening Shout (Demoralize): Grouping is essential to the Zodiac Whirlwind build and Demoralize fits the bill. This skill helps groups mobs and so you can deal damage with AD, Bloodshed, and Dust Devils. Since the build's damage output scales with mob volume and density, Demoralize helps you get the most bang for your buck. Even better, it also reduces incoming damage. Again, this is a great skill for low-Paragon players looking for a little extra toughness with some grouping. Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash): If you're looking to maximize your DPS, this is the skill for you. When paired with Strongarm Bracers and Bloodshed, Wrenching Smash provides a major boost to DPS. This skill is great for pulling elites and trash to a specific location, such as an Oculus bubble, but since this skill is a pull and not a taunt, it will contribute to a monster's CC cap. If you use this skill, do so sparingly. Ancient Spear (Rage Flip): Credit to Archael for pioneering this one. This skill can make grouping much, much easier. It's especially handy for dragging annoying or slow elites to the next pack of trash. This skill is tricky to master, but well worth a place on your bar. Overpower (Killing Spree): This skill provides a nice boost to your CHC. That means more damage and more healing from Blood Funnel. Due to the way Overpower was changed in 2.4.3 (it now stores 3 charges and doesn't recharge as quickly from crits), you have to use this sparingly. Passive Skills Passives are key to a winning build. Below I'll briefly detail the essential passives. I'll also include a small list of other desirable passives to get on a Hellfire Amulet. Rampage: This passive provides a fantastic boost to DPS and toughness through the rift, but won't offer much against the RG unless the boss spawns lots of adds (hello, Saxtris!). Ruthless: When you're pushing your personal best, you'll want every second you can get to kill the RG and elites. This passive makes your job a heck of a lot easier. Take it and profit. If you have this on a Hellfire, take Brawler instead. Boon of Bul-Kathos: This, along with careful management of cooldowns and Zodiac procs, will insure you have perma-Wrath. Brawler or Berserker Rage: Thanks to the BK update in 2.6.1, we no longer need Weapons Master. Either one of these DPS passives will work, through only Brawler is likely to be active during RG fights. Other Desirable Passives: Nerves of Steel, Brawler or Berserker Rage, Superstition, Tough as Nails. Gear You'll need six pieces of the Waste set and both BK swords. Though ancient pieces are the goal, ideal rolls take precedence. Good secondary rolls are absolutely crucial for pushing top tiers. General Gear Requirements: - 7% IAS on both swords and a single 7% ASI roll on one other piece of gear (ring is easiest) - One CDR roll (again, ring is easiest, though shoulders also work) - AD rolls on both swords, shoulder, and gloves - 20% Elemental damage on Amulet and bracer Helm (Wastes) Strength CHC 6% WW dmg 15% (or Vitality) OS (diamond) Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Shoulder (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res AD 20% Secondaries: Pickup radius or globe bonus Augment: Strength Chest (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res or Life % OS (rubies) Secondaries: Reduced melee dmg and reduced ranged damage Augment: Strength Glove (Wastes) Strength AD 20% (or Vit) CHC 10% CHD 50% Secondaries: Stun on hit, Physical resist Augment: Strength Bracer (APD, Nems, or Strongarms) 20% Physical Damage Strength Vitality CHC 6% Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Belt (Pride of Cassius) Strength Vitality All Res 15% Life +6 seconds to Ignore Pain Secondaries: Freeze on hit (only if you need to proc Parthans and don't use Ground Stomp) Augment: Strength Pants (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res OS (rubies) Secondaries: Gobe bonus Augment: Strength Boots (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res WW dmg 15% Secondaries: Globe bonus Augment: Strength Sword 1 (BK) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Any Augment: Strength Sword 2 (BK) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Any Augment: Strength Ring 1 (Skull Grasp) CHC 6% CHD 50% Varies: AD 20% (if you can't otherwise acquire 4 AD rolls), 7% ASI (if you're short 1 roll), or Average Damage (see below) OS 390%+ increased Whirlwind damage Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Ring 2 (CoE) CHC 6% CHD 50% Varies: AD 20% (if you can't otherwise acquire 4 AD rolls), 7% ASI (if you're short 1 roll), or Average Damage (see below) OS 195%+ elemental damage bonus Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Ring 3 (Zodiac) CHC 6% ASI 7% CDR 8% OS Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Amulet (Mara's, Hellfire, or Eye of Elitch) 20% Physical Damage (if you can't roll elemental damage here, Strength or Average Damage are also options) CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist or Health Globe bonus; Reduced ranged damage for Eye Augment: Strength Cube Furnace Mantle of Channeling CoE or Skull Grasp Zodiac Whirlwind: Lightning Istvan's Variant Pioneered by Serro and later refined by folks such as King Ben, this variant offers a fun, interesting alternative to the BK variant that is no less potent. While slower, it offers more up-front damage and tankiness at the cost of Bloodshed damage. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 27.5% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - 40% Lightning Damage - Complete IB sword set - Nemesis, Parthans, or Strongarm bracers - 600k-850k Life Skills: This build uses a slightly different skill setup when compared to the Physical BK variant. Note that Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss) and Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) are still required. Modified skills and accessory skills not covered above are discussed below. Whirlwind (Wind Shear): This will keep your Fury topped off provided you fight in density. It also changes the elemental damage type of the Whirlwind skill to Lightning (hence the stacked Lightning Damage). Battle Rage (Swords to Ploughshares): This is the variant's main source of healing. Note that while this skill heals from crits from the Whirlwind skill and Dust Devils, it is subject to a proc coefficient and thus provides less reliable healing than Blood Funnel. Luckily, the extra Armor from the IB set helps compensate. Sprint (Marathon): This skill goes a long way to compensating for the reduced movement speed of the variant, but requires you to be much more alert to hunting and fighting density. Passive Skills This build variant uses the same passives as the Physical BK variant. Gear The major change in this variant is swapping the Bul-Kathos swords for the Istvan's Paired Blades swords. If you feel your DPS is lacking, use Strongarms with Ground Stomp. If you need extra toughness, use Parthans with Ground Stomp. If you feel balanced in DPS and toughness and want more elites for that dream 4-pack Conduit, take Nemesis bracers. General Gear Requirements: - 7% IAS on both swords and a single 7% ASI roll on one other piece of gear (ring is easiest) - One CDR roll (again, ring is easiest, though shoulders also work) - AD rolls on both swords, shoulder, and gloves - 20% Elemental damage on Amulet and Bracer Bracer (Nemesis, Strongarm, or Parthan) 20% Lightning Damage Strength Vitality 6% CHC Augment: Strength Amulet (Hellfire or Eye of Etlitch) 20% Lightning Damage CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Augment: Strength Sword 1 (IB) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Sword 2 (IB) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Zodiac Whirlwind: Physical Istvan's Variant Possibly the strongest of all three variants, this version incorporates many of the best elements from the other two variants but also demands intense resource management. This variant is not advised for new players. Warning: You will be Fury starved against many RGs; this makes the build much more reliant on fishing than the other two. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 40-45% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - 40% Physical Damage - Complete IB sword set - Nemesis or Parthans bracers - 600k-850k Life Skills: This build uses a slightly different skill setup when compared to the Lightning Istvan's variant. Note that Whirlwind (Blood Funnel), Battle Rage (Bloodshed), Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss), and Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity) are still required. Modified skills and accessory skills not covered above are discussed below. War Cry (Charge!): This skill is required to keep Fury in the tank. It's important that you spam this skill (and Threatening Shout) to generate Fury. It's also important that you don't over-spam it and eat up too many Zodiac procs (hence the higher CDR in this variant as opposed to the others). Threatening Shout (Demoralize): This skill also contributes to Fury generation, both from spamming it and from incoming enemy attacks. Another essential skill in the build. Passive Skills Though this build uses the same passives as the previous two variants, Animosity is a great passive to have in this Fury-starved build. Superstition is also a good choice. Either of these are great to grab on a Hellfire. Gear As the name implies, this variant also swaps the Bul-Kathos swords for the Istvan's Paired Blades swords. Bracer (Nemesis or Parthans) 20% Physical Damage Strength Vit 6% CHC Augment: Strength Amulet (Hellfire) 20% Physical Damage CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Augment: Strength Sword 1 (IB) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Sword 2 (IB) Strength 7% IAS 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength ====================================== Part 2: How The Build Works ====================================== The Zodiac Whirlwind build requires us to bleed targets with PE in order to proc the Zodiac ring. Because the Zodiac ring updates dynamically, the more bleeding enemies, the higher our attack speed (from PE's secondary effect) and the more frequently we proc Zodiac and thus the faster we lower cooldowns on Ignore Pain, Wrath of the Berserker, and our shouts. Fighting in density also keeps us healed from Blood Funnel or Swords to Ploughs, and, should we use Parthans, makes us harder to kill. The key to the build is density. Without it, we don't deal damage, erase cooldowns, have toughness, or heal. This makes fighting lone elites or low-density groups very, very dangerous and a massive waste of time. How The Build Deals Damage The Zodiac WW build deals damage in several ways: 1. Whirlwind Skill: Thanks to the revamped Wastes set and Skull Grasp, your Whirlwind skill and the Dust Devils are buffed by the set's and ring's multiplicative bonuses. 2. Dust Devils: Our Dust Devils deal hefty damage and proc AOE effects. The higher the breakpoint we hit via PE and bleeding mobs, the more of these we spawn. When in density, spin in tight circles to ensure maximum possible contact between Whirlwind skill and Dust Devils and mobs (remember, each Dust Devil can only hit and damage a given enemy once). Against the RG, move in a small line back and forth through the RG to ensure Dust Devils spawned behind and in front of you contact the RGs hit box. 3. Bloodshed: This skill adds up to a lot of extra damage. It's hard to quantify what this adds up to over the course of a rift because it depends, again, on density. Against RGs with adds, this skill is absolutely amazing. 4. Area Damage: In a way, this is the real damage source in this build. AD does a ton of damage. It also turns elites into damage batteries if you can drag them into thick density. On the flip side, if you don't have density to proc lots and lots of AD, it's time to leave the area and search for more mobs. This is also why RGs that spawn adds are the best RGs to fight. Mark my words: this is the single most important source of damage in the build. Do not skimp on stacking this stat. A good rule of thumb is to have 3-4 AD rolls on gear and max the stat in Paragon. 5. Skull Grasp: Skull Grasp is a 5x multiplier for all Whirlwind and Dust Devil damage. This is a huge boost to the build. Notes On Gear Here are a few important thoughts to keep in mind when gearing your WW Barb: - AD vs IAS: AD (Area Damage) is absolutely crucial to this build. And as of 2.6.1, so is IAS (increased attack speed). AD deals, well, damage! IAS also deals damage and spawns more Dust Devils, but it's real purpose it to lower cooldowns in conjunction with PR and the Zodiac ring. You'll want AD on your swords, your shoulder, and your gloves. You absolutely need to have 7% IAS on both swords and one other piece of gear. This is why you want to wear a good Ancient Zodiac ring; it provides three essential rolls: our lone required CDR roll, the extra required IAS roll, and some CHC. If your IAS rolls aren't perfect, don't sweat it. You'll suffer a little on your cooldowns, but it won't break the build. - IAS vs ASI: What's the difference? Simple. Increased Attack Speed (IAS) is found on weapons only and multiplies the base weapon's attack speed. That means it's multiplicative. Attack Speed Increased (ASI) is found on other pieces of gear and is not multiplicative. This means if you're missing an IAS roll on a weapon, you can't make it up by getting an extra ASI roll somewhere else. If you're in that situation, you're better off trying to squeeze in another CDR roll - Average Damage vs Area Damage and Other Stats: Recent top clears have used Average Damage rolls on rings (and sometimes even amulet) instead of Strength or AD. Average Damage is powerful because it buffs all damage output (AD, Bloodshed, crits, etc). If you have AD on both weapons, gloves, and shoulders, you may be better off getting Average Damage on a ring (along with CHC and CHD). - Vitality: Generally speaking, you want between 600k-85k Life. This isn't a hard rule; many experienced players push with less. But if you're new to the build or still learning its nuances, you want a bigger Life pool. Don't be afraid to pump Paragon points into Vitality if necessary. There may also be times when you need to sacrifice a roll (such as All Resist on chest) for % Life, but that should only be done if there is absolutely no alternative. - CHC and CHD: Your CHC and CHD should be roughly at a 1:10 ratio while all buffs are active, thus if your CHC is 50% while Wrath and Battle Rage are up, your CHD should be at 500%. See the FAQ for an excellent calculator to help determine how to achieve this ratio and when or where you should trade-off. - CDR: This stat, in conjunction with PE, will produce enough cooldown to keep perma-IP and perma-Wrath. With a little skill, we only need one CDR roll on gear (usually on a ring) combined with max CDR in Paragon and a diamond in helm (the Physical Istvan's variant needs more). If you're having trouble with cooldowns, don't be afraid to take another CDR roll on gear, usually on shoulders. - Rolling Swords: Correctly rolled swords can make or break the build. And despite the gear requirements listed above, it's not that simple. Let's look at a few examples assuming the base damage roll is very high and Strength is always one of the three primary rolls. Example 1: Little Rogue with native IAS, and Life per Hit. Solution: Easy. Roll Life per Hit to AD and call it a day. Example 2: Warrior Blood with native AD and Vitality. Solution: Easy again. Roll Vitality to IAS. Example 3: Solemn Vow with AD IAS. Solution: Here's where it gets tricky. Since you got your three required rolls, it's time to think about optimization. Is the base damage range maxed out? If not, roll that. If base damage range was maxed out, max one of the other rolls (AD first, then IAS). If they're all perfect (Primal), leave it alone! Moral of the story: Target your current and future needs and roll accordingly. When in doubt, ask in this thread how to roll your swords. - Secondary Rolls: If you're not using Ground Stomp and want to proc Parthans, you'll need a secondary Freeze on hit roll on your belt. Failing that, Stun on gloves works, but I don't advise it. You also need a lot of Physical resist in this build to stay in the fight. I recommend two or three Physical resist rolls and one Lightning resist roll. If you find that you rarely die during a rift, but get one-shotted by the RG, it means you're missing Physical resists (or don't have enough Life). Gear Gems Use rubies until incoming damage starts to become a serious problem. After that, switch to diamonds. If you have lots of high Augments on gear, you may even be able to stick with rubies until 90. Paragon Distribution Be a man and max it all except Resource Cost Reduction. Don't have enough paragon? Drop and give me fifty. ====================================== Part 3: How To Play The Build ====================================== Okay, so, you have the gear, the skills, and the gems. But Free, you ask, how do I Diablo? 1. Do the pre-rift check. Are you wearing the right gear? Do you have the right items active in the Cube? Are your legendary gems at least five to ten levels higher than the tier you're about to attempt? If yes to all of the above, go up to the rift pylon and caress it. 2. Enter a Greater Rift. If it's any of the terrible caves, Westmarch, or Realm Walker maps, leave and re-make because those maps suck so hard. At higher tiers (85+), you'll also auto-quit Keep Depths, Barracks, and Spider Cavern. Ideally, you're looking for Spire, Festering Woods, or Battlefield of Eternity. That's it. At 90+, you will only play the following maps: Festering Woods, Battlefield of Eternity, large Silver Spire (multiple open rooms), and large Arreat Crater (multiple open rooms). If you get anything other than those for the first floor, leave and re-make. If you get those but the mobs are terrible (too many Morlus, Succubi, Shamans and Fallen, Lickers, crawly bug enemies excluding swarms, bees, Mallet Lords, and Bogans), quit and re-make. You need--need--a good first floor. And you will need--need--a Conduit somewhere along the way with which you need to kill at least three elite packs. If you can tank affixes, a five-elite Conduit is even better, but considering that you need to thin out trash before you pop the Conduit, this can be ultra dangerous. So, if you get a good first map with decent or good mobs, hit Battle Rage and start spinning. As soon as you see mobs, hit Ignore Pain. 3. Continue through the rift until you find density. No, three or four mobs won't cut it. One screen won't cut it either. You want multiple screens worth of density. That means you need to take some time collecting tons of trash and elites before you pop Wrath (right before your Physical CoE cycle) and DPS the crap out of it. So, when you find a dense group of mobs, ask yourself the following: Are they Mallet Lords? If yes, go find different mobs because f$%k Mallet Lords. If no, hit them with Demoralize and lead them to the next dense group of mobs. Repeat several times until you've collected two or three screens worth of mobs. With luck, you'll have a few elite packs in the mix. The type of mobs you engage will begin to determine your success almost as much as the map tile. For example, if you have lots of spiders, zombies, skeletons, Horrors, and Grotesques, you're in good shape. If you have summoners and Hellions, you're in great shape! If the rift is filled with Armaddons, Shamans, Succubi, and Morlus, quit and re-make. In other words, mobs that easily grouped and will follow you are good, and mobs that like to run away are bad. At 90+, mob types mean the difference between continuing in the rift and leaving to remake. 4. If you have a good map and good mobs, try to find a T-tile, intersection, or large open area and bring your density there. Go off in search of more density -- remember, you want multiple screens worth of density! Bring it all together as best you can, pop Wrath, and start spinning in small, tight circles. Real men go clockwise. Real men also play Lady Barbs and take care not to get split ends. If you use Parthans, be wary about mobs becoming CC immune from your secondary stun and freeze rolls. If that happens, you may need to spin away, collect more density, and once again herd it all together. 5. Make density. Kill it. Repeat until density thins out, then check elites. Are they at 10% health or less? If they're not especially dangerous, finish the fight, collect orbs, and move on. If they have more than 10% health, hit them with Demoralize or Spear and drag them to the next dense group of mobs. Remember: aside from very weak elites, never stay and fight unless there's density. This build lives and dies on density. Don't fight elites (unless they're very weak or pose no threat) without lots of trash in the mix! 5.2 Density Pop Quiz time. Take a look at this: What's wrong with it? Answer: Trick question! There are several things wrong with this. First off, I'm fighting in the middle of a long corridor, which is bad positioning. Worse, I'm fighting between two obstacles (the rocks on either side of me). That will make it twice as hard to pull stragglers with Rage Flip. But the biggest problem is that there's not enough density. This is worth maybe 2-3% progression and not worth your time. Now take a look at this: That's better, right? Still no! Oppressors are terrible mobs. But you will notice that I'm fighting at the T-intersection. Good positioning, terrible mobs. And nowhere near enough density. This is worth about 1.5% progression. Skip! Okay, so let's take a look at this: That's better! First off, it's Festering Woods--one of the three or four maps you'll take seriously. Second, there's some density there--about three screens worth, in fact. But is it good density? Well, yes and no. It has summoners, which spawn adds. Those are great. And the elite phantoms will follow me with little provocation if I can't kill them there. The only problem is the shamans. They run around too much, so I'll need to spend a lot of time pulling them back with spear. In addition, their minions aren't worth much progression. All totaled, this density is worth about 5-8% progression. Kill it quick and move on. And don't forget the bring the elites with you! Ideally, you don't want to stop and fight for anything less than 8-10% progression worth of density unless you need less to spawn the RG. Something to bear in mind: Sometimes, you'll need to skip whole floors. Let's say you get a great floor 1 -- Festering Woods with fatties, skeletons, and a three-pack Conduit. Awesome! Then you hit floor 2 and it's an empty Westmarch with bad mobs. What do you do? Skip it. Get to the exit as fast as you can. And pray for a good floor 3. Sometimes, you'll get a great floor 1 only to have floors 2-7 ruin your push. It happens. A lot. Whirlwind is a very fishy build and it needs serious density. 6. When the RG shows up, spin to win. The best RGs to fight spawn additional monsters (referred to as adds). Trust me -- you want bosses that spawn adds, because adds proc Bloodshed and AD, heal you via Blood Funnel and Swords to Ploughs, and reduce your cooldowns via Zodiac procs. Saxtris and Hamelin are the very best RGs to fight, but be very careful with the latter; Hammy's rat swarms can deal tons of damage, so killing him is about dodging the swarms and letting Stricken do the work. Man Carver is a great RG; avoid his big-damage hammer strike and his charge. Other than that, there's not much he can do to kill you if you have 800k Life. If you're wearing a Mara's, Voracity and Binder are also your friends! Invite them over for tea and watch a giant lady spider vomit acid on your rug. Are you upset? Too bad. You shouldn't have invited a giant spider lady into your home. And you shouldn't have bought a nice rug. Voracity can kill a push attempt. At higher tiers, his poison cloud cannot be tanked. Deal some damage, then move away and force him to chase you. Bosses that don't spawn adds and like to run around such as Tethrys, Choker, and Agnibiddy-boody are not your friends. If you've got less than 3 minutes on your timer and no Power or Conduit pylon in sight, leave game and make a new rift. Speaking of Pylons, if possible, save a Power for the boss. Conduits should be used to clear elites from the rift, particularly in density. For more information on Pylons, see below. Bosses that like to zoom around like Raziel, Ember, and Sand Shaper are nightmares to fight. At 85+, leave game and remake. Be careful with bosses who use hard-hitting Physical attacks. If you don't have lots of Physical resist stacked on gear, you may get one-shotted. When exactly this occurs depends on several factors including Paragon, main stat, and overall toughness. This is why pumping Paragon points into Vitality is a good idea, particularly if you're pushing the limits of what a given Paragon and main stat range can accomplish in terms of GR tiers. Pylons Proper Pylon management is an essential part of pushing GRs. Below is S4's edited explanation of how Pylons spawn in GRs and what you can do to use them to your advantage. Credit and thanks to S4 for permission to include this info: There is a whole science to how and where pylons spawn in a map. 1. Pylons are progression based with a chance for an early pylon right at the GR entrance with minimal progression. 2. In any given GR, you will not spawn all 5 possible pylons. No matter how carefully you play, 4 is all you will get, leaving an element of "randomness" ("Will I get the Shield or Power for RG?"). 3. On average you can assume that you require 20% progression between pylon spawns. Each purple progress orb is worth 1%, so yellows will grant 4% while blues will grant 3%. This is in addition to the progress gained for killing trash. Note that progression granted by trash varies by mob type; some mobs award a great deal of progress while other types are not worth fighting even in dense clusters. 4. Progression needed is measured from the spawn time of your previous pylon, not from the time when you last used a pylon. This is why you can get a pylon immediately after a juicy Conduit. 5. The last possible opportunity to spawn a pylon is at 99% progression. Not 95%, not 92%, and not 90%. It's 99%. Of course, you can get one a little early if your previous pylon spawn was at 50-60%, but if you had 3 pylons already with 3rd at 70%, 4th spawns at 99%. 6. Pylons have fairly defined spawning points on each map so strategic play is required to best utilize them. At times, you may want to go to the next level of the GR to explore one tile (one area of the map floor) if you have a Conduit at the exit and you know you will get 3 yellows + some trash in order to prevent a new pylon from spawning at that next floor's entrance. You may also manipulate the odds in your favor by saving the Conduit and surrounding trash, going to the next floor and gaining your 99%, then returning to the previous floor with the Conduit and killing the trash to spawn the RG. This will leave the Conduit for the RG! 7. By default you can assume 20/40/60% GR progression as your pylon spawn points. If you get one at 80%, you will not get one at 99%. If you avoid the spawn locations of pylons around 80, you may get one further down the road, closer to the RG fight (hence strategical burning out locations/avoiding/entering next tile comes in handy). It takes a bit of practice, but you can eyeball your progression, as well as recognize future progression based on elites and mob type in density. Other than Oppressors, all big mobs are decent progression, smaller ones that are also very good are "old God comp" - cultists with adds - or vile swarms, fatties, and summoners with lots of skeletons. 8. The best way to learn all of the above is to grind GRs, particularly in groups with other knowledgeable players. This translates directly into the "skill" aspect of GR pushing. The Hired Help Let's talk follower meta. My preferred approach is to avoid items that cause CC on monsters, period. No Thunderfury or Blinding Sand, no Freeze of Deflection, no Ess of Johan, no Wyrdward. No, no, no to those items. You don't want mobs to be slowed down and you definitely don't want them going CC immune; this diminishes the use of your Parthans or Ground Stomp. Right now, my Templar is focused on helping with elites, buffing me with skills, and bleeding enemies. You can also use the Enchantress for more attack speed. Either way, here are the required items: - Bul-Kathos Wedding Band (procs AOE bleeds, very handy to proc your PE) - Oculus Ring (absolutely essential -- pull density into these bubbles for max DPS) - Sun Keeper (with diamond or ruby--some minimal help with elite damage) I highly recommend giving your follower a Flavor of Time or other amulet with CDR and Attack Speed. As for rolls on follower gear, focus on CDR, IAS, and Increased Elite Damage for your follower. It goes without saying that they need an immortal token, of course, so roll off any Vitality or resists on their gear. Common Problems Listed below are some common problems people have with the build. If you're experiencing one of these problems, read through the solution. If that fails to fix the problem, post with questions. Whenever possible, take screenshots and be as specific as possible. 1. Dying During Rift Cause: This is normally caused by trying to tank too much incoming damage or messing with too many nasty mob/elite types. Another cause is that you're not fighting in enough density. You may have let IP drop. Solution: You need to spend some time figuring out what's going to really hurt. Don't have a few Physical resist secondary rolls? Pain Mongers and Dark Berserkers might one-shot you. Use War Cry in the open skill slot (Impunity or Veteran's) and avoid hard-hitting melee attacks. Don't stand in molten. Make sure to fight in lots of density (remember, at least a screen or two worth of mobs is the minimum -- we do not fight lone elites or sparse groups of trash). Make sure you have diamonds in your armor pieces. Make sure you have 750-850k Life. If you try all of the above and still feel squishy, it's time to go with Parthans + Freeze on belt. Also, never let IP drop! 2. Dying Vs RG Cause: See above. Solution: Some RG's are a nightmare to fight. Voracity? You'll need to kite him away from his gas clouds or you're dead. Rime? Dont try to tank stacked ice circles. Hamelin? Don't let the rat swarms stack on you. Make sure you have 750-850k Life. Use War Cry if you feel too squishy. 3. Can't Keep Perma-IP and/or Perma-Wrath Cause: This is normally the result of spamming cooldown skills or failing to properly manage cooldowns. It's also caused by not having enough attack speed or CDR on gear, or by failing to fight in enough density. Some downtime on Wrath between fights or during grouping phases is 100% normal. You don't need Wrath up until it's time to DPS. Solution: Don't spam cooldown skills. Wait until the last second to re-cast IP. Never re-cast War Cry unless it's about to drop off. Only use Ground Stomp during Physical CoE cycles. Don't worry about keeping Wrath up unless it's time to DPS (in thick density and especially during Physical CoE cycles). If you're grouping density and pulling screens, you don't need Wrath up every second. Never, ever let IP go down. 4. Running out of Fury Cause: This is normally the result of spamming skills or failing to properly manage cooldowns. It's also caused by not fighting in density. Could also be the result of bad, empty maps. Solution: Don't spam skills, especially War Cry and Battle Rage. Never re-cast War Cry unless it's about to drop off. Only use Ground Stomp during Physical CoE cycles. Only use Threatening Shout when you need to coagulate density. Always fight in density! Since we no longer use the Weapons Master passive, we need to be slightly more careful about managing Fury. ====================================== Part 4: Greater Rift Tiers, Paragon, and Augmentation ====================================== At some point, you'll hit a wall and will fail to clear a particular Greater Rift tier over and over. Welcome to the Greater Rift Fishing game. GR Fishing, also referred to as I Hate This Game, is inevitable. At some point, every build will encounter this painful part of the game. This is because of the infinitely scaling nature of Greater Rifts and the fact that the game hates you. To minimize frustrations, let's talk about how to prepare for success. Paragon is one of the single-most important factors in successful Greater Rift clears. While it's not set in stone, here's a very, very, very conservative guide of how much paragon is needed for solo pushes with absolutely no augmentation on gear: Paragon 400-700 = tiers 1-70 Paragon 701-900 = tiers 71-85 Paragon 901-1100 = tiers 86-95 Paragon 1101-1300 = tiers 96-100 Paragon 1301-2500 = 101-110 Paragon 2501-3500 = 111-115 Paragon 3501-4500 = 115+ So how does augmentation factor into this? Remember that past 800 paragon, 1 paragon point equals 5 points of Strength. This means that 300 Strength through augmentation is equal to 60 paragon levels above paragon 800. So, if you're paragon 800 and you augment all 13 pieces of gear with 300 Strength, you are, for all intents and purposes, paragon 1580. This is called Effective Paragon, a slightly wordy way of summing up the value of someone's main stat. What does this mean? It means that main stat, not the actual Paragon level, is what you need to look at when studying a clear or trying to determine your chances of success. In short, look at a player's main stat, not their Paragon level, when trying to evaluate a clear. Yes, Paragon is important--it boosts your Life through Vitality, for example--but main stat contributes directly to damage. Assuming your gear is great and you have considerable skill with the build, here are some current conservative estimates: Main Stat Range 10-12k -- GR 85-90 12-14k -- GR 90-95 14-18k -- GR 95-100 18-20k -- GR 100-105 20-25k -- GR 105-110 26k+ -- GR 110-115+ Personally, I recommend you push as high as you can for as long as possible with zero Augmentations. In fact, I recommend you don't augment until you are paragon 1000 and have successfully cleared 75+. The reason I take this stance is that the Zodiac Whirlwind build requires skill. You're managing cooldowns, positioning yourself and mobs, scouting the map for ideal spots to engage, assessing elites, grouping and managing density, and fishing for certain kinds of maps and RGs. It's going to take you some time to master all of this, and propelling yourself ahead of the skill curve via Augmentation is a recipe for frustration down the road. Take the time and learn the build without Augments. Once you've done that, go nuts. And be warned: clears above 90 will all but require Augments unless you have over 1500 paragon. ====================================== Part 5: Modifications for Speed Farming ====================================== Contrary to popular belief, the Zodiac WW build also excels at speed-farming T13. Below are two setups you can use for speed-farming T13--one for low-Paragon, early-Season players, and one for high-Paragon, well-geared players. These also work well for speed-farming low-tier GRs. Each build uses the full Wastes and BK set with changes noted below. Please note these builds are flexible. Don't like how it's put together? Change it! T13 Speed-Farm Option 1: Low-Paragon version (600 or less Paragon) Gear - Swap bracer to Nems Legendary Gems - Swap Stricken for Trapped - Pain Enhancer - Taeguk Active Skills - Swap Ignorance is Bliss for Bravado - Swap one optional skill for Sprint (Marathon) Passive Skills Swap Boon of Bul-Kathos for Weapons Master T13 Speed-Farm Option 2: High-Paragon version (800+ Paragon) Gear - Swap bracer to Nems - Swap CoE (worn or in Cube) to Avarice Band - May swap worn rings for Focus and Restraint Legendary Gems - Swap Stricken for Trapped or Powerful - Pain Enhancer or Boon of Hoarder - Taeguk Active Skills - Swap Ignorance is Bliss for Bravado - Swap Bloodshed for Ferocity - Swap one optional skill for Sprint (Marathon) - Swap other optional skill for War Cry (Charge!) - If using Focus and Restraint, swap one optional skill to Furious Charge (Merciless Assault) Passive Skills - Swap Boon of Bul-Kathos for Weapons Master - May need to swap another (Brawler or Berserker Rage) for Animosity Cube - Swap Furnace for In-geom - See above regarding CoE/Avarice - Swap Mantle to Chilanik's Chain Still don't believe it? Archael recently made a video showing what you can do with just 12k main stat: T13 clears in 2 minutes or less. There's a video here: If you're above 20k main stat, you can crank the speed even higher by swapping Trapped for Wreath of Lightning or. Changes for Hardcore: - Swap Brawler or Berserker Rage for Nerves of Steel (or get it on Hellfire) - Always wear Parthans with proper secondaries on belt or gloves - Always wear diamonds in gear - Always use War Cry (Impunity) on the bar Prefer to run fun, weird LoN Whirlwind builds for speed-farming? Try these. But be warned--they may not work well in T13: Hot Magma (a Fire EQ, Avalanche, Whirlwind build): The Windsh1tter (a Physical Whirlwind/Overpower build): It should be noted that outside of the zDPS build or off-meta ("For Fun") groups, Whirlwind has no place in the current group meta and should not be played in higher group Greater Rifts. For 2.6.1 zDPS builds, see this thread: Spin to win, Barbs. And good luck. ======================================== Part 6: FAQ ======================================== Q. What is a Whirlwind build? A. A whirlwind build is any build in which the primary damage dealing skill is whirlwind. Q. Is there a video where I can see some truly end-game gameplay? A. Yes, courtesy of Wroboss: That's his 102 clear. In addition, he was kind enough to answer some a brief Q&A about the build in this thread. You can find those posts here: And here: Q. What about IK 6 + WW 2? A. IK 6 is no longer a viable WW build for pushing grifts. The Immortal King set is much better suited to Rend, HoTA, Raekor, and SS builds. But if you want to be a dirty heathen, be my guest. Q. What about IK 6 + Bk? A. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No. The IK Whirlwind build, while perfectly fine for low pushes and speed-farming T13, is not competitive with Zodiac Whirlwind. Q. Isn't there another Istvan's guide? A. Yes, King Ben wrote one, though by now it is outdated. You can find it here: Tee also made a video about it here: Q. What happened to Whirlwind's tick rate in 2.4.3? And what changed with regards to Dust Devils? A. The short answer is that they nerfed it. Check this out: What's more, the behavior of Whirlwind's Dust Devils was modified as well: My theory is this. When they went in to change the tick rate of Whirlwind to make it perform better, they discovered a bug or broken string of code that was previously causing us to occasionally get a dud Dust Devil (a Dud Devil, get it, GET IT?!?). So, while Whirlwind tick rates were nerfed (reduced in frequency), Dust Devils were doubly buffed--both in damage output and in making sure they connect with enemy hit boxes and deal damage. For the record, here's the new Breakpoint Table: Q. Do we need to worry about the nerfed breakpoints? A. No, not really. But if you want to optimize around attack speed (which will still net you some very high clears), check the disclaimer at the top of the OP for a breakpoint calculator. Q. Did they fix the BK set's interaction with the Zodiac ring in 2.6.1? A. Yes! The BK set now procs Zodiac as well, if not slightly better, than the IB set! Q. Do Ancient weapons really make that much of a difference? A. Yes. Make them priority number one. Q. Do Primal weapons really make that much of a difference? A. Not unless your Ancient weapons were crap. Still, a perfect Primal is GG, hands down. Q. Are you really the best dressed Barb? A. Absolutely. Q. Do you proc Strongarms? A. Every day, all day. Q. Does the DPS of my offhand sword matter? A. Yes, it matters. The higher DPS sword should be in your main hand, but the DPS of your offhand sword should be as high as possible. Q. Does WW alternate hands for damage? A. Yes. Q. Should I roll 10% damage on weapons? A. Not unless there is no better option. There are instances where this can work, but it depends on a lot of gear factors. Q. How much CHC vs CHD? A. Check this wonderful calculator: Q. How much Armor vs All Resist? A. Check out this other amazing mitigation calculator: Q. My CDR isn't stacking properly! What gives? A. Quin explains all: In short, the effectiveness of CDR and how it displays on your sheet are not the same. Q. How can I get my transmogs to look as good as yours? A. You can't. Q. Is Lady Barb better than Dude Barb? A. Always. Q. Can this build compete with the IK/Raekor hybrid or the revamped MOTE sets? A. Right now, it's absolutely out-performing MOTE, IK HOTA, pure R6 Charge. The jury is still out with regards to IK6+R4 Charge. Give it a season or two and we'll find out which is stronger. My money's on Whirlwind. Q. Is Area Damage really that strong? A. Absolutely. Q. How does AD work? A. Check out Quin's video: Also, check out Nubtro's thread:' Q. Should I swap CHC or CHD for AD? A. See the CHC vs CHD info above. But generally, no. Q. Does Bloodshed cause terrible lag? A. It used to. We don't seem to have that problem anymore. Q. What about the 6 Waste / 4 IK WW build? Is that viable? A. No. Q. What do I do if I'm an anti-intellectual, anti-feminist piece of alt-right human garbage? A. Go !@#$ yourself. Q. Is Bane of the Stricken really that good? A. Yes, though it depends on the circumstance. If you're doing speed clears, swap Stricken for Trapped or Wreath of Lightning. Q. When should I incorporate Bane of Stricken into my build? A. It depends on how fast you are clearing GR tiers. Generally, I advise players to start adding it into their builds between 65-70. Anything higher than 70 will all but require Stricken. Q. Will Stricken help me clear the rift faster? A. Because of the ICD after each stack applied to a target, Stricken is all but useless for clearing trash. It will help with elites, but only if it takes you more than a minute or two to kill them. Grouping, AD, and Bloodshed procs are still your best allies for clearing rifts. Q. Are you the Captain? A. ... Q. Isn't 6/2 the same as that Rend build that was popular during Season 4? A. No. 6/2 refers to Waste 6, BK 2 WW builds where WW is the primary damage skill. The Rend build, commonly known as 4x Rend, is IK 6, Waste 2, and uses Rend as it's primary damage skill. Q. How exactly does the Zodiac ring work? A. For more specific information, give this a thorough read: Q. What should Serro roll in Season 10? A. Wizard. Q. What should Serro roll in Season 11? A. Wizard. Q. What should Serro roll in Season 12? A. Wizard. No, wait. A Barb! Q. What's your fondest WW memory? A. The clear I'm most proud of happened in Era 4, just before the close of Season 4, where I cleared 64 non-season (no Stricken) while under 900 paragon. For screenshots and specific details, see this thread: Q. What's an IK Truther? A. An IK Truther is someone who thinks IK Whirlwind is as good or competitive with Zodiac Whirlwind. They tend to say things like, "The two builds are only a few tiers apart," or, "No more than 5, definitely not more than 5." Often, this is preceded by the IK Truther Slippery Slope (see below). In reality, the gap is 5-10 tiers, maybe more. Time will tell. But no, IK Whirlwind is not competitive with Zodiac Whirlwind. Q. What's the IK Truther Slippery Slope? A. As follows: ... ======================================== Change Log ======================================== Edit 9/9/2015: Updated FnR build to Strongarm bracers, added stat goals, clarified RG fight. Edit 9/10: Updated skills, gear, and added more info on how to play build. Edit 9/13: Updated FAQ with calculators for DPS and mitigation. Edit 9/13: Linked to Diablofans build, updated skills to correct missing Weapon Master passive, corrected passive discussion, and discussed paragon distribution. Edit 9/15: Skull Grasp is bad and should never be worn. Edit 9/17: Update FAQ for questions about Zodiac and Ice Climbers, clarified passive skills and Hellfire preference, added Requirements sections closer to top of builds, and re-formatted post. Edit 9/20: Updated builds and FAQ for more notes on CDR, updated secondaries on amulets. Edit: 9/26: Updated builds and FAQ for more info on AD. Edit 9/29: Updated FAQ about 6/4 WW. Edit 10/1: Updated builds and FAQ with info on Stricken, RG fights, WW in season vs non-season, and its relation to 4x Rend. Edit 10/10: Corrected typos, edited follower meta, and other general edits. Edit 11/5: Added information about Zodiac ring. Edit 12/12: Updated skills (Rend to Overpower) and FAQ. Edit 12/17: Updated FAQ with info on highest clear, updated skills, passives. Edit 1/17: Updated guide for 2.4. Edit 1/18/2016: Updated build options and FAQ. Edit 1/20: Updated speed-farming and group-play build modifications. Edit 1/21: Updated speed-farming options, corrected typos. Edit 1/23: Updated info about IAS in the build and how to play in Greater Rifts. Edit 1/24: Edited info on how to play build in GRs and what to look for in terms of maps. Edit 3/26: Updated the guide to 2.4.1. Edit 4/12: Updated guide due to the results of CDR vs IAS on 2.4.1 PTR. Many thanks to Archael for helping me test. Read the full post here: Edit 4/26: Edited some info. Patch 2.4.1 drops. Whatevs. Edit 6/18: Updated speed-farming info and LoN WW builds. Edit 1/5/2017: Updated guide for 2.4.3. Edit 1/11: Updated build info, cleaned up formatting, and included new breakpoint info in FAQ. Edit 1/12: Updated guide, corrected errors. Edit 1/30: Updated build and added valuable life advice to FAQ. Edit 3/8: Updated follower information. Edit 4/6: Updated to 2.5, included info on other two variants, and re-organized info. Edit 4/6: Updated info for Hardcore, fixed general errors. Edit 4/19: Updated builds and corrected errors. Edit 7/5: Updated for 2.6 (zero changes to the build but did emphasize that the IB variants are outperforming the BK variant at the highest tiers). Also, Serro should roll a Wizard. Edit 7/25: Updated build guide for more gear options (rings and swords), average damage, and updated FAQ to include Wroboss's 102 clear. Edit 10/26: Updated to 2.6.1. Other updates, including an early-Season starter guide, are in progress. Also added info about IK Truthers to the FAQ. Edit 11/5: Updated follower section and added new section, Common Problems, to help players troubleshoot common problems with the build. Edit 12/24: Added a more detailed density pop quiz in the How To Play the Build section. Edit 12/27: Updated information on fishing Greater Rifts.Free2898 1d
1d PTR Request: Weapon Throw Barbs need a Weapon Throw set. Let's brainstorm.DieHard12 1d
2d [Guide] - Frenzy Thorns OVERVIEW Frenzy Thorns! I feel as if this build were handed down to me by the Blizzard Gods at a personal request. Here's what it offers: the best single target Barbarian build possible, extreme tankiness, outstanding group support, high cooldown, high attack speed, and NO CRITICAL HIT CHANCE OR DAMAGE! Absolutely ideal for my personal interpretation of the Barbarian and how the play style should be for our beloved class. Things have changed a little bit so I've done a revision. Although this is my ideal build, it has one major drawback that should be disclosed: FRENZY THORNS HAS THE MOST DEMANDING GEAR IN THE GAME!!!. Just remember that this is a progression build! It gets better as you go, but it takes some time. It's going to eat up your mats like nobody's business, however, the end result is quite rewarding + makes for a very fun/enjoyable build. VARIATIONS SOLO - With ideal rolls: 60% CDR, 446k Thorns, 91k LoH, 38k Armor, 1500+ All Res, 2k+ Phys res, 2.57 APS. This one's a little more realistic/attainable, and more along the lines of what Archael is running: GROUP - Same as above, replacing one 7 IAS roll for 8 CDR. This gives you perm Mob Rule, but requires one attack speed buff from your party to hit your Breakpoint. SPEEDS - Swap out St. Archews for GoW. WC for Sprint, Iron Hide for Bravado, Maniac for Vanguard. 150% movement speed with WotB active + the ability to FC all over the place. PRIORITIES 1. Ancient - your items must be ancient to get the full LoN bonuses. In most cases you'll have to start with some placeholder items until you get the desired item ancient. There's a full gear and stat list below which is going to be your end goal, but you won't necessarily have all of these ancient items, so you'll have to make due with what you have until you acquire them. GOAL- every slot. 2. Thorns - the next major source of damage. Once all of your items are ancient, you want to make sure that they also have thorns secondary rolls. Shoulders, Chest, Amulet, and Belt slots all have higher thorns rolls (max 9500) compared to other slots (max 3500). You may also have placeholder items that have thorns and a not-so-desirable main stat. Be patient and go with the priorities until you can get ideal gear. You can't roll thorns on the weapons we use. GOAL - every slot. 3. CDR - this could almost be #1 priority, and should probably be viewed that way. Perm IP and low WotB downtime make/break this build. 58% CDR is minimum required for this build. This is to keep Iron Hide up permanently in solo runs. 63.33% is needed to keep perm Mob Rule. You want CDR on both weapons, both rings, shoulders, amulet, and gloves. Do NOT have less than 58% CDR and expect to be successful. GOAL - 58% solo, 64% group. 4. Life on Hit - extremely important to your survivability. This will be a major factor in your Passives selection, bracer slot, and grift progression. If you don't have enough LoH, you simply won't be able to stay alive or go as far solo. Once you acquire enough LoH, you can ditch Nerves of Steel passive for Rampage, and you can ditch Secheron bracers for Nems or Andy's. Both helps immensely for solo progression and damage output. As far as choosing Nems or Andy's, it really comes down to personal preference or group composition. Weapon and Amulet slots are the highest LoH rolls. You can get 80k with max rolls on those 3 + your paragon. Bracers, Gloves, and Rings are the other slots you can acquire LoH. GOAL - 75-120k. 5. Attack Speed - too much emphasis on attack speed can actually hinder you at first, even though it's a very crucial aspect to this build. We have a very good breakdown later in the guide that will help you with breakpoints, FPS, APS, and all that. To start, you want IAS at least on both rings and one gear slot. GOAL - 19% Here is a detailed explanation on why it is crucial to have on your weapons: AREA DAMAGE Area Damage does nothing for us. There was a bug on the PTR where Hack was proc'ing AD, but it has been fixed. Do not waste any rolls on Area Damage. GEAR Helm: Andariel's Visage- Phys/Str/7ias/Socket Thorns or Leoric's Crown - Str/Vit/LoH/Socket Thorns - Always socketed with Diamond Chest: Aquila Cuirass - Str/Vit/All Res/Elite dmg reduction Thorns Belt: Pride of Casius - Str/Vit/Life%/All Res Thorns Pants: Swamp Land Waders - 20% phys Str/Vit/All Res - Thorns Boots: Illusory Boots - Str/Vit/Res/Armor - Thorns Gloves: St. Archews/Gloves of Worship* Str/Vit/Ias/Cdr/LoH Thorns Bracers: Sanguinary/Secheron*/Nemesis*/Lacunis* Phys%/Str/Vit/Loh Thorns Shoulders: Skele Shoulders/Homing Pads/Zakara or best you have with Str/Vit/All Res/Cdr Thorns Amulet: Eye of Etlich/Cameo* Etlich is best for progression. A good Cameo or Hellfire goes a long way. Ess of Johan, Overwhelming Desire, or anything with a usable affix will work. This is a tough slot to acquire an ideal roll. You'll have to placeholder for a while unless you're very lucky. Phys%/LoH/Cdr/Str Thorns Rings: LoN Str/Ias/Cdr/Loh Thorns Weapons: Hack and Oathkeeper. Ideally you want to roll the damage off of both. Str/Ias/Loh/Cdr/Vit - Socketed with topaz. CUBE: Bastion's, Secheron/Leoric's*/Nems*, COE SWAMP LAND WADERS They won't let me select Swamp Land Waders for the Barbarian in D3 Planner, but these are the pants you want to wear in every scenario because of the 20% Physical boost. My current ones have Intelligence and no all resists, but they're better than any other option because of the 20% Phys. You'll have to gamble on a WD and hope for the best. Ideal roll is Ancient - 20 Phys/Int/Vit/All Res with Thorns secondary. This way you can roll the Int to Strength. Good luck with that, folks, but use whatever you can in the meantime. If you cube them on a Barb, they still roll with Int. HEART OF IRON: This kind of raises a bit of a dilemma. If you want to use HoI, you''re forced to replace the armor slot in your cube. Or you can wear it and cube Aquila. I personally prefer wearing a physical Andy's and cubing Leoric's. Another source of phys damage and ias is pretty sweet, especially if you need a little boost to hit the next bp. You should try both and see which you like best, or use what you have available to you. Always augment strength, even if using HoI, because the Thorns you get from each point of strength is more valuable than what you get from vitality even while wearing HoI. My personal opinion: HoI is not an option in its current state. SKILLS Frenzy - Maniac or Vanguard only. Maniac for grifting, Vanguard for speeds/bounties. FC - Merciless Assault - Best mobility skill in the game. Threatening Shout - Falter or Demoralize Warcry - Impunity or whichever your party needs from you. For speeds/bounties, I replace this with Sprint- Marathon Ignore Pain - Bravado for speeds, Iron Hide for solo, Mob Rule for group Wrath of the Berserker - Insanity Leap - Iron Impact - This is an optional skill if you're struggling early on or if you want to switch things up a bit. This skill alone will jump you up a few GR levels in survivability, but has a long animation time. This forces you to stop swinging and becomes quite detrimental to our build, especially in solo grifts. For groups, you can also use Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash in this skill slot. For solo, this should be WC if you don't need the extra mitigation to survive. The 150% armor bonus from Iron Impact translates to damage reduction as follows: Armor <> TaN <> TaN+paragon <> TaN+paragon+War Cry 15,000 <> 50.28% <> 46.39% <> 43.69% 20,000 <> 51.28% <> 47.24% <> 44.44% 25,000 <> 51.90% <> 47.77% <> 44.91% 30,000 <> 52.33% <> 48.13% <> 45.23% 35,000 <> 52.63% <> 48.39% <> 45.45% 40,000 <> 52.86% <> 48.58% <> 45.63% 45,000 <> 53.05% <> 48.74% <> 45.76% 50,000 <> 53.19% <> 48.86% <> 45.87% Iron Impact is like another Ignore Pain. PASSIVES Boon of BK - mandatory Tough As Nails - mandatory Nerves of Steel - crucial Berserker Rage - crucial Rampage - crucial once you acquire enough LoH to replace Nerves. HUGE damage + toughness boost. Relentless - can swap for either "crucial" passive. Secheron + Relentless provides outstanding survivability when you have proper LoH and APS. Relentless + NoS makes it really hard to die. Ruthless - optional. I personally love using Ruthless, but some say that it's pointless for this build. If you use it, you'll see that once the elites/RG's hit 30% health, they're obliterated. I love the synergy with Stricken, but the naysayers say Stricken is what makes it pointless. Preference. GEMS Boyarsky Stricken Trapped/Gogok - you shouldn't wear Gogok unless you're lacking CDR/IAS early on or in groups (to hit that Mob Rule 64%). Trapped is just too stronk once you've acquired all the priorities. It's interaction with Sanguinary Bracers is unmatched for our build. All Diamonds in gear. GAMEPLAY Fairly simple: rush to elites and mow them down. Lure big groups of whites to your elites and let Sang Bracers obliterate everything around you. Sang is a major part of your damage (even to elites), and our only source of AOE. You can move around the map flawlessly with FC if the density allows, just make sure to hit at least 3-5 monsters or objects when charging. Keep IP up constantly, you MUST have 58% CDR or you're eventually going to die. Your main source of surviving is attacking, so it's win-win. Keep swinging with Frenzy and you'll stay alive while killing everything. Try to time your WotB with COE's physical cycle on elites. When COE hits the Physical cycle, the fight is typically over. You can get two phys cycles out of it if you time it correctly. I love using Arcane sentries for extra healing on Arcane packs, which will be your biggest enemy if not wearing a Cameo. If wearing a Cameo, lightning affixes seem to be your worst enemy. Frozen Pulse, Thunderstorm, Frozen, Orbiter, Electrified, and homing affixes that attack you while standing still are what you really want to avoid. The best way to avoid damage is to FC away from those stand still affixes and DO NOT STOP SWINGING. Relentless + Secheron makes it almost impossible to die while attacking, but eventually you'll have enough LoH to tank anything in the game while attacking. Remember that FC isn't dealing damage when you're spec'd for Thorns, so it's just for mobility and re-positioning. Once you lock onto an elite, just hold that left click down and watch the life drain. Illusory boots make it so you can lock on and not have to worry about anything. Hit your TS and IP every time they're available, and WotB on elites with COE phys cycle. There isn't a single RG in the game that can actually kill you, and most take less than 3 minutes to kill. Lock on and rip em up. RG's with adds are even better because the adds proc Sang's and rip chunks out of their life bar. IAS BREAKPOINTS re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- 5.19497 | 1.38532 | 5.4545 | 11 | 1.06563487179 ias needed for 1.3 wspd (~6.57%) 5.71446 | 1.52385 | 6.0000 | 10 | 1.17219692308 " (~17.22%) 6.34940 | 1.69317 | 6.6666 | 9 | 1.30244102564 " (~30.45%) 7.14308 | 1.90482 | 7.5000 | 8 | 1.46524717949 " (~46.53%) 8.16352 | 2.17693 | 8.5714 | 7 | 1.67456820513 " (~67.46%) <----AT LEAST here 9.52410 | 2.53976 | 10.000 | 6 | 1.95366153846 " (~95.37%) <--- optimal 11.4289 | 3.04771 | 12.000 | 5 | 2.34438974359 " (~134.44%) <--- requires party buffs re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- fre_aps = real frenzy attacks per second chr_aps = character screen attacks per second tps = ticks per second fpa = frames per animation ias = increased attack speed aps = attacks per second Muah! Courtesy of Nubtro from Reddit. I still say you guys should be attempting for 10 aps breakpoint for group runs & try to hit 12 aps with group buffs. As said by many others before, there is a direct correlation between your damage output & attacks per second & stricken makes it exponentially sweeter. With 12 aps in group runs (vs 8.5 or 10 when buffed) you may be able to scale down your LoH or go farther with the LoH you have now. Example of stricken's effectiveness with 5 seconds on an elite: 7.5 aps- 37.5 stacks 8.5 aps- 42.5 10 aps- 50 12 aps- 60 On a 35 second GRG: 7.5- 262.5 8.5- 297.5 10- 350 12- 420 What are breakpoints? Maths ... ... Let me know if I missed any important topics or areas of concern. I typically don't write guides, but Frenzy is my favorite! Thanks to everybody for all of your research and testing. Nubtro obviously provided much of the information and maths that are included in gear, skill, rune, gem, and passive selection. Archael, who has also provided me with a lot of info, has been our front runner and most successful Frenzy Thorns Barb so far. The best thing about this build is that it's easily customizable, and has endless possibilities. We've only just begun to tap into it and see how well it performs. We'd all like to see successful variations of this build, and any additional or new information is always greatly appreciated. This guide will always be updated as the season and build progress, just bear with me at times when it takes me a bit! Please feel Free, then add anything and I'll edit accordingly. Cheers!!Conan2220 2d
2d OP low level gear Any non weapon that is low level and completely OP. Something to spend shards on if I cap early that gives alot of +dmg to some good leveling skill.GameGenie3 2d
2d [Guide] 2.61 IK HoTA - Istvans Build Greetings brothers! Below will attempt to put some light on Hammer of The Ancients aka “HoTA”, Immortal King based build that was one of the all-time favorites for many barbs. I did not create this build, it was created back in a days by few well known barbs (King Benjamin will be the one to blame for making it so popular as well as he is the one to blame for this guide because I’m writing it almost on his direct request), several folks have contributed to that build back than (of course there is Nubtro, CC123, most of <Fray> mates and forum regulars from back than like Eduw) and this is the case today, we have had tons of discussions about this build in past few weeks and a lot of appreciation should go towards Tom, Tensor, Thetabob, Felix and several others who were actively theory crafting and sharing tests results. You can find the original HoTA guide by King Benji here: Just keep in mind that that guide was for patch 2.4 and a lot of info and discussion there is outdated. As usual if you are new to this build or barb overall, I would recommend reading everything from top to bottom, because all information is kind of evenly distributed. Basically I’m trying to avoid situation when you will just copy skills and come back after couple hours saying it doesn’t work, which will happen if you are new to this build and do so, if you read it in its entirety you have a really good shot on understanding more. Gameplay section is not finished yet, but it will be updated some time soon, for now, let’s go! Basic terminology used: - BoM – Band of Might - CoE – Convention of elements - APD’s – Ancient Parthan Defenders - CDR – Cooldown Reduction - RCR – Resource Cost Reduction - Insanity – Wrath of the Berserker, Insanity rune - TS – Threatening Shout - Falter – Threatening Shout, Falter rune - F+R – Focus and Restraint, aka Bastions of Will ring set - CHC – Critical Hit Chance - CHD – Critical Hit Damage - AD – Area Damage - LPFS – Life per Fury Spend - HGB – Healing Globe Bonus - EW – Endless Walk set - CR – Compass Rose - TP – Travelers Pledge - IB – Istvans Paired Blades aka Istvans - IK – Immortal King - WC – War Cry - AC – Aquilla Cuirass - SA – Strongarms - CoTA – Call of The Ancients - TaO - Together as One - BoTFM – Bracers of The First Man - FoTA – Fury of the Ancients shoulder - HFA – Hellfire amulet I. Basic stuff, in form of Q nad A What gear do I need to get started? Ideally: - 6 pieces of Immortal King set - Fury of The Ancient shoulder - Bracers of the First Man - Convention of Elements/Band of Might(cube one with worse rolls) - Istvans Paired Blades - Endless Walk jewelry set If you are early season or simply don’t have all the gear yet, you can build around same basic pieces but with: - F+R and HFA with BoM in cube instead of Endless walk (you will be missing CoE burst damage) - In case of not having Istvans, you can use combination of Pigsticker with Doombringer (you will go physical than, not fire) Sunkeeper (this build don’t have any “native” elite damage build in, as we don’t use Furnace) Burning Axe of Sanxis (fire) Azuwerath (cold) Ingeom (farming) or virtually any other dual wield weapon combination, for giggles you can even do it with Bul-Khatos Oath (WW weapons) as they can roll max fury and lpfs which are pretty vital stats in this build. You can also play with Gavel of Judgment and Furnace, it is perfectly viable as well. Istvans set is the most optimized weapons for this build, everything else will always give you worse results. But, as I said, if for some reasons you cannot get well rolled Istvans – or any Istvans – you can use just about anything, because base power of this build lays in cubable GoJ, IK set bonus and Bracers of the First Man, Istvans are simply providing the best synergy with build in attack speed/armor and separate 30% multiplier to damage. What do I need in my cube? To have some options, you will get these: - Gavel of Judgment - Aquilla Cuirass, Magefist, Strongarms, Bracers of the first man - BoM and CoE plus Avarice for some T13 farming What will be best to use in cube? At the beginning it will depend on one item. Your Bracers of the First Man and quality of legendary affix you will get. They have pretty wide range on that affix (375-500) and this alone means 29.5% of difference in damage between lowest (4.75 multi) and highest (6.0 multi) roll which is huge. If you have bracers that have roll in 375-450 range, you will use GoJ/BoTFM/BoM or CoE in cube (TP setup where you can use both CoE and BoM) and will ware Strongarms (Nemezis for Farming lower GR are always an option, just saying). Strongarms will be procced everytime you will FC into mobs which you will do anyways to keep BoM going. If your Bracers have “higher end” roll (450%+) you will get few options, so obviously you will try to farm good quality bracers to give you some so called freedom (so called, because in reality only one composition of items and cubed powers will be strongest for pushing). If you have good bracers your Cube slot can have Magefist (DPS, fire variant) Strongarms (DPS, any variant) Aquilla Cuirass (Mitigation, any variant). Regardless of what you will have in armor slot, your weapon slot in cube will be always Gavel of Judgment for dual wield setup (Furnace for GoJ used in hand setup) and Either CoE or BoM (Endless walk setup, you will cube whatever has worse rolls) or BoM for F+R+HFA setup (again, F+R is not going to be stronger than EW variant, but a lot of things happen in early season, and getting good Endless walk set may be difficult at first) What legendary and armor gems will I need? Bane of the Trapped, Bane of the Stricken, Bane of the Powerful, Pain Enhancer are your basic gems. Obviously you will only use 3 out of those, but Powerful vs Pain Enhancer is still pretty open topic, for farming Powerful is really awesome, for end game pushing Pain Enhancer seems to be taking over. Hoarder for T13 farming is always welcomed, some folks are using Gogok or Esoteric as well, but all you have to know is that Trapped+ Stricken and PE or Powerful are your safe bet. As usual in our case, your armor gems will be a choice or blend of Rubies and Diamonds, at certain point you will go all diamonds as our All Resistance is typically weakest link in our mitigation. You will use Amethyst in helmet to increase your life pool, this build don’t need any cooldown reduction at all, so Diamond there will be a waste. How this build operates? Unlike MoTE, this build is very straight forward. Furious Charge for mobility, “agro” and activating Band of Might bonus while backing up Fury, Hammer of the Ancients as a spender that resets cooldown of CoTA and Insanity via (4) piece set bonus, (2) piece set bonus translates into straight 50% damage mitigation (ancients lasting till they die with Together as One rune) (6) piece set bonus is flat damage increase. Cubed GoJ provides DPS boost while helping with Fury maintenance, BoTFM are straight DPS thru HoTA multiplier and Attack speed boost. Build have pretty balanced damage output in terms of Single Target/Density damage, Density will get destroyed with Bloodshed and AD procs, single target will melt with Stricken stacks coped with high attack speed. Fury of The Ancient shoulder is giving you “Ancient Fury” rune on CoTA for free, which will help in maintaining fury globe. That’s all there is to it. Are they any “fixed” values of stats I have to pay attention to? Nothing really set in stone, but key things you need to know about this build: - Due to the nature of Hammer of The Ancients as a skill that grants you 1% CHC for every 5 points of Fury available, with proper gearing you can reach astronomically high critical hit chance. Look at this: 162 Fury is all you can get with non-GoJ setup. This equals to 32% CHC (rounded down, you need even 5 points to get 1% CHC, that means that 10 fury on belt for a total of 160 is perfectly acceptable) Insanity gives you 10% Battle Rage gives you 3% Total CHC from Fury, Insanity and BR is 45% plus 5% native and 5% paragon, so 55% is our default CHC 10% Amulet 10% Gloves 6% Bracers 12% Both Rings 6% Helmet That's 44%% CHC assuming perfect rolls. 44+55=99 This means that with perfect rolls you can have up to 99% chance to critically hit. This have a pretty important implications, because it means in “simple English” that your Critical Hit Damage turns into highest priority stat and every 1% CHC you are missing is flat 1% DPS loss. - If you are using PE as your gem, getting 7% IAS rolls on Istvans will provide you with “scaling” with density, because (very simplified for clarity) formula for your attack speed is Weapon attack speed x (1+ all sources of additive attack speed) x 1.5 (BoTFM 50% modifier) So rolling 7%IAS on Istvans will increase their base attack speed from 1.4 to 1.5 making any value inside additive bracket (like 3% for every bleeding enemy form PE) more effective. - Bloodshed and Area Damage are the “driving force” of this build. Maxing out CHC and CHD is direct buff to Bloodshed, Getting AD where you can is very important part of min-maxing. - CHC is a stat that can – in certain circumstances – be compromised. If you are trying to optimize your attack speed or experimenting with average damage (pretty viable option, especially in case of 1h weapons) in certain slots you can allow for replacing this CHC with AS/AVG/AD. We have done some basic calculations and CHC does not provide additional “scaling” to AD or Bloodshed, each 1%CHC is pretty much overall 1% DPS. Since with perfect rolls you can get 99%, missing one roll on ring or on helmet will not break your build, especially if it will be replaced with something that in a long run provides another DPS benefit What is the weakest side of this build? Pretty difficult to put the finger on it. It will be very dependent on you as a player, playstyle you will develop and gear you will have. For some it will be your sustain with IB setup. For others DPS. In certain situations you will find it lacking mitigation. Overall this build is very well rounded, it does not have clear weak points. Mobility may be of some struggle to some, but nothing to really worry about. What should I prioritize in paragon? Tab 1 – max Fury, it acts like 10% CHC->Movement speed Tab 2 – CHD->CHC->Attack speed Tab 3 – All Res/Life/Armor Tab 4 – Area Damage->LPH Here you don’t want to put any points in Resource Cost Reduction, because LpFS on belt is your major healing source, and spending less Fury will result in less healing received II. The Gear, The Works Fortunately, rolls on gear are pretty straight forward, we are going to maximize CHC/CHD and AD where we can, maintain as much toughness as possible and maybe – if we can – optimize attack speed in a way to gain most out of Stricken vs single target fights. Helmet – STR/15%HoTA/CHC with physical resistance secondary, pickup radius as the second. There is only 2 slots where you can get 15% HoTA, this is one of them. If you cannot get such helmet, take 15% HoTA over 6% CHC if you can, 15% HoTA will be higher DPS gain than 6%CHC in any scenario (we had whole bunch of calculations done on that, credit to Tensor for helping in clearing it up a bit) Pants –STR/VIT/AllRes with Life after Each kill and pickup radius secondary. We don’t have too many places where we can get All Res, so try hard to get them where they suppose to be. This build is very “in your face” and you have to get your toughness up there. Boots – STR/VIT/AllRes/15% HoTA. Healing globe bonus and pickup radius are desired secondaries. You absolutely want to get 15% HoTA here, aside of helmet it is the only place you can get this roll and this build – unlike EQ – don’t have high sources of additive damage, these 2 rolls are 30% to very small pool of dibs, that’s a lot of damage. Chest –STR/VIT/AllRes with melee/ranged deduction or HGB seconadries will be your safe bet. However any well rolled chest can be used in this slot, by well rolled I mean any combination of STR/VIT/Elite damage deduction/15% life and good secondaries (in general if you don't have Allres on chest you will like to have either physical resistance or melee/ranged deduction to kind of compensate for missing mitigation) Gloves –CHC/CHD/AD/STR with Physical res are best gloves for most people. If you are really lucky and high paragon, Quadfecta Ancients with CHC/CHD/AD/Attack Speed are end game if you will try to optimize your attack speed vs single target. Shoulder – STR/VIT/AD/X. X will be either All Res (your secondary should be HGB than) or 15% Life (your secondary than can be physical resistance. They do exist, I have one with native physical resistance). Belt – STR/VIT/LpFS/X with 10-12 Max fury secondary (this is 2% CHC) and either pickup radius or chance to freeze. Don’t prioritize chance to freeze over proper primary rolls and max fury, if you happen to have it or you can roll it while keeping all primaries intact good for you, in general Freeze is just your debuff and maybe in some rare circumstances you will be able to use APD’s as bracers but this roll is not critical with BoM as mandatory ring. As you can see, one of the primary rolls stand as “X”, it typically will be All Res, but you may get a belt that will drop with STR/VIT/LpFS/AllRes and proper secondaries, this will give you an option on experimenting with 15% life in place of AllRes, you may find either or working fine. Bracers – 20%Elemental/CHC/STR/VIT with melee/ranged or physical res secondary, regardless of the type of bracers you will use. If you happen to have Life per Hit instead of Vitality there, don’t panic, it contributes to your sustain quite a bit, it is not wasted stat, LPH is on “once per cast” rate, you will be “casting” with anything between 2-5 times per second. 10k LPH there is 50k life recovered per second in density. Amulet – 20%Elemental/CHD/CHC/Socket with Physical res/melee/ranged deduction. HGB is good secondary as well. Stacking on HGB can really make a visible difference in GR, not to mention it will make Bloodthirst – if you will use that passive – really effective. Ring1 (non Compass Rose) –CHC/CHD/Socket/X with physical res. HGB, life after Each Kill are good secondaries. Life After Kill is pretty amazing once you stack enough of it unintentionally. “X” is where you will look for AD, AS, or AVG DMG depending on how you will be optimizing your build. In general you will go for as much AD as possible, and AS optimization will be more of a bonus rather than priority. Ring 2 (Compass Rose) - CHC/CHD/Socket/X/X. This ring is a nightmare to get rolled properly, you will always have movement speed and STR on it as default rolls, so if you can get STR/CHC/CHD with either AD or Attack speed, call it a day. Most likely you will be running around with CR that will have vitality or some other not so highly desired roll, but all you can do is pray to Rngesus for some blessing:) Weapon – If you are using Istvans – which you should if you look for highest damage output build – STR/7%IAS/24%AD seems to be currently the most effective way of doing things. As I said before, 7%IAS will give you good scaling in density with PE, AD is one of the most important stats in this build. Keep in mind that there are “acceptable” rolls like elite damage or LpH that can work, but they will very likely be suboptimal. If you happen to have Ancient set of Istvans with high damage range but a bit suboptimal primaries (as long as you can get something DPS related on them they are useable) you can use it to farm better weapons, no issues, 30% DPS, armor and attack speed will still be stronger than any non-istvans weapon build. As I mentioned before, if you don’t have Istvans at all, there is a long list of weapons you can use as temporary solution, get some attack speed, area damage maybe 10% damage, match HoTA element with the weapon you have (Doombringer is physical, Burning Axe of Sanxis is Fire, Azuwerath is Cold) and have a blast. Build is strong enough to carry you till you get Istvans. Soon season will show which stats on weapon will be absolutely the best and I will update this guide with absolutely strongest setup. Till then, enjoy it in a way you have it Edit 11/1/17: After doing a lot of math on attack speed and such, I recommend to read section V of this guide, there is a lot of numbers on attack speed there, you may find attack speed on weapons not necessary at all. III. Skills Mandatory active skills Battle Rage – Bloodshed. This is where a lot of your damage comes from. Wrath of the Berserker – Insanity. CHC, attack speed, dodge chance, movement speed and 50% damage increase on top of it. Do not even think about using any other rune here if you thinking about pushing with this build, WoTB is one of the two mandatory skills to keep 6 set bonus working Call of The Ancients – Together as One. 50% mitigation and second skill that have to be active to keep 6 set bonus working. They may be a pain in the neck sometimes, they will interrupt your aggro, they can keep elite occupied not when you need it, so keep an eye on them and recast them if they block doors, passages or corridors. (pro tip – apparently ancient snapshot is still working, so it is good practice to recast them when you are at your maximum attack speed from PE procs in density, this way they will remain at highest attack speed till next recast which helps a lot with your fury regen thru FoTA shoulders) Furious Charge – Merciless Assault. Mobility, agro, backup fury generator and BoM proc in one. Probably best mobility skill barb have, it will let you skip bad tiles or travel from elite to elite, density to density. In F+R variant it procs the Generator part of the set, if you using Strongarm bracers it procs them as well. Hammer of the Ancient – Smash. Fire rune has advantage over any other variant because it deals 640% weapon damage vs base 535%, this is flat 20% more DPS. If you using physical variant Birthright is very solid choice, sustain from it is really amazing. I didn’t test Rolling Thunder but it looks promising as well. Basically, you will push with Smash, if you don’t have all the gear just test what works best for you. Match Amulet/Bracers with element and take it to town. War Cry/Thretening Shout/Overpower/insert skill – Kind of “open” slot. War Cry is your safe bet, it will never fail you, but feel free to experiment with anything else. TS – Demoralize for better grouping and 20% debuff to incoming damage (20% damage less taken is very decent given that War Cry gives some armor and dodge chance/all res that may not really add up to flat 20% less damage), TS – Falter is extra DPS (you may entertain using Falter and swapping either Brawler/Berserker Rage for defensive/utility passive) Ground Stomp for SA proc and/or debuff, you can test it yourself. We all play same game but we do it differently. What works for one, may not work for another. Mandatory passive skills Rampage and Ruthless are your absolutely mandatory passives. DPS passive skills of your choice: Berserker Rage and Brawler are pure DPS passives. Defensive passive skills of your choice Nerves of Steel, Relentless, Superstition, and Tough as nails are your options. They all have their pros and cons, NoS is always good if you play aggressively, Relentless is really amazing on nasty floor effects under the density you are just trying to kill, Superstition offsets elemental damage and helps with maintaining Fury, Tough as Nails boosts your Armor. Utility passives of your choice Animosity and Bloodthirst are the two you will be looking at. Animosity gives you 20 fury which is 4% CHC, so keep that in the back of your head. 10% fury more generated and 4% CHC are pretty valuable in certain cases. Bloodthirst coped with HGB in secondary will make your sustain skyrocket. I will not even attempt to tell you which one to choose, get the mandatory passives and play it by ear. In next section I will break down gains from DPS passives and help you understand optimization, but I really like to leave choice up to you. You will find the right blend of skills, no worries. It is part of the journey. IV. A bit of Math to make your brain sweat OK, so, we have the gear and most of the basics covered. Let’s do a bit of numbers here, so you will be making a tad more educated choices when you will be optimizing your setup Let’s look on our additive damage: Battle rage - 10% That’s it. Whole 10% is all you have in this build before you will get any other sources of additive damage. This should tell you that HoTA rolls on gear as well as our additive passives (Berserker Rage and Brawler) will play quite a bit of role in our total damage dealt. Let’s get 15% HoTA on Boots: (1.25-1.1)/1.1 = 0.136 which is 13.6% more damage from one HoTA roll Let's throw 15% HoTA on helmet on top of it: (1.4-1.25)/1.25 = 0.12, which is another 12% damage gained. So, between 2 HoTA rolls you gained total of (1.4-1.1)/1.1 = 0.2727(27) which is 27.3% damage increase. This is actually really big, if you have troubles picturing it, imagine having 12000 STR and getting 3240 extra STR which equals to either 650 paragon or getting 8 level 80 augments on your gear. Got the picture? Never go without these 2 rolls, they are very easy to get. Now, let’s see what Strongarms are giving us in this setup (2 x 15% HoTA rolls) (1.7-1.4)/1.4 = 0.21 which is 21% damage. Keep in mind that this will never be 21% damage, it will be less due to few factors: - SA buff lasts 6 seconds, while you can charge only once every 8 seconds for BoM - it is given that you will hit Mobs that are not under SA buff, because you may swing your hammer around without FC’ing into mobs, pretty common practice to get some more bleeds going or when you struggling with fury a bit in density - Some mobs/RG’s are immune to knockback, so you will not get this going all the time - Some of AD and Bloodshed Procs will be calculated without this bonus due to above reasons So, Strongarms are really good alternative if your Bracers of the First man have lower legendary affix, because this way you can use BoTFM in cube and ware SA’s, but always remember that they don’t have super high consistency. Now, this 21% boost via SA’s is what we calculated but we still have 2 additive passives to look on. So, let’s go back to our base (1.4 with 2 hota rolls) and see how these passives are affecting our overall DPS, and then factor in SA’s. So, we have 1.4 base and we are taking Berserker Rage (1.65-1.4)/1.4 = 0.178, so 17.8% DPS when you will be above 95% fury (given you will have 160 fury, you need to have 152 fury available to keep this passive up). You will always have it up on RG, you should have it up about 70-80% thru the rift if you play properly. This passive alone when thrown on top of HoTA rolls gives you one GR level. Let’s see what Brawler alone (no Berserker rage) gives us: (1.6-1.4)/1.4 = 0.142 which is 14.2% increase, this passive will be 100% up, except RG’s that have zero spawns. There is quite a few of them, so you can draw conclusions yourself here if you want to compare these two passives. Basically you are talking 17.8% with 70% uptime during the rift and 100% uptime on RG vs 14.2 on 100% thru the rift but with 50/50 chance of it being down on RG, based on RG you will get. Let’s see what we get from both, cuz we are going glass cannon: (1.85-1.4)/1.4= 0.321 which is 32% DPS increased combined, even if we discount 20% out of it for downtime of BR and single target fights on Brawler, we still get about 25% DPS gain if we can afford to go all out on dps passives (Ruthless/Rampage/Brawler/Berserker Rage) which is definitely an option for “fishermans” or speedruns. If we throw SG’s on top of that combination we will get (2.15-1.85)/1.85 = 0.162 which is 16.2% which is still attractive on paper but keep consistency in mind and compare it with direct contender to the cube slot, Magefist Magefist will give you: - 16.6% if you don’t have 20% fire on amulet but you have it on bracers (which is pretty interesting option because you can roll with STR amulet and ancient TP with some augment may be as much as 8-10% DPS from STR if you have 15000 STR) - 14.2% if you have Fire on both, Amulet and Bracers. Magefist have no issues with uptime, any damage you deal when using Smash as your HoTA rune will get these multipliers, they are consistent 100% thru the rift. Your choice of Magefist vs Strongarms will be depending on only one factor, your BoTFM affix. As I said on top, difference between lowest and highest roll they can have is 29.5% of damage, so if you don’t have really good BoTFM you will be better off cubing them and wearing SA’s, while if you have high roll on BoTFM your best option will be to were them and cube Magefist. Since we have one “free” skill on the bar, technically you can get TS-Falter there. If you do so, this would be your DPS gains: With 2x HoTA rolls Falter is: (1.65-1.4)/1.4 = 0.178, so 17.8% DPS. No Sh!t Sherlock, it’s same 25% DIBS as Berserker Rage right? So you can safely assume that Falter + Brawler will be more or less same DPS as Brawler + Berserker Rage (so (1.85-1.4)/1.4= 32.1% increase over only 2x15% HoTA rolls), you need 95% fury for BR, you need to cast Falter every 6 seconds for them to be active. So in theory, you can consider dropping either Brawler of Berserker Rage for defensive passive and trying to compensate this loss with Falter on skill bar. Not saying that it will work for you, you may need toughness from WC or anything else you may have there, but keep this as option in the back of your head. V. The tale of Attack Speed, Pain Enhancer and Bane of the Powerful ... Ok, for those of you who like to know little more, here is the tale of attack speed, which is pretty curly to be honest, because based on all the feedback we getting, it seems that there is several ways to approach it. I will not tell you which way is the most optimal, best I can do is to help you understand how attack speed is influencing your performance and how – if possible – optimize it. What does Attack speed do for you? It makes you hit faster – obviously – but it is not as easy as it sounds. Game mechanics make it pretty complicated, because there are certain values – we call them breakpoints – that you have to reach to actually make any attack speed increase worth anything. If you rolled any attack speed on gear and you are not hitting next breakpoint, you are in the “dead zone” between them and these rolls are wasted stats that can be utilized better. Now this above turns into little more complicated issue if you are using Pain Enhancer, because this gem will give you 3% attack speed increase for every bleeding enemy within 20 yards (it will self-proc itself with your critical hits) which will mean that your attack speed will be fluctuating based on the density you have, more bleeding targets you will have around you, higher the attack speed will be, less targets in that 20 yards range, lower the attack speed will be. Powerful don’t have this “issue”, attack speed you will consciously reach, will be the constant attack speed regardless of the number of enemies around you. Let’s crack some numbers than and see what is what. You will see 2 major abbreviation thru this part, one is ASI and other is IAS. 99.99% of posts I read use either or regardless of what they are about, which is not proper way of expressing these things (yes it irks the %$@! out of me -_-). IAS – comes from “Increases Attack Speed by X” which is a roll that you can find ONLY on weapons. This roll increases your weapon’s base attack speed, it often is being referred to as “multiplicative”, because it works as a multiplier to your weapon attack speed. This roll is pretty interesting, because it makes all additive attack speed worth “more” in simple language. ASI – comes from “Attack Speed Increased by X” which is a roll that can be found on rings, gloves, amulet Witching Hour (belt) and Lacuni Prowlers (or legacy Steady Strikers). This attack speed is what we refer often to as “additive”, because it is thrown together into one bag with all other additive attack speed sources (like bonuses from dual wielding, WoTB attack speed bonus, all PE procs and so on). Sum of all this additive attack speed is multiplied by your weapon base attack speed and – if applicable – multiplicative attack speed sources (BoTFM are one of those). So, your basic attack speed formula is: Weapon attack speed x (1+ all additive sources of attack speed) x 1.5 from Bracers of the first Man We will be working in range of those breakpoints (values are in APS, Attacks Per Second): 3.777 –> 4.047 –> 4.358 –> 4.722 Full chart for these values can be found here: OK, so: Non 7%IAS Istvans weapon attack speed – 1.4 7%IAS Istvans weapon attack speed – 1.5 (it is result of base 1.4 x 1.07 form that roll on weapon) Standard and independent from your gear choices sources of additive attack speed present in the build: 0.1 - paragon 0.15 – dual wield bonus 0.25 – Wrath of The Berserker 0.3 – Istvans attack speed bonus at 5 stacks This is 0.8 all together Bracers of the first man are 1.5 separate multiplier to your attack speed, so you will never see calculated values from here in game, as BoTFM bonus is not reflected on your sheet stat. Base attack speed for non IAS Istvans with Insanity up: 1.4 x (1+0.8) x 1.5 = 3.78 (15 FPA, 4TPA) Base attack speed for 7% IAS Istvans and Insanity: 1.5 x (1+0.8) x 1.5 = 4.05 (14 FPA, 4.28 TPA) You can draw conclusion that even without any other sources of attack speed, 7%IAS on weapons gives IB HoTA an advantage in amount of actual hits vs single target, regardless of choice between PE or Powerful. Now, let’s see what PE and Enchantress with Focused mind brings into this: Each bleeding enemy – 0.03 Focused Mind – 0.03 Non IAS IB, Powerful, with 0.03 from Enchantress: 1.4 x 1.83 x 1.5 = 3.84 (still same 15 FPA, 4TPA) Non IAS, PE, Enchantress, single target (one 0.03% stack) 1.4 x 1.86 x 1.5 = 3.906 (still same 15 FPA) 7% IAS IB single target with PE and Enchantress: 1.5 x 1.86 x 1.5 = 4.185 (still same 14 FPA as just with 7%IAS on both weapons) We need 4.35 to get to 13 FPA breakpoint, which will give us slight advantage in single target fight (quite a few RG’s are pure single target), let’s get one roll of 7% ASI on gear somewhere and see what this gives us. Non IAS IB, Powerful, with enchantress and 7% on gear 1.4 x 1.90 x 1.5 = 3.99 Non IAS IB, PE, with enchantress and 7% on gear, single target 1.4 x 1.93 x 1.5 = 4.053 This is very interesting development here. If you using Istvans that have no attack speed but with Pain Enhancer, getting one roll of 7% ASI on gear and Enchantress with Focused Mind will actually give you next BP vs Single Target, as we moved from this: 1.4 x 1.86 x 1.5 = 3.906 (15 FPA) To 4.05 which is 14 FPA (4.047 is the deadline, so you need to have all 3 factors, PE, Enchantress and one 7% ASI on gear to make non IAS IB blades hit next BP for single target) OK, how about 7% IAS IB Blades in same scenario? We need 4.358 to get to 13 FPA, and we are getting: 1.5 x 1.93 x 1.5 = 4.342 Which means that we are still at 4.04 BP, and at 14 frames. To reach higher BP for single target IB blades with 7%IAS need 2 additional rolls of 7% ASI on gear, and if we will do that, we could safely ditch Enchantress and use Templar. Even without PE this remains true (1.5 x 1.94 x 1.5 = 4.365) which means that players who will use Powerful and will invest into 2x7%IAS on weapon and 2x7%ASI on gear will gain next BP. Expected returns on damage for that variant (Powerful, 2x7%IAS on weapons, 2x7%ASI on gear) are: 8.5% more attacks (4.358/4.047-1) Which translates into 8.5% more Bloodshed damage, single target damage, area damage and healing which you may find viable, as Powerful don’t scale with density as well as PE (credit to Tensor for coming up with some math for it, you can find here: ) To summarize that part a bit: If you are using Non-7% IAS Istvans blades with PE, getting one roll of 7% ASI on gear and Enchantress with focus Mind will give you higher breakpoint vs single target, putting it at the same BP vs single target as 7%IAS Istvans unless the latter (7%IAS variant) will get 2 additional 7% ASI rolls on gear. If you have no IAS on IB blades and are using PE, get one roll of 7% ASI on gear if you can. If you are not using PE but Powerful, getting weapons with 7% IAS and 2 rolls of 7% ASI on gear is certainly viable option as it buffs both the damage and healing from all sources by about 8.5%. But if you have no issues staying alive, getting 10% damage on weapons or elite damage on weapons instead of attack speed is certainly viable, it will negatively impact your stricken stacking vs RG (non IAS IB + powerful are at 3.78, IAS IB are at 4.05) but you may be able to offset that difference with faster rift clearing before RG spawn. VI. Quick comparison of 7% IAS Istvans with PE vs non IAS Istvans with PE and fixed density: 10 Mobs: Non IAS: 1.4 x (1.8+0.3) x 1.5 = 4.41 - 13 FPA IAS: 1.5 x (1.8+0.3) x 1.5 = 4.72 – 12/13 FPA (borderline, BP is at 4.722(2), 11 bleeds makes it. 20 mobs Non IAS: 1.4 x (1.8+0.6) x 1.5 = 5.04 – 12 FPA IAS: 1.5 x (1.8+0.6) x 1.5 = 5.4 – 11 FPA 30 mobs Non IAS: 1.4 x (1.8 + 0.9) x 1.5 = 5.67 – 10 FPA IAS: 1.5 x (1.8 + 0.9) x 1.5 = 6.07 – 10 FPA 40 mobs Non IAS: 1.4 x (1.8 + 1.2) x 1.5 = 6.3 – 9 FPA IAS: 1.5 x (1.8 + 1.2) x 1.5 = 6.75 – 9 FPA Conclusions are pretty simple, in ultra-high density IAS on weapons does not give any real benefits (at 30-40 bleeds in 20 yards you will be at the same actual attack speed), while at lower density (realistic amount of bleeds, 20 - 11) 7% IAS on weapons will give you higher BP. IAS on weapons doesn't look that attractive anymore, does it? Remember that hits from Ancients and Templar are capable of procing your PE, and Bul Kathos Wedding Band (Ring) when put on Templar will be doing it as well (life drain from legendary affix of this ring counts in as bleed) so you may be underestimating amount of bleeding targets if judged solely on “What you hit”.S4v4G3698 2d
2d Ban Hammer I think there is one in progress, can’t log in for another 12 hours, but few friedly squirrels told me so. We shall see, gonna grab some popcorn. Unfortunately it will likely be just manual bans of the very top botters.S4v4G329 2d
2d The D3 Faithful Some are projecting D4 to be released in 2019/2020. I myself, am probably going to stick around with D3, especially if a monthly subscription is required. Having said that, I think now is the time to communicate to the Devs what are wishes are when they transition their focus to D4. Here some of my thoughts: 1. Diminishing returns should be removed. 2. A paragon system that allows the increase of all affixes, AD, LoH, IAS, CHD...etc (This allow for creativity and diversity in countless builds). 3. All skills should be comparable to each as best as possible. Share your ideas. And let's not let botting get in the way of such changes, because frankly, it's not going away. Hi free! No down votes plz!DieHard4 2d
2d Need help with AS breaking points Hi guys ! I`m running an HoTA build right now and i have 38% increased AS total (7% rolls on each sword) for a 2.07 attacks per second on sheet. Now i'm wondering if some of that speed is going to waste and if i should roll AD on one or both of these swords. Can anyone tell me ? I would really appreciate some honest answers. Tks ! P.S. i've looked at the link for AS breaking points but it only has 1 spot for weapon AS instead of 2 so i'm still confused.Sigem7 2d
2d Where Should I Go From Here been a very very long time since I played Diablo. I remember using my WW barb last and notice my GR was 74. I noticed I had a leapquake barb and started to mess around with him. Got to and beat 83 GR with ease and haven't went any further than that. Been doing T13 R for mats and some drops. I was able to level about 10 gems to 70 so I can augment when I get gear thats top. ButI am wondering what else I need to further the leapquake and duplicate that in the next season. I am currently at 830 Paragon Levels with the extra going in strength. My leapquake barb ThanksHablin6 2d
3d Some questions about group play So I wanted to start a side project for variations sake. I wanted to gear up my barb on the side and eventually have him do ~100 gr level rifts on public groups. Nothing too serious, just for fun. What I was a little bit indecisive on what build to run with. The builds I was thinking of were: 1. WW barb - with both taeguk, trapped and pain enhancer for maximized aoe damage. Focus would only be on aoe. 2. Leapquake - with trapped, powerful and esoteric, focus and on mainly aoe. 3. Hota ik barb - with trapped, stricken for an all-around barb. Which one of these would be the best choice, and for what reason?Rashiel5 3d
3d Bracers of Destruction: Request for Next PTR Dear Developers, PTR 2.6.1 brought many changes that meant a lot for the barbarian class. Some of the most requested changes in the previous PTR was not included as the last minute changes (apart from Oculus bug with the BK set). One of the most requested change was the items related to Seismic Slam. Currently barbarian class is missing one high end potential build because of the lack of item revisions: You can see a whole lot of build discussion with seismic slam ( ), but without 2-3 meaningful and easy changes, this build will not be included in the arsenal of the top performers. This situation can be remedied by 2 basic changes: Remove/rework the 5 enemy limitation of Bracers of destruction. Maybe 500% increased damage to the first 5 enemies while the remaining takes 250% increased damage Increase the Fury of the Vanished Peak Legendary SS damage buff from 500% to 800% and let it provide doubled life per fury (as the fury cost is halved, life per fury suffers significantly-this is a similar edit to the Relentless passive)These two changes would introduce a lot to the build variety of the barbarian class and can improve the game play experience (lots of SS lovers among the player base). Regards ProkahnProkahn1 3d
3d Barbarian Guide Authors Save your guides somewhere, in case we get migrated to new forums. Nubtro, save your maths somewhere! Uh, replace the word "love" with "guides"...Siladil7 3d
4d build optimisation hi ok the link below is the Barbarian I have, I have not a complete set for the moment, but I tried to optimised it with what I got. Any suggestion about improvements with the actual pieces? And which set is the best/the most common for doing the game t13 in story mode campaign. right now I have in total Might of the earth 4 items(so that's why I put them on my character. Immortal King 3 set items Raekor and Wrath of the waste 2 items 4d
4d Question of a Pull barb build I found that there are mainly two build for a pull barb. One is using 4 pieces of waste set ww build, another one is using raekor set charge build. What are the differences between them? any pros and cons of each of the build ?adrianmak3 4d
5d What to do with all these maxed lvl 50 gems? I have alot of maxed out lvl 50 gems from past seasons, what should I do with them? They are just taking up inventory as I really only use 1 or 2 of them.Exiter6 5d
6d Typical timings for popping shrines by zbarb? Need some advice on some rule of thumbs for zbarb play in group meta. Thanks!churinga5 6d
Feb 18 FRESH MEAT N' GREET: Tom#3519 What would you like to tell us about yourself? Tom is my real name. I work in an event marketing company doing exhibitions, conferences, product launches, opening ceremonies, shows, gala dinners, interactives, social media campaign, etc.. My office is in Shanghai but my home is in Hong Kong. I travel between these 2 cities a lot. My company sent me to Shanghai like 2.5 years ago. The network in my Shanghai home is so unstable. I play about 3-4 hours a day. There are on average about 1-3 disconnections every day. I hear some of us complain latency at 200ms. I don’t know what to say when I read them. I had latency below 200 for 1 or 2 times for all these years. I normally deal with 300-500 latency on average. Sometimes it jumps to 1000+ or 2000+ which is unplayable indeed. Whenever the latency is green (below 300) lasting over a few minutes, i know it’s time for me to do some pushing. Latency affect my game performance on both offence and defence. I traveled to Las Vegas some time ago. I played a few leap quake in my hotel. I found that the leaping is much faster and smoother when comparing to those I played in Shanghai and this meant I have been losing a lot of dps. There are countless number of times, I FC to refresh my BoM when playing IK HotA but my toon didn’t action because of lag and i got proc or killed. I started playing hc in S3 or S4. I love hc. It is so exciting and satisfying. The hc community is more helpful and united imo. There is much little bots in hc too. At first, I got mad when i lost a toon especially it was due to network or game crash. But then I realised that it is all about risk management. I wanted to push higher. I wanted to farm faster. I put on better gear and gems for more dps but less defence. Higher return always mean higher risk. And i need to calculate network risk on top of in game risk. It’s just like real life. We may lose some things forever. It may be controllable. It may be not. We need to manage risk and cherish what we have at the moment. Nevertheless, I have to admit that it is frustrating when losing a toon or 2 toons consecutively. I changed to sc in last 3 seasons because of the network. But i still find that hc is the real deal. I am planning to return to hc next season. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the barb community on this forum. I have been learning so much things here. During the barb’s dark ages (no dps when comparing to other classes), I thought of quitting barb or even this game at all for times. It’s the barb community’s bonding kept me. That’s why I am really eager to help other new barbs whenever I can here on US forum and on TW forum as well. Got any cool hobbies or interests? Of course I play video games. I like sports such as basketball, soccer, badminton, etc. Recently it is so hard to gather a team with friends to play basketball and soccer anymore. Everyone has own family and kids to take care. Plus I am usually not in HK nowadays. Snowboarding is my favourite sport in past a few years. There is no snow in HK nor in Shanghai though. I can only travel to other places for snowboarding for a week or two each year. I like playing drama too. Yes, those live performances in theatre. This involves a lot of team work, research, imagination, practice, self-exploration, etc. The satisfaction of a successful performance is enormous. It takes up a lot of time too. Again I can only afford to like 1 performance per year now. Since I travel a lot, I play chess and read books when i am on the road. What’s your history as a gamer, and with the Diablo franchise? I have never stopped playing different games all these years. Mario Bros should be my first ever game. I was still a primary school boy. Then lots of other console games followed. 1943, Romance of 3 Kingdoms, Street Fighters, Winning Eleven, NBA, and a lot more. I also play computer games too. Romance of 3 Kingdoms (again), Championship Manager, Doom, Counter Strike Red Alert, Age of Empires, Medal of Honour, Rainbow Six, Sim City, Civilisation, Uncharted Waters. Certainly I play D3. I play Diablo since D1. I was not that into D1. D2 was absolutely stunning when I first played it. Among all classes in D2, I like barb most and WW build most. Barb is the only class directly continues from D2 and thus I pick barb as my first class in D3. I then tried all other classes a bit. Still i like barb most even when barb was in dark ages for past a few season before S12. I like wd too. It’s driven from the forest in a3 of D2. WD character setting is interesting. What are some of your Favorite games? Guess I have mentioned above. Are you playing any other classes right now? Witch doctor. I prefer playing in teams. It is not just about loot and experience gain, but more importantly the interaction with people and team work. Barb and witch doctor are in meta and thus I play these two classes (sc and hc) in last a few seasons. I have not decided which class apart from barb i will play in next season. Are you in a clan? If yes, tell us about it! I am in a clan VorTex. It is a new clan created by several of my friends just before S12 started. They are all season players. Some are in hc and some are in sc. One of them persuaded me to join almost everyday. I couldn’t take it and I agreed. Previously I was in Fray for quite some time. Sadly Fray was quiet since Tao’s departure. I had not had games within Fray for so long. Most embarrassing moments while playing? I augmented my Waste Zodiac WW build gear with Topaz. Most AWESOME moment while playing? Well, having new personal record feels good. Trash talk with teammates feels great. Sharing my experience and seeing other barbs having progress feels awesome. What’s your favorite skill (or skill rune), and why? HotA, SS, WW, Bash, Bloodshed What builds are you running currently? Currently, Waste WW or IK6R4 FC for low level gems up. IK HotA for mid level and push. I want to try pushing R6 HotA in next season in hc. I tried a few 105 with R6 HotA in S12. My stacks were not building fast enough and I easily got proc or killed. I know there is still a long learning process. That’s good to have something to aim in a new season. What drew you to the Barbarian class? WW was so iconic and made me love barb the most in D2. Those fun time with barb in D2 made me pick barb again in D3. Pick a Barbarian quote, and why is it your favorite? Not exactly a barb’s quote but a barb player’s quote a few seasons ago: “Fix a bug where barb can dps” something like this by Tee. This made my day. Which Barbarian should we interview next? tensor, I like reading your maths and analysis. Please share more with us :) Previous Barbs - Agency - Nubtro - cc123 - tao - pri - Phantom/Death - Detox - page - baconinja - kingdo - shadow - Samir - Endeavor - King Benjamin - N4/KGB - Siladil - Jako - DAKKON - Archael - Free - Bloodyzbub - Rakuria - Tee - serro - Felix - Prokahn - Zork - JustinFanTom10 Feb 18
Feb 18 Esoteric or Wreath Hey Guys, Just curious to see if anyone runs esoteric over wreath. Obviously both has its advantages— I’m going to run esoteric later tonight to see; seems like it would stack well with relentless instead of NoS. Being able to stay in multiple packs with trash has its appeal to me. Also might leave room for Strongarms instead of APDs, but I will try all out defensive variant first. Thoughts?Sentri10 Feb 18
Feb 15 Primals showcase Show your awesome primals, let us envy and bow to the allmighty barb primals(joking, just post some interesting pics of your primals drops). I wanna at least see those Istvans/Bul Khatos blades in primal versions!Turakam266 Feb 15
Feb 14 New? Got a Question? READ THIS FIRST If you're a new or returning player and you have a question about builds, gear, rolls, or optimal items, please use the appropriate thread linked below. This is the easiest way to make sure you get accurate, informative replies. Major Builds Our major builds are all capable of GR 110+ and some can go much higher. None of these is recommended for group play except Vile Charge in 2- or 3-player groups. If you have questions about Charge builds (Vile Charge), or want to know about combining the Immortal King and Raekor sets, read this guide and post in that thread: For questions about Immortal King HOTA (Hammer of the Ancients) and general HOTA-related questions, consult this thread: For questions related to Whirlwind, the Wrath of the Wastes and BK sets, the Zodiac Whirlwind build and general WW-related questions, consult this thread: For EQ- or Slam-related questions or for general questions about the Might of the Earth set, consult this thread: For questions about zDPS Barbs, including Rat Run Pacman builds and Raekor push builds, consult this thread: Minor Builds Our minor builds vary in strength. Some are very powerful and are ready to explode to major build status. In particular, keep an eye on R6 HOTA! Cold Seismic Slam remains a popular build and for good reason. For questions and discussion on a Cold Slam build, check out this thread: If you like Seismic Slam but prefer to use Rumble, there are 2 options depending on how you want to approach the build. For builds that use Might of the Earth, check this thread: And for Slam builds that use the Legacy of Raekor set, try this thread: Finally, if you like the combination of Charge and HOTA, or want to optimize R6 HOTA for speed-farming or pushing (it shows tremendous promise), post in this thread: Top 5 Tier List For an updated tier list of our Top 5 builds, and for general questions about which build is more powerful and why, consult this thread: New + Returning Players: Have a question but not sure where to ask it? Post it here and one of the forum vets will help you. Forum vets + regulars: Please help new players by referring them to the proper link. The more we consolidate good info, the easier it is for new players to access and utilize comprehensive sources. That way, we avoid thread spam for one-off questions. Happy posting!Free65 Feb 14
Feb 14 how do i gear a pull barb I plan on running a shadow dh a crusader and a barb next season I would like to try t make a pull barb but need advice on how to gear it rightwarmouse1 Feb 14
Feb 14 S12 Barb Top 20 from all servers Average GR clear and paragon level of the top 20 by server: US: GR 113.95 @ p2511 EU: GR 115.55 @ p2840 AS: GR 115.30 @ p2542 ...#01 – GR 121 – p4047 – R6 Hammer #02 – GR 117 – p2082 – R6 Hammer #03 – GR 117 – p3362 – R6 Hammer #04 – GR 117 – p2941 – Vile Charge #05 – GR 116 – p2298 – R6 Hammer #06 – GR 116 – p2796 – R6 Hammer #07 – GR 114 – p2000 – Vile Charge #08 – GR 114 – p2505 – Vile Charge #09 – GR 113 – p2607 – R6 Hammer #10 – GR 113 – p3048 – IK Hammer #11 – GR 113 – p3018 – Vile Charge #12 – GR 113 – p2661 – Vile Charge #13 – GR 112 – p1420 – R6 Hammer #14 – GR 112 – p1921 – Vile Charge #15 – GR 112 – p2513 – Vile Charge #16 – GR 112 – p2440 – Vile Charge #17 – GR 112 – p2100 – R6 Hammer #18 – GR 112 – p1693 – Vile Charge #19 – GR 112 – p2772 – IK Hammer #20 – GR 111 – p1992 – R6 Hammer ...#01 – GR 121 – p4044 – R6 Hammer #02 – GR 119 – p3007 – Vile Charge #03 – GR 118 – p2098 – Vile Charge #04 – GR 117 – p2541 – Vile Charge #05 – GR 116 – p3117 – Vile Charge #06 – GR 116 – p2476 – Vile Charge #07 – GR 116 – p3346 – Vile Charge #08 – GR 116 – p3471 – R6 Hammer #09 – GR 116 – p2748 – Vile Charge #10 – GR 115 – p2542 – Vile Charge #11 – GR 115 – p3115 – Vile Charge #12 – GR 115 – p2904 – Wastes WW #13 – GR 115 – p2208 – R6 Hammer #14 – GR 115 – p3012 – Vile Charge #15 – GR 114 – p3606 – Vile Charge #16 – GR 114 – p2457 – Vile Charge #17 – GR 114 – p3123 – Fire LeapQuake #18 – GR 113 – p2578 – IK Hammer #19 – GR 113 – p1831 – Vile Charge #20 – GR 113 – p2577 – Vile Charge Very nice to see 5 builds in the top 20 this time. ...#01 – GR 120 – p3163 – R6 Hammer #02 – GR 119 – p3120 – R6 Hammer #03 – GR 118 – p2613 – R6 Hammer #04 – GR 116 – p4152 – R6 Hammer #05 – GR 116 – p3370 – R6 Hammer #06 – GR 116 – p2858 – R6 Hammer #07 – GR 116 – p2529 – Vile Charge #08 – GR 115 – p2382 – Vile Charge #09 – GR 115 – p2305 – R6 Hammer #10 – GR 115 – p2149 – R6 Hammer #11 – GR 115 – p2134 – R6 Hammer #12 – GR 115 – p2057 – Vile Charge #13 – GR 115 – p2779 – R6 Hammer #14 – GR 114 – p1535 – R6 Hammer #15 – GR 114 – p4127 – R6 Hammer #16 – GR 114 – p1812 – Vile Charge #17 – GR 114 – p2413 – R6 Hammer #18 – GR 113 – p1489 – Vile Charge #19 – GR 113 – p1934 – Physical LeapQuake (Peak) !!! #20 – GR 113 – p1911 – Vile Charge Only 3 different builds here, but it´s a pleasant surprise that Peak Destruction LeapQuakeSlam made the cut. We can use these lists to check whether post season bans occur.Nubtro24 Feb 14
Feb 14 Looking for builds advises Hi Barb experts, Possibly I will pick Barb and sub Crus in next Season, due to insufficient game knowledge, I would like to collect some build advises for the following purposes if there have :- 1) Speed Bounties / Rift 2) Upgrade low level gems 3) Group ZDPS 4) Group DPS 5) Solo GR Thanks in advance :)WCLee2 Feb 14
Feb 13 Boom of Bul-kathos Hi, I used to play since beta, I came back not long ago and found out that still this passive still don't work, the other thing I see a lot is that a lot of build use this. how come people don't test this talents and realize that it doesn't do anything. since 2012 this been broken and blizzard haven't fix it? why do "TOP PLAYERS" still recommend to use this talent that dosnt do anything. I just tested 5 times btw. 120 cd with or without the talent. heck I even tested with a hellfire neck and dosnt work either.Perrito6 Feb 13
Feb 13 4Men group for pushing GR in gr progression, the role of pull barb is to pull as much mobs as possible for wizard/witch doctor. While in fighting BOSS, is pull barb just stay aside? waiting for RGK cool down to hit the BOSS? I played in a group, I did charge on the boss and has been told not to charge.adrianmak17 Feb 13
Feb 11 [Guide] Reakor's: IK6.R4 Before I begin I want to credit this build to henry, the Potato warlord of warlords. Complete Acronyms List, ty HB (>^^)>: SKILL BUILD!XbZj!.ccZYb HFA: Brawler for more DPS or Relentless for more Toughness (These are only additional if you have a good HFA, otherwise, don't consider these passives and go with the passives on build link). GEMS Stricken / BotT / Esoteric Gear Gems: All Diamonds CUBE Standoff / Vile Ward / RRoG ARMOR Pick your best 3 IK & 2 Reakor's pieces from the following: Helm, Chest, Gloves, Pants, and Boots Helm: str / vit / 6% chc / os Chest: str / vit / FC%*** Glove: str / vit / chc / chd Pants: str / vit / ar Boots: str / vit / ar / ms% IK Belt: str / vit / ar / life% / MFR Shoulder: Reakors: str / vit / ar / FC% Bracers: APD's: elem% / str / vit / chc% For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) Melee or Range damage reduction 2) type of Resist (phy preferably) JEWELRY Rings F & R 1) AD or 2) avr-dmg or 3) str / chc /chd For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) type of Resist (phy preferably) Amulet Recommended: 1)HFA or 2)EoE or 3) your best available ammy 1) elem% or 2) ancient str / chd / chc / os For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) type of Resist (phy preferably) WEAPON IK Boulder Breaker: dmg% / str / lpfs / os / MFR PARAGON POINTS Core: MS > MFR > Str Offense: chc > chd > cdr > asi Defense: ar > life% > armor > LR Utility: ad > loh > GF > zRCR ................................................................................................................................ Qs & As So what's the difference between IK6.R4 vs R6? ... Here is more detail on how VW & Standoff work (Follow the link) ... How do you Force Move? ... Does it matter what Rune on FC I select? ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps. Enjoy. If you are testing this build and have questions, I’m here to help and learn. For character example feel free to view my set, just know that I'll be testing different variations so it won't necessarily mirror the Guide, so keep that in mind: IAALKingBenjamin344 Feb 11
Feb 11 What did Malthael drop for you? I got lucky as ^&*% Double drop The Might weapon rolled terrible, and i can't craft the bracers yet but still happy :DUber31 Feb 11
Feb 10 HoTA Barb , Getting Owned By Elemental ! Guys , I am trying to get GR 100 done , but can't come close . Got 99 done with over 2 minutes left on the timer . But 100 is a whole different story . I haven't came even close to getting it done . The elemental damage by the elites is owning me and I can't figure out why . I am dying almost instantly every time I face elites with arcane or poison elements especially . And I am weak also to the others ,, fire , cold and lightning . I thought I could clear a 100 pretty easy as I did 99 with very little problems . Is there that much difference between 99 and 100 ? If someone could check out my barb and give me suggestions on what may be wrong I would appreciate it . My damage output rocks but survival is weak at this point and I have to do so much moving around dodging elemental attacks that I can't get enough hits in before the timer gets way ahead of me . Any help with this is much appreciated . I am playing Non Season. Here's my barb : Feb 10
Feb 10 Congratulations! Just wanted to take a minute to say congratulations to the #1 Barb so far in Season 12. Your accomplishments are truly astounding. Able to do 5 GR's above any other Barb and 660 paragon levels ahead of the next person in line. Your truly herculean feat though is that you have been playing for 552 hours straight out of 576 hours that this season has been going when I wrote this. Your abilities are almost GOD like. We can only hope to one day be able to have others bask in our glory as they do yours. You are a real trouper, keep up all that hard work. You set the example for everyone!!Panerdar157 Feb 10
Feb 10 Barbarian WW - still too weak I rarely play other characters than Barb .. in few last days i checked 2 others I was kinda surprised, that WW barb is till so weak .. with 12K main stats, some primals, augments, I am doing only about 2 bil dmg per hit. T13 is not problem, but compared to other sets and classes, its kinda huge difference. If I do everything right, I can do up to 5 bil per hit, but thats about it. Earthquake set .. 30 bil per hit DH multishot .. no ancients, no augments and 60 bil per hit There are lots of video "guides" on how to do GR100+ with WW, but none actual futage of someone with WW doing GR100+. Dont look at my profile, using lame speed build. I am doing something wrong or is it still so weak? Being 10 times weaker than poorly equipped other classes is kinda strange.sh3riff47 Feb 10
Feb 9 Should I keep pushing with Leapquake Hi there, the goal is to land on S12 leaderboards (EU) which will probably need a GR104. So far I did a 102 and in ~150 keys I came close on that 104 twice .... my patience for fishing is almost gone at that point :) The problem is, that I somehow managed to only get decent gear for leapquake while my HotA and Charge gear has gaping holes (EW set is really bad and I'm still waiting on an ancient chest and belt and for HotA I'm also missing both weapons ..). As for my Lepquake gear, I got a few things to upgrade (AR on pants and boots is missing) but all in all I got decent gear. As my main problem is damage I don't think that missing AR will push me over the top, though. That makes my weapon the only meaningful piece to upgrade - I'm looking to get one with >190% EQ, 10% damage and area damage. The question now is, should I even keep trying with Leapquake? I'm at P1160 and I'm not going to grind another 1000plvl, and I'm starting to think I might be capped out. The highest Leapquake clear I could find is GR115 with P3300 and much higher augments than mine (and better gear). If some of you are also pushing with Leapquake I'd appreaciate some thoughts on the upper limit of the build as well as any insights that would allow me to get that GR104 done. I really don't want to grind out the missing pieces for a charge build (with another 12 augments) and hope you can help me to get there with Leapquake :)Shiimiish10 Feb 9
Feb 9 BK sword reroll advice I just had a primal BK sword drop with +Dmg, Str, AD, LPH, fury and slow. What should I reroll? I'm guessing LPH to IAS, CDR or LpFS, but just to make sure I don't mess up my only usable primal...Xianath4 Feb 9
Feb 8 [Guide]2.61 MoTE - Leapquake Guide Greetings brothers! In this thread I will attempt to help everybody in understanding, gearing and playing Might of The Earth build, popularly known as “Leapquake”. It has several viable variants, and results you will get will vary based on variation used, gear quality and skill choices. I do not own it, I didn't create it, and this build was made by and belongs to community. It all evolved from Physical EQ and there is a long list of players that have influenced that build. Kingdo, Aegis, Tao, Nubtro, Dakkon, Archael, R!ck, King Benjamin, these are just a few from many that have contributed to this build in many ways. For some of you it will be nothing new. For others this may be entirely new build. I’ll try to keep it simple and understandable, but there will be a lot of curly parts because this build – unlike Whirlwind based on Wastes for example – does not reinforce “Item A with X,Y,Z rolls mandatory”, this build gives you room for tweaking your gear and finding the right blend of DPS and mitigation that fits your playstyle. You can make this build work almost anytime, as long as you will follow few basic “rules of the thumb” and understand how this build operates. Yes, there is “min-maxing” and “end game pushing” that will be covered here as well, but this build was - and still is - most casual friendly, reliable and consistent for solo progression. You can use 2 basic elements, Physical and Fire and I’m giving you fair warning folks, this is not going to be most orthodox guide around here. You will have to read it in full because otherwise you will not understand it, if you new to this build. Let’s go than! Basic terminology used: - BoM – Band of Might - CoE – Convention of elements - MoTE – Might of the Earth set, but I may use that abbreviation thinking about Fire EQ and nothing else. - APD’s – Ancient Parthan Defenders - GoG – Girdle of Giants - EQ – Earthquake - LQ - Leapquake - CDR – Cooldown Reduction - RCR – Resource Cost Reduction - Insanity – Wrath of the Berserker, Insanity rune - TS – Threatening Shout - Falter – Threatening Shout, Falter rune - Rumble – Seismic Slam, Rumble rune - F+R – Focus and Restraint, aka Bastions of Will ring set - CHC – Critical Hit Chance - CHD – Critical Hit Damage - AD – Area Damage - LPFS – Life per Fury Spend - HGB – healing Globe Bonus I. Basic stuff, in form of Q nad A What gear do I need to get started? - 6 pieces of Might of the Earth set - Blade of The Tribes - Focus + Restraint - Ancient Parthan Defenders/Nemezis Bracers/Strongarm Bracers/Bracers of Destruction - Girdle of Giants - Hellfire amulet with desired passive/Eye of Etlich/any good DPS amulet What do I need in my cube? - Furnace/Ingeom/Fury of The Vanished Peak - Lut Socks - Band of Might/Convention of Elements/Avarice Band What legendary and armor gems will I need? Bane of The Trapped, Bane of The Stricken and Esoteric are your primary gems. Zeis and Powerful will come in handy as well. Boon of the Hoarder is good for T13 farming. For armor, higher up in GR you will use all diamonds, but rubies can serve you long in early game. How this build operates? It has one of the most complex synergy between set bonuses, complimentary items and skills among all barb builds. Majority of your damage comes from stacking Earthquakes on the ground coped with solid amount of Area Damage, Earthquakes are result of: - (4) piece set bonus that will cast an Earthquake where you will land every time with your Leap - Lut Socks that will let you Leap 3 times in a row before Leap will begin its cooldown - Blade of the Tribes that will cast an Earthquake every time you will use War Cry and Threatening Shout - Casting Earthquake from your skill bar Due to Earthen Might passive, each triggered EQ will grant you 30 fury, coped with fury generated by skills itself (Leap, WC, TS) successful “cycle” should leave you with full Fury globe, which you will dump using Seismic Slam, to trigger (2) piece set bonus that will remove – if geared and played properly – remaining cooldown from Leap, allowing you to start the cycle again immediately. Using Seismic Slam have a side benefit of activating legendary affix from Girdle of Giants, that will provide additional bonus to all the damage your EQ’s are doing for 3 seconds afterwards, as well as activating spender part of Focus and Restraint set. I know, it sounds complicated, but it is very intuitive once you will get around it. This build have its own flow, all you have to do is try to not interrupt it:) Are they any “fixed” values of stats I have to pay attention to? Yes, this build plays best with 33.33% CDR, which means that you will have to: - Max CDR in paragon points - Socket perfect diamond in your helmet - Get 2 rolls of 8% CDR on gear - Because of the (2) set bonus removing the cooldown per amount of fury spend, you will also max out Fury in paragon and try your best to get + max fury secondary rolls on weapon and belt. This way you will be able to spend more fury with Rumble and assure prompt removal of cooldown from Leap - Playing with less CDR (one 8% slot instead of 2)is possible, but please read entire guide to understand it in full As a general rule of the thumb, you will not compromise CHC or CHD on any item for any reason, unless it will be “early game” in season and you will really need to get some “band aid” going on. What is the weakest side of this build? Sustain. Unlike WW or HoTA this build does not recover any substantial amount of life between “fury dump” (Rumble) that heals you via LPFS. In reality it means that at certain content regardless of amount of mitigation you will have, you will be forced to leap away from density on 3rd Leap and re-heal from distance. You cannot control your sustain, it comes in bursts on the end of each cycle. Second weakest side of this build is lack of immunity to crowd control effects, when you are not under Insanity. This may be a major hiccup sometimes, frozen, jailer, trash that leaps and stuns/knocks you back, some RG’s, there is quite a bit of things that can mess you up because of that. What should I prioritize in paragon? - Max Fury - Cooldown reduction - Area Damage - CHC and CHD - Life/all res/armor As general rule, you should not put any points in Resource Cost Reduction. Your healing comes from spending fury, less you spend, less life you get back. Even though your main fury dump (Rumble) does not suffer from it (curtesy of Nubtro for checking it just recently), hard cast EQ from the bar or Battle Rage (if you using it) do take RCR into consideration. Movement speed is not mandatory for Fire EQ, you should be leaping, not running around. You don’t have to max it out, especially if you don’t have the paragon for it. II. The Gear, The Works As I said before, this build does not reinforce “Item A with X,Y,Z rolls mandatory” stuff, however it does have few standards that you will have to meet. We will start with setting up some ground rules about the rolls on items. I will track you down and leave empty beer cans on your lawn if you will ignore these: - All sockets in armor and jewelry are mandatory, not optional - Outside of Boots, we don’t really want to see any Armor rolls in primary properties. Armor comes from strength. - If item can roll CHC or CHD you will get these rolls on. - Attack Speed does nothing valuable for that build. Yes I know, this number on sheet looks cool, but you don’t want to have it on your gear. For speeds ASI on GoG may not hurt you at all (it will provide a side benefit of slightly faster animation of Slam) but for GR there is few more valuable rolls that will give you much higher benefits) - LPFS is a roll that you can get on weapon and belt only. It is very valuable roll, and your best bet is to have it on gear. Remember, this build needs to obtain 2 slots of 8% CDR, and as much AD as possible. Because there is multiple places where these can roll, and they are “competing” rolls on same pieces of gear, on all the gear below you will find what we consider mandatory rolls, leaving up to you and your Rngesus where you will get AD and CDR. Some things are intentionally omitted here, visit “Min Max” section of this guide to dig little deeper into optimizing rolls. For clarity purposes items that can roll AD/CDR or in general have few options to choose from will gain “X” remark in place of one (or 2) primary property. Helmet – STR/VIT/CHC with Physical resistance and “Reducing duration of control impairing effects” (These are optimized rolls that will not change even if you will get to min maxing stage) Pants – STR/VIT/All Res with Life after Each Kill and Pickup radius secondary. Again, these rolls are optimized for any scenario. If you happen to have STR/VIT/Armor with Physical resistance, you may use them as well, but there is few other slots where we can pick up Physical Resistance while All Res slots are very limited Boots – STR/VIT/All Res/Armor with Healing Globe Bonus and Pickup Radius secondary. 15% Seismic Slam damage instead of Armor is perfectly acceptable, but it will depend on what variant you will be using. If you using Furnace in cube, you rather go with Armor roll, if you using FoTVP in cube, you will get Seismic Slam instead. Chest – STR/VIT/All Res. Range/melee deduction or healing globe bonus are considered desired/good secondary. Now, If you have a chest that instead of All Res will have Elite Damage Deduction, 15% life or 15% EQ damage (read min-max section about that last roll) while having Physical resistance secondary it is also perfectly useable. Gloves – CHC/CHD/STR/X with Physical resistance secondary. Pickup radius/chance to stun are bonus secondary rolls, good for you if you can get them WHILE having optimal primary rolls. Gloves are one of the items where you will be looking for CDR or AD, if you receive blessing from Rngesus, you will find gloves that we call “Quadfecta”. These Gloves will let you get CHC/CHD/AD/CDR at the price of STR and VIT. Do not actively chase “Quad Gloves” (aka don’t be reforging gloves just for sake of getting them), they are not mandatory and they are very “expensive” to equip if you don’t have high paragon to back it up. 1000 STR is quite a bit to compromise. Shoulder – STR/X/X/X with Pickup Radius and Healing Globe Bonus secondary. Shoulders are pretty complicated item because they can roll 3 rolls you may be looking for, which are CDR, AD and EQ damage. On top of it, they typically roll with VIT and All Res, so you will be making some hard choices based on rest of the gear (how much CDR you have elsewhere, how many slots of All Res you have, can you afford to get AD on them) and paragon levels at your disposal. At lower paragon, you may be rolling with STR/VIT/All Res/X where X will be your CDR or AD. Higher up you may be rolling with STR/VIT/AD/CDR or STR/All Res/CDR/AD, based on your total life pool. You may be chasing the carrot of STR/CDR/EQ/AD shoulders. Remember, you can make it work as long as you will get 33.33% CDR and maximize AD. Belt – STR/VIT/LPFS/X with Max Fury secondary. Your X will be either 15% life (if you will have secondary resistance, physical ideally) or All Res (if no secondary resistance present). You will be rolling off attack speed for desired 4th roll because this belt comes with guaranteed attack speed roll. Remember, attack speed does nothing for you. Bracers – 20% Elemental/CHC/STR/VIT with either melee/ranged deduction or physical resistance. Regardless of the kind of bracers you will be using, these are the rolls you need on them. Amulet – 20% Elemental/CHD/CHC/Socket. Physical res/“Reducing duration of control impairing effects”/melee or ranged deduction are considered good secondaries. This amulet may not be easiest thing to get, so if you have STR/CHC/CHD it is always a useable alternative (some details on that will be in min-max section) Rings – CHD/CHC/Socket/X with Physical resistance. Healing Globe bonus, “Reducing duration of control impairing effects”, Life after Each kill are all good secondary rolls. Your “x” is where you will be looking for CDR/AD, STR is acceptable there early game, as long as you can get needed CDR elsewhere. Weapon – STR/10% Damage/LPFS is your “safe and solid” bet. 190%+ Earthquake damage is what you need, along with max fury in secondary. As long as you don’t have attack speed, resource cost reduction, chance for bleed, life per hit or elite damage on it, you can make it work with just about any other primary stat combination. Unrollable 10% CDR? Expensive, but you only need 8% CDR roll elsewhere than. 24% AD? Expensive as well, but it is damage after all, not like you are gimping your build with undesired rolls. Vitality? Oh well, toughness doesn’t hurt. Yes, some weapons will make it difficult for you down the road, lack of LPFS for example may force you to pick some other passives and grab some HGB in secondaries, inability to get 10% Damage is decreasing your overall DPS, but you can use these weapons to farm something that will be Best in Slot for you, as long as you keep an eye on your CDR and AD value. I cleared 96 in season 10 at 1700 para using STR/CDR/AD weapon because it was the best I could get. I had highest MoTE clear in season 8 while using 10%/AD/CDR weapon (no STR, LPFS, or Vitality) at paragon 1300. It is all possible, you just need to understand the build and balance rest of the gear and skills accordingly. III. Skills Mandatory active skills 1. Earthquake – Molten Fury for Fire EQ, Cave In for Physical EQ 2. Seismic Slam – Rumble 3. Wrath of the Berserker – Insanity 4. Leap – Death from Above/Call of Arreat depending on APD’s usage 5. Threatening Shout – Falter 6. War Cry (Veterans Warning/Impunity) or Battle Rage (Bloodshed/Into the Fray) Mandatory passive skills 1. Ruthless 2. Rampage 3. Earthen Might You have 1 or ideally 2 passives slots open. I consider well rolled HFA best amulet for this build, Eye of Etlich is perfectly OK as well, but good passive will beat range damage deduction from EoE. DPS passive skills of your choice: - Brawler - Boon of Bul-Kathos Defensive passive skills of your choice - Relentless - Nerves of Steel - Superstition Utility passives of your choice (handy when you struggling with the build, proper amount of CDR or max fury secondaries and proper rotation) - Animosity - Superstition - Bloodthirst Few words about these skills Ruthless – Kicks on when enemies meet lower life threshold. In CoE variant this skill can finish off 2-3 packs of elites on one properly timed Insanity cycle. It will help you greatly with RG fights. Do not go out without it, unless you are doing some 4-5 minute GR runs. Rampage – 25% to STR is nothing to sneeze at. That’s 25% straight damage and armor increase. One of our best passives. Earthen Might – this is how you get your fury bruh, if you will forget to slot it you will find yourself stuck on the ground pretty often Brawler – it is additive damage that is little bit diluted due to EQ roll on weapon and Falter, but it still provides decent and pretty stable DPS. Take it over Berserker rage, because Berserker needs 95% Fury to be active. When you are at that range (almost full globe) you will be dumping it within seconds. Brawler will give you boost as long as you get 3 enemies around you, which means almost 100% uptime. Boon of Bul-Kathos – Insanity is very important part of that build. Outside of being straight – and huge – DPS increase, it serves as your only defense vs Crowd Control attacks and increases your Dodge chance. This passives will give you higher uptime of it. If you running “tanky” variant of Fire EQ, do not hesitate and pick it up. Relentless – This is amazing defensive skill in high GR environment. As I mentioned before, MoTE struggles with reliable sustain that could heal us during the rotations, which often forces us to perform “defensive leap” on the end. With time and practice, you will be able to stay in density and survive with this passive on. Nerves of Steel – That little red light that screams “get the hell out!” In my opinion mandatory passive for “glass” CoE variant, not only because of the warning but mostly because I found out that after 100’s of GR’s I use it as my “second chance” to stay and finish off the elites during CoE/Insanity cycle. In other words, you can willingly stay at it knowing that you have a safety that will let you finish it. Superstition – outside of the obvious benefits defensively, this is a good passive for those who still learning the build or struggle with proper skill rotation. It will help you with filling up your Fury globe, so you may be able to slam faster, reducing your Leap cooldown. Bloodthirst – personally I never used that passive in MoTE, even when I was rolling with only LPFS on belt, but it works, and it’s very good if you do have non-LPFS weapon and you struggle with recovery and sustain. If you manage to get decent HGB in secondaries on gear (100k, about 3 ancient rolls) this passive will be at LPFS on weapon level. Animosity – not really optimal or popular, but if you are new to the build, you lack max fury on weapon or your only DPS HFA in early season rolled with that, it will help you with stepping over learning curve. Increases your max fury limit and helps with replenishing it. It is a decent passive – given you have room for it - if you are using FoTVP in cube, as it increases the damage of Rumble that will base its calculation from higher fury globe. IV. Rotation So, you got your gear with proper rolls, you have proper skills picked up, you have 33.33% CDR on sheet and you wondering what to do. It is very simple. As I said, build runs by itself, you just need to do your best to not interrupt it:) Your basic rotation – given that you have 33.33% CDR – consists of few steps 1 – Leap – Leap – Leap 2 – Auxiliary skill cast 3 – Rumble Your Auxiliary skills are Threatening Shout, Earthquake and War Cry (if you using it which I personally recommend for several reasons, I’ll talk about Battle Rage variant as well). If you will do it correctly, after Rumble your cooldown on Leap will be removed, and you will be able to repeat it right away. If you missing minor CDR (imperfect rolls, 6-7% instead of 8%) or max fury, if you didn’t land on enemies while leaping (Leap will generate fury only if you will hit enemies, otherwise you will only gain 30 fury from Earthen Might instead of 45) you may have a slight downtime, but it should be more than doable. Typical full Rotation in optimal circumstances: (1) Leap – leap – leap Thretening Shout Rumble (2) Leap-leap-leap War Cry Rumble (3) Leap-leap-leap Earthquake from the bar (aka hardcast) Rumble And rinse and repeat. Now, if you are missing one slot of 8% CDR (27.54% on sheet) you will have to “play it by ear” a little. Basically, you will use Threatening Shout more often as auxiliary skill, and you will have some slight downtime on Leap every couple rotations, but it is still playable as long as you will strive to gain that proper “muscle memory” which will let you focus on what’s on the screen rather than on “what to cast now”. If you are using Battle Rage variant you absolutely need perfect CDR and max fury in secondaries, because being stuck will happen more often otherwise. Pro tip – it is good practice to start every GR with War Cry – leap – leap – leap – Rumble and comeback to leap-leap-leap-auxiliary skill-rumble on 2nd rotation. Reason for it is, that you need to get these defensive bonuses and boost to armor as soon as you walk into GR, and leap on first group of enemies with WC active, for your own safety. After that WC should never were off, because you will be casting it every ~20 seconds as part of the rotation. V. Min – Maxing for solo progression Aka “where and how I can sacrifice my toughness to gain some DPS?”. Yup. It boils down to this. Practically everytime you try to squeeze some more DPS out of your setup, it comes at expense of toughness in some form. Before you start this part, you need to answer yourself a couple questions. 1. What is my goal? 2. How far am I going to go to reach it? If you are looking for consistent clears, you have pretty easy task to be honest. There is not really much to do outside of getting highest possible rolls on the items you have, finding GR level where you can close it 8 or 9 times out of 10 and steadily grind. Gradually you can experiment with sacrificing some toughness for more DPS and/or going 1 level higher (time on the build - or skill as some call it - will eventually grant you higher clears), once in a while you should try to clear 2-3 levels higher to break the monotony, work on some gear upgrades (better secondary rolls and such) and just progress in game this way. In general, if you get to the level where you closing GR’s in 10 minutes you can assume that you can push +5 GR higher without too much frustration (it shouldn’t cost you more than 10-20 keys, it’s what I’m saying) If you are willing to make some hard choices, burn thru 50-100 or more keys, if you enjoy the thrill of the hunt for that perfect map/mob combination, and love living on the edge, you have some leg work to do. 1. Start from the low hanging apples. Look over the gear you have. See if you can squeeze something out of it, on both fronts, dps and toughness. Can you roll that crit higher? Is 600 STR all you can roll on that chest? Can you roll that 18% AD to 20? Don’t you have another Bracers with little lower STR but physical res secondary? 2. Know the build you running. Know its weaknesses and strengths. If you running APD+CoE variant, your strength is in Burst Damage and Insanity+CoE+Ruthless synergy, your weakest point is dependency on density and crowd control interaction with APD’s. If you running with BoM, your biggest advantage is ability to facetank almost anything, while your biggest struggle will be lack of damage to finish of some fights. 3. Now look a little harder. Go back to basics and see how to optimize your damage potential. Where is your damage coming from? How to maximize it? In all variants your min-maxing will consist of three basic things. - Getting more AD and/or CDR on gear - Getting more DIBS (damage increased by skill) thru passives and rolls on gear - Doing the above while maintaining enough toughness to survive. How much is enough? Short answer: Enough – it is when you will be able to close GG map without too many deaths. When you are pushing your limits, you are not min-maxing around any or average map. You are min-maxing around “soft rift”. What is this soft rift? It varies. It can be nice and open Festering woods, filled with good progression mobs that have high HP and follow you around, but don’t hit hard enough to kill you or trigger NoS. It may be a composition of easy to kill whites that will keep your Rampage going nonstop, with enough of high HP trash inbetween to kill elites within thru AD. It may be linear Desert map filled with swarms. In any scenario, soft rift will have “friendly” elites that will have “doable” affixes, and will not have too many – or any – mob types that can kill you. Your min maxing will strip you out of some toughness, to the level where when you will get the map filled with right mob type, you will be able to kill it without getting killed. You will not be able to play on maps filled with Constructs, Blazing guardians, Succubusses, Morulus, any sort of Spear Throwers, Soul Lashers or them fire ghuls. And that’s perfectly OK. This is not what you are looking for. You looking for Unburried, Zombies, Fatties, old “god comp” (summoners with minions), melee Lacunis, Vile Swarms and certain type of skeletons. If they have some Pain Mongers within it shouldn’t bother you. Now, outside of the low hanging apples I mention, what are the basic rules of optimizing? - Know what your variant is benefiting the most from. All variants benefit from AD and increasing your Damage Increased by Skill pool. But, CoE+ APD variant will not benefit from higher than 33.33 CDR or Boon of BulKathos passive as much as any variant that uses BoM. It is because in BoM builds you simply trigger Insanity anytime you feel like it will help you, while in CoE builds you always try to get full 2 CoE rotations under Insanity – so you will pop Insanity exactly at the very beginning of your element on CoE, and Insanity will end evenly with second CoE rotation on same element – and while getting more CDR or BoBK will increase your Insanity uptime, it may not translate into much larger gains because even though you will have Insanity Ready to go you will still wait for your element on CoE to pop it (it is just my personal view of it, this are my observations as I’ve spend most of my time on LQ with CoE+APD’s). There is a certain amount of CDR that coped with BoBK passive will give you another full rotation of CoE under Insanity, but it is pretty difficult to achieve overall (I’ll break it down in one place here, not this moment though) - Know where you can get extra DPS from, and at what expense. You have 2 slots where you can roll 15% Earthquake damage (shoulder and chest), you have 5 slots that can roll AD and CDR (2x rings, shoulder, gloves and weapon) and it may require a bit of math and “eye gauging” in few runs. - Know how much “paper dps” you getting from any changes you make. Here is few examples on how to calculate your gains in various scenarios: Base Damage increased by skill (aka additive damage) Earthquake roll on Blade of The Tribes – 200% Falter – 25% This is 225%, which turns into 3.25 multiplier. Now, let’s say you can roll EQ damage on chest and shoulder: 200%+25%+15%+15% = 255% = 3.55 multiplier. You gained (3.55-3.25)/3.25 = 0.092 which is 9.2% flat DPS Let’s say you cannot get these rolls, but you can get Brawler 200%+25%+20% = 245% = 3.45 multiplier. You gained (3.45-3.25)/3.25 = 0.061 which is 6.1% flat DPS Let’s say you have both EQ rolls (so we starting from 255% dibs) and you can get Brawler 255%+20%=275% = 3.75 multiplier. You gained (3.75-3.55)/3.55 = 0.056 which is 5.6% flat DPS As you can see, Brawler becomes little less effective. Now, let’s say you are using Strongarms and you have both EQ rolls and you got Brawler. 200%+25%+15%+15%+30% = 285% without Brawler, 3.85 multi, with Brawler it will become 4.05 multi, and your gain will be (4.05-3.85)/3.85 = 0.051, 5.1% Increase. At this point, if you at the same time are struggling with staying alive, defensive passive will likely be better choice than Brawler, because it will give you more “EDPS” which is “Effective DPS”, basically a fact that you can survive and deal damage instead of dying or kiting will be more than 5% of paper DPS. Now, let’s see elemental damage gains. First roll of 20% elemental on your Bracers is always 20% straight damage, because you will change basic x1 multiplier to 1.2. Let’s say you just scored amulet with 20%/crit/crit. You will change your base (which is 1.2) to 1.4. This will be (1.4-1.2)/1.2 = 0.166(6) which is 16.6% increase. Pretty big on paper. But, this have a twist to it, that it’s pretty curly in case of HFA amulets and their ancient/non ancient status. Let me elaborate a bit, because I see this being ignored very often. Let’s say you have an ancient 970/CHC/CHD neck with Earthen Might passive and solo 80 augment on it and you just got non ancient 20%/chc/chd with Brawler. Sheet DPS shows immediate loss in DPS – but you are smart and you know to ignore that stuff – and you know that it will up your dps by 16.6% right? Wrong. Depending on how much mainstat you have this gain will never be 16.6%. If you rocking 15000STR with that ancient HFA equipped, losing STR (1370) from amulet alone is (13630-15000)/15000 = -0.091 which is 9.1% DPS LOSS. So, you lost 9.1 in one department, you gained 16.6% in other, which makes equipping non ancient HFA with Brawler not 16.6% gain but 7.5% overall gain. Now, compare the passives. Having Earthen Might on HFA gives you freedom in picking up 2 passives, while Brawler will “lock” 3 passives (EM/Ruthless/Rampage will have to be chosen, when you have one of those on HFA you technically have 2 passive slots for you to customize). You got the picture? Never make blind “oh, everybody say it’s better” choices, always judge and compare to what you have. Let’s say in above scenario you kept your ancient HFA with STR + Augment, you picked Relentless as your passive and toughness gain was enough for you to sacrifice rolls on chest and shoulder for 15% EQ on both. If you would use non ancient HFA you would gain 7.5% + 6% (Brawler) which would totaled to 13.5%, with Relentless and EQ rolls you would gain 9.2% from DiBS. You would lost some toughness from STR is you picked HFA with Barwler, you would gain tons of it with Relentless. Always ask if you are not sure, always test and compare, a lot of things are not set in stone, and it takes a bit of effort to find what works best for you. Best of luck!S4v4G3242 Feb 8
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Feb 6 Area Damage Vs Attack Speed - The Slanderer Hello! HotA Barb here... I currently have and am using an ancient The Slanderer. The primary stats are 1473-1812 Holy Dmg, 901 Str, 5% AS, 24% AD (enchanted), and a socket (Ramaladni's Gift.) I have recently found a shiny new primal version, but the stats are different. The primary stats are 1729-2332 Fire Dmg, 1000 Str, 1000 Vit, 7% AS (enchanted but can be AD; the original stat was resource cost reduction), and a socket (Ramaladni's Gift.) I realize the Vit is not a completely "wasted" stat, since is about a 4mil boost to my sheet toughness, but I would rather have it AD or AS. Of course, I like the look of the shiny primal, but I am not sure which one too choose. I sim'ed both and have found that the primal is a lot better for the rg but not as good for mobs, which seems to be a smaller portion. My AD with the ancient is 148%, and the AD with the primal is 124%. So, which one should I choose? And, if I should choose the primal, should I go with AS or AD? With AD, my frames per animation are 14, where as with AS they are 13. Oh, I am a HotA barb, 6pc IK, Furious Charge, Battle Rage, War Cry, Ancients, and Wrath. Thank you! -DrummerMikeDrummerMike4 Feb 6
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