Sep 22 Can't clear GR65? Maybe I'm just playing bad. But it seems like less than 50% of the time can I clear GR65 solo. Suggestions?Makinsushi11 Sep 22
Sep 21 See you next season. Hey friends. Taking a break from D3 and been on forums less and less. I've been playing pretty consistently since RoS and I need a change of pace. I took LeapQuake as far as it was fun. Dirty Rabbit, Savage Slam, H.A.M., Hot Magma and Earthen Rage. Good times. I still love D3 but I've been playing GuildWars2 more and more. Six cool downs in D3 wasnt enough so I'm back to 18 cooldowns as the Daredevil class in GW2. I'm loving it. I made the mistake of researching the combat mechanics and got hooked. The synergies are rich and deep. The forums have been a game away from the game and I've had a blast here. I'll likely be back next season. Be good. Help each other. Have fun.Tao27 Sep 21
Sep 21 So which is better? I would say the Boulder Breaker... but any help would be great thanks! Sep 21
Sep 20 Found a fun use for gold items and gems! Build is on my barb "QueenSnuSnu". Props to those that get the reference. I really like furious charge, i think IK set is boring but powerful, and i love the idea of creating something original. I've even found a good use for pound of flesh! I've managed to combine all of that into something... beautiful. With a little TLC it could be powerful. This build will only work with reg rifts, but the idea is to be able to do speed runs in t13 and be original. Build gets bonus from 4 pieces of Raekors, and Full IK set. Here's how it plays.. Furious charge, furious charge, furious charge, expend mana with boulder toss, repeat... permanent Wrath of Berserker, and bonus from 6 piece IK set. WAAAAY easy to obtain permanent bonuses this way. All the while im picking up tons of gold increasing my movement speed from boon, and increasing pickup radius from avarice. The speed bonuses from Wrath, Shout, Pound of Flesh, Boon, and Wreath really make Standoff work at maximum efficiency. Here's my dilemma though.. I absolutely positively 100% want to keep the concept of this build, but i want to make it stronger, and basically make me indestructible by adding gold wrap (seriously the defensive capacity for this build is outrageous.. borderline unkillable), but i would lose the set bonus from either raekors or IK OR vile ward. That's an issue... what do i do!BBopMcJiggy7 Sep 20
Sep 20 Wastes and IK Revamped idea I know ideas have been getting spit out like crazy, but I could not resist. I already really like Ik set, even though the damage output is lackluster. And, I'm not a huge Wastes fan because I think it can become a toxic play-style in public group play. The players just tends to runoff leaving the weaker members to fend for themselves. There might be a lot here to digest, but here goes: Wrath of the Wastes: the set of Storm and Steel 2 piece - While Overpower is active, and channelling whirlwind you gain .15 attack speed, and 800 base damage. 4 piece - Threatening Shout gains Demoralize rune. Enemies affected by Threatening Shout have a 25% chance to be zapped for 6000% lightning damage, while channeling whirlwind. 6 piece - Overpower; Storm of Steel now has 5 axes that deal 800% damage (multiple axes can hit same target), Killing Spree bonus is now 15%, Crushing Advance now affects all damage taken. Damage modifiers of Battle Rage and Threatening Shout are doubled. Skull Grasp- 400% damage. Whirlwind gains Blood Funnel rune. The Grandfather - (changed to 2hand mighty weapon) The Grandfather can be equipped with Storm Shield. If Stormshield is equipped, gain Power of the Colossus: Gain 250 max damage, 10% health increase, fury spenders gain 30% attack speed. (this power can not be extracted, Stormshield would have same text and still retain its damage reduction. The Immortal King 2 piece - Ancients last until they die. Primary skills gain 150%, and Rend, Hammer of the Ancients, and Revenge gain 100% damage per active Ancient. 4 piece - Reduce the cool downs of Wrath of the Bezerker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 fury spent on an attack. Spending 100 fury releases a blast of fire from you and all Ancients dealing 1000% fire damage. ( spending 135 fury triggers the effect once, needing 65 fury spent for next trigger, and spending 135 fury 3 times would trigger the effect twice ) 6 piece - If you would die, each active Ancient sacrifices itself in a bloody explosion dealing 500% physical damage, and healing you for 20% of your max health. Extra health is converted into a shield for 3 seconds. All cool downs reset. This effect can only happen once every 120 seconds. Ambo's Pride - Ambo's Pride can be dual wielded. Rend consumes 10 extra fury, increasing damage by 50% and max health per second 1.25% (this power stacks with itself and with Blood Lust, it can be extracted and used with another legendary to retain the power) - (Ambo's Pride looks just tooooo bad !@# to be a dull $%^ weapon) Lamentation - Rend now deals it's damage as 1000% each second for 5 seconds. (damage is similar to Earthquake output) Remorseless - Hammer of the Ancients has 250% increased damage, and 25% to summon an Ancient. (Gavel of Judgement either removed or redesigned) With the Waste set I have listed, it is intended to feel like dual wielding 2 handers while offering tanky support or damage pathways. And, as you can see, I was trying to figure out a way to incorporate Grandfather with a shield into a WW build for some D2 nostalgia flavor. The power I have listed though, feels redundant to waste set bonus ive already included and/or not quite enough umph to be used. Putting thought into both these ideas I was trying to make them feel unigue (just simple damage increases would have felt redundant to all other sets) and useful. With Ik set, I was thinking multiple Frenzy builds could become viable. Frenzy/Rend, Frenzy/Bash, Frenzy/Hammer, or even just Hammer/Pet build. Thoughts?Rhinestar6 Sep 20
Sep 20 Furious Charge: Tactics against Elite & RG? While making a support barb I also got gear for the R4/IK6 build. But I found it very hard to survive with it, especially against elites. For now I skip elites at GR 65+ and hope for a good RG, but I would rather not do that. I already have 2 defensive passives (Tough As Nail + Nerves of Steel) Any tips? Sep 20
Sep 20 Frenzy changes in GD FYI. I put some changes around Frenzy gear and skill in the GD forum, which I believe should have been there on the first place. Just a few thoughts out of all the changes that should be done for our class. Thank you.Dragonfire4 Sep 20
Sep 20 [Barb] New Shoulders Proposal - Battle Rage StP It would be very usefull to have New legendary shoulders with a legendary affix where "Battle Rage gains the effect of the Swords to Ploughshares rune". Thank you.Dragonfire2 Sep 20
Sep 20 [Barb] Bastion's Revered: A consistent change Bastion's Revered has a unique legendary affix, where "Frenzy stacks up to 10 times". Furthermore, it is the only weapon that may roll with DiBS on all Barbarian skills (+10 - 15 %), like Rend, EQ, Bash etc. The builds that utilise other skills will never equip such a weapon, thus, the current roll of this weapon is inconsistent. Furthmore, in order to be consistent with similar weapons that have DiBS rolls, it should roll with a guaranteed Frenzy roll of a higher value (i.e 100 - 125%). Similar examples of Mighty Weapons with roll binded to their affixes are: Blade of the Tribes, Fury of the Vanished Peak and Gavel of Judgement. Thank you.Dragonfire5 Sep 20
Sep 20 Good Alt for Barb I'm sort of plateauing a bit with my D3 fun and I think an alt might be a way to refresh / recharge without a full break from D3. Grinding for a small handful of ancient items is starting to become a little tedious during my play windows. My favorite Barb specs are Frenzy and Whirlwind. I dislike FC-based builds. I'm indifferent to Leap-Quake, I don't actively dislike it but it also don't seek it proactively. Based on first pass research, Crusader Invoker, Crusader LoN Bomb, Crusader Shield Throw, Monk Uliana, and Monk LTK look they might be enjoyable for me, but I'm open to being persuaded to try something that I may not have thought of. The only class I know I don't want to play is Wizard, I have always hates Wizards in pretty much every game I have ever played. Does anyone have similar Barb preferences and run one or more alts? What do you like to play when you want a break from Barb?Dza76Wutang7 Sep 20
Sep 19 T13 rift competition Hi Barbarians, would you kindly consider to compete in T13 rift clear competition? This time is a bit different and we've got a prize up for grabs too! all the info is here: Sep 19
Sep 17 Augmentation Questions Hey all experienced players I usually play mostly solo so , It may sound a very noobish questions, but as title of thread says my question is - what's the best time / milestone / benchmark /criteria to start augmentation of gears? Also, as the recipe says that 1 ancient item - does it mean we will be able to augment only ancient legs not a normal legs? I am bit noobish on this concept as I have never planned or thought of doing para grind. But now I think it's time for me to do a bit of para grind and try to reach p1200 by this season end but on my non seasonal toon (currently at 920) Pls share your words of wisdom and help a noobish in this concept Thanks HBTTHellBoy6 Sep 17
Sep 16 Raekor and Bash Question Does the Bash with the Blade of Warlord proc the 6 piece bonus of Raekor? The 6p says " your next fury spending attack". Thus in theory should not that work, although it is a primary skill? I think there was a change (in 2.4.1 ?) to proc the Restaint from F&R. But, in d3planner, the Bash attack does not take the R6 multipliers. Is this normal, is it a bug? thanksDragonfire8 Sep 16
Sep 16 DPS FB Wiz LFG Speed 90-95 NS Because my Barb can't kill anything in groups nowadays for Bejesus knows how many era/seasons now. , I'm searching for a laid back group just to do speed 90-95s. Nothing pushing i like to be able to enjoy and just relax. My Wiz isn't so bad. Not really high paragon and my augments aren't that great, so is my gear. But I did clear a 94 easy peezy. Add me n I'm usually on 7PST.TeeBag12 Sep 16
Sep 16 Stash n Dash Anybody willing to help me? I haven't played since S7 started. We all know I neeeeeds dat stash tho!Conan6 Sep 16
Sep 16 molten fury EQ question, Hi, I was fiddling around in the forum about mote barb and I came across someone saying(sorry a while ago so I can't remember who) that having no EQ on skillbar and leaping would give you molten fury EQ for some reason. It is only natural to assume you will have no rune regular 4800% fire EQ so i tried testing with no weapon, I see 4k~12k and testing with molten fury on skillbar and I still see 4k~12k! maybe higher range of damage occurs more often I am not sure, does anyone know this? oh and I didn't know GoG was retro damage buff, I didn't find this on the forum so if anyone didn't know, there you go.Loki3 Sep 16
Sep 16 been gone for a long time i've been locked up since 2014 and was wondering what builds are best these days for solo barbs and for support in groups...any help would be appreciated.BoughanFire5 Sep 16
Sep 16 amulet for zDPS barb hello, I am wondering why isnt almost anyone playing supp barb with Overwhelming Desire geared. Is it bcs of the CC cap? (btw i play on EU)tXgOL8 Sep 16
Sep 15 Keybinding Question Is there a way to Bind skills to the press and release function of a keyboard key? I currently have Whirlwind bound to 1, And was curious if there is a way to bind Whirlwind on key-press and hold, then also bind one of my shouts that are bound to my mouse to the 1 key when released? Sorry if that doesn't make sense, tried to explain it the best I could.xxJohnDeerxx3 Sep 15
Sep 15 XP Question. 2x 75 or 1x80? GReetings. That may sound a little noob, but forgive me cause I am dizzy from fever. Suppose a build can do GR 80 at 10 min and GR 75 at 5 min. In regard to gathering XP, is it more profitable to make 2x75 instead of 1 x 80? thanksDragonfire4 Sep 15
Sep 15 IK and WW suggestions (sets) Since, Devs wants break the Meta with Supports characters, it's also time to buff the barb, if we want him as a Damage Dealer* on 4 players GR / HL. Here are my suggestions for 2.5 : Immortal King's Call (2) Set: Call of the Ancients last until they die, and attack 50% faster. (4) Set: Reduce the cooldown of Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients by 3 seconds for every 10 Fury you spend with an attack. Wrath of the Berserker gain effect of the rune Striding Giant. (6) Set: While both Wrath of the Berserker and Call of the Ancients is active, you deal 500% increased damage. Also, Call of the Ancients an Hammer of the Ancients deal 3% increased damage for every point of fury you have. Remorseless Legendary Mighty Weapon (Designed for HotA/CotA build) Every time you use Hammer of the Ancients Increases Call of the Ancients damage by 45-50% for 5 seconds. (stackable 4 times) ---------------------------------- Wrath of the Wastes (2) Set: Increase the damage per second of Rend by 1000% and its duration to 15 seconds. (4) Set: During Whirlwind you gain 60% damage reduction for 3 seconds and your applied Rends deal triple damage. (6) Set: Whirlwind gains the effect of every rune and Deals 1000% increased damage. The rune "Dust Devil" is deleted and now replaced by a new rune "Killjoy": Increase the range of Whirlwind to hit all enemies within 15 yards. Mortick Bracers (Designed for WW build) While channeling Whirlwind, you gain 100% Armor and Resistance and 2000-2500 Life per fury spent. Skorn Every enemy bleeding take 50-60% more damage from Whirlwind and Rend.Knightnico7 Sep 15
Sep 15 Patrick knows how to fix the Wastes Set. "Why don't you take away the tornado damage and remove the tornadoes entirely and move it onto the actual whirlwind itself A.K.A the spinning animation from that previous diablo game that you guys despise so much." - Patrick.Shaded11554 Sep 15
Sep 14 So I got a 1 day forum ban For spreading the word that Blizz is ignoring waste set an for linking the thread that Free created that contains so much ideas and suggestions for improving Waste set. Looked like blizz resources are putting it to great use.TeeBag21 Sep 14
Sep 14 Barbs, It's Time to Speak Up! Wyatt Cheng has posted a Developer Chronicle detailing the upcoming buffs to Wrath of the Wastes. In it, he says this: ... No, Mr. Cheng. It does not make sense. WW was the top build in Eras 3 and 4. Now, it's a joke--an under-powered, under-performing relic that has been in dire need of a buff for three whole patches. What's worse, in each of these patch PTRs, I've made Feedback threads requesting just that--threads that have gotten 200+ upvotes and more views and comments than any other PTR thread each and every time. To be blunt, this is a slap in the face to all the Barbs who have spent time, energy, and patience with the game asking, pleading, and begging for WW and Wastes to get updated. It's a slap in the face to a community that has asked for a GR viable build for three whole patches. It's a blunt dismissal of the player base and a huge middle finger to us Barbs. And that is not okay. Let me speak for you a moment and correct me if I'm wrong. ... So, Barbs, it's time to speak up. If you, too, want to see WW return to glory, I'll ask you do the following: 1. Head over to the Developer Chronicle here: 2. Post your own feedback. 3. Include a link to my recent thread: 4. Make it clear: WW is not just for speed-farming!Free54 Sep 14
Sep 14 Wings Of Mastery So, I completed today all 24 set dungeon mastery and got the green fluffy wings mastery + Wings of the Dedicated for completing and each class pennant. I know few of you may say, Green Wings don't go good with bare chest barb, but well you can just use class specific pennant, they look cool :). Also, me being a casual player and trying to play all classes at some point or the other had made me got all the required gear pieces for all the class except for monk which i leveled up and played for a bit this season and over all my experience was quite a fun. I did mastery for 21 set dungeon in lean period (after S6 ended and before S7 started) but was just waiting for monk gears. I just wanted to share that all the set dungeon are not that hard if you do solo, and if you get a friend to help then it can be a piece of cake, however you might have to do some practice before inviting your friend to help so that you become familiar with skill and tweak it based on the gear you have. Out of all 24, the 3 toughest (may vary for others) I found was and took a lot of tries for me was - DH's - Shadow Mantle Set Dungeon Barbarian - Warth of the Waste Set Dungeon Monk - Uliana Set Dungeon Hit me up if any of you need any help, my btag - hellboy#6795 Thanks HBTTHellBoy4 Sep 14
Sep 14 T13 Speed-Farming And You: A Guide To Sadness Hello! Did you roll a Barb in Season 7? Would you like to know the best Barb build to speed-farm T13? Well, I have good news and bad news. Read on to find out more. Most any fully-geared set for any class can do T13. But if we're talking speed-farming, there are a few things to keep in mind: 1. Don't compare T13 and GR 60. They are not scaled 100% the same, nor do they have the same map pools. If you're talking about T13, talk about T13. 2. There's a difference between the fastest speed-farm build within a given class and the fastest speed-farm build regardless of class. These are two totally different conversations. 3. Basic results should be compared on gear with no augments. Augments bolster a set and build's performance. If we're talking speed-farming, we should find a common base line in terms of gear, regardless of class, and that should be without augments. So, having said that, here are the build's I've tried at Paragon 1580, no augments, and some basic notes on each: Barb Fire EQ Pros: Strong, reliable, easy to play; can use In-geom in Cube; clears T13 with ease and relative speed. Cons: Can't easily incorporate Nems without risking deaths from dropping Parthans. Frenzy Thorns Pros: Strong, tanky, reliable, easy to play. Cons: Not fast; harder to gear than other T13 builds. R6 Toss Pros: Easy to gear (can use Doombringer and 300th), fast, strong. Cons: Very squishy against certain elites; jerky gameplay strains my damn eyeballs. Demon Hunter UE Multishot Pros: Easy to gear, easy to play, gets very strong with excellent gear. Cons: Lots of resource management; very gear-dependent for damage; squishy without Goldwrap (and damage loss). Monk Lashing Tail Kick Pros: Extremely fast, mobile, and strong. Can be geared for Physical, Fire, or Cold (see below) Cons: Stack management (stupid Sweeping Wind belt) and squishy versus certain elite affixes; RG takes longer to kill; very Crit dependent. So, the verdicts -- and keep in mind, these is just my take based on playing each of these builds for a week or two and not meant to be an end-all, be-all. Take these as advice. Your mileage may vary. Fastest Barb Build: R6 Toss If properly geared, this build will probably clear T13 much faster than most other Barb builds. The actual damage output from Fire EQ is better, believe it or now, but this build is going to get to the RG quicker. If you have the gear, can tolerate the gameplay, and are determined to farm as a Barb this is your best bet. If not, Fire EQ will be a slower, though much more pleasant, experience. Fastest T13 Speed-Farm Build: LTK Monk There's a massive difference in power and speed between my LTK Monk, my UE Demon Hunter, and every Barb build out there. And I mean massive. With LTK in very, very bad gear, I can clear T13 twice as fast as my DH or Barbs even with deaths (stupid fire chains). With good gear and a few augments, this build absolutely demolishes T13. Best of all, there are multiple viable ways to gear and play this build. Both the Sunwuko and LoN builds are viable; if you go with Sunwuko, go with the Cold rune on LTK and run Cold damage on gear--it's much better at keeping up stacks and can be played as a ranged build. Sets and Builds You Shouldn't even Bother With: WW (any), Raekor hybrids, LoN Barb builds, Barb in general, Crusader (hahaha Jako). Hahaha Jako Fastest Build Featuring Livestock: Witch Doctor Chicken. Billy Witch feel more comfortable with chicken. TLDR Version Here's a rough estimate of where different builds rank both solely for Barbs as well as cross-class. Barb R6 (dual-wield) R6 + IK4 Frenzy Thorns, MOTE, or IK6 + R4 Cross-Class LTK Monk UE Demon Hunter (well-geared and augmented) Chicken Doc (faster than UE but less efficient at killing large volumes of mobs) R6 (dual-wield) All the rest of the crapFree19 Sep 14
Sep 14 istvan's ss, whoa nelly DISCLAIMER: this is a craft build, i'm not saying it's going to get you anywhere. DISCLAIMER: It's probably more fun to play than whatever you're playing. Was goofing around on the girdle thread about istvan's paired blades ss build using mote. The basic premise is to use ss to cooldown your skills very fast, i mean very fast, like eq every couple of seconds or less fast. It is different to play than leapquake builds and you'll notice a lack of lut socks, but don't worry, you don't need them at all. Skill Setup:!ijSZ!bZaabb Current dude (his gear sucks, you can laugh at me about it): Once you get used to playing it, is is something else. It will take some time to get used to it but once you figure out how to do your rotations you will be able to play without running out of fury (this becomes debatable as you get into tougher content) regardless of your attack speed. free was really awesome and took it for a spin with his gear and said "hey, it doesn't suck!" He had a lot of recommendations for me like using ancient parthans defenders instead of ss bracers, using the healing rune in ss and some other gear recommendations. He was able to do 65 and then 70 (in about the same time) with some gear he "threw together." (It's way nicer than my best gear)... anyway, in an odd twist, this build suffers from survivability issues and doing damage to trash but thrashes bosses and rift guardians. some outstanding things that i don't know the answers to: does rumble rune stack stricken with every tick (seems like it does)? does volcano stack stricken 5 times a second or only once? (seems like 5 to me). is ruby worthwhile in the mainhand (seems like it is to me but all my gear is crap). thoughts and ideas are welcome. thanks free for checking it out!Fourty2DNAD348 Sep 14
Sep 13 Fresh Meat N' Greet: Free#1746 ... Hi, I'm Free. I'm a professor of English and teach at two state Universities, a publishing fiction writer, and a Southerner who resides in Philadelphia. On an average day I can be found yelling on the street, falling down on the subway, or otherwise menacing society. That about covers it. As for hobbies, I tend to divide my time between lifting and art. I've been lifting for about five years, though my progress was twice stunted by injuries incurred outside of the gym. My current programming focuses around intensive 10-12 week cycles designed to hit new maxes on squats, deadlifts, and bench press. I'm fortunate to go to a great gym full of powerlifters, Strongman competitors, and bodybuilders, many of whom are storied legends among regional lifters. I also spend a lot of time reading. I read a few books every week, mainly novels and poetry, and I try to make time to see a movie or two every week. Outside of art and athletics, I study game design on the side and many of my posts reflect that. I feel that knowledge about game design leads to better understanding of a game's systems. Most of the YouTube content I watch focuses around game design and criticism, and I especially like these channels: Super Bunnyhop: Errant Signal: Jim Sterling: Matthew Matosis: Collative Learning: ... I started gaming way back in '83 on a friend's Atari. By the time I had an NES in '86, I was hooked. Gaming has always had a special place in my heart. My history with Diablo began with the original. A teaser trailer included with War Craft II intrigued me, so I picked up Diablo, installed it, and never looked back. Diablo I and II were (and are) incredible games--meticulously crafted, mechanically interesting, and complex while still being accessible; I can't say enough good things about those games, but if I had to pick a favorite element it would be the soundtrack. Matt Uelmen's musical work on those games is some of the finest, if not the best, music I've ever heard in a game. Give it a listen: Anyway, I played Diablo for a few years before moving on to other games--most notably Diablo II which I played for seven years straight. My favorite class was either Sorc or Nerco, though I always had a soft spot for Song Barbs and Bowazons. ... Team Fortress 2 - Arguably one of my favorite games of all time. I played competitive TF2 for a number of years, and my favorite moment was taking a team of total noobs and unknowns and taking 3rd place in a tournament against experienced pro teams. Quake - I still play Quake Live and eagerly await the upcoming Quake Champions which, if it turns out good, might steal me away from Diablo for the next few years. Unreal Tournament - Absolutely love this game. Enjoying the new one as well! Diablo II - With a few tweaks and a graphics/UI update, this game would be incredible! I don't play the following games, but I do follow their competitive scenes and watch major tournaments: - Street Fighter - StarCraft I absolutely despise MMOs, MOBAS, and military shooters. ... Yes! I'm playing: - zMonk - LTK Monk (speed-farming) - UE Multishot Demon Hunter (speed-farming) - zDemon Hunter ... Yes, I'm in <OMEGA> Unity, a fantastic clan with tons of supportive, knowledgeable, and high-ranked players. Every time I hop on the Teamspeak, I learn something new about Diablo III. Before that, I was in <FRAY>, another amazing clan. Omega's focus on group meta, competitive play, and digging into the game's mechanics ended up being a much more natural fit for me. Since I've joined Omega, I've taken Rank 1 in 4-Player GR for Non-Season, and plan on hitting even more ranks later this era. ... Ah yes. Just yesterday, a few rifts before we took Rank 1, I completely screwed up a potential clear. On a two-floor Archive 110, we got Erethon as the RG. We also had a speed Pylon and 4+ minutes to kill him. Sounds like GG, right? Wrong. I brought the Pylon's adds to the RG and we lost Stricken. RIP. ... Way back in Season 3, I think, I cleared 64 with zCDR Wastes Whirlwind. No Stricken, no GG gear or augments. My gear was so bad I had to use Rend for extra damage. I was also under 900 Paragon. Details here: ... Revenge. It's so strong. Just kidding. It's Whirlwind. No other skill in the game feels so satisfying to use. Blizzard, please buff Wastes! ... For solo Barb pushes, I run Fire EQ. For group play, I run a WW zBarb or a zMonk. For farming T13, I play LTK Monk or UE Multishot Demon Hunter. ... "Crawl back to your mother, dog!" Lady Barb disses so hard. ... Going to nominate Bloodyz. Always enjoyed playing with the guy when I was in Fray, and since he's mainly a Hardcore player, he'll have an interesting perspective on the game. Previous Barbs - Agency - Nubtro - cc123 - tao - pri - Phantom/Death - Detox - page - baconinja - kingdo - shadow - Samir - Endeavor - King Benjamin - N4/KGB - Siladil - Jako - DAKKONFree23 Sep 13
Sep 12 earthquake build i noticed on alot of builds theirs no cooldown reduction on most of the gears ? is that needed or can i do with out for the most partbromius12 Sep 12
Sep 11 Sword & Board Challenge Wow it's been years since I've posted on these forums! The Challenge In A Nutshell: Create a build utilizing a weapon and a shield and push GRs until your eyes bleed! When you think you can take it no the build, equipment, and video of your best run here. Highest GR wins! We'll run the challenge through the end of season 7. Seasonal only please as it pretty much puts us all on an even playing field. Now obviously there are no fabulous prizes or anything like that...just the pride of knowing you're a true S&B fanatic and a BOSS! Any takers!?Zaknaril13 Sep 11
Sep 11 caldean despair hello, can i use caldean despair more than once on same item ?DeadlyKitten2 Sep 11
Sep 11 Hullo! Can anyone tell me what the endgame of Diablo 3 is like?Baconinja22 Sep 11
Sep 11 Another Wrath of the Wastes redesign idea This rework of the WotW set and certain legendarys will mostly serve to remove the reliance on the dust devils rune and hopefully reduce server stress caused by current WW builds Wrath of the Wastes set bonus (2): Your whirlwind applies Rend and no longer has a channel cost (4): While whirlwinding, you gain 60% damage reduction, and Rend deals 1500% increased damage (6): When an enemy dies under the effect of Rend, it explodes for 10000% weapon damage for each stack of Rend Lamentation now rolls +150-200% increased Rend damage and increase the legendary power from 2 stacks to 3-4 stacks Skorn now rolls +150-200% increased Rend damage, and has a legendary power "Your bleed effects last forever, and you gain 4% damage reduction for each bleeding enemy within 25 yards" Skull Grasp legendary power changed to "Your bleed effects deal an additional 0.5-1% of the targets maximum health every second" Bul-Kathos Oath set bonus (2): You gain 10% bonus movement speed for 3 seconds for each second you channel whirlwind [stacks up to 10 times] Your damage is increased by 100% of your bonus movement speedKingZana0 Sep 11
Sep 10 Advice on higher rifts (82+) Hi Everyone, Just wonder if any of the pros can critique my build for MOtE leap barb. I have been able to push all the way to 81. However at 82, I constantly run out of time at Guardian. Besides Paragon the obvious, what can I do to better optimize my build to push higher? My profile: Many thanks!NeuroSynapse4 Sep 10
Sep 9 Seniors - need R6 gear help So I have this seasonal char which I want to improve. Any advise on gear improvement? Really appreciate your response.Anwin8 Sep 9
Sep 9 FEAR LOL SO I just found a near perfect ancient echoing fury (9xx str, 10% damage, 7% ias, rerolling damage). Anyway, i still have my legacy one which happened to roll 20% chance to fear and generallyl makes attacking a lot of fun (only +.23 attacks per second, but I digress)... Anyway, I was thinking about firing up a speed farm/for fun build which would look to dual wield those 2 pieces along with rechel's ring of larceny and pandeomonium loop generally, i've found cold skills + iceblink to be very effective when used with fear... Was just wondering if anyone had any ideas for skill composition?Fourty2DNAD31 Sep 9
Sep 9 Developer Chronicles - Wrath of the Wastes So, they are feared to buff up WotW to a competitive level because more player would use it and that would literally kill servers. (this is not meant negatively, I get the problem and understand the current decision). So Wyatt just said that in order to protect servers, they will be okay in the future that WotW will be more like a speedfarming/bounty set instead of a SOLO GR set. And here's my opinion I posted months ago: No. Just remove god damn Dust Devils and buff the actual attack, namely Whirlwind. Let us chop stuff, I do not want to cast Dust Devils. Now, people will tell me: But WalkinTall dude, WotW will have bad healing ticks and low AoE. My answer? Just buff the godd*mn set, make its damage worthwile to lose Dust Devils. Incorporate a healing component or just buff the rune. Remove DD from the game. We are no wizards. The benefit of removing DD? Giving us another choice for Solo and NOT cause extreme server issues. WW has a good mid-range AoE. It will be fine if damage etc is okay. Here's my try on the redesign (and skill changes + legendary items) (2) Set: Increase the damage per second of Rend by 800% and its duration to 15 seconds. Whirlwind gains the effect of every rune. (4) Set: During Whirlwind you gain 60% damage reduction and your applied Rends deal triple (or 5x) damage. Your Whirlwind applies Rend. (6) Set: Whirlwind deals 2000% increased damage and Rend deals 1250% increased damage. Casting Overpower instantly deals all remaining Rend damage within 25 yards. Skorn: Whirlwind and Rend deal 10% increased damage for every enemy bleeding within 25 yards. Lamentation: (works with the 4pc) Lacuni Prowlers: While channeling Whirlwind, you gain 40-50% damage reduction and 90.000–100.000 Life per Hit. *similar to Coils of the first Spider bracers Skull Grasp Increase the damage of Whirlwind by 250–300%. Whirlwind deals 500% more damage to the first 3 enemies hit. Bul Kathos Set: Will be the speedfarming Set. Gain 30% increased movement speed and 30% increased attack speed while Whirlwind is active. Enemies killed by Whirlwind further increase your movement speed by 30% for 5 seconds. For Solo GRs you could use Skorn as a 2h for massive Rend damage and then something new in the cube or Furnace. Maybe another item that increases WW damage with 2hs or something. Whirlwind (skill changes) Cost: 5 Fury (down from 10) Deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 580% (up from 340%) weapon damage. While whirlwinding, you move at 100% movement speed. Dust Devils (removed from the game) Furious Storm Increase the range of Whirlwind to 15 yards (from 9 at basic skill) Wind Shear Gain 3 (up from 1) Fury for every enemy struck. Whirlwind's damage turns into Lightning. Volcanic Eruption Turns Whirlwind into a torrent of magma that deals 650% (up from 400%) weapon damage as Fire. With the set above you can pick any element you like.WalkinTall66 Sep 9
Sep 9 My variant on leapquake (lots of fire!) Gear is the same as conventional leapquake build (MOTE, Tribes, Dread Iron, Focus/Restraint, Cubed Lut, BoMight, Furnace, etc.) lclick: Quake, Molten Fury rclick: Spear, Boulder Toss 1: Leap, Death from Above 2: Stomp, Wrenching Smash 3: Avalanche, Volcano 4: WoTB, Insanity Passives: Ruthless, Boon of Bul Kathos, Earthen Might, Rampage How to play: leap, leap, leap, toss, stomp, toss, leap, leap, leap, toss, stomp, toss... It's so easy, I don't even look at my cooldowns anymore (except to see if WotB is available) Advantages: NO MORE BABYSITTING BATTLE RAGE Fire runes for Quake and Avalanche are by far the most powerful and you can get +fire on your gear. Who needs battle rage/bloodshed when you have an additional 1000%+ on every earthquake and avalanche? Avalanche is triggered by stomp/dread iron. Stomp pulls in with Wrenching Smash for more avalanche devastation Absolutely no waiting to leap, because thanks to MOTE, you are also resetting stomp as you toss and stomp is causing an avalanche with dread iron, triggering earthen might for bonus fury, so you always have a source of fury to toss some more and reset the CD on leap In the rare instances where you run out of fury and leap and stomp are both on CD, you can use avalanche itself, which costs no fury, is also reset by MOTE and generates fury thanks to Earthen Might Stomp with Wrenching Smash pulls enemies into your Quakes just like Quake with Cave In, but this time Quake is doing far more damage with Molten Fury Double stun with Death from Above and Stomp, which despite diminishing returns is excellent for enemies that will die before the stun wears off In the rare instances where you need to kite because elites have too many ground effects, you can now kite with toss AND avalanche. I apologize if this is a well known build already. I've seen icy veins suggest molten fury instead of cave-in, but not stomp/Wrenching Smash and avalanche/volcano. I've been having a lot of fun with this build and I'm pushing T13 solo. Any leapquake barbs, please try this out and tell me your resultsTopdek12 Sep 9
Sep 8 [MiniGuide] Conquest - NoSet Item GR45 (Moving this from another thread for more visibility) Incase you want to do the 45 non set conquest. Here is what I used. I did 3 GR45s in a row. All success. Some good pylons but some bad maps. You can see the gear here: ... Fire LpFS Zodiac Tribes HotA Rings: CoE Zodiac BoM Cube Tribes APD (One of the rings.) Skills IP - IiB : key sustain Leap DfA TS GH WC Vets Molten Fury HotA fire Gems Eso Stricken BotT Gear Homing pads as 7th ability- shield Leo crown diamond PoC Hota bracers Lut Socks Gavel of Judgment- str, lpfs,resource reduce, gifted socket Hellfail amulet - fire Auquila chest thingie diamond Magefists Any non set, non hexing pants. Even rares - diamonds (did it without pants) Passives Berserker rage Rampage Ruthless Earthen Rage Nerves of Steel - It proc'ed a few times Follower was well set up. See his profile for details. No death trinket. Occulus is key to victory. Ess of Johan. Hammer stuff. Keep IP up as needed. Use leap to get to safety. Leap to BoM activate and get to Occulus. Save globes till you need them. Hold shift to hammer the ground to heal. Thrilling. Hope it works for you too. Good luck. P.S. yes I forgot diamond in helm when I reset this up and did my 3rd 45. Was wondering why my CDR seemed off. I'm still learning all the time. Have fun.Tao13 Sep 8
Sep 8 skull grasp is it still addative dmg?Darren1 Sep 8
Sep 8 S7 Avarice Conquest in Cow Level? Tried this with a R6/IK4 barb: GF 14.4K and maxed Boon of Hoarder on T12, but didn't get it. Does the gold pickup have to be uninterrupted for this to work.....or do I just need more GF and maybe T13. I think I got enough gold, but I worked my way around the outer edge first before taking on the boss challenge so the gold flow probably wasn't continuous. Thanks for any help.CorvusCorax4 Sep 8
Sep 7 Holy confusion batman ik6r4 ik4r6 So i sort of got bored of playing in season 7 and decided to get my barbarians fixed up to play in non season for a while. I noticed the reakor/ik mash up was popular on the leaderboards so i tried to gear for that. My barb killface is setup with r6ik4, not having a 300 spear to cube i cubed the standoff and vile ward that i saw some peolple running on the leaderboards. i have some ancient spear damage on my boots... doing more research today i guess im doing this wrong?!?! I hadnt noticed there were 2 builds depending on how many pieces of each set were being used. Correct me if im wrong but if i want to keep my cubed items i should swap 2 pieces of reakor to ik, get FC damage and switch bloodshed to ferocity... if i want to keep my gear as it is i should find a 300 spear to cube? Thanks for any tips, is one version "better"?k1llface4 Sep 7
Sep 7 IK/Raekor, Furious or Spear? Which is the superior build path? Or are they close enough it's personal preference? And they do both outperform leap quake?aieownyu18 Sep 7
Sep 6 Noob Raekor/Ik seeking guidance on upgrades Upgrading my unic gems is pretty much my focus for now but I'm earning tons of mats for the cube and blood shards and I'm not sure what I should do with both. Well everytime I do get a rare polearm I cube it hoping to get a standoff but otherwise I dunno what to do. I have 2 gift but I'm not sure that I got anything good enough to use these on it. I don't want to waste such a cool thing on crap.Venur7 Sep 6
Sep 6 whirlwind with bulkathos warriors blood . i noticed when you use whirlwind , you dont get the 30% attack speed bonus with the 2 mighty weapon set... it doesnt add in the dmg or either in the attack speed in the details... you do get the movespeed bonus buff. is this a bug??Smashingo6 Sep 6
Sep 6 LoN Frenzy Barbarian Discussion Currently, i am confused as to which frenzy build is the best.... There is the straight attack ones with life on hit and sustain, and other builds that use thorns. Also, some builds cube a hunter's wrath, a Dh belt that buffs attack speed by 30% and increase damage by 60% for primary skills. Does this actually apply to the barbarian? If anybody is aware of the best build for the frenzy barbarian, or has tips, please inform me of your thoughts.zTip2 Sep 6
Sep 5 deleted. aChapoink13 Sep 5
Sep 5 IK boulder breaker reroll tip please! Hi, Someone in the pubby was nice enough to give me an ancient boulder breaker and it looks very decently rolled too. 3817.6 dps 1744-2126 damage 1253 str 1296 vit 21% area damage 20 max fury ignore dura problem here for me is that, I have no idea what is most beneficial to reroll. For boulder toss, area damage seems good, and max fury for them raw damage but also vit for high rifting seems necessary. can someone shed some light for me? Thanks for the trouble!Loki2 Sep 5
Sep 5 S7SJ - Domination - T13 under 4min LF Help Hi fellow barbarians, as title says, need help with last part of S7 Season Journey. Its not so important but the only thing left me and it would be nice to clear it. I gave rebirth to my NS barb and it was nice all the way until now. Is it achievable to do it without ultra high paragon and augmentations??? Any help, suggestions appreciated! My MotE barb is currently best geared, almost all ancients and my R6IK4 barb need some optimizations. Again, it is not so big deal but it would be nice to do it. Other goals or this season I almost cleared. Tnx in advance fellow barbarians!ReMa5 Sep 5
Sep 5 Rampage Passive Skill Using Rampage is pretty good for Speed Farming, But often this skill is useless on High Levels GR and also Rift Guardian. Maybe just a little rework for the next patch will be appreciated. Actually (2.4.2) Increase Strength by 1% for 8 seconds after killing or assisting in killing an enemy. This effect stacks up to 25 times. New Proposition (2.5?) Increase Strength by 1% for 3 seconds after hitting an enemy. This effect stacks up to 25 times.Knightnico1 Sep 5