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17h [PARAGON 700, GR 70 & BELOW] Help HERE =============== UPDATED FOR 2.5 =============== This thread is for sub-paragon 700 Barbs who have difficulty reaching GR 70 solo. If you are over paragon 700 and have not done GR 70 yet.... well I don't know what to say! Maybe something along the lines of, let's get you in the program and maybe you can do a bit better. But before you ask the generic question of "what shall I do next", you gotta let us(me) know the following basic information about your Barb: (1) What Torment Level and Grift level can you comfortably run on your Barb? "Comfortably run" = reach AND kill the RG within 5 minutes of beginning the rift. (2) What's your max Grift level? (3) Do you have the following build-defining items (*if you have incomplete sets, eg, 5/7 IK pieces, say which ones are missing*) Set Items - Immortal King's 7 piece set - Might of the Earth 6 piece set and Lut Socks - Raekor's 6 piece set and Vile Wards - Wrath of the Wastes 6 piece set - Bul Kathos Swords 2 piece set - Istvan's Paired Blades - Focus and Restraint rings - Endless Walk set (Traveler's Pledge amulet and Compass Rose ring) - Legacy of nightmares rings Legendary Items Weapons - Standoff (supports Furious Charge) - 300th Spear (supports Boulder Toss) - Blade of the Tribes (supports EQ) - Gavel of Judgement & accompanying Bracers of the First Men - Fury of the Vanished Peak and accompanying Seismic Slam bracers - Oathkeeper (supports primary skills) - Blade of the Warlord (supports Bash) - The Furnace - In-Geom Armor - Fury of the Ancients Shoulders - Mantle of Channeling - Skular's Salvation (supports Boulder Toss) - Dread Iron belt and Lut Socks (supports EQ) - Aquila's Cuirass - Vambraces of Sescheron (supports primary skills) - Leoric's Crown (primarily for CDR with diamond in helm) - Ancient Parthan Defenders (damage reduction on Freeze/Stun) - Nemesis Bracers (for elite spawns with pylons) Jewelry - Ring of Royal Grandeur - Band of Might - 2x Unity rings and Immortal token for follower - Convention of Elements ring - Obsidian Ring of the Zodiac - Skull Grasp (this is a must-have ring for WW builds) (4) Name your 5 highest ranked gems and what level they are. (5) What are you aiming for in this game? As a very broad benchmark, Grift 60 is reachable with paragon 500, without Ancient gear. (6) How often do you play D3 in hours per day/week? (7) Are you mainly solo, or happy to play in groups? (8) What are the major issues facing you right now that are preventing you going higher? (Usually: lack of damage, lack of survivability, or confusion about build/gear) And this is the most important of all: Have you read my Noobie Guide, understood it and implemented it? Link is here: 17h
Mar 3 Barbarian FAQ and Main Builds 2.4.2 Free's Meta zDPS Tao's Guide to MotE - Earthen Rage RICK's Fire EQ by KingBen KingBen's 'Hot Potato' KingBen's T11 Farmer Conan's Frenzy Thread Free's famous WW Thread HellBoy's Acronymns Leaf: Conquistador breaks down the entire Season Tao's No Set GR45 Jako's Set Dungeon Guide Where to find more Barb Information beyond this simple breakdown. Getting better at GR Greetings Barbarians! This is a living document of information often requested. If you find errors, please let me know. The Barbarian forums is often a helpful community. If you need help, just ask! ============================================= Contributors: Wired, Samir, page, Bryanw1995, Xenowrath, RagingKoala, Baconinja, Shadow, CC123, kingdo, Eduw, Nubtro, PoorYorick, Reydien, Leland, WordMaster, Hellboy, Free, Jako, Kuzoh, Detox, Dmoney ============================================ ... Weapons Gems - Stat Affixes - The Magic of Math General Questions - Tips and Tricks - 2.4 Common Questions Common Abbreviations - Cube - Gearing Followers ... The Weapons Damage Range is the important factor to consider, not the large weapon DPS which is based on attack speed. The two numbers below which say xxxx-xxxx Damage. Because elemental and elite damage is so powerful, the main Barbarian weapons for maximizing damage output are as follows. The Big Hitters - Weapons: Legendary Affixes are the true power. Blade of Tribes (Tribes) Standoff (SO) The Gavel of Judgement (GoJ) Immortal King's Bone Breaker (IKBB) Fury of the Vanished Peak (FotP) This item always rolls with Life per Fury Spent (LpFS). It can get an additional Roll of LpFS. You can roll one of these off with Kadala. Bul-Kathos's Oath Great Weapons for Kanai's Cube: The Furnace In-geom FIRE - Maximus - COLD - Warth of the Bone King - LIGHTNING - Schaeffer's Hammer - PHYSICAL - Heart Slaughter (HS) - Q: How do I roll my Ancient Mighty Weapon? If you don't know it's best to ask on the Forum. There are too many variables now and it depends on your build and what level of content you enjoy. Q: My new weapon damage rolled with Poison damage, does that mean I need to re-roll the damage type to Fire or Physical or Cold? No. The type of damage listed next to the damage range doesn't matter. Using Runes with various skills is what determines what element the attack will be. Most runes will say what elemental damage type they provide. This listed weapon elemental damage does not affect your damage in anyway. It's only there for animation/aesthetic/legacy reasons. (Known bugs with Boulder Toss and Elemental Damage, but only matters at very high level play) Q: What weapon should I gift? Gift one of these listed weapons if it has good stats. Good base damage, Correct Primary stats and nice Secondary stats are what make up a good weapon. Always keep one gift on hand in case a better weapon drops. Q: What about my awesome ancient weapon that isn't in this list? Elemental Damage and Legendary affixes are so powerful that it is difficult for an Ancient weapon to out perform one of the weapons on this list. It can happen while you are leveling up, but once you are max level, very unlikely. Q: I haven't got a Ancient weapon yet, why not!?! Random is random. You might not get the rarest items in the game. Play with what you have and maximize the rest of your set up. Q: I got a Ancient! How do I roll it?! Congratulations. Use of a Ramaladni Gift This will give you an extra affix. If it already has a socket, make sure you roll the socket off first, apply the Gift, then try for the priority stats based on your build. You need the following stats in this priority but it untimely depends on what content you will use the weapon for. Solo weapons have different requirements than group weapons. ... A desirable secondary affix is +Fury for many builds. Life after Each Kill is good to have.Tao77 Mar 3
1h Season Journey Help Anyone want to help me with some of the more tedious aspects of getting the Seasonal pet? Specifically doing a full clear of Bounties and killing all of the Keywardens?Jako3 1h
1h uneffective hit of ww barb HI have observe alot of times than ww barb is not able to effectively deliver damage to mob that is near wall or corners.Other than pull it out, is it a bugs?blueberry0 1h
2h Red Alert Barbros! "Nerf Barb" campaign has been started on ptr feedback forum. Alt accounts, 400 para DH "mains", keep an eye out and fight this stupidity when you can, because it will turn just as ugly as it has in the past.S4v4G390 2h
2h Returning Barbs 2.6.1 I'm looking to come back to D3 after maybe a 4 month break. Anything that a returning barb should know? Should I start grinding certain gear or anything? I'd like to hit GR 100. Currently at 80 with 800+para and Fire MoTE build. I know when 2.6.1 hits it'll be very possibly to hit GR 100 with fire mote... However, should I be looking to switch towards hota? I mainly play solo, due to not wanting to zbarb. If I get into lower GR groups maybe 80-100 what build would I use for dmg?Roidraged10 2h
4h Need experienced ww player to check this out This is my character, Im fairly new to the game starting about a month ago, during that time Ive played almost exclusively a necro. I absolutely love the spinning barbarian play style however im getting insta killed in a 70 with all buffs up, even with the aquila and threat shout being used as defensive. I have no augs because I just havnt had time to really grind out gems on my necro. I also dont know anyone who plays so ive played 100% alone since I got the game except for a puzzle ring run with a random dude who invited me. Am I missing something? I can rip through 90's on a necro and when I play ww barb on 70 I die multiple times and it takes about 10+ minutes. Id love to be able to switch to mantle of channeling and the offensive threat shout because Im missing out on a good chunk of dmg but Im getting rocked in a 70, doesnt seem right. Any advice from experiecned players welcome ty ty.Tito3 4h
4h zDPS questions So, I am late to the party this season and I am not a hardcore player. I am around 700 paragon and 4/6 on ancient Waste set, but I can't get past 70 solo and I die constantly. (I am using the icy-veins WW build atm.) It looks like barb is just dog!@#$ for dps this season so I am thinking of trying zDPS. A few questions: Is zdps barb worth trying in most random groups? I am not in a clan and dont have the ability to be available at pre-arranged times. In broad terms, what are the goals of zdps barb? How does aggro work in diablo? I am accustomed to how it works to be a tank in WoW, but diablo's aggro system seems different. What is the best way to get mobs to attack me and stay attacking me? This late in the season, is it worth even trying to refarm gear? or is it better to just wait for the buffs in the next patch? Links are appreciated if you feel they would be helpful Thanks for your time.Cronie7 4h
5h Final PTR patch Nevalistis commented that one more set of number tweaking is coming on items they've been fiddling with all patch. Some going up Some going down Just a head's up. Barbarians seem like they're in a good place...but at the same time...that 118 clear with Whirlwind might have drawn too much attention. Guess we'll find out Tuesday/Wednesday.Jako17 5h
6h The Day Chainer Lost Barb Love: Mortick's We all remember... They removed the bracers...Watch till the end to see the disappointment. Watch for struggling through the pain at 0:36, 5:30-6:00 (they removed the bracers sighhh), 10:57-11:40 6h
12h Top 5 Solo Barb Builds Ranked for 2.6 Ever wonder where the various Barb builds fall in terms of raw power rankings? Wonder no more. Below you'll find a list of popular Barb builds considered viable for solo Greater Rift pushes ranked from most powerful to least powerful in Patch 2.5. If you're new to Barb, a returning player, or just curious, feel free to post questions. Agree? Disagree? Want to discuss the airspeed of an unladen Swallow? Post below. Without further ado, let's get to the builds. 1. Zodiac Whirlwind Set: Wrath of the Wastes + Bul-Kathos's Oath or Istvan's Paired Blades Build Link: Due to the changes in Greater Rift layouts and mob composition in 2.4.3 and the Wastes set, Zodiac Whirlwind is back in business as a Barb powerhouse. This is the modern incarnation of the classic Barbarian Whirlwind build and the strongest Whirlwind build out there. If you don't mind the fussy gear rolls and restrictive build requirements, you can take this build pretty far. Spin to win. Pros: Highly mobile, best healing of all Barb sets, scales extremely well with density, and powerful. Cons: Second most demanding gear of all Barb builds and requires lots of cooldown management. 2. Fire Earthquake Set: Might of the Earth Build Link: In terms of raw power, Fire EQ is up there. With Wrath of the Berserker and a Fire CoE cycle, this build is capable of nuking density and crushing elites. Pros: Fairly easy to gear, easy to play, and powerful. Cons: Early reliance on Band of Might can lead to bad habits. 3. Physical Earthquake Set: Might of the Earth Build Link: Physical EQ is among the easiest Barb builds to gear and play. When played with Band of Might, it's incredibly durable, allowing new players plenty of leniency for even the most deadly mistake. When Band of Might is swapped for CoE, it's also a competitive push build. While not as strong as Fire EQ, this build is a great starting point for new players who want to test the waters with EQ. Pros: Easiest Barb set to gear, easy to play, and durable. Cons: High potential to teach bad play habits due to use of Band of Might or Cave-In rune. 4. Charge Barb Sets: Immortal King 6 + Raekor 4 Build Link: The IK6+R4 Charge Barb is still a very powerful Barb build. Vile Wards provides the build with a scaling damage mechanic that, when coupled with the perfect rift, provides hefty DPS. The trick to this build is a mix of rift fishing and Parthans awareness. Pros: Easy to gear and powerful. Cons: Hard to master, play style is not for everyone, and may cause motion sickness. 5. Frenzy Thorns Set: Legacy of Nightmares Build Link: Mechanically, Frenzy Thorns is unlike any other Barb build out there. Sure, it's insanely hard to gear, but it's fast, it's powerful, and it's wholly unique since it requires zero Critical Hit Chance or Critical Hit Damage. If you dig Legacy of Nightmare builds and don't mind the gear grind, give this a try. Pros: Powerful, mobile, and scales extremely well with density. Cons: Requires the most demanding gear of all Barb builds. Honorable Mentions These builds aren't in the top 5 but they're still great. Give them a try if you're looking something new and different. 6. Raekor Trillions Set: Raekor Build Link: Don't let this build's relative obscurity fool you. The Trillions build hits like a freight train, especially when properly geared. It's also versatile; a variant of this build has become a standard speed-farming build for Barbs. The downside? This build requires some ultra specific gear, including a legacy item. Without that, you'll have a hard time pushing. The only reason this build isn't ranked higher is due to that and the build's severe fragility. Of all the Barb builds, this is truly our glass cannon. Pros: Powerful and highly mobile. Cons: Incredibly fragile, reliant on legacy gear, and fairly demanding in terms of gear rolls. 7. Frozen Fury Set: Might of the Earth Build Link: An oldie but a goodie, Frozen Fury has been around for ages. Back in 2.4, this build was cracking 75 with ease. Recent changes to Girdle of Giants make this a little tricky to gear these days, but if you don't mind getting the right amount of attack speed elsewhere, you'll have no problems crushing mobs with this unique cold build. Pros: Mobile, fairly strong, and fairly easy to gear. Cons: Plateaus early and doesn't scale well with density due to Slam bracer. Awards Most Powerful Build: Zodiac Whirlwind Best Build for New Players: Physical Earthquake Best Build for Hardcore Players: Physical Earthquake Easiest Build to Gear: Physical Earthquake Most Demanding Build To Gear: Frenzy Thorns Change Log Update 1/10: Zodiac Whirlwind takes the #2 spot from Fire EQ and Frenzy Thorns due to recent clears and tests. Whirlwind is back! Update 1/18: Zodiac Whirlwind takes the #1 spot from Charge Barb! All hail the king! Update 5/3: Fully updated to 2.5 and reorganized builds. Updated 7/5: Fully updated to 2.6.Free124 12h
14h How do you keep track of CoE element Half the time my CoE element buff isn't even displayed and I find it nearly impossible to use the visual that swirls around my feet. Is there a way to display all buffs or put a priority on CoE element buff?TeamRamrod26 14h
14h Off-Topic: PUBG Anyone playing PUBG on Steam? If so, hit me up. Looking to group.Free28 14h
14h [Guide] 2.6 zDPS Barb GR 115+ I have bad news and good news. The bad news is that outside of the occasional Frenzy Barb in low 90s, Barbs have no place as the DPS in 4-player groups. The good news is that we have a very vital role in 4-player groups and that is as a zBarb. But Free, you ask, what's a zBarb and how do I make one so as to be awesome and helpful to my teammates? Glad you asked. ========== The zDPS Commandments ========== ... Failure to adhere to this holy covenant will result in Barb privileges revoked. ========== The Build ========== There are two ways to play zBarb right now. Below, I'll cover the builds in some detail as they differ only in minor ways. But remember: ask your DPS is they have preferences and change your build accordingly. As a general rule, the following are key rolls on both builds. Here they are in priority order: - CDR (55-65% required) - Vit and Life % - All Resist - Physical resist secondary - Pickup radius First, let's cover the basic Whirlwind build. The skills:!Yaec!cbcZcY Whirlwind (Blood Funnel) - Mobility and Healing - If you have lots of Paragon, use Dust Devils for more aggro and procs - Hurricane is a bad idea since the pull will A) move mobs out of DPS position and B) increase mob CC immunity Ancient Spear (Rage Flip) - Used to pull groups of trash and elites to the DPS - Mobs will go CC immune after 3 pulls so accuracy counts War Cry (Hardened Wrath or Impunity) - Boosts toughness - Rune depends on what DPS wants Ground Stomp (Jarring Slam) - Makes Globes - Feed your Witch Doctor Threatening Shout (Falter) - Boosts DPS Ignore Pain (Mob Rules) - Massive toughness boost - CC immunity - Essential for keeping the DPS alive -- never let this go down unless the DPS says it's okay! Next, let's cover the gear required: Helm: Leorics - Vit - Life % - All Resist - OS (Diamond) Shoulder: Wrath of the Wastes - CDR - Vit - Life % - All Resist Chest: Aquila's Cuirass - Vit - Life % - All Resist - OS (Diamonds) Amulet: Rondal's Locket, Star of Azkaranth, Mara's, Zepherian, or Other - CDR - Vit - Life % Bracer: Nemesis - Vit - All Resist - Armor Belt: Pride of Cassius or Chilanik's - Vit - Life % - All Resist Glove: Wrath of the Wastes - CDR - Vit - All Resist - CHC Pants: Wrath of the Wastes - Vit - All Resist OS (Diamonds) Boots: Wrath of the Wastes - Vit - All Resist Weapons: Bul-Kathos Swords - CDR - Vit - Life on Hit - OS (Amethyst for Life on Hit) Ring 1: Zodiac - CDR - CHC Ring 2: Oculus - CDR - Vit - Life % Cube Weapon: Solanium or Vigilance Armor: Chilanik's or Pride of Cassius Jewelry: Varies (see below) Legendary Gems If you have plenty of CDR, you can swap Gogok for Esoteric. If you have plenty of toughness, you can swap it back to Gogok. Wreath of Lightning - Extra move speed - Aggros mobs Gogok of Swiftness - Provides CDR - Helps Zodiac Gem of Efficacious Toxin - Boosts DPS - Lowers incoming damage Now let's look at the Raekor build. The Skills:!Race!cYcZcY If you choose to use the Raekor version, keep your Leorics Crown, Nemesis bracers, belt, and rings. Then make the following adjustments. Note that the desired requirements and gear rolls are the same regardless of the build you're using: Shoulders: Legacy of Raekor Chest: Legacy of Raekor Gloves: Legacy of Raekor Pants: Leagacy of Raekor Boots: Illusory Boots Main-Hand: Pig Sticker (or Istvan's Blade) Off-Hand: Stormshield (or Istvan's Blade) A Note on Secondary Rolls As always, Physical resist is always a great secondary roll to have on your gear. More important, perhaps, is pickup radius. This helps you quickly gather globes to keep the Witch Doctor fed. Rondal's Locket in the amulet slot goes a long way in this department, as does a pair of legacy Corruption shoulders. A Note on Weapon Selection When playing the Raekor build, Istvan's Blades are great choices. But considering how rare they are, you may be better going with Pig Sticker and Stormshield. If you're not using a shield, remember to adjust your passive (Sword and Board) accordingly. Pig Sticker is a good choice for the extra primary stat. If using Pig Sticker, try to get CDR, IAS, and Vitality. A Note on Rings Both builds make use of Zodiac, Oculus, and Band of Might. Wear your best rings and Cube the worst. A Note About Both Builds I get asked a lot: What's the real difference between the Whirlwind and Raekor zBarb builds? Which is better? Which should I play? Let's break them down a little. Whirlwind: - Easy to gear - Easy to play - Hard to screw up - Good at most maps and scenarios - Can aggro more with Dust Devils (depending on your toughness and sustain without Blood Funnel Raekor: - Easy to gear - Harder to play - Easier to screw things up for your party - Much faster and mobile, especially on specific map tiles If you're new to zBarb, I suggest you start with the Whirlwind build since it's easy to play and hard to screw up. After you have some experience with zBarb, you can try the Raekor build. But be warned. The Raekor build is harder to play, causes more CC to mobs, and can hamper a team's progress if poorly played. The Raekor build takes more practice to master. Both builds are perfectly fine for almost any tier. When in doubt, ask your DPS what they prefer and swap builds accordingly. ========== How To Play zBarb ========== As a zBarb, you have a few crucial jobs: 1. Keep your team alive with IP. 2. Pull mobs to the DPS 3. Make globes and feed the Witch Doctor 4. Scout and call-out Pylons, then pop them at the appropriate times So, when you jump into a GR, hit War Cry, pop IP and make sure you're covering your DPS (IP is active in line of sight). Move with the group and try to find elites in density. Do not stop on lone elites or small groups of trash. You need density, though a lot of the time it's up to you to createdensity. When your Heal Monk or DPS call out a spot to set up shop, apply War Cry and IP, then start pulling. First, aggro nearby trash and pull. If your DPS aren't taking much damage, go further out in search of more trash and elites. Always aggro first with WW/Charge and Wreath. Save spear pulls for crucial moments. When you've managed to aggro a few screens of trash, start pulling with spear. Spear has a strange interaction with mob hit boxes, so it's going to take some practice to get this right. For the most part, you want to pull in a straight line. Holes in the ground, debris, or corners will obstruct your pulls and detach mobs from your spear, so make sure there's nothing between you, the mobs you're pulling, and the spear's path of travel. Mobs will sometimes get stuck in doorways or on corners, and you may need to pull them away at an angle, then pull them straight through the doorways. Again, this is something that takes time to learn. Rage Flip is better than Harpoon because it will throw the pulled mobs behind you. Remember that if you spear mobs that are in close proximity to the DPS--which is where you want them to be--they will be sent flying across the screen, making you work twice as hard to get them grouped all over again. In short, be precise with your pulls, and spend time getting the hang of how far Rage Flip will send certain mob types. When your DPS kills elites, gather the globes, apply War Cry for speed, and move on. If your DPS are taking too much damage--like, for instance, if you've grouped together several packs of Arcane Desecrators, don't go very far to pull. Instead, stay close to them, generate globes and apply IP. Remember: A good zBarb makes or breaks a group. You are the key to a party's success. If you fail at your job, the DPS can't do their jobs. Let me know if you have questions/comments. ========== FAQ ========== Q. Is it fun to play zBarb? A. Yes. Very. You're integral to your team's success. Q. Why can't I play DPS as a Barb? A. Because Blizzard hates our class. Q. I don't want to play meta, Barbs should be barbaric, wah, wah, wah! A. Cry me a river and get over it. Q. How do I communicate with my team? A. Get a mic and headset and use Teamspeak, Discord, or the Battle Net chat channels. Q. Do I really need a mic and voice chat? A. If you're pushing, yes. Q. Can I see your zBarb? A. Yes. Here's my Whirlwind zBarb: And here's my Raekor zBarb: 14h
14h zBarb gear? Hey guys, trying to get a WW zBarb situated. Would someone mind checking it over, please?Acky2 14h
14h Blade of the Tribes - Orange Affix update Was messing around with BotT and why not updating the orange affix to match the changes made on HotA and SS mighty weapons. Simply change as in current patch notes to, "No longer rolls Legendary-strength bonus to Earthquake damage as an inherent affix. Can still roll 10-15% as a random affix." Thus, when we cube the Blade we get the legendary effect in line of what will happen with Gavel and Vanished Peak, ie, more freedom of choice for weapon slot.SapodoDiabo22 14h
15h [Guide] 2.6 Zodiac Whirlwind BK/IB --GR 100+ ====================================== Build Introduction and Purpose ====================================== ***PREPARING TO UPDATE TO 2.6.1***PREPARING TO UPDATE TO 2.6.1***STAY TUNED*** Welcome to 2.6 and the Zodiac Whirlwind guide. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that Barbs as a class are much, much weaker than every other class. We're slower speed-farmers and lagging by 5-10 GR tiers behind most other classes, especially Wizards and Crusaders. The good news is that Whirlwind is arguably our strongest build (with Fire EQ a very close contender). Hooray. This build guide explains in painstaking detail the Zodiac Whirlwind build, the strongest Whirlwind build, and addresses its three variants for pushing solo Greater Rifts and speed-farming T13. Warning: This build currently outshines Charge, Frenzy Thorns, and Fire EQ in terms of clear potential but the gear, rolls, augments, and paragon required to make that happen are much more exacting. Be prepared for a lot of farming, re-rolling, and upgrading in the Cube. For more information on the Top 5 Solo Barb Builds, check out this thread: Questions? Read the guide and FAQ thoroughly before posting. Corrections or additions? Let me know. Spin to win, baby. ========================================= Disclaimers ========================================= Disclaimer The First If you're new to Diablo 3, or new to Barb in general, please read the whole thread carefully (including the FAQ) and consult the compendium: For easy calculation of breakpoints, use this fantastic app: Just be warned that optimizing the build for attack speed breakpoints has not produced clears on par with optimizing around Area Damage (more on that below). Disclaimer the Second I do not own this build or any of its variants. This build, like any build, belongs to the community. But several skilled players have helped me develop this build and the Whirlwind meta over the course of Eras 3, 4, and 5 and this build incorporates some of their ideas in various places. I'd like to credit the following people: Samir, Shiro, Kahle, Archael, Chainer, Rageamok, Shadow, and Nubtro. Disclaimer The Third Read this guide carefully and thoroughly. Even minor deviations from the guide can result in a much weaker build. ======================================== Terminology ======================================== Before we begin, I'll cover some common abbreviations in case you're new. If you see terminology throughout the guide that you don't understand, please do a little research before you ask questions. WW = Whirlwind 6/2 = refers to using 6-pieces of the Wrath of the Wastes set with 2-pieces of either the Bul-Kathos or Istvan's Paired Blades sets. Wastes = Wrath of the Waste set BK = Bul-Kathos's Oath swords set IB = Istvan's Paired Blades swords set PoC = Pride of Cassius Belt perma-IP = permanent (or nearly) uptime on Ignore Pain skill perma-Wrath = permanent (or nearly) uptime on Wrath of the Berserker skill Parthans = Ancient Parthan Defenders bracer Nemesis = Nemesis bracer Zodiac = Obisidian Ring of the Zodiac CoE = Convention of Elements ring dibs = damage increase by skills CHC = critical hit chance CHD = critical hit damage AD = Area Damage IAS = increased attack speed OS = open socket ======================================= Zodiac Whirlwind: The Build ======================================== The Zodiac Whirlwind build is the strongest, most durable Whirlwind build for Barbarians. The build uses six pieces of the Wrath of the Wastes set and either the Bul-Kathos's Oath set or the Istvan's Paired Blades set along with supporting legendaries. How you gear and select skills for the Zodiac Whirlwind build depends on the difficulty of content, your paragon, and your available gear. It also depends on which variant you want to play. Listed below is a brief description of each build variant with its pros and cons. For all intents and purposes, there is little difference in the power potential (the maximum solo GR push potential) between the variants. The Physical Bul-Kathos Variant The original Zodiac build, this variant uses the Bul-Kathos's Oath sword set for effortless Fury generation. Pros: + Easy Fury generation, even against RG's without adds + Easier to gear than Istvan's variants + Faster move speed + Can make use of full AD and Bloodshed Cons: - Less up-front damage than Istvan's variants - More fragile than Istvan's variants - Less flexibility in terms of gear selection than the Istvan's variant - More reliant on CDR than the Istvan's variant The Lightning Istvan's Variant A fairly recent innovation, this build uses the Istvan's Paired Blades set and Wind Shear to deal more up-front damage. Pros: + More up-front damage than the Bul-Kathos variant + Can easily incorporate Nemesis or Strongarm bracers into the build + Tankier than the Bul-Kathos variant + Less reliant on CDR than the Bul-Kathos variant + More flexible in terms of gear selection than the Bul-Kathos variant Cons: - Less reliable healing than the Bul-Kathos variant - Harder to gear than the Bul-Kathos variant The Physical Istvan's Variant The newest of the three variants, this one offers massive damage potential at the cost of Fury generation. Pros: + More up-front damage than either variant + Can incorporate Bloodshed + Tankier than either variant + More flexible in terms of gear selection than the Bul-Kathos variant Cons: - Less reliable healing than the Bul-Kathos variant - Harder to gear than the Bul-Kathos variant - Requires much more micromanagement of resources due to problems generating Fury Build Variant Selection I'll get straight to the point: Right now, based on current leaderboard data, the IB variants appear to be stronger than the BK variant. However, unless you're trying to push the top 20 or so, this doesn't matter. All three can clear 100 provided you have the Paragon, gear, and gem levels. So the better question is which build variant is right for you? Simple: the one for which you have the best gear. For beginners and those new to Whirlwind builds, I recommend sticking to the Bul-Kathos variant as it eliminates the need to manage Fury, provides amazing healing, and--best of all--BK swords are easier to find than Istvan's Blades. If you have great gear for both (or all three) variants, it boils down to preferred play style. The extra move speed and absence of Fury management issues provided by the BK variant makes for an incredibly smooth, fast Whirlwind experience. Lightning Istvan's provides more flexibility in terms of skills and gear, though the build generally has a slower, though tankier, play style--more methodical, if you will. Physical Istvan's is slow like its Lightning sibling, but considerably more involved due to the constant Fury issues. I do not recommend the Physical Istvan's variant to newer players or those who dislike micromanaging a build's resources. If you're looking to really push the leaderboards, you'll want to consider one of the IB versions. It's not clear which is stronger (Lightning vs Physical), but both seem to be outperforming the Physical BK variant by a hair. General Requirements To properly play any of these variants, you must have the following items: - 30--40% CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - 100%+ AD - Complete Wastes set - One Skull Grasp ring (not legacy) - One Zodiac ring - One CoE ring - Legendary Gems: Pain Enhancer, Bane of Trapped, Bane of Stricken, Taeguk Zodiac Whirlwind: Physical Bul-Kathos Variant Many Whirlwind builds have come and gone. But this variant has stood the test of time and still has some of the highest clears ever for solo Barb GR pushes. This is the easiest variant to gear, but still requires a lot of fine-tuning to get over 90. Since we're starting with this build variant, the Istvan's variants will be treated as alternatives to this build in terms of skills, gear, and rolls. If something specific isn't listed, assume it's the same between all three variants. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 40%+ CDR (combined total from gear, diamond in helm, and Paragon) - Complete BK sword set - Ancient Parthan Defender bracers - Legendary Gems: Pain Enhancer, Taeguk, Bane of Stricken Skills:!ZjSY!bZccYb Let's briefly discuss each skill slot and any viable changes one might make. WW (Blood Funnel): This is the build's main skill and damage dealer. Even though our Dust Devils no longer proc Blood Funnel, this is still one of the best sources of healing in the game. Some folk will say that Swords to Ploughs on Battle Rage is better healing, but that rune is effected by proc coefficients (and thus its return is scaled back from the tooltip value) and taking it requires losing Bloodshed, a hefty source of damage. Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity): As a separate damage multiplier, this skill is a major booster shot to the build's DPS. It also boosts your toughness (Dodge) and movement speed. Keeping 100% (or close) uptime on this skill is key to successfully pushing solo Greater Rifts. Battle Rage (Bloodshed): Bloodshed is a massive AOE damage boost. Since it does 20% of the critical hit damage that procced it, it scales quite nicely. If you're getting game-crashing lag with Bloodshed, you might try Into The Fray--not as much damage, but much less lag and even more healing from Blood Funnel. Harcore players be warned: The lag from Bloodshed in good density could result in a death. Threatening Shout (Demoralize): Demoralize helps groups mobs and so you can deal damage with AD, Bloodshed, and Dust Devils. Since the build's damage output scales with mob volume and density, Demoralize helps you get the most bang for your buck. Don't like Threatening Shout? Try this alternative: Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash): When paired with Into the Fray, Wrenching Smash provides a fat boost to DPS. This skill is great for pulling elites and trash to a specific location, such as an Oculus bubble, but be warned--use of this skill at the wrong time will result in a death. In addition, since this skill is a pull and not a taunt, it will contribute to a monster's CC cap. If you use this skill, do so sparingly. Ancient Spear (Rage Flip): Credit to Archael for pioneering this one. Due to the way Greater Rift layouts have changed in 2.5, this skill can make grouping much, much easier. It's especially handy for dragging annoying or slow elites to the next pack of trash. This skill is tricky to master, but well worth a place on your bar. Don't like Spear? Well, depending on your gear, skill, and the tiers you're trying to push, you might consider some other skills for that slot. I don't think they'll be as useful as Spear, but your mileage may vary: Rend (Bloodbath): While our Rend damage is pitiful, it's free damage. But it comes at a cost. Rend at the wrong moment and you will get demolished. At 85+, you'll get one-shotted. If you decide to go with Rend, use Bloodbath for the extra stacked bleed and try to Rend on Physical CoE cycles. War Cry (Impunity): If you don't have good secondary rolls for Parthans, War Cry can help keep you alive. It's not even close to what Parthans provide in terms of toughness, but if you're still learning the build and don't have the know-how to keep track of monster CC immunity, War Cry is a good choice for this slot. Just don't spam it since it eats Zodiac procs. Overpower (Killing Spree): This provides a nice boost to your CHC. That means more damage and more healing from Blood Funnel. Due to the way Overpower was changed in 2.4.3 (it now stores 3 charges and doesn't recharge as quickly from crits), you have to use this sparingly. Ignore Pain (Ignorance is Bliss): This skill mitigates damage, provides CC immunity, and offers a massive amount of healing. It's vital to keep this skill up and running at all times (hence why we wear the PoC). If you're a little short on CDR, another option is to use Iron Hide for the extra uptime. This gives you more wiggle room with Wrath cooldowns, but you will lose a lot of healing which, depending on your gear and Paragon, you may need. Passive Skills Passives are key to a winning build, so let's briefly go over those. Note:While Hellfire Amulets are not best in slot for this build, they're not terrible. If you have a great Hellfire Amulet, any of these are wonderful passives to have on it: Ruthless, Rampage, Weapon Master, Brawler, and Boon of Bul-Kathos. Acceptable passives include Berserker Rage, Bloodthirst, and Superstition. Other passives are to be avoided, unless you're in Hardcore, in which case you'll want Nerves of Steel. Weapon Master: Crucial for Fury gen. Rampage: This passive provides a fantastic boost to DPS and toughness through the rift, but won't offer much against the RG unless the boss spawns lots of adds (hello, Saxtris!). Ruthless: When you're pushing your personal best, you'll want every second you can get to kill the RG and elites. This passive makes your job a heck of a lot easier. Take it and profit. If you have this on a Hellfire, take Brawler instead. Boon of Bul-Kathos: This, along with careful management of cooldowns and Zodiac procs, will insure you have perma-Wrath. Gear You'll need six pieces of the Waste set and both BK swords. Though ancient pieces are the goal, ideal rolls take precedence. Good secondary rolls are absolutely crucial for pushing top tiers. Helm (Wastes) Strength CHC 6% WW dmg 15% (swapped to Vit at 95+) OS (diamond) Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Shoulder (Wastes) Strength Vitality (or All Res) 8% CDR AD 20% Secondaries: Pickup radius or globe bonus Augment: Strength Chest (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res OS (rubies) Secondaries: Reduced melee dmg and reduced ranged damage Augment: Strength Glove (Wastes) Strength AD 20% (or Vit) CHC 10% CHD 50% Secondaries: Stun on hit, Physical resist Augment: Strength Bracer (APD) 20% Physical Damage Strength Vitality CHC 6% Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Belt (Pride of Cassius) Strength Vitality All Res 15% Life or Life Per Fury +6 seconds to Ignore Pain Secondaries: Freeze on hit Augment: Strength Pants (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res OS (rubies) Secondaries: Gobe bonus Augment: Strength Boots (Wastes) Strength Vitality All Res WW dmg 15% Secondaries: Globe bonus Augment: Strength Sword 1 (BK) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Stun or Freeze on hit Augment: Strength Sword 2 (BK) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Secondaries: Stun or Freeze on hit Augment: Strength Rings 1 (Skull Grasp) CHC 6% CHD 50% Varies: AD 20% (if you can't otherwise acquire 4 AD rolls), CDR (if you're short 1 roll), or Average Damage (see below) OS 300% increased Whirlwind damage Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Ring 2 (CoE) CHC 6% CHD 50% Varies: AD 20% (if you can't otherwise acquire 4 AD rolls), CDR (if you're short 1 roll), or Average Damage (see below) OS 195%+ elemental damage bonus Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Ring 3 (Zodiac) CHC 6% IAS 7% CDR 8% OS Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist Augment: Strength Amulet (Mara's, Hellfire, or Eye of Elitch) 20% Physical Damage (if you can't roll elemental damage here, Strength or Average Damage are also options) CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Secondaries: Physical/Lightning resist or Health Globe bonus; Reduced ranged damage for Eye Augment: Strength Cube Furnace Mantle of Channeling Your worst ring Zodiac Whirlwind: Lightning Istvan's Variant Pioneered by Serro and later refined by folks such as King Ben, this variant offers a fun, interesting alternative to the BK variant that is no less potent. While slower, it offers more up-front damage and tankiness at the cost of extra Bloodshed damage. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 35%+ CDR - 40% Lightning Damage - Complete IB sword set - Nemesis, Parthans, or Strongarm bracers Skills:!SjXZ!cYbYbZ Whirlwind (Wind Shear): This will keep your Fury topped off provided you fight in density. It also changes the elemental damage type of the Whirlwind skill to Lightning (hence the stacked Lightning Damage). Battle Rage (Swords to Ploughshares): This is the variant's main source of healing. Note that while this skill heals from crits from the Whirlwind skill and Dust Devils, it is subject to a proc coefficient and thus provides less reliable healing than Blood Funnel. Luckily, the extra Armor from the IB set helps compensate. Ancient Spear (Rage Flip): While this skill provides incredibly utility, it can be swapped for one of the following depending on your gear or needs. War Cry (Impunity): More toughness and resists can't hurt, especially if your gear is sub-par or not fully optimized. Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash): When paired with Strongarm bracers, Wrenching Smash provides a fat boost to DPS. It can also be used to proc Parthans if you don't have the necessary secondary rolls. This skill is great for pulling elites and trash to a specific location, such as an Oculus bubble, but be warned--use of this skill at the wrong time will result in a death. In addition, since this skill is a pull and not a taunt, it will contribute to a monster's CC cap. If you use this skill, do so sparingly. This skill can also be swapped for Threatening Shout. Sprint (Marathon): This skill goes a long way to compensating for the reduced movement speed of the variant, but requires you to be much more alert to hunting and fighting density. Passive Skills Since the Istvan's weapons aren't Mighty Weapons, we no longer need Weapons Master. Instead, we take a DPS passive, such as Berserker Rage or Brawler. The latter is a safe bet since Wind Shear keeps our Fury topped off in a fight, though the passive's benefit may fall off against the RG. Brawler is generally more reliable though provides less damage. Gear The major change in this variant is swapping the Bul-Kathos swords for the Istvan's Paired Blades swords. While many required rolls remain the same, this build requires neither Parthans nor the fussy secondary rolls needed to proc the bracer. If you feel your DPS is lacking, use Strongarms with Ground Stomp. If you need extra toughness, use Parthans with Ground Stomp. If you feel balanced in DPS and toughness and want more elites for that dream 4-pack Conduit, take Nemesis bracers. Finally, since this variant isn't as fragile as the Bul-Kathos variant, you can opt to use a Hellfire Amulet instead of Eye of Etlitch for an extra DPS passive. Bracer (Nemesis, Strongarm, or Parthan) 20% Lightning Damage Strength Vitality 6% CHC Augment: Strength Amulet (Hellfire or Eye of Etlitch) 20% Lightning Damage CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Augment: Strength Sword 1 (IB) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Sword 2 (IB) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Zodiac Whirlwind: Physical Istvan's Variant Possibly the strongest of all three variants, this version incorporates many of the best elements from the other two variants but also demands intense resource management. This variant is not advised for new players. Warning: You will be Fury starved against many RGs; this makes the build much more reliant on fishing than the other two. Variant-Specific Requirements: - 40%+ CDR - 40% Physical Damage - Complete IB sword set - Nemesis or Parthans bracers Skills:!SjgZ!bZZcYb War Cry (Charge!): This skill is required to keep Fury in the tank. It's important that you spam this skill (and Threatening Shout) to generate Fury. It's also important that you don't over-spam it and eat up too many Zodiac procs (hence the higher CDR in this variant as opposed to Lightning Istvan's). Ground Stomp (Wrenching Smash): This skill can be taken instead of Threatening Shout, though doing so will reduce your Fury generation. Combined with Strongarms or Parthans, Wrenching Smash provides a fat boost to DPS or toughness respectively. This skill is great for pulling elites and trash to a specific location, such as an Oculus bubble, but be warned--use of this skill at the wrong time will result in a death. In addition, since this skill is a pull and not a taunt, it will contribute to a monster's CC cap. If you use this skill, do so sparingly. Passive Skills While I generally find Brawler to be the best DPS passive choice for this build, you may want to swap it to Animosity while learning the build. Superstition is also a viable choice. Either of these are great to grab on a Hellfire. Gear As the name implies, this variant also swaps the Bul-Kathos swords for the Istvan's Paired Blades swords. And as with the Lightning Istvan's variant, this build does not require Parthans and thus doesn't require the fussy secondary rolls of the Physical Bul-Kathos variant. Finally, since this variant isn't as fragile as the Bul-Kathos variant, you can opt to use a Hellfire instead of Eye of Etlitch. Bracer (Nemesis or Parthans) 20% Physical Damage Strength Vit 6% CHC Augment: Strength Amulet (Hellfire) 20% Physical Damage CHC 10% CHD 100% OS Augment: Strength Sword 1 (IB) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength Sword 2 (IB) Strength 10% CDR 24% AD OS (Emerald) Augment: Strength ====================================== How The Build Works ====================================== The Zodiac Whirlwind build requires us to bleed targets with PE in order to proc the Zodiac ring. Because the Zodiac ring updates dynamically, the more bleeding enemies, the higher our attack speed (from PE's secondary effect) and the more frequently we proc Zodiac and thus the faster we lower cooldowns on Ignore Pain, Wrath of the Berserker, and our shouts. Fighting in density also keeps us healed from Blood Funnel or Swords to Ploughs, and, should we use Parthans, makes us harder to kill. The key to the build is density. Without it, we don't deal damage, erase cooldowns, have toughness, or heal. This makes fighting lone elites or low-density groups very, very dangerous and a massive waste of time. How The Build Deals Damage The Zodiac WW build deals damage in several ways: 1. Whirlwind Skill: Thanks to the revamped Wastes set and Skull Grasp, your Whirlwind skill and the Dust Devils are buffed by the set's and ring's multiplicative bonuses. 2. Dust Devils: Our Dust Devils deal hefty damage and proc AOE effects. The higher the breakpoint we hit via PE and bleeding mobs, the more of these we spawn. When in density, spin in tight circles to ensure maximum possible contact between Whirlwind skill and Dust Devils and mobs (remember, each Dust Devil can only hit and damage a given enemy once). Against the RG, move in a small line back and forth through the RG to ensure Dust Devils spawned behind and in front of you contact the RGs hit box. 3. Bloodshed: Critical hits have a chance to proc this skill and deal 20% of your critical hit damage as an AOE attack. That adds up to a lot of extra damage. Unfortunately, it can also cause game-crashing lag. Be careful when using this skill. 4. Area Damage: This is the real damage source in this build. AD does a ton of damage. It also turns elites into damage batteries if you can drag them into thick density. On the flip side, if you don't have density to proc lots and lots of AD, it's time to leave the area and search for more mobs. This is also why RGs that spawn adds are the best RGs to fight. Mark my words: this is the single most important source of damage in the build. Do not skimp on stacking this stat. A good rule of thumb is to have 3-4 AD rolls on gear and max the stat in Paragon. 5. Skull Grasp: Skull Grasp is a 4x multiplier for all Whirlwind and Dust Devil damage. This is a huge boost to the build. Notes On Gear Here are a few important thoughts to keep in mind when gearing your WW Barb: - AD vs IAS: Area Damage is absolutely crucial to this build. IAS is not; sure, it helps you hit higher breakpoints and spawn more Dust Devils, but the 2.4.3 changes to the Wastes set mean that our Whirlwind skill, not the Dust Devils, deal most of the damage. Spawning an extra Dust Devil or two is nice, but it doesn't compare with AD which, when it hits, can deal more damage than the hit that procced it. You'll want AD on your swords, your shoulder, one ring, and your gloves. - IAS vs Strength: Know how we just said that optimizing around attack speed isn't really necessary? Well, that's true. But there some strange exceptions, the main one being that attack speed can, depending on your Paragon and quality of gear, replace Strength. I know, I know! Replace main stat with attack speed? Am I nuts? Of course! But in some instances it works (again, if you have lots of main stat through Paragon and Augments). On gloves, for example, you can replace Strength for IAS (IAS, CHC, CHD, AD). You can do the same on swords (IAS, CDR, AD). Generally, I don't recommend you do this unless you know you'll hit the next breakpoing (see the calculator at the top of the OP). - Average Damage vs Area Damage and Other Stats: Recent top clears (102+) have used Average Damage rolls on rings (and sometimes even amulet). While achieving that 40% elemental damage through bracer and amulet is still optimal, you have some flexibility with regards to rings. Average Damage is powerful because it buffs all damage output (AD, Bloodshed, crits, etc). If you have AD on both weapons, gloves, and shoulders, you're better off getting Average Damage on both rings (along with CHC and CHD). - Vitality: For pushing 60-70, you'll want between 550k-700k Life. For pushing 70-80+, you'll want 750k-800k Life. Don't be afraid to pump Paragon points into Vitality if necessary. There may also be times when you need to sacrifice a roll (such as All Resist on chest) for % Life, but that should only be done if there is absolutely no alternative. Note that as you become more proficient with the build, you'll be able to push higher with less Life. - CHC and CHD: Your CHC and CHD should be roughly at a 1:10 ratio while all buffs are active, thus if your CHC is 50% while Wrath and Battle Rage are up, your CHD should be at 500%. See the FAQ for an excellent calculator to help determine how to achieve this ratio and when or where you should trade-off. - CDR: This stat, in conjunction with PE, will produce enough cooldown to keep perma-IP and perma-Wrath. Since each build variant requires different amounts of CDR, it's up to you to decide where to roll it. Generally, you'll need CDR on both swords, shoulders, and possibly one ring. You'll always want a diamond in your helm and CDR maxed in Paragon. The Lightning Istvan's variant requires less CDR (due to the faster base attack speed of the weapons), so you're able to sacrifice a CDR slot or two for something else. - Rolling Swords: Correctly rolled swords can make or break the build. And despite the gear requirements listed above, it's not that simple. Let's look at a few examples assuming the base damage roll is very high. Example 1: Little Rogue with native IAS, AD, and Life per Hit. Solution: Easy. Roll Life per Hit to CDR (or Strength if you don't need the CDR) and call it a day. Example 2: Warrior Blood with native AD, Strength, and Vitality. Solution: Easy again. Roll Vitality to CDR since the BK variant needs more CDR than Lightning Istvan's. Example 3: Slanderer with native Strength, AD, and Life per Fury. Solution: Here's where it gets tricky. You don't need Life per Fury, but what do you roll? Lightning Istvan's doesn't need as much CDR, so you could roll it to IAS or even 10% damage. You might even roll Life per Fury to Vitality if your Paragon is low and you don't need the extra CDR. Physical Istvan's needs more CDR, so you'll roll Life per Fury to CDR. Moral of the story: Target your current and future needs and roll accordingly. When in doubt, ask in this thread how to roll your swords. - Secondary Rolls: For the Physical BK variant, what elevates this build from mid-tier to top-tier are secondary rolls to proc Parthans. For pushing in the 90s and beyond, Parthans are a huge help. To proc this, we'll need a minimum combination of two Stun or Freeze rolls on gear. Immobilize rolls do not proc Parthans, so don't bother looking for those. You'll be able to get a maximum of four such rolls (glove, belt, and both swords), but these are very hard to get since you'll often need or want to roll a primary stat. Be prepared to do a lot of farming, gambling, and upgrading in the Cube. Warning: Rolling Stun or Freeze on swords is a last resort--they either drop with that or forget it. Ideally, Freeze on belt is the best way to go. Failing that, Stun on gloves is also a good choice. You also need a lot of Physical resist in this build to stay in the fight. I recommend three Physical resist rolls and one Lightning resist roll. If you find that you rarely die during a rift, but get one-shotted by the RG, it means you're missing Physical resists (or don't have enough Life). Gear Gems Use rubies until tier 85. After that, switch to diamonds. If you have lots of high Augments on gear, you may even be able to stick with rubies until 90. Paragon Distribution Be a man and max it all except Resource Cost Reduction. Don't have enough paragon? Drop and give me fifty. ====================================== How To Play The Build ====================================== Okay, so, you have the gear, the skills, and the gems. But Free, you ask, how do I Diablo? It's easy. 1. Do the pre-rift check. Are you wearing the right gear? Do you have the right items active in the Cube? Are your legendary gems at least five to ten levels higher than the tier you're about to attempt? If yes to all of the above, go up to the rift pylon and caress it. 2. Enter a Greater Rift. If it's any of the terrible caves, Westmarch, or Realm Walker maps, leave and re-make because those maps suck so hard. At higher tiers (85+), you'll also auto-quit Keep Depths, Barracks, and Spider Cavern. Ideally, you're looking for Spire, Festering Woods, or Battlefield of Eternity. That's it. At 90+, you will auto-quit anything except those maps, and you'll still quit those if you don't get good mobs. If you get a good map and it's not empty, hit Battle Rage and start spinning. As soon as you see mobs, hit Ignore Pain. 3. Continue through the rift until you find density. No, three or four mobs won't cut it. When you find a dense group of mobs, ask yourself the following: Are they Mallet Lords? If yes, go find different mobs because f$%k Mallet Lords. If no, hit them with Demoralize and lead them to the next dense group of mobs. Repeat several times until you've collected two or three screens worth of mobs. With luck, you'll have a few elite packs in the mix. The type of mobs you engage will begin to determine your success almost as much as the map tile. For example, if you have lots of spiders, zombies, skeletons, Horrors, and Grotesques, you're in good shape. If you have summoners and Hellions, you're in great shape! If the rift is filled with Armaddons, Shamans, Succubi, and Morlus, quit and re-make. In other words, mobs that easily grouped and will follow you are good, and mobs that like to run away are bad. At 90+, mob types mean the difference between continuing in the rift and leaving to remake. 4. If you have a good map and good mobs, try to find a T-tile, intersection, or large open area in which to fight. Hit the density (comprised of several packs of mobs and elites) with Demoralize, pop Wrath, and start spinning in small, tight circles. Real men go clockwise. Real men also play Lady Barbs and take care not to get split ends. Be wary about mobs becoming CC immune and failing to fall prey to your secondary stun and freeze rolls. If that happens, you may need to spin away, collect more density, and once again herd it all together. 5. Repeat until density thins out, then check elites. Are they at 10% health or less? If they're not especially dangerous, finish the fight, collect orbs, and move on. If they have more than 10% health, hit them with Demoralize or Spear and drag them to the next dense group of mobs. Remember: aside from very weak elites, never stay and fight unless there's density. This build lives and dies on density. Don't fight elites (unless they're very weak or pose no threat) without lots of trash in the mix! 6. When the RG shows up, spin to win. The best RGs to fight spawn additional monsters (referred to as adds). Trust me -- you want bosses that spawn adds, because adds proc Bloodshed and AD, heal you via Blood Funnel and Swords to Ploughs, and reduce your cooldowns via Zodiac procs. Saxtris and Hamelin are the very best RGs to fight, but be very careful with the latter; Hammy's rat swarms can deal tons of damage, so killing him is about dodging the swarms and letting Stricken do the work. If you're wearing a Mara's, Voracity and Binder are also your friends! Invite them over for tea and watch a giant lady spider vomit acid on your rug. Are you upset? Too bad. You shouldn't have invited a giant spider lady into your home. And you shouldn't have bought a nice rug. Bosses that don't spawn adds and like to run around such as Tethrys, Choker, and Agnibiddy-boody are not your friends. If you've got less than 3 minutes on your timer and no Power or Conduit pylon in sight, leave game and make a new rift. Speaking of Pylons, if possible, save a Power for the boss. Conduits should be used to clear elites from the rift, particularly in density. Bosses that like to zoom around like Raziel, Ember, and Sand Shaper are nightmares to fight. At 85+, leave game and remake. Be careful with bosses who use hard-hitting Physical attacks. If you don't have lots of Physical resist stacked on gear, you may get one-shotted. When exactly this occurs depends on several factors including Paragon, main stat, and overall toughness. This is why pumping Paragon points into Vitality is a good idea, particularly if you're pushing the limits of what a given Paragon and main stat range can accomplish in terms of GR tiers. The Hired Help Let's talk follower meta. Now that we no longer use Hexing Pants, the Templar's Fury gen is very useful--doubly so if you run the Physical IB variant. His healing is also appreciated, especially during the RG fight. For these reasons, he will be your default follower, though you may also use the Enchantress. As for follower gear, my new approach is to avoid items that cause CC on monsters, period. No Thunderfury or Blinding Sand, no Freeze of Deflection, no Ess of Johan, no Wyrdward. No, no, no to those items. You don't want mobs to be slowed down and you definitely don't want them going CC immune. Right now, my Templar is focused on helping with elites: Sun Keeper with a diamond, Stone of Jordan (or Unity), and Oculus. That last is very, very important: yes, your follower procs the Oculus effect, and this will give you a nice boost to DPS. Whenever possible, pull density into Oculus bubbles. As for rolls on follower gear, focus on CDR, IAS, and Increased Elite Damage for your follower. It goes without saying that they need an immortal token, of course, so roll off any Vitality or resists on their gear. ====================================== Greater Rift Tiers, Paragon, and Augmentation ====================================== At some point, you'll hit a wall and will fail to clear a particular Greater Rift tier over and over. Welcome to the Greater Rift Fishing game. GR Fishing, also referred to as I Hate This Game, is inevitable. At some point, every build will encounter this painful part of the game. This is because of the infinitely scaling nature of Greater Rifts and the fact that the game hates you. To minimize frustrations, let's talk about how to prepare for success. Paragon is the single-most important factor in successfully clearing a Greater Rift. While it's not set in stone, here's a very, very, very conservative guide of how much paragon is needed for solo pushes with absolutely no augmentation on gear: Paragon 400-700 = tiers 30-60 Paragon 701-900 = tiers 61-70 Paragon 901-1100 = tiers 71-80 Paragon 1101-1300 = tiers 81-85 Paragon 1301-2500 = 86-95 Paragon 2501-3500 = 95-99 Paragon 3501-4500 = 99-102+ So how does augmentation factor into this? Remember that past 800 paragon, 1 paragon point equals 5 points of Strength. This means that 300 Strength through augmentation is equal to 60 paragon levels above paragon 800. So, if you're paragon 800 and you augment all 13 pieces of gear with 300 Strength, you are, for all intents and purposes, paragon 1580. This is called Effective Paragon, a slightly wordy way of summing up the value of someone's main stat. What does this mean? It means that main stat, not the actual Paragon level, is what you need to look at when studying a clear or trying to determine your chances of success. In short, look at a player's main stat, not their Paragon level, when trying to evaluate a clear. Yes, Paragon is important--it boosts your Life through Vitality, for example--but main stat contributes directly to damage. Assuming your gear is great and you have considerable skill with the build, here are some current estimates based on leaderboard clears with Zodiac Whirlwind. Main Stat Range 10-12k -- GR 85-88 12-14k -- GR 88-90 14-18k -- GR 90-93 18-20k -- GR 93-95 20-25k -- GR 96-99 26k+ -- GR 100+ Personally, I recommend you push as high as you can for as long as possible with zero Augmentations. In fact, I recommend you don't augment until you are paragon 1000 and have successfully cleared 75+. The reason I take this stance is that the Zodiac Whirlwind build requires skill. You're managing cooldowns, positioning yourself and mobs, scouting the map for ideal spots to engage, assessing elites, grouping and managing density, and fishing for certain kinds of maps and RGs. It's going to take you some time to master all of this, and propelling yourself ahead of the skill curve via Augmentation is a recipe for frustration down the road. Take the time and learn the build without Augments. Once you've done that, go nuts. And be warned: clears above 85 will all but require Augments unless you have over 1500 paragon. ====================================== Modifications for Speed Farming ====================================== The Zodiac WW build is an excellent solo push build. It's also a decent, though not ideal, build for farming T13 solo. If you're farming T13 in groups, you'll want 18k+ main stat and full Augments or your damage will start to seem lackluster against elites. And even then, I got to be honest: You're better off making Lightning Wizard, a Grenade, Multi-Shot, or Impale Demon Hunter, an LTK Monk, a Chicken Doc, or a LoN Bomb Sader. They're all much faster and stronger than Barbs. Seriously. Don't both with Barbs for farming. But if you absolutely insist, here's a good alteration to the Physical BK variant for farming T13 solo or in groups (this also works well for speed-farming 50-70): Bracer - Nemesis Legendary Gems - Swap Stricken for Trapped - Pain Enhancer - Taeguk Active Skills - Swap Ignorance is Bliss for Bravado - Swap Bloodshed for Ferocity - Swap Ancient Spear or Rend to Sprint (Marathon) - Swap Demoralize to Falter If you're above 20k main stat, you can crank the speed even higher by swapping Trapped for Wrath of Lightning or Boon of the Hoarder. Changes for Hardcore: - Swap Ruthless for Nerves of Steel (or get it on Hellfire) - Always wear Parthans with proper secondaries on belt or gloves - Always wear diamonds in gear - Always use War Cry (Impunity) on the bar Prefer to run fun, weird LoN Whirlwind builds for speed-farming? Try these. But be warned--they may not work well in T13: Hot Magma (a Fire EQ, Avalanche, Whirlwind build): The Windsh1tter (a Physical Whirlwind/Overpower build): It should be noted that outside of the zDPS build, Whirlwind has no place in the current group meta and should not be played in higher group Greater Rifts. For 2.6 zDPS builds, see this thread: Spin to win, Barbs. And good luck. ======================================== FAQ ======================================== Q. What is a Whirlwind build? A. A whirlwind build is any build in which the primary damage dealing skill is whirlwind. Q. Is there a video where I can see some truly end-game gameplay? A. Yes, courtesy of Wroboss: That's his 102 clear. In addition, he was kind enough to answer some a brief Q&A about the build in this thread. You can find those posts here: And here: Q. What about IK 6 + WW 2? A. IK 6 is no longer a viable WW build for pushing grifts. The Immortal King set is much better suited to Rend, HoTA, Raekor, and SS builds. But if you want to be a dirty heathen, be my guest. Q. What about IK 6 + Bk? A. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA No. It's garbage. The IK Whirlwind build, while perfectly fine for low pushes and speed-farming TX, is not competitive with Zodiac Whirlwind. It's much weaker overall and encounters serious problems by the mid 80s with healing and damage. Q. Isn't there another Istvan's guide? A. Yes, King Ben wrote one. You can find it here: Tee also made a video about it here: Q. What happened to Whirlwind's tick rate in 2.4.3? And what changed with regards to Dust Devils? A. The short answer is that they nerfed it. Check this out: What's more, the behavior of Whirlwind's Dust Devils was modified as well: My theory is this. When they went in to change the tick rate of Whirlwind to make it perform better, they discovered a bug or broken string of code that was previously causing us to occasionally get a dud Dust Devil (a Dud Devil, get it, GET IT?!?). So, while Whirlwind tick rates were nerfed (reduced in frequency), Dust Devils were doubly buffed--both in damage output and in making sure they connect with enemy hit boxes and deal damage. For the record, here's the new Breakpoint Table: Q. Do we need to worry about the nerfed breakpoints? A. No, not really. But if you want to optimize around attack speed (which will still net you some very high clears), check the disclaimer at the top of the OP for a breakpoint calculator. Q. Do Ancient weapons really make that much of a difference? A. Yes. Make them priority number one. Q. Do Primal weapons really make that much of a difference? A. Not unless your Ancient weapons were crap. Q. Are you really the best dressed Barb? A. Absolutely. Q. Do you proc Strongarms? A. Every day, all day. Q. Does the DPS of my offhand sword matter? A. Yes, it matters. The higher DPS sword should be in your main hand, but the DPS of your offhand sword should be as high as possible. Q. Does WW alternate hands for damage? A. Yes. Q. Should I roll 10% damage on weapons? A. Not unless there is no better option. There are instances where this can work, but it depends on a lot of gear factors. Q. How much CHC vs CHD? A. Check this wonderful calculator: Q. How much Armor vs All Resist? A. Check out this other amazing mitigation calculator: Q. My CDR isn't stacking properly! What gives? A. Quin explains all: In short, the effectiveness of CDR and how it displays on your sheet are not the same. Q. How can I get my transmogs to look as good as yours? A. You can't. Q. Is Lady Barb better than Dude Barb? A. Always. Q. Can this build compete with the IK/Raekor hybrid or the revamped MOTE sets? A. Right now, it's absolutely out-performing all other Barb sets. It remains to be seen if this trend will continue since Fire EQ got an indirect buff in 2.5. Q. Is Area Damage really that strong? A. Absolutely. Q. How does AD work? A. Check out Quin's video: Also, check out Nubtro's thread:' Q. Should I swap CHC or CHD for AD? A. See the CHC vs CHD info above. But generally, no. Q. Does Bloodshed cause terrible lag? A. Yes. You can mitigate it by periodically pausing and unpausing the game as soon as the lag starts, but you'll need to develop a feel for when this is about to begin. Otherwise, switch to Into the Fray and don't worry about a thing. Q. What about the 6 Waste / 4 IK WW build? Is that viable? A. No. Q. What do I do if I'm an anti-intellectual, anti-feminist piece of alt-right human garbage? A. Go !@#$ yourself. Q. Is Bane of the Stricken really that good? A. Yes, though it depends on the circumstance. If you're doing speed clears, swap Stricken for Trapped or Wreath of Lightning. Q. When should I incorporate Bane of Stricken into my build? A. It depends on how fast you are clearing GR tiers. Generally, I advise players to start adding it into their builds between 62-65. Anything higher than 65 will all but require Stricken. Q. Will Stricken help me clear the rift faster? A. Because of the ICD after each stack applied to a target, Stricken is all but useless for clearing trash. It will help with yellows and elites, but only if it takes you more than a minute or two to kill them. Grouping, AD, and Bloodshed procs are still your best allies for clearing rifts. Q. Are you the Captain? A. ... Q. Isn't 6/2 the same as that Rend build that was popular during Season 4? A. No. 6/2 refers to Waste 6, BK 2 WW builds where WW is the primary damage skill. The Rend build, commonly known as 4x Rend, is IK 6, Waste 2, and uses Rend as it's primary damage skill. Q. How exactly does the Zodiac ring work? A. For more specific information, give this a thorough read: Q. What should Serro roll in Season 10? A. Wizard. Q. What should Serro roll in Season 11? A. Wizard. Q. What's your fondest WW memory? A. The clear I'm most proud of happened in Era 4, just before the close of Season 4, where I cleared 64 non-season (no Stricken) while under 900 paragon. For screenshots and specific details, see this thread: ======================================== Change Log ======================================== Edit 9/9/2015: Updated FnR build to Strongarm bracers, added stat goals, clarified RG fight. Edit 9/10: Updated skills, gear, and added more info on how to play build. Edit 9/13: Updated FAQ with calculators for DPS and mitigation. Edit 9/13: Linked to Diablofans build, updated skills to correct missing Weapon Master passive, corrected passive discussion, and discussed paragon distribution. Edit 9/15: Skull Grasp is bad and should never be worn. Edit 9/17: Update FAQ for questions about Zodiac and Ice Climbers, clarified passive skills and Hellfire preference, added Requirements sections closer to top of builds, and re-formatted post. Edit 9/20: Updated builds and FAQ for more notes on CDR, updated secondaries on amulets. Edit: 9/26: Updated builds and FAQ for more info on AD. Edit 9/29: Updated FAQ about 6/4 WW. Edit 10/1: Updated builds and FAQ with info on Stricken, RG fights, WW in season vs non-season, and its relation to 4x Rend. Edit 10/10: Corrected typos, edited follower meta, and other general edits. Edit 11/5: Added information about Zodiac ring. Edit 12/12: Updated skills (Rend to Overpower) and FAQ. Edit 12/17: Updated FAQ with info on highest clear, updated skills, passives. Edit 1/17: Updated guide for 2.4. Edit 1/18/2016: Updated build options and FAQ. Edit 1/20: Updated speed-farming and group-play build modifications. Edit 1/21: Updated speed-farming options, corrected typos. Edit 1/23: Updated info about IAS in the build and how to play in Greater Rifts. Edit 1/24: Edited info on how to play build in GRs and what to look for in terms of maps. Edit 3/26: Updated the guide to 2.4.1. Edit 4/12: Updated guide due to the results of CDR vs IAS on 2.4.1 PTR. Many thanks to Archael for helping me test. Read the full post here: Edit 4/26: Edited some info. Patch 2.4.1 drops. Whatevs. Edit 6/18: Updated speed-farming info and LoN WW builds. Edit 1/5/2017: Updated guide for 2.4.3. Edit 1/11: Updated build info, cleaned up formatting, and included new breakpoint info in FAQ. Edit 1/12: Updated guide, corrected errors. Edit 1/30: Updated build and added valuable life advice to FAQ. Edit 3/8: Updated follower information. Edit 4/6: Updated to 2.5, included info on other two variants, and re-organized info. Edit 4/6: Updated info for Hardcore, fixed general errors. Edit 4/19: Updated builds and corrected errors. Edit 7/5: Updated for 2.6 (zero changes to the build but did emphasize that the IB variants are outperforming the BK variant at the highest tiers). Also, Serro should roll a Wizard. Edit 7/25: Updated build guide for more gear options (rings and swords), average damage, and updated FAQ to include Wroboss's 102 clear.Free2477 15h
19h Waiting for 2.6.1 I keep checking to see if 2.6.1 has hit yet. So excited for these barb buffs!!Roidraged2 19h
1d possible for barb to dps in gr Asking this question ,it because ww barb can do trash clearing too.Is it possible or we does not have the damage as wd?.blueberry17 1d
1d 2.6.1 Power Potentials and Tier Gaps Hey folks. I have less and less time to play D3 lately. Too much work, reading, etc. So I need some help from you good people. First, I want to collate data over the course of the next era, including the current PTR. This starts with Power Potential, defined as the highest (realistically) possible GR clear at a given Paragon and main stat per build. To do that, I'll need to collect data, and that's where you come in. As the PTR and era progress, please post here with clear data. I'm looking for the lowest Paragon. Please use the following format: Build: Build Guide Link: Season or non-Season (or PTR): GR Tier / Clear Time: Paragon at Clear: Total Approximate Main Stat at Clear: Date of Clear: Notes on Build: (was there anything unusual about this clear? Note it here) Link to Player Profile: Remember, I need the lowest clear at a given tier as determined by Paragon. Next, I need to know tier gaps--in other words, how far apart are different builds in terms of their highest clear. For this, don't worry about Paragon or main stat or any of it. Instead, please post the highest clear (or lowest clear time for ties) for every Barb build in the following format: Build: Highest GR Tier / Clear Time and Date: Lowest GR Tier / Clear Time and Date: For both, the following are viable builds: Zodiac Whirlwind (please note which of the three variants) LeapQuake (Fire, Physical, or Lightning) EQ Slam (Frozen Fury or other) R6 Charge (including Slam and Trillions) R6 + IK4 (Toss) IK6 + R4 (Charge) IK6 HOTA IK6 Generator IK 6 Thorns IK6 Whirlwind LoN Frenzy Thorns Blackthornes lol just kiddingFree17 1d
1d [Guide] HotA: The Gavel Build This is an updated version for 2.4 patch. If you see something that I need to change that is wrong please post and I will update. TY. The Guide is based for Solo-Leaderboard play. henry is the creator behind this masterpiece. Use this guide as a frame for a durable Hota build and adjust to your liking as you progress and experiment. =================================================================== Group HotA Guide:Tricks & Tips: =================================================================== New Acronyms: HGB: Health Globes and Potions Grant +xx Life MFR: Max Fury FotA: Fury of the Ancients: New Shoulders BFM: Bracers of the First Men: New Bracers HFA: Hell Fire Amulet Complete Acronyms List: SKILL BUILD Welcome to the Hammer of the Ancients arena. Select your experience level and begin your quest: Noob:!edYb!aZcZcc +HFA: Ruthless Senpai:!edYZ!ZZcZcc +HFA: Rampage Master: (most common endgame build atm)!XjZe!ZZcZcc +HFA: Brawler KB's Current:!eXZj!ZZcZcc +HFA: None. Using EoE. *In any of the builds the HFA bonus passive can be mixed to match the build as long as the 5 recommended passives are active. If for whatever reason you are not wearing a HFA then use the skills from the link as I prioritized those before HFA bonus. Skill Bar Explained HotA – Birthright: for good healing, Smash: for max dps. WotB – Insanity: DPS CotA – TaO: Damage Reduction WC – Impunity or Veteran's Warning (your choice in all builds) FC – Merciless Assault: FnR proc & Mobility (amazing mobility) Battle Rage – Bloodshed: Sexy Damage bonus PASSIVES (Noobs Build) Superstition: Damage Reduction & Fury Generator Bloodthirst: Healing Weapon Master: Fury Generator Nerves of Steal: Second Life GEMS BotT : PE : Bane of the Striken Gear Gems: Use as many Rubies or Diamonds as you feel you need. This will depend on the rest of your gear. You can optimize using a combination of both or using only one type. No single winner here. CUBE Armor: BFM or Strongarms OR BFM or APD's Weapon: The Furnace Jewelry: Unity ARMOR IK Helm: str / vit / 6% chc / os HotA % instead of CC on Helm is a good option given your HotA CC total is about 90%. Read below to calculate your overall HotA CC % IK Chest: str / vit / AR-Life% or elite reduction* / HGB *AR vs ER...... pick one breh. I've personally found AR better but there is always a debate to it. IK Glove: str / vit*** / chc / chd ***Vit can be rolled to AD for max DPS boost but more yolo. On Glove it would be amazing if you can get Stun on the secondary if using APD's. IK Pants: str / vit / ar IK Boots: str / vit / ar / Hota% / HGB IK Belt: str / vit / ar /LpFs / MFR On Belt it would be amazing if you can get Freeze if using APD's. Shoulder: FotA: str / vit / ar / Life%*** / HGB ***Instead of Life% you can roll AD Bracers: BFM / Strongarm / APD's: elem% / str / vit / chc% For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) Melee or Range damage reduction 2) type of Resist, and 3) HGB JEWELRY Rings CoE + The Compase Rose + Band of Might (cube one of these) ancient avr-dmg or str / chc /chd / HGB / rest FnR if you don't have Endless Walk set For secondary’s stats when optional you’ll want 1) type of Resist, and 2) HGB Amulet 1st choice: The Traveler's Pledge If not Endless Walk set then: Recommended: 1)HFA or 2)EoE elem%-str / chd / chc / os Alternate: (see below Hota CHC explanation for more detail) (ancient) elem% / chd / str / os WEAPON The Gavel of Judgment: str / vit / LpFs or LpH / MFR Instead of MFR you can have Stun secondary passive if using APD's PARAGON POINTS Core: MS > MFR > Str Offense: chc > chd > asi > cdr Defense: ar > life% > armor > LR Utility: ad > loh > gf > zRCR Allocated zero points to RCR because it negatively impacts LpFs. I've tested running without RCR and it runs just fine, this change positively impacts mostly those Pure LpFs builds. HotA Gavel Build: Explained Examine HotA’s CHC potential HotA increases +1 CHC for every 5 fury available before Hota strikes. So how much HotA CHC can we get? Pure CHC---------------Max Fury +5 base-----------------+100 base fury +5 paragon------------+50 paragon fury +6 helm-----------------+12 mighty belt +6 bracers-------------+24 Gavel +10 glove--------------186 / 5 = 37.2% HotA CHC bonus*** +10 ammy +12 rings +3 Battle Rage +10 WotB +67% Gear/Skills CHC +37.2% HotA Fury CHC bonus*** 104.2% total HotA CHC possible Nubtro confirms that it is possible to crit 100% of the time using HotA: ... This means you can spec to Crit 100% of the time with enough CHC from: gear + skills + Max Fury Do your math when calculating your set's HotA CHC%. With my barb I try to stay no lower than 90%. This HotA CHC mechanic allows you to relive some CHC stats from gear to supplement with other stats. Most common alteration happens on amulets, which is why many Barbarianinja's go without CHC on amulets. Toughness The build has layers of hard damage reduction: TaO WC Unity Esoteric (noob build) About Vitality We are not going to skimp on Vit in any slot. This means we are going to prefer Vit over DPS stats on those questionable Vit/DPS slots. Max on Vit. Healing You will be depending on most of your healing from the IK Belt: LpFs and Gavel: LpFs/LpH. If you prefer Bloodthirst as a permanent passive then you will also benefit a lot from HGB stats from gear. Since we are allocating as much of HGB where possible it will buff both LpFs and HG healing. HG's can spawn graciously through HotA: Birthright since Birthright provides a 10% HG chance to spawn on Critical Hits. This allows you to FC across mobs and heal up along the way. Having a bit of Health Globe Radius Yard Pickup is a solid perk because of the mobility issues. Final Thoughts The key to a good HotA set is having solid Healing. You want a set that can re-heal fast. Toughness is important but there are easier ways to get the necessary amount. DPS is a matter of having the right stats and a good Ancient Gavel. Keep in mind that depending on your Gear options your final optimal skill build may vary. This is not a hard print of what your build should look like but a frame that you can adjust to your strengths and weaknesses. One major determinant of how high you can go with this build and in general is your Gem levels. Gems play a major determinant of reaching top GR's because they hold large amounts of DPS/eHP buffs. This means that same sets can preform materially different because of Gem levels. HotA build requires player skill. You need to learn how to position your self with FC, when to evade dmg, and notice when your Ancients are dead..or you will know soon. It's not as easy as WW one button...let go for a sec to snapshot...and one button again (2.2 days). You need to move, dodge, and hammer...get ready to nerd out boyz. I will continue to update this guide as it is still a bit early to know all the in’s and out’s atm. ............................................................................................................................................. Qs & As Is HotA Fun? ... Is 15% HotA Damage a good idea on Helm? CHC% on Helm has greater VALUE over %HotA dmg. Read Tao's complete explanation: ... What is DIBS? ... Is FotA Mandatory? ... I believe there is a huge misconception that to push GR's it boils down to Paragon lv. It is sure a component but def no like 90% of it. To be able to to climb from 60 to the current US 73 Barb you need to have the following in place: 1) Be well Geared: a) This includes having all Ancient Gear, b) No weaknesses of any key critical build stats, c) Have a High Lev Ancient Weapon. (this is going to be your biggest bottle neck for most might not even finalize your set before the season is over {nearly perfect gear}..all depends on RNG). 2) Have Gems lev between 10-15 above the GR lev you are trying to complete. Ex: GR 60, Gems should be between lv 70-75. If you are trying to clear GR70 the Gem's should be between 80-85....this is going to take a lot of 1% gambles to get the Gems that high, which means a ton of +70s group runs. 3) Master your build. This means understanding mechanics and limitations. You have to be able to make tweaks to maximize your characters potential with what you have available. This takes a lot of research (forum, sites, etc) especially if you are new. 4) Understand Monsters/affixes. Must be able to keep mental notes of what situations you can tank and what situations are death. 5) Understand Map layout and Pylons. It takes time to learn/memories map layouts and know where Pylons can spawn. Given you are trying to achieve your next best between 65-Current Best 73, then you'll be wasting on average 50 keys to find THE MAP. THE MAP is the the map that has the correct map layout, mob type, both conduit/power, and good RG. These maps are rare. Be ready to auto exit 90% of the time you enter a GR, or rage when you get the right map layout but the wrong mob type or vise versa...or no conduit! lol so sad, so much rng. 6) For non botters the biggest bottleneck to the end game are GR keys. Once you have Mastered 1-5 then you are either just grinding XP or pushing LB's. For this you need GR Keys. Many run T8 in groups but either way it becomes painful to do them since all you are really after are GR Keys and not loot anymore. Some are more efficient than others but to get around 50 GR keys it takes me roughly 2-3 Hours. It's painful. 7) Paragon points. This is by far the easiest of them all because there is no RNG involved. Just grind XP. Have a char that is part of the current XP meta. Run 60-78s group GRs (all depending on group lev). If you are new to XP grinding stick to the 60-65s. Once you have done a week or two of 60-70s then begin to look for groups doing higher. As you can see there is a lot that goes into achieving top GR's before paragon points kick in. You can't just look at the paragon level and say "no wonder". Paragon points are the icing on the cake. It takes a lot of time, grind, and LUCK before getting to the position to be ready to go after top LB ranks. These steps I outlined are a learning cycle. Hope this layout helps others who are truly trying to reach top LB ranks. Below I described in detail THE MAP: ... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hope this helps. Enjoy. If you are testing this build and have questions, I’m here to help and learn. KB aka "I am a Legend"KingBenjamin684 1d
1d Cindercoat - Solves Fury Starvation Just picked up a Cindercoat. Mine has about 300 str, 3 sockets, and increased overpower damage. BUT, more importantly, it has **24% reduced cost of Fire Skills** and increased fire damage. That reduction DOES apply to HoTA with smash. It makes it cost only 15 Fury. The fire damage also increases its damage as well (between that and another item i get an additional 32% damage on it). That means with my 130 Fury, I can HoTA 9x in a row, and with furious charge + stamina giving me basically a full bar again, I can go an additional 9x, and if you have another fury generator like Warcry or Stomp than you can go on. It really took the feeling that I was constantly looking for fury away and I now feel like I always have enough to HoTA spam. Keep your eyes out for one, it really was a game-changer for me once I got it and realized it worked on HoTA :)Bluejaye10 1d
2d Plz support BotW & RCR 2d
2d Barbarian Requests and Discussion for 2.6.2 Gents, This thread is a compilation of known issues with the Barbarian class that we would like to see addressed going forward. Patch 2.6.1 is shaping up to be incredible for Barbs (thank you Devs!!) and to build on this momentum I think our work needs to continue to drive the class to its fullest potential. I will use the first post as an issue tracker. Please use your responses to do the following: 1. Add an additional issue 2. Propose / ideate a solution to an identified issue. Please start the post with the issue so people know what it is in reference to. 3. Propose / ideate new affixes, mechanics, etc., that will make Barbarians more engaging. Please identify as such. pasted from Number Tuning - Possibly Hotfix for 2.6.1 but perfectly fine for 2.6.2: 1. 300th Spear - please revise to align with current build / skill enabling legendaries, e.g., 400% - 500% 2. Skular's Salvation - please revise to align with current build / skill enabling legendaries, e.g., 400% - 500% 3. Oathkeeper - please revise to align with current build / skill enabling legendaries, e.g., 400% - 500% 4. Dread Iron - please revise to align with current build / skill enabling legendaries, e.g., 400% - 500% Refreshing Itemization: 1. Fjord Cutter - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review 2. Remorseless - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review 3. Ambo's Pride - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review 4. Madawc's Sorrow - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review 5. Immortal King's Boulder Breaker - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review (specifically, the damage bonus to COTA) 6. Blade of the Tribes - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review (specifically, the EQ damage) 7. The Undisputed Champion - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review (specifically, lack of damage buff to Frenzy) 8. War of the Dead - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review 9. Bastion's Revered - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review (specifically, please consider Frenzy damage and / or further increasing the stack cap) 10. Skorn - Barbarian community is requesting this be made into a "Rend" weapon and carved out as a class-exclusive 11. Bul Kathos Swords - These currently underperform the Istvan Swords. Given these are class exclusive AND skill exclusive the consensus is that they should be better than the Istvan swords. Lots of good ideas here, but the fundamental pain point is their inferiority compared to Istvan's. 12. Vile Ward - likely out of date, would benefit from refresh / review Skills to Review: 1. Overpower - lack of damage, support, utility 2. Revenge - lack of damage, support, utility 3. Avalanche - lack of damage, support, utility 4. Rend - lack of damage, support, utility 5. Frenzy - sidearm rune currently unhelpful 6. Weapon Throw - lack of damage, support, utility Mechanics to Review: 1. Lut Socks incorporated into MOTE. Several good ideas on this, main pain point however is being cube-locked (either RORG for Lut Socks on character or Lut Socks in armor slot). 2. Rend and its relationship to Whirlwind via Wrath of the Wastes. Several good ideas on this, main pain point however is Rend not being worth a slot on the skill bar due to lack of damage and / or lack of utility. 3. Thorns as a legitimate Barbarian mechanic. Current "Thornzy" build is fun for a lot of players but Thorns as a mechanic is under-explored / utilized for Barbarians. Lots of good ideas here, main pain point is lack of support (either skill runes, items, or combination thereof). 4. Itemization, specifically lack of additional multipliers. Currently many builds are optimized through the use of Istvan's Blades on character and a signature legendary in the cube, e.g., Gavel of Judgment for Hammer of the Ancients. Using the Necromancer as a benchmark, its prevalence of "generic" multiplier items such as Reilana's Shadowhook, Trag'Oul's Corroded Fang, and Krysbin's Sentence serves as a role model of what additional types of items Barbarians would need to help reduce reliance on common items on character (Istvan's) or in cube (Furnace). Lots of good ideas here as well. 5. Passive skills are underwhelming, reducing choice. Many of our damage enhancing passives, e.g., Brawler, are additive to the Damage Increased by Skills multiplier instead of being stand alone multipliers. This leads to many builds essentially slot locked on passives. Furthermore, some of our classic standbys such as Rampage and Ruthless may be good candidates for additional tuning. Finally, with regards to passives, the Earthen Might passive is only used in Leapquake (MOTE) where it must be taken for the build to function and useless otherwise. Please consider incorporating its effect into MOTE. 6. Girdle of Giants. This item is broken out here as a mechanical issue because the community has rallied around a very specific pair of changes. First, to extend the duration to better align with the flow of Leapquake. 6 seconds is probably the right number. Second, to allow EQ and SS to buff each other reciprocally. Currently the belt has SS boost EQ but not the other way around. Given the popularity of using these two skills in tandem, it is highly desired to have this item buff them in tandem too. 7. Bracers of Destruction. This item is broken out here as a mechanical issue because the issue is primarily mechanical. Seismic Slam is an Area of Effect skill, but the Bracers cap the benefit at 5 mobs. There are several ways to take this. First, eliminate the cap (this is most popular). Second, raise the cap to a less oppressive level (keeps the logic in place, just changes the cut off to something like 15). Third, keep the cap but make the item useful even on 6+, e.g., "500% to first 5 then 300% to remainder". Fourth, keep the cap but go "all in" on the idea of Seismic Slam as a sniping tool by increasing the damage substantially, e.g., "Seismic Slam deals 1000% increased damage to the first 5 targets". The community preference is keeping the skill as an AoE multi-target damage dealer to maintain differentiation from HOTA and Boulder Toss, two other popular skills. 8. Life per Fury Spent as a source of sustain. As health pools and damage grow, these values are generally not keeping up. Please review the magnitude of these numbers to preserve the value they add.Dza76Wutang6 2d
2d You won the lottery! everyone else also won the lottery. as a result, everything costs way more.Fourty2DNAD39 2d
2d BTW Y'all should be happy. We had some arguments obviously about how to buff Barbarians, but ultimately we all agreed it needed buffs. Some of us had the relative power increases it needed in mind too. We just disagreed how we wanted the numbers to add up. Take a look at Crusader players. Some of them actively arguing against buffs: "Blessed Shield was too powerful, it's good they nerfed it." "Akkhan only needs 56% CDR guys. It's not that hard to gear for!" This is why I hate the rest of the forums usually.Jako10 2d
3d Mighty Weapons: 2.6.2+ I would really like us to try and improve our itemization for future patches, particularly our weapons. We shouldn't still be using Furnace and Istvan's Pair Blades for so many builds. But if we can come to a consensus, I think it'll be a good topic to bring up for the next PTR. Maybe the developers will see it and we won't be working from behind next PTR. Fjord Cutter: You are surrounded by a Chilling Aura when attacking, and you deal 75-100% increased damage against chilled, frozen, or slowed enemies. Ambo's Pride: Each different Primary Skill you use increases the damage of your Primary Skills by 100%. Madawc's Sorrow: You deal 100-125% increased damage to enemies affected by Rend. Bul-Kathos's Oath: Increases Fury Generation by 10 (Barbarian Only). During Whirlwind you gain 30% increased attack speed and movement speed. Whirlwind gains the effect of the Volcanic Eruption rune. Remorseless: Hammer of the Ancients has a 25–30% chance to summon an Ancient for 20 seconds. Each summoned Ancient increases your Hammer of the Ancients damage by 25-30%. Other Items: Bul-Kathos Wedding Band: Fury of the Ancients: - maybe this can be a buff for Call of the Ancients damage for a pet build?Jako31 3d
3d zBarb playstyle? Hey folks, had a question about zBarb these days. Last time I played one, it was the WW globe generator. Is that still the same? Does it seem like it may change in S12?Acky2 3d
3d Bracers of the First Men and Area Damage During last HOTA era BOTFM was fully ignoring AD. Thus, AD was useless for the build. Has this issue been fixed?Aleas30 3d
3d Leapless MOTE Use R6 don't think outside the box. The box? WHATS IN THE BOX!Dartok58 3d
4d Thank you guys!! For all the work you have done to get buffs to the barb. I’m looking forward to playing a HOTA barb next season but from what I’ve seen in the forum I need to dual wield with IB? I’m far from home (Hurricane Ivan got me) on a laptop with !@#$t*y connectivity. So no GOJ?MaddogXXX1 4d
4d PTR Barbarian Feedbacks (CC123-Teddy-Free-) Guys, before we do tests and start posting feedback, let's coordinate among each other like this: We should have a focused barbarian thread in PTR forums We should have sub forums created for each Set (Immortal King, Wrath of the Wastes, Might of the Earth and Raekor's Legacy For legendary items and passives reports, we use barbarian focused feedback thread and in the OP of this thread, we post the links to the Set sub forumsThis will put all our reports in one forum thread. If you have a new idea/post which is out of scope of the contents given to use by the Devs, it requires another thread discussion in order not to clutter the focused feedback. However, the links to other threads can be added later. I think CC123's PTR testing suggestion thread can be copied over to the PTR thread as the Barbarian Focused Feedback thread and we can build the rest from there. What do you say?Prokahn62 4d
4d idea for mote just thinking, with the EQ dmg on blade becoming a legendary power, could 5 mote 3 IK be a thing?thetabop7 4d
4d Leapquake build CDR question? I stopped playing back before the end of season 9 (I think it was patch 2.4.3), my build was leapquake, now I see many guides and things that have changed but 1 or 2 things are bugging me because I cant understand them. This is back in season 9: This is now: Now, I'll post the same question I posted in the youtube video: "I play this build in patch 2.4 and I remember requiring lot of CDR in many gear pieces and max fury, without those, spending a 100% fury boulder toss would not decrease the cooldown of leap by much, here I see you barely need CDR and dont even mention max fury? Could someone explain what has changed besides the rune of Seismic Slam? I stopped playing in S9, even with the change in seismic slam rune I don't see how can you reset leap without CDR in everything, I tried looking for it but cant find it, so if anybody can tell me I'll appreciate it please, thanks :D" The main reason I ask this is because I'm planning on re-enchanting all my gear, most of it has perfect CDR through enchanting, but I don't wanna end up regretting changing that almost perfect CDR and realizing I made a mistake and that I can't reset leap enough.DemonicLink6 4d
4d PTR Error 395000? I wanted get into the PTR to do some testing, but I can't. Any other Barbs having this issue?DieHard2 4d
4d LoN vs IK for primary skill builds? So LoN is what, about 1300 damage while IK will be 1500? Is it better to run IK with Endless Walk/F&R or LoN for a build focusing on primary skills (Weapon Throw primarily)? I am mainly curious how the damage is calculated with either set-up.FirstCor15556 4d
4d Barb or Necro? Hey guys, I recently came back to the game. I generally play solo, unless I pug T13 or something. So, I have narrowed my interests down to the barbarian, which I mained for the longest time, and the necromancer, which I have put in maybe 100 hours this season. I haven't paid too much attention to the PTR, but I am wondering if someone would be able to help me decide between the 2. I am assuming I will be playing mostly solo again, so I'd like the class that will be able to speed farm maybe GR80s. In the hopes that I'd either find a clan or do more group play, I'd also like the class to have a support role (which of the 2 is an easier playstyle?). Finally, which of the 2 have an overall easier play style? I just quit WoW, so I am hoping to have a build that doesn't require a lot of button pushing. Thanks, pros!Acky8 4d
5d VileCharge as group dpser. Hello peoples. In b4 ohhh barbs will never get to group dps without rework/new multi. Well we won't get that soon so lets work with what we have and hear me out first. Perhaps many barbs here have thought of this as well. I am thinking about using PE/eso/trapped with FnR and APD. PE benefits charges especially if it is short charges. So get nearby sup monk and short charges. Perhaps long charger once a while to get APD on the monsters not DR immune after a while. Issues with the build that I can think of: The minus: 1. Toughness, cannot use BoM since it wont be enough damage. 2. Not a very static build to synergise well with sup monk (altho very short charges can be quite static). Perhaps adjust the charges to be around from edge to edge of the inner sanc. 3. Toughness especially in physical damage one shots (esoteric). Dodge from supp chars can help here. 4. Playstyle if you go slightly longer charges will be ping pong ish. (perhaps some ppl don't mind/don't think this is a con) 5. Must not DM (freeze) RG at the wrong time if you have a necro RGK. 6. Last one for the cons list...WD damage for AOE is so high, and WD is very tanky. The plus: 1. Scale with density so there is potential (small mobs rift fishing matters even more). 2. The way standoff works. Sup Barb can buff speed, globes help, perhaps some other (not often used) skills from other chars that can buff barb speed as well? Such as support monk that use the blind to get naphalem glory?. Breaking objects for more speed etc. 3. .5 proc rate , quite good for Bloodshed bombs for area damage. I reckon it must be done at some higher grs where there is some stacking happening, so will need a meta group to test it seems...You guys think this setup is worth a test?Weaver6 5d
5d GR 86 IK6 + BK2 until next Patch and beyond Hey guys, Still rocking with my IK6 + BK2 Build / Gear in 2.4.3 STATUS: Cleared GR 86 in 14:55. Rift was 8/10. Here is the profile: HULKHULK482 5d
6d Build pointers Looking for some pointers on my build for pushing further in GRifts. So far I'm on 73. Not sure if I need more AD or CDR. It seems like if I change anything for damage I just die too fast. This is in reference to my seasonal Barbarian.Rathomus3 6d
6d [Buff]Bul-Katho's Oath I would like to see a buff to this weapon set so it feels like the perfect choice for WotW set, here is my idea for the weapon set bonus. (2) - Increase Fury generation by 10 (Barbarian Only) During Whirlwind you gain 30% increased attack speed and movement speed, Whirlwind also deals 100% increased damage per each enemy you rend. Stacks up to 5 times. I want to actually make Rend a utility for more damage to our Whirlwind since it is in the set might as well try work it in there to be useful instead of just useless as it currently is. Thanks.I3lackDahlia3 6d
6d Stuck at GR 78 Hi everyone I've had a godly barb in d2 and about a month ago I finally picked up d3 ROS and decided that he shall live on in his incarnation as a d3 character. Unfortunately, after over a month of intense gaming and research, I am stuck at GR 78. I can't beat it before the timer no matter how carefully o play - I watch for oculus ring procs, gather mobs in nice clumps, keep my cool downs up etc. At 930 paragon I feel I should be doing a lot better, so I would love to hear suggestions. Ive had horrendous luck with weapons - I have 2 mules worth of ancient bul kathos swords with terrible stats and normal twin blades - frustrating as hell but they refuse to roll ancient (not even daring to dream primal). Would the swords alone make the difference?Peril6 6d
6d 2.6.1 more or less finished ...So. Ya. Cool. I guess.Jako31 6d
Sep 15 S12 barb ik meta So I'm not sure who would be down. But we did something like that with waste when it first came out. 4 man barb groups only using ik sets. This allows for ww build. Hota. Ss. Play all season with only barb groups. Push 2s3s4s with barbs. Let's see where we can get to. If enough people would be down to do so I'll create a community for it. I think it would be something " fresh to do" vs running the meta or running non season for people. Comment below if you would do it. And over time we can create a community to be ready when season starts.Dmoney6 Sep 15
Sep 15 [Theory] - Frenzy Rumble Thorn TriHybrid Theory Craft Builds. 1. Frenzy Rumbe Thorn TriHybrid 2. Focus on SS rumble and Boom only *This version does not use bastion so Idk about the BreakPoints. *Perhaps can swap weps with IBs . Sticker is 1.5 APS and 30% multi vs some enemies tho (hi GR fishing). Damage to humans/beast is in same group with elite damage %. 3. Rimeheart added to the mix! *My test on freeze. Freeze even with frostburn +4% freeze belt and frenzy, (high APS + good 0.75 proc skill) the freeze still does not seem that good. Perhaps a necro with Land can help with the freeze. Zmonk Crippling Wave can help too. I'm new to d3 planner so I apologize if anything is missing. Overview In one sentence, its basically "Super fast elite stricken stacking with frenzy then bomb with Rumble, wahahha!" I love fast attacking frenzy build with a passion. I have in mind a build that will be somewhat viable elite hunter/RG Killer. With the new 1500% to IK (hopefully it make it to live), it opens up possibilities. Playstyle Find elites(use your FC whenever there is density to move around the map faster) then when you meet blue/yellows, just attack with frenzy and till full fury then use SS rumble and repeat (try to be very close to the elite so that bracer's first 5 target ticks). Of course, while keeping WOTB and Ancients UP as well,just like any IK6 build. This build is best for yellows. It is best to play this build in Groups with a person that focuses on trash, and you kill elites/RG. What is good about frenzy is that it does not share any stricken stacks and all stack goes into one target even when there are alot of other enemies around (helps a lot in elite killing). You can play it solo as well, but it has no AOE (EDIT : hmm maybe it can get some AOE with BS explosion from rumble that is hitting a target that has a very big stricken stack) and need to hunt elites only, it is possible but sometimes frustrating. Sometimes you will meet the obelisk in higher GRs when doing this. *I do hope they make GR have more floors due to this, some builds is base on hunting elites only. BR runes can be adjusted. Into the fray can be viable, with the build being static and you can remain static in a lot of situation(good sustain with frenzy LOH), you can get some crit chance from it. Bloodshed does not help thorn as it does not crit, but maybe it can work since the rumble will be doing a big crit thanks to strickenfied target, with the 2.6.1 change BS also helps the single target damage when fighting single targets, this is big. Rimeheart version Playstyle The key is to switch targets. When you meet 3 blue elites, hit one of them and when the CC freeze resist ramps up,switch target to another blue. On yellows, pull 2x yellows and switch between them, or have some blues with them. Or just hit yellows until the CC% ramps up, then start kiting them a little tryng to find some other elites. Frostburn freeze is mediocore tho..Perhaps a necro with land of the dead can help with freeze, or a zmonk with crippling wave. Cylone strike for freezing is too much to ask for it seems since the other runes is significant. The beauty of frenzy is that you can choose which target and it does not hit any other target (and ramps their CC resist), the only damned thing is that frostburn freeze seems too short/weak (damn you frostburn, why you even exist if you cannot even freeze correctly.....) even with a skill that attack damn fast and have a high proc (0.75 for frenzy). With sidearm, the axe procs and keep ur pain enchancer like there's no tomorrow,almost no need to worry abt it at all. The only damned thing is frostburn's freeze is very mediocre even on single target... Only if the frostburn freeze is reliable, this build can be a lot better. If the freeze on frostburn is good, you can basically have 100% uptime on monster frozen (beauty of frenzy)as long as you are fightning like 2-3 elites, and you keep switch target the right time. I haven't tested with 5.1% belt and 2.6% weapons. My test was frostburns and a 4.1% belt. Getting weapons to freeze is a pain for sure, especially with Oath since the 12 fury helps with SS rumble, so most prob wont bother with the Oath. Its the WW APD all over again guys.. Gearing You can refer to the d3 planner for items and skills. Skills can be adjusted here and there, the build is not locked. Can use Other BR rune for example. It wont be as easy to optimize gearing for this build(as it needs thorn secondaries). But I don't mind grinding for barbs, plus it does not need all ancient items so it is not that hard to gear really. Some gearing pointers: -Area damage can be avoided (does not help thorn, and the way this build works overall with rumble, it wont help much anyway) - CDR can be avoided -Get LOH where you can , mainly you wanna get it on both weps(frenzy attacks makes LOH shine) -get max fury secondary when you can (rumble) Heck, it might be the only somewhat high GR build that uses Diamonds in weapons lol, that is fun in its own! :D Altho it may still need to use Emeralds in the end tho... with 2x 1.39 weps, you just need one 7% from gear to get 8.5 APS. 10 APS is what I want but it seems you need ias on amulets +3 other, even with that, still need a 10% buff from monk to hit the BP. Refer to this for the complete breakpoint chart and you can play around the IAS to get what BP you want. Remember BP is very impt in this build as it helps with Stricken, fury gain(more rumble), sustain etc. IAS BREAKPOINTS re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- 5.19497 | 1.38532 | 5.4545 | 11 | 1.06563487179 ias needed for 1.3 wspd (~6.57%) 5.71446 | 1.52385 | 6.0000 | 10 | 1.17219692308 " (~17.22%) 6.34940 | 1.69317 | 6.6666 | 9 | 1.30244102564 " (~30.45%) 7.14308 | 1.90482 | 7.5000 | 8 | 1.46524717949 " (~46.53%) 8.16352 | 2.17693 | 8.5714 | 7 | 1.67456820513 " (~67.46%) <----AT LEAST here 9.52410 | 2.53976 | 10.000 | 6 | 1.95366153846 " (~95.37%) <--- optimal 11.4289 | 3.04771 | 12.000 | 5 | 2.34438974359 " (~134.44%) <--- requires party buffs re_aps | chr_aps | tps___ | fpa -------------------------------- fre_aps = real frenzy attacks per second chr_aps = character screen attacks per second tps = ticks per second fpa = frames per animation ias = increased attack speed aps = attacks per second Courtesy of Nubtro from Reddit. Mechanics This build does damage from 3 sources(hence the TriHybrid), here are the damage sources : 1) Thorns applied from frenzy attacks (hack) 2) Actual frenzy damage (kinda low) 3) Damage from SS rumble ( can be quite significant since you stacked a lot of strickens very fast with frenzy and SS is buffed by IK and bracers ) Fun part is Super stricken stacking on elites/yellows even when there is a lot of other nearby enemies nearby!, (one of the few builds that completely ignore nearby monsters and has super single target stricken stacking! damn fun!) This build benefits from Two CoE elements. Physical from your thorns + ss rumble and fire from your frenzy maniac So that is a little bit extra effective damage as well. Question to math pros/testers As you can see, this build uses thorn as part of doing its damage and that does not benefit from CHD. So can math gurus/testers of the build help me in term of which is best. Using 2x Emeralds or 2x Diamonds for a total of 40% elite damage. Also, anyone knows Death Watch Mantle ICD? its crap most probably but still if anyone know it would not hurt to know abt it. This build only focus on Elites, and Diamonds helps both thorn + frenzy + ss rumble damage. Altho I think because Frenzy and especially Rumble and BR:BS is added to the mix, Green gem will win. Perhaps FOTVP in cube can result in overall better damage, this is hard to tell, it needs testing. But still, attacking very fast with frenzy is fun so I will probably prioritize using Bastion. Conclusion Maybe I will be testing this build in the PTR if I am not lazy. But whatever it is, I will surely play this build once it hits live, cause It is super fun to attack fast with frenzy and I know the build will do meaningful damage as well. Do chime in if you guys have ideas to improve the builds. Thanks for your time. Also...SMASH!!! Oops I mean SLASH!!Weaver13 Sep 15
Sep 15 BattleRage rune buffs i used to use Bloodshed with my ranged BT barb, it made a lot of sense when using IK and aiming for no cooldown reduction needed, the new version seems somewhat pointless if i plan on being more than 10 yards away from enemies. Marauders is kind of a joke, i mean if it increased it by another 15% to make it 25% damage maybe, but it increases it by 5% in an already saturated category. Bloodshed just seems very powerful compared to it. Make marauders give another 15% separate multiplier or something. The other useful damage oriented rune is Into the Fray and that's within a small radius around the player also.TheLastTitan0 Sep 15
Sep 15 300th to 300% bonus damage (d3 planner multipliers ahead, if the multiplying is correct which from what I've read most likely is) currently an example of the damage multiplier options are lets say legacy 300th and current 300th are 50% and 60% being separate multipliers ends up i think at 140%, that's ideal with no other multipliers in the bonus damage category of the legacy version. Other options like doombringer is 20% physical, and sunkeeper 30% elite (takes up primary slot), arreats law probably somewhere around 30% increase in fury generation (i was a throw ik barb and used this). 300% (proposed new 300th) and 50%(legacy)would be 500% when multiplied but probably closer to 433% with the legacy 300ths damage category. New vanished peak is 500% My speculation is rumble could largely out damage boulder toss while also having a much larger aoe if the current versions go live. i was also at first thinking skular's should be 200% and 250% with fewer enemies, but the current version might be close to appropriate if current 500% BOD stay with first 5 hit. 100% and then another 150% would be 100% to all enemies and if fewer equal 400% damage, from the two not being additive. It appears the more urgent balancing improvement would be directed towards 300th, but maybe a mix of both would also work, 200% 300th, and then a 150%, and fewer enemies 200% skular's. I tend to write how i think, hope it isn't to confusing without the actual equations and stuff :). I don't think this is asking for to much, the parallel of rumble and BT is obvious and the the numbers seem to favor an increase in BT's damage. Maybe the apprehension is on that the 300th can be wielded with another weapon, but no weapon currently pushes this duel wielding factor to an Overpowered level. Thx for reading,TheLastTitan1 Sep 15
Sep 15 WW Spin to Win Build? Hi Guys, i stopped playing Barb since they nerved the WW tornado Build. Is there any possibility to create a fast WW Build after the new patchnotes?SubZero8 Sep 15
Sep 15 Ptr patch Could someone note what the latest changes on the Ptr for barbs was? Can't find the notes D:thetabop2 Sep 15